Dueling Decades

June 23, 2021

Diamond Dave Schultz determines who had the best week in June 1972, 1981 or 1992!

Welcome back! And if this is your first time find us, hop on in the telephone booth and get ready to explore three of your favorite decades. This week, our good friend Judge David Schultz is back behind the bench to decide this retro showdown. Now that we're also on YouTube (and soon to be PodTV, available on Roku/Firestick/Android/Apple/Web), ol' Judge Schultz wants to be on the show more often to show off his collection of floral shirts. If you don't know what I'm referring to, check out the …

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June 16, 2021

Did you grow up on Cannon Films? It's a Cannon deep dive between 1982, 1984 & 1986!

If you've listened to this show before, you know about our deep-rooted love for all things Cannon Films. We don't know exactly what it is about this company, but we can never stop talking about them. Ninjas, Chuck Norris, Charles Bronson, break dancing, sex comedies, Jean Claude Van Damme, and lots of shlock! What's not to love?! So this week, we brought in our new friend, Austin Trunick, the author of "The Cannon Film Guide Vol 1" (volume 2 is coming soon) to judge this all Cannon battle. Foll…

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June 9, 2021

The Brazen Badass from Beantown Dave Schultz selects who had the best June 1975, 1985 or 1996!

This week Duelers, we have a best of June duel just in time for summer! Back behind the bench, this week is the bald Brazen Badass from Beantown, the one and only Dave Schultz. We may need a bigger boat when Mancrush brings the best of June 1975. Marc James takes it down to Paradise City with some rockin’ picks from June of 1985. Mike Ranger channels his inner Zack Morris and gets his homework totally wrong and brings the best of all of 1996! This is a wild one that's even better on YouTub…

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June 2, 2021

Teenage Dirtbag Brendan B. Brown of Wheatus tells us who had the worst May 1979, 1989 or 1999!

Hello again, fellow Duelers! Before we get into this week's episode notes. We wanted to remind you that we're now on YouTube! If you weren't aware, your favorite retro battleground is now on video. Matter of fact, some episodes are "taped live with a studio audience", so please go and subscribe (https://www.youtube.com/c/duelingdecades). We hope to see you in the chat! Anyways, we got another good one for you this week! Well, a bad one? I suppose it depends on how you look at it, but we're back…

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May 26, 2021

Less Than Jake frontman Chris DeMakes his decision on who had the best week in May 1978, 1988 or 1998!

Welcome back everyone for another retro battle of epic proportions! This week we are joined by one of the coolest guys in the music business, Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake! Having gotten to see Less Than Jake in concert several times, this was an absolute treat. Finally, a musician tells us a story from the road that he's never divulged before; and that's just the tip of the iceberg for this episode! Strap on your seatbelts, it's another week experience! Let's take a look at our contestants, …

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May 19, 2021

Emo kid Mike Henneberger hits Rock Bottom and tells us who had the best week 1976, 1988 or 1995!

Welcome back, Duelers! We're back to deliver some more nostalgia for this week, and we brought another special guest judge along with us. Mancrush has spoken ad nauseam about not having time to read books and his massive Audible book collection. Well, after listening to the book "Rock Bottom at the Renaissance: An Emo Kid's Journey Through Falling In and Out of Love In and With New York City", he was so blown away, he asked the author to come on the show! And since May is Mental Awareness month…

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