Dueling Decades
Sept. 9, 2020

Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast judges this episode of the unexplained between 1977, 1988 & 1995!

Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast judges this episode of the unexplained between 1977, 1988 & 1995!

For months, Brent Hand of Hysteria 51 fame has been requesting to be a judge on an episode of Dueling Decades. The guys love having him as a contestant so much that they were reluctant to pull the trigger on Brent sitting on the other side of the bench. Well, they finally came to their senses and decided to give Brent a crack at swinging the gavel. And since Hysteria 51 covers all things unexplained, they figured it would probably be most fitting to focus the entire episode around the genre of - The Unexplained! So you may hear about ghosts, missing persons, the occult, demons, aliens, slashers, and whatever else they could fit within the unexplained! Our first contestant this week hails from the great white north, Joe Findlay of Miscast Commentary brought whatever unexplained oddities from 1995 that he could unearth. Mancrush is back, minus his favorite shirt that is. After getting shutout for the first time ever, that shirt ended up becoming a pile of ash! Mancrush is out for blood this week, with the unexplained of 1988. Rounding out the competition, Marc James once again had to dig way back into the 70s to conjure up the unexplained of 1977!

While none of them will ever be Robert Stack, they try their best to be! Brent uses his Hysteria 51 experience to decide which decade takes this unexplained battle royale, and it comes right down to the wire. In this episode, you just may hear about demonic dolls, clairvoyants that couldn't see their own deaths, Mancrush sees a UFO, the best fight scene in cinematic history, Tobe Hooper brings an origin story to syndication, a 32-year-old sealed package is unveiled LIVE, a board game no one will remember, Joe mystifies with some bootleg Harry Potter, vanishing TV anchors, a transmission that will make you go wow, movies that put Mancrush to sleep, a criminal with a limp, classic science fiction, Richard Dreyfuss just can't catch a break, a soundtrack with a lot of yelling, a song that you might not expect is about aliens, and which toy movie fits this episode's narrative better?

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Informarymediapeople in case to stop a Jeweli, a the PIXI oplay, but I doto a ran agan upon that cap. Ut gotthe power gap come bit for what you love hcom to pok e Pe Topin ancrita, PA EO to pore coup would take grave. An O Bala Itic iav made a TN confiht fo, what you love, Yinteas broadgasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only retrogame show where the decades battlefor supremacy, because it's your history we just fight for it, welcome back to duling decades. I am Mark James and on this week's episode we take a look at the unexplained and the mysterious, as I will be, representing nineteen. Seventy seven, alongside these men, first off dualing with the unexplained of nineteen. Eighty eight say hello to the one we call mancrush. Yes, I have onexplained of nineteen eighty eight, and this is not unexplained. I took that shirt that I lost with last week, where I W I fucking got shut out, lit that shit in a fire. Then a tree fell down on a shed beese in my house. I shouldn't Hav Uckan done that that's on explain shit, but I don't know yeah n nineteen. Eighty eight do it also returnin to the panel this week is the host of the miscast commentary, podcast dualing, what the unexplained of Nineteen! Ninety five please welcome. Joe Finley, I can explain the nineties. Thet was nothing but depression, weed and garage music, but it was fantastic and I'm going to relish my time. N Hosanine hutered an ighty five, and that's always here on the show. We need somebody to djudicate all of this awesomeness so this week behind the bench is an expert on the baffling and the bewildering. The unsolved and the undiscovered he's the host of the hysteria. Fifty one podcast all rise and welcome judge Brent hand. I like to think that you know I'm an expert, because I can just bullshit with a straight face. So an you know, that's how I make my living. You know just just do that, and also I got tired of losing on here constantly son Te Inabe, a judge like okay, that's fine, hey ask Brent! Like a month ago, he's like you, I judge, t yeah right. It makes my life easie. I have to go, find somebodyoh right. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dualing decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, T v, music, news and hot products. I judges wiling, will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a findal wild card round all right, deelers, like a wise man once said I get knocked down, but I get up again and you're never going to keep me down because it's time for or on teas, let's go down to our judge, for this episode, Mr Brenton Hand for the official coin toss all right, so I don't have a coin in front of me, but I do have a cuzy and it's too sited, so we're going to do it this way, oh right! Well, Mancrush: You got shut out last week and Joe Finley you're returning to the show, so the coin tossed this week will be between you guys. Thanks for bringing that up, I tell you what I'm calling a fast audible on that I'm not doing the Kuzi I'm gong to do a coaster. You guys can see it here. We have the side with junk on it and the planeside that's a second coast on a row. Is it really yeah? What do you call it? Sam Levin had a coaster last week. That said, like don't put your fucking shit on my table or something like that. This is thanks for buying stickers from us. It's a free ad for Stickor Yul, all right so who's. That Jo, are you calling in or or yeah sure, magroc O, okay, I'll call it, and when I make a choice between junk or and no junk, I always choose junk. Okay, so you're gaing, donk ere. We go junk, yeah of course, Chunko all right, Joe Finly, you and the coin toss get to select our first category. Where are we going? Let's go into the hot products? That's wcomiseryday hate, thatall, righty, let's go to July, Nin e Husan, nine Hutdrend and ninety five, I'm going to take you to a best selling youth novel and it's Pawnd a series of novels Atrylogy, in fact, which then also spanda movie, which then also span a TV series. As somebody on this pot, cassas won't name names at this baby's got legs, go to talk about a book called Northern Lights. We don't know it as that, though. In North America it was known as the Golden Compass, the first in Etrilogy of his dark materials, the book centers around Lyra Belaqui a twelve year old girl. She travels with her deon a physical representation of her soul, which is this tiny little animal that changes shape they set off to the Arctic in search of a missing friend and an imprisoned uncle who experiments with an mysterious substance of elementary particles called dust. The book was a very anti theocratic book. It was actually banned by the Catholic board. It is a permanent ban. It is not on their acceptable reading list. Rumors were that this was actually written as a direct rabuttle for the chronicles of Narnia. Its success was quite big. It actually won in Britn. It won the Carnegie Medal, which eners one British book each year, and then it was voted by the public as the best of all of those books, so the winner from each year was polled, and that was one as the best of the best from their books, and it also won the Guardian Children's fiction prize, which it again onters one book a year, but only only one time can an author receive it. So once you received it, you're never eligible again for any of hour other books and he's one of only six people in the history of both of those awards to actually win both of them. Excuse me because someone just walked my note: Therweng o the trilogsponde movie, the Golden Compass in two thousand and seven, and currently it is on air on HBO, as a series called his dark materials which just recently ended season one and season to whenever the world stops being on fire will be on its way. It has been very well received and has been a a very large book in the youth community, so his dark materials, the Golden Compass, I thought for sure, you're going goosebumps, I wasthen y. You said that and I wa Tine. Oh, that's why you went round one allright. Well, what do you have for round one mancrush all right, so, let's go n, O n nine Huteren D. Eighty Eigh, I have an exact date. thes did come out in Itd Um, but here's another one like a few episodes back. You know I had something that was near and dear to me and back in nineteen. Eighty, eight aside from collecting comics, I was also a huge card collector and not that much of my sports cars are actually worth much anymore. I mean some of the niche like series of cards. They do actually hold up more because people actually want to see them and display them, like you'll, hardly ever go into somebody's house and see like nineteen, nine upper deck, Kengraphy junior rookie card on the wall, but you're more apt to see someone have a fright flick card displayed on their homes, and this is what my pick is. Nineteen e tops release as set of car. It's called fright flick, and these were it was a mix of fifteen different horror films. The entire set was ninety cards. A aside from like the horror aspect, I think it's more onexplained that tops was able to license all of these movies in one set: Yt Alien Aliens and America Werwolf in London Day of the dead, the fly frightenight gostbusters a nightmare in Ilestry, one through three polterguse one and two preditor Pumpkin had and vengeance of the demon. All in one set, I mean the fact that they got those alltogether licensed is fucking amazing, a like upon receiving these atpacks. You were greeted right in the front. You had a different image on every pack for, like your favorite horror character, and then you would actually you know what I still have a few unopened packs of these and I've Goin onwrap, one of them right Falkin. Now it's been sitting for thirty two years. I think it's on time. It's that time, actually toon least te crackind. So, let's see what I got here, I actually hope it's got a piece of gum in there that slices your arm open. As you guys can see. This is still fucking smels. I fou the red editor on the cover. I remember the EADITOR on the front. There's nine cards in this pack, one sticker and one stick a bubble gum. You got to chew it. Let's see what the sounds like. No at that age, they'd come choose you you hear it. Can you hear the rip here? You go that wasn't nearly as compelling as like the AVERAGEAS Mur video. I kindof feel like fucking, heraldor Barre right now. Well, the gum is actually stuck to the backon Ye. The last guard a weird shade of pink these days. Well, let's, let's not move that around too much. I don't know if ie can touch me YH, I got a Freddi Kruger Sayswhoo, I'm really shot. I got a a Freddy Kruger, another body cruker, where he's he's eating a chick which is pretty awesome and said when you said You'd want to have me for dinner. I didn't think this is what you meant. We got. Another Freddy Cruger is Al Rihn back to lighter for a refund. These look like Theye from dreams. Worriers, I didn't know I didn't know we could read the products at each other, I'm going to get my copy of the Golden Compass 'causemy product's, actually good. Another Freddy Cuger he's popping at somebody' stomachs. I must eat someone. Oh, this is fright. Night says man that soup is hot man. This are fucking, pretty awesome e gotta, Oh dew, the Freddy sticker. Oh, that's a nice one! That's a nice one ill get stuck on something an alien on a face as trid the SHRIP temporit's delicious. I'm not sure what movie Otis is from the fly says I'll tell you that nuclear plant is safe and it's to fly all fuck inskin falling off and shit another one from aliens is. Do I get extra sauce with these ribs one where the fucking gum is like perma attached to the back? It's from POULTER Ghist, it says: Have you seen your dentist this year, which is really fitting 'cause? That's the one with the fugging gun stock. To now. If you peel off the gum carefully, does it have the imprint of what's on the card like it was a piece of silly putty let' see fit oh dude that glmost not coming off. That is not coming off. No, I'm not oing to attempt it. It's gont it'll peel the cardboard right always permanently bonded to the card. After all, Thesi will post Tis to the facebook group. That's funny there. It is there's the wax pack. It's open tops fright Flix trading card. I an nine Teren N. eighty eight excellent pick all right. Gentlemen. So, for my pick I had nineteen seventy seven and h. You know I wanted to talk about something we don't often bring up for Ho products enough on this show I feel like because it was such a part of all of our ouse and that's board games. So nineteen, seventy seven, if you W N, if you were into cryptooology the mysterious the unknown, you would have rushed out to the stores and picked up a copy of big foot. The board game by Milton Bradley you and a buddy come to Alaska looking for gold, even though the dreadful big foot has been sigted in the mountains, other prospectors, and you must avoid crossing pass with the creature or else you will leave the mountains forever. So in this board Game Cano, the game play is set up like your average children's game like a shoots and ladders where you have to get from point a to point B in the course kind of winds around well, there's a giant plastic big foot that has ten disks inside of big foot. Five of them are blank. Five of them have a footprint anytime. Somebody lands on a big foot space on the board. They have to roll. The dice to move big foot every time, big footsteps somewhere, you push down and it releases a disk if your character gets stamped with a disc, with a foot you're out of the game, and you only have two lives now, one of the ingenious things about this game, unlike most board games from the seventies and the eighties, is that as the game goes on, game play actually speeds up. 'cause, as we all remember, board games were notoriously long this one after the first elimination or two, the gameplace speeds up. So it's actually a pretty quick and fun game to play. So that's what I got from my hut products, big foot, the board game by Milton Bradley all right. So let's go back in order of years. Itll Start Mark Seventy seven big foot! I was a big board Game Fan. When I had his kid. I don't remember that was it Milton Bradley did. Do you even know there was H was Hemilton Bradley that put it out, there's like three places that made fucking board. Gamest hasbrow has and Parker brothers real harker brothers, Yep and some of Hem it's funny because they would pass rights like you could have weegie boards and crap the were from different. You know one of them Andr they changed and two years later from the other. But that's awesome and it's like right. An the wheel has the other explain and I'm sad to say I I've never even heard of it. You know so and then man trush eighty eight. I got a funny thing about this because literally last weekend, my wife and I we had nothing to do it's like a Sunday or Saturday we're going to take a drive and we go to this place called Sheek, Geek and antique, and it's like this Geek Antique store, but they have like you're, normally antiques, UF and then tons of comics and robots. Like you know the eighties robots Lake Robbie and all that E, they ha tons of h just bunch of fun. They had literally hundreds and hundreds of fright, packs there, one dollar a pack and it's right up front they're all ADOLAE's, like we've had these for years. I can't sell 'em and he also had like Ateam and Auf and all Thoe, and they all had that yellow. U The same, color that yellow, Yellow Rati gang outside yeah wax Pactiv, but it's funny because I didn't really I mean I remember cards. I never collected them other than the occasional garbage bail kid or something like that, and then I literally was just looking at those last weekend. They actually have a little. They have fats on the back too, unless there's gum stuck on the hat, like Freddy's badding average an harpes killed and raped seven t mern children itnotchildrenhow many souls betted in did he have an eighty four yeah S, Bi Zo. Ninety five, you had the golden compass, northern lights. U The accollades were NONSTOPPD, I'm familiar with the movie. I've never seen, and I know zero about it. I don't know if that bode's bad for me or not. I just I I haven't seen it. You know and I, like I said I've heard of it Um, probably 'cause. It was British. You know and h. It is crazy, though, like you said that they are like yeah. You can't read that you're Catholic, that's you're, going straight to hell and the whole. You know the chronic was Anarnia, which is a very Christian, a book. So That's interesting. I didn't know any of that. I got to pick my pick, though, the one that I I I didn't know two of them. How sad is that so I'm going with the the fright fliks from dops just 'cause, I saw him and I could go- buy a whole shit on of hem for a dollar the hot product that you have no problemright right, it's the hot product, that's so hot! It's still UNSHELV, I licked the gum, and then I got a little scared because it kind of looks like the surface of the moon on the pace, a gum so plus it's stuck to the back of the car ther. Obviously, there's no way I could choose a shit, but it is. Is I lived I'Mstillyain we we'll monitor your situation, see how it is by round fight Ash e twousand, a twenty all right. Man Crush. You pick up your first point in two weeks and you take control of the board SCUMBAG. Let's go to you know what we might as well stay on this topic. Let's go television aright October, eighth ninetee. Eighty eight, this is a Orianthology TV series is actually presented the backstory for an infamous movie series that we had like bits and pieces of that background story for four years. At the time we din't get the whole thing, and this show itself featured a horror chactry. We all ove. We just talked about him, but aside from the pilot and a few other episodes, he basically just served as the show host much like the cripkeeper and tails from the trips, but the origin story that would serveic the pilot to the series was actually directed by horror, Hall of Famer, Toby, Hooper and, as you'll see in a minute. It'll turn out to be quite the pairing being. This was nineteen. Eighty Eight neline pictures I just ortof is in there because I've found these names and it's fucking awesome, tey casted, some gems in the series who were totally unknown at the time they had Brad Pid in this Moris Chestnot. I always falk up her name, but what is it? MURISCA Hargate ORSA Riscargat Hargta Laurie Petty Bill Mosley. Obviously he was a little bit. Knowon n, the horror, stuff julie, Chen of CBS fame was on this. Our dear friend, Diane Franklin was in this and even dueling decades. Hopeful Future Judge, Joyce Hizer from just one of the guys was also in this and if you guys are on twitter, shoot joice totweat and ask her when she's coming on the show, because we still don't know and she wants T it's. Okay, he's got tits, but let's take a look at the pilot episode of the series that epsodes titled, No more Mister Nicegys an as I said before. It's directed by Horlor royalty, Toby Hooper, and it was written by Michael Deluca, David Ermin and based on the characters of West Craven, and you know where I'm going with this one. It also stars the Amazing Robert England, as Freddi Krugeran. For the first time ever we get to see the story leading up to Freddy being burned to death by the springwood parents. You get to see Freddy getting caught after trying to kill the cops. It was like ot twin daughters of a cop, and then he gets let go because they never read him as Miranda rights and then he goes back out and I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it it's pretty good if you can find a good copy, not sure if you'll find one on you to, you might have to pay for it. If you want a good copy of it, the series lasted for two seasons and went on forty four episodes. I believe in my area it was on WWR 'cause. It was syndicated, so not sure what channel as on for you guys, but after the first episode which served this Freddi's death story, the episodes after that they would kind of follow. Like I mentioned earlier, it's an anthology had two horror stories split every episode, and this was also the first time that a hard giant like Freddy Krouger would transcend the medium of motion. Pictures in the television simultaneously and before anybody goes out there and says oh ill fi. It O can't come out niten sa that Yeah Jason Borhes was not in Friday to thirteenth. That just happened to be the same name yeah just it was just the same name. They just used it this one he's actually in even k o like it's weird. If you watch Thi Ers, they always darkened his face or he was like hiding, but they credit Robert England, that's ECAUSE. He didn't want to sit in the fucking chair and go throw all the makeup pit's possible as a budget thing, but yeah. This is Freddi's nightmares, DOB debute on October, eighth, nineteen and eighty eight all right, Joe Finley. What do you have for the television round? All right once get into a little march madness with March twenty six N, nine teen and ninety five? I don't know even no, why I said March Maaess 'cause. It's got nothing to do with basketball, but I will follow along the anthology lines, because I also have an anthology and it is of the SCIFI variety. This is an anthology that had writers like Stepen K, Harlen Elleson and George rr. Martin writing episodes. Each episode is its own isolated story. I it featured a lot of big actors too. In its day, Ryan, Reynolds, Robert Patrick, Josep, Gordon Leta, Josh, Broland, Ryan, Philippe Brent Spider and Mark Hamel, Leonard Nemoy, Robert Lojia, who was the answer to the first question you guys ever asked me and and what else do we got? Roddy pipoer avor Rober, Ro Rolochugest, that was it oe Nathan Philian was in an episode of Bron Permet, all sorts of people and even got to be directed by actors like Catherineoharrol, Rebecca to Mornay, Lodiamond Phillips, making their directorial debuts, giving them a little stretch out and just to make it awesome. It was filmed in Canada. I'm talking about the outer limits, the remake to the nineteen sixty three antology series, but this one went a little bit further. While the sixty three series lasted two seasons, this one went for seven seasons on showtime and the CIFI Network, and it was just one of those awesome ones along the lines of the twilight zone or anything like it. I your individual stories, you character, actors out the ASS. Like all the people I named, I didn't even name everybody unlisted and I didn't list everybody I saw who was like holy crept. This person was it t 'cause I mean you can only go for so long without you know wearing out your welcome on stuff, like that, it was nominated for two emis at one one and then following the series eleven books were written based on episodes of the Shew, so like fullon novels, were written based on individual episodes. So that's what I got from arch, twenty sixth, the UNTERLIMITS wow, all right guy. So for my television episode, let's basically take everything you guys just said: smack it up flip it rub it down and we're going back N to nineteen a seventy seven for this one, because this television show has just as good as an onsembol cast as both of those. This show featured CSY, Casam Marine McCormick, the affrementioned Robert Logia Jamie Lee Curtis Robert England, Mark Harmon, Martin Cove, even Rick Springfield, Melanie Griffith and future dueling decades judge, hopefully Miss Valerie Berton Elly, even featured Eltin John. In an episode, the show was nominated for an Emmi in nineteen. Seventy seven, but unfortunately was canceled abruptly in nineteen. Seventy nine and then the network suffered what they called cancellation. Remorse years later. An A B C executive said that canceling, this television show was one of his biggest regrets in the television industry, so debuting January thirtieth, nineteen, seventy seven, I give you the heardy boys, the Nancy drew mysteries, we're going to go to the Tucson daily citizen in Tucson, Arizona January, twenty, eighth, nineteen. Seventy seven in a newspaper headline reading, alternating mysteries set Sunday somethings bridge the generations gap like it wasn't. Even there pizza ice cream, Nancy drew and the Harty Boys it's that theory that ABC will start Sunday to alternate hour long hardy boys and Nancy drew mysteries from six to seven with the brady bunch hour thrown in every five weeks, and then the article goes on to talk about the great legacy of the Nancy drew and Hardy Boys Books and I'm sure we all grew up. Reading on and now in nineteen and seventy seven, you can see them on your big screen. T V of you know: Thirteen inches 'cause, it's nineteen, seventy seven! So, but it weighed six hundred and threep right. They ended up casting seoncassty because they wanted kind of a a younger version of his stepbrother. So they just got the brother and it also started Parker Stevenson and Pamela Su Martin, as Nancy drew for the first two seasons. So that's what I got from my television, the Hardy Boys Ha d nancy, drew mysteries in their very first episode January, Thirtieth, Nineteen, seventy seven, the episode titled, the Mystery of the haunted house. It's where the hardies investigate the disappearance of their own father in a case involving a haunted house, a graveyard and spionage. That's what I got for the television round. Let's kick it over to our judge Brent Hand for the ruling, all right so going inthe order that I wrote your names down beforehand at g, so joe the outer limits. I was a fan, it was fantastic and it is it. It kind of goes with now. They've brought back the twilight Zoun and they have huge named people in it, because I think it's just like one of those like they're doing a favor. They know someone or it's it's the fun invoge thing to do and they had a a huge gast and it was really good. I didn't even know that they had all the the novels that spet off of it, but it was a great show. Um mark the hardy boys needed. I did't know this existed. My sister was a fan beforehand and we've talked about it Um. I was a baby when it was on NSO. I don't. He didn't really watch that you know, but um the books have been around forever. I was never a big into that. I liked I was like Encyclopedia Brown. Do you remember that Cycopety roundboy detective or whether I remember any Cyclopedia Brirtannica yeah there? You go not quite the same, not quite the same. It was an different O, but yea the hearty boys in ancy drew are just you know the characters that don't quit. You know they're still around, you know and they're still making books kindo like the forementioned, goose bumps and all that stuff. You know and then Mangr Freddy's Nimemares another big one kind of similar to the outer limits as far as um huge cast, and it was great that it was not confusing that it wasn't called. You know it was called Fredday's nightmares and Freddy was actually apart of it. Unlike the friend on the thirteenth O series, which I have the whole thing and like you said, Thi s just happens to be go stories and things like that. Yeah there's, no one, Robert England, the little engine that could man he just keeps pumping hem out he's like I'm done with Freddy, and I just sown an interview I's like wh don'tknow like someone needs a paycheck Nowso, that's a good, so Um! This is a hard one for me, Um! I I farnto go with Joe the outer limits Ust, because I think that I enjoyed it more and it's it's Kindo lived longer, Um, so to speak. M Freddi though tit's still cugging out there, but I'm I'm goin to go without er limits on this one, all right, Joe Finley. You pick up a point, tie the game but, more importantly, you take control of the board. What category are we going with for our final one point round: ohy I'vhaming at Ha, I'm going to go with the news alrighty on July, twenty Ese on oanine hundred and ninetyfive Jodie Hizentrut. I anchor for local CBS news program was running late for work four o'clock in the morning. She gets a call from her producer. She says, Yep, sorry, I slept ind, I'm going to be right. There six clock rolls around. She still has not arrived, calls were made, people went looking for her and they found her car in her parking garage with the key just laying down next to the car. She was missing. Her family ended up hiring two different private ev investigators. They appeared on America's most wanted and unsolved mysteries in relation to this case. The family then went on to l a went to l a where they filmed a pilot called psychic detectives where they actually spoke to three different psychics looking for for Jodi, and what happened was they got leads in every single one, F from every single one of theye chose, but nothing that put out a suspect or any clues as to her fate or her whereabouts. After all of that was said and done, a thousand interviews were done by police and the and the investigators and in two thousand and one she was legally declared dead in two thousand and eight the story. Continued reporters get a copy of her personal journals that were sent anonomously and it had everybody thinking that might have something to do with the killer and they ere like they were sending something in it ends up being that it was the wife of the police chief who had access to the original journals. She made copies of the journals and sent them en, and nobody found out why she sent them the she gave no reason for why she did it. I don't know if it was just to reinvigorate interest in the case or whatever, but to this day this is an unsolved case. The FBI and Iowa police are still. It is still an open case and they have no absolutely no leads on it. So this is a truly unexplained one anchor Jodie Hisentrut missing, who knows bring in the darkness again Joe all right, man crush. What do you have for the news round? All Right? So let's go to a story from November twentieth, Nineteen Eight and I'm going to paraphasetis article from the New York Times it's about UFO's in Pinebush, New York and depending on, where you're from what you know about Pimebush New York. It's either the epicenter of alien activity in the East Coast, New York, some people say the world. I've heard it all it's right in my backyard. So having lived here for most of my life, I gin a test to what's allegedly been seen in the sky for nearly a century. In this area, and personally myself, I actually saw a bizarre curensin tisgy about two or three years ago, and I wasn't the only one that saw it and, of course this. This happened during the time of social media, and I remember seeing multiple people on my face. Booked. It Sa saw the same thing putting their accounts on facebook like what was that Kindof, like the whole thing in Arizona that happned back in the nineties, it was like an early afternoon, went outside to walk my dog and there were two objects in the sky high up, and they were flying side by side going superfast identical size, identical shape in identical movements. It was fucking weird, and I forgot I gotta look back into my cause. I have a picture of it. I didn't have videocaus, it was so far away. It was hard to to video record it, but there were other people in my facebook as well, so like Shit's, been going on here for fucking ever like people have been seeing stuff so part of this article in this boar, I'm paraphrase I'll. Just give you the highlights really 'cause they just it's New York Times, so they just talk. A bunch of Shit. Put a little bit of news. Talk a lot more shit. So this is what the article says Ays, whatever the reason strange citings seem commonplace in the Hudson Valley, hundreds of people, not just those who go out looking for them, have seen things in the sky. That cannot be explained, says Philip Imbrago, author of night siege, the Hudson value of Ositings des citings cause a sensation, N, nine Huteen and eighty thre n Nineteen, eight four in this area, New York, the suburbs formly onstretching into Western Connecticut reports, have seen far less frequent. But it's still very steady in Brago said most of all, it cannot easily be explained, and then it just goes on and they they skipp. This lady Ellen Cristal, who says H, Ella Cristal, believes she says she saw something unusual at a cornfield off sears road, twenty miles from Middletown, which is not too far from where I am, and it says soon after she was first taken there by a magazine, writer gazing over in a distant tree line while alone at night she spotted what appeared to be a craft drifting slowly to the ground. After seeing something flutter almost like a moth, she shine to spot light into a wooded area where she says she saw three and a half foot tall creature with a baizebody and yellow eyes staring back. I mean that was like the most interesting part of the article, but I mean stories like these are very commonplace in this area. They they even hold in Pine Bush itself, there's a UFO fair every year, except for obviously fucking twenty twenty. Of course it's been cancelled, but they had it like the last twenty years. They have this thing, tit's huge, there's, even a diner. I used to work in Pine Bush for the school district a long time ago. So there's a a diner called Cupin saucer with an alien in front of it. Tjeres barber shops with the aliens in front of it. The whole town kindof centers around that. So, regardless of what this story is about, this is something that's been going on for decades. Like I said before, actually as long ago, it was like a century ago, so it's been going on forever and in Nineteen inety two, this lady Ellen Cristoler, I just mentioned she actually released a book called Silent Invasion, which is about like Pine Bush and all the weird occurrences in the area. I own that book yeah, so I mean that shits fucking right down the road. So it's funny because I was actually supposed to have mark's Yer and Braick had my ear and he picked this story out and Hewas like do is buy you and I'm like yeah. I fucking he's to work right there. I know exactly Whereso, U just to get a chance to talk about Kindo like hometown Fiel, but you know people talk about area, fifty one all the time and things like that. This is not there's no base. There's nothing around here, but it seems like this has been happening forever. N. I know, like you know, maybe with histery O fifty one. I don't know if you guys have talked about Pinebush ever before, but it's it's pretty crazy, yeah, the Hudson Balley flap, that's what they call it or the Hudson Valley incident. Absolutely it was huge back then, and there's been other places, but you know that's a fun one, absolutely yeah and if you go back to like our local newspaper, which is time, sell record, just do a search for ufois based on that you'll get articles like I just pulled one. It was two thousand two. It was just like a guy went outside. He saw ufo with his kid and he got it on videotape. So, like this shit happens all the time here and like I think it's so commonplace. It doesn't get talked about here that much. But you hear people from other places, a know where you live they're, like oh Hudson Valley, oh the ufos are maybe everything's fo of your bad at spotind. Crab in the sin identify is that a plane note TAT's Ufo? What you would know better than me, what are they called the ones that are like triangle, shape they hangle graft or Delta Wing, or you know a a raise or some Shiig? Oh, that I don't know yeah. Well, that's what they always called them over there. That was just who you played in space invaders right, maybe rig g. So for my new story, we're going to go over to Ohio August, Fifteenth Nineteen, seventy seven we're going to use the big ear radio telescope, and that was a date that they picked up the wou signal now that had nothing to do with Ollustra and a great brand of chips. But what it did have to do with was a radio signal from outer space that could have been communication from aliens and still to this day it is unsolved and they've never found the source. So what happened on August Fifteenth Nineteen, seventy seven, they hade the big ear telescope pointing towards the skies, and it picked up a weird signal on the for fourteen hundred and twenty megahurts band frequency. Now, What's interesting about that, frequency is that's the same frequency that radio waves are admitted by natural hydrogen in space matter of fact, we can't broadcast anything on fourteen hundred twenty megaherts anywhere on the globe. It's actually illegal because that's the channel that scientists use, because if there were to be extraterrestrial life, most likely they'd know about hydrogen and that's the band that they would broadcast on. So on this day we got a huge spikang signal and they still don't know where it came from the best way to kind of understand what the wild signal was is they had radio telescopes pointed toward the sky, listening for a pin drop and for seventy two seconds we heard a stack of books drop and we don't know why. So that's my new story, its the wow signal years later, they said it had to do with a couple of coments, but the scientist that originally discovered this said that chances are as probably Wasnin the comments, but I'm sure our great judge Brendhand knows way more about the wold signal than I do. So, let's turn it over to him all right. So Joe Man- I I guess it's my dark side stories like that. I love. I love onsome mysteries. When Ns misteries came back out, I just watched. I binge in one sitting the entire versa season. I love that it's Pluto TV has a twenty four hour unsolved mysteries chaneand this that kindo feeds into that. You know for better wor. You know this whole crime. I don't know what the fascination is, but I definitely fall into that, and so you have a a news anchor but especially 'cause. They spokedto her and she's sounds like she's abducted. You know Um, but man what a crazy crazy incident h to be unsolved. All this time later, 'cause, usually things like that. Someone slips up or someone tells or you know something happens. I I didn't know that one, that's really crazy. Mayncrush, Hudson Valley's huge we've talked about um the Hudson Valley flat. Before on the show we haven't done on my showis stere fifty one, we haven't done a specific episode on it, but we've talked about it with other flaps that have happened. There is th. You know the late eighteen, hundreds airship flap, the Hudson Valley, flap of the eighties, which was like from eighty three to eighty six was when the most of it happened, but it's never stopped Um and things like that, and it's just a fascnathing, and it is true like what you said: People that see things all the time or it becomes a commonplace. You just got May and you don't care anymore. You know what I mean and that's funny, because you know they'r Shit, the sky yeah. I know man, Oh man, I got bees in the walls n exactly like th and that's why I started that Arti or that whole thing with. You know my account 'caus it it Kindo went by the wayside. We all saw it and then it was likewhatever. It's kind of the sentway with hardcore porn. The first time you see, I you're like Oh, my God, then after a while you're likei've got it on everything I sout as Disgustedg as STI. Oh, my God, Li Thata. What ae we got here? I marks a while signal. I love this one. It's mar it's called wow because the researcher when he was looking, he circled it and wrote wow with an exclamation point next to it, and it is true because it is the only thing that they've ever really got in all this time with setty just listening forever. Now the big, if you do want Lin, I think Youe just such done this. But if you the the thought process, is that it was the Tal of a comet and they caught it, which is crazy because, that's like you know, Ju pointing up, and you know it's like shooting into the sky and hoping you hit something you know and H. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn't. And you know people have gone back and forth on that and it's been in the news an actually as of late 'cause. They were trying to see if the comment or what comment it was. Could they might be able to get it again right as it goes by but um that was one that is tantalizing to people, because it's not really understood and it makes you go wow like Um wow, um. Yo? U Know I it it legitimizes. The searcher makes you think man, we don't know what's really out there and it makes you wonder when they're spending all this money. You know researching that or or funding sety, which is you know it's privately done, then you do find something Wer Goin. I don't know what it is s you don't know, but I got to go with you, Marc, that's my favorite, because I love the story. I love that story and I think that it's Um it is important, and I think that you know, as some shows they keep your eyes to the skies you know and look and stuff. That was a hard one. I could ave that was acqoaintance for all three of you 'cause. I thought they were really interesting ones and H, but the wild one, just because it's one of my favorite little H, delicious little. U pology nuggets out there all right, so I tie up the game at one point of piece going into the first two point rounds now for the next round. U You know what Gentlemen, let's do some movies j? Do some unexplained movies 'cause. I think this is going to be a nice segle for my story about the WOU signal. 'cause we're going to jump ahead a few months from August fifteenth, Nineteen, seventy seven to December fourteenth nineteen, seventy seven to a feature film about getting a signal from Outer Space Ls and gentlemen. I give you one of the greatest sciencefection films of all time, close encounters of the third kind, which, oddly enough I'm going to come clean on this one. I saw this as a child. In my only vivid memory of it was wow. This is a boring film and I've only seen clips of it since I was a child, so I sat down last night and watched close ancounters of the third kind. Oh My. If you haven't watched this movie in a while, I highly recommend sitting down and watching it. The cinematography is just absolutely breathtaking. It's one at Spielberg's best as far as that's concerned it on one Oscar N on fourteen other awards and was nominated thirty eight other times. Of course it starts Richard DRIFIS and Terry Garr, it's just an absolute classic. So if you haven't seen it in a while sit down smoke a bowl and enjoy close encounters of the third kind release December Fourteenth Nineteen, seventy seven a righ et kick it over to Joe Finley all right. Well, I'm going to take you to August Sixteenth Nineteen D. Ninety five and I'm going to take you to a mystery movie and a movie that actually is listed in Afi's top ten mystery films of all time and the movie askes one major question: Who is Kaiser Sose, the usual suspects was re east. On August sixteenth, I D finds the command verbal kenp being interrogated by the police following a mascre on his ship. In l, a the stories told through flashbacks, as the police try to figure out what happened on that ship and who is the crimelord Kaeiser so say now get. I mention some names here and we're going to look at these through nineten nd. Ninety five lends an OT twenty twenty lens directed by Brian Singer and starting Kevin spacy went back when we liked him and Benhudeltoro Gabriel Burn Kevin, Paulac, chaspalmentary, stepen, Balvwin Pepostletwa a great cast the movie one. Two Oscars in a golden globe. I got best screenplay in there. The writers G Guild of America has listed listed it as the number thirty five screen play of all time. It was a big movie. It was a big movie for Brian Singer and jumping his career off. It was a big movie for Cesin Kevin Spacy, getting him acting awards and all this sort of stuff and has that obviously iconic scene with all of them, maybe e Kyjocieman, no one indeed, but that is that is my pick. We have a mystery August, sixteenth. The usual suspects give me Fuggin, Hee witthe foer in English, please Heh Anyh. I would agree with you R, your Childhood Self, that that movie is like watching paint dry, not yeah. It's. I watched it again. The drive in a couple of years ago and your talk about close encounters, Yeah d o Get marked by dugs a move. Oh my God! This is fucking terrible! I'm marking you down a negative point for that. howeveryone's got their own opinion. They all theyre for all assles. I Ge that one movie, it's just like it's one of those movies. where I gave it so many opportunities that I think it was built up and put on a pedestal, then when I finally got to watch it is don't know, I was probably my teens. I was bored and I was sunk in my head and then, when I watched it again, an adult was like Ey Ahit's, no independence day like I think I was at that point. You know, but here's one I think mine is is much more entertaining we'll go November. Fourth, nineteen and eighty eight and back to science fiction by one of the best filmmakers of all time. In my opinion I watchus last night again and IAM still amazed. It doesn't feel dated at all, not matter of fact with, like all the bullship being fed to us by the media every day. I feel like this makes more sense now than it did. Nineteen eighty eight I mean the Mo the movie here. It's based on a a novel, I believe or short story actually by Ray Nelson called eight o'clock in the morning, and this movie would actually hit number one in the box office for the week it was released which, for this particular director, is a feat because it never happens, no matter how awsome these gents movies are, they always get slammed by critics and they always suffer at the box office. Yet most of his movies are always highly regarded after the fact and we loved them for years and years and years. So this is a story about a lonely homeless drifter by the name of John, and you would go. This movie would go on to make thirteen million dollars in the box office, roughly twenty nine million dollars in Thoesnd and twenty. Although you'd never know. His name was John Because it's never mentioned in the entire movie and in spite of debuting in number one, it didn't spend much time at the top and sadly the box office total is about on par with his legends. Other movies right, the movie stars, an novice actor at the time by the name of Roderick. George Tombs and as the story goes, MSTER Tombes met John Carpenter during Russellmenia, three and carpenter immediately knew this was the man for the lead roll of this movie that he had coming out, but Roderick dwe all know as Rotty Rony Piper, of course, and he was immediately met with a dilemma because carpenterould offered him this role, but Vincent Kennedy mcman wasn't having it 'cause at the time. Vince wanted to create his own movies and told Roddy. Not To do this movie. Do our movie first and Roddy said Fuck. No, this is John Carpenter and he went on to do that movie. They live, and indeed smartest decision or one of the smartest decisions of pipers life, the greatest onscreen fight of old, no hucking. It's it's fantastic, and you know if you're in the market for amazing six minute, Allei Brawl, NTO men chewing bubble, gum, ugly, ass aliens at control, society, Don'e, Bass, sunglasses, pirate radio signals, subliminal messages, creepy blind priests, mass consumption, commercialization, Meg, fassers, scary, Blue Eyes in Youy women that look like they tippe their faces and cheese dipped back in nineteen. Fifty seven inner spece he's fucking, inhercourse and, of course, ass, kicking then John Carpenters, Tey live is the movie for you and that was released November. Fourth, nineteen. Eighty Eight, Oh and I forgot to mention that movie that he didn't take probably would have been no holds barred because that's the firstwwf movie and I mean there's no fucking dpass no and he just would have been a job or in that movie anyway e. He wouldn't have got mon. No yeah acts from demolition. What have an amented choice? All Right, we'll? Let's kick it down to our judge for this Rounde Mister Brenhand. This one is in another incredibly incredibly hard. PIC usual suspects is a fantastic movie Um. Oddly M, it's dated I in a good way. It has that that nineties feel tohit. You know you're watching a nineties movie when you watch that, and I do not say that in any bad way. You know what I mean and it's antastic everyone, even stepen Baldwin was great in that movie. You know what I mean like it's just a really really fun movie mark. I don't care what anyone says closes encounters holds up now fantastically. I do like the story when I was a kid and I thought it scared the shit out of me for some reason: Um and I'm a fat guy, so iam a little bit sad that they they wasted all those matshed potatoes, but other than that. You know I'm Oky with the movie. No, I really like it. I do, and I I think it's very imagine it's just a heady movie and I think, when people think of of alien movies, they want a little bit more action and this one wmore of like the dry out and then, like you, see them trying to like communicate. It was almost like Starman Tarman had more more UM action, but it was also like you've got ta like the Minutia of the character you, and I think that something I I picked up on and realize when I watched it as a child, you don't pick up all the tiny in the little things and the subtlety of the film yeah. Are you talking about naked, Jecf, ridges and Starman? No I'm talking about close Ancountess of the third cow, my bad yeah and I just love the communication they're trying to communicate with th the people at the end and all that stuff you know W, I yeah it was great, they live is a masterpiece and I don't think it could have been the it was like they knew they were making a cheesy camping movie. That was going to be fantastic. I think, because that's what it is for all it's amazingness. It's also like the best to be movie in the world who just happens to have like this. This amazing CAS everyone was in. There was great and the idea is so fantastic. It's just amazing, anraning Roun, a piper. You know at the ender he's, like Ah fucit he's going to get shot and he's going to try to like turn off the the disk, and he knows he's going to die, he's likewhatever yeah. You know it is a fantastic movie and it's one of those movies that you don't even understand he's just like here's, some glasses, what the hell! You know what I mean it's just like like. I didn't. Even mean to do that, so I gotta go where they live. It's just a masterpiece and you know it's Um. All those movies, though, regardless of what anyone says and very much includedn close account en the third time you should watch all those movies you hit the nail on the head. That's my problem. Is I like the action portion, I do like slow movies. If the story develops, like usual suspects is not the fastest movie, but the way that they put everything together, it's fucking great! Well, I think close and counters didn't know if et wanted to be a SCIFI movie. If it wanted to be somewhat of a thriller a little bit. You know you don't know. What's going on, then there's all these psychological aspects of it. Any movie. That's got like canaries, where they're seein, if they die, and s like that or whatever I'm okay, W I'Mi'm good all right mancrush. You picked up two points. You jump out to a big lead, let's see if you can hold on to it heading into the music round. All right well use this opportunity to defer 'cause I just wint anyway. Nobody wants to hear me twice Olet's, let's pass this one to nineteen. Ninety five! Ok! I actually have an answer to your question. What was the wow sound? It was actually a sound from exactly eighteen years in the future nine August Fifteenth Nineteen, Ninety five and the sound was coming from outworld. This is the mortal combat soundtrack yeah, the soundtrack. The score was done by George S, Clinton, who has done hundreds of movies, but I most notably for me a ton of old cannon films, including the Apple Avenging Force, the American injune movies. I goes all the way down the line not to interrupt you. I have my cannon movies tshirt on and I switche I'd change it when I showerd a Hormi O. like literally I have a Canon, shirt. Yeah, THAT'S AWESOME! So he he did this. It is primarily an electronic album. I does feature some rock in there. There's a Geezer Butler song in there there's actually a song by H, Pornstar Tracy Lords, on the album as well but yea. It is primar primarily electronic dance and it was actually the first ever electronic dance album to go platinum in the United States. It was a gigantic soundtrack. In a year of gigantic sound tracks, it was a demon night and all these tthsthe list was gigantic. It made number two on the billboard list and was just a gigantic thing, and I mean to this day when I hear mortal combat. The first thing I hear is the sound: Is that Soundtrack Song of the Todo O to do Todo every every time without fail, and then I was no k just through the whole thing and yeah it's it's a really fun soundtrack to a movie that I don't think people realize was as successful as it was. It was number one for three straight weeks and all this stuff and yeah and the soundtrack sails kind of ponied alongside that, so the motal combat soundtrack in nineteen nd Ninehty. Five, your soul is mine, Ono, all right guy, so from my music selection, we're going to go back n nineteen. Seventy seven to a song that I didn't even know was about extra terrestrial life and aliens, and we've all heard this song ten million times, I'm sure originally released as the first single from the album. The grand illusion I give you come sail away by the band sticks and you're like what the hell does that have to do with aliens. Well, if you actually read into the lyrics, you talk about their starship right, righty yeah it sa a gathering of angels appeared above my head. They sang a song of hope, and this is what they said. I thought that they were angels but, to my surprise, they climbed aboard their starship and headed for the skies. Now in a twenty twenty interview, just this year, Denis Te young talked about the meaning of comesail away. He says it's about yearning to be in a better place, but how do you get there? You go on a boat on a ship on Angels Rings, as you ascend with them. Is there something going on a starship to the stars? Are The aliens? Is it captain? Kirk, you tell me so. Nineteen. Seventy seven was such a big year for extraterestrials UFOS. You had come sail away. You had close encounters of the third kind. All of these happening within months of the wow signal it kind of all came together. So of course, stix is going to stick some UFO references into their big hit song matter of fact, the cover of the single actually had a boat with a UFO ship flying right over top of it so release September. Nineteen, seventy seven I give you the song, come sail away that peaked at number, eight on the billboard, one hundred in the album the grand illusion achieved platinum status on the backs of this song. So let's wrap up this game and hear what man crush has for the music round on this one. I will give you props mark, because I saw sticks four years ago and for a bunch of old men, fucking amazing. They they didn't headline the show. They were like the mid card act or whatever, and they they didn't steal it from deaf Lepar. They were fucking assom too, but, like sticks was fucking phenomenal for man. That's that deeded yeah really good crazy side. Note about that. to Tie everything together with the last episode come Salaway was actually in the very first episode of freaks and Geeks. Yes, and you can't forget, you know Cartman on South Park, Dyha penaterly, ten sa you know had that album there you go that's a great one, all right! So, let's Go April, eleventh nineteen one of my favorite albums in high school, probably one of the best heavy metal bands ever walk this earth. Personally, this is probably my all time. Favorite album of this bands. It's a slight shift in direction from their previous six albums, but it still has like the signature armonies or there amazing guitarists, and it's got the story telling which they're known for, but this time around, instead of like social commentary, this album's a concept out based around the power of Clair voynce. And of course this is the ability. If you didn't know, it's a Abiliou, see future events before they happend, whether you believe in profits or psychics. They definitely apparted the onexplain matter of fact, the initial track that was written for this album. It was inspired by the recent demise. Of course I in recent of this nineteen ighty seven, she died n nineteen, this nineteen eght she died. Nineteen seven for the British Clarvoyn at the time, Doris stokes h she- and it was also inspired by the book's seventh son by Orson Scott Carrd, but Dora stoke she claimed she was able to speak to the dead. This lady sold out like Concert Hall. She sold millions of books about like talking to disembodied voices that she would converse with, and then seventh son is a fanacy novel about Alvan, not Alvan in the chipmunks, but thes. There's Kid Alvan, who is the seventh son of a seventh son who possesses powers and like all these people, trying to kill him and you know, he's getting saved because of his powers and shit like that, it's actually a really cool book and from these two things, this concept, album seventh son of a seven son, was born and here's a little clip that I found in newspapers, com from the Baltimore Son. It's an interview with iron maidens basis, Steve Harris from September of Nineteen. Eighty EI, a couple of months after the album was put out. Andiqut there was a famous spiritualist in England, a woman named. He calls her Berry Stoke, so maybe it was a nickname wh. They called her there. She wrote quite a few books on clairvoyage and spiritualism that sort of thing, but when she died there was quite a bit about her in the newspapers and it sparked me off thinking. If she was supposed to be clairvoyant, I wondered if she could see her own future and deed if she could see her own death. There are a lot of legends and different stories that come from the seven son Harri said they're supposed to have powers, Thi second sight, and I thought it would be great to write a whole thing about it and when I spoke to Bruce he was really excited about it because lyrically it was something we could really dig our teeth into Steve Harris. Obviously talking about Bruce Dickinson right here and the entire band would collaborate on this concept on the albm tells a story about clairvoyages I mentioned earlier insanity and the acult. The almoud go gold, which is on Parl with most IRONA nowmsoer. It doesn't matter, I mean with L, altm sails with iron. Maidum does not matter at a this. They went on a hundred plus stop world tour for this album they headlined monsters of Rock, which had over a hundred thousand people inattendance, just listen to the openers for this fucking tour right, Megadet guns and roses anthrax, Metallica navidly Rop just the name of few, because they mixed it up every few months, shut up and take my money yeah, who fucking cares if we sold five hundred thousand now their tours are fucking epic, I mean. Hopefully they do another one 'cause they now it seems like theyere retire every year, and then they come back. But this was the release of seventh son of a sevent son, and this happened to be their seventh studio, album wow and was it released on the seventh it Wasnatd? It was actually it was April, eleventh o o Fuckin Record Company. How to fun. I mean jis got some great fucking songs on evil that men do is on here. Can I play with madness? Theclairvoyn? Obviously, seven son of a seven son grave fucking out forty four minutes of solid fucking rock, and it was you saw them slightly going and like a little bit of Prague Direction here and it's still fucking amazing a like. I said I think this is my favorite album, thereis N I', not just saying that 'cause, it's my pick. It's a fucking, GRAT L! No, I agree, I think, with maiden once they went into that. proge direction is where I really started liking, some more of their stuff yeah they added keyboards on this Toeah. It was more intricate, more conplex. You know I really liked it so good pick all right. Let's kick it over to Brent hand. For the final judgment on this game man. This is a hard one. Again, you g usually there's like wha w. You know lot of times. I usually that guy like wo. This is Menthese, have all been good, just starting from the top the M K mok the MK, sounder mortal combat man. What you said: Oh it 's all electronic everything was electronic. Then it was crazy. High school dances they played. That alike was just like, I don't know to dance Thi Anplayi High School, you oi ripped out a jude's heart at my dated over him. So like the movie was Mbut, it made money, the Sounddrak made money. You know they played it. You know sports arenas and stuff like that, and it's funny so where I live. The largest arcane in the world is ten minutes from it'Si, Galloping Gho, sarcade and Um Midway, who made those games was based out of Chicago. So all the guys who were in the game originally are from here, like the the guys who, like modelled for the stuff and then so they're at galloping coast, all the time like every other Leckong Tuesday or something they're, theree, signing autographs and stuff. You know, and I've been in there 'm like weren't, you Johnni cage, he's like yeah and like all the Ninjas, and this and ik they just like they played like multiple duties, Butyeah so and then mortal cime out d. Now they're on, like mortal combat eleven, you know or whatever and there's there's talk of new movies and stuff, and I just actually watched recently. They had another mortal combat like hard Ur cartoon. That was pretty good, just incredibly Goracin, it's just th the money train and speaking of you know your fright, flicks and stuff. Now, there's Freddy and Jason, and the prenator and Terminator in robot cop and all these in in the moral combat Mo Games. Now so that's solid, come sail away. Man. You were in a time where everything was experimenting with that that you know look at any journey cover. You know thre they're, flying through space sticks and Asia and all those those bands you know were all like flirting with that weird trippy, we're not disco but we're like oo out there. You know those sounds and sint was, was really like heavy and seven that's a fun song and find me anyone who doesn't know that Ean they might not like you said they might not know what it is about that it's about Um. You know going to the stars, but man, I really think like things like South Park and stuff have just made that part of Americanalike, crazy, H, iron, maiden seven son and a seventh son, eighties, satanic panic was crazy, and that was one of the things that we did on his Terii when we did an episode, onsatanic panic and Iron Maidan, especially that album was one of the things wheae they talking about. It's all Um uh, just horrible like it's just it's satatic, clear afvoiances of the devil, you you know, you're doing this you're going to hell and Blah Blah Blah and this and that and Hilarity ensus. So yeah like it's it's horrible thing, and and it's funny you guys like really, they kindof went into Progressive Rock and they started playing with keyboards. And I really like the sound you know like, but back then they're like you're, going to have Hel yeah, but at least it's going to sound good when you go to Hwell and so I'll. Tell you how much it's changed now is my incredibly conservative sister and her husband take they're Neve, well, their nephews R in their twenties now, but my nephews to see iron mainen they've like flown hem out to l a before to go to the iron maiden because they're such big fans, so weird takkits or fucking. My my Bunejohn goes all the time any time they tore and even a shit ticket to an iron maiting concert is like three hundred dollars a ticket and they sell out like that yeah. I saw them about a decade ago in New Jersey. It's funny. You say that about you know your brother in Lawhad, taken their kid to the iron maiden show. There was about a six or a seven year old, seated directly behind us who knew the words to every single song and screamed everyword at the top of his lung. It was amazing, you're raising hem right there. You go mean it's a hard one, thits hard one again, I coan go with the ODIV. I think the one that's probably still churning out the most money and h dealt with aliens in another world and all that stuff I'm going to go with mortal combat. I think on this one um they all could have went man it's hard for me to not pick either the other two, but I think you want to go down with them just because it was such a cultural phenomenon, an h, that's still around and still turning out so jo, you got it za all right, Joe. With those two points. You Tie the game. That means we go to the final wild card round between you and mancrush. Well, let man crush go first on this one, all right, I'm going to go movies we'll make this nice quick. It's this is a fucking slam dunk. I coulda us for my normal pick, but I love they live, so I just uses my backup so we'll go November. Ninth Nineteen nd eighty eight, it's a little movie about a single mother who gives her son much sout after dolfer's birthday. Only di discover that it's possessed by the soul of a serial killer in Childspon wow an you wo Wut. They live over Joslay yeah, H. Well, either you couldhave Wen either way. Those are both monsters Literali. Just I love, I think is it holds up today, not because of rebutes. I think it has more cultural impact, yeah exactly you now go out and find an O bay tshirt or things like that. You know like it's. It's still chugging out la all right, Joe Finley. What do you have for the wild card round? All Right, I'm Goin, to talk tot movies too, and I got to talk about a phenomenon that is beyond aliens or beyond the usual mystery of crime. I got to talk about a little boy and his toy, but every time he leaves his room is the only time his toys comes to life. I'm talking about November, twenty e Ond, nine teen. Ninety five, the release of the first ever SG animated, fleeterlength, Film Toy Story, Nomidateid for three Oscars, one, a golden global or noboneeded for a Golden Gold for best picture written by a perennial Pixar writer, Andewstanton and Jos Weden- has a writing credit on that and was the second highest grosy movie of Nineteen. Ninety five and has spawned well, has spawned picar as well as three sequels that you know each did better than the last essentially created a giant and basically revolutionized animation, all based on a bunch of little toys who come to life whenever nobody's looking, and you selected usual suspects over that one yeah. Well this one, so I felt like a little bit more of a Hail Mary. It would have been so much better if you combined the two and at the end of the usual suspects, Kaiser so's, a ets taken by the claw, keep the KI. You can all right so toy storere, huge! It's! This one is, like you said it's a little bit of a: U Abstract, you know Bebut, they are comingto life and you know it's definitely one of those movies that your kids can enjoy, but you can invjoyit as apparent too and they throw in some almost risque humor here and there you know. So it is it's on that whole, like you said, Pikare, and then that is all you get now when you go and see animated movies is that style of computer generated Um stuff for better or worse and wholy held the the the talent they had for her voiceover was crazy. The original child's play was huge to me. I love them Um. I am boycotted watching the remake, because no no, I do I know, and I guess it's over Wifi, you know and it s it doesn't, have the UM. You know the guy who wh, who puts is Sol into crucky was a Voodoo practitioner. You know and hew's like he's like try, he's not trying to go into the doll he's trying to go into a person, and then that was just like this last stitch effort not to die. It was huge to me and it has also been another thing that has been through, who doesn't know Checki. I bet people don't even realize that the original movie they people, probably like trucking and don't even realize it's called child's play. You know, like you, know all the movies 'cause ten they're, like you know, chucky three or they change Kinda like Rambo First Blo, they kind of t I get away with the other naming convention. I can't believe I gotto do this, but I got to go a child's play over toys. Tri, no choice, tothe Jugor, not but childsplay, is the demon of the other world th, the the possessed doll, Voodo and H. There's about six hundred and sixteen sequels to this and Jennifer Tilly, who has a amazing talents? Also plas Thatt, I trucky Joe. It was hard to say, N, either way, eitherway a guy, a boy with his toy who couts to life, wins and that's good enough. For me, mom Y swere to God he comes to life. Whatever Ye Sayinif you're going to watch a new movie, don't worry about the story so much and just focus on the kills yeah 'cause. If there's anything you take away from the new one, the the kills are glory really e over the top gory, where I was loved o the re like half the movie is just chucking Nyou screaming that DD streaming they even had like t in the sequels. They kept the kid you know he went to like military school when he got a little older and read team red team, comeing red team, you know he's they're, just murdering cadets, you know everyone and the you got to go evil. Why not pick a baby? Why you got Ta pick the kid move. It movit along, go in a homeless guy and then do it to someone else, but you know that the movie wouldn't have itld have been a lot shorter. A Toy story did the same thing: IDN that same kid: Hel L, those toys till he went to college. So boy story, probably ripped off child's play. Someone saw them and go. How do we make this for kids? Let's just take out the death we'll animate it ORSO, your friend to the end toy store, still had to derange next door. Neighbor kid who was like massoring all the toys, yeah Chucky, wouldn't have survived spike. You ostand! Well, you know who did survive. This game was mancrush who finally picks up a wind with his childs playpick ingratulations mancrush. I did win two weeks ago. What's the new lucky shirt, what do you have on since you burnt the last one? Oh, this is my funk. Yu, Terry funk school hardcore. Sure Tha is off printed, so I can't even wear it in public as it's printed like by a fucking idiot, I get Wer hereall right jewelers. Well, I guess that means mancrush picks UPO victory, but I do want to think Jo Finley for computing this week. Jo, why? Don't you tell everybody what you got coming up on the miscast commentary? Pod cast all right: well, we just wrapped up our best of episodes to give us a little two week break and we are about to start season five as t where we don't really take giant breaks between these seasons, but we just mark our anniversary as the next season, so season five begins next week and we just started a stream as well. I'm just kindo messing around on it now, but you'll find both of us on there doing. Essentially intercoming attractions episodes and some things like that. So you can find us over there at twitch t t V, slashmess cast commentary and you can find e tat in Hiss cat commentary. Do'll come, and I want to think our great judge for this episode. Mister Brenhand Fren Dont people where they can listen to your show hysteria. Fifty one Il think you guys was awesome. Ive wanted to do this for a while, like I said and plus I can just show up, I mean who who can fight with that? It was awesome and it was a lot harder than I anticipated. I don't know what I thought I was going to be, but W ha a lot of fun yeah his surf one. We talk about the world, we're aliens encryptids in Fos and just interesting stories missing persons, things like that and Um. We just did a big episode e had Max Brooks on there melbrok son. He has his new book devolution out. It is a big foot book that just came ont ema might know him. He wrote World War Z, the book, not the terrible movie that I bougtsus to use the name too, that h s nothing to do with his book, but yeah other than they built a wall in that movie. It was pretty much different, but yeah we just we have different. We have guests and we have M Kn we're a comedy pod. We tell Digan ver jokes about the unknown, so you can find as everywhere, that you listen to your pad gas or at hysteria, fifty one com and while you're on the INTERWEBS dolershead on over to doling decades dotcom, where you can subscribe to our show and all your potcast platforms, itunes spotify wherever pod casts, are available and then had ovened a facebook dotcom forward, slash dualing decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories. SOM. Until next time, dewelers were going to bid you a peace, love Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infirmay media