Dueling Decades
April 10, 2019

Dueling Decades - 1982 vs 1992 - Comedy

Dueling Decades - 1982 vs 1992 - Comedy

This week the battle between the ’80s and ’90s wages on as we hear another match in our singles division. Mancrush comes into this matchup undefeated with a 1-0 record as he arms himself with 1982 and takes on the winless (0-1) Beau Beacraft...

This week the battle between the ’80s and ’90s wages on as we hear another match in our singles division. Mancrush comes into this matchup undefeated with a 1-0 record as he arms himself with 1982 and takes on the winless (0-1) Beau Beacraft representing 1992 in a Comedy Duel! Marc James serves as your host and judge on this episode as we hear about some of the all-time icons of comedy and a few of our favorites as well. Who will win this battle and move on to a future Dueling Decades championship match? Listen and find out on this great episode! Remember, It’s your history. We just fight for it!


Informary mediapeop a Tu cas the pixe o PLA, but it tot o a ran again upon that cap. Ut, stop the power bopcom fight for what you love, Owho, come to pot e PA cope an CRITA PA ETE to Poe cop would take a grave Ao Bala Ansic. I am mad a TNO comefigt for what you love, yoineas broadcasting from the biobaday studios, where water does it better greetings, Retro Warriors and welcome to another episode of dueling decades. The Adult Audio Retro Game Show were the eighties and the nineties do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Let's take a look at this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first of holding a singles record of Onean no representing comedy of nineteen. Eighty two at's right nick mancrost. Here I am Anta no nout to go to an I sorry Bo going down buddy and coming into this match with a singles record of O in one representing comedy of nineteen. Ninety two, I folks its poby craft here for another week of painful losses on dualing decades and as always here on jeweling decades, we need someone to hold down law and order. So on this episode of our show, I Mark James will serve as your judge and jury for this epic comedy battle, not executioner, no, no, no one's getting executed. On this episode, I don't know I had a pretty rough day. Mork. The loser of the first season gets executed, yeah spoilers Tunit for Christmas. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dualing decades rules, the judges, coinflip Shol, the side, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. It judges ruling we'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: apiece the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds now duelers, let's play some duling decades go. Do It all right guys for the coin flip tonight I have a dvd copy of a nineteen ninety two comedy movie, which I'm sure nobody picked on this episode. You thought he would have that it is the Detana Selek and Donamici classic folks using that term, classic very lightly boby craft. You yet have a win on this show, so I'm going to let you call it in the air wortails. I really wish Youd Hav picked a stop or my mother'll shoot for this coin toss, but all right, let's go ahead. Let's go ahead, flippin it and it is tails on of the pitch nickmancross. You have control of the Board for the first category of dueling decades, all right. Let's start with news comedy news all right, comedy news: Nineteen. Eighty two start out with a short one here, we're going to go with the June eleventh nineteen, eighty two after four seasons, a BC has decided to cancel Mork and Mindy. No Robin Williams, Classic Television Show, but they also canceled Borney Miller and taxi taxi did actually get one more season through NBC, but a B C cancelled it this year, but a B C decided to cancel those shows and replace them. With these T, J hooker nine to five and Jonie lives, Chachi boy, those really ow well for them to Classi kind, O kind of a whohome decision by ABC or on retrospect. I bet you they wish they didn't do it. I don't know like what do you guys think out of the out of the three there? Would you have swapped? Would youhave cancelled mork an mindy? I guess? Maybe I was getting old after a while. I'm not sure that was only four seasons. I don't know seems like now. Morkon Mindy has a pretty decent cultural significance or or is looked upon fondly. I don't know pretty much anything with Robin Williams. Looked at right, vondly Y, I mean I understand the kind of the logic behind it as it's nineteen. Eighty two and you look at Borkenmindy, Barney Miller, taxi Thoshir, seventiesrthey're, more seventy shows and what they replaced them with. Were more modern forward moving eighty shows forward moving right off the mother fuction ite network. They quickly found out they weren't as good as the seventies shows. None of them had a titsass teme like taxi day. The old Bob James Track, fucky or Barney Miller, borny, MIL mor out of all those shows. Actually Barney Miller was the one that stayed on the longest yeah believe I had seven seasons but anyhow 'm moving on in my second story here, maynite you, George Carlin, he suffers his second heart attack. I guess cocaine's a bitch but Corlin attributed all of his heart conditions to his drug habits from the seventies, but anyways. This dude had a heart attack while it a mets dodgers game, and I too am a mets fan, so I know the pain and then you gotte, Mex, plus cocaine. That's a fucking bad time. Man, this dude's heart was so bad. He suffered from an almost full blockage of his right descending artery going into his heart. He eventually had to get some evasive surgery to fix all the damagee caused over the years, but that's not the the real news story. This is just leading up to the new storye heare's, a new story, socom October Tenth Ninetee, two you'd figure. This guy would be down and out fighting his demons, two heart attacks in four years. You think maybe he was going to take a break, not George Carlin October tenth. He performs his one night, only at Carnegie Hall and tapes, it which would become one of his most popular stand. UPS OF alltime Carlin at Carnegie and also the first and last time that he'd ever do the seven words you can never say on televen on t V, an actually in his book last words. He said that this was kind of the turning point of his career. He personally didn't like the show, but that didn't matter 'cause the audience and everyone else did h. It was a huge show, and not only that, like it started his business relationship with HBO for basically the next twenty five years. So that would be. My second story is the George Carlin Comeback, Carlin at Cornini all right over to Bolbee craft for your offering for the news category. Well, I got one celebrity that didn't quite make it best. Note is a patriarch of the Brady family, Mike Brady actor Robert Reed died, may twelfth a n nineteen. Ninety two at the age of fifty nine after being diagnosed with Colan Cancer in November Ninety One reeds death was initially attributed solely to cancer, but details from his death certificate reveal the actor was HIV positive doctor listed his HIV positive status as a significant condition that attributed to his death on the death certificate, so that was obviously kind of a big shocker, more of a big shocker when it came out later that he was HIV positive, magic, Johnson, baby left a big old, gaping hole in the Brady family. NOWI'll. Give you the round right now. If you can tell me without a shadow of a det, then Walker told them he had at no, he didn't have AIDS. He just had HIV. Oh okay, never never made it to the second level. Walker could have lie to him. RIGHTTHAT's. True Right Walker just tells everybody. He has aids, it's just a sprained ankle man, Hey! That's a nice dog! You know it's got! AIDS right all right, so that was a pretty down story, come on. Take it up. You got to have something to to take it out to all right. Well, this is more controversial than it is sad and and droning October. Third, nineteen. Ninety two is the date Saturday night live musicalges, cenadoconer, making national headlines after she ripped up a photo of Pope John Paul, the second on camera during her performance tearing the photograph all singing the word evil and staring into the Camero Conner en of the performance by stating fight the real enemy. The act occurred nine years in advance of the pope acknowledging these sexual abuse scandals within the Catholic Church, a nationwide audience sal the performance which cause Ti stirb backstage with personnel sand claims to have had no knowledge prior of oconer's plan with Creator Lorand Michael's, recalling that the air went out of the studio when had happened, the audience sat in silence. Lor Michael's ordered that the applause sign not be illuminated as it. Typically, as after the performance, N B C received nearly forty five hundred phone calls in the following days, not tweets with the majority of colors criticizing the network for allowing the act to happen, contrary to a very popular rumor, the network was not fined by the FCC over the ordeal and as of two thousand and sixteen n BC will eir reruns of the episode, but they use the taped dress rehearsal performance instead of the original segment a week after the event acter Joe Peshi hosted the program and in his opening modologue helpd up a picture of the pope, saying he taped it back together, whichdrew a huge response, ive applause from the studio, audience pes. She also stated that, if it had been his show, he would have quote gave her such a smack. So there you go peshi laying down the law, Shenado conner teared up a picture of the pupoctober third nineteen. Ninety two good God good thing. We started out with news starting out on a high note, terrible stories and one uplifting story: Yeah. Well, you know that's kind of how I look at this round. You got the the cancellation of Morkan, Mindy and Barney Miller and taxi, and then you know Robert Reed dying so really both of those kind of canceled each other out, 'cause, that's just bad stuff from the seventies being killed off so and then you're you're. Basically looking at the iconic image of Senado Conner ripping up the picture of the pope on Assinel, which, if you watch anything that talks about the nineties, that clip is always shown. So that's really an iconic moment like it hate it. It is an iconic moment and then you have George Carlin at Carmagie Hall. It comes down to which is the most pivotal point of their careers. I'm going to have to go with George Carlin, an eighty two on this onebecause. I think that Carlin at Carnegie was a bigger moment for him, whereas Shenado conner. That was probably her most talked about moment, but I don't think it was her best movment. Another high point: no yeah talk about a fall from grace like what did she do after that? Exactly ID her career? It was a big moment for her, but it was. It was her. Last moment, so I'm glad you went that route, because if you didn't go that route, I was going to have a big problem with you, picking Shenado connel, with fucking Bo fornitell, you that all right, so that gives h one point score: o Nineteen. Eighty two and Nickman crush you have control of the board, I'm going to have to go with music mm all right, and I try to do my rounds like this. I noticed we did these one O ones. If we have two amazing choices together and one's really long, it just goes on a long time. So a couple of my second choices are much shorter than the first choice, all right. So on this first choice, I'm Gongto go with Eddie Murphy, releasing his first song ever that song would be Bugy in your butt, not quite as polished as party all the time, but this word all starts and just to show you- and this is why I put this one in here- just to show how little R and B was out at the time and how it was just coming up in popularity. But it was it like. There wasn't a ton of choices. Booky in your butt was actually nominated for the best instrumhental Rand B perform wow at the for the granting s not aain competition. That year, then let me, let me show you what a a granmy nominated song sounds like. Let me just give you the the chorus in your butt put the Buggy in your butt, put put the Buggi in your butt in your butt. put the bog in your butt, put put the Buggy in your butt: That's how it Gos and then there's a ton more alyrics, but I'm not going to fuck in read, 'em all it's horrible, but it actually made it to the Grammy Somehow, which is mind boggling, but it did anyhow. Let me get to my main music choice of nineteenighy two. This one is a perfect example why we use newspapers Otcom and we don't just use Google for our research. The Internet claims, if you Google, this, that this guy's first show was opening for the band the missing persons. On March thirty, first nineteen ND eighty two, an in actuality. This talented man opened up for the missing persons. On April, Ninth Nineteen two and thanks to an ad that I found in the L A times, I'm able to confirm that so that's actually wrong on the Internet and almost a hundred percent of the place t I found it snow if you're listening, I know don't rewind, I didn't mention who this guy? Is You just picture people right now going? Why Y who the fuck? What is the AUGUMENT relax? I didn't even tell you early n nineteen, eighty, two, a guy by the name of Weirdal Yagvik. He was on the road with doctor Damendo, almost kinda like how travelling podcasts are today door. MDEMENTO would take a show on the road and they happened to be playing in Phoenix and werd o got to do his little parody bit on the show and then, after that, show an entertainment guy named J leedy approached Alabout, making a band, and then, by April nineteen. Eighty two April, ninth n Nineteen Eigh, two matter of fact, weird. Alas, music career was born so back on April nighth, I ty too, the band opened for the then popular new wave band missing persons whose number one song does anybody know what it was mark. I know the song, but I I can't think of it. It was all right, I I don't think most people no, but it was the number one requested song on Krock in the time, and it was I like boys. Yes, that's where it was and well they were set to open up for them at the SANTAMONICA CIVIC Aunitorium, as most people would probably imagine you know, opening up for a band like that and you're a paroty band that that weird alsband was needed and during their forty five minutes set, they were continually pelted with bottles and coins. There were being watch them from the audience. Weirdat actually goes on record to saying that he remembered when the curtain was going down, that the Rehim and I'm not sure of him, but he said his bandmates were like grabbing all the coins off the chain off the stage or whatever, before they got off. L Yeah, yeah fuck it. Why not musicians don't get money? Well, this is their first ever gig. Maybe who knows if theyere exactly it's an exposure? GIG, don't pay Shit, you're racking up every coin you can get so it was probably a good thing that they were getting pelted, but on his way to the parking lot. He was in an interview and he said I was walking to my car on the parking lot and this twelve year old boy comes up to me and said: Are you weird ow? And I said yes and he looked at me and said you suck andhe said that was a capper to a graty wow. I actually wonder where that little boy is now he's dead, after that you migh as well, be like a weird oin od to be God whenever you think of comedy music, even if you were born like way later, I think the first name you think about is Weirdl Yeah, Oh defin. I'd agree with that. Right on to the nineties, all right, the nineties there's going to be just an odd amount of crossover. I feel like in this episode h the first musical item. I have for comedy in Nineteen an ninety two gym and in New York, George Carlin's, fourteenth album and Eighth Hbo Special Recorded April Twenty Fourth and Twean, an Fifth Ndninehteen N. Ninety two at the paramounth theater in New York City, the performance I dedicated as Sam Kennison, who died in a car accident in two weeks before the recording of the special H. Fifty six minutes, fifty six seconds it clogs in which is essentially the entire uninterrupted unedited audio of his life performance. Carlin offinside of this is his favorite and best hbo, special and album. I think I said like HBO's his Genor with them was what twenty five years right, Yim wild wild stuff, I think we're gongto get. You talked about the crossover, I think we're also going to get a lot of fucked up personal lifeshit. All these comedians have like there are some dark mother, fagkers and a lot of that stuff comes up in this. The second pick I got oddly enough, weird Al Yenkavik off the deep end released, is seventh studio, album April fourteteenth and nine huteen and ninety two parodes of songs by Nivana M C hammer new kids on the block, Milly Vanilli, also, obviously, a handful of original works albums met with actually generally positive reviews picked at number. Seventeen on the billboard, two hundred, which is kind of interesting for comedy, and a parody album smelts, like Nirvana, became a commercial success, peaking an number thirty five on the billboard, hot one hundred trap becoming G IC second highest charting single after eat it to cover the album. Also genius, parades, nivanes famous, never mind, cover weird AL's naked on it and there's a doughnut floating in front of him. Welhes underwater, it was his fourth gold record, actually went on to become a certified PLATINIMP or sales of over one million copies in the US also nominated for a granmeord for best comedy recording in nineteen. Ninety three and something I found interesting, a fun fact: a majority of his albums up until this year in nineteen, ninety two were produced by Rick Darringer, who of course brought us the Bangers, rock and roll Hochi, Ko and real American, which we all know is the entrane team of whole Kogan. So there you go jam Ina New York, George Carlin and Weirdal Yankeviks off the deep end, a Rigt, so music we had to release of Eddie Murphy Song and then the debt say your dad say it. Willge in Your Butt Boi, Anyour ballright WELLG, you had to release the Bogi in your butt. Why does everybody keep calling their penis a Bugi respect the song man grammy nominated the debut of Weird Oll, opening up for missing persons, which I totally understand where they're going with this, and I'm very surprised and a little disappointed you didn't mention it missing. Persons, of course, was a band made up of Warrenkucarulo del Bogio, Terri Bozio and Patrick o'hearn, who all left Frank Zapesban to play, quote: Unquote: Real Music, of course. How you've missed that nick you Betail Losio. Wasn't he the guy that sold VC RS at circuit city, that was his cousin Ettie come on now, so they all left Zap a a place, real serious music and they go ontour with WHO Weird Ayangebik. So then, on the ninety two side, you got jaing in New York from Carlin, which is one of his best specials H, much like in the last category. I don't think it was as pinnacle as Carlin at Carnegie, but then you have a very pinnicle abum with weird Al See I caught on a weird all of POKA party, but most people I know, didn't catch onto that, so it kind of cancels each other out and wee we're. Looking again at big, weird Olmoments, I gotta go ninety two and give the point to Bobee craft. How can you what you're, comparing a weird Olmoment, if my moment didn't exist, you wouldn't have the fucking Albmin. Ninety two mark. It was a debut correct, but I think that launch of that album was still a little bit bigger come on. He was playing with missing person. I can he sucker that time. According to his fan, Yeah Ki told him he suckd, that's all they at that's Eamo, you need they put the fucking band together. They put the fucking pan together mark. Well, it didn't get good till then! Oh, my, are you crazy? His number one best selling song ever always eat it. It's not even on that album AL number two. I smells like Nervano so tak, oh, my God, getting fucking railroad. So that ties up our game at one point, a piece and that gives control over to Bulbee craft. What category you going with man? Oh Goodness, gracious uh! Let's go with television, alright, what a e you got for your first offering Al Right! Nineteen! Ninety two debuing three days after the retirement of the legendary Johnny Carson Jy Leno, would become the host of nbcs tonight show which would mark the fourth incarnation of the late night talk series, debuting may twenty fifth, she nominated for an Myaward ten times between nine Teen D. Ninety three and two thousand: An five winning the award for outstanding variety of music or comedy series in n Nineteen Nd. Ninety five, of course, we all remember the big controversy between two thousand and nine and ten, an which Leno left was replaced by Conin Leno started a new show ratings sucked, so they moved Leno back into his old slot, moved Conang back cone and left Etceteraa, so on and so forth. So that kind of marred the entire franchise under Lino's tenure. But he was also one of I got to think about this earlier, as is as we're wrestling fads, I would consider Leno One of the pinnacle parts of the attitude era of late night, where you had leno, you had letterman had guys like Crak kilbourn h, so that was a a really pivotal time for late night. Talk shows, I think it probably probably liked ta Golden Er for a lot of people, Pat, say Jack, yeah, of course, and then the other one I have actually keeping with the late night being Gary Shanlings television classic. The Larry Sanders show debuts on HBO in August of Nineteen. Ninety two fantastic supporting cast Jeffrey Tambor, riptorn, Jermy Pivongenigarofolo and just everybody and their mother as a Gueststar Y, guys like Chris Farley, Timmallen, Jennifer, Iniston, Terry Bradshow, Michael Bolton for God's sake, Sally Field, Jim Carrey, all kinds o. If you're not familiar with the show ITD offered kind of a fiction old satirical behind the scenes. Look at a late night talk show. Many critics have called it. One of the greatest television shows of all time with the New York Post, referring to it as one of the greatest achievements in television shel. One multiple American comedy wards. My wards peabody awards and Television Critics Association wards throughout its six season run. So the tonight show with J Leno debuts in May and e Larry Sander show debuts. In August nineteen. Ninety two Larry Sandesyeah, the Laranot, the Berry Sander, show the Larry Sandershow now Bo. Can you tell me the the famous drink that riptorn drank on the Larry Sander's show? Oh Shit, I can't even remember wow. It's the salty dog man. Rip To orm would always be like have a salty dog you pusfy. I can't do riped torn as good as Bobee craft, but it's only a cocktail parti. Is I break that out all right mancrush over to you for your TV offerings, nineteen and eighty two, all right S, I'm just going to rush through this, because if I don't win this round, I'm gonna fucking drive down there and punching the mouth all right, so the first one, Oh man, all right, so Febuary, first nineteen. Eighty two was a premier o. This show that went on for eighteen hundred and nineteen episodes were for eleven seasons and elevated the host extraordinary heights when he switched networks from NBC to c Bs and Launchd, his own late night show for an additional four thousand two hundred and sixty one episodes in twenty three seasons, and the show that I speak of is none other than late night. With David Letterman. It was there's a really cool story, though, in eighty two about lettermen, because Letterman had a show in eighty one that they cancelled early, and there was, as you know, from listening to past episodes in eighty between eighty and eighty two cable started to take off so N B C was scared that he was going to take off and go to one of these cable channels like there was rumors that he was going to get an offer or whatever so what they did was they were paying him tens of thousands of dollars a week to do nothing to just stick around and H, guest host every now and then on n on Carson and be a sidekick. So they gave them a wwe contract. Essentially very much I mean the guy, I'm sure they gave him some writing duties or whatever, whether you know W, he did 'em or not. Who knows, but essentially he went on to take over the show, and it's interesting that you brought yours up, because all along people had thought that Letterman was going to take over for Carson, but they ended up giving it to Leno instead or they they seemed like they were going. I that direction so letterman just said fuck it an it's funny that mark mentioned Patsa Jack, because that show came on for only one season and got cancelled. So CBS was trying to get into that late night game. So then they opened up the the check book and paid Letterman. Of course that's what I was talking about before letterman switch to c BS, and then you had the late night wars between Letterman and Leno for years, where it would go back and forth. It was just exactly like the attitude era. 'cause you had the both of them just raising the bar every week and you know Leno would have some years and I think, towards the end, letterman kind of ruled thhamings, but it always went back and forth a really good movie about that is the late shift. I think it's streaming on, prime right now. If you haven't checked that out, it's got Kathy Baits in it and it's kind of a recreation of the late night wars. It's really good, I own it on DVD and I've seen it many times. It's interesting like researching a lot of the stuff you you realize how much potential crossover there was going to be like. I think the thing was that Carson didn't want Leno to sucede him. I I think he wanted letter. Mwae was the a yeah, and just I I think the similar thing was with Leno and Conan too, when Lena was going out and they wanted just all really bizarre, but also really interesting at the same time. Well, the biggest part of the story with this, though that I didn't really even mention, is that they put this show in because they were trying to capture the young male demographic that they could do later on at night at twelve thirty right and, of course, that went on to carry on the tradition and then you had conand doing the same shit and getting back to what you just said. That's why Coenan didn't work out when he moved back to eleven thirty 'cause. You had all the blue hairs. They were watching the show to watch Leno and you had cornen on there with a master bathing dog and ormacibating bear and triumph and all that shit and it just didn't work with that audience 'cause. It was meant for that young male demographic that they were shooting for years earlier that they captured, but then they tried to move him back to do it in a different time slot which didn't work out, which kind of surprises me that it's worked so well for Falin, but I think that all those people have died since so, maybe that's why it s? It's shifted. I don't know science, but my second one- and this is why I said I'm in a punch mark in the face, and it really doesn't need me to say too much about it- he's ready, fucking, smiling September thirtieth nineteen. Eighty two, this brand new show promieers an BC about this Maida Malone Baseball Pitcher, who decides to open up a little bar in Boston, markr coming up creenito. Do I really need to go further? They ere starts cheer starts, but seriously like monumental SICOM, leven seasons, perenial top five show in the ratings two spin offs huge following including Mark James, who has a boner right now and it samed to say this is a medeoric like listenthis. This is how you know it's fucking huge on the series finale they had bob mother, fucking Castus, do a cheers: pregame show ythe final episis awesome and he got pink eye. Why won the Emy God? Damn it all right? So thosse are mi two choices. You got the the David Letterman stuff and then cheers e point: Nin Quintas, macoi, Ofera satsit on a tinde sprint totell me t ATEO. He Ese was Poi Noa could', Havenn, maslae, TA, Hes, Ote, as Puaas. He Te Clab Intelican and th masterdamo snoai El Compeartey, mnconin Tha, the cratomn one of these O ou. If the NLY IMP, em Enei or in a moment of the Lotenbut y ipen pe e mustv Ti e Mu m oan, nobody Jez. This is it's a closer round than you think, but you know this is the ultimate bat between the eighties and the nineties. I got to go with the nineties wow not I was getting ready to leave. I was going to be shocked. Gotto go with eighty two on this one. It is pretty close because you got the letterman thing and the Leno those kind of cancel each other out, although I believe the letterman moment is a ltle bit bigger. I was more of a Letterman e Guy Than I woalN'tihi thoug yeah. If you tie those, I mean fucking cheers wereas Larry Sanders. DD now cheers my all time. Favorite T V show hands down. Larry Sander's show, though very great shell. That's one of my top ten. All time comedy show so bobeecraft fantastic pick with that one. It's a quality program, an that's. The initial reason I got HBO go or whatever their streaming APP is, is to watch the Larry Sander show so yeah mancrush, there's really nothing in comedy. That's going to be cheers not in my book. I don't know if that's playing to the judge, but you get the point on this one all right, man crush. You are up two points to one anine hundred and eighty two in the lead for comedy all right. So we're going two point rounds here, so I'm going to skip to hot products for my first two point round and it was one of Bo's favorites MHM. Is it ever all right? I mention this one a little bit earlier, but I'm Gonta go over it again and a little bit more depth now. So it's November six nineteen, a eighty two we get the debut album by one of the funniest men of the nineteen eighties. This is like, when do you think about this guy? It's like the Michael Jordan of comedy for like quite a while, like a good ten year span and of course, I'm talking about Edie Murphy. I mean this. Guy was like everywhere on TV, his stand up. Specials were selling out freaking arenas and not just one like like all of them. This guy was massive. He had his fall ow for a while came back and then did a trany or something I don't know something. Weird Nowhasn't been N, an air. I know it's, you know whatever dyour thing, but this album right here. It's self titled, Atum, Album, Eddie Murphy, went on certified platinum, received two grammy nominations. One like I said before, which was the best Arby instrumental performance, but it also was nominated for the best comedy recording as well, and all this was accomplished by a guy that was only twenty one years old, as Thi wow. I didn't realize she was that young Y, it's pretty crazy, a twenty one, Ye r picture, the twenty one year old, rerunning around today, we just watchd the the unveiling of the new gextures that Guy Max who they had play like tat. Du Is probably twenty one that pales in comparison to fucking, Eddie Murphy. I mean this dud was doing crazyship, my crazy shit, you mean below, oh, the oldave got do and blow, and that's why I mentioned before, like you had Carlin, who was doing blow all through the seventies and that attributed to his heart condition, and then the next guy that I'm going to talk about. He did all kinds of shit and then of C I'm sure fucking Eddie Murphy was doing below too, but he was in below Nowif ywe're doing in eighties and nineties. Comedy Battle and the discussion of blow doesn't come up at some point. You're doing eighties and nineties comedy a great misjustice yeah that fueled every every aspect of comedy for decade really did. But this is this: Is this album right here that I'm going to go over is where that shift happens, because before this point, a lot of comedy was very, I don't want to say Vanella, but it wasn't as dark as this was, and that led for an entire generation going forward of like dark, comedy comedians like really like self pespective things like just digging into themselves, and that was part of their show. So my first choice is a debut album. My second choice happens to be this guy's, seventeenth, album and not to mention it had a simultaneous movie release by the same name. That actually has a perfect one hundred score on rotten tomatoes and also brought in thirty six million dollars at the box office and the album won the grammy for best comedy recording of nineteen. Eighty two, the other one, was nominated for fith. This one actually won, and this is Richard. Pryor's live on sunset strip mm the almand question. If, if you haven't be able to figure that one out, that's what it was, but Limo sonset strip went on to be certified gold without a doubt. Rigar Pryor is probably one of the most decorated standup Comedians at lall time, but in this standup like I was talking about before he talkes about things like setting himself on fire. While he was mixing crack cocaine and shit like that free basin, right yeah, I mean you didn't get that before and like Distin, it was a hilarious standup and it still holds up. If you watch it now, it's really funny. But it's really honest and it was kind of the first time you were getting that you rarely saw where entertainers were giving like a frank, onforgiving account about the lows in their life and that's what he did. He made this thing amazing. So if you, if you've, never seen this ihighly recommend it go to it's probably on prime I'm sure, but definitely worth checking out. So my picks, you got the Eddie Murphy, debut album and then Richard Pryor's live on sunset strip off to Yubo all right hot products, never a real great category for me, so I picked uh, some hilarious fads or duds of hot products for this category in nineteen. Ninety, two I'll kick it off with crystal Pepsi. We hilarious dud of a product that debuted in December. Ninety two is the result of a popular marketing fad, known as the clear craze which really equated clarity to purity, which is horseshit H, Crystal Pepsi, marketed as a caffeine, free, clear alternative to normal colas using the slogan. You've, never seen a taste like this cocacola responded with a release of cab, Clear Cola. Shortly after in case, she wanted the bar today, Coca Cola's previous clear soda had been a secret one off made as a particular political favor between dwiht eisandhower and the Soviet Union in the nineteen forties to disguise the American beverages, vodka and it was named White Coke hilarious right. What a crack up anyway see it's all tying in yeah t the perfect crystal Pepsi died in late nineteen. Ninety three, which Cox Chief Marketing Officer, stated the TAB clear, was an intentionally comakazi effort to create an unpopular beverage to be positioned against crystal pepsy in order to kill them both in the process, so inessence culk created their own Shitty, clear soft drink as a a sacrificial lamb of sorts to not only rival but obliterate. The competition in Crystal Pepsi Now Crystal pepsihas returned a handful of times, since people obviously yearn for ign astalgia much like our listeners and fans here on dealing decades. But H, you know nothing is worse than the time we're currently living in so crystal Pepsi can make it all better. Now the second Ho Prodo thought at Woul. I do no, no, no second hop product of ninety two one that I laughed at a lot as an anolescent. I fondly not fondling recall this popular hair removal product based on its name alone, which always incided a chuckle and four year old me, because Nads met your testacles and talking about nads hair removal. Nads was developed in ninety two by Australian businesswoman. Sue ISMEAL product was a tub of natural, green colored Jell, consisting of honey, molasses, sugar and lemon juice. I'm sure there are other like additives and stuff in there, but acid yeah, like all great businesses, nads, started in a garage and eventually became a big deal and sparked an international marketing campaign. Five years, following its release, N NADS was noted by British newspaper. The Guardian is the best selling personal care product in Australia. They turnover, which I'm guessing neans provit of seven million dollars thes Sydney morning, Herald named Ot Australia's best known, hair remover, because apparently they don't have nair down under. It was more recently finding success with a handful of laser hair removal clinics across Sydney which were acquired in two thousand and fifteen. So there you go crystal Pepsi and Nads, I'm actually curious here, and I thought you were going to say the phloby. Oh man did the PLOBI come out in ninety two. I don't know, but when you started saying hair- and that was the first thing I thought about ing. The PHLOBI goes back into the eighties. That does it. I just remember from Wayn's world the SUCKCUT SUC, it's really Su, that's something I wish I could find out picking, but would ye use it yeah? I think I would try it just because you know he's gon to suck cut as Bush better than waxing yeah. Don't use NADS on your NADS. A lot of people thought it was four yeah Itas for your for your Nads all right. So let's take it look at hot products, nineuteen and eighty two. You had the debut album from Eddie Murphy and then Richard Prior live on the sunset strip, which is probably his greatest performance. You KN, I think, you're right about that. It was a turning point in comedy where comedy all of a sudden got honest. Instead of putting on an act, you were just going out there and just kind of exposing your soul in a funny way. T could I add to that as well like this is almost a point to wher. He set himself on fire and this was a Rauncshe stand up, but then, when he went to movies, he really cleaned up for the movies and TAT PG. You know brewster's millions and, of course, Superman yeah. His stand up was was really honest at that time. I I A hundred percent agree with that one. You know an and then Eddie Murphy, his debut album, not his best album. I don't think he would hit his years for his peak for a couple more years, but Sheud Ho jobum for him. I think that really set up his career. I don't think we would have had the other great performancs such as raw delirious, everything else. He did after that. If it wasn't for this, of course, the timing was there. If you listen this ainact it's on it's on Spott Offy, just listin the track too. It's called Buckwheat Yeah fucking hilarious in MASSAC. You just sow nowhere. The rest of his career is going to go and it so good yeah. It's like watching him on early SNL. He hadn't found it yet, but he was there and you knew that there was so much talent there at that age. Let me just ask you delirious or raw delirious yeah. I N agree there yeah, I gotta go to w Bo Yi was I always thought that raw was better, especially on Monday nights, not in twenty nineteen aright. So then, let's talk about ninety two. We got nads Hair Removal Gel we're just going to cancel that one out because well it's Nad's air removal, Joel, but crystal Pepsi Dat's got some legs to it. I really loved me some Crystal Pepsi. I was shattered when they got rid of it. I think the problem of Crystal Pepsi was marketing. They called it crystal Pepsi, yet it tasted nothing like Pepsi, so people hated it if it would have had a totally different name in not Pepsi, it might have taken off, but I really liked it, but I mean hansdown. You got to go wit, nineteen and eighty two on this one to argue with Ha, I mean we're talking comedy here so yeah I mean nads is pretty funny but uh you gotta go with H, Richard Pryor, who probably should ave used some nads. You probably try to smoke it at one point od. I was actually in the mixture that set him on fire so great at removing her. That's it. I gojust add fire fire mad wight IOU. What's the score? What what are we at right? Now? I think it's three to one right. Oh, that is a wind, so we're just. This is a bonus round. The garbon Rie we go to the Murans round just around it out. Here, I'm still a little upset. This should be a shut out mark he fucking God, Damn it picked. Ta God M. Fourth Album over debut, but okay, I won't be bitter. I didn't mean to finish up with movies like John Cross's. Here just is the way it panned out. We always seem to finish up with movies 'cause. It's usually one of the stronger categories, it's more interesting than hot products. I think sometimes too, so you don't wantto end on that note. Kinda like how we started on news that sucked, but that's what happens with Brown one. I usually sucks. You want to get rid of your shit 'cause, you don't know if you're going to win or not, but anyhow moving on the movies Um. Let me start with this one, I suppose Um y, U Y, usually don't see a lot of comedie get an Oscar and typically I don't care about comedies thot get Oscars, because I think that they're usually just pretentious and boring. However, on December Seventeenth, N Nineteen and eighty two, you had a ground breaking comedy that was released and Jesca Lang even went on to win in Osca for best supporting actress in this one, and this movie was nominated for nine other Oscars nine for a comedy, including Best Picture, best actor and then a second best supporting actress, Terry Gar h. She didn't win obviously, but two actresses up for supporting actors from the same movie the same year. It's insane top of all that and went in to make a hundred and seventy two million dollars in he box office. That's close to five hundred million dollars in twenty nineteen. If you haven't figured out the movie, I'm talking about here, T dusn't Holf been playing a female female actress. Ind The smashit totsy M. I'd say this movie is totally irrelevant today. This is nineteen. Eighty two you're talking about Y, A and so thiss is ground breaking stuff. You have a major Hollywood star and doesn't happen acting as a woman in the movie, and obviously this is probably the best gender flipped comedy Shi. It's probably the best genderflipped any movie of all time, and it was done thirty seven years ago. You know this, I I don't know. Have you seen boo of Medea Halloween? Okay, let's JISTCO Ruinin my flow here, but seriously. If you flipped this around, if you did this movie in Twenty Nineteen, I think nobody would really care and it wouldn't have taken in a hundred and seventy two million dollars, but the fact that this was done in nineteen eighty two- it was almost taboo because you really didn't see shit like that happening. That often- and it wasn't that accepted like now, it's so accepted that I don't think people would care. It would just be like Oh cool your dressing up as a check and whatever wher I've seen that, but in nineteen eighty two this is a big deal and, if you think about it, maybe this led to just one of the guys bonus, maybe maybeady all right. So that's my first pick my second pick August thirteenth, nineteen ND. Eighty two, it's a release of her a movie. That's basically it's like the corner stone for all nineteen eighties high school movies. If you're a little bit younger and you'v Never had any ciblings in high school in the eighties fast times, Richmond Highis, where you start this movie is like the Crim Delacram of eightyes high school movies Shit. It's like the Crim Delachrem for all high school movies. You Got Cameron Crow screenplay at his movie is incredible, even though it's forty years old, it's still entertaining there's no cellphones or shit like that, but this movie holds up because all the shit that was going on in the high school is actually shit that you would see going on in high school at any point, going forward from nineteen eighty two chicks getting pregnant, crazy Shiointon during rally the stoner in the class. I don't know about ordering the pizza to the classroom and getting through security, but that might have just been in nineteen. Eighty two thing, but this movie took in twenty seven million bucks an ID two roughly seventy two million in twsend, an nineteen on a four million dollar budget and those are awesome, comedy numbers. Then you also had Sean Penn, Jennifer json Lee judge, rhinhold Pheb Kates, forest whitacker and Pheb cates's tits. They were all pretty much unknowns at the time and it just catapulted their careers. I mean mark, we had an episode and if you go against me on this I'll, get it back and play it. You even go on record saying that the number one tople scene of alltime in a movie is PB ktes from the scene. Oh absolutely Jennifer, json, LEED's toplasene is isn't that shabby either yeah. It's, although it makes me feel a little dirty it does, but they were probably in he twenties at the time when they did this movie, but even as like, it's a comedy, but it's a drama but like some of the stuff is so timeless, like that scene, that I'm talking about now with Phoebe Kates. How he's like watching her from the window and he's daydreaming it and then she walks in on him beating off while he's wearing his long John Silvers uniform, who hasn't been there Oman every time, I'm in a pirates uniform, I have to beat off in a bathroom every never fails allright so that that's eighty two Tutsey fastimes solid picks man crush h, Tuzy, really interesting movie, because you had Dustan Haffman who had really done some serious roles and some comedy you know you had had hem coming off all the president's men just a few years back and then he goes and does Totsey it's comedy, but he's still got a chance to show his acting chops and fast times. That's a classic, so Uh Buby craft is what do you got comedy movies? Nineteen. Ninety two there's just a a common threat of Joe Peshi Ind. All my picks this. This episode so I'll start off with may fifteenth nineteen. Ninety two, the third installment and the lethal weapon franchise, reunites, Dany, glover and mill Gibson alongside supporting, cast members, including Jo Peshi and Renee Rusel, met with mixed reviews, but made a box office total of three twenty one point: seven million dollars with a budget of thirty five million dollars, the fifth highest grossing film of Nineteen, Ninety two and the highest grossing film in the LETHOL weapon franchise. That's the fifth of ninety two Yeah Fifth Higest Grossing! That's huge numbers for night, too Shit N, then number two another classic home alone, too lost in New York, another secel on what would become a lengthy franchise and just another nineteen. Ninety two classic featuring o other than America's favorite drunk en uncle Joe Peshi. It's also tha my knowledge. The only home alone, title the feature: A Cameo by future American President released November twentieth, Nineteen. Ninety two, the film grossed, a three hundred and fifty nine million dollar total at the box office and though it was met with mix to less than favorable reviews. The film was still considered a holiday classic and can be found on every fucking channel from November to January. Can you add Jopeshi to the NAD's story, just to keep t the rest of mat too nine uteed andninety, two Jill Peshi, helped codevelop nads, an Australian hair removal product that also burned the hair off of comedian, Richard Pryor, as actually developed during the making of home alone when they were trying out all the different prod there. You go all the the hair n te t when they did it with the blow torch right, Yep, yeah, fantastic, wow, tied together, okay, I feel complete now. So here we go movies. We have Totsi ind fast times at Rigmont, high versus home alone, two and LETHA weapon. Three wow leve got cop killer bullets. He does I love to leave the weapon. Three. Usually the sequels are a shit show, but with the LETHA weapon franchise I enjoyed them. I liked them. I actually like leave the weapon three more than I like Beverley hills, cop three. What about cop and a half obetverly fucking, terrible the problem with letha weapon? Three is the franchise in a lot of people's eyes, went up in the sequel for two yeah. A lot of people see two is the best of the franchise and then you go back down and obviously it's worse than the be that won se worst, it's not as good as the original, so it it gets, looked at a little funny because of the trajiectory did they make it o four or five. They made a four that was he one with Jetlee H, which I liked that one too yeah two is the best just because of Petsy kinsit I'll give two this light nod just because of her I'm a purist. I got to go at the first scriptwise, the third one might be the best. It takes a a slightly different tone than the first two. I think. That's where most people were thrown off and Tutsy I mean that's just t e classic and then we look at ninety two home alone, too wow. That's just a horrible movie right there, that's just bad all around Um and then Litha weapon three, but I gotta go eighty two just because of fast times. Origmon high, that is such an American classic movie. When you talk about comedies and that's what we're talking about in this battle, fastims at Rigmond Hih, one of the top comedies of all time, you got ta go fast time, that's going to give nickmand crush and overwhelming victory, and this one of a score of six to one tor sor, seven, to nothing if you're, not so hood. All Day about this, like I thought I had a legitimate chance, but Jesus I'll be damned. If I didn't lose again, it's the classic guys that I had, I mean Murphy, fucking, Carlin Pri, you just it's probably three of the top ten ever you know it's really hard to as soon as I picked out some of these things. I W s like this, his going to be a landled and then Marke Atago and give you around. So the pity point I hold true to my judgment. I think that was a fair call, but hey you guys decide if you're listening to this episode and you think I'm full of Shit drop us a line on social media, facebook, dot, com, fuward, slash dueling decades. Let us know what you think about the show remember: You can always subscribe and review on Castbox and on eye tunes, Hey. Let me throw this out there mark if you guys go and you're buying anything it just. It made me think of it, because Rustel Mani's coming up this week, Oh yeah, rgoing to any event a concert, Wrestlemiia fucking, a whatever the hell. It is anything where you get in tickets, go over to seat, giant docom and use the promocode decades and you'll get a discount th, our tickets already discounted. So if you use the code on top of it, who knows you might get two bucks off? You might get twenty bucks off, but you're getting something off. Have a beer on us usicod decades at seat, giant, dotcom, awesome, yeah, new partnership would seat giant thanks. Man Crush that's going to save all of our listeners, a ton of cash. I mean I'm going to the dead this summer. I wish we would have had this partnership with sea giant before I would have bought my dead tickets. 'cause man, I wouldhave SAV, the shit ton of money. I'l tell you that so we'll give this victory to nick mancrush that moves him undefeated to an O in our singles division, baube craft. His record drops down to Oh in two damn wile Nick Mancross turn into the built Goldberg of the dueling decades universeand find out next week. So until next time, doelers we're going to bitch you, a peace, love Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmary Meda. This is no ordinary subshot. 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