Dueling Decades
May 22, 2019

Dueling Decades - 1980 vs 1990 - Horror

Dueling Decades - 1980 vs 1990 - Horror

This week on Dueling Decades Jon Cross steps into the arena for the first time in singles competition for a Horror movies duel. His opponent this week, also makes his debut in singles competition. Dave Schultz from the Selling Out show comes armed...

This week on Dueling Decades Jon Cross steps into the arena for the first time in singles competition for a Horror movies duel. His opponent this week, also makes his debut in singles competition. Dave Schultz from the Selling Out show comes armed with Horror of 1990! Will he be able to stop the powerhouse of the 1980’s with a little splatterhouse? Mike Ranger is on hand to judge this creepy crawly duel! The Dueling Decades champion joins us on commentary as he keeps a close eye on this week's matchup! Listen, subscribe & play along at home! Then join in the debate at facebook.com/duelingdecades and duelingdecades.com


Informary mediapeople engage Jeli an the pixe o plan, but it tot for im ran again upon that cap. Ut Stot, the power gopcome fiht for what you love ncom to Poe pe copitencrita paetete pote cap would take a grave, a O, Bala hisick. I ampad a Tano come figt for what you love on as broadcasting from the Biobana Studios, where water does it better? It's the adult, audio Retro Game Show where the Eighties and nineties do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to another episode of dueling decades. Let's take a look at this week's dolers and the decades they will be fighting for first off in the eighties corner, fighting with horror movies of nineteen. Eighty. It's me. It's Judge Jun Cross. Yes, that's right, normally I'n the judge, but tonight I am finting to win nineteen. Eighty 's coming at Yo Hor and in the nineties corner hailing from parts unknown in Duling with horror, movies of nineteen. Ninety, Hey Steve Shultz from the selling out show and I'm out to lose. Unlike John Over, there I's all gone home on winning M my goal's to be as pitiful and terrible as humanly possible. I'm just Gonto get I'm going to win, I'm going to win and ATS, always here on dueling decades. We need someone to ajudicate all of this awesomeness. Please rise for the man who does his own stunts and rolls his own blunts judge Mike Ranger, Lo, everyone I'm like ranger and we're getting ready for a spootacular episode, Ey Dod, you get my check and Michael though I didn't send you any money in the mail be asured that, although I'm sitting down, I did rise for you. Thank you, Sir Cmi, and keeping a watchful eye on this. Matchup is the dueling decade champion Mancrush whois here tonight and we'll be joining me uncommentary, I'm here. Thank you like a fly on the wall. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five duelling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products, and for this week's duel, all categories will be horror thieved. It judges ruling we'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points. Apiece in the winning decade shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds now duellers, remember, a'll work in no play makes duty a dull boy. So let's play some Jo nows all right. Let's go down to judge Mike Ranger for the coin toss all right now. This was a big decision. I didn't know what to go with. I thought to myself: Maybe I'll go flip a laser desk, maybe maybe the invisible kid his old nig, that's a fantatric filmwhere or maybe you know, Hollywood hot tubs too 'cause who doesn't love that but we're doing a horror episode. So I figured why not pull out VHS cover of MOSTER squad? Oh and we'll go with that WHO doesn't love. Munster, squat, Bolkmans Cot nods, all right who wants to h? Who wants to call it? I will let dave call it all right. All Right, Um, I'm going to go for heads, I'm going to go for the front cover all right and the Clip O. I hear it and its Headsi finally wont Sothe only thing I'll, probably win all night. I like all right. So I get to pick the first category O. Where are we going? Let's, you know 'cause, it's only worth one point: let's try products Hoppro, shall I go first on the the product. Information here sure go ahead right, I'm Gonto, 'cause 'cause. I have a lot of notes here. I wrote war, an peace on everything just to keep everybody uh and I didn't ser by Ol, Mnyou go along and I'll go short ecause. I didn't get a chance Torun. My first product is cracked monaster party, a cracked. If you don't know it was a humor magazine made in man's image, found n nineteen fifty eight they launch a number of monster, fueled, spoote specials during the nineteen sixties, and we fast forward, I nineteen eighty eight. They Begin publishing cracked monister party, which featured parodies of famous horror, movies, television and H, Harr icons. Now, the Nineteen Ninety editions there were actually three of 'em. There was number eight January Nineteen D. Ninety featured the ugly family Frankensteine Monster Indracula also had a pin up of their mascot, so vester pce Smite as Count Silvester on the back cover number nine was in August they featured beetle Jews, Freddy and there was more still bester peace smite, but this time his leather face and then finally a fitting Halloween edition that was released in October nineteen. Ninety, Oh you know what for extra credit by the way 'cause these were a staple. If my youth, this might either get me a point or lose me a point. I have a copy which is terrible for audio listeners of Monster Party right here. Look Thatis that in nineteen ninety; no no and this s wr my husbapoint. This is actually the last editionro one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, but I'm Columa, so they had three year. This is the third year of this. We no Y. They had multiple years but N, nine teen and ninety. They released three issues Gotcher, but they started in eighty eight. So it's not the first years no thean started doing monster magazines in the sixties, many years Ori, but they started crack Monster Party in n Nineteen D. Eighty eight did, I read my notes too fast Y. You, Oh yeah, slowdown. I'm sorry, I so excited about crack magazine. What can I say he's on a little bit of the Crack Magazine? I just wonder Wi my magazine so badly, all right, I'll, read this nice and slowly for you in ninetdred and ninety splatterhouse. The video game was released on turbographics. Sixteen yeah now splatterhouse, as you may know, was a horror theme, beat him up inspired by American slashef films that was initially released by Namco as an arcade game. The story is based around the character of Rick, who dawns an item called t a terror mask to rescue his girlfriend Jennifer from a haunted mansion. The House actually proves to be sentient and sense, a variety of creatures to attack Rick, Preventing Im, preventing him. I'm sorry from reaching its WOM SPLATTERHOUSE was released for home consoles such as terbographic sixteen, which also had some narowly comic book Gads. I might as well throw that into and on PC with a warning on the box. It read. The horrifying theme of this game may be inappropriate for young children and cowards. You know, what's really cool about that pick Dav. I actually had this game ontebrographic. Sixteen, he, the Guy Rick, I didn't even know F. That was his name by the way, but a ego he was Jason Vorez like they didn't even try to hide the fact that they were just ripping that off one hundred percent. Well, actually they changed it in the original arcade version. His mask was red and black, and then they released it on the home ports. They made it white, Wy, andthey ever get sued. For that or no no apparently, not they actually just released a new version of it. On the wee virtual console yeah, I ACTU I have that copy it's it's just. I was just e port of the turbo game. Oh okay, cool yeah, all right decent pick. I would say the it's hard to find the hot products right, O weet Ogee, when you got to find a specific gener for a year. It's a lot harder than it sounds and stuff. So a for effort is that what you're trying to tell me I'm pretty EXCITII. I guess you w SOI would have worse stuff, I'm not judging this. By the way Mike is o Irao over to John Cross for his hut products offerings Ori. Here we go before Michaellyis Freddie, Jason and even Godzella. There were the universal monstarce and toy company Remco in nine hutndred and eighty released, the universal monster dolls and the monster riser. That's right! All your favorite universal monster movie characters, Dragulo Frankinstans, Montste Wolfman, the mummy Etcera all came out in nineteen ighty from REMCO. Now these were not the first Te. This was not the first time that Remco, in fact their parent company. U had produced action figures based on the universal monster's license, however, the parent company Ahi, who had done them in ninety een, three nine. Seventy six had done a very kind of dime stored, cheap version of them, whereas these aditions of the universal monster dolls were far more delucxs. They were nineinch figurs that were sculpted by a Kensheller who had also done work from Mego and the monsters had a cordion arms and could crush their victims, and the monster riser was a recreation of the Frankenstein lab table, and apparently it's very difficult to find. Today. Remka then followed it up in nine hundre, an eighty one with a series of three three quarter: inch monsters and two new nine inch creatures, the Phantom and the creature from the Black Bagoon, but the original series was released in nineteen eighty. They sell for high hundreds on ebay. Today, somesome of the pieces are very rare indeed, and this is probably the first occasion when monster movie characters had been released to any kind of either playability or collectibility they. These were sort of. Some of the earliest forms are like really proper horror movie figures with decent likenesses. They did glow in the dark versions of them. They did many versions some years later, so these were successful enough that for some of the next for to five years, they did spawn different derivations of these particular models. But yet this was I di had not heard of these before I did my research, but very likely to find that in nineteen, eighty REMCO had released a universal mansters M as figures, and I hope I do not need to go into just the IMPORTANC and pop culture, relevance of the Universal Monsters here, 'cause. If people don't get that we're still talking about Draculo Frankenstein, the mummy et cetera today, in fact, PA universal have been trying to relaunch their dark universe recently, not to much success but they're trying everyone has to have universe, but yes, these nineteen eighty figures still sord after by collectors. So that is my first choice with what size were. Those were. Those H, saiithose are nine Inh DEOM. I don't remember those I remember where they got smaller yeah. They. They went down Al three, three quarter. Three, three quarter many figures. They also did like a a monster house like plaset that had the minifigures in and B bunch of different backdrops and things, so this kind of spoiled into other versions of it throughout eighty one. Eighty two, eighty three, but the original four or five universal monster characters came out in nineteen eighty and it was the first figure of its kind outside of some very cheap versions that were done in sort of seventy three and seventy six. These were theyre marketed to kids. They were, they were Mo. They were mocked, int, kids, yeah, AI. Well, that's different! I mean now you would see mostly adults with H, monsertoys Bu, U Yeah! They! They WEHAS got hem. Now Yeah there was a. There was a commercial for them. Thar was they had like. I said the crushable accordion arms, so they were designed to be yes that were design to be kind of Figurescolle, ultimately collectible figures, but also they were designed to be played with. So they were, they were toys on the toy shop, shelvs AAll right. What else you got. So that's the one that I have all the information on the other one. I hope just speaks for itself, but it's you know it's very, very difficult to find specific horror movie hot products. It's it's very difficult, especially in nineteen. Eighty, when not a lot of merchandising and stuff is happening, I mean now, you can spit N, hit a t, shit or or a figure or whatever. So what is happening in nineteen eighty? Well, we are still and the burgeoning time of the VHS Batamax wars and released in nineteen eighty, although the movie Ioe One thousand nine hundred and seventy five released, I in nine tered and eighty the hottest VHS and Benemaxs of its day, it is none othe than the original monster movie itself. Jaws gets released on viajes and bademax on in Nineteen Eighty from MCA m, so I have the the Jews MCA, video cassette that was released in the United States n Nineteen D, Eighty and of slip case with at spadamax counterpart back when they were still doing both versions, and I hope Idon' have to tell everyone about jaws. But it's a film from a little known director called Stephen Spielberg, starring people, you've, you've, never heard of and fighting a shark that in no way got sequels or had pop culture relevance for the next forty years. You know what I should have pulled a bill: bailan check and deferred the coin toss. I really think I was a big mistake on my path. I don't have many figures on how many units of Jewls were sold. I did try and find that out, but I couldn't find that out, but I'm imagining it was I'm sure that was yeah. That was probably huge because it wern't that many movies of the that point like big movies, the came out there, mostly older movies, and to o t ou. When I did look up VHS and Batomax releases in nineteen, eighty theye were only about fifteen or so throughout the whole year and George was the only horror movie released that year on vh S. that's that's solid fry pick. I'm actually surprised that you didn't have anything in nineteen. Ninety, that's what I was waiting for like maybe you would have like this big horror movie that was released that blew everybody's pants off to rental, but you Kinda underwhelmed, in my opinion, what with a splathouse? Even if you DEFEREAC 'cause, I own slatterhouses, pretty much every game that I had fror my ter termrographic, sixteen, which I actually found. I was in my parents, freaking garage just last month, itwas dusty shit and I still have all the games for it. So I'm hoping that it still works, and I can throw that in and see how bad it was again. But I remember it being pretty shity. Well, okay, Shitty it may be, but listen he may bring up the jaws release in nineteen eighty, but does he have a copy of jaws on vprs at least I came as Lon as with a copy of a magazine, and I brought it to the show from the wrong year. Yeah it was November. Eighty nine hoarseshoes and hand grenade cut me a brace and break it. Might help me yeah well, it' Mike is doing the judging, so I don't have a v Hs copy of choys. I have my God to points away. Thank you. I have a UK DV D votion and an U S: Blue Raver, my God disqualified. No first of all days, yeah you're trying to impress the wrong person. Mancrush here is already the champion and his opinion doesn't Count Mike Rainger over here is our judge. He is sitting quietly contemplating. So let's go over to miceranger for the ruling for round one. Well I'll, tell you, gentlemen, you you've, certainly given me a lot to think about here. I mean wh n. When I over to nineteen ninety- and I look at a the release of H- was I cracked a magazine, Doesa monstercary, fract Monster Party, all right. Nobody knows what that is. Okay and then well. We've got splatterhouse on the Turbo Graphics, and the funny thing about that is, I remember those comicbalguides and Rightthe Turbo graphics to me was always this thing that you always like knew somebody that knew somebody that had one, but I never actually saw one and I did'ever I never actually got to play until they did release it, um on the virtual consl on te we in like two thousand and seven two thousand and eight, but that's that's pretty cool. I like that, all right. So now we go over NTO nineteen and eighty and we've got the Universal Monster Mansedols, and I actually I see those sometimes like flea markets. So that's pretty cool, but then you've got jaws. The nineteen eighty vh n was it V, a JS Mbatamax or was it just Mado vhs and Banamax poth released the same same time same year from MCA Vidiox, I'm one of those people that whose parents decided to go with Batemax Yeah might too yeah y parent. They made that mistake. My you know my dad saw a sail, didn't realize it. We on Clearance Um. So I had I had like four movies it was. It was jaws, ghostbusters trading places and Space Raiders Al of all things. You know what I'm Gong to go. I think nineteen eighty takes this one just that the jaws release alone is a big deal and as cool a splatterhouseis like barely anybody in America own a turbo graphics except for maccrus yeah, but I do have jaws released nineteen eighty from MCA allright next time you gat the flea market, go look for a copy of crack Master Patty, okay and you come back to be after you read one I'll, tell you whataria ont, I'm ineteen, ninety an milita, great, all, right, John Cross. You have the lead and control of the board wher Ilan next, so let us go to what I think is probably my weakest one 'cause, it's another one pointer. So let's stick with the weak. Well, AC Ya! I have two pretty weak one. We got two more rounds right. One at one point age, rlet's go with music 'cause. This is probably the hardest o o d nineteen and eighty considering the soundtrack boom was not quite where it was even by Nineteen Ninety Standard and certainly know where it is today, with multiple vinyl releases of different soundrorks coming out. But if we, if we're GOIN, to be horror, movies, Pacific, it needs to be a soundtrack. I guess, and it needs to have been released in I nineted and eighty. So I'm ready to go if everyone's happy for me to do music go for it right. Well, as I said it's most like they oin be soundtracks, I could have gone Um, the other tangent, it's not quite horror movies, but I could have gone David, boy's, horror, titled, Album Scary Monsters, supercreeps or indeed the truly horrible, album after dark by Andy Gibb. But hardwhi. You get the release of full, very notable, horror movie soundtracks in nineteen. Eighty on vinyl, you get the shining soundtrack, you get the dress to kill soundtrack and the two that I've picked, which is the Sondtrack to Inferna, the Daroa Gent or gentl movie, and the island soundtrack only kidding no ones heard of those, I'm picking the shining soundtrack and the dress to kill sand trap, mainly because, despite our gentle films being very well known for their soundtracks, the INFERNA was not done by Goblin, which was their usual Um soundtrack person. And although Anyomarconi, the very famous any AMARICONI did the soundtrack to the island, nobody has ever seen that movie apart from me. It features one of Michael Cane's, worst performances ever and that saying something so anyway, let's go oe to the two that I have picked. The shining soundtracks main themes by Polish composer, Kriskov Pendareki, which is fun to say and spell considering. He doesn't spell it Chri stof. He spells it, wait for Yo, wait for this K, Z, Yztof, that's just cristof and then Penda Reki, which is just as I said, funtace and spell. It obviously has an incredibly haunting atmospheric and sparse field to the shining soundtrack. You could say that the movie itself would be nothing without that soundtrack and it's very rare, especially back in nineteed and eighty for the sound track to come out the same year as the movie. Most of the big horror movie releases in nineteen. Eighty do not get their soundtracks until later in the decade, if at all as such was the success of the movie, the shining that they did put the sandtrack out on vinyl and to sort of picky back onto that, because nineteen eighty also represents the time that more serious directors got into horror and kind of legitimized it. And I will talk more about that at a later date, but dress to kill from Brian to Parme again making his name as a sort of hitchcock rip off with a slight tangent over to Gialo, with a lot of graphic nudity and violence. Nancy Owl looks good, though Nancy Anne looks great and you get to see that gingerbirds Bush slat's LEDs. I forget her name but t, and it's another Michael Cane movie, who do o that, where he dresses like a woman wher, he dresses like a woman, spoil a alort from a movie. That's almost forty years, OL anyway, the dress the kilt soundtrack comes out. It is by renowned soundtrack artist, Pino Donnagio, who is best known for films. Like don't look now, Perano Toris TRAPPD, the howling body doubled to evalize, raising cane and many many more he's worked with Joe Dante and Brin deparmer a ton. So I decided to go with those two soundtracks, but if you want like a a be tear one there's also inferno and the island, so not bad for nineteen. Eighty to have four major horror sound track releases. I was quite surprised anyway. Those are my pick. I'm shocked by that too always blows my mind that some of those albums were put out as actual releases. I can't think of one situation. wher I'd be like hey. You know what honey, let's put on this Shining San tack on Fine Ray Right? No, but you look at Mondo and I found horrorwax or whatever that other company is right. Now they are putting out all like you name, your favorite movie, Robo Capor, Whatever d the BURBS and they're, putting out all those soundtracks on vinyl and they're collector's' editions now in a way where I think people own them to own them. I can't imagine, like you say: People sit down to listen to them. The only dude I know who does is my friend Nick who's a pianist and he loves like sincscores and Piano Bay scores. So he has like all the COPENTO stuff they're, just putting them out on vinyl, so hip hop artists can sample them now right, ight right, probably, but no it's it's a growth industry along with H, v, H S, reissues and shit. I actually have one of those Mondo records, yeah, O right behind me. It's the Halloween one right by yeah. It was crazy. 'cause there was like a limited. There was going to be a limited edition of Hem where at random you can get an orange vinyl. Oh Yeah, you know I got it and I was. I wasn't going to open it, but I wanted to know if I got the Arange one I didn't so. I have the two. I have the two John Carpenter, um themes, one and themes to lost themes, one and Los Things to, and then I have the carpenter anthology, which is his new band, doing all the old scores and then- and I didn't even know they release this. But there is a limited adition, a green like gloopy vinal like when you pick it up like there's liquid inside it escape from l a which, if anyone knows escape from L A it, has a heavier rock version theme of the escape from New York theme, which is very iconic, and then he sort of slams it up against kind of Goth rock from the early nineties and western themes. ECAUSE TER's, like AA reprising kind of harmonica, western Harmonica, throut Agi diggd the escape from ead soundtrack more than escaped from New York in terms of putting it on and listening to it. 'cause. It's got that wrong thumb to it. So yeah I own a few of those. I got the berbs limited addition as Welli just gotto go threat, espon anyway, that that's my Pik fomn allright over to James Shaltz, forround, two music. Well, let me let me start by saying into Warne te listeners out there, I'm not a horror of Fishan idol, so I was thinking about going the the sound track route, but by doing that, I'd have to listen to like endless instrumentals. So I'm like, I don't want to do that so like Jon was saying about notgoing like David boy and scary monsters, that's kind of the road I went down. So I don't know if that's technically, you know, you know, horror movie theme, but these albums or stories rather than I picked, definitely have a horror bent to them if that's cool with everybody hering those right now. First thing I have is Guir ere by Noguar Yeah Mike you know, Guir. Have you seen that in the flea market? No idea what that is, you know at eases. No, what score meanwo les go. Listen to Saddam agogogaguar is that Guar is kind of like the kiss that actually rocks. If that makes any sense, it's like kiss on steroids, yeah, it's as if kiss appeared in street trash. That's what it's like! It's kind of Yeah Google that right now, how do you tell it Gw a on Guir Li from Antarctica with Guars, first commercial video release on metal blade records, claiming that the show was in fact live from Auntarctica the box, the bat box aret red. For the first time you can enjoy an actual Guor cannibalistic blood orgy, invading the privacy of your own home. Those Tho timid, to attend a Guar show will appreciate that, even though most viewers will suffer permanent brain damage, at least they won't get blood all over that that trendy outfit laugh and abject horror as Odoris eubrungus, Thi, executioner, sly, Minstra, Himan and company Rape Burn and pillage their way into your heart. That's a message only Nan it could love the videofeatured live cuts of world of filth, maggots IAM in love with a dead dog which is a crowd pleaser and sick of you, among others. Live from ANTARARTICA was rereleased on DVD in two thousand and two and from Mike here a Guir was a famous shock. Art metl band, who dressed like mutans and had LE laborate stage, shows most famously for putting the people who attend the shows in a giant meat grinder on the stage and spraying you with blood thattoo. Among other things, did you look that up? I did GIDID. Are they scary I'? I M I'm now scared of all of you, rknowike I'll. Take you one further. I saw them in ninety four at the chance were you armed? It was actually it was really cool like what they do on stages is pretty nuts hes said with a meek rinder. I don't know if I had that there 'cause it'as, pretty small speage, but they did have like the fig blood, and I remember having the shit all over my clothes a' be ninety four. Ninety five, that's a good pick. Man That's out of the box, but yeah. It's definitely horror. I would say no it's! It's have you seen them do any of their cover versions on you, too they've done Harry on Wayward Sun get into my car and petchup boys cover they're really great. Well, this bowage well for me, I'm reading here that they like to mutilate celebrities on stage this true whenever they get the chance. No, no, not real ones. I mean, obviously I mean, but I mean that would be interesting yeah I mean they they've done o j they've done Parisilton Hillary Clinton, whoasunfair, yea and H, looks like they just did Donald Trup so again yeah. I was going to say this Bo as well. For me that everybody else knows who Guar is, except for the judge, Oyeah, sorry apologize! Guess it's pretty sad when the fucking Hippi knows who Guaris I might have missed this, but was that tongue and cheek that they were an Antartico, no, the Hongin. She ther they weren't, really in in Orsokay'cause that wouldhave been pretty fucking ofesome if they Wen were in the wrong closo for that they didn't wear a lot of pants. If you know what they just die right h next up this one is actually a news story about a band who, hopefully Mike, is herd of called Judas priest Um to which she didn't answer so massume. That means no is well come on Mike. You got to know Judis, priestis, okay, no I've heard of them too. Nineteen. Ninety Judas priest was involved in a heavily publicized sublimital message trial over the nineteen eighty five suicides of two young men in sparks Nevada, relating to their cover of the spooky tooth song better by you better by me from there. Nineteen and seventy eight album stained class twenty year old, James Vance, an eighteen year old, Ray beltnap, got intoxicated before going to a church playground, Belknap placed a twelve gate, shotgun under his chin firing and dying instantly Vanct id the same but survived, leaving him severely disfigured. He died three years later after an overdose that was administered in a hospital fances parents and their lawyers alleged a subliminal message of doit had been added to better by you better by me, inspiring the young men to be suicidal. The nineteen ninety trial lasted three weeks and was watched closely by fans. The music industry and constitutional lawyers. Later singer Rob Helford commented, including sublimeral. Messages for listeners would be counterproductive, but, with the case even being heard, was considered a victory for the plaintiffs. They ultimately lost the case. Yet the judge did award forty grand in sanctions against the bands label. CBS Gl back then really knew what Rolb Alford was singing about. Yeah Y, it wasn't suicide. I W. I would just be embarrassed enough to be a judish priests fan, let alone wanting to commit suicide over them. You should just commit suicide of a being a fan. Really Um Gui was a movie, it was. It was on video cassette, it was conanfilmant, has horror, themes that I'll accept in the horror, music, I'm not sure the second one, but Il let e the Judgis the Sam. This is no ordinary subshop. This is firehouse ups, tired of overpriced lunches that under deliver on flavor head to firehouse ups, where for a limited time you can get a four ninety nine choice off choose from a medium smoke, Turkey, Virginia Honeyham or roast beef. Their custom made hot subs and a price ready made to make you smile just four. Ninety nine, only at firehouse sups enjoy more subssave, more lives, participating locations, plus tax on be time, offel Preson miary for delivery. Well, let's do it judge Mikeranger has to say: Well you know what you like h: It's actually you guys bring up a good point about the Judas priest, Ting and the Guare thing is see that I don't know what it is, but it sounds interesting and it sounds like I should know what it is yeah you would really be into it. Oh you love it. Man If you watched it technically, it's a horror movie, because it's on it's on video great. It was the Odeo of a live concert and they are a horror, themed band and so that technically makes that video a horror move so that works very well and tid fit that's a clever one, but the Judash preting was a band accuse of a horrific act Ram. I'm grasping a stress errybuddy. Now, if Tho guys, tate themselves, shooting themselves that would have worked, Ait N, Judith Priests do make horrible music assless Chap I'm down for any band with asless chaps, I'm Pretty Sure Rob Halford Wer Assles Jab. It was as scary enough and they've been on film. It's all Tal it Mike a yeah come on we'll ihave a brother out. You know, I I don't think like obviously like drusstikills, I it's a cool movie, the sound tracks, Grape d n'. I don't know how many people were running out to purchase that now, the shining soundtrack I mean every time me and my wife vacation and the Poconos were throwing that on. Wasn't your child conceived to that sound track. If I'm not mistaken, apparently I was listening to Guar. I just didn't know it Mike. I will say something on the shining I could have outside of hot products. When you look up o n Nineutnd and eighty and you look up horror movies, I the shining was so ever present. I could have basically picked it for almost every single category because, though, when new stories written about INA was, you know there was a sounent came out. The movie came out, like I said, T thegenimized horror. So that's kind of why I mean the dress. To kill. Soundtrack is more that of all the movies that came out. Those were the two that were most prestigious and t. The composer is a renowned like horror, movie composer, I mean again. ONTHAT was Tims, my rathon no yeah, it's M me, but at least you know, I'm going to give it I'm going to give Ito in nine teed ad eighty just because they had two legitimate picks and you had an illegitimate PC. Just like me story in my life, it's all right Ma got youve still got one one point Roun and two two point round. So O I'll give you a little pep talk. H, you t e, the nineties, never wins. Listen! I ve. I have to say that, like the HO product thing, rarely surprised me when I was doing my research today. I did not expect to find anything in nineuteed and eighty for hall products, Um and UH. I I'm going to pick for the next round. The weakest, I think of of all of the things that I have so m. go for it with TV. Horror named TV is not a big thing in the eighten, so this is my weakest weakest round. Are you happy Dave to go with TNEX? No, I'm not because I want my two points off te T v 'CAUSE. That was one that's actually clan on in nineteen. Ninety. Well, then, I'm definitely picking T v E already didn't pick TV and you throu an objection at the judge. You're reading your nose, you might as well ust pull my pans down right now and have your way with me for crying out Wowno. No, no. I on my handless chaps, like Rob Afri right here in, in which case I'm happyn to do news. If, if you think the T V might win you Tho Day, no, no! No! You pick what you want. All's fair in love in duelling decades! Okay, so I have two things for TV one. Is the British TV Show Hammer House of horror which the studio everyone knows Hamahar or should know Hamahara? They were a huge British and international film, making a production house all through the the sixties and the seventies and then in nineteen eighty created m an anthology series that was also put out by cinema ods international, an ITC entertainment in both America and the? U K consisting of thirteen. Fifty one minute episodes each self contained episode features like different kinds of horror, so they ave witches and wellls and devil, worship and Bodoo and various different things. A lot of the films feature, what kind of made H Hammehoro famous in the first place, which was kind of the British character actors, people like Peter cuhing and Denemeliot, and people like that. But it is the Hamma Anthology TV series created by hammer films famous for their Gory Color British rendations of Dracula, the mummy, the Wolfman, and they made a TV series in Nineteen D. Eight only ran for one series, but it's still popular today has been released multiple times on DVD and H. I it's something of a collector's item for people who are hamaorofhums fans, Amahoro Fan, so that's the first one and the second one is the TV movie Rom, one thousand nine hundred and eighty the legend of sleepy hollow featuring everyone's favorite Internet me these days, Jeff Goldbloom. It was not his dabue roll, as he had dabe in movies back in the seventies, but it was a American T. v movie version of the famous story of the legend of sleepy hollow because of the changes that they made in the show, especially with the n ending it very much influences Timburton's version of the story telling later on. It features other horror, an icons as meg foster and executive producer. Charles Celia was actually nomenton nominated for an Emmy Award for his work on the movie, and that's about all I know about that, but it was apparently very popular and people liked it and it's horror themed than it was on T v. So that's it that one's a solid pick my book all right over to Dape, shult or enhancement talent. For the week with his Picure TV right TV, I think H. I think I got this one in the bag. 'cause, I'm going to say one word to you and I think everybody's going to know it in nineteen. Ninety ite was a two night premiere on ABC for a little movie called itha man. Now this is based on the Stephen King, novel Nice Th, the two night premier brought in over thirty million viewers. It was starring Tim Curry as the demonic clown pennywise, who gardered a lot of praise from critics for his Uber creeby performance, even though they said the movie itself wasn't all that hot. The CAST also included Richard Thomas John Ritter, Harry Anderson and Tim Reed, and I think the most important thing to come out of this film is that is scarred kids like me and, like you, hopefully, for a lifetime. So that's the first one I have it and it's better than the movie. I I haven't seen the movie, but I I mean once you see the TV show you two freaked out by clowns who wants to go, see the film. I think theye try to make penny wise too, over the top and the movie, where Kim Curry was just a creep Deah, you know the Ho. The onine is you don't need to be. You know, have big jagging teeth and crazy, hair and mee going iin women. You don't need to be doing that to make it scaring the moththat fucking dance in the movie was stupid. The movie was PISS and I've no interest in a SIGL atsowever. I will agree that the original mini series has some major problems, especially in the second half, but you can say that about all Stephen King things they all fall apart in the third act, but it has a classic TV cast and it literally scarred everyone around the world for generations. It fucked you up, Thet Bet did you've won this aroud. What's your second pick, I don't even know if it matters N, my well. The thing was I had extra points for this one too, but yeah like it's Kinda, Madi 'cause. I don't think Mike knows who the hell. It is Mikey there you'e still awake yeah. Am I keeping keeping you up and at Im there he's making notes man he's Er listening yeah fuckd, a Dave sucks. That's where he's writting down on that piece of paper, I'm just kidng this one. My next one M, I'm actually wearing the TSHIRT for a house's secrets. Number. Ninety two, which happened to be the first appearance of the character known his swamp thingabased on the DC comics property created by Len weene and Bernie Rightson swampting debt July, twenty, seventh, nineteen. Ninety on the USA network running for three seasons and seventy two episodes starring Dick Durick, an swam thing. He also appeared in both films and Mark Lindsey Chapman as the evil antn Arcane. The series was about the adventures of the Muck andcrusted mockery of a man once known as Alec Colland, Defending Louisiana swamps and the citizens of Homa from all forms of evil. Swam thing, despite a lack of critical acclaim, was the USA networks top rated show for a period of time, also, while not loyal to the source material from the CONICS. The series played out like an anthology, with plenty of EPIs episodes, focusing on ghosts: creepy, crawlies and things that go pump in the night, swamping eirs to this day in syndication and the DC universe streaming service is launching a new show later this month, further solidifying swampise popularity and again I wearin the tshirt extra point. Now we know all great DC characters had a marvel counterpart. Do you know who the arvul counterpart is tost? swumpthing, don't get me Sti a mock? I don't want to talk about man thing. I only want to talk about sone thing. Yes, but it leads us to the greatest comic book title of All Time: Giant sized man thing it's only great to Oumac because Yo your interests, you know, if I had a copy of that magazine, I'd have a giant sizeman thing staring ooufrsnow id buy it that'd, be a Tog celler for me, yeah this Shap, sorry Mike what ave you got with all due respect to johns picks, which are which are which are very, very good iit's got it's got to go to n nineteen. Ninety I mean I I mean I don't. I didn't know a kid growing up that hadn't seen that movie and didn't talk about it or didn't have some type of weird thing with clowns, even if they weren't totally afraid of hem or didn't want to run a train, I'm Beverly Mush sure to well that happens in the book, but just not in the made for T v movie. I find I cind to hear you odd that t at you went into that right after talking about your manthing h, so yeah nineteen. Ninety takes it on that. One, no I'v fully expected that. I was surprised to find any nineteen and eighty TV horror stuff at all. It was really scraping the barrel you and then also unless you Alestur Briish, I'm not quite sure how much Hameharo means around the world in the same way that it does it England. It was one of those things that kind of ran on British T v way more than it did. I think around the world. So I was still popular here too. I E's a show ever heard of sping Guli yeah the airs on MTV. They play a lot of hammer films on there too. So I know there's a lot of fans out there, the Hammer, I think the problem with hammer in the: U S is that throughout the years of the making movies, they are owned in the US by like seven or eight different companies, so you're, seeing it now with like the Blue Rays and the D v D versions, on the movies they're being released all over the place, there's not like one studio, putting them all out in like a boxset or anything like that, whereas in the UK they're kind of all owned by the same people, but they had to keep every kind of two or three years doing new deals with different studios to like warn as owns them for a while and paramount. Has Some- and you know it kind of floats around then there's independent companies that then went bust in the? U A? U S that then Lek get picked up later on, so it's kin, it's kind of a hotch podge over here versus in the UK, where it's more altogether all right over to James Shaltz. Well, I guess 'cause, it's my choice, correct! So I ge. I can pick it wenever everyone. I can pick Pinianas if I feel like Tenada, all right movies, Oka two points right, fror movies. Here, yes, two point round: sorry, the first movie I picked wasn't like a personal favorite of mine or anything like that. I'm I'm totally appealing to numbers here, because the highest grossing horror movie in the United States, N Ninetden and ninety with JOL shoemockers flat liners staring Keefer Suterland, Julia Roberts and Kavin Bacon, released August tenth. Nineteen. Ninety flatliners focused on a group of medical students trying to discover the truth about the after life. They would end their own lives just to be resuscitated at the last moment, but the more dangerous these experiments get the more paranormal scenario surface. With a twenty six million dollar budget, the Columbia Yeah, the Columbia Pictures Film took the number one slot and raked in ten million during hits opening weekend flat, liners eventually gross for sixty one point: five million State Statewa oustate side, not statewide, there's no such thing and H was nominated for a sound editing. Oscar the movie received mixed reviews, but was still praised for his abstract nature. Our remake was released in two thousand and fifteen little fun fact here: Cosar Sutherland and Robert sfell for each other, while making the film and were engaged to be married, but Julia Roberts Killed The romance when she called Ou the wedding two days before the ceremony in June nineteen. Ninety one and another side, not Michael Douglas, was one of the producers of the movie, not the wedding, and that's what I h. She realized she was a foot taller than keether Southerlan he's a little man I'. Never how tall is he you know they bill them online. I think they say like five, nine, which is a everybody's five, nine in Hollywood. If there's shore I would say he's like five: Five: Have you met him? Have you measured him? I've I've Seen Hem hearson and I've heard stories where Freddie Prinze was on that season of twenty four. I guess they didn't get along and when he was shit talking, he was talking about how he was like wearing shoes with lits and he's a short little angry man and all this other shit. So He's a little Guy Welli'm, looking at a photoside by side of Keefer southerland standing with Michael J Fox and keeper Sutherland has a good two to three inches on Hem. So he's a giant size. Man Thing to Michel, j, Fox's swamp thing ID rub my two to three inches on Kipa somland. Interesting, let's see! What's the second pick, you gut lright Jacob's, latder, released November second, nineteen. Ninety Jacob's latderis about a Vietnam vet, jacob played by Tim Robins, who returns home only to find himself overcome with flashbacks and hallucinations, as he descends further into madness, Jacob frantically searches for the source of his condition, but the truth proves to be a tough pill to swallow. I'm not spoiling it for anybody, because I actually enjoyed this movie quite a bit Jacob's ladder, also stars the red, Hot Elizabeth Pania and Danny Ayello. It was directed by Adrian Lyne, with a twenty five million dollar budget. Unfortunately, the box office barely topped T at at Twenty six point: one million the movie has gained Cot Classic Status over the years and the title refers the Biblical story of the dream of a meeting place between heaven and earth from Genesis, Tweandy, eight twelve, also known as Dantes Inferno, Screenwriter Bruce Joel Reuben has stated that he believes the film is a modern interpretation of the Tibetan book of the Dead Little Bonus back here. It also had Jason Alexander Lewis, black and mccaulay Colkin in the fill and plus I actually really enjoyd this one. This is almost like it where I was. I was too young to be watching it at the time and it royally freaked me out and kind of scarred me for life, but now, when I rewash it as an adult, I I really thought it was a good good movie. So it's a horror movie about a story from the Bible with mccauly Cakin and Jason Alexander. I wouldn't sum it up that way. That's why I won a have page on it, but h yeah. If that's the way you want to look at it, I mean it's more about this guy. You think he's tripping balls when he comes back from the Wa. Have you seen it Mac? No, no I've seen pieces of it. I haven't seen the whole thing: it's a crazy movie it. It is a pretty wild movie but h the demons that he sees an and all the scenarios that happen in the roads that he goes down, trying to figure out why he is seeing these things is the first time you watch it its definitely a mind, fuck, all right, John Cross over to you for the movies round, all right, Nineteen D, Eighty! So the release of some amazing horror movies. You have alligator anthemoophagas, the Botman Cannibal Holocaurse, the Changesin Christmas evil city t the living dead, contaminationon, the FO accumunlates from the deep infeno macab maniac promnade, terror train and everyone's favorite Eurotic Knights of the living dead, but two films came out which would arguably make the biggest impact number one pick is the shining. Of course it is not. Since Alfred Hitchcock had a director with the Calib of Standicuber tackled the Horizonra starring Jack Nicholson returning to the genre after over a decade since his sixties, horror, work with Roger Coreman and with the release of this and dressed the killby Dapama. As Ive said earlier in the episode there was a lot of talk about how horror had now gone, legitimate and mainstream. The film was a huge success, earning forty seven million dollars in the United States alone. That's around O hundred and eighty one million dollars today, and it was in the top fifteen highest grossing movies of nineteen eighty a year which saw the release of huge movies like the empostracts back airplanes, smoking, n, the bandit to o the pluce brothers Ann more. It was also the highest grossing horror movie of that year. Everyone knows the stories behind the making of the shining, but it has one of the most famous stories: People Breaking Down: Juda Stress, Jack, Nickolson, being forced, fed cheese sandwiches for two weeks just so he could be the requisite amount of crazy. I could go on and on and on about this fhine, but IAM going to jump on to my next pick, which is a little film, I'm sure no one has ever heard of called Friday. The thirteenth featuring the special ffects work of none other than Tom Sevenely, who, even by nineteen eighty, was already a horror legend having worked with Georgea Ramero and many others on various patof films for Undy, the thirteenth would goon to spawn ten sequels, a remake, a million different toys figures, t shirts, Comin, boks and Mal itss, one of the most popular slashes of all time, next to Halloween and Nimar on Elm Street and in terms of budget verses takings, it's probably the most economically successful movie of Nineteen, eighty as well being made for just five hundred and fifty thousand dollars in nineteen, eighty, which it almost made forty million dollars in profit, which, in today's terms, is around one hundred and twenty five million dollars. As I said, it spawned a whole Tong of sequels and it was one of those films where Y. U, despite it flagrantly ripping off Halloween and others such Holloway holiday, themd slashes. It did go on to be shootly, successful and prove that the slasher genre was here to stay again tons of information about that movie behind behind the scenes and everything, but I think it speaks for itself if it doesn't. I can certainly go into more details, but my two pecks are shining and Friday, the thirteenth God. That's two episodes in a row now that we covered fwell mine was probably H. Thirteenth part two. We talked about the franchise, it's huge, I mean yeah and it was sort of annoying 'cause. I was going through nineteen and eighty looking at all the horror movies paying like. Oh my God. I love that one. Oh, my God out ov that one to be alive in a year where- and I only read like one's people have heard of but thare was like fifty or sixty horror movies came out in ninete and eighty it was like boom year for it, and yet I had to pick the shining on Frin the thirteenth which, although I'm SOS in enthusiastic about both films and I'am, a big Fran of both films they're a way more interesting and more films that I'm more personally passionate about in nineteen and eighty. But I had to go with the two big guns: The shining which stood atop of the most successful horrors of all time until about nineteen nd. Eighty five, when it was kicked off by a bunch of others and Fri Thirteenth, which is just a Behimo and Y. I didn't have that problem. You had some good stuff there you had like night breed was in for nineteen. Ninety two T, you G T there was some sequels. Well, the other thing too, as there was like misery and like well, misery. I think was more of a thriller than a horror movie. That Iraqnaphobia was another big one but tha to me. It was like more of a comedy than a horror movie. You know what I mean so itwas Kindaf like that's. Why e picked out flatliners 'cause, at least it was the top grossing movie of that year, and Jacob's ladder was one that I actually saw n and really like. You know what I mean. So that's what I'm Sayg I I'd have the same problem, I being like all these movies I fuck and love 'em. WITYOU know I mean they're, both really great piks, theve and and but the thing is with the nineties, O Nineteen D ninetee in particular you're at the Tal End, so you're getting kind of sequelitus from a lot of the films that were big in the eighties and you're at the taile end of kind of Hollywood, making any horror, films and, like you say, they're, moving more into what would become the staple of the nineties, which is sore of those thrillers. There's like thriller horrors that are kind of on the the the edge there. And then you don't get another horror boom in the nineties until scream is released, which I think is ninety four. Ninety five hat I no sa so I tal to Nineeis, okay, yeah yeah, so it's not till the end of the the ninetis. The interesting thing, though, like if you look at the ten year difference from your movies to the nineteen ninety horror movies. It's such a difference because in nineteen ninety that's where they start to kind of tail off those pg thirteen ratings, yeah 'cause th they're all about making a buck. So they want to get everybody in the box office where, in nineteen and eighty those were some dark bloody, you know really racy movies. The funny thing is, I pulled up an article while I was doing this research about MCC Garris, who was actually employed by and I'm going to forget the name of the protuction company now, but they put out the fog avcoembercy. He was employed by AVGO embassy to watch a ton of horror movies that were being made independently and see if havegrammers he wanted to put them out and what was interesting about the interview with mcgaris from nineteen. Eighty is that he actually says the opposite of the thinking. Now. The thinking now is make it pg thirteen. So anyone can go in and anyone can see these horror movies back then. The idea was, if you had a horror movie, that was a PG thirteen. No one would go to see it because it wasn't horrific enough back. Then the idea was a horror movie at its base had to be an R, preferably an NC. Seventeen. The only thing they ever used to do was edit horror movies down to not be an x rating, but outside of that everyone wanted either r NC seventeen rating. In fact, they wouldn't go see a p G. Hoyo didn't get NC seventeen til ninety three or NI. What whathappen? I think it was Nie hard ast. Wasn't that ninety it was. I ninety I think, xwent to lit pen, she's seventeen and something and nineteen boks. I was grooping around, I was looking I'm like. Can I use this I'm like well. That was the split though I went from R to x, so yeah, it's a huge disparity, no nobody's going to go, see an x rated horror movie. Well, can I add something real quick, herethe John's, a fucking encyclopedia of of movies, a D and like I knew nothing about horror. I was just picked to be picked. 'cause, I'm a dude, so iput that out thereall the listeners and like cut me some ack here, I'm I'm like working against the encyclopedia Britannica exce that NC seventeen didn't come into play until much later, but then to be fair to me, I grew up in a country which had a PG fifteen and eighteen with the ratings. I didn't have American ratings. True that let's go over to micranger for the official ruling for the movies round. I mean there's not a whole lot to think about. I mean, I know honestly the only thing like in regards to nineteen. Ninety, I, if it were me, I would ave, went with a couple of other ones, just to be fucking silly. What like childs playing too Weeah 'cause you have, at least you know it's a little bit more fun. You know like I didn't want to go with a SEK Ni. I mean you had a WHO e I mean Frankinhooker, I think, is nineteen. Ninety and you know that would have bee it wouldn't have on. But you know hey, no, it wouldhave been fun to talk. You Mail me a copy of that too. Please I mean Ow, you g AE, hadpackage cycle. Four, I think comes out in ninety. That's fun. Henry Thomas is in that tremors is in ninety I mean that's a comedy horror, but but I, but I I tell you, I watch tremors like two o three times a year. It's on her he's gray. It's always on T V, I till making sequels to it. It's F. I know I mean they get worse and worse, but I mean they just keep staying on those residual boulders y. The original three, though, was still still some cyeah homes yeah. So I mean definitely this one has to go to nineteen and eighty but you're. Right though it's just like the nineties. I it's tough for horror after nineteen like eighty eight, eighty, nine that's like kind of the very end of it. Yeah a more interesting battle would be eighty seven and ninety seven, because eighty seven you're at the reely at the tail end there's only really evil. There too. That comes out. That's worth an no you're really at the tail end of a bunch of stuff, but there would still be enough horror movies to kind of pick to make an intere thing. Yeah. Then I le Ninies you're in Tha, yeah you're in the postgreen boom yeah, so you're getting a bunch of different stuff. I mean oven, then you're you're, not IMEANW, nothing tops to the shining, I mean that's fucking huge, I mean and the Friday the thirteenth. It is what it is. It's T's. It's it couldhave been a nightmare in helm, stree. It would have been the same fucking thing yeah, but yeah. I I think nineteen eighty onthis one a right. So that's amazing, thank you. Shall we wrap it up when news guys? Ell I mean the game is already settled, but maybe Dave can GE pick up two pointes raizy. What are you on drugs completely? fucked. That's! What's going to happen, but yes, please hit me with the news I want to hear. I just want to say that I did listen to your POTCA selling out and the lead up to this show and I'm already a big fan and have subscribed. So if that takes the edge off this, I hope so that made my night to be honest with you. You just gave me its all worth it now. Thank you very much. I appreciate genualely everyone check out selling out anyway. Here we go two bits of Horan EWS and I won't even go into them just to let you know the first of Harent News. I came over again from the UK. It is that the tromer slasher again going for the a holiday them slasher mother's Day, is bannd in the UK before it can even reach theatres. So everyone knows about the or should know if you're, a horror movie fan the video recording ex an than nine htnred and eighty four, which creates the VIO NASTI's list and prosecutes a whole ton of titles. However, even as far back as nineteen eighty and before the British senses re already scared and worried about what horror might do to people and because of the violent and graphic sexual violence in particular, that appears in tromas tongue and cheeks sat o slash en mothers day, which is actually made by uncle Loydy's brother, I think, or cousin, on Oth anyway M that is banned outright in the U Ke fore. It even hit tates. So that's one bit of news, but the biggest piece of news, FM one tousand, nine hundred and eighty that is horror related- is that a arguably Lord of contemporary movie filmed horror, Alfred Hitchcock passes away in April of nineteen eighty. It is a at the the age of eighty as well so um he was born in nineteen hundred died in nineteen. Eighty is famous obviously for films such as psycho the birds rear window vertigo north by northwest et Ceera, et Cetera. I it's you know it's it's easy to say that modern horror would not look and feel the way that it would without Afroiscok or his passing was obviously a massive blow and a great sadess to the hard community in nineteen nd. Eighty and those are my two har related at new stories that was Charles Caugh e child's Gillfriend. Yes, a brother, the Ar Jame. I can't wait to hear this. What have you got for newsman? I will take his Alfred Hitchcock, a and M say that that sounded bad. It will take his out for hitchcock and suck it yeah. Oh in my assless Rob Helford chaps, no Raymond sint Jacque's, the street preacher from they live actually died and he died on August, twenty, seven, nineteen, ninety so yeah! That's all I got to say about the UM anyway. That's a De Yeah! Well, I was going to say I wrote this whole thing because again I was thinking horror in general, not as horror movies about the Ganesville ripper, but he just killed a bunch of mother fuckers and a story good night. Everybody thanks for tuning in. I appreciate it. Thank you very much to wike ranger for themit's a hard one. Just give it to me. Give it to me come on. You know you want to. I do want too much you won't. I really do yeah. I I mean I, I gotta give it to nineteen eighty yeah. I think I think yeah. Definitely, nineteen ND, Eighty Ibso, I'm very sorry, listen! I I I told man crush next time. If you guys ever do a comic tiend Dulin decades. I want to be the judge, or at least have me on. I know that's a shoe in for me and me and my antalk giant size man thing all thatht long. I just try yeah you and balk, should just get aajohn size, Ma things and compare them TNAT. What theyel Wyou know I mean sometimes like it just is just kinda how it works out. You can only do the best you can within your the given time frame. I mean half the time I come up with absolutely nothing. I had a fucking Burito last week also, I have to say, like going into nineteen eighty. There was some. There was some things that I just thought I wasn't going to get that nineten. Ninety was GOINNA. I was actually surprised some of the things I found out and I thought my my piks were potentially weaker aniwork and the thing is is that that Mike now knows I mean I know you've done this before Mi, but, like I'm, often sat in that position when I'm judging. These shows where I really just want to give it to you and Bo, because the nineties are going to win something, but the eighties just keep on trucking. I just canno, Oh, like you did last week where you gave them some Sega thing over FA, yeahwell wait a minue, I mean people, you know n they're on to set up Yo, wlet's l. let's talk, I mean, listen, I'm a Colt Movie Fan. If I'm going to pick fucking out of the four movies Omlean into the eighties, but I mean outside of maybe like the four o five of us here, who's heard of the burning. Oh I mean I I high school wat about it. Yeah I mean it's Ano. I mean ' e job, Jerneal Oyou're right, noin S, heard of the bird you that that Ol m a e made in the last ten years. So no one's heard of it all the movies people have heard of these dayswhere. You wer your picks, though we had backdraft and what about Bob, which definitely appeal to more of a mass audience and mine had the very first Friday thir teeth with Jason fortys. Well, actually, no, he does appear in the first one, just you're talking, oh but yeah, it's the Killand Wlisten, I'm I'm not I'm not knocking it. Desn't matter, anywor Youre in Looh, you're, arguing against the WTHE last times pick of of what about balb versus Frido O is Ponti well, either way I'll give you that if you give us paintall over some shit, I can't even remember what you Sai. Oh I'll tell you, I did not think that a segetar drive that only Solagi hand was going to fuck and Wen an I just tried to spin it like it was this major technlizocal man. This is clearly what they talk about when I'm not here talk about cucking, Beritos, paintball I' just sit in this pool on my own defeat, Wonderfu wet the big jokes: They I that outside of movies and a little bit music, I don't really know anything, and I certainly don't know anything about Um like American history pop culture, history in particular, so them having me on, as a judge, has always seemed to me as a particular like joke at my own expense. I think I love it. I I really enjoy it, but half the time. I'm sure people are listening at home and being like you don't know, you know what the best part of it is. I this is what I take from it. We have to sell you those picks, and I think that goes fo any of us if we're o the judge. I think in this case Mike actually you know he knew a lot about horror and horror movies. So that's. Why he's there? But a lot of times when I judged a couple of Hem, I didn't know what the fuck they were talking about, but they had to tell me these things, so I think it really adds to it, because you got to build your case. You can't build your case Os somebody that doesn't know anything. That's why, last week with he seode drive thing I was like do really well, you know what that's the fun part of this, though its like kind of taking something that maybe 'cause. Sometimes you don't have anything and you try to take this tiny little thing and make it seem so much more fantastic than it actually is. Do that every night I mean the fucking of Brian Austin Green with the rap album and Sean actually said. That was a good da all right, so John Cross starts off here on dueling decades, entering the singles division with a one in o record and unfortunately, Dave sheltz starts off his career with a DEF had to say my full nametare. So everybody knows I'm a loser I, but he still wins 'cause he has the selling outpart cast, which is, I prevous, he said, is very entertaining Ey. This is the best phrase. I've gotten in maybe my whole entire life shit. I love it, I'm a winner. After all, if you've missed the previous episode, you can always go back on our website. That's duelling decades dot com, where you can subscribe, also check out our group over on facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades. You can peek behind the curtain there and join the conversation as well. So until next time jewelers were going to bid you apieace love lighting, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmary Media