Dueling Decades
July 17, 2019

Back with another Nostalgia packed episode! It's July 1985 vs July 1998.

Back with another Nostalgia packed episode! It's July 1985 vs July 1998.

This week we return to tag team action here on our show as Mike Ranger steps up with another new partner and a new date to duel with. This time around Mike has July of 1998 and Jay Sandlin host of the #WhatHappensNext Podcast! They step into the...

This week we return to tag team action here on our show as Mike Ranger steps up with another new partner and a new date to duel with. This time around Mike has July of 1998 and Jay Sandlin host of the #WhatHappensNext Podcast! They step into the argumentative arena with the Mamalukes the team made up of Marc and the Mancrush armed with July of 1985! The Honorable Jon Cross returns to lay the judgment down on this duel! Who will prevail and will this matchup be as hot as July itself! Only one way to find out Duelers, by listening to this great episode of everyone's favorite Adult Audio Retro Gameshow...Dueling Decades!


Infirmary Mediapeoplnga Jul an the Pixi o plan, but toto am ran again upon that cap, but stop the power gopcome fight for what you lovewhocom to Poe, Pecopi, Tancrita, aete, te Poe CP would take grave a O, Bala Asic Iam pa a Tano come fight for what you love, neos broadcasting from the biobaday studios, wear water! Does it better? It's the Ajaltaudio Retro Game Show where the Eighties and nineties do battel, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to duaeling decades. Let's take a look at this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for as we return to tack team action here on our show. First off, along with myself Mark James, the hostess who ate all the hostess he's the other half of the Mamelukes. It's mancrush. What's up, I'm here, I'm wearing my low saw shirt because I'm coming off of my first defeat ever it hurts I I'm wearing this. It doesn't even spell loser right. It's got an a on it and it's faded. That's me, let's go! Let's do this and tonight we will be dueling with July of nineteen. Eighty five and our opponents tonight dualing with July nineteen. Ninety eight I'm Mike granger and we are stain dressed on a talk show along with my partner Oenow. Let me tell you something: I'm J Sanlin, I'm here on Staine dress with a talk on a talk, show team and we're going to make that loss record fade. I'm sorry that whin record fade even more than your shirt, because we've got July. Nineteen. Ninety eight running wild- and if you want to find me, you can find me on twitter at J Sanlin Underscore whn R, J, Sanlon dotcom. My podcast is what happens next, where you'll? Never guess what happens next on that show, unlike tonights, where you know exactly what's going to happen July, nineteen, ninety eight's going to take it, I think you were right. The first time when you said H, my lawtriker was goingto fade, H, t, that's I, and, as always here in our show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So please rise for the right. Honorable Judge, John Gross. Yes, I am Judge Joan Cross and this beard makes the decisions. For me. I hellow everybody. We want a nice clean fight tonight and I will promise not to make all the bad decisions I made Lacho by not drinking. No, I'm thinking, Oh allrigh. Well, that's good cheese. What do you have there? Just a beer tonight, no hard liquor, it'sait's its side of but yeah, it's it's Acahol n for a good match. H, Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dualing decades rules. The judge's coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: A bease and the winning decade shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds. Duelers wake me up before you go. Go because it's time for more oos, yes and our coin toss tonight will be the bluray of Andy Sadaris's, savage beach and wickers. If we, if you didn't know already what we needed in high definition for K, remastering was tets and guns. Yes, and so who wants to take the front of savage beach or who wants to take savage beach by the Ria? You guys call it J, you're new, you call it. Oh I'm going to grab those by the tits man. Jay is going frontil, let's toss it there we go the toss off and it's front old, j Wen o get used to saying that you won't it July. Ninety, eight, you don't stand a chanceall right Jak. You guys have control of the board. What category is up first? Well, I would I'm going to say movies. Is that all right T's, your call man, I g movies, normally go lige, let's flip it. Let's do it. Fo Yeah 'cause we're going to flip it around all right all right. Let's talk movies July nineteen, Ninety Eights 'cause I've got one that can't be beat just like the allies in World War. Two 'cause, I'm talking war time, I'm talking Stephen Fucking Speelberg, I'm talking saving Private Ryan. We've got opening with an allied invasion of Normandy June sixth of nineteen. Forty four, you see the you know the battle scene beginning which was so realistic. It made actual historians and war veterans. You know Flash BACK TO THEIR TIMES N in the war. Many of them had to stand outside and h Stephen Spielberg. This may be his most violent film. You know his wide catalog of film making and he's on record is saying that the level of violence in the film was such that, even if it had received an NC seventeen rating, he would have released it uncut anyway, because he had a specific vision for the film. He didn't necessarily think it would be a popular film. In fact, he even cast Matt Damon as Private Ryan, because he wanted an unknown actor. I thought you were going to say 'cause. He wanted to make sure it wasn't a popular film. Well, unfortunately, for him, Damon would win the Oscar for goodwill hunting and become a big star before this film was ever released. M. Also funny to note that Vin Diezel was, you know, while he was still a little known actor, he was only paid a hundred grand for t the role, the big scene in the beginning, the Omaha beach scene. It cost him eleven million dollars to shoot it had over a thousand extras, many of which were members of the Irish army reserve and many of them were actual amputes and they were issued prosthetic limbs to simulate soldiers having their limbs blown off. So that's something cool about in the day movie making back in ninety eight right. What will we do now? You know you'd, stick some green socks on their hands and you'd see G. I that shit call it a day. H. Tibost of the movies in ninety eight probably would have went that way too. He just didn't 'cause. That was like the time where we had all that Shitty CGI don' like for years a couple of years, the we had terrible, CGI e, that's solid work for amputated actors. I Ge Yeah. I suppo, I think that's awesome to do it. Like I'm shocked at about that NC. Seventeenth thing you were saying, though, because yeah well as far as I'm concerned in July of Ninety eight or this ninety eight era. You know you have this advanced movie technology coming in. I think about how much more advanced things already were than like. You know the eighties and here you'rethey're still trying to achieve some great spectacle through physical effects to round out saving private Ryan. It was the highest grossing film of Ninety Eight in the United States, and it was also the last r rated film to lead the yearly box office until American sniper in twenty fourteen, which also was a military theme. U They didn't have prostetic limbs. They instead had plastic babies, but now that's another story and the film losing out to Shakespeare and love for the best picture. Oscar is often named as one of the greatest movie controversies in the history of the award show and many people in the business contributed the a winning or R, I should say, Saving Private Ryan's, losing to Shakespeare and love to the producer. Harvey Weinstein. Just really, you know pushing the envelope, and you know insisting that the board vote. His Way, while attacking saving private Ryan in July of Nineteen, Ninety Eight, who knew that Weinestean was such an assole right. People did theywhat a cock sucker. What does Mike have 'm so curious? Now that I mean you guys, like shot your load there, you went for it round one brother, I o harted, all right well H, depending on who you talk to on July. First Nineteen. Ninety eight, it was either earths darkest day or man's finest hour. Nothing on Earth could have prepared us for Armageddan Withan, all star cast like Bruce Willis Benaffleck and Billy Bob Thorton, as well as a few more Hollywood notables on a quest to stop and astroid the size of Texas from destroying Er. The movie was fun and completely ridiculous, with made on a budget of a hundred and forty million engrossing over five hundred and fifty million world wide, and also giving us one of the worst Arrow Smith songs of all fucking time. So I not, I prefer deep impact. What really I totally agree? One I I'd Rather Watch deepinbut, I think armagedn's fun, you watche em, again, all the way to the end of the credits. 'cause, you don't want to miss a thing right, yeah, except for I. I wish I missed the last like twenty minutes, nd that Ersmaso hawhat about the Steve Buchemi scene, no, there's good moments, yeah H, there's some really fun stuff n! You K, ow and I'll. Tell you what the first time I saw it. I was I liked it too yeah you could edit that movie down until like a really enjoyable, half an hour which itkthat goes for like ninety percent of movies, or certainly movies made since ninetee full disclosure. I was eleven years old in July of Nineteen Ninety eight and they were playing, don't miss a thing at every school dance. So I associate that song with a lot of sweaty palms and puberty okay, and I still think it's a better aerowsmith tune than jaded kind of a tossup yeah. That's like not a big fan of either, like you said, like Mike said it was so played out at the time. I don't ever want to hear it again: N The mamalukes I the I wanted to ask having just what stranger things season. Three all in one go was July. Eighty five picked for that reason. Non Strange thit was actually like. I said before we we' do these in like ten episode increments, so we just go back and look at the dates hat we haven't done, then we fill them in as accordingly we try not to put too much effort into it. Well, you've picked one that's right on the zigist right now. Oddly enough, the dates were picked and I just had so much stuff to do. I didn't even look at the dates until after I had watched all of stranger things season three and then next day I looked at the date and I'm like you've got to be frigging kidding me youck. Basically, every movie, that's playing in that theater in stranger things, season free and would win anyway over to the Mamelukes. All right, I I guess I'll start off this round. Yeah go ahead, man all right July, twenty sixth and nineteen. Eighty five h. We got a movie that took in forty nine million dollars a hundred and seventen million dollars, twenty nineteen fantastic for a comedy, but you know I'm positive. This made a pretty penny of vs rentals too. At the time a's a huge movie follow up to the original class and came out in eighty three hoestly. For me, I preferred this one better. I don't know if it's because of like I said it was on Hbo all the time or the fact that we get to see Beverly Dangelos Tidis. He has no. where I'm going with his yeah, I do o yet national lampoons European vacation classic series classic movie Chevy Chase Right in his hot streak. You know: Flach spies, like US three of megos, pretty much all within a year I' like shit to this day. If I'm stuck in traffic with my wife, I immediately look at her and I say: Hillo Kids, big men harmintto this day. It's the only reason I still really want to go to October. Fist yeah make out t atok. It H pop their tiddies out in t e little alleyway to rust, of all people love Europe, but not seriously like as a kid. It was movie that was always on t V. Chevy chased as funny as Hell and Ete was a movie that my even my whole family would watch the same people that were letting me watch like Friday. Thirteenth. When I was seven, we would sit around and watch European vacation so yea whole wholesome family, fun, Beverly Angelotidies, I mean what else could you want? In summer of July, Eighty five national ampoons Europuication googling Beverly de Angelotits, yeah T it's a shower scene, ot a google a little bit and if you ever figd a vhs copy that scene, I'm sure will be chewed up to Fuch yeah 'cause people would like slow mow that by people I mean all of us. I G, don't you think European was the weakest of the vacation series. No, no, no Vegas Vegas for sure see. I actually remember more from Vegas. Maybe I've just seen it more, but I I don't remember a lot from Europeaan vacation, just people in fountains and dressing in small mammal suits. You were too young J nea, I guess so Christmas vacation pot, two uncle Eddi's island is the worst one aepar then vegos vacation, then the first vacation or Sen European, then Cria. That's horbl! Now we're not oncluding the new Ed Helms Film Right, no Fucki, an sure e're. All I doing that when I'm watchable and I paid I don'tate to see rainreags. Is there anybody? Besides us, you think that just does not count. reboots like if I'm looking at a series. I don't even look at the rebut ever like ghostbusters like shit like that they don't exist. That's just all garbage that they wanted to make a couple of coins off of now. Technically, the new vacation is still in the same timeline and universe, but then again so as mission to Moscow and fuck that yeahright I dot, you sully the Great Police Academy Franchese, which doesn't put a foot wrong until mission tof Moscow every other movie is a classic. Let's get to my pick all right: My movie was released July third, nineteen, eighty five on a budget of nineteen million dollars opening weekend little over eleven million dollars, but the cumulative worldwide gross of this film over three hundred and eighty one million dollars, not counting the merchandising from this picture. I'm gongto quote somebody from a previous episode, our good friend, Dino Peppers, gentlemen. I am not going to insult your intelligence, Iam picking back to the future and that's pretty fucking relevant right now, yeah. If you haven't seen back to the future, you have more pressing things to do than be listening to this show right now, so it speaks for itself. Like you said, back to the future is all over pop culture. It's in stranger things, it's even seeped its way into the world of professional wrestling, so yeah, you know. I just realized that CACHITA. That was his whole thing. I was like he always come out looking like back to the future and then it they said it on the air. I was like yeah. His finishing move forever has been called the hover boardlock, but just recently I've noticed they've changed the name of it. I don't know if that's for trademark reasons or whatever is it just t e Hobver lock now Y, I don't even know what they call it now it's it's named after s, one of his trainers or mentors week, eoww all right, John, but your incest fans love it. Anyone who's ever looked back at a young picture of their mum and sout fo I'd do that who doesn't lave back the future in terms of the mash up tonight July. Ninety eight against July, eighty five, while Amigedan and saving private Ryan, were undoubtedly huge movies in terms of their taking and their importance. At the time. I do have to say to myself how many people in O thosand Ad Nineteen Ane, putting on either of those movies outside of the ironic so bad, it's good Armagadin and people who maybe didn't catch saving private Ryne. The first time, I'd find with a lot of those speelburg movies that he made cost his blockbuster pase post his like b movie, but as an a movie kind of phase. A lot of his movies tend to be like very big at the time and then don't stick around, whereas something like back to the future, just eclipses, I feel like both those movies I feel like back. The future will be around for decades to come. European regation, probably not so much but in's, still part of such a belovend franchise and vacation, and especially Christmas vacation, which plays every single year at Christmas on multiple channels. People will discover European vacation again and again, even as it kind of outdates itself, because I I don't know that necessarily Europe or even America is like that anymore. But, however, I have tocide with July nineten N, eighty five, just because back to the future, still to this day, more relevant still watched. It's a classic trilogy, it'll go down in history with things like Indiana Jones, trilogy and letal weapon, and things like that things that just will never die so back t the future hazard on L and nine hundred and eighty five, but a great showing from July nine hutdred and ninety eight and I love the balls coming right out the gate with movies and two such popular movies of the time. So thank you oer. So much for that. I was great all right mark whet. Are You thinking you think in music here? Maybe yeah? Why don't we go wit, tsome, music! All right sounds good. You wanth! Actually, I don't think it matters on I'm remembering what your pick is: Go for it all right, release July, sixth, nineteen, eighty five: we have the album heart so each studio album by the band heart. It was one of the most, if not the most successful, album from the banhart producing three smashhits that were in the top ten. What about love? Never nothing at all also had, if looks, could kill on that as well. It hurts only album to top the. U S, billboard. Two hundred todate and it was eventually certified quadruple platinum, so solid release from heart on July sixth, nineteen, eighty five with this self titled Album Heart, giving us a single what about love? Godyou know how hard it was not to just sing that I got I've had it going in my head all day, man. I hope it's not stuck there later. That's the only reason I do that sometimes 'cause, that's the worst shit. When you have one of those songs stuck your head. Oh It's horrible! I don't even know how to get rid of longs like that. This mine is going to be the same way. I think Yeah Allrights, O July twentieth, nineteen. Eighty five. We got the musical debut album from a guy that already released his debut album in nineteen. Eighty two: Are you confused the album? It was only certified Gold Peakd at a number twenty six on the billboard. That said, the the main single from this album. It actually reached number two on the billboard charts and it was rank. The seventh overall single N nineteen, eighty five by billboard hog one hundred the ottmn feature of the production stylings of, is it Aqueel fuge or is it fludge? It's Pelet's just go fun, 'cause, THAT'S WHA! I Fun Alri a quill fudge. Sorry, if I butchered that fuget, ah Stevie wonder and of course James Bitch, the alm I speak of is Eddie Murphy's. How could it be? And of course, I'm talking about probably one of the biggest dance hits of the Eighties Party all the time, even my thirteen year old knows a song Jay you're a little younger than us. Do you know this song, I'm talking about? No I've still got a heart on from mark's last intury obut. It could be looked at John might say this is like an ironic hit. I don't really think it was because it's your stereotypical, like Nineteen Eightyes Club Song, lots of beat lots of cocaine. Obviously rijins in the video with Eddie Murphy. He produced Ha frigging song. It still has twenty million plays on spotify, that's in twenty nineteen. So and it just you know, for a comedian. This is a huge serious quote. Aquote serious song, it's not coming out of the gate like an Adam Sandler song or something this was a real deal thing I mean Eddie was the king of this period. He just came off of Beverlyill's cop delirious and now that Dou'de had o Bo botify top ten hit. Here's the other thing too, when you think about the song, er o think about this whole thing with Eddie Murphy, and I thought about this earlyer today in the eighties. Who else can you really think of like hybrid performerwise, especially like coming out a comedy? Maybe Steve, Martin and him were the only ones to make that jump on both sides to be successful? At both I mean nowadays, everybody and their mother is jumping back and forth singer. You know actor actress back and forth, but back in the eighties, you really didn't have that many. So like Eddie, Murphy and Steve Martin were Kindo like ahead of the game there and KINDOF set that path for everybody else, liked it or not July twentyeth. Nineteen ND, eighty five Eddie Murphy. How could it be all right, affter you guys what Da e you guys got for this around go ahead. You want me to go first. I went first last time you got this save us. Mister Ranger Save our side, Oh yeah, all right, so I've got the debut Solo. Album n ore by Queen's Rapper Noriega dropped on July, seventh, N Nineteen and ninety eight and its song. Super Thug was the anthem for hip Hof fans. That summer the album O peaked ad number three on the top twenty sold a hundred and sixty five thousand copies in its first week and with certified gold notable tracks, our body in a trunk featuring Noz band from TV, featuring Cameron, styles, PJ, D, CS and big Pun, this song's. Actually what my friend came out to at his wedding, Nice, so Y, says labom. He came out at his wedding. How did his wife feel about that on? She was a little upset. You know they paid for a cake right up, but but honestly man when, when this came out, I I couldn't go to a party or a club where I didn't hear that Song Super Thug and people would go fucking ape shit. It was like being n in the middle of a mob, a mash pit, wh n. When that beet would come off, it would just be like Dinnin it knitting in in it, and people would go fucking and saying hod. It go din, an ITIT N in in it in it. You like that o have what's th like chorus. It's the one, don't make me doit all right over to j. What do you get for this round? Man? You want to talk cultural relativity. You want to talk significance, I'm going to talk about Brandy and Monica. The boy is mine. Now injuly, nineteen. Ninety eight, the entire month, mind you as well as the entire months of June and August Brandy and Monica's. The boy is mine, was the number one song on the charts. Now this nineteen, Ninety eight duet by the American singers M Brandy, Ind Monica- was released as a single from both singers second albums from ninety eights, and it was actually inspired by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney in nineteen nd. Eighty two they had sung a doet, the girl is mine and the lyrics were kind of you know tempoed to R ANDB and they revolve around two women. You know fighting over a man now, aside from being you know, Stoen a female version of Michael Jackson and Pau bccartney. It was the best selling song of the year in the US selling two point: six million copies spending, thirteen weeks at the top of the? U S, billboard hot one hundred during the entire summer of ninety eight, and it became only the second song in the history of the charts to ascend directly to the number one position from a previous position beneath the top twenty at number twenty three and who was the first you may ask it: was the mother fucking beetles from their twenty seven to one leap for their single camp by me? Love in April, nineteen sixty four, and if you want to Geve even more nineties about it, Brandy first performed the song on the tonight show and then it was performed at the nineteen. Ninety eight MTV video music awards that was in September ninety eight later and the video was really well received and one thing about the video is: it features the the two singers watching the Jerry Springer show on their. You know little TVs m. So really what says July? Nineteen! Ninety eight, you know the culture better than watching Jerry Springer episodes on your thirty five channel T V- I don't know, but it was nominated for two MTV music video awards, including video of the year and Best R B, video and after fourteen years the singers came back together in two thousand and twelve for another single. So I've got it for you. The boy is mine, but don't ask me to sing it. Boy is m. One last thing: I'm sorry in the two thousands, it was also resurrected as one of the hit singles on Glee, which Nogle was the huge show for the late two, thousands early. Twenty ten stop, I don't think you're actually selling it. You might get issing points here on this one, l, it's about significance, man, significant on nineteen nd. Ninety eight, I I have to say that Notnot, one of the choices from either of the Mont is, is really particularly blowing. My Scot up in any in any way at all M, you know July I' have to say looking at it July, anine utnred and eighty five, almost fuck all came out like it was a a pretty quiet month in terms of albums or singles. Although I would give an honorable mention to saint almo's fire soundtrack, just because my good twittebuddy John Parr wrote man in motion Foran Album, which is not only a fantastic song, but also one of my favorite stories. He essentially wrote it for a friend of his who was a Qaopligic in a wheelchair who was doing a charity event. And then, when the producers came to him and said we need a song for Somamo's fire. He retoled two lines in the course. That's why the whole thing is about, like all I need is a pair of wheels. Man Inmotia, he has fuckll to do with the movie at all. He just retold too. I mean it's the most. You know shallow retooling of a song since Elton John Retolin candle in the wind, Florard Dianimas, so yeah that that does make me laugh. But outside of that I mean really not a lot. I in my in my personal music taste and in terms F, nineteen and ninety eight July tons of stuff came out, but again Um, not a lot that I would race to listen to a bi today. The only album that came out in July of ninety eighth that peaks, my interest in any way told was phantom power by the Canadian band that tragically ht one of my favorites. So it's difficult for me, especially as no one in July Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety eight picked, probably the greatest album of that month, picnic of love by Anel Cunt, who t los that album ibelieve, that's the one that has Vann full of retards on it. That was a song I came out to at my wedding, where I kicked her down the stairs 'cause. She was pregnant as another hid of theirs. That does not have it has a picnic of love. Has I respect your feelings as a woman and a human saving ourselves for marriage? I'm not that kind of boy. I'd love to have your daughter's hand in marriage, my woman, my love and my friend. It's all Very Hee Cain, OL bangl, cunt it'sa. Very that must be their children's album. thover. All Ironic titles is what the right I mean unless, of course, the band name is pronounced in the Frenchway. You know and Il come like Labya, more flowy and Cunt, maybe it's German who knows but Yeh. So I the I tell you what I want to go for July, nine, hunere and eighty five, just because they're the only two sons, I've actually heard Hartheart, I ever see. No everyone knows that album and how could it be party all the time? I know that never heard I'm afraid of Noriega N oe doesn't mean it's not amazing, just never heard of it, and Brandy and Monica sorry jy that that one also passed me by on the road to good taste. So I'm not sure what to say about that, but I'm I think just because, like you say party, all the time is still you know a big sort of party hitting a fan hit ing a something. That's played a lot Um, something to listen to a doing coke right and Ho hot is obviously an album that you know. Heart will always be popular. You Alto, listen to while Doang Cooke, yes, mastebating Oo, Make Your Cup and Cryso I was going to say, whereas Brandy and Monica the boy's mind is more the kind of song you listen to when you're masterbating into a cup in the corner of a burnt out warehouse sat on top of a pile of your own feces, while where, while wearing a t, shirt that just says Bob Doll for U S, t something, I don't know, I'm Gointo Goni July nine t and eighty five again, I apologize o Really Oo that one Gey, sorry all right, man crush. We take this round. We get yet another point. What category do you want to go with mm? You WANTA, go with television, yeah, go ahead all right' to July. Second, nineteen, Eighty five: this is it's a little bit different because you're not going to get any debuts in the summer of Anyea, really so forget about that. But we did get the last episode for a Classic Series that ends after eleven seasons, which is totally bizarre because it's a nonsyndicated first run show ther was releasing new episodes all the way into July of nineteeneighty five. I mean, I guess they they just did whatever the hell they wanted in the eighties, but sadly, CBS pulled the rug from underneath the series without giving it a proper exit. So the last episode that aired was called Red Robins and it was just like another episode in the series, so after eleven seasons, two hundred and fifty three episodes lots of accolades and the best themesong ever CBS seversties with George and Weezy, and they end the Jefferson's after an iconic ten year stint. You know, everybody knows t e song. I mean that the very pursuing the theme song you know what De e O ot moving on dotbut wee get the other class. But the show had some awesome tines there, like that song itself was done by the one that played Um, Miss Woods from good times, gene duoi yeah. Of course it's a spin off of all in the family Y. They had some other min metal stuff too Isabel Sanford, who plays wheezy she's a first black woman to win and Emmy, and a LID actess for a comedy they're, the first ever transgender character on a Sitcom which was George's army, Buddy Eddi, who becomes eaty Um and then the really cool thing that ties it into the nineties, which I think was awesome. Eleven years later, you get the series finale of the fresh prince of bellair and who buys the banks, House, George and wheezy talk about moving on up yeah and to top it all off. You want to talk about culturae significance. They just did a all in the family. Jefferson's like was that live yeah? They did it live like they'd. Do It on stage, but they just did it live on television, it was really cool, and that was in May so they did the episode of all in the family. Where George is finally seen, and then they followed it up with an episode of the Jeffs- that's right 'cause. He was never on all in the family because who they have linal right yeah. You only see his brother, his brother and right. Rigtand you'll, see you'll, see his wife but Um. It brings Sherman Hes, but he was othey. Do the Ering on Inroen? He was on Broadway at the time they started, but he was cast in the roll and he yeah no he's he's in several episodes, and some of the best episodes are really when him and Arche are just going head. Toa, emisode, yet weezy's brother onscreen brother pretended to be George because he wanted to go to a baseball game. You know what's crazy, too Isabel Stanford and helply. They were like twenty years apart and they played husband and wife, but they almost lie at the same age. They did. It was weird he did not age that well, they only died like a couple of years back. I think they got all th. They got all those Denni's ads too yeah, his husband and wife. So yes s, they were around forever. So what do you got mark all right? Well July, first, nineteen and eighty five, the world of cable television, kind of chains for all of us, Leaes and gentlemen, with the edition of the new, a Ande network, which would go to a full time. Twenty four hour, a day, cable channel on its own starting in January, Nickelodeon, was kind of left with nothing to put on for programming in their later hours, which Anni had previously occupied that time flot. So what did they do? They came up in the launch on July, first of Nick at night, which technically served as a separate television channel, even though it still occupied the same television station and location as Nickelodeon, but they counted it differently for the ratings, because the programming of course, was completely different. Now your favorite television station was now your parents' favorite television station at night, and I know about you guys, but it introduced me to a whole new world of sitcoms and got me liking, retro content. To begin with, I was just disappointed that nick at night didn't feature like cartoon pornography. That would have been my favorite channel and that was nick at night after dark right, right, right, yeah, N, Nickelodeon, ofter dark were you know, Velmer, and you know Dapnte, finally get it on scisorstyle July, first, nineteen and eighty five to launch at nick at night, and I think that's the beginning of where we all started loving retro content. I think that whole adventure that we're on now started there 'cause. That's the first place that I was introduced to retro content on my own other than stuff that you know I picked up from my parents, so nick at night. So do just quickly. Give me like three different shows the nick atd night. I know of neck and night, but ia say I wasn't around in America at that time. When you say retro content, what kind of shows were they sh like leave it to beever was on there yeah it changed over the years. It started off with like leave it to beaver. The Donna. Reg Show Dennis the menace, and then over the years it went to stuff even like perfect strangers. They got the monkeys too. I think they were the ones that Ar Ha Dick and yeah Dickmanna thrlot. Of that I mean leave it to Bever and Dick Vandyk. That's both polon right, I'm right actuay! It is it. I definitely is by now many times over and nobody's going, no name. I Love Lucy Welltha yea hell, I live Lucy, I guess was kind of the backbone of niceaing. So too funny they first of all me and my wife Still Watch. I Love Lucy on Houloo on Sunday mornings, along with the golden girls. It's like a Sunday morning, get up in the morning, have breakfast drink tea and watch old sitcoms, but also it was really funny. The other day we were rewatching Crocodile Dundee and in it he goes. I saw a television once and he turns on T V in the hotel. I Love Lucy comes on and he goes yeah that's what was on it s, one of my favorite gats e, see for me. I loved it because they also had s c TV on which was something we talked about in a previous episode. So that was a great place to see that a popular Canadian show like that that really you couldn't get everywhere else: Love STV, very cool, all right cool thanks for filling me, oon Te Argos, all right our turn. I guess that's my turn then! Well, you know Nico Knigt can't argue that it was awesome, but it's largely faded away, and you know you might hear about it. N, a bits and the little you know nostalgia. Talks like we do here, but let's talk about something, that's still relevant today from July nineteen. Ninety eight on television- and that was the heart of what you wanted to tune into every Monday. Two wrestling shows locked in the heats of the Monday night wars you had Monday nigtrow on CND c. You had raw on U Sa and in Nineteen Ninety eight Monday nitro started really strong, but by the time we got with a you know an unbroken winning streak that they've been riding for a while. But then, by the time you got to July the cracks started showing for Monday nitro and Nitro only won the ratings war. One time in the month of July, Ninety eight it beat Raw July, the sixth and then lost the rest of that month, but the show for July nineteen. Ninety eight t e the pay per view they put on TV was bash at the beach nineteen. Ninety Eight, which I purchased for about thirty five dollars to watch Hollywood hogen and Dennis Rodman, with brutus the fucking barber beef cake with them, taking on Diamond Dallas, page and Carl Malone, the male man to basketball players and, of course, Dennis Rodman still makes news today and then you've got m. you've still got documentaries on this Monday night war yo now being made today. Now you got to make a pick, though man, which ones your pick is, is the Monday night wars of the pay per view? What do I have to pick one show or the events for the month I was. I was going to talk more about the pay per view. I guess, but I was giving some context for the time of what was going on. Also on that pay per view was Goldberg, Mr Perfect Curt, hinting brethart Reymysterio and Chris Jericho, Eddi, Gerrero and Raven excellent was that ant card was that anything particularly special about bash at the Beec yeah that stands at either, while th Dennis Rodman and Carl alone, where the special vester gest him it's effectively where WCW jumped the shark? Is that where you're going, I mean it's oneomany times I mean I 's, like I said the cracks were showing it's one of the many times that Eric Bishop's money machine, you know with Ted Turner, maybe was losing a bit of steam, trying the same ideas and another thing about this pay per view. It was revisited by Tony Chevani and podcaster Conrad Thomson who lives about forty five minutes away from me on there. What happened when podcast in just the last- I guess the last three years or so they did a watch along with this episode and they may have done another one with Eric Bishop on their show. Eighty three weeks, if I you haven't checked out, those shows definitely check hem out yeah sery, my Bultgood Pod Gess, Oh yeah good, shows Conrad Thomsond, stuff's amazing, good interview. I Love Comrade Bean, I saint the mansacat. He is Mike over to you. What are you got for this round? Man? Oh I'm so excited to tell you about this. Mark 'causeyou know fellows in the nineties. It was certainly a rare condition in that day and age to read any good news on the newspaper page and July, seventeenth, nineteen. Ninety eight was certainly no different, because the last eighty Sitcom ended its run. The Inspirational Miller boy EP production, family matters entered it's ended. Its nine season run the perfect strangers spint off, follow the lives of a blue collar family, known as the winslows and their nurdy neighbor Steve Erkele, the show's popularity or irkles or IRKEL's popularity led to not only a doll, but even a phenomenal dance that took the world by storm. The show had most of its run on ABC is part of their tgif block before Sen spending its final days on CBS. The show ran for two hundred and fifteen episodes. I believe it is actually the second longest African American cast ad show only second, two, the the Jeffersons which may just helped you win, but the show ran for two hundred and fifteen episodes, proving one thing that there must have been some magic lue inside those General Walls. Such a disgusting Lind, you pickd from that listen M. Real Love was bursting out of every scene. I get it it's cheaper than using a lot of cleanacs. I GUESS! Well, after a few days, it goes by didn't they get rid of a kid like altogether. They just you leave Ju. You leave Judy alone. She had a great career in porn no, but they just like completely that she just banished. It was like where that kid go. Nobody Nowge, theirs, never came down. He asked for a race yeahwell. It happene on happy days too, that guy just dribbled a basketball off screen thow it they shouldave had to come out of the basement like the last episode yeah, so family matters, Ende Endet, his run, nine Huteen and ninety eight. All right. Let's go down to John Cross for the ruling on the television round. See I go confused. I thought family matters with the continuing stories of AOL from dihard. That's what I always thought. It was a time I saw a pincer of, and I had it is I was it is what happens after he brings the twinkies aw. What happens next? His wife is pregnant in Diehad, the guy's like yeah right, you're, really eating all these twinkies yourself and he's like bring it up, but his wife was pregnant because when you ge go ten years later, he's got all these God damned kids, and so that's what I assume family matters is, although I have to confess to having never seen an episode of family matters, but but I am aware of it I'm aware of it that Ircle is obviously a meam that pops up all the time, although for a long time I thought Irkel was that little wizard thing in Heman Oro an. I know I'm joking, that was a jerk, I'm well aware of what Awco is I used to have the little pully toy thing where olko would spin around anyway the so family matters and bash at the beach we're going for the pay per view event. That's why 'cause J, I have to say it's funny. Wrestling comes up on this show every single week there isn't a week when wrestling does not come up on the show, and it always makes me laugh that, U M man Crushan Mark Hale me as a judge, because they know how little I know about wrestling Bhun. It comes om every week, but we're going for the paper view rather than the Monday nitro verses. Monday ro, I don't know, can I say whicheveryone helps me best. You could have at the beginning of your peck, yeah sure, man, you know, honestly. I don't think that either way would help you 'cause. I think that month was kind of like a dead month. If you would have gone a couple of months later and April was huge. Some you know s. The summer months are kind of down times for wrestling anyway yeah, except for summer, when wat summer, slim somerst, laying that Monn, I I'll, have to look it up. BASSAT. The beach, though, was usually pretty big for WCW. That's where they had h. e'l see summer sladgst Oi sad. They were wrestling basketbull players, yeah it Genera, so jumpe the shark sit was like. They were just deing. Weird Shit summer sign was ast thirtieth, imonday night roa didn't debut in July. Ninety eight right that had been going for obinglours is ninety five here right yeah. So in fact I think we didn't. We do the debut of Monday night ror, no man I wish we did, though that'd be a good one. Wim Got There Yeah John, I feel like we discussed Monday night roll there oer ne. Now we had we discussed. We had a wrestling up, so you weren't on it, though thany how good no, but I feel, like that's, come up before 'cause. It's like one of the few things that I actually know about wrestling as Monday night rawl ecause people always talk about it. Um versus the Jeffersons ending and Nick Nic, atnight debuting and I know J. U said about like nick at night. You know people areit's not relevant anymore, it's not a thing anymore, but doesn't it pave the way for what's going on right now, with the like the weird? It's a children, sh network during the day, but at night they have like weird Um, a Partoona at wack in adult swim. I don't swim. That's it. Doesn't it paye the way kind of for adult swim? I don't think so. Adults, adult swim's, been around a very long time as well, and as and also nick at night in, like you say, introduces our generation to a slew of sitcoms. That would then go on to inspire them to be. You know, retronerds and culture, NES and so ot that way at all. No, I think it was Merin significant. Where is the Wersnotat Theno Jas that, while I am not a wrestling person myself, I have tons of friends who are always posting about resting cons and tons and tons of friends, and I don't know that anyone has ever posted about bash at the beach at least not that year. At least I I see what I wanted to do Jabes. I wanted to give ninety eight something, but I just I just don't feel like I can give niht. Hopefully an IDA u'll win on like hot products or something on news. 'cause products are way better in ninety eight than they are in eighty five, maybe we'll see, but I've going to go for July, ninet, N, Eh, N, nine ta an eighty five again, just the cultural significance of the Jafsons and the cultural significance for our generation of nick at night, and the fact that, while family matters also is called Tru significant and while I'm sore tat what the beach was a spectacle, I can't say that they necessarily beat on a whole, the Jeffersons and Nickonits I'v Gong to go July. Nine andn, eighty five again, but please no, the DEEPAN. My Heart, I always want the nineties to kind of squeeze forward. They never do, but I do want it. I Wan the nineties to beat the eighties one of the Nasper married, the Mamelukes in nine hundred and eighty five strike. Again we got a three. Nothing lead man crash. What category do you want? You want to go news, that's what I was kindo thinking, man we'll save hot products. For the end, all right! Let's do that! God, you leave this one off on April, twenty third nineteen, Eighty Five, the Coca Cola Company, launched a giant experiment. They decided they were going to revamp their most popular product coke into something called new coke and then on July, Eleventh N, TN, nine unded and eighty five Coca Cola said Yeah Oure bad we're going to go back to regular coke because, as you know, in that seventy nine day period, all of America unified as one and told Coca Cola, we ain't having it. They did not like new coke. Everybody wanted the old formula back. I think it's the first and last time our country unified about one thing. Maybe that should happen again. It should, I think, that's a fantastic idea: let's go coke yeah according to Coca Cola. They said that the seventy nine day period, revolutionized the softrick industry, transformed the Coca Cola Company. It stands today as a testimony to the power of intelligent risks, even when they quite don't work as intended, even though it was a complete disaster and a fail still lives on today. If you haven't seen stranger things season, three new coke is all through that series and of course now you can go on Cocacola's website and actually purchase new coke they've brought it back. Just for the Italian, with the TV show. I D, I don't even think I ever had it back, then my parents never gave me soda too much. No, I was always a fan of clear Pepsi or Crystal Pepsi love that new coke. I don't even remember, would it taste anybody at it on here? What was new about it? It was. It was supposed to be more like Pepsi. was I a little sweeter? I don't really remember it, but there's a picture of like a BA, a two liter of it on my parents, Lik Kitchen Table II, wish we can call in somebody to get a a taste test on ecause. I have no idea what it tasted. Like. I heard the same thing like some people said it was a little bit sweeter but like what made it so bad the P. do people love coke that much? I I don't like Soda. So I don't. I can't well yeah yeah thecok is big deal yeah in it was sweeter and then lack some of that Cola. Taste, which is what I like about Cola e IT D. Coke has like a bite to it. Yeah it's the cocaine, exactly yeah! It's go me. You K, Ow, look in my Goms so July, Eleventh Nineteen D. Eighty Five Coca Cola goes back on its word and reintroduces Coca Cola classic all right good one. I totally forgot what you had so is that a product or news thiss is news: Newss News, Al Right July, thirteenth, nineteen, eighty five, you know this one's superpopular, it's Kindof like what marks ut before I'm not going to really insult your intelligence. Here, I'e already had sport aid a couple of episodes back, so I have to go over something else that Bob Gueldoff did and his other major event and that one wuld o cor be live aid. There was the event that was broadcasted to one point: Nine billion people worldwide, still the largest satellite uplink hook up of ever you'll, never see again because everything's done differently now, but at the time that was forty percent of the globe. So you figured the other. Sixty percent were probably just people that didn't have televisions but really ther. There's I'll just throw out some backs about this thing because everybody knows af fucking live ad was ever if you were alive at this time. You definitely watched it like mark. You were alive. Did you see, live in? Oh absolutely yeah and like Everybod, the whole thing yeah and then you saw you saw it was such a long event. You ended up seeing it in like bits and portions yea. If, even if you didn't catch the whole event, live every station broadcasted some clip oportion of it yeah I mean I, I have vivid memories of sitting on the floor in the living room. You have our old house watching Livan like I just yeah, I just have vivid memories of how it felt what was going on. I didn't necessarily know any of the bands. You know it was only like five years all of the time, but I I still had that memory. It was such a uniting galvanizing thing. It was great yeah. They you know what they don't well during nine eleven. They did something like that where they had that benefit. That was on all the channels. That's probably the last thing that I can remember that was as monumental as this was, but that probably wasn't monumental in every country like this was that was probably just big in the United States. I don't think frenzy can to benefit the only disaster. Around live aid was that Phil Collins decided to play both the English and the New York vesh. Instead of Juily Omili Day, the Fuck Home Phil Collins Beformd, both at Wemley Stadium and JFK traveling by helicopter personally piloted by a Yuki UK TV personality. NOLD EDMONDS TO LONDON STANDS TAT airport, then by Concort to New York, and he ended up playing not only his own set and both venues, but also played drums, frarry Clapton and then played with yourelite reuniting members of lead, Zepplin yeah, which now a terrible, terrible, terrible performance and they blame Phil, Collins Ba. Of course, I'm talking about led HAP, an Shud one hundred percent. You would blame fil callings for something calabrs plant sounded like absolute Trak and it's funny because after the whole thing was over, they wanted all the tapes of that Shit and it's actually hard sometimes on you tube. You can find it now, but like a like ten years ago, this was something that was like tape treated because you didn't find it. What we had it recorded forever on old Batemhaxs 'cause. My Dad still had bad Max foayear up until the ninety Bu. My Mum had recorded the whole thing now. I don't know if this is an nobale legend. If this is true- or this is just wicopedia but apparently on his Concord Flight Phil collns encountered actress and Singa share. Who was unaware of the concerts apparently and upon reaching the? U S, she attended the Philadelphia concert and could be seen performing as part of the concerts. We are the World Finali, so I don't know if she gets up the concord phone soragin and then it's like get me to the concept or whether that's just Hocoman, not really true, I'm so disappointed that story didn't end with and he joined the Mile High Club woild share. Can You magine Fill Collins and Shar going at it in a tiny batroom? That's disgusting best, rumor o this whole thing. Mark Youll love this one. It was actually frank: ZAPPA ECAUSE, they asked Frank Zapp if he wanted to do this vent and he declined and the reason behind this- and this is all I don't know- if it's true or not- but he said it was the biggest cocaine money laundering event of all time and that's why Ho wouldn't do it. So I don't know if he was trying to be funny or Wat, but I mean that's that's something about frank, that most people don't know or believe he was completely ante drug. Occasionally he drink and he fucked a lot and that's it. He was anti drug, Anti Drinking Anti Rock and roll lifestyle. So love is the drug for Franzappa it was, and so it was a vacuum cleaner. But that's another story. That's a new thing. It's actually a new category in Pornoitho Yo say it was during research, Al Riht Itas, always about the research man. Anyhow, let's, let's move it on. We. We took up too much time on our pick so July, nined, what you guys got Mster ranger after you, you got this band, go for it all right in nineteen. Ninety eight was the year Roger Marris, home, run record of sixty one home runs and a season was broken and a tight race for the crown for most of the season were three players. Sammy SOS a Ken gripy junior and mark macguire Maguire would end up finishing first with seventy home runs. It was the most talked about racing sports and save baseball after the ninety four strike. Baseball fans usually only follow one team, but this season everybody was tuning in Maguire started July, with thirty seven home runs finishing the month of forty five Soca went from thirty four to forty two GRIPPI, eventually fel out of the race, so as it did end up breaking Maris's record but finished with only sixty six to maguire seventy. I know this isn't like an individual story, but anybody was watching baseball that particular season. This was in the news every single day and every time you tuned into e spn Any time you you were reading a paper. It was all about this race. No absolt. We talked about this e yeah. We've talked about ARL in ninety eight I mean that's the Penel of baseball. In the last thirty years, yeah for a lot of us, it was the first and last time we paid attention to baseball yeah yeah, I mean honestly it it wasn't. Anybody who was watching remembers it. It was. It was something to Sa you don't really get that in baseball baseball ''S, not usually that exciting N. I'M G N, I'm Gong to ask you this T, I'm going to be that guy. What's the new story, though, that's the problem with this particular story: It's not really an individual story. It's more of this is what Wa's talk about its Tothe Ra, every single ed, the chase. YEA T S, it's the chanse says the story: Okay, Gotcha. I totally agree like I think it was September of ninety eight. I was a pro jam pouncer and it was it wasn't I seventieth hole run, but it was the home run that broke Maris's, record and Pol JEM stops mid song and everyone's like what the hell and Eddy vetter he's. Like. Congratulations, mark markjust broke the record. Boe H and stone throws him like a little like nurve ball and he hits it into the crowd. Like a home run with t e guitar, I still remember that to this day that I was there m so that transcended and went into music that that is a big deal. It is huge it's one of the few sporting events that people save newspapers from to this day. I know people that I even might have one myself of the day. Mark mguire broke the record, but you know what's crazy about that. With thirty W, would you say, yea thirty four home runs for Sosa. Well, that's what what's insane it's like when you really think about it, going into the all star break he's already got half the record. Yeah Yeah, but you know, what's crazy. Now is like Petolanzo. Has Thirty at this point that balls jused again they're trying to get get people back hopefully? Well it may it may bemore exciting. I mean say what you wante about the Sterod area. It was. It was fun to watch much like the WW. That's trying to bring back the attitude era. MLB is also trying to bring back Ti Steroydero, very nice football's. Next, all right for this falls to me now. If you were looking for something to give to the nineties John, I don't even know what else you would pick for news than the fact that, all month, long the headlines and the late night talk show material in July of ninety eight we're all the same di can't think of many stories. You can say that about, except maybe o j Simpson earlier in the decade, which you guys covered really well on a previous episode, but I've I'm come into this h point with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky News all month, long and H checking out CNN dotcom for the month of July. Ninety, eighth, it's just something every day. Every headline involves Clinton and Lewinsky, but what was probably most relevant came. You know at the end of the month, when you know we all remember that Clinson was denying things for a while. He did not wait. A minute ought to not have sexual relations with that woman. That's how it began. You know at the beginning of the year and then, by this time, you're KINDOF getting to well. It depends on how you define sex until you get to Thursday July thirtith. Nineteen. Ninety eight that Lewinsky turns over the stained dress for evidence testing. What's it staying with the stained dress, they t y, they tested the dress for you know for for for Clintonspooge, I guess yeah scratch and snuff. She was hanging out at the fammatters house and rubbd them t a wall. Well, you know, speaking of nic at night H, th the tonight show actually did a spoof of this with an actress that looked like Lewinsky H, going out to the Mary Tyler more show and Singl deburk singing that stain will calm out. After all, so I didn't comeon you GOTTO G and Clinton was looking forward to his testimony on July. Thirty. First, that's how he ended the month saying I'm looking forward to my testimony, so I mean come on. You Got Clinton will testify. You've got the staind dress D N, a and he's leaving the month. Looking forward to that testimony. That story would go all the rest of the year, of course, alriaty solid man and still never led to his impeachment 'cause. Nobody cared at the end of the day. ECAUSE. All he did was get a blow job. How amazing was that this guy gets a blow job were ready to find out all of the shrow. I was like I'm not a kid, and I was going to just an extremely conservative like southern Baptist Young Earth, creationist Type Church who m you know every week in the poll pit. He h the man was the devil. I didn't really understand what he had done. 'CAUSE, nobody wantnet to talk to me about it, but H, Umyeah. Now it's like really that's! That's it yeah. As soon as you found out what he did you're like Oh shit, I would have done that. ellironically. All those same people went on to vote the SRUMP every one of them. Oh, I feel bad for them all right, John Cross. What is your ruling on this round here? It is the ultimate fight, the question we all wanted answered for decades and decades in decades. Who Winds? Is it live aid or is it a seaman stain dress? What are we going to go with? Who wins the battle of news on this exciting episode of jeweling decades? What the people care more about? Is it come or is it Phil Collins playing two shows and flying on a concord and meeting share, I don't know, is the answer. I have to rack my brains, the other two stories: th T th racing to break Roger Maris's, homerun record and Mi correct in that, yes, like a and new coke, slash classic coat, coming back, you're gon to say at to some extent the raise for Roger Marris, 's, Homerun, record kind of beats, the coke story, at the very least, but does Builtplinson and the blow job beat Um live age t's. It's a tough one. It's a tough line, one pint nine billion people know about that comes to do Ohif. I could just put this out there, like, maybe not right now, but in like twenty thirty years, some kids going to be sitting in some fucking junior high class and have to read about the president agetting his diksuck yeah, which I cat wait Fal, not just Mokin, Awso tuses me, I'm sorry. Can you be more specific on that? One there could be a few people you're talking about there. I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that one of the alternate names for our team was going to be looking for cigars and all the wrong places yeah M I' Gon, then I'm going to give it to July. Ninety eight just because I think the accumulative effect of Boway or God hold on you're talking about the combstained dress, oher this enormous humanitarian effort that basically to stop famine watea. Why Doo brought it to the UN, though, like okay sgot, I go, I went to the U N, I it started comic relief, o o in England and then corleve later in the U S, both of which Wase still going today. It brought the information about Eieopian, South Africa to Um and international platform. However, I will say two things in defence of my choice: first, people are still starving in Africa, so it hasn't worked and secits had to work a little bit and Second Double Fil. Colins Lik Dad those two things almost immediately disquality really you're Gonta you're, going to hold pilicon Ting am too dut. Actually, how cool is that that the dude played in two different countries in the same day once in the morning wat how cool it is, but you cand also say how egomanoical and how demanding he had. He'd already put his big domed face on every holeone of his album covers an the throw wol. That's the worst thing, I'm going to throw this out 'cause this'cause you're from England too. I know you like Queen. A lot of people say that that sick song set that they did there is the belesinrise informance ever I know in rock and roll. I know that Radio Guy, I think like when, are you going to ever see that ever again I mean you're talking if you're, if you're going to go that small with the Phil Collins thing, you got to go that big with manthe best performance, as ever that Oecross, you always roshy. You always pushd me to the edge too O as pusking. He heads you know I want to give it TA light maide. You know that Iji know you don't want to shut out. That's why you're doing it well, because, first of all, I don't like anyone to go at home empty handed and secondly, you know the BUIL, the Bilklin DS monocle is like a Sumi aning withthis Wnot. Only that but like you, look at trumps, beating of Clinton and all the things the trumphes both been accused of and proved of, having done and a openly admitted to doing, and we can't even get the guy a fucking parking ticket. It's I you kN W that Clinton things still. You know and the Bluinsky thing still comes up today, they've covered it on multiple different things. You know twsend Ad Twenty and sixty minutes, and all that stuff is still you know it's. It comes up time and time and again all the puns intended. I coming up time and time again you Kn W, but then you add that to a quintessential battle in baseball that tha, you know unified baseball fans again after a rocky period in the game, you put those two things together. I just think I you know I'm giving into July. Ninety eighth stop arguing with me next two hot products: Nineteen N nineuted and eighty five and the shor done al right off to hunt products fir the final round thus determines the match. Do you guys want to start off, or do you want to defer? I think we should defer defer ar man crush that's over to us right. Do you want to start this one off, or should I H, yeah ill started off when all right so July, twenty six nineteen, eighty five hlhear me out here 'caus on the surface? Oh God, then you'll respect this one I think for rlk is on the surface slain about nothere's, nothing about hnothing, about remote control. On the surface, this hot product, it doesn't seem like something that's monumental, but it actually was because- and this is why I got a preface it with this. So between nineteen, three and nineteen five you have was coined the Atari Shock. You know otherwise, no, it's a big video game crash, nineteen ighty three and just to show you how big it was. This is a three billion dollar industry in nineteen, three hat by nineten. Eighty five has gone to a hundred million- that's a loss of ninety percent over ninety percent in revenue all right. So it's safd to say at this point the video game industry is shot and it's not just because well, it is because you had chitty games like et, but you god, everybody and their mother, releasing games. FROR, Atari ther were just trash, and then you had people buying computers, they're moving away from these video game consoles and buying computers that can do games and do other things. You know like you're, fucking, Excel bredsheets and shit without excel. Of course, 'cause. It wasn't ou at theieanyhow, we're all aware F. The FAMACAN was released in nineteen, eighty, three, it it started off slow, took another year or so for that to pick up, but Nintenda did one of the smartest things they could do in nineteen nty five is 'cause, they repackaged the Famican and s yes and they released it with a product called rob, robotic operating Budy. So the thinking behind this was absolutely genius what they did. They they put out this rob, which is pretty much a piece of shit, but in nineteen five. Nobody knew that, instead of being a video game system, now they turne this into a toy and NE s developed it. It was a toy. It was an actual Poi, instead of being a video game system which nobody wanted to be a part of Ay put this rob out and if you look at any marketing from Nintendo IAND nineteen, eighty five, the primary focus of all their commercials was the rob the ROB was. If you don't know what it is. If I know, what do you call it Mike Dos, but John, it was a. It was a robot I' looking at one ORH, it was the quintessential piece that all the children wanted so by the end of nineteeneg six, when they did research about what would make you buy an Nintendo. All the research came back that the children selected it because it had the robot and if you look online, there's tons of people. Thatwill say this: This is the catalist that move Nintendo ahead. It took it from being a video game system to being a toy. They put it together in that Um with the delucx package. So you had a couple of controllers. You had the rob the Zapper Duc Hunt and Garemite yeah. I I've seen the rob I'm looking at it. I've seen it okay Anso, it really pushed it ahead. So if you, if, if you believe what everybody else is saying about the rob that it really catapul did the nes, then that means a catapult of the entire video game industry because it was shit. It was dead in the water at that point and they brought it out of like the depths with this rob, which was a total Leke. Again, it was a total piece of shit, but every kid wanted it because it looked cool and it was a toy and it wa. I came with an attenda. That's my o product was the rob the robotic operating budy they came with the Nintendo is, is it the rob that's coming out, or this is the rob now this the rob, because I I don't think the N S gets an American release until like October, who sai anything about American release TDID, I say American release we'Rej we're talking about the Japanese reall s, t e, Japanese rrob, the robot wile, it's R, ob Leyeah, I'm confused now, what's confusing about it, they put out the rob. Well, it's just like there's, there's so much more to the story on how the NS became the NS in America. So it's I mean I I guess I get it yeah. I mean the R, the robies, what sold the NS in America right and that's the release date of the robs. That's my product, but but the rob was also like virtually discontinued like a year and a half later, yeah t's, that's fine, but the point of the story is this is what pushed out the Ns it made it popular in North America? No, that's true that that's true Aright, I I don't understand. OL! Can So mack Arr John? Well, if you love the COMESTAIND ress you're, absolutely going to love my hut product because as os something that sold in the millions and most of them were comestained no Excellenc July, tenth, an nine hundred and eighty five. We got the September issue of Playboy magazine, which, for the very first time, gave everybody nude photos of Madonna. There were photos that she had taken somewhere between the time of the late seventies o early eighties, when she was in college. She posed for a few different photographers. Playboy then got hold of these photos, as did penhouse. They both published them and out to the World Madonna's first new picks. Now, just prior the year earlier, Venessa Williams's nude photos had come up and playboy actually took a pass on that saying. At the time the photos were taken. Venessa Williams probably didn't know what she was doing, but Madonna, on the other hand, repeatedly posed for different photographers in the nude, so playboy got a hold of those photos published them in. For the first time, we all got nude photos that we could take home into our bathrooms. Our bedrooms, it was wonderful, so why was the September issue released in July? I cannot figure that out, but it's just something the magazine industry does. If you look at the issue that came out in July for Penn House, that was also the September issue, so I think it's just something how they date their issues, only it's like a month or two, but I've not heard of that many months before doit makes sense. I was in tha dollar general the other day and they had Halloween candy out. The funny thing is: Is I'm probably the only person on the planet that, even in nine tdred an eighty five? If someone said I have new photographs on Madonna, I would say yeah. No, that's a hard pass, but that's I po having e person on the planet anyway, great all right, the rob and newde Madonna Al Rigte on two July N, nine hundred and ninety eight would. Would you like to go first I'd I'd like to I'd like to end on a high note, all right. I got this all right, so in our last intry we had propelling video games forward and then we had magazines with the the other one and I've got one that's going to get both of those in one shot, because I've got the game boy. Camera now, weall. Remember the Gameboy Gameboy from Nintendo, everybody loved, the Gameboy. You had your big gray, brick and you'. Take it places. It was so popular I'd had one for years and Gameboy camera dropped in it was actually the month of June ninety eighth and then in July the big news was in the insixty four magazine about this hot product, beginning a monthly section dedicated to the device. I got to say the ROB. The robot is a cool bit of nostalgia, Trivia, but not many people really remember. 'em and Nede photos a celebrity. We hear about that all the time, but the gameboy camera made the ginness world records for being the world's smallest digital camera at the time now, obviously, this record has still been broken or has been broken. It had three options when it came out on the homescreen shoot view and play which were also the three options for Madonnas Stono shot and a legacy oof Bill Clinton's penits the legacy of it just can't be overstated. The gameboy camera was used to take photographs for the album cover of Neil young silver and gold. It featured in the Hong Kong Zombifilm Baiozombi and in the Banjotoi game m a Gameboy camer takes pictures N. can I just clarify something, though your hot product, though, is that that a magazine starts to cover it in July wel they rolled out in juning and by July it was the hot product. It's got to come out an but the MAG. The magazine Hang Lout with this hot product and dedicating a feature to it: N Nintendo magazine and then so that was the Nintendo magazine of July nineteen ninety and they began o monthly section of it every month. After that, I believe so yeah the legacy of I using it as a camera. It was a popular device for photography and I got Ta say it's really: The forerunner to the cellphone camera and selphies people were taking maybe some of the first selphies on Gameboy camera and how much of selfis changed our culture except the digital camerahas, been out since nineteen seventy five. So there was quite a few different versions that came out prior to that, but and the Gamewoy camera was released in February and then released again in in Injhan it was January yea, Japan always got the antendo products. First kind of like Ra rob was out in Japan, Rus earlier. Ah Yeah I'll go all right Mike. I can't wait to hear this man. I've been waiting all day. What is your pick for hot products? Well, you know guys John is always asking us: Can you fuck it? Well, here's a product that you actually can fuck, because in July nineteen, ninety eight, the number one selling sex toy of all time- received its patent. The flesh like ye with features like flesh like material and offering discreet spirm collection. It's no wonder this. Flashlight design, male masturbation tool has become a favorite amongst men across the world now available in all shapes, colors, textures, anal, mouth or the original. The Gina Model, the fleshlight. Yes, you can fuck it don't wike. Let me ask you: that's the the date that they patent. When did it actually get released m? They started developing it. The year NTO sing the mancrush. I want to give it to Thenono OIA Vele to europanwent through several hests Um. It was released in o TNINE htded and ninety eight and the patent is lictited as July other than that. There's not a whole lot of information on this particular product. So that's what I have to go on that they got their patent July Andedi, but I ha been. It was Sol prior to there's no real record of it. That's what I haveithee is ther fat Isee, but a pen's, not n, nothing ons disy, that's like I! You O think, but it's not like nobody's buyinit. But if who was nineteen? Eighty five, you B pewing some shit about apple file, the patent on something? No I've. I've never used a paten once eless to say I'm not disappointed in that pick Mike. U N, Ball's deep on that one I did. I haven't even talking pulled out yet that's why I let hem finish. I thought it was. It was good to year, but 's, a pen, it's I it's another big toss up. Let's just say that between the fleshlight and Nude Madonna and a magazine covering a Gameboy Cammera, which I have to say not that I'm a Gamer but I'm well aware of like gaming products, and I you know, I had a Gameboy and I had the sega equivalent, which was color, and I had the I've, had various different things from the Nintendo and nd six, four and th Sao this and whatever I had gaming Sinses, my Hart, I had legitimately never heard of the gameboy camera. I had never heard of that which is kind of odd to me. 'cause, I'm I kind of know most things, even if they float past my cultural, whatever I I kind of no, I never heard of them. So that's kind of fascinating to me. Have you heard of the Gambwoy Printer Yeah Pno, never heard of the Gayboy bringer either I've heard of poing cameras, which sounds very similar. You can take a picture of yourself and then print it great yeah and the cord was like this wel great y h. You didn't have to do that with a polaroid camera, because the the nature of the polaroad is, you could take the picture and it printed iself, and that was where you could originally take the original Saffy, not te Gan Hut selfies. If you want it. If that was a thing, you know if you wanted to take a picture new and then take that if o down to your doctor and say this mole problematic, you could do that and that was that was fine. The fleshlight I mean you know. For years and years and years and years and years women had cornered the market INSEX Tories, they still do to be fair. They have absolutely every single thing that EIHAV, you know vibrates or you know, attra, retracts or extends, or you know spins around or you know, is big as small ind fit and clothing doesn't fil incleniting it's made out of rubber is made out of silicon, that you know, they've got clams they've got everything, men have gone well. What can we do? Alright truckers carry flashlights in their cabs or maybe, if we have a fleshlight, it looks like a flash like truckers. Driving across the country can fuck it. That's really that's really the extent the man. I know that there's like the pocket, Pussy enbarassed other things, but like the fleshlights, really all we have that that you know Botler, jegins and and somether tissues or whatever what else do Weenin? We don't need anything elsebecause. We will like a filthy Magibe, build something and fuck in it. Doesn't matter what it is. You Know Two bits of Bacon and a and a elastic band, we'll figure it out we'll figure out a way to fuck it. That's really fucked up man 'cause. Your Dog's name is Bacon. I'm talking about to breakfast me, but obt hang on a second. If I give it o an Idai, they they win the game right, yeah, 'cause y. u you gave him last round. I just wish the gameboy camera was more ohthe. It's not the gameboy camera. It's it's! The NINTENDO magazine ran a thing about the gameboy camera and I wish I knew more about the rob really, but you could argue that without the rub, there would be no gameboy right. You could argue that I mean if the industry continued to go the way it was going. Then it's possible. You would have gotten something you might not have gotten it from T nintendo. So yeah you might not have gotten here from Gameboy, but have they ever done the Gameboy fleshlight? That's what I want to know has that ever been a I'm sure, I'm sure it's been done only only in the back alleys, where you can pick 'em up off brand in yhand. You know why? Don't we, Google, the and Cava you could probably fuck the rob if you wanted. I kind o want to give it to Mike in the fleshlight. I hate to admit it guys I kindo want to give into the fleshlight. Oh my God, you o would Beco to know when the first flesh light hit shells 'cause if it wasn't r like another, two or three years, itways developed aready in ninety five, I'm looking at an article on vice right now, so no theym, 've Ol, do the legs an rest, early, mry minutes like does it land on s like supermarket shell? Does it land on store shells sometime either in and around July and ID l? Do they get the Patten and then sex shot shelves Ar stopd filling up with the things like the next week o something tells me there weren't exactly great records in US man. This is so fu. This whole game has just been a bunch of like well, take it or leave it really either one Um. Well, you know what just ask yourself, Jos, look at their picks and ask: Can you find you fuck the rob you could fuck, Madam and fucf The rob? I got one sitting right there that Shil will chafe you Al Right, so you own a rob. Does anybody own a Gameboy, camera or or flesh like I, I own a flesh light? I I I tried to buy one today. My wife was fucking furious they're gi to win Jane just admitted publicly the owning of fleshlight, so they have to Wat right there. Listen! I I like a happy pomshell, the beginning of the game. Looked like it was going to eighty five. I said it was going to get awayhty five. I was proved wrong by the fleshlight, I'm Goin, to give Mi home y gide. Oh Yo, wouldn't I feeit? Oh, this is fucking great John. Your Your judgment is as magnificent as your blank you I'll take it. I knew that I could leave the Inlien Herey as long as I get ou, I not your fleshlight, but e fleshly. Listen. I, like a good show. I like a show that has twists and turns and excites the audience and goes to the unexpected. I think the audience like it too, although I have absolutely no confirmation of that 'cause. They never respond to my comments in the group. Pon To my comments in the group. You Bastards, I don't know if I'm popular or hated, I don't carry the way, I'm going for. Ninety eight, that's my final ruling you can piss is bout on your own time, mancrush all right on all nhat! No we're going to end this episode right here, but duelers. Let us know what you think about this episode. Please did John Cross get it right. Does the fleshlight prevail? Let us know- and you can do- that by heading over into facebook, dotcom foward, slash dueling decades andjoin. The group join a private group where you can continue the conversation online and also head over to duling decades dotcom, where you can subscribe to the show and listen to it on Casbox, as well as on itunes. 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