Dueling Decades
Dec. 2, 2020

Chris Ballew from The Presidents of the United States of America picks the best peaches from 1973, 1981 & 1992!

Chris Ballew from The Presidents of the United States of America picks the best peaches from 1973, 1981 & 1992!

We're back with another episode of everyone's favorite adult retro gameshow, Dueling Decades! But before we begin, you have to ask yourself one question. Is this lump outta your head? I think so! Why do I think so? It's probably because we're joined by Caspar Babypants himself, former frontman of The Presidents of the United States of America, guest judge Chris Ballew! Chris took some time out from creating new albums and art to judge this retro battle between our favorite decades. Our buddy Beau Becraft is back in the fold this week and went spelunking all the way back to the 70s for the first time with a righteous week from the end of November 1973. After breaking a five-week win streak, Mancrush is looking to get back on track with the last week of November 1981. Rounding out this week, Marc has been locked inside of the cyber cafe devising the best end of November 1992 he could ascertain.


Millions of peaches, peaches for me, millions of peaches, peaches for free. Look out, Chris Ballew is swinging the gavel! In this episode, you might hear about Chris's almost disastrous meeting with Madonna, a cloud to rest your weary head, Marc pulls up in the party wagon, a cornerstone of Mancrush's childhood, workouts with the junction boys, more corruption in Washington, adopting mammals, Jon Hamm and Adam Scott disappoint Paul Rudd, Mr. Johnson puts a finger on you, Chris Barron returns, an altar boy's gift, Beau goes outside the box to end up in the boobtube, it's not Def Leppard, Ballew is intrigued by sea monkeys, Greatest American Hero meets Police Academy 2, footless dwarfs, Disney flicks, Beau gets scolded for using Kitty, listener questions, 18 albums in 10 years, Chris calls Francis Ford Coppola's house, life on the road, and why does Chris write about fruits and wildlife??


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Infirmary, media people engage: U Jewlicas the Batico Blam Bo an Raega O that cap ot, stop te power, gotcome fight for what you love, you, com to t, Picuna, Grena, Ael, O Wu, Tak, Gra, Aalla e Sic M, a Gn Com fight for what you love you broadcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it, welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James in this week, I'll be representing the final week of November on thousand nine hundred and ninety two in this weak experience battel. So let's meet this week's other duellers and the decades they will be fighting for first off coming off a loss last week and looking to leave the losers. Lounge say hello to mancrush. What's up that's right, I got November twenty third through the thirtieth of one thousand nine hundred and eighty one one thousand nine hunded and Igh one is one of those years. Every time I get it, I just feel like it's going to be a bad year, e'll see if I'm wrong. I I don't know I might it might be my not be also on the panel this week. Please welcome back the beautiful, Bald and bearded boby craft, yes great, to be back here to avenge my losing streak and hopefully stay in the El Colum this week with November twenty fourt through the Thirtieth Nineteen, seventy three, and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So you will know this week's celebrity guest judge as the front man from the band. The presidents of the United States of America all rise and welcome. Casper Baby Pants himself judge Chris Below I'm gonna be harsh to Har, O man, Lidies and gentlemen. The following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. It judges, coinflip, shall dheside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all, five rounds will go to a final wild card round, all right deelers. If you're down with o PP, let's play some more doin S, yeahall right. Let's toss it right down to judge Cris Belue for the coin toss. Okay, here we go I'll be using a copy of my latest casper baby pants, album wash just came out November. Thirteenth Happy Hart is the name of the album. It's my eighteenth, album in twen years. So I'm not slacking. You know, I'm there we go all right Bo, be craft. Why don't you call in the air? Oh Me Welt, a guest of honor. I feel like let's go with heads okay, I gott do it again. Here we go wo, YEP HEADS! It is! Oh, my God, what a Miracle Howtright Bo be craft. You Win The coin toss and you get to select our first category. Where are we going I'm going to go with hot products, just get it out of the way man Chros told me we're going to go with black Friday seals essentialy this year, because you know it's kind of weird. So I mentioned that I have one thousand nine hundred and seventy three, which was just absolute garbage, so I don't have a lot of Holpe for this contest on my end, but I will I will lead with this hot products from Black Friday if they technically called it that Ba one thousand nine hundred and eventy three from the Fort Collins Colorado win. Are you guys ready for this and extra firm quilted top Simmons King size set on sale for two hundred? Seventy eight dollars price to two hundred: Seventy eight dollars superfirm. Seventy eight by eighty inches of an interspring mattress, three layer, deep comfort, extra thick, just like those who lay on it resilient, coils to give pampered sleeping all night and styled with a lovely floral, ticking crushproof borders and two twin size box, sbrings included two hundred and seventy eight bucks. I mean, for all intents and purposes you couldn't buy a kingsize mattress that was decent for two hundred and seventy eight bucks. Today. I think it costs more than that to get rid of a MA. I think the bed frame cost more than that hat'sals onethousand nine hundred and seventy thre, so you're, looking at like a thousand bucks yeah ro well, is that I'm always watching these shows and try to do the calculations I think like earlys is about eight times, so you m yeah yeah. You might be right, I think a lot of Doh yeah, that's all TS. Oni sounds like a good mattress, though. Well I mean you're really paying for the floral pattern. More than anything, you will never see right because o well, you got to keep the plastic on it. Everybody knows that you want to preserve the furniture, not ruin it, not utilize it exactly. My mom actually kept the plastic on our couches in the S and eary S. everything had like that, but she's, a Ta just pulled it off last year, so mint condition. Probably did my parents pot plastic on me for the first five years. If you made it ate it, no o holes in it. likeall right, man crush. Let's hear what you have for the hot products round, all right. So, let's go to November twenty seventh Ofe thousninehred, a one like Bou mentioned before we did things a little bit different with hot products is episode, even though the term like black Friday was just in its infanty one thsand, nine hered and one it's always been touted as the day about you know. We retailers have their best sales and they want to pull the numbers into the Black O. with that we decided to go with the best black Friday sales that we wanted to bring to the table, and for me this was an easy one. This product popped up on one of the first newspapers that I looked at and it was perfect and on the show I talk about the mancrush three quite often, and the RCA CD player that I watched all these all three of these movies on. I never had the opportunity to select this piece of technology that was basically like my babysitter for years on ad and growing up. This is a black fry to add from the infamous Montgome Ryward, which happened to be my first legal job ever where you can get an RCACD player for a hundred and eleven dollars off the MSRP. That's right now you could be watching the man cruss three Fiv, thirteen airplane and Greece on repeat like me for the mere price of three hundred and eighty eightdollars, which is around eleven hundred or onethousand one hundred and eleven dollars in two thousand and twenty. So that's a damn steel hundred percent electronic, fully automatic easier than a record player to operate the CD system with the diamond stylist produces a sharp, undistorted picture. Soft touch, function, controls, pause, visual search, Scans, twelve times the normal speed in forward or reverse rapid access, which you also have at any point. You can get a hundred and twenty times the normal speeds. If you want to skip right to the end, you could now on that seame ad, there's also an ad for a video cassette player. This is not my pick, but I just want to throw this out there, which was twice the price on sale for six hundred and fifty dollars. That's what you got! Ta Pay to get them now, which is probably when my parents had the RCA, because sadly they couldn't afford that. But you know even sadder than that that VCR would eventually kill the RCA disk in the end and it's too bad for our CA, because this is one of those stories where the company dragg their feet and drag. You know kind of took too long to bring this to market when it was finally released. It was Marc, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one, and it already had been in development for over fifteen years. At that point and matter of fact, they ran their first prototype in one thouand, nine hundred and seventy two. So it just makes you think there you got a good idea, just go with it because you might have had you know some decent lineage with that, but they didn't and this kind of has legs, because mice ranger just drove four hours. So you can get our very own RCA displayer at podcast, New York studios and it's glorious, we've post that to our instagram and our private facebook groups. If you go to wwwtfacebookcom fordsace doing decades, join the group you'll see the photos in there, but my pick the RCA ced player, all right so for my hot product, we're going to go over to the Tuson citizen November, Twenty Six nineteen D. Ninety two whole slew of black Friday ads all kinds of different stores, ind one in particular catches my eye by the huge headline: Cowabunga excellent prices. So for the low price of T, OAN fintee. Ninety six on black Friday, you could pick up the teenage Muton inja Turtles Party wagon by playmates. Now the description for this product is exactly the same description I like to see on all my wife's clothing. It says free wheeling and has a fliptop open for easy access and also included with that Fo Tho, N thr hundred nd, nine hnded and ninety six. You could get the teenage Mootin inja turtles technodrome, you know it's. The FOOTCLAN's fortress has rolling spy radar, a trick door and weapons room. Unfortunately, the figures and Os is not included, so you're going to have to supply your own news, but that's what I wanted for my hut products, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two teenage Mutin INJA turtles action figures. If I had to pick, though, between the technodrome and the party wagon man, I got to go with the party wagon, you can have a technodrome installed in your party wagon. I could that would Maal sosome. I mean I don't know what I don't know nabout. I sound, probably Yohad enough money sitting around. You could probably hire somebody to install that in your party wayw, all right, so let's toss it down to Cris Balloo for the ruling on the hot products round. Oh, this is a tough one. Man There's some there's some really great stuff going on here, but I gotta go with man crush. I got ta go with the technology advancement at that point in time, and the story of stalling with development is such a classic issue. I'm sure that you know they just sthought if they just honed it a little further. It would just be perfect and Wa be too long, and that is a compelling story. So oess this round goes to you. I really thought the matress is going to seal the deal. I really did Gonto take this around and we all sleep. You K ow third of our lives. I know it's a no brainer pick, I'm disappointed to say the last Chris. This is the first one that I ever read. This is a first like entertainment system I had in my house. We lived by it like we had a ton of movies for it. Do you remember what the first one you ever had? was you have like a VCR O Betamax Weyyeah? You know. No. My parents never went in for that stuff. My neighbor, my good friend, lived down the street and his parents had all the stuff we didn't have so my mom, my mom got adult onset diabetes in the early s and she she was all into health food and no, like you know, process foods and all that stuff. My neighbors, my my best friend and his family, had like hot doves and pepperone and vcrs, and you know like everything we didn't have, so I had nothing like that until I went to my neighbor's house and enjoyed watching you know airplane. Whenever we wanted or would ask so yeah I was I was. I was technologically challenged and and no cookies either until I was old enough to make my own ouch well, you can go. You can. If you drive four hours like Margan like Mike Rager, you cund find your own RCACD player. Even though ours doesn't work, it's got a broken belt and afwunty story. Mike rainser actually contacted rcav a twitter and asked them if they had replacement belts. But I will this shout out to Ourca: They didn't completely blow hem off. They pointed thim in the direction of facebook groups. They actually sent them a facebook group, it's all about like vintage, electronics or whatever, and the people there actually helped them out and told Hem what to buy Aright, so shout out to RCA for that one and for help me win that around boy. That's unusual! In the days of like you know, even the latest you know os on my computer becomes obsolete and you know two years EO like Wer yeah, exactly I was shocked. I mean he did it as a gag like contacting them but good on them. I mean that's, that's pretty awesome a s uporting, something that's twenty! Nine years old URCA stands for really cool audio files. All right man crush. You pick up a point, but, more importantly, you take control of the board and get to select our next category. All right. Let's go to news. Let's get news out of the way ylet's going to November twenty aet oe thousand nine hundred and eighty one, which is a Saturday, and this was a huge deal at the time. Frankly, it was bigger than anything that was going on Thanksgiving. We e one thousand nine hundred and eight one. Unfortunately, this man's record was eventually broken. This guy he broke a record, but it doesn't take away from the fact that he accomplished this. In Thirty, eight seasons is a college football coach and when you're talking about college football coaches, this man's name is legacy. They live on forever. This guy literally lived for College Football, he retired from coaching one year after he broke this record for most victories and he died a month later. He just I mean it's, that's just crazy when people work their entire lives and they stop and they just die. I din't want to bring the sadness yeah I'll, bring it back up, but, like you getting close Yo ow how much yous live he's living for it, but the titalis article, simple, simple name: Three fifteen is a titleis article and it's Alabamas Bar Bryant, now stands alone as the winningest coach and college football history and after registering his three hundred and fifteenth triamph on Saturday, when the fourth rang crimson tide struck for two quick touchdowns in the final quarter to pull out a t, thosenty eight to seventeen victory over Auburn Brian said he wouldn't have it any other way, and I quote him here: He says it proves to our players t at they have class and character and it shows them what can be done in the future said briant and has he and as he has all season, the bear played it cool and low key. Although he did conceve that the record breaking victory was a big relief and I cald him here. He said I just want to go home, get some milk and bread and an onion and watch the game on television story of my life. I hope my granddaughter got it right on the video recorder who eats and drankes milk bread and an onion together. I guess the the winning is coach and college football, histor, O one thousand nine hundred and one but yeah you look at this three hundred a fifteen winds is remarkable. It's a remarkable milestone, even by today's standars, where he's listed to the eighth all time, winning his football coach. You always hear about like he was a no nonsense, type guy and obviously like many people, know the stories about the junction boys and how he tortured people through summer camp. However, this man also battled for years trying to get his teams integrated between the blacks and whites. You know he would fight with administration almost every school, actually, every school he went to. He was a coach Kentucky. Texas am and then finally Alabama before Alabama. Finally, integrae D, Ione Housand, nine hundred and seventy one so just think about how many more wins bear Bryant could have had if his teams were integrated, the previous twenty five years of that point, he probably would have been closer to the top, if not at the top of the list. But this is bar Bryant's. Three hundred and Fifteenth Win Wow inspiring all right bobe craft. What did you bring for the news round? Ibrought this sorry Mette lapster forget a in it's not going to be as inspiring. Probably not. I don't know here might be some some niche listeners out there that might find this interesting Nevember. Twenty E, O e thousand nine hundred and seventy three, the United States Senate votes. Ninety two to three to confirm Gerald Ford as the vice president of the United States. This after former VP spiro agnew resigns from the position pleading no contest to criminal charges of tax evasion and money laundering, part of a negotiated resolution to a scheme in which he accepted well quite a bit of money in today's standards. But back then twenty nine thousand five hundred dollars, which equates to in two thousand and twenty about two hundred and twenty nineusandollars in bribes. Well, he was the governor of Maryland. According to The New York Times, the president, Richard Nixon at the time, sought advice from senior congressional leaders about a replacement for the VP vacancy. He received the advice that was pretty unanimous in recommending Gerald Ford. He agreed to the nomination. He told his wife that the vice presidency would be quote a nice conclusion to his career. BUB BUAAFORD was then nominated to take the position on October Twelfth, the Senate confirmation vote was held on the previously mentiond ofmember twenty sevent, and on December six, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three. The House confirmed Ford by a vote of three hundred eighty seven to thirty five, after which he took the oath of officas device, president of the United States and then short time later he became the well. He became the vice president as the whole. Watergate thing was happening, so they really well. He just you just kind of did the whole thing very quickly. Ha The act yeah. He had the abbreviated version of vice presidency and presidency, so on Thursday August Fer, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four chief of Stac Alexander Haig, contacted for tell him- hey, you're, probably going to be the president, some Shit's about to go down. Put your put your presidential cap on and then the rest is history, but that is my pick for News November: Twenty Seven: Seventy three Senate votiin ninety twoto three to confirm Gerald Ford as the VP wow yeu ha to put a big boy pants on fast yeah, just throw them right to the wolves, all right. So for my news story, we're going to go over to the Boston Globe, Friday November, twenty seventh, one thousand nine hndred and ninety two, the new story I found kind of a bit of an odd one. I got kind of have the the Black Friday still stuck in my head. You know I wanted to pick something that we've never really done on this show before, and I thought this was kind of interesting ANDAS far as Christmas gifts go. This might be something you want to consider a Wale of a holiday gift. Adopt an endangered fin back on a Bar Harbor Maine and Marine Mamma Research lab has a gift for the person who has everything a finback wall. Allied Wale is offering Wales for adoption to raise money for its research activities. Adoptive parents don't actually get the whales which are among the largest animals on earth and can grow up to eighty feet in length. What they do get is a color photograph, a certificate of adoption, a biography and a citing history of their wail adoption of the whale cost. Thirty dollars adopting a mother and a calf cost fifty dollars. The ADOPTA whale finback program gives the public an opportunity to participate in wail conservation by directly supporting research of its scientists by studying these animals. So here you go if you want to, if you're looking for that hard to fine last minute Christmas gift for somebody, you could adopt a Wale it'd, be even better if it was'n, if it was a whale sized cheapet just grow like fields of Alfalta sprouts and, interestingly enough, if you're interested in this, this program is still going on. If you go over to Coa Dotedu, that's the college of the Atlantic and Bar Harbor Maine, they still have the adopte whale program. You can get this for your love one this year. Technically, it's pronounced Ba Haba. Well, the funny thing is: Is My wife lived up there during this time? She remembers this promotion. If you want to get a Wale for a loved one today, good news, the price is actually dropped. It's that now only thirty dollars for a single whale adoption and you get a ten dollar discount. Now, if you want to adopt the mother, an the calf, that's only forty lik as a feeling that if we left trump to his own devices, he would take credit for that too. How many disappointed phone calls yeah weel poses have dropped. It's amazing. We can start using their blubber again for fuel for land it might. It might come to that. It might come to that yeah all right, let's toss it down to Cris Belu for the ruling on the news round. Okay, you know I'm really feeling the Gerald forward story from boby craft, because I didn't know about the whole confirmation process and how fast that whole transformation happened for him and how unaware he was of the potential for that transformation. So yeah. I think that one left me with my jaw on the ground and I will have to salute it as the winner all right. Well, gentlemen: Hat's been a lot of fun. I think I'm just going to wrap it up, take my earnings and call it a day and not a high note, all right, boby craft. You Tie up this game with mancrush and you get to select our next category. Let's go with music showlwe November twenty in one thousand nine hundred and seventy three, the fifth studio album from the British outfit bad finger, titled Ass. Unfortunately, he album prior to this one was named straight up and there was no album in between title dew to make a fitting trilogy of bad finger straight up your ass all. Besides the point, this was the the final appearance for the band on the Music Label Apple. Before they moved on to Warner brothers, they would also be apples final, original release that was not by an x member of the Beatles which not really relevant, but I found interesting. It peaked at number one. Twenty two on the billboard, two hundred in the US, the single apple of my eye, only piked at number one, oh two on billboard's bubbling underchart in America, which bubbling under just sounds like well. These aren't that great, but we're going to go ahead and rank them anyway. The album's opener apple of my eyes is said to have been written based around the band, somewhat tumultuous relationship with the Apple Label. I guess they were. Probably you know, kind of given a bill of goods that never really was you know, followed up on the album art also depicted a donkey with a massive carrot dangling in front of it, which was supposed to represent that whole thing. The whole discrepancies, what Theyr they're publishing an the label handling and all that good stuff. I had to choose between this and the fourth album for Manford man's earth band. So obviously my o, my forever junior high mentality, is going to go with. You know something called bad finger and ass, but yeah for what it's worth, though, day after day and no matter what my bad finger two of my all time, favorite songs, even though they were released prior to the opus that was titled Ass in November Twenty Six tousandnine tuneen nd. Seventy three CA follow that on up suckers Worun in the silence I gotta say the whole yout bad fingers asses and it's just my mind- is spirling all right. Man Crush. Let's see how you follow that one with the music round. They don't know how I could, but let's go to November Twenty Thr, one thousand nine hundred and one we get the eight studio album from this hall of fame man. I had to check back to previous episodes since market selected their previous two albums, but this particular album has never surfaced on the show and all seriousis, though there's probably the best thing to come out of that Thanksgiving Week. One thousand nine hundred and one guy like what Bo was saying before it's a pretty shitty week, but this is pretty massive for that week. Band was just coming off their largest album the date, arguably their best album an album that went twenty five times platinum at the time. So how do they follow that up? Well, for startars, you get the same producer you've been using for the last couple albums you get, but laying you bring them back. You write more songs about sex and you keep it hard. As ever. You know what I'm saying this album happens to be the bands. First ever number one hit on the US billboard, two hundred it sold roughly seven million copies worldwide went four times platinum in the US featured two dynamite singles and the thing that I always loved about this band. They just went out and made fun music. I know they've gotten knocked over the years for being suto, like simple minded with their lyrics, but I've always liked in this band to s action movies. They're, awesome! You know you don't have to waste time, trying to figure out what the plot of the movie is Es. Action Movies had lots of explosion, sex and a huge kill count. ACDC has lots of Screaming Guitar Solos Sex and over the top vocals. So what's not te like there, the Kings, a Testostrom, fill anthems or back this time for those about torock. We salute you, Brian Johnson, second, album with the band. It's really fun. Listen, I listen to it again. Today. The young brothers are amazing. As usual, Phil Rud utterly destroys the drums, like he's firing a shock and and then, of course you got the amazing title track to close out every show for ADC it's the release of for those about to rock. We salute you release November Twenty Thr, oe thousand nine hundred and eighty one such a fantastic album, a decent, follow up to bad finger to say so myself I tried to keep it up par. I mean I bad finger. They were only bad in the finger M, Gooogobad, tnhowever Rundinyour s said it. I mean Tha all right, Gentlemen Soa for my music selection. Yo know in one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, this band, whose lead singer I my dad is a former dueling decades judge was coming off there smashhit one thousand nine hundred and ninety one debut studio, album. So epic records, revamps, they're out of print original, live EP, add some smoke and new tracks recorded, live at the friendly comfines of the wetlands and New York City and release November twenty fourth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two I present to you: Homebelly Groove, live by the spin doctors, fantastic followup, album. You know the highlight for this album for me. Is the opening track? What time is it off my line? Twelve minutes segway together? It's a nice melody of those two songs and the rendition of Little Misscan't be wrong. Another standout track on this album if you were a fan of it from pocket, ful of cryptonight you're, going to love the live version, and that's what I really liked about home belly groove. If you heard pocket full of CRYP tonight, and you really liked it. This is what the band sounded like in their natural habitat. So if you go down to wet lands- and you saw the shows or you followed, spin doctors on the road, this is what they sounded like and it's absolute perfection. So That's what I got Fr. One thousand nine hundred and ninety two home belly groove live by the spin doctors. How many bands have we had on here when you said that I was like? Well, it's not Robert Tepper, an one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, so I kind of figured it how to be Chris Barron. Who else have we had on bandwise? Now, I'm feeling like our band numbers are low. E'RE gonna have to pick them up. Aj Pop off from lit was just on recently, but that was later NN. It was like ninety eight who else like I feel like I'm brain farting on this one yeah. I don't know I hit potholes all the time and Yeah Chris you're you're in like a small group man, you can like really do it upright here you could. I mean Robert Tepperas been on, like I don't know three times or something that guy is awesome, but yeah we got to get more bands on yeah. What are the guys from bread doing all right? Let's toss it down to Cris Pallo for the ruling on the music round. Okay, so I think I'm going to have to go with man crush on this one number one. The description tha of the band in question was so long without saying who it was. I was sure you were talking about deaf Leopard Gin there, and I was just like okay, I you know lyrics are simple, but it's great. It's like S, explosion movies. It's got to be deaf leopard and then it's ACDC, which is close to my heart. You know I grew up in a Catholic household and I sort of became. You know. As I got older, I became a little like E. I don't know if this is actually th the thing you know that I believe in, but my mom was so into it as she bribed me to go to mass and then she later I became an altered boy and she bribed me to do that and it came to ahead when the prize for the bribe of going to be an altar by was acbcs back in black on vinyl, and I looked at that E. something is horribly wrong here I need to like. I need to move on if she's buying this. This is my prize for being an altar boy, so ACDC warms my heart perennially for that reason alone. So yeah, just you know, from personal experience and from the cliff hanger introduction, which led me astray. I got to go icrush listeners to the show will know that is the mancrost signature, yeah yeah, I love to drag it out. It's the best way to do it, but you know what like that's really good. I didn't even think about that, but deaf leopard definitely falls into that category. I believe yeah, I thought for sure I mean I thought. The next comment was going to be like, despite the drummer losing an arm. I was nthinking that for kiss, possibly as well IAS been picked. A few times is true. That's why I threw it out. I threw that one out there for you mark to see if you would know who it is off the bat, but did your mom read those lyrics before she bought you the album? No, I just said what Yo and she bought it. I mean I used to say like I want to tape recorder. I want a distortion pedal. I want this and that and then eventually I was like. I want back in black by ACDC ON VINYL and Sheas like great ask for a VCR and some junk food, an a mattress yeah. There O go gorth Te Togh laural pattern. You know, go all out. Yeah come on Ike, two hundred seventy eights. The same thing happened to my cousin. We were probably about the same agend. were you t like what like early teen years, I was born in sixty five, so whatwere seon, eighty one. I was seven sixteen yeah okay, so you were like in high school, my cousin, my haunt bought him the faith, the more epic album, and it was the same thing. I forgot what she bribed him for, but she bought him the album and we I copied it at the time, because I was two years younger than he was and we're listening to it all the time and she pulled e the tape and started reading the lyrics and was like what did I buy yeah like. Actually, though, I got to amend that because back in black wendid back in black come out, that was a seven that was eighty. It was a year before this album okay, so I was fifteen that was when fifteen is when yeah the curtain came down Isaior when I saw the man behind the curtain or whatever wizard of Az refensin Ma use for your relationship to God, all right, man crush. You pick up another point going into our first two point round: What category are we going with all right? Let's go to television for the first one, let's fiish up with movies, so we're going to go November, twenty four one thousand nine hundred and Eghty one. This show I watched sparingly through the s because it was the Ledin for Magnum Pi Solid, show about a couple. Private investigators in San Diego happened to be brothers, totally opposite brothers to boot. The show ended up blasting for eight seasons, hundred a D, fifty six episodes and it would have some solid ratings peeking at the fifth highest rated show by the third season. So obviously thisis a show that some people liked you know otherwise it wouldn't have lasted eight seasons on CBS. However, since mark's been doing this, I did the same thing here. I bring you this asshat critic, Lee Winfrey of the Philadelphia inquire. To sum up, the show for everybody and the title of this article is, if you watch Simon and Simon you'll, likely wish you had not okay, I thought you were going to say death, leopard, okay, so I'm Ini, Simon Noleopards, short lived. Sitcom, I mean. If you listen with this guy says you would never watch it. He says Simon and Simon is simple and silly Simon and Simon is a half baked all Turkey into a fall television season already plagued by poorly done crime series. It fails like another affliction, so im mean Simon will premiere at eight pm tomorrow night on CBS. I hope you have something better to do. Let's keep a little bit forward, he says if you want he's talking about bars like to lead up to his point. He says if you watch the Premiere Simon and Simon, you may wish that you were at the bar and the bartender could pour you a cold one. This series might push a preacher towards the tap and then he finishes it up with a he's all over ther show. He says the intellectual content of Simon and Simon is summed up by the opening credits which feature a truck flying through the air. It probably reaches a higher altitude than Simon Simon will achieve in the Nielson Right Niilson ratings. This dog of a show also includes a dog in its cast. His name is marlow and he weighs in intimidating hundred and twenty five pounds an in case. You are curious, heis part, Saint, Bernard and part great, Dane, I'm sorry that he's leashed to this Mut of a series, but I guess that's dogs life, this guy, just rips it for like an entire page, I justcided to clip out a couple of Qarts, but I didn't think it was that bad I mean I watched it because I liked magnam Pi, so I would like flip on the show early and, of course, until, like you know, the Cosbyes came out in eighty four and then you kind of gave up on thes show and of course that's when they end up moving the nights around, but this is show the lasted eight seasons, this guy, just Shit Simon and Simon- has one of my favorite theme songs. Oh IT'S AL serious! I love it. How does it go bom? I don't remember just look it up. You'LL GNTO watch it. You want to watch it with the video yeah. Well, it's and it's an improvement on the original signon Assimon, which was just two Simon Games sitting there. That was actally a great skip for this from adult swim. I think it was like five or six years ago, the greatest television event, the greatest oesiou AD. It's they recreate the opening sequence of the show with it was a Jackham. It was John Ham and Dohim and man who is oh, that one guy parks and wreck yeah. I don't whatever his name is it's out of my decade on Adam whatever from partin frank but all ruds like the director, and he quit it's it's a great skiit's. Like ten minutes, you probably find it on Youtube, but if you never, if you're never going to watch simonnd Simon at least check that clip out the guitar tone in the theme song sells it, I mean it's pure, like nostalgia, Lik Ca Picture, you driving that truck with the big old bumper thing in the front. Look it's! No! It's no fall! God truck, but it's a second close favorite and pop culture. Big Pickups, okay, and I got to say that as far as terrible television shows in the I think mine that I'm going to site right about now was in the S. I think it was seventy eight. It was called homes and Yoyo bodyheardit John P, John Shuch clayed Ajon from Mash played the movie played a robotic human who could blink his eyes and take pictures on a polaroid would come out of his shirt pocket. They were. He was a detective. He was a robot detective assigned to a partner who had been notoriously hard to get along with with his partners, and I love the show and then I did a little research and it was only on for three months and I think, a kid. I watched every episode and I loved it and it was touted as one of the worst television shows in the history of, and I was a super fan- that's right up there with she's the sheriff with Suzanne Summer. Okay, I thought you're going to say pushet I'll take summer. Now she it was her big comeback, but it was complete Turd. But I don't want to do rail too much. Let's go! WHAT'S NOT LRIGH Bobe craft? What do you have for the television round? Well, Strangely enough, gentlemen, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three the hottest product in television, the hottest ing going was television itself. According to a survey from the television information office in New York, Television was the number one medium in the lives of all classes and economic groups in the United States. So we were all really. We were all really into the televisin one thousand nine hundred and seventy three Ho was like yeah, so this organization was stare: the Tio, the Television Information Office starten, one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine to combat potentially harmful criticism, stemming primarily from objections by religious groups and other minute fractions of the viewing public. I don't know if this is still around or not honestly, but it found that forty eight percent of the public views television as having more credibility than newspapers. Thirty three percent of the public relies on television only for news information as compared with twenty six percent, which relizes on both TV and newspapers and only seventeen percent, which rely on only newspapers. Other surveys also revealed one and five of the total population is against government control of television news. Sixteen percent of the population is in favor of more entertainment programs boy if they could see us now. Twenty three percent of the population is in favor of more news programs. Thirty, seven per cent in favor of more special interest programs in twenty four percent in favor of more general interest programs and then another interesting thing. I found from this on the issue of pay television programming studies in one thousand nine hundred and sixty three indicate that only twenty four percent of the population is in favor of pay television, while seventy two percent are not so again if they could see us now where we're paying for literally every type of streaming service. This is I mean I don't want to say I predicted it, but I figured this would happen. I want to take credit for the prediction is what I'm saying that you know eventually, we'd all cut the cord and we'd be right back to square one where we're paying. You know for all these different services just to see what we want to see, and here we are in two thousand and twenty just paying a paying dollar over dollar. For this dreaming service and that one just to assure that we get to see all the content that we want to see but back to square one from the Oshcash northwestern on Monday November, Twenty Sone thousand nine hundred and seventy three television is the hottest thing in television in one housand, nine hundred and seventy three. I like that dig. You Yo really went after it for that way. So there was nothing that started. I guess in Novemvber one thousand nine hundred D, seven, I'm telling Iu when I was looking through everything died after October. It's like yeah, I think we're just going to call the year. Seventy three is in the books. Let's look forward to seventy four yeah after October, there was virtually nothing of significance. As far as television is concerned, to report on how many streaming packages do you guys have? Do you even know guy? I just found out the other day that I've been paying for Hulo for like two years. I think we have three. We have. We have sling. We have Amazon, prime. I think we have Hulo as well yeah my friend John Roderick, who has a great podcast called Rodrick on the line he talks about all these subscription services, as he images himself as a shark and all the subscription services are eels that have attached themselves to the Shark Yeh thes like how many eels do you need? How many eels do you wind aother? You know like it's a good way to think about it like make Tye decision before you press that button to you ont another real, maybe not yeah, it's crazy, because if you don't go through with a fine tooth comb like over your bills, every month, yeah, you don't know es no way yeah and then there's the whole like. Well. I want to watch this movie, but it's only available on. You know some crazy, weird ATSCEAH ER service. You can sign it for a week for free and then it kicks in, and you forget, you know Yep Pretty Soon Amazon. Does that Shit like I had shudder for another one I had for like eight months, fors o I signed up for the Free Week and I just had it and my wife is like do you watch shudder and I was like Oh, we pai for that stuff e Bankn on that God it's the worst now I'm Goinna have to go through and look at all the ones. I have thanks Bo all right, let's murde mar or his pick all right. So for my pick for television, this one, I don't think I ever saw coming because why take a product that was develeoped, inone thousand nine hundred and fifty seven and then marketed in comic books in the S and s and then turn it into a TV show for kids? Well, possibly, the answer was that how e Man Delt the Great Hawi Mande dropped way too much acid? His idea was to take the popular kids toy. I guess you could call it see, monkeys you guys, remember the great sea monkeys he developed this TV show based on the sea. Monkeys called the amazing live sea monkeys. It only ran for eleven episodes and it came to an unfortunate demise November. Twenty eighth anine teen. Ninety two now much like see monkeys, if you add water, this show is not coming back. How Mandell, at the time actually thought this show was going to be bigger than the Ninja Turtles. He created it around three sea monkeys, characters, Aquarius bill and Dave each one of them kind of had an odd quirk. Aquarius couldn't keep a secret bill, was afraid of imperial style beards for some reason and Dave would grow excited at the sound of Poka music. Now the sea monkeys in question, or all the brainchild of Howy Mandell's character, who was a mad scientist who an experiment went wrong and created sea monkeys into humanoid size and form how they get all their intelligence is never explained or lack thereof. So you have see monkeys on TV and live action now, if you can picture this, it kind of looks like extras from Mac and me had kids with the Cindy who, from the live action grinch movie like if they had children together. It's just really weird, like foam latex. On top of phome Latex, this wasn't even a cartoon. This was live. This was live action. So let's take a look at the cast of this show. Not only did you have the Great Hawi man down, you had sean whalen as Aquarius. You had Gilbert Godfrey in former dueling decades. Judge Vernon wells was even in this show. He played the Shark Guy. I could see that so yeah, the very short lived television show the amazing live sea monkeys and what nobody seemed to notice was all the episodes were just recycled, Walton script. It would have been better if it was niht iht how we all right. So I guess it's to me to judge the winner of this round. I got ta go with Mark with the sea monkeys thing because you know what after this is over, and I have to pee and I'm hungry, but I am going to google that botales functions, because I have got to see that the entire time we were talking about it for some reason, shelly long kept popping into my head. I thought you were going to say: Shelly Long was in the show, but she wasn't that's cool but yeah that is fascinating and such a train wreck. It makes my fascination with homes and Yoreo seem like childs all right, so we'll go over to the movies round. I'll go first on this one, I'm not going to defer my pick so fr one thousand, nine hundred and ninety two movies. In November there was just one that stood out because it was a huge movie for me growing up and I'm just going to come out and say, Asalam and good evening to you my most worthy of friends, because I am going with Disney's Aladdin released November, twenty fife, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. When looking up reviews for this one, I always like to see what the kids have to say about these movies. You know what were the children ot the time saying what were we saying, sometimes as you've heard on previous episodes? I think these reviews from children are a little bit shady and I think I might have found another one here in this article. We're going to go to the Jackson, son November, twenty thr, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, the headline reads: Fans Flock to Anladin preview. The article goes on to talk about all of the kids who flocked to line up to see an early showing of Aladdin, and then they get to talk to some of the children and they get their first impressions of it. Becky colgrove eleven said she liked everything about the movie, especially the Genie Michael lymp. Seven said he preferred the character of the boy. Others were drawn to other things in the movies, particularly this young lady who says it was good because it showed passionate love between Aladdin and the girl Victoria Freston, eleven years old. Now, oddly enough right next to that review, they have a picture of Victoria Preston who appears to be a young black boy, and then it says it was good and it showed love between a Ladin and the girl in another quote, so I don't know why they took out passionate it's kind of weird and then Letoya Hunt, ten years old, likethe happy ending. I liked it because in the movie the Gennie got his wish. That's not the movie. I saw I don't know what version of Aladdin they saw that had passionate love between the Latin and the girl and then a happy ending for the genie, but I'm all over it. So That's what I'm picking Ladin November Twenty Fife, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two don't have to go into too much detail in this one because we've all seen it a thousand times absolute masterpiece from Robin Williams, and you know you got Gilbert Godfreedon there, too who's in my previous pick, so you can't go wrong with that. Just nees Aladin man crush over to you, Oh man, so I got a top that and I think I have with this one. I got on November, twenty seventh one thousand nine unred and ighty one. Not much came out the week of Thanksgiving a n one thousand nine hundred and eight one, so I jumped at the chances lekt the movie that dominate an HBO in the earlyies. This actually felt like it was on like multiple times a day for years. Here's it's one- and this is like one of those movies hat- has like a rolling release date, but it appears that the majority of the biggear theaters got this one, this little Italian gem on the thsendy seven, i November this was written and directed by famous Italian Spaghetti Western filmmaker Surgio Parbuci, and it has all the tell Tal signs of being a foreigm made film. Just like the Forg made low budget movies that we get these days. They need to have that one American actor, that's like on the downside of his career. Yes, jus, comeback picture yeah, of course, on all these, but we get the amazing earnest borneide. Is he gets that pivotal role in this one? And you know first off this movie. It has a big fat, zero percent fresh rating on rotten tomatoes. So you know this is going to be a fun movie right here. Obviously this movie, it wouldn't Garner a huge box off his number or anything. However, in Atelltale sign that a movie is beloved, it carries six thousand six hundred forty seven reviews in IMDB and out of that gorners a six point four rating. I mean that's almost on unheard of for, like any forgotten movie like this one. So if I had a guess most likely all the people like myself, who remember seeing this day after day in Lon, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three on HBO, like all the time they went to IMDB, to review the sucker and aside from like renting like low budget movies, I' have say, like HB, was probably made me: Love, B movies that and Yousa up all night. So if you're in the Moov for a movie, that's like across between the greatest American hero and police academy to radiation exposure, rookie cop with uncontrollable superpowers, Franco Nero look alikes bornyin being born in a dude that just won't die slocky dubbing with Italian accents, don'tpe, mobsters and nonsens. Definitely there's a subplot in this movie about a Ventriloquist, which I don't even know where I came from its like a dog ventriloquist. The guy has to talk to. I don't know why money laundering goes on. It's just a movie. That's so bad, it's good! But if you're into all that the OE thousand nine hundred and eighty one super fuzz is the movie, you want to go see riper wow, that's also with isortn pedal. That was a big deal in the grungears after you watch that that little Howi Man del number, you can go over to Youtube because this entire movie is there and you can watch it it's it's pretty wild like I'm. It is exactly greatest emember. The TV show Grace American hero, it's greatest American hero and you take the Police Academy first assignment and you just slapp them to together, and you get Super Fuz Sol, wow, all right, bobe craft. What do you have for the movies round? Don't even know where to begin with this I was unfortunately, I was about a week late from being able to choose the Charlie Brown thanksgiving movie, or you know special whatever you want to call it, which probably would have fared pretty well here, but instead I've settled frady an another international type thing here, and that is the Holy Mountain released November. Twenty Ne thousand nine hundred and seventy knew nothing about this movie until I started researching and- and it's actually just so bonkers more so behind the story than the actual movie itself like, I feel like I have to watch this now. So it's a Mexican surreal, fantasy film directed written produced, Cocord coedited, also served as a set designer and a costume designer. The guy's name is Alahandro Jodarowsky. The film was produced by the Beatles manager. Alan Klein, John Lennon and Yokoono actually put up some production money for this movie. If not all of it. I wasn't entirely sure on that aspect of it. It was shown it various international film, Festivel, INE thousand nine hundred and seventy through, including, can and limited screenings in New York and San Francisco. I guess it was like highly anticipated by some of these small. You know artsy type circles or whatever it's based on a sent of mout Carmel by John of the Cross and Mount Analogue by Renae de Mal. It's been described as a visually psychedelic story following the metaphysical thrust of Mount Analogue. So I think that means porn, but I don't know o know what that means. T I I's like. I was saying, though, when I was researching this. The backstory like what went into making this film is almost more interesting to me than the premise of the film itself. I found that before filming began that the Guy Behind the movie and his wife spent a week without sleep a week without sleep under the direction of a Japanese zenmaster members of the cast spent three months doing various spiritual exercises: centering around Zen Yoga, all kinds of weird stuff, with electic, not ELECTROC, eclectic concepts drawn from Kabala the teachings of some. You know other, like Zin Masters and people like that, after the training they pretty much lived like in a commune for a month before Filming Bein, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two and then the film was shot like Sequentiali all in Mexico for seven hundred and fifty grand, so a pretty big budget for a movie b. One thousand nine hundred and seventy three is Jim Jones. The director of this yeah Y H, sunglasses and all so this. The Guy was making the film also was instructed by one of his advisors to take LSD while he was making the film- and he also gave the cast members psychedeli mushrooms during the shooting of a scene on rotten tomatoes. This has an approval rating of eighty two percent ofcous. Somebody called it a visual treat rich in symbolism. That's pretty much all I know about it at this point until I actually watch it, but it's called the Holy Mountain released in the US November. Twenty nine thousand nine hundred and seventy three just a complete mind blow of a of a story T I want to see the documentary about the making of the film more than I want to see the film right, my God! Well, since, U you have like all that cool stuff, I have to throw out with my picture the lead character. Terence Hill he's Italian, so they dubl over his voice, because this is supposed to take place in like Miami or something they double over his voice with an Italian like dialect. On top of it so like what you got, TA, listen to it, wwwelwell sence you! Throughout that little Tibit of information. I got to throw I one about mine, it's a Laddin Shit, all right, let's throw it down to Cris Pallu for the final judgment on this game. Okay, well, Gosh I've got Ta, go with Bo Movie, bobe Craft Ole Mount analoge. What is it called? Mount Analogu was one of the one of the books. Thit was based O based on the Beatles connection alone. Is Making me want to watch it because I'm a massive Beatles Pan. I have a by weeklyes doom call with these five other people that we just keek out on the Beatles every every two weeks. Wel. Now you got something to bring to the table during the next chat. I've never heard of this and we've scratched every surface. Believe me recently we watched Caveman, starring Ringo Star and Barbara Bock, which is surprisingly awesome, and so in the same it's funny it's actually funny. It's actually, you know a well done sort of you know melbrook's style comedy. So, in the same vein, when you say when you reveal this movie, which is so obscure, but it's got this high rating, I I think that's going to be the next thing I google after I get off this call. We might have a zero rating on like that, the worts of viewing all right, bobe craft. You know what that means. With the one point you picked up in the news round. That actually gives you the win in this Game Holy Shit, I'm spakuess, I don't know what to say. I don't know who to think I got to thank Chris Balu. Is that unusual like who usually wins? Is there a usual winner? It's the opposite of the Tom Jones Song, there's not a usual winner, but it is en Sao Bos been on quite the streak. Okay, all right! Well, te race, Stevens kind, either sone of these just syou know like darts on a dartboard because they're personally connecting Wi me. So that's where I'm go guys. That's that's all we can ask for Hey Chris. We got a couple questions of people threw out in our facebook group that many I got two questions. You have a couple minutes to ask answer those war sure all right, so we got a chuck Campbell here. He said he's always wondered and he said by the way this which album is it. I guess it was your debut album I think he's talking about. He said it was one of his favorite albums of all time. He threw that out there and he said I've always wondered where they came up with the topics for their songs. This album did they conceptually try to make so many songs about animals and insects, or did just come out that way. You know the whole time I was coming of age as a songwriter. I was writing these kind of very serious songs about they were conceptual or they were about romantic love and, as I was doing, that I was compelled constantly to sing about monkeys and frogs and chickens, and I don't know why- and I always suppress that and eventually I just sort of allowed that to happen through a series of experiences. The kind of you know not the least of which was taking acid. This basically was like b. Our freaky self was the message after that experience and I started allowing that to happen, but that also at the time was tempered with discovering, like the stooges and the mcfive and, like you know, rock that had substance to it and grit and passion, but I wanted to then take that and subvert it and sing about ridiculous shit. That was me, you know, so I kind of crushed those two together and got the president. Now was there anything that was so ridiculous that you didn't record it? Oh boy. No, it all went on the album en our first guitar player, Dave left in nine, a two thousandd four. We were casting about for WHO's, going to take his place and Dune Buggy was the song sort of the cornerstone song like okay. We got to find somebody who's good and can rock, but they also have to be able to play without laughing or feeling embarrassed Dune, bunny right, just silly little song and so yeah. You know, I think Dune Buggi was the low point of our silliness and it still made it into the cut and it was a single actually. So it was pretty awesome. Both both got a Greatw Bo. Tell ut story that you were telling US earlier about Kitty, Oh yeah. So when I was working on radio I had always said you know. Don't don't have me. Do the news, it's not something! You know. I don't like to do thing O, I'm not like I'm a lighthearted guy. I don't really like to talk about. You know news and that kind of stuff. So eventually, because you know, was working in radio I needed to make money to live and eat because I'm a large man anyway, they started having me doing all these new stories, so I just make them the most like off the wall. Things just not appropriate, for you know like an am news radio station. So there came a story. It was kind of like you know just pick one of these stories out of this list that we have from the AP or whatever. So there was a story about Cathoarding like this House that had been hoarding cats. I guess- and I put Kitty in there, so the entire newsclip just starts with it yeah and plays just gently throughout the rest of the news story and there's all kinds of just like cat related puns in there, and I got called into the general managers office the next day and he's like y. You don't have to do the news anymore, you're. Fine now, you know probably could have used you at the time because we tried to make a video for this long and we had a Roman COPLA Frances for copleas son made all of our videos in the early days and he was either brilliant or disastrous and spo disastrous that the kitty, video never aired h, never showed it because it costs like a hundred and twentyusand dollars. We had you, know professional cat actors and mouse actors, and it was re and it just came out. Knock Yo should have tried to get in on the live action. Cats recently us the director, you probably should have made the video. I think I just stole random images off Google images, probably, but I mean, if it's better than the original I'll take the credit d. You guys still have a copy that Oh yeah, I put it up on Youtube, actually the hell of it. So you can find it now. You can see it now, but m. We never gave it to MTV because it just didn't. It was weird. It was all like the colors. were all brown didn't make it, but anyway I love Roman, of course, Romans listening because he watches he listens to your show, of course, no man, I don't mean to Dispara you when you were brilliant, you were brilliant. I did call Roman one time to talk about editing on a video and he was at his dad's vineyard and when I called Frances Pord Cobla answered the phonm and I hade to be like hello, Mr Co, can you can Roman come out and play, and can you do our video for us yeah right great? I got another question here from Ryan Ryan. I'm goin Ta Butch, your last name, man crowd, we're just Gointo, say: Ryan cee there. You go sorry Ryan, I'll blutcher it. He says the topics an imagery are great. Does that come first or does the melody? I think if I had to pick one of the two I'd say the topics and imagery like I grew up when I was a tiny little kid. I got sergeant pepper's lonely high school band by the Beatles when it came out in one thousand nine hudred and sixty seven. When I was two and a half years old came out in June. I got it in December of sixty seven. What was that yeah sixty seven sorry and it just that that album just made movies go off in my head made visual, I saw everything they were singing about and it influenced who I became s a songwriter, because I wanted to swim in those same waters. I wanted to make movies go off in people's heads like the Beatles Sargeant peppers did for me. So it's the backbone of everything I do is trying to make something. Make a little yeah like Vinette, go off in your head or see what I see you know so yeah visuals. First, for sure I mean for the wit, the good source lump is a completely visual song. Like I just pictured this woman, everybody ask like what's lump about. Well, it's about what the lyrics say. It's about a woman in a housecoat sitting in a river in the Amazon, confusing the PIRANAS. I don't know why, but that's what it is. What were you on when you wrote that one? I don't remember, because you know what I don't remember, writing that song. I have these. I had a little microcasent recorder and I would record ideas and then I would listen to them. I would plug it into an amplifier and you know: Do the dishes or something mindless and listen and wait for something to catch my ear and that cugt my ear, and it was me singing that and I do not remember making it up, but there I am singing it on tape, so it must have been me yeach jus. However, I was definitely on LSD. When I wrote that and Youwere just like digging peaches right, then you were just well. No. I work. I had a crush on a girl. I went to her house and she lived in a cartoonishly in congrus house in a low kind of industrial part of Boston. Like one story, little machine shops and her house looked like the house at the grandma and tweety bird lived in in the water biver Victorian White gabled thing with a peach tree in the yard, and I went to finally tell her. I took acid, I left the house. I was living Mark Sanman from Morthnin. At the time I just walked down. The street of a couple blocks, went to her house and she wasn't there. So I sat under her Peach Stree, just like crushing peaches. She never came home and I went off for the rest of the grip and went home and Ol my frustration into the song. THAT'S FRETY! What about Kitty Kitty was a cat that Mark San man again, the guy that I lived with whos from a band called Morphine in Boston. His roommate had a cat named Chima and Shima was a black cat. Who would just come up to you and like rub on your leg and Pur and then you'd reach down to pet Chima and Jima would just like Coug your hand, d? It was a jam. We were jamming on this riff and she into the room, and I re I was recording everything at the time and I started seyeing him to the Cat Kitty at my foot and I want to touch it so pretty much any lyrics that people read of yours. That is what Ha ter literal lyrics of the lyrics yeah yeah they're, pretty literal they're, like you, know, Yeah Real, real things, but then they take on a life of their own, and I love that I love that they kind o t e the poetic layer of telling the story that makes it sort of universal and kind of mysterious- and you know, like I love lump lump to me- is one of my most proud moment of songwriting that I'm most proud of, because it's super abstract. But it's also very much visual and it's like compelling but confusing, and you know evocative but like abstract. So I'm yeah. That's that's! Sous, like the perfect niies track yeah and that's a song where, when we were playing live, I was never bored for one second claim that song every time we played it, it was like it was the new song. So that was that's. I got to say that lump, I think, is my pinnacle top. That's likeways really good into my next question and it's a question that we really like to ask people here on doling decades. Tell us a crazy story from the road. You know you guys played all over the United States as the presidents of the United States of America. So what were some of the crazy things that happened? Wow I mean the touring part was not that crazy, really, there's other things that were crazy like getting. You know, career advice from Madonna. What was her advice, bus? You know I'll tell this story instead of like the road thing, you know it's really just like a huge amount of boredom punctuated by tiny bits of Adrenalin when you're playing live so, and we were very like kind of pro and focused. We like we wanted to go out. Do Our job entertain people come home with money, so we didn't like have excesses or any wacky do shit while we're on to her, but we did't meet with Madonna. She wanted to sign us, so we narrowed it down to Colombia and Maverick her label and we had a business meeting with her. She came to see us live the night before I could totally knew it was her she's in the back of the room ith like the tell tale giant son glasses, the pony tail coming out in the sweats, I'm like that's a star who thells te anyway. We go to meet her the next day and the whole story is amazing. So we're there on time, because we were terminally, punctual she's late, we are restless. We go out in the parking lot, we're tossing around a little nurve football that we had with a song tour. To kind of you know just alleviate bordom and eventually the door to the hallway to the to the you know, building opened up and a you know: A worker bee stuck his head out and said: Oh yeah she's here come on and everybody filed in, but I was kind of feeling like I was throwing the ball up in the air to myself and I kind of thought to myself. Could I throw myself a pass into the hallway through the Open Dan get it and I caught it and when I came down, I felt something next to my foot and at the time I have these really thick sort of leather boots on, and I still I felt something nice to my foot and I looked down and it was her dog that was. I had bounded into this hallway and this dog was right. Next to my boot. If I had been a sentienar to the left, I would have crushed this dog and- and it's me alone with the dog and I look down and I'm just like my heart is pounding and the dog is like te me shaking, and I just I just like move my foot away and the dog took off around the corner and I saw I'm all like nervous and I go into the room where we're going to like receive her and she's still not there. So I'm you know restless and I'm looking through all the like books on the bookshelf, titles and stuff, and she must have come in the room and done this been like because she came in the room and nobody said a thing was quiet and she came right behind me and vigorously tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around and Madoma's face was like right. My face just like three inches away from me, and so again I'm Jhust, like you know, art pounding. So and then we have a really pleasant meeting and she gets us and she understands it like you know, we work really hard at what we do well, it's like we care deeply with well appearing to not care at all that kind of, like you know things she gets it. So we have a great meeting and during of course, she's wearing this, like silver suit, with a black braw and every time she bends over. The entire suit opens up, and it's just you know, Tis in totally on Purposeona show Isu Isup eys up and at the end she kind of took me aside and said this is the part that stuck with me, of course, is she kind of said. Look whether you sign with me or not. What you do is fun and it's funny, and so nobody will ever give you critical acclaim or acknowledgment for the craft that goes into what you do so don't expect it. Just you know, bank, on your relationship with your Fans Bank, on your craft and ignore the pop. You know culture, feed, te critic, Oma yeah, and she ended up being right and it saved me a lot of heartache so who knew that the woman who would not get off the radio when I moved to New York in one thouand, nine hundred and eighty three to go to college, I was like there will be Madonna songs on the radio for the rest of my life. I thought well like it was everywhere who knew that that person that I was sort of like I'm so tired of this person would end up giving me some of the best career by advice that I ever got has why what year was that? That was a long story that was when I, when we met again, that was what was it one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, I want to say: okay, yeah is wild. We eventually signed with Colombia, of course, and that worked out great for us, so they don't have any dogs at the MEA. We'll say that during the time we were sitting there waiting for Madonna, her assistant cuiosere played us a cassette for a Canadian artist. They just signed named Alannus Moriset and if we had signed with Mavric we would have been the little stepchild to that. You know thing as it is we signed to Columbia. We save their bottom line for a couple of years. We were the heroes and got the attention we needed, so it all worked down. So that's pretty cool they had. Can She had candle box signed with maverick Tude and they the I think, ther were their people. I talked to one guy from candlebox on the phone about it before we signed like. What's your experience on that kind of stuff, so we had a phone call. I don't remember much about it, but I don't want to disparage candlebox, but abot that you know that's funny. That's the that's. The other band that was Kevin. Martin was on the show. That's right, that's Hoy, EA, I might Ari might have talked to him. I don't remember which member it was that I talked to, but I gotto say I I don't know. Maybe I should watch the video again now, but it's always been my feeling that the lead vocals are completely out of tune on that song, like they're a like half a sap flat, and I just I can't I can't listen to it. But maybe it's me. Maybe I've got some ear. blockinge. Maybe I'll got some eer wax, so ye well have to get you both on at the same time, you guys can hash that one out but tell us about Castro baby pants before you get out of here, because I know like that's your new thing and that's a ton of albums. You were talking about before yeah Er t time, lates OI threw it ov here. Hol onokay latest alum is happy heart. It's my eighteen album in ten years as caspar baby pats. I kind of you know during the president's experience I had this impulse or this gut feeling that I needed to be doing something else and the presidents wasn't my destination, even though it was a great stepping stone to whatever I was supposed to be doing. I didn't know so I experimented on the side and eventually those experiments led to this, like really simple acoustic, innocent kind of storytelling types Ri I didn't know who was foring Reli ecept for listening back to a bunch of it that oh it's for it's for little kids and I felt immediately like free of all the culture of cool and being the hot. You know thing or whatever you know, onany sort of empty, the R radio fell away, and it was all about just like serving families. So obviously I found my voice because I made so much music in a you know, ten year span, and so this is album number eighteen, happy heart and then abol number nineteen is going to be my last as Casper baby pens and then I'm moving on I'm starting a new thing that I'm working on that hasn't quite taken form yet, but it's loud, distorted, Fuzz, guitar sort of I don't know what heavy trancy spiritual rock. I don't know. I don't know how to describe it. Nice. You should watch the Holy Mountain before you start working on that anywaysw Thoug, I mean it's been an incredible experience and families are incredibly grateful for it. I want to bring like parents and kids into the same room to genuinely enjoy the same music and kind of like strengthen the family through that Yo know kind of experience that shared aesthetic and it seems to be working, and so I'm super proud of that project. It's fantastic yeah! THAT'S SUPER AWESOME! That's a great idea to I mean get. I have a fourteen year old, so I know how to you know we you watch anything together, yeah or listen, anything together, it's fantastic! So that that's amazing! Do you go on like tours? For that kind of thing? Are you like showing up at elementary school to like play for kids or something like how does that work nowt with the rockband so many years I just burned out on that aspect of it and with the kids music scene. You got to kind of like go to different regions and grow your thing, and I just I don't have the I don't have the I don't know. I just don't have it in me anymore. So you know primarily, I made this stuff to be recordings to work in the home as recordings, and that was the purpose playing live came as a afterthought, but I play live regionally like crazy. I mean there were a couple years in two thousandan. I think seventeen eighteen nineteen more I was doing like you know, two hundred and fifty shows a year. I've done over twelve hundred shows as Casper and the presidents I think, got to five, a d eighty or so so yeah I'v done a lot of shows, but all regional, like you know I went to what do you call it? Australia, that's pretty awesome I' en to Australia. I've got I've got you know, gone to. Hawaii got tof Australia Gon to Mexico done a few one offs, but mostly it's regional. So my idea with the president's back in the day, was like: Why don't we just make it? So if you want to see the band you have to come to Seattle, you know make it like. All right were the hottest estimation. You got to come to Seattle to see us because he is in our natural environment and of course I got shouted down. You got ta go intoher so now I've run that experiment with Casper and it's worked. It's worked for me and I have actually people come to shows. Entire families are like we're from Michigan and we just came all the way to Seattle to see you so it a that's like it works for me. Excuse me works for me and it seems to create special experiences for those families who care. So that's amazing man before you get out of here, you want to tell people where they can find your stuff yeah, the and and t all that clug stuff Kati. The best first stop shop is baby, pants, Musiccom and there's another site Chris Ballu Dot, Org, where you can get my meditation music and some weird stuff. I call sampladellick. I also make visual art now who I've been doing for the last seven years. Tayan cin that there and then my wife, Kate, is the artist who does all the art on the albums. Her website is Kate, Andel, dotcom, kaeendlecom, she's dancing in the background trying to make me like promoters, its Bantascnotag. Just so you know there you go it's end all right, great thanks a lot for coming on man. You can come back any time and I can't wait to listen to whatever you got coming out soon. Yeah I mean w once you change things up. I mean I'll, listen to the kids stuff too, but, like I said my daughter's getting a little now she dont yeah. I don't even know which I had this conversation with somebody today. I asked her. I said: What's your favorite music and she's, like I, don't have any iwas like yeah at fourteen. I think that's good. I mean I don't have any either I'm like. I like songs. I like great yeah. I don't care what genre they're in who made him a great song, trumps, any style ad. Absolutely. I totally agree with that. Well, thanks fora, this as delightful. I think you guys are great I'd love to do it again sometime in the future. All right great thanks lot, Chris Thanksoli have a great night nd enjoy your holiday. Thank you, you too, safe and stay healthy and wear your masks. Well do take care of in okay, bye thanks, so my and take care all right, doelers. Well, unfortunately, we're going to have to end this episode right here, congratulations again to Bo b craft for picking up the wind and this episode, and if you missed an episode, you can always head back to our website. WWW dot, dueling decadescom whereyou can subscribe to the show on Itunes, spotify, really everywhere. PODCASTS are available and, while you're on those interwebs head on over to facebookcom forward s dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories, Som until next time, dewelers were going to bid you ey peace, love, Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmary Media