Dueling Decades
Jan. 27, 2021

Bum Wine Bob is behind the bench for this bodacious booze battle between 1971, 1981 & 1991!

Bum Wine Bob is behind the bench for this bodacious booze battle between 1971, 1981 & 1991!

Since most people can't go to the bar, we decided to bring the bar to you! Do you have an abundance of leftover holiday spirits? Grab a cold one, relax, and join us for this retro booze battle! To judge an episode on booze, we couldn't rely on just anyone to swing the gavel. We needed someone who could really handle their liquor! That man, Bum Wine Bob! The host of "Bumming with Bobcat" showed up with a quarter, two Colt 45s, and a great attitude! The first contestant of the week, drinking a glass of water, Drew Zakmin brings the best Booze of 1991. Representing the best booze of 1981, Marc James also brought a whiskey sipper with him. And rounding out the competition, Mancrush goes way back, and delivers the booze of 1971!


Oddly enough, the guys have known Bum Wine Bob for years! So everyone was pretty jazzed about finally getting to record together. In this episode, you might actually find out what people are drinking tonight, Laurel and Hardy push the highest quality cheap beer, Zakmin assumes a spy's adolescent nephew drinks a lot, afterschool special fun with Mom, a Bocephus sticker on the rear of your 442, RCA makes a grave mistake, being sick soft gooey and cold, the man with the most onscreen kills, a dude who likes vodka, Drew and a Russian bear run a train with lots of Vodka, Mancrush drinks in the parking lot of Staples, Plenty O'Toole gets thrown out a window, a suit saves United Artists from financial ruin, Jewish wine becomes a college staple, Florida's green sports beer from Pennsylvania, odd breweries, Miller Lite gets major competition, Bobcat tells a tale, a terrible whiskey idea, a group who should never drink, the best "budget booze" with Bobcat, and what four-letter word immediately makes booze better?


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PODCAST NEW YORK S up doing dacad is is wax piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the AITS Beeni babies or crack babies, really pane, Boda or Madon? Maybe Bricty? Maybe Whitney. Do you like new mittle, a new Wa, Dave, ro or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the vatl begins doling decades. Let's see who wins: Jo Das broadgasting from the podcast New York Studios, it's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the decades battle for supremacy, because ot jour history we just fight for it, welcome back to juweling decades. I am marked James and bottoms up, because this week we bring you a bodaceous booze battle, I'll be representing the alcohol of one thousand nine hundred and eighty one. Alongside these other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off, throwing one back for the s say: Hello to mangrose yeah, all the way back, t one thousand nine hundred and seventy one boos o one thousand nine hundred and seventy one- and this is something we never say on the show. But it's said on a lot of shows: What are you guys drinking tonight? Well, myself, man crash. I have a little bit of Canadian Hunter Whiskey. Is that neat or mixed on the rocks? Oh very nice! WHAT BOUT YOU DREW! I'm drinking water, because I am doing a dry January like a dip shit, worst idea ever what timing perfect time for a BOAP, betl, Yep and Bob What a e you Goy! I saw that Sa camp bi got a cult. Forty Five Double Mall. Well, it's God all nothing but class. I got tidos Titos and some some mixed ice Ta Nice, because I don't have anything to mix it. It so we'll see how that goes. Also joining us on the panel and pouring one out for the S. it's the professor drew Zachman Yep. I have the Booze Rom, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. So I am pretty stoked about that. That was a good year and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. This week's Gesh judge and resident expert on all things distilled and chilled is the host of bumming with Bob Cat all rise for judge bum wine Bob all right all right all right. Thank you guys for having me on here. I am pumped in ready to have some more drinks and have some fun and get the Games get the games going. He's got a Co. Forty five double mall, I mean we're in for some good shot and I got it and I got a regular col, forty five to back it up for next Oso. I'm ready, I'm ready to go here. Ik He's prepared he's, got a backup already yeah, I'm in it for a Longhall guys. You know if this goes hours on end, we got, we got reserves. What's the tersiary. Where do you go after the other one's gone yeah I mean I got more in the fridge ill. Just have to get up then way. So don't worry, there's more than the house all right. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. It judges coinflip shelldecide, who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we shall go to a final wild card round. Remember delers, to review the show, listen subscribe and play along at home, it's time for more oin as all right. Let's go right down to our guest judge for this episode. Bum Wine Bob for the coin, Tos all right, guyse we're going standard issue, keeping it simple. We got aaninteen eighty six. I tried to find one that would match one of the years we were covering, but this was the closest we got. You know get heads and tails. You've all seen it before, so I guess Hos who's, calling it dew can call it I'm calling it all right. I'll go tales. All right heads it is heads is the winner. All right, man crush. You won the coin toss and you take control. The board means you get to select our first category boy, no normally with a normal episode. I know exactly where I'm going to go. I have no idea: BCAUSE, ine thousand nine hundred and eventy one oits booze. Let's begin with television, let's go back to one thousand nine hundred and seventy one, and as much as I like. I wanted to pick all in the family here because it debute in Januar e thousand nine hundred and eventy one. They didn't drink. Anything on that episode, so I well. I guess I could have went through everything else, but why not look at what beer commercials were availabl, one housand, nine hundred and seventy one. So I came across this article about old Hams, beer and their new had campaign Bob's, ready, making noises. When I lived in California, we used to drink hams from time to time. It kind of it reminds me of barrack's living. It's definitely a bargain beer, but it's probably I haven't had it in years, because I don't sell it too much around me here, but it's probably the best tasting cheap beer that I've ever had. Would you concur with that or, like I heard that noise was that a good or bad thing that now that that was good, it was Goodi got. I got Hams in the fridge downstairs, so alright excellent yeah, it's ready closest place. I can get it from. I have to drive to PA iactually looked on their website today. After I was doing this s like I haven't had hams in like probably year like ten years it'Sure Shit. The closest place is like thirty minutes away, I'm not driving all that, for it is cheap, though I think you can buy like a thirty pack for like twenty bucks or somet crazy shit like that, not even even cheaper than that. I go alsoigey thirty thirty pack for fifteen dollars. I got a thirty pack of Hams, light NPA just outside of Hershey, and I think it was one Thn Thir eunded and ninety nine for a thirty pack of hands. Lik, Lord so, and it's much better than the cheap ship. Here, it's better than like beast, I would say: Oh Yeah, Yeah Yeah, definitely price point but better butanhow like so this article. I have here title the article is Laurel and Hardy Back in ads two gentlemen, long since dead, just maybe in the next hot wave of television commercials, their names Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. One can almost say that there is a laurel and hardy renaissance, except for the fact that the rubber face stand and the Roton Ali have been away for quite a while, the millions of WHO AV children in the HS enjoyen them in movie theaters now join their children in laughing in the same antics on television and now there's a hams beer, commercial seen on TV in the western United States where the beer is marketed. This is a skilfully edited silent, routine, in which the boys walk into a bar and stand ass for a beer and the bar tender, and it's of course it's silent. So you have the screen. Titles and you coald see this one on Youtube. If you go and look it up, he says a beer is a beer and stan replies in silent print, whereupon he receives the classic asperated shove from Alli Conventional Hams. Beer pitch follows and the whole article goes on. I guess they were in a couple other ads. They were using like there's reals and reals of Lauren Hardy footage that was just never used. So all these companies were using it in the early s to make these ads. Hams just happened to be the first one to do it. So that's what we got we got Laurel and hardy coming back doing some hams beer commercials. The good cheap here, got to make sure you prevaced it that way. The good the good cheape thats, the bad, cheap, er then ies a good Chiaf Heer. It's true all right drew Zachman. What did you bring for the television round all right, so one of my favorite movie characters of all time this guy can handle his his liquor like a boss, and his drink of choice is usually a Vaca Martini, Shakin not stirred, and while a few great actors have played this character, the best to play it was Sir Sean Connery, and I also believe serosis of the liver is James, bond's biggest archnemesis anyway, I'm talking about not James Bond himself, but his nephew James, bon junior the animated series which began on September thirtieth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. Now the whole premise is basically while attending prep school bond junior along with his friends IQ H, was the grandson of q dand. Now, if you guys are familiar with that, butke was kind of the the guy that would come up with all these cool gadgets, fur bonds and Gordo ligter. Who Was the son of Felix slider? Who was one of Bon's friends? I think he was in either the FBI or CIA. So basically, they all helped bond junor fight against the evil terrorist organization, scum, which stands for savotours and criminals united in Mayham, which is awesome, and there was quite a bit. You know, built off the Bond Junior. They had a comic book series by Marvel Comics published in ninety two. They had video games on the NENTENDO and Supernintendo, as well as a board game and a toy line, and this series ran from September thirt, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one until March, SC, onon thousand nine hundred and ninety two, so hey had a really good long run there and that's prety MUC chip anyway James, bon junior with the Tian of his alcoholic uncle. I have to ask: Were they drinking in this cartoon? No He's never too young to drink yeah exactly but his uncle a famous drinker, his uncle Deah. Once this kid is old enough guarantee you he's going to be an alcoholic as well man. You know what they say about assumption right. I know all things bond he's going to be an alcoholic all right, gentlemen, for my television selection, we're going to go over to Wednesday September. Twenty third on Thousandnine hunedred and eighty one at four thirty in the afternoon for the tenth season, premier of the ABC after school specials n. This episode is entitled. She drinks a little sixteen year old, sinty Scot playd by dueling decades, favorite Amanda Wif in her younger brother Brett, gradually wise up to their single mother, Miriam's drinking problem and the mother is played by Bonny Bartlett. She was in V and twins Cindy wonders that she should join Alateine for help and a few tipoffs that she should occur when her mother gets drunk at a teacher's open house and becomes violent towards her own daughter when she tries to escort her out and then later on. When Cindy brings her new boyfriend to the house. Only to find her mom passed out on the living room floor Cindy later finds out that her new boyfriend's parents are actually alcoholics themselves. So he tries to get her into Alliteane meeting and she insists that her mom doesn't have a problem at all. Only to have it all come crashing down when her mother's attempts to go sover fail horribly, and she turns up at Cindy's opening night at the school play where she, where she drunkenly crashes, the stage when they're taking their final bounds, to bring her some flowers cindy. Finally realizes that she can't make her mom stop drinking and that her mom must take the first step for herself SOTHAT's. What I got for the television round, the ABC after school special, she drinks a little September, twenty HRD, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one that fluts a great cital for that sounds, sounds like she drinks a Lotmoen more than it' only on the week days. So let's toss it down to Bumwane Bob for the verdict on the television round. Wow. It's you guys all have some some great choices. There I mean after school specials. You know you can't go wrong, giving the dangers of drinking and drugs to children all over the world and then drew with the with the James Bonds nephew, but I got to give it to man crush in the Hams. I mean that that speaks to me, ow classic beer, commercials right AP, my alley and when it's a favorite of mine, I give this round to the man cross. who was not expecting to pull one out with hand but I'll take it all right. Man Crush you're first on the board, but, more importantly, you take control of that board and get to select our very next category. Let's Shit, where do I go? This is like the hardest part of the whole game. With these genre base, let's go music. Let's get this one out. Usually it's been a two pointer recently, but let's put in the one point Rond Hero. So let's Go October, twenty third one thousand nine hundred and seventy one- and you know honestly, I thought in Bac on thousand nine hundred n eventy one. There would be all kinds of songs about Booz, but I had a hard time finding them a lot more talks about drugs, not so much booze anyways. This guy right here, though, he's pretty much synonymous for both. So it's kind of a win win. This particular album. It's this legends, thirteenth, ALBUM! If you put all of his albums together, that's like solo collaborations, live albums, etc. He's got well over a hundred album. So, as you can see we're talking about like musical royalty here, particularly country, but he's one of those guys that supersedes the genre. You know I'm talking about like he's what we like to call an icon. So that's where we're going with this one so who better to record country musics second concept, album the man himself, Willie, Nelson and most places online will tell you that this is the first country concept album, but actually Willie did another on one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight called Texas, my soul. So actually I don't know why they don't count that one so technically, this is the second, but they everyone says this is the first whatever. But at this point his career, like things were up and down, he had twelve albums under his belt. This point, but nothing that was insanely successful kind of hard to hear about Willi Nelson. But really at that point he really wasn't that big of an act. He was basically in financial ruin at this point. In his life he'd gone through a divorce, he lost a bunch of his money. Put it up in tours the invest in. He didn't make that back. So one thousand nine hundred and seventy one this guy had a lot to talk about, sounds like a country song, Hea Exactya. That's where it's going in his second autobiography. Yes, this Guyis so awesome that he has more than one ono biography, but in the second one he talks about showing up in Nashville record his New Al Mne thousand nine hundrd and seventy one. In a few days he writes nine songs spends two more days, recording them in the studio I mean Shit. The people do these days does not compare to the stuff that they did back in the day. Yo One HUAND, nine hundred ndseventy one like the amount of work that had to go into that and this guy knocked it out in, like you know a week or whatever, but basically willy picked up his bags. He went to Nashville and he just slaye, so I mean that's pure talent. He wrote from the heart about the his life as the imperfect man. It's pretty deep stuff about a man who dies and watches his funeral and Evrecans all the things he he'd done. His life, just like wine, like some wines, get better with age. Others just lose their flavor, and that leads me to this. The album would fail Tho Chart, but the title track. Yesterday's wine would reach number sixty two on the hot country, songs chart eleven years later matter of fact, Merl Haggard and George Jones covered that exact same song and it hit number one of the US hot country. Songs, Charg, go fucking figure, but RCA. They ended up dumping thim almost right after this album. They basically told him. This entire album was a pile of shit and he wasn't going to amount to anything and his music was nobody wanted to listen to it? Well, he leaves he goes inside with Atlantic records and becomes one of the topselling musicians on the entire label. So good job RCA well done, but we have Willie, Nelson and yesterday's wine. You guys know this one right. Yes, your days, W do not know this. Oh Man, it's it's. Probably one of those songs. You've heard like, while you're at the supermarket playing very low. In the background, it is a PPLAR soing. He just wasn't popular back then N, which a lot of his older stuff is like that. That's where I went for this one all right drew Zachman. What did you bring for the music round? One thousand nine hundred and ninety one was a ridiculous year for music, and I think you can make an argument that may have been the best year ever. I think for me, personal M, oe thousand nine hundred and Einety four might be my favorite year for music, but TAL K on ousand, nine hundred and ninty one and instead of the you know the black album from Italica or never mind or ten, I'm talking about one album that isn't exactly in the mainstream here necessarily and this band's kind of deviceane. I feel like you either like them or hate them, which I can understand. Personally, I like them a lot, but that's just me, but this albums from a band with probably the best base player ever and no I'm not talking about flea, although he is amazing. I am talking about being comparable, Mr Les Claple and the album I'm talking about is sailing the seas of cheese and it's a great album. If you've never heard it came out, may fourteent Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety one and it was their second studio album. Now this primis album it's good like I said American life is awesome, so is those damn blue collar tweakers Tomy, the cat and Jerry was a racecar driver. Now the booze Tiin here dug deep on this one, but luckily I know all the lyrics that hi song, because it's a great song- I don't know what that says about me, but whatever jerry was a racecar driver. It talks about a racecar driver named Jerry who never came in first, but he also never came and last, however, at the end of the Song Claypele says: Jerry was a racecard driver. Twenty two years old had one too many cold beers, one night and wrapped himself around a telephone poll. So there is the there's, the booztine and also we hear at doing decades, greatly frowned upon drinking and driving. So please stay safe everybody, but anyway, Jerry was a raisecard driver. Its PREMIS is actually most stream song gone spotify with over thirty five million treams, and this song also appeared on the xgame soundtrack and in this song, there's a sound clip from the lovely bill, Moseley's character, chop top from Texas chains on MASSCR to where he says, dog, we'll hunt. So that is my pick selling the sease of cheese. Specifically Jerry was a racecard driver. That's the number one played song and spotify from primaces. I was surprised by that yeah wow. How many times did you play it to get it up there honestly, I have probably played professor nut butters house of treats. I love that song. I've probably streaimed that song and I saw er for something off of like pork, soda or, like my name, is mud or whyis, big brown, beaver yeah. There I mean there they're they're up there, but yeah. This was the the most popular one man, you learned something new. Every day there you go all right for my music selection. Now, when you think about music and booze partying drinking at the shows. For me, there's only one band that comes to mind, so I bring you a song from the dead Kennedy's. That is, I give you to drunk the fuck, the fourth single by the dead Kennedyis released on May twsn Y. I e one thousand nine hundred and eighty one on cherry red records. The single reach number thirty, six in the UK charts, although not all the record, store stock, the album, the ones that did sportid a custom sticker that the band had made reading caution. You are the victim of another, yet stodgy retailer afraid to warp your mind by revealing the title of this record so peel slowly in sea, the dead Kennedy is much like the other dead were also out of California, and you guys know I'm not a punk guy, but I actually dug this one. This might have been my first experience of the dead Kennedy's and I immediately dug that the California influence was there and that Surf Rock punk sound. The lyrics are great telling the story of Drinking Sixteen Beers getting into a fight shooting out the tires of a cop car in well, as the title says, being too drunk to fuck. I mean how can you not love a song with the lyrics that say you give me head, it makes it worse. Take out your fucking retainer, put it in your purse to Ay give you a song that I think we can all relate to to drunk to fuck by the dead Kennedy's released. May One thosand, nine hundred and eighty one you got to give a two junk: A FIV yeah. I think that might be the first dead Kennedy Song. I ever really listened to man like really listen to, and I have to say I actually did dig it. So it's pretty cool, there's there's a lot t you probably like California, Uber Alice like since you mentioned California her's, a lot of good good tracks and but they're all funny like that, all those the albums were released on alternative tenical records. So it was his his own label, so they always did shit like that and it like you said it was not in any stores. You are ordering that Shit Bmal, but it's still mad it on the charts. It was that popular so that many people were still finding away to get the album or find the stores that it was available in so that guess that shows the popularity of the track and shit all right. Let's throw it down to bum wine Bob for the ruling on the music round. Now, like you guys said, there's you got three songs here. None of them might have been. You know, chart toppers by any means that at the time and three you know iconic, you know artist. You know Willy Nelson Primis Dead Kennedy's, but I think I got to go off of just the lyrics and the tone of the song and I got to go with mark and then the dead Kennedy's on this one, her it as it was tough. It was a tough call, but just the sixteen beers all rolled into one. I think that kind of is a night of drinking SOMDO. Pretty much is man if that's your nightive drinking man, you've had one Hel Ovan, I'm proud of you mark, because when I saw the one thousand nine hundred ad eighty one, I obviously I have that CD and I was like I wonder. If he's going to pick to drunk to fuck, you did not disappoint all right guys. So I picked up a point, tie up the game and I take control te board heading into our final one point round and we're going to make that the movies round. So my movie selection of one thousand nine hundred and eighty one is another in a long line of sequels for this character. Who is synonymous with alcohol so much so that the mention of just his surname alone immediately conjures to mind his exact drink order and much like our friend drew Zahman. This is the version of the character that is old enough to drink, so we're going to go to the Chicago Tribune June, twenty six oe thousand nine hundred and eighty one for review written by the Great Gen CISCOL. It is generally agreed that from Russia with love is the Second Best James, bon film in the series. Why? Because it is the best thriller of the twelve films in the series, in other words, take away all of its traditional James Bond elements. The gadgets and the girls from Wusher with love would still stand up as an exciting motion picture. Similarly, my principal complaint with the last few bond films hat that there's been nothing more than gadgets and girls and stuck on flimsy stories, but all of that changes with for your eyes only which, at the very least, is the best bond film to Star Shan Connery Replacement, Roger More Release June, twenty six, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one. I give you for your eyes only from the legendary bond director, who also gave us Iron Eagle three John Glenn. This was the first bond movie to be based on one of EAN Fleming short stories. Instead of the novels, it's based on the short story for your rise only and they actually worked part of RISCO into it as well. Now, of course, there's James Bon singature Martini drink, but throughout the books and the movies he actually drank other live bations as well in the short story for your Ise, only he actually drinks, Bourbon and coffee in risco James, bon orders negrone, which is a drink where the three main ingredients are gin, sweetvermoth and Compari matter. Of fact, this is the only film in which bond drinks, the traditional Greek drink, Uzo, I'm a big fan of Uze, so kind of cool to see that James Bon enjoys it as well. It's the only bond movie to date of the franchise not to feature M, and this fact this film matter of fact saved United Artists from financial ruin when this movie took in a worldwide gross of a hundred and ninety five million support yourself, a vodka Marcini and enjoy some James Bond and for your eyes only that's a Greay movie classic all right, man crush. What did you bring for the movies around? Let's see what I brought, let's go December, Sevente one thousand nine hundred and seventy one were greeted with the seventh film in the series kind of keep in mind. It didn't end here, since there are another seventeen films and one on the way. So, as I like to say, the sucker got legs, but in a bizarro world, we've could have gotten an extremely out of place, leading Mans movie. Much like we were talking about with James Con Being considered to play Superman in one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight. This movie also had some odd choices being considered. The previous film in this series was on one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine and that leading roll was given to an Australian model named George Lasenby Lasinbi did one film, which I wasn't even that bad, but afterwards he was offered six more of these films and he declined because his agent told them that it wouldn't be a good thing, because Hippi culture was on the rise, El Yeah. Needless to say, his career floundered after that amazing advice from his dumbass agent. So without Lasenby theheed someone to do the role of old James Bond, I figured most would know where allas going with this one with the lazenb drop and everybody else, picking James Bondso herer the names that they considered, which is repugnant, great actors, but all had no business donning the name of bond yet Adam West boy, burt, mother, fucking, renners, God, Clinnyswood and John Gavin. I think Gavin was probably the closest but they're all freaking, Americans Yep. I mean luckily like most of these guys agreed with the seniment that I just said, and obviously it didn't happen, so they went and they begged Sean conry to come back and he agreed after getting an onheard of one point, two five million quid at the time, which is about ten million dollars in two thousand and twenty one, and he also got to hand pick his next films outside of the the Bond Universe problem was they now had to Redo the entire script, all right spoiler here, if you've never seen Lazin these bond on her madesty secret tervice, his art, Nevisis blowfell. He kills his wife at the end of the movie. So initially this was going to be a revenge flick, but they redid. The entire script on diamonds are forever. Not only did conry make shome loud here, but sort of the movie it went on to Rak in a hundred and sixteen million dollars of the box office, which is about seven hundred and forty five million in two thousand and twenty one. Nearly forty million dollars more than LAZENB did two years prior. So I'd say everybody was happy here, except for the two leading ladies in this one, both of which dated Shean conry during production. Wow Go cal, it's a long, sorded story, but Lana Wood and Jill Saint John. They have hated each other for decades like if you, Google, some of the shit. Of course Monawood is Natalie. Wood, sister and Jill, see John went and married Robert Wagner after Natalie would die. I mean it's some fucked up shit, but anyhow, bon of course he he does drink some Booz in this one, while he's undercover as a diamond smuger. However, he never drinks a Vacka Martin Shaken notster. Never does it watch it again. Last night, just t make sure it does not, but he does drive a Mustang mock one and probably one of the best chasenes in cinematic history. That's hat the one in Vegas, yeah wher. He goes up on to wear so good yeah. He goes up on two wheels he's driving through the park a lot through the spots. Doing God knows how fast he's going great friganine Ne Housand, nine hundred and seventy one. So there's no special effects. That's just some dude driving that car, like a madman nd, it's amazing, but anyhow it's a diamonsor, forever names Bon. Who would have thought that would have come up not once but twice you know what that movie. I love that movie, I loved. What were their names? Was it miss o o the killers yeah? One of them was Crispin Glovers, Dad, that's yeah, that's hreal! THAT'S THE GUY! Without the Weird Han you know, yeah. I can totally see that e. that's crispin glase dead, no shit, MR wintn. Mr Kid, that's Yeh, Mr Winton, Mr Kidd, that movies so good. I need to watch it' Sok it's kind of Campy ohcompared to like the other ones, but it's seon con man, that's Whyr. It kind of went away from it in the newer ones, Don they're, much grittier, now wet simmoth dult and tried going greedy and I think they weren't ready for it. Yet so then they brought brase. I like those, Oh yeah, dude license e kill was one of my favorites. I love that movie license to kill. Is My favorite hands Daw yeah and I always thought if they were going to ever remake a James Bon film that the Lazenby Film on Her Majesty's Secret Service is storylinewise is one of the most important bond films, but it's just a horrible movie to get through yeah. It's just it's long yeah. I heard he turned it down because he didn't want to get typecast well yeah, because his agent told him that you know with hippie culture. He didn't want to get in that thriller crimed scene and never get another role, Gatcha. Well that Wer he actually had a bad call. If you look at his ZIMDB, he has been in a number of things, but nothing that bing ever again and you know what's Quinceentel- is Timothy Dalton almost got that picture yes back in sixty nine and they waited twenty years. Go ow, yeah interesting! All right drew Zachman. What did you bring for the movies round all rights bond? I had. I had to look and make sure thet, WS, N thousand nine hundred and Niney one Jame, bon film, just to be sure Han I was like. I didn't think there was, and I looked at Hi'm like all right Wat can be James Bon. Well, there was a there's like yeah. I think Daltan license the kill as probably what eighty nine and then brasens. Next one was ninety five, eighty, nine to nine yea, eighty, nine nd. Ninety five yeah you have that gap between well BOT ND. What do you call Brosie was supposed to be it too, but he couldn't get out of REMINGTON steel correct, so he got screwed over. You know we talked about it before and here it's crazy. If you, if you actually go through all the bonds and there's a really great bond documentary, that's out there forgot the name of it, but it goes through all this shit and it's really interesting interesting. Well, I can tell you I don't have a Bondfilm, nor do I have anything involving his nephew this time around, but his niece. The question here is: What is the only thing better than chilled shots, one might venture to say hot shots. Oh that's right! I'm talking about hotshots guys so ti. Did there, anyway, this this movie directed by Jima Broms, this movieis a classic? It's fucking Hilarious, it's basically the naked gun, just with Charlie Shein in it pretty much, but there's a lot of big names. A He Charlie Sheen carry aways Valaria Gelino John Crier, Lloyd, bridges. It really is like a naked gun. Ask Spoof on movies such as top Gon Dance, Ish, a wolves, Rocky Superman Gon with the winder. They just shit on everything, and it's amazing. Now the drinking tying here is when they also kind of spoof cocktail when the bar tenders poor drinks the same way as they do in cocktail. So that's kind of the the tie and ther from an alcohol standpoint, but the movie had a budget of twenty six million, but pulled in an impressive hundred eighty one million o the box office, which, if we use man crushes inflation, calculated at's like eighty three point: seven billion dollars in two thousand and twenty one, but I mean this movieis fucking hilarious. I love this movie. I never get tired of watching it. Some of my favorite quotes. I fol for you like a blind roofer. It's a good one, another one. My eyes are ceramic caught a Bezooka round that little big horn or was 't OKANAWA, the one without the Indians. I love that movie Hat's great and as mancrishwould also say it has legs because there was a second one made hot shots part do which was also fantastic. So that's what I'm going with hot shots, which came out July, thirty fise, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. You know what you didn't bring up. I can't remember: What's his name again, chopper something topper Harley, toper Harley he's got the most kills on screen. That's true! Yeah! It's a good one, all right, let's toss it down to bumwine Bob for the ruling on the movies round. Well, we got to two of you here with the a classic drinker, and you know James Bodwillace, two different versions of James Bond and still you know the same character. Guy Guy loves his drinks, but out of the actual movie itself and kind of whet it opened up for other spoof type. You know movies. I got to go with, drew it and hot shots on this one. You know it's not cold ds, cold shots, it's ris, you know, so I give it to Dru on on this right. Man He's making a tough going to them. Two point rounds. Yep The game is a futch all right. This game is all Tine up at one point, a piece drew Zachman. You have control the board. What category are we going with? Next? I'm going to go. It News. That's my next pick so June, twelfth in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Nine hundred and ninety one Boris Yelson is elected as the first president of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet republic winning fifty seven percent of the Pipler Velt. I don't know if I need to keep talking but its bors Salson, so he drank a little bit but a little bit. Russia, it's Russio yeah, but I found that was doing some digging on this. I found this one story pretty help. It was amazing, but while Yelson was visiting the US and then President Bill Clintion, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five see, I always have to bring a Bill Clintin. So, by the way, every episode I'm on, I feel like butt. This sum we're not talking about his impeachment, but Yelson was found on Pennsylvania Avenue drunk in his underwear and trying to hail a taxi cab in order to find pizza. That is amazing, like I don't think I've. I've done those things but being clothed. You know I have been drunk, maybe not in Pennsylvania Avenue but other avenues and trying to hell a taxi cab in order to find pizza, or maybe just Taco Bell, but usually I'm wearing more than my underwear, but that's pretty amazing that he's the fucking president of you know Russia, basically good for him. Wait when did this happen, that Tho sand nine hundred and ninety five, when that happens, Oh all right! Why? Why Dont, I just don, why jut say like Ta, because it's like onethousand, nine hundred and ninety five S, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one? No well one thousand nine hundred and inety one is the fact that bors Elson was elected as the first president Bor Selson drinks, his face off all the time. This particular story just so happen. Onethusn, nine hundred and inety five and I wanted to share I with you guys, because I, like you, that's all that's nice, it's nice, I will say this serrifying yeah, but but Yalson would be Presid F, one thousand nine hundred and Niney one n t ne Tousand, nine hunded and ninety nine, as he was succeeded by some guy f Vladi Merpotan, and I tell you what you know: Russians can drink like I, so I actually visited. I visited Russia about eight years ago and dude they can straight up throw down. So we took the Trans Siberian rail, from Moscow to Ligt of Vatock, and the last leg of the train. Wide was three straight days on the train and every one of those days. We were hanging out with these Russians who wourd just drink vocket. There was like a group of four guys that W are hanging out with, and this one guy in particular his name was Pacha. He was this like bear of a man it. He was. He was a beast, but this guy had open heart surgery and we knew that because he never wore a shirt and he had a massive scar going down his chest. So we're on this like train hanging out like in the like the like the drink car like the food car, whatever he just didn't, wear shirt. You know we're on te train like in Gen. you know Gen pop hanging out with everybody. This guysjust walk around no shirt on, but I'm I wouldn't tell thim to put one on because he was like three times my size, an went to crush me, but the first day of that leg he himself drank four bottles of vodka bottles and then the second day on that leg he dragged four more bottles of Voga and then the third day he was like, I don't we saw im mean he was like kind of like hobbling around like dizzy a little bit, I'm assuming stoll drunk from the day before he was like. I don't feel so good I've been drinking too much, I'm like yeah, no ship Pacha, so he was like I'm not going to drink today. So, like later that day, he drank two bottles of Vaga, so he scaled it back a little bit and then, like the next day, we got off in Flod of bus Lik. He just got out and was you know good as a million bucks now that same night I drank a bottle of Vadka, I was I thought I died and this guy was drinking for I'm like I don't I didn't get it. I mean I I don't make sense because he had the open, harts or ju something o MIS, something you probably should stop drinking anyway. Russia, man, fucking Russia, but yeah, Bors Elson, that's a I'm! Going with what do HEU didn't tell you is that his heart runs on eth anal it maybe man, maybe it all make sense all right. Man Crush. What did you bring for the news round? All Right? So let's Go may thirteenth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy one. I cannot be more excited to find this cme ion thousand nine hundred and seventy one. This reminds me f the good old days working at staples when I was in college and most of the guys that I worked with my department they're all like their mid Tho late ies and they'd bring little eighteen year old man crush out to bars on like a weekly basis Soso, since I wasn't old enough to drink. The plan was always to get me like good and liquored up before heading out to the bars and clubs which were up in Pikipsi and newpals, and we would always meet in the staples parking. A lot like right as tha store closed so right around ten o'clock, whoever it was closing up that night would come out and there would be three or four cars as waiting in the parking lot. Rigdt to hand you whatever the drink of the night was for that night and typically it was something cheap and it was something they could put you in the fedal position by the end of the night and my myfirst drink initiation with these guys was Cisco and liquid crack can totally do the trick without a doubt. However, almost too good at that job. You had a great one or two hour window before you either ended up in full shutdown mode where you would just be sitting somewhere with your head down or you got to a fight or you puked. I mean those are the three options when you're on Tisco, plus the drive to Bekipsi our newpalsis, like forty five minutes from where this happened. So by the time you got out of the car the clock was taking, then they introduced me to this stuff, and I found this article. I was so excited the article title. This one is says: Mogan David Out to change image. This is out of the Daily News, says: Mogan David winecorp is turning over a new leaf and changing its image from the Jewish sacramental wine to a popular drinking wine. MOGAND David recently received nationwide exposure in a movie called a new leaf, with Elane may playing the gouch little rich girl, who preferred Mogan David to her finest French wines, but basically they're just talking about the article, how they're, switching gears and theyre theyee actually, which is funny- and I didn't know this Bogan David- was actually bought by coke one Thousan ninehundred an seveny yeah and they owned them for a little while? U, oh so like right after this happened and here's another thing I didn't know in the S, they were like one of the biggest like on screen as far as like commercials. Mogan David had moere commercials than any other alcohol, so they bought them. And now you know they're infused with all this money, which is this is hilarious, to say, because Mogand David for the people that haven't put Mogan David together Bob What is Mogan David Mogan David, is md two thousand and twenty, or as people like to call it is mad dog, two thousand and twenty. Exactly there, you have it. Yes, s: Ou T, you don't tie together coke with that now onlly lasted a couple years before they sold them off again. But at this point they were talking about how, like the the young generation, wanted these few, these, like fruity malt drinks, and they came out with a few of them over time. One of them was called cold bear which was Mogan Davis and, of course, you know Maddog, two thousand and twenty, which at the time meant twenty percent alcohol in a twenty ounce bottle, which of course, doesn't happen now, because then you' probably end up with the same shit that happens when you drink Sisco, yeah, litte Waker get you there. Quick does the job. So this in my staples days, we we kind of weaned away from the Cisco and went to that mad dog, and that was like the drink of choice. Even when I was in the Marine Corps, all the guys that I was stationed with who had never had it before you had to give thim Sisco first see how that turned out and then you're like alrigt you're, not ready, here's mad dog, two thousand and twenty andit's, the tit's. The training wheels to get you to that Cisco level. You know ally is I mean dids just go the name liquid crack on Sisco. You know, that's not my pick but like dude, it's so spot on, like that. Just destroys you. We Hade this one dude that was in my my butoon who's, a huge guy. He was like six fourd nd. Fifty was a body builder and he told us that he could drink two bottles Vaka like drews boy there, so we watched him do this. He actually did it so one night he came over to my house and I bought a bottle of Sisco. He made it halfway through one bottle. He broke two of my fucking dining room chairs. My wife is so pisse. He was he kept leaning back and just he broke them. It was insane. Then we were like fighting in the living room with this guy we had to like lock, thim outside the House, Butmad Dog. It's got its own place, man that a better taste. What was your mad dog of choice? I think I don't know if it was my choice, but strawberry Keywa is probably the one that it's kind of like my go to Strawberry Keywas, good, the the blimbling Blue Raspberry is, is pretty good. If you want one to drink straight up or if you're a fan of a you know a screwdriver or a MIMOSA. The orange jubile is just pretty good for just that orange flavor, but a lot of the flavors of MDOTHOUSAND, an twenty aren't that bad compared to like you were saying the Sisco that that's a whole nother beast to battle another day, the liquid crack they had to put on the bottle. This is not a wine cooler. Ecaus people like you, sayd we're trying to drink the whole thing in one sitting, because it's shaped like a wine cooler almost- and there was like you know at eighteen percent- it's going to put a hurting on you. If you drink that whole bottle, so that's what we always did and you know what this this is going back: One thousand nine hundred and ninety six, the first time I had it so we'ere talking about like twenty five years ago. At this point, and that's the first time that I've ever heard, somebody put it like that and it makes total sense that you're not supposed to drink the whole mos yeah. I think it says on the bottles I know I do have. I have some down on the basement still and I think it says it's four servings on a bottle. Its just whas suggested, and you know and they're not that big of Bob. I think it might be. You know three hundred fifty mill leaders, so it's not that it's not a huge bottle. So four servings out of that I mean it's not not that much that you should be drinking of it. If you drink half of that or try to drink a whole bottle, I mean you're going to end up on the ground or in jail, that's or too drunk the fuck either way. True. Is that the same thing with mad dog? Are you not supposed to drink the whole Lotol of that? I don't think so. I think the Maddog is usually only a thirteen percent and I almost drank on one of my podcast. They in two thousand and twenty. They release the MD two thousand and twenty gold, their special edition evnttosndatens the year two thousand and twenty. They released this pineapple gold version, and I finally got it. I did a podcast drinking for the first time and I probably got through about a little over three quarters of the bottle, and you know I had a good buzz going. I W I was drunk, but not you know, deatly, throwing up hung over the next day, so the he md to thousand and twenty isn't as potent. I guess we could say as a Sisco it'll give you a nice buzz, but it's not going to throw you over that edge. It's not like you're an eighteen year old drinking it either so right, right, yeah right. We have experience now of years and years of dria raining training. We call it exactly exactly the worst part about either one of those, and I don't know if it was because were the guys, because I was in twenty one, so the guys Wusd byit for me or if they were just fucking with me thinking back, but they would always buy me whatever was available and it was always the worst kins like they would give me like peach. It's always peach Yo had greet green apple yeah. I was like wha like dude. I aske for like blue raspburryorlike. Yeah is all they had yeah and especially, and if it's warwarm o that's even worse, I had greet APPLESISCO. That was warm that have been sitting like we open the bottle and then is set out for like six months and then drank it. Warm that was was not fun. Yeah every single person, that's ever dragged Sisco, just gagged in their mouth yeah, but yeah mad dog, the birth of Mad dog, pretty much away from the the Jewish strengths off to drinking dawor me they lift it now to the the Mana Schevetz to one or that Jewish wine market. You know now that the holiday seasons over they do market it towards families. An this article too, which is Os Laye. Well, that's what they tried at first. I GUESS! Then they found their their calling was going down a different road with it. So you got to try and see what works. It's too funny yeah all right go! So for my new story. You know throughout the s and if you picked up any magazine, Trade Journal or print media, you would see some sort of variant for this iconic alcoholic beverage. One could even say that it was absolute genius. It was actually sold a full century before in Sweden before hitting the global market, one housand nine hundred and seventy nine, but it broke all new ground in one thousand nine hundred and eighty one when they became a household name in the print advertising mainstay. My new story is the start of the longest running print ad marketing campaign in history running nonstop. For over twenty five years, I give you absolute vodka. Absolute symplistic AD design campaign started one thousand nine hundred ad eighty one and that made the bottle of the star and at jump started sails and the demand for the alcohol. What they did is they put the bottle, shape and iconic imagery up front and then change themes around it. In the US alone, they saw a rise of ten thousand cases sold the previous year on thousand nine hundred and Eghty to four point: five million cases sold in the year twothousand in one thousand nine hundred an eighty six Andy warhall himself took a liking to the art, an the shape of the bottle. Although he didn't drink alcohol, however, though he did use absolute vodka as a perfume, so warhall painted his own interpretation of the bottle and absolute loved it so much they used it for one of their ads. After that absolute ran with the artistic approach and racked up more than fifteen hundred variations of the iconic ad, the very first one. Absolute perfection also gave birth to the art of wrapping visual and verbal puns around simple, striking imagery, also known today as a meme. So I give you absolute Vonka funding news publications since Oe thousand nine hundred and eighty one and just so happened to invent the meme at the same time. So that's my pick for the news round iused to collect those things, because I used to get sports illustrated when I was younger yeah and I would I would always like take. I ecauseit was like cool. It's like look at this alcohol. I have a picture of it and I would always, like you know, put it like an it. We put like in our locker at school and stuff is like look at this. I have a vodka thing in my locker room yeah, they even got it even got so popular and Trendy. In the mid, the late s when we had like the like, the no fear, shirt started coming out on the big joke, yeah they started coming out with the absolute ones. At the same, you had the de the parody absolute whatever and like you go down to the shore, you go to the beach and get the absolute. You know absolute seaside high right. You know all right. Let's go down to bumwine Bob for the ruling on the news round. Alrigh now I mean anybody who knows me probably can say that this frounds pretty much give away bu but hey I get. I can prompt all you guys in I drew I mean you brought in the Russia and the Russians. They love to drink. They love their vodka, but you know that's it now and mark the absolute vic. I mean that's kind of an iconic. You know the class Igai mean at least to me. I think that they were the originators of the flavored vodka to me, maybe not officially, but when you saw all the different flavors when it became the trendy thing to do m an I had one of my worst drinking stories was getting drunk and throwing off off of Absolute Citron, one time that my friend had, and it took me years and years to finally work up the courage to drink it again and get over the fear, and I conquered it. You know you have to go back. If you have a bad experience with the with the alcohol, you got to go back, pose your therapy baby, exactly exactly got it, you got to give it another shot. Butso Thabsolute is there's one of the litonic brands. You don't hear too much about him anymore, but you know in the S and eally twosands. It was like the big brand of Avodka but Mancrush, the Mogan David, which would turn into he md two thousand and twenty. You know for me. You know that that's my wheelhouse. I was so happy to find I ons right into the gold mine on on that one. So man, Crosh and the Mogan David gets gets the wind for this round. Dude, you teased a little bit of your worst ever drunken story like what happened. I was at a party at a frontanhs house and we started doing shots and we're down in his basement and there's this girl sitting on a cow which and out of nowhere. She just turns her head to the side, throws up all over the floor and somehow in in my wisom, I kind of wantd to be the hero. You know and kind of you know clean up everything you know help out when you're already drinking, then you start cleaning up somebody's, throw up then next thing you know it kind of triggers your own Drinkin ca reaction, manadand and it was one of those run like okay, go and go in and then just bolting out the basement outside and just thrown up in the bushes, and that was after you know quite a few shods of absolute citron that my friend was just trying to get rid of like one of those you probably had those when you're hanging out- and it's like. Oh I have this. This beer, or this alcoholhis been sitting for months or years like let's just drink it get it out of here, and that was the night to drink it and grow up and have a nasty hang over the next day. But then it took a few years to finally come back around. Try it again take the shot and conquer it and put it to bed, and I'm pretty sure I haven't had it since, and I was probably you know. Fifteen years ago, at least man, you were fortunate, though, if that's your worst drunk story, no, not not not the worst, no, no gay! No! No! This! I O! Like man, you could really hiddle your shit, that's Yourwr! No! No! No! No! No! No! I don't think we have enough time to go into Thatsay, that for for another day to follow up tat, yeah yeah, but offof t the story of the SITOF, the absolute Vok and the CITRON. That's what kind of triggered that, for me kind of you know, PTSD of yeahthate brought that up. So I, like Citron, was like such a high school thing to where people are like. Oh sitron, you can't taste it at all and everyone wanted to have it and then you had it and you're like it's. Just like buck, yeah yeah, with like a lemon line flavor that yeah it put some sprite it fake yeah, and it was always had like that. Thicker consistency to it, like all the absolutes do, with all that. Flavor is very syrapy, not as good as this going all right. Man Crush. Will you jump out to a two point? Lead, let's see if you can hold on to it, going into the final round the hot products round, all right, how prodct one thousand nine hundred and seventy one? So let's go to April fourt, one thousand nine hundred and seventy one a? How can I not talk about a drink tha had the slogan like you may have forgotten the name but you'll never forget the taste, this prosect this product igh her was test marketed in south Florida, one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine and the people in the sunshine state they loved it. And while Pittsburgh Brewing Company spent two years trying to pitch this as lemon lime logger, they finally came to their sentses one thousand nine hundred and seventy one and they rebranded it tropical flavored malt liquor and almost instantly. It became a huge success in Florida, Detroit South Carolina Georgia before spreading its wings, the rest of the country. Let me see if this ad copy right here entices, you guys taste a completely new experience, hoppengator the new brew that smacks off the Tropics, a citrecy champagny tropical flavor drink. This exciting new tropical brute on the rocks off the rocks hot cold in a pinch in a punch any way you like it mix it with your favorite liquor and right away. You've got twice the drink, with twice threason, to call it your favorite, but all by itself. It's a great new brood in the tropics taste. So for the first time guys and girls, husbands and wives, grandmothers and grandpas everyone drink a drink. You can enjoy together. Ask for the versatile new tropical brew. Hoppen Gater, you might forget the name but you'll, never forget the taste! That's what she said this article I found from the Aro one thousand nine hundred and seventy once is a hoppengator. It is the distant cousin of Gateraid and has twenty five percent more alcohol content than beers. I mean it sounds amazing right! That's because that's exactly what was in hoppengator hopigator was gidraid mixd with regular beer, which was something that was con concocted by the inventor of Gatrad Robert King, which is why Pittsburg Brewing Company was sued by Gaterane for infringing on ganrads trademark. If you, I can't send you guys a picture over here, but if you look up hopingator, just look at the can and the Ga for the old just picture that an the old gaterad cans, it's almost exactly Zame. The ND FACP also got into it with Pittsburgh Brewing Company, since they were targeting African American drinkers and they started to boycott it, urging African Americans not to drink hopengater. That boycott would last n ine thousand nine hundred and evevnty two. Then they made some kind of deal. The product was eventually yanked in one thousand nine hundred and seventy five, but it has leges because Pittsburgh Brewing Company they produced ten tousand barrels of hopengator and two thousand and four is just a novelty. So you might still be able to find some skunk ass tropical flavored malt liquor. If you look really hard, I actually did try. I could not find any man this something I like to try. It actually doesn't sound too bad from other shit that I've ever drank and looking at the ads there's another ad here, but the text is really small. I don't know if I'll be able to read their ad copy here, but yeah. It's super small! Kick the head off your thirt. Kick the head off your thirst with the new hopengator lemo lime logger. They actually end that ad with your thirst will never know what Hitt it popengator they're, not wrong. Alright drew Zachman. What did you bring for the hot products round? All right, so this this product is actually in my house right now. But, however, I cannot touch it. As I mentioned it earlier, I'm partaking in a dry Genur, which is fucking stupid anyway. This product originally got kickstarted back in one thousand. Nine hundred and eighty eight during a bike trip through Belgium, Kim Jordan and Jeff Labech, were inspired to bring Belgan br traditions, thoar hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado and after a few years of planning and getting things set up. They opened up new Belgum brewery in January, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one now Kim Kim is a boss man. She was theire first bottler sales, REP distributor, marketer, financial, planner and she's a CEO, so she she definitely put inthe time now. I don't know if you guys have ever brewed your own beer or not, but it's not necessarily super easy. It's not bad. You know to follow instructions and make your own batch, but it takes like three hours to brew, and that includes you know, cleaning the equipment first and then you know boiling and everything and then you have to let it formet which can take. You know, depending on what kind you're making a couple weeks couple months, maybe and then you have to bottle it so from start to finish, you can take. You know a while, depending on ha style of beer t an during the fermentation. The styles of beer need to be kept at certain temperatures like with Ales being easy they're around like room temperature, maybe a little bit cooler than that, but loggers need to be kept a little bit colder. So brewing isn't super difficult to make a beer, but it's difficult to make a really good beer and I think, even more difficult to continually repeat that so Kudos to those guys, because they make some really good freaking beer. Now here some, I have some stats for you guys now, according to Brewers Association, that Org, when new, Belgian Bry, O n thousand nine hundred and ninety one. At that time there were three hundred and twelve breweries fast forrd, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, that number jumped to eight hundred and fifty eight and then, if we jumpd to thosand and ten, that number went up to one thousand eight hundred and thirteen. As of o Thusandy nineteen, there were eightthousand three hundred and eighty six breweries, which is insane. You know when this brewry opened up in thousand nine hundred and ninety one. There were just over three hundred berries and now there's over eight thousand, which is ridiculous. I feel like there's like three hundred brewies in my area by you know: Writing Pencil Dis Pennsylvania, give money to starterbrewer ax New York was for a while. That's what we have three in my town. I I think so so I remember in New Jersey, they started and ithink it was under Governor Christie. They started loosening some of the the restrictions on opening up your own brewery, and that was maybe probably about ten years ago, or so I think, they're trying to get that industry booming a bit in Jersey, because a good friend of mine he's actually the owner of spell Boun, grewry and Munt Holly John, and they actually helped you know because they loosened up a lot of those restrictions. I think one of them was you. You have to give them a tour in order to like serve them a drink, so what they would do is they would actually just on a loop on the TV play, basically a tour of the Brewry, so you can watch that tour on the TV without actually having to get the tour itself which would take you know, coul take a half hour, but it takes them away from you know getting a drink at the bar. They have set up there. So that's WHA. They kind of got around that little thing, but I don't know about Pennsylvania, but there's death. I feel that they probably have some kind of you know, assistant Xcentive, Ar Yeah. There's got to be something we have equiknox that started over here, which, okay, that one's really big and then clemson brothers. I can't remember the name of the third one, then there's another one, a couple towns over, so they have to be getting S, Kot, F, incentive to come ino somebody's somebody, yeah yeah, I mean in downtown redding, there's three on the one street, it's insane and then chatty monks, which is awesome, broken chair. I forget the other one. I haven't been there yet, but I mean in Cootstown ther'r Sockiny Creek. I mean there's, there's so many around here that have opened up within the past. You know handful of years and Hen we're not I'm not too far away from slyfox. That's in pots town, I think. Is it golden monkey up there or what it is that victory I for that's victory, victorys it. I want to say downingtown. So that's maybe like a forty five minutes. For me, it's not too far I mean troges, isn't Hershey! That's an hour golden monkey. That's the Sisco version of beer, delicious beer! Yeah it'll, put you on your ass, but it's really good. I Love Fuck. I love a good Belgian, triple yeah, there's a ton of them ton of Berres out by us, which is awesome. I mean I'm not too far from Lancaster, which is forty five minutes and Lancaster is probably one of my favorite breweries ever actually, they make a lot of really good stuff. So yeah, that's O, I'm good with new Belgium. They make alsome beer. Their flagship is their amber ail, which is called fat tire, which is what I have in my fridge just waiting for February. First to get cracked open, that is a delicious beer and they have their Voodoo Ranger, which is pretty much what they kind of based EIR IPA line. Off of so, I would highly recommend checking them out, but that is my super super hot products: New Belgium brewery, which opened in Fort Collins, Colorado in Januar, touand, nine hundre and ne one already for my hot product, we're going to go over to our good friends at Newspaperscom to an article tucked away in the corner of the Tampa Tribune August, twenty forne nineteen, eighty one with the headline bud light on way an hyres Er Bush incorporated so itwill begin test marketing a brand new beer, budwiser light and select metropolitan areas. Next week and how's Er Bush already markets Micolobligt, but the new brand is designed to challenge millerlight, which has grown to hold about fifty eight percent of the laht beer market. Since its introduction five years ago, light beer is the fastest growing segment of all beer sales, making up about twelve point five percent of all beer sold. So this is the first introduction of Bud light now, but like wasn't actually fully rolled out until Ne thousand nine hundred and ninety two. Although the numbers have dipped in recent years due to the boom in the craft, beer industry, which we were just speaking about budlight, is still America's best selling beer by a margin of almost two to one compared to its closest competitor. They shipped about twenty seven point: two million barrels in two thousad and nineteen and that commanded a thirteen point. Two four percent market share, so crack open a cold one and celebrate the birth of Bud light on thousand nine hundred and eighty one first time you could get it in select test markets only. I would love to see what their numbers are for two thousand and twenty yeah. They have been going down in the like the last five years, they've slipped like four to seven percent a year, Yeah Dude, two thousand and twenty. They had a double twenty nine, Oh yeah, I was going to say, they've been going down, but two thousand and twenty with the amount of alcohol, Eoawu Yeah gone way up. I mean I Saa Sai Tis before yeah. I've said it before that you know once lockdown started, I was heading to the liquor sore stocking up. You know inm beer like just in case. You know they close everything down. I got to make sure I have a stock pile of beer ready to C have a show. If you can't drink right, exactly forbeer, that's the number one selling beer by a long shot in the United States. It has one of the worst ratings. It's got a forty five out of a hundred for an overall rating of afful. So it's one. It's like it's a comfort beer though like if you go somewhere, you don't know what to pick. You know that it's not going to be that Batwe'r like just get the bud light, is basic. It's the basicer. I mean that's what it is. It's like what was it? What's his name Mitch Headburg. He had that one joker he was like you know. Rice is awesome. If you want, you know a thousand of something I like, but I its the same way. No, if you want to have like, like thirty of something yeah, if you're drinking all night, you'r you're playing beer pong or flip cop or some sort of drinking game yeah, you want something that you know. That's not going to get you on your ass and you know an hour. You can drink all night. There's your answer. Get A bulight yeah, I'm not going to have like a Scotch Ale, I'm going to have fucking Wol. I know I will say this though I mean you know, say what you about Budwis Orn budlight, but the Budweiser brewers are pretty fucking awesome because they make budwise, obviously all over the world, and they make it all over wher. They don't make it in one spot and distribute it. They make it wherever they are and those brewers can actually basically have it taste the exact same way all over the world and obviously like when you're in different parts. wroll you have different tasting water right and water makes a big difference when you're making beer and the fact that they can replicate that with different water. It's pretty frecking amazing, even though I'm not necessarily a budwiser fan, and also when I was in Russia. They fucking love Budwis I', like what are you guys doing, yeah, I think in a lot of foreign countries. They love it that yeah big sells you like. Really you guys want all this here. You have all right whatever you guys have Baltica up in St Petersburg fucking drink up, that's pretty decent! That's that's hy! I have a buddy of mine in this from Germany and he's like dude. We hate INIKAN LIKHE's. Like me, my fn he's like we don't trik that ship for anything and you guys drink it. Here, like your like a specialty beer, it's like oh Hinika, it's like Huh good to know. So it's kind of like the same as us going overseas and going now. I don't want O, but a yeah. Give me something else so wait so so they test marketed in one thousand nine hundred and eighty one, but it din' come of one thousand nine hundred nd Eiget, two one thousand nine hundred and eighty two one thousand nine Hunde and eighy o okay. There's in ninety two: Okay, all right: let's kick it down to bum line Bob for what could be the final ruling on this game now guys this had to be probably the. I think, the toughest round that we've had so far on this show, as each of you went along Yo all had very compelling points. You know: mancrust started it off with his gaterate ask Motliquor hoppinbit hopingator, yeah, woat ha, which I would have loved to try back then or even in its revival, in two thousand and four or whenever it was Gato. Ratand beer just mix your own at home yeah, and it's and that's kind of these days. You know we see t a lot of things like that. You know we have f the nater days. You know the the natty light and the strawberry lemonae beers. They US bud budlight lemonade, so I mean it's kind of like. Besides the Celsers, it's kind of one of the biggest markets that are in the beer world. These days then drew with the new Belgium brewing company, starting, I mean that's kind of like the kickoff of you know the whole craftbeer revolution that just kind of kept going up and up and up over years and then mark with the introduction of the budwiser light. I mean that's the I mean, while Miller light, might have been out there. First, the budlight was really the beer. That kind of, I think, give it that that that shot to to go forward, and because I do have in my basement, I have an actual budwiser light, mirror sign t that my dad picked up for me. I have to give it to you. I thin give it to the Budweiser light, just for what budlight is kind of meant, Goo or bad to to the beer world in the long hall so mark in the The budwiser light introduction of one thousand nine hundred and eighty one that gets the wind for this round all right. Well, that ties me up with man crush at three points, so that means we're going to go to a final wild card round. All right man crushes between you and me: Why don't you go first, all right, so I went with news on this one, because this was big news out of one thousand nine hundred and seventy one we get and I'll keep these shorta usual for for the lightning round or whatever the fuck. We want to call this onen. What do we call that wild car wid car lightning same shit, so the title is article is White. Whiskey makes debut and bridgeports first on Thursday. So basically let me just break it down. So all the light drinks. Everything from overseas was killing the American market so like all of our distillars over here they were hurting. So they were. They wanted to put out something. Thet was called Ligt, whiskey or white whiskey who took out Tok the color out of it, but they did ti one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight. They passed the law. That said, they were allowed to do this and they thought thit. This was going to be a big boom because there's more whiskey that's produced over here, but people were like moving tovoka and they're moving away from. You know our whiskeys in our rise, so they put out this. This whole thing to this lit whiskey that as come on housand nine hundred and seventy two. So a couple of these big companies they put out early for taste test and that's what was hape in on thousand nine hundred and seventy one, but it didn't really do shit. But if you look now and you go- and there are specialty distillers that are selling this light, whisky have you ever had this before it's not something I've ever had? No, so basically it's just like a tasteless whiskey, it's not light in calories. It's a matter of fact. Some of the stuff. I read it's more calories, but it's not that's not what it's meant for it's not light like you're, going on a diet, it's light as in flavor or lack thereof, and yeas and color like Os. Supposedly some of these manufacturers are distillaries that I found that are online. Now that are putting this stuff out, they found like barrels. This stuff that's been aged for seven or eight years, because it was only supposed to be aged for like two years supposed to be like a quick turnaround or four years or whatever these guys are putting it out, and they say it tastes great. So now I'm really like I was looking at this stuff before I can't remember the name of that company, but I actually want to pick some up and see what the fuck it's all about, but it was supposed to save the day. Unfortunately it didn't it said so I's a little clip from this says. ACCORDINGTIME magazine Article There was published in in age, one HOUSAND, nine hundre, AD venty, one Shenley sea rooms, national distillers and American distilling and publicer. The industry giants were leading the light whiskey charge and they expected to have two hundred million gallons in their inventory, O one thousand nine hundred and seventy two with they did, but it just didn't didn't pick up. So it is what it is. It's the news. It's like the Crystal Pepsi of Wiso Yeah, I was. I was going to say there: Are they going for the like the the Zema trend of you know the clear is better. You know I mean it. I don't know it was supposed to save the American whiskey industry from like they were calling it unfair foreign competition. You know what they call clear: Whiskey, Moonshine, okay, right right, right right, but this was not moonshiw, it wasn't wasn't Richa and it was actually it was supposed to capture ten to twelve percent of the marken. One thousand nine ndred ight in ten years is supposed to pick up that much never did all right. So for the wild card round. I actually went with a news story as well, so we'll go over to the Charlotte Observer July, eighteenth thousand, nine Huneen and eighty one where the headline reads: pregnant women, worn to avoid alcohol, pregnant woman should drink absolutely no alcohol. The surgeon general has officially advised doctors. It was the first time the government was warning in advocated total abstinence, public health officials now say they know too little about the influence of alcohol to condone the use of even one ounce of alcohol during pregnancy. The advisory issued in the July issue of the Food and drug magazine Drug Bulletin comes in response to the extensive review of scientific research into the efforts of alcohol consumption on pregnancy over the last decade. According to John Deluca, director of the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and alcoholism. So all the way osn, nine hundred and eighty one did it- take doctors to say: Yeah, pregnant woman, probably shouldn't drink. So that's what I got for the wild card round. Pregnant women don't drink right. Around the same time, though, like that you have to really question doctors, because right around the same time, didn't the first woman ever like to ever finish a marathon. Wasn't it like right around them because they they were under the assumption of their uterusis right if they ran twenty six miles like what were they teaching at Med School? At this point, yeah wow yeah, draht yeah, drank fuck it your thirst, all right, let's once again go back down to Bob for the final ruling on this game. All right this. This is a this is a tough one, but I'm looking at my can of of cult forty five right here and it says right here: Government marning on according to the surgeion general women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. So you know, since sine one thousand nine hundred and eighty one that has been a staple on all your alcoholic beverages and also I might as well read the whole thing while we're here and as we said, you know, we don't condone, you, know drinking and driving. You know number two consumption of alcoholic beverages and pairs or ability to drive a car or operate machinery and may cause health problems we'll just throw that in at the end. Just just in case you didn't know so I gotta I got to give it. I got to give it to mark the the general warning. You know it's iconic, you see it on everything. Alcohol related they finally figured o Ne Housand, nine hundred and eighty one that yeah, you probably shouldn't drink lik. If you're pregnant, we don't know, what's going to happen well all right man, so I pick up the victory in this vodasious booze battle, thanks a lot bumline Bob for coming in and being the judge on this one man thank thank you guys. INT and man. Christ started off hot and then Markyo came in at the end, with some some great points and and and Drew Hey, you tried your heart is I showed up today that was yeah. I think it's because I think it's because of the dry January, the paser. I think I threw me off my game. You didn't have that Alcoholi in your veins. You got to put the research in drew, come on man. Il Trust me. I en putting my fair amount of research in this past year. I was Goinno say I mean I don't blame for the try January mean. I think I needed a reset right. Yeah I mean I'm with you. I probably drank a lot more than usual, I lik last year and I was like, and I kind of tried to I've been trying to kind of scale it back. You know so far. You know saying I won't drink every day. Il Tok kick to the weekend and then o know Thursday, Yep, then maybe Monday, and then you know, okay, Tuesday and Wednesday. You have those two days, you know maybe not drinking, but then like thats Cruw, it in'l have one beer, you know. So you know it's all about moderation, folks, you know absolutely. What are you guys doing on the show coming up Wewe're doing some? Some promotions were working with the you do over at Bum winebobcom. We have our BWB wrestling division where we have a great team of people that are doing some recaps tore doing some twitch streams were doing promotions for the game, change or wrestling event. That's coming up or promoting one of their hours or doing a twenty four hour event that bum winebobcom is promoting part of that. There's a few other events going on and then just with the podcast. You know just bringing some people on have some drinks talking about he, the Classic Bum Wines, your md t, O thusand and Wenis your sisgoes, your night trains, your thunderbird wild ivish Rose Yo, got your classic malt liquors or cult. Forty five soanthink cheap os related. You come over to bumwinebobcom. We have you covered with with all the good classics that you grew up on. You know is Mancrus said you drank that Sisco. You drank that MD, two thousand and twenty, and maybe you want to relive that one more time you come on Downi'll drink it for you. If you don't want to, but but yeah yeah we're just you know, keeping it open, keeping it keeping it fun. You know you don't. I don't take myself too seriously when it comes to that stuff, just trying to have some fun and see where the road takes us. You wouldn't consider yourself like a malt liquor. SNOB, then you just is there anything like if you'll look down at somebody? If you see them drinking like, I don't even know like a blue Raz, mad dog, two thousand and twenty youre like dude. What are you doing? No, not not me. I say you know it's a judgment, free zone and it comes te drinking I mean. I know you know, I'm not a fan of you know he most craft, beers or IPAs, or things like that, but I'll deblein them from time to time. But if that's your thing, hey, you know, go for it drink it. We like to keep it on that that cheaper side, cheap booze budget beers, the Hams like we said well give us a gem, give a give our audience a gym that they would never expect. They were like just walk past it every day in the liquor store that they were just like. I'm not touching t out. That's really good that they're wrong about, because I know there's always something out there. That' yeah man trying Tryi to think of what could be. I mean I don't want to say any for locos, but you know. Sometimes you can't go wrong with the FORLOCO if it's in a if you're having one drink and you want to get your buzzz going, you know the FORLOCO gold is. There is their answer to like a redboll in vodka flavor they don't they don't say that. But if you drink it, you can taste it and it's kind of become one of their best. Selling flavors is the FORELOCO gold and that's always been a big hit on the website and that's one of the the top post I did. This was back in Christmas, W O thousand and fifteen was when I did it. As my mo beverage of the week, I did the four loco gold and since then, that it's been the number one post on the website, so people are searching for people want to find out what it is. When you just name a drink, you know gold, you know you don't know what the hell of the s golden anniversary right, your right and then the Ndt Otoanda twenty did it this past year they did nd t o thousand and twenty gold. You know for their thing, so so yeah, that's one. If you it's mostly at every liquor store you go to, you should see an MD twety Mana for loco gold sitting in the cooler mean give it a shot. You know, spend you know two bucks. You know. Fourteen percent alcohol Ol gets you good buzz. I've never had for loco in my life. Obviously II've read a lot about it and I've seen you know like all the problems they had with it and what I think was even banned in the city for a while yeah the mean Af. They I mean they ban the the original forloco with the caffeine and that stuff. You know, I think, that's probably like ten or so years ago, and then they had to kind of revamp it and they just instead of the caffeine. They just threw in a lot more sugar ansaid. So now it's like jot cold, yeah, yeah I'll, get you that that amped up, you know buzz. So I always say you know one for Loco you'll be all right. If you try to drink more than one in a sitting. That's when you might end up with some some issues either the you know the the Hart Burn. You know, we've all had that the HARPFOR, the the reflux that you get from drinking certain things or you'll just start throwing up in. So if you compared like a four loco to a cisco like and Sisco's a ten where's four loco at I say six, Oh wow an week. I thought it was like way. Worse, yeah! It's different. I mean it's, it's a different type of Alcoholis, a different buzz you get from it. I mean Thi, Sis Gos, eighteen percent. It's technically you know a wine, so it has higher alcohol content. Jist got that thick syrapy. You know flavor to it. I mean E H, you're cringing, you, you know yeah, it's so bad. I asked my wife before and she was just like. Don't even show me the CECTN EAH and th n and then the four loca has that you know the carbonated you'll still get that buzz. That burning sensation. You know going down. You know it's still fourteen percent, but is a fourteen percent. You know mat beverage. So it's not quite as strong as that. Eighteen percent wine good to know. I just sold me on it, so I might be doing that this weekend, e give a shot. Ess, you know experimental, I just to see it's a it's all for science, Man Yeah Forty two years old, the for local works, really good. As a mixer. You can do that too. Yeah throw a few shots. Af Moonshin in that you're ready to go sounds like Hoppin, Bater yeah. It does mix it with your favorite drink, it's twice the drink. I when you started talking about that hobbingator, I'm like man, it's I would like to Dru o that was like ttamid. Why was I not the here, or even wit, for the revival they had of it? I'm like why nobody tell me about this. All I could think about. If people go back to our past episodes, we had josh mckuga on from eating history and they they've drank you know and ate everything that they find, and I was like man. If I could find this. I still want to contact Josh be like dude. You guys have to dry this, but every single can that was on and it must be like a legal thing, because every can that was on. Ebay was already drained, yeah Y A so, but they were sealed on the top, so I guess they're just open yeah. I think that's what they do say US poke the bottom of it drain it out, Becaus that you can't send actual. You know liquid in there. So it's like, Oh you have the can to look at, but it's not fun, no, not at all. So if anybody knows a place where ou can get hopengater contact us we're going to send it right over the BA. Thank you but dod thanks for coming on. Thank you guys, yeah good Chattin. Yes, think! Thanks guys, you know appreciate it. It's been a long time coming. We! Finally, finally, did it good good times all right, deelers. Well, unfortunately, we're going to have to end this episode right here, but thanks again for Bumwin Bob for coming in, you can check out his show bumming with Bob Cat. Make sure you subscribe to that and also subscribe to songs gone wrong. The great podcast from Mister Drew Zachman, the professor and, if you'v missed one of our episodes, you can always head over to Duling decadescom or you can subscribe to the show on Itunes on Stitcher, really everywhere, podcast are available and then, while you're on those inner webs head on over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time dewelers we're going to bid you a piece, love, Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Igas New York, you be herd