Dueling Decades
Dec. 23, 2020

Chris Van Vliet renders his verdict on this wrestling duel between 1984, 1992 & 1999!

Chris Van Vliet renders his verdict on this wrestling duel between 1984, 1992 & 1999!

We've been jonesing for months to do another wrestling episode, but we just couldn't get the stars to align with our guests. Well, the wait is over! Time to throw it back to some of our favorite squared circle moments from the decades we love the most, the 80s and 90s of course! For this, we needed to get someone with keen wrestling prowess who could adjudicate this royal rumble of sorts. So this week, we present the Larry King of wrestling, the 4x Emmy award-winning, Chris Van Vliet! Beau Becraft was super excited to join us this week and compete with Wrestling of 1999. Sadly, Beau fell ill just before our recording. Being the gent that he is, Mike Ranger stepped in last minute, armed with Beau's research, he was committed to bringing this one home for his former tag team partner, Beau Becraft! Marc James decided he too was going to cover the 1990s and selected the pro wrestling gems of 1992. Rounding out this triple threat match, Mancrush dials up his boyhood memories with wrestling of 1984.


Chris Van Vliet is put to the test this week, and he had some seriously difficult decisions to make! In this episode you might hear something about the best ending to a brass knuckle fight, the worst PPV Mancrush has ever seen, WWF's killer counter-programming, the worst lyrics of all time, a devastating moment in wrestling, the birth of wrestling entertainment, stylin' and profilin', awkward happy endings, Luc Deveraux believes in the ice bath, Mother Mancrush's secret weapon, MTV's most-watched show of 1984, what to expect in wrestling post-Covid, a message for the sweat hogs, the ires of being an assman, Mike Ranger's adoration for pro wrestling, the moves that really move em, video games to make your thumbs bleed, made up championships, the longest fictitious title reign in history, the bridging German suplex is wildly ineffective, pro wrestlers Chris Van Vliet has coming up, and a big ol' get well soon to Beau Becraft!


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Odcast New York s doing decade. I is wax piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the ATS Beeni babies or crack babies, really pene, Moda or macdon? Maybe Bricty? Maybe Whitney. Do you like new metal, O new wave, dave, ro or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the vantl begins doling decades. Let's see who wins joy as roucasting from the podcast New York Studios, it's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the decades battlfor supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James, and this week we bring you an all wrestling duel, as I will be battling WT, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, alongside the other jewelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off ready to rumble. I one thousand nine hundred and eighty four say hello to mancrush. That's right. Mancross has six year old man crush from one thousand nine hundred and eighty four a lot of memories. So we'll see what what good memories come out of this some bad, also joining the panel this week with the best slaberknockers of one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, it's Micranger Elo everyone Mike rander of the video Rangers podcast, representing one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine in the world of wrestling. I was seventeen years old and I was nowhere near a turnbuckle and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So this week's celebrity guest judge is a four time: Emmy awardwinning TV host and the best interview in the BIS all rise and welcome, Judge Chris Van Vlee guys. Thank you so much for having me on all Reyes. I like this. I need a I made, like a handsome bailift to my right to be saying these things too, I'm happy to say that I was alive for every single one of these years that we're going to be talking about. I was young during some of them, but man. I can't wait. Thank you for having me on. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories: movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. Remember Jewellers, review the show, listen subscribe and play along at home as we commence another episode of all right. Let's go right down to Chris Vanvley for the coin toss I brought an actual coin, but it's not what you think. This is the big gold bell on one side and on the other side, W EAHSO. I guess we call the side with an actual head on it. Well call the Rick Flare side here, heads and we'll call the big gold belts, Har Tails. That thing is awesome Mike you can call it. I'M gonna go with tales. Okay, here we go. I hope I don't drop this thing, because it's very heavy and feels expensive. Okay. It is Tas, oh well, this is excellent. Would anybody mind if I defer my pick, because I'm simply a Filin here and I don't know what the fuck is good or bad all right, Mike Ranger, you won the cointoss. You get to go first, but you've deferred your first pick. So man crusher. Why don't you start off all right? Let's, let's go into TV. I mentiond this to you guys before we started. I didn't give you the full details, Wel, let's get into this one. So let's go to November twenty tse on thusand, nine undred and eighty four with everything good. You got to have some bad, so I only get what's given to me time period wise and I can't only cover ww after t ine thousand ninehundred Andeighty four, so I have to look at what other people are doing at the time and with that being said, let's take a peak. It woodole, Jim crocket productions, was up to in on thousandnine hundred ndeighy four, and I'm going to be a hundred percent honest here. This is probably one of the worst paper views. I've ever seen in my entire life. The entire production was box from the moment they hit the record button if you're looking at the names on the card, there's some there's big ones like we just mentioned. Rick flair he's on this dusty roads is on this toly blanchards on this fricky steamboat, you got the cool offs. Why wo Ma Daniels on this superstar billy? Graham, I thouan Ninehne four, but let me tell you, there's only one reason to watch this and thats strictly for the laughs. So, let's get into what I quote unquote is the premier event of the wrestling century is what they called it here and it begins with the it didn't begin with this. But this is the first thing that I remember was the the Nwa brass knuckle championship was part of this with Manny Fernandas in Black Bart. There were no black or there were no brass knuckles. They just taped their hands up with black tape and Min Manny Fernand as one via roll up ending the the brass knuckle championship right there, great ending, most devastating movind, all ofus ohwas. I was amazing, but to begin the whole thing off th. I think this was the most devastating moe thousand nine hundre, a Ih four. You had Denny Brown versus Mike Davis and what was the NWA world junior heavyweight title match and apparently they didn't even have a title or even really a champ at this point, and both guys were baby faces, so is very weird match. Mike Davis E even checked on Denny Brown at one point he got thrown out of the ring and he went down and see if he was okay and then he held the ropes open for him for his ree entry. Very bizarre I mean this. This is starcade that I'm talking about by the way. This is like the biggest event of the year. This is what they're bringing to the table, but then David hits the the bridging German suplex for the pin, but ends up pinning himself in the process and the the ring announcer declares Davis, the victor, which is a complete fuck up. It should have went to Denny Brown, so the whole thing starts off with conspiracy. It's like what is going on. Then you had Brian Adiis is in the like: probably a job or back in a day, they're calling them Brian Adedus. Through this whole thing, then you get dusty backstage who's, doing an interview with a very young, Tony Schivani, which is fantastic to see but he's talking about his Matchwick Flair, and he says the Rick Flare is going to be yesterday's newspaper. I think he was going for yesterday's news, oit's dusty road, so I mean maybe he went he meant newspaper, I'm not sure they had the the Tuxedo Street fight between Paul Jones and Jimmy Vallion, where the loser is either Strip, naked or pinned, and Luckily Yeah Paul Jones on Via pinfall. But there was there's a stipulation in this match that the loser had to quote unquote leave the area, but they never elaborate what the fuck that actually entails. So you don't know if doe Yeu have to leave the state the the territory like they don't even tell you it's just the area around the ring it might be it could. It could possibly be that you don't even know the only great match. This whole thing you got tully blancherd against steamboat, fantastic match, tolly pulls that one out, I'm skipping a lot of the matches in this, but there's a superstar billing gram, who is now a karate master in one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, which I didn't even remember, which is completely hilarious. If you find this match between Wahu, mcdaniel and billy, Graham, you don't have to watch the whole match. Just watch billy Graham's entrance to the ring it's Fantasi, he looks great, but him as a CRATI master just doesn't fit and then to the main event. Okay, this is the biggest event of the year starcade it's for a million dollars between rick flare and dusty roads and they have smokeing Joe Fraser who's, the special guest referee, and he calls the match for a cutover dusty's eye. Like he's refering a boxing match, it's like the weirdest ending ever like. If that happened, and like I'm, not Goingto, say thousand and twenty because there's nothing happen. I Two thousand and twenty say if that happened in two thousand and nineteen there would have been a flat out riot in whatever arena. This thing was that it was the weirdest thing he wins and basically ricklar just leaves he's like all right piece out and then they show hem in the back a little bit later with his check for a million dollars, but that's Whyi Gut. I got for TV, I got and it's of course this is, was on closed, caption pay per view back in ninee, eighty four, but this is starcade by the old JCP wow, all right, Mie Greenger. Are you ready to go with your television selection? Oh sure, why not mark well created to counterprogram wcws Thursday night offering thunder WWF smackdown made its first appearance as a one off special on April Twenty N, one thousand nine hundred nd ninety nine, initially the special utilized the Monday night raw set before eventually getting its own unique identity, including a dedicated set theme, music and Moore. It made its official episodic debut. On August, twenty e e thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, the show was not live like raw, but instead, like WCW's, thunder recorded on Tuesdays, smackdown and actually proved to be so popular WC. W made a scheduling, change, moving thunder to Wednesday's and as to not directly compete to wws new program. The show was long been referred to as the company's secondary or B show it seen its home network and ardates change countless times throughout o the course of his twenty year plus existence. It made the move to cable television in two thousand and nineteen as part of a massive deal with Fox network where it now ears live on Friday nights, the show, as certainly arned its place and pop culture. At the very least of the name alone, the show itself derived its name from a popular catch phrase from the rock the smackdown name, even extended to a series of several video games throughout the years and if you're like me, you often use the term as it relates to getting things done around the house, for instance, laying the smack down on these gutters when the time comes to clean them out an when the time comes to clean the mountain spring fo all right, oh, I should mention that bow wrote this. Yes, I hid a breaface yeah OCA. I can't tell you how many times I tell the laundry I need to perform a smackdown on it. Yeah also of note ECW debuts on tnn on August, twenty Sevenh, Eric Bishoff is fired by WCW on September, tent and Vince Ruseau and edfur become writers of or WCW on October. Third Yeah, I'm sorry. I tried my best all right, gentlemen, so we'll go over to my television selection. Now. What I'd like to have right now is for all of you, fat out of shape, dueling decades Douche bags to keep it down for just a minute. So I can show you all what a real pick looks like so we're going to go to leap year February, twenty ninth on thousand nine hundred and ninety two for WCW Super Brawl to best friends now bit arrivals brawl for it all absolutely fantastic pay per view event. It starts off with flying and Brian Defeating Jusan Thunderlagger, one of the best opening matches ever. I think the only one that comes to mind that might be better was Breton Owen, and then you have Marcus Alexander Bagwell AK buff Bagwell, beating the tailor made man Ron. Simmons defeuats Cactus Jack, and then you got the Zman and Ban Hammer Defeat Richard Morton and Vinne Vegas Aka Kevin Nash. Then you get too fantastic tag. Team matches, berry, Windham and dusty. Roads take out the dangerous alliance of Larry's, ZABISCO and Steve Austin, and then the tag team title match of the Dangerous Alliance of Arn Anderson and beautiful, bobby, defeating the stiner brothers. Now we go to our main events and that's rick rude defeating Ricky steamboat. In twenty minutes, this match is absolutely fantastic. Beltabell. You can't go wrong any time. Rick root is in the Rin, with Ricky steamboat and then our maid event sting capturing his second world title from Lax Luger, who this would actually be his last match in the feneration. Until Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety five, she would go to do some body building and then go work for Vince and try to be the new HOL Kogan. We all know how that worked Ou. So that's what I got February: Twenty Nine One thousand nine hundred and ninety two super brawl. Two! That's my selection. Let's throw it down the Chris Van Vleet for the ruling of the television round and three great choices there so November Twenty Tse, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four April, twenty n, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine February, twenty nine one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and you were listing off all these names there, I'm like man, I o to trip down Memory Lang, which is what this whole show is about, which I love. I think, though, it's going to be hard to beat one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine solely because the smackdown set with the fist is the greatest wrestling set of all time, and that actually is the greatest return of two thousand and twenty. When the smackdown fist came back during the Firefi Flun Fun House match very briefly there with John Sina I was like this is it is this is perfect. So I also think that smackdown was a big Fu towcw. You know the Monday. Nat Wars were, you know they were hot and heavy. They were happening and I think that Vince Wen hey you got that Thursday show yeah, we'll show you what we can do on a Thursday as well, and the fact that it's now on cable television, the fact that I's now on Fox is pretty incredible, so I'm giving it o one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine micranger. Oh thank likes like shit all right now. I got to pick another fucking topic. Allright excited for this. I don't know where to go from here. You know, I think I'm going to go with news, because this looks depressing and I might as well get it out of the way. I'm sorry guys, I know where You'e going yeah should I go there. Yo have to have a choice. I don't have anything else. These are the notes, as they were given to me, held that the Kemper arena and Kansas City Missouri on May Twenty Tret, Oe thousand nine hundred and ninety nine wwf pay per view over the edge will forever be overshadowed and marred by the tragedy of the death of Owen Hart scheduled to face the Godfather for the intercontental championship. During the event, heart was to make his entrance as his altar ego, the Blue Blazer, which would involve him being flown into the rafters on a cable and a HARNESSD device during his interest. The device malfunction leading to heart being released too early and falling more than seventy eight feet landing in the ring and to his death in front of over sixteen thousand fans in attendants and countless fans watching from home. Equally, as criticized was Vince Wick Man's decision to continue the broadcast. Despite the tragedy in court, Hearts, wife, Martha children and parents sued the WWF, contending that poor planning of the stunt caused Oen's death WWF settled the case out of court, paying eighteen million to the family due to the accident and controversy surrounding the event the over the edge and Ame was retired. The show was also not released for home video viewing until the launch of the WWE network in two thousand and fourteen, where an edited version of the show removing any mention of Heart's death was released. The death of Olen heart is widely regarded as one of the most tragic events and professional wrustling history and is still discussed today, most recently during in a season, two episode of the Popular Vice Tatwork series dark side of the ring where the tragedy was discussed at greater length, though his life was cut. Far too short. His legacy remains as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time: Wow yeah, that's a tough one right there, man that'd be perfect. This was the worst of episode yeah. Unfortunately, it's a best UF episode, but yeah monumental loss for the wrestling world. All right, man crush. Let's see what you have for the news round: Oh man, that was a dowter all right. So, let's Go January, twenty third Ne Thousand Nine hundred and eighty four you guys will have to follow my lead on this one right. I'm sure there is an argument to be made that this pick should be under television. However, I've looked long and hard. I cannot find a single TV listing for this match, at least on the night that it took place, which was a Monday night, and the arena where this took place. Massan sqare garden also has his own channel, which Mike NOWs as well as I do for a long time, Goy MSG channel. However, on the night of January twenty third, according to the Daily News, they were playing boxing from the felt form, which of course is part of MSG, but it's not rustling. It's boxing. There is, of course, MSG footage of this historicn match, but I'm thinking, that's probably the closhed circuit recording from inside the arena, and they just reused that and resold it, which is normal, but in any event, this was such like a nothing burger at the time that, even if this was on television, it wasn't even listed correctly in the TV guid and Daily News was: Listen is boxing, so here's the sole article about this entire event. It's not long. I mean this article. It's not even a it's one. Paragraph T says iron sheek to face incredible hulk is, is the article the Iron Sheeke makes his first defense of the World Wrestling Federation heavyweight title in the Garden Monday night against the incredible whole Cogan, which is weird incredible. Cokin Ho Cogan replaces Bob Backlan who lost the title to the SHEEK and December. The first bat will go on APM backland hasn't fully recovered from his injured right, shoulder he received in losing the title against the Shiku and companion features who says it like the incompanion features and companon features. The magnificent Morocco defends his intercontinental crown against Tito Santana and Aldre the giant teams, with Mr Atlas and Rocky Johnson against the three semoens and a six man team test. I mean here's. This is a historic event, not always this the beginning of Hokamania, but this is also. This is the explosion of wrestling to the mainstream. As I mentioned before the event, it might have been overlooked that you know they did get that TV guide wrong. Well, in January, on thousand nine hundred and eighty four, I looked this up out of all of the newespapers in the United States, iron sheek, the term iron sheak was mentiored a wopping forty one times, that's every newspaver in the NI forty one times, co cogan was mentioned a mear twenty one times. So I skipped ahead to January oe thousand nine hundry five whole Cogan was mentioned over a hundred times and not just which we see a lot whe. We do the the research FIS stuff. You see a lot of card descriptions, not just card descriptions. He had like full on articles by January and eighty five. Then, if you give it two full years after the WRESTLNGMI it took place in eighty five. Now you have hole cogan in January, F, et six who's mentioned seventeen hundred and fifty times in two years. Seventeen hundred fifty times so not only is every kid in the US saying their prayers needing their vitamins now, but professional wrestling is on the main stage and all it's all. Thanks to this five minute match where whole cocan becomes the first guy ever allegedly to to break the camel clutch hits the leg drop her round the world we got the champion. I mean the footage of this event. It's amazing, though, if you watch this, there is foot age from MSG channel. You have Andre the giant Ivan Putsky after the match. I got hole. Cogan in the locker room, they're pouring champaigne over his head me jeans, interviewing Hogan, with his mom and dad in the locker room. I mean just felt like a huge deal. That'sawesome I mean it's Ama like I never saw his parents before. I never saw any wrestlers PA didn't know that hole cocan had parents exactly and his dad actually kind of looks like him. He had the the seame hair that whole cad once e got older, but he would keep that belt for staggering. Fourteen hundred and seventy four days until he lost tha, think Dodar o the giant, Februay R, Ne Thousand Nine hundred and eight eight, but I mean there's a lot in this story. It's not just him. It's wrestling! It's ww, startan pickup steam. Here from this one thay, you know you went from Bob Backland being in the champion to iron cheeke to now Ahoga and he's carrying the torch. For you know what is that, like four years for solid years- and you know I kept looking in the paper trying to see like days afterwards, and the only thing I could find I swear was an article about this big and just said: Hole. Cogan who's appeared on several times on pro wrestling cards at the Brown County Veterans Memorial arena on the World Wrestling Federation chabionship this past Monday, when he pinned iron cheek before a rectord crowd of twenty six thousand fans and Masssquare Garden. I don't know I mean it's, that's all they said about this whole thing, so Yu're talk one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, where this is wrestling and then two years later, it's huge every kid is all over wrustling, but that that was my story from January twenty third, nineteen, four, a runny. So for my new story, we're going to go over to the gazette in Montreal, Quebetc, Canada January twentieth, Oe Thousand Nine hundred and ninety two. Now, when I think of onethousand nine hundred and ninety two in wrestling, one thing comes to mine and one thing only so I had to find a news article on it and the headline reads: Flare Rumbles to WWF victory: Nature Boy, Rick flair comes to Montreal tonight as the World Wrestling Federation's new champion, flare, outlasted, twenty nine other wwf stars at the Nickerbacka arena in Albany yesterday afternoon in the annual royal rumble pay perview show tonight at the forum he'll take on four time, WWF champion Ho Kogen, who was eliminated late yesterday. So I think the headlines Buried here. It's the fact that Rick Flare outlasted twenty nine other people. He enters the rumble at three. He wins the WWF title. Then the next night has to fly to Montreal and ressells Hogan again. So if that doesn't tell the dedication and the true road warriorness, I guess, if that's a word of some of these professional wrestlers, it's just absolutely fantastic. Another article I found about this was actually in the Miami Harold January Twentyefth, N thousand nine hundred and ninety two and of course the world rumble was on January ninteenth. Now this article was supposed to be published on the nineteenth for some odd reason: They held it over to the Twentye and it says rumbles should be really rowdy. The best word to describe what today's pay per view will be about is roudy as an rowdy Roddy Piper, who will be the focal point of the World Wrestling Federation special, which begins at four PM. In a last minute decision, the WWF had Brett Heart, lose the intercontinental title to the Mounti, an springfield mass heart who wis scheduled to defend his title against the deadly dew right wanttoby will miss today's card because of a mere one hundred and four degree fever. So no mention of Rick Flar in the headline here, but totally separate article. Oddly enough, this article at the end goes on to say, come and check out the results posted here tomorrow. Well, since they posted this article on the next day, if you turnd this page, sixty one, it talks about flaire winning the world rumble. So I don't know why they misbrinted that. But that's what I got Fr. One thousand nine hundred and ninety two, the royal rumble with brickflair winning the title. It's my whole time, favorite rumble it is it's mine too, the bloody hair. So let's go down to Chris Van Vlee for the ruling on the news round. was I the only one growing up that thought? His name was Roddy Roddy Piper. I thought it was Brody Roddy and my Godt's a weird name. So it's wh N, whenever someone like says it correctly: Rowdy Roddy PAYERI'm, like Oh yeah, of course, yeah, but it brings back those memories. I like thet, we let off with some very dark, sad news and then two very nice stories to like kind of round it out there and it. This is a tough pick, because all three are big news stories: The birth of Alkamania, which is basically launching WWF Anto, the WF that we know now. In fact, if it wasn't for that Mo o on n Housand, nine hundred and eighty four, the four of US probably wouldn't be sitting around right now, because Vin sickman wouldn't have created this Jugger, not that he created flair. Winning I mean arguably one of the best rumbles of all time, but one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine Owen's death. That was one of those where woried you when it happened moments- and I remember it specifically, my mom woke me up. I was in high school the time my mom woke me up and said: Did you hear a wrestler died last night because I didn't watch the pay perview I' like what was a huge ressing fan like lives? What do O mean? A wrestler died yeah, someone named M Owen Owen, I'm like Oh, my God, what and Itwas one of those moments where I'll never forget that for the rest of my life, it was one of those where were you when it happened moments, and it also. You know there were so many different ramifications. After that I mean Bredhard, already hated Vince Cok man. This made him hat vinsook man that much more. This also made us think that he's probably never ever going back to WWF, and I just think that there was so much that ended up happening from that also gave us the best episode of Dark Side of the ring that I think we've ever seen. So Mike One Thousand Nine hundred and ninety nine, you win another round all right Mike you pick up another point. You jump out to a to nothing lead, but, more importantly, you get to select our next category. For our final one point round, I was afraid you're going to say that he is gracious in victory. I'm just rolling the dice here. I don't know what, because what I'm afraid of is that I'm going to waste? My like my great two point round pick, but I guess I don't have to worry about my how much of a wrestling fan are you. I tapped o one thousand nine hundred and ninety four okay, so we got two of the you should have been one of these other years, Mike wouldn't even been on this episode. Yeah, it was just he nice guy that filled in was like oh wait. Bos Got Notes: Okay, I'll, do it yeah. They found me on the street. They gave me a sandwich. Well, thank you Mike. I hope it was a delicious sandwich. Well, I thought it was, but it had mayonaise on it and I don't o I'm with Yoa yeah all right, so I think I'm I'm going to go with Music Youre in one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine we've got a WWF, the music volume for greatest hits of varguably the greatest wrestling theme composer of all time, excluding Rick Darringer Jim Johnston, who recreated some of the most memorable interests. Music of all time track list includes break down the wall with Chris Jerco big on the big show, no chance in hell with the corporation sexual chocolate Mark Henry. This is a test by test wreck mankind, Oh hell, yeah performed by H, block and that's a stone called Steve Austin. I think I've heard of him danger at the door a Delo Brown blood brother, Christian assman by MTER ASS ministry, the undertaker my time triple acent China on the edge for edge and know your role for the Rock was a massive commercial success. Reach number four on the US billboard two hundred and certified platinum by the RIA, which means it sold over one million copies the second WWF, album volume, three being the first to do so. I had that. I have that too good, album, yea, three and four were such good albums and, like man, listing off some of those songs there I was. I actually interviewed billy gun recently, and I was like do you know the lyrics to your enterance song, because they're awful I'm an ass man, I like to love Hem, I like to Hug Hem, I like to kiss some, I like to kick them. What wrote this thing? I never looked at the lyrics, but he's saying it makes it that much wor, but all the other songs that you listed there Mike were great. That's cool wasthat. Give me a hell. Giv Me you yeah, hell! Yeah! Remember that an unofficial stone called Steve Austin entrance them. You actually said that test song was bytest. Well, you know what, as I was reading it I was like. I know that they don't sing these songs. So I'm I goin no say this all right. Man Crush. What did you bring for the music round all right? So, let's go to July two thousand and Thr n nine tty for onethousand nine hundred and eighty four. We didn't have like righteous wwf albums like pile driver or anything like that, but I think it came out like three years later, O something like that. So I had to like really look for something that was music related now hole. Cogan did come out to eyeof the tiger for some of his fights in eighty four, but I think this selection carries a bit more weight than that and we're all well aware that you know Vince micgman bought wwf from his Fahler one thousand ninehundre and eighty two and he started signing all these big names from various territories and basically like Vince, was attempting to distance wwf from the wrestling world o become more like an entertainment product, so sign up all the young guys, the upand coming guys promote them to the top of the card and incorporate more star power. So one of the first avenues he explored was music in on thousand nine hundred and four. He officially gets into bed with MTV who actually played music in n thousand nine hnred Gh. Four people weren't aware of that. But a year prior Captain Leuelbano had a cameo and Cindy loppers video for girls. US want to have fun so over the course of the year they created this feun between Sindy Lopper and captain loo over like sexest for marks, and things like that. So, of course, it's wrestling E, better way to settle a few than have a darn rastling match and Cindy, of course, like she's, a huge pop star of the time, so obviously she's not going to wrestle, but she would get her choice of representation, as would captain loo. So on July, twenty thirt one Thousan, nine Ren. Four, we get the first ever WWF match on MTV between Wendy Rector and the Fabulous Mula and what they wourd call the brawl to end it all. Quite possibly, the biggest WWF match on cable in terms of eye balls watching at least of the time, and it was the birth of the rock and roll wrestling connection which is kind of like yeah like the attitude era. This is like the Rock and wrestling connection era, so when it was all said and done, Wendy rector defeats the Vabilos Mula once to get Mula. Essentially she pins herself with the bridging German suplex like it just it must have been a thing in the early s to just fuck yourself by doing this move but wwf and they were billing. Like I watch this thing, it's on Youtube. If you want to check it out, WWF, they were billing Mulad for having the the world women's championship for something like twenty eight years or some ridiculous number like that. I think during the broadcast they actually said seven years, so you know people just making shit up, but it was a long time either way. So neither of at this was a huge upset and this drew a nine share on MTV wow. So this was the most watch thing on MTV up until that point, and it's hard not to say like without rock and wrestling connection, it's possible that we get no Russele mania. I mean this is enormous, like if you didn't have sinny Lopper and you didn't have those stars coming out that event would have just been like star caded. Eighty four, you know like it just Wuldn't been othe wrustling event, this wis a pretty big deal July, Twenty Hir, nineteen, four wow, all right guys. So for my music selection, you know, I think, he's cute he's. So sexy he's got the look that drives the girls. Wild he's got the moves that really move me. He does Sun chills up and down my spine because on February seventeenth to Ninethuden and ninety two, Mr Sean Michaels had recently adopted a new persona, an a new theme song that sexy boy he was originally sung by his manager, Mrs Sherry Martel or Sensational Sherry at the time. Originally, it was supposed to be sung by get this Jimmy Hart, but a last minute decision and a conversation between Jimmy Hart and Bruce Brichard. They saw Sherry just kind of in the background, mouthing the words as they were coming up with the tune and Pritchard's like you know Jimmy. I think we should have sherry singing, and I know this quote is legit, because the quote says baby. I was just thinking the exact same thing and that's exactly what Jimmy Hart would say. So you know this is a true story. So yeah, that's what I'm coming with for the music round. It's the debut of sexy boy, one of the most iconic entrance ring songs. Ever, of course, John Michaels would go on to Redo it in his own voice, which I always thought was kind of weird that he was singing it about himself. I prefer the Sherry version, so that's what I got: Fom Music, the debut of sexy boy February, Seventeenth, oe thousand nine hundred and ninety two: When did Sean Michael Start singing it? I can't I mean that's such an iconic theme, Song and you're right. The fact that Sean Michaels is singing about himself is it's a little bit odd. It was a year later he started debuting his own version in February. Ninety three, so we kind of got the the Shary version for about a year there. So fun fact. Here you guys probably know this. The reason that Jimmy Hart was going to sing is because Jimmy Hart wrote the song, which is mine, boggling to me that and Jimmy Harte apparently has written a bunch of wrestling thin wo, wrote, assman yeas, so wild all right, man, Jeez, okay, you guys are making this tough on me and thank you appreciate this. I'm Goinna go on this one with the sexy boy, because that is easily one of the most iconic theme songs of all time, but it's tough because you raise such a good argumem, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four with MTV and Cindy Lopper, which led into the success of Russel Mania, which led into everything else after that, but there's something special about hbk theme: Songs, I'm going to go wit, onethousand, nine hundred and ninety two Sean Michael Steam Song, which then opened the doors for all these other wrestlers to sing their theme. Songs, yeah, I don't even know who sang their own. I mean it. John Sina Saing is team song. Well, the Rock sang a whole song about pie that he never even bothered using for an entrance theme, so I got Hein that Ono was that the Wy Clefe Gen one when I was at that was it doesn't matter the what a terrible song that was horrible. I got fifty ladies in the West indies. It doesn't matter all right, so I pick up a point in that round and I take control of the boar to get to select the next category. You know what gentlemen, let's go over to the movies round, all right so for my movie selection, we're going to go over to the Courier Journal in Louisville, Kentucky July, Eleventh Ne Thousand Nine hundred and Ninety two for review by Jack, Garner from the Gannet News Service, two muscular action actors, Jen Cladvan Dam and doves lundron join fersus and rollandemerix universal soldier High Chech Action Thriller. It's obviously designed to elevate both men, a few wrongs on the popularity ladder previously climbed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Savester stalone. So I am picking Universal Soldier Debut July, tenth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and, of course, that coaststard, the late great Tom, tiny, Zeus lister. He played GR fifty five in that he was one of the other universal soldiers, but men. I don't know if you guys have sat down and watched universal soldier in a while, but it just doesn't hold up whatsoever, but it's still a fun flick man, it's so outdated. This is a type of movie that I think needs a reboo. They need to Redo this whole thing from scratch. Have it star John Sina wwe can produce it. You know why not two rival soldiers were killed in Vietnam and brought back to life in a top secret military experiment that creates superhuman warriors. You can't go wrong with that. It didn't do the greatest at the box office on a budget of twenty three million. It only brought in thirty six, but this is something that we talk about often on this show and that's the aftermarket value once this cable television in the rental stores is where it really gained its audience. So that's what I'm bringing for the movies round July, tent o one thousand nine hundred and ninety two universal soldier, costaring, tiny Zeus lister. What did you find so bad about it on the rewatch? Lundron was fantastic. I really liked Lundreon in this movie, But van dam. I didn't care for him at all in this T at's one of the worst performance ive ever seen of his iyeah description alone, that you read there you sound like it holds up it. Doesn't it really? Doesn't they pack them in ice and they can selfheal themselves? Very little explanation is given to how this is done. I just want some more facts, so you are Prequel, not a not a reboot yeah. I just I want them to like restart the whole franchise over again. I don't don't know if anybody needs that, I kind of see I see some. Some scenes like he seems like he's like a foreigner, doesn't speak English, almost right certain scenes which is kind of odd Ar. So I can I kind of get it in the whole thing, with Dolf lundron having a pension for throwing grenades at women that doesn't hold up as much one thousand nine hundred and eighy two all right, mice ranger. What did you bring for the movies round? Well, thank you mark nd. I look down here and Y my notes and I'm going Na read whatever's written so arrived at. What could be described as the height of professional wrestling popular popularity beyond the Mat, was released on October, twenty enone Thosand, nine hundred and ninety nine, in Los Angeles leaders by Imagine Entertainment and Lines Gate Ron, Howard ope for Mandy Griffith served as producer on the wrestling movie most of the focuses on the three legends of the squared circle: Micfolli, Terry, funk and Jake. The Snake Roberts. It somewhat shows every stage of one's career fully who was at the height of his success. Funk Ho was on the verge of one of his retirements and Roberts, who was essentially at his career and life lows. The film was made largely by Barry Blastine, who made the film on a budget of five hundred thousand over the course of filming for about three to five years. At the box office it hauled in over two million. They honestly could have made a film about the film there's a lot of interesting stuff. We don't have time to cover in this show that went on during the creation of the documentary, including Vince Bickmann, initially offering full access behind the scenes of WWF. Only the later attempt to revoke that privilege, rotten tomatoes where the film is certified at a eighty two percent fresh said. Even if you are 'n a fan, the movie provides a riveting perceptive look into the world of professional wrestling by taking a closer look beneath the persanas. It really is an excellent documentary, particularly for wrustling fans and those who were fans during the particular Erea of the sport. So yeah there's my pick beyond the Mat released October, twenty t, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. You ever see that Mike. No, you actually probably like it what's on Netflix, I think still, you know sometimes netflix changes the thumbnail so like you could maybe be more interested in a film that maybe you weren't interested in for beyond the Mat they just have a you know. It's always the rock like well, the Rog was like in the movie for like four minutes a, but I get it he's the biggest star in the world, so yeah th Gon, the Matts, a movie with the Rock yeah people are watching it like. Where is he the Thumbnoi for being on the match? Should just be Dennis on the trampoline and is underwear with the weights? That's all you need or jake the snake feeding the ducks. Yes ungof them ducks. Never forgot that part all right. Man Crush. What do you have for the movies round? Ah Man, that's hard, O top. Let's go to June twenty nine one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, and this is a follow up to one of the coolest movies. My childhood. We get not one wrestler in this, but we get two and I'll give you a hint. The first one is pat roach it'sa little bit of a deep cut. You might remember him from the Indiana Jones movies he's also in that, but there's another guy, but the original movie in this series. This is like arold Schwarzenehers, like first real breakout role, not this one, but the original. This is the sequel and that one is glorious. Super Violet has weird sexenes giant snakes, pretty much like everything like a pretty Pubisi boy could ask for, and then one thousand nine undred and eighty four. It was time for sequel, but the producers they got greedy. They wanted to make more than the seventy odd million dollars they made ninet two. So how do you make more money while you drop the R rating and you go with the motherfucking pg rating and in spite of the PG rating, I don't think I ever bothered to watch this movie until I watched it last night. So so they ended up getting my t, re Hunde and ninety nine rental, because I don't own this one, a a little side note on this pg thirteen was not actually out yet, or it wasn't a thing yet that didn't happen for two days. So that's probably why they release us on June twenty nine, because I got a little bit more leeway with those pg films, then the PG thirteen films. That's probably why I released two days early, but when it was all said and done, this movie only brought in thirty two million ot the box office, which is roughly eighty million dollars in two thousand and twenty so going. The family, friendly route did not pay off and seriously, like all logic, is thrown out the window when these decisions are made. Two Years Prior, you put out an ultra violent, fantasy movie with like weird sexual elements to it now you're expecting parents to completely forget that and take their kids to see the sequel like I just don't understand, like did del Oronitis, who was a produced like did the dlornitis clan like not have children. If you took me to see this movie or you took any child and they liked it woeldn, you kind of expect them to want to see the original afterwards or they just Gonlo. Forget it. I guess in my Cate, like my parents, probably would have went for that, but I think that was more exception than the rule stupid choice. I mean what could have been if they just had like a continuation from the first movie. Not all bad though- and this is my reason behind choosing this movie since Arnold did this movie- They had O pushback to production schedule for his next movie, which is Terminator So, while they're wasting time filming this gym. James Cameron spent that time rewriting the screenplay for Terminator and since he had even more time, because this is an epic movie that they're doing James Cameron also had time to finish aliens. So I'm not going to say he wouldn't have had time to write aliens or that the original, termany or screenplay was worse than what he rewrote, but damn they both worked out in his favor with this extra time but anyways. If you're looking for a movie, wer Will Chamberlain the the Guy who allegedly slept with twenty thousand women is specifically told to make sure that a girl stays a virgin. You Got Arnold, knocking out horses with one punch. You got the Lake Great Andre, the giant playing the final monster and this one yeut Grace Jones, acting like she's on a constant trip of Meth Conan and one of the best drunk scenes like in cinematic history or perhaps there's this cringeworthy scene that ends the entire movie, where a fourteen year old, kisses a thirty seven year old, very fucking, weird when I was watching this last night. But if you like all that stuff, then Conan, the destroyer is the movie for you and that's June. Twenty ninth one thousand nine hundred and eighty four was- was the first Conan, the one where they had to dub Arnold's voice, because in some sponsing yeah his dialogue and this one is so limited and it's very basic like he says like yes, no, no much like they learne their lesson. I couldn't afford the ADR, but I mean it's. There are funny sie, it's not supposed to be funny, but there are scenes last night that was when he knocked out the horse with one punch I nearly lost my shit. I had to watch it like three times in a row. You know you couldn't do that in two thousand and twenty you Coul Hutch our horse in two thousand and twenty. He knockd that horse right, tdow, W T and then the horse, which is funny because the horse ends up getting up and just like riding off and the guy that was on the horse is still in the granly he's dead is likehe punched, the Horse so hard, the guy died and the horse ran away, but yeah it's. If you need a couple laughs, go check out, Cona and destroyer all right. Let's toss it down to our celebrity guest judge Chris Van Vley for the ruling on the movies round. Well, you guys have given me two terrible films and arguably the best wrestling documentary of all times. So I've got a got a tough decision to make here. No, it has to onone thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. Beyond the Mat is the quintessential wrestling documentary which still holds up now and I'll. Never forget that scene where the rock is bludgeoning mankind's head in with the steel chair, they cut to the audience. They see his wife and his small children and she ends up taking them away because you know didn't want to. She didn't want to have them watch her father, their father get his brains beaten in that is, that is such an incredible film and it gave us a real peek behind the curtain of what wrestling was like, because we didn't see a lot of that up until that point, and that has now, I think, paved the way for these incredible documentaries that they're putting on the WW network. Now now you see a lot of stuff behind the scenes that we don't see what Ar what are the safety measures and stuff bcause? They still do crazy stuff. I mean, if you watch guys, like Darby Allen and like I'm just in awe the stuff that they do like what are the safety measures that they kind of or do even know like what they've put in to kind of eliminate some of this stuff that went on in that documentary. I think the biggest thing that they are worried about is concussions. So chair shots to the head, you know just aren't a thing anymore and in that film I don't Know How many Mankindf took twenty of them or something like that. So that's a big thing, so I mean when Cody Rhods took a chair shot to the head last year, a double or nothing. This was huge, huge news and they were supposed to be using a gimmick chair, we're supposed to just kind of like you know, kind of crumble on his head, like you might see a cookie sheet or something do that and ended up not going so well and cody's head got busted open, twelve sitches later or something like that. But that's probably the biggest measure is they've realized over the last twenty years, how bad concussions are and how serious concussions are so other than that. I honestly think when you see someone like a jeff hardy or Darby Allen doing crazy stuff, it's just kind of like do you feel safe doing this okay and then they go to the opponent. Do you feel safe doing this? Okay? Well at sounds good. It's do it's wild! What some of the stuff that he'd Ae yeah you brought up Jeff Hardy he does just like De, was that like last month he did something and saw that look so painful, Oh God, he came down in the back of his head. I was like, Oh my God, like how long is this guy going to do this for but yeah? I always think about that. Like you watch that documentary and you see what these guys went through and these guys are still doing that so anytime, somebody says like all wrestling spake, it's like go, watch, ut, anything you don't even have to watch the documentar just watch what they're doing today and you can see that you know they're going nuts like these guys. Are S going all aks? NEVER THE RIGHT WORD! You know that, because movies are fake, TV shows are fake, Broadway shows are fake, just got to be able to put in that same category. It's scripted. It's predetermined, right, nonreallow! It's a great documentary all right, Mike Ringer. You picked up a couple of points on that round and you know what that means. You actually win this game with a score of four to one, but we're going to play on and go to the final hot products round, so you can either start us off or defer once again. Well, you know I might as well start you off, because you know I did a lot. I put a lot of work into this and, as you can see I'm you know I won. So you know congratulation like really. I should just leave now, but I'm gonna, you know, entertain the audience so released my hot product here. Well, we'll talk about release, tacross, all platforms in the Sumemer one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine wwf attitude on the gameboy called the on the Gameboy, color and inten. Sixty four playstation and dream casts served as a claim Sports Euin, one thousand nine hundred and ninety Ninewwf war zone. It would also serve as the final WWF title to be made by a claim before thq's lengthly run as the creator of wws video game titles. The gameplay, which I remember as Clunky at best, was largely retained from war zone. But improvements were made to this installment, including replacing the challenging mode with a career mode, more eagin to what we know to day where players work their way up through the system challenging for titles along the way to the top of the promotion. This was the first game to incorporate the first blood and I quit match types which is pretty innovative. When you look back on it, the game also included a create a stable mode, create a PPV and custoile customizable arenas. You've got shamemacman and Jerry Loller on commentary. You also had full entrances in this game. War Zone only offered partial entrances. This game actually offered more lifelike reactions of the real life counterparts and though they weren't in the game, the Harty boys provided the Mo the Mo cap for the game, not exactly sure what that means, but I said it: The playstation version received generally positive and favorable reviews, though other console versions for some reason, weren't quite as highly regarded, but still God, decent praise. Also of note, Wwfressolmania, two thousand on the HUNDRD and sixty four game cube: color, WWC, Nwo, thunder on the playstation and WCW Mahem. On the playstation and sixty four and gameboy color, so yeah hot product was the WW fatitude. You ever play that Mike No, but I do know that most of the wrestling games on the tendof sixty four are above average. So I'm sure this one fits right now we should let Mike know what Mo cab means. Yeah could somebody please tell me Beca capture Mike Oheah 'm sure. Is that what it is? Oh, it's not when they just capture Mo from moin me a bigger feet or it's not a guy named Mo wearing a cap right. Okay, see! I thought it was text fun. All right, man crush. Let's hear what you have for the hot products round, all right. So, let's go April. First, one thousand nine hundre andeinty four. This is t straight personal pick for me in Inety, four, there weren't too many things to choose from like Berchandise wise thed be considered like a hot product. However ww superstars, you know the big old, rubber wrestling figures. They did release series one and that's huge, but since I picked series three for when we did wrestling of o e thousnd nine hnty nine, I decided to not go the redundant route, so I'm not picking that here, but it did come out just in case people want to go. You Wan, the Fuk didnt you pook Dod, so I'm throwin out there hat's. WHY DIDN'T PICK IT AL right? Wi we get all the time yeah, I mean seme messages whatever so so I started to think about. Like all the wrestling stuff I had as a kid and one of the things my mom would always buy me when wee at grocery shopping. Ere, wrustling magazines probably was her way of shopping in peace, and I totally understand that now having a child of my own, this particular issue I did have a copy of, and actually it still might be, with my comic boxes that are buried in their storagelocker, but I don't have it on me. I wish I did because I couldn't find the scans of the individual pages of this. I just knew the cover one thousand nine hundredand ighty. Three. WWF They put out their first magazine. I was called WWF Victory Magazine and they would release two magazines under that name to mediocre success, O one thousand ninehundred and ighty four. You had the brand new wirl the heavyweight champion becoming like the biggest things in slice, bread, so hol Kogan. He would don the cover of the newly minted ww F magazine, and they wouldn't they even made this. They made it a totally new volume. So if you look at the magazine, its ays volume to issue one completely getting away from Victory Magazine the magazine itself, it would be around for thirty years, lots of iterations rebrandings K, fave Nokfa, maxum style towards like the late or early two thousand two USAND, and it would stick around till they folded it in October of two thousand and fourteen, and then that last issue they had the shield on the front cover so like three guys that are doing like big things in wrestling now and in the first step or the first issue they had hole. Cogan was doing big, big things in wrestling, one thousand nine Hunde adeighty four, but that spring of Ninetn fourt. You can get your very own copy, ww magazine for the mere price of two dollars and twenty five cents close to six bucks in two thousand and twenty. So not that bad, but some big things, the one thing I did remember from this and I was looking for it there's and I found the topics whot were in this there's a newcomer section that has Dr David Sholzo, which I wanted to Finh. We have this guy, that is a friend of ours, judges, the show Damid Shaltz and we started calling them Dor Davige Shalz. So I wanted to find the picture, but I couldn't find it. I got ta definitely dig for that. One bebuse! That's what I got fror my hout products all right, gentlemen, so for my hot product I wanted to pick a product that was personal to me as well. I went with a video game that I have soaked hundreds upon hundreds of hours into playing and that's one thousand nine hundred and ninety twos WWF Super Russell Mania for the supernintende entertainment system. Now, unlike the Genesis version of this game, the snes version did not have the finishing moves in it, but it did have a far superior roster of wrestlers yed Animal Earthquake Hawk Hol Cogan, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage Si justice, Ted dbasi typhoon in the undertaker. Now in the Genesis version you had British bulldog, Hollkogan irs, Papashango, Randy, Savage Sean, Michael's, Ted Dbiassi and he actually got the ultimate warrior, but the snes version, the graphics, were so much better and that's the one I played. I remember growing up every summer we went camping. We stayed out of the campground from the day school got out to the night before school got in, and I used to bring my little thirteen inch color TV outside set it up on the picnic table hook up my snes outside and we'd sit and play Super Russel Mania for just absolute hours love this game. It was the first in in a line: Ond Trilogy of Games, wwfl Rumble and wwffraw followed that and this game. Super Russel Mannia started that tug, a war grappling style system where you just see if you could out button mash your opponent fantastic, but it's just a game. I absolutely love came out March, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and that's WWF Super Russelmania or the supernnintendo entertainment system. So that's my pick for the hot products round. That totally reminds me that we had different rosters on genesis and Superno. I completely forgot that yeah I see I always played the supernintendo versions. I thought the graphics were better in the Gameplay was a little more fluid and I didn't have a genesis so, but I got a genesis because mortal combat had blood in it on genosistm it did not have bloodehead sweat on Super Nintendo SRIHT. Those bastards now see on the Genesis version of Super Resselmania. Since you had the ultimate warrior and Papa Shango, you should have been able to make ultimate warer like spit up the green blood and yeah. That would have been cool. But now I have button mashed many times on that game. Yeah I but mass on all my games, the worst game player all right. Let's go down to Chris Band leat for the final ruling on this game, three great products here too, and this one kind of hits close to home, because I don't have a lot of wrestling memorabilia around my place here. But if I tilt the camerigh here greatest match of all time by the way rock Cokan relso many eighteen. But if we keep going here, that is a copy of wwflwwe magazine autographed by the Rock. So I'm going to give it to wwf the magazine, which you know it really changed things in the world of wrestling because, like you were saying, man crush they kind of toed. This line between what was K fave and what was not ka fame and especially as the magazine went on, and this wasn't an ARA before the Internet. We got all of our information from wwfthe magazine and I think that it was such a quindessential part of growing up in the s reading those Magazineit, as you were, checking out at the grocery store. My parents wouldn't buy them for me, but we would, I would read them flip through them, real, quick and then we were done grocery shopping Hofe to put them away so wwfthe Magzi, I can'. I can't believe Ir Ne Thousand Nine hundred and eighty four I feel like it was it. I can't believe it's at all, but absolutely giving it one thousand nine hundred and eighty four on this one. Well, the early S, that's when they started to kind of shift a little bit. I think that's when I just hit high school, so I stopped getting my subscription, probably roun. I nine ty tundred and ninehty three, but I remember like, after, like Macho man and Missiliv Elizabeth we're getting the divorce, it kind of touched on that in the magazine, so they broke the kfab there and then brutus beef cake when he got into the parasailing accident. They had a whole like an issue about that yeah, and so there they did tow the line they went back and forth the ones in the S. thoat were straight K. Fab like it was amazing. I remember like the ones like around like Russlell mania, three and stuff. I have all those I got to find them all, because the articles were so freaking ca, fa the best werethe the wrestler profiles, yeah, where it would tell you like, what's their favorite food and favorite yeah and then dirt sheets came along and you know wo the Internet in general kind of made magazines. Not really you know relevant anymore, but dirt cheets came along and we kind of went well. Why don't need to buy this magazine already found out that news three weeks ago, yeah exactly yeah. It was plushe like in the lates to. I think it was by monthly for a while, like Syou, were getting eight weeks of news yeah exactly you were getting like some old stuff, but I mean back then, like you said, there's no Internet. So where are you getting that information from? So it was fun to get, and my mom wouldn't always buy me like the the pwis or anything like that, because it would always have like some bloody dude in the front and always you know rabeing raised in New York. We only had ww Freley. So like a lot of times, I'd see those, and I have no idea who was on the cover WHO's. This bloody mess was, you know, so that was it was huge, and I I mean much of the decorations that hung on my walls in my bedroom walls. As a teenage. Kid came from wwf the magazine a as awesome, so I did not get shut out. So that's good Bu. I didn't Nochris, you brought up like all the dirt sheets and how that kind of changed everything you know now. I always thought that wrestling has always had. You know this rabit following and now we have more promotions than ever. We have more TV shows and more content, that's readily available, so it's almost evolved. I think to like a counter culture that if you don't want to tune into what's really happening in the world, you can kind of submerge yourself into the world of wrestling you're, going to get your drama, your action and then just an endless feed of news and rumors yeah. You really yeah. That's such a great point and the new cyclin wrestling is like it might even be quicker than the news cycle in the rest of the world like something that came out in the morning. Nobody seems to care about that night. It's it's a weird strange thing, because wrestling- and I will use air quotes. Journalism is nothing more than here say from like some guys, friends, cousin and Thosl, be like oh well, our sore says yeah well, now that we have all of this and it's so readily available with the Internet and everything. Where do you think the industry evolves from here? Where do we go now that they'Vewe've created this culture? Well, I don't know if it changes that much like we have social media right now we have the Internet. How much more could change and then we're going to look back at this clip ten years from now and go Haha Hook at our alogram phones that we're talking on now, but I don't know if it can really change that much a eaf. If we're talking short term here, things can only get better when fans start to come back into shows like that's what no sport is losing out more right now in terms of the experience, then pro wrestling is, and I interviewed Hurricane Holmes recently. He had the perfect analogy. He said this is like going to a comedy show with no one in the crowd righthat's exactly what it's like. You know, you're watching these wrestling matches and you're not getting any reaction from it. So I think that in the short term it gets so much better when life gets back to you know something that resembles normalness and we have fans in there. But man with social media and dirt sheets and message, boards and Adann and and don't know what else could you know you could possibly add on to that n wrestling? I will say th the one thing that I think it might kind of you know evolve into. Is those work shoots which we, you know, we've seen them a handful of times before, like Sam punk's pipe bomb? was that really planned, but he's talking about Colt, Kabana and he's saying ring of honor, so was he allowed to say that I think we're going to start to see those lines blur a little bit more? We think we know what these characters are like. We see them posing with their wife and their kids and their dogs and social media. We think we know them and then they'll kind of just throw us a curveball. So I think that that's actually what it's going to turn into more of these worked shoots where we kind of scratch our heads and go huh. I thought those guys really hated each other and doesn't seem like they do anymore, yeah and you're, starting to see a little bit of that with what Kenny o'megas doing right now with impact it's pretty Ol, exactly which is nice. It would be nice to see more of that. You know like the territory stuff starte bringing it back like you know. If one guy wants to dump out go to impact or you know, go to rsh whatever it's just cool like you get different angles of stuff and not the same guys, it makes it new each week, so you don't really know what's coming up, which I think that was one of my problems with ww and I stopped watching last year. It was kind of it was kind of recycled, like everything was just recycling and we're getting the same thing again and again again and then aw came along and kind of change out a little bit, so hopefully it does keep going to that direction. What do you think, as far as like these cinematic matches, that are happening like the WWI like they put those on and that was actually really cool? I thought, especially for the guys, are a little bit. You know long in the tooth or whatever they can do a little bit more. Do you think we're going to get a lot more of that now that they know that that works? I think that the only reason it worked is because of the weird strange situation that we're in right now in tw thousand and twenty, because I can't imagine being at ressell mania in a crowd of eightythousand people and then going ou it's time for the boneyard match, and then everyone just turns their head up and watche the Jumpo to for twentys true. So I think that it was. It was just ha lightning, an a bottle right now we got you know we got some incredible matches out of it, but I think that it was. It only works because of this strange, weird time that we're in right now and when crowds come back, nothing beats that live reaction from a hot crowd. You know from the second, their music hits at the start of the match to the second. The winners music hits at the end of the match. So I think that they've look a wwwe, imback wrestling ring of honor and new Japan now has fans, but everybody's done a really good job of adapting to this and not missing a beat wwe all of them. They didn't miss a beat. They didn't miss a single episode and if it took them doing something like having these cinematic matches, man my hat's off to them, because Russell Mania was memorable for all of the right reasons and we all went into wrestlg many of this year going this thing's going to be so weird. There's got not going to be anyone there, but the cinematic match is, I think, actually save the day. The one thing that sucks and it's going to suck for years to come. We got all these awesome introductions of new people coming over. Like you know, Daw got like matthardy coming. Just imagine like if there was a a crowd there to witness all this stuff. That happened. All these new guys come. It would have been pandemonium and we missed out on that. Like do you get the feeling they're going to try to like up that anti when they get fans back somehow making more surprises, because we did we missed out in an entire year. We got these really cool introductions that we can't even really experience. I feel like whenever they announce that first show with a full crowd. It's going to be restell Mani and the Super Bowl, like all wrapped up into one like they're, going to pull out all of the stops, and I'm not saying sm Punk is going to come back, but I'm saying I would not be surprised if cm punk comes back for that. First episode back with ie a crowd because it we've been doing the best with what we can and the fact that aw has. You know a few hundred fans there is, is nice to hear that like live live reaction, but the greatest moments in wrestling are not what happens in the ring. It's the reaction to what happens in the ring, and I just reference my favorite match of all time: Rock Cogan Russell many eighteen, the actual wrestling in that match was fine. It was good, but I was there and I've goose bunks. When I talk about it now, because the crowd reaction was so Craz, it sells that match complees and that's what wrestling is all about sucks. I, the last thing I went to well. I went to like a local one that was at the mahanning drive in with like some like territory. I don't even know who they were, but it was fun because it was the first one Ih'd seen in months, but I went to deily's place in January. T was their first show of the year, and that was amazing, and then it just got ripped out from under us. You know it was like we, my wife went with me. We started out, we were on vacation. I was like we're right here. We got to go and we sat like four rows from the rain. It was amazing and then two months later everything was taken away and then we had to watch everything, but we a said. I think that Tony Con is so fortunate that they had access to that building. Yeah, because it's an open air facility they didn't have to. You know worry about any of the regulations when that first started, so the fact that they had that in their back pocket, I think, might have actually saved aw. That place is cool too. That's very cool like an outdoor anpatheater and it's eazy to think aw has done more shows with no fans, then they have with fans wtrue yeah. I haven't even thought about that you're right. That is crazy. Well, we'll see. Hopefully you know this this whole like vaccine thing, and I don't even know I'm not scientist. I don't know how the Shit's going to go. No noat yeah, hopefully by like you, know spring or something were we're getting out, and I I have concert tickets that, like we've talked about it on the show before I have billy jowl tickets, I bought in two thousand and eighteen that we're not even going to get to go to the show until the end of two thousand and twenty one wow it's it's. When was this supposed to be, it was supposed to be initially march of this year and then it got pushed back from marsh to September and then and all along. We knew that it was going to get canceled in September, but they waited to like the last second. They waited like the week before and they were like. Oh Yeah we're putting it off and they canceled it, and now it's like November. I forgot the date but like I want to say, like Noveber, seventeen, two thousand and twenty one finger fingers crossed yeah that you can go to a concert November. I have a feeling we're going to have to show like that. We got vaccinated to go to concerts, yeah yeah. I think that's going to be a thing moving forward. It wouldn't soms wild ealy wouldn't bring your vaccination papers with you, yeah R, like in the movie contagion. Everyone has like a ristband with a bar code on it. Oh you want to come in here, beep, okay, Yep. It takes long enough to get into PLA. I used to have jet SEASAN tickets and like getting into the I know the jets are horrible, but like there's still people to go to the Games and even getting into that stadium, it would take like a half hour to get through the gate. Can you imagine like having to check each individual person's accination wrexer ohait's like you're, going to the vet or some shit yeah where's e vaccination card? I seriously think that's going to be a thing G is, can be wio different world man is, hopefully you know, t changes for the best, but I think people wuld be so like just happy to go to anything E. don't even think it'll give a shit like, even if it's the worst show in the world that first show people are going to be like this is the best you know. Well, I think it's going to be divided. There's going to be those people that are like. I can't wait to go to something and then there's going to be another bunch of people that are going to go. I'm not going to anything for the next five years and this you know those were the same group of people that didn't want to fly in an airplane for years and years after nine eleven and I get it, you know everyone's able to make that choice for themself, but I think for every person. That's she act up and can't wait to go to football games. Hockey Games concerts, comedy clubs, whatever going to be a large continent of people that are going Nope, not leaving the house wellthat's good. For me, I'll get tickets me too solid seets. You got to look at the positive side. I guess what do you have coming up Chris? You have any big interviews coming up or anything. I just did this interview with Booker Tea, which will be dropping right before the end of the year like right before and I'm looking back at my top five interviews of the year, which has been been a crazy year and I'm you know crazy to think that I started the year with an inperson interview with Curt Angle, followed by an imperson interview with David Benois, which was his first interview that head ever really done and then a whole bunch of zoom interview since then. So I'm going to be recapping my top five interviews of the year and then into two thousand and twenty one. Knowing that this it's going to be so much better than what this year was. Hopefully I'm knocking on, on wit everybody. It will wibe well ti we'll see. I am I'm trying to stay positive about the whole thing, but I'll still knock on wood for everybody. That's going to be on your Youtube Channel Right! Everything Ot, you Tal Ging, O me on my Yutbe channel and thank you guys for having me on this was very fun. Ind also made me realize how Awesoe Ome thousand nine hundred and ninety nine was in one thousand nine hundred and eighty four wasn't but yeah we're big fans of your channel and all your work. So thanks for coming on the show, we really appreciate it man. No, it's my pleasure. You guys do great stuff, and I wish I had a more fun background. You guys have such fun backgrounds behind you all three of you, too bad Bo asn't here, because then boat looks like he's in the same room as I am so we're both in the murder basement. Ehe's got the same exact setup but murder basement, but no one will be able to hear it because Soun Prof Right. True, it's true and that's what makes it the murder Pacement, but that's IT BOT will be happy to know that all his work went into a win. So thank you, Myke Ranger, for showing up and delivering bose words. Oh wellyou're very welcome there. Man Crush- and you know then also to the audience at home. You're, also very welcome for being able to hear me this week. So yeah you got that going for you, which is nice like. I need to go. Watch beyond the Mat now yeah, follow it up with Conean the destroyer, you Mao, it's a good touble header right there, thanks again for coming on man and before you leave, can you give old Bo b craft to get well soon? Oh Yeah Boh! Please get well soon. One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine needs you. He will love that make him feel better. Now this was great. Thank you guys and you do you do such great work. So my pleasure coming on here. This was great. Thank you very much. Come back anytime. I love to all right Jewlers. Well, unfortunately, we're going to end this episode right here. Want to think Chris Van dilete for coming in this week and being an excellent judge, but if you've missed an episode, don't worry, you can always head back to dueling decadescom, where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes on spotify, really everywhere. Pondcast are available and while you're on those innerwebs head on over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, ecan join our private group and share some of your very own rentro memories. So until next time duelers were going to bid you a piece, love Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone odcast new Yorkyo be heard