Dueling Decades
June 23, 2021

Diamond Dave Schultz determines who had the best week in June 1972, 1981 or 1992!

Welcome back! And if this is your first time find us, hop on in the telephone booth and get ready to explore three of your favorite decades. This week, our good friend Judge David Schultz is back behind the bench to decide this retro showdown. Now that we're also on YouTube (and soon to be PodTV, available on Roku/Firestick/Android/Apple/Web), ol' Judge Schultz wants to be on the show more often to show off his collection of floral shirts. If you don't know what I'm referring to, check out the YouTube video for this episode! Anyway, "The Professor" Drew Zakmin is back to compete and teach us a thing or two about his week in June of 1992. The next contestant, who loathes drawing the year 1981, Mancrush brings a high caliber week in June of 1981. And rounding out the competition this week, our boy Marc James is back, way back that is, way back to June 1972!

Hopefully, by the time this is out, you can also check us out on PodTV. Shootout to Anthony, who said, "Finally get to see the faces to the voices I've been listening to for so long"! If you're also curious, you should check out the video version, we look great on a big screen (my mom says so anyway)! In any event, on this episode, you might hear something about: Father's Day "the redheaded stepchild of all holidays", fake espionage, real espionage, Judge Schultz famously cheated on a spelling bee, paying someone to rewind your video rentals, dudes named Spider, summer replacements, a VHS tape that eluded the Zakmin clan, Marc picks something filthy, uncensored "new wave" mud wrestling, the deal of a century, Sammy Davis Jr stops by for an unexpected visit, the official wedding band of the early 90s, Lamborghini jumpsuits, fat penguins, Marc brings a mouthful, giving it all up for a woman, not Fleetwood Mac, and who the hell brought a roofing product?! All that and more!


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doesn't it feel like father's day is the redheaded stepchild of holidays well i blame the berenstein bears this is podcast new york what's up dueling decades this is wax peace to all you guys and thanks for having me on the show will it be the 90s or the 80s beanie babies or crack babies will it be nirvana or madonna maybe britney maybe whitney do you like new metal a new wave dave grohl or super dave i don't know but now the battle begins dueling decades let's see who wins broadcasting from the podcast new york studios it's another all-new dueling decades the adult-only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy because it's your history we just fight for it welcome back i am mark james and this week i will be representing the best of june 1972 alongside the other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off is the man who passed out at 31 flavors last night say hello to man crush accurate um hey first off i noticed that people are starting to spill over from the podcast and they're starting to find us on youtube so that's good so if you haven't yet go over to youtube it's youtube.com forward slash duelingdecades same as everything else hit subscribe over there hit the alert button so you know when everything's popping up uh we will release each video as a round so you don't have to take in the whole thing i don't know how you guys like to listen to it but thank you for listening to that and i have uh june 14th through the 20th of 1981. also joining us on the panel in serving up a generous helping of teen angst and tcby is the professor drew zachman what's up guys i am repping the 90s i have june 14th through the 20th of the year of our lord 1992

and as always here on the show we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so back by listener request you know him as the brazen badass from beantown and the host of the selling out show all rise for judge dave schultz hey guys glad to be back i'm glad that one listener requested me um and mancrush did point out that you're on youtube now and more people should check out the youtube since i'm very dapper this evening i'm doing my best you look very nice i like it do you have really hit on vacation too i have no shorts on whatsoever perfect because neither does tom selleck yeah just some little dental fuss right up my crack that's all i need bro i like it do you it's a good mental image just don't stand up okay everybody just stick to the podcast version

ladies and gentlemen the following contests will be held under dueling decades rules the judge's coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories movies television music news and hut products a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round allowing the victor to choose the next available category the first three rounds are worth one point each with rounds four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie after all five rounds will go to a final wild card round remember duelers to review the show listen subscribe and play along at home it's time for more dueling decades all right let's go right over to dave schultz for the coin toss all right i found something very important to dd lore that i've used previously on the show and i actually promised mack i would send his way but i am a liar no good stinking downright dirty liar but tonight is to our benefit because i found the mic james with the david lee roth haircut the flow and main handmade pog that i made around easter look at that likeness oh my god i should be able to kill her brows yeah he just has some thick eyebrows doesn't he nice and then yeah well this is the head okay mike james uh his interpretation of my interpretation of his face is the head in the back is actually um white and it's got some weird ingredients for when you dye your eggs around easter time yet again and it says mal malto maltodextrin which just rolls off the tongue so that'll be tails that's not really working on my my video right now so it looks it yeah it looks like i'm just holding thin air look at that it's amazing all right this week the market the mark side works great so hey

all right this week we'll toss it off between drew zachman and mancrush uh drew why don't you call it uh i will take the mark james likeness okay here we go and you've got it is the mark james likeness with the flowing locks all right drew zachman you win the coin toss you take control of the board you get to select our first category uh let me see here i'm gonna go with news let's start with news so uh what i have for news it was nelson mandela announces that the african national i'm just kidding no you're not mandela no i'm joking uh so anyway uh how do you guys spell potato cause on june 15th a human being that was elected by the people to be the vice president of the united states of america could not spell potato i'm talking about dan quayle who was the vp to george h.w bush altered 12 year old student william figueroa's correct spelling of potato uh with an eat with an o to potato with an e at the end at the munis rivera elementary school spelling bee in trenton new jersey my hometown uh quail said he was relying on cards provided to him by the school which is probably horseshit um uh and that's how quail said that he had misspelled potato on there now uh this is actually something i'm a subject matter in because i won my school's fourth grade spelling bee and yes i still have my award and yes it has a little b on there and it's fantastic uh but quail i made a career of pretty much being a [ __ ] here's the quote of his which i found which is just awesome he said i have made good judgments in the past i have made good judgments in the future so i don't i don't know what he said then he also gave us this gem he said the holocaust was an obscene period in our nation's history no not our nations but in world war ii i mean we all lived in this century i didn't live in this century but in this century's history i seriously like read this quote like 15 times i still can't make any [ __ ] sense out of it anyway so i give you a politician doing politician things on june 15th 1992. wow all right man crush what did you bring for the news round all right so let's go uh june 19th 1981 and with father's day coming up this week i figured why not look at you know for something at least that was father's day related and you know before we even get to it i don't know about you guys maybe this is the same case with you but doesn't it feel like father's day is the redheaded stepchild of holidays oh mother's day gets a lot more emphasis oh yeah i mean listen mother's day is a huge deal it's well deserved uh however i've i always felt like us dads we don't get nearly as much attention when it comes to father's day and so that's why i was kind of looking for like father's day gift ideas and i kept seeing the same [ __ ] over and over and i found this article and i was like this [ __ ] sums it up uh and maybe it's because i don't know because mother's day is like almost a full month before us that our kids just don't give a [ __ ] anymore by the time it gets to june i maybe i don't know what do you guys think like is am i the only one that experiences this well i blame the berenstain bears like if you've ever read the berenstay bears uh papa bear is a complete jackass and i feel like that he gets painted in the wrong light which paints fathers in general i think in a bad light so i blame i blame uh the berenstein bears yeah they're he's a real son of a [ __ ]

this article right here like i said it kind of sums up my feeling and it talks about a gift that i i feel like all of us probably received at one time or another so it was very fitting and the the titleist article is if you must give dad one sunday consider what it says about him and it's by andy smith of uh the garnet news service so this was like in all the newspapers and uh i'll skip part of this article i'll give you a a portion though so it starts out like this father's day approaches and with its old with and with it the old question of what to get dad a new mercedes dad hates foreign cars a 19 year old hot blonde mom might not understand a hot tub he's already got one well then how about a nice tie perfect yes it's time for the ritual of giving the tie which goes something like this dad seeing box gosh what could this possibly be gift giver oh just open it dad oh gosh it's a tie just what i wanted thank you thank you etc etc then the tie disappears into the depths of dad's closet never to be seen again i don't know about you guys but i have like probably a dozen ties or so i never wear it they're all in the closet and the article goes on to say at least uh at least golf balls can make a satisfying splash before disappearing just why do men wear ties anyway they're uncomfortable they serve absolutely no useful function and they are perfectly placed to catch anything a man might happen to spill in the in the general direction of their torso which is all true it have you ever put on a tie and went man this thing feels great this is the best thing ever like i don't understand how people can wear tie maybe it's because we're well i don't want to speak drew's kind of slender but we all have pretty large necks like maybe maybe it's that but i even the skinny guys i know hate wearing [ __ ] ties i don't get it so they go through all the history of ties and about these books and the secrets of success blah blah blah i'll just bring out a couple points from this it says uh from this book secrets of success where i guess there's chapters about ties it says never wear a bow tie to the office they don't say why just don't do it never wear ties with flashy colors dizzying patterns or large pictures so you have that one and that means wide red ties with a hand painted palm tree extending from the throat to the navel that's probably out so are ties with naked women on them tasteful no do not wear them true they are great party ties but they are not power ties this guy goes on and on this is a long ass article but last thing he says here my advice is to do dad a big favor and get him something he can really use for father's day like a bottle of booze or that hot 19 year old blind but not a tie and i i couldn't agree more and that all being said and going through this article maybe ties are still in existence because of father's day yeah because we keep giving them to our dads let's just stop and let's eradicate this [ __ ] because they suck [ __ ] ties so it's a little bit father's day a little bit about shitty ties let's just not do them anymore i'd be totally cool with that that's what i got for the museum the only time i don't mind where and i hate work because like when i go to work when i would actually go into the office which has been like a year and a half now um i would wear a tie every now and then but i usually don't mind wearing them in the winter because i have a long walk from my car to the office so it actually helps keep my neck warm but when i get in the office i'm like now i don't want it anymore so if anything out if anything i would just wear a scarf i guess so yeah i'm down with getting rid of ties [ __ ] them just [ __ ] ties all ties bow ties anything with tie in it oh if you wear a bow tie windsor knots like no we're done dude nobody did it's done we don't need it wow all right all right guys so for my news we're gonna go over to the la times via the washington post news service june 18 1972 for an article that reads five men one of whom identified himself as a former employee of the central intelligence agency and three others who police said were cute where natives of cuba were arrested yesterday in what authorities described as an elaborate plot to bug the offices of the democratic national committee the five men all of them wearing rubber surgical gloves were surprised at gunpoint at 2 30 in the morning by three plain closed officers of the washington police department's tactical squad they were captured instead of inside a small six inside a small sixth floor office at the plush watergate hotel where the democratic national committee occupies the entire floor police said that the men had on them at least two sophisticated devices capable of picking up and transmitting face-to-face and telephone conversations lock picks and about twenty three hundred dollars in cash most of it all bills with consecutive serial numbers the men also had with them a walkie-talkie a shortwave receiver 40 rolls of unexposed film and two 35 millimeter cameras all right we all know what this is this is the the watergate break-in and the evidence from this uncovered would go on to change the history of this country not only politically but in pop culture as well watergate would leave its lasting mark on our culture mainly because the term gate would be added to absolutely everything there's so many things i could have talked about about watergate and this but we all know the story why even bother bringing it up so what i wanted to bring up is all the different gates that have spawned because of watergate you know in the new orleans saints uh bounty scandal of course that was bounty gate uh everyone got to see kate up the nude thanks to celebgate and uh who can't forget when justin timberlake revealed janet jackson's breast on live tv and gave us nipple gate or tom pretty tom brady's balls and deflategate so either way you look at it it's a monumental moment in our history it's the watergate break-in june 17th 1972.

all right dave schultz let's throw it over to you for the judgment on the news round all righty let's talk about 92 we're gonna go into sequential order here with drew the potato e incident and wasn't that nice wasn't that refreshing compared to uh more current political landscapes that we deal with it was it was a much it was a much simpler uh slip up yes yeah yeah exactly you know but i i got to admit something here drew you said that you had won your uh spelling bee in school right in fourth grade that's right yes sir fourth grade you won yours and it was a legitimate win correct that's right see i won mine too but i cheated oh and i want to tell you how i cheated spelling gate the final word that we had to spell was physical and uh when my teacher called on me i did one of those uh uh here uh and i looked up and uh i don't they probably don't have these in schools anymore but back then they'd have the rolled down map that's like mine education on there yes like physical world map

i just played it like i was dumb but i got it and i won and i don't know what my certificate is but it doesn't matter i didn't earn it still that whole potato e thing was huge that was uh quite the headline grabber back in 92. uh 1981 man crush hates ties but i have a question for you my friend what about the bolo tie

what's a bolo tie you don't know the bolo tie like uh phillip rivers would wear the uh the country western like you get like a gemstone they look like strings yeah [ __ ] yeah looks like a tail hanging off your neck right or if you if you were chasing a ninja you could pull off your neck throw it and wrap it around their ass that's a cool use i i suppose there you go what about a keyboard tie no no no show all the ladies you know how to jam what do you need a tie around your neck well i'm just bringing up some uh further examples of times sure they might eliminate them all frankie said real quick what about uh family ties i can honestly probably do without uh the last few seasons so okay well obviously you can tell i'm a very stylish uh dapper human being but i only wear a tie when someone dies so i'm not big on ties either i i did like the information from the article is basically like should you get your your dad lonnie anderson or get him a crummy tie he's going to throw in the in the drawer and never see again so that was uh that was pretty cool uh mach you were you were getting me there until the end you had to bring up my boy brady you really i thought you were going to like totally skip over that and try to butter up the judge but no you couldn't help myself could you no no now this watergate incident that you speak of i know it's not very uh well-known so i'm a little curious is this the moment when forrest gump called the uh the front desk yeah because there was lights shining and he couldn't sleep that is the moment that that's the exact moment huh yep okay yeah if it wasn't for forrest gump man they never would have been busted nope thank you for forrest gump yeah uh these are all great choices they were all uh presented very very well i am gonna say though despite the fact that uh mock hit me where it hurts in my softballs uh talking about my boy brady that's just a such a huge event and like you said everything now is a gate because of it i mean it's inspired uh everything has to be a gate right yeah but still that that was just a huge uh huge event in uh american history what would we call things if it happened at the holiday inn like thank god it was at the watergate you know that's true yeah okay you see you just continue to lose points with me though mock you know what i mean like what the hell does i have to do the holiday inn um but no mike you you win so congratulations you get the first points on the board and then he didn't even bring up spygate no no i left

i was trying to win the round man i didn't say a damn thing clearly that didn't work well maybe that's something that people watching along on youtube can be down in the comments tell us what your favorite gate is

should you ever go off to do your own offshoot or work on another retro nostalgia based game show okay they will in fact kill you oh i'll hunt you down dueling decades will murder you all right guys so i have control the board i get to select our next category uh let's go over to television

all right so my television selection you know we're in the summer months it's the week i had june 17th at the week i had june 11th through the 17th of 1972 everything was in reruns so much like man crush did last week got a little creative and i'm thinking all right television and then i come across this story about an actual television so we'll go over to the journal gazette in matune illinois june 14th 1972 cartridge tv in debut boogie and brando have been plucked from the dynasty film cans of the late late movies and plugged into the newest thing in home entertainment the see it at your leisure cartridge television sears roebuck is already demonstrating and accepting orders for its model other retail firms including montgomery ward plan to have the adapted television systems within the year the equipment for the system was developed and is being manufactured by various retailers by cartridge television incorporated which has been attracting three three deep crowds at its display at the consumer electronics show this week the company which calls itself system car division has a subsidiary where they actually rent the movies to owners of the television and you can get features like bridge on the river kwai and dr strangelove it says now the cardovision system was the very first video cassette recorder to have pre-recorded tapes for sale and rental this was three years before the betamax system even hit the market the cartridges stood out because often because of its design they were actually square and had two reels stacked upon each other one and then there was two different types they had black tapes which were for sale only and then red tapes now the red ones those are the ones that were for rental for movies now the red cassettes also kind of had an unusual feature you could only play them once if you wanted to rent it again you physically if you wanted to watch the movie again rather you had to bring the tape back to the place you rented it from they would use a special machine to rewind it and then you could watch it again and of course you'd have to re-rent it anywhere from three to seven dollars the article says but you actually couldn't rewind the tapes yourself so i give you the cartridge television put one in your home today june 1972.

all right man crush what did you bring for the television round all right i didn't bring a hot product to television around but i will echo something that mark said uh out of all the episodes i've done on this show this had to be the weakest television offering of all time so i agree there of course like mark said you know we're almost this summer we might as well be in the summer at this point so there's nothing new coming out there's nothing ending and it appears that all major sporting events were over the nba finals they took place in may the nhl finals took place in may and major league baseball was under the 1981 strike so that's out and i missed a boxing event boxing match by one day uh even saturday night live they were playing a repaint from 1978 with walter matthau so after much deliberation and much newspaper flipping i decided to go with abc's saturday late night movie which is a complete bizarre airing i'd expect this to be playing on like usa's up all night or like night flight or something like that i don't think well usa's up all night didn't come out for another like seven or eight years and night flight was right around there uh but it wasn't this was this was on abc and you would not expect this title to be on there this is the world television premiere of that man bolts

look at their faces i'll give you the tag line from this one uh got a super hot delivery bolts on the call big bad and beautiful the man got it all and he's bonded

okay i know like not much needs to be said about this movie you guys uh you've all seen it but i'll give you some details anyway just in case you've forgotten how good this one is uh that man bolt of course it stars fred williamson and uh it's a mixed bag film and like i don't know why but i love when a film tries to incorporate multiple genres into one film let's put everything in there so in this one you get black exploitation you got martial arts and a little espionage you got uh fred williamson he plays jefferson both who he appears to be like some sort of like james bond type which if you tell by the tag line with he's bonded

i got it uh he's also he's an expert in kung fu naturally and mostly his blaxploitation movies were done independently at least the ones that featured fred williamson after this one to this one on the other hand this was actually done by universal studios so i would say after watching this one it looks much better than his later films yet according to fred williamson universal bots just went up though because they they signed him to do three of them and they only made one and this is this is that one right here so if you're up late saturday night and you're in the mood for evil syndicates ass kicking kung fu binocular sunglasses car chases tom jones karaoke having sex with other women right after you just watched your ex get murdered who you also just banged ninja throwing stars kills with broken glass weapons of mass destruction dude's name spider and briefcase is full of counterfeit cash then tune in to abc at 11 30 p.m saturday night for that man bulls

that sounds amazing it's actually it was not that bad uh production quality is there it's it was a decent movie puts uh puts fred williamson on the map this is very early fred williamson really yeah like fred williamson man no this is like directly after like his northwestern football days wow so this is uh pretty early on oh and the other uh big things from this one uh bolt uh jefferson bolt he also attended mit and uh he was uh popular for killing three men in rio de janeiro in next time you get many details on that but that's his claim to fame

all right drew zachman what did you bring for the television round so uh speaking of cramming in multiple genres into one television series uh so i i have quite possibly one of the best tv shows ever made uh this show debuted on june 19th 1992 and was an hour-long show that basically chucked off all of these boxes it had drama martial arts adventure humor mystery and most importantly secret societies now the show follows jonathan raven who is a ninja trains former special forces agent who retires to hawaii to search for his long-lost son i mean everybody would do that that's right father's day he's a good father um avoiding assassins yeah well that's all he would get avoiding assassins sent to kill him by his former associates in the black dragon clan he uses his skills to help those in need and he's assisted by his former military buddy turned eccentric private investigator because it makes sense uh herman jablonski played by my favorite fall guy lee majors uh there weren't any other fall guys i just wanted to say lee majors was my favorite fall guy also i just wanted to say fall guy because i love that show uh anyway the show i'm talking about which you guys probably already know is raven which had a an impressive long run actually going all the way into 1993 uh and i i read the plot to this and it's rather elaborate so so here we go um well actually before i even get into that right so uh here's a question i have and i don't know if the show delves into this because i didn't watch all the episodes or any of them but he so this guy was a black dragon clan member but he quit them and went into the special forces then the black dragon clan tries to kill him afterwards so my question is right he left his previous employer right now if you leave your employer do they all try to kill you or like did he leave and go to like a competitor like like he signed like a non-compete and then went to a competitor like like i don't know uh in the early 90s i think that was standard uh maybe and uh and they're and then they're like well you gotta find employment outside of the industry at least for one year per your non-compete and then you can join the special forces i don't know maybe he didn't give two weeks notice and they're like dude we need time to backfill you and get your replacement trained up there needs to be some kind of like transition here we're gonna we're angry and we're gonna kill you so i don't know i don't know what happened but that's that's a weird company to work for so i can see why he quit um but anyway um i honestly don't know if those things were discussed in raven now i actually have extra questions about the show so maybe i might sit down to watch it um and and maybe that actually would be a better show than what was produced but anyway uh raven that's what i got i would have watched it because that actually sounds not that bad all right dave schultz let's hear your verdict on the television round you laugh you laugh you should see my notes right now it's like bottom of the barrel this is like some terrible [ __ ] right here this is some months bro what are you gonna get yeah this is this the fact that drew had a show that started in the summer it's just the kiss and that's right it's like oh this show uh the pilot it was okay uh let's start it in june right that'll work yeah oh my god all right so mach came with 1972 the cartridge tv which sounds just [ __ ] awful sounds so bad uh i i don't know how popular that really could have been i mean with the price point it was back then and then all the hassles you had to go through just to rent a movie nobody even had gas in 1972 like like i gotta return this tape to get rewound [ __ ] got nowhere yeah the fact that you've never even heard of it should tell you alone how popular it is yeah yeah right i mean this i mean i don't know like maybe it's got like an important note in history because there's like a precursor to what we all came to know they were working on the the beta and vcr for years yeah okay listen so i follow you but i'm trying to look for any kind of ray of sunshine with this dave's friend over there yeah i'm i'm like straining i think i just [ __ ] pulled my quad with you guys well listen we had a week and it's a summer television so i figured i'd get you again this was yeah i know the people at home like i kind of expected us all to have a pretty weak television and i think that's gonna happen for the summer it was either that or a rerun of samford and son yeah and it just didn't feel right uh bringing a rerun no never feels right i mean you guys had weak uh uh information to pull from i mean i had rape so i lucked out

we had to go diving deep i mean that shit's everywhere raven okay so let's turn to 81 the saturday late night movie batman bolt all i can say is the poster looks really cool you know what i mean like it does yeah it's one of those things where you were kind of selling it to me and then i couldn't help myself i had to look it up real quick i'm like well that actually looks remotely interesting and and yeah the artwork was fantastic it's hard to find anybody looking for it out there it's going to be rough it's going to be right how did you find it i'm not going to say okay black market allegedly maybe okay uh drew with 92 raven that's right i okay drew i did want to let you know something though now should you ever go off to do your own offshoot or work on another retro nostalgia based game show okay they will in fact kill you oh i'll hunt you down dueling decades will murder you okay yeah mark will definitely be like in my backyard waiting to study we we will not do it we have ninjas that take care of this yeah okay yeah that's uh that's contracted out i'm gonna i'm gonna be one of those like facebook accounts man crash that's always uh like dueling underscore decades oh or like d period echoes for the people that don't know if you're not on following our uh our social media just go to facebook.com forward slash dueling decades but we get imposter accounts all the time so let me throw this out there because we never really talked about it on here and i'll do this fast if you ever get a message from us or a friend request it's not us because we don't do that and then we're not trying to uh give away five thousand dollars in bitcoin or whatever [ __ ] thing that these guys are doing definitely not us so if you do see that and you do get a friend request do like the people did the the last couple times they sent it directly to us and said this person's impersonating you and then we send it to facebook and facebook completely [ __ ] this up nothing yeah and they do nothing for ever so just so you know just look for little differences like drew said it says dueling decades with like seven elves not us it's not us [ __ ] okay uh now we've got that straight away

that's just dueling decades on too much medication uh all right guys here's how i'm deciding the victor whether you think it's fair or not it doesn't matter because i'm the almighty judge uh it came down to either between 81 and mancrush and 92 withdrew but because even though he won't reveal his source i gotta give props to mancrush for actually watching the movie that he talked about and drew the premise sounds great but you just threw out there you're like i've never even seen it well it's all i had though i would have to watch an entire city remember that show went all the way into 1993. so there was like there was like 20 episodes of that show so i can't watch 20 episodes you only have to watch one movie it's horse [ __ ] did you even watch one episode uh my uh my internet my internet broke now you sound like me and my freaking spelling bee in fourth grade how the tables have turned my friend no i i gotta give uh mancrush this round like you have to you have to watch some of these things because they you if you do the research on them and you look into them some of them are very enticing like this movie i probably wouldn't have because i'm telling you it was a difficult movie to find it took me like an hour to dig it up and i had it was a very skeevy location i had to watch under incognito mode and that did you watch it on a cartridge a little crazy i had to actually sit at my computer in the studio and watch it because where i was watching it from i couldn't even put it on the big screen so it was uh it was one of those but it's worth it if you could find it and you're into those type of movies from the 70s i think it's cool you'll you'll dig it was there dude with the trench coat involved he's like hey man you want to see this oh of course oh yeah yeah there's always like uh shitty fat white guys that are the bad guys and all the time it's always it's the same thing um but it's great go uh go and find that

your family couldn't get this movie for two weeks it was it might have even been i think it was like 17 years yeah it was it was so hot julian

all right man crush you pick up a point tie up this game more importantly you take control of the board heading into our final one point round where are we going um all right let's go hot products here round three uh let's go july or july june 16th 1981. going outside the box a little bit on this one last week on the canon episode i brought the very first to a hot products round and that was a human and this week another first i think this is the largest hot product that one has ever brought to the hot products round uh and you know what like if anybody can afford 20 and a half million bucks in 1981 which is a steal by the way because 20 20 and a half million bucks in 1981 is 64 million in 2021 there you go dave there you go drew you would scoop this product right up seriously this is this almost seems like you were selling the uh the island of manhattan here and just to compare just to tell you like this same product sold in 2010 for 845 million which is a billion over a billion dollars in 2021 so that's pretty insane that this only went for uh for 20 and a half million bucks in 1981 a bit of history goes a long way with this one since the the current owners of this they held the majority interest in this product for the last 60 years dating back to 1921 and even prior to that this family they held a minority stake for five years so this is a pretty substantial sell especially since their names are still associated with this team to this very day uh at the time the chicago cubs they were one of the least successful teams in baseball and the wrigley's they had been losing money like year after year for the last i think it was like about four years and uh the year prior to them selling they lost 1.7 million dollars and then if you look at the history of this william wrigley who owned it at this time both of his parents just recently died within the past several years so they were also they had like looming tax problems that he was running into so after 60 years it was time to sell and not to mention like i talked about before major league baseball was under like a player strike and the players wouldn't even get back on the field to august night so he's just bleeding money at this point so with all that it seemed like a perfect time to unload the cubbies and in comes the tribune company to save the day and of course that's the parent company of the chicago tribune and the daily news in new york they ponying up that gigantic 20 and a half million dollars for 81 ownership of the chicago cubs that's 1900 shares in baseball's only publicly owned corporation and uh they also threw in wrigley field and they also threw in all the team's debts but all in all i mean this is like a no-brainer at the time for these guys the tribune company they own the chicago tribune of course like i said before they also owned like several cable companies within the illinois area they also had multiple local radio and television stations like wgn so this was like the perfect opportunity to grab the franchise and then highlight them and you know with all their media assets that they had

that's i mean they did have some good years going through the 80s i remember the mets playing in them in the mid 80s it was a tough team but i'd say that the highlight for the tribune company owning this team was putting lights in wrigley field back in 1980 that was probably the highlight of the entire stretch of them owning it of course they were never able to break the the curse of the billy goat uh that honor would go under the current owner tom ricketts uh the guy who purchased the team i was talking about before in 2010 for 845 million dollars and that was also a 95 stake of the team and that team and that owner they were the ones that break that 71 year old curse at the time when they won the worst series was that 20 yeah it must have been 2016. they won that eight years ago yeah yeah so i give you the hottest product of this week chicago cups nice nice great pack as a as a cubbies fan i can appreciate that one hey cubby's fan yeah i am and uh you know mr drew zachman here is a baseball fan so not a cubs fan no i know sorry they had some good teams i mean they had ryan sandberg yeah they had the hawk they had a young greg maddox so they had some good players i was going through the years i i always felt they were part yeah they were tough play for the mets for years but when i looked at their records they really never did that well until like the early 2000s period they had a couple years in the 80s where they were solid in a couple in the 90s but they were never they're never there until uh they sold again solid investment though yeah dude 20 and a half million it's a drop in the bucket that's nothing now we should go fund me that we can buy like a major league soccer team that's about it yeah all right drew zachman what did you bring for the hot products round so i have uh i went this route because i remember uh going out to get this and it wasn't there because it was so hot we couldn't find it because it was off the shelves but i'm talking about on june 17th 1992 the adams family vhs which is way hotter than the cubs um but this film it actually was released in theaters november of 91 had a budget of 30 million or a box office of 191 million or as we like to say in 2021 366 million dollars so there you guys go um yeah i mean i remember going to like uh uh west coast west coast video we went to back then and the whole wall would just be lined with these adams family you know vhs tapes but it was such a hot product back then like even though you know they have all those cases out there behind the covers was nothing because all the vhs tapes were constantly sold out at least for the first couple weeks we tried getting it so um yeah in the movie it was a it's a great movie it was one of the last unfortunately movies that ro julia made um but yeah that was it adam's family man that was a great flick vhs and and the zachman household uh it was definitely a hot product it was so hot we couldn't get it for the first couple weeks i believe raul julia died because he was in uh street fighter yeah i think he was just like i was the last one he that was the last movie he made well went out on top

all right fellas for my hot product we're gonna get on the bus and we're gonna go pick up some concert tickets and you can get these concert tickets for then priced anywhere from six dollars five dollars four dollars depending on where you sat in the house so in june of 1972 this band was coming off a legendary tour of europe that would be immortalized as a classic live album they would play their first show back in the united states in months to a hot crowd at the hollywood bowl on june 17 1972. now unfortunately this show would be the final show for one of the band's founding members as they would pass away just nine months later someone who truly embodied the spirit of the group and was seen as the original front man and despite that loss and it was a loss that would be only one among many for this group they would endure it and go on to be one of the top touring bands of the 1980s and the 1990s i give you the final show of ron pigpen mckernan with the grateful dead this show was also the first ever live performance of a song that would be one of the dead signature ballads stella blue in in a kind of eerie connection stella blue which was written two years prior to its debut is a song with lyrics that kind of suggests a dying blues man looking back on his broken dreams of a hard life on the road so this first rendition of the song absolutely amazing with pig pen playing the organs and there's just some a really haunting eerie sound as it kind of fills out behind jerry's guitar and you can hear his organs front and center on some of the good live recordings it's really nice up there in the mix so i give you the grateful dead live at the hollywood bowl june 17th 1972 the final show for pigpen an unfortunate member of the 27 club

so that's what i have for hot products definitely a concert that i would be more than happy to get tickets too for six bucks so all right dave schultz liz here let's hear what you have to say on the hot products round all right 1981 the sale of the cubs i think it's kind of neat that uh the tribune company was it got 81 percent of the cubs in 1981. was there a jokester behind that was there some pencil pushers like yeah and then say no yeah right uh i mean as far as sports franchises go the cubs are one of those beloved uh the fans are amazing there uh the history everything else the field wrigley field the ivy covering the brick in the outfield i mean i'm not even from chicago and you know you know it's yeah it's a starting story franchise yeah uh i do want to and this is all because earlier on you guys kind of wanted to you know give me a hard time the new england day here and my love for my new england patriots so i do want to say one thing and if you're a cubs fan out there i kind of apologize in advance but i can't help myself uh steve batman ah yeah okay yeah that that was yeah lou wasn't gonna catch that anyway elue was a little [ __ ] i'm sorry he wasn't gonna [ __ ] get that and he's like he's like pointing to like bartman he's like whatever dude i'm a [ __ ] love on the ground yeah you meant yeah lou is not going to catch that also your bullpen gave up like a [ __ ] ton of runs and at the end that i came so maybe yell at them as well but then your boys gave them well they ain't give them but they let theo epstein go over there and he was responsible so thank you boston yeah exactly yeah kind of like a little link up there because boston also didn't have that title for a million years so that guy actually had 80. dude that guy he got both those franchises on the map yeah yeah yeah is it really the franchise or is it the uh the mind behind it all right well he's got free beers for life in two great american cities yeah no [ __ ] i don't think he needs free beers yeah it's true for his own goddamn i'm pretty sure i read that he's trying to uh because he's not with the cubs anymore right didn't he uh did he leave i think he uh he wanted to buy buy a baseball team like he wanted to be part of the agent group so i could see that happening soon if it hasn't already i don't know i i stopped watching uh baseball this year 1992 adam's family vhs uh so hot drew you said yeah it's scorching your family couldn't get this movie for two weeks it was it might have even been i think it was like 17 years yeah it was it was so hot well that's what i wanted to ask you is it like the great depression in your household you guys are just moving around

and we would actually like go we would check the store like multiple times each day and it was like you know we're like waiting by the door and like asking people when they would drop it off i'm like do you have the addams family and they'd like no his dad came home with street fighter and they never talked to him again yeah yeah tough times tough times man we couldn't get the movie again uh dad what do we do for fun tonight oh drew we eat the bread that's what we do tonight in silence because you can't get the adams assembly vhs yeah we didn't want to talk to him yeah he's grumpy uh 1972 the last pigpen show he said he played organs for the grateful dead yeah he played with organs he played with uh okay first off i can appreciate the passion involved here because mock is a massive the biggest grateful dead fan i know and uh i i back when i was young i lived with a lot of people who just reap the patchouli trust you me when i say there's a lot of hacky sacks around so a lot of grateful dead fans in my my uh my life now how did he die he pickpen had uh he liked the drink a little too much oh and uh years of heavy drinking finally caught up with a man he basically just bled from the inside out okay his liver just said you know [ __ ] this [ __ ] it was it was it was not a happy ending all right well that's a prequel to street fighter

yeah his liver was wicked depressed it couldn't get the adams family vhs or the cart back then the cartridge that's what he wanted what was on top here you go tv was broken the liberty said [ __ ] it i quit okay guys i mean this is gonna boil down to uh which is the the bigger uh hot product and i mean it's really tough to argue the fact that when you sell a major league baseball franchise uh it doesn't get much hotter than that despite drew settling the um you know sizzling hot heat of raul julia and again his family woes and houston smoking there you go there you go and a very young what's your name the one who played uh wednesday that went on to um christina ricci for seniors

yeah great cast but unfortunately chicago cubs same thing with the grateful dead show you basically are trying to sell me a ticket a six dollar ticket great cheap ticket last show for one of the you know original members for you huge right big time oh this guy he was uh you know one of the founders of the band me yeah i don't know man you know yeah i know i just made a weird noise because it's not really my kind of group so i probably wouldn't buy a ticket even if it was 50 cents

i guess so so uh yeah chicago cubs 81 man crush uh wins hot products you know what's uh what's funny is the mets were sold two years prior to that for the record franchise total at that point 21.1 million wow it's a double day enterprises how insane is that that's like nothing and even with conversion 60 million bucks those guys had to know they were gonna get that money back you know but you're talking like monopoly money here you know a lot of us will never be i know per se but like right if you say you won the lotto and you it's like a team with 60 million bucks [ __ ] yeah absolutely yeah it's [ __ ] amazing yeah yeah they're like who's this douche in office man crush [ __ ] how awesome would that be like own it basically that'd be so [ __ ] awesome man you have just baseball you can have business cards that say your name says owner nothing else what do you do i don't somebody else runs this [ __ ] i just don't want it i'm just doing it i'm that guy

whoa dude why are you thinking like those are all my like my fetishes wrapped up in a nice little bow for me or something

all right man crush you have the lead and we only have two rounds left and they're both two-point rounds we got movies and music where are we going first all right let's go music let's finish up on movies because we haven't done that in a while i feel like it was always a thing and lately we've been throwing them in the middle so let's we'll finish up with movies we'll go music right here uh let's go june 15th 1981. listen i'm not sure why it is i i don't know about you guys but i really i have no qualms about drawing any years except for two and i don't know what the reason is but i'm never a fan of drawing 1981 or 1988 and i think with all this baseball talk i think i hate 1988 because the mets were the best team in baseball and then they got ousted by the dodgers and the nlcs and the whole kirk gibson home run it just spoiled you know when they beat the a's completely spoiled 1988 for a piece i think that's the reason but i have no idea why i hate 1981 but after looking through the musical choices i i think it's this and it's not a bad it's not a bad thing i i just think that 1981 is such a bridge year when it comes to music because look at it like disco is just about finally dead right rap is still in its infancy punk is really raw and stadium rock has really started to like metastasize into new wave so i always find like the early 80s to not be in my wheelhouse and i'm not saying it's bad music but you really see that transition taking place and i feel like there's a couple years in the early 80s especially in 1981 where it's just like a transition year where they're just kind of like throwing [ __ ] out there and i really noticed this with the music round because i i really feel with music it has to hit you because if it doesn't then it's really hard to sell a pic anything else you can like a movie or tv show you can kind of get behind it music's totally different it's visceral it's completely separate you know anyway uh on june 15th we get the debut album from a band that was part of that early 80s british music invasion to the united states and we've talked about it before actually that's the second wave and again i mean that's more early 80s change i was just talking about uh personally like i always felt like this band was extremely underrated they have some massive hits but they're never never talked about as like a defining act of the 80s and i i really believe that they were it's it's pretty shocking they've never been put in the rock and roll hall of fame this is a band that sold over 100 million albums in their existence so maybe dave schultz maybe with a win in this round all will be forgiven we'll just be like okay now they're recognized we get it but of those 100 million albums i was just talking about this album right here it accounts for 1 million in album sales going platinum in the process it reached number 10 on the us billboard 200 and it featured three singles we had planet earth careless memories and their first u.s single to hit the charts girls on film you got it of course of course the band that i'm talking about here is duran duran and this is the release of their self-titled debut album the real kicker here is the original girls on film video which of course it was banned in the uk and the version that we know from mtv was heavily edited heavily the video the whole thing about this video it was made prior to mtv launching it was mtv launched in like august of 81 so they made it prior to that so the band like they didn't really have a place to put this it was they made this video for like playing in nightclubs and [ __ ] like that so they could put it on the video screen even that i mean maybe strip clubs i don't know because you had models rubbing their crotches on a pole covered with shaving cream i mean like really rubbing their crotches you had a see-through lingerie pillow fight you had erotic ass massages to a dude from a girl though uh more see-through wet t-shirt sumo wrestling uh where a girl beats up a sumo wrestler you had nude or at least topless mud wrestling you had a quote a super extreme close-up of a girl rubbing an ice cube on her nipple uh then of course it kind of wraps up with a nude prison style shower with the hose so you had all the video has it all and uh if if you need to find that one if i really enticed you david schultz uh go to dailymotion when you're done with this episode because they actually have the entire video there because if you try to look it up on youtube you're going to get a bunch of [ __ ] especially there's one that's on youtube if you go to youtube you don't believe me and you try to search for it you're going to find one where somebody wrote duran duran across the top of it with like squiggly lines so you feel like it's like 1989 and you you press the v hold button on your television and you're trying to watch porn it's that bad don't even bother just go right over to daily motion the whole video is there but this what do you think dude why are you thinking like those are all my like my fetishes wrapped up in a nice little bow for me or something you're like i'm not i'm just i'm just i'm just making sure you check them out you'll you'll like it yeah especially the part with the pole and the shaving cream it's really good i just want to see the hose scene scene then you got to watch the whole thing you got because that's all at the end but this is the release of duran duran's debut album duran duran see i like duran duran they're a pretty good band from the 80s i think they progressively got a little bit better but girls on film all right drew zachman what did you bring for the music round all right so what i have is an elbow which is a follow-up to their 1990 debut album that featured the smash panty dropper love of a lifetime which peaked at number five on the us billboard hot 100 this album featured yet another panty dropper when i look into your eyes which hit number eight on the us billboard hot 100 as it was played on pretty much every radio station at every wedding and every car ride from some guy trying to get a handy before he dropped his date off at home now i'm talking about every wedding of that year probably yes yes i said that geez well both ears oh that's true that's true uh but i'm talking about the sensational album hold your fire from firehouse which was released on june 16th 1992 uh another single reached for the sky hit 83 on the billboard hot 100. um this album was certified gold and with massive hits like these it's easy to see why so easy to see why this is such a massive album there's another single called sleeping with you which hits 78 on the us billboard hot 100 further cementing the idea that these guys were trying way too hard to get laid it probably worked though so uh any who hold your fire by firehouse i saw those guys in 2005 with uh with rat there you go cinderella and quite a lot of letters yeah i saw the exact door oh dude they actually weren't bad no they're not no these guys are they're they're um i forgot the guitar stand but they're very good they're very talented band yeah

they sounded better than quiet riot i don't know there were dudes who were sitting in front of us they were all like all in their 40s like rh now and it looked like they just escaped for the night from their wives and they were smoking one joint like they were so cool they were like past they're like the guy like pulled it out you got to be on video to watch this but like the guy pulled out and then all the guys are like yeah they're like smoking it while quiet ryan was i was like dude you guys are gonna be done with that thing in two seconds he's like i stole it from my kid it was all like bent and [ __ ] when he pulled out his pocket it was like pre-made i was like oh yeah this looks [ __ ] awesome i've had the same joint since 1987. it's still good right it's just good moment man

all right guys so i'm gonna start off my musical selection this week by asking you guys just a simple question who can take a sunrise sprinkle it with dew cover with chocolate and a miracle or two well the candy man can because he mixes it with love and you know he makes the world taste good the candy man was written specifically for the 1971 film willy wonka and the chocolate factory uh by leslie berkus and the same man that was the same man who gave us music for the movie goldfinger and you only lived twice two great james bond movies and it would also had the grammy award-winning winning singer anthony newley now the soundtrack version of the song was sung by aubry woods who was in the movie willy wonka and the chocolate factory of course but starting june 10th 1972 the candyman would return just because you said his name three times in the mirror no it came back and claimed the top spot on the billboard hot 100 although this time it was sung by the great sammy davis junior baby billboard would would later rank sammy's sammy's version of the candyman as the number five song of 1972. now ironically sammy davis jr didn't think candyman was even a great song at first and only recorded it after some extreme reluctance so the candyman would be nominated for a grammy and become sammy davis junior's signature song and of course his nickname uh the song has also been covered by primus and rocapella who you'll remember from where in the world is carmen san diego i give you the number one song in the country for the week of june 11th through the 17th well and for the next two weeks after that candyman by sammy davis jr can i can i ask a quick question about the willy wonka movie right they have the candy man at the store when he's singing that song he's just like throwing [ __ ] out left and right to all these kids like hey come behind the counter that's not weird but when charlie gets in there he's like charging them it's like first of all this kid's like broke but you're just like throwing [ __ ] out to all these other people like there's your inventory like method is out of whack there buddy so i don't know that just bugged me and i just wanted to talk about to somebody so thanks that's it glad you got that off your chest thank you i feel better a little bit all right let's toss it over to judge dave schultz for his ruling on the music round okay i think it's great that drew feels better i'm glad you did in fact uh let that out upon the world and how you feel about it very interesting because you're not going to win this round so at least you got something out of showing up tonight i'm sorry dude but the firehouse hold your fire album yeah when i look into your eyes it's just play it just play it girls will come no i won't like immediately oh yeah that's exactly what i need i don't i don't wait which way which album that one was on that album when i look when i look at when i look into your eyes what's off of this one oh yeah the love of a lifetime is on their their previous they're like the same song it's like the second basically yeah it's a continuation of the first one sadly more people owned both of those songs on monster ballads than they did on the actual firehouse album probably true yeah still regular they're just like the history of it now is is more famous for being a yellow blurb that scrolled across your screen when watching a convolutional cd commercial or something and everyone knows this finally found the love of a lifetime and then it goes to hot flooded chicken

okay so i i says i already took you out of the running unfortunately i'm looking at 81-72 duran duran in 81 debut great band uh and i can't believe we're this far into the show where i have to say it they have legs right they've been around for a long time and they even went they even went away for a while they were uncool and hip and they ended up coming back with um was a single uh yeah ordinary world in their early 90s yep that's right so yeah i was like oh my god duran duran is still around holy cow and they've been i think fairly popular yeah i think they still yeah so and they're not touring with quiet riot so yeah you know they're not at your local carnival or whatever it's like hey look at the fairgrounds yeah exactly throw a ping pong ball into that uh fighting fish bowl and you can bring it home oh my god it's duran duran no that's not happening you know no uh none of that stuff going on but here's the thing too in 72 shammy davis junior with candyman i like the fact that mock actually brought me like a song that was number one on the chats you know what i mean this is a very popular tune at the time no matter what you may think of it and yet again here we go sammy davis jr absolute icon so i'm kind of going to have to go with personal taste here which i don't know if it's fair or equitable or uh maybe i should be de-robed of my judge duties here do it however you want oh really well that's one of the things you're bringing up all that crazy [ __ ] from the video that might inspire me some ideas on how i do in fact want to do it throw some candy up in the air you need a bowl and some shaving it's like i don't know if it was shaving cream or whipped cream it must have been shaving cream it doesn't matter excuse me dude they're going real hard on their crotches on that pole and i was like there's yeast infections all over that well because she's mixing it up with love and making the world taste good that's right i'm nauseated now um but you know what i'm gonna do here i am actually gonna go with the debut album of duran duran and i give the victory to 1981. all right

which made 12 year old drew have some tingly feelings that were unknown to him at the time take that working women

all right man crush that means you win this game but we're gonna play on and head over to the final movies round dave just doesn't want me to argue with him for like 25 minutes go for it all right so let's uh let's go june 19th of 1981 it was actually a big day for movies uh this movie another movie i grew up watching this one's probably my favorite burt reynolds movie of all time and i'm not just saying that like drew zachman says that about a lot of his picks i actually really love this uh this burt reynolds movie i rewatched this last night probably for the first time in decades and it still holds up matter of fact knowing the backstory to this movie made it a little bit more entertaining as an adult i'll get into that a little bit but that said there are some old school like dialogue things in this movie that would never fly today never ever uh including which is actually weird because sammy davis jr is in this movie and mark brings up sammy davis jr so we're bringing him up twice within consecutive rounds and he's probably never been brought up in the two and a half years of being in the show no matter of fact that's why i picked that song because we've never brought up sammy davis jr on the show that's wild that uh that he's also in this uh but you know what like even with the cringy parts the movie itself is really fun watch uh like getting back to what i mentioned earlier this is also loosely based on a true story because this event actually took place several times throughout the 70s and like therefore it just made it a bit more fun to think about the reality of this actually occurring and what it could have looked like uh but domestically this movie did pretty well at the box office uh taking in roughly 72 million dollars is around 217 million dollars in 2021 for you guys and uh they they probably did more the same or more overseas because they absolutely love them some burt reynolds over there but uh unfortunately the international figures were all over the place uh but this was the seventh highest grossing film of 1981 so i had that going for it uh this film it actually didn't it actually wasn't going to star burt reynolds because and it wasn't even initially going to be a comedy uh the writer of this film was brock yates and originally he had this whole thing slated to be an action movie with steve mcqueen in the main role however if you know anything about steve mcqueen uh towards the the late 70s he was very sick uh he had cancer it spread and he ends up dying in 1980 and uh i won't get too much into that but that's a nutty story too he had like a [ __ ] 10 pound tumor in his stomach or something and the doctors told him that his heart would expire if he had surgery on it so he went to like mexico to get the surgery and then dies of heart failure in mexico or something like that it's crazy-ass story so anyhow so they they redid this whole script for bert reynolds and they made it a comedy and i suppose that they wanted to make this one an action movie originally because it was just about an identical movie that came out in 1976 called the gumball rally uh i don't know if you guys have ever seen that one but it's basically the same movie same premise everything based on that race uh the funny part is uh i personally love this movie but burt reynolds hated this movie and this is a kicker because he claimed that he did this out of a favor to his friend hal needham who's the director same director the guy that did smoking the bandit one and two and hooper with burt reynolds but as far as favors go how is it like a really a favor when you become the highest paid actor at the time getting five million bucks to play the role that's like if we were supposed to have a judge come on and i i contacted dave like this guy bailed out uh can you come on the show and be like yeah i'll do you a favor i'll come on uh pay me five grand that's like the same thing as this but uh they paid it and they paid it to him and uh but he hated it afterwards which i don't understand but we also get uh jackie chan in this one it's it's not his very first u.s role because he was in the big brawl in 1980 but that doesn't really i don't really count that because the joint with a hong kong production company wasn't that big of a movie but he appears in this one and it spurns out two different sequels you had one that came out like two years later a year later then you had one in the late 80s it was total trash so if you're in the mood for like all-star ensemble casts fast cars whacked out doctors friendly kidnappings captain chaos chinese jackie chan playing japanese jackie chan shiny body suits with nothing underneath the rat pack flashing priests casual drinking and driving which happens through the whole movie jimmy the greek fist fight surprise endings roger moore playing himself and breaking the law then go out and rent yourself a copy of the cannonball run

all right drew zachman what did you bring for the movies round all right so uh who's have a question who who is the best batman is it christian bale uh probably ben affleck a lot of people might say keaton yeah there we go now personally i've also been always partial to mr michael keane and on june 19th we got to see the follow-up to the monster hit batman with batman returns now this one had keaton reprising his role as bruce wayne and featuring michelle pfeiffer as catwoman which made 12 year old drew have some tingly feelings that were unknown to him at the time uh this movie also had danny devito as the iconic penguin also had christopher walken and one of my favorite character actors vincent chevelli uh also a little trivia annette benning was originally cast as catwoman uh but she became pregnant and was replaced with pfeiffer so take that working women um anyway this movie had a budget of 80 million dollars and pulled in a box office of 266 million or in 2021 man crush dollars what do you think what was it two what 266 what do you think in 1992 uh probably about 480. um not bad 510 510 million dollars in 2021. uh man crush your movie how high did that rank for the year was that it was seven the seventh year oh uh because batman returns was the sixth highest grossing movie of 1992. just want to throw that out there uh the film was nominated for two academy awards best visual effects and best makeup and michelle pfeiffer was nominated for an mtv movie award for most desirable female losing to sharon stone for her role in basic instinct which i totally support that decision so i'll give you batman returns june 19th 1992 landing strip

speaking of oh where to begin with this one guys all right so this movie was made for just 22 500 andrew yes that's 145 000 today hey thanks it had its world premiere at the world theater in new york city and it's a film that not only would have success and sequels but would push the boundaries of an entire industry all while moving said industry into the mainstream it's a groundbreaking film that would have a major impact on changing social norms for generations to come it would also become a pop culture phenomenon with its namesake becoming a widely used everyday term and even even famously as an informant code name open wide i give you the world premiere of deep throat june 12th 1972 a woman with an unusual birth defect comes to a doctor who has an unorthodox solution to make the best of her situation uh there's a whole lot to unpack with this movie uh the movie was the subject of a 2005 documentary uh called inside deep throw and a 2013 movie starring the enchanting amanda seifried as lovelace and now both of these projects explore the dark truths about the movie uh when the film was released theoretically in the u.s many companies were investigated by law enforcement agents including the fbi and a number of them were convicted for distributing obscenity star linda lovelace herself later revealed in her autobiography that chuck traynor her then husband coerced her into participating in the film and was controlling and abusive on set in a march 1973 column critic roger ebert wrote it is still all very well for good linda lovelace the star of the movie to advocate sexual freedom but the energy she brings to her role is less awesome than discouraging it's one of the most infamous films of all time it's deep throat june 12th 1972 in case you're wondering in 2006 it was revealed that uh fbi special agent mark felt was uh the deep throat informant tying it all back together with watergate

have you ever seen the sequel to that movie no it's like it's not it's not i don't even think it's a porn i think it's like rated r yeah you can watch uh [ __ ] it is available on a lot of uh let's just say streaming uh streaming sites did you do research and watch this one i did and uh

yeah wow lots of hair lots and lots of hair it's uh i mean it's a groundbreaking film but by no stretch of the imagination is it a good film the acting is horrible the plot is horrible it's a porn yeah matter of fact it was the first porn to ever really include plot story character development so i mean it was groundbreaking in that fashion but too much bush for mach too much bush bush we've got bush

shave that get it out of my face all right well let's hear what dave schultz has to say

okay well it's kind of a shame we did music prior to this round because i had to go with personal taste and it ended up giving man crush the win had we done movies first so i guess you know selection and timing is everything cannonball run would not have won this round i i hate this movie i really do i hate cannonball run and that's gonna be an unpopular opinion as a kid i loved it upon re-watching it as an adult i'm like this is just a complete star [ __ ] these guys like like you said the the celebrity cast it's like more about them than it is about the actual movie itself you know i really did not enjoy re-watching it uh one iota actually to turn it off i think like 25 minutes into the movie i'm like how did i even like this as a kid it's and that's why and that's why i mentioned that before if you know about it it was actually called the cannonball baker see to shining memorial trophy dash and it was a real deal thing so like kind of knowing that and the camaraderie that they had doing that makes a lot of sense with the movie because that that's actually what they did was they drove across and i think the guy that won in 1979 was driving like a jaguar and forgive me if i'm wrong i think it's an xjs or something like that and he did it in like 32 hours and something and only got like one ticket going across the united states and there were like different rules and penalties for doing different things so it's kind of cool and it kind of ties to the movie a little bit more if you know that but i yeah i get it and it's 1981 so it's not like anything that we're used to now and if you listen the script is not the greatest script and you could definitely tell that it was reworked yeah i'm sure it's still better than the script the deep throat oh yeah i don't know how much but it's still fun i thought it was a fun watch dom deluise was always i was gonna say they should have called the movie let's treat dom deluise like [ __ ] that's what they should every every movie he's with burt reynolds he just gets treated like a other log of crap which is which is great spoiler uh spoilers to turn it off if you've never seen the movie and you want to they're going to win captain chaos is running to the the time clock and uh some ladies like my baby and he like has to run and get this dog from the water ends up losing the uh the cannonball run in the process to the uh to adrian barbeau and the other i don't even know who the other girl is in the shiny suit in the ferrari and uh

bert comes up to him and he's just scolding him and then rips the the freaking mask off and he's like no you know captain chaos is over and i still remember that part from when i watched it as a kid it was super nostalgic watching it because then i remembered him donning the captain usa cap and he was like that's okay because i'm captain usa and like as a kid totally awesome

yeah i always preferred the anime animated version by hannah barbera a little bit more i don't know i haven't seen either i think the actual record is like 25 hours or something like that to go from to go from new york to california which is yeah i think there was one that was in the middle years somewhere because there was i think there was five or six of them that ran and the uh the top speed was like an average of 87 miles an hour across the country which is pretty insane when you think about it yeah like going through like you know slower roads or whatever slower areas um i i remember reading about i think it was like uh some kind of like mercedes and i think they had like an extra there was like two or three people doing it so that way they can just you know keep rotating drivers um and yeah and they and i think they had like people kind of looking now for them too like hey there's no cops around this area or whatever so it's kind of like a team effort but still that's insane 25 hours that's nuts but i respect your decision okay great i've seen cannonball run with uh the amish bunch of horse and buggies traveling across the country took 36 weeks exactly drew in 1992 batman returns batmania was still living lodge since 89 batman returns here's another one right i mean when i was a kid i i loved that movie i loved all anything batman to be honest with you but again upon re-watch all these years later it's not that great of a film uh it's it's actually pretty crappy uh i don't know what you guys think about it it's very colorful um it's very camping michelle foreign um yeah so kind of for me it actually reminds me more of like the uh 60s tv show in many ways uh of course it didn't have like the punching sound effects what have you but i mean it was it was a pretty cheesy ass movie but it was huge it's massive and it's a fond memory for me i mean really batman you can go to mcdonald's and get your batman happy meal you turn around you got batman shirts everywhere and as a comic fan it was a great time to be alive so batman returns is a big one and so you would have been in the running for this round at least um i don't think you've won any round have you drew not at all you came so [ __ ] close i usually go close man i usually don't win any rounds on any episode oh stop right there too with that batman returns oh i know you can go to sleep uh and feel like [ __ ] tonight you know so sorry uh cradle cradle your copy of adam's family i will he doesn't have one i haven't i bought like 30 of them just like guess what [ __ ] you stockpiled the apocalypse right never happens yeah now i have the wall yeah uh 1972 deep throat uh first off i i say documentary now mike you say it differently can you say it for me documentary documentary you've said this before on the show and i've never corrected you or i don't even know if i should maybe i'm saying it wrong i don't know really it's like calling target target one of those deals yeah syllable to that yes i did oh wow that's tough you consciously did this on purpose no i didn't do it no i think i do it both ways sometimes i think sometimes i do say depends on how i'm feeling documentary opens up a great debate how do people out there say it we gotta know comment on the video below get on your facebook all that good stuff i think it's dueling that correct is documentary not documentary as i said but it's okay i can't [ __ ] speak half the time myself so who am i to judge oops i am a judge but uh dude this whole thing with linda lovelace and and a porno um getting national recognition yeah uh it was just a massive massive thing was it batman returns massive no not at all some of the uh members i'm sure were pretty big in the film i i i haven't seen it but i i did see the the documentary uh actually it's not really a documentary so one of those uh what do you call biopics about uh linda lovelace the one you're talking about with siegfried there yeah yeah sig freedom roy interesting that's a good one i like the tigers you saw that's a different one oh oh crap oh man that was really good though uh no but i mean seriously it was like she went through a lot of [ __ ] man she was treated again like don delawey she was she was treated like him and that's bad yeah that's yucky that's icky it's gross um but still just this the fact that you know uh your nana knew what the hell deep throat was is a pretty pretty big deal and so uh again we're still talking about it and you can say that you can say uh deep throat in 2021 and people associate it yeah with either a spy or the film so not a spy but you know what i'm trying to say yeah thank you all is for forgiving documentary guy but uh you would have won the round mark i would have given the round to you so it would have been a far more interesting game had we selected movies first and uh that's that all right well man crush wins this one but uh you know maybe things will be different again next week who knows what did you think for you would you bring for your wild card for my wild card you have to go deep into it just what would you bring uh well my my wild card was a hot product that i actually found in uh in the baltimore sun and uh this was a new product that was being invented and it's okay it's it's just spit it out what is it it's it's galvalume it is a uh it's it's it's the stuff that they make metal roofs out of they started manufacturing it in the uh in the steel mills and started shipping it out worldwide so i have the invention of basically what metal roofs are made out of that's what i had that's you know barn burner right there yeah good thing i [ __ ] cut you off to make you stop that one what what about you drew oh i had i had complete horseshit i had um it was the only thing i could even find that was remotely asphalt roofs

similar uh i had an album from lindsay buckingham a solo album called out of the cradle i'm not a big flu mac fan i'm like uh whatever so i think i could find that was like moderately cuz like movie wise they were [ __ ] and this was uh just still beats roofing barely unfortunately we're out of time and just won't get a chance i was gonna cut i had what was yours i had superman too show up well i just like like i picked superman not that long ago so i didn't feel right picking it again you always talk about superman so uh you know you know who was a superman nelson mandela here's uh here's a little shout out to uh listener eric clooley who sent me a message today and says that uh let me read the exact message we sent could mark please discuss roofing materials on the next episode that'd be great now he said i know it was a canon episode but damn you really love over the top i feel like you've brought it up on at least a third of all episodes so uh with that i need to bring it up again and thank you eric lully for sending me that message yep over the top is fantastic it is that's why i said i said well deserved [ __ ] you know you're proud of yourself with the sammy davis jr thing but we also talked about burt reynolds and before that lonnie anderson yeah i mentioned that so look at that here we go babe breaking all the way nice and dave had no idea what we were bringing and he mentioned lonnie anderson that's myself that's where you bring your dad for father's day everybody out there hope you had a great father's day because now it's over by the time you heard this but let's make this but you can't you can't bring your dad lonnie anderson anymore maybe maybe her hair piece yeah she might still wear her helmet she might look good i thought she was dead that's why i just said that she's alive no i think she's still alive i think she wow all right well mancrush wins this one i want to thank dave schultz for coming in once again and being an excellent judge hey dave why don't you tell us all uh what's happening on the selling out show and uh with schultz soaps ah there you go look at that last time i was on i was promoting the podcast and soap and here i am again doing the same freaking thing but you know the problem was is when i was promoting my stuff a duel in decades spelled my name wrong on the bottom of the screen and this is like a lifelong problem for me people can't pronounce it or can't uh spell my name so let me do that right now real quick it's s-c-h-u-l-t-z so if you look up at schultz soap on instagram you will see my amazing creations because i am a true artist okay what i do with my hands is an amazing process that just may uh blow your mind as far as my podcast is [ __ ] great i'm on it it can't be beat with a freaking stick so make sure you follow at selling out show on all your favorite social media outlets whatever uh no i shouldn't have to um but i could if you really wanted me to was it with the z the zelig no like using the that cash app thing no at selling out show if you can't spell that i can't help yet but you know what you're probably in line to be the next vice president of the united states of america

what was what was your soap thing again what was that one

soap that's s-c-h-u-l-t-z see a lot of people uh i got a bone to pick with the human race people think i'm related to the guy who created penis charles scholes but his name is spelled different right so like even growing up they're like oh yeah look at you man you must be rich right because your grandfather invented snoopy i'll make a spell different and if i didn't get that i get the whole like my teachers would be uh i see nothing huh yeah you seen hogan heroes and schultz right i'm like dude i'm like [ __ ] six years old i ain't watching hogan's heroes what the [ __ ] the matter with you you know what you're talking about crazy lady i wanted to change my name back then to like dave diamond or something or david danger you know there you go little alliteration there but i stuck with shelter so here i am and now i'm old and i make soap i like that cool podcast david diamond schultz your dds there you go [ __ ] knock your teeth out [ __ ]

and uh drew zachman why don't you tell everybody what's happening on songs gone wrong yeah so we just had uh kevin martin from candlebox on we're getting some more interviews uh and we have dave scotty from janus it's kind of like a alt rock band from like the last like 10 10 years i'm a big fan of their stuff so we have him we're actually interviewing him tomorrow so the episode will probably be posted probably by time this episode airs so we'll have janice on there awesome but if you've missed an episode don't worry duelers you can always head over to duelingdecades.com where you can subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast platform and head over to our facebook page let us know what you thought about this episode you can find all of the links for our facebook our youtube and all of our social medias right down in the episode notes if you're watching along on facebook why don't you drop a comment on the video let us know who you think won this game so until next time duelers we're going to bid you a peace love light and a joy have a grateful week everyone lonnie anderson 75