Dueling Decades
June 16, 2021

Did you grow up on Cannon Films? It's a Cannon deep dive between 1982, 1984 & 1986!

If you've listened to this show before, you know about our deep-rooted love for all things Cannon Films. We don't know exactly what it is about this company, but we can never stop talking about them. Ninjas, Chuck Norris, Charles Bronson, break dancing, sex comedies, Jean Claude Van Damme, and lots of shlock! What's not to love?! So this week, we brought in our new friend, Austin Trunick, the author of "The Cannon Film Guide Vol 1" (volume 2 is coming soon) to judge this all Cannon battle. Following the film guide, we stayed in the 80s for this episode. First up, going back to the early days of Cannon (under Golan and Globus of course), Mancrush brings the best of Cannon, 1982. Smack dab in the middle of this competition, Marc James grabs dons his zipper jacket and delivers the best Cannon had to offer from 1984. Bridging the way to Austin's Vol 2, Mike Ranger brings Cannon of 1986 to this battle!

If you're a fan of Cannon Films, we're sure you'll dig this episode and we totally recommend picking up Austin's book! If you don't know Cannon, you'll definitely want to hear more by the end. In this episode, you might hear something about: faking it till you make it, turbulent partnerships, fancy lunches on styrofoam plates, naked horseback riding, careers we wish we had, video store ninjas, the cure to any computer virus wears sunglasses, hookers on television, the boring BBC, Amanda makes Marc lascivious, music for murderers, the perfect use for a U2 track, Chaka Kahn is a freakshow on the dance floor, Jean Claude Van Damme fables, The Cannon Kibbutz, V8 makes everything sexier, terrorists, uzis, motorcycles, explosions, violence, sex, crabs and a lot more Cannon tidbits from Austin!


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here's the thing it's not your standard article it's not your standard news article it's a fake article

broadcasting from the podcast new york studios it's another all-new dueling decades the adult only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy because it's your history we just fight for it welcome back i am mark james and this week we have an all 80s canon duel where i'll be boogieing down with 1984 alongside the other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off locked and loaded with 1982 say hello to man crush what's up everybody that's right i'm going back almost to the beginning and i have uh all of 1982 for canon and i'm gonna throw this out there because we should do this every single episode since we're on youtube now if you're watching this on youtube hit the like button subscribe hit the alert do all that fun stuff that way people can actually see these videos because we're brand new to this platform uh otherwise if you're listening to us on podcast form go check us out on youtube and do the same thing but yeah i have a canon of 1982. also joining us on the panel and coming armed with 1986 please welcome back the incomparable mike ranger well hello everybody i do have 1986 i did actually do the research for 1986 so we're good

and as always here on the show we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness and for this episode who better than the man who literally wrote the book on the canon group the author of the canon film guide volume 1 1980 through 1984 available now in hardcover paperback and digital all rise for judge austin truenick thank you for having me guys

ladies and gentlemen the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules the judge's coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories movies television music news and hot products a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round allowing the victor to choose the next available category the first three rounds are worth one point each with rounds four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie after all five rounds we'll go to a final wild card round remember duelers to like subscribe and play along at home it's time for more dueling decades all right let's go right over to our guest judge for this episode austin truenick for the coin toss this week it'll be between mancrush and mike ranger all right what i what i have here are two promotional buttons from uh canon movies from 1985 and 1986. we have life force and invaders from ours both toby hooper movies um let's go in order of release let's say life forces heads and invaders is tails so mike you're ready

uh i will go with uh some full frontal uh life force all right it is invaders damn it just my luck all right man crush you won the coin toss you take control the board and you get to select our first category all right let's start with news go short and sweet let's go with news on this one let's go to august 19th of 1982 and i feel like this one's important because it just shows you what kind of men these were all right this one it was just two canon to pass this one up this article was by way of the evening standard out of london england and but here's the thing it's not your standard article it's not your standard news article it's a fake article there was a paid advertisement i mean gold and gold gold and globus were great if no one's covering your business cover it yourself i mean and that's what they did here uh the title of this article is canon to buy another west end cinema just nine weeks following their takeover of 130 screen classic cinema theaters which is the uk's third largest the chairman and president of canon group menachem golan and yurum globus today announced a further west end acquisition the columbia cinema on london's shaftsbury avenue which is the greatest name ever with the addition canon's classic screens have increased to 23 in the west end of london and a total of 35 in london altogether the acquisition emphasizes our policy of increasing canon classic screen power and giving them multi-screen availability for first run movies the first movie to play in this brand new updated theater where they completely renovated the inside and they installed dolby digital surround sound remember this 1982 this is big [ __ ] there first movie the last american virgin and they uh they put an x-rated high school teenage comedy that takes you on a whirlwind adventure with three best friends and the girl of their dreams golan and globus intend to expand the canon classic cinema chain even further to accommodate their commitment to film production you know what this is like super savvy of these guys at the time if no one's gonna distribute your movies do it on your own kind of like this article nobody's going to cover you cover it yourselves i just felt like this was like a total this shows what these guys did like this is them in a nutshell so that's why i went with this for my news wow yeah that's a great article it says right at the top paid advertisement awesome all right mike ranger what did you bring for the news round well mark i uh found an article in the desert sun of palm springs california from april 4th 1986. it looks like this was uh taken out of the associated press um the article says that viacom international has agreed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for exclusive pay tv and world syndication rights to more than 60 films by the canon group the agreement was considered a a coup for the new york based viacom and two of its divisions showtime the movie channel and viacom enterprises at the time of this article viacom had a library of eleven hundred films and president of viacom entertainment group said that these motion picture these motion pictures constitute the most significant addition in recent years to our library of feature films the deal would grant exclusive airing of the canon films on showtime the movie channels two national pay tv channels and viacom's two pay-per-view ship paper paper viewers channel they called [ __ ] weird stuff back yeah pay-per-view pay-per-view what the [ __ ] what kind of name is this all right uh the deal would give exclusive rights to the films for up to five years and syndication rights to the films for up to 20 years so big deal for the canon guys getting together with viacom i'm glad i switched my new i had two news stories and i'll save the other one for wild card if we get there but that was actually part of my news story was the because they did the same thing in 82. so i'm glad that i switched because yours kind of is more than mine okay all right well my news story as well talks about the uh the strategies of canon as well this one is we're going to go over to the hanford sentinel from hanford california may 17 1984 for a headline that reads hollywood elite scoffs at golan's no frills policy when israeli filmmaker menachem golem and his cousin joran globus bought canon in 1979 it was 3 million in debt embroiled in more than 50 50 costly lawsuits and cannons biggest hit until then had been the happy hooker series in joe four years later the team of golan and globus had 150 million invested in over 26 films more than most major studios at the time now they have a superstar stable of actors and actresses with the likes of katherine hepburn sylvester stallone and revenues in 18 in 1983 of more than 62 million dollars for with profits of over 6 million now the average budget for a major studio film is 11.5 million canon's projects were averaging less than 5 million now how did they get all the money pre-sales and independent foreign buyers along with video cassette and cable rights that provided most of the financing so the films actually turned a profit before they were even made he said our philosophy is no limousines no overhead golan said all the money should go on the screen we try to build a relationship with the stars instead and then the article kind of goes on to talk about how they built those personal relationships with the stars by tailoring to their individual needs and wants catherine hepburn tried for 12 years to get a movie made called the ultimate solution of grace quigley it was a pet project of hers about a senior citizen who puts her ailing friends out of their misery by hiring a hitman to kill them cannon said yeah we're all in we'll go ahead let you make that movie finally so she came on for way less money roger moore he liked to write so they let him adapt sydney sheldon's the naked face uh and he got to star in the movie for way less money than he would have charged other studios john cassavetes well he was just happy that somebody would hire him and uh he said according to golan that my profits will be as much as monokum golem is willing to give me so but sylvester stallone though he didn't care about any of those perks he wanted cash and they gave him 12 million bucks to do over the top now the article closes by talking about the resentment by the hollywood establishment that still plagues this company one media report even called golan a rug merchant uh it's a very it's it's a smear due to envy he says we're we're bloody foreigners we speak with an accent we don't go to their parties we don't smoke their cigarettes but i don't want to remind everybody that hollywood was founded by foreigners and there's no crime in being a being good in rug merchandising golan said so that's what i give you from my news article kind of the marketing strategies of canon how they were able to get these big stars for way less money than uh than they were getting otherwise so that's shocking that you brought that because the article that i was originally gonna go with i know i said before half it was uh was mike's the other half was yours oh wow so now i'm not even gonna bring that for the wild card round because it's both of those together in 1982 trash tragedy well let's see what our guests judge for this episode austin truenick has to say on the news round well i i'm gonna go through each of these um man crush i like i like the article 1982 was canon on their way up but buying theaters is really one of the things that led to their downfall later on they took a lot of money basically in 1986 shortly after mike's uh article but they took the money that they was that was meant to go into movies like masters universe and superman four very infamously and they spent it buying 30 mi and movie theater chains and then they didn't have money to you know make make the special effects like pay the special effects guys they wanted for uh superman for even film most of the scenes that they wanted in that movie um they ended up unplugging um unplugging the lights when they were making masters universe because they couldn't afford at the time and that was all because they had this habit of buying more and more theaters buying real estate when they should be spending their money on their films if that's what they wanted to be as a movie company so that's let me ask you guys it kind of kind of ties in so they end up losing the mgm distribution deal right around like 84. hadn't they lost that do you think they they wouldn't have bought those theaters

i don't i don't think so at that point the one of the big parts of the 30 mi um purchase was that they got l street studios which is where raiders lost ark get empire strikes back and all these things were filmed um they got it was a big package deal they also got movies um all the thorium i catalog so that's how you get highlander and stuff like that in there link and if they i think they wanted all that they they wanted to be a major studio and uh my feeling is that they saw those things and saw that major studios had them and that they could buy them when when they were a very good medium-sized studio they they were good at making money that way like mike's article by selling the video rights all over there was a long period where before they made a film they had already sold the foreign rights they had sold the video rates everywhere all the cable rights and say they made all these things added up to 10 million dollars if they shot a movie or five million dollars it didn't matter if anybody went to see it if it got panned in in theaters they were still in the profit they would then be able to take that profit and make more movies like that right and that going into into mike's article they uh they were very very smart about the pre-sales but when they just wanted to get over that sort of hump from being this mini mini major is what they call themselves into a major studio they would they went about it in the wrong way they were they they weren't in the business of making movies that were studio quality films and they just jumped in too fast so i think they still would have bought that stuff just because it was a very kind of foolish purchase and all right i was wondering that when i was doing the research and i saw all the [ __ ] they were buying i was like i wonder you know after 84 if they were like oh [ __ ] we have to distribute everything so i mean let me let's just buy everything so we can just have our own arm but yeah that totally makes sense and looking at the history of these guys i get that yeah they still had to sell their movies even at that point they had to give away the the distribution rights to over the top for example was a movie they paid sylvester stallone 12 million dollars to to appear and made him the highest paid actor in hollywood and they couldn't they didn't have 12 million dollars to give him they didn't have any money left over from that to actually make the film so they had to go and make a deal with warner brothers and warner brothers ended up getting the film to distribute and had the canon logo on it but all the money they really got from it was just the money to make the movie at that point good lord all right sorry to catch off good that's building those relationships but yeah yeah this takes us to mark um i i have to go with his because it's a great summary of what cannon did in 84 that was really when cannon the rest of hollywood was starting to look at them and take them seriously and yeah and that article is probably probably planted by that but by their pr people because they liked that underdog image they really like that underdog dog image and so i have to go with mark's article because it is canon and at their happiest times um really entering their their heights

his may be the hottest hot product we've ever had so whoa so listen up all right it's better than the fleshlight

all right so i pick up the first point i take control the board i get to select our next category uh you know what guys let's go over to the hot products round

all right so for my hut product we're gonna go to the pages of the daily news out of new york new york may 6 1984. now on this there is a three-quarters full-page ad advertisement for magic video they're open seven days a week they're on forest hills on queens boulevard and white stone on 14th avenue and uh if you read through the ad the first thing that grabs you is the giant photograph almost taking up half the page of uh show khashoggi from uh revenge of the ninja it's just him on there and it's the text says the ultimate video club costs just 69 says three-year membership 69 says you can rent movies for half price that's 2.50 the magic movie club membership entitles you to rent any film or tape in our extensive library for just two dollars and fifty cents now that's half the normal price it's millions of dollars worth of prime entertainment for just pennies the ad claims or you can rent for la less than half the price for a dollar fifty monday tuesday and one day wednesdays rental price drops to a dollar fifty or even less than a dollar magic movie club members can keep the tape for an extra night for just a dollar and it goes on to list some of the other features you get for the 69 free reservations discounts on video equipment no deposits necessary and then it says they're here hundreds of hollywood's greatest movies for purchase or rental put revenge of the ninja in your home library today so magic video opens seven days a week coinciding with the release of revenge of the ninja on vhs in the uh probably like the first week of may i looked at a few different articles and the the date varied depending on what part of the country it was some had it for a new release at the end of may some articles had it for a march marked as a new release the beginning of may either way it was all in 1984. that was my hot product is the release of revenge of the ninja on vhs you wanted to add that to your library coincided with the ultimate video club only 69 bucks no nothing hotter than that good lord like i i feel like i had this conversation with mike the other day mike do you remember we were talking about this in the elevator i i wish i grew up or i was born maybe like 10 15 years earlier so i could have owned my own like mom pop video rental store and have that heyday of like the mid 80s to you know the late 80s before the big box stores like blockbuster took over because it was amazing they were those guys were making money hand over fist there were rental stores in 7-eleven there were rental stores everywhere and you could pick all this awesome [ __ ] and you could make cool stuff like that you can have like a membership club you can have tuesday action nights or whatever it was like a dream job i just grew up in the wrong time like thanks mom and dad

streaming all right mike ranger what did you bring for the hot products round well mark let me tell you because in 1986 ocean software limited released cobra the video game on the commodore 64 and the zx spectrum in the uk i don't have a specific release date however i found an article in the guardian i found an article in the guardian a uk paper with a list of award winners for 1986 it announced it's an annual computer game bash and cobra won for best platform game uh the article says that this is a rare example of a good game derived from a film license these have a habit of turning out to be over promoted rubbish which is pretty funny because even in 1986 they were making [ __ ] video games based off of movies it's all a process of it's all a process of leaping up and down platforms attempting to eradicate the muggers and rapists swarming in the streets although a simple design it is it is elevated by a good by good music graphics and a sense of humor rarely seen in computer games i need to play this game i need to play this and what's even more interesting is that this is going on in the uk where you know most of the video games released in in europe that were like contra or something like that were given alternate names things were like kind of redone to be less violent so it's kind of interesting that this game has muggers and rapists i want to play it for which one specifically do you want to play it for the muggers or the rapists oh definitely not the muggers those guys are just a couple guys trying to feed their family the other guys are go-getters

all right man crush what did you bring for the hot products round i knew i'd be afraid to ask that question i managed to get all that done without actually saying the word though you never said it which is great all right so isn't that incredible yeah because youtube would just completely shut up yeah i'm tired which we can't afford at this point uh september 20th of 1982. since like i'm in such early stages of golan and globus at canon i had to go outside the box on this one uh without a doubt though this is the first time this particular product was hot on this show matter of fact this may be the hottest hot product we've ever had so whoa so listen up all right it's better than the fleshlight

it's equal it's equal you can use them equally okay all right some people did all right so so back in so back mike really knows who my pick is so he's playing coy right now so back in 1979 there was this dudley moore movie that came out it was named ten and this wasn't a canon movie uh not a golden globus joint but did super well at the box office and have you've never seen it i recommend checking it out i watched it the other night dudley moore is hilarious and it's it's a great movie basically it's about a middle-aged guy he becomes infatuated with a woman that he sees getting married and he basically stalks her all the way back to mexico on her honeymoon a lot happens in between his neighbor makes porn there's swinger parties dudley saves sam jones that's sam jones flash huh that one uh who plays the husband of the stalky and then he ends up spending time with this woman that he's obsessing over and one of the most memorable scenes this movie it begins when bo derek asks dudley moore have you ever done it to revel and of course she she means the classical piece by revell bolero uh the greatest line ever she follows that line up with saying my uncle turned me on to it and he's like uh well anyhow so like uncle fred he told her that bolero is the most descriptive sex music ever written and with that she walks into the bedroom she disrobes you can actually find that part on youtube if you're if you don't want to watch the whole movie because but go watch the whole movie it's good i won't spoil it it's a good movie however this whole thing this whole scene in particular and the beach scene with the braids and everything this catapults bo derek to super stardom right she becomes like the pinup goddess of the late 70s and early 80s in the process so right around this time in 1982 beau derrick and her husband john derek they become like a package deal all right they recently part ways with universal studios they were and this was over a movie they were planning called eve and that damned apple which never got made but universal was like what the [ __ ] is this get out of here and but you know it's like it's surprising because it's coming off of the amazing hit that they did together tarzan the eight man which is it's shocking that universal dumped them after that that said like bo derek was still highly sought after at the time and you know as it goes as the saying goes one man's trash is canon's treasure you know what i mean so i gave you this little news excerpt from september 20th of 1982 and it says bo derek signs bo derek who surged to stardom with her sexual exploits to revels bolero in the hit movie 10 will star this year in bolero this is being billed as a 20 million dollar sensuous adventure for golan globus's cannon films the blonde sex symbol will be directed by her husband john derek so this dude's just watching her bang random dudes and there's like there's rumors out there at the last scene they actually had sex [ __ ] weird but anyhow and then it goes on to say that the last movie they did together was tarzan the eight man [ __ ] classic uh and so i give you the hottest product to be bought up in 1982 bo derek i mean here's the thing bolero it didn't come out until 1984. a matter of fact they flopped so badly that mgm would ultimately drop cannon from their distribution arm but hey she's hot that's a hot she's the hottest product we've ever had on the show hotter than the fleshlight i'll give you that wow yeah all right so we're doing people as products now hey nice canon bro hey it's absolutely all rules out of the window she's still i saw a picture of her from when i was doing the research she actually still looks good and she's got to be like 70 like somebody i gotta look it up exactly but she's got to be up there and maybe she had plastic surgery but she looks great

all right let's throw it over to austin truenick for the ruling on the hot products round oh mark yours gives me very fond memories of video stores um that's where my love of cannon that's where my love of movies started taking trips every week with my dad or mom too not just the video store but you guys have me talking about it but we had the grocery store you could rent them on a little spinner rack um the there was a gas station that also sold uh fishing baits but they also had a video rack in the back that you could rent movies and i used to rent stuff there with my mother and like in the middle of the week and yeah i miss i really miss video stores that's one of the weirdest things is i have very vague memories of very important things from my childhood um i can't tell you what my school's classrooms or anything looks like what um family members houses look like but i could draw you a very detailed map of probably my three favorite video stores as a kid with writing down where each of the sections were each genre section and it's amazing dude it was a cultural event for us it was like that before watching the movie just going we've talked about this on the show before but going to the video store was like going to a club it was like all right i'm going to this you know maybe you don't weren't partying there but you were getting to see the lay of the land seeing what new stuff they had in stock what old stuff or like how excited you would be if you went there and a movie that you actually wanted was in stock or if you were that guy that went up to the counter and was like hey did anybody return anything and it was like oh yeah i got this copy of cobra be like what the yeah i'll take that oh it's not rewound i don't give a [ __ ] just give it to me yeah it was a destination yeah it was somewhere you had to go yeah now it's like oh i turn on netflix there's no skin in the game anymore like that was that's what made it so good it's not a so picking a movie is no longer a social activity nope and you know talking about films and discussing them and getting recommendations from other people you know that's what having a love for movies is all about you kind of lose that now so yep yeah 17th century french movie by canon this has a lot of tits in it right yes

yeah so i i i love mark's pick but i'm not going with that one um mike i gotta check out this cobra game this sounds pretty cool um i haven't played that i have played the death wish 3 game which they released on computers and must've been 85 or 86 and in the game you can play it in browsers now they they have it all set up on emulation so you just google it and find it but you can actually kill as many gang members and muggers in that in the game as charles bronson kills on screen and death at the end of death wish through three it's just the craziest bodyguard that's awesome yeah but it's it's it's it's fun um it's not a very good game but it's fun to try out for a while but i'll have to look up the cobra game and see if i can see if they've done the same thing you can play it online nowadays but i have to go with uh mancrush here um the bo derek is someone who just fascinates me in her career especially with her husband john derek who is a much older man sort of just bengali type guy who took her as a very young age as a teenager and sort of model sculpted her into this actress um 10 she blew up after 10 and they actually named bolero after the song in 10 as you as you mentioned and her name too right yeah yeah yeah in a lot of the old posters i have it's bo and then a picture of her in the middle on the other side it's laro just to really capitalize on her that's probably the last time uh article about canon and bo derek that ran in it ran in print was positive because they got in a very big and nasty fight in all of the trade papers after that about a lot of them in 1984 they they are oh from both sides just ripping each other and it's bolero is probably one of my least favorite movies in the first volume of the canon film guide to actually watch even though it's you have to watch it once if you haven't because it's crazy it's bo derek and her best friend and her sort of babysitter george kennedy oscar winner george kennedy hey listen he's he's great in every disaster film so they had to put him in this so right yes they go on this adventure around the world to help her find somebody to take her virginity which is crazy that's that's the concept that they took to cannon and cannons yes let's how much money do you need and they made it they didn't make another film until uh 1989 i believe it was um called ghost can't do it it was the last film that beau derek and john derek made together and that's also a very weirdly fascinating movie it's bo bo derek plays a young woman who's married to a much older man he dies and the whole plot of the film is her going around and trying to find the perfect body because he comes back as a ghost and the only thing their relationship is still great but ghosts can't do it as the movie title says so she he has to possess these men so they can have sex with her and it's sort of the weird jealousy that's happening because he's the ghost possessing this all these very handsome actors as they bang his wife don't for real yeah yeah and our our last president was he he got his razzy award for that movie he plays one of o'derrick's husband's uh business rivals so it's awesome yeah it's worth it wait what is it called again it's called ghosts ghosts can't do it i'm totally gonna look that up yeah it's it's if if you're into the the bo derek filmography that's uh that's a bizarre one that needs to be seen but i have to go with that the uh the product of bo derek yeah i mean not the movie bolero and it's just signing because you know how canon was and they wanted to add all these people to their kibbutz their you know their this committee that they had of all these different you know actors you know like charles bronson and and everybody else that they had that they would just keep for movie after movies so she was supposed to be part of this and it just obviously like you said it just didn't work out but that movie is crazy i watched it for the first time the other night and i told mike i didn't even know what i was in for and it's actually i it took me a while to find it it's actually on youtube and somebody posted it like not that long ago so it might still be up there if you really want to see it can we watch it with the sound off of course okay it's actually probably more enjoyable if you watch it with the sound off there you go actually no because some of the dialogue is so bad it's funny like when she's talking because george kennedy is a real actor so like when she's talking to george kennedy he's really acting and it's just bogus coming anything coming out of her mouth you're like i don't buy it like she's a virgin how old was she at the time like mid-20s like okay i don't i don't buy this at all but yeah like like austin said if you've never seen it it's worth watching just for the goofs but just be prepared to be shocked because it is pretty shocking

it's just just crazy the amount of stuff that they had put out then and it was right before everything went went to hell so

all right man crush you pick up a point we're heading into our final one point round you have control of the board what category are we going with next all right i'm gonna go with something that has been mentioned before we'll just do it now get it out of the way let's go to television

all right so let's go uh september 24th of 1982 and at this point like picking television again i'm so early on that it's a little tough for canon in 1982. i i didn't want to get anything that predated golan and globus taking over the canon group so i really only had about a year's worth of movies that i could possibly that could possibly make their way onto television matter of fact the movie that i found it was actually still playing in drive-ins around the country when i found it on television but thank god newspapers.com one of our great sponsors they have a fantastic search feature and i was able to go through and search for several movies to see if they were playing on television and lo and behold our favorite late night cable company everybody knows where i'm going cinemax was playing this movie right when you figured they would we called it skinemax for a reason and they aired this one at 11 50 p.m on september 24th 1982 and according to your book austin which is amazing by the way thank you yeah if you're a fan of canon uh one of our listeners uh eric he turned us on to this thank you eric he was like you gotta check out this book and he sent us pictures or whatever and uh and you actually you mentioned this in your book and uh this happens to be the first canon movie release to theaters under golan and globus and the first date that i can find in those newspapers in theaters was may 30th of 1980. uh this is not a hit by any means and it's the third and final movie of the series uh while this uh it well this it wasn't a hit movie it was the first golan and globus new venture into hollywood so i figured it'd be important and most likely with it being on television this is also probably the first of the canon movies under golan and globus to make it to television at that time we're talking about 1982 i'm looking at september i don't see any other movies that could possibly make it i was searching this was the first one i found so if you're in the mood for guilty pleasures movies based on books campiness tales of revenge satire prostitutes pool orgies adam west stinging one-liners sleazy movie studios sexploitation jack lemmon's son chris getting it in accidental sex capades in the dark car chases and excessive nudity then tune in to skinamax 11 50 p.m est for the happy hooker goes to hollywood awesome one of the early early early golden golden globus classics yeah

all right mike ranger what did you bring for the television round well mark uh in the uk there was a arts based documentary series that broadcasted on bbc one that ran from 1967 into 2003. i found a tv listing from the evening standard a newspaper in the greater london area so everyone grab your teacups for may 23 pick of the day at precisely 10 20 of all times an all-new omnibus uh tonight's episode titled the last moguls appears down the peers down the barrel of canon films whose dramatic impacts on the british movie business has caused shell shock in some quarters uh omnibus uh traces the extraordinary graduation of canon's cousins golan and globus for for uh from small movies such as hot t-shirts to the howitzer league uh so yeah it was basically just a tv documentary on uh canon films and what they were doing and it's uh pretty interesting because i think in 86 they're pretty much at the the height of their movie output they put out like 60-something movies that year yeah 86 was peak golden globus cannon they had so many movies in production almost a almost a movie in theaters every every week um it's just just crazy the amount of stuff that they had put out then and it was right before everything went went to hell so

we got a problem what do we do just keep making movies make more movies and we'll uh we'll eventually make the money back

gambling uh mindset i can't wait like how far are you into volume two i am editing right now i am neck deep in editing so um it's it's close i'm really hoping for the have it out by the end of this year but i when i started writing this project i had written it basically that order it was going to be my 50 favorite canon movies and that obviously i couldn't stop there once i learned more and more and talk to more people and just started finding seeking out all these films and so yeah it's i had a good head start on the second volume before i took the first one out the publishers i can't wait to read it that that's like the one period i don't think i know enough about and then like mike said i think i've seen that documentary and i think you can find that one on youtube the one you're talking about that was on television but like the go-go boys and uh electric boogaloo those are great documentaries if you guys have never if this is your first venture into what the hell is canon you're if you're hitting this episode now and you read it and you're like you thought this was about like medieval [ __ ] weaponry or something uh maybe like dig a little bit deeper if you're interested in the movies and stuff that we're talking about and you can watch these documentaries and get austin's book and everything it's it's an amazing story and i wish there were more stories about like some of these other companies mike and i were talking about this the other night like uh dealer and ice entertainment and like dg and like orion film like there's so many like these little would you call them before mini majors many majors many majors that were around but i think canon just they had this aura about them that the stories are just so amazing so that's what like really like when eric told me about the book i was like okay okay i gotta i gotta do this now and uh the book is amazing but sorry guys thank you thank you so much good mark all right all right so my television selection uh you know march 2nd 1984 cannon released a movie whose original title was going to be my beautiful shiksa that didn't last they retitled it to over the brooklyn bridge and it was directed by the man himself monokum golan it starred the great elliot gould bert young shelley winter shelly winters in fresh off of taxi carol kane that same year carol kane would guest star in another series uh direct from uh taxi creator jim burrows i give you season three episode 12 of cheers titled a ditching time originally airing december 20th 1984. this episode is fantastic and this one carol king gives a brilliant performance as amanda now she's a friend of diane's that tries to date sam now the twist here is diane met this friend while she was self-admitted to a mental institution come to find out amanda is just a little obsessive when it comes to men and a little suicidal when things go wrong so hilarity ensues when sam finds this out from diane uh also in this episode norm is trying to have a baby with his wife vera and it seems like everybody's name from the bar is on the list except for cliff of course because who would name their son cliff and in this episode coach reveals that his nickname coach was given to him by one of his friends and that he always thought it it was because he never flew first class and had nothing to do with the fact that he was a baseball coach so carol king's character of amanda she gets over sam really quick by the end of this one when she finds out that sam is ralph now ralph is the man that diane talked about in all those therapy sessions when they were in the uh mental institution together so and then we learned some really disturbing details about sam and how bad of a boyfriend he is now for christmas he got diane a set of steak knives she got the flu that year he never bothered to go visit her he got her second hand flowers for valentine's day and then after their very first night they spent together she wanted to spend the day together the next day he went to a football game and then on his birthday diane cook sam a seven course meal and sam stopped for a burger on the way home so i give you over the brooklyn bridge with carol kane and then cheers with carol kane all the same year 1984.

oh all right well carol kane is amazing i love her um she's she's one of the best things in over the brooklyn bridge yeah but i was i never really got into cheers i i would be on and i would watch it but it's nothing i ever continued watching or followed or made it a point to appointment i don't know what you're missing out on man mark masturbates to cheers i you said you wouldn't tell uh man crush we happy hooker happy hooker is uh goes hollywood is yeah it's it's a great first splash from canon the first thing they chose to produce with their new hollywood studio that they had bought is of course a three qual to a series they hadn't started and really no one was rushing for for a for another one anyway but that that's a movie it's got a lot of a lot of fun actors adam west who really was at a point in his career where he was appearing in anything he could that he didn't have to wear the batman suit right um but he's he's very funny in that one so happy hookers happy hooker's a fun watch i'm not surprised it was playing on cinemax in the middle of the night that seems like the perfect place for it but i have to go with mike's here um the last moguls if you're of any interest in canon that's some of the best footage vintage footage from inside their offices it was right after they bought this big new fancy office building and there are so many just hilarious details in it you've got golden globe is having this big executive meeting and everyone's eating out of like styrofoam styrofoam in it because like the article they don't put the money they put all the money on the screen they're not gonna they're they're gonna you're gonna eat off a styrofoam if you have to dine with the heads of the company there's footage of joram globus approving um delta force toy machine guns for kids uh just going through them like a toy manufacturer just showing them off and that's what happens yeah oh yeah there's a footage of a giant party they had in 1986 is really to celebrate their success and what's amazing is this black tie party and it's in the parking garage which is the most canon place to throw a big black tie gala but all their books was there everybody was there yeah yeah you got bronson norris you have uh michael dudakovs there at that point it's yeah it's it's a just that footage alone is just it's fun to go and try to peek at who you can see in the background who came to this fancy party parking garage party and yeah brand new parking garage though yeah yeah and i've talked to people who were at that party and i always have to try to get you know what was it like you know just because that stands out so such a peak part of canon history for me just that one moment the parking garage shebang but yeah yeah i have to go with last moguls and you also mentioned other canon documentaries if anybody hasn't seen mark hartley's uh electric boogaloo the wild untold story of canon films it's wonderful and it's it goes through the history of canon and you know just your 90 minutes but it covers so much there's so much great footage there's people telling amazing stories it's a great place to start um just a just to learn what what can what the company was about sure yep before you decide whether you want to write read 500 pages in the first volume of my book followed by progressively larger volumes in the future i think that one that was the more fun one i think uh in watching them and i just rewatched them again this past week felt like go go boys is a little bit more propagandish like very pro canon there was nothing bad said about them and then when you watch electric boogaloo what's the exact name of that one electric boogaloo the wild untold story of canon films all right i didn't want anybody to just come up with uh break in two but uh that one has great stories from both sides good and bad which makes it fantastic and there's no subtitles which go go go boys there's a lot of subtitles yeah goku boys had actually when golden globus had found out that somebody was making a documentary about them they rushed and produced their own documentary which actually beat it out of course so yeah it was it was specifically made in response to them finding that people were being interviewed for electric boogaloo they they go and make their own which is just crazy it's the the most canon thing one of the last things that menachem golan was associated with because he he died like right i think that was released in 2014 i think he died same year pretty sad but you'll uh globus is still alive uh i don't know if he ever does podca i would love to get him on oh my god that would be a dream right there it would be gold you wouldn't know if you're getting [ __ ] stories but i don't even think it would matter i wouldn't no i wouldn't care like just lie to me just make up whatever stories tell me whatever movie you have right now i just want to know what movie it is

we've had the star of this movie on dueling decades several times over the years

all right jewelers well this game is all tied up and we're heading into our first two-point round mike ranger you have control of the board where are we going music or movies well i think we're gonna go with music mark all right so released in 1986 by irs records was a soundtrack that discogs.com claims falls under the alternative rock new wave psychobilly style the music much like this motion picture certainly has a style all its own and like its predecessor is completely different from the first film i give you the official motion picture soundtrack to texas chainsaw massacre part 2. the album was released on both vinyl and cassette featuring 10 tracks from the likes of lords of the new church the cramps timbuk3 stuart copeland concrete blonde torch song and wingo boingo who seemed to find themselves on a few soundtracks in the mid-1980s so drop the needle on this 1986 sound journey while you still can because like boingo boicos says no one lives forever

all right man crush what did you bring for the music round all right so let's go to july 30th of 1982 and here's a movie we've talked about it on the show before matter of fact we've had the star of this movie on dueling decades several times over the years so go check those out uh i don't know the episodes are in our catalog i think last summer find them all on duelingdecades.com exactly go duelingdecades.com there's a search function there and you'll know what i'm talking about by the end i'm sure uh mark already knows where i'm going with this but anyway uh when it comes to teenage sex comedies the 80s were like the golden age and it's sad because we'll never have another period like that ever again honestly like teenage sex comedy like that in itself is a thing of the past like after american pie that whole franchise the genre was basically flushed entirely and i watched some of the teen comedy movies in nowadays like with my daughter and they're so out of touch with being a teen that it's just like what but that being said like a lot of the teenage sex comedies of the golden era that we're talking about are pretty outlandish and also out of touch but this particular movie was probably the most authentic of those teenage sex comedies at least i think so i i think a lot of people don't see it that way but this film it was basically what being a teen was all about in the 80s the star of the film herself she taught she echoed the sentiments to us when she was on the episode she said the same thing that that's what growing up in the 80s was like so like one of the things uh that put the cousins uh you know talking about uh menachem goal and yarm bulbus that put them on the map both globally and monetarily was the movie lemon popsicle and just to put it in perspective in 1978 there were roughly 4 million people living in israel and that was when lemon popsicle was released and they sold roughly 1.3 million tickets to see that movie so i'm not a mathematician but that's nearly like what one quarter of the entire population of israel at that time that's [ __ ] insane and to this day it appears the lemon popsicle is the highest grossing israeli movie of all time i couldn't find anything else i'm sure they don't have like a million movies coming out of there but the movie killed it so in spite of that success this movie gained lots of attention and made lots of money outside of israel however it never gained much traction in the united states so anyhow like golan and globus they knew they needed to get to hollywood they used copious amounts of money that they made from lemon popsicle of course they purchased a struggling cannon group and then they decided to redo lemon popsicle for the american audience and that movie would be called last american virgin and of course who i was talking about before was diane franklin so karen or karen which is her name in the movie but uh cannon they bring in boaz davidson they bring him back to direct this movie and why not i mean the movie is basically about his life growing up so they basically do like this shot for shot american version of lem popsicle that said like the one big difference is the time period so instead of it taking place in the 50s or 60s which i'm not sure of in lemon popsicle now the movie is going to take place in the 80s so instead of like lemon or a lemon instead of little richard or bobby vinton or paul ask anka they brought in a whole new onslaught of like 80s new wave into the mix and the funny thing is like knowing what i know about the cousins having such an amazing soundtrack it shocks me that they did this they paid the money to have this because look the last american virgin the soundtrack features tommy two-tone the police which is a great track devo oingo boingo the cars the who and who can have you cannot even have an abortion scene without you two in it and they did this they had you two i will follow playing in the background during an abortion i mean you can't do it you if you don't have them you can't do an abortion it's amazing and the soundtrack's amazing and it's the soundtrack for last american version i mean i'm sure i left people out of here i mean let's see uh phil seymour was the other person gleaming spires the waitresses and the fortune band but out of those 10 tracks and i think uh austin correct me if i'm wrong i don't know if i read this in your book or not but was it oingo boingo that they got sued by that they had to like pull it off or it was only on the vhs i know there was one song that was only on the vhs right right um i don't remember offhand it might have been like a boy go but which is funny if it was because then they come back to them to do mic soundtrack but yeah they were on dangerously close soundtrack as well um they do everybody's soundtrack yeah which happened wasn't oingo boingo your first concert mark uh no no that was wang chung ah same

sounds like a dead man's party all right guys so for my music selection it's no mystery to man crush and into mike ranger what i'm going with here this this is such an important album for for me personally you know this was the album that introduced me to hip-hop it's one of the first albums that i had completely memorized you know and after this album it would lead me to other bands like the beastie boys and ll cool j and just kind of discovering the complete new york city break scene which for a fat white kid growing up in northern maine that's a completely different universe so this album would teach me that out on the streets you don't survive by being weak and much like here on dueling decades there's no stopping us no one does it better this is an album that always reminded me that 99 and a half it won't do i give you break in the original motion picture soundtrack now i'm not sure how this cassette tape got in my possession i believe it was one of my sisters that i kind of just took and i wore this thing out so you couldn't even read the text on the tape it was just a plain white tape so this album contains the first performance on an album by ice-t now previously he had only released like 12-inch singles so let's take a look at the track listing it starts off on side a with the one-hit wonder of ollie and jerry fantastic they have breaking there's no stopping us the title song from the movie of course it reached number nine on the u.s billboard hot 100 in number five in the uk their second single for the sequel uh electric boogaloo that didn't fare as well so and then uh we go to the bar case with freak show on the dance floor hut streak bodywork carolyn towns with 99 and a half an amazing track ollie and jerry gets another song on this one with showdown uh let's let's flip it over to side b uh 3b heart of the beat we have street people by firefox uh reflex with cut it and then the feature for for the the feature song for this album rufus and chaka khan with ain't nobody which reached number one on the r b charts and number 22 in the us billboard hot 100 this is a song for me personally i always go back to it is one of my all-time favorite jams and then it ends with chris the glove taylor and iced tea with reckless just cutting it up now this album it inspired me at a very young age to enter a break dancing competition despite the fact that i don't actually know how to break dance and the result was my shoe flying off into the crowd during my very first move attempt so again yeah i give you breaking the original motion picture soundtrack now i have uh my copy of breaking here on vhs very nice yeah well boy these are three really good ones in this category three really up up there in the upper echelon of canon soundtracks um the texas chainsaw massacre ii soundtrack is it's a very fun one it's also very expensive nowadays if you look it up on discogs the uh cassette tape just the last week sold for i think 35 on ebay and i've never seen the actual vinyl for under 100 which is yeah the vinyl's around 100. i think the cheap one is 100 and it's damaged yeah it's it's crazy it's it's a gap in my canon soundtrack collection that i i can't justify it but it makes me it also makes me a little bitter um thinking that i probably won't ever own the texas chainsaw massacre 2 soundtrack on vinyl but yeah these are all three great ones this is a hard category to choose but um i have to roll out tcm too because of that as much as i enjoy the movie and the songs on its soundtrack uh man crush last american virgin is incredible and yeah cannon put money into this soundtrack and one of the things that they also sat on the film for a little bit like not not long it was like two years or so like a year and a half yeah yeah yeah so by the time it came out some of these artists had gotten even bigger u2 is the main example is back when they when they got them for the film they weren't very well known and they were much bigger by the time so they they even advertised the soundtrack on the front of the vhs if we're going for props here you have all the uh um the side listed all of the artists who are on it and yeah those songs are the songs are great um the gleaming spires is probably one of the lesser known bands in the soundtrack but they have are you ready

yeah thank you for singing inside i didn't have to mark and add it to myself i've been singing it in my head this whole [ __ ] segment yeah that's a excellent soundtrack and reused in revenge of the nerds yes there was another movie that used it too i believe that i heard it before yeah that's where i know it from it's from the revenge of the nerds soundtrack yeah that another band that yeah the teen sex comedies you there's actually i i have to promote somebody else's book um there's a book called teen movie hell by mike mcpadden who sadly passed away last year but it's actually uh sitting right behind me oh

yeah that's an incredible incredible book and it goes into the entire history of the teen sex movies and it's great reviews yeah one hell of a cover and mike was very nice too he blur he blurbed with a cannon film guy and gave me some advice so he was someone who i really admired because he had a earlier book called heavy metal movies that i had fallen in love with and it came out right around the time i was like i'd love to write a book about cult cinema of some sort of canon was on on my head but i didn't think anybody would read it in the era of the internet when anyone go on wikipedia or imdb and get stories i just didn't think there was a market for a cult film guide and dude there's there there really is because like you can't and we say this on the show a lot you can't rely on the [ __ ] that you read if you go to wikipedia it's good to like give you a direction and you're like all right well here's sort of where i'm looking but you can't go there for your facts because they're you're not going to get a lot of them right [ __ ] the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing people that imdb trivia was was real because a lot of it isn't that's and that's something i i like to do with this book is try to clarify a lot of stories because yeah a lot of them are you know crazier than the real story or a lot of them are not as they're they've been embellished especially if monochrome was involved malcolm glenn would uh make his change his stories uh how about how he met jean-claude van damme and you can read interviews with monokum over the years and each story gets crazier and crazier what's the most accurate story you heard of that because i've heard like three different ones i've heard that he he actually kicked him i heard that uh he just did the kick the split kick i heard that he brazed his head like what's the what's the story that you know that's most accurate yeah well it's it's not as exciting as monaco's version where he's holding the two bowls of soup and he's a waiter in a restaurant and kicks it over his head while not spilling the soup that's that's the version that banakam he continued to embellish until it became that um the the true story is really he just hung out at the canon offices trying to get a meeting and when monokum came in he recognized them he had been in some of the canon movies breaking especially as like a background extra great he did the trick and monokum finally after he saw these kicks he's like fine fine this guy's been trying to get a meeting with me come on come on up to my my office and van damme starts doing splits in his office takes off his shirts making the muscles and stuff well malcolm glon sitting at his desk and at the time manokum had the script for bloodsport which he was not really rushing to get made but he took the script out and was finally found a way to kill two birds with one stone fine we'll sign you up make this movie and that's how it happened he never banacam never thought bloodsport would be a be the hit huge huge major now is it true the part where because what i heard about that movie originally was so they had it done they finished it and it was [ __ ] and like uh jean-claude van damme took it back and edited himself and he cut the movie together he went into the canon offices and begged them to let them help and he sat down with one of their house editors and they re-cut the movie together so he was yeah very involved with the editing of bloodsport himself the the the fight scenes particularly just making them more visceral and exciting and adding a lot of the stuff where you see the punch and then you see it at a slightly different speed or like changing a slightly different angle um yeah so yeah van damme deserves a lot of credit for really making that movie that what it is this this classic because yeah he's he deserves credit as an editor absolutely but yeah that's true yeah but yeah that's last american version great soundtrack but i have to go with break-in not just because of your story i mean the personal connection is awesome i was i was going to ask why you were talking about it i was going to ask you if you ever tried break dancing because i think anyone who was a kid mark hasn't walked since he tried but yeah you listening those songs i could hear every one of them in my head so yeah so that's that's the one that connects with me the most and i have to go with the break and soundtrack

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