Dueling Decades
April 24, 2019

Dueling Decades - 1984 vs 1996 - Television

Dueling Decades - 1984 vs 1996 - Television

On this weeks show we hear our first Championship Duel as the 2-0 Nick Mancrush faces off against Mike Ranger in a Television Battle! If he defeats him, Mancrush completes the Dueling Decades Gauntlet, having already defeated Marc James and the man...

On this weeks show we hear our first Championship Duel as the 2-0 Nick Mancrush faces off against Mike Ranger in a Television Battle! If he defeats him, Mancrush completes the Dueling Decades Gauntlet, having already defeated Marc James and the man who will serve as this weeks judge, Beau Becraft. Mancrush arms himself with all of the Television history of 1984 to try to overcome Mike Ranger’s 1996 boob tube bodyslam! Tune in to this epic episode of everyone's favorite adult audio retro gameshow!... Dueling Decades!


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Let's take a look at this week's dolers in the decades they will be fighting for. First, off holding an undefeated singles record of to an O, and if he finds a way to defeat his opponent tonight, he will become the first ever deweling decades, singles champion representing television of nineteen. Eighty four: THAT'S RIGHT! I am Nickmacrush and I have television of nineteen, eighty four and the man who will test that undefeated streak representing television of nineteen. Ninety six, I'm like granger and I may have venerral disease, and, as always here on our show, we need someone to pass the judgment on the left hand side. So, for this championship television battle, we brought the big bad baldass that assof broadcasting judge Po B craft good. I, Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coin, flips shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: apiece the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds now doelers, let's be excellent to each other and play some jostill, owe you a punch in the mouth from the last episode. What I owe you a shot to the nut I should ave had a shut out. I listened definitely should have been. A shotout should have been the first ever set out Um Yep on the doing decades. Aright well see what happens. I'm not judging tonight and I'm not playing. So you know what I'm GOINGTO BE IN micrangers corner tonight. Oh Acerai want to see the man crush go down. You could be my manager mark all right. So let's go over to judge bofycraft or the coin flip for tonight's game. All Right, gentlemen, we head down to the coin purse. This uh flip this evening. Is this weird plastic molded go bod of some sort thing: Oh goby, you're close enough! Why not? This looks like brain damage, Rubble Cup, so here we go heads our tals who's who's going to call it Mike Mike will call all right mike call in the air go heds Shit. It landed sideways. Let me reflip it. How could anything landsideways? It landed on my mixerboard, like in between the knops all right, you, a elight Zoean episode where the Guy Flipped the coin and Alana outside, and he can read mines the whole episode until the coin fell down. So maybe he'll have special powers. Oh I like that. All right you stick on head it'll, be interested in geting, a geship. It is tales, gentlemen, ucall right Um, I'm goingto begin this one with television movies, O I'll, take anything starting Brian Dennaheave. For Two hundred. He does do a lot of T v, not enough anymore. He was on black list a couple of years ago. That's on a TV moviebecause, his body size perfectly fits the old aspect ratio. He still looks exactly the same. Like old and Shitty. He looks like an old like retired Irish drunken cop yeah, forever tip gast. They probably have to pull hem out of some like small pub and clean 'em up before every gigie taks a blacklist. He played a Russian which was kind of funny. That's interesoly didn't go, they pulled it off anyhow, all right. So, let's go to May sixth through May Eighth N. Nineteen. Eighty four NB C eired a three part: Many movie V, the final battle, which is the sequel to the Col Classic v Minimovie th debt. Nineteen and eighty three B C had a really good nitate for it's amazing to look over like the last thirty years, and you see these networks just take peaks and valleys. But eighty four is really solid for n BC, anyways just showd di fantastic for mb c, just like everything else. They touched that year, the show average a thirty seven share, which is fantastic when they finally aired this in the UK, which is kind o cool, they put everything together and just had it in one ten hour mini movie, which is Pretty Dupe, but for the people that know V. This is like one of those franchises that has major legs. You know to a larger extent, you have star track and Star Wars, but VI is like one of those cold classics that hung around. They try to make it a show after the mini movie, and then they try to reboot it again in two thousand and nine. However, if you go to any comicon mark nose, mignose, they went with me: There's always like a whole v set there. There's like some like what do they call. I like the local divisions of like the resitates and they have their vehicles, and people are dressed up like in their v Garb and Shit N, and you know, on top of the whole thing: it's fucking alien, Lizard people verse. The human race sign me up man, so my first pick would have to go to v the final battle and, secondly, um in nineteen eight three, you had a return of the Jetri that came out, rocked the box office, nothing noteworthy about that H, Star Wars, making a movie that makes a lot of cash. what's t e big deal, but that said that also kicked off the Ewak phenomenon and as a five year old nineteen three, he walks were like the cabbage patch kids for boys. Do you guys remember the wicket stuffed animal had one? I absolutely had one there fucking awesome. I always fucking Wantin, one of those. My parents wouldn't buy me one, but I did have a stupid, Az garbage or not Garagehok. I wish cabige Tatgki IEER fucking crushed. It's done so you couldn pop it back out. My mom was so pissed I drew on mine to make him starman from the nes pro restling game with permanent marter. All the all the ones that guys bought are little boys had they're all fucked up, they're, always dirty and dishoveled. Looking like here's, derformity, Dany cost from nine Mile Island anyhow so like at this point like he walks were huge. You know you had 'em and return in the jete and then you had this whole thing with the stuffed animals and they were so huge that George Luke as an a BC, decided to make the movie the ewalk adventure, otherwise known caravan of courage. They released that on November, twenty fifth nineteen, eighty four and if you ever saw like the Star Wars holiday special. This is nothing like that. Pileashit George Lucas learned his lesson from that Um. You know that was such an abortion that he made sure that he was in charge and oversaw the entire production of this movie and Um. They did have a sequel. The next year was it battle of vendoer came out in eighty five, an interestingl. It was second in the ratings the week that it came out with a twenty four point: Nine second, only to the second half of the TV movie fatal vision, which I could have used for this, because it was the number one rated but seriously when you look at it who the fuck knows what fatal vision is anymore, I haw to look it up and it had good ratings and ont some awardsonship. WHAT A FUCKIS FATAL VISION! How did that beat out ewalk? That was before fatal, attractionwe you're right? You got to see it before you fall for it, but s! Yes! So that's why I got. I got V the final battle and the ewalk adventure we from nine tndred and eighty four all right over to Mygranger for your television offerings, all right so in on Tosand, nine hundred and ninety six. If you were watching CBS November fifteenth, then you must have been watching Dallas Jr returns. This was the first of two Dallas reunion films set five years after Jreing lost ewing oil and apparently committed suicide. He turns up alive and well with the intention of bringing his family together and regaining control over ewing oil from his nemesis cliff barns. The reunion film received a thirteen point, four rating and ranked fourteenth among broadscast. For the week one of the longest running dramas in American t V. history returned with JR ready to make Macciavelli look like mother, Theresa, relive the power ambition, seduction and betrayal. With the Ewing family on Southfork ranch again how many times they come back. Did they come back again? People fucking love, dallice man pack, from the dead with the shaped head, Gino Love, Dallas, no oolove it. I never liked it! But people fucking, love, Dallas, all right so, but um for my second one. I A on February Twenty fourt, N, nine hutdred and ninety six on Hbo the late shift premered. The late shift told the story of the battle between Jay Leno and David Letterman to take over the tonight show from donny cart, Johnny Carson, despite being nominated for seven Emmis, David Letterman, called the movie the biggest waste of film. Since my wedding photos, Jay Leno's Chin was yet to commen at's a good movie. We talked about this exact movie. Last episode: Actua Yeah T', it's a it's a good movie, I own it on DVD. It's got caffy bats in it scrapefilm I haven't seen that forever. She plays Jay Leno. She does no all right. So I guess that's all you got so off to round one the judgment from Mr bcraft. This is difficult. I had to take some some pretty good notes do on the fly googling as well, so just a reecab nineteen. Eighty Foue, you got V the final battle Sinple to the nineteen eighty three TV movie V, which aired on NBC Alo, O November Twenty Fifth Nineteen nd, Eighty Four, the ewok movie caravan of courage and ewalk adventure. Ninety six you've got Dallas Jr returns, H and h February. Twenty fourth o late shift was what it was called right. Yeah there's some doozzies here, gentlemen, certain doozzies as much as I'm a big fan of the ewalks and I'd love to domesticate one atsound. So dirty I'm torn here because just as cute as e walks are you've also got Patrick Duffy who's, God, Damn adorable, not only in in any eteration of Dallas, but also on step by step opposite Suzanne. SOMMERS MM is cuter than Mr Warwick. I don't know doow Warwick in a tiny bearcosting, I'm thinking about Patrick Duffy, up against George Lucas, and that really is kind of a now contest. George lucus looks like he'd be covered in cookie crumbs at any given time and probably ha beef and cheese breath. I think I think, based upon the based upon Mikepix, I'm going to hand this one in ninety six, because you've got the chronicling of the big late night wars between guys like Letterman Inleno, that's a tailor's oldes time and then you've got of course Dallas which, like Mike mentioned one of the longest running jamas in television history. It still, I guess, maybe they canceled it, but they did bring it back just a couple of years ago that it was on tnt or something like that. So you've got staying power which isn't to say that star war still doesn't have staying power either, but ye your whole argument just disintegrated on that yeah. I know, but that's what you get when you put me in the judge, Os seed, you you try to Say Star: Wars is not around anymore and Dude V is like such O. I just I jus get star. War has staying power too. Nobutyoue you're, not you're, not mentioning V at all, like V, is huge man. You're, like you, haven't even mentioned it once I haven't watched V in like twenty years and that Star Wars movie, nobody likes nobody likes. Nobody likes that Verson of Dallas, either l guys. The last time I cared about a V was when I was sixteen and in high school and had a boner the size of fucking Munt Rushmore. I'm sticking with ninety six here terrible choice, but Al Right. underround too Mike Ranger. You have control of the board. WHERE ARE WE GOINGO? Where do I go from here? I've got so many good fucking choices all right. You know what we're going to go with music right. So, on August, seventeenth, nine huteen. Ninety six on Nickelodeon debut the classic nineties, Kids Show for all the Orange Soda Lovers called Kinaan Kel and, along with it, a superb theme, Song performed by the one at only coolio who took kids of the nineties on a fantastic voyage to a Gangsterou's paradise where the women were just too hot cooleio who's on modern day, Shakespeare raps, these elegant lines like Sikfreedand, Roy Abin and Costello Magic and Koram, or pen and teller somebody's in trouble. Ah here it goes just think about that. For a minute I was actually the class motde for my graduating class. What was it just? Absolutely delightful. Yeah, I'm going to have the same thing graved on my tombstone. When I pass Oh here, it goes. Yep ahere goes as fantastic as that one was my. My second one here is just even more. Do you guys, Remember Brian Austin Green, who played David O Nine O two ono? Is this going to be about his rap career that that rap Alba that release in nine Hutden nd? Ninety six H, man, abrian's dBW and only album- was released on November F, FTH, ninetde n? Ninety six titled One Stop Carnival. The album was produced by slim kid three of the amazing hip, hop group Farside. The album has fourteen tracks with the track. You Send me getting a music video, but I couldn't find any charting action. One reviewer called the album uninspired and insufferably arrogant with no acknowledgment that its very existence rests solely on Green's limited success as a secondary actor on a fading prime time drama. Hating, Oh yeah. Ninety six yeah, I guess, but you know Wat's funny like on the surface. This is ridiculous. He looks calm and ready yeah. You would think that the album would be fucking terrible, but it's actually not that bad. I don't know if you wrote it, but it's actually not that terrible. I actually think had he if it wasn't for Vanilla ice and the fact that he was on nine two anoand, everybody knew who he was. It wouldn't have been saot. Well, the album wasn't that bad. If it was that bad of an album there's no way he could have had the release party at the beach pit after it was Afteri to procratem with making a Fox so his career, I mean we can't fall goner at the fock. I just think it's funny that somebody knew that I was coming with that honestly did not even know that he really released an album. I just thought it was just on the show Yep and I watched the video twice yesterday m all right, sorry over to Nickman crash for his music offerings for the television Banel all right. So here's a kid show that actually holds up. I I think I told you guys last night I watchd waynsroll with my daughter and she was totally bored. I don't like this has really nothing to do with the fact they'e sure she's yours, that wasn't released in any close year or anything, but the fact that she found that boring on the flipside. I watche what felt like twenty straight episodes of kids incorporated and she loved it. So that's my first television music selection is the first episode of Eptember. First Nineteen, eighty four, the syndicated debut of kids, incorporated actually the first two years of the show were syndicated. They were not on Disney after that and went to Disney, and for those that you don't know, kids incorporated was a show where kids were performg popular songs and they would singing danced and all that Bunc Shit, and they would also be dealing with some teenage mellodrama like bullying or, like your first crush child abuse crabs. I always had some kind of angle. The basic premise of the show was based on these musical performances, and this is also the show where young Stacy Ferguson got her big break. You might know where, by her name, fury of black eyed peas, you might also know Marda Morero. Her name was glory on the show she would go on and have the song toy soldiers and went by the name. Martika Yeah M. Familiar with that that a couple of years down the pipe you had a very young Jennifer, love, Hu. It was on the show, and then you had mother fucking Rudy from monstersquad. Everybody knows Rudy Ruda is you know like the Badass like high school kid that hangs out with the elementary school kids and Ri rides his bike with the leather jacking on he was on the show, then, to top it all off. You had acy slater banging drums for the first few seasons. Mario Lopez himself was also on kids, incorporated, Hey all starcast on that show. I remember watching kids incorporated, I was a big fan of that show yeah that showwas awesome actal. You know what, when I watched those episodes with her, it did bring back a lot of memories and it wasn't really that bad 'cause Fergi's voice even has a like a child was really good and she sang most of the song. So it really wasn't terrible. It's cheesy and Hoky. I mean t now. Did She pee heur pants on that show as well? No, but she did do the national anthem yeah. What happened? How ten might he have fallen? Huh All right. So then, my second pick September, sixteenth, nineteen ND. Eighty four, you had brothers keeper. This was the premier to part Miami Vice APSODE that debute the show the episode, an essential piece of ease pop culter Miami vice was like an hour long, music, video and they completely revolutionized t v by using music and the cinematography and like it was definitely style over substance. But then again, that's the fucking eighties. In a nutshell, a it makes it easy to see why Miami Vice was one of the most popular shows of decades on and off the air, because the highest it was ever rated was like. I think one year was rated nine, so it was in the top ten other than that. It usually hung around the twenties, which is really bizarre that they put this show on Fridays, Friday, nights and Sunday nights and they marketed to the m TV generation who the fuck was home on Friday and Sunday at Shit. Just drives me crazy 'cause. They could have done so much better. The last four episodes of the entire show they actually aired on Wednesdays, but Michael Man brought in CZEC electronic music composer, which everybody knows Jan Hammer to the Miami Vice Deam Song and that song actually went number one on the billboard hot one hundred and to this day it's one of only like a handful of songs that are straight instrumental to hit number one on that list and t en aside from that hit track. The producerwas allowed to show to have a big budget for music and they brought in popular tracks, and this is just from the first episode you had the Rolling Stones Miss You. You had somebody watching tme from Rockwell, you had girls just want to have fun from Cindy Lopper. You had be midler on there. Mark's favorite was on all night long from Linal Richie and then, of course, the most famous scene of the show Y got CROCKAND TUB speeding through Miami at nighttime riding in a Fri for alre Daytona spider while set to Philcollins in the Air Toni the scene. It's pro it's arguably the most merorable and famousene from this series and probably from t V in the eighties. I would say it's the only scene. I remember yeah people have never seen that show. You know I what I've noticed like later on, and it's like, I said before, like nobody really watched the show as much as they heard about the show in the eighties like it picked like it went to style like people like picked up the the style everyone was like. You know, wanted to be sunny, crocket and shit, but they weren't really watching the show that much but then later on, everyone rewatched the show and seen all the episodes yeah. I guess that's it for music, I mean that's what else. What else do I need? I mean that kills his like. Do I do we have to go to bow for this bow, I'm not even surely. Your second topic was about it's basic, it's basically, it could be anything I mean compared to your pick. I could have picked the Jan Hammer Song to bea both of Tho e Gin Hammer, my favorite ww wrestler. Have you metaled, Jan Ammer, my my second pick has to be for the PREMIR brothers keeper and just the songs that were just on that first episode of Nineteen Four September, Sixteenth Nineteen Four, you had nine real songs in an episode which is really the first time that this happened on TV and then now we just go to expectit if it's not on a a show now and they try to put some job Raz bullshit on Song, you're going to be like what is this garbage. So this is where it started off to boat, againall right, quick recap: August: Ninety six Nickelodean DBS Kinanikel, the theme song by Coolio Brian Oson, green debut's, his first record one stop carnival which s really telling irs nineteen ND, eighty four kids incorporated, and it makes it syndicated debut an September. Sixteen nineteen, eighty four brothers keeper, the first mimivice two part episode. I think, there's no contest here, dospite uh, you know, Nickelodeon, being kind of the peak of my childhood. Didn't really watch nine O two one, oh because it was a little more mature for me. Eighty eighty four takes this hands down because you've got. You really have nothing to argue here: You're talking teenage melodrama with musical numbers, I mean that's like fucking, kids, Bop and Dr Phil had a baby and they put in trimetime syndication for kids, Fergi, Jennifer, love, hew and Mariolopez, all those people making their kind o footprint on that and then the Miami Vice staying. Obviously, that's that's huge. The the theme song is unforgettable and then you're, including a a cast of musical characters like the rolling stones you mentioned, Rockwell Cinny, Lopper, mark's, favorite bet, middler, Mino, Richi, Phill Collins. I mean this. This is honestly. This is no brainer. Eighty four takes this hands down all right, so nick mancrash Youod regain control of the board heading in to our final single point round. What are you choosing I'm going to have to go with Television News January, twenty seventh, nineteen? Eighty four. This is actually an article of the Daily News from January twenty eighth nineteen four, but the incident happened January. Twenty sevent ndnineteen four, while filming a commercial for Pepsi, Michael Jackson, lights his hair on fire and suffers second degree burns. Have you gut seen the video of this? No there's a video of that Oh yeah go to UTO INE tipe ar that it's fucking phenomenal. It's like all right, so he's standing there and it looks like the Pyro went off before he moved and maybe he was supposed to move faster whatever, but the pyro comes down it just like lights, his hair on fire and from this article that I have they said that he had so blow in his hair. No didn't say: Yat Soi! Actually s but, like you see his his hair. Just like light up, he looks like fucking Ghostrider, it's screat, O God. Can you imagine the professionalism, though, like he must not have known that his hair was UN hire he walks down 'cause he's on like a teared stage et he just walks down the stage with his hair on fire. Still like singing and doing this dance and then all these people run out and then you can't even tell if he's still dancing or if he's just freaking the fluck out 'cause he's just like round orfucking everywhere yeah. He finished up with that Oshit I'm on fire Jiggle, but this also led too did you guys remember like the Um, the pledge of allegiance for Michael Jackson, when we were in elementary school? What you remember this it was like Pepsicola burn 'em up now he drink seven up. No, I kind o remember that kind. What's the whole thing I gotto hear in all, I can't remember it was like I pledge allejuse to the flag. Michael Jackson is a Bleep Pepsi Cola burnt him up. Now he drink seven up and there was more. I just don't remember it DST, nothing rhyms it bleep, so cul. If somebody knows the whole thing they could goe over to the dualing decades, facebook page and posted up there. So we can read it mark. I was actually censoring the word at the end of the second line. Come on H, you just incided a hat a it happen. I gotarn thein decades, Rial Yeah! That's what happened in the eighties, so m yeah. So he lit his fucking hair on fire and then switched over to seven up. That was the first one and then I had to tig a little bit for the second one. There was actually a bunch of stories from aighty for that were really interesting, but I went with this one because it's something that we always talk about. So this was on December twentyeighth, nineten. Four, you guys know John Stassell give me a break coffencive linemen for negative all right SA. He was Exazon. He was on dateline yeah. He was a dateline O thousand and twenty reporter Guy. So he delivered this expose on pro wrestling for o thousand and twenty. This seemed like the first time it was ever done. An network television like somebody, was finally pulling the curtain back on professional wrestling. He really went deep. There were scenes where you know he's meeting with wrestlers and they're showing hem how moves work. You know they're showing hem how they blade their foreheads, where they hide it, and this is all on twenty, twenty, so lone behold. He gets to the end of his interview and are you guys familiar with Dr David Schultz? I posted a picture of him. The other night on our facebook group page and actually some people knew M, and some people knew all about this. You guyse aware of of this. This is a new story, the story's not and Al Right. So I haven't heard of this everyone's just looking at me, like I'm fucking retarded well we're waiting. So doctor David Shultz was a heel wrestler in W F and John stassll gets him one day B. You know they're like in the backstage area, they're a Massen square garden. It was some time in December, ND, nineteen four and he's just questioning Cholt and you goel already see like Cheltzad. Everyone looked at him as like a tough guy like he was always doing fucked up shit. He was a very stiff wrestler and he would never break cafing like there was a matter of fact a picture t I posted. I the other day in the group it's from a Tuesday night, tightans episode and if you ever go back and find I I think it's APSODE too, of Toesday Nighti Titans to watch it. It is luck, an eye opening, but you watch this thing on this guy and Sholtz. Basically just straight out or not still, stostle comes out and looks at him and says what he well e ask Him. What do he thinks of wrestling? And he said I think it's fake set right to his face and you could see Shultz getting really pissed off and without hesitation. He just open hand slaps him in the left: ear, knocks him to the ground and it' sit's, not big. This really fucking happen. Then H STOSSL stands back up and then he hits them again with a right hand and hits thim in the right ear, and this time he fucking hits the ground freezyyard. He pops back up, and he like starts running down the hall and Stotle or Shultz, starts like walking after hem o whatever, but like a few weeks later, stotl actually sat down with Barbara Walters when theleashis episode on the twenty eighth and he was saying that he's still feeling the after effects of the slaps to the years and then later well, Schultz ended up getting fired from the ww from all this, and then he went on record saying that Vince was the one that told him to slap stostle because, like he was interviewing Vincent Shit during this whole x, Rogeoe and H, so they fired 'em and then stostle ends up suing the WWF and winning like four hundred and fifty grand over this Har thing yeah, it's it's a crazy fucking sore, but it all starts with this. Twenty twenty xpose episode on professional wrestling from December twentyt. Nineteen. Eighty four check: it's actually it's on you too. If you want to go there and watch it, I think you can get the whole thing without commercials. It's like eleven minutes it some shit, then Cova insurance. We encircle you with Insurance Solutions. You can trust we provide coverage to protect what you care about business insurance, including workers, compensation, auto home and life insurance. What makes us unique our superior financial strength, smart technology, a one stop shop for custom, tailored solutions in Coba, three sixty our approached ta workers, conversation and local decision making. We are in Cova insurance visit in Cova Com for more information aright over to Mike Ranger for his news offerings all right so on July, seventh, nine Huteden and ninety six at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach Florida at WCW's bash at the beach hokogin stopped fighting for the rights of every man and turned heal and birth. The New World Order, Scott Hole and Kevin Nash had a six Ma Tag. Team match against sting, Raddy, savage and Lexluger Hogen showd up in the middle of the match, hit savage with a leg, drop and shocked fans around the world. An interview with men Jean after the match saw the reveal of what Hogan called the new world order and so began a new era of wrestling and propelledwcw to the top of the Monday night wars. Whats you going to do brother when the new world organization runs wild on you and that's what he called at at first. I always thought that was weird is that was that a flub or they called it? He called it the new World Organization and, of course it became the new world order. Like four weeks later, I o yeah. I actually a e had to keep reading 'cause I was like. Is this a fucking Tas? Actually, when he and then decided to Angeit? So don't know if that he fucked up, or they just got a better idea later, theywere, actually just going to call it the new organization experience, but it didn't go overwell with the fan so had to go back to the drawing board DA, that's good they're Gong. To do that now and for my second piece of news on April, twenty, ninth, nine Hutden and Ninety six, Nickat Knights TV land launched TV lands, original programmingconsisted of shows primarily made between the nineteen fifties and early eighties, as well as airing classic commercials. The popularity of the channel led to its own award show called the TV Land Awards that commemorated shows now off the air the channel serves as as a time capsule to both classic and not so classic television. So if you were a kid- and you were like man, Nicka night is the best I wanted twenty four hours a day, you probably watch tvliht love, GV Lat, I still like TV lands but sht right over to judge boby craft for the ruling. This is tough. You got two really great wrestling ecentric stories here, which is, of course, my soft spot. I remember T v land, launching, I remember, being a big fan of nic atnit and for some reason really enjoying I love Lucy H. Thankfully, I grew out of that phase. Pretty quickly, then also I in nineteen nd. Eighty four. This is like this is unforgettable when Michael Jackson lights his hair on fire and gets second degree of Erns for a God, damned Pepsi video come on w. Did they pay him enough to endure that, like is Pepsi paying enough for a man to lose skin and hair for their god? Damn Commercial- I don't know, I think I'll- think about it too. Th the whole thing with John Stassel on on twenty twenty kind of like pull them back the Curtin that reminds me of the the Bob Costus HBO interview with Vincemic Man, which is a great watch. If YONAWER YEP yeah super great super great H, they do talk to Evinte. Butvince is way younger at the time andits before he like coined. You know, wrestling, entertainment and right you just you didn't get the VIBE. He wasn't very like CCONFONTATIONAL. This guy was so I kind of believed the fact that he, you know, Vince told this guy that you know do your thing out there, but it's kind of fucked up and fired him after it right. He just didn't want to be the fall man, yeah, yeah man, there's so much good stuff going on. You Got Hogan Turnand Heel and crating. He No, which is arguebally one of the one of the greatest factions in all of wrestling history. Here e Haveya to this story H, he wa Dtor, David Shalz, was actually supposed to be in a tag tea match. In the initial Restelmania, but because he got fired, obviously that went by the wayside and he also got into a fight back stage with Mr Tto. I guess that had something to do with the firing. It was like a combination of the two things. Noyou know get inta confrontation with Mer t outside the ring. I pity the fool well as as much as ninety six really gets my heartstrings I'm going to have to easily go with eighty four here again, because you've got Michael Jackson, the King of pop lighting himself on fire, forgod, Dmn, Pepsi of all things and John Stosell, really kind of being one of the first to break KFABE, so to speak and pull back the curtain on professional wrestling being scripted, and you know learning about how the the moves are done and the bleeding thing that's that's huge, and that obviously plays a huge factor and how we know wrestling today, which you know dirt sheets, are legitimately every website. You know, Wi'll tell you spoilers and and kind o backstage rumor, Mille stuff, and things like that. So eighty four takes it again here. Yeah, like you said this is before social media in the Internet. So all you had was this piece on twent, Yd, twenty and that's a lot of people at that point. E thought wrestling was real. You get Barbara Walters talking about wrestling. You got my attention. Watch e. If you haven't watched it watche the episode and Ou to it's. It's really interesting. All right nickmancrush keeps control of the board and we are into the two point rounds. Where are you going man Um mmlet's go to television hot products, so we can rap up with regular television. I think that's! That's! Probably the best way to do it here. My first thing I got here one of the most amazing pocks to ever hit the asseen on TV scene premiered in nineteen and eighty four. Not only is this product, epic, but the Jingle for this product is epic. If you know it do it, along with me, ready, clap on clap off clap on glad Oli Claver. Now it's going to be stuck in your head forever. 'CAUSE WH. I watched the video before itw's like fock Stob it and he bought five of them. The clapper is it's like Upper Eshalon ssen on T v All star product. If there was like a hall of fame of assine on TV products, you would have like a bronze bust. You'd have fucked a club. Glh would probably be on there a great looking hair, slapchop, formand, grill, bowflex and then, of course, you'd have the clapper and the clapper. Actually the clapper sold over seven million units and there is mark holding a clapper up right there. I have an original clapper and they make a pill for that. Though. He thought it was a topical dream. Wellyou get that too reber. The commercial like this one in eighty four wasn't th this commercial, but this one I remember because it was from like probably the early nineties. It was something like fat, old grandmother laying in a bed and she claps the lights. But you know that the fat in her arm is like in a slapper side and turn the lightback on again. He just knows that' its mianyhow righ. So that's my first one a and the second one this one. This is really easy. I won't throw out too many figures on this one. It's just such an amazing television, hot product. It doesn't really need much extended information, so yogt September, seventeenth, nineteen, four, the first episode of transformers frormers on Syndication. Before you say it's not a hot product. Let me just say this real quick, so the transformers came out an entire year before gobots were release, which we all know my parents walt me, and not only Wer gobot out for a year before transformers the TV show, challenge of the gobots actually came out a week before transformers as well, but both times Tako just you know they beat hasbroad to the punch, but in most cases first to market wins not in this case. I love me some hand of Barbara cartoons, but marvel and was it sun bow that did transformers they just they kicked Han a Barbara's, ass and particular between these two franchises. So basically we got a bad ascar Tom, which you know, transforming robots, Wich. Basically, a five day a week as seen on TV commercial, and they did so good that it put gobots doing early grave and h only last like two years on T V and of course everybody knows like transformers, just went crazy, they're still prominent, still making movies thanks to shile a buff, so we got transformers and we have the clap, not bad. So the transformers toys came out in eighty four. Yes, they both came out Sam Year, O Gobos came out in eighty three all right over to Mike Ranger Al Right. Let's do some hot products from T V of Ninety six cause in July, t ousanine hundred and ninety six, a resident of Sesame Street, found a new home on store shelves and became one of the biggest must haves of t e of nineteen. Ninety six and ninety seven, the ticomialmo doll by tyco, was a sensation of cabbage patch proportions, retailing for under thirty dollars and reportedly being sold on the secondary market for over a thousand dollars. The toy sold well before suddenly running out AF stock. The day after Thanksgiving most of the demand was believed to be caused by the toy being featured on the Rosio'Donnald show. By the end of December, one million dolls had been sold an hundreds, beaten and trampled in the Emmomania wtickle MEOM. Remember that incrase couldn't escape that Shit fucking wild, but my next product is one that everybody loves s. Our story starts in nine Ndren and ninety four, when the TV Network Fox signed a contract with an NL to broadcast in America, David Hill, who was the head of Fox sports, felt that if yewers could easily follow the Puck, the game might be less confusing. The new viewers and open the game up to a water audience, and just like that, the Fox tracks, puck or glowing puck, was born. The system used a modified hockeypuk filled with some shit. I won't bore you with that, would put ould, send out inferent pulses that could be detected by cameras. The new feature was Recei, received mixed reviews and, although Fox felt, the experiment had been successful, it was last ews in the first game of the nineteen. Ninety eight Stanley Cup finals glowing emeer that hard to watch do people her whospeople Ha ad trails. Thay went with the POASS as verly annoying ruined Hok. I had an sene on TV product, but I just didn't think that the miracle mop was that fucking UN Itno clapper I'll tell you that so yeah we got a Ticomiamo and a glowing hockey book big Ear Bigu, I judge mcraft. What is your verdict for this round? FRPRI specifically specifically, remember just the mania that ensued when ticklmiemo hit store shelves. I I didn't understand the hype at the time, not that I had anything against it, but it was hard to argue that Tikomioma was literally everywhere, and that was like everything anyone was talking about. I don't remember the Fox tracks Puck, but I can only imagine what a piece of absolute shit that was fucking much more confusing. It made the game to watch Um, but then you go back to nineteen and eighty four you've got transformers hard to argue the staying power transformers like like niksaid there's, you know, Ben Movies, television shows all kinds of different toy lines and then you have the clapper argubbly, the Laziest fucking invention of the twentieth century, and yet still- or I guess I shouldn't be surprised- seven million units sold like how did people have obnoxious loud sex with these things like if Yo'e doing this like Ol on a disco, can you yeah no kidding it's because they don't work worth a Shi? I have tried to Hook mine up so many times to Oll, ilike and stuff. It does not work. What Bout Myol uper clapper does that work better? That was the the reiteration that came out years later Ha superclapper, like firs Super Lazy People Is Yours, is yours, a Tupong or three phine is too prong it's the original, Clab, okay, so youhare. The original sierclapper was a three pro well. I bet that brought a lot of pleasure to all kinds of families and individuals across the world w when you, when you add that third hole, it opens up a whole world of possibility H. I it's really no contest again you're for me, I'm going to go with eighty four on this one, simply because transformers to this day are still around the clapper. I I guarantee the last of that generation still has one in their house that they still use, or you know, maybe they still used the touch lamp as well. They probably got the piberoptic wire lamp and there as well. That shows I gon had colors. Every lamp in the house is a touchlamp just the worst. We had one of those up until about two months ago, and somebody paid like thirty five dollars for it on the facebook marketplace, because they're MPIDIOT, Yeahoh wow I'll, give you double what you're asking okay there. It is yeah. Eighty four takes it here again all right right. We know what round we're finishing with. So what do we have for television of nineteen and eighty? Four? All right so, like I said, before, N B C had a really good year, N ineteenfor September Twentieth Nineteen for they premered to show about an upper class African American family named the Huxtables, I'm not going to be around the Bush for this once a cosby show, and yes, I realize that it's morred by what transpired with Bill Cosby, but it's hard to not have this show on the list. I was going to go with murderchi Ro Oly Boz the thing with Cosby, but you really can't discount. This show the it lasted for eight seasons. It had five consecutive years as the number one rated show on television, it's pawned off a different world which was top five in ratings for four of its six seasons. I mean, I know, like you, know, Cosby just tarnished the legacy of thes show, but it's probably one of the biggest sitcoms that ever be on television and H. Interestingly, like I, I know that it got pulled off of everything, but there was one channel. Thate was still playing it up until it's UPN go. I don't have it down anymore. No, it was like some channel. I never heard of it was like a like a bet knockoff that was still running it, but now nobody is so unless you pay for it on prime, where you own it you're not going to see it. so thanks ruined it, because now we'll never see the greatest character in television history, cousin, Pam, Socousin, Pama, Mi grangers, for you, it's funny, you go back and you watch the cosby show. All the evidence is right. There, everybody loves MTER, huxble's, famous SAUCEYA, curry, currying pudding, sad, it is sad 'cause! It's when you think about the eighties, and you think about like you, like five shows that you can name. If you just go to somebody on the scree on the street, they're GOINGTA say the cosby show is one of those showal. Absolutely it just sucks that you know that it's more than that, but is what is, but so I'm is what it is that I'm going with a pick, not is what it is. He write get that out there all right so September, sixteenth nineteen, eighty four, I already talked about this one a little bit. We had the meteoric rise of MTV in the early eighties, and every network was trying to get on board to hit that younger demographics, O N B C executive came up with a brainstorm and H as Legend has it the n BC president at was Brandon Tartacof. He scribbled down MTV cops on a Napkin and away. We went from there, you know from there. They brought I in the producer from Hill Street Blues, Anthony Jerkovitch, who was actually only around for six episodes and they decided at first it was going to be a TV mini series called Gold Coast. But thank God that didn't happened. They brought a Michael Man and he told Hem that was a fucking awful idea. They got rid of the named Gold Coast 'cause. That sounds like some kind of water sports fettish born and thankfully they decided to turn into he TV series and would appropriately named the show Miami vice and then just kind of utilized mans like unique, like neonwar style, where everything's in pastels and it's such a great sh. If you go back and watch it like, it might not be the greatest content in episodes, but just the imagery and the sound and everything it's so eighties. It just sums thehes up it end up running for five seasons and, like I said before, about the ratings I kindof touched on it. It never cracked, the top ten, it's total snafood by M B C, considering they aired the show for the MTV crowd and they put it on Friday and Sunday nights. It doesn't make any sense to me. That said, the show transformed cop shows on T v also, you know added loads of violence which he didn't see before you had celebrity guest stars and they inspired fashion for a good like two or three years, like every guy thought, he was sunny, crocket or wanted to be at least and too bad. John Cross wasn't on this epsode. But Dick Wolf was actually a writer and producer for Miami Vice and after it ended, he started long order. No aciene there I didn't know he worked on Amy Vice Yep. He had a couple episodes there under his belt, but yeah there. It is, if you, you, don't, want to see any earth tones in all pastel Miami vice a filfor t' like a Maani, all Brown and the Cosby show and green forget about that Shit. Lright close us out Mike Ranger. What are your picks for television all right, CBS, dbtoshow on September, thirteenth, N, nineteen, ninety six that ran for nine seasons and two hundred and ten episodes. Everybody Loves Raymond Starting Ray romato entered our homes as the Italian American, every man ray baron who lives a simple life with his wife and kids on long island across the street, from his parents and older brother, the show was nominated for a total of sixty nine emmies taking home fifteen of Hem and Om Hou nine ty, eight to two thousand n five. It was consistently among the top fifteen shows and the ratings proving one thing: Everybody Loves Raymond Ray mood, everybody loved that entire show, except for Raymond. That was the irony N for my second pick, debuting on July, Twenty Seon Nineteen, ninety six and still running today on comedy central is the daily show, originally a replacement for politically incorrect, which moved to ABC the daily show debuted with Craig Kilbourn, where he parroted conventional newscasts, as well as locat on locationl reports. But it was John Stewart who took over in ninety nine that made the show what it is today. The show was gone on to be one of the biggest shows of all time, with over twenty prime time Emmy Awards and in two thousand and fifteen, the show received its third peabody award for the show's lasting impact on Political Satar, so the daily show I never watched the daily show. I know it's a big deal, but folks love it white folks, particularly yeah yeah, all right, that's our final round we're going to give it over to judge Bobee craft. What is your final verdict on this television battle MM? So eighty four, you got the cosby show making its debut my emy vice. Ninety six, you got, everybody loves Raymond and the daily show. This is a S. another really tough one big fan of Craik killborn love, Craig Kilbourne. I wish he would have never left Uh. The late lade show on CBS thought he was brilliant. That being sad, I don't watch a whole lot of the daily show to this day. Never really watched. Everybody loves Raymond, but I do have it on a few pornon monster truck tapes that I dubbed over H, ato the eighties my Myamy. Vice again, everybody seems to love that show I've honestly never seen an episode of it. But again you said th t you ow, the cosby showed kind of marred, because the bill cosby being just a putding, eaten cur eat and creeass Um. I'm disappointed you didn't go with murder. She wrote just because Angela Lansbury Iwa the Michelle fifer of of eighty four Ou. Now what Sotini? Couldn't I think murdershmerdecy wrote ends in ninety six? Oh yeah, it was of for very long time t yeah. That thing was off forever. It's actually still on an Angela landberry's, caregivers ire. She still thinks they're filming gets up every day and solves a mystery with Ar Typewriter. It was one of those shows, though, that I think just it just keeps going, but nobody's watching it like the walking dead. I don't know man. I really like the episode where Buddy hacket guest stard Ahsee, that's what I mean like towards the end. It was kind o like Walker, Texas, ranger, like who watched Walker, Texas, tranger, my brother, he probably watched murdershe. My biggest disappointment is that there was no cosby show murder. She wrote Crossover 'cause. Can you imagine cliff huxtable and Angela landsbury get together to solve some sort of mystery going out to have curry together yeah he could solve her own rape, just ot the platsombut Quilod for your type writer. She just followed the pudding tracks all the way by right before this gets two out of hand, I'm Gointa I'm going to go with eighty four here again holy down near Damn near clean sweep again almost that means that Nick Mancrosh is the first dueling decades singles Champion crowned here on our show, we're not sure who's going to step up to be the next competitor. Maybe we'll have a few surprises in the works for him. Next time, but if you've missed an episode of our show, you can always go back to dueling decades dotcom and check out all of the episodes there. You can subscribe on Casbox as well visit US o facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can peke behind the curtain and join our private group and continue the conversation there. So until next time fellow doelers were going to BITC you, a pieace love lighting, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infermarymedia