Dueling Decades
Oct. 28, 2020

A night at the Hotel Coral Essex with Wormser and the best of 1978, 1983 & 1995!

A night at the Hotel Coral Essex with Wormser and the best of 1978, 1983 & 1995!

If you're like us, you adored Revenge of the Nerds growing up. Love it or hate it, there is no denying it was iconic 80s comedy! That being said, since we were all youngins when it came out in 1984, the only character that we could really relate to was Wormser! So as we were discussing Revenge of the Nerds a few weeks ago, Joe Findlay said "see if Andrew Cassese wants to be a judge". Great idea, Joe! We sent Andrew a message, and he was totally down to be a guest judge! Without hesitation, we booked a room at the HOTel cORAL eSEXx, and passed over the gavel to Andrew! After a month off, it's been a while since we did a "best of" month, and we forgot just how closely contested these months can be. Since Joe suggested Andrew to be on the show, he came equipped with the best of October, 1983! Our good pal Beau Becraft is back in the fold, and we put him right in his wheelhouse with an October 1995 that only Beau could deliver. Rounding out the panel, Mancrush comes with a spooky October, 1978!

Andrew brings out his inner Wormser, and utilized his superior intellect to navigate this extremely close battle of decades! In this episode you might find out: Wormsers fondest memories from being a tri-lamb, a restaurant that broaches on judge pandering, a major band plays a show for three people, Andrew interrupts a bronco chase, Joe surprises no one by bringing more death, the birth of the stink palm, real Bond goes bootleg Bond, an independent movie kills the competition, the Jets get embarrassed by an expansion team, evil robot clones takeover Magic Mountain, Tony Manero was not the best costume of 1978, a Yokozuna doubleheader no one asked for, a computer program kills the typewriter, douche brothers create a masterpiece, Mancrush duets with Wormser, Captain Lou makes a cameo, Andrew is NOT Bret Spiner, the difference between Adams College and Fort Lauderdale, Wormer cleans up at the Greek games, Wormser's stand-in shows up intoxicated, and what was it like to be a kid on the set of Revenge of the Nerds?

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Infirmary, media people engage up juwling decades. The bixic O blame Bonan Renega, O that cap ut stop the power gop come fight for what you love, Yo Comoio Lot Wu. Take the grav o Ala, her sick Ma, a gncome fight for what you love you broadcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. I am marked James and welcome back to dueling decades. Let's meet this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off representing October of one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight say hello to mancrush. Yes, I got the year of my birth once again, which is always nice, octobone thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, the best of for the month. Let's do this up next in Duling, with October of one thousand nine hundred and eighty three, it's Joe Finley, hey everybody! It's not quite my birth here, a couple years later, so I neen not as much to celebrate, obviously but there's plenty in there to have a lot of fun with so looking forward to it. Also on the dais this week in back and bringing the best of October, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five welcome back to the show bobe craft. It's my birth month, but technically I haven't been born yet folks. I am speaking you from in Utero and as always here on the show. We need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. You will remember this week's celebrity guest judge for his betrayal of Harold Wormser in the classic revenge of the nerds all rise for Judge Andrew Cassettehey. You guys doing good. How are you man, awesome, Awesome, Lidies and gentlemen? The following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. Don't call iter come back, we've been here for years, so it's time to play more doin. Let's go right down to Andrew cassess, the celebrity guest judge for this episode for the coin, Toss I'm showing it to the camera, but there's no camera. So I don't know I'm an idiot e. What this is. I don't know how any of this works, but I have a I have my in my hand. I have on my hand a Shidy quarter with heads onte, one side and tales. We will call it whatever. It is: a Terodactol taile on the other side, all right, bobe craft, you haven't been on the show in a while. Why don't you call it this week? Let's go with the Dactol, all right, you're reahdy! Here we go PAPAPA and I ti lost it in my shirt and its heads, Joe hasn't come out with I George Washington, allrighty, all right, Joe Finley. You Win The coin toss and get to select our first category. KICK THAT OFF ALL RIGHT! Well, let's start it off with some news: Let's educate ourselves a little bit and I'm going to take you to October. Fourth, on one thousand nine hundred and eighty three an important day in the culinary arts, we bring you to the opening of a chain of restaurants that we all know today. We all love today, because Damn it, we love wings. hooters restaurants opened on October fourt, one Thouad, nine hundred and Eihty tree the first location in clearwater Florida. Six owners actually on April first originally incorporated the company saying that it was kind of a joke, because they thought that this business was going to fail. They opened the first restaurant on October. Fourth and the location that they chose was a rundown nightclub and it had been numerous businesses in the past decade, so they created in their front a graveyard to all of the failed businesses in front of them as kind of a little joke, but much to their surprise. The business became a big success. They've since opened four hundred and twenty locations around the world, they've opened their own airline hooters air and they open their own lost Vegas Hotel. In addition to that, there's been a playstation game called Hooterswork road trip and the arena football Le had a team called the Miami hooters owned by the company that owns the restaurants. So that's when it all began think about it. What you will think about the ladies think about the wings and that's what I got the opening of hooters that be considered judge pandering on that one. It's hard to go to see no be hard to tat yeah! Yes, I'm thinking of I'm thinking of debauchery andto. What does that remind me of? I seen imagine imaginethat Wat. That brings to mind. I could just see your face going like this right now to write for the people. Hi can't see all right Bo be craft. What did you bring for the news round for the news round from October ninety five I went to, I actually pulled a Huhi Lewis in the news I went with Sports, the Carolina Panthers in the news in Octo eoe thusand. Nine hundred and ninety five, they won their first ever regular season game by defeating the New York jets at Clemson Memorial statum in South Carolina October, fifteenth was the date back, one housand, nine undred and ninety five. They were actually announced as the Leagues Twenty Ninth Franchise. A couple years earlier in ninety three began playing in ninety five. They finished with a record of seven and nine one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, which was an all time best for an NFL expansion, team's first season so October, fifteenth thousand nine hundred and Inety Five, the panthers winning their first ever regular season game. That's a pretty good one! That's pretty that's! Pretty Hiscotin is quite a feet in er still going the FIRR position, although they defeated the yea. That's a yeah! That's a that's! A New York team! There you know it's it's a shit team is wher soreil store on that one, although I'm really a giants guy. But but you know, I love El- have the jets. Although people insist that they're the New Jersey jets since they play in New Jersey- so I don't know- but that's that's a good one- all right man crush. Let's hear what you had for the news round, all right. So let's go to October Twentieth, one thousand nine hundred and Seventyygh, and this pick right here it caught my fancy for a couple reasons: one ever since selecting one of their albums earlier this year, I'e become a huge fan of their music and I kind of wonder why I never got into them in the past and to it turns out that the first time these guys were ever played on US radio, which is a week after this Gig that I'm going to talk about here, they are played on our very own local, W PDH mark. I don't know. If Corin knows this one, your wife growing up around here, but growing up wpdh it was, and it still is a classic rock station and apparently they must have been hahead of the curve on this one ecase onethousand, nine hundred and sevnty eight, and they were only two years in their infancy. At this point, so let's take a trip down to the infamous cbgbs in New York City, where this band would play its first ever live performance in the United States arriving just an hour and a half to the airport. Before the first set, the man arrived for a midnight set and they had to give their soundcheck in front of the audience because they were so late and drummer. Stewart copland remembered this performance and he said we landed, went straight to the club plugged in turned around and said hello, America and the bands debut album, Atlandos Damore, I hadn't even been released as of yet so these unknown rockers from across the pond. They knew they had to give their best performance and went over this crowd, who had no fucking clue who they were really at this point. So, according to Andy Summers, which is the bands guitarist in his book, one more train, they took a cheap budget flight from the UK. They were tired of Shit, the crowd never heard of them and they didn't even have a proper soundcheck, and this is New York City. So you figure, the crowd was going to eat them alive and instead, at the end of their first set, the audience was on their feet literally howling for more, however, they lacked material for that second set. They went on again at tw thirty in the morning this New York City City, never sleeps, say, go back on for that second set and they didn't have enough material to play a second set. So they played the seame stuff and marked is right up your alley, instrumental jams they just like played it out. People are digging the shit from there. The band will go on their own little like selffunded three week tour and they crammed themselves inside of a Ford O conoline that you know that Van Picturesse van they rented that thing and one of their stops in this tour was another venue that I frequentid growing up and it was the chance which at the time was called the last chance saloon, and that was in PKIPSI New York for a crowd of three people, because at the time there was a huge storm going on it was there was ice. There were snow, so people didn't go out, and I remember for years when I was high school people used to talk about this, how they played there, and this in the s people were like, Oh yeah, I knew somebody that was there. It's all bullshit. There was literally three people there and those three guys who were there. They were there to watch a Monday night football game, a d they left after a couple songs because they wouldn't pay. The four dollar cover charge to watch his man, which WPDH was there, though, and wpdh played the Song Rock San on the radio earlier to get people jazzed up to go to the show, and that was the first time that was ever played on US radio, and this is the first US Gig and airplay for the hall of Fam Band, The police and Ais October twentieth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight shit. You can really give them that whole week, it' kind of like maybe a year ago, or so I had a pick with the beasty boys, where they played the midhuts in Civic Center. Anything local. If I come across, I a cool local thing, I got to bring it up, so that's my new storis rock a have to put ot the Red Lihe. That's great! That's an awesome thing that reminds me. Actually they played a Gig to like nobody because of an ice storm that happened to me. One time in a play I was in, we thet was a snowstore an they were going to cancel the show, but they were so. The production companies didn't want to cancel the show, so we ended up going on in a theater that was like for a thousand people with like. I think there was five couples, all dart dotted throughout the whole thing, and it was one of the best shows the most fun I ever had on stage, because the audience was totally into it every and we were just up there just going nuts and- and it was really like this amazing experience to like play for practically nobody, because we just had so much fun. You know doing it and the audience felt it, and- and it was just this cynergistic thing so doesn't sound. Like that's, what' happened to the police. Actually, if the guys left after they didn't want to pay the GOVERAE drap, they sounded like Dik, because I read this this story about them. There was released in two thousand and six and they just sounded like they were there just to watch the steelers versus think they're playing the Houston oilers at the time. OUSTON oilers end up wining by the way, but in a situation like that with the police, these guys, who were at the bar and saw the show they said that they still played out like there was a thousand people there. They said these guys they went ballsowal in a situation like that, when you guys were doing that. Did you try to do new things because there weren't people in the audience or you just did it normal iyou? Just do it normal, but you know everything's a little elevated because you don't you're, not worried about anything, so it's very relaxed and, and you just figure fuck it you know and and and so that it's that kind of energy where you just haveitg fun, and I think I think it translated and everybody felt it so so you know it's just t just fun Y. it's like freeing, you know, there's no pressure on you right and you can just you can just do you know. Do it the way you want to do it, but you know we, you know you stick to the game and with theater you kind of you rehearse it so many times, and you don't want to throw your friends off, but we used to make each other laugh like in the wings when we were you know so uld. I definitely did that there s one time there was this lady in the front with like an oxygen machine, and you could hear it going off with the quiet moments ti so we're huddled under this desk because we have to burst out of this desk, and so I was just I was just making the sound to the guy next week and he was like could not contain like barely contain himself and that just became a running thing. So I'm sure that I'm sure I was I was about trying to make people laugh for their during that. So too funny all right, Andrew. What do you have for a verdict for the newsround all right? The pressure is on. These are three great. You know very impactful things. You know the opening of hooters and then the t e debut the Carolina, panthers and then the deput of the police. It's it's hard to it's hard to pick one from the other. You know I guess so it's so hard! I mean you got Ta Love! HOOTERS! You Got Ta, you got Ta, you know it's just such a such a naughty, brilliant idea, but I think I think, if you put them all on a scale, you got to go one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, the police, major major. You know band major moment in music and and just great artist who have been very impactful, and I remember synchronicity how big that was when that came out, everybody had it and it was, it was just everybody was talking about it. Just made everybody, nuts and, and so the police definitely a huge impact. Although all three of those are great something just the quick turnaround from three people. Five years later, Youre talking about Sicrenicity, they played Sha Stadium to seventy thousand people like five years later insane yeah. I don't know what when it when they, I became aware of them with synchronicity, but so I don't know if that's when they hit or if they had been building a fan base, but hat that atbume was so huge that th, you know they just absolutely blew up, but I heard a story about staying about the police. Maybe we was before this police. Maybe he was singing on a on a cruise ship and there was a the story is about a woman who welly complained about you know because she thought his voice was so annoying Hewas like depple just have the singer, stop singing, because it's just so annoying, but that's, I guess when you're unique, like that and sting is, is really unique. I remember when didn't he play in the grammies. Was that Mars? No, not Mars Bolta who did who did who did a cover? Not a cover of his saw, never watch any wars like a he came on to sing the part. Some guy was like being accused of ripping off sting so at the grammy stinge came on and did the second verse of his Song and when Stin came out it was like. Oh that's what a rock star sounds like like. That's really like just blew everybody away like you, don't appreciate it until until you see it out of context and then it just he's just amazing amazing voice, and you cund see why that band was so was so huge. You never put yourself side by side with a high end. vocalist, you just kept blown away and you look like a frod yeah. He got blown away really and it was. It was amazing, all right, man Chrush. You pick up a point and get to select our next category where we going man, let's go television, so we were going to go to October twenty of one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight and I bring you hard days- night meets Star Wars. This is a two million dollar budgeted TV movie, and I initially I ran across this article in the Cincinnati Acchoir from Friday October, twenty e Oe thousand nine hundred an eventy eight. It got me pretty excited, so I'm just going to give you part of the article here. This howit goes. HOS Is tell me, teenagers, don't watch nighttime television and I'll, tell you you're full of hot air. Since early summer, this news desk has been getting mail from preteens and high school students demanding to know when the off discussed, kiss special will be on TV. Well, young fans. The day has come kiss meets. The Phantom of the park airs on Channel Five Tomorrow Night from eight to ten PM. Hiss fans shouldn't be disappointed. Jean Simmons Peter Chris, as Freeley and Paul Stanley, members of the flambuoyant outlandish rock roup, get plenty of play. It isn't a great TV drama. In fact, it's a bit cornyin spots produced by Hanna Barbara. It was filmed at Magic Mountain Amusement Park in Los Angeles. This one point about kiss. I absolutely don't condone, and this is coming from her not me Oword Mine, I'm surprised at NBC and Hannabarber forgiving the band their ultimate approval. It's those tongue, wagging antics by Gen, Simmons, the grunting fire spout and kiss all of it. That's quite suggestive in many minds. It's even immoral and happens to be a big part of each performance in Saturday's film. This is quite sensual for television. I give you the second biggest television movie of One thousand nine hundred and seventy eight kiss meets Phantom of the park. Fantastic movie man, not really! U. I had this on vhs growing up used to watch it all. The time is Corny as it was it's pretty frightening in some parks like those white dudes with the the like albino cats, or something when they're jumping off the side of the Roller Coa. It's insane yeah, there's some really spooky low budget graphics going on there. It's scary, how tat that's two million dollar budget graffic, that's CGI from that's the future man thers! No S, yeah, there's no CGI that and the atematronics I mean come on. It's just great. You got guys in suits pretending to be robots, sod, er, the's. So right, that's right. They was a the whole robot kiss a of a group like a like a Oh yeah that was a isarre movie. It was so weird like I was too young to appreciate, like just how weird it was, but I just remember like I guess I was scared of it or whatever it was. Like I mean kiss was a scary band and we I was told to like, like that they were like on the level of Ozzi Osborne where they're like biting the you know, biting bats heads off and stuff like they were, that kind of band. You know, like that's those all the rumors around that whole kind of like kind of like thing, and they course they looked other worly like they were just from another planet and but Hea Phantom in the park. What a crazy movie there's so much if you watch it now, there's so many fucked up parts like I guess Peter Chris left during one point: Nobody knew where he went. He just left so his black stunt double played him and they just left it in, and you could totally tell it's not Peter Chris t'Snot, even his voice. His voice was copeively dubbed in the Dog Yep Gen Simmons got like that, like robotronic voice. So any time he spoke, it's fucking wild, but yeah. That's my pick all right, Joe Finley. What do you have for the television round? Well, nothing is sexy. Is that Jeez TS debucherous? I think you o October te one thousand nine hundred and eighty three, it's another TV movie in fact, and the title of this movie is called Adam and it's actually a real life story about the abduction and murder of the young. Adam Walsh was a big story back in the day. Thirty eight million people watched the original broadcast of this, which ended with washes parents appearing on the show and showing photos of current missing children, and after that broadcast it led to information from that led to the return of thirteen children. One of those which blew my mind was rapper busybone from bonethugs and harmony. Yea, wow legit busy bone got his life saved by this movie for the next two years. They aired it once a year and the second arring resulted in nineteen, more people being found and the third one had five more people being found. Adam washes parents go on to be advocates for missing and exploited children. They testified book for Congress over and over again and then most famously from it, Adam's father goes on to host America's most wanted. It is John Walsh indeed where all this started and everything sort of began from the attraction that this movie got, but it was a gigantic viewership for a TV movie in the early s and it went on to save lives. So it was a pretty damn big deal so adam for October te Te, one thousand nine undred and eighy three, but the biggest thing they found were themselves and over to you boby craft. For the television round well hands down. There was nothing, absolutely nothing bigger on television in octo, oe, thusand, nine hundred and ninety five. Then the OJ Simpson murder trial, the people of the state of California versus Orrinthal. James Simpson saw the famed athlete and actor embroiled and legal proceedings after he was accused of murdering his wife, Nicol Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman by stabbing them to death in June oe thousand nine hndred and ninety four and at ten o seven am on Tuesday October thrtone thousand nine hundred and ninety five and estimated one hundred million people worldwide watched or listened to the verdict announcement. That Simpson was acquitted on both counts of murder. The case itself obviously still talked about what was it a couple years ago. They had like at least a couple different like docky series, or you know, series about the whole thing, countless conversations you know didty or didn'te. Countless books, like I said documentary series, whatever his career, obviously never really recovered in the biggest unfortunate aspect of that is that we never got t the return of Deputy Nordberg in any subsequent would be naked gun films. But that's my pick for television October thnethousand, nine hundred and ninety five, the verdict announcement of OJ Simpson's murder, trial, wow a let's go down to Andrew Cascess for the verdict for the tea round. Wow, like you know, when you said Kiss, I was thinking God. I love that just brought back memories and just lik like what a crazy thing that was, and I love that and then the Adam waff thing. What I remember was huge. It was just very impactful like just had a lot of gravitass and- and you know, of course, we wouldn't have had bones stugs in harmony if's, not for that wicoo own s Rugish, but there is. There was nothing bigger than the OJ Simpson Tril. That was just that's a global event: that's American history and, and God what what an amazing time a crazy time. You Know Tae just cable television, everybody glued to the TVs talking about it all the time and of course the verdict was just was you know I remember the split screens they had, but you know I missed the whole Bronco Chase. I don't know where I was. I was like traveling on a train somewhere and, of course, cell phones weren't that big deal they existed, but you know people didn't didn't have them and I remember I walked into my buddy's apartment and they were all glued to the team. I like hey guys, what's going on. They like, Oh, my God, are you fucking kidding me we ten what's going on is like this hold everybody's watching this thing like what are you talking about? I was like ohwhat. What do you meat all ow, that's crazy and then, and then you know the the chase ended like shortly after that. The whole thing on his lawn and everything ind just unblew everybody's minds and then the verdict. You know it was it's a global event, maybe not global, but that's American history right there. You gotto go with OJ Simpson, Tro, onethusand, nine hundred and ninety five. That was huge, sad that that's American history, because, like the two television things I can remember where I was when it happened, was like nine eleven and that verdict yeah my history teacher rolled out the TV we knew it was coming that day and we watched it, and I remember the bell rang and he was like yeah you guys, coand stay and, like the whole class, stayed to watch this, because I think every other class is probably doing the same shit for that. Well, everybody like it was the only thing happening, like you say, like nine eleven like that was the only thing happening in the world at that time and that you know for that span of for that day and the OJ Simpson was like that. It was the only thing happening. There was nothing else to do that was that was any any bigger than that. What are you going to go bowling like O, maybe probably listen to some bolantuggs and harmony? I'm sure that's right, I'm sure even bowling. Alas, you have the yeah the regulars in there at ten a'm on a overmorning S, cigarettes, we probably wit PROABE got a Turkey goand get off of that. It's a perfect game. I don't think he did it because of the gloves. My shoes don't fit that doesn't make me a murderer all right, bobe craft. Will you pick up a point in that round and tie the game, but, more importantly, you take control the Board for our final one point round. I think I'll move with with film here a film that you know I was kind of thinking about this and I suppose it's fairly accurate, that to arguably started the concept of the whole cinematic shered universe. That seems to be the hot product of the past decade or more. At this point, my pick for best fl, m thousand, nine hundred and ninety five comes from Kevin Smith, and that, of course, would be mall rats, written and directed as well as starring Smith. Malrads came to the big screen on what would have been my seventh birthday October, twenty on thousand nine hundred and ninety five. The film also starts Shannon Dorty Jermy, London, Jason Lee Claire for Lonnie Priscilla, Barnes, Michael Rooker, and even the man himself, the late Great Stan Lee, which really kind of again ties together the whole shared universe concept, or is this universe, as referred to as the view as k? NIVERSE six point: one million dollar budget, the film Gross Box Office Hall of two point, one million, so it lost money, but it was given fairly unfavorable reviews initially as well, compared to his previous endeavor in the cult classic clerks, but like that film that the predecessor, Mall Rats, has gone on to become a CO classic of a zone and now they're coming back around there they're making the followup to mall rats. I guess it's going to be here in a year or two supposedly, everybody is returning that is still alive, so there you go mall rats, October, twent, onethusand, nine hundred and ninety five wellwho else. Besides, besides stanle is gone, everybody's still alive, right, fat, Kevin Smith, Shawa she stage for right, yeah. I think she's in pretty rough shape, so we'll see ow that pans out, but I suppose that they've already shot it. Then the they're, probably in the CLU, is this. Is this Mall Rats? Toers is mall brats like tyeyare talking about a couple years? Back, that's a great question. I have no idea, I think, he's small rats too, really e's just straight up mol rats to yeah, fantastic I'll, be I'll watch it. If we're back in theaters by then man, I hope everyod small rats with two tes and they have the band rat in there two TS indicating a sequet. Just all ties together. I get it all right, Joe Finley. What do you have for the movies round? All Right? Well, I've got an interesting one. Actually, because it's you know, we talk about big, franchises and stuff like that, and sometimes you'll get a couple of movies from one franchise and especially with the marvel of it all now, in one year, you'll see multiple movies from one franchise. This year you saw multiple movies of the same franchise. Only not so because we're talking about James Bond- and this was the year that Octopusse came out, but that is not my movie. I am going with a different cames bond movie, not part of the EON, the Broccoli Universe of it all. I'm talking about October, eoe thousand nine hundred and eighty three, the release of never say never again, directed by Irvin Kirshner has follow up to the empire strikes back. This was a big deal because, basically this story- This book was written by infleming but based on a streamplay that he cowrote with Kevin mcclory and after that happened, Kevin mcclory, sued and settled and got the rights to make a version of this movie. But the movie was in fact thunderball that he had done and he got to he got to remake it as he saw fit and he's and he had the rights to that forever. If you see the there's a wonderful documentary about kind of the making of the entire bond series- and it really goes into that- and it shows this guy tries to go to the wwith thunderball many times and take pieces of it and make multiple different movies, but the biggest part of all of this is he got sean connery to return to the role of James Bond, twelve after twelve years after having a Fallat with Kubby Broccolie and leaving the bond franchise. So he was going up against Roger Moore. You know the same. They were supposed to be actually released the same month, but this one got pushed back a little bit. Other people who were featured in the movie Maxfun Sido played, earn blown Blowfeld Kim basinger was in it Rolan, Atkinson and Bernie Casey played Felix lighter, but Elseo we have connery was originally just brought in to be a creative source. He was going to help develop the story helpe with casting and because he felt he was too old to play the roll of bond and then I think, as a little bit of money came in and is a little bit of a hey. This could be a pretty big fuck you to coby Broccoli. He, the role became more and more appetizing for him, so the movie itself actually made a hundred sixty million dollars, which is the equivalent o four hundred and eighteen million. Today, if adjusting for inflation and all of that stuff and playboy cover model and actress, Barbara Carera got a Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actress for the movie just another little side thing. There was an injury to Shan Kannori on the movie because his martial arts instructor broke his wrist during training that martial arts instructor was a young Steven, Sigal wow. So that's what I got the non bond bond movie that was really just a slight on the Broccoli family, never say never again October. Seven NNE wait a minute! Is that not considered cannon? It is not wow! Really. If you buy the box set you're, not getting, never say, never again, wowl because thet don't own it, they Broccolis, don't know! That's the one bond film. I've never seen just that of Principale H wow. Is this the one where he gets into the fight? Where he's like working out he's like in a like there's like a Weit bench around and Suon conery's wearing like a like some gray, sweat suit. I vaguely remember, I think it an awful fight scene yeah, I believe, you're right, because he was old, a shit yeah and yet still not as old as Roger more he's still alive. I must eliminate all free radicals. He look great, though, when he came back and he did the Rock O in all those movies in the lates he was, he was almost like using better shape than he was for that bond movie. Oh Mac, welcome to the Rock Yahh. Never that was the last thing, though, or no know it was the League of estririnary gentleman or something rig film since then right well, because he turned down the Matrix, an Lord of the rings because he didn't get it. So he didn't right, yeah yeah! That would have been amazing right. What was he going to be in the Lord of the rings like Gandaando off makes sense. You shall not pass could have been so much better at watche it all right, man crush. What did you bring for the movies round? Oh Man, let's Go October, twenty F, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight isis actually the premier date. Actually they played it again. The release date was th, twenty seven Oo, it the twentyfith. This is a slam dunk for this round seriously. There are just some picks that are hands down the winter. This is it. I mean the timing of this movie, the way it shot the classic direction. The score, there's literally, nothing wrong with this movie matter of fact, I venture to say this: Arguably the best horror movie ever made, at least in my opinion, and at least the most popular- and I so wish that the ets got to claim this masterpiece, but it belongs to the s this epic horror movie. I was created on a sub million dollar budget and took in aroun seventy million dollars at the box office. It's about three hundred million dollars in two thousand and twenty and that's insene loot for a movie that was an AU rating especiasl, one thousand nine hundred and evnty eight one of the biggest independent releases ever the movie. It was originally titled the Babysitter Murders and it became the standard for everyor movie. That's been created after that said, the movie it also Stau spawned eight sequels of its own. Depending on how you'd like to view some of them, two reboots and two other movies are in the Foll for two Thosanda, twenty one and two thousand and twenty two and total the franchise made well over six hundred million dollars, and God knows how much money has been sold, ind merchandise, on this flick, I'm not ving Goinno like stray away from my. I always say this thing like money: isn't everything this is a landmark movie, so you could throw all those numbers away and whatever it is a landmark movie and I'm sure everyone is pretty much figured out whath. This movie is already- and I haven't provided really that much info about it at all. So That's how you pretty much know thiis a sure fire classic, but let's rewind back real, quick to t e the budget. This is done for just over three hundred tousand dollars and it's beautifully shot. I mean it's amazing, so whenever I hear this argument, when people say to me, we used to get like these independent movies, Aall the time and Peopleoul be like wow. If I had a bigger budget be better and it makes me think back to this movie, if you have an amazing storyteller and director like John Carpenter, you don't need a huge budget. Forty, two years after this release, I just watch it again. Last night, small vison movie and three hundred Thousan Ol housand nine hundred nd evnty eight was nothing it's still creepy and it's iconic, and on January, or on October, twenty Fifh, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, the Boogi man was brought to life along with Jamie Le Curtis and, of course, Donald Pleasant and the John Carpenter, masterpiece Halloween. That is a scary, scary movie. Terrified me that movie, that's just so tlik unbelievable creepy movie. What really puts it over the top, though, is that it's a William Chatner mask yeah yeahthat always got me as soon as I learn that it ruined Halloween for me, because I can never watch it the same the whole time, all I'm seeing is inverted William, Shatner Dit's, one of those weird things too, like Bac, one thousand nine hundred and eventy eigh when I' slipping through newspapers, and I came across his. We do this every day when, whenever we're looking for new movies to post on our facebook, wwwfacebook com fords ash doing decades, every morning we released the new releases and usually the top six that we can find, and there are movies that nobody has ever heard of. They had two page spreads. You know full full page Ad. This had like a little. Maybe three quarter page was not a big deal, Itas, just a harflict that was coming out completely took the world by storm. It's nuts I yeah Michael Myers as such as big hulking guy, but a couple years ago I was doing a convention with the nerdspeople and the guy who played Michael Myers is now a director whose name is Nick Castle. Who was there and we ended up? We ended up going to a GOCART place with Thimicem, like I'm, like bumping, Michael Myers, at a Gocart. I'm like this is crazy. Kay. This guyll kill me my sleep, it's Goto stalk me and I'll, never that'll, be it never get away from. I know what happens. I saw Kamy Le Curtis. She could get away all I'm picturing is you know him full costume, writing a go cart which would berjustloswa he wasn't trying to Passwi. He was just pacing me saying right behind me very slowly, the whole time because eventually you'll slow down and then finally, you fly by Hem. You pass them. You get halfway down the track and all of a sudden he appears in front of you he's right there yeah, Oh God, Oh my God, Michael knows every short cut and Donald Pleasant, sound a pleasants one of my favorite actors, brilliant. I love him he's just oways so like just just hundred and ten percent in every every role he's just totally there, but I think it's a little unfair, though, because because I have to be honest, I haven't seen Mall Rats, yeah M, I'm a little embarrassed about that. I have not seen mall rats, so I maybe I'm judging it unfairly. I don't know and when you said never say never again, it's one of my favorite bond movies, a d and- and you know Aconnery, is great, and I remember how big a deal it was that connory was coming back to do it and and Oulbecause to me, Roger Moore was James Bob. That was the first James Bond that I was really aware of from. I guess what is it the spire love me I think, and and so he was James, Bon O. I had no idea about the about the whole, the whole connery era of it and, of course he is the best bond. But but but Halloween is yeah. I don't know if it's the way man crosh sold it. It just got me all enthusiastic about it, but but that yeah that's a classic, that's an absolute hands down classic and and so yeah. It's got to on one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight. I got to ask you guys: Did you watch the last one yeah? What did you think of that? Because I know like people are kind of all over the place and there was a lot of like excitement when I came out and then people ere, like Ah Sucke your you know, atwas awesome like where were you on that? I was I liked the movie overall, I was a little let down because they basically decided. This is a sequel depart one part tos out the window, because John Carpenter drunkenly wrote that he was that she was his sister and that's not a thing so they're like th he's not ther they're, not related. They were going we're skipping that were going through, which I, which sucks, because I like Halloween to a lot yeah. I wouldn't ave mind if them cutting from thereover so like that was a little something, especially because Halloween h all these things. They were related all the way through and they just decided randomly no, not anymore. So that was my only real complaint about it, but it had it had a lot of the good feelings, and maybe it was also just being a step up from the rob, Zombi ones, which kind of drove me nuts, that just it put me it put me inta pretty good place all in all, it's still not as good as the originals, but you know wore I'm just I'm Sihe that Danny McBride is involved with the other two bas he's hilarious, and I just I want to see what he'll do you know further with Horer, I'm just waiting for the remake of Halloween, three Ogoy that'll be pretty awesome to. I, like I don't like reeboots, but I think that movie never got it do because it's part of the franchise right and if it was on its own correct if it was a sand alone movie, and you forget that it has anything to do with the Halloween franchise. That's a good movie Tom mackins he's the man all right. Man Crush. You picked up a point. You jump out to a lead heading into the first two point round. What category you going to select all right. Let's go hop products I might as well double down since I just did a little bit of Halloween might as well stick with it, so we got octoe, oe, tousand, nine hundred andseventy eight and I rarely doubled it. But in this case I had to this was just too good to pass up. It's it's Halloween season, and so it's time to discuss some Halloween costumes, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight edition and initially like. Sometimes you do all the research for this stuff and you just want to do a simple internet search, sometimes and see what the talking heads have to say, maybe find something. So you can move on to the next thing. So there's this thing about blog. So if you, if you write one and you're the first one it gets spun over and over and over and over again so one blog said, the hottest Halloween Costume Fr. One thousand nine hundred and sevnty eight was Tony Monero from Saturday night life. I was like what Saturday night fever, not sosorry, ifever itdoesn't, even matter, because it's not it so, of course, like I find the same inphone n about like four or five other blocks. So at this point I am convinced that this is one bullshit story. That's just been put on rints and repeat, and now this selection wasn't going to be that easy, and I had to go digging so I did. I got looking for any mention of Tony Manero costumes. There was one and Saturday night fever costumes, not zero. However, I did find the hottest Halloween Cosrm, O oe thousand nine hundred and Sevnty, and they sure, as hell weren't any of the disco variety for the mere price of three dollars: Ninety nine cents, roughly sixteen dollars in two thousand and twenty. Actually, I found it out sale some places for a dollar Niny, nine two which is fucking not to see you could be a demon, a star child, a Catman or spaceman, the most popular costume. That season will be the personas of Peter chrishe's, freely Paul Stanley and Geane Simmons, like I said before the members of kiss- and let me tell you, these masks are freepy as hell. The hair alone is frightening. It's like it just looks like you, never use conditioner in your life and it's dry rad out looking and they're the type of masks that we all know these when wewre kids, maybe Bo doesn't, but you put them on and they cut into your skin h inside would get wet, as you were, breathing into this fucking piece of plastic, and it came with the the plastic gown that you wore over your clothes. That just said CISS on it, it wasn't like a complete go, is I'll show you the pictures there there yeah, the the body just said kiss, but the masks were incredible and matter of fact. If you go on Ebay, they're on there right now, hundreds of dollars and if the thing is in a box like five hundred bucks, easy wow, but here's an article frone thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, where they're talking about these very costumes, no mentiond of Tony Freakin Maarro all right. It says if you're looking for a kiss costume department. This is a ghost of another color, Oh, if you're looking for, if you're looking for it, because they were talking about Hershey kisses in th begining article, if you're looking for a kiss in the costume department, that is the ghost of another color, the popularity of the far out rock group, infinentely UNKISSABLE, but calling itself kiss, has invaded the Hob Goblin market right there. On the rack, shoulder to shoulder with the witches and the Draculas, you can find the bands drummer Peta Cris with a hollowed out eyes staring at you from a weirdly made face under frizzy black hair. So even in one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, they point out the same thing. I would tell you guys just Google image, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight kiss costumes and just see how freaky these freaking things Luk. But that's my Hoh prodr one thousand nine hundred nd vety ight. I got it up here, yeah, they are pretty freaky and yeah t e the plastic, the plastic like costume part of it. That was always such a huge disappointment. Oh yeah, like you, want to, like you, have this vision in your mind, a it's going to be like this amazing you're, going to like step into this character and then you're, basically wearing a trash bag. O siit's great for trick of treating and cutting meat. Wul Tell me that mask if they made a horror movie now and the killer was wearing one of their masks. It would be scary, Oh yeah. It would be great, it would be great yeah. That would be very scary. I wonder if they would l get the licensing for it. It five hundred bucks for one of these things, yeah gene will sell anything. So it's not going to be cheap igve. You sitit's Soit's all for the kiss army, all right, bobe craft. What do you have for the hot products around? Well, you know it's. My favorite round is always there really, if you think about it, wrestling was huge in e t, arguably even bigger in the ES, but s it kind of you know, shifted demographics and was kind of a hot thing again, so I went with wrestling for this year's hot product of OC to oe thousand nine hundred and ninety five. I'm talking the pay per view that took place October, twenty Senon, oe, housand, nine hundred and ninety five and Winnipeg Manatova Canada. That's WWF in your house for the fourth pay per view of the series. The first ww pay per view to take place in Canada since Russell Mania, six Yeah Wrestle Mane, I onethusand nine hundred and ninety you got yo o Zona. They really put him through the ringer twice that night he was in two matches: Oh yeah, at Hunterherst, tolns lead defeats Fa to Barton Billy Gunn. The smoking guns defeated the one two three kid and Raizor remone gold dust, fighting Marty, genetti King Mabel, Reston piece versus Yo, Kozuna rest in peace that ended in a double countout, Razo remone, also an action again. The British bull dog versus diesel we'll talk about that one. That was there's an interesting note on that one, Henry God went over psychocid bred hard, deveats Isaac, Yankum DDS Bonus Pis for anybody who knows that is an Oen Hart and Yoko Zuna versus Bam, Ban, Biglo and Savio Vega, WSO cod, so many dead bodies these days. Yes, but the interesting note about, I guess the like the diesel and British bulldog made event was was so bad that Vincemcman himself was was like livid. He was doing commentary and at some point he reportedly yelled through his headseid. I God threw it off after the match and after the paper view had finished, he yelled horrible, fucking horrible, a diesel in the ring. While this payper view is still going out, O storm to the back- and I guess just berated Bruce Richard who has been on again off again with the company for like the past three decades, so that bad, so if you've got the WW network, go back to in your house for Octo, oe, tousand, nine hundred and ninety five watch the match and you'll see it's not the best by most standards. But that's my pick for Ho. After while I have to see what what is the worst wrestling match ever look like, and to think that the Yoka Zuna Mabel match was better quality- Oh my God, yes, but that was the hot ro D, One thousand nine hundred and ninety five, that's that's! U Close Sim going a go. How may buys did that get because that was like in the dark era right, I a no! You have no idea how many biys that would have gotten we're, not talking fake diesel right that didn't happen. Yet that's real desel, I believe yea, because you had you had Isaa Ankum Yeah Makosl was Isagan. Yes, that's true! Well, he had everybody else going out there twice, why not? U, at a very thin roster around that time. Yeah making dudes pull double duty, especially Yokazona Wel, not wat dud yeah. All the fan duds ar like you, gotta Work Twice: Abi Lard Ass! It's not going to give you a heart attack, soon, yeah, all right, Joe Fenley. What do you have for the hot products around all right? Well, I'm workgoing to dive deep in the MS Doss for this one guys, because it's the early s and fuck it October, twenty F, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three we've got a word processor program called multitool word that was released for Ms Dos and it was actually a very interesting one because it was actually one of the few MSS programs that can that was capable of using the mouse. It had some initial kind of resistance because you know there were word processors out there and I guess the early adopters of computers is like well. We've already got one what's the point very shortly after they realized that they didn't, like the multitool word title, so they renamed this product and it got the name that it still has. Today. It was the release of Microsoft. Word Wow. This was again. This was an msdos program and then it eventually got released for Mackintosh as well as the ITARIST and then, when Microsoft finally release windows, it essentially became the standard in word processing and is still the commercial standard. Today, yes, there's Google Docks and F free options as such, but you go to most offices and you're going to find office tree a an sixty, five and you're going to be typing documents into Microsoft word, and that was its release October Twen, netousand, nine hundred and eighty three wow yeah word is huge. I see a pattern emerging where they just they every time you, you know the order. Everything tops every the next one, Iwas like all the Kissmask, those a those sound, pretty good and then wrestling. You know who doesn't love wrestling, although to be fair, my error was the whole Cogan era. You know it was. You know that that whole era was just crazy: The gerilla monsoon I remember gerilla monsoon Nin Yeah Yeah, I a just just who's it, not George, the animal steel. Just I Y Captain Le Albana, yes, wot e Lebeway, whatts hat t the most bizarre thing in the world like just so bizarre but like like he was and n. He became like a beloved character like just it was nunbelievable time, but Microsoft Word is, is still a hot product. Well, maybe it's not the hot product, but that's a huge, that's a huge product that certainly made an incredible impact in in computing, and so you got Ta. You got to give it a word. You got to give it to the eights on that one. I think all right, Joe Finley. You picked up two points on that round, which ties the game heading into the final music round. Would you like to go first, or would you like to defer to one of these other gentlemen? I'd like to defer? I want to go last dont ton, dont tendent them Bo, be craft, Yeur, UPE, for the music round. I think I'll defer to the end of the game, no all right, music, FM, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. This is a pretty seminal album for a lot of people, October Secon, thousnd, nine hundred and inety five, the release of what we're going to become, arguably one of the most revered albums of all time and certain circles, certainly one of the best selling records in their native UK. That album would be the second record from oasis title. What's the story morning, glory really kind of launched them into overnight success territory. From being this kind of small British based crossover, Indiact to literally a worldwide phenomenon, it sold a record breaking three hundred forty fivethousand copies in its first week, spent ten weeks at number, one on the UK albums chart and then reach number four on the US billboard, two under making at the band's most commercially successful release. Four major hits a couple of them reaching number one in the US alternative songs chart again kind of like mall rats had initially had from critics kind of you know me reviews, but it's gone on to become, like I said, consider one of the the most cutting edge albums, maybe that cutting edge, but one of the most prolific albums of its of its time and maybe all time it's appeared on several lists of the greatest albums in rock music, the tweanty ten Brit awards morning glory was named the greatest British albums since thnd Ninehundren D, Eighty, which is a very specific category to be in, but it made it it sold over twenty two million copies worldwide making on of the best selling albums of all time. Also, the UK's best shelling album fof, one thousand nine hundred nd inety. So I guess across the pond, they're very specific about best selling per decade and and gartering accolades that way. But of course the band is continued to have great success to this day and brothers. LEAM and no gallager are famously close. So it's good to see that you know career ungevity paying off. I know can't they just get along with kid. What's wrong with them. Who knows they make too much money? That's yeah e give the best interviews ever just a fat wedge of cash separates them both emotionally from each other, but there you go October. Second, ninety five, the second album from oasis. What's the story morning, Glory Ison all right, man crush. Let's hear what you have for the music round, all right top that all right, let's go October, eleventh one thousand nine hundred, and seventy eight here is the sophisticated six studio album from one of the greatest songwriters of our generation, at least at least. I think so. This album comes right off the heels of his last reliefs, which was just over a year from this album. I you guys realize that have you when you're doing the s we do these music picks. They did albums like Bangbang Bang Bangbank like right after one another. They would, they would release one album and they would just use that momentum to keep churning out amazing albums, but like in the s once I began like I feel like we didn't get that it started a wane. We usually had it like wait. A few years, yeah yeah yeah, the production t it became more of an event and then you' just producing as much material as you can you try to like like I. Maybe it was thriller that changed all that you know it came. I don't know if your Youreh, maybe it was because of like music videos or whatever I like. I don't understand. Why stop because like when you look at this, you look at the S. I'ven had the s that much the past couple months, but every time I have had it, it seems like the artist has released almost like back to back to back, or at least maybe they have like one off year, and then they released two albums and two years anit's, just crazy. They were being slave driven music. Maybe the cocaine was better damp out the widgits baby music, but you'd see something like this is a really short album. Ther's only nine tracks in this one, but four of them were go ong to be singles. The almomself would be it would hit number one of the billboard. Two hundred would go seven times platinum, it would earn two grammy awards album of the year and best male pop vocal performance and stylistically. This album was like a slight departure from his previous album and you got a lot more jazz in this album, which is also referensing the title of this album being that fifty second street in New York City was renowned for jazz being like the epicentor after prohibition and went from probably like into the early s where this guy was probably growing up. So some people they might not like billy Joeel's voice and I've actually heard him say that he doesn't like his voice but fucking. I, this dude can write some lyrics and I've always loved this lihe. First, Song of this album big shot when you wake up in the morning and your heads on five yeys: Do Blood Ti SA, don't down t war and cry in your coffee? Bu, don't come Bitch Ingto me it's fucking like dode everything like, and I can just keep going and embarrass myself with the rest of tha song like I didn't just do that. But Oh, it's! No big sent a stick. Y Two sents tenw, you nowwe, O e Lo wo Li. You couldn't seeyou was time to go home, so no n, no Nono, O Bishot Tisyeah. Yes, so great, I mean it Bilis a great Thong and like ten years ago, or so he was on Howards Sernn. He said that was about Bianka Jagger, but I've also heard him say it was about himself so, but the cool thing is with the lyrisist like that you can kind of give every song your own interpretation and all this song seem like that. I mean especially from this album. You had my life on here: honesty, big shot until the night. Those were the four singles Ho got off. Fifty second street is an amazing album. You Got Rosa Lynda's eyes, Yeah Great Song, Axanza Bars, zns, wor, gre, album and thers. Only second Le It's a whole Itsagd Hole Albu. You can burn through this in like what forty minutes and you could play it all over again, like it never happened: yeah, fantastic but yeah, October, N e Tousan, nine hundred and seventy eight billy joll. Fifty second treet- and I will see you next November, billy jol when I finally get to see you in concert after buying your tickets two years ago, you you bought tickets, two years in advance or they just got postpon. They got postcone. So I bought it last October and it was supposed to be a march and then it got pushed from mark to September, and now it's November, it's like the end of November two thousand and twenty one is that a Madison Square, Gareow MSG, okay, yeah! I saw him at Madison Square Garden. It's a great show. I can't wait. I'm sure it's probably just like a sing along with billy jol yeah. Basically, but he's just got so many hits yeah like the whole night is just one hit after another. You know one great song that you want to hear and, and it's a yeah it's pretty great. Hopefully he stays in his house doesn't leave for the next year. Ot want anything to happen. N Yeah, Noatia, Ol Billy, I'm not gonna Wood for you he's listening, Lord, listen to the show o all right, Joe Fenley. Why don't you wrap up this game with your selection for the music round all right? Well, I got a pretty good one here. It's an album that was a debut album and is really a representative album of the decade, which is you know something you kind of strive for when you're. Looking for a pick here, I give you from October fourtenone thousand nine hundred and eighty three Cindy loppers she's, so unusual. The album itself won the granmy for best new artist. Well, she won the grammy for best new artist. The album was nominated for album of the year best record for girls just want to have fun and best female vocal performance. The album had girls just want to have fun, obviously time after time, two of probably s most seminal female songs, if not songs, just period as well as Shebop, and when you were mine, which was written by plints, it was number four on the Gillboard two hundred and remained on in the top thirty tr, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five like this was this was a gigantic deal. She became so intensely mainstream. She was president at the first Restlemania she befriended captain well Teno, who was in her first music video. Yes, yes, you know what I mean and she was just like you know, as a singer and song writer and just an icon of the S as far as music as far as fashion as far as just the overall aesthetic of the decade itself, I can't think of anybody more representative of that than Sindy Lopper. So I give you her debut album, which was a gigantic one she's so unusual. I didn't know time after time was on that album. That's a that's! A mega hit it's one of my favorite songs from the EIES Yeah Yeah. It's a great! It's a great song, she's a great, and she wrote that I think right. She did, which one did Prince Wright. It's called when you were mine when you were mine, okay, what you wil miethat would be princes version. He always versions always SA, I'm sure he recorded it in the seventy or something I'm sure you is just the letter you yea and Wer is afor for some reason. Turs out he was just lazy, Yeah Princmas, lea he's got like more music like that's, not released, then, and then he's Realy and he released a mountain of music yeah and it's Gettin thers that azing at time to write. You got a short ything yeah. If he was writing out all his yous, we wouldn't have gon at. I don't have time for that. All right. Let's go down to Andrew cassess for the verdict on this game. This is a tough one. This is like, like these are three great albums. These are three great. You know. Music is so great. I love music and, and it's hard to it's hard to pick like, like The Oasis Alb, has so many great songs on it. So many great hits on it. You know, I think I champagne super. No. I just love that song so much and there arof course a hug a huge band. They were, they were mega a mega act in the middle of the S, and I love Cindy Lopper she's, a great artist and she's, really fantastic artist. You know from Brooklyn born and that album w was huge. One thousand nine hundre Adeiht Thee, but but billy jol tops Om. All Billy Joe is one of my favorite musicians. Favorite artists of all time and- and so fifty second street is got to take it. What year, did you see him? I don't know, but it was maybe three or four years ago, Soso thats years, agoit's, not that on wasn't that long ago, yeah. I never saw him back in the day on Long Island, but I finally got to see him. One of the Madison's Gros Garden shows, and it was just it was just great. It was almost almost as good as seein McCartney at Yankee Stadium, which has to be the best show I've ever seen in my life, but butbut Billy Joe, is got to be my one of my favorite artists, maybe probably second favorite, to the Beatles and, of course, I'm from Long Island. So he was, he was just huge on Long Island and, and you know, he's a Om hometown guy but, like he's got such a great body of work, such an amazing body, work and fifty second street is really representative of of that. The so many of his of hisseminal hits on their classics, and- and so I got to go with the WHATU- you, the stranger and what's better, the stranger o fifty second street, because there's a definite shift like yeah, he starts to get experience I mean. Do I had it's like picking? That's like picking your favorite childyeah yeah. You know the strangers got the streats got Vienna on it right, which is, which is the best got to be the best one of my favorite buly jow songs. Is that have seen SOM an Italian restaurant believe it does yeah. So you got to go with a stranger, I guess, but but you know that doesn't that doesn't take anything away from fifty seconds ree. I guess my favorite album is like street life serenador or he's got that great live alum songs in the attic which I used to play all the time and it skipped it this one spot, and you remember it like that right. I remember like that. Yeah every time. Every time I hear that I've love these days now we see God tot take got Ta. Take Gott get up fix the outbed. The same thing happens to me with Phil Collins when you now fill college played live ad and he screws up during against all odds that piano part. Every time I hear that song, I'm waiting for the screw up and I'm like I it this time it's part of the song. Now. Oh Man, that's freaking great though you know the story about him after nine eleven right where he just got in his bike and just Soh Yeah Ike driving around New York City and going to random like bars that had pianos and we just start playing for people trying to like lift people. Spirits, that's fantastic, you imagine, being a bar and billy jole just shows up ind his motorcycle, and I wish, with I woald just that would be so amazing. Although I would be a terrible fan, I wouldn't be able to like leave him alone. hopeplay this way, hopully kill you. I tell Loveyo so much O. So, U be like all right, I'm going to another BAR FOGETN OUTOF! Here you fuckd it up kid ruined it. Excuse me I'm moving out Doo. Do you guys tell us a little bit about number one like what do you have going on? Obviously we're in pandemic, but you do a lot of conventions and stuff right. I've been doing conventions yeah, that's that started up a couple years ago and that's a lot of fun because I get to see the old cast members and- and we have a lot of fun, doing that and yeah it's a great it's a great weekend to just kick back and and reminisce and get drunk and and just you know, be b be fun. You know I still audition and do commercials and television mostly. I are commercials and voiceovers. I did a weird one for CBS o fantasy football, tyere proonting fantasy football, and it was. It was a like a short film. Really. It was like a ten minute, fucking commercial and I played the guy who got the first ever fantasy football pick, but I some guy named Andy Massimulus, who was friends with the Gwe ar people. They were all friends of these Oakland, guys the management of the of the Oakland team and he picked the Oakland quarterback George Blanda who's like a Shitty quarterback, because he didn't understand the rules of the game really e's like no. You could take for any team. They like Hewas, like what. What are you talking about so so that was? That was the last thing I did. That was a lot of fun, but only aired once so. It didn't get a lot of didn't go that airplane, but it's on Youtube and it's a funny little. It's like a little short film, and that was a lot of fun to be a part of that's huge. I remember like seventeen years ago when I was in the Marines we did. We were in Iraq matter of fact it was the first year we did our fancy football league and we had a guy like that. This guy, his name was Adam Iel, give his last name, but he was a packers fan and he selected nothing but packers on his team and he was not doing thim tell you. Anybody have played him. It was like. Is I got Ta Win This Week? Youee your Bo I was here at. Was Your easy win? N Your cheap win week, there's always one guy that, like screws up the entire league for everybody by do by doing some shit like that, you know the a ro about the conventions. I think I want to say that when we went to Rhode Island what was that to thousand and seventeen yeah? I think so yeah you do Rhode, Iland Hamicon, like did yeah. I did it once yeah, because I remember there was a. There was avenge of the nervs panel and I think that was the second day and we were just tore up after that night. The first like we got a blitter. We were out to like three in the morning started out with that was a night with Bria no' Halleren like we went out with him and then W. I don't even remember, and then the next day we all wanted to go to that, and I don't even know what happened like. We just didn't, make it yeah. We just couldn't get to the arena on time and Hoso many people got, it was like we couldn't make it across that Bridge to get to the other location yeah. By the time you got to the downtown section. There was so many people already towards the front and the lines had already started. It was still another like hours, Weit just to get intoside the venue, and then you got to wait in line going up. The escalators and it was nuts hat- was a really big convention that was yeah. That was a big that was a big convention, a big huge room, yes and yeah and yeah it was a fun. I was a fun convention who all does those usually with you for the revenge of the NERDS. You Got Bobby Carrodin and Julia, Montgomery and and Curtis Armstrong is always there and Brian Toachy and- and you know the huge Guy Ogre. Oh Yeahonald givl give Ye oh Larry B. Scott was there to. We don't get bus field to come out, but he came out for the last one we did, and so it was good to see him as well and yeah, and I think Ted McGinley was at the Rhode Island one he sat with the they sat. He the married with children, people like near us, so he kind of like was both in our group and the other group kept fucking with you the whole time I actually had a running with brant spiner. I was setting up my my my my table and he comes bursting through the curtain behind me and starts shaking he's like hey, dude, hey man. What's up taking my hand, Eng Super Friendly, I was like I was like. Oh, it's read spider. I said: That's literally whan. I said. Oh, your bread, smider and I was I didn't know what the fuck was going on and then a couple seconds into it. He realized that I wasn't who he thought I was. He worked with one of the married with children guys and he thought they said. Oh Yeah Yeah this guys married with Shil like the nasty, so your Damit Mustyouno, neighbor yeah, the neighbor husband. Oh Steve, es s, and so somebody said: Oh yeah he's right behind the th he's right behind your booth right there. So we just we'n bursting through to go, see him and then like it, took like like five or five or six seconds before Heu realized the mistake, but I got to shake bread, spiders Saynd, who I think is really cool, and I love star Crek. So so that was, I told, Mei Lik. I be really big Fan. You know so so yeah that I get to be a fan at those things, because there's so many people that that I'm a fan of from from those eras I got to meet Robert Hays from the airplane neies and we nerded out about a show. He did called the girl, the Gold Watch and everything which, which I love it. He loved it because he because no one ever remembers it or I doesn't. They remember all the other work that he's done and he was like. Oh Yeah Yeah. I love that that I guess was going to be a TV series or something and it didn't turn out, but it was about a guy who had o watch. That could stop time and I, as a kid I thought that was just a sound, really Goo Ting yeah yeah. I thought it was the coolest idea it just. I always think of that. I always remember it so. Well, it's the same watch from POL fiction. Actually it might have been. I look very similar. It was up Christopher Walkingtas, Tis Wach to timen daddy's ass, but the battery was dead. So I had a pare was Deadh n power is in my ass, which what film did you did you enjoy filming better, the original or Seagal, because I love the sequeol of the sequel yeah. It's a tough question e a I love the sequel too. It's a Fu lot of fun. We had a lot of fun filming it. You know. Part of me loves love that production more because because I was a little older right to appreciate a little bit more and there was a lot more hot chicks around, and I was a little bit older to appreciate that old enough to really to really enjoy. You know appreciate that as Florida and everybody's, like it's Tis, vacation, sort of mentality and and and it was just it was fun, but but the original nerds production was just the time of my life. You know never done anything like that before and I just it was. It was just really exciting to have been a part of it, and so I have. I have great memories from that, and so you know I guess the first movie, but they were both really fun experiences and and yeah it's hard it's hard to choose, but but I think the first one was just with just special. Oh yeah, I mean it's a great movie. We just we always talk about the sequel to just because the whole hotel, coral, Essex and everything else tan is involved with that Mobe Uth, a dumb joke, but it's Io God classic. It's so good for still a Lopez. She was fun. James Hong is in a great charteactor and and bes a very soble, great great comedian, who's pretty hard at that time was in it and and so met. A lot of good people and and itwas just being in Florida, was great. You know or Laurdale to that was like spring break destination. Back then yeah they had this abandoned hotel, this hotel that was going to get demolished, but before they got demolished, they shot a movie in it, and so we hade this run of this abandoned hotel, which is kind of weird but also kind of really cool. I had five standards. You know they hire a stand in to sit there, so they can light you and the person's got to be your general height and your general complexion. And then you know they because the lighting is a long process, so they don't make you wait there. They pay somebody to make that happen, and and- and I went through five standins in that they couldn't keep people. I guess I was too short that it was too special a thing, but I remember one: Guy Lasted one day: it was sint Patrick's Day and he was an Irish guy and he showed up on set Ripp, absolutely just ripped drunk. It was just it was just the most charming guy, but but they were like yeah, you got ta go. We got to get somebody else you're out of here, but I remember that guy, I don't remember what his name was, but but he was he was. He was having a fun time, H, es having a he loved a he love Bein in that. Why? Wouldn't you I mean that would be fantastic. I asked Felissa Rostas question because she was kind of around the same age as you were going into revenge of the nerds. Did your parents know what they were signing you up for when you like? How did that guy? They kind of did they kind of did they were kind of nervous about him? I guess they didn't really know what you know what to expect, but but none of the scenes that I'm in it's going to be too salacious and they figure you know it'll be I guess they didn't know what to expect really and so, but there was a lot of nervousness around. What was I going to be allowed to see? What was I going to be kept from? You know in the scene where we're supposed to be watching e TV. Are we really going to be watching naked? We O didn't really stay up all noh my disappointment. Well, we did pull all nigters to shoot, doot that a lot O not watching the video, not watching that. No, that was, I forget. What time of day that was, but but yeah it was at a set called old Tucson, where they used to shoot all these all these moo of these Western. So they had a lot of other western sets and there was a soundstage on it, but you had to drive the van the crew van down this like mountain pass like winding pass. It was the road was barely wide enough for it, and I swear to God. I can't believe we didn't. We didn't all die like the van didn't just go like you thought like this is not going to work. This is this e terrible there's a terrible idea, but for like two or maybe three or four weeks of the production driving down the driving down this mountain past to old Tuson, so got to Capto, you know shoot on a historic film set which was fun and- and that was that was a cool cool sec because they had all these old western set pieces everywhere, and you know for a kid that was. That was a lot of fun. What was your favorite part of the whole production like the scenes that you were in and and all that stuff? What's your fondest memory of, I think you know it's hard to say a lot of things. Stick out the party you know there was a. There was a bust on the on the set one night and I remember one of the crew people getting taken out an handcuffs that was pretty memorable, but my favorite part I think, was- and there was there's a lot of debauchry going on mopury ter was some mopree sone definite mofry happening. There's no question about that e, the final sequence, where we do the crowd scene and the speeches and all that stuff that was, that was very memorable. There's a scene that got cut where one of the events in the in the Greek Games was supposed to be a chariot race with a moove pull me in a chariot and and it did got cut for whatever reason, but that was a memorably, fun sequence to shoot. The Greek Games was a lot of fun, but I think my favorite thing that I remember the best was running around on the roof of the Sorority House, which was, I think, like a two second shot in the movie. But it was a big deal. They Gol to let the kid you know W 'r Gon, no, let hem run around on the roof. You know is that going to be. Is that wee breaking any rules? I'm sure they were breaking a million years, but but I remember Oh they're going to- let me do it, I want to do it and- and I so I had a lot of fun running around on the roof, even though it's like a two second shot s no big deal, but but so t that was pretty memorable but there's I just have a ton of memories from it. So it's hard to pick but but yeah it was. It was a fun time that was so awesome. Yeah, it's iconic movie. We just was that last year we went to see it at the driving and yeah with the fog yeah. We went to see it drive in original thirty five millimeter cut, I drove eight hours to go, see it in the fog, an a drive ind. Just because I needed to see it on a big screen yeah. I would love to see an original print like that yeah, that's that's pretty cool CEP, the fog blocked. What like the last could see. Really you couldn't see anything. I think the last hour of the movie we couldn't see anthing, we just hear that's the best part botch all the tits right it was. It was a selfcensoring ye set, censor, fog, yeah everything. Just looked like a really extreme glamor shot, God yeah, I as Yeh God, Jo Sorry, I was gonna, say no. We keep going with this. This is no go ahead. Oh now I was going to say that revenge of the nerds when we started my my podcast was the second movie we recorded. It ended up being episode for I believe, but it was the second Woye like in our first group. It was like up. Revenge of the day was instantly one of the first ones. We recarded it. We Nice Nice, yeah yeah, it's got. A lot of people have a lot of memories of it. It's a memorable film. I guess you know it's kind of it's kind of you know very naughty. They tried to reboot it and actually shot for like a week or two of the RESIO and and I wrote a script for a reboot that I was trying to shop around, but I came to realize that you can't make that movie again. You could never capture that again. The the S W was such a unique time and and times have changed so dramatically that you could not get away with any of that. That cannot at any of it at all, and so I think that that helps to cement it in an nostalgia, because it's kind of something that could never happen again. I don't think no there's a lot of those movies from the ETES. You could never do again. Ever the s had some great movies yeah it as a definitely a different time, but there is just tons of classics from the S. I guess my favorite, my favorite of Tho of those genres is, is better off dead, got to be my favorite. I just like. I can't that's the most hilarious movie and I read about it in Curtis, Armstrong wrote a book about his career and you know about revenge of the nerds and told some stories about the Filmi that andhe talks about better off dead in thats hole, chapter and CSAC. I guess hated that movie or or was very disappointed with how it turned out or- and I don't know why, because it's like one of the most hilarious movies ever it's just hilarious, so it a it's one of my favorites. I think from the we saw him in a panel. I think that was t at two thousand and seventeen, and somebody asked him about that. He got very sour thats kind of yeah yeah. I don't know why it's it's a such a great movie. Everyone loves it, but you know I mean. Maybe you thought I love stupid or something I don't know. Iways thought it was Fi, it's funny. That's a funny movie Mark Youv had that book right that Curtis Armstrong Book Yeah I do, and it was at that Comicon, where I purchased it and had criticarm strong sign it and stuff. So yeah, I got it over on the shelf here in the studio ow Nice, Nice Yeah. Some great stories he's had a great career and and still still going yeah eswhat's, that so shoes supernaturalsamd. They have some part on supernatural which, and he tells us about those conventions- they have their own conventions and they have because they have such as huge fan base, and it's this this wild wild weekend of like like supernatural fans, it's like who would have thought. I don't know. I never watched the show really for seven fi on reers, some crazy yeah yeah. It's like an institution, it's like a freaking, so so thi's all kinds of all sins of crazy stuff out there do that's awesome. We want to thank you for coming on man, big movie. Thanks for having all of our lives, I mean we grew up on it. Obviously our parents didn't take us to movies to see it, but we saw it on HBO. Like everydam weekend some people n some people got snuck in notinwas, one o, the first movies that I could recite line for line. I think so amazing, as an honor man, you can come back like I. If you're free, you got nothing better to do. If you want to sing some billy jol come on back on dude, anytime anytime. I would love to you know. You know I'm about so sand, we're all in lockdown. So exactly so, we go got nothing but free time, but but this is a lot of fun and the game show formats really fun to took me back to a lot of a lot of great times in the S and s so h, CH, which decade one one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight. Seventy Eight, oh right, because a fifty second stree put you over right, yeah yeah, big win. Yes, Seventy Eight! I thought I thought for sure I was going to be that I was going to ust go with all ghs. I was like the s is the best decade. The hands down would have been nice. Well, the s is the best. Maybe October wasn't the right month. My e thousn nine hndre ighty three wasn't best year of it, but but the s is the best decade, but yeah s I agree like the sevens, is tough to because you don't know where you're going to get like some months are like this onen't really good and then other months are complete. Wastelands E, there's nothing! That's describes the SS very well so and the S or I think the s of S, have a lot of parallels where they do the same thing where it's a lot of hiser lose there's no like middle line. So but the eight there are some great peaks in the s. The S is like less less sexy than the S and S, but but there's some amazing art from the s and really just a peak o ca cultural peak. At that time you know the col war just ended, and I think I think it really had an effect on on you know. Things were breaking out as an exciting time, but but hey the S, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight is the winner. So you want to really Ay Hav me on guys. This was a lot of fun, uhand yeah. Absolutely let me know when it's going to air and and or when you're going to release it, but we're not going to lout live. Are we no? No okay, eventually, hey you never know we're going to go to video soon. Once all lockdown shit goes up, hopefully sooner than that, but okay I'll have to put on a shirt. Then I meant to say something about that, but yeah yeah I figured it was I fingu. It was cool, but you know well Al Right. Man, thankyou be well and O Bein tir sounds good. Take Your intright nice talking to Ou, guys Nice taning thout with you guys. You Bet! Take it easy! All Right! JUWLERS will, unfortunately we're going to have to end this episode right here, but don't worry if you've missed an episode, you can always head back on Duling Decadescom, where you can subscribe to all of our episodes everywhere. PODCASTS are available and while you're on the INNERWEBS head on over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time deelers were going to bid you ay piece, love lighting, Ta Joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmary Media