Dueling Decades
July 3, 2019

A Nostalgic Look Back on the Movies of the Summer of 1997! The Good, The Bad, The Meh & The Ugly.

A Nostalgic Look Back on the Movies of the Summer of 1997! The Good, The Bad, The Meh & The Ugly.

What's the worst summer of movies you could remember? For Mancrush, it was 1997, so prepare for a deep dive into summer 1997! After you listen, join us on facebook.com/duelingdecades to continue the conversation and let us know what other topics you...

What's the worst summer of movies you could remember? For Mancrush, it was 1997, so prepare for a deep dive into summer 1997! After you listen, join us on facebook.com/duelingdecades to continue the conversation and let us know what other topics you want us to take a deep dive into.


INFIRMARYMEDIAPEOP ttucave the Pixe Oplan, but tot o an ran again upon that CAPU top the power gop com fight for what you love, whocom, O Poe, P, Copi, Tencrita, ae Te Boe Cup would take grave ao Balaatic IAPA a TNO comefigt for what you love, yoneas broadcasting from the bioba day, studios wer water. Does it better? It's the adult Audio Retro Game Show where the Eighties and nineties do battel, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to deeling decades. This week we take a break from competition as we explore a topic, so many of you av asked for so this week. It's all about the movies, as we bring you this summer on Nineteen D. Ninety, seven, the good, the bad, the and the ugly. Let's take a look at the duelers on this week's dais. First off coming off his first singles loss the former dueling decades champion mancrush. Thank you for saying former not X. I like that much better tanx. I will get it back. That was a tough one that last episode. If you listened to it doing that true crime stuff was a little bit off our base, so it was, it was different, it was dark and it was definitely dark for me since I lost, but I will be back and the man who once wrote, if you dress, like Halloween gools, will try to get in your pants. AN IS NAN as Christmas card, Mr Mike Rainger, although everyone and I'm here to discuss great films, they came out on ninety seven like the beautician and the beast. Oh Man, you went fucking deep, diving on that Shit. That's a good one! I promise now jewellers, put the bunny back in the box and make sure you have your multipass, because it's time for some Joens, that's right talking about summer in ninety seven. I don't necessarily want to call this the worst summer of movies in the history of cinema, but I will say it is pretty bad and when I think of the worst summer growing up for me, I go BA on Tousand, nine hundred and ninety seven and maybe bad's not the best word for it. More now. That's twenty nineteen. I say the best word for ninety seven will probably be forgettable ecause when I went through all these movies from summer of ninety seven, which I started may first of ninety seven and I went through Labor Day of ninety seven and man. There are a lot of forgettable movies in the thing there'll be some that I bring up that I'm just like what see. That's, not the word I would use. I did the same thing. I looked back in retrospect at the summer as a whole. The one term that came to mind Mediocre, Oh yeah, there's there's a lot of meacrity in the summer. There's some stuff, that's jus! It's it's good or it should be good, but it's just you know, like you, said: Mah Yeah, it's! You know what it's the eye of the beholder it's just like music, but I think with music you're, never going to change your mind. It's really hard to get somebody o change somebody's mind about a a song or a band with a movie. I think either somebody could persuade you. You know to Rewatch it, and you know change your mind. If you look at a couple of things- but I think over time- like I mentioned before now- It's twenty nineteen and I'm rewatching some of these movies from ninety seven. Even if I liked them, I was like H. I don't know why I like this back, then they don't hold up N. Well, a lot of it was. You know they were Gong crazy with CGI and special effects and going over the top lit stuff- and I think Mike's really good at this too, where you can kind of set that aside and KINDOF put yourself in that date and watch it as it was meant to be like I can tell everybody, I like bad movies, it's okay, it's Fi! I like bad movies, too. That's why you'll see some of these movies on here, you're just going to be like fuck like perfect example. F that- and I know you'll agree with me on this one. This movie is starship. Troopers was supposed to be released in summer of ninety seven and they actually ended up pushing it back to November. But I love starship troopers yeah. That movie is fantastic. It's a fun! One that's like Enit a standout. It's such an enormous flop too, when you think about it 'cause they spent like a hundred million dollars on that movie and it only brought back like a hundred million dollars, but it's got such longevity to it like whether you watch it like ironically, or you watch it for what it is. I think it's a entertaining movie. Oh absolutely. I thought it was a movie that was misunderstood. I mean it's really the genius of Paul Verhoven, of course, who gave us Robo Cop and showgirls, but a lot of other great movies, his style in that movie. There's layers to that film and most people either you get it or you don't me. I thought it was. It was actually a pretty deep film for what it was. We talking about, show girls again yeah now we're talking about starships, Oh okay, although now that you bring it up Wellright, I think before we get into anything the way we got to start. This is let's just go over the good movies from Summer T. Ninety seven first 'cause there are a handful and it's only fair that we'v recognize those movies first and they kind of move on to the the Ma and the bad and then, of course, the ugly. But these good movies they're generally they they did fairly well, but I'm not going to rank them just on how much they made, because some shitty movies like Badman and Robin, can get fucked 'cause it made like three hundred million or whatever it was Bu. It was fucking piece of Shit. So that's actually one of the interesting things about ninety seven as a whole is look at how much fucking money yeah some of these anvies made it's like and there's like movies that came out within the same month and you've got like three movies in the theater that are doing a couple F hundred million dollars. It's fucking crazy! It's incredible and I have a lot of the stats for some of these movies. It just blew me away, there's one in particular that Wi'll get into that. I was just shocked: Dance. The S you're surprised right, you're, looking at a lot of these and you're Kinda like this shouldn't, have made money or shouldn't made this much money and not even made money how much they spent on the movie like waterworld status, where yeah like what, like that's, fucking, incredible, how much you t found ont this movie mayhow, let's, let's get into it, we'll start right at the beginning. This is good, I think, may second, nineteen, ninety seven, we got lost in powers international man of mystery, but this is the interesting thing for me on this movie. Is it only brought in seventy million bucks worldwide? It has seventeen million dollar budget, and I was shocked about how little this movie made when you look at the sequels at this movie. Had that came out the spy shagged me, which came out in ninety nine made over three hundred million and then gold member came out in two thousand and two and made over three hundred million and the original only took in seventy wow all right mancrush. I thought you said we were starting with the good I mean. How can you say? That's not good, I mean look, you don't have to like the movie for it to be a good movie. I mean there's good movies. I can recognize as good movies. I don't like there's plenty of them that if I listed you dig what the Yeard Assole, but this is not a bad movie. There's people like this movie, but I think it had legs yeah. You know it extended into two sequels that were fucking gigantic, and it's just I shocking to me that it only made that much in that weekend yeah. I think there was some stiff competition at the time, but looking back man, we were spending our money in the wrong places. I guess wow yeah wel we'll see that ND. How would you guys rate that? One, though, would you put it as good bad me Er ugly? No, I thought it was good, especially since, when you really think back to the nineties Ir's like there's a lot of mediocre comedy in the nineties, so I remember when this came out and it was it's not bad. I don't know if I really want to go back to it 'cause. I think the sequels kind of overdid it for me, Oh yeah, Wel I'd, say yeah. No, that's it's a good movie yeah! For me. It's a Ma, didn't like it the first time around like the sequels. Even less I don't know it was just a miss for me dog yeah I mean they. They did go to the Pan Way too many times when they did. This Yocaner tell me after you watch that movie like every time. I do a three point turn I'm always like Amostin power in this one. I know I am like, if, if you have to take more than uh like back up more than twice or Trut, I'm fucking come on all a Pictureis, that's seen in the hallway, with the that little yellow buggy thing Toyeah and this movie spawned a lot of things like how many people were walking down the street saying fucking catch phrases, I'm not going to do it. 'cause, I'm not Gointo Letver, bring know how an Diora his honor. Well, it repopularized Maud Culture here in America and it reintroduced an audience that had really kind of forgotten about that slice. Of of British Culture Yeah and if you're a bond fan, then you know I'm sure agly you enjoyed this a lot or hated it. Yes, I guess ont go either way, but yeah for sure all right, so m moving ou. So I think w're we're in the it's good, pretty much mark suck off. We got a MAC man, nit nineteen. Ninety seven got the Fifth Element now personally for this one. I was never really a huge fan in this movie and I would say, that's because of Cris Talker, an annoying fucking, a he's like the jargr banks of this movie. He is it. It took me a while to like him again- and this was like his first big role too. I Love Ruby Rodd and I think with this movie too, the other for me. I didn't really like it and I'm giving it a good, because it's it's monumental, people like it. It made three hundred million dollars. But for me I was like already Kindo overbruce Willis. I know that's like a little blasphemous to say, but at this point diehard was already like on the downswing. You Know How many times is: Joma Clang a goes, ough the same shit, yeah Um, you know, and then he had Armageddon, which was in ninety eight and six cents and maybe unbreakable. What else did he have he's got the Jackal? No, I sae. I actually like the Jackal, that's another. Ninety seven movie, the best part of the Jackal, is when Jack Black gets his arms shot off. No, that's that's true, but I like that movie, but I'm striking distance is amazing. ASAJESCA, Parker and Er auglies fan fashion, but getting back to fifth element. What do you guys think about this? One? I loved this movie. I I really liked it was the last Bruce Willis movie. I can say I really enjoyed. I liked the fact that one of the security guards in the movie is also a security garden, kissed Meto, the Fanom of the park. That was a huge bluss for me, but no I mean hot neity yeah, but Fifth Element was a great movie. It was probably one of my favorite movies of that summer, just because it was a little bit different in Ruby Rod come on man you're totally wrong on that character, annoying as hell, yes, but way before his time. He was a DJ that was livecasting while walking around being extremely flamboyant. Have you fucking listened to any of these instagram kids today way before I time? No, I like don't get me wrong. A lide Chris Cocker and I thought Chris Stocker was great. Like all the rush hours I love ro shower. This role, though, was fucking annaying a she every time he was on screen. I was like, Oh, my God, Sho Tor, but he was supposed to be. You know yeah, so I hated it well. He did his job, then a Hewas, fantastic actor, all right so you're on with good. What about you Mike wher Yelln this one? This is a kind of my for me. I don't really like this movie a whole lot. I've tried to get into it. I want to get into it. I mean, I think, visually it's pretty impressive, but I don't really I for some reason. I just can't get into this fucking movie. Every time I try to watch it. I end up like looking at my phone. I I I'm there with you on that, but I have to give it props and I know Il. I don't think it's a bad movie, I'm just saying for me: It's Kinda like yeah, take it or leave it yeah, but Y H, I wouldn't say it's a bad moset. I really enjoyed it and I think it's because of the comedy elements ind it and I found it really odd that I enjoyed it because I'm typically not a huge Scifi guy. You know I don't like star track and Shit like that. I mean star. Wars has its place, of course, but this movie is heavy as it is in science fiction. I really enjoyed it. I I just thought it was a different way of telling a story with these characters. I hadn't seen pruce Willus. Do something like that. So I don't know I liked it don't call star war. Scifi they'll come after yeah yeah, they getthdon't do that all right, so I'm moving on. I think all right, so we're all the consent, O amone was also good. I think this one should be all three of us. I hope and Alcambo this one, because this is June six. Ninety seven conair this is a big summer for Nicholas Cage. This movie had like that amazing southern accent showing off his backontop, but then he also had face off later in the summer SI'm goingto lump both those two together I mean between the two of them. I think it was like five hundred million bucks like close to five hundred million bucks just to movies made. This is actually pretty funny the way I looked at it now at twenty nineteen in ninety seven you got Nicolas Cage and John Shavolta were theyre both like kind of stars. People took them as like serious actors. Now you look at twenty nineteen and they're, like Hollywood Weirdos, yeah Y, it's interesting. Ninety yeah the summer of Ninety Seven was the absolute pinnacle for Nicholas Cage. For me, Oh yeahyou know con air face off to me. Both of those it doesn't get any better than that. The only thing you could kind of lump in there with that is the rock yeah. I like Riroq, a Lo o. You was really on the upswing. 'cause you've got movies like the ROCK CON air face off H. Snake eyes comes after that, which I don't really like snake us, but he was just pumping out these action movies, captain girly's Mandolen, which is the only movie where he has a worse accent than he did in Conair, which blows my mind because Nicholas Cage. Of course, his last name is COPOLA. He is a Batalian heritage, but could not pull off an Italian accent in a movie. You could do a southern accent, though I don't know about that. BTTHIS CON air rather had a huge budget. T at was a seventy five million dollar budget on that movie, but look at the people that were in it Yo had cage was in it, so I'm sure he got paid a lot Jack Kusack ving rams was in that Shit. John Malgevich yead chapel, like in his first Kindaf, like big roll. You know like people getting a nochapeland he's funny shit, Janny, Treho, Commini, bubble, gum, Yesin e Shit, Don know that guy's name Mkenta, Williamson Er that so what do you guys think on this one? Oh Juth, I love conair. I got no complaints. A now jus cross the board. Okay, this one's a Gimmey too. I don't don't think we need to spend too much time. I think on this one we should all to July. Second, ninety seven men in black. For me it's a man, I ' never a huge fan of the men and bilack franchise. I don't know why here's my thing, I I'm with you on that. I'm with you on that, like I'm, not a huge man and black man, but you have to respect the franchise. Oh, I respect the franchise. I respect the numbers and you got to respect Tomuly Jones, maybe not so much for taking that role. For me, it's it's a franchise, it's okay! It's entertaining it's fun for the hour and a half I'm sitting in the theater, but I go home and I forget all about it. Maybe they' yapped you with one of those eye things: Oh Shit. Oh all right, you might be on to something there, man this had a ninety million dollar budget and made six hundred million dollars and now yeah. It was a big MEA. This this Simsangid Will Smith as a major guy too, because the summer prior he had I d four and then this one backe back summers with these gigantic blockbusters. His Dude was just printing money with his nameon it, and I get what you're saying as a movie. I, you know it's kind of forgettable to me, but it did have two big sequels and then it just spawned a really Shiy reboot from what I hear from people in our group, so I gotto give it a good yeah. I I also. I think this is a good movie, a I like this movie, but I also think that, depending on how old you were when this came out, that might somewhat impact how much you like that movie yeah 'cause, it's definitely geared more towards a a preteen Kinda. You know eleven to sixteen kind, O audience. I think a lot of the reason I don't care for her as much was when it came out. We've already talked about three movies than I like way more than men in black to me. Conair fith element face off. That was the summer of ninety seven. For me, those are three movies that I watched in heavy rotation for years after that came out in that time period. For me, men and Black, it was enjoyable for when I saw it in the theaters, but compared to the other movies that came out with at the time the replay flactor just was not there for me, like it was with the other films for Sr. I think out of all the Olphin area is like yeah. I've watched conair the most and face off. I really like face O. I haven't seen face off in probably twenty years. I saw it in the theatrs and I really liked it, and I don't know why I never watched it again and went back to it. Maybe I'll I'll do that tonight. I get a lot of things on my list. You know what happens in that movie takes his face off. Oh yeah, I yeah I was there. I I saw t h took his whole. Face off was crazy. Spoilers for those the people haven't seen the movie when they say face off. It literally means face Ow, it's not a hockey movie. No, it's one of the great cinematic experiences you'll ever have. I was so pissed off. I thought it was a bilpick on Waing Gretzy, no action movie, I figure Aright, so we're pretty much all in agreement to it deserves to be there, but might not for some of a yea. Absolutely you K T that's a quality movie. I mean, I don't think we can, if it would have came out the summer of ninety six whole different ball game, but how so tist, sesummer N. Ninety six, I thought was a lot weaker than the summer of ninety seven. It's nohas been a whole oicer hit either I mean they made six hundred million dollars, Maioh defit, I'm saying in my eyes I would have enjoyed it way more. I wouldn't have got lost than the shuffle. I had already seen two or three other movies that I enjoyed way more there's only a twe thore good movies to this summer and then the rest is all shit. I Mo not. I swear to you, okay, but there's there's hype behind a lot. Oh there's huge hisehood, yeah, huge I, but a lot of them did not come close to that. I this one had no hype coming out and that's why it has to be on here. It was actually one of our picks. In a previous episode August fifeteenth Nineten, an Ne ty, seven Ye at the full Monti- and you know this- It flew under the radar really no hype. Kinda came out of nowhere. I Wa I went back in the newspapers otcom and I pulled up old newspaper articles 'cause. I wanted to see just how little was being said now there was talk of it, but I was there was no talk like this is going to be two hundred and fifty million dollar movie o. It was just like. Oh here's, this comedy coming out out of England about these dudes that decided to go become strippers. It was like what it just seemed like an odd ball movie, and I think this movie was kind of just made for this summer 'cause. It was such a shitny summer that by the end of the summer, you you were just you didn't want to see anymore blockbusters because you didn't know if you were going to get a total pile, O shit, so people were like go see the Fullmonti and it did fantastic yeah for me it was, I didn't pay attention to it. Then I mean we talk about men in black, getting lost in the shuffle. This one really got lost in the shuffle. For me, I didn't see it til about three years later and when I did, I absolutely loved it, so it was. It was regretful that it at the time it was a m 'cause. I didn't get a chance to see it, but H it's definitely a good. In my book. I love the Fulmonti Yeah, the full Montes Great. I believe that year it wasn't for like an Oscar. It was up for four one yeah one Oskr, not like a major offan one like bad, a musical or some shit like Thatyeah, and it had a lot of buzz after it came out. I I didn't see that that was a rental. I remember my parents rented that and they were talking about it and that's how I saw it. That's what it was for me the summer in ninety seven I wanted to see face off, not pants off. You didn't want thought you were going to get some full male frontal nudity from the English, but but you didn't you didnt, no such a let own spoiler, spoiler Bu. I guess we can all agree. It's I mean here's another staff from this movie. They only spent four million dollars on it, yeah yeah, which is always nice yeah. When that happens, God all those guys had boners for years after that, fucking movie, I wonder how much money those dudes made an that, because they were they really in anything else. A couple of them were: Oh, my God. Yes Yeah Robert Carlyle Isnin. There H he's been in a lot of things. It actually had a really good gast, it's a good movie, and I watched it earlier this year. I like them, unlike some of the movies that we're we've talked about already and some of the movies we're going to talk about. I think this one holds up a little bit over time better than some of the other movies all right. Well, so that's a good with that one. I think this one will be interesting. I think everybody'll be good on this one, but I could see where people wouldn't be, but it's August fifteenth. Ninety seven also like Velmonti, it's copland and totally an my eyes is totally underrated movie and it still holds up. I just watched it a little while ago. I have it on my good list here, but it didn't do great in the box office at all and my theory with that is this because I think it only made like sixty million dollars. No one wanted to see stalone as the whipping boy, so I think that thatwhy it didn't do well, like you had all these people like myself, we grew up a rocky and Rambo and all that shit we didn't want to see him be in the bitch. I saw this in the theaters, but I see I I forgot that this came out in the summer ecause. I don't think I saw it until like early fall wow, I remember we went to the theaters and everybody we went with nobody liked it, except for me for the same reasons you just mentioned: That's not there stalone, but that's the reason I loved it. It was such an opposite character for him. Michael Rappapor was great in it. I really liked Coplin and he had the gut. So he looking on a lot of wait for them. Yeah. That was a big deal N. that's a movie! I've watched many many times, but again I I'm surprised 'cause. I totally forgot that it came out that summer. I just want to see exactly what they, what the budget of that movie was. Could it had to be high? Oh yeah, it had a big budge. I mean it had to be all salary e. that's got a great cast to this very day. It's because of that movie an I think about it. Every fucking time I driv drive over the GW Mn a I look at my wife and B, like fucking. Wonder boy just jump. I like thinking about the part where he's explaining to hem like Raliotas, telling hem how to like h how to do like a car chase through the city and, like you, don't want to go straight through the light you want to you want to Jag Hey. You got a Zicxzag, it's a good! I I like that movie, it's UN, it is underrated, yeah and he puts on the house a paint on the boom box to beat the shit out of the guy. I can't go wrong with that. Metho man isn. This doesn't make sense to me. It's Jis a budget for this estimate. It was only ten million dollars. Maybe if theyve I don't know wow, not counting salaries, maybe yeah 'cause. You would think, especially with alone having to gain all that weight that he wouldhave wanted a pretty penny to do that yeah. I'm sure Ganera wanted a few bucks to yeah yeah. I don't know how how much I believe that I think maybe they're putting that out there to flufp the numbers on a a bit but h all right, so we're all get on that. So, let's move on to the men. That's all I got for good, okay, whatas, that, like six or seven movies, now the rest of this and a couple of these, like I said I've, said T on previous episodes. I did not grow up watching cartoons. I watche Gi Joe and shit like that, but mostly I didn't watch cartoons so anytime. There's like some theatrical cartoon that comes out. I don't watch it, I'm not into it. It's not my fucking thing. So the first one I got is a met and it might be completely against what you guys are thinking, but I have Hercules 'cause. I don't watch fucking cartoons, I'm glad that you mentioned that B'cause. I got a lot to say about that. Actually, what mean me not watching cartoons or nor no just about movies Disney movies like Hercules? I actually think that the the Lion King as like the Pinnacle Right, like it's like Thye they're, getting all their Prais for for that movie and then I feel like pocahonnes and Hercules ar like Kinda like the down the downslope of of of Disney Anima. I think, even though thewhercules was more of like a rip off of Alatin, though wasn't it kind of like that old story with modern comedy type deal it's. It's definitely like part of that Disney l cartoon, like formula but like that was probably right. D on the time when I had completely grown out of that same here yeah and they hit a Bo, a new, a Nula when they had the emperor's new GROUV, they totally lost. I mail yet because at that point they were just re. They were trying to recreate Aladdin in the same type of humor in magic that that movie had and they tried it so many times with Hercules and emperor got his new. How Emperor got his groove back? I mean they're, just they weren't good and Hercules. Really, that's th t's! THAT'S A bad! For me! Man Yeah, that I I wouldn't put it in the bad only because it did make two hundred and fifty million dollars, so they they made their nut on this one yeah. What I read about this movie, because I've never seen it Um, who was it that played Haites? It was uh James Woods. Everyone said that James. I love jams eas so like his older shit, fucking great. If I could picture that, maybe I can give it a Ma, so I'm in a Ma. Well, maybe we'll get a live act reemake of Hercules, soon, 'cause, that seems to be the trend. They' remaking, all the Disney animation as live action. Now they want to do the little mermaids they've cast Malissamacarthea is Ursula. Why do that? Just Watch? Splash yeah? No Shit right! What are you got on this one like I get it for Hercule Yeah Um. You know I I I think this is one of those things where it really depends on how old you are. Like my you know, I have three younger brothers and they're significantly. You know it's like five six and ten years younger than me, so this was something that they were into allright know so, but then again one of my brothers really liked the pest that came out this year. So God was that Olik Azamo I loved the past man see I hate it. I hate it 'cause of my little brother and him renting it all the stupid fucking dance that he does the whole the whole intro as fucking hold on M Mike. Where are you out on this movie before we get into the pess? Oh, I I think that it's probably a good movie. It's just not for me yeah. I don't know what to say about it because again it's a cartoon. I not like a mad man. It sounds like you're describing, but it's wellit's, fucking Disney man. Of course it's going to be a man for us, but you can't discredit how big that machine is th, T's, yeah! That's why I mean n. They could put out an animated movie of anything and they're going to make a hundred million dollars, because, just because of the Disney name was there any inappropriate animation within the faut that I know of. If there is, then I'm all four it. I think it's great. I don't know if there is in Hercules now you would think there'd be a lot of opportunities and Hercules. Let's see all right, so movement moving on all right, this one coal be debated either way, I think, may twenty thir ninety seven, we got the lost World Drassic Park too, and obviously this had monster numbers six hundred million dollars worldwide. Seventy three million dollar budget B. Let me ask you Bot this. Is this a memorable movie? I mean, of course the original Zrasic Park is a memorable movie. Do you remember like I don't like the second? It's I don't like it it'. Just it's memorable onlybecause, it's drastic park and I was such a huge fan of the original, but it's memorable because it was such a fucking let down not as big of a leftdown as the third installment, but man that movie just could have been so much more. I actually like the third one better than he sa. Why Yo? I I actually saw some people say that now. Why do you say that? Why is the third one better than the second one in your eye? I it's not that I think the third one is like a really good movie. It's it's! Not Pes! FOUN! I I e Yes. Actually it is a little bit quicker and there's taradactils. I think in that one. You know it was little things like that. I didn't I just didn't like the second one, though I was boring, it was born. The pasing was too slow. It was such a disappointment to what it could have been, especially if you've read the books. I mean they changed the first one so much and then the second one they just lost me on that. Here's a cool little tidbit on this, so at the time this had the box office record for a weekend it seventy two point: one million dollars: okay, intwenty nineteen. We just had n game, come out right that pulled in three hundred and fifty seven million dollars in a weekend, nothe most ever aright. So if you put in twenty nineteen standards so F, you turned that seventy two point: one million dollars you only have a hundred and fourteen million, which would rank it right now at the forty fifth position. What does it hequate to if you Takn in count inflation? That's whyt, I just said mark a I fort, so the one hundred and fourteen million would be with inflation. So That's the number in twenty nineteen, it's going to put it T. forty fifth yeah 'cause tickets now aren't the five dollars that they were in nineteen. Ninety seven! Well, if you go to the first show on Sundays dollars even at lose. So are we all pretty much at the same h conclusion on this one? It's just Ma Yeah! It's! I don't really like it! Yeah forgetable all right this one! I don't know I heard Mike talk about this once before, so he might actually have enjoyed this. Maybe I did not- and I put it- I put it here in the mass section and that's my best friend's wedding, which brought in two hundred and ninety eight million dollars. But again this is in the mid nineties and had Julia Roberts in it. I'm pretty sure it could be a movie about Julia Roberts being concipated or about like scat or something, and it would still gross a hundred million dollars. So this well. She was big at the t. She was huge man, but to me this, this ain't, no pretty woman. So No it's not same Hare Ohyeah, but the movie itself, it's just y! Ah, it's I don't even remember anything about this movie, except for dyl. MC dermit was in it yeah he's in it. CAMERAN DA is in it Um. It's basically about H, her she's her best friend is a guy and he's g geting, married and yeah. I wonder where she's going and she starts to realize that maybe she actually should be with him and it's kind of one of those movies Wei bet all of our wives love the movie yeah. Well, it it doesn't end the way people think it's going to end the good thing about the movie. Is that there's a pretty funny like musical sequence, but that's the bright spot? I I don't think it's not a very good movie, so you're sort o about the same thing. Then you're staying with Ma. It's IT'S A it's, not good t all yeurs on jr the bags unsatisfyingokay. For me, I got to put it in the bad section too. As far as ROM cams go, it's pretty weak. It's not my favorite one and Itis by far from my favorite Julia Robertspilm, all right, so that that actually slides my best friend's wedding to the bad section yeah, it's hard haing. To luck me right all right! So moving on to the next one, this one it's out to see you know. After these guys they did grumpy old men and then they had grumpyer old men. So Twenty Century Fox is, like I don't know, come on Jack Lenmon Walter Mau, alas, do another one before you die and they put out out to sea and then before they died they did get together one more time. I Nineteen N Ninety eight and they had the odd couple too, which is just bad and UH. So I don't know I put this as a Ma ecause it's. They are classic there're some good spots, but yeah. It's a classic comedy duo, definitely under appreciated by any generation younger than ourselves out to see it was a total mess. I thought odd couple too way better. At least that was recreating. Those classic characters from one final send off out to see was like again, like you said, go into that inquit one too many times what about you might Um. I think I'd have to put this in. Like the M kindoc category. I haven't seen it since it was new. I I don't remember hating it, but I don't remember it being that great. It wasn't as good as like grumpy old men Woh, no, I'm in the same, which was actually pretty fla. I saw it a million years ago and I've never seen it again since don't really want to it's just a that one staying where it's at N. for it all right. This one contact, Jodie, Foster, Matthew, mcconae, and this is like right- is like mcconhay's like hitting his stride. Midnightis he becoming the leading man. You know this is way before you know. He started playing bongos Nede on the beach and starring and surfer do this is like the big time mcconhe and the movie took in a hundred and seventy million dollars had ninety million dollar budget. But I think this is like one of those love it or hated movies, yeah. Definitely it's two and a half hours and two and a half hours, you're running that thing kindof along for me. It better be like a fucking dynamo and h the whole like religion, science argument that this movie has isis not for me. So that's why payr here, Goinna have to put this one in the bad category, did not care for contact at all. I think ive fell asleep three times in the movie. If Matthew, mcconnaughey Wasnin the movie naked playing bongos, actually would have been a little bit more entertaining than h than that snorefest, but in the ending atrocious sorry, the only ending that might have been worse than that that came out and the nineties would have been frequency. You don't like the ending of frequency he's. Not You want that. Can Not a Meso radio off all is metfans are getting looking to pressing book. Doesn't like the ening of frequency, no fuck fiel of dreams too. Oh Man Wan to kick me Inthe, Dick Bord. You know contact is first, it's got Colham mconahey in it, which is just amazing but fucking. I actually really really like the first. Eighty percent of that movie, reallhe ending sucks. It ruins the movie, but I really do like to be the whole, probably first three quarters of thatl. Where would you put it, though? You' E you're being tooishiom? I well. I come on Ike, just put it over in the bad you're with me. We know you want to he's Kinda, leaning, good. I mean eighty percent of them. No, I D T. I know I think the ending is so fucking HORRENDIC AC that it can't be good. I think that's how bad the ending is buy. Is it a bad movie? You know what it's bad, it's just! That's how bad hending is you you guys move that one down Tobat as well all right, just uh cementing the summer of ninety seven is even worse and I'm so sorry Jodi. If you're listening to this, she does every week she subscribes all right's. Moving on. We got this one. I actually Kinda like it's nothing to lose with H, Martin Lawrence and Tim Robins, and this came out where, like Martin was killing it, he had Martin, he show he just had bad boys like two years prior, but I put it in mad because it didn't even make seventy million dollars worldwide and this budget. This is a comedy in a twenty five million dollar budget. On a buddy comedy like t, how could you even sign off on that twenty million dollars for Martin Lawrence Wa? Does he still have that money? Probably not 'cause? He made h. He was he made some Zohad boys. He did well. This show was huge on UPN. It still is he's making a lot of money off N is indication rights still seefor this one? I gotta put this one in the good category just because, if I don't my wife's going to kill me, this is one of her favorite comedies, so I gotta put it in the good. It has a few bright spots to it. It's a funny movie and it's a Nice Change Apace. Yeah. If you look at everything else that was coming out about that time that we was playing against in the theaters, it was a little bit different. So I liked it I thought like if you one weekend, you go see conair the next weekend. It's the fifth element. You know, there's a few downers in there as well, but nothing to lose. Really Ain't got nothing to lose going to see it. It's a fun ride and that's about it. What do you like better this or blue streak? Yes, definitely really! I like Sally Bluestreek, better I'm going to go with Rick on this. I remember Blue Streak, Moor that I remember this. So I'm going to say this movie's Kindo m yeah, see I like Robins, so I got to give it ou ludoing, like robins yeah, everybody loves robins, no, not really crazy. Liberal people like I said everybody loves Robin Well You, but do you like his wife, who's, Susan Yeah? I do man, I'm a Suson Surrandon Fan. I got to say you Gott. You know that this is all political with mark. That's why e likes Tim Robins, a no man? Actually, it's not! I like old, school sous and Surrandon Rocky Hora come on manshews great yeah. I, like rock yoer picture, show mean heag rocky or fan so gotta Love Susan Surranda. You know what Lakerin and she's really good in Ray Donovan and he kills her and hangs her at the end. It's pretty ow spoiler. You know a movie. I really actually like Herin is dead man walking, that's actually a really good movie, yeah! That's a good movie Y H! I mean she almost upstages Seanpenn. So from an acting standpoint, it's not the funnest movie to watch, but it it's it's fantastic. But when you think of nineties movies, if you were just listing like ultraa nineties, fucking only exists in the nineties movies, that's like one of those ones, yeah nothing to lose. No O, no Um dead man walk out. Just I think nothing will lose. Also is that's cemented, I feel, like you say, dead man walking and I'm just like Oh nineties hand, the rocks o cradle nineties, single white, Fedo, ninety the devil zone, Nike all right, so that's staying in the mekcaoh yeah this one. I didn't really dig too deep on this one. I did see this in the drivein and it made a ton of money, its air force, one. It made a shit ton over three hundred million dollars worldwide. Yo got a Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman. But let me ask you: I This T was a last time you watched airforce one or even the last time you were like Oh air force. One. Let me put that on that's a very good question. I have a blue ray copy. I think I do too. I don't think I've seen it when I've I've watched it, but I liked it when I saw it. I I don't know it's hilarious. You say that, because again, this is another movie. My wife absolutely loves, so we went out and bought it. It's still in the Celophane, God h yeah. I don't think I ever opened it oh same here. It's a great movie but you're just never in the mood to watch it. It's such a poor God conclusion from the beginning, though 'cause you know, they're not going to kill the president, so you'e ready to know. What's going to happen, the whole movie, it's like Harrison Ford's get a wid yeah. You know we saw the fugitive, we know it like every Tom Clancy. For me, it's really fun, but it's safe, because you know how it's Kinda going to end, but you're not going to watch it again either. I think alltos. I don't think any Tom clancy movie I've gone back and rewatched a one and done man once you know what what happens. Yeah. WHAT'S HA point yeah! You don't want to go relive all that drama. On bullship hat too much stress intention, wait aother ten years I'd rather see Tim Robbins, acting like an asshole all right, so that one d you guys think Ma for that Mayeah it's a Ma. It's a good, solid movie. I go to the theaters I'm going to enjoy the fuck out of it, but it's not something I'm going to watch over and over, and I think we've already determined that alright here we go h spawn and I actually the thing is I liked Spanat, like the comic h and th. The funny thing is: I actually saw Air Force One in spawn at the same drive in and spawn was the headliner that night wow what an odd pairing it was, and this is what made it worse. This was at the one in Middletown Mike. I don't know if you remember that one no ide Rut, six and um it started to rain during spots o like seventy five percent of the drive in left, but we stayed and wewere watching it, but the movie was so dark, not like dark in content, but just dark, and it was raining that I could barely see shit and I'd hate movies. Like that, I didn't care to, though afterwards I it took me years before I watched it over again. I think it's one of those movies that there's just so many missteps in the production of it. I think if they would have stripped some of that away and Trid to not make it so Cartooni, it could have been a good movie. I forget was mcfarlin really involved with this. I don't remember man 'cause. You would think that they, wouldn't he wouldn't let them stray too far away. I just L, I know mcfarlan now is remaking spawn they're doing another live action, he's fully on board for this one, and I think they're, going to write the wrongs of the past. Finally Sucks 'cause. I, like Michael J Y too, but yeah. I do too. I thought he was okay in it. I just everything surrounding him, just kind of ruined it. For me, John Leguizamo, he was the y. He ever did he's the Cris Talker of this movie he's the Jargr binks press talker of spawn yeah he's like that in every movie, though, sort of almost every movie he's the most annoying character, executive decision, hate Hem. Even when he's serious, Yep yea to Wang, fo, really annoying and all right, we g we had to pove onn this. Where re you guys going with us, I I don't M, I don't like spon bad movie had all right bad. I gotto put it in the MA. I love spawn love the premise I just thought the movie could have been so much more all right. If foreverybody listening, we're going to move a little bit faster, 'cause we't want you guys to be. You know we don't want, is to be a three hour episode, so I'm Goingto rip through these. I still got some men left to Woll, just blasterd these mad ones, one eight, seven. With Sam Ml Jackson, you saw Sam El Jackson, you saw one eight seven and you thought this dew was going to be a vigilany school teacher. No, that's what it should have been 'cause. It had a twenty million dollar budget. Instead, it's more like dangerous minds and t is the substitute and and it's it's not a bad movie. It's just a hard core flop. In the box. They only made six million dollars twenty million dollar budgets. It made nothing and just it wasn't what people expected that wasn't what they wanted to get. You know it was just a miss. No, I think you totally hit the nail on the head on that one. It was a total miss and, I think, there's other movies in the same genre that have been done better, but is one eight seven, a good movie, yeah, it's okay, it's a math! For me! It's a man for me: I'm not Gointa Yeah, it's Ama good, but there's others that do the same things, but better. You need more mother fuckers coming from Tomal Jackson, you always need more. Mother. Fuckers saves a movie H. Okay, this one right here. This was another one that was really over hyped towards the end of the summer. You had conspiracy, theory, you, Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, enormous seventy five million dollar budget for a thriller, a fucking thriller with a seventy five million dollar budget, and it only ended up bringing in a hundred and fifty million dollars worldwide, but like Air Force, one for me completely forgettable. I don't remember shot about this movie yeah. I got. I Ganta slide this one in the bad category. I hate to do it with such a a big box office movie but, like you said, like Air Force, one just no replay value to this one. For me, that's oil and vinegar too Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts- yeah, it doesn't even sound like it goes together like saying it out loud makes you get goose bumps, I'm not a huge mall Gibson Fan. For me, it's got to be the exact right role and then you payr him with Julia Roberts and for me she's in the exact same category I either love Julia Roberts or I can't stand her in a movie S. I like no Gibson, but I don't even remember Shit about this movie. Nor do I want to Rewatch it. What about you? I I'm going to put this in the good category. I Acu I actually liked this movie, but I I like the whole conspiracy theory thing M. I do think there's a lot of problems with this movie. I think Mel Gibson's character is like gets a little. It's a little hard to follow and some of the way that they express some of his like yeahat is going on inside his head I's a little hard to watch, but I like this one yeah, I just don't think he was the right actor for the role you kN he's a little tough to watch and yeah yeah, but he was coming out with stuff like that. I W I don't know. If it's the year B, r heard ONA wiehgot he's got a Ranoe, Rad, O bird on a wane. Why I get I fuck confuse with that all the time and I know they're completely different, but yeah yeah see I didn't care for bird on a wire, but I fuck and loved ransom yeah. I like ransom. A lot ransom had a gritty edge to it. Then I wish conspiracy, theory and burnt on a witer would have had, but no but again Mil Gibson and Golde haunt like they paired him with l, the complete opposites and then for ransom. They figured we don't need to pair Hem with anybody. Just him INIS insanity, that's all you need, does not play well with others. That's bout! What movie he's grating? What woman want? I saw that not wellwet I saw in the theater too all right, let'slet's, move on all right. So this a on what else I was I was kindo torn. I put it in Ma, but I do like it a lot, but I don't know the general feeling from everybody else. So it's mimic wher. I talked about earlier classic deltora horror. Here. You know you could expect a lot of Glora wo, Yu're Gonto get cool story, you had the insect tying and I I just thought it was cool. How like they developed. You know this bug to kill. Was it like cockroaches or something it's been a long time so to watch it, but I've actually never seen M. Oh dude, it's it's a cool story like basically, I think it was like cockroaches ar like releasing this virus and in the beginning you see all these like sick, kids and shit. What the Hell's, the name of the chick! That's in this one fuck can't even think of her name: BEA Servino, she's y. that's what I yes she's like some kind of bug, fucking person, whatever the fuck they call. Thus she works like a museum in that movie or She's like a bug, fucking person, what do they call them bigologist or some shit, BAA agologist and she lika, and she creates this bug that kills all the roaches and like eradicates his disease and then like years, go by and this bug which was supposed to die like right after it like killed all the bugs stays alive, and now it ends up killing people, that's horrible men tip to all of our listeners. You never want to get rid of your roaches, save that ship man. It wasn't that kind of roach total what Abit a way better movie, but I yo K ow. You got the early on Deltoro here. I liked this, but I put it in Ma 'cause it's I. I never went back to watch it again, so I had a factor that in so that's whyr. I put it so this many years removed from the summer of ninety seven. Is it worth it for me to go back and WATCH MIMIC? Is it going to hold up? I think it would it's almost like a David fincher like seven filming style like Oh Nice, yeah, it's it's cool. I think it's it's a good movie. I just haven't watched it again since nine teen N inety seven. I actually watched this one like within the last three years. I like Mimic, but I don't think everybody else like Rie too much. So I guess it's inbut. I I actually do like and mark's never seen it so that just I think you should watch it, though. I definitely think it's worth a watch Y. AH it it's a good lasure. I I watch that and the relic do it back to back it'll make your skin crawl a little bit all right, so that on Stayn, where where it is the other one I have on here last two I got break down in M. Do you remember this corrussell flick? I I love this movie. I just IASA fun, it's I I reallylike breakdown, but it doesn't for me. I never wanted to go back to it. Yeah I, like this and executive decision, a lot H, big Stevens, a golf fan! No! Well! That's my favorite part of executive decision. Is that he's you know he doesn't make it onto the plane. It's fucking awesome yeah, pretty much this movie, the guy's wife, the he gets or she gets kidnapped on they're like driving down some desert road, the car breaks down and then the wife gets kidnapped, and then he goes after yea B. Basically, what happens is they're they're driving across country, their car breaks down a truck pulls over on the side of the road and offers to give them a lift to a gas station. He wants to stay with the car, his wife goes and then never comes back and then, when he goes and gets the police he actually finds this guy and his truck, but the guy's just like what you talking about, I o know Ho you are I and pick up your wife, like the cops, obviously just like w. What do you want me to do and he has to find him herself is himself Ean the way you just explained it. I want to go and watch it again. I I like the movie, I I know a lot of people. Don't but man? No, I it's like. I said it's good. I just never went back ever I'll, be over in twenty minutes. Well, W! Let's do right now, it's fucking a all right, so I don't know. Maybe I'll move that one to good all right, I sold Salri can tim o Allri last one with the MAS operation. condoor came out, but honestly I can't even add this one, because it's a movie that was made in nineteen ninety one and they just rereleased in in ninety seven Fucke- that I'm not going to keep that in there. It's not even the strongest Jackied Chan movie. It's actually it's a good. It's it's a pretty decent movie, but it's six years old. You can't count at that Os a fucking rerelease all right, so now the bad right we get breeze through these 'cause. I have almost a hundred percent certainty, H, you're not going to like any of these movies, all right. First, one huge flop, a simple wish! Even remember this, not at all. I remember this is whoas in this was a Martin Short like Kid's movie, where he's a fairy godmother, a male fairy godmother. Oh, I do remember yhat. I was a wow monumental flop. A thirty million dollar budget and only brought in at million bucks sounds Terril, fucking horrible, so Wa keep horrible movie. It's bad! I've never even seen it. I remember seeing the commercials for it back in the day and when I was doing the research- and I I was like. Oh, I remember this and garbage like they just completely erased everybody's memory on that cause. I don't think anybody remembers that movie, that's Croz ar here's another one. Almost the same weak seam deal warrior of virtue. This is a it had nobody that you knew in it. It had a thirty five million dollar budget and it only made six million bucks again. It was kind of like a kid's adventurer type movie, another piece of garbage yeah. I don't know that movie at all. Alright, this one, you guys probably will remember because of WHO's in it, but I bet you you forgot all about it. I guarantee it maybe not Mike, because I think wed brought this up the other day, Welli'm wr B, an Ane fucking odball, but that's a father'Sokay so father's Day is not a very good movie, but there's like two good jokes in it and sugar rais in it. The only reason it's memorable to measure, I is because my brother and I had rented this movie and to this day he still recites a few of the lines, especially since he has a kid now. So it's memorable to me, but it's not a very hol, and this had. This is a comedy, a fucking comedy withan. Eighty five million dollar budget wow eighty five million dollars because they had to pay for Billy Crystal Robin Williams, Ivan Ritman, eighty five million dollars. Basically, what happened was CAA, which in the nineties, these agencies just ranshit, so they were like wol package. These two guys and Ivan write men together and Bam. You got your movie and then the studio would be like well shit. Now all we got to do is give hem anything. These guys are funny shit they'll make it good. You know you have billy crystal and Robin Williams, who were doing comic relief together for years. So there's chemistry there not in this fucking movie, because it's terrible like it looks like these guys are doing two different movies. It's really bad it'. It's like the same thing. Without to s. You know you get these comic duos that are icons. You sign them to multipicture deals just throw whatever piece of Shit: Script figure they're going to be funny. It never works out. It's IT'S B! It only made thirty five million dollars worldwide and completely forgetable, not even like a Colt status where you want to go back. Nobody remembers this movie, it's no thr like the new Adams, sandler movies. Yes right, you got that gigantic h deal from neflix and he's just putting out whatever the funhe wants to they're. Okay, it's fun to watch, never never going to watch it and you never all right. Moving on this one's real easy- and I threw this one in only for one reason: 'cause I've never even seen it it's a movie called Sprung. It only made like five million dollars and I figured Mike- Would see it, and the only reason I put us in there is okay 'cause. You Got Gina, but you can't have a Fucka movie without Martin. It's our first off sprung is bad. It is bad on so many levels. It is not funny, let's Jeu, get that right out of the flucking way, but I'm a big fan of like black ploitation or African American comedies. I guess where Ou have a predominantly African Ameri American cast but m yeah horrible horrible movie. This poor gentleman had to wear a Red Fuckin, suiting it that I'm sure he to this day. He can't live down. It's not funny at all. So like again, they're riding the high from Martin, so they were like, let's Ta, what's her real name and obviously he ' not. Is it Gena Teshe Cam Shecan? was she married to t Martin at one point? No, actually, I believe what ended up happening was there? Was They we e weren't getting a long towards the end of morning, and I think he may have like slipped his tongue in her mouth during an onscreen kiss, and that was an issue she couldn't deal with this dragon breath yeah Gina, all right, O, that's Ome, fucking, garbage yeah, not good at all, all right! So this movie right here I went to this movie. I I told Mark about this. We were discussing two in this episode and kind of one of the reasons behind this nineteen. Ninety seven thing 'cause it was something at I remembered- was going to see addicted to love. It was on a date. It was her choice. She picked a dicula love. It was this matthew, Brodrick, Um, Meg, Ryan movie, and it's the only movie in my entire life than I walked out of we fucgand both left. If, like forty five minutes and Wewere like allright fucking, let's go, this is wow, it's not good. It's depressing! It's bad! It's a depressing movie, a lot of the movies Matthew, Broadic, just wallowing N, his own fucking pity, and he has every write too that girl really fucked hem over. I don't even remember what don't remember Shit about it. I remember just holl of us were like it's not it. It's really not good he's a small town guy. His girlfriend goes into the big city, fucking they're engaged. She doesn't come back. He fucking goes in. There finds out she's with another guy who happened to be dating mgrin at one point they plot to break them up. Then they end up together. Wow, it's a really good date movie. No, it's not it's not good! It's like taking your wife to see UNM, faithful, yeah, I'm Fucking, o. let me ask you a question: Does anybody really like Magrian? I can't remember one movie as she was in wherelike. Oh, this is facking invent of course, Mark's raising his hand. I really like romantic commedies myself, so I like her and when Harry met, Sally and Sleepis in Seattle and even you've got mail. I'm sorry all those movies. I can't stand her in, but for me en it's all about her and the doors o yeah she's, getting the dog man that, for me her and the doors, nothing better. I thought you were going to say that Nicholas Cage Movie, No F man wit the fuck I city of angels, right with that fucking annoying ass SL. Was it slide? What the fuck was, the that song that they played for that movie, O God dame time I don't remember od, it was bad h, id n't. I avoided that movie like the fucking plague, but Megrinin the doors Hellya all day, long twice on Sunday, never la in top gun, lekaround that too it's a supporting role. I can get behind that hi guys are really hard on Mrin. She luckin she ruined this movie, the only movie she ruded my streak of not walking out of movies a I. I will say that her character in that does suck. Oh there we go so we get age on. I don't like the movie. I think it's all right. So moving on here's a a movie that I don't know like nobody asked for, and I don't even know if either one of you guys will ever remember this and made about ten twelve million dollars, trial and error with Jeff Daniels and Michael Richards. I I remember the movie and I remember purposely saying I am never going to watch this and I haven't. I tattooed it on my body that was Mymento man. I've never seen trialand er. I've always wanted to see it no nono. Nobody has ever always wer e Romlihe, mikewood yeah. I want to see it. I want to find out how bad it is. It's all my Amazon wishlist. I think it's only a dollar. Ninety seven I just haven't pulled the trigger on a use copy. I think you should watch it and compare and contrast it between that and jury duty. Nothing could possibly be worse than jury giyths. All cord is out of. I don't know man, Oh God, yeah know. That's a good question, though I I should do that, but yeah Allright Noallrit Y. Ah, I don't even Fucki, no didn't! Remember it nothing this one! This is nineteen. Ninety seven right here. If any movie on this list says Nineteen, ninety seven and a nutshell, it's this and it's the movie buddy, where Rene Rousso adopts and raises a gorilla as her son Yeah. I pick this an one of our most recent episodes, as my movie pick absolutely insane, because it's based on a true story and the movies a little more hearts and flowers than the true story. Of course she brings th. The guerillas to like the world's fair it gets out, doesn't go so well, Antax, a bunch of people in surprise. You realize man, you really can't raise Gerrillas like children, and if you look at this movie, it looks like a comedy. I don't think that I don't think that movie knows what it was to bi terrible, that's, nineteen! Ninety seven! It mostly focuses on her with the Guorillas and the animals and diapers like Oh look. How cute well monkeys were making a comeback at the time. How many monkey movies were there and a three years old, an e had marcal was fucking huge. I mean you had fucking yea, you had Congo, you have fucking dumpstand checks in whane. Must Project Acts Yeah Project axt? What eighty six something like that yeah those are late aidies like monkey shines and shit like that. Mucky shots. THAT'S A family film! Maybe that's another topic we have to explore. You know you know. The group members have suggested this topic summer of ninety seven. Maybe we're going to have to jump to best monkey movies, oh there's so many of their are, and on that last one buddy. I would actually move that to ugly. I think think ta would be bad as fucking ugly. It's very, I think, that's our first ugly yeah teit's, horribly ugly m all right moving o. We Got Wild America. This movie I'V, never seen it's got Jothan Taylor, Thomas in it H. I don't remember this. So what the fuck it's a movie when I've read the description, though again in total nine uteen, N Inety, seven, it's a movie about t three teen brothers that h travel togh. The US by themselves to make a documentary on animals sounds amazing, so it's homeward bound with people. Pretty much but I had Jonathan Taylor Thomas and it and he was hot at the time man I remember like not personally, I didn't think he hat but culturly, I'm saying he wasn't lost yet at the time like Jonathan W his front and Center on Wednesdays Fortea. That's what I referred to at ance was tool time, but for a totally different reason. I know I never called it home improvement. It stool time, Rightyou, guys actually seen this movie or no I've seen it put it. Oh it's a mad you're up in mad. You know W at actually I'm sorry, you know what Alrig it's bad, it's bad mark. You probably haven't seen it either. I haven't seen it, but I'm I'm even tempted to stick it in the ugly category. Yeah. Stick it right in II'm just going to keep it in bad 'cause. I don't know 'cause it's like a kid's movie, it's P G and yeah. I think it's a bad Ijonathan Taylor, Thomas Man, Nobud you first. She said that he's hot. Now you want to fuck him, God getting weird Bro. He was okay. I shouldn't have said H. He was polarizing, Oh, he was fucking popular man, that' t Iwam, saying all the girls I liked like him and they didn't. Like me, 'cause. I was fat fuck him, here's a good stegway yo're talking about hot actors, um or people that are on top of their game. At the time we had George O the jungle. Thi came out, and this S- oh my God, a total testament to how big of a draw Bran Brandon Fraser was in the nineties 'cause. This movie came in and a hundred and seventy five million dollars, and they actually put in fifty five million dollars on the budget on this. Now this movie's not terrible. It actually has a couple of parts that are pretty funny, but it's George of the jungle with bread and Frazer Babrendand Fraser did a streak of several really cheesy, almost family friendly, bad movies, Georgia, the jungles, the worst of them. For me, I like the Scout. The scout was my favorite one. He did the scout's very good yeah, that's a good flick man. It's got some deep meaning behind it too. It's not like just a comedy. It's it's! A brilliant brilliant film name, one other movie, where someone wears a Tortila as a fucking mask I cat. It doesn't happen often enough, in my opinion, allright. So George of the jungle, were you guys out on that one? I don't think it's very good. No, I gotto put it Badg ugly. I I yeah, I wouldn't put it in ugly I'll I'L, keep it in bad, so color me B this one. This pains me a little bit because this was actually one of my picks, an an earlier duling decades episode and I actually won that round by upselling it probably because it's a piece of shit and that's air bud. It's a movie about a dog that plays basketball, and I realized that it made a lot of money over the years had like a shit load of straight to DVD sequels, an thing like seven. But it's it's utter dogshit. You know literally with there, but I don't know. I think it's Jumgd, I'm going to put it in there. I'm actually GOINGTO STICK AIR BUD slightly higher than Hercules. On this wow see, I think the staying Q, The staying power of that franchise, it's just as powerful as some of that Shit Disney was put now see. I'm Goingto have to let the air out of this move and just novel. It's it's UELY, it's bad! It's so like over. The top can't be stupid. The yeah the sequels are, I remember when I read them for the episode it just gets worse and worse and worse, have you seen space buddies? You can't go wrong with spe a I hould spen off right, yeah yeah. I had yeah a bunch of the dogs go to space John Rattson Burgers in it there's aliens, it's fantask yeah sounds like a fucking dog man, so moving on to the next one- and this is another totally forgettable movie. This is where they were like. Oh, let's take Jennifer Aston 'cause she's good on television and we'll put her in a movie with j Moore who's, not good in anything and we'll make picture perfect. Who Remembers this? Nobody remembers that I remember the cover that is exact y much and the funny thing is I, like. I, like Jame Waren, stand up and stuff like that, but in movies except for go, I think miend. I were talking about this. I don't like him in anything. No yeah people are going to listen to this. Like H, you guys are just trashing these movies 'cause you're guys. You know. If we have some female listeners, it's not that the Romcoms that just came out summer of ninety seven were Jun hold on. Let me ask you this Te for two of those people has Jennifer astir Aniston ever been a good lead in any movie leprica. No for me, she's, a better supporting actress everything. I've seen her in that I've liked her in a lot she's been a supporting role, YEP, nothing as a lead actress I'd be like Oh man. I gotta see that I support her support yeah so that one that could almost be ugly yeah, that that should probably be jusugly yeah. I don't even know an. I won't even look at it. Soo All righ this one's just straight from Mike I'm going to have Mike, explain it because he's probably seen it eighty six times and I've never seen it once that's deat jams, ow Tof, be a player o. let me tell you about this, so it's got the kid allright. If you've ever seen, len on me the kid that likes to smoke crack he's in this movie as as a older person, here's a kid and lean on me that smokes crack- oh ou, really no mean. I was thinking of stand by me. My aoo yeah T et was: it was the one kid that had to find the potty. That's what Apenedhim after he'd smoked crack. I was like, I didn't even know they had crack back then they're, smoking chesterfields. You know what honestly it's not a very funny movie, but it's got a couple moments. One of the highlights, if Y, if you're a fan of lasploitation movies and if you ever seen the movie, the Mac m, the guy, the Carr, the guy that plays the character of the MAC is, is in this movie he's got a little cameo. That's pretty cool bill. Belmy was like Kindo hot. At the time. I think he was hosting some MTV stuff yeah. He was just ting. He was doing like deaf comedy jam and stuff a n. He like yeah nd yeah, and this is a deaf jamm movie Um, it's a M. It's a Maphro Mike I'm going to go with bad yeah, never won. I like the movie, but I would never tell somebody that you need to watch this Dosn't a put it in bad. I guess I guess whatas to say about me: Tha Aguess. You know you know what there's there's a lot of Um sexual situations, which anytime that's in a film. You know, I'm all for it. I'm shooting these ones out of ACANAA US right now. 'CAUSE WE GOTTO move this on event horizon. Sixty million dollar budget only made twenty six million dollars worldwide Lawrence Fishburn as the leading man and a Scifi flict yeah. Definitely a man for me, not a movie. That was very memorable. I think there was other Scifi movies that were doing the same thing that came out within one or two years that were way better than a vent horizon all right. What about you Mike Ye said? That's a bad for me. I feel like like Marca there's a lot of movies that were coming out doing the same exact thing and that's part of the pro yeah. I get that confused with. What's a movie that came out the year after this, I feel like it's like spear. Yes, yeah, that, like that R Sharonstone and Um Duston Hoffmanitel, we all grew up in the nineties. B'cause we can fi were horrible. Moving on GI, Jen, a fucking hated. This movie total hype train. It was massive hype train and it was bad. It was even a good movie. I went to the theaters to see it and I went with a group of people, one of my friends that I went with. He hated the concept of the movie. So much we went to see it in the theaters. He refused to look at the movie screen for two hours. She stared at the floor 'cause out a protest. You know: Ooher fucking friends, Bo yeah, fucked that Guy Anyhow ship movie, Oh total shit la he wasn't too far off base. He didn't miss much. She just shaved her head, that was it yeah, not my favorite Demi more movie. By far it was a borderline for me. I had I put it in bad because it did have like some production value it did make like. I, actually I don'tevn think it made it's nut. I think it was short, so yeah all right, H, hoodlum I've never even seen so I had to put it in bed, that's bad! I I have not seen hoodlem either, so it just doesn't even look good this one's all for Mikright here, Um 'cause, I think, probably the first person in the last twenty two years of that's seen that movie and I'm talking about xess baggage. Well, I could tell you about excess baggage or you can go over to doling decades dotcom and read all about II. I may have written short review on exess baggage, I'm probably the only person in twenty something years. Wat reeviewon e movie doesnit hold up, give them a spoiler. Well, I'll, be honest with you. It's been t ihave. This movie has been on my watchlis since nineteen ninety seven I finally got around to watching it thanks to our friends in Mill Creek. Well, yes, thankfully mill creak was kind of enough to send it to me and it's in its lovely retro packaging and it looks like little via J slip cover it's pretty cool, but it's it's not very good. It's not very good it. Unfortunately Christopher Walkin, Beniso, dotor and Alesa Silverstone, or have no camistry separate movies, and they didn't tell each other that pairing that's what is so odd. That's what threw me for a loop. That's just like all right, um! Let's just do a random grab bag of actors and actresses that aren't filming a movie right now and they're coming from different worlds. Beneath orshe's, offen usual suspects right at is time that was niive and then walkings off of things like King of New York and and Pfiction and like it just doesn't make sense for what the movie tries to be. It tries to be like a romantic comedy car histthing and it's just it doesn't really work and but ne his voice is just it just doesn't fit yeah well, that was the nineties. Aluchia silverstone in the nineties was so hit her miss yeah, and this year she missd twice big time. Let's UH, let's move onf from that one. We talked way too much about exess baggage, so go to the website, a d read it cold, the conqueror there's another one. I put bad. You know Hollywood trying to sell US Kevin Sorbo. You know this dude belonged on upn with fucking Hercules and Zena fucking, princess wory or not tolacocker. It did have a modest twenty million dollar budget and only brought in six million dollars Co. Nobody wanted to watch this. No, they didn't include it myself, 'cause. I can't tell you how many times I picked up this box at the VH S, rental store and said: Wow, that's the coolest, looking boomering I've ever seen, but this movie looks like S. Have you ever? I think, every time I've seen the callthe conquer box with Kevin Sorebo. I just think it's a spin off of his Hercules show yes, I'm like Oh. This was like made for t v or some shit right, yeah. No, it wasn't it's fucking, terrible that one actually should be an ugly, then the last one I have here again this. This is the last one I haveen bad, and this is totally forgettable totally nineteen Ninve y seven, the movie is she's, so lovely. Oh, I love this. No Iwas, Gon Heard F twenty million dollar budget and it's twenty. It's a romance like Romantic drama type movie at Has Sean Pen and John Travolta. So, basically, all that twenty million dollars is going there, then of course Jon Penn, who loves being in movies with H his current wives. An the time takes robin an white and she's the love interest in the movie. It's fulking terrible. It's garbage E H, and it's not that we hate ROM coms. Again, it's not it's not a comedy at all. It's it's! It's like a drama, Romance Shit. Oh it's one of those Yep h man. Oh it's not that we hate romance. You knowgive us some good options. Ninety seven was just really weak in the summer for for Romance Romantic comedies, Superhero movies or comic book movies in general were just not very good. That year you get steel that year with fucking shack, here's the worst of the worst from that summer. Th, I'm sorry. This is so long, but we we went through a lot, so you could split this episode up in halfes. I think it's it's worth going through and IIDn't even go through every movie. These are just the key movies from that summer. I think not that they're key in any good way, but they are so. These are the ugly movies, and this is, I went all the way up- til Labor Day weekend, so we got fire down below now. This movie is kind o where Steven segall completely jumps the shark, and this is tginning of his streight to video section right here. Sixty million dollar budget made less than twenty million dollars. It's horrible EGOT, all these environmental messages and Shit, and it's horrendous it Sucksa. He looks like a fat fucking. A terrible lother jacket he's got like those peaded things hanging off his coat. Like he's trying to look like he's like native and stuff, this is right around glimmerman somewhere I like deliverman yeah, it's a better movie yeah. This was just this is I this is fucking he's done at this point. He put this out and that's all she wrote that was don'tthink. was there anything else that went to the theaters aftus well, yeah his his movie with dmx and jaw, O God exit wounds? Well, there was what half past dead and ere fucking terrible. I'M A COWPAS! All right guys are going to blast me on this one. I like this on my Gran. You, like fire, dowt below you, lay firedown below other than undersiege. This was the movie that made me pay attention to Steven Sigal movies and go back and watch mark for death and all those other moves. I hadn't seen them so I'd seen undersiege and then I had seen fire down below. I kindof like the environmental message of it and it Kinda, I'm like all right he's got to have done bettershit than this, but I liked it you're a fucking Weirdo. Do you also watch a lot of Captain Planet? No, I don't I skip te Gape plang should 'cause it's better than fucking fire down below do. Do you like biodome a lot I do like biodomoa me too. I'm like how can you not like Byediva those biodom all right moving on, even though fucking Weirdo like this movie? It's, I think it's still staying in the ugly, but ucking really ungy all right this one. I don't think, there's any doubt everyone's in a callen ugly Batman, Robin hundred and twenty five million dollar budget made three hundred three hundred million dollars world wide. So it just goes to show you that star power alone well recoup some of the money H in this case they made money. But you know what this outside of the United States. We probably look like the biggest assholes of the country 'cause every other country that saw this movie was probably like what in the fuck is thes Shit. I don't know Eastern Europe. Probably what can you like about this movie? It's that's man. His nipplehe has nipple leashs silver stones, cost himg his nipples there's close up ash shots of the dudes. Well I, this is Jol sshumark, yes, colit's supercamp, it's like it's childlike camp like kindo like the sixties, show but like ten times worse H, yeah. Actually, I would say that thes, sixties, yeah, you're right, the sixty show is actually a little bit better, at least that one stays in its own zone, and you know what it is. This is the problem with. This is we're getting a BATMA movie like every two to three years and there, the third and the fourth one are kind of drastically different from the first two and the weird thing is here in this era. You know now, when you look at these movies, a lot of 'em keep the same director for a couple, especially DC movies. They didn't do this back then. So then you had Shoemockerdo Batman forever a couple of years prior then he did this one with a new Batman, totally new premise. It was so weird like why? Wouldn't you just continue the same thing as you did with the last one yea? It's weird and I don't really like the Batmobile from the Third Bama movie to me. It just looks like a Fu. It's very falic, it's a big Dick. It just looks like it's Dick wearing a leopard skin condom, or something is like that man and Robin my favorite Batman Movie. This is not Itsno I, but this is the one with Umathurn in in oralber yeah. That's this one! I I do like Uma Therman as poison ivy, buy that doest'Sam movie's, just so bad that all ye got is arnold. With his fucking ice puns through the whole gaydamn movie, it just wasn't good the best part of the whole movie. For me, the end was that the entire movie looked like one giant black light poster. It did right. It has and also has like a Red Hu to IAR. You know it's so fuck it was really trippy. Let me ask you guys this. The the last question on this one, we'll move on in the next 'cause. I've only got a couple more. I know you guys have all seen this, so this is one hundred and twenty five million dollar budget movie. What's Better Batman and Robin or Roger Coreman's, fantastic, four Roger Coreman's, fantastic for I'm with you yeah I'm going to have to go Roger Corman's, fantastic for because that didn't try to be good on any level. Oh, they tried they were trying. I think they purposely made a bad movie on that one just so they could retain the rights it's Roger Corman. He was. He was trying a little bit, but Roger Coreman always finds away to at least tell a story correct he at LE. You know what I mean. He he's very good at that you get from point a to Poin B. It happens and it happens quickly. Yeah this. This is such a bad movie and I've never seen it again, since I saw it in the movies really yeah, Bai and Robin. I Will Not Watch that fucking movie ever again and because of that movie, that's most likely the reason we got never got the superman with Nichols cage and we didn't get Batman triumphin either because of that she as about him, so I fucked that Bab. No, it's IT'S SCOMBOOK movies back a couple of years that and spawn and a couple F yeah. It really did the summer of ninety seven almost killed comic book movies. Can you imagine not now now with Ng, making UN fixty feven hundred dollars in a weekend all right? Moving on last four, I got here we not to spend much time on thes speed, two cruise control hundred and fifty million dollar budget, and because het was so Shitty, they shelled speed. Three. They couldn't keep Giano Reeves. He. He was smart enough to say fuck off and not doing that movie. They put it on the water they're in a slowass fucking boat like what was ck. Do a movie called speed, put Hem on a fucking got not a train, even the fucking name. What was it cruise control? They were definitely on cruise control because I don't think they were going. That fast. Does that imply speed and action at all cruise control? Really, it's really bad. What were they goingto do for the third one speed, three casual stroll neutral, neutral b three Sunday driver speed three neutral down a hill speed. Three ludicrous speed: What what a fucking piece of garbage that was allright this one we're all going to hate it. Third Installment O Free Willi how many times ha they got ta free. This fucking, God am well. I said this to Mike the other day. They almost turned fucking Willie into like the Jom McLean of Wales. Like do it enough already. How many times is this mother urker got to be freed, don't know, I think I can say it's one of the crowning achievements of my life. Ihave, never seen a free, Willi movie. Oh, don't get me wrong. I never seen it either. I just now evenseeing the trailer ow Iwant any part of it. I've only seen the first free willy, so I can't really speak on the second or third one, I'm going out on a limb here, man, it's a different Wal right. It's got to be inmind, another Wale, Amed El! Well, here here's what's really bad about it. 'cause Free Willi's, Disney right yeah. This movie h only made three million dollars. What fucking Disney Franchise has a movie that goes to the box office. I only makes three million dollars. The only thing I will say is. I do think that this and a few other Disney movies at the time did do well on video'sure everything they put out in video does well yeah. You know usually get some parent anything with Disney parents, fucking Bu last one I got here and I forgot to put in leave it to beaver. That's a flucking piece of shit. It's in there somewhere pucket, but great title yeah, the very last one yea 'cause. We really need a fucking reeboot of leave it a beaver, that's not a porno, but we got a good Burger one of Mike's favorites one you telk about it Um! So I don't. I don't really like G goodburger. I think it's one. It's a very hard movie to watch, but I do think that if you were like, if you were ten to maybe fourteen years old, big in a Nickelodeon, you probably did like this movie, but at the time I was just too old for whatever they were doing over there. I didn't like all that at all I was not buying what they were selling. I never watched all that never watched any Kinon Ankel, never watch goodburger. So I really can't say much on this one, but I'll tell Ya. I've always been intrigued to watch goodburger just because a vagodas in it. Well, I can tell you that it's one bad burger MN, that's all I got there. It is summer on Houanine, Huneren and ninety seven. You be the judge of that Shit. Is it the worst? I don't know what to think about it. Yeah. I don't know. I think the summer in ninety six may have been a little bit weaker, but come on Summer Nike six, I n Doi in sheer number listen summer of ninety seven was built up before it happened as it was going to be the blockbuster summer of all summers. The buildup was so milamental for summer. Ninety seven and the letdown was you couldn't even dream up as bad as summer as it when it turned out. We just went through all those movies and it was bad, every movie's, bad there's. There was like seven good movies when I kind of looke back on the summer in ninety seven. All of the movies that we've talked about that are decent, they're, all movies, that I see multiple copies on vhs at any good. Will you go? You always see five or six men in black two or three CON air few face off a FUGII Jane. These are all movies that people bought watched owned, got rid of forgot about. Well, here's a thing: it wasn't necessarily that they were buying them. It was that the studios were trying to recoup their money from these movies and they were putting them out and nobody was buying them and you're. What you're, seeing like the xss rentals, the secondary, like you know, people bought them previously drude and all that Shit, because remember this and e, we had it on episodes before there were companies out there like not so much blockbuster, maybe Hollywood video, but there was another one that I can't think of alltop of my head right now, where they were garantee and copies to be in stock of whatever movie it was. I was like Badmanand Robin might have had like three hundred copies at each fucking location and then what do you do with that? At the end now the're ended up in your pawn shops in southern Virginia, true that so that, but hey it was a great topic thanks for everyone who suggested this. If you like what we've done here tonight, let us know about it. You know, maybe we'll do more episodes like this, but don't worry. Next week we are going to get right back to some more great duling decades. Competition. Now, if you've missed an episode, you can always check us out at dualing decades, dotcom, where you can also check out the bad ass article that Mr Mike Rainger wrote about excess baggage so head on over to dueling decades dotcom and while you're there, you can also subscribe to our show on casbox. You could subscribe to the show on Itunes as well. Go over to facebook, dot com forward, slash dueling decades. There you can join. Our private group continue the conversation online. Let us know what other topics you'd like us to explore. More so until next time, jewellers werebid you a piece, love lighten a joy have a grateful week. 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