Dueling Decades
Oct. 14, 2020

Be prepared to lose your mind, it's movies Jay has never seen.

Be prepared to lose your mind, it's movies Jay has never seen.

Next week we return to our regularly scheduled programming. But first, we wanted to share this epic blast from the past with you! You'll laugh (and maybe cry), as we explore the retro roots of Dueling Decades with you. With that said, we set the flux capacitor back a few years to the early days of the show! It's that time Marc James and Mancrush were astonished by the amazing list of movies that then co-host Jay Biglove had never seen (or even heard of)! The guys could not pass-up this hilarious opportunity to have Jay tell us and the listeners what he thinks the plots of these movies are. Jay bases his synopsis solely on the title, and then shocks us with what little he knew about them! Hear new versions of some of your favorite 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s VHS classics as they can only be told by Jay! I guarantee you're going to lose your mind.

Marc and Mancrush listen in as Jay Biglove breaks down "Breakin’", but not the version you have ever seen (or anyone else for that fact)! Find out who joined an underground fight club and what Jets' quarterback was a hall of fame speedster! Does Richard Branson have a death wish and should Macaulay Culkin lean on me or stand by me? For some reason, Jay thinks Se7en is secretly a movie about gambling addiction and that Lane Myer was on an impossible mission! Jay still does not know who the puppet master is (even though he was there when we interviewed Charles Band) and may never figure out who the substitute is....but he thinks Camron Diaz may have something to do with it. You will never believe who Jay thinks was in Orgazmo. We promise you will never see these movies in the same light. 

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Fom Omediai'm doing that gate is wax piece of all guys and thinks are having me on the show. We'll ok be the nineties on it ad any babies or crack babies will av Bemann or Madon, maybe Britany. Maybe Whitney. Do you like new metal, a new wave, they grow or Super Dave. I don't know, but now the VA AL begins dueling decades and, let's see who wins, joy, wats up everyone we're back with another great retro episode of Doling Decades will be back with the festivities next week. We're excited to get back to competition, but till then we decided to release this hilarious apsere from a few years. Back always is a really funny episode, but it also demonstrates just how far we've come in four years and that's one of my favorite episodes Ford in the summer of Twenty Sixteen J, Big Love, you still part of the show, and it's one of the first episodes I had the privilege of recording with mark is my cohost w these poop culture apisodes have their fingerprints all over doing decades. Little elements of pop culture went into the development of doing decades. The battling and the vicaring back and forth was our showdown segent interviews with celebrities. They became our judges, s Utopia, island developed our love of the eighties. Ninety cibercafe became a remembrance of the nineties and Family Pood. Well that brought it all together with the Gameplay poop culture was our please to experiment and grow, and now we have biing decades a fasterd love child. So please sit back and enjoy this episode. Join Our FACEBOOK PAGE WWW PAS book otcom fover flass doing decades join. Our private group share your love of these great Tekides, but next TEP. They shocking and brutally honest account of a forty year old, who never saw some of the most popular movies of all the time it was more shocking is what j actually thought these movies were about here we go with boovies J has never seen and wewill see guys next week with a brand new episode of dueling decades. You haven't seen a lot of movies, so we're going to get to that laterycwe're going to get to that right now know weere all talking the other night and we made a really intriguing revelation. While discussing movies with J and the revelation is that J has not seen some of the most popular movies ever made, maybe or just popular moies not ever made, but h only is j, not Seeng. These movies, but Jay doesn't even know what a majority of these movies are goin about. Ell. I thought I did JAS told Bargaini that he does indeed know what most of these movies are about and he's just putting us on that's wher. He said the other night at least so what that said, Markan I can pile the list of movies that you know we think jas maybe never seen. What we're going to do now is we're going to go through a little exercise where we see if work, correct and assuming that J has no idea like what these movies are about or for that matter, if they ever even existed before we get started. I just want to say what I think happen is it's little generational gap. You guys are a little bit older than me h and you guys kindof grew up more in the eighties than I did right, excusees excuses. So I was more of a nineties kid we dropp Ninety's movies on you too, you didn't get 'em. I thought they were from the Eighties Ol lot of them were, but there were a few from the ninetys, a the ones I didn't know from the nineties. I was, it must have been early nineties so j. This is what's going to happen here mark and I are going to run through those list of movies with you right. So please be honest, you're going to tell us if you' ever seen it or heard of it, then Wei. Am I going to tell you what I, if I think I may have seen it ill just say? Yes, Sir Esirthen, but then what we want you to do is we want you to elaborate on the movie, with Short Synopsis Of the Movie Aread, that that makes sense. Rightrightwe might have to bring my barback to destroy you, depending on the knowledge. Yeah he's a destroyer, so the first one that we were shocked, the Jay his never seen, I think he's heard of it, but he's never seen it gooties yeah. I think I'm I've probably seen it. Oh now now you've seen Goonis okay, so I think I have okay, so tell us what Goonis s about. I think it I it's about like a bunch of kids and they H, I think, they're like they don't have parents or anything and they just kind of run around like crazy, I'm not really sure what they do. Ta. I remember theyall live in a house together or something like a tree house, maybe yeah. I I'm Never Sur you, I'm pretty sure you didn't see groes. The only thing you got was the cover of the movie, where there's a bunch of fucking kids on it Oso it's a bunch of kids with no parents living in a tree house. You just describe Jacan the Neberland Pirates- Oh my God, Shegoyallright! So there's one Ari. The next movie is an absolute classic. It is stand by me right, stand by me. No, I kindof thought that was the movie with mccoli coken, where he gets stung by bees and dies. But I think that's like lean on me or something like that. You know a mee Aou fucking. It's Anot Joe Carder, the principal in like Newark and the Moove. Yes, I was was my girl right. Well, that's what I got for it all right so that it's a wore. That's two! That J is not seen. So this is a classic. I know it's an eighties flate and you're going to Li madlost boys, yeah yeah. I don't think I saw that oh he'Sgo he's going right off the cup to no see Wut. I was O. I think it's about thisis about the kids. They all live together in like New York City. No, that's Gootis! I think they all lived together in New York City and like fight the other kids, or something like that. Ere's, that the one with River Phoenix read dies. Um Now wasboard is actually a movie about Vampires. Oh really is rever. Penix Einnow keep her southern ones in it. No, not ringing redbells Fred pit in that, so the next one we have is the the classic heathers wit lete, Hobel, ane, ther others. So, moving on to the next one and the other night, you had a crack in the flock up when you were given a description of. I think you thought Jos Hartnit was in this one. So foot loose, no, that's Kevin Bacon, okay, es a prisoner Wai and they go dance with some Catholic checks or something at a school. I'm not really sure so. Kevin Bacon is a prisoner and foot and somehow he gets out of prison to dance with Cata. I don't know, I think that they like let the prisoners H, brought 'em all together, againthing IA little like a rea o like he went to a ball or something I don't know it ws a weird shit man. Alright, the next movwe have is flash dance. What do you think flash DANCES ABOUT J? Maybe that's the one with Kevin Bacon, where he's a prisoner this one's in the nineties? Okay, so there's no excuses here. The movie is seven. Oh, this is the one I thought Josh Harde was. He goes wit the Horse Track or something and dad was a gambler. I don't know so inseven Josh Hartn. It goes to the horsetrack and his dad's a Gambler ndepents on. He guys want to beat them out because his dad owed them money or something and there's there's nothing to do with any like mass murdering like Sygo, I don't. Maybe I fell asleep Ron, Tha o Al Right, J, I' GOINTA, follow up question of that one. He jy. What's in the box, I'm sorry what all right the next movie we have is better off dead. What do you think better updeds about? I would imagine if I had to come up with what it's about. It's probably like Tom Cruise and he's got to like save some girl from maybe some kind of bad drug deal gone wrong, so better off dead is like mission impossible right, Ri yeah like remember the guy that put the thing inside his head: Phillip S, more Hofkman! It's probably like that better off that I mean why do on walk around with the bomb in your head might as well just Du it n, no shit or t like it wouldn't be a movie with John Kesak in it right tot the guy from Feris bewer's Day off. Have you seen the movie chopping? All? No, it's probably some cheesy horror flick at a mall where they chot people up and sell em in the cafeteriars. Ah Man you are so close. Oy was going to get it, but I did too who okay, who are they? Who is who ar theotsay like Mall Administration, W OOL? That's Kindo, clos, Oio, close Kindo, clos wh? What in the mall would have the authority to use force? I don't know like Hollister Abrcrombe, no, not no! All right. The next movie we have on our list is up at master. I don't think I ever saw this and I know that's sad because then we have the guy on that made it. I was like Yeah Real, like that movie l good with the puppet, so scary, all right! Well, you're, you're, a big jets fan right. I sure am right, so, have you ever seen the movie flash Bardon H, no T's Bot Guy Tik, the superhero that can run really fast. Okay, so flashgordon is about the DC character. Flash that runs really fast, yeah that flash that you're talking about is Barry Allen, but Flash Gordon is actually so useamaterback of the New York jets. Who Saves the universe from Ming the merciless that th sounds terrible. Oh He'spo he's the best jets quarterback ever. Oh, I believe it, but t at doesn't take much our best. quarterback was you know, O. We can't slander people, so it's just keepitess the next. What we have is no retreat. No surrender is that a Callon ferral, okay, it's the next one. Next movie we have is revenge of the NERDS. Now I want to say I've seen this is Ronnie dangerfield than that Roddy Dangerfield is not in revenge of the nerds. Well, I maybe I haven't seen it then maybe you're thinking o back to school yeah that e same thing Nou. It's like that. It's a movie like that! It's a movie like that, so it was majored owt! It's IT'S A! It's a sequel: No, it's like it's based off that it's a precol to it. It's not a prequel they're, not affiliated it's just. Oh okay, T S! They're like it's like a college type movie where the guys are nerves and UH. They get revenge well, yeah, because now they're, smart and they're in college and that's cool now who do they get revenge on? I don't know. Probably the athletes right, Ding Ho te got a couple of points years hy, I don't. I don't have to watch the movie. I just look at the cover and I m Y. Oh, I know what that's about it's probably like a leader, nerd and there's, probably a nerd that can drink a lot. What was that one movie with the nerds where they have a drinking contest, revenge in the nerds yeah, the Guy Birps, with the something like revenge on the nerves, is that that movie yeah wh CH INS on the Erts? Oh Yeah? I saw that. So would U so like five minutes of it? I think it was on, like you know, cable or something oobviously like most no Ohi own Ey, and I was nine years old, nd Noas like why don' they want to drink that much were there in. Were there breasts in this movie, I mean not on cable in the nineties, so I don't know what cable did you have or you watchis on TT whathe olding place to see waste and the INEST was on cable. You mean naked breast. Yes, okay in the nineties, there was no nudity on cable TV. What fucking cable did you have? What the fuck man there was nutity, all right, the next movie or lest is the substitute. I think I saw this Okan Camerondiaz right. No, no! That's bad teacher! Oh No! I didn't see that one, but I'm pretty sure it's just like bad teacher. Only instead of doing drugs and stuff cameor Dia's, like you know, kills people she kills her kids, but camera dzis, the substitute yeah. But if you substituted Cemradiaz for the leave actress, so it has oways, I'm pretty sure that she takes. You know that paper Cutter Thing Shink, you know and you put the paper over a and cut at least you rip tat off at one point. You know: SSOEA Camera Diaz, substitute Ot, another voemail Atie, I would have had her play. The part still wouldt have been better than trewolns is a substitute female. No, no n! The substitute is a mercenary by the way, and it's a male, it's Tom Barrenger, it's Thot to do with high school. It is in high school. Oh there I there are drugs, but he does not take them. She he stops them. There's a crooked Principl, all right, yeah, that's boring! Next, one there's no way in a million years. You've seen this movie, but it has to be asked because I don't even know what the fuck you'll say a right. So the movie is UHF. U AHF! MHM! No I've seen this movie yeah yeah! This is a college bovie Ye, no yeah! It is right, n what to UHF VHS all right. So here we go. He e we're moving on to the next one 'cause. Actually I could see j seeing this movie on accident. t what it would be a lotally like enthralled and it couldn't turn it off: Okay, breaking groken noracan break in lightly, but it's what it's one word breaking it's Thogt, one word, though it's a fakeward Selang, it's slang, man! I haven't seen that okay, what would breakin be about? It's probably like a Jan Cloudban, Damn Movie Oo. Is it really ike kind of close, almost maybe he's a background actor in the movie for about thirteen seconds? No Way? Really, I think it's about where some guy is trying to break into the martial art scene in underground fighting ring in Asia somewhere n you had. You were giving US Lion Heart for a few seconds and then Tri swimping y shirt, O my ar ver onch epor. I saw a blosport guys, I'm cable, like eighty times n everybody seen Em. We should have ask you that the other day HM allrights, so breaking is abouth. Some guy is most likely. John Claudvan damn sounds interesting. What's Thatwa that works with somebody else to help them break into the martial art scene in underground Asia? Are you telling me what it's really about? I'm I'm recapping what you sal Gon Tayeah. Yes, it's about, Brak Dancers, that's lame! My movie was way. Cooler t doesn't get much cooler than foratink. We need to like maybe write down some of the ideas that J puts out. ECAUSE J s. You would make breakwith ansers over a guy that knows Jen codvan Dam and he's tryng into a marshal artscene I mean I woudn't, have it in Asia 'cause. They think you're copying blood sport, but F, you had it in like Detroit or something the next movie we have on our list is for your ise only. I can't say by the title that I've never heard of this mover before. But what do you think or your eyes only is about, I would have to say it's probably like Sharon stone is like a like. A Pi like a private investigator, and she probably like is watching some dude's wife or something and getting some dirt on her, and then she sends her like pictures of herself and blackmals. Are you know, kissing some other dude or something you just rolled every shiring stone movie into one descriptiont? Okay, classic death wish deatwish right. Think I've seen this is is where the guys are in prison and they have to drive the cars around and kill each other nowe're talking about the movie, with Jason Stathan La Geat Rac, a that no now you're you're talking about as Inpuriouso some shit. Maybe I blured the line there, I'm not sure I don't really who was in death, wish I feel like I'm probably ow thought I tell you who was in it and then you 'cause, maybe if I tell you was in it, you'll get it right, Charles Bronsen, the guy from a virgin nobile. No, THAT'S RICHARD PINSI! Now, that's Richard Branson! They know he was in movies, thought he own HS, cellphone complex, Charles's brother. I wouldn't know Charles Bronson, if I walkd into him in public wile he's dead. So you probably wouldn't the next moment we havereatis just for Yu j is spies. Like us. Is this another James Bond Movie, not quite allright? No, I don't think I've ever seen it the shocker. It's hard O mon Um spies like us, who's in it Chevy Chase Dan Acroid II's, not the movie where they like, rent a car and drive across the country or something right. That's nationally, impod's, vacation or now those John Candy never mind. No. I haven't seen it O that wouldn Le Plaines trains in automobiles Sesselin. What is spies like ucout Ja? Well, Ot again, I would assume that theyrd spies, yeah spy things to espionage, mostly lots of uha picture taken, maybe well. They probably have you know thevices that their watch is like you know, laser beam and their pen shoots rockets and all that kind of spy stuff. You know. So it's like spy kids, it's probably about the Cold War. o O go okay, you're on to something here, yeah. They probably it's probably like a spoof on spy movies, where they're in Russia during a Cold War and they're, really just goof balls messing around you know, but they still get found out, even though their goofy antics are going on the whole time. I think this is the closest he's com on any of them down to get one, not that you've seen it but you're. Definitely I give him about an eighty percent really or gasbow. No, I didn't think wew're doing porn movies. Well, it's it's related to porn. I had TA guess it'd, be some guy. That looks like Wirdalyankevich as like a porn producer and he gets a bunch of people to be in his porn movie and you know, then the guy goes. You O actually do the deton camera and Yo can't get it up or something nd everybody in the aghties laughs, so orgasmo is widayankevitch doing porn with somebody WHOs Hevytin II mean roughly okay. Okay, I don't know what type of foked up universe you were living in, where of all the pardaliagemic is doing poor, hes ot doing corn he's producing form. That might be worse yeah I mean just like somebody that looks like him. He just looks like a Weirdo. Does it produce it or directed j? I don't know whatever the guys. You know that's onset and he's like hey, like put it in the rat. Now you're going to touch her there and she's goingto touch you hi's Goin, grarector, he'Sai's Agot, this his role film and then he breaks into an Accordinand Soo. The next movie we got for J is the heavenly kid. The heavenly kid with Eddie Murphy. The next movie we got is just one of the guys. J II've never seen it, but I want to guess it. It's a comedy. It's probably like a bunch of guys wearing jeans that you know where the pant leg doesn't go. Past Y. U Your Shoe! This is the second one we have with Kelly mirony in it she's going to be a guest of ours in about three weeks. So I give you a little hit there and the name of the movie is night of the comments or like it's Goin to hit the earth and people think the Earth's going to be destroyed by this comment and then everybody's, like Oh, my God, they're Ers goingto get destroyed and you know they'll party and stuff. The ECT we have list is trading PLACESJ trading places. Pretty sure I've seen this. This is where Tom Hanks- oh my fucking, God, Oh Jeez, right Tomas. This shit is on the movies to the day or on cable. Today, on TNT TBS K, it's always on real genus. No, I don't think I ever saw that real genius. I got nothing. I think I might stump work with this. One wel, I think mark, have you seen real Jesius. I have just ots in a very very long time- and I remember almost nothing about the movie- maybe should have said that every time mark what is real genius about that? I have Joshhanedon it. Yes, he was a young lad in that movie right and I fought of e. He House they fought kids Rerpe, they fougt kids from the tre dos, while they read Tetroit Mi Freak into the MARSAS R to Pinin a world wher J comes up with the plot line tall, your favorite movie. Is it it's about like a bunch of kids, I think they're like they don't have parents or anything they all live in a house together or something like a tree house. Ther Watch is like you know. Laser beam and ther pen shoots rockets and all that kind of spice stuff you know, and they have like, like Gank figts or something proably, a nerd that can drink a lot. Iewas like a wizard guy that controlled and he gets a bunch of people to be in this poor movie, a D, an the guy goes. You know actually do the deton camera and you can't get it up or something and they go dance with some Catholic checks or something I ike, like the other kids and kind of bad drug deal gone wrong. The guy from Feris Buler's Day off, is trying to break into the martial art scene, an underground fighting rang in Asia somewhat. I don't know Ho Werd Shit Him, hopefully not coming to a theater, Neari, HEU and Gocoyea into Bookcolco, who focketmother fucker