Dueling Decades
April 1, 2020

April Fools! We flipped the script as the 1960s takes on the 1970s in a memorable March battle!

April Fools! We flipped the script as the 1960s takes on the 1970s in a memorable March battle!

This week our program gets turned upside down as our competitors duel with flipped years!  Mancrush has his year flipped from March of 1997 to March of 1979 as he tries to take on the returning Brent Hand of The Hysteria 51 Podcast!  Brent...

This week our program gets turned upside down as our competitors duel with flipped years!  Mancrush has his year flipped from March of 1997 to March of 1979 as he tries to take on the returning Brent Hand of The Hysteria 51 Podcast!  Brent brings the best of March 1968 rather than 1986 on this wild throwback episode. Will the ’60s and ’70s prove to be just as or wilder than the 1980s and 1990s? Marc James returns as your host and stay tuned for an unbelievable guest judge! This episode comes packed with all the upbeat, fun and loveable news you would come to expect from the ’60s & ’70s!  Let us know what you think of this episode!  Drop us a comment on Castbox, or shoot us a message on Facebook!






INFIRMARYMEDIAPEOPLE ENGAGE: U Jeli Ecan the Pixur O play, but it doto a ran again upon that cap. Ut, stop the power. Gop come fight for what you love, who com to Poe PA COPI, encrita, panet te Poe caup would take grave. An O Bala Imsick Iam pad a Tano come fiht for what you love ANA rodgasting from the pod Cash New York studios. It's the adult only retchrogame show were the eighties and nineties battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. I am marked James and welcome back to dueling decades. This week, duelers we flipped the script and aspecial April fol's edition of our show wherwe rolled back our competitors years first off originally representing nineteen, ninety seven and now trucking with nineteen, seventy nine, it's mancrush! What's up, I actually wish I had nineteen ninety seven ecause going Ba one thousand nine Hunde and eventy nine. It's a lot of fucking different, I'm sure Brent noticed the same thing when he goes through his just doing the research and everything else right at nineteen. Eighty, there is a cliff and it's you fall off. The side like the research is completely different. It's pretty nuts didn't think it was going to be that difficult, but it kind of was but yes march, N, nineteen, seventy nine. Let's do the Shit and his opponent originally representing Nineteen D. Eighty six and now ago, going with nineteen sixty eight. Please welcome back to the show Brent Han from the hysteria. Fifty one podcast. What is op gentlemen, an YEA. It was a very different animal. This week of doing the research I didn' find stuff, it was a littlebit harder and your right. It is not nearly as easy as the eighties and especially the nineties when hell a lot of it. I can just go back and remember Yor out that's what kind of like makes those dates fun for us, and I was a little bit more fortunate than you. I have seventy nine. I was born and seven I obviously I don't remember anything from when I was one unless it was a holdover. You know just like the two decades that we always deal with. I know the Shit and even if I don't know well, I know it well enough for I'm like. I remember that in this case I'm reading stuff, even that one year difference I was just like fucks in so this is Goin to be a interesting episode for sure. What is this? The Talk Ages, I'll tell you this the seventies like now I get it and which was actually kind of fun. With this I use newspapers, DOTCOM and I had to go like day by day through a newspaper, and I would just go through, and I would read article after a article after article and I was going from like, I think it was Philadelphia, Deley News or the bulletin, Ote Fuck. It's called then the Daily News in New York, all those crime dramas like death, wish and things like that. That was the seventies reading these stories. I was sending him to a Mikeranger last night and he was just like dude that' fucked up stopsend em to me, and I'm like couple more Saou a couple more and there was the deathless lash dirty hairy. Genreas, like everyone was in that mind, you know, kill Emo, God sort em out. You know kind of Shit and O mark made a good point when I was telling him about it. Last night, as far as like the media went, they didn't give a shit about what they wrote like. They were very blunt about the stuff that happened. You know it wasn't, was very easy going so different world now yeah and that, as always here on the show, we need somebody to judicate all of this awesomeness. So tonight's judge needs no introduction, as he has received three gramynominations as the front man for the band guns and roses. Please welcome to the show Axel rose, not just kidding guys. It's me I'm judging this one. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dualing decades rules, the judges, coinflip Sholl, the side, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judgeis ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds, deelers, don't flip your wig thiswill be a total gas as we play more neas, all right guy. So for this special April fools edition of our show, we flipped the years. Seventy nine sixty eight. So I brought a cassette to flip for this one. I got a Jimmy Hendric's cassette here, Brenthand you're, going to call I in the air. Would you like Sidea or side B ohlet's go be besides. Maybe Besooo Ani side be Brenthan. You win the toss. What category would you like to go with? First? First, I'd like to think the academy and no Um since I said Academy, let's go! No, let's do TV, let's go to t v First, my man, so yours is as strong as mine. I wasactually. I was looking at that while he was talking before and I'm like T V looks pretty solid for the first round. This should be a reall good one, all right. So my first one march, fourteenth nineteen sixty eight a little show called Baman or Batman Sixty six as it's been called airs. It's final episode. The O hundred and twenty episode run on the ABC Netork covered three seasons. From January Twelfth N, sixty six to, like I said March, fourteenth of sixty eight. It actually used to be twice weekly for the first two and weekly for the third season, and if you guys remember in twenty sixteen, they ranked it as the eighty second graced American television show of all time by you know people I've never heard of, but it's known, I you guys remember it for its camp style is super upbeat them song. Remember that Bang POW and ye lap and all that stuff hend they hit people. It was intentionally humorous and like morality on it was super simple. You know they they targetd teens and they, you know, told Hem, the inpornce of using seat belts and doing homework and eating vegetables and drinking milk, and things like that. It's just a wholesome fun T v show and it came to an end march, fourteenth nineteen sixty eight, it's a solid one and then for number two we're we're ending things a lot. So my number two wis, also in iing Lucille Ball Inte. Her second situational comedy series. The Lucy show, with its a hundred and forty fourth and last original episode and, unlike other Sitcoms, O Thaera, the Luci Show was actually filmed in front of a live studio. Audience which was standard practice at the time was actually the film in a close, senten ad, a laug trek and they actually added in the lives to the audience which is now Ho. How many shows can you think of is Suchsitas filmed before a live studio? Audim you think about that and in that year the year that it ended in sixty eight, it actually wondered was nominated for ceveral wards, including outstanding comedy series, outsending lead actress in a comedy series: ousatting supporting actor in e, comedy series and outstanding writer for a comedy series. So it's not. I Love Lucy, but it was hugely popular for the time and one a lot of awards. Al Right, solid, picks, Brent mancrush over to you what a you got for this Reto T v Edition: Oh Man, what do I have? Let's see March Thirteenth Nineteen, seventy nine. We got TA spin off from a popular AB C series that I actually thought this one made the series less fun for me. I'm not going to be around the Bush N on this one. So threes company was the original show and ab C thought it would be a good idea to have the spin off called the ropers, so they took off Norman, fell and audry Linley and they replaced them with the furleies. I and I got nothing against the Furle like Don Knots and all that I thought he was. He was great, but Mister Roper was the fucking man. Anhis creepy looks always checking out the girls and, like his quirky behavior, his wife, never getting any like. It was a good part of the show btanyhow. This show began on March thireteenth and ninetueen and seventy nine n the ropers. It would only last for two seasons before they pulled the plug in nineteen eighty. This is a shitty thing. Thot that happened with this one ab c actually told Norman fell. Who didn't want to do this show in the first place he did not want to leave throug his company that they could come back to three's company if the show got canceled after one season. Well, they left it on for a season and a half, so they just crover and didn't bring et back and then they they ended up, bringing back the ropers for like one episode to St Kindaf like give him a spot, you know, but yeah totally fucked them by doing that 'cause they tried to give them their own show, but I love the ropers, so can't kill too much what Ha e you got for your second selection, all right, my second one then now this is a little bit like well. BRINT was sane with his picks before I th we're going to see this a lot like some weird behaviors like how he was saying like Batman, was on twice a week and then you had like the lucy show, which was like Tlucium Wall, show kind, O like my with the ropers, but then the sick and pick it's like that as well March. Second, Nineteen, seventy nine! We got the end of an Erro here and don't cry 'cause. It didn't last that long and ended up coming back to television in nineteen four, and it's been going strong ever since with a contract, that's ending in twsand and twenty two as long as their host H, of course stays healthy, but back in nineteen, sixty four, the great merv Griffin He created Ha show they've become the second most popular T v game show by the end of that decade. So by the end of the sixties, this game show is huge they're going strong into nineteen. Seventy three then NB C says you know what let's try to get a new demographic in here. So, let's move it from noon where it's like going nuts and we'll put it on a little bit later, see what happens well, T it killed the show and people stopped watching it. So NBC pulled the plug on the show in nineteen nd seventy five, but then they ended up bringing it back in nineteen. Seventy eight because the demand was high. I guess all the old timers missed it at noon, wanted to see it again. So now they named. This show the all new jeopardy hosted by the original jeopardy host Art Fleming. It would only last for a season, but the one thing it did carry over into the next portion of the show that whole elimination of the lowest scoring contestant after the first round. That is what they added to the show for this big things: men and it also featured the Song Frisco Disco- is the theme Song Ou, just Asign of the times and you're going to see it pop up a lot in this nineteen. Seventy nine, I didn't think itd be true, but it is disco is going to be huge baby anyway, as we all know, they brought this one back. Nineteen four with Alexra BEK and they haven't looked back since Um. If you put all the years together, the show jeopardy is actually the longest running game show ever with close to ten thousand episodes nudging out the prices right by like seven or eight hundred episodes, or something like that. With a plumber and an architect with a phdthat, a Werdol tepardy, I was tense. I was nervous sorry that was great, that somebody else could sing on here, except for me, but yeah. Those are my two, so we got the end of jeopardy N, N Nineteen and seventy nine only to bring it back once again: Inn nine teen, eigh four and then the ropers grate spin off great huge, all right guy. So let's take a look at these rounds. Nineteen sixty eight Brent. You come with h the end of that man. Sixty six and the end of the Lucy show not I love Lucy, but the lucy show in com in color. I thinkit's good Seei, absolutely loved Batman, sixty six, I the first time I ever saw it was in elementary school. We had like a school fair and like one of the teachers, hung up a white sheet and brought a projector and set up chairs and made a little like mikshift movie theater in the hall, and it was the coolest thing I had ever seen at that time and I had fallen in love with that man sixty six even years later in the eighties nineties, when the other Batmans came out, there's just something about that. Sixty six feel that campiness, like you, said the Automotopia that comes up on the screen, the pals. That stuff is just awesome. There's just something nostalgic about that. For me: 'CAUSE IT'S! It was bringing a comic book back to Life Yeah. You know it looked like a comic book. It was campy like a comic book, but it was on t V, so something cool about that Danybody daybody mentioned Adam West at all. We have to at least they hold, but yeah I mean I didn't want to go at one time. If you start with the cast of that show, where do you stop Atmwha? No burges, Meredath Yeah Earth, Ta Ca. I mean it just goes on Y. it's it's amazing. It's such a great show, H, Lucy. My wife was a huge Lucy Fan, I'm not the biggest Lucy Fan, so all right, so we'll move on to man, Crushn Nineteen Sevuday Dowe're just gong to leave it up that you know. I understand like Lucy's significance and everything, but on my bag I can't say that I've watched a lot of Lucy so y H. that's where my expertise ends once mark figured out. She had red hair and that colored versiond he was like come out e, Oh no, an I would have watched more of it. Then if I o nine teen, seventy nine mancrust, you bring the ropers the start of the ropers. Like I totally agree with you roper great character. I Love Don nots too, so I was equally as happy when Don Knox came in, but different yeah there were two different cats. I wish we could have had a season or two with both at the same time like that. Would have been pure magic like one was uptight and the other one was just like a purve. It's like Diana and Rebecca Yeah, two great characters both filled the same slot opposite ends of the spectrum G or got their slot filled by the same yelle. Were you going and then you bring up the roots of jeopardy. You know th their original start of jeopardy and then the end of jeopardy. So your pick was the end of it of the initial start. So the end of the run t e the end of the second run, O the end of the second run: Okay, yeah yeah, and then it's we're now on the long third run. Yes, okay, just to clarify it all right that that makes that this little dodgy for me, because I would definitely want to lean towards jeopardy on this one, because I've actually watched more episodes of jeopardy. I think than I have Batman Sixty six, but we're looking atther the second incarnation, the short liveing, but this brought me elimination round. It did and it does have the roots like I said, there's roots to it. I just don't know if there's legs, this is the end of Tatman. Sixty six, it's the last we ever got. We've really never got any more of it. So, like you said Adam lest that awesome cast Bren, I gotta give you one point for the first round. You have control aboard what category you want to go with H. Let's go movies for category too, so my first pick march, eighteenth nineteen, a sixty eight- was a American satirical black holidy film, written and directed by Melbrooks, starring, zero Mostle, Gen, Wylder, dickshon and kithmars film about a theatr producer and his accountant who they come up with his scam to have put on the stage the worst stage musical they can create, and this is also Birkes, directorial DBW and he won an academy award for best original screenplay. Of course, I'm talking about the producers and then twenty five years later the film was elected pre for preservation in the national film registry and placed eleventh on a FI hundred years, a hundred last list- and it was later adapted o course by Brooks again into a stage musical, and then they turned that into film not too long ago. That was really good. It was actually a really good H, remake of it, and that was with will farel and with M. Oh, my gos, I'm I'm bland your name Varis Beler. Thank you. Let's just call Hem Ferispuleryeah Mathew, Broderick and yeah, so it was a fantastic, fantastic, just a crazy premise too. Let's make the most racist horrible thing. We can think of and lose money on it, and then it turns into a hit just because it's so outlandish, so beautiful melburks h, the next one was this one was a little abstract. I went different on this one. So there's a this weird little scifi movie, and this is something that happened a lot in the sixties and Seventies. You don't see happening as much anymore. There's this weird SCIPI movie. That was released actually in February, and it was only released at one theater, as they would do at the time and it had such a huge month of March that they decided to release it nationwide because of the impact that it had. It was originally only shown at the capital theater in New York City and the movie was this weird futuristic adaptation of a book and it was called the planet of the apes and it was actually met with critical acclaim and is widely regarded as a classical musicg in one of the best films of sixty eight, and it was applauded for all of the crazy effects that they did about a world gone crazy and then there's all the sequels beneath the plan of the GAPES and escape on the plan conquest, an the plan, the apes, BA othe plaapes. And it's something you don't see much anymore. But it did actually happen recently with a movie that you might have heard of J and silend. Bob's reboot was only released on like two screens in the nation and here's a crazy thing, because Jane Simon Bobs Rebood only was a release like that. It actually beat the avengers in game on per theater revenue for lat, and then that is why it actually, because it did so well, it got this huge other pushion, an went. You know directed t to DVD and streaming services because it did so well. It's something that we don't really see anymore, much of just releasing a moving in the theater and then, if it doesn't do any well, it just goes away and that's a Charlton hested, a huge movie planning on the Apes. That h only did well only was release stationwide because of how dwell it did in that month, yeah it. It is definitely interesting when you see- and I notice this in the eighties too, when we have it like if you look get like anywhere from like eighty two to eighty or anywhere from eighty to like eighty four rather you'll see like a lot fewer movies come out because there was a lot less screens. Oh, my God, yeah when I looked up movies, there's like four movies yea came out in a month. It's Wy, you know yeah and and like this one tha doesn't even when you go and you look it up, it doesn't even list in a lot of the things as available movie, because it was only on this one screen you know, and so it doesn't even it's crazy yeah. It was totally different. I I got lost in that whole abstractnes, so it came out in February. It came out the end of February and have anbig March and then so at the end of arch, they released the nationwide cochcause of because of how big it did so that just because of how big th they did in that month, they they played it on one screen for a month and released the nationwile. You know it was fun and I was sending these to mark last night like if there was shit that I was totally knocking a pick. I was like o this ucked upsonaamark in h, the late seventies, especially like seventy nine. If you started looking at the paper where all the movies were, there was lots of porn in there like Demorn Horn Ahe does Dallas like full ads. What was that, when I sent you mark? It said it was like woman or a guy that wants to die a woman or something like that. I have no clue d. It was a full page ad H. I couldn't even just cipher what it was about. It was so nuts it was rated X. my uncle was a cop, slash minister, and they did a huge like four page spread in him in the newspaper, and we have it still. I have it from my parents' house and it's funny 'cause on the back page, the lastit half of it is all pornads forthe local board, Theater, Oh wait a minute man, you have an uncle who was a cop and a minister and he shot an oorpage spread of porn nonsoshot. He shot it on a forpeed spread of so no theyyeah, but yeah. The back page is only like half a page in the bottoms of the movies and yeah, like you said, like half the movies are all you know, porn porn movies at the this theater or that theater this that and the other okay. So the ones that I sent mark yesterday were born a man all true all real see a man become a woman before your eyes in. Let me die a woman rated x, full page at and then the other one was a. It was from a gay theater and it was called Dune Buddies and it's a picture of two druds with their shirts off in a paper N Nineteen, seventy nine just like standing together, I they're like ck models or something as we always do. When we find obscure titles. We have a game, that's been on going for years as we try to find the lowest number of imdb votes, as you can on a title y. This one has am this: one might be the lowest I've ever seen, hea't really counted so for like porn, though Sli Pon of fixing autos or going there to review the the acting was crisp. I felt inmersed in the shore, and I I was really there. You guys are missing the point of this. Eight fucking people went to IMDV and revewed theand. It has a seven point: Nine on IMDB all there's all eight people that are in the movie eyou right. Let me move on ton ninetueen and seventy nine we got march. Second, O oanineteen. Seventy nine, this one popped up is a mystery sneak preview which to me is kind o cool, because the sneak peaks in the eighties that usually told you like what the movie was- and in this case it just showed a picture of George Hamilton, like half face covered with a Cape, and I immediately knew what this movie was and I had O picket. I owned this one, an R ca disk. I used to watch it all the time. I think they should bring back more mystery, sneak peaks Kindo like they did here, but I mean nowadays it would be like nearly impossible th to do. You can't do it like you can't just have an ad that says: Go to AMC to watch this movie with a silhouette. 'cause everybody and their mother would know what it is, which kind of ruins it, but it would be so freaking awesome. If that happened again, I never got to live through that B'cause, the ones I saw in the eighties. They were just announceid it'd, be like Oh space camp. It's like ohcool yeah, but it was cool y. You felt like you were a part of something Tel how this movie it went on to bring in forty four million dollars of the box office, N, Ian Nine hteen and seventy nine, which is roughly a hundred wyeah hundred and fifty million dollars in Thosnd and twenty that's pretty damn good for a comedy, especially for a horror comedy and it was independent, released. It was funded by a DU that was like synonymous with opening shopping molls. So, in spite of that, it was actually one of the highest grossing indy films for many years, until obviously the nineties and the whole indy boom, which all those movies were making like. You know four hundred million dollars some crazy shit, but just to show a sign of the Times. There's a discoscene in this movie making this one of three disco, Vampire Movies, N, N, nine htden and seventy nine, along with NACTURNA and Dracula, blows his cool, which is not a porno. I have a checkon not, but this is, of course, the the George Hamilton susanc James Bellagosi spoof love at first bite, yeah on a mystery sneak peak major motion picture sneaking Sooff, you know I. I went to a sneake peak a couple of years ago. We had one in Chicago, we got tikets, we we know what it 's going to be for and we went, and it was World War, Z and Bredpit was there and introduce it. We had no idea nosh, that's fucking cool yeah she's like stuff like that needs to happen, but it has to happen not just no idea what you're going to o see and y likeart o yeah yeah like, but if it's a drama I'll just fuck and leaverightgt the bredpit. What's she been in? Have I seen anything the's been in friends, you know what you know he was in some independent stuff in the late eighties. You know you might have seen them in somewhat season Surrando. No, he was in twenty one jump street ro. Sorry, you might remember him. He was a surfer. He was in Jennifer Andiston. Who has it all right? So the other one I got march, thirtieth, nineteen, seventy nine and today's March thirtiest. So this is the forty first anniversary for this one and I could have selected some boring ass Osca nominated movie, but I decided to go this route. Instead, this movieis, actually a television show, and it was Goin a dew on MBC in September of Nineteen. Seventy nine- and this in essence, is the pilot for the series and I'm not just making that up universal. Actually did that it made this the pilot of the series they didn't want to put it on TV. They were like. Oh It's put in the box off. I see what we can get from it and not too shabby for a pilot. They brought in twenty two million dollars at the box office. It's about eighty four million dollars and Twenta D, twenty on a four million dollar budget and matter of fact to save money, universal reused, a lot of the footage and props Om one HOUSN, nine hundred and seventy eight battle star Galactica for this one, I'm looking at your face as seeing, if you guys even know where I'm going yet. I thought I had an idea until then, then you can cear that wrenchin there. All right well Ito'd, be interesting to see what you thought it was, but the the show and the movie they were both based upon a character that was created in nine teen. Twenty eight. It would be a hit comic book and it was actually the first science fiction, ND radio program ever the debut nineteen, thirty two, so this was literally it's been around forever. It's sience fiction classic that features William Anthony Rogers, or s he's more commonly known as Buck Rodgers in the twenty fifth century. I haven't seen this one in like when I was doing this. I was like God I haven't seen this in like twenty years. Do you remember like it's like nineteen, eighty, seven or whatever it's supposed to be and he gets like frozen in space for like five hundred years? Do you remember this movie? I mean I haven't seen it since I was a kid but yeah, oh dead it s, it was so good back. Then I used to have what was the the talking guy that he had with him like his little rtudtu Guy Queaky or I don't know dude, I get picture em. I just can't remember the name but ye. Those are the two I got. So we got a love at first bite and Buck Rogers in the twenty fifth century, Thot to be a done by love e first by my wife, and I this week watched my best friends, O Vampire from eighty seven. was there discoint it? There was no disco, but there was cheesy eighties vanpire stuck so that's awesome, wow. You guys brought it for this round. I don't know man. These are just some hefty picks: Jisko Vampires Man, Oh you're, hitting I off spot for me. Nineteen. Seventy, nine man, if you haven't noticed everything is diso jeopardy had Frisco disco is their theme song and then Mancrus. You also come with Buck Rogers. Let me rephreze that that sounded a little weird ancrush. Your second selection was buck Rogers. I can't 've actually ever seen any buck rodgers tweeky tweeky. That was his wany sorry. I knew it was somewhere hear like that. The robot, sorry, sorry just Oso when I think of Buck Rogers. The only thing I can think of is when I was in elementary school. There was always something on the menu at least once or twice a month called buck, Rogers Bake and really what it was was macarony with hamburger and spaghetti sauce. You know like American Chop Sui or macaroni is most people would call it and then they would mash the fuck out of it. So they would overcook the noodles and then mash everything together. It was the most disgusting thing ever. How did they do that with their hand again? Th Y they're like mas up and down Oh thestroking motions and if it eat that, so let's go ven to Bren nineteen sixty eight, you have the producers and plannet of the apes. Man Now see, I'm n a MI, a little pulp culture sin here I caught onto the producers, Waly didn't actually get into the original until I saw the remake, so that's a little blasphemous there planet of the Apes. That's another one! That's on my pop culture! Sin List. I've never seen all a plannet of the apes any of them. I've always wanted to. I think it's one of those movies that has a bigger impact than people. Actually, you know everyone knows about it, not everyone- and I was just telling my son about this movie last night matter of fact, which is so weird, but it's one of those things where I'm like Allrig. If I'm going to watch it, you gotta Watch the whole series all at once, get the big picture and I've never broken down and bought them all and they've never been all on streaming at the same time, so I haven't gotten there yet. So it's a little hard for me to judge that round, based on the quality of that movie, but I do have to take into effect that it did technically come out in February first and then got its worldwide release. So we're got to judge it upon the worldwide release m. So it's kind of like a secondary release. Yeah yeah, but the producers was the first release and that movie was absolutely monster. Meltbrooks was a madman. His comedy was just pure genius. I I love the producers, just the the tone, the sarcasm, you know all the Nazi shit, that's fucking hilarious. We joke about the things that upset us the most and I think melbrooks captures that brilliantly so man this one and I keep going back to those disco vampires. I might have to check that one out now is Hamilton is orange in this one, as he is in everything. Oh He's always onind he's he's fucking Leather, Oh yeah, and he s and he's got the the gonawful suit, the vampire sut. I can see the whole poster Yep, not the Vab. You know the the black, the Cape with the you know the red sashed whateverthing hanging down in this whole movie came about because they were hanging out. I forgot the guy's name who? U, who was like directed or whatever, but rproduced it, but they were hanging out at his pool with George Hamilton and Hamilton was just like. He was probably drunk n coke or some Shit and theywere in the pool, and he was making Bell Legosi. He was talking like he was Belgosi and that's how they came up with this fuckind movie they're, like God, that's really good wjust make a movie and t they called this, the Mall Guy and look what happened all right so ruling on this round. This one's going to be quite difficult to rule on, but I' gotto look at it from this unique perspective. This may be the only time in the history of this program that Disco Vampires is going to come up. We might have another chance of planning of the apes coming up, but in the end I gotta go with Mancrush on this one because of the technicality of the plant of the apes. Now I think that's fair man crush had two releases within the time frame where you did only have one, even though you know one of those releases, the producers is just a monster release. I gotta go to Mancrush, give them the point and control the board. What categoryre we goine with for our next round Um. This is tough. I you know what et's go hot products, 'cause T's, 'cause Fulkitg, I mean it's. You know what it's it's not that they're bad, I think just like when you do th the eighties and the nineties. We have such an idea of Oh. This is a very powerful round. This is not in this. I just kind of feel like everything's, like even Keel, you know all right, so hot products we got the first one in March, twenty NN nineteen, seventy nine- and this is two months prior to the release of the movie Allen. Dean Foster. He releases the first movie novelization of the Classic Movie Franchise Alien. This was the it was, I best seller in Nineteen, seventy nine and it's it's totally different, a movie novilizations that you'd find these days. I don't know if you guys have ever read a Mu movie novelization, but like these days, they basically just take the script plop it in in Book Forman. Here it is this one, and one of the reasons I picked this is actually 'cause. I own this in elementary school. It's not like a total rip off of the movie. There's actually there's character of development. In this one, there's, like all the good stuff you get from the book, you get like the character, th y. They have like characters, thoughts, there's. Actually they even go through parts where there's like deleted scenes that didn't make it to the movie were actually in this book as well, and this guy that wrote this Aladen foster. He basically writes all the horror fiction, novizations he as done star Trek, Star Wars, Alien Terminator Transformers think he even did fuck an alien nation yeah. This is for Ridley Scotts Classic Alien, which ended up coming out in May. So it's two months away from this movie and you got to read the fucking book. So that's why it's pretty hot and then, let's move on to my second one, this one's a comic book March is Nineteen. Seventy nine. We don't have an actual day of the release, but I haven't dug through comics in a few months and I figure nineteen seventy nine perfect time to do so. I have a lot of comics from that time period in my collection, especially trying to find things like pre nineteen. Eighty, it's a lot more difficult like I was saying before than I thought, especially for products trying to find things like, especially I try to look towards electronics and things like that. Horrible tefine horrible to find dates. So in this one we got the Avenger's number one. Eighty one and n nine htee andseventy nine. You can grab the issue for a wopping, thirty five cents, which is a dollar thirty, nine and Thusand, and twenty, which is still pretty damn good for a comic book 'cause. What a comics cost on these days, like five bucks, three and four yeah, it's crazy! But if you got this one you'dbe greeted by really cool George presz cover of features pretty much the entire avengerous crew and they're getting told by agent Gyrich the avengers had to go to seven avengers and the rest of them were going to be kicked out. The name of this one was actually called the title. Rather on the matter of heroes. Is the story line cutbacks baby? We can't afford you. Oh I mean. Basically, the government told the adventer that they needed t do like cut back their membership to keep the security clearances 'cause. They couldn't cover everybody, so spoiler alert. This is who he tells them. He says that it's ironman Captain America Vision, scarletwitch, Beast Wasp and Falcon, who Falcon wasn't even part of the the avengers of that time and which caused a big like shitstorm and whatever during this this Walcomic, but that's not even the biggest part of this one. It's actually it's the first appearance of Scott Lang, whom everyone knows now the movies becomes Auntman, and then he becomes antman. In April, O N Nineteen nd. Seventy nine in marvel premiere, forty seven, so hit's kind of a pretty big deal there he's the the second takes over for for, pin and becomes an Pim was too busy at that time. Beating his wife and stuff like that was what they did in the tecomics thos the seventies. who was that that coke in disco yeah, I mean that's what it was yeah, that's what I got so I got the novelization of the first alien and then we got the avenger is number one. Eighty one all right, so my first one was march fourteenth of nineteen sixty eight saty nationwide introduction afd something that we all still used it this day and it came out three days before the start of national poison prevention week. It was a new type of container that had been developed in Canada and tested into coma Washington and they launched it on March, fourteenth the child proof cap wentnationwide. Then they found the local pediatricians that determined that their children couldn't open the bottle unless they taught them how to push down on it first boom. They they testit for six months period, and they went from fifty cases of the previous time to only three so that March, fourteenth nineteen sixty eight saw the release of child proof. Caps and parents flocked and everyone wanted it so, whoever patented it was smart because then pretty much everyone started using that style cap on everything yeah. It's weird to think of something like that. You you kind o take for Dan, open, my high sea and now it's funny when I go to buystuff I'll look for the arthritis capjust, so I don't have to deal with it ecause I just last carowell. Now they got they're cool, like u flip the cap upside down and it's a regular spin on theright right. If you get your regular medicine absolutely so my next one is a huge one. That month, I none the exact day but march of nineteen. Sixty eight saw the nationwide introduction of something that was created in uniontown PA just a year before tested and attested so well that they released it nationwide. In March of nineteen sixty eight, it cost a wopping, forty nine cents, and it was two Albeef patties special sauce, ledtigh cheese, onion pickles, all of a sesame seedbun. The BIG MAC was released nationwide on March of nineteen, sixty eight and yeah, just a dude in union MPA had created it at his on McDonalds and they're like Hoy Shit. People really like this and they released it for forty nine cents. And now it's you know H. we've had the the big Mac, the big MEK, junior, the Michael Jordan Bigmac, which now is like the big Mac Excel they're, bringing it back, which is four baddies. If you WANTA, you know be that kind of glutton, so yeah, the big back mother, fucking, big Mac- God like it seems like you were in a time where they were still like making stuff and everyone was getting along and everyone was gon at Disco. I had DISI COKE and everybody was getting stabbed and raped, so nineteen sixty eight is considered like one of the worst fucking years of all time. I just miss it all the assassination of Robert Kennedy, the assassination of Martin Luther King. You know the Lindon I mean there's so many things we'll o over I'll even be going over. Some ofy t like six Daghet, was a crazy year but march, not so much all right. So, let's tick and look at this one. We get that child proof cap in the big Mac, wow yeah. These are the push down in turnstyle. That's the the first, those things man, all those things are a paint in the ass. So you might get negative points for bringing up that fucking thin. Someone Ha made a lot of money, Mangrush, the Alien Book, N, Ndnine Htden and seventy nine that's interesting. I didn't know about that, but you know you said it came out what two months before the release of the movie March, twenty ninth had all those extra scenes. If I was a huge alien fan- and I was anticipating this movie and I read the book and then like all that shits cut out in the movie, I would have been a little disappointed. I'm not going to lie. I mean it's not like everythingbut, there's, there's other stuff, th, there's drawbacks too. So you still want to see the movie like hr Giger didn't design the alien until after he read the script. Obviously this is probably like an early version of the script, so it didn't even have the full hr guy or what it look like. You know what I'm saying so, there's pros and cons to it. Yeah and then h. You have the avengers one. Eighty one, that's a huge issue right there, it's the first Scot layng. Everybody loves aunt. Man Now it's a very topical issue: You're describing the whole first part of that, and all I can think of is that sceing, an avengers whethey're all sitting down and theyare discussing the Sonovia accords and like the red tape issue, you know it's like all right. We're go they're, going to slash our funding and we gotto do it's like. Probably the most boring comic book you ever read, but Lo and behold it's one of the more important ones. It's the debut of a legendary marvel character. So you got the debut of two really big things: the Big MACC, an Atman, which I guess really isn't very big to begin with, like he could be, he could be, he could be giant man so and then we have the alien book and the childproof cat. That's a tough one to pick you know, but you know what, at the end of the day, Brenthand IV gotta give you the point, because the childproof Cap, I'm sure it did save lives of some children as frustrating. It is to me personally it does save lives with children, so yeah. I gotta give it to that one. So Bren you get the point. You get control of the board heading into our first two point round, but think about how many stupid adults hite probably killed. 'cause they couldn't open their cap, probably might to baance itself out Rightis. Well, see, that's the other side of it an you know. I I want to believe that it has saved more lives of children than frustrated old stoners. So let us call it that fuck these pills, all right. Let's, let's go music on this one. My first one was March twenty fifth in the world of music. The fifty eighth and final original episode of a TV show aired on NBC in the United States. The series had premered on September, twelfth of Nineteen Sixty six and historian would later write, though this show boasted some great individual musicians. It was their television show that rocketed the group to a whole new level of Superstartin, though I don't know if I would call it Superstartim, but of course the show I'm talking about the monkeys. It was its final episode. Only fifty eight episodes yeah and the thing about it is. It was in Rerun Hell or heaven or whatever you want to call ut, because when I was a kid, it was on all the time. Remember thinking the monkey mobile was was so awesome so march, twenty fifth, the fifty eighth and final episode of the monkeys and then my second one is March. First, a pair got married a pair that had skirted around being H in love and all this stuff, theire country, music, royalty and they c. They finally walked down the aisle, but many people might say they walked the line. Johnny cash and June Carter were married in Franklin, Kentucky finally, and hopefully, you've seen the movie walk the line and that kind of tells the entire story of them skirting around and chasing each other and finally, coming together. Did they, though, what's that did they what come together? How do Youoyeah Nin well e? was there that big of a fan yeah in spirits yeah? So I got Johnny in June and the ending of the monkeys already mancrush? What do you have for nineteen? Seventy, nine music, all right? Well, nineteen, seventy nine o March, twenty six nineteen. Seventy nine had to go with this one at sign at times it would be absolutely criminal if I left it out, it's the four thousand from this band, which is crazy to me that they had four thousand four albms at this time. The almpaked at number, eight on the billboard. Two hundred it was h literally on every fucking chart around the globe that year, which is not something you always see when you do these episodes, there might be an album that we know in the United States is like a huge album, but then you look at like freking. I don't know Bangladash or something it's not there. This album, I swear to you it's on, like twenty different countries, charts, which is just insane. The album would sell close to two million copies worldwide, be certified platinum in the United States. It only had six tracks on it, but it's Discou. So I don't know. Maybe that was acceptable. I don't know, but they had two singles. They had the album's namesake go west, which ended up being a pretty popular song and it got covered years later, which, as I think it was even bigger when it got covered and then the other song in the Navy which peaked at number three on the billboard hot one hundred you know, even though I was in the Marines, I wouldn't consider in the navy one of my favorite tracks, but there's no denying how popular a song is. I mean. Obviously this is the village people and the only two songs I know of there's Ar Ymca in the navy, both iconic tracks. Even if it's ironic, everyone knows these ones, that's just it is what it is. So I had to go that route. I probably couldhave picked some other stuff, but siothe times got to do it then my second one we got March, twenty third, nineteen, seventy nine and once again I get this band. I think I had them a few weeks ago or was it last week like I can't even tell anymore all this self quarantining shit like I honestly, don't even know what today is if I didn't know that the Bucke Rogers thing from before. I would know that todayis the thirtieth, I ', have no fucking cluit what even day of the week it is. But this is this band's second album. It was released just thirteen months after the successful debut album was released but onlike. My last pick of theirs. This selection is with the band's original lead singer. The said album would peaq it number six on the billboard, two hundred, which is not too bad for an album that took literally a little bit more than a week to record fucking insane, even though this band is still fairly new. At this time the ALB went gold. After a few weeks, then I went a platinum in May. The beginning of Ma think it was like. May Eighth is what I read and went platinums and not even a month and a half later this month, this Iwas Platinum. We got three singles from this outand. We got someone get me a doctor, dance, the nightaway, which is actually the band's first ever top twenty hit, and then beautiful girls, Hea Wu, sell well over six million copies and be certified five times platinum, which they stopped counting in two thousand and four. So God only knows how many more copies he sold since then, and just to demonstrate how fucking rock and roll this band is they thank the Madison Wisconsin Sheredan in which they destroyed during their nineteen seventy ight toure, the that was in the inside of the jacket they gave them a little. Thank you 'cause. They literally destroyed the seventh floor by tossing televisions out of the windows and then fighting one another with fire extinguishers in the hallway. Of course, they ended up blaming all the debauchery on their the running mates for that TOR journey. Right, H, a D if You have put it together, this is van Halen. Two is that second album was that last week, or was that how many weeks ago, with that one, I I said fifty one fifty. What was that? I don't remember. It's crazy, I think, we're like all stuck in the Space Time Continuem at this point: Yeah Rfor, EA, everything's the same five times plating em, that's F, a million for platinum in America right an it is, but they sometimes they see how to do Ilifyng w ten million yeah. I don't know if they still do any of that stuff. So, like the RIAA, they will. I guess, after a certain point, they'll like recertify it and then they just kindof give up- and I think nowadays, it's so hard for them to even bother doing it, because there's no r albums or anything that they're selling they'e just selling songs or getting plays on spotify. So it's how the fuck o you that outer MHM MHM all right. So let's get to the judgment for the music round. You know this. One is actually a pretty easy round for me. You know I I'm going to go man crush on this one village, people van Halen. You can't go wrong with either group. Well, maybe you can I'm a huge analen fan, village people. You said the only two songs that you know from the village. People are what Y MCA in in the navy. What about Macho man? Oh Shi? Well, that's my favorite is macho man and all their sogs sound, pretty much the same yeah. They know just different words: Who's your favorite village person gotta go with the probably the Indian yeah. I was always a fan of the Indian as well rent my favorite little trope with that is in. WAS IT WAINES world too wherthey're all like ecovere and you? I didn't even pick up on it when I was watching it the first time until they all come together and I'm like, Oh, my God, there's a vilarious, the Indians, just there on the state, the construction worker Y Fren y Ad Nineteen Sixty Eight, you come with the monkeys, man, that's a good pick. I was a huge fan of that show, but you know what it's the second time. It's come up on this program and it's because F, when I became a fan of the show, was in the eighties yeah. That's when it was on hug ROA it. It was itasmonkeys on Sunday, Easy Sundays. It's a weird pick for this program, because it's something that was burst in the sixties, but no one gave a shit about it until the eighties and then it really found a hard chor audience. I mean the monkeys were popular in the sixties and they had their thing, but I think it gained such a a cult following in the eighties that carried it through, because if you remember after that, they then had the big reunion tour. They all got back to G O was some some music that got actually played on the radio again, that was more modernnthat's. When I just Goe the monkeys, you know W, you know, what's crazy everything ties together, 'cause one of my it was going to be a news pick of mine Bu. It would ave been newsor music. I didn't pick it. It was stepen stills actually recorded the very first digital recording in nineten in March, nineteen eventy, nine. Yes, I was got ta pick that and the reason I bring that up is he actually tried out to be in the monkeys and made it like the last route, but he didn't, he ' make it. I thought you were going to say that Steven Stills covered in the Navy, Bu Nineteen, seventy ninet's crazy times brow. He might have you never know right and then your other pick Bren the marriage of June Carter and Johnny Cash. You know one of the great love stories and allove music, but you know I had to go with man crush on this one like I said, because Van Halen, that's just epic and for a music round he actually came with some music nineteen sixty eight man. I was really hoping W. I had a bad mo. I had a bad month. This whole year was great march. I I there wasn't much a pe even like a birt backorad album came out or something her Belpertin. If you want to rass, come on something tere, so man crush. You pick up the points on this one. All right. Let's go news, I'm goingto defer to Brent. It's three to two: WE STILL G T comes down ton. The final round, just like it's, been happening. The past like eight weeks well, this is our only last one yeah right. So news is all thi left, yes, Erey too, it comes down to this final round. You want me to go for headn yeah. I go for it, I'm a little Hoor, so my first pick is H. neither of these are great they're, they're, great picks, but they're not they're, not feel good one. Now the myli massacre shamed, the US American soldiers in Charley Company Brutally Killed Women, children and older people in the village of Mylau Mayla. In March, sixteenth of sixty more than five hundred people were slaughtered, including, like I said, h, the young girls, who were also raped and mutilated before being killed. And U S. Army officers covered up the carnage for a year before it was reported. The American press, and this causes firesorm of international rage and the butality, the brutality of the killings and the ofpincial cover up fueled, antiworsan sentiment and it divided the nation over the Vietnam wor. This was the big turning point and it only stopped because a helicopter pilots realized what was going on. They saw it and they landed and blocked so that the people could get away and when it was found out, it was a huge. It was a global outrage. It was a global event that just did irreperable harm for the people and that's really started that whole. They called them baby killers and all that stuff n, you remember like you, saw and all the every movie you've ever seen. This is why just this huge massacre and then for my second one, President Johnson addresses a nation. Three thirty one of sixty eight, so the the end of the month he's Gi Asin with America, sons in the fields, far away with America's future under challenge right here at home, wherther hopes in the world's hopes for peace in the balance every day. I do not believe that I should devote an hour or a day of my time to any personal, partisan causes or to any duties other than the awesome duties of this office. The president on this country. Accordingly, I should not seek and will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as president, and he said Deuce as I'm out and Um. He he' refused to even be elected for another term and a lot of it they say was because of his stance on the war and the the massacre that had just happened in the huge pressure that they were putting on him and it shocked the nation. It was a huge thing because Johnson was you know the president and he came on the T V and said: I'm out I quit and mhis is Prenixon callnit quits too. So this was a huge Thi. He actually came on the TV, though. Yes, it was a. He addressed the nation yet came all over it, just Yan it was over its face neck and chest. I had a light in. If you would ave read the newspaper that day there was an ad for it. It was rated X E SA Ot. I dunebuddies Ye. I told you like. I have two really hardcore solid picks. They are not fun ones, good good. So Ye! That's my that's my Newthankfullyaa. Let him go first, yeah see yea, get that shit out of the way and then everyone died. But he came on the TV. What a e you got mancrush I have March eighth, Han Nine hteen and seventy nine. We have an article. It's a home computer is a new big business. Until recently, the personal computer was merely a Lark for computer buffs. Perhaps the ultimate and sivicated sho toys, but reports industry, weak magazine, which is the longest fucking magazine name. I've ever heard, says the technology that enabled manufacturers to make microposter so cheaply was too inviting to waste on just fun and Games. So about two years ago, personal computer for the home debuted when commonore business machines, Talalazo California, combined with video game and hobby aspect to come up with the pet were better known as the pet, the personal electronic translator home computer, that Wese selling for seven hundred and ninety five dollars and Blah Blahblahblah they're going through this whole thing. But they're saying in this article sales figures for this fledging industry are hard to come by, but o nineteen. Seventy eight study from frost and Sulvan ink and New York Market Research, firm estimates at sales of home computers rose from eighty million n nineteen, seventy seven to two hundred and fifty million nd nineteen. Seventy eight and it expects the total reach of four hundred million by the end of this year. Ll, never catch eras, so they just keep going on and on about this, just by comparison's sake for twenty eighteen, just for laptops, we did well over a hundred million dollars and just laptops, that's not counting tablets or desktops or anything else, just one Facett of this whole like home computer industry, and it all, starts really like right here, you're seeing that development happened. You know from that first Comodwere that came out N Nineteen, seventy seven to the apple too. They came out and now people are starting to buy these things and it's starting a snowball. That's my first story, my second Storyi' March, twenty third on nineteen. Seventy nine, definitely not coming w with anything close to what Brent has here. Even now. This is from Columbia. It's actually a two part story, because in this article there's a picture of Jacob Javitz in on the side I'll, send the steambar 'cause he's a frightening look in dude he's got his mouth wide open, says: Javit, seeks, refor reform, Senator Jacob Javitz Republican. I New York and four other liberal senators have introduced legislation to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana under the bill. Possession and use of one ounce or less in the home or in public would be pubishable by a hundred dollar civil citation similar to a traffic ticket. Pretty big deal there, but it's paired up side by side. With this other article, it says Boguita to legalize pots. I just thought it was funny 'cause one said: BOGAS OT, a legalized pot in this. Like sister story, that's like right! Next to it, they call it. REFOR reforma leading Colombian financer, wants Bogatan Washington to legalize marijuana, so his country can make in taxes what it loses in vainly trying to stop the spread of an ever more popular drug. Mister Escobar was quota. This saying it's you know like I, I hate with some of these newspapers every time with a new story. I never write anything down. I'm reading the actual news story and with older newspapers, tespacing Fox me up. MHM 'cause they'll put L K A huge gap just to keep it give it t to get to the next line, O fix it yeah Itis awfuls. They were just laying it out in in actual, like font type like with like eah each letter was a physical, tiny little letter that you placed in Yeah Yeah. It really shows before they newspapers went digital. It was very difficult to read them. Oh these e yeah. These are horrible. Just a kind of summarize. He said the government could have collected nearly the same amount last year if marijuana had been legalized. I guess this guy's last name is Samper. Sampar said a hundred and fifty thousand Columbians depend on marijuana for a living and are nearly all small, drowers or low level drug runners. He said U S. traffickers, take eighty percent of the profits and leave Columbia with a hundred percent of the bad image t yeah. I mean, and then it's legal there. Twenty fifteen president wants antosigned legislation that legalized medical candidits, production and domestic use in ex an exports and, as you know, in the states now we're getting astate here and a state there and Illinois went legal for recyeah. Would you get January first, that Wen legal? So I'm just I'm looking at nineteen, seventy nine they're talking about it here for Columbia and Yo got a JACB Javitz who actually there's like this huge like marijuana, like can thing at the Javit Center. I think it's like later on this year in like November or something and it's like the second year, it's all about, like legalization, a L N, all this other shit but yeah, I mean all kind of starts right here and it's just snowballing, like forty one years later that it's kindo coming to fruition and people still say it's. You know the Devil's work, you know and know away, and people shouldn't have access to it. Even for for medical reasons and stuff like that. But thank God for myopiates. You know yeah exacl, it's like they said in this article. They spent a hundred and forty six million dollars to stop cocaine when they could have just made a hundred and fifty million dollars if they just legalized P. I mean and look at t how much money like Colorado and Washington. All these states are making off the taxes of this. They have like surplus and Shit and n look in New York, we're in the red on everything, and they can't even like legalize it to it to make a couple of bucks. So this is nineteen. Seventy nine! Let's do some revisionist history here. Let's say they legalize cannabis in Nineteen: Seventy: nine in the United States. How different do you think the economy and culture in the eighties and nineties would have ended up turning out if we would have had legalized, we oe all be playing naked volleyball in the moon right now with Candanavian Brad, you know and and teleporting places, but hey what? What do I know I'll tell you? Miami vice would have been a much different show start there. What ID Ioyeah, I'm pretty sure dog OTS he wouldhave, been wearing fucking flip flops everywhere Anda, he would have been met. Riddle Heman, Con Guy, just lay off the coke and smoke. Some weed would have been a way more mellow show Wos, just like lazy and she's fine yeah it 's just chill. Let's go back to McDonal, get another big Mac, yeah, forty nine cents. So those are my two stories are nothing devastating. Like Frence, my murder, rape and mutilation story, Yeah wit, I could havemet your your murder, rape mutilation. I H du. I had tongs of them and I was Seo difer Ye, ah dude, like Red Light. Bandits who, like I I think I sent that one to mark there was pictures of like Cukluk clansmen like in the street, just fucking hanging out like dude crazy. I'm just upset that I actually had sixty eight and Ni nineteen sixty three, though that wouldn't have been a thing because march fifth of sixty three everyone's new favorite person in the world, CIINGZANIC was born. So that's I'm just upset that I couldn't work that insom that sucks yeah. That's what I was saying like the seventies were such a crazy time in culture, because things were starting to loosen up how they were in the fifties and sixties, but we still had that layer of a of social bluntness. You know it's right before people really started caring. What people said in this country and taking offence to things? If you read the newspapers, things were just blunt. You know like this person was mutilated and their entrails were spread all over the pavement. I mean it was really graphic. You know like they were brutally saudamized and you know j, the terminology that they used in the paper. Yeah people don't talk like that anymore. Here's a perfect example, something I sent you last night about the red light bandit who it was only like a week long, but this guy like was like raping and killing people or whatever, so they have a timeline on the ship that he did March. Fourth, a thirty year old secretary testified yesterday that Hatenbach soudamized her after threatening to kill her and then held a gun four inches above her left drissed and fired a shot into her arm when the fuck. Would you get that much detail? Yeah Leting Loeaan, like journalism, is completely changed. Where now it's a little more tactful, I think it's a nice way to put it it's a little more professional than just. This is the blunt news or this at that time d. This is just a part of a bigger article, but at that time, according to detectives, the body of Holy Madics was slowly rotting in a locked, steamer trunk in a Rear Room in the Pelaton village apartment she and inhorn shared for four years. Never would read something like that: noever. Never! Meanwhile, you know in the seventies everyone's just watching it. Reading going did he come or what you know like what's going on here, I need to know it's fucked up. Shit, BU anyhowwh go ahead mark all right, so we take a look at this final round here. Man Mancrush, you come with H, the I guess we'll say the roots of legalized, marijuana and uh the birth of the home computer industry really is your two news stories and then Br nineteen sixty eight, you know you have l bj deciding he's not going to run and he gives this whole. You know piece hem out Mike drop moment nd he takes off and then the Mali massacre and baby killers wow. You know we have a saying here on this- show that you know just don't bring the sadness. That might be the all time. SADDEST STORY: WE'VE HAD UNDUALING decades, hey it's news: it's news did. Did Joe Finley give you that yeah? It was on his birthday and the irony that you come with the Mili massacre and baby killers in one round and then the other round. You come with child proof, cat, hey everything in Moderita. I think tha childproof cap saved more lives than we're massacred, so I think we're coming out and the positive on this one. Unfortunately, I don't think you're coming out on the positive on this round and on this game, as I gotto give this round to mancrush. You know the birth of the home computer industry is infantile, as it was in nineteen. Seventy nine that's got major legs because it got the public interested in owning technology and something that was new at the time. So I think, if that consumer spark wasn't ignited so early, I don't think we would have caught up as quick as we did and then the roots Hof, legalized, marijuana. Again, that's something that was pushed aside. You know- and he were here forty years later and it's finally starting to catch on. It's just one of those cool news stories that you find that's so topical today. You could almost republish it today and it would. It would still hold up so when it all boils down to it. Mancrush you take this April fool's retro battle, Ith, Nineteen, seventy, nine squeaker duelers. Let us know what you think about this episode. I know it's a little bit different than what we normally do here on dueling decades. It's the first time we've ever dipped into the sixties and the seventies we've never touched either of those decades give us some feedback. Let us know what you think about it. You can get a whold buss on our FASEMOK page facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, or you can always just hit over to deeling decades, dotcom, where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes or on spot of fire wherever you get your podcasts brenthand thanks a lot for showing up tonight and bringing them Ao, much wit, nineteen sixty nine nineteen sixty eight and next time, H. GIV me a one: that's not called the year that rockes f the world and it's justliterally everywhere. You look. That's actually a book about just how nineteen sixty eight was the worst year. When t just needs to be eraced from history. For the year that rocked the world, you didn't bring any rock in the music round. So no because it's a huge it's a huge chuckle fences, you can see with baby murder and and jobbroup cap. Sometimes you did have the big Mac. That's True Bank! You guys werhabbing me super appreciate at you're. Welcome en tell everyone. What's going on on the histeria fifty one pod, CASS Teri Ayou, want to every Monday we're pumping out an new episodes. You cand find us anywhere, you listen to your badcast and you can just go to hysteria. Fifty one dot com and find all of our links on there and right now we are canceling live, shows like crazy because of a social distancing and everything. Hopefully we're going to get back into that h later this year, but right now we're just hiding out in our bunkers like everyone else in the world. Good time right, like I said, chuckle fast, just I n nine hutered and Sixty Eighto theand, a twenty, both o fun Yearsatso Fun all right, Jolers! Well, thanks for spending a little bit of time with us, I hope you provided just a little bit of escape for you and you can forget about all this shit. That's going on in the world. All Right! Do! There's Solin this episode right here and we're going to bid you a piece love light and a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmary Media