Dueling Decades
Oct. 21, 2020

Ajay Popoff of Lit judges this worst of battle between 76, 87 & 99 guaranteed to make you completely miserable

Ajay Popoff of Lit judges this worst of battle between 76, 87 & 99 guaranteed to make you completely miserable

We're baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Vacation is over and it's time to get back to the gameplay! This week, we wanted to make you "completely miserable"! That being said, we brought the worst of September to the table! To make things not so miserable, we also brought along the lead vocalist of the band Lit! Ajay Popoff was kind enough to sit down and judge this battle of duds from September 1976, 1987, and 1999. After a long day of songwriting, Ajay was primed to sit behind the bench and swing that mighty gavel. Mike Ranger is back, and he's his own worst enemy with his putrid offerings from September 1976! The rubbish doesn't end there, Drew Zakmin went rummaging through September 1999's trash heap, and found some real turds! Rounding out this trifecta of inferiority, Mancrush steps to the plate with the worst of September of 1987!

Thanks for sticking around! It felt like an eternity since our last retro battle, but we're back. Ajay was a great dude, and you could tell the guys were making things tough with a smorgasbord of atrocity. In this worst of extravaganza, you'll most likely hear things about: a television show that Mr. T couldn't even save, playing instruments on Pamela Anderson, Mike Ranger hates telethons, Skeet Ulrich in 1999's version of Speed, Drew brings more death and destruction, James Woods at his sleaziest, a progressive Redd Foxx tries to save the day, soul patches are the devil's work, a band's lapse of reason, scabs to the rescue, a Beatle gets sued, riding lumber at Woodstock 99, a giant return to television falls flat, a show that nobody heard of, Vestron video gets the shaft and then gives it back, Drew hates a beloved holiday classic, Mike brings an amazing hot product that confuses everyone, what life is like for a musician during the pandemic, and what famous band stole one of Lit's ideas while sharing a tour bus?!

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INFIRMARYMEDIAPEOPLE INCAS top Jewelin ecane the picture o plan, but I dot on a ran again upon that cap. Ut Tot the power GOP com, figt for what you lovenwho co to Poee, Copi Encrita, bae Te porteco would take grat a a Bala Av sick. I A made a TNO come fight for what you love, ineas broadcasting from the poncast New York Studios. It's the adult only retrocame show were the decades Batl for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. I am Markd James and we are happy to be back right here on duling decades. This week we look back at the worst of September, so let's meet this weeks dolers and the decades they will be fighting for first off bringing you the worst of September. Nineteen eighty seven say hello to mancrush. What's up everybody and welcome back, I mean for us: It's been nearly a month since we recorded mark was in the middle of a move. So we labeled that as vacation for all those people at home, but we put out some cool retro episodes, so you might be actually saying to yourself it's October, why? The hell are you guys doing a September episode. We planned this episode last month and then the move happened, so we just held onto it. We don't want to throw anything away. So that's what I have September of Nineteen and eighty seven, the worst of byup next representing the very worst of September, Nineteen, seventy six! It's the incomparable, micrainger Hello M, I'm Mik granger and I am well beyond prepared to be the absolute worse contestant today again and also returning to the Panal this week, duling with the worst of September. Nineteen. Ninety nine, please welcome back the professor Dru Zacman hop, everybody is drue. I have the worst of September, nineteen, Ninety nine and it was pretty bad and as always here on the show, we need somebody to ajudicate all of this awesomeness. So this weeks, celebrity guest judge is the lead vocalist from the multiplatinum selling band lit all rise for judge AJ, popoff everybody. I Made J Bob Office, Acor Tan Lit, I'm I'm honored to be here, judging somreally shitty stuff, and you know what it didn't work out. This way, I'm just realizing this now with the name of you, know, you're, really popular song and then a worst uff episode. It's just Kinda like I am my Owwer S. enemy Youe got the rang up yet. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dualing decades rules, the judges, coinflip Sholl eside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judge is ruling will determined who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. Remember dellers! You can put a cat in the oven, but that don't make it a biscuit. So let's play some more oaes yeah all right. So, let's head right down to our judge, Aj pop off for the coin toss to see who goes first this week. Okay, what Ye got W got heads! Oh, did you guys call it no be call Yoa, my bad so who PA cats you're the winter e papers, Arr Rzacman, you call it in the air all right, I'll, go tals, reay, atds, again, oall right, so I win at least now all right, mie you take control of the board and get to select our first category. Where are we going? Oh? Well, I'm I'm prepared. Let's see, let's go with music 'cause. I think this is my h. This is the worst thing I have all right. So once again, I failed to find a actual musical thing that you could purchase. So what I went with was a music story: 'Cae N Nineteen. Seventy six George Harrison's guitar was fucking crying. I found an article in the Daily News on September, eighth, nineteen, seventy six titled, the Beatle Stung on song. The article says that a federal judge said yesterday that Beatle George Harrison was guilty of plagiarism in the preparation of his hit song. My sweet Lord District Judge, Richard Owen, said that the song sounded very similar to the nineteen. Sixty two hit he's so fine recorded by the hifans Owen, said that Harrison did not consciously copy the earlier hit, but rather that his subconsciousness is subconsciouss. Rather that is subconscious new t. The the note pattern, the SOM my sweet, Lord, is off the Harrison's nineteen seventy triple album. All things must pass and became the biggest single of nineteen. Seventy one in the UK and the number one hit in both UK and America. The court ordered that Harrison would pay one point: six million in damages which was later brought down to around five hundred thousand Athat, O ot nineten seventies yeah, like bi mill, all right, Tru Zacman. What do you have for the music round, all right so September, O nineteen nd? Ninety nine, this Pickazaj would say, is completely miserable, but before I et in thouand nine hundred and ninety nine I'd like to go back Ti nineteen. Ninety, if I may now, everybody knows garthbroks right, garthborks release an album called no fences which was awesome by the way. Everybody knows friends and low places, but it also had the thunthe rolls onanswered prayers on there, but that album sold over eighteen million copies in the? U S alone. Now Nine Teen Ninety one brooks releases Ropin the winds, which included such gems as shameless on one of my personal favorites of his the river love that song great stuff anyway, that album sold over ten million copies again in the? U S, then, in n nine huteed an ninety two. We got the chase which also sold over ten million copies in the? U S and the VIDEOFOR. We shall be free, had Bernie Cosar in there. So that's a big deal, kids and then o one Thousan, nine hutdred and ninety three. We got in pieces which also sold over ten million copies in the? U S so for those wiew keep in score at home, we're only at nineteen. Ninety three and Brooks has released four albums in the decade, each of which selling at least ten million copies. That is nuts, so that in nineteen, ninety five here released fresh horses that sold over eight million copies still awesome sevens came out N. I nineteen ninety seven and also sold over ten million copies. So you see how Brooks has basically been crushing it at this point. Maybe he got bored I don't know, but on September twenty eighth, nine hundred and ninety nine brooks released an album, but not as Garth Brooks. He released an album as an alt rocker with a soul patch named Cris Ganes, and I got t behonest the whole thing's, weird, like everybody knows, of his Euguard, but he released an album where he assumes the fictitious persona of Australian rock artist, Cris Ganes and UH yeah. I I remember when this came out an honestly. I didn't know what to do with it. It was kind of H, it was weird, but you know why would you be basically the best selling artist of the nineties and then just flushd it all away and confuse everybody, but anyway, life of Chriscanes September, Twenty Eighth Ninehuteen, Ninety nine at's Garf? Wasn't it for a movie or something yeah, but still so you just didn't, go nuts and just it wasn't shes perso. I remember it was extremely confusing. It was to to a lot of pe yeah. It was just so I mean it. Hat happened in twenty twenty noone would think of damn thing of it. Bring me something else ss. So Damn Weird as a judge, I'm just given, like my premature opinion, his look, the. I think that the look is what threw everybody off when you looked at it, youere like as likeors Kindan Emai with ha Sol patch yeah, it was I mean, was nineteen, ninety nine and just the other day. I saw something online that says: Garthbrooks teases the return of Chris Gaines. So again, this is topical. All these weird things coming out in twueand and twenty. Why Not Al Right? Man Crush what do you have for the music round all right? So, let's go to September seventh of Nineteen H, seven, here's the thirteenth album released by this band and typically on these worst of episodes, it seems like I always get the popular band. That just loses the t factor and like starts to fade, but this selection, it's sort of like that, but it's worse than my opinion and after reading, like countless reviews of Thi Ow, many people, th Y, seem to agree with this. So here's the album momentary lapse of reason, which I believe it sums up pink floyd situation, the alms sold fairly well, it did go u four times platinum, that's not the reason that the album wasn't a good album. The reason this is a terrible album is, I that Roger Waters just forced to resign from pink floyd and the album felt like it was like a David Gilmorem. Without Roger Waters I mean he's pink, Floyd's driving creative force. I mean this is the mean songwriter for well over a decade it just it didn't feel like pink floyd and they used like a bunch of different musicians on this album to fill it up, and you barely had any significant contributions from Nick Mason or rich ARD wright. So that's. Why, like I just I felt like this- was a David Gilmore album with pink floid names slapped on it? Probably so they didn't get sued by CBS records 'cause they had to fulfill their contract, but I mean being tha. Waters is driving force behind pink floyd. You gotto think about wouldthere, even be like a dark side of the moon. If they had hem resign like way back, then I mean most likely not I mean without waters the band just not the same, so emoving that key ingredient, it just changed the band to me it was no longer pink floyd. I would have been totally fine if this was a new ban, new name, but it wasn't pink floyd and just to give you an example like I'm a huge program fan if any veder left Parljan, I don't think I'd be as interested to hear new material if they replaced him and kept the name Pearl Jam and that's exactly what occurred. On September. Seven, nineteen seven with tha release of pink floyds momentary lapsaries. Can I ask you a question? Man Crush. How do you feel about allisand Chane, so they replaced LANC Sdalley, it's different, that's different! So when a guy passes away, I mean it's, it's a different feel. You know you can continue to go. I actually like the newousandcee stuff, think it's G. I think, if a guy, if a guy resigns and then you just replace him and you're keeping the band name and it it just, doesn't feel the same. It feels different. You know, I don't know, that's my opinion. Tair, I bet said Berrek felt the same too, all right. So, let's toss it down to Aj popoff for the ruling for round one round I mean those are all shety things, so I'm picking the shos Hey're all pretty shitty, but I would say you know coming from A, I guess, songwriders part of vew Um. You know the whole having someone call you out, for you know, maybe being too inspired by something else and it s slipps through the cracks and it sort of you get called out and sued for stealing a song others. I feel like it's always been a weird thing in Y, the history of music and for songriders INA, Vanilla ice with you know, dug tem dender it and then then th I it gets they get so precise and certain things and then it wo d. It would stuff to get slapped with you know: Half a million dollar lawsuit because of you know you were overly inspired by someting now there's Blightan ripoffs, which in that case I think youreach out to the artist that you borrow from and either give them full publishing or figure out a waight. That's a fair split, so I would say if it were me- and I take all all these things- ecause it's music base very personally and Tut myself in in their position. That's the suckiest thing in my opinion, I'm not a big pink Foyd Fan, sorry guys, but so I t I can't relate so much that Chris I e the whole of Garthbrook's nhing that was just whacky kind, O just weird, rather more weird than Sacki, I'm going with th, I'm going with the the lawsuit well. I was not expecting this. Don't exactly know what I'm going to pick next was kind of hoping I wasn't going to have to make that decision. However, I do feel that, like nt, I ma myself fear enough. You can't just you know, someone came out, you know with a with a song. That said you make me come you made be complete. You make me completely sad. How would you like fucking pay out dude, even though it's Co, you know not mayb Nice, clever Verler, but whates ao credit. How much does that happen, though, when you guys Kinda, you know work with other bands. If just do people actually approach, you, though, and say hey, I'm thinking about taking this piece of this song, and what would you think about that like? Is it flattering or is it you'r like dude what the fuck like do your own shit? I think the fact t if someone reaches out D and they want to like Redo or take apart, we actually had. I can't remember because they never became anything but a pop artist that reached out and actually wanted to use miserable Um and change like had different verses or just used like you know, a portion of it want to share fifty fifty publishing and we were like yeah absolutely do it Um. She didn't have any success but um, but yeah. I think it's I mean thit's flattering when someone wants to you, know sort of recreate or use a piece of something you create a Tis. You know definitely a flattering gesture, that's cool, so 'cause we never know. I mean none of us are a musician. So it's you always kind of wonder. Do they take offence to it like? What are you doing like? Why are you taking my stuff? We have. We have been ripped off by a very popular vand. Oh No shit here. Wasn't it wasn't a song? It was a video idea and it was mark from like on Eghty two stole Heryeah. It was all the small things like the boy band recreasos, all that yea we had. We had discussed that idea on our tourbus. That was actually going to be the video I did for our second singles, Zip Block, which, ironically, they ran naked through the video ut yeah. I mean you gotta Keepyou're your idea, especially when you haven't executed them yet keeping close to the wayside and not share them. Whatever creative artists now did they was it subconscious like like Mike's story or was it like just a bla like they were just like that's great idea, doin. I you know I'm Goin to give benefit a dad. I don't know if it was. He just thought he had dreamt the idea or or not, but well you guy still had to killer video with panel Anderson, so thatwas yeah, I wast Mi the miserable video that which we just kindo got lucky on that on 'cause. It was it wasn't our idea, but putting pam in it as th as the giant woman was like o well do that this the treatment came in and the fifty foot women eat in the band and were like. Well, we were back in it. ANL WE CN'T GET PAM to do the you know the part of of the giant woman were, we were pretty adamanted B e. You guys know her like was is like a friendly thing. You were like hey, you just want to do this, video. If you get a chance, look up you tube or I don't epush Yo could find t an episode of VIP hard vows night. It was a Vishowpam Aderson was ywenit was on Fox and they wrote a whole episode about our ban, and so we had been filming that that episode of that showfor for like a few days and became pretty tat with Pan and and th and the cast of that show and yeah she was super. Super Awesome. I'll definitely have to find that ups, that's the one one of the few music videos. You could put push mewte in it's. You know for some people e better, all right. My creanger you've had a moment to think about it. You picked up a point in the first round. What category are we going with Nexk e? I think we're going to go with news mar on September. Sixth, nineteen, seventy six franc, sanater, ureunited Dean, Martin with Jerry Lewis, for the first time in twenty years, at Jerry's annual Labor Day telethon and brought in a then record twenty one point: seven million dollars. The worst thing here is not the spectacular reunion and the amazing cause should certainly be celebrated. However, it's a fucking telephone yeah raising money for kids, t'so horrible yeah, but it took up valuable T v time. You only got so many fucking channels. Well back than it's true TAT's, true scew, those kids I wan to watch fucking BJ and the bear they couldhave put that on channel three I mean it shit, Mikee blackhearse today, mice's, usually like the real positive nice icin. I I came prepare with my worst all right Druzacman. What do you have? I think this one's a little bit worse but Uh September, twenty irst, nine utee nd. Ninety nine, the Chee Chee Earthquake, this earthquake registered as seven point three on the rictor scale, and it was the second deadliest quake in Tai want history. After the nineteen thirty five earthquake, it happened that one forty seven am local time over twenty four hundred people died in this earthquake and over eleven thousand people were injured and over fifty one thousand buildings were destroyed and the weather bureau recorded twelve over t, almost thirteen thousand aftershocks in the month following the main quake, which is pretty nuts. I think M, and I found this to be interesting and crazy, but the energy released during this earthquake was approximately the same as the yield of the Tzar Bamba, which was the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created and tested, which was back in October of nineteen sixty one, the cost of damage was died at around ten billion. U S dollars, and this quake was so damaging. Some estimates stated that the total cost would be about ten percent of the entire GDP of the country in nineteen. Ninety nine and this Quik was so bad ri. You know how all of us in the states refer to the events that happened on September, Eleventh, two thousand and one we just we kind of call it nine eleven. Well, they refer to that tragedy. As nine twenty one, so that's pretty bad. So that's what I'm going with the Cheeche earthquake. Coincidentally, the Zar Bomba also the tastiest treat in the ice cream truck all right man Chris. What do you have for the news round? Well, nobody died in my pik, so that's gods. We got it is the same date. A is Thogh September twenty fist, nineteeneighty seven. I tried to pull in some sports with the NFL or any sports for that matter, right now being horrible to watch Vere, we go back to a time when sports were good, but it's a worst UF episodes. So you can be sure that the sports were all so bad at least fora bit and that's because after the second week of the Nineteen Ighty, seven n El season, they're nineteen and eighty two collective bargaining agreement between the players and the teams, it's expired with no new deal and the biggest issue in this one, of course was the inevitable deal. Breaker was the future of free agency which, as we know it now, reverybody's getting paid Buko bucks play, but but then you had the NFL Commissioner Pte Rosell and the players' union had gen upshaw. They would go tototo for nearly a month before all Thas said and done and Unday one of the strike upshaw. He would order the players to walk out and nearly all of the NFL's fifteen hundred and eighty five players would honor that call and they'd walk away from their teams, cleared their lockers out and hoist it up. Some picket signs outside both of them didn't even take it seriously and some guys did cross the line, which is pretty funny and they were outside just like being clowns, but I mean it was light hearted, it's nineteen, I seven I'm sure that wouldn't happen now, but obviously the first week did the strike happene they cancelled all the games, but that led to every general madger in the league had to put together a team on a week's notice. Just s just imagine: The chaos ensue. Ere, N, F. L players get a full training camp to prepare for the season and typically these players they show up in like may in shorts. They get Tho playbooks. They learn some of the stuff about their respective systems. Before moving onto four weeks of the preseason. This time these teams had a week to fill the rosters and then teach the players the plays by that following Sunday October. Fourth, which was the first game with the replacement players she had dudes from the Kadian football league, the Arena League funkd. Now it's defunked the USFL in nineteen, seven guys stocking shelves an supermarket bartenders. They even had Tony Robinson who they released from prison to play quarterback for the Washington redskins. I mean most of these guys they never played together. Some players were cut in the preseason, but some it and played in a while Um. This is a great quot. Obviously I'm not going to win this round with all the deaths that drew just brought to the table, but this is a great quot that this guy had m. He was a replacement quarterback for the giants. He name was Jim Crushia pride butchering his last name, but he said I looked around the huddle of my offants of Liman and our straegybecame to stay in the huddle for as long as we possibly could 'cause they could not catch their breath from play to play. That's how bad it was. I mean you had bill Walsh, hallofame coach. He had his replacement players running the old wishbone offence because he had a week to put this together and they they did this for three weeks until the players crossed the line and, of course, the guy that I mentioned before there was release from prison h Tony Robinson. He actually led the Washengton Redskins to that victory against H, the Dallas cowboys who had crossed, and they that's where the movie of the replacements was kind of like inspired by so kind o cool, not the worst thing in this round, obviously, but a little bit of sports for people at home. All right. Let's hear the verdict for the news round from Judge Aj pop off. This is a little bit tough because I don't really know how I feel about you know: m istill got to learn your guys names, but b t th the story about the the telethon. I feel like it's more about what happened that year and not about how sucky you are right now about look back so there was about like man. Yo culd should have found a better time, thereare time Sloft, for you know, ere taken away from my prime time raisthe money for kids, although that was it, did suck SOM for you. I woun to go across like the most cold hearted fuck I sypathiz for don't worry. I wasn't around for seventy six, so I wasn't ter o yard, yet so mean what Yr was this SG? I see seventy six. I was not Gontowa there yet, but I'm sure my parents were real pissed off yet I'll call an we'll find out and so and then I feel shitty saying this, but Al Tho Li loss of Libes in Japan, and that was a terrible year for Japan for the world. I Hae something like that goes down, and I remember you know I remember when that happened D it was scary, was frightening, watching the video footage and the stores out there and it just sheer disaster Um for the sake of a fun game show, and this setting right now. I will have I'm going to go, I think, with the Um, even though I'm not a sports guy, and I honestly I'm trying to like learn more about football, so I can enjoy watching it with my friends and I get excited, but I'm Goingnto go with the football story for for a couple of different reasons: one you mentioned the replacements and where that we have the title sequence for that movie, the first song you hear is like almost the entire town is ziplock, but so I kind of backed at, but the actual story is pretty pretty insane. It's like it reminds me of we've been in a position where we've had to replace and we've been fortunate. We remain pretty moriginal members throughout the majority of pretty much we're still of three original members. We lost our drummer to brank cancer. U But we've had to replace Dramars, and so you know not too Um. You know in the recent history we we actually had a guy who learned our entire an hour and fifteen minutes set and like one rehearsal, and we had to play a show that way so like I know what it feels like they pull it together, I in a a short amount of time, so that is a sucky feeling. So that's that's to me a pretty sucky her. If a would it was, it was sucky not even on that magnitude of trying to pull together a whole football team or leage for that matter. Yeah every team like these guys, it's amazing. Now I came in picture an twenty twenty, getting all these players together. Of course, we had two folded leagues in the last couple of years O. maybe it's a little bit easier to get those players to find them, but back in nineteen hy seven like where the Frig were they finding these dudes, like they were literally like I wasn't making that up. There was really guys wha were working in supermarket and bartenders. That's so hat they put on tea. All I can picture in. My head is like the beginning of necessary roughness, where he goes to visit hem on the farm and yo W yeahbut. They had to do it so fast too ecause they canceled that week and the owners were like we're not losing any money, we're we're having games this season. We have a a T, V contract. We have to abide by it and they put these games on and it's funny. If you go to Utube and you look up, you know Len Burman, the sports guy. He did it's like a half time show with Len Burman he's so mad that he has to sit there and cover these games. It's a a short clips like three minutes long, but he's so pissed and he's just covering him like yeah, here's, another game, seven, three, all right and another game: Zero Zero at halftime. But so we a real quick recap on that. So why exactly? Could the the players not play like the real players? So basically, there was a in nineteen eighty two, they had a collective bargain in agreement and it was only good for five years in nineteen eight two they actually struck. So they didn't think this would ever happen again, so they didn't think anything of it and they just kept going without ulping this contract and everybody wanted free agency 'cause. The players wanted the big bucks and the owners didn't want to give it. So when the season started, everyone was just like, ah Gen, upshaw and Rosell ere going to get this done. It's not a big deal and they did so. They went by. They played the first week. They played the second week and like go where's this contract wher, I CBA, and they just didn't. Do it and JEN OPSHAW said Hey we're striking and he told all the players and there wase a lot of players who were pissed off. There were some players that didn't even cross the line. That said, I'm not going to do it. 'm I'm going to play like more Gasno for the jets he played. There was a handful, not a lot of guys, but I think a lot of guys didn't take it seriously either because they thought it was going to be very quick and they went out nd they were just playing games. There was a lot of great stories about these dudes doing like crazy shit in the parking lot like fucking around with these scabs, as they called them they were coming in, but it wasn't like meanhearted like they did in the movie replacements like they would fuck aout with these guys, but it was kind o like light hearted, but unfortunately it lasted three weeks, so they got thre weeks, O Replacement Football, but I'm glad I won t the round with that all right man crush. You pick up a point, take control of the board and get to select the next category. For our final one point round all right: Let's do this: Let's go movies in the middle movies in the middle we know it's usually movies or in the beginning of the end. This time we're put it I in the middle of September, twenty fifth nineteen. Eighty seven so, even though, like this is a worst stuff episode of doing decades, I think it's important that we look at all aspects of what qualifies a movie to be the worst Y W. After doing the epsod with Sam Levine was that last month, something dawned on me here, like the movie, doesn't need to be an absolute piece of shit. There could be other reasons that the movie could be considered bad and in this case the movie's incredible, but the sheer lack of coverage for the movie is what should be considered the worst. I rewatched this movie again last night and I actually watched it last month too, so watched it twice an two months. It's still amazing, yet I would venture t say that most people don't even know this movie exists. We put a pole up like we do everyday on our facebook, page www DT face book docom forwards slast doing decades. Every morning we picked six movies oer released on that day and we throw hem up there and we let people pick on this day. There were hundreds of votes for the six movies that we had on there. This movie gardered four votes. Four after I think there were like six hundred votes, they had four votes and it's criminal, because this movie rules and that's why I picked it now. The week this movie came out, it went head to head with real men, the James Bluechi or Jiblushi movie, the big town, China, girl and the princess bride. So obviously, this movie was overshadowed by the successor, princes bride and it only brought in just over four million dollars at the box office you're, looking about nine million dollars in thoeand and twenty, and this movie was surprisingly written by Larry Cohen. It is the same guy who, a few months back, I picked in another worst of episode for Uncle Sam and the same guy that wrote mania cop and the stuff, but this movie is like his magnamopis and it needs to be recognized movie stars two amazing actors in their prime. You Got James Woods, Brian Denny, so you can expect excellent acting in this movie and you got that and the storyis actually riveting. I wonder if Mike Actually has seen this movie Mike's the big movie head here, but if you're in the mood for like contract killers with no conscience, lots of violence, deeprooted conspiraci'es cops at Moonlight and successful authors, jeames woods being a straight up creep and did I say lots of violence, 'cause there's a lot of ilences moving, but all that sounds good. The criminally under the radar best celler is the movie for you, and that was released on September, twenty fifth nineteen and eighty seven all right mice ringger over to you for the movies round. Oh well, thank you. There Mark on September, twenty ninth nineteen. Seventy six, a sexual revolution, hit U S theaters, but this time movie patrons used the backdoor to see Redfox Star on the movie adaptation of the popular play. Norman is that you fox, plays a tolsa Arizona shopowner, whose wife runs off to Mexico with his brother Fox then travels to l a to see his son only to find out that he's gay and spends the rest of the movie trying to cope. His complete lack of understanding leads him to go as far as to hiring his son, a hooker. The film was a complete flop. Rog Roger Eber gave it two out of four stars with SIS with CISCOL, giving it one and a half stars Gary Arnold of the Washington posts, called it a feeble attempt at a bedroom force. I found an article in the Pittsburgh press that called the movie terrible and that the film doesn't simply flop. It lays the eggs it lays are strewn through every scene. It goes on to say it's as if all the places for laughter were left open and someone forgot to add in the artificial laugh track. Despite these reviews, I found that Fox had some funny lines and that the film is pretty progressive for its time sounds like Joe a little bit it's on the same path as Joe. I don't know, I think, Joe With Red Fox that ouns intriguing all right. True Zaccman tell us about the worst of September. Nineteen. Ninety nine movies yeah. So you know when you have a movie directed by huge Johnson, that's got to be great a and no it's not one of those movies, but this flick also has the likes of Cuba, gooding junior and the poor man's Johnny Depp Skit Olrich. So for those who keeping count at home, this film has a huge Johnson and a skit in there. Anyway. I am talking about chill factor which came out on September: First N, nine uteen nd. Ninety nine, now the film The centers around two unwitting civilians who are forced to protect a deadly chemical weapon from the hands of terrorists. I mean this shit happens all the time. You know why Ould They thought this would be an interesting movie. I don't know but yeah chill factor Ma'n. The slick had a budget of thirty four million dollars, but it only hauled in eleven point: Eight million of the box office so pretty terrible, and if the box office flop numbers aren't enough. This film received a rating of eleven percent on rotten tomatoes and Roger Ebard said this. Film was Clichet in every sense of the word so chill factor September. I T N nine teen nety nine. I know what I'm watching tonight all right. Let's turn it over to AJ pop off for the ruling for the movies round this. This is a teuth one. For me, I mean I think I love a good movie, especially like a good classic. I don't really go to the movies on a regular basis, although maybe that's just because I haven't nothing's really like struck me as a future. Classic that be a sad, I would say that th th, what was the movie about the the gay kid and the and the dead that was called Norman- is that you ranger so witithink that might be the winter here. Only because the conscient now, although or the premisi should say that nobe tried with that movie, was to come out in twenty twenty or even like in the past decade. It would never. It would have been just slaughtered by reviews Um, but you got to remember that back in nineteen seventy six, it was a whole different world and the awareness, gay awareness and Um support, for you know gay rights and how to handle having a child was totally different. I think th Thatbesiti, it's it's terrible. The way to d. You know a parent that tries to force their kid to. You know scare them straight or you know, force something that they're just not into on them to correct what they feel is wrong with them. I think that's Sucky, that's probably the suckiest thing. Here? U and then you know chill factor I think I kinda go. I have to go against Whit, any any journalist as far as reviews it got terrible reviews whic, I usually terrible reviews- makes me want to watch the movie even more because I feel like they get it wrong so much of the time Um. So I can't really back at me in sucky movie, based on critical acclaim. That's what I gather Axue, I'm trying to I'm still trying to process all this. You know you're. I it's a lot to take it yeah yeah, but you know what like you're right, though, because you can't listen o just one person on a review. That's why I'm the same way as you. If somebodys tells me a movie, is completely horrible Ye. I want to see it because I want see why it's so bad and a lot of times. I think, Mike's the same way as well like we can watch a really shitty movie like we did a couple of weeks now that was fun yeah we watched dead heat, I mean: How much did you laugh on yeah? I Lau it's just like it's a shitty movie, but it's funny, but I thought it was interesting. Ma'am Ancrs, you said Y, so you thought it was sucky because you thought the movie was a great movie right, yeah this one I flipped on it said H. I didn't get the recognition ot deserve, which is how I feel about a lot of my friends' bands yeah. It sucks like sometimes like something's, really amazing, and it comes out and nobody sees it. Nobody knows about it ye, and this is one of those movies. I didn't care. If I won this round or not, I think people should go out and watch bestdeller, it's one of those movies where no just nobody knows about it when you post something up on social media and everyone picked every other movie, except for that one. That day- and I was like this is puls I noto this so I can go. I always need movies to watch. We all know, there's there's a lot more downtime than previous years, so it's good to happe Elye to go to go to exact that one you'll have to rent it. It's that's the only thing it's like. If anybody wants to see this one, it's not on prime or anything, I actually own a copy, the DVD, but if uh you need to see it, it's Li. I think it's like three, ninety nine or something like that n. You got think CI pass. It Hey' got to make your money back somehow yeah I mean seriously: It's been around since nineteen seven go watch, it h and actually before you get too far away from the last ground, we 'ere talking about all the devastation in nineteen. Ninety nine with that earthquake. You were part of some devastation too, and I meant to ask you, but we we moved on to the next round, you're part of Woodstock. Ninety nine, were you still there when, like all the shit went down when all the fires started and whatnot? No, we actually we played on the first day, so we got, we had nothing but one of the best experiences of our lives. I mean that was you know at the time that was the biggest Crob we had ever played in front of. It was all great bibes. We O K as soon as we were done, playin and we went ent over the other stage and we hung out and watched Um. You know some some other amazing shows and we got out of there that night 'cause we had you know we were. We were just starting to weereactually getting really busy. I would have loved to hung out there metospect, I'm glad we got out of that. We didn't have to be a part of the Shit, show yeah seriously like. That was one of the things I think we talked about Woodstock Ninety four, a couple of weeks back and how we we wanted to go. There was only tenth grade, but in ninety nine it was like we wanted to go, but it was so commercialized I mean I like an I live kind of close to where bethl is th originallyally. So when that one came up and it was like how far is that from us Mike like two and a half hours- probably what a Bethel? No Ninety nine, that was in Rome, Oh yeah, that's yeah at least two and a half hours so like it was just one of those things the ere like do. We want to go and we ended up watching a part of it on pay per view, but it was like that last day when it just went awry and it was crazy, like people e e crowd surfing on those boards from from all T, I don't even know where theywere pulling Hem from Uteo crowd surfing on those o fires everywhere, bucking nut. It reminded me a little bit ot twenty twenty Yif toy. Twenty was a concert of Wulok. Ninety nine in Richards teck yeah. I was like look. We have 't INAAS to act like toal assals. Somebody Call Fred Durs to do the anthemer this year right, Al Ight, micranger. You picked up a point. Take control of theboard get to select the next category for our first to point round all right. Once again, I'm just not expecting this. I I'm trying extremely hard to be fucking terrible, but this is not working out for me. I'm just a really bad judge. No you're doing great, I'm ter Mike loves at yeah. This is working out for me. I should fuck in bring my worst more often right, Um, so I'm going to go with TV that that seems fun that worked out with me for the telephone. So on September, Twenty Third Nineteen, seventy six PAT Marida made an appearance on welcome back cotter as Japanese inventor Mister Takahashi. For the first episode of the second season titled Career Day, Mister Takhashe appears as a speaker at the school's Career Day. He offers Mister cotter a job in Chicago with a better salary, but of course mister cotter declined, so he can continue to teach the sweathogs for basically no money, and so the welcome back cotter spent off Mier t and Tina was born and premered on ABC two days later. On September, twenty Fth nine teen, seventy six comedy explodes when East Meat West one of the first shows to feature a predominantly Asian cast, and let me assure you that each joke is handled with class and dignity nnineeen. Seventy sixmster t is a widow Japanese inventor, who has sent with his family from Tokyo to set up a Chicago branch for his employer. He hires an American woman named Tina Kelly played by Suzanne Blancho as a Livin nanny for the kids. The series was a total flop and although nine episodes had been filmed only five aire before the series was cancelled on October thirtieth nineteen, seventy six, I found a review of the pilot episode in the Hartford current titled Mister Teaantina, Lax Laughs and goes on to say that Mr Tinantina's prognosis is not good and that the re that it looks like a case of early death due to Terminal Boredom Pat Marida, actually left happy days to go. Do this there you got Mer, tnin, tenat, at's, pin what is it called, Mr Tister Andugina? Not only is it a terrible name, but MR T's, not in it, no there's no myster t, but I mean you know, that's just disappointing. Now at the Tim I I think that what's really frustrated here is that y. You left happy days, but on top of that it it's the most. It's the stupidest spint off ever. It makes zero sense like if Mister Woodman goes to another school. That's a spin off you just introduce some character for fifteen minutes and then just gave him his own show. It was like y. Why didn't he just get a a happy day spin off when you go open his own restaurant. They have a lot of happy days, topin all SA ther Rano. I think Santina would be a great like name for a glow wrestler. That's flunnty. Hollywood was on here a couple of weeks ago and glow sent us a bar of soap, which is pretty awesome. If you guys H, I gotta find that her link again, I'm Gon a post ot on our facebook. If you guys have that it's really cool bar sop, it's it's clear and it's got like all these bats like made into it. I don't even know how else she did it, but I it's so cool. I don't want to use it as pretty cool and I've dropped it several times, AI'm trying not to like get it wet. I don't know why I put it on the sable it. It's just O Helpyo. If you get it what I think Erd all right, man crush. What do you have fror the television round? Oh Man, what do I have for the television? Let's go September, nineteenth nine teeny, seven, here's a show that marks Suzanne Summers, huge return to television and everyone loves. Suzanne Summers is Chrissie. She was on three's company, a S. man probably remember she left that show at the height of its popularity because of money. This was like if Jennifer Aston had walked away from friends, except like we talked about before this occurred: N Nineteen, eighty one and there're only like three stations. So just imagine how big that news was, and sadly it kind of tarnished her reputation at the time CBS they had planned to give her a show after she left when a B C basically put the Kaibosh on that they kept seying them like Ceasonju sist orders, so that never transpired so Suzanne. She headed to Vegas, which I don't know how many people actually know this. She left that show she couldn't get any other T v work, so she went to Vegas od residency for years. She was doing like six hundred shows a year, an a matter of fact: N Ninet eigh six. She was a lost vegas entertainer of the year right before she left there, so she was primed for a return and the networks came calling kind of so blorimar television. They pitched Suzanne to make her big return to television offering her at the time. This is unheard of twenty two week guarantee for two years and typically at this time the studios were only offering like a thirteen week guarantee if you got a guarantee at all, like micro, saying you get like nine episodes and five air. So what's the Catcher, the show was one of these new shows. It waspremier remember Thi S, nineteen seven. They were prommering that fall. They were made strictly for syndication. So, instead of having a prime time slot her brand new Sitcom called she's, the sheriff will air at seven thirty PM, which is a slot typically given a game, shows Um, but here's another great tidbit about this one- and I found this one in one of the old newspapers, so in three's company she was replaced by Priscilla Barnes. Well, Lorimar actually offered this roll two Prircilla Barnes first and barns balked when they gave her the deal and then they offered it to Suzanne Summers as their backups. So that's pretty awesome, but Suzanne summer she did get her two seasons. Forty four episodes as the lead character, Hildy granger on the show she's he sheriff she did get her. Forty four episodes, but TV guide would also rank this as the forty fourth worst show of all time, without going too deep. Here's what it's about Hildy granger lives in a town near Lake Tatl. This is from my MDB. By the way I couldn't watch past five minutes of this, her husband, the sheriff he dies and she just becomes a successor. I don't know how that happens, but it does in this T v show she tries to Baralance like her work life with raising her two children, and then she's got like this duchbag deputy named Max, who thought he was going to get the spot and the restehe show is he's trying to upstanger all the time, but since Mike Dropp Da Review, let me give you a rview of this one as well. There's a clip from the newspaper it as based on her talent alone. somers could pull this one off, but she sabotaged beyond repair by a laugh, free script, an atrocious direction. The humor is so broadly played loses whatever inherent punch, it might have had words on paper. At least we lose sight of the fact we're supposed to be chortling. The producers have installed a laugh track, remarkable for its inappropriateness, the artificial audience literally howls at every single scene, driving the real audience at home to distraction. We just want to grab the set with both hands and yell shut up. So that's when we got we got. She is the sheriff starring. Sue's, Ann Summers, wow an article that actually used the term Suzanne Summers and talent in the same sentence on I masterba I I was waiting for it. I thought for sure you were going to fish that that that this Tel she got was for thimaster. That was like that was in nineteen ninety, and that was huge man. 'cause H that kind of brought her back because she had that and then wasn't he the show she was on on ABC where step, U Step, step by hi sole and she had a good run on that. That was around for like a good six seven year, but it's just like that's right around the time like where Tgif I just kind of started to tap out and Miller. Boyat productions have become so stale by then well. You had Sausha Mitchellwas on it yeah, but then you got to watch 'em. Do a spinning roundhouse into a fucking vending machine. How stupid is I the kickboxer ne? He lives in a frucking van. How horrible must it be to live in a van in like Wisconsin hat the fuck of the winters like? Was it down by the river? I don't know as in their drivewalk an driveway, so you got this spuck an oil spot fugging on the basketball car all right, I'm sorry, all right Jezacman. What do you have for the television round? All Right? So if you had a show with Willrnett and kate washing it, one would think that would be halfway decents. The show also had Michael Malley. After all, the show I'm talking about is the Michael Malley show now the shows centered around Mike a thirty year old hockey enthusiast who lives with his friend Weezel, played by Mark Rosenthal and New Haven Connecticut after attending the wedding of his best friend Jimmy who is played by Willarnette Mike, begins to reassess his life and decides it's time to grow up. I also like how his you know. His description was he's a hockey enthusiis. It sounds like a horrible episode like the Bachelor now where they they have like theyre like their job description and it's like a chicken enthusiast. I saw that one time but anyway, like I mentioned this, show futured will Arnett at Kate Wash and I love Kate Wall, she's Alesome in the umbrella academy, and the debt episode was on September, twenty first ninetneen nd. Ninety nine and let me check my notes. It ran until September twenty eight, an nine hunded and ninety nine. They only aired two episodes before it was cancelled. They filmed they filmed. Eight six were unaired, so yeah two episode: That's all we got which ust surprising that premise seemes so promising, but Um yeah, Michael Mally, show aired September Twenty Irt, N, nine Hude, N N inety nine ended seven days later and h no particpation trophyed their kids. I think, if you mashed up all three of our shows, you could probably get one average show starring, Pi Marita. Somebody would watch it all right, let's sad down to AJ PAPAF for the ruling on the television round to be honesty, e showshe that they're all equally sucky talk. ABOUTTHIS is bad tellevision. I don't really like watching television to begin with, but I think mancrashe she's the sheriff rig. She is a ter. That's not the winner, but that I mean eaus. I Kat now on my birthday back in want Yoa resght, seven yeah, eighty seven, but it was my birthday. How old was I shit and we want ne to talk about that, but I think that Thatso that makes it not so sircy? U, I think re wins this one, because that's just terrible ecause. Nobody even remembers the name of the show that he said because I I don't know anything about the show. Nothing excited me about it. It got two episodes and it's it's cancelled. I mean that just thats a sucky year for anybody. What was the name of it again exactly right? It was the it was C. I lorke the Micael Malley show. How could you forget right? So congratulations JEA, finally want around I'm on the board and with that victory you tie up the game with Mike at two points. Apiece heading into the final round now drew because you won that round. You get the option of going first or deferring. Oh I'm going to blow it right here, I'll just go. First, I'm probably going to catch a lot or shit for this one, but I'm staying true to myself here, because I not a fan: okay, so hot products September, twenty tht, Houanine hundred and ninety nine, the VHS release of a Christmas story. I'm sorry guys this movie is overrated. I hate it. It's it's! I think TBS plays this frigging movie all day on Christmas or something like that. It's not that good! I'm sorry! I know people it's one of those like nostalgia things I get. It has no bearing on me whatsoever. I I do not like this movie. I think it's highly overrated. There are other staples right for for around the holiday season right. There's national impence, Christmase, vacation, Elf, the Sanda Claus M home alone for crying out loud, but a Christmas story. That's not one that I want to watch. I just don't think it's funny. You know! Maybe there's somee. I said some stalger there for people. I know there's alwas, you know a couple quotes n there. The people love to throw around every fucking year, but that's I don't think that's enough to make this movie decent. I I hate a Christmas story. I'm sorry, you left out the best h Christmas, Grovy, diehard Charliey Brown Christmas. That's also good yeah, one that was a good one yeah and I wouldg ladly watch charliey Brown over. I would watch any other movie on Tis, but this is on. Like it's, it's ONL repeat it's! It's not like Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I think it may be Christmas Day, but it's on Buck, an repeat the entire day. So clearly, I do not watch TVs that day, but anyway, yeah sorry. This is worst of for me. The V H S, release of a Christmas story hate it. I have the leg lamp in the next room, terrible real, quick on that. You said you're going to have a lot of people pissed off at you for saying that yeah I feel like I could say the same thing about Christmas music. I Hate Christmas, music, no lit Christmas outthe only. I think the only kind of Christmas music there should be is like Sonochoi croner Christmases like breaks and knock R Rosbi is Classi yeah. Like I mean, if you're not a cruner, don't sin Christmas sogs, please a couple of years ago for my wife's, I think it was for e fortieth birthday. I brought her up to foxwoods and I wanted to take her to a show and the only show that was going on at the time was marce reverser. It was. It was a Christmas show, but it was ninety eight degrees. So I was like to balance it out. I bought a. There was also a comic up there, so I got tickets to that, but I got that show and she was just like why the fuck shes, the new kids on the block fan like when she was little- and I was like it's ninety et degrees. It's Kindo closed right, like cit, Teo, nine to eigt Ti jasfeeling the heat in the winter. That is a good Danight, though good caul anyor girl an skiny. For me it was fun, but it was like so Hoky, like you said, like the music like. What are you guys doing, alt? Why you do it a Christmas show? Now, like you, I don't know it's e H. I totally agree with what both you guys are saying all right Mike Ranger. What did you bring for the worst of the hot products round? Well, so the issue with my pickure is that it's actually not there's nothing bad about it. This is actually a perfectly decent product, but it was the only like thing where I could find an exact fucking date. On September, nine ninetuee and eventy six in Japan, JVC released the first consumer analogue video recording tape, cassettes known to us and to the boys and girls listening at home as VHS short for video home system, along with the VCR tape, recording, had been a part of the television industry. Since the nineteen fifties, with the first commercialized videotape requarters known as vtrs bringing this tech to home se in Nin nineteen seventies created the home video market and completely changed the economics of both the movie industry and Television. Vs beat out Betemac as the industry standard in the nineteen eighties capturing sixty percent of the market and held strong against optical formats, like laser disk. Until two thousand and three, when DVDs became the new standard, VCR's were still being produced until the last known manufacturer cesed production in Twesan Ad Sixteen, but now Bademac actually was released in America in early nineteen. Seventy six and h the VHS and the VCR came out in American in n nineteen seventy seven, but it was release in nine Huteen and seventy six in Japan September. Ninth, why didn't you go with data? 'CAUSE DETA actually really did suck well, because I ba it didn't Co. The player wasn't released in the actual time frame that I had so I had to stay within the rules, otherwise whet it's cool, an you at least brought it up. You gave it some props, even though you've brought itto a worse stuff episode W en we still collect viajest tapes, and you brought that to a worst of UPSO. If you were to ask my wife, Tha VHS is the worst thing that ever existed. Yes, absolutely as somebody who just moved, holding a thousand vhs tapes and having to move them, yeah, that's not fun, so that could be the worst of. I dig that, however, I love 'em. Where did you? Where did you move to froming, where too you just moved e the same same town or yeah? I just I just moved. I moved like two towns over Asia. You just went through and moved yourself. He said right, yeah, that's why I was asking a at Fel. I feel your paying moving. Is it's like a mother Faer? Did you move V, ajst too? No! Actually I I found myself throwing away a lot of like hundreds of pounds of CDs and a bunch of actually, I gave a lot of waigh. I just set him out of my curve and, like L, let neighbors like take 'em, and I just can't I'm I'm as much as I like old school. I Love Vinyl records. Now more than ever 'cause. I actually started a collection when I was a kid and and kind of got away from it for the convenience of CDs and everything, and then man honestly now I just can't handle all the plastic. I just get it at it like it. Just takes up so much space tartaroot. I hear that I still have. I have a hutch. I have like over two thousand DVDs and I have a couple of handrob EST tapes, not as much as my ge, but I have close to a thousand CDs in this Hutch and they're closed in and I ha stack em like standing up. So you came and read what they are. The cleaall you see is like Thepluterside, so I don't know like I just can't pull them away from myself to throw them away. 'cause I've collected hem for so long, but like I'm, never going to use 'em, never get to use them like V S, an DVD I'm going to play. But when was the last time you played any of those sna ou mean cars, don't even have CD players anymore, you know or everything's just to or like USB. I was actually really disappointed when I got my new car and it didn't have the CD player Hav that booklet of like a hundred and seventy five fucking C ds. You know yeah all the ones you Burne, all your mixed, SEDS yeah. I I used to make blend tapes. Oh boner jams, number four theand, then I would iu put hidden th tracks on there and surprise my friends all right. So, let's close out this episode with man crush what do you have for the hut products round? Ight? Well, first off I'm glad 'cause. We all picked the SEAME PR pretty much 'cause h September, nine nineteen seven mine's a little bit different than a normal hot project, not the product itself per se, but the fact that these products are highly sought after, but it wouldn't get released until January of nineteen. Eighty eight, and not only didn't they get the release of these probdects in September, but the companyes at hand they totally miss out on the entire holiday season, this one's a Dezy to stick with me here. So in September there was a court order that was put out in San Francisco was issued to halt the distribution of both hoosers and the Oscar Ward, winning war classic platoon and the kicker is this: Like hoosers was already shipped to video stores around the country store owners. They were being mandated to pull the videos from their shelves put tune. On the other hand, it didn't get shipped yet so that title it wouldn't show up in any of these stores until after the injunctions were actually lifted. So, since hogers was already in stores these distributors, they had to beg their customers to not sell or rent these movies. Although, like they had no legal right to do this because they already owned them, they had them in their possession, they paid for them, but they were like. Please do not sell these, so this howl went like bestron video. They filed a law. UT, remember vestaurant video, like all the cool videos, had that V, they woure come up in the beginning of your rental. Lthey claimed t if they own the home, video Ritsto, both films and Vestauran, was suing the producers this both of the films actually his h MDL productions, and they were claiming that they were slow in sending the platoon, like master cassette, to Vestauran, to be transferred to video after paying them five million dollars in advance for exclusive rigts to Hemdale to make platoon. So they basically gave Hemdale the money, so they can do this movie before any of this even happened. So in response Hemdale said the Vesturon, like they forfeited all those Roghts when they failed to pay in a timely fashion, so hemdale ended up selling these rits to both movies to hbo for Fifteen Million Dollars. Now three hundred and fifty thousand copies of platoon were already presold to stores Byhbo and a retail price of ninety Nin. Ninety five: a Tape dos roughly two hundred and thirty dollars in tweandy twenty some fucking deal right there hoosers and already had two hundred thousand copies or already out, and that one was going for eighty nine, ninety five, so you could see these were pretty hot. I mean the PATUNA. Reddy was presold and, if you could recall, like Patoon had won the Oscar for e best picture that year. So people wanted to see this movie and with Christmas three months away. This is now like a perishable commodity, especially for both these companies. There's a lot to this story, I'll keep it brief. I'll keep t the last park short here, but basically like Hemdale screwed over Vestauran, when they they caught win, that they can get more than seven million dollars, which is the total amount that they were going to get from Bestaron. They claimd, you know, vestaurant was slow and paying it so they nullified that contract and they sold it the HBL for more than double and here's the rumor all right. So the rumor going around that I found in newspapers is this Mikeill love this one. This was in response to Vestauron Turning Down Hemdale's movie pitch to them for goolies, because they said it was too expensive only to pick up the movie from Charles Bannn for like peanuts, so people around the industry thought that Hemdale was pissed off about that and that's why they kindof like scumbagged aon this, but in the end vestaurant ended up winning a war. Here, the HBO ended up Paying Vestauron Fifteen point seven million dollars and gave up the rights to Vestauran after September. First, nineteen, eighty for ten years, so HB kept their the price of this video ceept for ninety nine dollars, which led terrible shit sails pretty much. Everyone was just renting it and then September. First Nineteen, eighty eight when Vestauran took over they slashed the price to thirty dollars and sold the shit out of it. So all the vhs heads out there when you find two different copies ones on HBO or one's a vestaurant copy. That's why so it's kind of a fucked up story, but both those titles are supposed to come out and just never did ruin Christmas. Now are the HB O, where the Vestauran ones like collectors' editions. Now, if you can find them, I don't know like the restaurant one you cand find pretty easily. I actually have a vestaurant one, the HBO One, it just Daes he bo at the bottom in the front. It's the only difference. Really I don't have one. Do you have one like? Do you have a platon copy? No, you know what I I might have a copy of hoosers, but, like I I tend to like really only hold on to like the obscure stuff. So I have not Benth on BN, JS I'll, have to check and see which versions. It is. Oh Man, let's pull our tapes out and it also depends on what oer all right. So let's go right down to AJ popoff for the final ruling on this game. So when you guys went so it's hot products, you guys all just by chance, went with movies yeahmucking bizarre. It happens, making it tough on me, 'cause. Let's see, Ivbeen a Rul, I'm I'm a rule outlike. So I'm sed of Jus. Finding that the stuckiest one off the top, I'm ging t start with things I think, are the coolest, so I wuld say vhs tapes man, I think they had one of the longest rides out of all platforms. Right I mean the bhs tapes for movies was kind of like vinal records. I sort of feel like right, yeah yeah. I I think s I mean the quality. Wasn't the in our Horrd Iman? They were using bchest tapes to even like record music, for while they were like the m there was, there were recording machines that used atink pe S. Tames I cund be toal Bull Shit, some a googe that mean crrect me reiter theb. You know, let's see Christmas, a Christmas story, I'm with you on that. I don't think it's a great movie. I think it's definitely way over rated and it's I'll turn it onf for a minute to remind myself the season and try and get in the spirit and then IIE with the helm. I watching that you go record a Christmas unless you recordn a classic. Stop people stop trying to write Christmas, sogs ass, terrible, terrible, the the videos that got boy caught and they were like fritten of these. You know manufacturing all these hard pieces of product and they couldn't get shipped right originally like methat's like a big sucky fuck you to y. u the manufacturers and the money put into this movie or a so for for that. I think it's the suckiest of the year Um, so you win. I think that's Asackia story when Youre hear. Oh things, there's so many yeah, there's so many levels to it. That's why I picked this because, like Y, U you fucked up Christmas, I don't know many people were actually buying platomas for somebody for Christmas, but I think you know as a gift to yourself over the holidays. Somebody would want to add that to their collection, and that can never happen because they completely fucking ruin that and who's yours engineas a whole in Rop. I think that was more movie category, because it's not really a product N. I guess it sort of is a product, but I guess I was sort of waiting to hear. Like fimaster, I e a seen on t V products that really suck that Beas said. I mean you, know: You'e puttng down a product, a movie, an video of Sav or each of stapes in general. That's a product. I mean they Sol, they presold three hundred and fifty thousand of that platos insane and it couldn't even get sent out. I mean it's so like the whole deal, I I actually wish. I could have found more information on the actual lawsuit itself to see what the truth was 'cause. I was just going off what newspaper said from back then, but it's still pretty fucked up deal that you know they agreed at seven million dollars. They backed out sold it from more than double, and then you know they just couldn't do anything 'cause of a courting junction for like what four months- and it's not T it was in every month's paper, like multiple stories for Mon, which is allright for the for the manufacture, I guess of the movie right 'cause th y. They actually made more money in the end. Ultimately, I feel bad for the video stores 'cause, like you know, that was people's bread and butter and especially in nineteen o seven, there ere a lot of mom POPs. She didn't have blockbuster really. You know you had like these smaller mom pop video shops. Now they couldn't even sell these two gigantic title Heh for that year, so it does kindo suck, but that was a devastating time for for a movie rental or man crushed well, just like inhoosers. You come from behind and win this game three to two wo I'll. Take it I'll, take it it'ai'm a little rusty. We have like a month off, I feel. Like you know, things fell apart a little bit, but we uh yea. It's it's one of those things like we do this every week and not doing it for a month. Ohav. You felt it like. You felt like. No, you know. Is it the same thing when you guys do music like if you don't do it like every single day? Do you feel off yeah I mean we've only played I mean we have it's this whole year. All of our shows got canceled, so we we went from like no shows to to putting out we wid like one of those live streams from Um Brooklyn, buwl ierl as a band that has a play together all year and we're like. Oh now we're going to do this like toper vulnerable, show where you're like you know, trying to do a like a t, v Mix, basically a live mix and no crowd, and just the most awkward thing ever, but yet so to go from Zeroto Eleven, that's Goti! How does that feel when you're doing that? With no crowd, I mean it looks awkward for us to watch some of them, but it's so cool to watch. You guys put it together with multiple pieces and people being in different places like. Is it just bizarre like what are you thinking in your head? It's man, it's it's! You feel very vulnerable. It's like IT SAI AWKWARD! It's not! You know to Kinda sating, where used to take the recording studio's one thing: You're kindo used to that and it's Kindo Weird 'cause we've always been alive band and we've we thrive on an audience and to be honest with you, so many years playing clubs like just that close quarters with with us a Ho sweaty crowd and just that energy exchange, its Kinda like what fed us and made us than we were so then going from that to like having some success to where we're able to play like bigger stages and bigger, cowdswewere, further and further away from the people that fellt awkward at first. But we got used to it, it actually grewto like love it ecause, it's a whole different kind of energy. It's like it's a massive crowd of people which I know prefer but but to do like t v shows you know like doing like a Jaylano show at least there's like a there was a studio audience. That's like Cana. You know tubdy belt fifteen feet away from Yo. If not more and the AC said it like. You know sixty five, so you're freezing cold in you know you got this guy, Jy, Leno or or any of those late night stars that you're used to watching on T v, so you're kind of like it's just the most like nerve, racking thing ever. That's why I think, maybe you see so many life performances on Lakenet shows and what not work you know band sometimes totally choked, and I get it ' You're freezing, you're nervous, you're out of your element, so you to do do something like a livestreaming show is: Is Kine Bik the you know it's one of those! It's just like it's different. It's not why Hou got inthe business to do you know virtual shit. That's not real right right right! I ain't back in it an! I hope we don't do very many more of those but Yo. Now that be as said, there's I'd rather do that than not play at all so I'll. Take it right! WHER! Do you guys feel like going forward, because I saw you already have dates plan for next year, ht yeah, we're Um. We actually, we have a European tour with bowling for SUP UM on the books already and tickets. Weraeay are already ONSA almost shit. I think day too they were like thirty percent sold already that's not till next year, so people are dying to go to live shelvs, even though you know you got to be within reason. You know everyone's got to kind of do w at they're, comfortable with and follow the rules to to not screw anybody else out of their program. An I mean, like everyone's got, their own beliefs as to what we should all Ben doing right. How do you think? How do you think music's going to be, though I mean like everything else? We can kind of social distance and we could do this and that with music, it's it's so intimate and like especially with the crowd- and you know, with rock you got like a mash pit or this and that how do you think that whole thing is going to change like? Have they said anything to like what kind of restrictions are they putting on these shows? Or are they saying anything like that? R They're? Just hoping for a back I've already seen it like I mean most states do have like restaurants are open like to where you C U eat outside. If the tables are spaced out enough and you're, you know outdoors whatever. I see that and a lot of places California ha o Tennessee. Has It tene's a lot more like laid back than a lot of places, but I I kind of feel like if you were able to sit at dinner tables. You know that are six feet apart. Then you know why not have a guy on stage that's, instead of at a table he's over on a stage plane, bfor these people at ther tables at a restaurant like I, don't see the difference really in that it's going to take some time- and I think you know- everybody's got Ta like Yo as we are doing, shows virtually, except that you're not going to get your way a hundred percent, and you know playball play by some of the rules an and let's get there. You know n when it's time and I think we can't just not push it a little bit. You know a little more and more to kind of get us there, otherwise we're going to sit and eat a purgatory from the rit. Who knows it's inevitable that well I'm in New York, so like we're, we're still pretty Mikewould, you say we're still fairly locked down. I mean we're we're starting to get back to normal a little bit, but then they pull the rains back all the time. So yeah ot like weird it's weird right now, it's like every time we think we're getting somewhere. We go a couple of steps back. I guess yeah we get pulled back over here. It's it's bizarre. Like I have two concerts, I bought Billy joll tickets last October to Seema Masand Square Garden and that's pushed back till November O next year. So it'll already be two years since I bought tickets G NR tickets, I had at U City or Metlife stadium that got pushed back to next summer. I think next year, though, if everything starts to go well, people are going to lose their minds at concerts. I think it's going to be like it's true. I mean just just going off lik like ticket sales for next year for for the tour, they're they're, definitely selling quick, but also the tourbus companies they're requiring cash deposits already for summer tours next year, because theball the bands are reserving all its worbuses. It's good, though I man, hopefully we get back and it goes back to normal. We can all you know, go to concrerts beassles again and be drunk and light shit on fire and Surf on boards. Like it's, nineteen inety, nine twe all we all definitely want that and it's just a matter how we get there and hope we get their serer later. Where can people go to find like your shows and stuff like that that are going to be happening? I mean anywhere else, so halmediate lip ban official or you K, ow. We have a website lived an ot COM um, but yeah. Would we keep everyone updated and ether stuff, there's tefinitely stuff coming up the virtual? We got some virtual stuff. I mean I think, we're going to put that you still actually get that show like a rewatch. You know for obvousy a reduced prize. We're we're doing we're working on after we're not working ow. There's a film company working on a documentary on us right now that we're that we're going to be firing out and we're Gong T. we, this g other stuff we're going to probably put out on that flick. We got home Vigeo we put out yours, go you Guysyou, guys have seen I bit iut almost three hours long and it's just it's crazy, just to watch whether you're a fan of our ban or not to watch the process of a band that'. You now been together for twenty five plus years, but we we always had a video camera with us, so you watchd the process of being a band that you know goes on our first tour and walks into the clubs at you know empty aside from, like you know the loaders and like the bartender and just watched the development over the years and how it progressed into the making of the records the tours as they got bigger in the backstation anagans and the excitement, and all that it's just kind of cool to see how the nineties, you know we caught the tail end of the nineties and we still got to be part of you know the MTV bands and doing trl and all that stuff. So you K now people that want to see behind the scenes of that. You know that kind of stuff and from guys that had had a big dream as high school friends to to one day be on the Radio One day, Beyon MTV and just how we made it happen. That's we just thought ma'am. How could ant it? We just throw this thing up on net flix and give people an opportunity to to watch it when they're got nothing better to watch, run atexactly some one's that going to be on Eflix we're reactually right now. We actually just had a meeting about the the outlets where there a Bhulo Amazon, prime that and so that's all in the work right now. I hope, sooner than later 'cause I m honestly we're K, I'm rightin down soneime someone talks about a show or a documentary, I'm literally like, but whats that again it'll be like the new tiger king. I Wan to like totally by the way there's an episode of Tier King. Did you see that where he actually sits at a compurin like he goes, the Tukes like T, Tatata, tettetl atent and is is oo bad. Like pointed tat out, ere like what the ose that show is class like that was the Otier country in March and April, was completely invested that one and have you seen that don't fluck with cats or whatever I's called no. What's that check that one out I wa is that on Neflix also yeah o man, it it's real Stoutso, it's the most disturbing thing. I've ever seen, Aunto the next Agamo. It's crazy, almos awesome, it's more like animal cruelty or something or is it just like? It goes beyond that. It's like cerial killer, weird, just watch it gain seriously like. If got it's worth cutting on your list. Can I watch it like here's? The reason I asked at my daughter's fourteen to anything I do where if she walks past an animal getting tortured, she will lose her shit. Does it it doesn't show there's one scene. That is, I can't even watch it 'cause. He hasn't, but the recipe is more about this spaco path and just this mind, fuck of a journey and how th Y, how they like stock, the guy and kind of find him he's like sort of hiding behind his profile that he sort of made up, and he just he torments people, but they end up. You GOTT T, guess all right! That's it's going on the list tonight. Tonight's line up is going to be chilfactor and then putting that on right after it, and you have a cameo too aa you want to like plug all your stuff. Now before you go, you know we honestly, we don't really have we're actually riding right now, new lit stuff, but we s mean youhad mentioned m bands that had that came out with new singers or different members or whatever, and they shouldn't have called it. You know, don't call it the same thing. Whatever we actually put out a record. The last one we pat upt was called these other days and my brother and I have been coming to Nashville now for a decade and a half Um. Writing we rent a lot of country music too, and we always sort of kept the two separate but as the years went on and as we got older and our tastes kind of like we grew into this L, falling love of country, music and writing that we had all these songs that we had written and were like whether someone else cuts him or not. Like we love these songs, Le's recorder, recording these songs and we ended making a whole record and putting it out w. We went back and forth about. We should we fued out or not, and we put it out as lit in retrospect. That should have been something we call pop off brothers. 'cause. That's was separate from what Kindof like the identity, ind the brand wh hat os, not wer brand, but it's the easiest way to explain it: Fans of the music weren't, all necessarily on board, with our entire story on how we kind of arrived at this place, N as songriders. So we we decided to split it and I think it was like once we did that and my brother and I were like the Ma- were the main songriters an as well, so we kinda by separating the two it opened up the flood gate of his inspiration to right classic whip sounding music 'cause we're like now. We can do this, but it's a different thing. So we're going to keep writing that. But we have a bunch of classic late nineties, early two thousand sounding lit songs that I think are fans will be happy to hear that we're not um taking 'em down this road o sin up, for you know what I mean, but I think people understand that too, like your musical taste changes just like anybody else's over the years. So you know if you go down to different paths, T's, not all about money. It's all about! You know what you guys want to do hundred for someow yeah. If you come out with something I I totally dig tat, I listen to your new stuff thatit's on spot. If I would it come out like twenty eighteen or something like that, it's not that old yeah! It's different. I mean a lot of people do that like when h, but you know what I get. What you're saying when, like I said before, I'm a big pro jam fan when they did that whole, like Middle Eastern, sound, like in t, was like mid nineties or whatever, and at first I was kindof like that was Kinda Weird, but then I got into it. You know it's just maybe you open up the eyes and ears to H. do other taste so yeah. To be honest, I I'm more than happy to do like we had a lot of lit fans that, actually I shou say the majority of majority of the old school fans were saying nothing but positive things about our our more country, meaning stuff, but h. It feels good to separate the to now. It feels great to get ou such a Belm O, not 'cause. We were like combining that our set was, like you know, thirty percent and new stuff that so for me, especially as a singer like when I sing the stuff we rit here, it just naturally comes out just different. You know what I mean m so to have to Kindo like go back twenty years in style yeah. It's almost like just even how you talk to your friends or just just as a person. How you dressed twenty years ago, was different so to like sort of do like a a vocal costume change. You know, just you're right does feel good to sort of put myself back in that place. I was even ten years ago, fifteen years ago and just feel that and embrace it and rock out more I'm ready to do it. I wasn't ready to do it five years ago. That's awesome, though at least you guys are doing it you're still doing it. I mean for a long time as long as you know, there whole reason for shipping it to begin with his like. If we're not excited the O stage, then we're faking it, and I would never wan to you, know it's J, St. It's No fun when you're not like feeing, it l last question when h th, when the word lit became a thing. What you like, Fuc you just j St Grab, a hold of it and like whatever honestly I I mean, I don't think it really. The only way it really affected us was there were too many companies th that are codyright lawyer had to go. Yeh Kindo go after not on a small level but like like when the cardash an start, putting out like lit rats and Litz over like hey, like that's our Oto, we own that can't just go putting out merch that SAS lit on it, so that gut a little weird, but to be honest with you, like you C uld, if you re, if you put up Hash Tag, wthe only thing that did kind of like ASE, we had to start adding band at the end lit bad that'. That's why I asked you because, like when I was looking you guys up again, I had to put band on everything 'cause every time I put lit, I get like weed manufacturers and, like all different kinds of shit, it's like God! This is tough! Now you do you guys own the rights that word at decens wits license. You know for music as Lices, for you know, merchandise, but people C. it's let that slit things like that. Now we don't hang that maybe you'll get people that are just typing it in looking for, like those weedbrands and they're, like Oh shit, lit, has a band and then t y, you get new fans, ca s, that's pretty sweet. There have been a couple like rapars or like young bands. I didn't really know I thin that started kind of using it and I e it's hard, O fime. You know as soon as they go t put their band name in they sae. Oh crap, it's Te Pan and that's like we had wax the wrapperon and he goes through the same shit with you know with wax, but I figured I had asked that 'cause a it was a pain when I was like searching for stuff. I was like no, no, I got a fuck, I gotto put like lit band and no websites lipband com, right yeah, a d when we first came out people had asked about the name lit back in the day was like lit, like you guys get stone all the time like is 'cause, that's what Rit as donit. What lit neans now is more like what we named the vanabout. No I mean like we were like lit. Was Our energy was, you know, I think t ere was like someone reviewed reviewed. One of our early shows I I was like a d. You can't say this anymore: either ut it was like watching a bomb go off in a building 'cause. I we tri to put an arena show in a plub Li me try to like. So you know our show was wit and and nothing to do with getting high o t I'm out of cose to it. I don't think anybody here is, but thanks a lot for coming on man. I really appreciate it and best the luck with the TOR and everything else. Anytime. You want to come back man seriously. It would be cool if you came back. I appreciate you guys me sorry again, O was late today. So no do' do don't e sweat it. A making people wait, got o Don Carse, so ecaal right be well EJ thanks, ojtake care men ti you all right. Well, that's another wind for man, crushing the books. Remember T head over to ficebook dotcom forward, slash dualing decades join our private group, where you can share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time dewelers were going to bid you a piece love light and a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmarymedia