Dueling Decades
May 5, 2021

AJ Diaferio frontman of We’re Wolves judges this horror showdown between 1977, 1987 & 1997!

This week we bring you a frighteningly good episode where we scare up all the best horror-themed selections from 1977, 1987, and 1997! Behind the bench, this week is AJ Diaferio frontman from the heavy metal band “We’re Wolves” AJ is a man of many talents and a huge fan of horror culture and movies so we knew he would be the right man to serve as judge, jury, and executioner for this delightfully dark duel! Marc James brings the scream greats from 1977 as Mancrush this time is back to the big bad ’80s with the horror of 1987! Mike Ranger is back and this time he wrangles up all the best frights from 1997! 

I highly suggest listening to AJ's band We're Wolves softly in the background as you digest this episode! In this episode, you might hear something about nursery rhymes that begin with Klaatu Barada Nikto, the Torrance High School slayer, Lee Grant goes to Hell and hunts for dinner, massacre on Evergreen Terrace, vengeful wood carvings, evil French ticklers, sketchy Multiplex glory holes, Thunder in Paradise, spider wranglers, Marc goes SciFi, William Shatner saves the day, shapeshifting, Type O Negative covers Seals & Crofts, caught in a mosh with Stephen King, the real reason Mel Gibson became Martin Riggs, We're Wolves videos, you'll like my mother, The Weeknd is frightening, and Pluto is a gentleman! All this week and more!

Do you agree with AJ's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself!

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this is podcast new york what's up dueling decades this is wax peace to all you guys and uh thanks for having me on the show will it be the 90s or the 80s beanie babies or crack babies will it be nirvana or madonna maybe brittany maybe whitney do you like new metal a new wave dave grohl or super dave i don't know but now the battle begins dueling decades let's see who wins

broadcasting from the podcast new york studios it's the all new dueling decades the adult only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy because it's your history we just fight for it i am mark james and this week we have for you a horrific horror themed duel where i will be hacking and slashing my way through 1977 alongside the other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off with the eerie picks from the 80s say hello to mancrush what's up welcome to another week of dueling decades and that's right i have horror from 1987. great year maybe also joining us on the panel with all the best nightmares of the 90s it's the incomparable mike ranger hello everyone i'm mike ranger representing horror of 1997 and it's going to be hortastic

and as always here on the show we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so this week's guest judge is the lead vocalist from the hard and heavy horror loving band we're wolves their new single wasteland is available now on all streaming platforms all rise and welcome judge aj dia fario

what up dude this is awesome full face paint too if you're not watching the video which will be available on youtube and you're listening you're missing out i aim to please i aim to please i actually i found a uh a coin so we're good oh that works too ladies and gentlemen the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules the judge's coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories movies television music news and hot products a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round allowing the victor to choose the next available category the first three rounds are worth one point each with rounds four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie after all five rounds we will go to a final wild card round remember duelers to review the show listen subscribe and play along at home it's time for more dueling decades all right let's go right down to our guest judge aj diaferio for the coin toss all right all right who are we assigning what to who's getting heads who's getting tails what uh kind of coin do you got there i got a quarter quarter all right i guess i'm waiting for vice purse and i got a quarter apparently my wife he's playing at the arcade yeah you never know

heads and a tails or i just flipping all right this week the coin toss will be between mike ranger and man crush uh mike ranger why don't you call in the air i think i'll go for a little bit of head mark

tails it is oh all right man crush you take control the board and get to select our first category all right so let's knock this one out let's go october 3rd 1987. yeah sometimes when you make these picks you're met with a do i want to win this round or do i just want to take whatever you find and in this case it's basically whatever i found i actually i mentioned this show last year when i selected a straight to syndication show called freddy's nightmares and i was pretty sure i'm pretty sure that i bashed it back then so i can't all of a sudden make this sound any better than it actually was that being said i did watch the first two episodes of this series last night and i was bored to death so if that's what they were trying to accomplish then job well done maybe somebody likes this i don't know it just wasn't for me it is definitely not friday the 13th the series all right so what we got here is another straight to syndication television series uh banking on a famous horror name without actually including anything from that movie franchise in this series it was initially going to be called the 13th hour but since the show was obviously was ass crap they decided to use the name like aj just mentioned friday the 13th the series but the sole motivation of tricking all of us into thinking that this show was about jason voorhees and friends i i well here's the thing frank mancuso jr he produced several of the friday 13th movies so i guess he had the right to use the name and he did i don't know really if that's how it goes but that's what happened but uh the series they tricked people for three seasons uh ran for 72 episodes before being canceled and i can't speak to all 72 episodes but i gave up after the first two the first episode was about a possessed doll which was kind of cool but then it had two cousins that inherited this house from an uncle they never knew and the two cousins didn't know each other and the male cousin basically is hitting on the female cousin for the first like 10 minutes it's just like it's very weird and then the second episode is about a [ __ ] evil pen and then i tapped out i was like i can't do this uh but yeah friday the 13th the series good call man nice all right mike ranger what do you have for the tv round well mark on march 10 1997 on the wb network premiered buffy the vampire slayer starring sarah michelle gellar and launching her into world wide fame the series was based off the 1992 film of the same name the series was created by josh whedon and followed main character buffy summers the latest in the line of vampire hunters known as slayers the slayers as well as the chosen battle against demons vampires and other forces of darkness the series concluded in may of 2003 giving us seven seasons and 144 episodes but has numerous spin-offs from tv to comics and games probably the biggest of those was angel that ran for about five seas five seasons itself and

and wasn't it fun two years later when show star allison hannigan taught us a new way of playing hot cross buns with a flute

buffy the vampire slayer though not not a tops of the ratings at the time but still a pop culture phenomenon i i actually i watch that show like religiously i watch it pretty much every time before bed it's but i bounce back and forth between that and the x-files yeah x-files is my [ __ ] well yeah i mean especially the earlier ones when it was very dark and mark hates when i go off on candidates but the earlier first couple seasons they're amazing fantastic yeah then they started getting like odd towards the end when moulder like you know the whole contract thing and they brought in like other people and it got weird but we don't talk about that yeah we're yeah it's fine it's still weird we don't bring up robert patrick who just had a role in uh the walking dead yeah well that's all right he's only the team want that t-1000 that's it nothing else he's never been anything else maybe johnny cash is dead but nothing else

all right guys so for my television selection we're going to go to a little review by paul henninger from the gannet news service says the spell is not an exploitation film the first half of nbc's big event on february 20th is occupied by the spell a world premiere tv movie starring lee grant james olson susan myers and helen hunt a fat teenage girl with the ability to conjure up powers to inflict illness on her enemies smacks of the current wave of witchcraft movies not so said executive producer dick berg he admitted that it is a modern gothic and content but it has work but that it works without gimmick tree although there is a little bit of gimmicks in the film it's a it's a family story he says that it can stand on its own i've never been involved with one of those exploitation films before we got into this one because we thought it was some damn good writing berg credited the screenplay to brian to brian taggart as being full-blown now brian taggart would go on to eventually write episodes of v and poltergeist 3 and he claims he wrote the script from this one before he watched the movie carrie i'm going to throw the [ __ ] flag on that one so susan myers makes her tv debut as the 15 year old daughter of lee grant and james olsen that because of her obesity she is teased and because of her obesity she is teased by school chums and even develops a hatred of her prettier younger sister played by helen hunt there are a half a dozen incidences in which susan demonstrates her powers and the special effects makes them very theatrical but there's an overcoming social problem at the base under her happiness which is solved with an old-fashioned formula to give it an up ending that's what we all love in our tv in our made for tv horror movies nice feel good ending right so that's february 20th 1977 on nbc

let's kick it down to aj dia fario for the ruling on the television round uh i think you guys know where i stand on this one so mike ranger i gotta give it to you man oh [ __ ] pretty quick so you got the friday 13th you knew it as soon as i was saying it were you a fan were you a fan of that series um the funny thing is is i i vaguely remember watching it as like a little kid like at my grandma's house whenever my parents like dropped me off in the city and i have fond memories i remember like it took place in i want to say like a train station is that right or a subway i think they're all different i think all the episodes are no but i mean like the main the main place where they were like you got me i mean they're all let's face packs they're all basically are you afraid of the dark where they have like a main location and they tell a [ __ ] story yeah yeah it's so it's it's like that but um yeah i i never had the including to like go back in and actually like re-watch it but i remember it scared me as a kid so yeah i get and there's parts like the doll like i said before that one was okay but then it just it fizzled but the other one was still like a pen like for 60 minutes i feel i feel like you need to power through it you need to commit and go through all of them well plus you can't find if it was in hd that's the other thing maybe i would have been more into it but i found some yeah if you go to youtube there most of them are up there it's hard to find you got to buy it on dvd nobody's got it streaming so if you really want to put yourself like a random person that like posted all of them that like converted them from vpn yeah probably yeah there was a playlist and there's a lot of people who actually like went home made sure to videotape all them one day went through his garage found a box and said i'm gonna convert these to the youtube quality lots of people are gonna want this

if i'm if i'm correct i think you can actually stream freddy's nightmare like on shutter yeah that's up there that's actually not that bad it this does not hold a candle to freddy's nightmares i think i attempted to watch it for like five minutes and i couldn't get through it freddy's nightmares no i just couldn't do it there's a few good episodes but they're all different i mean you gotta go through the whole series to dig out what's good and what's not which may be the same thing with friday 13th but maybe uh maybe i'll give it a shot all right you do that and i'll watch friday the 13th we have a deal we have a deal and then you and i can converse on that together yes we'll see how bad you find the worst episode and i'll find the worst episode and we'll discuss it that is a that is a deal yes and then we then we can dig deeper we'll go like 21 jump street or something because there's some gems in that one oh i'm sure i'm sure especially with richard grieco oh those are great they're like 35 in high school all right sorry all right mike ranger you picked up a point in the first round you keep you take control of the board what category are we going with next well mark i think we're going to go with news because when you can't find any news you need to create your own and that's kind of what i did here i decided to bend the rules and just find news within news and where do you find news within news you do it in a newspaper so i went over to newspapers.com and i found a review in the daily news on october 24th 1997 covering the simpsons annual treehouse of horror titled titled they're the ghoul standard of tv comedy simpsons halloween treehouse is a treat the review gives the simpsons ninth ninth treehouse of horror episode a four star rating this year's trilogy of stories were omega man homer shelters in a bomb shelter flyers fly bart bart's molecules are are mixed with a fly easy bay coven marge is accused of witchcraft in 17th century salem the article goes on to the article goes on to praise the subtle homages of the pop culture history and goes on to follow goes as far as to say that the opening and closing credits are quote funnier than most other comedies on tv the first treehouse of horror episode aired on october 5th 1990 and to date there have been 31 treehouse of horror episodes and are widely regarded as some of the most anticipated halloween horror television episodes of the year and they now have fun co-pops look at that everything's come full circle who doesn't have a funko pop these days you don't i don't have one we don't have one yet dueling doesn't have a funnel i'm sure you can get one pretty easily my daughter's trying to get rid of like i bought them for her like five years ago when she was like 10 or 11. and now she wants to get rid of them all we have tons of them yeah you can repurpose them like i have my jerry garcia funko pop and he fell down off the shelf and the sunglasses broke off looks just like kenny rogers now

i actually have someone sending me a custom one of myself oh that's that's awesome yeah who it is network do you know who it is like what company it is um it's this girl uh emily she actually she makes them for like a lot of different bands out there she's done like iceland kills she's done uh motionless and white uh she's done a day to remember and falling in reverse and now she's doing me that is awesome i want to be done i'm excited about it like i just i don't know if you can tell in the background but you got a few yeah i got a few got a few toys laying around the house we all do we're all guilty yeah all right man crush what did you bring for the news round all right so let me unpack this one so i'm like mike i i found a news story but it was just it has to be developed a little bit not as good as the 800 pounds of cocaine that i had last week but it's still a good story all right so let's go uh march 13th 1987. we get a deserving sequel here from 1987. and this time though it's not something that was done out in this like because they wanted to out of the love of it but it was something that was done out of necessity uh because when you look at sam raimi he made the evil dead back in earlier in the 80s and he basically he was just trying to catch fire at the time he was trying to create an over-the-top horror flick and out of the gate that movie did horrible at the box office it was listed on uk's video nasty list he was given an x rating and obviously little screening around the country however all those things that actually ended up being like a positive that and the severe brutality of the movie actually ended up making the movie a huge success and when i was like five when this came out on rental in 1983 i don't really know if this is the reason why but i would venture to guess that it got around because of word of mouth it was probably like the biggest asset so now the studios they're they're all interested in samreen and he signs on to do a movie called crimewave uh matter of fact if you go to our facebook facebook.com uh www.facebook.com forward slash dueling decades every day we put up the new movies have been released and just a couple days ago we had crime wave on there and i won't get too deep in a crime wave but go see it raymie cohen brothers bruce campbell brian james enough said just go see that one but it flopped hard in the box office budget was blown embassy pictures their executives got involved so you know that's always [ __ ] they hacked the movie up and that was all she wrote so as quick as like sam raimi's filmmaking career had taken off now it seemed like it was over this is 1985 now so i just wanted to add that little tidbit before getting into the story itself because i think it's important to show how like evil dead 2 had to succeed i mean we talk a lot about like movie studios but careers do actually hang in the balance a lot of times when these guys do movies so and i found all this interesting because i was gonna go to film school until i spoke to somebody actually a filmmaker during my orientation who told me you're only as good as your last work you live out of your briefcase and you're only as good as your last work and it can end in a second and i didn't enroll in school ended up going for [ __ ] like gym science or some [ __ ] in my first semester terrible anyhow uh so this article it's out of the los angeles times by jack matthews and again it's about the movie everyone loves it evil dead too in the article here it's titled how evil dead 2 dodged the kiss of death in x and here's the abridged tale here evil dead 2 dead by dawn is now playing in a theater near you it has no rating and though parents are warned in a minuscule print that it may be too strong for children under the age of 17 there are no restrictions at the box office any kid who has a price of admission and is tall enough to reach a ticket counter can get into what the village voice is calling peewee's haunted playhouse there are decapitations axe killings gore galore how did this slide by and into 340 theaters nationwide evil dead 2 was financed by deg of course it's d laurinitis entertainment group until recently it was scheduled for american release by deg but when newspaper ads started showing up in papers last week the name of the real the name of the releasing company was no longer dg it was something called rosebud releasing corp alex d benedetti who now we know is the son-in-law of the dg owner dino d laurenitis uh they made him an executive producer of evil dead two he's also the president of rosebud and he said that uh d.g sold them the american rights to the movie because deg and sam raimi couldn't agree on cuts for the film the film was never submitted to the movie raiding board but everyone involved in making this movie and the marketing department agree that there is no question this would have gotten an x-ray so how did a company like rosebud get the american releasing rights when they have no distribution network and and managed to book it in 343 theaters and do all the advertising well deg claims that they booked all the theaters and adverts prior to selling the rights to rosebud when asked if dg would get paid for those services we were met with and i quote that's a personal question i am a private company and i don't have to go into that kind of detail that's from alex d benedetti sam raimi was contracted to create an r-rated film for deg when it became apparent that it couldn't be trimmed effectively the deal was made we could have forced him to edit it down to an r rating but the movie would have been 62 minutes long said lawrence gleason president of marketing at dg although this backdoor approach looks to have succeeded mpaa president jack valenti says there are no changes being contemplated in the rating system and obviously as we all know now we got nc 17 in 1990 and now if you look at imdb and you look up evil dead 2 it's actually listed as nc 17. right so raimi goes back to his roots he basically even though they deny this he basically did a soft reboot of evil dead too and then he went on to have a fantastic filmmaking career it was that important and he did it right wow i never knew that about evil dead too no rating can you imagine it's crazy can we just all talk about the fact that we're that uh is anybody else besides me excited about the fact that he's gonna helm uh doctor strange too oh dude that's gonna be really cool to see what his his take is on that well i mean they're going in like a semi-horror direction so i'm excited about especially for the bruce campbell cameo did you guys see on instagram he posted uh the script uh his part no no so basically he's going uh doctor strange like appears in this like like misty forest and he turns around and sees a guy with like uh hears it like the sound of a chainsaw starting up no way and bruce campbell is standing there as like this disheveled man and uh he supposed to like ask uh doctor strange who he is and he says that he's here looking for this book like this mystical book and stuff like that and he goes does it by chance have a face on it i'm like so excited if that scene actually happens i will show you oh my god i can't see but that's disney is disney really going to put bruce campbell in one of their movies but it's marvel yeah i know just putting if they do that that puts everything that happened in evil dead army of darkness all in the mcu yeah that's pretty weird i mean i don't give a [ __ ] but i just like it's disney who does the evil dead comics is it marvel i don't even know yeah i have one upstairs i don't feel like running up to get it but i feel like it is marvel i can't google that all i gotta say is if they finally go and actually do that and then years later we get actual secret wars they better bring ash in the secret wars how could you not yeah come on oh god even just like just the fact that we're getting uh a superhero another superhero film directed by sam raimi that actually is going to have a horror element to it i'm just excited about that to see him come back i'm waiting for the james gunn suicide squad too yeah who isn't james gunn is the man but it looks like already from the trailer that he's got it oh yeah 10 times better than the other one yeah there's there's no way they're gonna allow that to get screwed up i hope i hope i don't want to get too far off but then you can cut this if you want mark but i watched the uh the batman trailer last night it looks pretty badass looks dark but it looks it looks cool all right are you team are you team pattinson i wasn't in the beginning but it completely changed my mind well keep in mind like in 1989 everybody talks [ __ ] about michael keaton yeah exactly well like i said these guys after watching the uh i don't even know if you caught it but i wrote yeah i'm kind of digging uh robert smith as batman it kind of looked like him in there dude whatever we're getting we're getting welcome to the black parade batman i couldn't be more excited about that all right guys so uh let's take a look at what i brought for the news round you know so often in horror movies filmmakers will choose a location to shoot that already has some spooky history behind it my news story tells us a dark tale that actually proves to be in reverse of that and shows us that that truth indeed is stranger than fiction so we'll go over to the star tribune in minneapolis minnesota june 28 1977 where the headline reads duluth woman nurse slain elizabeth congdon 83 years old and one of minnesota's richest people was found slayed in her duluth mansion early monday morning a pillow smothering her face her nurse velma patella was also killed in the 39-room house she had been beaten over the head with an eight-inch brass candlestick and died at a pool of her own blood along the stairway landing duluth duluth police said that last night that they had no suspects on the case and which no suspects on the case which has all of the elements of the opening of chapters of a agatha christie mystery so let's go to another article i found on the exact same day this one's over in the saint cloud times though says condon's killer could be anyone we just don't know who we're looking for says a duluth detective everyone is in a suspect i'm a suspect you're a suspect bodies of the two women were found monday morning at the palacial congdon mansion secluded behind the walls of a graveyard and a long along the hong along the long road next to lake superior's shoreline in 1972 the estate was the site of a suspenseful film you'll like my mother a thriller which included a killing most of the movie which stars paddy duke was filmed inside the 39 room cogdon home so at this point you're wondering who the hell killed mrs congdon well this is where the tale turns even darker because it come to find out she was murdered and she was murdered by her adopted daughter marjorie along with the help of her of her husband roger caldwell so marjorie was set to receive eight million dollars at the time of her mother's death and she had promised her husband roger about 2 million of that based on evidence found at the scene later roger and in roger and marjorie's possession they were arrested roger was uh first to trial and he was convicted in 1978 marjorie although was acquitted in 1979 now the minnesota supreme court overturned caldwell's decision in 1983 and rather than risk risk acquittal and a retrial the prosecution offered him a plea deal in exchange for a confession he confessed to both murders on july 5th 1983 and was released he committed suicide on may 18 1988 in his suicide note he claimed he was innocent of the killing of elizabeth congdon and never got any of the money promised from marjorie so i give you a tale that is so twisted and it's just out there guys you gotta go look at this up it's the murder of elizabeth congdon on the set ironically of the movie you'll like my mother june 1977. oh good one yeah i told you guys that this one gets dark so let's toss it over to ajdia

sorry my my name does happen to do that to people i it chokes me up man it's it's when he gets it from the uh the uh to the f that's a brutal brutal joke toss it over to aj diaphario for the ruling on the news round i mean i really really wanted to give it to you man crush because i [ __ ] love anything to do with evil dead uh but mark i gotta give it to you man that's a [ __ ] that's an awesome story yeah i just i stumbled upon it and it got really bizarre and as i read the article about the murders and how it was in this house that was filmed in a horror that was used for a horror movie so i started to do my research and i'm like did anyone ever find out who killed this woman and yeah it was her adopted daughter who was uh one of like three adopted daughters marjorie of course was the black sheep of the family they say you know if you watch enough uh forensic files you can kind of see where that was going yeah

i never got into that what channel is that uh first of all pluto tv oh it's pluto okay i don't know if you use pluto tv at all but pluto tv has an entire channel that's just devoted to forensic files and it's fantastic there's also a channel that's only unsolved mysteries and so we kind of that's kind of like our our tv setting yeah it's like an id channel or something right it's awesome oh dude every time i turn off somebody's getting murdered honestly i like just kind of playing guitar sitting at home and just having that on the background all right guys so i pick up a point tie this game heading into our final one point round and i take control of the board you know what guys let's stop beating around the bush we're going straight to the movies round so my selection is a film that i vividly remember watching on cable on cable tv and seeing what would become one of my all-time favorite horror movie endings is is not meatballs oh all right so i watched this movie again the other night and i was actually able to find a copy of it on youtube ripped straight from a vhs tape commercials and all from a showing on commander usa's groovy movies nice which is probably what i was watching it on back in the day so it was fantastic and on this show all the time we talk about pics have legs well this movie has over 40 000 of them in rural arizona countless killer tarantulas are migrating through a farm town killing everything in their path the town's veterinarian will do everything in his power to survive and stop the onslaught starring a man whose face is now synonymous with horror but maybe not for the right reasons mr william shatner i unleash on you 1977's the kingdom of the spiders over 5 000 live tarantulas were actually wrangled for this film at the cost of fifty thousand dollars that's 224 thousand dollars in 2021 in case you're wondering kids just on live spiders mind you now the spiders themselves they cause some production issues due to the cannibalistic natures of tarantula each spider had to be kept in separate containers and since the spiders are well naturally shy around humans for the scenes where it looked like they were attacking the people they had to coerce them by blowing jets of air at the spiders to get them to move towards the people that's actually how they used to get hulk hogan to move around on the set of suburban commando that's a true story

so overall it's one of the better animal attacks movies i think of the 1970s despite the huge plot hole that totally forgets that tarantula venom is not dangerous to humans so everyone in this movie was dying for no reason because it wasn't the tarantulas don't they just make you itchy yeah they just make you itchy that's all so producer eager ego cantor hinted in fang in a fangoria interview that he thought his film was was uh being copied by the famous film arachnophobia in 1990 but he said i thought it was a copy but what do you do go and sue spielberg of course not so he kind of left that one slide so i give you the kingdom of the spiders with william shatner 1977. i kind of william shatner was in arachnophobia because that was a far superior film yeah and if you've never seen kingdom of the spiders the ending is just awesome i'm not going to spoil it for you you can just go on youtube look up kingdom of the spider's ending either you're gonna love it or hate it but it's dark i have arachnophobia so i can't watch that i'm pretty sure i actually got arachnophobia from watching arachnophobia like that scene in the shower

do you remember the all the ads like in the early 90s was it 1990 or 92 when they came out all the comic books had arachnophobia ads like on the back cover yeah and it just had that single spider yeah no hanging down oh man nope nope not going to see that like i wonder if that hurt their box office totals of all the people that were like no i [ __ ] hate spiders i'm not going to see that movie [ __ ] that you know what's crazy about that movie it's a comedy yeah really it's a comedy it's a dark comedy there's nothing [ __ ] funny about that movie

yeah it's got john goodman and jeff daniels it's there's still nothing funny about that film oh i can't make it through it ah just thinking about it these steps on the one

kingdom of the spiders they drive over a dozen of them and you just see them all splatting and oh it's horrible when you said spider wrangler i was just picturing like somebody running around with a little cowboy hat on in a lasso but it's a very tiny lasso get over here i actually know a scorpion wrangler and he's an ex he is an ex like amateur wrestler and uh he's exactly what you'd imagine he looks like inside of your head wow like whatever you're picturing you're right i met him on the set of a music video for like this rapper kid that my friend was uh filming and well needless to say we're facebook friends now so if i ever need i got scorpions yeah i got a scorpion uh wrangler you never know i actually when i was in iraq we caught a scorpion and we named him mackenzie we caught him in a water bottle was it a camo spider it was uh it was a black no it wasn't a spider it was a scorpion it was a black uh scorpion and i'm still thinking about spiders this thing was so stupid like we tried to feed it all the time and just never eat and they just died so we had a lot of that yeah they're they're [ __ ] cool looking in person yeah like they'll [ __ ] you up though oh yeah absolutely 100 but they're still cool [ __ ] looking yeah they would they would stab through a water bottle like directly through it with that tail wow insane imagine what they were to your skin and this guy and this [ __ ] guy is just grabbing it by the tail yeah i'm like watching this guy the whole time and he's got one that's like the size of my fist and he's just like picking it up by the tail and putting it in the little he had like a what you would keep like cream cheese in like one of those kind of containers and i'm just like that guy's gonna become my friend stay out of the french onion dip

all right mike ranger what did you bring for the movies round well mark released on december 12 1997 with a run time of 120 minutes a rating of r a budget of 24 million and a gross of 172 million was the wes craven directed scream 2. now wes craven released his scream at the end of 96 and it's still playing in january making tons of money then he produces the wish master that sees the 97 release and then he finishes off with scream two so it's a big year for wes craven as well as for screen uh scream writer kevin williamson who also releases i know what you did last summer in 97 so you got nev campbell david arquette courtney cox jamie kennedy returns and we get more stars like jada pinkett sarah michelle gellar jerry o'connell laurie metcalf omar epps tori spelling luke wilson so it's a solid sequel the top 100 soundtrack for the year uh we would later see scream three and four and uh tv series part five supposedly went into production in 2020 so 1997 has some decent horror movies but really it was all about scream wow and there's a glory hole scene there is remember that yeah and then when the guy goes into the bathroom with the movie theater oh yeah

right be careful those glory holes gents never know what's on the other side about scream one i'm like who went in the bathroom henry winkler

it's a deleted scene all this talk of glory holes makes me wondering what you have for the movies round man crush uh oh first let me preface by saying uh i didn't go lost boys here because it's been done i wanted to go a little bit deeper so we go uh may 1st 1987 and let me say like i don't normally select sequels unless i totally think that they're well done some movies out there they don't even deserve sequels but in the 80s especially we were served with sequels after sequels and it just happened all the time but there are movies that deserve sequels and those sequels they have to be something of merit and have to go above and beyond what the original was in order to make it a success this particular film i think it definitely falls into that category the original for this movie it came out in 1982 and it's actually it's a phenomenal anthology and i may trigger some people with this but i actually prefer the sequel into the original in this case i got nothing bad to say about the sequel the original that i'm talking about but i think the second one just resonated more with me was on television more and i feel like all the stories that were on it were memorable i could remember them all the original i remember them but it's it's fuzzy anyway at the box office this movie did about 14 million dollars it's about 33 million dollars in 2021 which isn't too shabby for an r-rated horror film in 1987 pretty average box office but the names associated with this movie are that of legend you got george romero stephen king and tom savini whom i brought up a couple episodes back and when i had dawn of the dead so you can check that one out you also get the future star and greg nicotero working on the makeup which is very early in his career and actually he actually did uh makeup in evil dead too as well which i didn't mention before but the biggest difference from the original they they kind of they went with lesser known actors in the sequel here instead of five segments which you got in the original you only got three and since they had like a limited budget stephen king crew they had to cut two segments they were originally planned and interesting one of those segments it was called cat from hell it was eventually picked up and made for uh tales from the dark side remember the movie in 1990 just to spark your memory that was the one where all uh buster poindexter he plays a hit man and some rich old dude pays him to kill his cat remember that one so that was actually supposed to be in this movie right here but they had to cut it so if you're in the mood for like a vicious wood statue that scalps his prey the love child of the blog the blog the blob and the toxic avenger comic books meat-eating venus fly traps neighborhood bullies that get what they deserve in the end cheating floozies that are continually thanked for a ride then you should go out and grab yourself a copy of creep show 2. may 1st 1987.

all right let's throw it down to aj differio for the ruling on the movies round oh man i was so ready to like i already knew my pick ahead of time and then you came out of left field man crutch with creep show too and that movie has such a special place in my heart i used to watch creep show one and two just over and over again and i absolutely agree with you that creep show two is superior i don't get it because if you look at reviews it seems like everybody's opposite but everybody i talk to one-on-one agrees with the fact that creep show two is the better i don't know you watch the series at all i'll go one i'll be the guy that's different here oh you were that guy yeah i'm that guy you like one better yeah but i grew up with one we had it on betamax yeah i'm sorry but the indian thing just does it for me i love that that's like my favorite one

i really wanted to go with you mike but i'm gonna go with man crush on this one because a creep show anything creep show is a gem so amazing all right man crush you pick up a point tying this game at one point each heading into our first two point round and you have control the board where are we going man all right so since aj is here i think we'll finish up with music uh he kind of screwed me a little bit because i was trying to play the strategy a little bit and go hot products when it wasn't a two-point round but let's do it anyway let's go october 5th 1987. i jumped all over this one because it was near and dear to me i remember playing the [ __ ] out of this game back in the commodore 64 days uh this was actually made by lucasfilms games at the time which is now lucasarts and every title they put out in the late 80s was amazing which you would figure from something was george lucas backed and bankrolled at that point but this was a graphic adventure game and for 1987 this was like way ahead of its time the graphics were amazing for 1987. but if you look at it now like i watched all these videos of it it kind of makes you sad because it's they just look okay i mean it's 1987 so it is what it is but if you're a fan of b-movie horror this game would have been right up your alley that's exactly what they intended this one for this was one of the first adventure games that i remember playing where you didn't have to type in the commands in your adventure game everything on it was point and click so if you wanted to pick something up you just went to pick up and you clicked on it and there were 14 other actions you could select for a nine year old this was out of just knocked out of the park for me also they introduced cut scenes to the world so you'd be plugging away at the game and then it would just stop and show you what all the evil people were doing inside the house if they were talking [ __ ] about one of another one another which they did in the game uh if they left a door open it was actually pretty cool i'm not a big gamer now mike are they still using cut scenes and games i would say that now sixty percent of the game is the cutscene all right so it all started right here with this game and the game that i'm talking about is uh maniac mansion uh it's the game that tells the story of a young man named dave whose girlfriend sandy has been kidnapped by the evil dr edison and in prison in the edison family's mansion the story it's convoluted but it's 1987 and it's a video game supposedly for kids it's a mad scientist he kidnaps a young girl because of an evil meteor and then threatens to perform experiments on her brain you have like weird man-eating plants you have mummies you have bizarre characters that kind of look like walking french ticklers with holes on their chests it's [ __ ] weird there's a warning when you go into the house that any trespasser will be horribly mutilated i mean what nine-year-old would not dig this game i mean i just don't understand to play the game this was the cool part about the game you'd play it you play as dave obviously you get to choose two of his friends to accompany dave into the house and each player has their own talent so you could swap between characters to do any of the challenges they might be good at so depending on what characters you chose the game is played completely different and this is 1987. this is not like we're talking about 2020 one game where that's common this was like a big deal it was running on floppy disks on a freaking commodore 64. but way ahead of its time it's maniac mansion oh one last thing this actually did get its own tv show as well uh i think it was on the family channel in the early 90s and joe flaherty was the uh the main star of that one so you know yeah it's maniac man all right mike ranger what do you have for the hot products round well on october 2nd 1997 game developer and publisher konami released castlevania symphony of the night for the sony playstation with a mature rating and an srp of 59.99 follow-up sequel to castlevania rondo of blood takes place four years later and reintroduces non-linear level design exploration and role-playing elements first explored in simon's quest the sleeper hit went on to sell over half a million copies worldwide castlevania symphony of the night was awarded playstation game of the year by egm magazine as well as best sequel and is widely regarded as one of the best games of all time and has been re-released across multiple consoles over the years so castlevania symphony of the night wow wow well over in 1977 i didn't have any you know fancy video games or anything i actually had to go with a book i don't know if you guys remember those things but uh so my hub products a book and it's a book that actually every horror fan knows of regardless if you've read the 447 page novel in late september of 1974 arthur author stephen king was looking for a change of setting for his new book since his last few books have been taking place in what would become his usual setting his home state of maine and published on in january of 1977 i give you the shining it would be king's third published novel in his first hardback bestseller and it made him into the household horror name that we all know king and his wife tabby checked into the grand stanley hotel in colorado in 1972 and he said we were the only guests as it turns out the following day they were going to close the place down for the winter wandering through the corridors i thought it seemed the perfect setting in the archetypal setting for a ghost story that night i dreamed of my three-year-old son running through the corridors looking back over his shoulder his eyes wide screaming he was being chased by a fire hose i woke up with a tremendous jerk sweating all over within an inch of falling out of bed i got up lit up a cigarette sat in a chair looked out the window at the rockies and by the time the cigarette was done i had the bones of the book firmly set in my mind the shining would go on to sell over 1 million copies and would of course go on to be further immortalized in the 1980 film a tv series a play and yes even an opera the story eventually got a sequel called dr sleep which was penned by stephen king and it got its own film in 2019. so my hot product i give you the shining published january of 1977.

oh wow i guess this just goes to me huh yeah let's kick it over to aj what do you got man uh i'm just gonna say

i have to go with the shining i'm sorry everybody have any maniac mansion toys like maybe like a french tickler standing up back there or anything come on you can't you can't beat you can't beat the shining come on even dr sleep a sequel was fantastic stephen king even a fun story about uh the shiny which i'm sure you guys already know uh that when the film came out uh stephen king actually hated what stanley kubrick did with with it and uh stanley kubrick actually changed the ending of the shinings originally i think it was supposed to burn down and so uh when it came time for mike flanagan to go and do the uh the sequel he actually went to stephen king met with him and pitched him what he wanted to do for the end of his story and stephen king actually signed off on it because a lot of what he did kind of undid a lot of the stuff that uh kubrick did wow i still have not seen the sequel yet you should see the sequel you know what is it that i think that put off friday 13th the series for a few days go go sit down and watch doctor sleep you won't be disappointed is it over two hours it's like two and ten maybe uh it's really not that long it's not even the shining is not that long it feels that it feels long it feels like you've been there for weeks it feels like you could read the book and the time it takes to watch the movie exactly

no it's worth it man i i would absolutely if i were you i would i would watch that as soon as you can you mcgregor's fantastic in it and it's so much fan service yeah uh mcgregor is awesome uh elliott from uh et actually plays uh jack torrance oh oh that that's and he kills it he does a fantastic job what else have you been in since ct oh uh he was in uh speaking of mike flanagan he was in two of his series he was in uh the haunting of hill house and blind manor yeah there it is tom uh what is his name thomas thomas no yeah it is something by the time it's something with the tom henry thomas henry thomas yes henry thomas he he's awesome man they did a really good job like mike flanagan is a true fan of uh of that kind of style of horror and he really plays it very well but you can see that that he would be able to take it on if he watched like fly manor or uh haunting on hill house like when when i heard that he was going to direct dr sleep i i got really intrigued by it i really like his work especially the movie i don't know if you guys ever saw hush

is great uh his his wife kate siegel uh they actually write a lot of that those things together they uh they wrote hush together i believe they did uh hill house and blind manor together uh they come up with some crazy stories i'm pretty sure she uh did some work on uh on the dr sleep as well not 100 list i will put it on the list i have

actually there's not that many movies on my list now because i bump it up most of them out i'll i'll put it up there put it up there trust me you'll you'll enjoy it it's great definitely friday 13th is going on there though but yeah i was thinking about this as we're going through the rounds i have to find an hd version of it though or at least something that's been mastered so it doesn't look like complete dog [ __ ] because if you try to watch the youtube ones it's terrible i will help you on this quest all right excellent i will i will locate somewhere someone has rendered it someone remember anything that's dog [ __ ] awful somebody out there is worked on restoring it somehow it's very true actually belgium never did put it out let me just check i think there's a dvd box set of it now because i've seen it before yeah but i don't remember where i saw it all right guys so i guess we will move on i picked up two points in that round and i take control the board but of course there's only the music round left so i'll start this one off released in november of 1977 i'll give you guys spectres the fifth studio album by the blue oyster cole not only is this album title conjure up some spooky images but the album begins and ends with two horror themed songs the latter being the final song on the album nosferatu which takes us back to transylvania for a musical retelling of the tale of the original horror movie but the album is probably best remembered for the first cut on the album and it's a it's a title that also pays tribute to another horrific icon of cinema come on guys you all know the words oh no there's oh no there goes tokyo go go godzilla the song would go on to become a staple of radio airplay along with don't fear the reaper the band's biggest hit and would become a mainstay of their live show so godzilla has been covered in many many many times by bands such as moe racer x fu manchu the smashing pumpkins sebastian bach double experience fighting gravity and probably the most recent by surge from system of a down he covered it for the godzilla king of the monster soundtrack oddly enough that cover of the song would be the first time that godzilla was actually used in a godzilla movie now side note if you've ever wondered what the iconic blue oyster cult symbol means i had to look it up well in greek mythology the in greek mythology the hook and cross symbol that's the symbol of kronos the king of the titans and the father of zeus it's also the alcohol symbol for lead the heaviest of metals so i give you the king of the titans godzilla by the blue oyster cult all right

all right mike ranger what do you have for the music round well mark after scream released at the end of 96 and reinvigorated the slasher genre every studio got on the train and in 1997 kevin williamson writer of screen decided to grab one of the four remaining cast members from party of five star in the slasher i know what you did last summer but when jennifer love hewitt asked what are you waiting for the answer was for someone to show us their boobs pretty prince ryan phillippe sarah michelle gellar hook hand anybody somebody's just take your [ __ ] top off

well if we can't get a nice pair of warlocks well at least we can get a quality soundtrack on cd or cassette and october 7 and on october 7th 1997 we got the i know what you did last summer the soundtrack featuring songs by the likes of offspring our lady of peace soul asylum and corn who can forget coolest shakers cover of deep purple's hush uh one review from the sunbury one reviewer from the sunbury pennsylvania daily item wrote that the columbia reece quote the columbia release quote shouldn't be scoffed at wow it was a damn cover kevin o'hare in the honolulu star wrote that song's thrill on i know soundtrack despite one track by triple by typo negative covering seals and craft summer breeze which he says may be reason enough to either buy or destroy the new soundtrack did you guys do you guys see that meme that goes around that said uh typo negative sounds like sylvester stallone picked up a base for like 20 minutes that's my favorite you just ruined typo negative for me man i'm never i always say in my head i always said that typo negative sounds like that uh dracula musical from uh uh say what what the hell is that movie uh forgetting sarah marshall we're getting sarah marshall it sounds like the dracula musical that peter brennan is trying to write i love that movie great inside of you all right man crush what did you bring for the music round all right so let's go march 22nd 1987. and last month i told the story about cliff burton in this very band uh you'd have to go back to that episode to listen to the full thing but it was a story that was taken out from the autobiography of this band's guitarist and co-founder long story short cliff burton told this guy that they were going to shake hand lars ulrich after the completion of the damage inc tour and this band was actually opening the opening act for that tour obviously that never happened and unfortunately cliff burton died during that tour however with them being such close friends it makes a lot of sense that this band would dedicate this album to cliff burton so with that rest in peace cliff uh this one's for you here so this band it's their third studio album it was certified gold and this really it put them in the upper echelon like that big four of thrash metal bands along with metallica mega death and slayer so if you're listening to the show for a while or if you're a thrash metal fan you obviously already know the band that i'm talking about is going to be anthrax and the album that i'm talking about is among the living so how do you tie horror into this well first off it's not because of chris cliff's death uh i'll tell you that however before we get there this album it contains amazing tracks got indians caught namash nfl which i always how do you pronounce nfl kind of a nice [ __ ] life well no no let's it's got an actual name to that song i always call it it's nice [ __ ] life spelled backwards oh and i've been trying to pronounce that for my entire [ __ ] life and i've always been like yeah nfl nfl um but a lot of critics of this album said this is one of the best thrash metal albums ever and a few years back rolling stone put this album on number 20 of the top 100 greatest metal albums of all time so that's not too shabby here's the horror time so let's take a look at the the title track of this one among the living it's got legs because paramount plus and cbs just finished a reboot of stephen king's the stand back in march which is actually pretty damn good if you haven't seen it and it's just funny going going through all these decades stephen king keeps coming up yes i mean he really is like the king of horror i mean dudes like all over the [ __ ] place um but the song itself it's it's basically an homage to the best-selling book uh charlie drummer and scott ian they basically scott ian told him that his drumming reminded him of certain themes from the stand which i don't really understand how that can happen but sure and they're both huge stephen king fans so they wrote among the living i mean i mean there's obvious parts of the song that are about randall flagg yeah i'm the walking dude yeah if you just go through the lyrics i'm the walking dude i can see all the world you know twist your mind with fear like the whole thing and then uh the division and bringing everybody back together it's all about the stand yeah follow me or die it's it's [ __ ] incredible fantastic i almost actually picked that in a previous episode but i i didn't because there was something else that came up but fantastic pick i'm a huge fan of anthrax huge fan of that album in that song so and have you ever been walking through your life trying to say elmo fooshnick in or whatever the [ __ ] i've been saying no i've been an anthrax fan for a long time so i kind of caught on because also on attack of the killer bees there's a nice [ __ ] ballad which i actually tried to use as my wedding song that the one didn't go over so well i remember when you tried to tell scotty ian that yeah yeah he didn't care uh funny did you guys know that they're actually uh they're doing an anthology comic book series based on that album no [ __ ] i heard about that yeah 100 um i actually was just listening to a podcast that had scott ian on it and uh it was all bloody disgusting they had um they were talking about how they're bringing back like a lot of like people from dc are coming in to write for it uh rob zombies even writing uh one of the uh the issues and basically what they did was they they took each song on the album and they gave it to somebody and they they told them to like write their own interpretation of like a comic book story based around it and so it's going to be a collection anthology series that's why what are they going to do about among the living they're just going to redo the stand i mean however who knows man reimagine it i guess they're gonna have to yeah even uh what is it uh in the comic world uh dc metal is actually about to release uh a collection of uh comic books uh based around like uh various different bands like lacuna coil uh they're doing uh who is it mega death they're doing uh they just released the grateful dead one actually oh yeah that one's right yeah that was this one this is a comic yeah those dc metal ones are awesome but no you guys should definitely check that out when it comes out i know that they're [ __ ] dope yeah they're in the process of making it right now awesome all right aj let's hear what your verdict is full for the music round again i was torn between uh mike and man crush because that the uh the soundtrack to i know what you did last summer is iconic and especially that cover but i'm uh i'm i'm a kid of the 80s uh i love thrash and hair metal so i and i love stephen king so i have to give it to man crush anthrax [ __ ] rules oh yeah i can't argue with that that's just an absolutely fantastic album but you know what that means man crush me and you move on to the wild card round for a one-on-one showdown to see who wins this battle all right all right so i will go first since you just went uh you know my uh my wild card pick is another movie and i was gonna pick this one as my original movies pick i just didn't have the stomach in it for me to re-watch it again and you'll know why as soon as i tell you what this is and then the courier journal out of louisville kentucky july 21st 1977 we're gonna go to a review by scott hammond says the hills have eyes is a grotesque bloodbath the hills have eyes is is the title of a particularly grotesque horror film that arrived yesterday at no less than nine indoor in outdoor screens perhaps it's an attempt to compensate for the quantity that we see for the quality for the quantity in terms sorry perhaps it is an attempt to compensate in quantity for what the film lacks in quality in any case the movie has more bloodshed than most people ever want to witness most of the scenes consist of careful depictions of open wounds there are shootings at point-blank range stabbings even attempts at cannibalism and even a few severe dog bites apparently the producers of the hills have eyes pride themselves on being kind to animals while wallowing in glorifying and human suffering if they're in if their intent was to make a movie for people with similar feelings i think they've succeeded rated r for relentless bloodshed that makes me even wonder why we can't have a film rated x for the on the basis of violence so i give you the most chilling horrifying film in 1977. west cravens the hills have eyes

all right man crush what do you have for the wild card round all right uh the hills have eyes a great movie it is but if you can get through it october 30th 1987 an alien parasite with the ability to possess human bodies goes on a violent crime scream crime spree in los angeles stealing expensive sports cars and committing dozens of murders and robberies in the process kyle mclaughlin he stars as the fbi agent or alien determined to take down that parasite i mean do you guys know what the movie is obviously we're talking about the hidden here uh but the most interesting part of this whole thing so uh the lapd cop the detective that's helping him in the movie is michael nori michael norrie was actually offered the role of martin riggs in lethal weapon and turned it down to play this role so if i don't win this round his career went for not

wow all right aj i guess that's over to you for your final verdict on this game uh i am i'm so sorry man crush don't be sorry to me but mr norrie dudes yeah he needed it just just as though he lost to mel gibson i gotta give this to mark because he didn't even lose to him they offered it to him and he was like no i'm doing i'm doing the hidden no it's probably better it's probably better because yeah i couldn't imagine it without no without mel gibson it just doesn't work especially that haircut that haircut that every single person spawned off of that jerry seinfeld held on to that as long as physically possible it was like the blowout mullet kind of oh it was just it was like yeah no one could pull it off better than uh better than mel gibson didn't even look like uh yeah swayze too their mullets didn't look like like whack mullets they looked like action mullets like right because those guys were [ __ ] those guys were gods in the 80s and then you had guys like howie mandel who kind of had that semi-curl mullet that was bizarre yeah but in all honesty bills have ice [ __ ] wins that one because it's just even i'm a massive fan of the remake like i i love the original west craven one don't get me wrong i've got a lot of merchandise upstairs from the original one but hands down that was one of the best grotesque remakes like ever next to the evil dead remake yeah yeah those it was hard as soon as he said the hills have eyes i was like yeah i was like should i change my pick to lost boys yeah see i was gonna pick it in the movies round but then i saw kingdom of the spiders and i just adore that movie just because of the ending again not gonna spoil it go check it out really cool film but yeah hills have eyes is just a tough watch i just didn't have it in my guts to sit through all the uh rape and dismemberment yet again oh it's rough it's a [ __ ] rough time man you need like a few days to yourself after watching that's what makes it so fantastic either one it doesn't matter afterwards yeah oh there we go the sequel is terrible though awful absolutely awesome so bad either sequel yeah either one i mean they're both terrible oh see i lost whatever we'll move on um i'm sorry you know you cannot compete with no i could that there's certain ones when people throw them out you're just like like if you're playing pogs that's the slammer yeah like [ __ ] what am i gonna what am i gonna bring michael barryman slammer yeah the only thing that might save it is last house on the left but even then no maybe cannibal holocaust but no oh man that's come up before peaches

beaches it is a scary movie that's a dynamic dude tell us about werewolves like tell us about the music like so i listened to a bunch of your [ __ ] after steph sent it to me i love it like a lot of your covers are [ __ ] badass fantastic um but your original stuff like wasteland yeah just the beginning dude that dude shreds like it's great so yeah jeremy is just an awesome dude like one of these times you gotta have both of us on here because that kid is a like laugh riot like he makes me yeah he's awesome um no wasteland uh it you know if you've seen the video right yeah insane who did it like that's what we were talking about like your production quality and your marketing for all your is crazy so good thank you who's doing all this stuff are you doing one of my best friends uh his name is uh john vaultine and he uh has this company called uh glassdagger filmco and he's done quite a lot of like videos for other bands and stuff like that but john and i have always had this like strong bond over just like dark horror and just kind of like him and i kind of clash when it comes to like i always want to push a little more comedy into our stuff and he wants to push more blood and guts and we kind of end up meeting in this like beautiful like slasher meets comic book kind of like little love triangle and two exactly or evil dead two oh yeah yes exactly so and that's the whole thing is like you'll see like as these next few videos roll out like i'm pretty much taking everything and in a creep style in a uh uh tales from the dark side in a twilight zone kind of uh anthology of world building within itself so each music video that's coming out like wasteland wasteland you can market so much stuff off of that like you can make action figures of the pig killer you could turn that into a comic book you can you know continue that story if you want to and so one of the things i i we came together and started to do was we were just kind of sitting down thinking about like the kind of stuff that we want to watch you know and stuff that would play well against the music because the music's very like aggressive in your face but at the same time it still has like that that pop to it and so we want everything to kind of have like a reflection of that um this new record that we just conceived uh it's 10 songs and the whole album itself is based off of dante's inferno and so what we're doing is each song itself is its own hellscape so the album takes you through this journey uh that sonically keeps changing so it's nothing like our ep it's closer to like what our covers are now and so it kind of with atmospherics and introductions and outros it kind of takes you on this little course so we wanted the music videos on this album to pretty much have their own vibe of that hellscape so wasteland is based off of gluttony you know the land of [ __ ] that's why it's called wasteland you know and uh we're paying homage to like uh saw and we're paying homage to texas chainsaw massacre and house of thousand corpses and kind of doing like our own thing with this uh like failed restaurant tour pig killer who's hunting these girls to feed do the patrons of his old restaurant and i don't know like the next one that's coming out uh it's our it's a song called fall with me and it's got like a completely different vibe it's dropping in uh june and uh fall with me is kind of like more of our radio-ish single i would i guess you would call it it's a lot more singing than scream and uh excuse me now i mark i call what you got yeah i know i was gonna ask you that like how you i mean you talk fine your voice doesn't sound raspy or anything how the [ __ ] do you keep your voice from dying i talk for an hour and i'm like uh to be uh to be honest with you um i used to just blow out my voice left and right and i had to go and take vocal training so i took about two years worth of vocal training and now i i kind of changed my diet around to kind of uh adhere to my voice like if i know i have a show coming up i'll like stay away from dairy and stuff like that uh and then i warm up about 45 minutes before we uh even get to practice so this way like you know i'm nice and loose uh only warm liquids for the day and then uh i have this portable vocal nebulizer it uh it pumps like saline solution onto my throat and what that does is like it hydrates and gets rid of all like the uh the mucus that's on on your vocal folds and from doing that whole routine like i can sing and scream for like hours like you guys haven't even heard [ __ ] with wasteland like this album it's it's so diverse there's songs on there that there's literally no screaming there's acoustic songs where there's literally uh all singing there there's something on this album for everybody uh and it's such a wild ride like i wish i could just show everybody right now like if i could i would drop the whole house like you can right now i'm gonna like this hasn't been done in like a year probably since like wax did it maybe yeah do you want to do you have an acoustic guitar to blast something out i wish no oh i don't want to i haven't warmed up properly i've been drinking heineken double zero oh geez yeah i mean that's not a warm up yeah it's not a warm-up no no cold liquids or i would happily break out my acoustics ah dude that would that would have been sick because we've never had like a metal guy do like anything live on the show before it would be cool well i mean if you get if you get me and my guitar player jeremy to come back we'll bust out the we'll premiere the acoustic song dude we totally should do it again um but you were talking about your next single and all that stuff yeah so the next single kind of has like a different vibe to it it has more of like a a dark eerie kind of almost like romantic it's based off of uh lust so in like true fashion we wrote a song that's literally about like just it's just about [ __ ] but the presentation of the song it sounds like creepy love and it's just such a smooth kind of song that goes into like this just absolute like punchy [ __ ] bridge punchy [ __ ] outro and the video itself we've basted around kind of like almost like a corpse bride kind of vibe so the music video is about uh this guy whose wife uh dies and he becomes uh depressed and starts getting delusional and he stops taking his medication and he starts having all these like crazy thoughts so he goes and he digs up his uh dead wife to have one last night on earth with her and he's kind of like living in his delusions of uh reenactments of when she was alive until he takes his own life and yeah the whole music video takes you through that whole ride so is there any continuity between like wasteland and like this one and the next one it's all they're all going to be separate so they're all separate honestly on the ep we tried to do uh if you go back and look at our youtube there's two videos uh one's called uh torn to shreds and the other one is called just calm down and so torn to shreds and just calm down we're supposed to be like this three-part story so basically this guy gets attacked by a werewolf uh he turns he kills his uh his girlfriend um and then he goes and he murders all of his friends uh you don't know why yet and then the third act what was supposed to happen was it was supposed to connect that he was he murdered the friends as a ritualistic sacrifice to bring her back from the dead and lift his curse but we never got a chance to film the third video so it just ends on a to be continued and i'm so [ __ ] pissed about it someday i'm gonna go back and i'm gonna finish it for just [ __ ] sake and i don't care about continuity because i literally lost like 50 60 pounds throughout the since the band first started to now damn so like my weight fluctuates throughout this video and the first video torn the shreds we shot it a year apart like parts of it are shot a year apart oh wow yeah and then that's crazy we actually shot parts of the first one uh torn to shreds and then we shot just calm down like two days later we finished all of just calm down and then pieces a year later of torn to shreds so it was a [ __ ] that's why i'm sticking with its own thing one thing building this whole thing out anthology sense but i'm glad you guys are doing that because i feel like we talked about this a couple episodes where i think it was one with andre we were talking about you know like music videos in the 90s and everything and they were so epic and everything was about the music video and i feel like we got away from that for a long period of time now it seems like it's starting to get back together like with that that whole weekend thing that i sent you that that video yesterday like it seems like everyone's yeah like it seems like everyone's doing like these big things again like in videos and they're almost like movies do you see the one that's like a bank heist no the one i watched last night was uh it was the one where he had i have an hd monitor and he has like this prosthetic on his face and dude it's grotesque i was not cute there's there's one uh weekend video i can't [ __ ] remember the single to save my life but there's a video that it's a first person bank heist and it's the [ __ ] craziest thing it looks like a first person version of heat like the end of heat i'm not like a huge fan of his but like some songs like the newer ones with like that 80 synth sound to it like really dig so i i watched that last night on here and i was like damn these videos are pretty [ __ ] awesome but i'm glad you guys are doing that you get back into it and like you know that whole story thing is coming back the artist and like the mini movies and things yeah there's one that we did uh there's a third video that we filmed we filmed all of these videos throughout the pandemic i don't know how we pulled them off but we did and uh there's this third video that's gonna come out around stephanie will probably kill me but it's gonna come around around september it's going to come out a little earlier than it's supposed to drop and um in this video it's uh we did a full-on parody of wolf of wall street but i'm wearing like a demon like a devil prosthetic on my face if you go and scroll down on my instagram you'll see like stuff from the actual video and uh so i'm wearing like a full-on foam prosthetic devil face that kind of makes me look like i'm from buffy the vampire slayer but not a vampire and uh we did uh we did some of the things shot by shot from uh wolf of wall street we got uh an office building that we brought in like strippers and uh you know we had like dudes at their desks going crazy and fighting each other and throwing money in the air uh we had a yacht that we had like some uh chicks on and i'm like throwing bottles around and stuff like that and uh then we did it was our whole intention was to make like a straight up like mel brook style comedy like parody of wolf of wall street and we got a private jet like and i i hustled all these things and like i'm so excited to show people this videos for this song called sell your soul and it the video fits the song so well because the song itself has like kind of like a limp biscuit paparochi kind of vibe so it's just so hype and it you couldn't do horror to this video my uh john actually pitched me an idea we i had to go to somebody else for this because john's not a big comedy guy and uh john pitched me this idea of us doing uh like the bellco experiment or uh mayhem and i was just like nah dude let's do something a little bit different let's not pigeonhole ourselves completely as just like an ice nine kills rip-off horror band right right right yeah i want i should do another stuff that's one i really liked about your music is somebody asked me earlier well what do they sound like well it depends on what song because you guys do so many different things from the metal genre but each one is kind of its own thing it's really cool of a melding of the styles i like to say that our sound is uh if modern metalcore uh did coke in the 80s yes yes definitely you put that on the label yeah around the label in the studio 54 bathroom yeah absolutely with carrot top yeah co-written by the bg's all right dude well yeah let's set something up where we get both of you on and we'll do a regular episode so i think it'll you know there'll be so much more [ __ ] to talk about or we're not pigeon holed it's just horror because i it seems like you guys know all kinds of [ __ ] and you know you don't want to just do horror so we'll do that i love i love horror don't get me wrong but i'm also like a big like pop culture person i i sweet comic books movies everything yeah we'll definitely we'll do that but before you go tell everybody where to find everything give them your links and all that stuff i mean realistically if you just went to linktree uh what is it linktree.com werewolves everything's in there i think it's link treeduck no it's


like regular way you spell werewolves how the hell did you get that that's a good one on there dude we've gotten so lucky like our youtube account is youtube.com werewolves wow damn yeah we got [ __ ] like super lucky i mean realistically i i'm a big instagram person i don't really use twitter much and i don't really use uh like facebook that often like i'm uh i pretty much just mostly stick to twitter uh to instagram so if you just go to instagram uh uh at werewolves underscore florida like there's a link right there in the bio that'll take you to everything all of our music all of our videos all of our social media accounts just one-stop shop you know i mean stephanie wants me on tick-tock but i'm too i'm too [ __ ] old to get tick-tock that's how i feel about tick-tock bro it's yeah it's way way below me my wife's always trying to like teach me how to do tick-tocks and the second i see her start holding things and selecting things i'm like i want to jam an action figure into my nose until my brain falls apart that would be a tick top that would probably people will probably watch that i am i'm literally 10 years too old like if i was 10 years younger i'd be all about this [ __ ] i'd be [ __ ] doing i'd be doing a tick tock right now in between you guys going through your little stories i would have been over here just like all up in that [ __ ] you ever watched people like my daughter's 14 and i notice every once in a while like her and her friends will be like just standing around and they just like just start doing some [ __ ] weird i'm like what there's no music there's nothing going on they'll just be like pouring a water and be like yeah and then they later on whatever trending song they put that trending song over it and then they get 14 000 views maybe you should go to tick tock right meanwhile i post like don't get me wrong i posted a couple things on tik tok but like if you go to our tick tock it's literally like oh yeah that's what i expected it's the laziest [ __ ] tick tock like almost like clips of the videos yeah it's a sad desperate old man trying to do tick tock to my youtube yeah i hear you i feel the same way but dude thanks again for coming on i appreciate the loss and uh we'll be in touch yeah dude i'm going to add you after this all right sweet man yeah i'm totally down for this friday 13 thing [ __ ] yeah all right duelers well i guess we're gonna end this episode right here but don't worry if you've missed an episode you can always go to duelingdecades.com and subscribe to it on whatever your favorite platform is and you can find all of the links right in the episode notes right below so until next time duelers we're going to bid you a peace love light and a joy have a great full week everyone