Dueling Decades
July 7, 2021

Courtney Gains judges which June was the best of the worst 1970, 1980 or 1990!

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We have a great guest judge this week! This man has been in some fantastic movies over the years. He scared us all to death in Children of the Corn, picked on George McFly in Back to the Future, and even lived next to Tom Hanks in The Burbs! The multi-talented, Courtney Gains joins us this week as our celebrity guest judge! And to finish out the month, he gets to decide which of these contestants had the "best of the worst" month of June! First up, going way back to 1970, Marc James brings the worst June 1970 had to offer! Smack dab in the middle, Mike Ranger is back with the worst of June 1980. And rounding out this battle of the decades, Mancrush spent his week eating at The Max and delivers his worst of June 1990!

Stick around till the end of this episode! Courtney grabs his acoustic guitar and serenades us all with a new track. But before that, you might hear something about Florida banning articles of clothing, Richard Pryor, a band's twist with drugs, fields that make you cry, a tour that will make you cry some more, G-rated shows headlined by X-rated shows, not Fonzie, a network that never sees the light of day, fake news, a double dose of awful albums, Mancrush's wife gives her approval. Acoustic Gains Volume 1, Ripple Street, Queen Bees, cars that slip on banana peels, guys that won't let their relationships die, Russ Meyer, censorship, Phish, murder, and what the hell is in my burrito?!


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my first job in radio was doing a remote broadcast from a lobster festival that was that this artist just happened to be playing at

podcast new york what's up dueling decades this is wax peace to all you guys and uh thanks for having me on the show will it be the 90s or the 80s beanie babies or crack babies will it be nirvana or madonna maybe britney maybe whitney do you like new metal a new wave dave grohl or super dave i don't know but now the battle begins dueling decades let's see who wins

broadcasting from the podcast new york studios it's another all-new dueling decades the adult-only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy because it's your history we just fight for it welcome back i am mark james and this week we bring you a best of worst duel where i will be competing with june of 1970 alongside the other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off is a man who insists that the cookie stand is not part of the food court say hello to mancrush that's right it's not it's mid-mall snacking man yeah i got uh and actually that fits in where i am right now because i have june 1990 and this is the best of the worst so we're gonna bring you the worst picks but our judge is gonna pick the best of the worst so that should be pretty fun and one last thing uh joe reminded me to say this if you're coming into the the live right now go ahead and hit like subscribe do all that stuff now and it actually helps us out i guess we didn't we never remind anybody to do this so please do that also joining us on the panel and looking for big money and no whammies it's the incomparable mike ranger hello everybody i'm mike ranger uh you know i always think i'm gonna have something really cool to say and i i don't have anything cool i'm just not cool i'm wearing a rad shirt that's nice i like it yeah and as always here on the show we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness this week's guest judge is the actor you know and love from films such as children of the corn the burbs and can't buy me love and you can see him a lot in the new film queen bees alongside another all-star cast all rise for the multi-talented judge courtney gaines what's up y'all

ladies and gentlemen the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules the judge's coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories movies television music news and hot products a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round allowing the victor to choose the next available category the first three rounds are worth one point each with rounds four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie after all five rounds we'll go to a final wild card round remember duelers to review the show like subscribe and play along at home it's time for more dueling decades all right let's pass it right over to courtney gaines for the coin toss to see who goes first this week okay so that would be heads and this would be tails who's calling it all right this week it'll be between man crush and mike ranger mike ranger why don't you have the honors well i think i'll go with a little bit of heads here we go

tails my friend all right man crush you've been the coin toss and you get to select our first category all right uh let's start things off with news this week how's that already

let's go to uh june 22nd of 1990 and this one this is sort of a reverse of what we've just been doing for the last 18 months instead of states mandating like wearing a mask florida of all places bans a particular piece of clothing from being worn and apparently this is still a law today at least that's what i was able to find online it looked like in the last update i found from 2018 this is still a thing so if anyone is in florida and you could let us know for sure that would be great i know uh mark's been dying to get down to the the sun coast and show his off uh but this is a uh an article titled unsuitable and it was written by susan baleto of the miami hurled and here's a little abridged version of that article for those who haven't been to the beach lately or at least for the past couple years the thong is a brazilian swimsuit and the word swimsuit is being used advisedly the thong is basically a couple of strips of material only two inches wide at the widest barely covering the buttocks it is for the most part a female concern although a few men wear the manly version okay that's just frightening the florida cabinet approved new restrictions last week that will make the risque swimsuits just as illegal as nude sunbathing on about 30 state-owned miles of florida's 780 miles of beaches the new rule takes effect friday just in time for the weekend the basic idea from what the the cabin has is simple on state-owned beaches where families with kids come for a day of fun in the sun and picnic lunches you don't want a few half naked people rooting things for everyone the people being asked to cover up can still enjoy everything the beach has to offer and like simple ideas everywhere it has a neatly divided all beach goers all right that's all i'm going to say about the article but listen all i'm saying is this if gross ass dudes like us can run around with some grape smugglers at the beach then women should be allowed to wear a thong bikini at the beach right i mean i us we're worse and look we all know what we look like in one or the other so if you look good rock that [ __ ] if you look not so good wear something else and this is where like friends and family you're the most important because your friend is going to ask you how does this look on me be honest don't be like well yeah it's all right you should wear that like no just tell them nah just wear something else seriously that's what it all boils down to is anyone has anyone over the years really complained about seeing like a supermodel wearing a thong at the beach i haven't i like even if i brought my daughter out it's like whatever i mean i'm not complaining about it uh stupid law but that's my news pick dongs are banned from all public beaches in florida and that's uh june the what date was it june the 22nd of 1990 all right mike ranger what did you bring for the news round well mark uh i found an article in the philadelphia daily news from june 10 1980 titled prior critically burned in lighter mishap the article tells us that richard was suffering third degree burns over 50 percent of his of his face and body uh pryor's upper body and head were in flames last night when according to police reports his cigarette lighter apparently accidentally ignited a flammable liquid in his bedroom officers on the scene didn't seem to really believe prior story and with good reason what actually happened was pryor tried to commit suicide by dousing himself in rum and while freebasing he spent six weeks in recovery uh interesting side note the lighter story sparked a long debate on the safety of butane lighters wow unreal jeez all right well that'll be a tough one to follow all right well for my uh news pick here you know my first job in radio was doing a remote broadcast from a lobster festival that was that this artist just happened to be playing at so my job was to check in at each stop set and ask a bunch of rednecks about lobster and if they were excited to see this cha chart topping audit artist later in the evening so when this article popped up i threw down the [ __ ] flag and i knew this would be my worst of news so let's go to the pages of the detroit free press june 23rd 1970. headline reads chubby checker gets twisted in the law chubby checker the man who twisted his way into america's pop heart has been arrested by border authorities in niagara new york on charges of possessing drugs the inventor of the twist a pioneer rock dance was booked with three other men after authorities said they found marijuana capsules and hashish in the car with them while they were traveling the police accused checker of possessing a quarter pound of marijuana the others the others booked on possession charges were richard weasel john burchell and robert h williams checkers real name is ernest evans the police said that he was arrested at the rainbow bridge in new york and he was on r enroute to new york city after completing a two-week engagement at a nightclub in sunbury ontario okay guys so a quarter pound of weed he had on him that's four ounces for four guys on a tour completely reasonable

so maybe next time you guys have a smoke why don't you twist one up for old chubby checker at the rainbow bridge in june 1970. it's before the fat boys so that was my new story let's pass it over to courtney gaines for the judgment on the news round okay now let's be clear again so i have to pick the worst of these this is my job or to pick what i think is the best of the worst you have to pick the best of the worst this week okay uh it sounds odd to say i guess the best of the worst but i'm gonna have to go with the uh the burn i'm gonna have to get the guy lighting himself up i just think that that's uh that's a crazy ass story that's a rocky story if i've ever heard of one did you ever work with richard pryor no but i remember that i remember that well but you know it's funny you talked about the uh the uh the bikini thing though if i'm not mistaken that's in the news again as an issue wearing thongs i'm not mistaken in florida again i don't know if it's florida i can't say shirts florida but it was but i think it is actually yeah there was a whole thing about wearing thongs again in some beach in florida sometime what's the big deal i mean like look i i think i summed it up right and the people in the chat joe i don't know if anybody's brought that up or not if they agree or disagree with what i said but i think like you just know what you're wearing when you leave there was a matter of fact i came across as this little uh snippet and this could be bad this this little thing it says uh what's wrong with the thong bikini or bathing suit and this was a mother that wrote into a newspaper in 1990 and she wrote what is the big deal about a g-string or thong bikinis i am a wife and a mother of three boys and i see nothing wrong with these suits when i first brought my thong bikini out my oldest son asked me why i had it on i told him i like the style and there's nothing to be ashamed of he has never asked me about it since that's weird like when you go with your kids with a thong bikini if you're not bringing your kids hey man crush just a few moments ago you advocated to ask your family and friends if they thought your thom bikini looked okay she didn't say that she asked him if it looked okay or not i mean that's come on come on all right i think they might have uh something against hard bodies but that's of course how could i not think of hard bodies with the bikini thing i don't think it was quite g-strings back then but there were uh lots of lots of hot looking girls in bikinis in that movie that's for sure that was my second film so quite quite a second film to get to go to i'm surprised they didn't win this round then but all right based on you know film experiences that wasn't there you could base it however you want jordan you're the judge man he's just looking for the bigger better deal man oh the dvd there you go and hard bodies you know that word became you know actual word in the dictionary and they named a truck after it so how about that for some pop culture right wow look at that yeah