Dueling Decades
June 3, 2020

Be Stoopid Smart & experience guest judge Jamie Kennedy on this three decade disaster from the month of June.

Be Stoopid Smart & experience guest judge Jamie Kennedy on this three decade disaster from the month of June.

The Dueling Decades crew took a trip down to Malibu and picked up the most wanted judge in Southern California! No.....not Judge Ito. It's the star of such cinematic classics as Scream, Three Kings, Malibu's Most Wanted, and The Jamie Kennedy...

The Dueling Decades crew took a trip down to Malibu and picked up the most wanted judge in Southern California! No.....not Judge Ito. It's the star of such cinematic classics as Scream, Three Kings, Malibu's Most Wanted, and The Jamie Kennedy experience, it's Jamie Kennedy! Fresh off his new stand up comedy special "Stoopid Smart" on Tubi, Jamie joins us poolside with his gavel in hand to tackle this "worst of" June showdown! We're also excited to welcome back Hysteria 51's Brent Hand! Being the gentleman that he is, Brent brought the very worst of June 1999 along with him. Brent's first opponent is coming off some tough defeats as of late, and he's armed with a plate of turd sandwiches from June 1976, it's Mancrush! But wait, there's more! Marc James is back to make this contest complete, with some disgusting, flat non-alcoholic beer from June 1983. Thanks, Marc! 


When Jamie's not chilling at Usher's house, he likes to sit back, and reminisce about the days of old! So here are some of the things you might find in this episode, Jamie will take us back to his childhood, comics that James Gunn suggests, paying your boyfriends way through medical school, stars that enjoy wearing their girlfriend's knickers, more annoying songs, Michael Douglas pulls a power move, a comic love triangle that results in death, Jamie digs Anthony Spinelli's work, the most annoying character in the world, Jamie is a product of Yoda, filthy funeral escapades, BBC, Publisher's Clearinghouse, fists in random places, spelling bees, horrible sequels, Will Smith's biggest blunder, computer viruses, Hollywood rumors, the worst gift to buy your girlfriend, the most honest celebrity in the world, Randy Meeks lives, ass blasters, graboids, and how did Jamie end up doing stand up in the back of a bowling alley? All that, and a bunch more! Do you agree with Jamie's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard!  


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informarymediapeople engage top Juligan, the pixe o PLA, but toto a Ranagain upon that Cape Top te power gop come fighe for what you Lovean, who com, OP, copin Tencrita Baetete potecop would take grave a O, Bala Ha sick. I am Pada Tano comefight for hat you, love N, an roudcasting from the Podcash New York Studios. It's the adult. Only recro game show where the decades bantal for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James, and this week we bring you a worst month duel as I battle with June nine uteen and eighty three alongside these men. First off with the worst of June nineteen, seventy six, some people calln the space cowboy some people, calm, the gangster, a love, say hello to Mancrush. Nobody calls me that, but I do have the worst of June nineteen. Seventy six and I'm telling you it's a shit- show not as bad as twenty twenty, but it's getting there led's do this. Also joining us on the panel this week is the host of the hysteria, fifty one podcast dualing with the worst of June nineteen. Ninety nine, please welcome back to the show rent hand. Gentlemen, I'm glad I'm here to lose. Once again, I'm excited I got June. Nineteen Niney N was a fun time. I was in college. I actually remember this, so you know most of it at least, though I'm excited, and as always here on the show. We need somebody to judicate all of this awesomeness. So this week's celebrity guest judge is the actor writer and comedian who's. New Comedy special is streaming now on Tuby. Please welcome to the show judge, Jamie Kennedy Ey. How are you guys fish Yitty you're, not Tavka, right now, a don't Tyea, I mean I ways Goin to like try to deg compartment compartmentalized, but yeah all right. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dualing decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products, a judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, all right, duelers put down that Nintendo virtual boy and grab yourself a crystal pepsy, because it's time for a worst suff battle here on Nanal right, let's go right down to our judge Jamie Kennedy for the coin toss to see who goes first for this worst of duel, Frent, why don't you call in the Air Yeah? Go ahead, go for it, okay, Youea, even t watch it or you just trust. I got faith in her ready call. It sales see that Andohyeahi'm already losing. I called it it's head, so man crush, wins the toss off and takes control of the board mancrush. What category do you want to go with? First Hyeah? She always wins the toss off. No, you know what I haven't in like a month, but I win my own toss off a not this Ma. Havi aust off in, like a month no yo'll you'll, see it parely you'll, see it a few minutes when I'm talking about let's begin with hot products, just because I don't know where thisis going to go here all right here we go so we've got June, nineteen, seventy six and you back in the day before Internet porn and Video Games. It appears that people actually used to read quite a bit. So not only did they read books, but if you were a kid, you read a comic book or two like I did. So, let's go back to the world of Marvel in nineteen. Seventy six with their release of the incredible hulk number two hundred and have you guys, seen the movie innerspace before Oh r? Okay, that's what this pucking issue is it's the exact same thing I mean instead of Dennis queed inside somebody's body, they shrink the fucking hulk to miniature size. They put hem inside Glen, Talbod's brain, that's a Colonel Talbot, the guy, that's always after the whole Hook Smash Blood, Clot Sto say it's the same as life. It's like the worst idea. Ever they shrink this dew down he, you know what if he gets, angry and destroys everything the holks too worst entemies ar the WINDAGO and bells palsy. No, it's the complete opposite, though B'cause what they did it's an annual, so they it's marvel and it's an annual so they're like let's just jam this one with every Friggan villain that we could find and put him inside Glentalbot's head. So I mean whet. It's all said and done somehow the holk saves is dude life. I'm not sure I lost interest after like page five, it's all over the place, but the best part of this whole shit is Glen Talbot. He gets married to Betty Ross, who Bruce Banner was supposed to get married to, and then he gets divorced when she realized that she still loves Bruce Banner and then to top it all off. Talbit ends up dying, an issue two sixty he's like trying to attack the hulk and the whole fucking incinerates, his brain. So pretty much there you have it. You have incredible whole number, two hundred convoluted huge waste of time and effort, and considering that the hulk saved this dude's life only to kill hem four years later. So that's what I have for the worst of hot products: O N Nine Teen, seventy six LRIGHT brunthand. What do you have right so June? Nineteen? Ninety nine, for my word side products. It saw this Badass on the cover of two publications, Rollingstone magazine and T v Guide, and because of that it made his toys sell out overnight. They had just been released in the prior month in May and because he was all over this children all over. The world demanded the hot toy that sold out in June nineteen. Ninety nine jarge urbanks from the FANAMITA othere's a lot of tossing off on Ti cefnit te new guys, you guy S, put liver in a box and just cock it. I know this is such a good one. That's actually the slogan we put liver in a box and fuck it sometimes Jesi that she'd win. This answer should Rin for the next five hundred eersothat actually needs to be on your guy's website. This pob just puts liver in a box and sucks it Jamie Kennedy. I like we're Goin to put a AK ON HS box WEASO. I got the sell out of carge our bigs because of rollingstone and T v Guide cover the made on the cargo. That's a good one. MISA wants some judge, our tras or a great pick, rent allright. So for my hot product N I had nineteen eighty three worst hot product. You know the temperatures outside are getting warmer. You know and I get thirsty sometimes so when you want something to drink. Sometimes you gotto look for a nice beverage, Nice, alcoholic beverage or not. My hutproduct is the malt beverage moosy. I don't know if you guys remember this. No, I went to the into newspapers DOTCOM and found a few different articles that talk about this product being introduced. If you don't remember the Nonalcoholic Bear Moosy, you might remember it slogan, it's the drink. You choose when you choose not to drink. Oh, they had coh AD campaign. It's a non alcoholic bre. I actually looked up a few beer reviews on this. Some of the better ones I found likened to bad socks and tasting like corn flakes. Have you ever dranken on alcoholic beer before a Te's like Shitno, they're, fucking, awful wellthere, you go so that's my worst hot product, the introduction of Moosi Nonalcoholic, Ale, N, hosand, nine hundred and eighty three. So let's turn it over to our judge Jamie Kennedy for the hot products round wow. This is like staring emotions o me with all this stuff Um. It is, though, I Wento have some answers. I think you ill like so I'm suppse to pick the thing that I think is the worst product that I, like the rest rest of the world is popular or what what what spoke to me as it wors lot going on here guys. So, let's go, I think, you'll enjoy that so wow. First of all, I'm so stupid. Right now that I thought ninety nine it was ten yearswe re just in two thousand and ten. So it's so crazy. Let's go back to front so moosy that was called yeah. Nineteen and eighty three was uh M. Thire was a big year for me. It was probably one of my favorite years the fact that you know this. I don't even think you were born thro in our forties, we're older than you think. How are you NIOUR FORTI? Thank you that was the year I started drinking, so I was in seventh grade. It was seventh grgade towards th Spring and summer. I grew up in outskirts of Philly and h. We used to have millor, ponies, remeberpany's little pany, so a pan. He was good because he were thirteen because it was little and it was like you could drink one. You feel like you're drinking, but it's not a lot. So you drink like wor pack of Pany, which is a lot hik a meets a little sauce. Now so Miller, penies or you can drink one tall boy, old, Milwaukee, Tallli, and that was like three pin piece. We used to drink hem in cemeteries. It was the first time I started. It was the year my my junk change, therewas a lot going on. It's Ro. It was Birwell. I definitely had an arm pithair, but I my armpit, went before my balls and then I started getting hair down there and that was like a buck. Yeah Hair, I'm drinking ponies, and that was a year. I started going the dances, so you would drink a pony check and see if you had hair and then you'd go to the dance and O nineted. Eighty three has a wot for me, but I never heard of movie tid. I was found in a real shit. You wouldn't have had any hair on your balls. If you had Mieah Moose head, we got mo head and I got you a little bit more fropked up. That was good Um, but I never heard of Musy, I put Moose in my hair. So it's just not. It wasn't in my scope, but I gave you a lie back store, eighty three from it Um seventy six. I don't eveknow. What that was. I just I was was I got two hundred. I got a lot of Philadelphia, stuff, N Nineteen, seventy six, because it was two hundred year anniversary of seventy tent. So I had like woons and ash trees from my dad, so I love the year but again that Ibut it ties into when I'm going to pick, which is ninety nine there's so much going on in ninety nine and since I'm learning what you guys are- and I can see that if I were at a comicon, we wouldyou would probably buy right. Merge and you'd probably go right up to me and you would give me my own hush puppies on my shelf from screen. Somehow you had got them out of my house and said: Can you Sinese and then you'd go over to the grirs start and ice spit in your grave too and you'd have something from that Sa Camilkidn. But you come hit me at like blood at the beach which doesn't exist any more, but you would do it so. Ninety nine hes a lot going on for so I'm going to pick jar jr because so much is happening. So it was my busiest year in movies and at that time I was getting ready to make a movie. I just finished a movie called the specials and it was written by guy named James Gunn. James Gon live in my backhouse, and I had only known a little bit about comics. I loved cartoons, but I wasn't a comic Guy James Gun. At that time an we got. The first movie produce Handand me a book and he goes start here and it was called the Watchmans, and so I went into my fucking house and read it and I'm Li God. WEPK started reading it at night and it was probably realy one of five books in my life that I literally just read three days straight til I was gone Stuckin, it's not a comic book, it's just a great piece of literature, and so he hit me and then nd that summer. I remember he moved out. He I' like. Where are you going that I'm going Ti San Diego? Something called comic comment, never heard of a loser. He was going Taconacon when no one was going, so I might have known about what you were saying in seventy six only because of ninety nine. So if you want a matrix city and go riors ininception and go to the snow level where Leo is before he's at that table with the Asian Dude level, we can go down there and that kind of helps with ninety nine. So then ninety nine also was they. They brought Jorge our banks and there was all this crazy, like blowback, ags Georgea, like whatever r Yare right and it was like Lucez and I had a movie coming out called the Botinger Joa and that was directed by a guy name, Frank Os and frank. I is not only fozzy not only miss piggy, but he's Yoda. I was getting direction from from Yoda Direction. I was getting I and I'm like go ar got roder in it sand, so I'm learning about comedy pomic books and the simulation in the parallel unnis wit James Gone, who becomes a comic book Goy, but it still cucked seventy six. Ninety nine blue- and on top of that I was invited to watch the fan a minute at Lucas Walker, Roundhoh shit go what I couldn't make it a'cause I was fucking to. I was shooting some focking, independent or pilot or something I wa like no, and it was like Georgeo and his group personally invite you and they didn't make it H. Well, od, you don't remember where you were it was that Shitty? No, I wanted to go, but what I was doing was not as important as that, but I couldn't get out of it and I I just workd with Jod who directed me w o w the protege of George Baby, O Gargark, who also lives in the back house, wit, James Gun and gardens a Gaucie and and all goes back to the raccoon and guardens go allright. Nineteen. Ninety nine windsis Ra hands down at Georgar. That was a lot of bad story, but it's ALN. That's right! All Right! BRENTHAND! You win that round and pick up a point. What category are we going with next h? Let's do let's say TV all right, all right! This is a! I don't know about this one s I I actually went for the worst of June nineteen. Ninety nine. I went to Maryold England on this one, two things happene that had everyone in their their panties and a bunch over there on the twenty second of June, the Independent Television Commission. They criticized their channels of their for failing to warm bewers about the level of explicit SEC scenes in its controversial gay drama that you might have heard of queerest folk. That's a huge show that everyone's probably heard of, but it also expressed the series first episode, which included the scene portraying the seduction of a teenager below the age of consent by an older mail and then on the twenty fourth of the same month. They blew their asses again 'cause the B BC. One had sho called the lakes and they see jured sexual violence, rape and relationship between a Roman Catholic priest and a member of the congregation. Then they went back and said you know what this one didn't go past our boundaries, but that one with the gay people did and were really upset atthout it Hyso. They withdrew their complaint on that one and but went back onto the queerest folk hve, never seen that show yeah good old Nassiness from h from England and th the powers that be over there did you say that they blew them. was that part of it no below the age below the age of Cao below the Aukaoo? He said he blew the underage. I was like Whoa what happened so they. You know, England, doesn't h mind about rape and Catholic presects and stuff like that, but don't let a gabers and fall in love. Youo get in love, yeah, you Knojune of Nin. Ninety nine, too. I can't expect that from seventy six, where I'm at, but ninety nine nd, I bringing all the fun ones on this one right all right, man crush. What do you have for this round? All Right? So, let's go to June. Fourth of nineteen. Seventy six. There was a pretty popular gritty crime drama, the Air Thursday nights on the AB C, and it was called the streets of San Francisco and, if you're not familiar with the show at good, I'm glad you know it. It ran from seventy, too yeah all the way til it's demise in seventy seven in the show itself, Michael Dog, exactly if all the detectives, Mikestone and Steve Keller, which are played by Caul, Melden and Michael Douglas. It's your typical crime show you got the one salty detective play by Malden, then you got the young whipper snapper played by Douglas, and the two guys t had great chemistry, both of them spent time with San Francisco P D, to build thei credibility, all this stuff. But then one flew over the COUKO's nest happened in nineteen. Seventy five- and I didn't even know this until I did the research but Michael Duglas- was actually the producer from one flew over the CUKA's nest, so obviously movie its a smash it one of the best movies of all time won five Oscars, and in spite of that, the show was about to you know, do some really serious changes, Michael Douglas decided after the recent success of the movie that he was in a chef focusd on his career and Gog to movies. So he only did two episodes in that fifth season and rode offinto. The sunset, but the streets of San Francisco did not because the a BC decided to cast another detective to take Michael Douglas Spot and they hired a theater mainstate Richard Hatch, but it didn't end there and from time to time, on the show we get to see these boneheaded network moves like this one 'cause. Not only did they lose their popular Coastar, but then they decided to move the show to ten PM. So Wou can go head tohead with CBS's crime, drama, Bornaby Jones. Needless to say, ABC lost out on this one in the streets of San Francisco ended up being cancelled at the end of the nineteen seventy seven season, and that was all she wrote for the streets of San Francisco Wow, all right. So for my worst of news, we're going to go to Uhthe Detroit freepress June, Twenty First Nineteen D. Eighty three, you know- and I was taking o look at all the new TV shows that were debuting and everything, and then an excerpt in this article written by Shirley elder reminded me of something that I just could not stand about: Eighties Television and n the article she writes as much as I like Ed mcmann, and I really do I'm very bored and annoyed and is hard cell t v pitches for too many products. In the last couple of months, mcman has been jumping out of the tube, insisting me by life insurances selling, which he claims. If you're at least up to the age of eighty you can get with no physical exam. All you have to do is call a toll, free number, BLA, Blah bla and how about his e mcmann sweepstakes, which not only comes at you from the tube, but it rives uninvited at the mail at Your House with a picture of himself on the envelope enough Ed, mcmaan, old, buddy enough and get off my fucking lawn. So I went back and I researched, and I actually found the colonial pen ad with Edmcman RM. One thousand nine hundred and eighty three and the of course, the publishers clearing how sweetstakes commercials that were on every single commercial break Hel. I even remember commercial breaks where you'd get both commercials and you get a double dose of Edmacmann. So probably one of the most annoying things about eighties television, ed mcman, commercials, Om, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three, that's what I have for the worst of television. So, let's go over to our guest judge. Jamie Kennedy for the ruling for the television round M Oo. Give me an answer: Pretty Easy. Um first one was streets of San Francisco. I loved O. Shall I kinda remember when dicky hatch came in to catch and Um, it was a power move. Mike Douglas got h. He got the rights of that play. Let me sell o what a power move that was his father. Kerk was the star an Broadway of that, but he didn't even let his father audition so you're, not right for the raw and he went to Jack and him and Jack were boys and by the ligt was the greatest mov into history, and I don't know if him in Da were home except or that, but that's a hundred percent look tat up power move sa the next one. A it didn't bother me that he was comforting. I liked start search, I like to figt that you can show up at your door. I like Johnny, Carson and him togather. So no I like that one. Let's just go my my thing: I'm just going to definitely go with the BBC just for the fact that they're fucking, Crim and proper, and all that Shit, all right, brendhand. You jump out to an early two, nothing lead and take control of the board. What category do we want to go with for our final one point round? Let's go news. I got June. Sixth, the explorer Zipworm was first found. It was known to destroy Microsoft, office documents and it was first detected when h an email was forded around and the Emai actually said Hi. I have received Yaur remail and I shall send you reply. Asap tell then take a look at the attacks Zipdocks by and they open that bitch ofatak tman. You got a email, a you get like four of those a decade, so you're going to open the email and it did two things it deleted all Microsoft office related files and it did a male merge and send itself to everyone. In your address book and that', it's still happening in twsentand twenty orn and it was pretty nasty even like Um. The government H, like the different government facilities, sent out memos to everyone. Like don't open this because you're gonna, you know, really mess things up and it was a. It was called a worm and it just it ate everything and it was kind of a big deal like a graboid exactlymore than a worm. Let me tell you goys something: If you guys got t ass blasters and you definitely have granball right, man crush. What do you have for the news round? All Right? Let's go back on Hn Nineteen, seventy six! We Got June, eighth, nineteen, seventy six- and we keep talking about this, but with everything going on in the world right now, we didn't want to bring some really depressing news to a worstuf episodes. So the news that's going on right, nowis, bad enough, so let's bring just some stupid shit to the table and this one takes the cake, Ror, N, nine tee and seventy six here's a new story. I Associated Press about the iconic Rod, Stewart and no offence to you, Jamie or any other stars that come on, but you hardly hear such truth come from a celebrity's mouth about his own personal life. As this story and you'll see what I'm talking about righ here. Thank you for calling me a starbathe titalest story is Rodstewart says he probably won't marry Brit Eklin Alright, so the story goes Rod Stuwart, the Rock Star, superstar says it's unlikely. He will marry his Swedish girlfriend actress, Brit Eklin, with whom he's been living with for the past two years, in Los Angeles, Stuart, who threw a lavish London party Tuesday night for five hundred guests, told John Blake of the London Evening News- and I quote, I do not think Britain I will ever marry. I could be proved wrong this time next year, but I feel like I have not found the woman. I want to marry yet Britain ier very much in love, but I'm still a little rampant and I got an eye for the odd leg and bosom that has got to be the most honest thing I have ever shat the house. She found the shit out or was or was Shei was Gono. She knew this et surprise she kindshe Indin. He let me get into this a little bit, so she was dangling on that Ho Rod. Stewart action, so you know I mean for two years and but basically what he said here is like we really love each other, but I really love having sex with other people and H, but here's a little follow up from her. She didnan interview in January Twentyn, twenty, it's almost like an update on onsal mysteries. I just Wan t hear Ancoberd stago update, but the the former bond girl now seventy five. She claims that Rod was ultrastingy with his money and during the two years they lived together from seventy five to seventy seven. He made her pay rent and Ihe also like to wear him. Satin nickers to backap her steemment Roi to Ae Tarrist Ronywood said that Lod was as tight as two coats of paint. WELLTHERE, you have it you have. I I have rudy, do er honest to a fault, cheap and likes to wear silk pannies. So what do you have mark that I tell you e? Doesn't have that so pannies I mean Wen there. YOU WANT NA BET AL! So from my news story. Before we get going Mancrush Ren. Do you guys happen in a how T smole routed to we n? No no darn? Well, if you did, you could have won a thousand dollars. Wa we're going to go to the Dallas morning, news and an article written by Jim Blei, correct, ratetoy, winspelling contest out of Washington DC, but for a dish of French stew, Eric Raunchy of Sit Petersburg Florida might be a thousand dollars richer. Today, rogy thirteen had never heard of ratatuby a steww made from egg plant tomatoes, green pepper, squash. Sometimes meat read a to read a Te. He wincionly asked the pronouncer on Thursday's fifty six annual script. National Spelling Be Raunchy misspelled. The Word Lake Gideons of New Mexico had never heard of rated toi either, but he did spell it correctly to become the champion. So from my worst of news, I have the scripts national spelling me Ori Give this ship the Rod Stewart nless move on. Can I do one of my long winded answers? Yes, of course, rater too he was actally. A amazing pixar movie made mi eat Rati Towey, like I, never really had Ratitulan slafter. That movie, I really like gratitule. In fact it's it's not that easy. To spell, let's to be real about it. All Right! Well, try to spell Routad Toowe Jami, Al Rayh. It's got two tes and then it's Gottaui. I think it's an o Ui Lle. Possibly he is just about its R at at O. U I Lle, I is a tat Ra. I went Rada, Leui allright, so here's what I'm saying what was he rod? stewer I mean bride. Eklin was A. is she still live? Yes, seventy five she's a smoke show. Now I mean in fact that Rod Stewart was like Yo girl, Goeii, va, O o Goer. There get some more birds, you know mean look at the pins. On that bird I mean that's a power, that's just you go. I don't think. That's the worst, though that was incredible. So it's a new month! You owe me you onle, rent, ooh, Fu, well, funny thing at say this. I wasbeen I've been to Rodstewart's house before, because I went to a couple of parties of his daughter and that dude h s got all compound with houses on it that are like Mansions within mansions, so he definitely spends money on himself Um and I mean it's a kind of a balsy thing that said Oto like one of the hottest women in history when he also had that rumor around that he took down. You know ten ounces of fresh seam. Remember that onbelly he's down sucking down soon. I don't know if that was true. Now O feel brushor. Not at that point. Reallyhe took it. Apparently he TUK. It was weird, it's basically giving the guy blow job. That's what I remember what the early eighties wish. No, he took down ten ounces of fresh seament in hits stomach. It was how D it get there. I mean there was a way to get it. So that was the thing and then and then that that was a pretty Gerbil gear. You know all these swimmers hit rumors. It was the j, it was the Gerbil seaming, but anyway, Ougot ta go garage Stewart, but I will say this: Um runner up to Scott Bay always always been a good guy. To me, I always like Rod I like Bao, I mean you know. Rod was a little Bressen wit beo. This is a document. AFFACT bought Cam Anderson. When they first started dating she got to l a a vacuum. She was. She was a maid and Besan here. Yo Gos is a nice birthday. Git Tot that's Documentut, so you buy dad some power tools. You buy her Vatou. You know you wear women's Panies, whatever, whatever floats your boat yeah all right, man crush well rods. Rod takes this round and you pick up a point heading into the first two point rounds. What category are we going with next? It's the nitty gritty now boys, all right. So since we got Jamie on here, I'm gonwe're going to go movies last. Let's do music right now and bang this one out, even though Jamie's a phenomenal rapper. Let's, let's move this cration, I just watched Malbu's most wanted again the other nig an. I was tacking dying Oo Besy, I'm out here in a fucking guncherror and you guys were doing this pot, but I'm having a lot of fun. Hous Black Hawks are going over and you're like all right, so cabbage, pat all right. So here we go June: Twenty Eighth N Nineteen, seventy six, it's the seventies, it's nineteen, seventy six tisgoes enormous and right around this time, like Jisco, is so uge. You have like all the crossover, so you know it's big like, for example, seventy six. You Got John and KK D, doing don't go breakin, my heart and I kind of aquaite that to like the nineties when you had like all the Rock and rap mash ups yeah. Luckily, for us, like rap, survived and disco died, a horrible death, probably in seventy nine, but in nineteen seventy six disco was pucking paramount and these English lads were at the forefront of the movement Fordisco, and I warn you their SOS, get stuck in your head and it's the reason I picked this. I wasn't Goingto pick this song at first, but the God damn thing lingered in my head like all day yesterday and for that Fucky begs the song by the beags. It's it spread like the plague in seventy six. It was actually number one on the char on the billboard, hothone hundred as well as every other relevant dance Shart and it's the first number one hit for the B Js, where Barry Gibb got to use his cartoonish falsetto voice and give that one to the masses but deep down like I don't like disco, but the damned falsetto it like gets in your bones and speaking of Bery Gib. If you guys look at a picture of Berry Gibb, does he look like Kip winger o you o, never see them in the same place, oddly Eno man, it migh, be but anyways. This is the B G's classic that I have on par with H, Hanson's NBOB and that's. You should be dancen you're. Welcome for that getting stuck in your head for the next two days. Just at one partgoowell at least your musical selection is a little more listenable than mine. Is it a it's so odd, because this is from an artist that I absolutely love, but I I just can't get into this one: we're talking about official release. Number Thirty, eight from frank, Zappes, barking, pumpkin records, Frankzapa, London Symphony Orchestra. Now this was an album that he put out independently. He wrote and composed original music and then paid the London synphiny Orghestra to record it. It was an all digital recording of a symphony Orghestra. Originally it was only limited at six thousand pressings and why? Because it was all self finance. ZAPPA himself went on David Letterman on June, sixteenth, nine teed and eighty three, let Herman ask them. How do you get the London sympony orchestra to play your stuff Frang Zappa Blintley said you pay them and Yis't the London Symphony Orchestra, a prestigious organization and Zappasas? Of course you pay them a lot of money. Everything for this album came out of pocket and at the end of the interview, let him and ask them. So what are you going to do with the earnings from this album and Zappa just bursting the laugpers like there's not going to be any earnings from this album if you're really into classical music and an really quality early digital recording, go check it out, Frank Zappa, London Symphony Orchestra, that's what I got from my worst of nine hunered and eighty three, all right, Somi worsed for June of nineteen. Ninety nine! Now this one can go either way. T depends on which side of the fence you're on. If y this as a good thing to you or if it's a bad thing but you're in the music industry, you absolutely loath this and it literally, I can tell you change the world and I will say Lars and Metallica. Please don't Su is jsttalking about this. Napster is launched June, first peer to peer file, sharing ushering in the eventual end of the record industry, as we knew at that time, and now it brought forward because of MP three was was introduced and people could share these files and everyone went Apeshik 'cause. You wanted that new nickel back dot ex some. That gives your computer herpies and H fucks everything up but yeah, and that was and then that gaveway to lime, wire and things like that, and then now we have, you know bit torrents and or just tell you spotify or you're a smart pegure to play whatever you want, and you can hear it because everything's at the touch of them finger, Thankyou Spoto do r an abster yeah, either one, but I kicked it off. So what were the these are the worst it was. It was frank, it was napster and what was the other one, the fucking Beegis you guys Ave. this is not the worst. These are all amazing things. What are we doing here? Thes is. This is Fuck Mary Kill? I mean come on man, it says we don't have circle circle, DOT, dot, music, money, you know so we got ta. We gotto Lookin Ater, the wind btno. I fucking NABSTERE's a win because that change the game of the music business and how we consume frank's, appis, a genius and Disall. He did the song the theme song for Jimy King Experiment. He also did LESA Lobe Yeah Yeah Y E did continually. He did her and UH. She should come to my tapeing she's, so sweet Andes and the BGS are fucking amazing. The fact that they could do that they were so funky. I had a fucking satin shirt. You can find it online somewhere me in n nineteen. Seventy six for these are terrible because they're all great- and why are you hating it a? I didn't, Rod Stewart I also like him. What do we doing are the best of the worst weeewe're playing? You know the world's on five ot then, and not, b? Okay. So if I had to pick one, I guess napster book only because it didn't work, but it did because it ushered in Itunes and ushered and spotify and usteredn Pandora. So I guess it was bad in the sense that, but I fucking got a lot of abstrofiles, so I think I think that it's I'll take that as the lesser, but I also really like master. So I'm reluctantly saying NAPSTER COME ON. Dyou were a star in ninety nine Boro. Why were you using Napsi people said and go hey? I got this new thing, I'm like what is it Ke Napsr, I'm? Actually I never had an APSTER, I'm sorry! The Government Work Buckand. Look at this. I never had an abser, that's well. The Black Hawks are over your house now its because of those napsor songs, your downloaded in ninety nine yeah. What's this Napstershit I've never heard of yeah tin s ot an Ofser, I'm gongto go I'm going to go napst all right, so we got movies left. Is that right is. Is that what I'm left with it' right? All right, so Bren you jump back out to the lead with a three to one lead, but we're heading into the movies round. All Right! So my pick, it was a giant flop loosely based on he. Nineteen sixties TAV show, but it was a giant flop with a giant spider released June thirtieth the wild wild west Di. You guys remember that movie, Oh yeah, Oh yeh or O, do and will Smith considers it one of his worst we's ever did he says I wanted to win and be the biggest movie star and what happened was there was a lag around wildwild West Time? I found myself promoting something because I wanted to win versus promoting something because I believed in it will Smith, Oh yeah, and he passed on the Matrix to do that movie because he thought this was the sure thing that would would make him the most money. So he said no to the Matrix and did wildwadwest and the greatest thing about the Widwad Wast is, if you've ever heard, Kevin Smith's story about writing Superman and with the guy who ended up making widwadwest he was like and at the end he's got to fight a giant spider. He's like why an spider, hea Ye's got Ta vight a fucking Smider, that's the you! Don't get the movie and th the whole end of Wadwat West. Is Them Figting, a giant spider 'cause? That was the dude's cavion if he was going to make a guy to a movie. Had to have a din fiher TNOT, a shinny movie, it was pretty bad and and the dude is trying to usher back in racism, but all they make fun of the main guy is is because he has no legs, so they make fun of him for being a cripple. Not that he's like a blatant racist and you know whatever else he as bud. He can't he can't walk on his zone. Son Fuck that mother focker just a champion of a movie all around Al Right. So for my worst of nine huneed and eighty three movie, you know the naughty high schoolers of Angel Beach, they're back, ladies and gentlemen, we're going June, twenty fourth nineteen and eighty three with the release of porkies too the next day, the totally superfluous sequel that nobody asked for found an article in the central New Jersey, Home News, a simple line from porkyes too the next day: Hey, that's funny, not as funny as your face, but pretty funny in general. PORKIES too, isn't even that funny! That's how they open this review. I don't know why porkyes was last year's, most commercially successful comedy now we have a completely suprefluous followup that packs about half of the chuckles of the last film and can't even muster their sneering obsession with sex for better or worse. That made its predecessor notable and the crazy thing about this. The namesake of the porkies franchise, the porkies Bar, which was in the first movie and, of course, spoilers they destroy at the end of the first movie, not even mentioned in the second movie, and it's the very next day they destroyed a restaurant, okay and all of a sudden they're worried about seminol, Indians and the Kuklux clan and t e school play. It's an absolute mess. Hey. It was the eighties. It was a different time not to mention a bunch of thirty year olds playing high school kids, the most egregious offense from porkys too. The next day is that they didn't call it porky's too still porking, all right so mancry. What do you have for worse, tuf movies, all right before I get in this pick just in case I let my daughter listen to this one and I oner I'll, stop it here, Jamie she! Actually she want me to let you know, and she this actually happened, she's fourteen she cried when randy died and screamed. You know what tell her. I feel her pain, because my paycheck also died w coming out. Man Fark right, we'll see we'll see so far. Randy is still dead in that van, but you never know I want randy to have been pulling the fucking strings. The entire damn time me and you brother now we'll see we'll pt a petition we'll rewrite this and send it in all right. So, let's, let's do this, she can listen now or she can't listen out June. Fourth, nineteen. Seventy six mark took the liberty of doing this a few weeks back, so I was Lik what what fuck I'll do it? Of course June, was actually a fairly strong month for movie S N Nineteen. Seventy six. We had the omen midway and there was a few other decent movies. That came out, so I went digging into newspapers dcom to find out what was playing at the driving and Lo behold on the scame page in the L A times where they show all the driving movies. It also showed all the x rated offerings around town and one particular movie had quite te spread in the La Times. So I dove head first and I found a copy F, the movie and it didn't, disappoint totally qualifies for the worst of the month and it's one of those like fringe Pornos, where they think it's an actual story. But I found like lots of holes in Harthouse fand. It's director Anthony Spinelli who, at the time, went by Wendy Lions Ynowi make this like real cinematic movie. With the assistance of like some infused Fux Cenes at home, Fux seems I got to tell you. I S one of my favorite ferms I've heard in a on wo. THAT'S INFU! It is it's like a dish or a drink. I E fuck, an es on you guys got to hear whath this movie's about all right. So here we go so we have cindy whose real name is Anna, but her friends tell her that Sinney's, a better hooker name, Oris shes ash she's, a prostitute but she's only aing it just to pay for her boyfriend to get through Medicalthis podcat is going to be cancelled, FOM provoting this! This is H. Oh no, it gets worse. That's only the beginning of day, all right so, depending on how you look at this like she's, either a good girlfriend or she's a shity one, but right off the bat she has sex with her pimp and then her boyfriend shows up at the place d e gets his ass kicked by the pim three minutes later she jumps off the fucking roof and kills herself, Oh, my Godno y. So then, from there they go to her funeral, where only four people show up two other prostitutes in her boyfriend, and this is where the action like really heats up because then like, while they're at the funeral, every person like they're reliving in their head all of her sextopades, it's a real tear. Jerke. Let me tell you, but the the movie it stars, former Centerfold, amber hunt was most famous for getting fisted in he nineteen seventy eight classic Candy Strilers, a Fucking, ret oolder wait front or I tor back TOR fishing. I think it was a sadine front to AEN TOR. They weren't ready for that action. Yet, no but D, She was grabbing the stew's forrm and driving it home. It was that's along impressive. That's lie it's the law if, if you're, into extremely hairy muffs, this is the movie. That's right up your alley. It is the Atony spelly classic. I guess cry for Cindy, which is a great pornonae. It also sounds like every movie that comes out on lifetime, except for Futkin. Is that the end is that the end of that movie is tit. Artne o been telling me more Io. They had an orgy ind ord yo broke at at a funeral. Then what happened? What happened? E? No Dude? There was no orgy at the Fuderal, see that's why it's weird! It's like all four people are standing e, pimas fucking. He leaves don't get like a back story from him 'cause. He already fucked her. I love how you watched this just to tell us OL of this. You, like I watched it for, of course, I w his research. Anyone to toss off. You wouldn't talk. Oi, I want to talk. I told you see it all ties back, so the two prostitutes hat got her into it. She used to be a hairdresser before so they go into t spoilers. By the way they go into the whole back story of how they got her into it and how she didn't really like it at first 'cause. She was just doing it for her boyfriend, but then she really gets into it. I'm spoiling the movie for you by the way you can watch it go to x, hamster if you guys want to watch this it's there, but it was imporn or was it a mix? It's a porn, but I think Spanelli is se o or so they all had a plot ye h. He thought he was doing something cinemat. He said X, Hamter and that's an impressive call right there. You know there's some good quality on that we released in HD BYOU can GOIF. You really want to dig deep later. You can cal a cry for help or a Crye right cry for Sui CRI for Cinny Si n like Nan. No, no, no just regular cianteon in the the ever popular sequel, a cry for Cindy too the next day she's dead, mother foee. She jumped off ha roof, wow all right. So, let's go down to our celebrity guest judge Jamie Kennedy for the final ruling Um. You know there's a lot of history here. I have connections to two of the movies, not the Sindi, mov notter, a Poro but torkys raised me. I mean Porky y. You could actually. You could actually say that porkys was based on a sex crime. Tri Tat they literally they look through the fucking hole right. That's like Afago illegal to do that like, but back in the day that that's porky's Birthdad the same with revenge of the nerves. Right, Oh yeah, those nerds were rapy yeah right n. That was, that was the first I ever saw like you've got Bushn that was with sit and ogre. So I hate to say letme think t, but also Whi, O West, because Um, I you know, will Smith I love Hem. I was doing an enemy to state and I remember that when I got that I heard on the set that that was going to be his next movie and it was very solenfeld and don't get mad at me. Will I still never saw the move. I still have not seen that the matrix thing IAD heard, I would say the major thing I heard I heard a few people passed on that her bapit pass and I heard like five people passed on it and it was so advanced. An e knew what it was. I'm not gon T I love, will MUCC fault. Will you know porkies kind o raise me, I'm sorry to say that don't cancel me Um, but this porkis twos Ou ter, I'm going to go with what was his name again. The Director Anthony Spinelli I'm going to go with Sfinelli just because he didn't have an orgy break out at the funeral imeanthat's, the worst, if you're going to have a burial scene IMEAN, why not have that happen, or at least ye some somebody doing something in eouman fuck somebody in t e Parisin all right. So you know. What's that means listeners? We have a Chid between me. No. I didn't even know that. I can't even remember that I concledible we have a three three tie between mancrush and prent hand and, as our celebrity guess, Judge Jamie Kennedy. You get to decide how we break the tie you wa, to get in like a race. I don't know o what I do ithink I b something like that or why don't I just do this? Why don't I do I do the Damn twety twenty, an Tweny, Cintoiga yeah! There you go, but I U Seeor, that let's get that coin! Let's look here e!! you guys ready to call it in the Air Man Cross. You call this. I calld the first all right. Let's, let's go fucking: Let's go heads for Sinding ar you ready, Conao tail indy ticket in it's. She actually does but ithrow the house io itm its head of is time to do it back ten Jamie, a Benogi I've been agust on this show several times. I've lost several times so you've brought me out of my funk. I think you win. I won Mi tat, you guys don't know this, but this is all playing Jamie and I her cousin. So we had this Pi he's got aliens aliens on I stuff, I'm a fan of the Ol Oy. Well, my that's what my show's about I get on it with you. Sometimes you heard it here folks, all right! Well, thanks a lot Jamie, you have been an excellent guess. Judge Tell everybody about the new comedy special. You can see. It's called stupid. SMART, like you know over here, Lett, go that guy. So smart he's stopy. You know something like that. Um! It's that it's on Tuby, which I say is Netflix with commercials whe they got to ton o great movies. You may even find a cry for Cindy or whatever that CRI. I doubt a crying fist for Sindy M, so yeah, it's out now came out on like a Memorial Day and it's my latest special so check it out. Let me ask you how how did that end up? In the back of a bowling alley? The front was used for a Barmitpa yeah. Exactly ee laser tag place was close. H, it's well. You know these places have all this different Stuffso, like the guy who created it, is really he's a really good comic and he he i's really cool. It's intimate, but I guess he had I thought of like it's true. He has like well in the dark golf. That's one section he's got a whole arcade and a bowling alley. That's another secon and he'v got a comedy clubs, so maybe the parents come watch. The show drop the kids off. I have no idea, but it's like everyone can do something at the place and it's one of the best clubs in the country. It's so intimate, but yet hilariously the the crowds love to laugh at so they don't get a fen. So that's why I did it that that's pretty sweet was that part authentic in the beginning, where youere really saying like how many people heard about this on my facebook and Oh yeah has a group on I just kindo went out and started off and I just threw some lines out there and then you know they seem to work, and I try to take in my atmosphere before I go and then kind of you know M so Personaliz it for the people and then I kind of ingratiate myself to the crowd epcrate a little bit. You know some people who are real fans. An me will know on Burg, gummer son, that's like were thehardore guys like you, you know you guys put other people like you know, mid America work a bit Badta beyond, won't even know that. So it's like I kind of slowly, do that. I heard you mention ushering before and I saw just a couple of months ago you were in an usher video. I was. I K A come about. My buddy was the producer and h usher h. He was doing his his video, not sure, and he was like Gill how about Jamie. For this part, O shes, like Oh yeah, I like that dude, and so I ended up doing I needed Jamie Kennedy type. How about Jamie Yeah Right? Did you just hang out there and shit ro? You just shot the video, and that was it. I went, you know and hung out for a little bit and Eban Ro was it. It was my Budy and Germaine Degree was in it and snoop. We all had different parts, everybody shot their own part and I was kind of there for Evans, part and then went into mind and then ever enjoined, and then they kept me round. So I did the end and it was shoing a huge mansion hile. She was there doing this thing. It was awesome, it was like I just you know, I'm I was having fun. I love it. You know he's amazing and hit's, like the first. You were in a Cris Brown video like craable years back too Chris Brown, Yeah mhis. Another guy hit me off and say Yo Chris likes you. You want to be in this video and I was like lets. Do It, and so he you did your research you dug in the crates right there and critis is like what's up player boom. Did my little cameo and then hung out. I always got him into my cameo and then I hang ut with some hait good time n. You like Wer, to put you into Monti. Sh, then hang out for the Monti and H, you know, got his email nd, we email. So maybe I can put me usher and Chris on her on an email chain, walk yeah, just don't set hem that worm thet p. You want to do that. We were asking he was being nice because I just booked anousher video, so he wanted to ask for me. So I know what facter is bow. I believe that I'm sexy dancer number four, oh, no, not sixty ans or Nuber Fori'm, I'm five. You also did a movie that I just watched last week because you filmed it up here where I live, and I wanted to know like where exactly film was trick. Yes, W wh file that in Newburg New York, we found tit somewhere and upstate new. I want to say like fo hours from the city, maybe Rochester or something like that. Oh Shit. I thought the studio said it was I Newbirg, that's why newvery a Wa familiar? It wasn't Newberg whereis that at it's like twenty minutes from me, which is I'm an hour from the city yeah. Well, it was maybe an hour from the city ti it two and a half hours from Philly, so that makes s 'cause. I came from there so yeah. I did that and I was great man. I got to work with Patrick and Almart. You know it was like a little screaminon. It was just great. Are you doing a sequel to that one 'cause? I know they spoil her. They KINDOF like leave it open at the end there. I want to that's why I really wanted to get involved. I wanted to work with Patrick, and then I just was like this carriage is so good and he kindof splaces in and out a lot POPs in there's a lot. I don't want to give it away, but you know there's a lot there that he could have a good little thing happen. You know he could start his own thing. So I would like that I will see what happenes you know what I mean, but the movie really connected with people that are like you. You know fans of Tena for sure, you're, a creepy fucker in that movie. Thank you for saying that appreciating yeah I mean you hold, you definitely pulled it off same hart, I'm ind the moment I saw you. Are you really now I'm kind of and up Shit, so yeah man? It was a great movie to D Yeah. That's fucking sweet man like when I saw that it was don to newbery. That's why I wanted to ask you about it: 'cause right in the back over here, but you have anything else you want to plug before you get out of here. Do T want to keep you all night, especially with the helicopters and Shi I'll, tell you offare, ell I'll. Tell you on air right now. Just go! Watch my new specials on TB. It's called stupid, smarr Um, free streaming service. You can also watch coming to the stage starting tomorrow on Pluto and I'm the host of that for season. Eight, it's like Pudo's version of like you know, live from th Improv or you know, b, Ts, comedview and I'm the host, so that'll be seven episodes of this season, and I did a movie called crabs in the bucket, where Geay, Pivin, tearin manning and boosttern, and that's going to come out I' somewhere in t e toward the end of the apocalypse or it might not CGA Exactlycan I plug my socials put my socials Ajimy Kennedy on titter Jmkenney Instegra became face books. I mecan snap chat, Jamy can dot com you find out me at all that hate to break it too. Is My pod cast. Go ahead. Sorry Tat's with all this shit, that's going on right now, with the movies being shut down and like theaters, not opening or whatever. What is the outlook of Hollywood from where you stand right now? What do you think's going to happen? You know maybe, like six months down the line, are we going to be seeing movies in the theater? We're going to be up to drive in we not can be see movies on anything but Vod. What's the store, an I'm, not an expert, but I can tell you what I've heard well, birt Chrisher, you know he's amazing. He just pivoted he's going to do a drive in comedy tour, so he'll do tor of comedy in Driv, Ing Movie Theaters, which is Great, obviously wretched. You read that story, ith Om, you guys know s the Lumbe on movie in America right now and that's in dryins. I think you're going to see more live entertainment like that from cars and such distance distancing way Um trolls too really a game. Changer I mean it's going to go down. The ISRAE books is like the game: Change of Hollywood, a lot of people that movie meade a lot more money than the first, an a lot less time, direct direct consumption- and I think people love that, and I think the world is changing every hour. You guys know what's up and I have no desire to go out right now. You knonly for necessities or, like you know, fighte, O fight a cause, and you know people are they're going to probably be inside for a while. I think Holly Woo's going to pivot. It was supposed to be a movie starting here next month. Mbut. I don't know if that's going to happen nd and I only heard they're starting to shoot in Australia and New Zealand, but even then that might be, then. So I think a Li right now you're going to see a lot of zoom entertainment and I think you're going to see a lot of catalogs come back and I think you're going to see a lot of like things in front of a green screen and such until we figure it out, but um thers. So much more going on right now than just entertaining people a, and I think, and I think that tha that actually you know Toi, I love going to the movies man like it. I've been doing it my whole life, you know and I'm not like you guys. Whe were CENIFIES, but I've been to some really good movies. I saw Jos and the movie theater. When was a kid, and I was five and I also sel a warm with Michael with Michael Cane. You Know Memer, that movie and R, and it's like that's what we did. You know we went to a movie theater and I M C said: 'cause e Universel made so much money on trolls too, that they may not even h the they're blocking m well and then ames. He said, Oh really, you nopov certain movies e Theer Youe, no get anyone. She says. That' Sto me in my opinion, is such a stupid statement, because universal has ip and will make shit forever. AMC is just the distribution platform and, to be honest with you, unless I'm watching Hams work, you know or or you know, you know, doctor strange nd, an thirty feet of man's Chinese. I don't need Tho go like know. I've been to some of the greatest movie theaters in the world, but my t V's great. I got you get a sound bar oing, two hundred bucks and it sounds like that now so I don't, I think you can man Cape it up, and but the only reason to go out to a movie now is just to like she'll wash the previews. If Yo want to do a a day of it like sometimes it s really hot in t summer, you go watch three movies, an a rol. I'd still do that. You know what I mean: I'm not busy it's it's a thto, it's a thing to do, but to actually consume great movies. You don't have to do that anymore. Just make sure that if you're trying to show your kids trolls to you, don't actareall get troll to 'cause that is olly different patan movie, t'sa Good Wek of sleeper movies. Man Eah, they had a documentary just a couple of years about how how crazy that movie was y shit. But thanks for the insight on that, I mean it. It's nice hearing it from the other side, it's kind of what we figured, but it's nice to see. I'm for me. I want the drive ing to come back. I think that's an awesome experience that a lot of people missed out on for years and they're closing down and Thati'll come back, but now it feels like we're going to lose the movie theaters on the other side. So look it's Iou inovation and innovation. Man and the new world consumes everything they don't care. As O many people W. I watched a lot of great shit on my phone that wes series and I couldn't believe I watched it. I watched like half a breaking bad on my phone and I was riveted. So it's it's like look man, you're Goinna, get it where you get it right and listen. I love it too. I don't want to see movies Di they're not going to die, but the experience of consuming them lit and that's just the way. It is ' innovation, man, all right man, I wiwill. Let you go but stay healthy, stay, safe, stay in the house and H Watch out for those helicopters thanks, you guys. I appreciate a man. You guys be safe too. All right, you to X, Vey, tix, Lat, Jamie, all right dolers. So I guess we'll an this episode right here, but don't worry if you've missed an episode. You can always hend over to dueling decades, dotcom where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes, spotify really wherever pod casts, are available and then whil you're on the INNERWEB hit over to face book dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, and then you can join our private group where you can share some of your own Retro Memories and on lasting. We got knocked out of the top fifty pot, gas and pot gas magazine two fifty true crime podcast. We went fror a number twenty five to get knocked off the fucking list. So please get back on there. Vote for us again get us back on that list. We really appreciate it, not that we get anything you guys were top. Fifty in the world, we're number twenty five Holy Yeah Hot cast magazine, an actual ranking, yeah and Ilegitrate Journal, go figure, Butwe lost that was for May for June. We got knocked out, you mean, like the most entertaining ones, are actual downloads? No, not actually. If it was actual downloads, then we would be. I was wondering Rogan that curtain might be a little bit different. It might be a little nicey like that. Guy's got an old troll pencil bank over ther. Ga Peace Get some eight tracks, the other guy ointhat's, incredible man, congraduut fuckinlations. This is a new pot or like been going on eigh eighteen months now, we've been pocasting for a long time, but this particular show has been around for about eighteen months now. Will you put my pocast to it, but I'm not as that's not they don't really do it as much B'm wne hate to break it tea. We just put a Lincoln there, two for that yeah. So until next time jewellers were going to big. U A pieace, love lighting, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infirmary media come on. fucking worldthe World Wont Fire Man Jost, looking asually ou Er's, one more rule Jamie. At the end, we're going to do beer upon