Dueling Decades
Oct. 7, 2020

Another retro sit-down with the man who isn't even supposed to be here today, Brian O'Halloran

Another retro sit-down with the man who isn't even supposed to be here today, Brian O'Halloran

Thanks for all the messages about last week's retro throwback episode! There is nothing like reliving the past with a little fireside chat. We know you want some more Dueling Decades, but we're still on vacation. Don't worry though, we're going back in time once again! This week we get to rehash an epic conversation we had with Brian O'Halloran! It's funny to listen back to an episode that we did three short years ago. So much has changed since then, and we got to hang out with Brian a few months after this interview, and he's as cool as expected. Great guy and I hope we can get him back on Dueling Decades one day as a judge!

In this retro sitdown, the decadent boys of the stall delve deep into Brian O'Halloran! You may know Brian as Dante from Clerks, and 37 other Hicks characters from the View Askew universe! The boys and Brian talk about his love for the Rangers, what life is like for a Jets fan, the worst job he ever had, Clerks, the party life of convention stars, and even how to deposit a check for .06 cents. Brian weighs in on the ill-fated Clerks cartoon, Clerks 3, the Jay and Silent Bob reboot & Mall Brats. Mr. O'Halloran becomes the first guest to ever check in on Shawbag, as his bizarre silence was staring to freak everyone out. And who the hell is Rick Mancrush?! Check this one out, there is a lot of goodies inside.

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Werae Medi'm doing that CASS as Wa piece of all guys and thinks are having me on the show. Will it be the nineties R had any babies a crack babies, Willa, Benamana Ormadan, maybe Britey? Maybe Whitney do you like new metal, O new wave, theygrow or Super Dav? I don't know, but now the vatl begins. Duling, degids and Leze Wins Jon, not even supposed to be here today B here today, Inot een se to be here today. Welcome back to the program fellow Poopers, its episode. Ninety two of the RAW Raunchy and Ritos round table the poop culture bodcast this week we are privileged to be joined by actor director and not to mention die hard. New York Rangers Fan the one in only Mer Brian o'halleren. I am marked James and filling out your earholes on the rest of this Narley crew, rickmancrush Eric macker in Shabag six gentlemen good evening, and how you be good good thanks for coming on Brian Myou're, a big rangers fan as marking myself are also big rangers fans, the whole the shot and cirk signing it's. He tich right, I mean you're, pretty excited about that. Yeah, I'm very excited about that M. I think shatnkirk gives us a level of coufince on the Blue Line now of really good shooter a set up man, for you know the power play an an overall big body that can actually they can play, do some damagere, yeah nok and then the thing that I find cool is you: do these cons and stuff the whole geeks out of it? It's like his name is part William Schatner and half Captain Kirk, like you really can't beat that that's pretty awesome. True it is. It is the Weird Kindof love child of Teigo. That is Shaer. That would be awesome. Do you think they'll get a cup before hand calls it quitswell. I don't think Hanka's much farther to go. I say he's got a few more three more years, if M, so if they movit around they've gotten a lot younger with the moves that they did getting rid of jerarity buying him out, we I loved Jority when he was here, I'm sad to see him e go, but his body is starting to break down e needing to get younger. The big surprise was cline retiring. I didn't expect that at all nope there must have been some sort of injury that was in a level of non rehabilitation or rebuilitation, not to the point where you coald actually be more competitive as you are. So that was the surprise for me on that time, but I'm I'm interested to see how this is going to work. It's going to be a lot younger of a team Um. We now have a new bench coach as well, so that'll be interesting to bring in him and see how he adds his experience on the bench. Does it scare you, though, now that Ranta has been traded, like you said, like hanks, just kindof on his way down, I think he's played like seven hundred and twenty games somewhere around there and rictor only paid like six. Ninety nine! So we're already past that point. Now we don't have anybody backing them up and Ranton did great for the last two years. So that scares me. I have a funny feeling Um that Ranta has an injury from his last injury. That's not getting him back to ane hundred percent ain't. The Rangers staff saw that and I thought they were seeing that move as an essential move. We have this Russian kid in our minor league system. WHO's coming up right, eally, really good, and I can see him being on the fast track of going through and getting up to the majors ere. Soon I think who we picked up is a good cover for now. I don't think I don't see him being the final backup by the end of this season, but we'll say, yeah we'll see and also I've seen you at some of these cons wearing like metch jerseys. Are you also ar a mets fan or you just like the Jersey, I'Ma Nex Fanit is sad. It is ad because I'm a ranger met New York, Jeck football, my God, you like me, dude an new Yorkwe are like glutting for punishment. I know pain and disappointment, 'slike Rick's, going to start filating. Oh my Sayad Dude, like New York, N Gand's, going to have a heart attack. Ause he's a Boston Fan, yeah he's Aa sit through this rangers talk just for a few minutes he's like und these breins are fourin out of 'em. It sucks. This is a tough year man. This is the year that I thought the mets are going to take it in the next level and, of course, yhe Thor goes down early and basically there's a season and then just one after another. They all go down and now they're like what seven games behind five hundred million games, oaut o first place, and I think Um, it was said quite eloquently by Rondesaid it best when jzonic blew out his hammy running to first after heading ahead. These trainers are not training these picters correctly, and I think the this era of only throu hundred hundred dollars old at the old ship fulshate all the time as a Ay is a bull, shuld kind of move. I think back in the day, I remember Noland picheres going an tire games. They Weren' e ijured yeah. You Save those ninety Milan hour picheres as your closing patch, not as your every day, and so it's it's really sad to see these young salad, really great talent, Bol out shoulders blow our elbows blowing out. You know the muscles and stuff, and so I think it's a TR. I think there needs to be a new school of training and Ron Darling nailed it greatlike a week and a half ago, and so- and I agree, I've been saying that for a while to my friend so yeah for sure I remember as a kid. I think it was noone Ryan, seventh, no hiter, it was the last one he had to be like forty three forty four D. I remember it was like a hundred and thirty pitches. Nobody does that Terry Comones, what he yank that guy in the foreierwith, no inner, he would a Gamit's a Batrere's got al. It's about placement and movement of the ball getting to locations. You know you throw the fast brushback pitch so then hidden with a slow curbe on the outside corner. It's those type of you know. It's teaching that strategy either a the young telent doesn't want to hear it or b the trainers just don't know how to to get them to throw more movement or teach them more movement rather than just fireball fireball firable. You know these young Dads, see their sons throwing really hard and straight, like Oh, my God, I'm going to be a millionaire off my son and just only teach him that when that's not it, if you can teach hem a great curbl, a great change up and an amazing, you know fastball and then just God to the exact antr pitches, but just place them in different spots. You will be making a career for a long time. I mean look at Colefic, perfect, macle f. What you're saying, though, is Mahorvey right now right: bt, colone, Colo May Yeh Youlrer by moving the ball, not by Helon tofar people right, and he started out like that. He used to blow it by guys and then he just was crafty, except for this year. This year he was a dumpster fire. But Oh, let's move on B, my God. I could talk about this all day, but the people that listen Os podcast will be like what the fuck. You know s sitting at the studio. Here I do have a clerk's action figure in the studio that I picked up a terrcon of all places, Onrhode island. Sadly, it's a randal doll and H, but I will say that the ratdle dollas on sale for five dollars and they didn't have one Dante, so that must mean, like all years, must have sold out. Yes, I was told by the graffiti people themselves. I know the owner of that company made those, and I always said to him I said Lookman: Are you making more batches of Thessik? No Man, you sold that pretty quickly. I was like wow really. He goes yeah so M as ars. I know that whatever's out in the market is out on the market. If you can, if you find them somewhere, they're rare now, theyrthers be hard to find and they're awesome there in these big cases, which is rare they're, not in like some small Dinky case and r talking about the new black and white one, the big at yeah, yeah Y, P, yeah, the other ones. You can't find anyere that you're talking to the Grafidi ones, O those are gone rjust. Just speaking of Conslik, we met you a comicon just bout three weeks ago. You know that was a blast. We had a great time. We had a booth for the first time there, but you do these things all the time, but I don't know how hell you do with, though Aam, because, like after one day, we had a whole episode about this, and after one day I was fucking spent. How do you do like a multiple day can and just get through it have to deal with us like assles, like aness, wo, Cooi Yeah? I know. First of all I mean I ma ation, so I'm not walking the whole com the entire time, plus I'm a big nerd fan of other people who are there as well. You know, Um. There are times where I get to have lunch or whatever, with some other of the celebrity does, and it's you know surreal to me that I get to have kind of conversation, just regular kind of conversations while Fan's like o my God, I loved you and such and such remer that et e sord. When you did such a touch- and I don't have to do that I' hot- to be that way, so in a way meeting, other guests Cimonder as well, I'm just by the grace God v, been in a bunch of really great films, Hat I'm on that side of the table, as opposed to being on the other side, which I used to go to conventions. When I was younger as well so M, it's a lot of fun. It gets me to travel a lot of the Times. It's the travel that I enjoy. Yet I leave tomorrow for Raleigh North Carolina for Raleigh supercon and then two weeks later, I'm in Fort Lauderdalfror, Florida, supercan and then Um I'll be going eventually to Oklahoma City and Nashville and a few other places, so the towns themselves are always allowed ofi. I bet we actually this as a table that we had. This is the first time we had a booth. We always did it as fans, and this was the first time that we had a booth and we had people coming up to our booth, probably not anywhere close to what you get 'cause we're. I was actually pulling people more ar booth a lot more, but you do like a circuit of these things. It's almost like you're, like like a band on the road. You do so many of these yeah. It was really funny Ohhurley sentit. We like a band of traveling actors in a repertory, putting on the same circus of a show from city to city cause. We well see the same people, not the exact same people that go to showtoshow, but I e Mik of like thirty forty guests that eventually you'd take that random the bunch and they meet up again and meet up again and and, like I said, it's a lot of fun and we sh we swop stories of different. You know things and stuff, but lovthe time the guests are always like. What's the best restaurant to go to an town, Hey man is there a specie speak easy or something. So we try to take it o that type of stuff like when o hes time, traveling back up an atoniere's, a bunch of Hem, actually Ao, really yeah d. You know Seoangun from the GUARDAN SNA o get to go. This pehe loves going to speak ESES and finding out where they're at Thath, that's frigging, crazy, so you' e you're on the road of fair amounts. I'm IAM sure you have a shit ton of stories from the road and W we get bands on here all the time they always dog. This question from us. We always ask Hem: Hey you guys, are torn all the time, tell us a crazy story from the road or whatever, and they always give us some Kindo like lame story. It's not R. is there anything crazy about these band of actors that you go round? What t tyou guys do sometimes some of the groups of actors, and sometimes certain actors, Um, you know- will get into trouble in different ways: usually the r their party lifestyle, sometimes and sometimes don't expectit from certain guests like I never thought that person was intia lot of strip clubs or something like that or you know like why Foran Gin, O pail money for who now, but it's that type of stuff that you'll hear later on, like Oy, got so and so started a fight at the hotel bar or someone tried to pick a flig with so and so or something of the nature of like. Did you see the circer that came in and she was totally a hooker? It was that type of thing and those ethose are far in few between, but when they happen, it's like ow really, but we have fun as well like we'll do karaoke or something like that, and someone that you least expect will get up and kill it in Karaoke and you ere, like I didn't, even know this person even sang. I could see that Ben and I at Comicon went out. We were out to like two: am it was the night after we? Actually, we saw you at that one party. It was the after party whatever and we left there. We went somewhere else and we saw another one of the the guests, I'm not going to drop her name, but we saw her on the dance floor, Gettin down pretty busy and pretty stunned at what we saw. I can only imagine you want to let loose when you're sitting in that booth all day yeah you want to let loose. I gass. I hear that nomwhere, I'm just eating all right, Um, to know one particular story from the road that you could share with us about something you could leave names out. One you know there's this one gess who kinda gets in trouble a bit and that that guest never seems to get that that Thattheir Shit together and UH. Eventually, you always see it wind up in in the press and stuff like that, and so there was an encounter where me and a friend of mine who's, another celebrity guest, where in an elevator we're going up to our floor, this person comes in from the lobby headphones on Mumblington themselves. Don't know you know we're trying to ask the person. Where would you like to go like what floor and then they didnt Indo mumbled and sa nothing wer like okay, we press our floor as we're waiting. This person punches the wall of the elevator and we're both like look at at ecother like what is this about. We gav of our floor or or the the person who's with me, gets off on their floor. This guest who's having an issue follows that person and I'm, like, Oh man, saw the person go into their room, the other person who's having an issue not finding a room. Like I go up to my floor, I go to bed all fine. We go down to the conmention floor, the next day that person isn't at their booth. We're wondering what happened to that person. My friend, who got off at the earlier floor begins to tell me that that person started to bang on other people's doors, asking them to let that person in then my phey called hotel security on that person and then that person kindo argued with them and pushed that security person which then they they called the local police and then they got arrested. They had been arrested earlier in the day for O otoxication out in the town, so they got arrested twice in one night and eventually showed up at the table, but it's those type of things and and en some things, there's like a very well known person in the in the in the entertainment world was very good. That at defending themselves is known for their their ability to defend themselves and people trying to pick fighting fights with them. wherewhere dates cos early you're Li Watchas, someone getting ther clock cleaning like and you and W you think of the character name that they're more known for is like O so and so is killing so, and so it's Aldytalack, I'm not there's a lot. There's a lot of that. That goes on sometimes a lot of people trying to test so theya sure and the skill at injust like th. That's not smooth, yeah 's, THAT'S NOT SMART! Taking this guy. That gets into a lot of trouble. Si Iknow. It is the green ranger comments, ND, I'm so glad you' brought up comicon 'cause. We I think we have to tell the story of how this whole interview with Brian o'holleran actually happened. 'cause, it's n. We didn't Bookbryan in a conventional way that we normally get our guests, so what had happened was weakened of Camicon, oddly enough, actually, my wedding anniversary. So of course, where do you go for your wedding anniversary took my wife up to Camicon, smoother so, and my wife had asked me over the weekend. You know. Well what do you want for our wedding anniversary? And I said you know what I want you to do something well a little out of your comfort zone Iwas. You know what I was Ise Vois Wakin. What I hasn't referring to is for her to a cos Brian o'halleren, in the middle of Camikon, 'cause and I'll. Tell you. This is the most uncharacteristic thing. I've ever seen, my wife do. In the whole I mean we've been together almost twenty years and UH. This is probably the most out of character thing. I've ever seen her do and what happened was Mer. Hallerin here was at the booth. Next to us, which was the hard rock cafe, purchasing something and, as he's walking back to his booth, he walks in front of ourbooth. My wife jumps out from behind the table, puts her hand in his chest and stoks him a says. Excuse me, my husband is a huge fan of your work. It's our wedding anniversary. Where you take a picture with us. No, you know, and of course you are nice enough to let us come over and take a picture with you, and then I told you how we had Marylynd Gigliati on the show and lthat brings us to where we are current, but now did Jack Fill. Did she fulfil the deal of me taking a Phono with you, she tha. What do you mean fulfill the deal? I I told her next time the two you ere in the heat of passion, Disseas, Oh you mean that deal well. Let's just say I go buy a new name around. The House. Yeahyeamark had already soiled the photo. Oh Shit, well speaking of other things in your honor. So this episode- I don't know if you heard it before and marked it the Intro, but we're going to tie this episode together with a segment. We call the showdown and this segment is going to be on the shittiest jobs okand. So just we'll start off just with you right now. What was the worst job that you ever had? There was a there was a time where I was in between jobs, so I decided to a friend of mine was a guy who arranged for guys to unload tractor trailers to a refrigerated warehouses. Their names were called lumpers. These guys literally, would unload all these tractor trailers IV, usually like vegetables or whatever, and so this is like that was like twenty twenty one. Maybe- and so I did that for like two months during the summer, it was all just straight cash and h y. u you busted your ass unloading, these trucks, sometimes it was called the dock workers- would allow you to the forklift and use a forcliff, but if you'd learn a union member of the warehouse, you couldn't touch anything like that. You just unloaded everything you unloaded palate by Pallet and repallatize stuff, so that was a a ballbreaking type of job I mean, but I asn' s I was. I worked as a UM and a fast food, a chicken place for a number of years Um. I worked for a supermarket chain for a number of years, where I did pretty much every job that there is in a supermarket when I left to go into acting. That was like the last full time kind of job that I had. You know where I wnt, when in tlench to 'clock on acreck. That type of thing was that and retail for real before o yeah. I totally worked retail for real. I worked for E keybler Cooking Company for a short two month, three month period for a summer Um as an account executive, I mean so I I dealing with customers hough. I knew that job. It was very easy, then, when I got the role of Dante to know that frustration of being overeducated and underemployed sitting, you know at a counter and dealing with every backwardass fuck on the planet as as Randald. It's true like when we do this later. If retail has to be number one pick, I know there's worse jobs out there like manually, masturbating animals and all other shit like that, but du retail is probably the worst so we're all up to snuff on all the vus movies that you've been in obviously stared in clerks, so there might be some favoritism towards clerks, but that said with all the vski movies, what is your favorite one y? That's like asking my mother, her favorite child they're, all very cool Um, one of that that I only have a small role. I I've always loved dogma. I thought dog, Osso deed, and so really I thought it was a really great soul. Searching for Kevin. I mean he grew up in a in an Irish Catholic family. I grew up in a very Irish Catholic family. So knowing about questioning your faith and questioning different things, I thought it was a really a great right and a great um piece of film making that I can watch at any time and is one of the most expensive d vds still out there like. That's always something I like to do is have compesiftvts. I've been in to eventually sell to fans, and even to this day it's like forty five bucks, fortout Dvm. I know I don't know what two copies. I don't know WHA Akes, it's so expensive, but I was just like I sound with it a lot cheaper, yeah, I'm glad you got that. You know that was my favorite thing with Dogmah as well. was that that element of self examination? Much like you? I grew up in a Catholic household as well, although we were a French Canadian, Roman Catholic household, so I think a lot of the lot of the same things probably still apply. incept itstead of just the prestdrinking wine. The whole congregation was drinking wine, exactly opeasionvry an during that whole thing when they were protesting. The movie there was parts where, like wasn't Kevin joining in on these protests, O did on Red State Al, it was funny, was a lot of people were. It was a there's that group called the Catholic le by this Ojon Guy in New York. Here, who was protesting, who was literally a an organization of one like literally Hes, was the only member and he got all these people all agitated about Oh you're, bash in the Catholic Church and because his father Wa aren't really at all fans of any of cabin's work. It was very easy for Kimin to just mingle in with the crowd and n any one of the protesters knew that this is the filmaker right next to, and here he is also so it was the best thing I mean Bob and Hertweinstein who made the Felmininesoldi to lions gate because they had to because Disney had owned it. By that point den. He didn't want any O, the you know Christian Colisian backglash, so they sold the right life gate, but it was the type of thing where you know. anyqublicity was good publicy at that point and uh it never really affected how how the film was received and Towor the box office by that time, Kevin's fanbase had had grown quite a bit since the very first founso right and it still it's still watch from this day on and- and I like, I said- I always enjoy it- it got me to meet my one of my most all time, favorite comedians in the world, George Carlin, and I will always treasure those moments working with him and and it's something that and also getting to meet Allan Richman as well, so very cool. It's those moments for that whole experience of dog, but that I will take and live with. That is awesome. That's a that's a really good pick. I didn't see you going there a lot of people like you said it's like picking their kid o they'll pick. You know the movie that they start in so good on you for picking something that was a little bit outside the box, even though you were in it. But still it's that's a great pick Kevin. He writes and he directs all this stuff and Dantes even supposedly based loosely upon Kevin's own life. You know, in spite of of that, was he tough to work with, or is he pretty easy going? Has that all work out when h with the scripts and and dialogue and stuff? Well, the greatest thing about working with Kevin A he's such a phenomemna rideer that him the work once you get it in your hands is pretty well fleshed out. Here's really not a lot of need to, let say, improvise or improve upon or expound anything that he's already written he's already gone through it pretty well, and the one thing that is very good about him is he's amazing at dialogue. He has over the years given more and more trust to as people who work with them for well. I worked fro with him obvioucy since the beginning, so from doing from the first clerks all he we up to doing. Let's say the last one clerks two or whatever we've worked on since he's, always been very good at giving a sun room sex, but in the beginning it was like. No. The phrase is this: This this, and this and we'd take it again, and he, you know, or he'd hit an emphasis like I'd love to see an emphasis on this part of this thing. Now he's very good at asking you the question as an actor, to come to your own decision, which is more of a Nanipulation of a director, manipulating their tount to get to the answer that he wants to get to no matter what he knows where he wants to take you, but to make you feel like you've discovered it. You feel more comfortable than in doing what he's asking you to do m, but it the beginning it was. It was very much I'd, say. Ninety eight percent of what was written was what was said in the first found. Second Oeansolon, as I gon for another Lon. He allowed some improvisation plus. He was working now more with more established talent, as he's moved on as a producer n director. So you know when you're bringing people in now like a Bena Flaggor, now you're bringing in you know a se Rogan or whoever you he. He allows them to have some range to move around right and those are really dialogue. Heavy rolls that you were in with him yeah everything that Kebin is written is very dial. Yeah is that we had who was it mark? WAS IT William cat? We had this conversation, with'CSYEAH 'cause. He was also like a you know, a big stage guy before that, and we were talking to him about like how that fuck. Do you guys memorize all that shit? Are there cards around or do you just have to bash that in your brain, because you guys recorded this over the course of like three weeks or something right? What are you talking about? The first fell clerks yeaaclerk. Well, we had a month of reversals now I I started in stage like you said beforehand, so when you learn to perform on stage there are many different techniques about how to remember your lines and stuff. Like that, I do a lot of recording my lines on what used to be cozette tapes. Then I went to many tapes. Then it went into N, p three players and then listening it back to me. I'm very very good at remembering things hearing like I'm very good, remembering songs and e, you know conversations so that's how I remember it and then, when you get into the blocking process, the process of which you're interacting with other actors and moving in certain areas, then you relate. I will say this line isn't moving to hear or me. Standing here will trigger her reaction and and listening obviously, to your fellow actor and paying attention it. If you know the script, a e hundred percent, it's going to be natural. What your response is to whatever they're going to say next, and so that's my process of trying to remember it all and- and it was a benefit, a huge benefit, especially for the dialogue and the way that Kevin writes, because especially the scene where Dante and Veronica art or taplan rather ar in the video store and he's grilling her as like. Why are you getting married? What is this I here ye? That's seven minutes uncut, and it was the second thing that we filmed h. So you know Kevin. Couldn't spare money or the film to say, Stop Cut. Let's do it again and try to Tweek it just the way he wanted to that's why we had a whole month of us going down to the store, after all of us, were done with our real jobs and rehearsing in the store at times or in in the the video store just to get the dialogue and the rhythm. He was very much wanting to hear how the rhythm of things were said, because if you listen to Kevin's dialogue, there's a certain kind of rhythm and pattern and kind of spee shirt. His very eclectic vocabulary likes to be to be said, and the connection at me and Jeff had chemistry wise. That was just something that just organically happened and the way that Kevin wrote. Dialogue made it move as quickly as it was. It still amazes me that you guys can do that like people that think actors don't work, that's all practice, it's like being an athlete. It's just you guys just training and train, but you CD also get very big movie or television stars and then try to put them in front of the live audience, and then they they tighten up cause they're so used to only knowing. I only need to know this much dialogue for this day because we're in the scene in the store- and then I coul, just just memorize- that work on that. It's three paragraphs that I'm done while on a play, you're doing the whole story, all within two hours, three hours, whatever the play is so there's a lot of times where film or television actors can't really make that leap into going into doing. Theater, 'cause they're not used to having long stretches. What player are you doing this year? I know you've said in the past that you try to do a play every year. What are you doing this year this year? I am not actually really th. It usually happens during the end of July August time, but the producer friend that I normally worke with they didn't. They didn't have anything that they wanted to do this year and the thing that they wanted to do the space couldn't handle it. So right now tho Um, but there is a bunch of things. That'll be working on althoughcoming up in August, so stay steytune to Mi, switter and insogram, and face Fok and Ol be Mak. An announcement son, absolutely Marilyn, told us the same thing at you. Guys did community theater together prior to clerks. You ever think about how that whole sequence of events transpired like how maybe, if you were in a different community theater, you might have never had the opportunity to even be cast and clerks look. I I missed the first night of auditions 'cause, I complete out a shit yeah and it was the owner of the theater that the auditions were being held in who called me to say, Ryan. I thought you were coming down for this audition. I was like old craft ecause. I was working at another pocat at that time and I said, as it's still going on, he goes yeh tonight, the last night. They need you know. So when o they need to gain, they look, they say bring o a prepared monologue, and so that's what it was so in effect he reminding me that it was going on 'cause. He had called me a month earlier, a an these guys are going to be cast in this film neur in the age bracket of Alo. The majority of the characters Hesto come down on audition, so in in a way in a weird way, O t phone call was missed. I probably wouldn't have been the the Dante right. We would not be talking right now, yeah you'd, be talking to Ernie, o'donald turned out to be t, Rick Terrace. Yes, oh no Surinanastus! That's right! I would have been. He IV been an old assdote, so you missed the whole first day of auditions. So you're saying it's very probable that at some point in time somebody said Briant o'halleren. He was supposed to be here today, yeah that couldhave been he was the owner. Her e said it that night, I'm sure, probably her Oll Times Godso y you had- and this is something I didn't know, so you had Dante Heck. Gilhick Gim Hicks- I I must have missed it along e way, but where did the Hicks name originate from? Was this like a guy, an assole guy in high school with Kevin or like? Where did that Hick's name? Compan? No, that that is a, and that is definitely a cevin question. I've never gotten an answer to that question. I it it's asked every once in a while like what's the relation with all the aches- and I say I don't know I I guess it's up to the vewer's imagination, to figure out to draw low chart of who they are we're going to be hopefully working on the Jay, an Silen babariboot in September, and I approached cabin. I saw him a couple of months back in Lexington and said: Wouldn't it be funny of we brought in all the heads at one point and ot me portray multiple ICKS, and so I like the idea so hopefully I'll come back and play a few of those ex macrogans. That would be hilarious. That would be great, go back to clerks and clerks too y K. obviously the clerks, a superlow budget. You guys were all pretty new actors which we just went over and then you get to clerks too, and now it's a multimillion dollar budget with Rosario Dawson. What was it like to sit down and debate about ass to mouth with such an attractive woman right in front of you? Well, when we did the rehearsals, it was a good laugh, hea joke about it and stuff Um, and that was the greatest thing about working with. Wiserio was that she got that she got the cumor. She got the fact that you know the donkey show and everything else in this relationship that the J and Bob and the Dante and Randal characters have so. In that conversation she made us all feel comfortable, like we were kind of weared it out in Thi Senselie. Yes, here it is this ailist actress, who's, absolutely stunning. To begin with, as well. Um was into the fact that this conversation- and it's funny- remember Ofon oint during after one of the one e rehersals Kevin had asked her to sa a curiosity. Why did you say yes to this project and she said honestly, I want to see how you're going to do this donkey show and that's what we knew like a Caxas Atl. She has the same type of humor and a level of kind of sickness that we have. So it was that type O thing that she made us feel cm more comfortable instaid of US trying to make her feel comfortable. So do you still believe you never go ast to moute yeah? I kind of believe that sticking to Astamaus- let's just list hem here, so ask to MOU, sucking thirty seven dicks racial sllers all over the place, likein clerks too. The pony show, like you mentioned, and then you getting gang, raped and having blood all over your ass and the cold classic Volgar Seve you've had your share of a lot of fucked up scenes. What was the most uncomfortable that you've ever been in one of these scenes that you've appeared in scared of my life. I was scared to death in Jaane silen Bob there's a flash vacccene where H J starts going on or rant about the the Rangatang that he's GOINTA, try to kill us and take over the world like yes and it of the apes, and so he has this kind of flat. This kind of dream sequence, where randal was running through the cornfield hunted by the age like from the original, the opening scene of plan of the Apes, I'm th, the ran daunte character is on a vdisection table where my skull is open and there about to operate on my brain, which was reallive chimpanzies, that they had trained, but they could ripped hor face off with these plastic instruments and I'm literally strapped for that guarning. My head is trapped down my wristare STRAPP down my legs, ere strupk him and they had poor. You know they put this appliance on my had to make a look like my skullcap was removed and my brain was exposed and then they pour this special effect stuff called Supegou or or slinego whatever. It was professional Goosa to make the brain look, wet and Gooi and the champs would start going to do it and I'm like the hell 'cause. I knew this was before that, and this was before that lady up in Connecticut, who got her Fala, and this looks normal by the way. Now this was before that incident even happene, but I remember telling the the special FFEX Guy I said, and the makeupartest look. If something goes down, I'm going to turtle up my hands 'cause. I know they go for fingers, but could you just just cover my head or jump on my head or just cover my face? I don't want to lose my face. IIF something should go on so action we're going. The chims are coming in with their things and then the one chim decides to touch the brain with his paw finger and it's pulling back and it's trailing airor m like webbing. That's one thing that they freak out t they don't like things that hang on to them or whatever and he starts freaking out and who wat's going on and then and the trainer in the rang was like cutcut cut sop: O stopiever s comes in kinds of Suds Don Pul o like what Itis as then he explains o. They don't like things that stick to them or Moopyo, it's as if they're they're being captured or something so they have to clear off the super go now. The thing looks really cheesy and and especial effects, guys like the hell man. This looks like Sher and so they're all I hat them hear them debating and no there. I only have the head movement of like just my eyes, I'm looking up they're away from me and I hear the conversation and they don't know what to do in. Finally, Sayin does somebody at crafts services have hotyin an Twa. We hear the crap services gin to this and goes yeah right, and so I was like. Could we use that and the trainer said Yeah actually, honey would work and even the special effects? Guy Goes Yeahal, say: LERK looks more bloody, so we pour this honey on my head, alresed everything on somebody's trying to call the skybullon yeah I was wondering, is she he was supposed to be Heretoijeez. Looking for the best threads on the Internet, look no farther than SMIRK totnat teese, Puti tanks and hats for men and women, one German turbo for breaking and breaking to electric Bogaloo Vigo, the Carpatian and more fit it all it'. SMARKTONHARKSON! That's smyrx done that use to code PCEU for fifteen percent off your order. Smarks Totnek for the freshest man most so pur you'll find smark. Do I'm sorry, Brian, so youe talking about the honey o was where you were at so we're so we're ready to go. They set everything oft action. They moving the Chimson once again the one's trying to cut a piece on my bran yether one. Now the sweet smell the honey CAS, the attraction of this one Chin and he's leaning in and usuallyaning in nd, I'm like Oh Shoh, sht. What's going on next thing, I know I see his mouth open, I'm like Oh Hesoh, softer Rega, and he does this huge lick off the top of my skull because it are funny and then, after that, that's when Kevin goes cut. Perfect Tha was asome and Ando that Sou. That was the scary. That was the scariest moment of my life, doing any filming at all. It was yeah, it's pretty uncontrolable was there anything that ever like just was left on the cutting room floor that we might not have seen that was pretty fucked up in any of these movies. Think that was fucked up now I mean a lot of the stuff from vulgar made it into the film vulgar, which is a very dark twisted Fioya, which Brian Johnson's look is in the process of writing a sequel too, on a shit yeah. I just watched it again. Last night I rented it on Amazons. I get a a fresh look as it had been, probably a dozen years since I saw that movie and is that the rated art cod or the theatrical unrated it must. What's the difference, there is Senes cut out, oen the RADEDARCOBEC. You still get gangrafe you're, so Ardi Sno there, I'm sure, what's like the worst scene, that might not be in the theatrical. I've never done a side by side, but I know there's, like twelve minutes cut out. I think it was an hour and twenty four minutes. Okay, don't now what S Hon? It was thinking of thing about about anything else. Now that everything you've seen, I mean there was a scene that we shot entirely where Jeff character randaled the first clerks meet the ultimate clerk. This really supernise Vedeo clerk who, as helping him, find videos like the antirandall and that whole sceme I completely lost, because the film can the MAG that held the film on the camera had a slight crack in it and light exposed the entire reel of film of that Olse Sucx, and they didn't know that they didn't shoot that scene until they got the film back and look what happened where's this whole section, they said Yeah you sent Tis this whole reel of exposed film, so we didn't print it 'cause. There was nothing on him. They were like. Ah No, and it was the scene where Randal meets his perfect Nenesis, so that was a whole night gone. That sucks. Tell us. Is there anything? You tell us about vulgar too, not that I know of I mean he gave me a premise as to what it's about it does obviously take place. Fifteen twenty years later, um my character is still around obviously and Ome. Other things are going on. I mean obviously a lot of the characters. I'm not going to do a spoil alert but there's reasons at characters when the first one can't return to the second one, so you're, seeing where this, where these character will Carlson is fifteen twenty years later from where we last left them and some other kind of craziness comes up. That brings vulgar back so to speak. Now. What was this story? I heard this a long time ago. The clown from vulgar is actually from, like Vewisk O, somehow right her. If you remember the beginning of the very first clerk there's that animation that comes on were this glon with the clowd, so that was a piece of animation done by Walt Flantagain, just as some sort of introgues in Kevin's company to use cewpredactions and one day, Brian Johnson, sitting in Kevin's office, and he sees the big poster of clerks with that clown face logo in the lower corner of the poster 'cause. That was the logo of Kevin's views, K, productions and just Brian Johnson Askin Ke. What do you think that guy's life story would be about and Kevin just gone? I don't know why, didn't you write a script about it and that started it off alrigh ll. I knew it had something I couldn't remember. Unfortunately, he saw the rated R version okaysh. Now they have to go rent find another one in rent. It Caan it don't rent it just go buy it just by if they do sell it on Abizosica by I have over a thousand DVDs. It's just. I don't have them all. I just started putting them all into an nap, so I know what I have, but it's so hard they're, not n alphabetical works. Hi Moved Em, it's like payining the ASS. I don't think I have that though, but yeah. I would definitely like to add that to my collection, but speaking of like fucked up scene, so another scene, the original ending of Clerks Dante gets killed. was that a pretty uncomfortable thing going 'cause you guys film that and Cos read it. When I first read tha part of the script I didn't like it. I came back to Ka Saing like do earli kill the guy up. I mean I get it. I mean you was like. Well, look think of it. How ironic is it and how serious this happens to these guys every day the thread filled at the end there. It is, you know, to God, t the irony of this poor guy wasn't even supposed to be there that that time of night and he gets killed, I'm like okay, I really don't. You know, think it's necessary, but all right- and you know eventually, when we got a screening, I've been our first greening of it at the independent feature, film market in New York City of October of ninety three M, it was seen by one man by a bog who was involved in getting films to film festivals and introduced to producers who then introduced Kevin to John Piearson, who was a producer's rep who raps people like Spikeley and quite a few other people who kind of recommended to him like you need to cut that scena. I think the ending needs to end right when the store closes 'cause. All you're going Ta do is you're going to piss off the audience at you, because here was a comedy now it ends on such a a down. Note and yes, life is a series of down endings night and that's really Dow. That's reall Shiishye. Let's keep it just a straight comedy. It Ou'd be more successful as a streit compen, and so he he listened to the advice of John Pierson and thank God he did't, because we were able to go on to do other. You know other sequels to it another different yeah, no shit, Andean, Jaan, POB and sea ther. You have it yeah yeah and I always thought that the original ending kind of got spoiled mostly because of you, I think, with any other act or probably in that role. You really had a way of developing a level of charisma to the character of Dante that, by the end of the film everyone's, so emotionally involved with the character. Because of your portrayal of it, you really made it so he's easily identifiable to most people, so I think, with maybe with another actor that ending would have been, would ve fit because people wouldn't have cared about the character as much, but because of the work you did, it was appropriate to cut it. I hear Yo thank Ou, yeah welcom Morwe said the same thing to Maryland, that that scene, yes and the seam is a thirty seven diks, it's Hilarious, but at the same time you guys sold it so well that it was a punch in the gut to any guy that ever had a girl cheat on him yeah, and it was at that point in the movie. Everyone was kindo like all right. Well, this there 's the good guy. You know obviously other things happend after that, but right there it was like you know. This guy is a good guy. This shit really happens people, but you made a good point two seconds ago, when you said Thet, if you you were killed off, you know you guys wouldn't have other stuff, and you had clerkstionimated series you KN A B c. They went, pay two episodes US and e vanished and, I suppose, like Shit like Flintstone's list, or maybe the the thing about the painter and the three suns, or maybe that was it, wasn't wholesome enough for Disney like what catenr it had nothing to do really with the content of what we did. It was really by the time we recorded this ex episodes. We were contracted to do and got him to air which were nine months later, and that was the process hit, took to animate it all. Yes, the master artists at Disney in California did the master art and in every movement art was since the Korean facility, and so it took nine months 'cause they have to lipsaying what we recorded 'cause. You record the dialogue first and then the animy. Now it's it's extremely. This is back in two thousand. Now it's very easily done through computer animation. There's still a lot of hand drawn cell animation out there. U, in that, nine month period of time, a B C which had absolutely crept as their line up starts. T really really huge success wit, who wants to be a millionaire millionaires beyond Sunday nights? Then it was Sutday and Friday nights. Then it was Monday aftr, you know, evenings after jeopardy, then it was like now. It was four times a weekend. Finally, and literally was on like seven days a week and during the time ABC wanted to cut wbut. They didn't think they deemed that they wanted to continue with, and we were, unfortunately, the victims of that and we try. You know they tried to say well, why don't you take it to somewhere else at the time they were? It was costing two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to per episode to Mak, which is unherrd of cost for a cartoon show, and so no one else wants to pick it up like a comedy central or cartoon network which had very small budgets on their own to begin with, so that's something that I've always sent to Cavin like Ye. I wish we could do again yeah you know, because eventually we will physically become UN unattractive to look at onreal film, so we will always still have our hoices, though. So, why not so lissit? In worse case scenario, you guys could have stark do it just like he did with groovy movie crack, which was a lot of fun. Doing that as Yelh. That's the thing Ise Disney owns the style that was the clerk's animated series day style, but stark doing this supergroomy movie. That was a lot of fun and he did it n all himself, and it was done quite you know, canded to Jame and J and his wife produced that whole thing, and they did a really bang up job in such a short period of time. They d a Con. You imagine, though, some of the lines they would have not flown. Today they were in that show the I don't know if it was APSODE. I I seen all the episodes at one point, but there was one episode where the guy comes to the counterd and he's like an English guy, and he asks you guys for a pack of Fags Rian's like no you're a fag and then they get into a fight like that would never fly today. I see, I think it would still fly it. JUS GITS M slag would not fly on ABC network Yeah Right, Yeah Rg. It could fly on a cartoon network. You could fly on a comedy central. You could even fly on a TVs or even a TNT type of thing, but I would not fly on one of the three major, no definitely not Likando e choken black eye ththe team out O on episode. That whole series is great. I asked Mark. If you saw this today, did you ever see the clerk's pilot that was made for TV? Oh Yeah? I actually auditioned for that show when they were first thinking about doing it and h. It was weird because there was the I had called Kevin, Gon e Kevinar. U An! I was in l a at the time. I was interviewing with C with agents, you know tallent agents and this one talont agent was like well you're going to go in. As I was interviewing with them me, Gasa, well, odysee you're, going to go into audition for the clerks t VI show right. I was like say what now you're like the woner brother's lot is doing a clerks TV show. Do you know the producer Don Rio and Donrio was done? Almost everhe had comedy Sud Com. This is before he became huge, but now he's bknown to be one of the big producers of the lot of isisitcoms. So I called up Kevin's office back in Jersey. Hey Do you know about this? Clerk's TV show that's going on he and he didn't even know that was going on so amlas Donri got the rights to do t V series from Mermax Mermax leased them the rights to do a pilot and Kevin call found out who I said: Thisky Don Riosoba he found got his agent to call the Donrio people signed on to be an executive producer, saw how bad that this script was and that their production value was similar to Um Save by the Batel type of Saa Yepr. Instead of like a COMENIAN store video store, it was like a convenience store with an ice cream shop. Next to it, we he them all. It was a Bodalia and the I was was completely flipped. Instead of the clerks making fun of the customers, it was more of the customers making fun of the clerks. It was really badly done and it was so funny. You know, because you had some pretty well known names Inin the Argo you had a the girl from felicity yeah and she was really hot, then t cerry, Russell Cerry strog is now on Orcress, O rather she's. From now on. The Americans and then you had the stand up comic and S and L Alumni Um, generuer umbrewer, playing the randal character, Um, and so it was just weird seeing it 'cause, I didn't see it os didn't get cast, none of the people who additioned for it, because I think Jeff Anderson also additioned for it. I know Marilyn Gii, I think Marylynd GIG GLIATI did I'm not sure but Kevin pulled out of that project like he was on it for a week and then Li I'm totally out and he refrained them from using the Jane Sin. Te Bob Characters. U So yeah TWAS onch later we got to see the pilot. The pilot was sent to Kevin's office. I was there visiting or whatever he like, Oh dude, you got to see this this loadof crap and we watch this this abortion of a pilot. It was just Terri Itajust, so I feel bad. I feel tad for the CAAS members because they were just doing what they were GIV. You know they were writing Ong with what they were given, but they totally just didn't get the concept of what clerks was about. No, I could Hav no authenticity to it. Yeah no 'cause. If they truly would ave got it t, it would have hired Kevin to write it. Thats I mean that's the hord premise: wher just take the cast the cast who, as a part of it and hown it into a series. You know what I mean if they wante to use hire talent of people whatever but m. At the same time, if you want the essence of it at least get the person o rot the original right right, you're not going to make an Airand sorkin movie into a TV show and then not have aaronsork an write. It right, thet be the same. That's like seeing these T v series now that are coming out like rush hour and always spaced on the original movies like eletal weapon, and I go really have we really run out of you know stories to tell really h. We have to you know what at least the weapon wasn't that bad AC. That was the one show only because I like the wains brothers, so I I kindof dug this show a little bit had some bad episodes, but it wasn't like you just had to watch that one just not as lethal weapon and just as a buddy cop show ut they shouldn't have named it lethal W, tey, just ad l. It would have been fine, yeah yeah they just as a launching pad. They used the name which was shitty speaking other shitty things. So earlier this year he had clerks. Three finally got scratched. You know, after several years of delas. You know we spoke to Maryland about this too. Did you get the feeling that this was going to happen? I always felt hope that we that a solution could be found and H. just recently, a couple of months ago I was up in Niagara Falls where Kevin was up there as well for a COMACAD, and I got a good half hour, forty minutes to talk with them. Whan I won and knowing how things flashed out. It's sad that it it came to the fact that we have to Scrab it it'd be nice t to see it come back to to somehow bring it back to the table again and but what he's doing with the Jane Sanababrebood and taking good portion of what was going to be in the clerks three series, sequel and put it involved in the the Jam Babryboot? It should satisfy everybody's need, for you know, th. That type of thing is it something that could heve entually come back to the table? I have no idea the other parties that are involved. If that can come to some some weird agreement in combiamomen. I don't know but we'll say now. I know. Obviously you get fine a gzillion dollars if you' divulged anything about the movies I'mnet going to bother asking you sure, but what it like. How did this fall? A? What Te Plot, I'm notve going to bother asking you about these two gays at ont, Convenienc, so othe whole thing just fought 'cause! It's such a loved series. Is it like one person is? Is it Kindof, like you, said, like Cumbia type thing like people just don't get along? What is? Is it money an IT? As I story it came down to just it. Just came down to business reasons. It came down to business, H, contracts and logistics of contracts and stuff, like that Um stuff. That was out o out of my hands out of a lot of people's hands. It was mishandled by one party who had not been a part of the whole series for many many years, and so that n ishandling kind of ruffle the feathers of some people who had been around for many years, and so it became a situation that ran out of control and by that time some bridges were burned, Byet, Um and UH. You know it's like listening to one of the m behind the music kind of band stories where was so and so flot to the album. This way for I was not calld of that Elber when I didn't Sason Directyou a going man and then so for Tro, so we just ooea just it's just not my ging. You Know Ou, like it'd, be like that kind of thing. You know what I mean so when so we make the Jame Silon Bob Reboot and I'm sure then they'll be behind the scenes. Commentary track on that and you'll see things that'll be filmed in this fill. Then you go well that wouldave be funnyth. KN thatud been funny. If this was a Dante, randal thing and you'll see that it's more of a Jampu, you know that's right. Would you like to be involved with Moose Jaws when that gets underweight? I would like to do anything that aniave said this numerous times. Anything that Kevin wants to do. I would love to be a part of if he said. Look. I want te direct, a film about a guy waiting on the subway platform and a train, and and that's it I'm like I'm there. You know what I mean Li Rit is he wants to do. I'm like, I know, you're going to write really great funny Hilarious Shit I'll, be there so m. If he wants me to be a part of those jaws more than happy to do it, I love Canada. Every time I go up there, the people are always great Um and they have a phenomenal leader right now. So it's nice to have a refreshing take on that ind of that. So I wouldn't mind doing L S Josse up or somethin. I heard you talking a lot about this in the past couple of years and with the whole Mallrats Equel, which Mal Bratts, which are also supposed to be involved in, and that also got shilled and G Cavin Cabins, put out amazing things and he's got a really good following like we've been talking about, you know like the whole cast of all of you, guys, you're all loved. You all come back for all these movies. In the midst of all the utter garbage and dumpster fires and reboots that are coming to t v like Roseanne and will and grace and shit that UST getting hold Roseanne is coming back, but I don't see that becoming a dumpster fire. I think I won't there, but my point: There is they're, just rerehashing old shit instead of reating new stuff did he did he piss someone off along the way like why doe shit like t keep happening to hem, because I feel like these series can do well on like maybe not like an AB C or whatever, but like if you put it on like a Netflix or Hoo, whatever Amazon, that's fucking, awesome, Evou, here's a thing he had from what ihave been told. He had rode a ten episode, many series, four of the mole rats, sequel, 'cause Universal Studios, who owns the rights to the Moll Rana rats right, said to Kevin. When comes like, I want to make a sequel like he just wanted to make a straight up sequel. They said we're not going to issue the right to do a sequel, whe're, not interested in I equel to the movie. If you want to do a television series, we well entertain the thought, so he wrote this ten episode thing an episode series, pitched it to multiple outlets like the netflixes and the hooloos nd, and the WB and the CVEW and all Thi sothef stuff, and no one as of yet in those executive decision, may make mositions of any of these networks and straming services has said Yes to it. Now the thing about TV series when pitching sometimes it needs multiple rounds of many times of pitching, and sometimes it can be done yet. The next pilot season and sometimes it'll sit in someone's office G. Remember that Pach that Ceven Smith came in here last year with and someone will be like yeah. You know what maybe Nowis the time we should bring it. So you never know those type of pitchures can come back at some point and get made. So I never the mob. Rats thing is aut of cabin's control. I mean h. We weren't born as sons of rich Saudy princes who have EAL dollars to go, you'll run off and do what you want to do. Here's twenty billion dollars. You know at I mean we don't have the type of money or the network to just put up whatever we want 'cause Kevin. You know the outlet that Kevin has, for that is his bodcasting and his live shows with J and and the Hollywood Babylon things like that. That's his creative outlet that he can do immediately without having to run it by anyone. You know what I mean ritmeantime when you have to deal with networks or streaming corporates and the corporate types who have other ideas of what their image and what they want on their airwaves or Ron in their stockpile of films. It's different you know, and until someone is cooking of us go like I absolutelly want to see Mallbrides as a matter of fact. I think it should be not just ten, so it should be five years of episodes and until someone is as coopy enough as that to do and say yes, we'll see what happens. It's such Bullshi ause didn't the catch me outside girl. Just get a fucking reality Serin, so Om got him channel on'want to fluck long petch and I feel Ike mme. we have a reality, T v Star as o President Right now, so this isanything can happen. This is true all righ. Last last question n kind of based off of something you just said so, like you said, Mall Rats is our universal owns of rights to Mall Rats, and you know it seems bizarre to people that don't know how this stuff really goes, but it has to suck when somebody puts their heart and soul Ino. Something and somebody else owns the rights like like Mirormax had like clerks and they sold it off to do the T, V, show and stuff, and then speaking of sucking on top of that, Marilynd told us that when you guys did clerks Yo, it was like non union. So you guys don't get any residual. You get nothing from this at all, anythit's completely non union. It was everybody's. First Time of doing fell so with no money in the budget, except for the pay for the camerental, the what three or four lights that we had and the sound you know. Dat Michine were not even a that machine. A recorder I it was just not in the budget we all signed, wavers to be what's called a diferm payment. If the film gets sold, you will get paid as if it was a union rate weekly rate or day rate of whatever you did, and that was pretty much it. No one thought, and back at the time too, the dealing with s the screenactors Gild and getting a contract. You had to have a certain amount of money to even just get the the the signatore of being protected by SAG. So even then we weren't even union members, then, which I don't think we would even be entitled to. Even if it was a union movie, it's Kindo weird in that sense, so Um Kevin did right, though, once the film got sold, we all got paid. We all got a flat check too for what for what we had done, but yes, as far as residuals go, we do not get royalty chacks from Moll Rats on is where I start getting my my royalty checksnice rolling rolling in the the cash cow with the literally. Can you see that at all on camera? No, I cat, we can't. We haven't seen you this whole time. Oh jeeze, I thought you do Yeaho ther. He is now I see things there. It is. There was one of my recent royalty checks, WWhat DOE that say s: Oh six cents, sbawler howbody. I somebody mailed you a paper check for that. The stamp costs. More than actual you, Sta cost like seven at six times, O it's forty, nine cents for a First Class, Mal Stam or whatever is these days and that's e Sixh enstance. That's a ROYLD TO CHECK! So that's a mall ratch track by the ways thereis ast thereis, where the big money is not see. That's what I nw here in the in the mancape studio is a Brian o'halleran royalty check. Fi Sell Thos, I ii was anotic sense for him. Shoud make a really good lazer copy of it and then just sell em e, just ock out all the information that all the banks. I have that convention s as I no Te Backo those im amo not to cash. It just to drive the accountant who works that account like. Where is that sucsense? I don't have a balance. You should hold them all to the Max. What is the Max date like ninety days to cash? It yea, you should wait till like the eighty ninth day, just gand catch it and don't just deposit in an ATM, give it to her cashier, TLE G Etellen to deposit this and her just go. How would you live? Can Yu ges Lin a Kennis st a Tyo? Was this supposed to be six hundred? No! No. That is correct. Six sayds! What you gotto do is take it to one of those H. Those fast loan places where they want to see your PAC stubs and paychecks, and then they take a percentage out right. If you as Sir there's your four sands now when we had Maryland on one of the interesting things that she had told us was her original script from clerks, she no longer has sold it. Yeah Y. She said that she's been she's been trying to get it back all these years and h. She was never able to get a hold of Kevin to get it back. Do you still have yours, Oh yeah? I totally he's like, of course, who would get rid of their scriptat cer. I have everything. Has the clothes I wore. I mean Kevin had asked me to give him my clothes. We could frame and keep it in his store, and I was like, like it myself. I kept my own CL B'cause. It was all around the kill you we wanted to take your clothes Ou. I would be in anything. You want us to do ATA Frien, so I still have. I still have the clothes that I wore but yeah I kept my scrips. I mean I even have a script. T I'll never be made the clerks three script, Um, so yeah, it's the type of stuff ti likt to hang ont yeah, if you're free to forward that to us for review purposes for later on, you've got four million dollars that you were. I have to pay three million for the nondesclomgeting at least a million 'cause I'll, never work again, aftertrue py. What's a story with H, the w the o'hallerants Padu Oan allarant is my podcast that I've been working on I'd about. Fourteen episodes banked I'm going to be releasing ut very soon. A lot of it was going to be tied to the fact of releasing other things like clerks, three and the Mollrad series and stuff like that, and every time that got pushed back. I was like well. Let me push the release of the the podcasting thing and so it'll be funny. 'CAUSE IL release them, probably in batches of three or I'll, do what's called the best ob series where it was just I release old odcast. I have nothing to do with anything anymore, but I'll call it the best of an people like Bu. When was it? When did this air, but it' still the nice best of right, so that is coming though yeah yeah, I shis Comig, I'm going to be down in North Carolina in Florida and a'm working on another project where the OALARAND ill be a part of his well, and so I'm doing some research whell. I met these two other cons and it'll be a lot of fun. Is that sho going to be on Kevin's network, or are you gyeah? I hope to Parte up with the SMART CASS people and get it that way. It's just B'cause, it's such a built in audience at that point, thatabsolutely Y, all Rightwell, do you have you have anything you want to plug and stuff on the way out anything that you're working on Um? Nothing that I'm working on at this very moment, I do have a couple of projects that are coming up: M Amazon. Prime holders. There's a series called fireball run. Adventure Rally, which is a it's in its tenth season, was their tent season last year, but the tenth season doesn't err until this September. It's a road rally course Kindo, like the incred, the amazing race, but it's Um. Two thousand eight days, two thousand miles. Forty teams h teem sponsors of missing child from the area that they're from, but you have tasks and rewards where you do amazing, usually epic adventures that you are not allowed to have otherwise like we got to hold onto Lincoln's glasses. He was wearing when he got killed at you know assassinated. We got to see the flag that was held over Guetnysburg, all sorts of historical and really cool stuff. I got to drive a world wore one tank ice after convenint sciences, so the season nine is airing right now when Amazon and then Amazon t e season ten I'll beon. I shoot the next season of that in September, which will err the following spring. So look for that Um. Follow me on my twitter or instagram account, which is Brian C o'hollerancy, is in Christopher Bryan. Seal hollern at both instagram and switter Ahollo ran, hopefully, will come out n probtly by the fall, and then I ha a movie that just came out that I make a cameo and called bad frank o with Tom Seismore. It's a ripe, tense, mob movie M, and then I did two weeks shooting with Jeemews on his first film that he's directed called magnes in the method, which is a huge cameo filled kind of adventure, kind of action movie that'll be coming out. Hopefully by this fall, I've been told, and then I have Jane signababry bout. We start shooting starting in New Jersey. I've been told in September and then the movie goes across country again. So look for that. I'm sure anybody who follows Kevin will see more information about that yeahaws. Thank you so much for coming on man, it's Beeng all totally incicle and it was alsondude Eric Ben. I couldn't get in a word a Edgewayeah I just kind of took a back seatthey just like to stare oknow. I was actually just waiting for the walls to bleed ijust like Sittin. The back Toyou got to stick to weed and get off that NAP. If the wall start yeah, it's a lot O lsd. I can thank you guysill definitely Ma back any time. I reco messages always and hopefull t well see you guys again ro soon. I I will be at Rhode, island Comican in November we're alread to get a table there too. Sohopaly we'll see. I tibe we'll do an update as to how the shooting of the Jn Bob Reboot when awesome yeah. Let's do it Soyothin