Dueling Decades
July 22, 2020

Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors is here to oversee this battle between 1989, 1991 and 1999!

Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors is here to oversee this battle between 1989, 1991 and 1999!

Marc James is a Spin Doctors superfan, and nothing was going to hold him back from being on this episode of Dueling Decades, not even when his Internet lines get cut! That's right, the gods were against us for this recording. Two hours before our...

Marc James is a Spin Doctors superfan, and nothing was going to hold him back from being on this episode of Dueling Decades, not even when his Internet lines get cut! That's right, the gods were against us for this recording. Two hours before our recording with Chris Barron, Marc's Internet lines got cut in a crazy construction snafu, then Mancrush's network card took a dump 30 minutes before call time! That said, we adapted, and we overcame! No pandemic, cut Internet, or faulty computers were going to stop us from recording this episode. But, just in case Joe Findlay from the Miscast Commentary Podcast is here on backup!  With the contest underway, Marc stacked the deck to impress Chris Barron with his 21st birthday of 1999! Drew Zakmin from the One Headlight 90's podcast is back with the funnest 11th birthday he could muster from 1991! And to round everything out, Mancrush is looking to find another lucky shirt with his own 11th birthday from 1999! 

It's been a whole lot easier since tonight's gremlins are gone, it's a whole lot happier without their faces around! Chris Barron is still rocking on his live "Thirsty Thursday" shows on StageIt, make sure to drop on in. Don't worry, the Spin Doctors are still together as well, and he gives us some deep musical introspective on the past and present! It doesn't end there though, find out how the Spin Doctors came to be, Mancrush's second favorite Kickboxer of 1989, wearing operating room attire to dinner, the best way to conceal your peppermint schnapps, three teens that could have saved Al Capone from syphilis, two nearly identical stories about an ageless legend, a beastly beverage we've all purchased, our wives keep our childhood memories in the basement, watch Wapner wherever you want, knockoff birthday gifts, showing up at a movie and your song is unknowingly in it, dark 90's music, the birth of a musical legend, a reptile that looks like John Goodman, a musician you put on when you turn the lights down, things you do in the passenger's seat of your best friends vehicle, things people say about Chris' bandmates, playing games in a Craftmatic adjustable bed, snitches get stitches, Marc uses AOL instant messenger to meet a stranger in New York City, and what is it like to know your album is basically available anywhere you go? 

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INFIRMARYMEDIAPEOPLE INCA to Jeweli as te Pii o plan, but it dot o a ran again upon that Sapu tot the powergat com, figt, for what you love C to Po Topi, Tencreta e Toporta Cop, would take I grave AO, BAE Hamtin. I A A TN O com, fightfor, what you love, rnees broadgasting from the Podcash New York Studios. It's the adult only recro game show were the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James, and this week we bring you a birthday battle where our duelers will be competing with their birthday week in their predetermine year, I'll be representing the week of my twenty first birthday February: Fifth, nineteen. Ninety nine. Alongside these men, first off with April nineteen and eighty nine say hello to mancrush it's up to try April Thirteenth Osanine, hutded and eighty nine, and I lost last episode after switching to the PODCASTA York shirt and getting arinaerosauce on IM. So today, I'm going with the Wyo Yoyo did I ever leave Ohio, so hopefully that also returning to the panel this week is the host of the one headlikt nineties, podcast dualing, with April of nineteen. Ninety one please welcome back to the show Dru Zacmen Wat, UB, guys glad to be back. I Have April Twenty nint nine hundred and ninety one, so I was a young spry eleven year olds. So that's why I go that's what I got this episode right and also joining us on commentary this week is the host of the miscast commentary. PODCAST. Please Walk Hem back to the show Joe Finley, I feel superfluous, but I'm here anyways to help cover for mark who is kind of away from us and I'm going to help boy along and have some fun and, as always, ter on the show. We need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So you will know this week's celebrity guests judge as the multitalented singer, songwriter from the spin doctors, as well as being a fellow friend of the feline. Please welcome to the show judge Chris Baron or Wer it's weird, not having applause but Coen. You know I was e. If I startd F, I started clapping. It would sound like worse so happy to me here: LIDIES and gentlemen. The following contest will be held under duling decades rules. The judgees coinflipshall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judgeis ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. All right, duelers get ready for a bodaceous birthday battel, it's time to play more all right. So let's go right down to our special guests: Judge Chrisbarron for the coin, toss or egg asked. So we got one of my guitar picks. Hu One side says spindoctors and the other side says Chris, so whoever's calling it w me to call it yeah you you do it all right. I'm gonna I'm going to go with I'll, go with spins doctors. Man Can you say, Beibi hit before everything so we've got. True. True is true. You got the CAINTASS Gana all right troop. You won the coin toss you get control of the board and get to select our first category whereare. We going man all right, I'm going to go off with Uh. Let's see her, I'm Mis Lor with movies 'cause. I feel this is very strong and I want to get run a right foot here. So what happens when you take red dawn and instead of it being set in a whole town, it's just set at an all male boarding school. Of course you get toy sold eateres. Now two soldiers came out April: Twenty Sixth N Thousan, nine hutdred andninety one and on a budget of ten million Dol Hollors, it earned a very impressive fifteen million dollar hall at the box office, and that is a hall and if you don't know the premise on the movie, basically it revolves around when and all Malboardis schools overtaken by terrorists and while the authorities remaine, helpless, Shocker, a group of rebellious and mischievous students decide to put their resourcefulness to good use. Now this movie had loss of Star powerhe had shoanaskin will we and Keithkugan Andrew devoff and Lewis Gossip Junior, and this was directed by Daniel Petri Junior, who well also ppreviously, right, beverlyhillse, cop, the big, easy Turner and Hooch, and in the army now and Thi Som received ray reviews from, I think everyone, but I'll reach, just one of them here from my Frien Gary, and he said this movie is an emotional roller coaster that leaves you wanting more even days after the movie has ended. I last saw in two thousand and four and he stile once more. So I that's a Gar, he says you know it's true, and you know this movie s, one of the best movies of alltime sors and mams toy soldiers, Apil towenty, Sixx, nine teen. Ninety one man, that's a good one and Keit togernill be on the show in two weeks, plug Theryooyeah Yeu're talking about other guests Tho. I Cadn't hear you guys Y cristbarons on the show there we go no much better than I can do it all right. We're going to go over to mark WHO's. Do Io Nineteen! Ninety nine mark what you got all right! So for my movie n Nineteen. Ninety nine! You know the best movie that came out on February. Fifth, nineteen. Ninety nine was the Mel Gibson movie payback, but is it really if you look on the Internet, the dates for the movie I did select is kind of all over to all over the place. So I went over to our good friends at newspapers, tcom, where I found an ad in the Los Angeles Times. That said, this movies is opening on Friday. This was on the third of February nineteen. Ninety nine. So I went ahead a few days to that February. Fifth of ninety nine. It was a Friday and the movie that opened was a little movie called Rushmore. I'm sure you guys have all seen this Jason Scwortzman Bill, Murray and Owen Wilson and West Anderson. This is h. The West Anderson film that Kinda just unleashed everything for him. It wasn't his first film that was bonae rocket, which you teamed up with the one Wilson for but rushmore man. This movie is absolutely solid bill, Murray he's particular on the scripts that he accepts. He wanted to play this script so badly that not only did he just jump all over the film, he helped put the film together. He helped carry in equipment, and there was even one point where the financers Disney didn't want to give West Anderson the money to get a helicopter for the film bill. Murray just gave the director a blank check and said: Go ahead, what so so good for Bill Murray and good for Rushmore? So that's what I got from my movie selection on my twenty first birthday February, fifth, nineteen. Ninety nine rushmore! Oh, are they all right we'll have to wait to hear when Gary had to say about Rushmorte. Here we passed judgment, but let's move on to mancrush in Onine Hutden and eighty nine. What yougot? I think it like toice soldiers, better all right. So, let's Go April, fourteteenth, N, nineteen, eighty nine! We got the directorial debt by Cameron Crow in a movie about an under a chooting kickboxer who falls in love with his class vallod dictorian t e camocro movie at actually feels a whole lot like a John Hughes movie to boot. So, barring it's not like curly sue, it should be pretty damn good right, I'll, be totally honest, hough as an eleven year old. I was not the biggest fan of this movie B' ause in n nineteen. Eighty nine. I preferred my kickboxers that had the name Jon Clov Vandad, but that's aid. I did rewatch this last night and it's really good and I totally understand what all the fuss is about. When people say this is a classic. It's totally true the movie stars. How do you say our first name or I own a sky? It's it's iow T allright, I didn't know if I was going to butcher her name or not, but it's Iona sky and everyone's favorite Er. Second FAVORI tickbox Ir Nineteen, nine Jacusack. The movie went on he o Tist Obout, twenty two million dollars of the bocket of roughly forty five million dollars in o thosand and twenty, but gained far more notoriety in the secondary market. When it went to rentals cable TV and all that famincrow like in this movie, He does what camen cro does and he makes Mobe that heels real and it makes you just feel as awkward as Loyd Doubler does in this movie. And I think that's why, as a kid, I didn't really like it, because Kusak is almost too real and we were used to him being in those over the top eighties team movies, like better off dead and on crazy summer, and I was expecting a comedy as a eleven year old. But you got like a real depiction of teenage life, which is kind of tick in the nuts. So, but now as a forty two year old, I love it and I think a lot of people they know about this new this movie and they know about the iconic scene. You know where he's holding the boombox above his head and he's blasting Peter Gabriels in your eyes, but it's way more redeeming than that. If you've never seen it go, find a copy of say anything and if you went to high school, which I'm sure most of you did, you can really relate to this movie. It's not over the top, like most eighties high school movies. It's definitely a change of pace for Jon, Kusack and you'. Never seen it you're going to be a little surprised, but it's the camern cro classic its also as debut say anything MM Good Peck, I will say: Benny Dojet, arqita's trained, drunk USAC and Deni Treho said that Jon Kusak was one of the most intimidating guys he'd ever seen because of the look behind his eyes. So we laugh when we say he's a kikboxer but he's actually a deadly human, at least a dinny Ho Ra just say he was trained by Benny. The jet from the sand lot no no different one Beyaan the jete een. Betty Arqitez is like a b big Ti, kickboxer andthat guy and he's been in a ton of movies. You look 'em up, you'll find ton of stuff, but wnow throw it over to Chris Barron for the judgment all right. Now I got another memory. I didn't remember even any of the kickboxing stuff and say anything say anything I not to Mebe Tho wa out that what a great green and as as like a young cage missinthrobe. You know I just really really saw a lot in John Cusek's part, but I ot a getit two, my men for Rushmore, because Westanderson is one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century pen, four century I flocking, Love West Anderson and, furthermore, mark my birthday is February fist. I know the other wil pay Febuary dirt. So when you threw him in like the February third and then found out that it was JEBRUARY fifth Likin ot, brother' forrthday, you got my birthday. You Got Bill Murray in my birthday and well. Yeah you're! Is that some kind of judge pantering? We have going on Di your parent in on this. No, this is purely coincidence. Man, I swear. I had nothing to do with this, so yet I mean also I love toy soldier. Sorry, drom, rigt regulary t be disappointed. Yeah Gary, I'm not the TEXTO anw to go with druw's face in that reaction. N Happen to be here. Ell Em Ni got to go with. I gotto go with billmurray and Westanderson that sucker such a great movie. I just love West Anderson. I think he is Suckagenius. I don't know how he manages Te Likt. You know fit that weird little wedge into all of our like strange insecurities as people, but that guy he just he unnerves me and amuses me and like gives me all the feelings all at the same time. So I got to go I ago with Mark and Westanersone Eburary tat baby marks the gut to beak and got my birthday mm. Damn were all Chage, my birthday all right, so I win that round and I pick up a point. I get to choose the next category. You know, I think we're going to go to the news round and I'll. Tell you why. The reason we got Joe here on special commentary tonight is because of you know, faulty wiring. Here I'm having a little bit of Internet issue, so I had to call into the show as well as record my track, because I can't connect to the Internet. You know I kindaf just have to remember my picks. My newspick is a little technical, so bear with me. I found an artcle in the New York Post dated February Fifth Nineteen. Ninety nine talks about three girls in New York, high school girls, sixteen years old, who have found a brand new molecule. It's not every day that molecules are discovered. Well, these three high school girls had taken a vial of water that one of their teachers had brought back from a trip I think, to the either the Caribbean or Hawaii. They analyzed it and they found a particular molecule structure that had never been recorded. So, let's fast forward a little bit, they did a bunch of testing on it and Lo and behold this has medical and medicinal purposes. It's actually used to build on medicine. They ended up naming the molecule compound Bulacton, which was part of the acting family and then half of their high school mascot. Today it's called Lipat and it's made by Nevardis. It's used to cure Cypholis. So that's what I bring fror my news story. You got three high school girls who discovered a cure for Cypholis on purpose, Nofebruary, fteh, nine htden and ninety nine. That's my news story. Yalcapo would ave like that little ay for Thatai wouldhaveloved to do little miton, the Tri Itall right, let's throw it over to man crush! Let's see what his offering is for n nine htee ND. Eighty nine all right! Well, we're not curing any diseases, but this did happen on my birthday, this news story. It's April Thirteenth Nineteen Im, my eleventh birthday and as a mets fan, I've indured tons of horrible years. I'm a jets fan too, so I I'm so used to it. I'm also used to my team pulling off like boneheaded moves and although I was not alive in Nineteen, seventy one when the mets traded, Nolan Ryan for Jim Forgosi, I didn't need to be born, because no one ryon in nineteen nine was still killing it. An forty two years old, which I am now I'm not killing it as much as noni is, and Jim Fregosi lasted a hundred and forty six games for the me in nineteen. Seventy one about an two thirty three before they sold the mass that that trade really worked out. But here's a little story to rub that trade injust a little bit more. So all the fans that weren't alive in nineteen nd, seventy one could feel my pan all right. So there's a story from the Ganette News Service. Thit goes on to talk about how Knowin Ryan got spurned by the Astros in the off season. Much like how the mets gave up on him in nineteen seventy one, the Astros thought he was done. Th he figured day he's forty two D. They offered him like eight hundred grand and he was insulted. So he was like forget it: he packed his bags. He went up north to Arlington to pitch, for the Rangers Texas Rangers came calling they signed. T E forty, two rold for two million bucks. So far in the season is where the article starts. Rine has given up three runs and two starts, and he already has twenty three strike outs to boot, including his fifteen strike out. One hit shut out a Wednesday night, not too bad for a forty two year old. No one would go on to become an allstar on in nine teen and eighty ninety lect. Sixteen wins strike out three hundred one batters and pitch two hundred and thirty nine innings to a fantastic three point: two: Zero Ra. You don't even see like twenty five year olds. To do that, that's absurd! He would go on to pitch for five seasons for the Rangers before retireant. The age of forty six and Yo would pitch two no hitters for them in nineteen. Ninety in nineteen. Ninety one and I'm just throwing this out there- the mets have one no hitter in their entire existence. No one Rian through too in his arties for the rager and like what the fuck I mean, and he still got. He has the most major league history with seven and Oh yeah. He would also kick the shit out of Robin Ventura in Nibai Hurry. I was so great, so yeah S, I think the way e Westis del what what's this Kiti? Oh Man, Weta Lis he hit pensure with. Did he hit him or did he buzzem? I forget that rt he hit em, ok and then yeire got pissed. Car Has the mound and no one Rian, just grabs hem in a headlock, it's perfect yeah, it's up or the sad o, zomas O Homingon Wat O. do that punch them right in his face this FA? Forty five at the time and Robit was like what in Hiwas like third year in a league, he was a young guy. He Sti Ong Ye. This whole storage asked about how the the Rangers picked them up. They took a chance on 'em. They do just fucking dominated Wai. In the end, with the ranlove that you gotta love that veteran energy man, you got to love, you know what the secret ton hissauce was that I found out later on and hit was e, a combination of adviral pickle to closered, actal e EKS to do ind and not chidden. Instead of pitching before Games, which most pictures will you know, th'l they'll get a couple of pitches in Hesa, throw of football, the LEK like to the outfield. He would just darn it and that's how he kept his arm up 'cause. Even here when he was forty two years old, he was hitting the clock that Wednesday night and ninety eight miles an hour t wow thot some shit. I located my shoulder. Five pin bowling one imile very similar Toso. It's like I'm the same guy, basically not even Morninga, say Youre forty three EA. I think I got injured. Listening to that story, solderherds Ala, ten, let's send it over Hiseanin. These are two really good offerings. So I think it's holarious that you just said exactly what you said: man crushed and by the way was it Santana he's The y one who has the mets s and that's even like. We all know that that was really a fair ball don that's FAWILL TA. So personally I just turned forty and I'm always looking for motivation to give me hope that not all is lost basically, and I found that someone and Thatsa ye it's noold ran because on May first nine. Ninety one Moland Ryan through his seventh Ni, hitter Theso, you kidding me: No God no collusion there nocno none whatoever! This is e first yeah, so he threw his seventh no hitter and at the time Ro Ryan was forty four years old and a lot of interesting things happene. Actually, what was inng about that was on this same exact day that noone Ryan, through his Major League, leading seventh, no hitter, Lhanderson Rickie Henderson, also broke lurocks all times. Pone bases record, so old, guys won to day on that time. But yeah ry was forty. Four years old, he was the oldest player to throw in ot hit er facing one of the best teams. At the time the Toronto Blue, Jays and Rine, as you know, had that heavy fastball it was like was like a riser in th like mid theoper nineties, and his his curve was insane and that day his curve was just absolutely filthy. I mean people were like frozen, they didn't know they, they did't, look so awkward at the play. These are like some of them were haulow famors, Riberto Alamar looked clool as Glena on the hill, didn't know what the Hell to do with the bat in his hands. It was insane but Ryan struck out at least one batter every inning he finished with sixteen strikeouts, while walking too and again, he did in front of his hometown. Fans was a home game in Texas, as the Rangers on the wind, three, nothing, the bluejays looked clueless and also Keepin Min right. Surano was just one year away from winning. The first of two World Series Rings, no in a row so and also Ryan. Again, he was forty four years old through a hundred and thirty one pitches in his lain, his previous start, and they weren't sure he was going to even take his turn. The rotation that night Yo were forty fourrold o just through a buck. Thirty one with previous game. You know, like I might kneel like a week or two off thatcomes out and no Hev e Ge Ohe you own pictures. Pitching a hundred anymore Itthe'r they're gone yeah. They look at they're clicker, it's like O hundred or get the go reliever in here now, yeah mroiensi sit down. I got this, I think that's the first time that's ever happened on this show that we have two picks that are the exact same pick more or less, but different years. That's remarkable! So we're going to bring it over the judge Chris Barron en he has to decide between Noland, Ryan or Cyphilis. O mthis is hard because, as you know, as a fifty two year old bead singer, you know a forty four year old starting pitcher wit, a couple of shutouts. That's that's deeply deeply conpelling stuff! I love like. I just think the whole thing of like older athletes and older artists who know how to Work Smarter Hoh. I'm always you know, is when it's like the young, hot dude versus the veteran. I always O. Even when I was he young guy always was rooted to the veteran, but I got to go ITA fucking, three IC cttle girls, who her Ras I mean like Sports Ilis, Becaus sports show, as you know, as an artist rite sports show us. You know the the depths of our soul, an what human beings are capable of, and that's what it's all about except curing, simples, Yu canrsimplist, then fuxports would thethcock thea girls about Covin yeah, a I cave Ye, yes, oteday right now send it back to high school, go back to the Caribbean on a boat all right park. You are up two rounds already. You got two to man. Crushang drew zero you're still in control of the board. What category are You picking? Next all right? Well, Yo. I think it's time to do some hot products here on the show and what we're going to do for hot products. For this special birthday battle, as we found ads of things that we would have wanted on our birthday for a present within reason, I mean you're not going to pick a new lexus or Saturn or anything so likis TOR SATRN AT AAND. Anything in between, I say Saturn, of course, because drew is here, and you know we all know he loves SATURNS SL, two man aever all right, so the ad I found is, I went over to the newspapers and I found an ad from rite aid now keep in mine February, fifth, nineteen. Ninety nine! I was in college. This was my twenty first birthday. I remember this birthday and I'll. Tell you what man! This is what I would have wanted for my birthday for the low low price of three dollars and seventy nine cents. You could pick yourself up a twelve pack of Milwaukee's best beerold yachts, a love 'em in this Ad. You get a little bit of Va Vriety here. Not only can you select the Milwaukee's best, you then could get the Millaukey's best light, which was a lighter, watered down version. And then, if you are feeling Classy, you could opt for the Milwaukee's best ice, which was like a concentrated version of thelight. So myself I would have just gone with the Milwaukee's best light and often did so that's what I have for my hot product peace. I like how Yo said like it was a more water down, causthe regular. It was se he regular Milwaukee's beast was you know your normal skunky beer, take a few sips off that add water, Youve got Milwaukee's, be light the as then. Now, if you take that concoction, freeze it and then drain off the water, that's what I it they're GOINGTO say: CURSIPOLIS! If, if you had them, you probably got civalis MIS incoal, O ship, a nervan clear. What ice bear is. Is that what it is it's like they pse it and then they tixiono. No, I have no clue Im. It's it's so yeah ice bear it's a beer so which the beers undergone some Dec, a fractional freezing during production. That's there you go. I all right. Excellent well drew while you're in the middle of in light, enlightening us. Why don't you enlighten us with your pick for hot product for R, Nineheen and inty one, and I would love to do that and I will nlighten you all now. So I ad April, I gave my birthday April, twenty nth N Nineten N inty one. I was eleven now, unfortunately, for me, at the time, pocketfull of Cripto nit didn't come out until August of nineteen ninety one. So I had to wait for that one and Um, but when I was younger, I'm actually I hav back to back picks talking about baseball here, but so when I was younger, I'm actually going to get real first, a second actually. So when I was younger, I got believed a bit pretty much from a second grade up unsal sophomore year in high school and for me I started playing baseball when I was nine- and I was okay that year my first year trying to figure things out. Then, when I was ten, you move up to the next league, so it'as like ten eleven and twelve. That's like legit little leeaere. I was not great that year. I remember one kid or Le Picnic randomly came up and punched like suck her punch o me in his stomach. I don't even ack. I know why he did it by the way fuck Youjo go then iandn. I do I'm not Marr joke that I do. It comes up to fuck ight, not Yo d o. So then in nine Hutdre, an ninety one I m oot, not sure whatd happene, I as loved playing baseball, so I played like year round, but I was a total beast that year our team want a championship and I shit you not. I I'm pretty sure I hit over five hundred a year like I was just a monster. Some doubles machine, awesome, Gat Power, Annadusha punched me all of a sudden was nice to me as Di anyone else to Bullin me, at least during the Game Day, and maybe the day after, but afterwards, like all Beterol, it was back to makeion my gigantic bucking glasses, but so now I turned eleven at this point. You know we probably had like six or so games under our Bell Fret seasons. I was enjoying not getting picked on so much thanks to baseball and at that time, like many other kids, I love collecting baseball cards and I have a ton of 'em and of all the card sets that year- and I remember I didn't find like an Afortese, but I remember actually getting them on my birthday, but nineteen. Ninety one upper deck newn when he sweeps Upper Jeck was still pretty hot back then, and the that was like in the middle of the boom, maybe starting to come down a little bit for the Baseball Card Boom B, Yeah nineteen. Ninety one Upper Jack is my Ho nineteen. Ninety one UPER baseball cards ith my hot products. They were pretty sweet. They had like a nole again orein subset commemmorating, all of his nohitters and insane strike out numbers. There was a Michael Jordan card of him, taking batting practice with a white sox union with tod be a little foreshadowing there, but some other cards. He had the Jeff Bagwell Rookie Chipper Jones, Mike maciner rookies and the awsome card of Ricky Ehenderson, where he's like about to steal a base, but there's like three of 'em. So it's kind of like an illusion. PRETTY AWESOME! Don't look at that car, a Jon asid! So now, unfortunately, now like back, then those like upper deck was the shit, but now those cars eal aren't worth much, but for an eleven year old nerd who was loving baseball, they were priceless and, yes, I sill have them. And yes, my wife still wants to throw them away. I have I dontber how much they were worth back then and then, like Oh yeah, fifteen years ago, it just took Shit n e work, nothing Yeahha. They worth it like the peak, Oh dude, like a set. So if you bought a ti I'll just use tops 'cause. My parents jus buy me a topsent every year. The top set was nineteen. Ninety five brand new and you would always have a few cards in there that were worth more than the set was after a couple of years. Li E, if you got yea like der Geeder, tops traded, was like a couple of hundred bucks. Now it's worth like, maybe a hundred bucks. I don't like somebody's, probably going to be like no, it's not it's worth. Three hundred. I don't know the e onto it for another like ten years and it could be worth like a lot of anny or just OL on e open, so oo o oven, the fireplace they're, not big, so I mean t y. They don't take up a lot of space de ar boxes of them around here, so else have like tons of 'em. It's twenty are all years stored in your basement by your wife, yeah yeah they're, like they're, like I'm, like sitting theyre like sitting around Mebay minorm, my my wife put mine in the boiler room, Ifi real or on k. So now the question is man crush wh n. When you were a happy little birthday, boy, N, nine, utdred, nd. Eighty nine did you get the toy that you wanted and what was it all right? Well, let's see so here's a product it was released by Soeny in nineteen eighty seven, but since it's a birthday battle like Marcre, Sayne rules are slightly different from the typical episode and we get to find these articles ere these ads and papers which trew didn't actually do. But that's why I wanted to point that out, but I did I did in this one. So I remember Sonie had originally wit this boked out n nineteen, eighty two, but there were a few different verses that came out between ninete eight T, O ninet N N in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, but I always wanted the Sony pocket. Watchman FD ten. There was released in Nineteen ighty seven, and this was a portable two inch like it had like a black and white crt right in the middle, and it was like a little slanted from the from the light. So you didn't the light. Didn't fuck it up or whatever, but you an carried in your pocket and only took four double aided batteries, and I remember asking my parents for this one and I'll never forget what they brought home and as an adult, I can definitely applau their efforts on this. My parents would go and attend one of those time share sales things. You know what I'm talking about and they sat ean e tire thing wherot through the whole thing. At the end, you got a gift right. I can imagine how horrible it was for an adult to sit through some four hour salespiell, but they brought me home a portable television from this Timeshar thin was in the pokanos. If I remember correctly, however, the portable television that they brought me, it weighed five pounds without batteries and it took like eight bucking debatteries to operate this thing. So, needless to say, I never use it that much, but a big. Thank you to mom and dad for that effort. I mean if they had bought me that Sony watchman, I probably wouldn't, have remembered the experience or it could be because I had to sit there with them. The entire fucking sales pitch th o me with Oh and I got a free gift at the end, which was the the he chitty t v that never got used in sat my classef friends whatever either way it was very cool then, because, as a parent now, I can only imagine how painful that must have been, but anyways like. I think this had to do with the movie rain man, because remember Raymond was always watching woper 'cause h Tom Cruise had gotten them that little Sony watchmen to Watchanon Watch wapner. Wherever you go, I mean, if you have signal fucking awesome. Who would want that an of course? Nowadays we all have it on our phones. We could do anything we want, but back in nineteeneighty nine. We really didn't have that. But if you wanted to get this watchman fd Ten and went for about the ad that I found from circuil city was two hundred and seventy five dollars such roughly six hundred and fifty dollars in thosand and twenty yeah. That's fo real money yeah. So you can understand why my parents gout me the free one. This thing was yeah pretty costly, but I mean t depends on how you want to look at this which hop product it was the. I think it was in Emerson, the free one that I got so ias Nice, American, mad flucked, brick that I probably couldn't get any reception anywhere or thes. Sony watchmen, pocket, watchmen, Nestin, ten, that's my product for Myan, the birthday, all right! So Chris. What are you going to choose? One of two tortured childhoods or a functioning ALCOHOLICI got to say I love cheap beer and love. He coulalike the my parents got it wrong. Gifts story, Boser, some of them man trying to think f course. My parents also got me gobox instead of transformers, so Owita in cold yeah. You know they're not transforme. They go like this transfor LII thought about aother Ike ansformer was, I was like too big to transformers. I'm still not ipouldn't gobods are like Bullshit Yeah Andi still have THY warn inpurance go O. I ad coobs I'd be like adopted. I'm a DI. My parents, like I asked for some album for my birthday, or maybe Christmas in a way back in the nineteen hundred nineteen eighty, nothing and it got it wrong and they gp me m the Leonard Skinnard Record Um, like feods like pronounced Leonard Skinner, Yep and a record Du my focket. I was like ohwanted S, cuse record and I listened to that record. Like forty fucking thousand times guitars on that slew my mind, but I gotto go with true men. True Ia love an underdog story. I love your Chanky Yas Baseball cards that aren't worth in creking nobut. You flocking, love them and they're like ou are right behind you there and, like my my dad, my dad's name is Ken Gorce. She got to look him up, he's SA Foremost Authority on automobule's Mal, and he has this amazing collection of car books. I mean it's got like you know: Seventy thousand car books and something about you talking about like yeah these cars ere, like all around me right now, like I, I remember in our house an Prinseten when I was a teenager being like dad, you don't know where all this shit is 'cause some of its in piles and it's all you know a lot of it was on shelves and it was sort of organized. But I was like there's no way. You know where all this shit is- and he was like test me so Iwas Arit, close rise and Migta as the kind of guy like you tell him, Ho closes eys or e thing like it like hewumamper up in the Satwe Ho didn't have to worry tet. I walked around his office a couple of times just to make sure you couldn't guess what I was looking at and right behind him. There was m like eight little volumes. That said on ve ATE news. I was like V e news without skipping immedias right behind he third shelf up in the middle. I im from a long line of mergs and I d you know a and- and I also I got my ass kaked in all the time I was an American kid living in Australia. So all I had to do is open my mouth and I get plunched right on it die AO. True you win this round. Dro thanks Ma am even though your birthday's on the long gate so drew is on the board. Andin control of the board ant. We choosing for our first two point round, drew yeah man we're going music here I but a minute. Sorry there you go tell you what you know this time right now rig F, you put on the news right now: it's almost like we're living in a damn Harror, scifi movie. You know social media constantly gives you anxiety. I know things are nuts all around the world like no matter where you go especially here in the United States right, but I feel like there are three things we need to make it through these tough times time love and a little bit of tenderness. 'CAUSE, THAT'S RECO! I'm talking about our good friend Michael Bolton, who essentially wrote the handbook to get us through these couf times a time Lo and some pucking guy from office space. That's right, IAM, talking about time, ontennants from Michael Bolt, and this album was massive, especially if you asked my mom release on April Twenty Thir nineteen. Ninety one, this album, topped the US billboard two hundred chart and produced four top forty singles, and I don't think I need to say it doesn't get any better than when Michael Bolton sings. Then a man loves a woman, but besides when a man loves a woman which it number one there was love is a wonderful thing which rechumber four time of in tenderness, reach number seven, which should have been way higher and missing. You missing you now reached number twelve. Now this album has sold jus over ten million copies worldwide, woggling platinum in the U S. eight times over, Bollon has over three million monthly listeners on spotify and when a man loves, a woman has been streamed over ninety two million times less than some songs from the spindoctors but see the hinner there hw wibut yeah, and if you guys don't recall the salensers, he just ask any eighties or nineties mom and if you're hundering. Yes, my mom had this and then basically graduated right into Orinoco flow from Fuckin INA, so Michael Bullen time, love and tenderness Ohwell can Dr Onit's fun o. You said that like isn't two princes like something like two hundred and forty four million times or something I think it. I thought it was more than that. It's something ridiculous. I was like a homely shit. That's huge yehesitsomthing, yeah Wa, O RS is thats somethin losing this round. Is that something you check? Often you ever go on there, job nwm the thing. The thing that I'm really proud of, if I may bt Tha Tin, is that it's been played on the radio. You know terrestrial radio over five million times that'syoreason. That's like twenty years. If you like, lay like a four minute song and to end it's been like twenty years of air time or something like that, ais, absurd, wow, eet e, ask you. Let me ask you a question real quick. I A long time ago, this is like five years ago, the first interview we ever Hav was Cevin Martin from candlebox and at the time I was just like completely in own. I was like H Keminit. I was like if I get up right now and I drive to Walmart your album's going to be there like, you can just go to any store ind. So your album and, of course, it's like five years ago in C ds, FO, stufpy and Sol. I'm sure you could find him somewhere and how does that feel to you, knowing that you could just like walk into a story and your your album Gongto be in that store? Most likely, you know, carry music, it's there. What's Nice is like Dre, I'm sure your s like Ki, who was billed and and had a reall, tough time drowing up. It was music that got me through Ip. Almost somethings, like you know guys, like Bob Dyllin and Li e COM, petty and- and you know, Paul Simon Ether, either like music, that that was like yeah this it flocking, sucxs or stuff. That was like I'm going to fuck Bob Marleys being, like you know, rebel music like the ship that got you through the fucking day either like acknowledge. You know what what Youare going through or somehow gave you the courage to continue. So you know I one of my early objectives and and Um in music m was to be a great songwriter. You know where buckand right, songs, ther were good enough to be people's favorite songs and to write songs that made people feel like they were going to be able to get through the day and gave people hope, and it's always been. You know I. I came up at the same time as allthe grun stuff, I think Ti. It was great hat, I think, as art. It had like a fundamental carct failing because it was nihilist and Um and I think a lot of those guys die because of the Niilism of their philosophy that they didn't have. They didn't have a philosophy, but like enabled them to get through the whole Sa. It doesn't take like an artistic genius to point out that the world is patently unfair and thet we're surrounded Bo, a cruelty and abject meanness. It doesn't make sense just lurne, anmas, TAT's absurd, and what what I think the role of like Somebodywho's, you know kind of Corny for a rock and Wolguy to be like talk about art, maybe, but I think the role for black of a better word. The Role of art is to like what takes real art is to like be like. Yes, the world is unfair, our leaders ar asboles. Why should I be a good person? Well, here is maybe a glimmer of an answer and I've always tried to make music that gave people some some hope and gave people some kind of an answer and maybe was like you know: drilled thrilled, a hole in the prison wall of this existence, so that, like a little bit of light, could get in and somebody could just like her tune of mine and and de like you know what I'm just going to get through this next four and a half months. That's Allright, onr, that's a way more detailed. The answer than I thought you ereread to give, but so than I guess it's good. You know it'. It is a good feeling. You Walk in there 'cause. You know that it's there and somebody could pick it up and listen to it and kind of get through all the bullshit, the life I and I mean y nd, then the whole thing of being like the whole thing of being. You know to some extent like a household whatever name, you know what I mean like like it's Kindo cool to just be like Talkingis. I never tell people like you know that I'm in Spinbo, you know, I'm just like I'll hang out il meet somebody you know in an airport bar and we shoot the shit for half an hour. An final, Oh hey! My name is Jo. Oh Hey! My name is Chris. What do you do on a Rocko musician? How cool M I mean obviously like you're in the First Class Lounge. So you must be doing OK, yeah! You know, you know we I'm too ontoer, and so what's the name o your man, I'm like spin dockors, nd ther us like. I me W. When I met my wife, she was like you know. We were like really hintit off. I was on from like a complete Ali. Go E on ofirst. No, you know what I mean and Wewere just sort o like. So what do you do? I'm an actress I was like. Oh that's cool. What do you do m? I'm a musician, Oh yeah! What kind of Misi you play o I'm in a rock ban, SHEG PL? What's the name of Your Ban II, that Boyi was like Schol, knockers and Shewas? I got to check somebody othat's fatastic, but music really is it's the one? It's the one art that can be anything to everybody. You can't watch a movie and everybody get something very different out of it because yoput in your face what you're supposed to be experiencing muse IC right, you can be listening to those lyrics and really like getting down deep on it, where you coan a have. Somebody like- and I think, a really good example like think about born in the USA. Everybody like oing arove to that being like a broc tune and all this and then other people can be like. Oh, this is like a serious ass down n. When you drive into that into that lyric t's, it's a it's like kind of a harsh critique of the United States, ran if Yooiro, yet it iing march out yeah, H, Ike. You guys totally missed that one yeah o yeah, that's funny, though so you mentioned grudnge right and so for me right. I listen to a livelessen like a wide variety of music back then, and the early actually the whole wholl night is really, but I think the one thing that actually resolated with me was like alise and chains and their lirks are insanely depressing, like it's. It's like drug, like the album dirt. It's like Oh we're, theyr going to do drugs are going to die in every other song. But for me, like I never end, even I never even touched R. I've never done drugs ever my life ye'sorry, but ahearing. You know someone else thatwas having s ust chuggles in general, right like it's like. Oh this guy's, also going through a rough time and he's singing about it. Don. I just Kindo with me. That's how that's how I you know really Um that music spoke to me, but it's it's different though everybody Teth as great by music yeah- and you know like I, I'm not I mean I am like critiquing it a little bit, but more I'm just like contrasting. He as as a guy who was like making music at the same time as Yi, met a lot of those pasts Um and was just coming from a distinctly kind, a different place. 'cause. You know like we look at Um the record we had out at the time pocketful an CRIPP tonight. You know we got two princes and Limus campig wrong on which youre both songs about like the potakonism. You look at those song. Lo like sad lyrics with happy music. You know, but but they do offer they do offer like an escape hatch. It's not like compllutely Darkin, it's not a closed off system of niilism. You know, tthen you go into that record and we've got twos like forty or fifty. I don't know how into you know the record youaoers are but likeyou know toas like a refrigerator car. That's a Dart flucking tune. You know and Shinbo Alley. We were just talking about that. Early, a refrigerator car is one of my favorite songs off that album. That's so cool! If you to say T at's about my Stepmoma, it's got the same person litle miss campy wrong. Is it Ol and Um? You know it's really Dar. It's a very dark, take on m on life and- and I just always felt like one of I was really luck. Eye was really lucky to be in a band with: U Mark White and Aroshakman and ARIN COMAS 'cause, they're, SHK, reallyandbrilliant musicians and one of the things m that Aaron our Dramar M was really adamant about was he wanted to have songs with different rhythms and different tempos and different, like tornal landscapes, so the songs were like musically different, you know and they were not just like different on a superficial level. They were fundamentally different because we were changing up the rhythms and changing up the the harmonies of them and ch You kN, er, fundamentally choa music, so that and that had to come from a place of of this kind of musical competence. But I took that also to be like well yeah and we have have songs that are emotionally varied as well, and it's not like. We have just one one particular mood or one particular philosophy or one reaker, Yep ther we're a hammering home every time. So that's I try to write it. That way, I didn't mean to Lik totally derail that round, but the o round in ground as IA. What other chance you get to talk to e o and up fock everyone if you had a problem with it, but that was patic Btwh, where we did leave off. We left off with our only musical offering so far, which was Michael Bolton. Let's take it. oper o ban crush and see what he can offer us from N N, nine tdre N, eighty nine Ar April twelfth nineteen, an nine. I was actually looking for an album that I would have liked to listen to for my eleventh birthday, but there was nothing that was released in the way that we workd this game. Is You have to find something that was released on that day, however, there was a debut out from my country, Megastar that was released and it was just too damn good to pass up. I was never a huge music cun like country music fan, but I can. I appreciate like good music of all kinds and sufpiced to say I was I always knew of this guy and I always knew how huge he was, but I had never heard one of his songs until two thousand and four, when I was in the Marines my roommate Randal, he was from southern Georgia. He used to play songs all the time, so it took me, fifteen years after the debuto, to hear this and really appreciate this music. So this alum by the former bouncher and javelin stand out that earned him a scholarship at Oklahoma. State University literally came out of nowhere. I mean this guy had toiled with his music career for years, going back and forth between s home in Oklahoma and Nashville, but the most he done up until this point with some background mobals and he was still pretty relatively unknown. wellthat all changes on April, twelve nineteenig nine hesam would climb all the way to number two on the: U S: dollbord top country albums chart. This guy had a good thing going because he alsoreached number thirteen on the billboard, two hundred, which is amazing for a country artist across over n nineteen. Eighty nine Yam had four singles but much too young to fill this damn or which it number eight, and I don't know what mark is doing. It sounds like he might be mastergating my tick first prow before you go, then he had Iboen, not counting you, which hi number two, if tomorrow never comes, which Yo number one and my personal favor of the dance, which also aght number one. The O'm would eventually be certified diamond and it was the catalist for the rest of his iconic career. This is the self title DB. Album garth brooks buy carth Rooks, it's not by Cris Gane. I listen to this again today because he is not on spotified. He is but h, like his albms aren't on there. So I had to like go and find Hem on you tube and listen, not like the REO speedwagon altbum that I had for the worst. U episode where you can't find it anywhere, but this one you can actually find, and it's amazing you listen. It's only like a thirty three minute album, but every frigging song is good like back back back back and I'm not even a country music fan, but I just dig it like it's good, Usit, so that', that's IT April. Twelve nineteen nine Garth Brooks wo. You all right mark. Can you hang on to your lead, Wi, ound, nineutdred and ninety nine offering in the music category? Well, let's take a look. You know February. Second, nineteen. Ninety nine! We got I single release by this group off their third album, which wasn't even released yet the album itself wouldn't come out to the end of the month, but they released the single on February. Second, nineteen. Ninety nine- and this is a song that has become almost like a an everyday physical mean in my life. I quote this song on a daily basis. As a joke anytime, we take a trip with my family or anything anytime. We take a trip and I leave something in the car. My wife will ask, you, know hey: Where is that and I'll tell her? Oh, it's on the passengers side of my best friend's Rod. Trying to tolerate me ocourse! You guys know what I'm talking about. This is no scrubs by TLC, so woul Havelos, no, no pigeons followed that and was actually like a response to this, but no scrubs bike TLC. This was the first time. Chili took the lead roll on vocals this some one best, R and B performance by deer or group after Grammy Awards it's their third number, one single and eight top ten single and the top one hundred. It also earned them their second grammy nomination of the year for no scrubs, so no scrubs by TLC I mean you could not escape this song in Ne Osand, nine hundred and ninety nine rollingstone rankd Ti sum number ten on their list of the fifty greatest songs of the nineties. Billboard ranke this sung number forty two on the one hundred greatest rip songs of all time, so it released February. Second, nineteen. Ninety nine! I don't want no scrubs by TLC. Well, you couldn't judge Chris. You could not have been given a more varied offering here, so we now prefer to you for your judgment on who wins is two point rounds I gotto go. I got to go in those crubs divethat tune was so innovative, Iremember hearing that tune of being like the flock it was such a great descriptor Ol like the Pigt of women in the modern world and the kind of assholes they have to put up with all the time and that that line. What is that line again about the the passengers side, trying to hanging at the passenger side of his best friend's ride, trying to Holler era me? That's just genius, so yea it's got to be. It's got to be noe strugbut, but I remember my dad's like this weird, like not weird. It's just like this odd, Bald Jewish guy from Massachusetts who loves country, music and cars and he and cars he loved Gartin that God goforher blew his mind. No is that is that really a big deal to cross over like that to be on both charts simultaneously when you're one genre, like that very big deal very big deal in terms of success and stuff, like that, you know like I, I'm always like hard breast with questions like that B'cause, I'm always coming at it like from, like, like a just a writing point of view and at a human point of view. So it's always funny. Like you know, I I talk to people who are journalists or in in the end of the media. That's like about the commentary about music or, or you know, art or social stuff in general. I I never quite know how to answer questions like that 'cause. I I just make this shit, you know what I mean. I got really fucking lucky people, you know I wrote really couple of really big songs and- and I still like get to sing- you know for a living and that's Kindof what I'm all about, but yeah. You know as a person in the industry like crossing overs a really really big deal when You'e got a ton like two princes, either saying look ye we can. If we n get played on this particular radio station, then it's got a chance for a whole new audience. That's a big deal, one of the things th that it speaks to is like the quality of the music itself, that it's got this universal Kinofqua. This is a better question for you than from what you just said. He actually said when this album came out that he was very scared when this Albem came out, because the lyrics were very raw and real, and it was about things that were going on, which you just said the same thing about your album. Did you kindo have that seeme feeling when your album came out to you, like all man, everyone's going to hear all this all my feelings, everything that I'm spilling out like I'm, really standing up there and telling all these people were you like kind, ofafraid, F, what was going to go on when they came out? That's a great question, heas! So Young! You know it was twenty one or twenty two. When I made that record and it came out, let when I was it twenty two or twenty three, so no, I was more in a headspace of like I is what I have to say and you on like be real fun or so you know we knew it was good. Like we didn't know, we didn't know what it was going to be as successful as it was. We knew, and when I sen we knew it was good. I just mean we knew it was good like not like it was like the greatest thing: Anybody N I don it's just like you know when you have a good episode and you have a bad episode. It's yeah it Wul like snowing. It was just LS good. This is a solid record. You know we played well, we sang well the material's good and if het goes out there and it bombs then later on curtics get personal tatcan hurt so like later on, when critics don away to like Shit can like my physical appearance, because I was like skinny and Gawky and I kindo I didn't act like Axan rose, you know I was sort of like look at pictures of me and I'm like all this, like Gumbe. Looking Ass, like rear, go rent her hat on in the summertime. Yes, so people were, like you know those guys, a ridiculous figure in that hurt. You know to be like called ridiculous, but I don't even feel this sin me anymore. Now, I'm just kindo like I don't bullshit, you know like I make songs and I don't I work so hard on Hem and I know how to make a song. That's good, not necessarily the most billiant thing that's ever done, but I know how to make a song a it's like there's nothing wrong with his soft. You don't like the on you've got a thing about songs in a major or something whatever a life Atis, not my problem, but no being said. I want my stuff. I want people to like my stuff, so I've still got something on the line. If that makes sense, no it makes sense. I, like my picks actually and you haven't, picked any of HEM, so I' G, I'm getting her Weus a SI ello, I hate being a flucking judge, 'cause Rigt, not it Allyou, Wale personal. We went for a long time where, like I would win almost every week and then Wen, it was with you know w t, but it was with people that we knew as the judges, and I think I knew where to pull their strayings and stuff. Then we change over to guests than I'll change. 'cause. I don't know who, who you guys are what you can do, so it's so different, but I don't like I don't even care anymore. Like I mark Whene, I used to take it a Har I'dhow, the fuck. Does I lose around II OS o Figt, who Avi Mal? I was thinking about that, like, as I was listening to s because Yo know you guys you can look me up and stuff like that, but you don't really know what my personal predilections are and it's will seeing each of you guys, like Jus, trod out like what you're into I can ven. If I think it's flucking bullshit lane ass, you know might be honesty. It might be sometimes and most of the time on this game, like especially with these battels like the birthday battles or anytime. We do like the weak experience. You have to pick what's on your date, so you're kind of constrained. So sometimes you just got a pick with. What's there right, you got, I mean you've got like playing cards like you, guys gotta deal with the Haright Gotto play your hand and deciding what it means is it are you taking this 'cause? It's Nimportant are e you taking this 'cause. It was a big head. Are you taking us Yor, BA W and and you play that card and then you're out there and exposed, and sometimes the judge just will nihliuicky nothing wrong with your Pixmun? A you're taking fom, I really just you as a person itis a moustache, it's the a knows, whoas who's about most offacial earing he'd be winning every. This is sinche March thrteeth. I started growing and stop shaving and it's just getting more ridiculous. Every week, I'm justgthat's. Why that's my quaranten March? Their teeth right is when I came home. Yes, that's my quarantine, yeahbut Yo warranting Yep. I was actually supposed to see Romand Dudy, that day in Jersey and they cancelled the show. And then we've been. You know an os on Tole Glen, Phillipsman Tol, the wets brocket. We were like. We were hot to try. We did one show in in Connecticut and then it was like the rest, O o acance, sucks rit. You know t's Ho right thing, I'm so I'm lucky 'cause, I'm I'm doing. Okay, like I'm going to get totli quarantine. You know I got enough money to get through all this stuff and- and I I'm doing like online concerts and stuff like that- which I guess I'll plug at the end and yeah and stuff. You know, but all right, let's write out this last round and then we'll lit yo se it Lgo Ol baby come up allright. Let's do this, okay, so the math is there. The conclusion is foregone, but we have one round left. We have one category left and we got to find nout whose second place is going to be so mark. Why don't you go ahead and fake pick the category you don't have a choice for, and you can R Oside, whether or not to take it or to differ il I'll just start off this round. You know for my television selection, I went and I looked up everything that was playing the week of my birthday, nineteen. Ninety nine and I found an episode of a TV show. You may have heard of called the Sopranos. This is season. One episode. Five. It aired on February, seventh, nineteen. Ninety nine, the episode is called College. I'm sure everybody is familiar with this matter of fact, T v Gide, actually rated this episode, the second greatest t v episode ever so. What happens in this one is Tony, of course, goes up to Maine to Boden College with meadow. He notices a snitch up there in the meantime Carmella. This is the episodear she actually finds out that Docor Melphi is a woman, so it's one of the best episodes of the entire series. If you take a look at it on the I MDV page, it's got an eight point. Nine. I think it's my favorite episode of the entire first season. So that's what I got from I pick February. Seventh, nineteen. Ninety nine season, one episode, five of the Sopranos, it's College. I think it's kind of the episode that really set the tone for what the SE, what the series itself would become. 'cause it kindof shows the the duality of the father and then the mob figure and the husband and, of course, that's the same episode where the priest gets introduced lot of stuff going on there. So that's what I got for TV, the Sopranos that Guy who played the priest too playes her, like kind of weird interesting, almost every show that she that idifalcos on he's withher in Oz and he's withher an nurse Jackie as well yeah. He is, I always thought that was kind of weird, but they, I guess they just have really good chemistry yeah. I guess so th y Ye they get at each other or something all right. Let's bring it over to drew who's. Currently, our second place Mann, let's see if he can keep. I second place pot for the remainder of the episode Yemen. So I have a show that was actually the D bw a very iconic show April twenty t, Anine Hunen N, ninety one. So if I said not the mamma, you probably know what show I'm talking about talking about dinosaurs dinosaurs, debute April twent, six, nine Huteen, ninety one and ran unstill October ninetenth and nine teen N, ninety four, so four seasons, sixty five episodes, pretty Darne good, but man. I remember watching this in my family and we rarely missed an episode, but the show yet dinosaurs was so good. It was conceived by the Great Jim Henson in nineeen eighty eight, and I think this is what they you know. Wer thinking he was actually working on up until is very untimely death in nineteen ninety, but the show centers around this sin: clear, familyyeave, earl, the father friend, the mother, their three children, Robbie, Sharlene and, of course, baby. Now, some star power there, too Sali struters voice, the daughter, Charlene, and if you guys have young kids or have ever watched sesame street. You Know Kevin Clash was basically elmo himself, so he voiced babys Sin Clair. Now the show talks about topical issues such as women's rights, sexual harassment, lgb T, writes, civil rights, drug abuse, all kinds of things and Um. He serious finalle was about climate change, environmentalism and spooll alert the ending wasn't happy, but another thing right, so I I'm sitting next to all my cards here, just to show how iconic this card was on w. If you guys can see this, but garbage pal kids had a subset or like a series for just nineties stuff, and it was like all like nineties things they have like movies music, whatever, like a terminator two kind of thing that a Dressy Park here you go, they have the dinosaur a little baby dinosaur from the TV Shell, so Ahof an impacts that show made so dinosaurs. I I love that you have a garbage pal kid card. Just onhand here you go, an cose have a mciver toy and I got my heart and I got my Hartford whaler S, absolutely yeah! I'm Gimgo can ask my wife. If I can complay that's land crush, let's see if we can get you on the board and his final round: withine nineten one nine to PA l, my let's say, let's see April Thirteenh ninee, eighty nine and I'm sure that after I finished celebrating my eleventh birthday that Thursday evening, I want a foot dakmd at seven PM and found one of my favorite shows. In the time this particular show ran on MTV Oou and Nineteen Ighty, seven n nineteen. Ninety and it was MPTV's first regular, non music show on the channel. If you want to dig, I I think Andy Warhall actually had a show called the NY warlls fifteen minutes, but that was basically all based on music, so that doesn't really count. So it depends on how you want to take this one. I know a lot of people will see this as a negative, but I really love the show, and on top of that it was the first game show on MTV, and I don't think you could blame the show for the slippery Slo or the slippery non music slope. That M TV would eventually slip down because it was a game show and if you didn't watch MTV on the regular, then there would be no way for you to win the Grand Prize round. That is where the contesting, with the most points, would lay on a craft matticadjustible bed and watched nine different televisions that all were playing different music videos and you had thirty seconds to answer all of them. This was the Ken Ober Classic Remote Control and, of course, resting peace. Ken over he died about. Ten or eleven years ago, the show also futured can quenn. I was his over side, kick dentisly rel a lot of the episodes Adam sand, learnd. Of course the beautiful carry wear was on this this as one of my staples as a kid. It was like this and I think my other big M TV show at the time around them was like dial on TV with Atam Curry, like Trl, when he actually got to see the whole video and not ten seconds, but this also had a board game that came out just like drew once drawp products. I could throw O prol had a board game, had a video game on Nintendo had a video game on the PC, but this is the this. Is The game show remote control? It would just happen to be on on my birthday, but it's fucking grat all right. Let's take it back to the judge Chris Baron who wins the final round in this. Well, I got to tell you guys, Nick. I really wanted to give it to you OOORD, but that was that was a really lame round. ITIDID, no dinosaurs! It's aw that man sily a was Li ot into any of those shows dinosens at a Kidchew, I'm too old and I'm like, and I'm too mean- and I gotta say like the only one. The only one of those shows that I even saw is the SAPRANOS and I don't even like the CPRENTES but and I D- I really don't. I don't want to give it to mark because I've given him so many bucking round, it's the only one I even saw so I I don't even know if I can. Li Ever saw reno control. Uyou were on m TV. I know I know I'm fun of watching. U Like took the money and ran you know I I actually you guys both described a drew and Andnik you both described shows that I didn't even know existed until J Holy Shit. Sorry guys, you should watch it you'd, probably liked that one. It was it's all music do', Promr you to Bee Watchin, an episode. THIRTY MINUTES! No control was a funsh. I watchd. That was a good one. It sounds it sounds really fun. You know, Nick just not Tue. I really like you guys as eople. I gotto give it the mark. It's the only show I even saw so I didn't even like this Suprese, which I'm like the only guy in the world who never really got into sprent us. Was it just too dark? Now? No, I don't. I don't know you know what, unlike I grew up in New Jersey, and maybe it was just like watching my neighbors on television or something like that like it just never. Quite I've tried to watch that show so many times. I e the guys on the spin. Doctors are all stupor into it, so it was like van talk and like it was Goo crustopo like Oo culdn't. I I don't like you know what and I don't want like Christopher. I don't like that car and he's a great ainter. He is a good actor and other things I ' o I can just over. I I really feel like I'm failing you guys. I'm Enoi feel like I'm letting guys down now. Yo toly t no got at all, but I can't I can't Tak this go. I'm gl, I'm glad you didn't lie, I'm glad you just didn't give me around. I would ave fellow yehso fake o my fault, you guys leaned out on the last room, its timsores. I was flucking here re I soit ot. I job you do mention your bandmeats and bore C was saying before yea an e Oat. He wanted to talk about about one of your bandmates and he tells us his story all the time I was like gotghead Mark Allrightso. I went to college back in the day back in you know, nineteen bump, a bum for for radio broadcasting, and I had a show for about four years that focus mostly on Jampands, like we said before. I've been a big fan of the spin doctors and the whole jam band scene for a long time playing your stuff on my radio show and I had picked up a copy of you got to believe in something which, by the way, absolutely loved that album noticed in the liner notes to that album. Mark White put his AOL email address, which I always thought was a little weird, because anybody who had America Online knows, if you just put their AOL name anytime, they come online. It would pop up in your friend's list. So I added Mark White which it was madmark. Seventy seven, I still remember at a Ol dcom, I added it to my friends list. We started talking over several several months and I was telling M N I'm a radio DJ. I play all your stuff all the time at the time. I believe you guys were on a break and h. We started talking. I ended up taking a trip to New York City and I told him like oh I'm, heading into the city and he's like. Oh here's, my number when you get to town call me so I check into the Howard Johnson's go to the payphone dating myself here and I call up mark and he's like. Oh you're, like six blocks away from me, come on over, so I walked down to his apartment. He was hanging out with his daughter, so I go in. He shows me his little studio. All of his airsoft guns, his Prince Tambourine, his bases and stuff. We had a great time so about a month or two later I get a cassette tape in the mail and it's something that mark made in his studio called Mark White's big bottom base. It's got four or five songs on it and it was all just like a little fun solo project. He did I' play it on my show and stuff. So that's my little connection to you guys. So I took a picture of the tape and I sent it to mark. I still have this after all these years and I'm like Hey, dude, I'd love to talk to you about this, but that's my odd little connection. I I hung out with mark wite once h way back in the day. You know when you're in a band when you're in a bench, it was like a thing that over the years people always say about your bandmates to you. You know Yot felt like when, whenever somebody's like, Oh, I met your drammer Errand, theyre, always Sai God he's such a beautiful guy, really nothey always say that aboutim and when they need Eric to like Um Hehe', seems kind of pissed off Sheok and I'm like no yeah Itas. Like matter you know, and then Yo'll need mark and they're like your Basler's kin of an as and then I'm Gon. I just mound out like two years ago that 'cause you K. I don't know what people say about me 'cause I m they don't say it to me. So when people run into them and say that they've met me, they always say: M Ni' met Chris like nine times, and he never remembers who the fuck I am well. I can guarantee Mark White, doesn't remember who the fuck I I eber the futhe Onin. This level is like fucking through the roof. I love it, but I I still have the h. You know the unreleased Mark White Solo, album here in my possession. So I heard that that was really cool. Yeah. It's got O. Let's see the songs on it. We got spunky the cat trance pose, which was my favorite land of the lost another day summer. Chill and seven, it's Alwa multiple base, instrumental stock right right, yeah yeah, it's that he's such a those guys are sidiary players and we we started in a lot of bands. You know guys like Um, like you know, our friends like hooting the blow fish and blues traveler and stuff like they knew each other in either college or high school and Theyr in ter, as they l grew up together and the spin doctors like we didn't know each other. We we were a band because each guy in the band sought the other three guys wit, the best guys wem best players were, I thought, mark and Eric and Aaron e Best Base Player, Guitar Player N Drummer around, and that's why we were Ben. They thought I was the best Singero. That's it so like there's this great thing in our ban, where it's sort of like oh you, you're man like you're in a bed n fuck you don on the farker stage and play I don't Flucke care. We got a GIG to do like we're ther's tort of a thing now, after thirty years, you know like we all know each oter's, kids and m. We fluck and love each other and we're like siblings. You know Um and I use I from siblings. You know, instead of like we're N we're like not brothers, we're like siblils, you know like we sort of like we hate each other, but we fuck and love each other, and we really know each other really well, and we know each other well because we started out not with this like romantic idea of us is like the four musketeers kind of thing. Like you know, whet we were Ik having this mythology about each other, we're just like back as a great player. I want to be in a bad with him, and so I think we're really really great friends now, because we didn't start out like from a place of liking each other. Now we like each other, because we've been through so much together and we know each other really know each other and have like we've broken up and we've like fight t fucking. Brian and dirty nasty, ass, pocking fights, and we just all I used to hear about those fites. I think the dynamics more interesting than MSH writes. You know, hat I meante fights are Lik. That Shit were like act. Ot as interesting is the fact that that, like we just all really Um know that none of us are ever going to be in an onsamble or we can play together with the other members like skin doctors, a lick, this crazy chamistry. You know a lot of your a lot of your Um. You know viewers, probably a re like oh the guy from the spin, that's funny. I remember they had and two princes ND little n Isscapeyowong and, like that's great as long as people knew who the fuck I am like, I'm making ee Ama, you know what I mean. That's fine, but I think what people don't know and and and mark- I think you know- 'cause you've KINDOF followed us at we're. A fuckingd Hollaciou live band and everybody might goodust everybody in the bank an really fucking play and, like you know, you come out to see the ban you're going to hear like a killer version of little missgape you're on two princes. If that's what you want to hear, but you're going to hear an entire night worth of really strong music played by for Um, really really strong musicians, who um not only have like spent thirty years, really honing our chemistry as a ban and holing hour, like ability to really play together, but who just met each other and immediately had this crazy kind of heard chemistry. So it's sort of like you know, like the t's, the best of of a lot of worlds. You Know Rg and I'm glad you brought up the the live element of the music, because that's so important and you know somebody who's a fan of jambands anytime. We, you know, we talk about, Oh, whether it's the spin doctors or blues traveler, it's like oh they're, okay, I'm like have you heard the live stuff, it's totally different. Like you said, I mean you guys had put out that live album a few years ago over you were touring overseas and then you know homebelly group. You guys recorded that down at the wetlands. I believe Yeah Yep, that was such a special venue and anybody from that scene really grew out of the wetlands, an some of the improvisation and music that you guys would perform on that unjust, a a nightly basis, just improvising and honing your skills for all the people at home. Christ Aron is cheesing from year to year, while Marc Sahe, Soo, Eslika, mother, Foeryea, Don' Leed Ciger, I ont even get you everywhere. Well, no, I mean there's just there's a huge difference. Like you were saying you know. With Your Live Abe, you go to pocket full of CRYP. Tonight you go to the libray em. For example, you listen to off my line. The energy live. I it's just you just cannot stop moving it. Just it kicks it up an Atch, DAR EAI say this. Our version of Spanish castle magic is all my Godion. Thank you. You know like that Wen. I tell you little story about that: yeah go for it, so we do that record a and you know I think, that's a standout track on that. It's a tribute, a stone free, its tribute record to to Jenny, Hanbrinson you I I thought we really mailed it s, rel scan our track, and so that song is in the film as good as it gets with Um Jackeah yeah, an Cuba, Goo Juniorr and ND. What's her name, hoongonhant Ar Osi, alking, great movie, e Caner, and so like stuff like that comes in and and you're like it comes in like a year and a half before the movie ever comes out. So it's like! Oh yeah, we got an opera to do like a a Um. You know a Jack Nicholson, movie Um, you know have that song an and you're like y great, yes ecorse. I don't et an you know whatever, yes, Jack Nicolson, yes, our Movi and a jacket is mecor movie s years later you know a year and a half later or something I like go on a date to see that movie toally fomtepater of h movie, no idea. You know so I'm sitting there and that scene comes on where, like you know, th y, they t y just like hits play on a boom box and like all of a Suden Arme, my ban is coming on on the moonbox and I was like I wa forgot that Jack Nicholso movie. So I like turn to my date and I'm like she's looking at me all right, shes l, look at me like she knows my wif and I'm like she was like cul walk, Ot ofdid, you bring me Ha. We O perve, like Isa, that was a slick move. Very S, also tit's a great movie kidnme working it back around to what you were saying earlier, Mancrush, it's not about seeing your CD in Walmart. It's about hearing your song in a Jack Nicholson, movie, ow you're on a GA wothat's, an important thing. I think right there. If that doesn't seal the deal for you man, I don't know what does Mark Im, I'm going to give you an R J city, like weird coincidence, so, like we posted like two weeks ago on our facebook or INSERAM or whatever, like the top video rentals sometime, it was like in nineteen. Ninety I or whatever, and as good as the gets was on there right and T. I got a message from Jamie Kennedy: Nd he goes. There was a b. There was like eight movies on there jam canty Gos. Oh, do you know which one of these movies you're Gesorin and scream? She was on there and I'm like well, obviously you're inscreemd too, and he goes no there's another one. So I go looking 'cause. I didn't know this he's in as good as it gets, as well as like Dorech as like a Fucki beggar on the street or something like before. He was big, so e that out of him- and he goes Yep. That was me o that tied in again, it's so lika weird everything ties in acrazy world. So can I plug a couple of things yeah? Do it man all right, cool wooll? You know I'm Chris Baron, I'm lead singer. Skin doctors come and see to spin doctors live great, live act, Um back, you know, whetever clock we get as they want routimeanwhile. I'm doing I a thirsty Thursday happy hour, the Chris Baron thirsty Thursday happy hour on staged docom. I don't know if you guys a checked out stage tcom, but it's a live concert platform online, stageat dotcom. Even if you don't like check out my shel, you might tink onm a dick or an Ashril, probly Ge y m tsome kind of a Jur check, outstage o Dotmom, because- and I have no- you know- vestged interest in it, but it's a very, very cool platform for checking out UM concerts. My friend, atuall Campbell, is on there Morgan James Tons of people who ere doing really really cool it very entertaining was a little chat window. You watched tha concert and if you Kindo, like chat, andit's a great way to support the artists that you appreciate o during this time. While they can't work, my entire summer is H, is cancelled and pretty much. You know my entire earning year is gone, so this is like how Wi'm making a living and also I have a patrion which is, I don't know if you guys know, but it's like an online platform where you can get behind the artists that you really like, and I may seem like an idiot. I you know my philosophy is I don't take myself seriously, but I take what I do really seriously: I'm an accomplished: Guitar Player and a very serious songwriter. So if you get on my Patrion, U and ever been interested in how songs are written or how to learn how to Por Tetar or just the artistic process in general or lyric writing I've got this really cool kind of video blog about how that's all done, and if you get on there, you can have access to all kinds of videos from you know guys been doing this since he was ten years old Um. You know showing you just day to day what I'm doing and my my pit is fine, O pety onit entertaining and that's me, I'm Chrisparn and Um. You know you dont want to check it. O'tl go fuck yourself. Thank you! So much for come out what I gave you my number mixd. So you know Gui free to reach out to me. I don't know if tyou've ever beat, guess or anything like that. U Absolutely Aga Mas! I'M GLAD YOU THIA N! All the Ba you Ao Tus Supply Yo wagers y bit a inute all right deelers! Well, I guess we have to end this episode right here, but don't worry if you've missed an episode, you can always head back on our website. Dualing decades dotcom you can subscribe to the show on Apple Podcast, spotify Stitcher, I heart radio everywhere pondcast can be found, and you know what you can also subscribe to. A few other shows too, while you're at it. You can subscribe to miscast commentary, that's a pretty good one! I hear and of course you can always go over and check out the one headlike nineties, podcast subscribe to both of those shows drew Zacman. I want to thank you for coming on the show this week and competing again. Dropping the knowledge. Tell everyone the type of knowledge you're going to drop on your most recent episode yeah. So we we have a few good things going up, we're we're still doing a lot of like nineties, N B, a stuff with a good buddy Phabi, and I we're talking about that. So that's always fun. My nineties fads episode. My little ninetyes fats brackets com wont out soon. I knoice a that like a while ago, but it's actually almost done post production. So sorry about that M, also working on a new episode about the worst nineties parents in movies, and I'm also having my daughters on to talk about Aladdin. So that is going to be a very fun conversation. I'm looking forward to that. So that's we have coming up over at the one head late, nineties, poncast and Joe Finley. I want to thank you very much for coming in joining the commentary team tonight, picking up the slacks, since I was having some horrible Internet issues, I tell everybody what they're going to be hearing coming up on miscask commentary. All right. We got some really good movies coming up in the near future. We did some records of some fun old, eighties ones. We've got garbage PAIL, kids coming up real soon. We select that one for you so YOUC. You can join us as we push through that one and we are working through. If you go back to some of our more recent episodes, we just did N ND nineteen. Eighty Nin that man, a Jack Nicholson movie, so one prince, was in that sound track just for what that's worth just calling back and and yeah, so lots of good movies coming up for the rest of the year, where just digging deep, especially Inintoour, eighties routes right now so join us then, and join as far coming attractions episodes when we nounce te episodes and just talk about the week in news and also we've been diving in to zoom and inviting a lot of crazy people. Just Rom twitter to just join me and talk to me and you'll find a recent episode where I came across a bunch of rintinions and helped teach some of them, English and one of them claime to be the former president. And so yet that's the those are the kind of people I draw when I, when I invite people to come, talk to me all right, dolers, we'll make sure you check out both of those shows but tilnext time we're going to bid you a piece, love, Lightna joy have a grateful week. Everyone, an TNRYMEDIA, Creski hadn't, tell you story only hears this Miltl town story, O Middletown, race war. You guys know Middle Town, Racebu, of course, yeah to I mean like first big opening, Gig spen doctors ever had middletown rashway opening for h, the almond brother. So you know, like I, had a history this place, so the ters Ar tore in like ninety three or four rolls through there, and it's us and um H, Sol asylum and screaming trees. Right and it's like. I found really early on with touring that, like about three weeks into the toury, you lose your fucking mind and first dor I ever did. I was in Lubbock Texas and really thought I was going crazy and and then, like a couple of days, went buyin o spot. You know, but it's like three weeks into the tours kind of like you, hit this wall, an you breakit. So it's three weeks into the tour, and somebody gives me some acid and I think uckmaybe that'll break things up a little bit, so it takes some LSD and Um. I'm on the tour bus and losing my mind because it's too CLAUSCROPHOBIC and Stuf wa I go outside and the thing on Mat Tur was Um thing on that to her. It was our first kind of like big tourss. The thing was golf carts like we were just all into like getting a golf card and just whizzing all around the VENU, and it would be like there's no golf carse. Let the Sprim nockers have all the golf carts like on the wolky Dochan Pack. You Got ta get her n. The Golf Cart back like these security, guys on him to golf. We justlike woe'd, take all the Golfacks, and so I go Wan. I get a gall cart, but it's like a raceway. You know so it's j St this big Oval Track and m. You know nothing in the middle of it. I I gravl, I drab a golf card and I go out into the middle of the raceway and, like I got the I turned the wheel of the golf cart all the way to the left, and I got my head like out of the golf cardnd s looking at the ground and I'm just going around and around and around in circls R, that rt race on the dirt raceway yeah on the dirt wayw in the middle, we're all of the we're all of like the demolition dervy cars ar like piled up and stuff like that, just in the middle of the Raseway 'cause. There's! No, you now, there's no race going on. You know, so, I'm just out in the middle of the dirt just going around and around with my head like out of the thing just like this, you know thehos Tey cal help. All of a sudden. I hear somebody, U Go Hey! You want to Driv something really cool and I like stop and I'm really annoyed that I'm being interrupted in like this physical, like I'm figuring out like Neutonian physics. By doing this, so I'm sort of annoyed. I look up with this guy. Will you want to Tran Tobe really cool Soi'm like sure, so he takes me over to the sport lift and it's the worklift that they used to like put the follow spot up at the top of the raceway. The wheels on this thing are, as our towers Andyou know, they're like six feet. Six thee wheels are huge, nd and th the kind of wheels that turn like independently from each other and there's like a pork lift on it. That has like this hydraulic thing that goes out like o e hundred and fifty feet, olike all of a sudden. You know I ci M upon this thing, I'm like seven feet off the ground. He's like you know this is these. Are The gears you know fir? Second, third, that's reversed. This is the poor cliff this kilts it. This makes it go like this. This extends it. You know ofe to go souns like suddenly driving this canting vehicle and on Ohat da you know, ire, not laing them like like a mechanical blonto souris on acid, and so I take it out onto the speedway. I figure will thisill be fun I'll, just like race it with myself. I don't know so. I go out on this bway spe. Ways like raked, you know like a like a screewavs are so mout on the sping kind of silted like this and Um driving, and it does. It only does like twenty eight miles in hours and, U O almos sort of like a lot when it's huge like that yea yeah. What am I doing so? I I look into the middle of the raceway and I see all of the DEMOLITN Derby cars and I'm like. Oh, I know what I'm going to do. Si Go with the demalition derby cars and like there's this bright, hot, pink one. You know with like the number seventeen on it and I just go over and I pick it up. I pick this flucking thing up with the Hort left and I've got it about, like you know, Ey level show its like eight feet off of the ground and I backed up- and I turn around five o'clock, which Bens dinner time right so like when you're on a toor like that, especially if you're in the crew like dinner time is like so high high point of the day. You know what I mean. This is we're talking about the most exciting moment, especially with the crew guys so everybodywas, like five o'clock people generally lined up for the food we Hav really good catering on this stor as well. The foodus really really good. So not only was this like the high point of the day, but everybody was like fore siht, and so I like take this huge car over to catering and the guys from so asylum like they would start drinking at like three in the afternoons there were like trunk already, so I take the car over to their tour bus. Basically, like time and perfect, I n't you know, like I didn't know they were going to come out, must write them, but they open up the door and they're like the door. Like opens up against the car that I got over N. I can't get out the door and then I, like you, know I back up a little bit and they come out the door and they're just like oychris baron has a demolion Derby, Car Tho fluck and right then I feel, like his hand, come down like like a Leao like a steel clamp on my leg and I look down at it. Thi State Trooper, Imeanlik God. I looks what the Fuck Do. You think you're doing, and I look him right in the IAND ago. I don't know I hadn't been the lead singer. Ofeckliding Lan like I would have been on my way to jail. You know that is wellhow long was that before you went on stage it was still Ike fou hours before I went on stage. Oh my God yeah. It was crazy. I hended up like Jimid, you got know Jimmy tinks th, the famous Um d J. I think I ended up like in like he had a trailer or something I think I ended up in his trail and just like crying into his lap or something as a rock and role musician. I grew up in in Princeton New Jersey, Um, so like. If you were into thermonuclear dynamics like it would happen, but you know, if you were a teenage kid, it was super fucking boring. So I I got into rock and roll kind of to correct the boredom of the community. In my of my Youthi I used to wish like II, wish like more rock. An old bands would come through because for me you know the one or two times a year like a great bad to come through, be like you know the greatest greatest thing for me, so I think I kind of got into rock and old because I wanted to like you know Ma like things better, a yeah din't get it I've. Always loved playing people are always like. You Know Oh d, You like playing l, A and Nashville and I'm always like yeah, that's cool, but I'd rather I'd rather play like demoine and Middletown like I like the secondary tertiary markets, 'cause you get there and peoil like I, like Wen pople, like what the fluckere you doing here. Owee come. You know what the highlight is that year, though, is if it was ninety three. Ninety four is, might evenave been ninety five we had Maryland Manson play at sportlander, familiar with th Sportland Catteh. I don't know if I ever placed pore. Oh my God that PLA like you, if you went there, Youe pretty much just putting your life on the line, ecause you're getting smoshed 'cause. The entire place was maybe like, where the show was maybe thousand square feet and there was a wall on both sides. So you just got smished against both walls and if HEU tried to get on stage the bounchlers just pumbled the shit out of you, it was Lang good times, Yeh PLAC SA something EAN I went to. I went to like the hardcoure thing you know. Like Um, I saw a DA an stop box and all this guy o Mor earlier dead cennedy's a minor threat like I saw those guys at citygards, intrenton and and then like hanging out and hanging on Philly spent, I swent the somewhere in Philly. We used to go and see just like local bands. Like these bands called us, it was a ban called five story fall and man. You know like the morpinds and, like you w you weren't happy unless you went home with the bloody livt like that. was that was cool. You know and getting your face. SMATSHED INBY is skinhead. You know get an elbow by a skin ad. It was like. Oh One night, I put my my toth through my lip and we go to the hospital and andlikethe other nurse is like. I can give you a stitch and then you want to have a scar and I'm like. So if you don't give me a stitch, I will have a scar. She was like yeah, Youl, lave, a Scar D, Ias, SOM cool nosskitch. That's the way to do it. Man, ANA o PA, that's funny that he mentioned Princeon was like ten. I feel like was kind of boring when I was a kid, but then in my twenties Princeton's also because There'as so many bars you can like go to and Withi like a couple of block radius. I'L try. You grew up around there yeah, so I I so I grew up in Hamilton um I was born in Shrnton, grew up in Hamilton and uh yeah. I mean spent a lot of time in Princeton, so Y, that's cool, yeah Doi was going to ask o you ever make it over. I'm sure you did to the prince on reccer at exchange. Are You flucking kidding me Igd? I was etamy origin crew for sure I O in my whole thing was Um. You know I'd take my allowance. You know over to the Princeton record exchange. You know, like John Paper, you know I was like Sijon like the Blues, like rock and role cump on the blues. Right was at fifteen. He was an sixte. I yeah, and I was like all right so show me the blue, so he played me like he was into really slick stuff. You know with great harmonica players, so he was into like the first thing he got into as the blues brothers. Then he was in a like cauled, butterfield and Um sugar blue, and he showed me all these, like really slick kind of things, so I was like wow, that's it. So I went to the PRINCON recardis change. You know with like my allowance. You know like four dollars and eighty five cents and I bought all these like one dollar Ye manynine sand, blue re, ther, Wer focking completely gut buck in you, know crazy ass. You know old ash shit with you know, like Um, you know people I never heard of again, like Van Hunt, singing a tune called Jelly shelling woman people, don't like me 'cause. I won't give my jelly away like it was like. Oh flock. You know her fifteen years gold and then, like you know, my buddy played me accides. You know my Bob Marley Wussling Wow Regga, yes walked in there with like four dollars: ND- maybe five cents and bought all these like one and two dollars Lev Lee Scratch Pari Records Sos, I always got like. I always ended up. You know discovering things but then getting funneled back into like the complete down and dirty gutbucket version, because I only had a couple of bucks on me and I would buy like the nine nine cent record version of whatever I was learning about, and it totally shaped me as a musician bcause, I'm still like a Gud Buckin. You know kinddown and dirty assole.