Dueling Decades
Oct. 23, 2019

Bringing you some nostalgic memories in this! It's October 1989 vs October 1998!

Bringing you some nostalgic memories in this! It's October 1989 vs  October 1998!

We get back to tag team action this week as the Mamalukes (Marc James and Mancrush) gear up with October of 1989 to take on the returning Beau Becraft and he has brought a new partner with him! Appearing for the first time on the show is Drew Zakmin...

We get back to tag team action this week as the Mamalukes (Marc James and Mancrush) gear up with October of 1989 to take on the returning Beau Becraft and he has brought a new partner with him! Appearing for the first time on the show is Drew Zakmin of the “The One Headlight 90s Podcast”. Drew teams up with Beau as they try to topple the mighty Mamalukes with October of 1998! Dave Schultz of the Selling Out Podcast returns as the judge for this great episode!

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infermary Mediapeo Ulans, the pixe O plan, but tot for IM ran again upon that Capu tot te power, Gopcom fiht for what lovhc to Poe Patopiencrita Paee te Boe CP with Tak Grave, a O, Baly, Hitini Apae TNO, come fight for what you love roundcasting from the infirnarymedia studios. It's the adult, only rentro game, Sho, ver, the eighties and nineties- do battle because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let me introduce this week's dolers and the decades they will be fighting for as we return to tack team action here on our show. First off, let me introduce to you my tack, Tean Partner, because if you can't beat 'em join 'em, it's the other half of the Mamelukes man crush. What's up, let's get it on. Let's do this all right! Mablukes we have October nine teen and eighty nine, which is a very odd year. Every time we get the late eighties, I'm not happy about it and our opponents dueling with October o nineteen. Ninety Eight! Well, HEY everybody longtime! No! Here my name is boby craft. I am a male prostitute living on the lower east side of Manhattan. My partner this week is true, Dru going and introduce yourself and let the folks at home know our team name E, guys how's everybody doing, and thanks for having me on, my name is drew Zacmin, and I am your ever so faithful host of the one head late nineties, podcast and toand. I will be the male enhancement talents on this lovely evening representing October nineteen. Ninety eight, the reciprocal yer yeah, and, as always here on our show, we need someone to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So let me introduce to you tonight's judge, he's backlaters and gentlemen, the bad ass from being town, the host of the selling out podcast judge, Dave, Shultz, everybody happy to be here and even happy to lay my hammer down again. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judgeis ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with round four and five worth two points, a piece and the winning decade shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds dolers all I want to do wis, Zumazum, zom Zoom in a boom boom and play some Jon teas, all right so over to judge Dame sholtzs for the official tosss off all right Um. You know last time I was on, I didnt really come with something that official to flip. So now I'm a little bit more prepared and I brought a copy of cocoon on vh s, which is a wonderful fin, so you guys need to choose the cover or the backside to which Time magazine proclaims an exhilarating fable which shall it be, I feel like we need the backside of Wilferd Brimley yeah, I'm Iti. Anything that involves ronhawer deserves to be on the backside. Actually, Brimley isn't even on the back side of this Bo. Yes, O Pickin Donamichi, so that's still pretty darnd good. Those are motesting supplies. Let's see I the Ote Jessica, Tandy action here, I am ready to flip and it is the old people's sided. Is the back a right, male enhancement, talents. You guys have control of the board. What category would you like? First dure you're, the you're, the guest just go around. Why don't you once you start us opick a category here, so the first three rounds or one point right in the last two or two? Is that my understanding these rules correctly hereeract Gretel gentlesirs, all right, so I would say Um Bo. How would you feel about television going first? I like it. I like go ahead so II, I'll leat this one off. So my pick debute on October, first nineteen. Ninety eight, we started the month off the right way. The world has made a better place thanks to the debut of this style network. The channel was originally launched as a stound network. Athough on our promotions typically referred to it, a simply style, as I mentioned October, firs. Nineteen. Ninety eight serving is kind of a spin off of e and then in twenty thirteen, this style network, Changedes name Toh, the esquire network, which obviously made it seemd much more prestigious and then starting around two thousand and eight. I think our lives were made so much better because styles shifted. It's focused to personality base, reality programming and who can forget the personality such as Jersey, Licius, Tia and Tamera, and big rich Texas along a female focus, spin off of the soup, known as the dish, so style network guys everybody watched it right, that's so! Nineteen. Ninety eight People Watch that right, quintessential ninetneen and ninety eight. I think yeah. You know what I've watched ashow on squire before it was the replay of American inji warrior mm good call. Yeah ethere was some good replace on it mean I think they had air wolf, which is fantastic and eighteen they're, a bunch of others, but Jersey, licious get some Jersey. It solely does not fit that' Qu. Isn't that a bubble tape, flavor yeah? It tastes like it tastes like crabs, probably tastes like spray Tam. I O a Haba Baa sprigrace an and crabs. Oh Ne Bazuka, Joe jerseylicious castes like Old Bay and shame tolike guarantee they give you a cold sore Shittyzebristra. It's got a breath in it and also trace amounts of nicotine. If you're trying to kick the habit of smoking, probably glad you guys really talking up your first see com to seem gum man all right. What a e you got! Bau All right h! My television pick is going to be one tha debt ot October, seventh, nineteen. Ninety Eight: This is an Arand spelling joint and his production company, spelling television very apply name. I'm talking about the American fantasy drama called charmed. You laugh, but any theras, so supernatural style show that opens up to a cover of how soon is now by the smiths how's my mout. This I mean, I think. Actually this show was just rebooted Um. It ran in syndication fror what it seemesd like years and years and years. So it's got this pretty large cold following I andt say it's massive by any means, but it was kind of a standout for the WB which really still you know, yeah yeah, CWS, wbs, NW, CW, they're kind of known for, like you know those underground, Co, type, original series and stuff, but the first episode garnered seven point: Seven million viewers, which is a pretty good hall by today's standards. If you think about it, h broke the record for the network's tighest rated DB episode pretty pretty decent cast, especially for a Pubusan child like me, who really got into it. Chanon Dorrty, Lisaolano, Rosemcgaland, holly murry comes if you don't know what the series is about it. It pretty much follows this tree of sisters, they're known as the charmed ones, the most powerful good witches of all time and they use their combined power of three to protect innocent lies from evil being such as demons and warlock. So this is a predecessor to that shitty. Za Bagan show this one, however Rad for eight seasons before its end on May twenty, first, two thousand and six. So this thing ran for quite almost almost a decade, which way did it go? did Um did Rosemcgolan start or did the other chick start? Shannon dalready started, I think and hen. I know one person left and they replaced her with the no name yeah. He was there for like a hot minute and then the other three pretty much kind of took the ball and rain with it. You could tell I've spent many a nights watching charmed, I'm not going to lie. I put in as PRS does an amount of time with charms growing up, because I thought all you know. I was like probably twelve somewhere in that ballpark. When it came out, it was like these chicks are all hot and they can do which shit they have their ovs on yeah, that Song by love, spit love the the smiths cover so good. I never knew it was a cover until you said that actually yeah, that's a great on what a Grasssong is it better than the Star Trek which one is like has like the regular song in the beginning, the last ar trek with Scobacula Co Paculaly. I have no idea what you're talking about bout men of a certain age, costaring Ra. No, you got a l like after this episode, if you never heard it before, I don't even remember what Star Trek he was on 'cause. Of course, this is like after the ninety Yo think it's sarted o one. Maybe is it enterprise that sounds like a UPN nine show. Oh yeah totally was, but the the intro song is so bad. It's like a regular song and it goes on for like three MINUTESIS fucking terrible anyhow. I digress the quantum leap song was pretty good right, so we kind of made up for it later, yeah before rather yeah. So there you go all right. Man crushe this T v round is over to us. Do you want to start this one off, or should I go ahead and start it off 'cause? I don't even know what you have. I forget. Oh right on television October, twenty fourth, Nineteen N. eighty nine was seasoned two episodes, six of the Popular Sitcom Roseanne and what's interesting about this one is. This was the very first time Jackie is seen in her police uniform, huge monumental event. No, okay, that's not the huge event, but it is the first appearance of Rosanne's future husband, Tom Arnold as Arni. So he come on to the show. As a writer 'cause, he entered into a relationship of course with Roseanne. They had met back in nine uteren and eighty three, but then in February of eighty nine they actually went to a grateful dead concert together and that's kind of where the romance in tormoial started. And then he wrote himself onto the television show, and this was the first episode where he came on to that. Show really shows the power and influence that Roseanne had over that show at that time. So that's my first pick on television October, twenty fourth, an nine hutdred and eighty nine episode entitled five of a kind of Roseanne and the big thing there. This is kind of the changing of the Guard N, I n nine utded and eighty nine she starts to take over the top slot from the COSBY's. I think eighty nine might have been the year where they tied at the end of the year, but then from there on out. You know she started to take over, but good call with the power thing I mean that makes total sense there. Tom Arnold started, taking over her slot too ym say them getting S in that a greevful dead concert really explains a lot. He actually has a grateful dead tad too, because of that event, I don't know now if he looks back on that as a positive or a negative, but good for him. Well, you know what that that kind of put him in the public eye, because before that, did you really know Tom? Arnold was no exactly you know, so that kind of did it form. Anyhow October, seventh, a nineteen eighty, nine eleven years off of Bospicker nine years off Bospick we get the final epsode of a show that was an American stable for thirty seven years and three thousand episodes the show began. Nineteen fifty two and Bross the man that set the standard for every radio personality. Since that's because Dick Clark was involved with the show for thirty three seasons, all the way till it's final up, so nineteen nine making Dick Clark, the media ticoon that he became, if you haven't figured t out yet tho show the teenagers dance. The top forty hits anybody know the show KS CA M. No, it's American band STAS! I know Ho I CAS UM. Aside from you, know Dick Clark, a national treasure, the show also featured television, debutes Jackson, five Prince aerow Smith Sunnian share Lisa goes on and on with the show. But most importantly, you have to look at the the cultural aspect of the show and the significance, because you o you had the average American teenager for over thirty years, watching the show in the nineties we had cable and the two thousands on out the kids had the Internet and Youtube in the fifties. Through the eighties kids had American bandstand. This is where they saw the top. Forty hits 'cause you hade, like four stations, so you watch this. So that's my pick October, seventh, nineteen, eighty nine American bandstand goes off the air after three thousand epsonallrigh judge. Dame Shulz over to you for the ruling for the first round. We really started off with a barn burner here aguys. This was not the best category I've ever heard in my life. I know Rightso we're looking at ninety eight rightstyle network style, of which I have none. You guys do go off on a gum, tangent. I do like gum, but I can't ever admit to watching any of the stole network charmed. I think Bo brought up broke the record for the debut on the network. Unfortunately, that was a network that nobody was watching now in eighty nine Roseanne to Tom Arnold bit. That's pretty Balsy, but I don't think it's very monumental or historic, or something that people really remember and the Dick Clark American banstand. I must admit it's Siconic, you know what I mean, so I think that's probably the h the heaviest hitter in this entire category. So therefore, I'm going to have to give the Mama Lukes the wind for this one o knock that one out man cry. I I didn't rea think this was going to be a very strong round you going with that Epsodo Rosea, but I think it's not really as bad as David made it sound there. It's o come on Wy Ho'll have Tom Ordol thing and, like you gotta, you got to look at nineteen. Eighty nine were tat, but you give us taround. So I'm not arguing about it. I'm just saying: There's some legs to it. I have a question since I didn't do any research whatsoever, but being October there was no like great Halloween special or anything a little bit more fun to Kinda. You know sink your teeth into nothing that would have won this round. No put it that way, I will say for bows with that seven point: Seven rating, looking back in nineteen, ninety eight and just knowing the whole Monday night, raw and the nitro ratings, that's a fucking insane rating 'cause! That's like two higher than both those shows yeah a they're at their peak. So that's Listenmolono, obviously yeah. I guess so can't argue with that. The power of twelve year old boys watching hot girls through magic is Bo said right. I mean ive on magic being performed on my behalf too, I was learnied. All kinds of spills did Roseanne ever Chew Jersey, licious young. Now she did that that's monumental. She might have. I believe that episode was brought to you by Jersey, licious Gom, we're Tiologyo there mark Um. Do you want to go Jeez? It's you know it's pretty even Keel, all the way through, I would say so I'll. Let you pick whatever whatever you feel. Let's go hot products MM hot Carl, all right, nowl start off. I GUESS! ECAUSE. In October nineteen and eighty nine pam breaks the school dress, cold rules in her first playboy cover. Yes, we're talking about Pamelaanderson and playboy knew way back when before she became a big star that she would become a big star, 'cause. Of course, pamily Anderson done the cover of playboy for the very first time in October, O nineteen and eighty nine, and she has done the cover of that magazine fourteen times more than any other women in playboy history and it all started in October, O Housanine hutered and eighty nine with a very very hot product and a hot cover. It was really hot man, it's a great cover and if you check it out like of course she's, you know all splat out in her little uniform there. But if you read on the side, there's a a Jewlie, mcculla pictorial, you know you won't see her like this on growing pains, fully cloted the great interview on the in the issue, of course, with Keith Richards. But you know who really cares about that. It's got Pam Anderson on the cover and she never looked better and if you had Pam Anderson getting drilled by Keith Richards, that would be a monumental magazine right there. That's I on that'sblazing hot on that note. Man Crush over to you for hut products all right, so I got October thirteenth, nineteen and nine, and this is a date that I'm going to go with as the relase tates an a company behind it only uses October of eighty nine. So I went back to the newspapers. I found the first print ad that I cal find October thirteenth, nine teeny nine found the item on sale in the less h. This is a product where I think even myself. Before reading this, I thought Nintendo made it and it was actually released by mettel and it was produced by vpl, an age which are not companies that you know, but a g actually made visionaries. You know if you guys remember those little action figures with holdern Hoss, yes yeah, so n B, t in nineteen, a Nigne everybody wanted one of these items on to talk about here: theyven leveraged a movie to propel the marketing for this hot little item and kids wanted it even more because of this, the Fred Savage Colt Classic. The wizard was released in December of d nineteen, eighty nine and basically served as nothing more than a catalyst and an hour and forty minute, infomercial, four, the power glove. If you were a kid Nineteenaa, you remember the lead up in the hype that was built around the power glove. Much like Nintendo had done with the rob a few years prior, a we talked about on the episode before the power glove was being pushed hard cor. It was like in the gaming rags, it was on t V. I don't know if you guys remember the commercial where the kids like in this, like aband in factory that just so happens to have a fucking fifty foot screen in front of Hem and ' playing Mike Tyson's punch out with the glove on, and he ends up, knocking out a bald pull at the end of the commercial. Do you remember the commercial it to? Who was the kid in that commercial? I don't know it's not who you're Gonta? Who Ou thinking? Are you gon to think it's Paul Rugit? Not that's! Not The poll rise N, the Pol Rud it's similar, but the Paul Rud ones outside of a drive in. Oh sorry, t looked like a warehouse to me man. It seems it's shot the same way, but it was a licensed Nintendo product. It wasn't actually an intendo product, that's it. I know the glove wasn't great as far as game play goes, but it's way ahead of its time. It was the first yester based video game like consil or peace, to be released at time in nineteen nine. Basically, I don't know if you guys ever had one but yo h to calibrate the glove with your television. With this three piece set, it was like in an L Shepe. You had to hang over the side of the TV monitor and I was training people out to use smartboards like five or six years ago. They still used that same technology, so they were well ahead of their time. Nineteen, nine I mean there's I can go on and on about the power glove, but everybody knew was about the power glove. So that's what it is October, thireteenth, nineteen, nine, the power gloveand by the way you could pick it up for seventy nine. Ninety nine. It was listed everywhere on sale, but that was pretty much what the MSRP was. If you looke back today, if you're going to Bui I twenty nineteen b about a hundred and thirty five dollars, damn I think it was the original infinity gobelent it tucking. It was like you didn't, even need to use it for the gameplay like if you just had one no just wher to school yeah, it's fucking bad ass. You Cou, wear it now and get aw like people on the style. Channel. Proby tell you where te e pleazer. If you have the power glove, that's a Panny, dropper, O no doubto this day, yeah ono doubt hold Ot. I did I had to ask like ranger because he's the the resident expert of Video Games, and course Mike hasn't been on the show for a couple of months. He just had a kid is arcondolencees the PO, the power glove works. It was a real panny dropper, but this is what he said. I S id tell me something about the power glove, and this is. I quote him right here e said, so I got a power glove for Christmas after seeing the wizard- and let me tell you, it was the most amazing and terrible Christmas morning within an hour. So thank you, migke ranger for that. But again he did get his child out of it. I'm Sureso there it is power glove well, hopefully he doesn't let his child hang out in the abandoned warehousees when he's older, think that's that's just poor Paris, Ta kids parents, for Christ's sake, exact Y to drive in movie theaters that look like a Bandon, all right, male enhancement, talents over to you guys, let's see hot products for October nineteen. Ninety eight October, second, nineteen. Ninety eight, a video game h that changed my life for better released for the PC, I'm talking about NFL blitz, so good begin as a nineteen. Ninety seven arcade game that was ported to home, consiles and Spottd a series of sequels, rather the being designed as a realistic interpretation of the sport of football like Madden or the NFL two K series blitz was created, is just really over the top kind of exaggerated version of the sport. Almost like professional wrestling meets football. H years later we would get the the XFL, so it all kind of worked out. No new games have been released since two thousand and twelve, but it did. I mean it had some staying power in that, but it has experienced a a pretty good resurgence and popularity like the arcade cabinets, as arcades kind of become popular again, there's, usually an NFL blitz or blitz, two thousand console in those places h. So that's what I got. The the PC version: Ot, the arcade version with the PC port of NFL Blletz released October. Second, nineteen. Ninety eight yeah. That game was so good. One of my one of my good friends actually has the arcade game on Ons House. It's Sogood, Bu Yeah, the blitz. It's it's almost like the N B, a jam fooe. So much fun, just the best part about the game was like drilling. Somebody after the play was on the Rocker Room: Oh Yeah N, that was that was aacoup I cor. I th two thousand one that came out a the year. Tom Brady entered the game. That's Ho! That's O Drewblot! So go come on. No your audience! Pokerno you s into the game before it enters you, our glove all right through over to you for hut products, all right. So on October, twenty Irte, nine hteen and ninety eight massive buzz was created because the gameboy color was released in Japan and later it was at least in November of the Sen international markets, but yeah th. It is the successor of the Gameboy and dethiat continued. The gameboy family- and I know the release was in Japan, Bu man that was a superhot product and once it was available, people lost her damn minds. I was, I was one of those people. I loved that, and it was. It was fun to actually have a handheld game where you could actually play things in color and what was cool about it was that you could also still use the regular gameboy games on there, so it kind o Kindo went both ways a little bit there so and the game like blits, exactly just like INA public, the Gameboy and the gameboy color combined, have sold over o e hundred and eighteen million units world wide. So a few people liked it. I think Oh yeah you're right man, I mean when that came out. Everybody went nuts, but everybody went nuts when it came out in the United States. I don't know about you. I wasn't excited when it came out in Japan, yself Noti remember. Reading about, I was like oh it's available in Japan. I mean it's is coming o over here soon, so I I I got on the hype train as soon as there was released in Japan. I was like it's only a matter of time before it's available here and you know what's really cool about it, though, and you didn't you didn't mention this, you could play it at night. I don't think it D. I don't think it was backlet. Oh really, I thought that color one was backly now N'. Don't I open one t so the I think that one was backbut yeah, the Gameboa color was not backlet, whi kind o saw garbage, but it was so fun 'cause. It was color. I think I forget what wrestling game I had on there. It might be like a wrestle Mani game, but that was a frigging blest. I played the crap out of that, but gatewo collar and and the gameboy advance is pretty sweet too, although that I don't think that was a backled either. That came out probably girly, two thousand, but you had like a little like light attachment. You could EA Thayeah you're right that must have been way later when they got the LIHT. I remember playing the one with the light and I had the shitty blacken or the monachroom one that came out in the late eighties. That was Sevena. That was the original yeah yeah. That was a bitch to play anywhere. There was either too much light or no light. It was just garbeg Yep, but anyhow good, picks garbage that sold a hundred and eighteen million units judge W was it o hundred and eighteen million units in Japan only world wide world, so that means everybody loved it. This is true. Wel might tell you right now. You know the gameboy color thing that wouldhave been like the atomic bomb of the category and just blew all your guys up and the whole Japan thing S. kindof thrown a arention of my decision here, I'm looking at eighty nine right, Pam, Anderson, playboy mark you have any of the sales figures on that. I I do not have the sales figures for that, and I think it would be really hard to track because again, that's something that the sales figures have g have increased over time. 'cause she's been on the cover fourteen times, so it selling more each time she was on the cover it was at least so. Three yeahand mine was H. Mine was six hundred and fifty four thousand units in the first six weeks who comes to the air. Look at that that one is a barn burner and then it fizzled quickly, yeah! Well, the payanderson cover impressive. You mentined. There was a Keith rech Richard's interview inside, but on the outside of the magazine, she's being hogged by Tommy Lee, which is Kinda Kinda gross h, the WHIZZER, the power glove man, the powerglove. I was too poor to own one, especially at that MSRP that you mentioned basically eighty bucks, but it was a status symbol. I remember that vividly and now I know the power glove is a terrible prophylactic N, fl blitz, the PC port. I get the the the staying power, the popularity of the game, but it wasn't the original arcade release. I do understand it was the first home release being in the PC and then back to the gameboy color that Japan thing makes it tough. For me, I don't know guys. This was a really good one played by both sides, but you know what I'm going to have to give it to the mail enhancement talents Beca that, because, even though it was released in Japan on that year, the way it just dominated the world afterwards was just an impressive thing and an cannot be ignored. All Right, mlanhancement talents, you win the round, take control of the board. What category would you like to go next for the final one point round? What do you? What are you Leanin, Tordier drow? I feel like news, but I'll I'll defer to you this time. Let's go news: Let's do the news all right, O you want to go first won to go a second, you go in and go look at Cetai News, gentlemen, October, eighth, nineteen. Ninety Eight, the United States House of Representatives voted to commence impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton on charges of lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. The Senate trial began on January nint, nineteen, ninety nine presided over by Chief Justice, William Orenquist, and just over a month later, Clinton was then acquitted by the Senate and the impeachment was shelled and no U S, president is ever successfuve an inpeach. Richard Nixon resigned before the proceedings which most likely would have succeeded, and then Andrew Johnson was acquitted by one vote. A Yo'l. remember that one back in eighteen, sixty eight and obviously, as yesterday I know I know any appeacnquein to on trup still under way, obviously but yeah so Bill Clinton. That was a pretty big news 'cause. He was kind of the president yeah good story, man, some pretty Girthy News, all right smoking. If you got H, let's see this is this. I was actually kind of surprised at this pretty pivotul thing October, Fifteenth H. Let's see American Airlines became the first airline to offer electronic ticketing in all forty four countries it serves. I found this article from the October firs nineteen. Ninety eight edition of the Fort Myers Florida News Press, which says the airline planes do initiate electronic ticketing for its entire system by October fifteenth saying it will began electronic ticket itinerary, confirmation and receipts by email in October. Now this is probably back about the time that you're still using aoell disks from the mail s go, get your email h. What else does it say here? Electronic tickets will also be available for Americans, regional airline affiliate American Eagle, who also made great clothes. In addition to being great flight, electronic ticketing allows customers with prereserved seats, to directly board the aircraft by inserting their credit card or membership card into an electronic gate reader, while an agent checks identification. So not much has really changed. Now I mean you can obviously pay H for your seat and your ticket and all that stuff, but the process of checking in- and you know, having all that head of time, keeping everything electronically tracked. That's that's still used today, so this was pretty uh, pretty cutting edge for American Airlines back in October. Ninety eight, you know you can edit that up to where he says H, you insert you'r member into an Ageen, be way more fun of a story, and here we are pulling it all back around Anfl blints, while wearing the power Glanton to power glove. Yes, there's a movie right there, there's laying the roots down. Oh Man, I like really no fill butbut Dick and JARK. Stick your dig into the power glove. I don't know why I cin say Dick and Jark jokes that would o be F. Charts are illegal. Yes, there is some fetish out there, I'm sure, anyhow, bark you want to go first, O this round sure tick with it. Alright October. Third, nineteen and eighty nine, the Oakland raiders promote forty two year old art shell as the first African American to be an NF L head coach in modern times. You know one night, art, shel, clins, intho bed he's watching nightline and his phone rings an IT's Al Davis owner of the Oakland Raiders, and he says I'm thinking about making a switch. I'm thinking about making you the headcoach of the Oakland Raiders now see Mike Chanihan, was currently to headcoach and show was an offensive line coach under him. So on October, ninth, the first N FL game coach by an African American artshell, where his L, a raiders, beat the New York jets. Fourteen to seven on Monday night football, the readers were in he last place at the time, and the game was scoreless at the half. Chell knew what was wrong as they were trailing in the game. The players were playing a little too hard trying to win the game for Art Shell. He called Hem at the half time and he said you know I wan to win this game too, but not for me. I want to win it for the raiders, so relax and play smart and at the end of the day, that's really why Davis brought art shell in as the headcoach, because, true and true he was an Oakland Raider and he knew the system because of the persistence of coaches. Like Shell and others. A number of black assistant coaches went from fourteen and nineteen eighty to ane hundred and ninety nine and twenty twelve, and if we look at the NFL today, there's two black coaches in the NF l, currently Mike Tomlin and Anthony Lynnof the chargers in a league that is currently seventy percent African American, so hat's off to one of the great hollow famers of all time, ard Shell- I just still can't get over that. He is watching nightline, that's s! I love how that's your key take away from that whole thin. That's coded for beating off well whearing Your Power Gwas inested in listening to fucking Ted Cowr and tid curple. We just found the star of our movie artyeah that se was pretty that ses, pretty good there yea they had Bo Jackson back then in Marcus alle yeah yeah T at was. That was a pretty damn good backfield yeah arshew really was the perfect coach. The players respected him. He was a former player himself and you know, like I said he was a raider truen through true and true. He knew the Raider Way and you know if you watch football and if you're a raiders fan or even if Y, an n l Fan, you know what I'm talking about, there's a there's a way in a system kind of a culture to that club, and he got that that's right and they beat the jets. You know they were yeah. That's why you didn't want to take this one 'cause. You didn't want to admit that they beat the Jeck O. I can laverytham beats the J except Dallas Yeah. Well, every dog as his dayiguess October, first Nineen, eighty nine, the country of Denmark, did something really progressive, something that the United States didn't do until Twentan fifteen, and I say that like kind of there's still red tape surrounding this in some places, but anyhow the article it's Neie from the associated pressis from the United Press, international 'cause. This is an international story and the title is homosexuals, Mary, an Denmark, Topenhagen, Denmark, a clergyman and a psychologist, and ten other male couples were married Sunday in the first wedding ceremony under Denmark's new registered partnership law, which allows homosexuals to get married. The law believed to be the first of its type in the world, was passed by parliament in May, and it gives homosexual couples who choose to get married. The same rights and responsibilities as traditional married couples in all areas, but adoption and the article goes on and on, but I mean that's pretty damn monumental. This happened in nine teen and eighty nine and we're still like going through the woods with this in the United States in twenty twenty nineteen. So there it is homosexuals married for the first time legally in the world. In Denmark, you started that story out. I thought you were going to turn it into a walk into a bar joke. It's like where 's this thisis going to be a whale of a punch line. I don't know, but this fits into the movie all right over a judge, Dave Sholz for the news round. All right. Let's take a look at ninety eight first, the house representives they started the impeachment of clitny hearings was that right drew correct. A ewell Clinton was my guy who's. The first president I ever voted for. If ACIGAR was on Ebay. I would buy it so r wildn't, you all. I mean Thawas a very big moment in American history, the American Airlines right the electronic ticketing movecees by email, thats, SOM, serious technology for the day it set the table for the way that I enjoyed a fly, cutting edge technology, but my real question about that was: Did it even work? I I I presume so I mean they're still using it now ye h Y. Ah, I'm sure there wes some glitches along the ways I bet Yo. I can't imagine that was a seamless implementation, but still their heart was in the right place. We sent it to your email. What is an elenail right onto eighty nine, the art shell, masterpiece, theater marked it a fine job of telling me the back story about art showing his home e, even brought me to the Markon Rom at half time, motivational, seech, so reallyni. You know what the first African American head coach in the NFL. That is a really really big deal and then on the man crush here the thing with Denmark when you brought the homosexual marriage. I was going to even ask you: was it the first legalized marriage in any country to which you said it was the first of his type? So I don't want voice just raised when I said type. There must be the topic here, but anyway, those are both really important milestones in the history, one of the N fl N for two of the world, so the Mama Lukes, you guys got this one by a slam. Dunk, that's a Frederick, wiste dunk on that one that gives us a two to one lead and control of the board. Where do you want to go for this one remain crush. I don't know what what do you want to do? I mean we haven't finished with movies in a while. Do you want to finish with movies 'cause, it's been a while, since movies has had its it's duw yeah. We can do that. Let's finish with move all right, so we'll go mo. He usic all right, so we'll go music ar you start off this round. Man All right sounds good October twentieth. Nineteen, nine e get the studio album. The stuo dbt album from an ICOMIC industriallish rock ban, it's hard to really pick a specific gene when you know the ban I'm talking about, but they sold ten o millions of altums in their existence. They want two grammies they're nominated for eleven more. The Band is seen especially the front. Man is one of the most influential musicians in the past thirty years d. It all started right here with ther debut album, pretty hate machine mm by nine inched nails, and I used the term there loosely because amazingly, like Trent Resner, basically has a new backing band for every album and he's had nine ous, so that that rate there is amazing. But here I'm Gongto give some Mark Jam's back story. You know, Reser was working knights as Astodian or a janitor back in Nineteen Igty, nine at some record studio in Cleveland and when they weren't using the studio, he would jump in there and use the equipment a string together his own stuff. At night he ended up putting a demo together and all his experimentation comes out n. This album. You have sampling from Jeane's addiction on here printe. He even utalizes some public enemy percassion tracks, where he flips them backwards and loops them and then they're all modulated. He did it on a Macintosh computer. It sounds really different from the actual. U Public anemy sound, but he was doing all kinds of stuff and it was all on his own and he's like a mad musical scientist and he it started right here. Basically, a midnight janitor went to reach commercials success, ve a word of mouth over the first couple of years. He ended up leaving t vt records by their second album. I guess they weren't tossing enough money out for marketing, which makes sense 'cause it's an independent label and it still ended up going three times platinum selling over three million records till now, but the impressive thing is: Tha hit platinum, STA in n nineteen. Ninety five becoming one of the first independently released albums to reach one million sales or going platum. So that's pretty big. The album feture D, three singles down on it sin and, of course, had like a hole which is timeless. YOU LISTEN AAND. This one was in a a single, but terrible lie is on this too, which is pretty popular but October, twentieth, nineteen, nine, nine snails, pretty hate machine all right. It Wi'll go with my music selection. You know, as the advertisements for this one read on Halloween, the dead will rise again released October, thirty first, nineteen ND, eighty, nine, the thirteenth and final studio, album from the grateful dead built Te last was released. It reached twenty seventh on the billboard. Two hundred and it's first single foolish Hart reached number eight on the mainstream rock charts and it was certified gold- and you know sometimes here on dealing decades, wee got to use all of our resources to dig up information. You know we' like to incorporate our listeners of the show and our people from our facebook group, so I reached out to a fellow listener and fixhbut GROP member Bill Webber, who happens to be a fellow deadhead, and he did remind me that October eighty nine was one of the top tours for the dead that year they started off here in Hampton Virginia, but going under the name of the warlocks, which is the first time they had used. That name since nineteen sixty five. He also told me that was the year that they first banned camping and parking lots because it was getting too big and crazy, and also in October of eighty nine, a fan named Adam cats. He was murdered by the security guards and it's a crime that is still unsolved today, so nine uteen and eighty nine October crazy month for the dead. Then it all ended on October thirty. First, when they released built to last their final studio. Album has its own foolish heart, just a little light built to last blow away my personal favorite victim of the crime. We can run standing on the moon, pacassamoon and I will take you home heavily features, keyboarder, Sprint Midland, who would pass away less than a year later so built to last released October. Thirty first anine hundred and eighty nine from the grateful dead was that the concerts that Roseanne and Tomor it was it was'tte concerts, the concent they were at were in l a, but I feel like that have been like. I would actually give the round to you if you could actually tie that together. Yeah, that's just a threat running through this episode like that would have been. That would have been amazing like two rounds and Wapis it leg of the tour but same time period. Yeah yeah, Roseanne's legs were elsewhere, and where was that Murdere? The murder was at the MEDOWLANDS. It was at again the what's the name of it: Redon Berneran, Inbernar Carina. The reason I said that is 'cause. That's now two epsodes in a row that the Brend in Bernarina has come up, which is bizarre. Yeah. The security guards gave him a forceful exit. They kind of they actually tossed them over a railing and then eat 'em up and then toss them out into the highway. He died the next day, so yeah I mean it was he'l. have that ing so ad a grateful dead concert if al Fucking plazes what shitting place for violence it is, it really is, and it's it's so not typical of what you'd see at a dead show, and so it's crazy, but yeah. I had to reach out to a bill lever big shot out to him for helping me on this. When I gave him a heads up of what I was picking and he helped o cell ind, it's like a homicide of the James Taylor concert. UNONE I've seen fire I've seen rain. I've seen homicide an and my throat slashed on the CAL. My all righ male enhandmen talents over to you guys. What do you guys have for music, goodness, Music Um? This is a. This is a big one. You can you can laugh about this. All you want, but this was thit's pretty pivotal in music. The Twenty Second Solo Studio, album for one AH by singer and actress of America, share the record ist title believe it was released October, twenty second, nineteen. Ninety eight, the album dedicated to her former husband, sunny bono, who H had died earlier that year in a skiing accident to which she responded, I got youbab Um. The album features some of the new technology of the time. This is why this is pivotl. The usage of auto tune, one of the first albues each ofthers technology, which would eventually I I guess I didn't know this was the thing. But s what eventually become known is the share effect, so that one is one of the reasons this album was so pivotal. H, the record pekit number four and the billboard two hundred certified quadruple platinum for shipping, four million copies across the: U S record top the charts, not only in the U S but Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand and Portugal charted within the top tin in France, Spain, the United Kingdom, United States and several other international territories. Four singles released from the album believe became one of the biggest selling singles ever by topping the charts on a total of twenty three countries and his' sold more than ten million copies nominated for best pop album of the year. The titl track, one othe best dance recording was nominated for record of the year October. Twenty second nine hteen. Ninety eight believe by share the twenty second twenty second studio, album, that's just unbelievable yeah. That was huge, and I think that was the first album to use autotune, which has Y, as we know, t's pretty much like shape the landscape of pot music. Pretty much everybody uses it now, so we know whether you like it or not, but that's pot music, that's what they do, so that was definitely a a landmark technology that they used yeah. I O Recogmendus t pain and ACON. Does that make share like their godmother? Oh they're, not the only ones. I wonder if she had those like ascless chaps that she had in o t was that video from like the eighties ot was shewas like an aircraft carrier. Liter Time Oh yeah, that's someone's a Shar Fan. We found our movie soundtrack smokeen. If you go, I don have a FA. How much of a fan! I am we'll see, he's more of gimsy's, trampson thieves, air, a fan all right yeah! That was that was a good one, so I am going with. On October, Twenty Third Nineteen D ninetyeight people started liking school loffits, because the single for baby one more time, was release hm Um. Now this single came out in October, Octeber, Twenenen or n Neteen inty eight, and that was a pretty big deal. It hit number one on the: U S: Billboard Hot one hundred and the single has gone platinum; Inthe, U S and Two Times Platinim! In a U K and Tho single alone has sold over four point: four million copies and the song meretime has been streamed on spotify over two hundred and forty five million times. So I think a few people like it and that mean that that kicked off briney spears career as you knower and lover today, she's one of the most successful and celebrated entetainers and pop history, with nearly one hundred million records sold worldwide and in the U s alone, she has sold more than seventy million albums singles and songs according to our good friends over at Neelson music, so baby, one more time, October, Twentyn, third ND nineteen. Ninety eight started a revolutionak about all the the people that came like at that same you got like Christinaagilera and backtree boys and Insinck, and all those you know wet tirds, whether or not you liked them they're, still like they're selling out stadiums and arenas in two thousand and nineteen yeah. Well, Britain, I think, had her show in Vegas too, and that was huge. So yeah I mean it she's, one of the biggest pop stars on the lest thr she's, actually believe it or not. My first concert was Brittaney Spears, wow loo. I believe I believi. I should you not so here's the Cuestn Mad, better schoolgirl uniform, am Anderson or Britney Spears. Oh Sharertnas, I'm going to go on the outskirts here, I'm going to say, Delta Burke, O solid joy, a real woman boy. She had a great personality M S, Eer all right off the David Sholtz fo the judgment. This is a really good category guys. You know both teams did a really good job. Eighty nine pretty hate machine, inish nails, the virtuoso of Music Trent Resner, plus he made looking grody cool before before Kirt cobain did man crush Yeu didn't mention had like a hole as a classic. You can listen to it any time, but I wouldn't recommend listening to at Christmas with Nana at'a great oa built to last, but I do have a problem with that album title because mark you mentioned it was the final studio album and did the keyboardist die yea the record killed him ye. I was Gong to say it wasn't named Wel anymore it' to co, I'm not built to last goodbye cruel world. I don't know when, when did Jerry Garcia Di Ninety five top of your head? Ninety, so he was built well to last a little longer, just even hearing the grateful dadjust. I got L E this caste up a Chuli on the tip of my tongue. I can't get off Y A isn't that great. Can I can I just Kinda injest, O e, some Jersy licious gum. I had someplace that might an IK cleanse the flavor get that taste out of your mouth now. I ninety eight share the the album believe. I'd rather have my mouth taste like Mecui than have to hear that song again 'cause. It was PLA, a ban Armi, yes, a Banger iwent me o wane. I Bang my head against the wall and now the whole thing with auto tutor uaid octoe tune being a trandcenter in music. That might be true, but I'm a little bit biased against that, because I believe, even earlier in the nineties me and a group of friends invented that sound fake playing with the echo panel for a guitar now another son that makes me want to ran my hend to the wall until it bleeds baby one more time from Britaney spears. Now it's important, though, because without that song we wouldn't have ritey's shaved, head Britney, cooch or Brittney umbrella attack. These are all important mildstones in music, but I think what this category 's going to boil down to is just sheer numbers and you look at the share album and you look at the Britney Spears debut. They just really cannot be beat. So therefore, ninety eight winds around ow who o rat male enhancement talents you guys make a big comeback. Take the lead three to two going into the final round. Would you guys like to go first or do you want to Difer? I just don't know this is boy there's a lot of pressure in this decision. Let's go first, let's blow a wad here, all right. We got movies of Nineteen Ninety eight October nineteen. Ninety Eight, oh by the way, my honorable mention for music was October. Sixteenth, new radicals released. Maybe Yo've been brainwash too, which is one of my favorite records of all time. It was a one and done yeah. Nobody cares he's going to put that out there wow tha Wasr, the poorest points. Yea, read, judge, Hey judge by the way, here's an album. Nobody gave a fuck upon a sheperd. His yuneler Ouchi think the listeners of this potcast would greatly enjoy to hear that. Thank you for sharing. I don't know. Thank you anyway, onto movies October, Thirti of Nineteen, ninety, its so just barely making the cut here, Edward Norton and Edward Furlong. It's Ed, squared an American history x, Ed Norton nominated for an Academy Ward for best actor. For this, the show movie, whatever you ont call it film grows to hundred and fifty six thousand and seventy six dollars during its opening weekend, but it would end up earning Y ane illion dollars. That's pro yeah, that's probably a type OOne, my part anyway, anyway. Actually no, it was a hundred and fifty six thousand seventy six dollars during its opening weekend, but it would go on to earn a total box office gross world wide of twenty three million. Eight hundred and seventy five thousand one hundred twenty seven dollars. If you're, not familiar with the film H, tells the story of two brothers from Venice, Los Angeles who become involved in a white supremacist Nionazi movement. The older brother portrayed by Edward Nornton serves three years in prison for voluntary manslaughter changes. His beliefs and tries to prevent his brother from going down the same path without giving too much away that your synopsis. I will say my honorable mention for this. One is a Pleasantville. It also gave us seth rollins's finishing moves as I di a tes a down for me, man, Ik man. If only we could see Ed Norton, deliver that ind a WWe ring before we kik Tha bucket. We should be so lucky on Seth rollands. They both do toeach he other that movie though I I like it, but I'm like, I feel dirty after watching it. I feel I feel like a piece of shit, yeah, yeah and also after I watch the movie American history acts also known as White Gilt. The film starring Charle Chapmin, all right so great pick, Um, I'm going with the movie called Rushmore came out October, Ninh, nineteen. Ninety eight, an American coming of age, comedy drama film, directed by the great westanderson about an eccentric teenager named maxfisher played by Jason Schwartzpen, which, as his debut film his friendship with a rich industrialist Herman Bloom, which was played by the grats and incomparable Bill Murray and their love in common for Elementary School Teacher Rosemar Cross playe by Livia Williams, iless Coerin by Byanderson and Oen Wilson, pretty good sound track on there. But I think what was important now t the numbers. I think the the budget was ten million at made nineteen mils of the box office. However, the staying power of this movie is is where it's at now, the film help launch their careers of West Anderson and Jaen Scwortsan, while establishing kind of like a comback or second career for Bill Murray, that's kind of like more of like a respected actor and independent movies. At the nineteen, nine independent spirit awards, Andersonone Best Director Award and Murray one best supporting male award and Mari also earned a nomination for a Golden Global Ward for best supporting actor. Now here is another fun fact, for you, guys, Rushmore is considered one of Anderson's finest works and was ranked one of the best films of the nineties by several publications and then in two thousand and sixteen the film was selected for preservation in the United States, National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being deemed culturally, historically or aesthetically significance. Well, that is elecome utteryy worseshit 'cause that be not los, but we was more deeming line from that entire movie and I'll sum: The entire movie up and Yo. U Ever have to watch it there'RE OARE SCRUBS! Oh, are they that's part of the old man that movie I'm a big Fan of Roshmor mark you're, a fucking idiot es Christ. Get me a God, damn partner, O Lon, if this isn't good enough for you, please take this in a consideration. It was between those movies or we could have picked the October second ninetteen. Ninety eight release of the cultural phenomenon and classic a night at the Rockberry Boh you're, a fucking Ini. I cannot believe that they put that movie in the film arcives are night at the rockbarry. Why wouldn't that will that make kid to se it's America ar the TOPI brothers belong rush. I actually saw rushmore in the movie theater. I was uh part of that nineteen million dollar figure allright man crosh. Do you want to start this one out, or should I yeah I I started out. I guess Um. We went this whole episode without doing anything Halloween or horror, which is amazing to me. So we caldn't do an October episode without a horror movie, no horror's, not David's sting, but it's Halloween and speaking of which, if you haven't yet listened to our episode, was it two episodes ago whe we had our Halloween playlist episode. If you don't know what to watch for Halloween, we got double features: Eighties movies, nineties movies, all the way through the thirty first, we have put out a couple of pictures to make it easy for people. 'cause people are lazy. You don't want to listen to a full epsode, so you can just go over to our facebook group. facebooked otcom, forard, slash doing decades join the private group and then, within there you'll see us post. The pictures and you'll see this little calendar with all the little pictures on it, makes it nice and easy anyway October Twenty sevent nineteen ig nine. I could have cheese dicted here and went with the holiday's namesake and just elected Halloween five. But then I remembered what a huge piece of Shit Asen I so so, instead of choosing a Jon Carpenter Flick, I decided to go with the other horror master or one of the other Har Masters West Craven and the movie is actually part of our Halloween watch list. I don't know if it's coming up. I think it's coming up like maybe this week. I think it's on the list to check that out, and I can confidentaly say that I enjoy this movie more than most of the nightmare in all street series, because, as we all know, West creven started the series he did pretty much up to three and then four and five were just like Garbeng. So he wanted to put out a movie that was more West Craven and this is what he did. Instead Brin in roughly seventeen million dollars at the box office, nineteen, nine so're. Looking about thirty five million dollars point nineteen, this movie fuature the acting stylings of Peterburg and Michpligui. Anybody know those names. Peterburg is pretty big, mich poliguee, you know from ex files. I don't know if you remember he was the the boss guy on x files. He was actually scully molders boss, but he plays cerial killer, horace, pinker and after being sent the electric chair, he comes back to life after making a deal with the devil in the movie shocker. Have you guys ever seen this I've? Given a few? I goes without saying. I have never seen t at seriously. If you haven't seen this movie go watch it 'cause, it's it's nightmare in elm street with a different PREMIS. I think it's actually scarier than nightmare in al the street movies. They gave this one a hard arb and they had a hard time getting the ARD they had to cut out. Like fifteen minutes film, they had to cut out all the shockers that would have made it rainonx, but there's a scene where mich poligue bites his dude's lip and just pulls it like a fucking piece of bubble gum. Maybe it was the jersey, laters, Elicius, yeah right, AL exens Walkin face it's, it's pretty gruesome. I have a question. Was this to Theelm, where the guy was being executed on death row and like he got zapp like his soul, Unti electriash or something eeday assing that he stands in front of the television and he's like hit me with it hit me what he's like? Does some fucking prayer thing in front of it? The TV shoots them with a lazer bolt or lightning bolt or some Shinhe pe like then? He gets sucked up into the television there's a really cool scene in this movie towards the end spoiler between Horace pinker and Peter Berg's character, where they're fighting in different TV shows. Do you remthe scene, like in the beginning, they're in HARASHIMA and they're fighting at one point they're in the middle of a boxing match, and you see a horse pickers in the background. He goes kick his ASS, while they're fighting between the two of them and they just keep jumping from channel channel like stay tuned with John Ritder. Only darker aldu theres, there's one where there they jump into like leave it to beaver and he's walking alongside the beef. It's fucking. Some good shit definitely check it out. If you have it before- and this is how you know it's Goin, I had to write this one down going through some old reviews. Of course, I love doing this. Some ass hat named Joe Hana steinmets from the Chicago Tribune says it's a gory thrill show for underdeveloped sensibilities, iks. Well, you fucking signed me up DEU Schmetz, because I'd watch a shit any day in the flucking week and that's shocker by Westcrad all right so the movie I have actually won the Nineteen Ninety People's Choice Award for favorite comedy movie. It also won the Blimp Award for a favorite movie at the kids. Choice awards that year off a budget of seven and a half million dollars the worldwide gross on this film was two hundred and ninety six million dollars the synopsis. You know after a single career minded, woman is left on her own to give birth to a child of a married man. She finds a chance that new romance with a cabdriver. Meanwhile, the point of view of her new born son is narrated through a voiceover in look who's talking released October, thirteenth, nineteen nd. Eighty nine really not much has to be said about this movie. I think we've all seen it one too many times. Of course. It stars John Travlto, Kirstiale, Olympia, Dukakis, Oh and Bruce Willis, George segell and the sexy Ab Vagoda. How can you forget about him? God Look Who's talking October, thirteenth, Nineteen D, Eighty nine, so good, just so good, so hot, that's part of like a travol to come back right there. It is everyone ccredited topop fiction, but really it was look whowas talking. He hadn't done a movie in like three or four years at the time and it really sparked to come back. It was kind of a new role, form and Travolta says himself. The character that he's pl he played in the Lokos talking movies of James is a character. That's actually most like himself. So he drinks breastmilk, says a lot: That's tha thirteenth tier of Scientologies, Brest, milk. It's organic all right! So that's all the picks judge Dame sholtz over to you for the final ruling on this game. Oki Doki. Let's see ninety eight American history x, this movie like jaws, which made people afraid of the water. This movie made people appreciate their dentist after the t e curbing sceme, which was still just hurts me on the inside Rushmore H. I think you mentioned the numbers weren't all that hot to begin with, but it did achieve a Colt status. West Anderson also cebmitted his place is the most boring film maker of all time, starting so that that was good. I Bet Ed Johana Stein, metzs, like this movie inte. It's funny. You brought that guy up, because, with your pick with shocker, your enthusiasm was electric. It really was and plus you pulled, a the jerk store called and het ran out of you on a critic. Thirty years after the fact you ae it's so fun dead series, if you guys haven't already. I know we talked about it before, but newspapers otcom signed up for a month even and just to go back if you're into movies and stuff like that, go back and find a movie, that's really big, like the Goonis and just find a bad review of it, because there is at least one asshole. It did and they're hilarious 'cause you're like wow you're, so fucking wrong, you're, so full of yourself, just like fucking duchemats over here, but ta, see look who's. Talking Marxs pick. My mother actually took me to see this film and I was really excitied to go, see it, but she wasn't the moment the scene of chatty sperm popped up on Thi screen. I think I was Awkard, my mother at the time there was a great cast in this movie, but I have one question here: Has it been preserved any form or shape by historical society? It sure ought to be if it has exactly. You know what you just read. My Min y took the words right out of my mouth and H. for that reason, no Yore not helping us. No! No! You know at o. You can see 'em man I' Gonta, tell Yo, you know again. The numbers are pretty good here with the Rushmoor stuff. I like the stats American history X. I remember watching that movie a lot, but eighty nine, you guys, I don't know you guys just sold me on it and therefore I have to give Mamalukes to win on this round ohyea. I do hear me the late eighties. We've talked about this at Adnausium. You always feel like the next decade. Like the nineties, you got the hangover years like ninety ninety one where they don't know what the fuck they really are. The late eighties is Kinda like that, because we kind o get drained out of all the over the topness and then by like eighty eight, it's Kindo like Oh nighthe's, coming, let's start changing shit up early and some of the stuff is just weird. I don't know ow a Christmas parafphenelia out in October yeah same premise: you just made like the decade sound like draining a gaiter iused to mil o it builds up, and now we just got a release, and then you know n the next decade. We start new again, it's yeah, you know what that's whawas n going out of a Mor. I think the nineties, the nineties are a little bit different. I think they kept it up a little bit longer, just because in my eyes the middle was more monumental than the beginning in the end. Just because, like I graduated high school and stuff like that, but I think as far as nineties going drew, you cover the nineties all the time where would you say, like the hot spot, is in that ten year decade period? Ninety four, so yeah, right in the middle yeah, I mean Niy. Four me like albums. You had out that year, like Yehad Soundgarden, Super Onno, downward small by nine Anh nails, Duky Green Day, jarflies ouse and Cha, like Soe Man, Lyke good, albums movies, too right Ye Pol piction. You had classics dumb and Dumber N Asancura, shazanker dams. I mean there's a ton of just phenomenal pop colture going on at that time, and then it kind of like Wen t completely different direction towards the late nineties right with a lot of that pop stuff, like with the Britny Spears and share Yep. Isn't it it's crazy howl- and I noticed this after doing on so many episodes, music started, making a shit, ton of money and movies started, losing a Shitton of money towards he nineties, like big time, makes you wonder where they're at now, you cond in that comparison where they stay in today, like music and movies. As far as financial, it's goitg to be tough to compare music just with all like the digital, like with spotify and all like the streaming music and stuff to try to put a number on it's tricky, even with television television like look at you know we just talked about before, but like the Monday night, rase and charmed, getting as seven point seven and then you look at Friday nights mackdown. Now that's on Fox, it's on one of the the big networks and they got like a three. You know it's! It's Weird: You know over twenty years just nobody's watching TV anymore, yeah, there's just too many options now, there's you know instead of four channels, there's four hundred plus you have all the streaming options and online plus not to mention nobody's watching TV anyway, 'cause they're, all listening to dueling decades, yeah. Obviously, that's no, I mean come onot on the first day. They usually wait. They waited a couple. They wait a couple of days aright! Well, not! No! I guess we'll end this episode right here, deelers and thanks that get into ourgest. For this episode, Dre Zacman drew tell us about your show and tell people where they can listen to it. Yeah Iam on so I ie run the one head late nineties, podcast. You can find me on itunes. Google play Stitcher spotify, I'm pretty much all over the place. We sawot all kind of things nineties. I did a couple of episodes on some of the best video games for nine is that did some on some of the best movies soundtracks, so they kind of cover a wide variety of topics: Music sports movies kind of all over the place. But you know we 're trying to capture as much from the NINETI S as possible, H, Hav. Actually I just did a nineties running mix that ie shared on spoutoffive for people if they're big runners, but next few episodes coming up were tackling beus and butthead check 'em out yeah, so one headlight nineties pot, gast, and you can find me on toter, I'm a one hl, podgest and guys thanks to Havg me on thanks again and you man all right. You know what round judge Dame Sholz Dave telitners, where they can hear you when you're, not on dualing decades. Well, I hope to be on dueling decades more often because it's the best show on the face of the earth. Man Y Hos, Ta selling out show on infirmary dot org just like drusaid. You can pretty much hear my pod cast anywhere on the face of the Earth, and sometimes I perform on the streets for banana peals or scraps of food. So just keep a lookout and you most likely will see me. Do you perform for Jersey, mishop wonl. Now you got okay, I can find sometone on my basement, someyer raiting for you, it's that isulation above your head, chew on tat, some good old fashionit, so gld fashioned a with hisvestas dude no lie. I ot say this: Real UCKI had a buddy of mine back when we're in high school. He had to take it dump so bad and the only place we could find was was really golisten. There's really beat up old gas station and he goes in right and then I'm waiing outside or whatever he comes out like ten minutes later walking funny and I go dod. What's the matter he's like Oh there's, no toilet paper in there and I go what o you ceuse Iwas looking around it, I look up and theres some pink panof insulation up there. Oh E, my ask, I said Dude you got to go home and shower you're, probably going to give yourself ass cancer for th, but Youna. You know what I mean, and that was the most agonizing walk home, I'd ever seen in my life and I'm sure he's ever hat in his life. So now Dave knows somebody that has been diagnosed with Masothelioma and maybe entitled to a conversation or structured Soma here Anewi I and that's a walk of shame if I eve got thatothat's a walk of Pinon Yard, all right jewelers. So if you've missed an episode, you can always head over to deweling decades dot com where you can subscribe to all of our past. Episodes on e tunes, of course stand on cast box and then head over to facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can join our private group post some of your own retural memories of your own. So until next time doers we're going to bid you a piece, love lighting, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infermaymediathis is no ordinary subshop. 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