Dueling Decades
Jan. 19, 2022

A Rockin’ Rock n’ Roll Rerun with Judge Robert Tepper Between 1986 & 1990!

A Rockin’ Rock n’ Roll Rerun with Judge Robert Tepper Between 1986 & 1990!

Grab your can of AquaNet Duelers and get ready for another installment of everyone's favorite adults-only retro game show! This week we rewind a few years to one of our favorite episodes here on the show. This was the second time legendary rocker Robert Tepper appeared on the program and it becomes apparent early on as to why he has become one of our favorite judges over the years.

On this epic Rock n’ Roll showdown Marc James shakes his money maker with the rockin’ tunes of 1990! His opponent this week is fan-favorite Beau Becraft shows us just who made who with the rock of 1986! Dueling Decades Champion, Mancrush joins us on commentary as we hear the return of a true rock legend. Robert Tepper makes his triumphant return to the show to judge this head bangin’ battle!

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