Dueling Decades
March 20, 2019

Dueling Decades - 1985 vs 1995 - Action Movie Duel

This time around Dueling Decades brings all the heat, action, and explosiveness you would expect as Rick Mancrush and Marc James better known as The Mamalukes face off against one another in a Dueling Decades singles match for the very first time!...

This time around Dueling Decades brings all the heat, action, and explosiveness you would expect as Rick Mancrush and Marc James better known as The Mamalukes face off against one another in a Dueling Decades singles match for the very first time! Each of our five categories will all have to be Action Movie themes for this battle. As a special guest referee, we brought in the only man who could possibly keep the peace as these two mega powers explode! Joe Findlay from Miscast Commentary. Rick Manctrush enters the battle armed with 1985 as Marc James gears up to do battle armed with 1995! Hear the epic battle now. on this can’t miss an episode of Dueling Decades!


Infirmarymediaargruculture O couser oocuter bspeople in care to top a Jewelin ca the Pixino play, but I dot O am ran again apon that cap ut got the power gop come fight for what you love O, who com to pot. He Pe Cope, ancretat, PA e to pore coup which take Grav a o Bala Atin. I av made a t com figt for what you Lov anrodcasting from the Biobada Studios, wer water. Does it better greetings, Retro Warriors and welcome to another episode of dueling decades. The totally Awesome Retro Game Show where we make the eighties and ninetyes fight it out, as we debate these two dope decades on this special episode of our game, our very own megapowers explode as the Mamelukes face each other for the very first time in a one on one action movie duel. I am Mark James and I will be battling tonight with action, F, nineteen, Ninety five and in the other corner representing the action movies of nineteen. Eighty five. That would be me, I guess, cinterest and is always here on our show. We need someone to hold down law and order as a special guest referee, for this episode is the man who might be the most polite judge we may ever have on our show, put your hands together. The host of miscast commentary judge Joe Finleyeeverybody Thnk. You go so much for having me, and you say the mega powers explode. I feel a little bit like Miss Elizabeth except you, On't have to give anybody head on this episode. Well, I don't have to but already well the rules of our game. They're, pretty simple. A coin flip will decide who goes. First, the winning team will decide the topic of each round out of the five dueling decades categories, those being movies, TV, music, news and, of course, hut products. Although tonight's teem of action movies will be applied to all of the categories, the first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points, a piece the judge's ruling will determine who wins each round and the person with the highest overall score after five rounds will be the Victor Gentlemen: Let's play some dueling decades. Let's do it. Let's do this point Os? Well, I've gone a very high tech for you. I have acquired a coin flip APP because I don't care change on me, so we have it. I have an American penny here for you, which is worth thirty two Canadian dollars. So all right who, who wants to call this Badboy H, let's go to mark 'cause Markh, gave me eighty five to let him flip all right, Wonderfu'l call it on the screen. Instead of an ar you get it all right, call Hem Tales. It is tales. You've got to call me all right. Let's see, where can we start out? You know what, let's start out with hunt products? That's a category! We never start off with on this show Ri scary product, let's hear about it, allright! So for my first hot product of nineteen, Ninety five is going to be the power rangers toys from Bandi. They were put out in conjunction with the Power Rangers movie that was released. That year, the movie came out on June thirtieth, nineteen, ninety five and in doing some research for this, I found some pretty interesting articles, one that was dated Saturday March twenty fifth of ninety five, so just before the movie released and it's talking about how street sharks may overtake power rangers as the new hot toy and that it predicts that the muddy moretrom power rangers line, although it has top sales for the last two years, it does predict that in this article it will be seeing it's near end. But of course we know that was wrong, because once that movie came out, it did increase toy sales and became one of the topselling toy lines of that year. Only to be outdone by what I have for my second entry for hut products and that is in Nineneen. Ninety Five, a movie was released called Batman forever featuring vel Kilmer as the dark night, and they put out a toy line for that movie featuring Val Kilmer as Batman. They were all new sculps of the Batman figures. The previous Batman Lines Kindo use the same molds so for this one they did all new sculptures of the figures and there were really characters that represented what their movie likenesses were on target, eventually released their own series of exclusive batmen, forever actiond figures as well, and that they were just really re repainted from the original line. But it was the original one that came out the Batman forever. It was the only way you could get vaw kilmer as an action figure at the time, dressed as Batman, the official line or ever what say, Wereeveror it. I think he did have one from will the Mamartigan figure? That's what I was going to say it was the only other one other than the Mamardigon figure, but good luck, fun, ind that thing so Batman, forever action figures, overtaking the other previous leader, the Mugti morphin power, ringer stories, fom, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. That's what I got for Hut. Products Sh, not too bad right. Well, definitely mether way to licensing, I n one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. I said Yis ne N, nine hundred and eighty five. You want to talk about toys, we'll begin there and we'll start with American Ninja toys, so we're not talking ame power rangers Ot, Talkng Batman, but leave it to the cousins of Golend and Globists to market American Ijaction figures to kids by licensing to a shitty toy company called fleetwood and having them rush out a line of American injutoys along with a blow dark target, set some kind of weird Halloween mask mini ninjableed and Sucksian Kep, throwing star and, of course, the Generic Ninja figure with player card which had joe across it N. of course his name was Joe Armstrong, but everyone knows Mister Dudakof is just joe and that came out nineteen eighty five. But if you look up these things today and the reason I put them on here, if you look on Ebay, Hese go for like four or five hundred dollars to try to find these they're pretty rare or fin. I A sollar SOMB, four or five hundred okay. That sounds a little better there. The common like Batman and stuff like that thate was around and everybody bought it, those ones you can five for five dollars on on Ebay, but these ones were a little bit more rare, four or five hundred bucks. You can get your very own, Joe Toyy, which is actually pretty cool or you could go to the dollar tree and pick up your own replica of it for a dollar because they still do get to they've no they've Nooi way. Outsoy Times, Oh yeah, I mean even this company Fleetwood was actually no one to make these cheaper toys that would be ma sold at like a dollar store or whatever right, so that kind o does make sense. But if you looked at these toys on the back, it said American Inja it had Du to cough on the top, even though the likeness is really not that close, but that's what they had. But then my second product now hold bear with me for a second, when VHS players were introduce in in Nineteen D. seventy five, the average VCR cost, was like a thousand dollars to fourteen hundred dollars right, but in nineteen five, all those prices fell significantly and they dropped fifteen percent. By the summer of eighty five and by year's end you could typically find a VCR somewhere between a hundred and fifty to three hundred bucks. So that's three hundred and fifty dollars on the low end, seven hundred dollars in the high end in twenty nineteen. So that's not too bad, and I'm only bringing this up because to point out the popularity of rentals and vs sales. At the time in nineteen y five, nineteen five was a year that all these things were starting to blow off and get more affordable and people are gobbling them up. So let me get to it now. You know rignt around June nineteen, eighty five, roughly seven months after it was released at theatrs Thorne Mi, an HBO home video released the Terminator on Vhs and Meta immediately catapulting it over Star Trek three and gone with the wind. If you look at any top ten video cassette a list from the eighties gone with the winds, always in the top ten a lot of times, if it's a slow month, it was number one but terminator overtook it. I had a price tag of eighty dollars, which would be a hundred and ninety one dollars in twenty nineteen. But even that being said, the Terminator became the top dog in the industry, forentals and Sills. Okay, O that's a fantastic bick. I like that one lot to consider here: ECAUSE. We were kind of sticking in the toy ral and I kind of had my my thing and th n. You threw me you got me with this other hot product M. I got to start with the nineties and I'm going to say that the Batman forever. I remember those figures and I remember them being because Batman forever was so styalistically different because switching over obviously from Tim Burton and having this whole thing, you had a whole new realm of toys and, like you said, the models ere different and all this kind of different h stuff- and I remember that very well and of course everybody remembers power Rangers. They are ICOTIC toys there they're thirty minute long commercials for said toys, erring constantly Um, my only bang against it. It I barely clock it in as a quote: Unquote action movie as I considerit more of a kid's family movie, but it's got kicking and sparks when you hit each other. So I attack and it clocks in but it's kind of jeetivering on the edge um you go to the other side and the American Inja en. I was almost at American inje Warrior 'cause that as just where my brain was going, but the American injutoy, ok cool. It hits my heartstrings 'cause of Joe. I remember American Enjo o the movie very well. I don't remember the toys at all, but the Um the whole reason that it would be a collectible now 'cause, they just didn't make very many of them. I think that the the hotness in comparison of toys between the eighties and the nineties there's no comparison that definitely the nineties there's yeah, there's way in a 's just and that's just the way, because they learn how to market them then, and that's kind of a disadvantage plot top at fair here, then we start talking about yeah like V. HS was a huge thing, and I remember actually, I heard very recently a story Um an another pondcast of somebody like borrowing money from everybody, so they could get a terminator O v HS and like they were borrowing money uff their sister and saving up their allowance to doing all this stuff to buy it as opposed to rent it or wait to buy, used or any of those different things. And then you talked about wearing it out so VI. I it blows my mind. Still. I can't wrap my head around a VHS costing that much money when you can get it for like negative thirty dollars now, unless it's one of the big puffy White Disney Wlik Disney classics, wher thees uld still have some collectors value so where I am going to lean towards is just overall hotness and I think, while Terminator has definitely was a very popular product and kind of helped revolutionize VHS as a viable home video thing. I have to go with what people were C just piling into stores to buy, and I would lean towards the nineties with the Batman and the power rangers figures. I could see that as soon as you said, power Rangers- I I just knew and doing the research for this. I knew that licensing was still Kinda at its infancy in eighty five. That's why you didn't see a whole lot of crazy releases like in the nineties. Everything had a toy a matter of fact. Yesterday I bought a freaking Stargate, curt rustle from ninety two or some Shisoin. The package like you're, going to get these movies ore in everything at a toy line, alien everything so yeah. I knew there. I was going to go that route, the only Cavia mark why the fuck did you go with that round? One? Oh Man, that's around too bad. I don't know I was. I was really worried with eighties in action because I do remember there were some really great toys, but I I wasn't sure if that was eighty five or later in the eighties, but I I think you are right about like what you were just saying with the eighties. The licensing really hadn't come into play yet, and there were so many companies making toys and knock off toys. It was kind of a different toiscene and I think that's why some of those eighties ones are still so collectible yeah. Nobody was able to crack the star wars code and they kept trying and they kept trying and that's why they that's why things like masters of the universe and all these different things kind of came into the realm, because nobody was figuring out how to make toys out of the other movies that came out. They tried and failed miserably time and time again, just like I did in this round t off to you again. You get to pick where we're going all right, Tlat's H, you know what let's go to news action: News Action, new DIGITA action movie, the News Wech picked one news story: We kindo went with news about action movies that were being made, so the big news story I found from nineteen. Ninety five was everybody was a buzz about the production of the new Kevin Costner film waterworld did to find an article in the Lincoln Star Journal from January Twenty Fifth Nineteen. Ninety five, now my story isn't about how great waterworld is is going to be or Isin. My story is about how horrible the production of the movie was and that kind of tanked the movie, even before the movie came out. The Lincoln Stared Journal reports in January, twenty fifth of nineteen. Ninety five production of the movie had kind of gone off the rails. At that point it had already exceeded it's one hundred and sixty million dollar budget, and of course, this movie went on to be one of the most expensive movies ever made and at the time the movie was released. It was the most expensive movie ever made. It really didn't profit much more than it cost to make the film, and they had so many production problems during the making of this movie when they were in l a for most of the later shooting they had a giant water tank that was put up on the studio. It was a completely closed studio. Nobody had a clue what was going on. There was a lot of speculation with it and then Theye were out in Australia for a a while as well shooting offshore there and for some reason they didn't put bathrooms on the giant platform that the actors were on, for you know twelve hours a day, so they had to bust them or not bust them, but bust them by boat off to a separate boat, just to use the bathroom and then get back on, and just the costs F to make this movie just were astronomical. You know, Costa was pissing in the water, that's probably was just an outdake from and th like. You know, we're going to put this in the movie 'cause. He juhe tap it we'll a fuckit, we'll open the movie with that man. What a fucking herd that I remember all the talk about that movie before it came out, and then I you know what, without all those articles that you just read, I don't think enough. People would have went and saw the movie y Ah 'cause everyone. I went to see it personally to see what a Shitshel was going to be, and I remember we left halfway through Wer board out of Er minds, yeah what a piece of garbage I think, what did it cost like two, fifty yeah, it was builed as the road warrior on the water and everyone's like. Oh my God, that's like going to be the most amazing thing and then with the clothes sets and the budget, and everyone was expecting this masterpiese and Misscaski. I remember totally too how th I feel. Like that's one of the first times you actually got. Ayou got real movie news like that. You would hear about a movie being in productiors riike that, but it predates Internet world of you know. You know eight years in advance of a movie coming out, and you hear every last little thing and you hear about reshoots and basically now finding out that a movie had reshoots is the The thing that sinks a movie like that, and I I actually compare o that when they were talking about Um, what was it when they actually went? Justase Leepand they went. They made the switch from Snider to Um, weeding at the end there another abortion, but they just just making that just hearing that news and stuff, I reminded me a lot about waterworld es Li o year in this bad news. That's not good and it doesnit hurts the movies a lot yeah. I remember when the movie came out hearing all this hipe and that actually got me to the theaters to see this movie too. So I actually bought a ticket to go, see waterworld and my one big, lasting impression and if you've seen the movie a few times, you'll understand this. I walked out of the theaters craving a cigarette ind, the worst fucking way ever because Dennis opper smokes through the whole movie. I I hated how his face looked. I cadn't even look at his face. This stupid eye was Yor. Second, what's your second one? We only did one each for noose. No, he didn't two for every round. Oh, I only did one for news. I could only find one. Oh M Alih. I said we only did one in the beginning. I thought that's what we did all right. So moving on h, let me begin this with my first one, and this sounds like a story that came straight out of twenty nineteen, but I guarantee u. This is from nineuteen and eighty five and h the title. The article is new, Rambo Doll, sparks protest, Anti War activists protested outside the CALICO headquarters to protest CALICO's plans to manufacture a Rambodoll, O n Nineteen Angh six and the members of the war resisters league are calling this International Day Against War toys and during this protest, three hundred similar protests will be held in the: U S: Europe, Australia and even jozone Canada. One one protester went on to say the dollas patterned after a horrendous, violent movie character and because of that the character Rambo makes war in killing exciting to children. While Lo and behold not only did we get the CALICO rambotoys in nineteen six, but we also got the rainbow cartoon called the force of freedom so on your stupid protest. But this one, the second new story I have actually cinaties to what you were saying earlier, where mark was in nineteen. Ninety five weere starting to get all this news in nineteen and eighty five- you only saw what came out magazines, maybe newspaper every now, and then and that's how we do the research for these, and this comes from a newspaper article, so hen this article from October. Nineteen five that began with a complete ass ripping of American inja- and I quote American Inja is not only nquote. American Inga is not a good movie. It's not a good martial arts movie and that's because it's shot and edited so quick that everything looks phony. And if you love cannon, that's what cannon does so. The second part of this article is the part that kindotizing what you're saying h the article goes on to say the cannon threw out enough like cheap thrills in the movie to make the movie tolerable Blah Blah Blah. But then they mention that big things are on the horizon for a not so major studio, named Cannon Films, the studio, that's bringing you and keep in mind. This is before these came out. Superman four death wish three Otello new action movies from Chucknorh in stovestors alone, not to mention Spiderman and captain America cannon was so ahead of their time in nineteen five that they almost like lapped themselves on a track. That's how bad it was CA. You imagine if they did this right and put those movies out correctly, it would have changed the entire landscape of entertainment from where it was to. You know how everything went, but that's my two stories that is very cool. I ame a huge Canon Fan, so I love hearing about the that. It's actually funny that you brought up the captain. America thing ECAUSE. I was actually doing another of doing my show and we were talking about an UNMADE, Roger Corman, Captain America, that was going to star Jeff Bridges as Captain America, and so we were so it's just it's funny that you brought that up. I definitely wow. I am taking the two stories versus one into account, but also Um. I cannot discount the size of the story, I mean of all those stories. I deeply remember the waterworld story because it was such a cuge. It was just again like we said it was wea, never received such such news before he like hearing about all these kind of things. You'd hear more about it like titanic when that came out and stuff like that very similar you to hear about kind of the problems, although I guess that same negative effect, it didn't carry over to titanic, but I will say just in the spirit of the eighties and stuff, I'm kind of discounting the American Ninja Aspect of the story: H, Bu, just talking about the plans and the Um ambition and the Hubris of cannon. I love that and then the idea of this being announced as good things to come. Knowing what we now know about Superman, Hor t, that's why I picked this out because, like you said it did start as a review, but the review just went off the rails, quick because there's really not much. We all like American Inja for what it is and what it's not is a great martial arts movie because, like you said or like the Sayd in the article, it is a lot of flashing around D. It's addid really quickly: it's that's what you get from a candy movie, but when you go on to the second portion of that review and they're talking about these movies, that haven't been done, and we know that like Superman for is a colossal failure of monummental proportions. But at the time in nineteen eighty five, it didn't come out to eighty seven, you knowthere people are excited that this movie is coming out. 'cause Thi Superman was in everybody's home for at least three Es, and I kind of really liked that machine. I've watched the the Goalen, globast, documentaries and all of those things, and that is just kind of that is so indicative of them as people where they come out to you and say this movie's, not good. A No worry about that movie. These movies are coming and Itas just an end for eternity, and I actually am going to edge out because of that, and it's not so much because of it being cannon, but because of the hype machine they were throwing behind it. I am leaning towards the eighty five here with the Canon announcements because hearing about those things hearing another Superman, a spiderman movie which didn't exist, a captain America movie, all these you know h and then just throwing out names like Chechno, savester, stion and stuff, like that, I can't imagine being a fan of the genre of action and not being just over the moon about that. So I am leaning towards eighty five on this one. Oh and it was really cool. What was going on back then, because they were doing things that, for them not being a huge major motion picture studio. They were getting these movies and now, at the time in nineteen five they started to get like. Otello was one of the ones that was listed there, but then they had like runaway train, and these movies had sat for years and years and years and nobody wanted hem and they were picking up these movies and what they were doing is they would go to these other markets in other countries like Luckou know like Thailand or some shit, I'm just throwing it out there and saying yet you want this chuck norse movie, where you're also going to carry you know, Atello as well, and and the distributors would go for it because they had to if they wanted the other film. So that's how they were getting their stuff out there Yo. If you saw the documentaries, you just knew they got way too big, too quick and everything can I judge this solely on the story itself and not how it turned out 'cause. Otherwise, I think this would go completely the other wajust because they were they were calling a disaster in water world and the where this other one is like everything's going to be great. So I put myself in the place of the person reading the story and going. This is amazing news as opposed to what now you imagine. This was ninety five and they came out of Theo. The Internet was around here, theywere like yeah. Those are all dog shit. Just don't even see that mean that's a great pick. Even I have to admit that, because I actually think for the news round. I think that article is is spot on, because there's nothing better than that for a cannon fan or those those predictions. I mean that's the type of article that in retrospect you print out your frame. You stick in the mancave because that's just hilarious- and this is also eighty five, where they just paid stalone like O. I forgot what it was. It was like twelve million bucks or some shit to be in two movies or twenty five million, but I forgot what exactly what it was, but they paid him a ton and everyone in the industry were like your morons. You guys are dumb and you know what those movies that Heha release really didn't pant out for them, but they're col classics so yeah well, and it just helped, establish them and create the legend yeah for sure all right. So that ties it up at one a piece mancrush. You have control of the board. Where are we going h? Let's go TV, listen this! I gotta preface the whole thing by saying: finding an action movie on television from thirty four years ago is not an easy task right, so full disclosure- these are as close as we coul find to be in an actual action movie. On TV now I looked at hundreds of made for T v movies and it's almost like they don't well, at least in the eighties. They did not make straight action movies that had to have some kind of Scifi tying or like family or sports, or some shit like that. That's kind of the direction of going here and I'll begin with November twenty. Fourth, nineteen ND eighty five ABC aird e walks, the battle of endor and, like, I said sure, it's Scifi, but it is also action. This was the sequel to it: Marks already liquor, loo up woty Crostrat, it's the Segal N to nineteen. Eighty four: I caravan of courage, which was an newalk adventure and it was released almost exactly a year earlier on ABC and there was actually going to be one more made after this, but it just didn't make financial sense. It cost them a lot of money to make these movies, but this one also has wll Wolfar, Brimley and it'. So you know we got that a d it kind of cool George Lucas did say he wanted to do the ewalk movies, especially because his daughter Amanda was a huge ewalk Fan, but a BC would only do it if he did it as a movie, so they wouldn't do like a short series or whatever it had to be a movie. And according to George Lucas, he wanted to experiment a little with the economics of television, and I think he learned a lot because the two they weren't flops. They were big at the time. They just didn't, have any longevity, but it also helped him figure out how to make another fancy film that he made next and of course that was willow, which we mentioned earlier with Valkilmer and that went on to be cold classic afterwards, and he wouldn't have had that if it wasn't for tesy walk movies, he actually went on record, saying dam, great, O, really speculation, and now my my second pick of this round from nonovember twenty Seon Nineteen, eighty five, we premered a little David Hassle, Hoff, movie known as no you guys. I know you're both looking at me like. Oh it's going to be folkin night rider. It's not it's terror at London Bridge Haveno, clue this. This is a movie about how Jack The ripper comes back to life in nineteen eighty five after moving- and this is true- they moved the Lundeon bridge from London to Leae Avsu. So, basically, what they did in this movie is. They said. After moving Ha Lundeon Bridge Tlake Avsu, a young girl bleeds on a stone. That's supposedly Jack, the ripper's soul is trapped in. I think that's how it went and sh you know she bleeds on the stone and it releases Jack. The ripper, Antole, Kavsu and Hasslhoff plays detective Don Gregory and it's a race to figure out who the murder is and, of course, he's Dea. You know he's the only one that figures out right away that it's Jack The ripper. But, of course nobody believes them. The movie also had Adran barbaw in it and a bunch of other people, I've never frigen heard of. But if you think this one sounds amazing, it's actually available on Amazon, prime. How so you can go check that way she actually bleeds on the stone by falling on it and breaking her Himan. It might have been her. I don't even Fucki know t that's how you draw David Hasle off to a project. Rightyou have to tell him about that seein thehead of time and then he'll run in slow motion to your Sa. Alright, let's hear it all right. What Dae you got, what just just from seeing your face before I can only imagine these are going to be Fuckin ASEM, all right Fror, my first one I am going with Detonator Two nightwatch: U N agents might gram and Subrenea carver or sent by their director Nickcoldwell to investigate the theft of rembrance painting the Night Watch. The trail takes them from Amsterdam to Hong Kong and then involves them in not only the art sthaft but the forgery. All of this happens and the mad for TV blockbuster detonator two night watch which aired on the USA network October. Fourth, nineteen: Ninety Five, this film stars, Pierce, Brasnin, Alexandra Pall and William Divane. The movie happens to be a sequel in on the N Nineuteen ND. Ninety three Brosden film detonator deat train the interesting tidbit about this. Is it came out just one month before the premiere of another Pierce Prasinin film, that also came out in nineteen ninety to double? Oh seven. This movie might have been a little bit bigger though Det nator too night watchwwht was what was the one that came out in the theater. Oh, it was detonator. They came out on Anoer made for the other movie that he came out with was that was wat golden ee, Ookay Okaya right, I was like wait a minute. They just goin Te, a ENI allright and for my second pick I have to start off with a little story: 'cause. This is kind of eerie and spooky and maybe a little bit of duling decades fate at the same time. So after we'redoing all the research for this episode I go out, I have to run into town and do some arrans. So I stop by my local good will and I'm searching through all the VHS tapes, and I find the exact thing that I had picked for T v less than a half an hour before on vhs that is fucking crazy and that is the adventures of Young Indiana Jones, the treasure of the peacock's eye indiais on the trail of a hundred and forty carret diamond. That once belonged to Alexander the great using a map giving to him by a dying soldier. This is the eighteenth film in the adventures of the Young Indiana Jones. It originally aired on on January, Fifteenth Nineteen, Ninety Five on the family channel and stars, a young Sean Patrick Flannery, as the Young Indiana Jones later retitled, the treasure of the peacock's eye for its release on home video on October, twenty sixth nineteen. Ninety nine, the home video edit, is nearly identical to the original broadcast version, although never released as an independent hour long episodes. The two halves of this film are distinct enough to be considered separate stories. So here it is. I actually have a copy of it that I picked up today. It's in beautiful condition and it they did retitle. The treasure of the Peacock's eye young Indiana Jones I made for TV movie can't go wrong with Indiana Jones and John Pattrick flannery you anw, find amazing about your picks. is they're all on like these basic cable Hass and that's what I loved about made for TV in the nineties. Is You had TNT, TBS, USA network and well, I guess family channel hallmark. They were all putting out so much original content. Not all of it was quality, but they were putting her content. W We'll put it that far so yeah. Those are my two picks for action: TV, one HOUSAND, nine hundred and ninetyfive wow. That blaws my mind. I I tell you, there's some good ones in there and ones I kind of forgotten about even the ewox thing. I thought you were just crashing through the door, and I was just like. Oh Man. If this is his first one. I can't wait to hear what his second one is. I know that's what I was thinking. I'm like I was like this is the end. I was going to give you the opportunity to concede before you said yours, but what do you mean my second one head, Hasehof Anafair, ut, Buno, wilfor Brimley for Christ's sake. Well, that was the movie whote wicket was diagnosed with Diabetas and a Walker told me I ads what the Hell's a ybnub yeah, that one's outstanding at first one you said, Tha ewaxing. I was actually starting to think you were talking about the animated ewalks Um, like th the show I was going to go back to back, because that was also an anerty five. Well, an Um. I just didn't want a double tie. An that n would have hit extra close to home 'cause that was made by a little company called Nalvana, whose parent company is the company. I currently work for O it is. It is AIRA small world all that being said, I then look over to mark and detoator. Two was not impressing me until you tied in exactly where it w was in the time line of Pierce Prosnin, and that was the interesting thing about this film. That's like one of those things like where it almost happened by accident like they shot it and forgot to release it and then all of a sudden he was James Bond and they just er holding in the hands going. Oh my God, then between that and then you slap me as so one person slaps me on the right cheek with some George Lucas, and then George Lucas hits me on the left cheek with a le O etouns and man. I it's hard, I would say you still didn't say do this is hassle off. I te PAC of and a lake have Asu Jack The ripper movie, I'm going to let you doin that for a little bit ell I hand this one in one thousand, nine hundred and ninety five Balony Ha. This is night rider, hassle, hoffys ha hotter, an James Bonn. This is fuck jeam, Bon Pierce Prosens, the worst is Bo. Wasn't them he was he he wasn't even j. He was just the idea of James Bond, which was everybody's wet dream golden eye. The game is the best thing that labs at going for 'cause the movies that he was in Lut again very much like I did with the Um with the news story. The idea of it was so hot that everybody like everybody was like. Oh, my God he's going to be borned. They were so excited about him being boutbon before when that he didn't get to be so I mean the anticipation. was there, you didn't even have a chance to judge the movie yet so then tell you go! Oh my God. James Bond is also going to be in this TV movie. That's pretty fantastic, I wouldn't say his movies, the bonds that he was in Dan. Well, an e box off. I just don't like him NAS by acahe mised. He missed it from the RUMINGTON. He should have been as soo as Runnington steel finished and he was going to change over it. Shouldn't have been, even though I liked Timothy Dalton. That should have been his time so going into the nineties. I already thought he was like a bit forgotten, so maybe that brought him back into the h grand scheme of things I don't know Hea I but yeah it's. I. I think that the the one to punch on this side between that and then the young Indiana Jones, which was a really hot thing at the time in Shan patcheplanery being a part of that, and I I just I lean towards that one and then the P, having the prop on hand, didn't hurt h the stor line, the story telling probably didn't hurt his chances o yea nineteen. Ninety five- for that one, two to one all right, two to one and I have control of the board again. You know what I'm going to throw a wrench into this whole game, we're going to go with movies next, we always save that for last, but I want to mix it up for this one. So we're going to start off with movies. My first movie, I'm so glad, was in nineteen. Ninety five 'cause, it's one of my all time: FAVORITE ACTION MOVIES! I just love this movie, a group of Professional Bank robbers start to feel the heat from when police find out that they unknowingly leave a clue at their latest hise in the movie heat released December, Fifteenth Nineteen, Ninety five written and directed by Michael Man. This is one of the greatest Onsembo cast films of all time, including four Oscar winners, Alpocino Robert Deniro, John voyt and Natali Portman, and then the rest of the cast is filled out nicely with Nol kilmer Tom Seiemore, Tom newnon Ashley Judd Dennis Haysbert Henkesarea, mckenty Williams, an Danny Triho Henry Rollans tone, Lok, Oh and Jeremy Pivon. So just really an all star cast and the action sequence in this movie not only are phenomenal they're, authentic and in two thousand and two thi the major scene. In the very beginning of the movie of the Bank Heiht, the big shootout robbery was shown to the United States Marine recruiters at the MC R D in San Diego, as an example of the proper way to retreat, while under fire. So not only is it a great action movie, but they use it to train our soldiers. HOW TO SAVE LIVES 'CAUSE! It's that accurate! That's! My first one is uh heat. I was in the marine cores. I'm gn go ahead and say that nobody 's paying attention did you learn how to talk bout like stoically in a diner with somebody Yeahir sure you have to meet your enemy and Adiedher and talk really quietly, I'm going to get you who, but you know what she's Gon a Gr, a rigts. My second movie entry for Action, Film, N Hosanine hundred and ninetyfive after a six year absence due to legal disputes, the fans the world over we're yearning for the return of Cinema's, most beloved action stars Bond James Bond. This is the seventeenth James Bonfilm in the first to feature Pierce Prasnin, it's the first double o seven movie, not to take its story from an enfluming novel, but instead the film's namesake would serve as a nod to its creator, named after his Jamaica Estate. Golden Eye was released. On November seventeenth, nineteen ninetyfive in the United States Goldend I earned over twenty six million dollars during its opening and engrossed over a hundred and six million in the United States alone, the worldwide box office would see bond bring in over three hundred and fifty million dollars. It had the fourth highest world wide gross of all films, Ne Ond, nine undred and ninety five, and was the most successful bond film since Moonracer and that's golden eye with Pierce Pros, and we brought it up earlier. It's just a fantastic movie. One of my favorite bonds really relaunched the franchise into a whole new modern era, so golden eye in heat. Those are my top two action: films, FO, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. Oh right, we ain't got a ner, so at least I take this round to get back so being that we're using the the subjohnar Nich of action movies. This is really the easiest round to pick. Obviously it put me in the right direction to find ideas, fof the other categories as well, which is really cool. That said, these two movies need no introduction for any fan of the show. Probably it doesn't need insucion for anybody put I' toing to do it. Anyway, we used to joke to become a man. You had to watch three movies, Commando, Predator and Rambo before your thirteenth birthday and then Youd be a man aright and actually I'm I take that back, I'm not joking. That's a pre requisite to manhood. It stops you from teering up when you scrape your kneew. You Watch those three movies. Lo and behold. Nineteen eighty five. We get two of these right of passage movies, so that alone should carry some Damn Meri right here, riso first, we get Rambo first blood park, too sequels released, may twenty second nineteen. Eighty five brought in a wopping three hundred million dollars worldwide, which is seven hundred and five million in twenty nineteen. I imagine that the rental market for this movie was probably insane. I looked it up. Actually the for nineten ight six. It was the number six rental for Vhs, it's not too bad. Considering it's a rated R movie. That was always on HBO. You know after it came out. I was always on HBO. Personally I like this one better than first blood he's released from prison. Now he gets to go fight in the jungles of Vietnam to save the American POWs and plus the big factor for me in one he barely gets one kill on screen. You go to two now he has. Seventy kills on screen fucking massive UPGRAD right there and my second movie. The second portion of this right of passage list, of course, is allown. SCHWARZENEGGERS commando couldn't be Predator 'cause. I came out a couple of years later if it was, if we had to try FAC all in eighty five, the whole game would have blew up, but we have two of them commandors release October. Fourth, nineteen NHTY five took in roughly thirty five million dollars domestically, which is about eighty two million dollars in twenty nineteen. I'm a little shocked at how much it brought in knowing that he just came off of terminator that I thought t. This would be pretty big, but I mean it made its money. It only cost them ten million dollars to make this movie. But this is an absolute classic. Probably I mightto say: probably it is my favorite Orl Schwartz aneger movie of all time. You know. After all, yet John Matrix single handedly destroys an entire island of thugs. He kills eighty one bad guys in this movie and then lays down some of the best one liners in cinematic history. We might have to do a whole episode based Around Command Out 'cause, I'm about to blow your mind. I've seen this movie exactly one time in my life and I remember zero of it other than Arnold's in it and Alissomilanos in it and there's a use of a a sports car and a rocket launcher. That's all I know about that movie. You don't even remember stery. I fe like e, still cry when you've know me: Oh you gotta! You gotto go find him dude. How do you not remember anything from commando? I'm I'm renegging, your your Mancard is Gett, I'm taking it. My movie is growing up we'R, where my three tryfactor was a little different. Then noobody Gat, don't care no t dont matter it don't matter. The mine was first blood. You lost. I red here took your car into OC sport. H, God da you can't pick first blood over a second blood, yeah yeah arn yeah all right. Well, he wanted to able her quality right, t name and actor. He kills in the second movie, O erse movie, every dayty Russo yeah, but everybody wants to kill. He does 'ttrue, okay! Well, let's start with the nineties. I want to talk about 'cause, I mean those were fantastic, picks, the Tian, of course, the fact that you were able to tie into categories by bringand pierce. That is really cool and, I will say, 'cause you're talking about movies. You had to watch before you were thirteen that was the month before my thirteenth birthday, Barno Mi, forty wow, so it was. Li e were right there that this is the this is like my formative year. If you will so I mean I totally felt this movie. It was one it was kind of the early end of going to the movies by you know with gesture friends, and that sort of thing I mean we had been peform it against, like that was kind of the beginning of it. Golden INE was huge. That was my first bond movie in a theater, which was a a huge thing for me, and I do remem. I remember that a lot he like you said I mean you do not get better of the cast. There is no no more iconic a scene than the the bringing together of Diniro and Pacino and all that, but in the end we're talking action movies and no, nothing is more action movie than the combination of Rabo fors blood, part too and commando. You don't even need the movies just the two guys yeah. Well, that too I mean you, don't get more ilike an explosion just and yeah I've and first lub her two also my favorite of the rainbows, although I do love in Ranbofore when he juices that guy, when he shoots them with that, like that on it blows e Outeragean, you literally just see wet coming out. Oh you're, talking about the Neia Jon Amm, he takes a fifty Yal ye yeah a etrn at Onim and he's, like maybe eight inches away from him when he pulls the trigger and it's the most disgusting thin. The funny thing is that that thing that he's using that fifty cow, you can't use that on humans, it's like part of the GENEVIC convention thatis only for a Qu, you military qulike. We don't know that Cylester Stilon wasn't reading the Geneva CN Convention as a wish from what he wanted. Is Action Moving to be for that one, but m yeah I mean it just doesn't get more an and again I mean I. I got hair on my chest in the mid eighties from those movies, and I was I was a four year old, so it was while, while both combination could win any dueling decades of any other time, I think because we are talking specifically about action movies. It's just I, and it's just no comparison to me, and so nineteen eighty five takes is O. Oh absolutely, I jeez you can't compete with that. It's such a solid, solid, Roan, all right man, crushyou, got the lead and we're going into the final round. That's music, Aright Final Ron, the American inow. I know he has something he's got something packed in his pocket. That's why he did this all right, so ninetey IG Five! It's such an awesome year, man and thank you for turning it over to my custody, because I wouldn't have found this. Actually, I knew this existed. It's another movie for my childhood. It springs up in in e action, movie Genra, but this time it springs up in the music section and at first I had zero idea. What to research- and I didn't know what would pull up what the sub Genra of music was going to be like I was like this is Goin to be fucking hard. I meane get some stupid song. You know like whatever, but my first pick we get the second movie I ever saw in a movie theater some time around March Twenty econd nineteen, Eighty Five, when this movie was released. My grandmother and my older sister took me the movies to see Berry Gorny's, the last Drago. How could I possibly lose this round? Let me let me go on Rier. Not only is this an action, martial arts flick, but it's got the owner of mother fucking Motown reconopin. His name is in the God, damned title of the movie. It's amazing! It's a fucking amazing pick. Anyhow, the the soundtrack t. This movie was released h April, first, nineteen, eighty five and it featured elde Barg's hit song. Then everybody knows h and that'd be rthm of the night. It topped out at number three on the billboard hot one hundred and then, of course he had other tract and it's all going to be from Otown people 'cause, it's Berry Gordy. Actually there was one more single that came out on that from vanity. Seventh Heaven at was a second single, but then you had the temptations were on this. You had rockwell, smokey, Robinson Stevie, wonder of course, AL debars, great frigging, album great movie. Second movie o ever saw in the movie theater and it's got Barry Gordy's name in the Fuckinon titl I mean it's, but here let me tie it all together with marks last couple rounds here. So my second pick, this is actually the second time that this made it onto a dueling decades episode, and maybe it was one that Joe was on. I don't remember, but it was episode. One thirty Nile, REM, recovered may N, nine hunered and eighty five and this soundtrack came up not too sure if we won that round, but I sure, as Hel, remember singing the chorus to the only James Bonsong to ever hit number one on the billboard hot one hundred and that song is none other than Derandarans a view to a kill to the FE kids soinm. I was talking about my voice. Do not the song. This song is great too, but actually really cool story about this. As the legend goes, derandram was picked to do the song, because John Taylor from Derandaran actually went up to Cubby Broccoli at a party of course. Cubby Broccoli is the producer of all the bond films and he said to him. When are you going to get someone decent to do? One of your theme, songs, athing. You Know Boom Ho Baler, saying as Paul McCartney had done. What yeah no Shi did hit number one in the hoodidn't, not even a bell. Skyfall did now. That's the fucking crazy part, but yeah number one one hundred wow. Second Song, all right. What on earth comes from Ne Houand, nine hundred and ninety five era, ourasreboys R, so for the first music entry fom one thousand nine hundred and ninety five are going to go with Thi Sound track from the movie mortal combat go with mortal combat the original motion pictures soundtrack. This soundtrack was nominated for the motion picture, sound editors. U Sa Golden Reel Award it on the BMI film and T v Awards B, Mi, film, Music Award, the soundtrack went platinum in less than a year and reached number ten on the billboard, hot two hundred and was included in two thousand and eleven in the Guinness World Records Gamer's edition. As the most successful video games spin off sound track, album it sales and popularity followed up immediately with another album mortal combat more combat. Really. This album had a really great collection of hardcore, techno and metalwhich as really just a a music genre that was butning at the time, but we still had staples from the past, such as George Clinton on there and you got fear factory. TYPONEGATIVE KMF DM Tracy Lords also had a song on there. Your Ria Sane and another George Clinton Song on there featuring buckethead an napalm death just really a solid rock and album, for you know a martial arts action film. I don't think you can get much more actiony than that. The only thing that I remember from that is and that's why everybody went out and bought that album just so they could like play that in their room or car R, whatever I I'm not, I don't not have nosam on my spot of I allright. My second music pick is a soundtrack that I'm sure a lot of us had that is Batman forever. The music from the Motion Picture released may twenty third nineteen. Ninety five, only five of the songs are actually featured in the movie, though the hit signals from the soundtrack include hold me thrill me kiss me by you too, and kissed from a rose by seal. Both were nominated for the MTV movie awards and kissed from arose also reached number one on the US charts and won three grammy awards for best male pop vocal performance. The soundtrack features songs by the flaming lips, brandy, offspring, messod method, man, Michael Hutchins, have Ben Excess and PJ Harvey. The soundtrack was the BRAINCHIW. The producer Peter mcgregors, attempt to make the films soundtrack feel more pop than previous Batman sound tracks. It was a huge success selling as almost as many copies as prince's previous soundtrack from the eighty nine bepment. So we all know the success of seal and Kissfrom arose that man forever the music from the Motion Picture released, may twenty third, nine Hutnen and ninety five, but did either one of your movies have Berry Gordy's name in front of it that she just threw a coralon on ifsomebody got the glow and punched their car just caught a bullet with her teeth. Te Sound of my dog getting attacked by my cat. It's wonderful things are going on over here. Orto Car Iam not doing this for the drama I have. I have not picked a winter. Yet these are. This is as tough around as you possibly could have given me for the last round, especially since it's Goin to decide a winter um wow. I start. Let's start on the eighties, the last dragon is everything to me that movie I've seen that movie hundreds of times it's I I did a commentary episode for it. I every time I even think of the movie I go when you got the Bilt Fota Young Earnie, Ras Junior is in this movie. I I remember all the bits notwithstanding the fact that vanity and I were born in the same hospital in Niagara- Falls Ontario wow that I didn't know til later so that didn't play in down Mage ILOVM. I don't know, what's more impressive, the fact that that actually happened to the fact that you know that I was when I was going a resarce for my show I found out, she was born in Iagara, falls and therew's only one hospital. So we narrowed it down. It's the same. Where did she die? I that I don't remember the bottom of Niagara Falls. I didn't even know she died til like last year. I don't know how it it flew under. I never saw it allright. You read you guys re ready for me to blow your mind for the second time in this episode. Prepare last dragon seen it exactly one time, and I remember nothing from the movie much like commando. Okay, you D C have a long discussion. I do both of those movies. I will come back and just chastise you that's like a low blow. That's like! If you have a boxing match Y, you get the he reay got the warning last round. I think that's a point deduction. How was that a point? Deduction for self deprecation? You E saying it's my fault. I haven't fuckined seen these movies. I I'm not lessening the quality of the films, I'm I'm lessoning the quality of myself. Really. I I feel I where you're coming from, and I am J and the most judging I'm doing right now is j, rightfully so ry Gardy of it all the Mo town of it all. It was a crazy soundtrack for the time I mean like they. They had to have somebody who was playing a VJ on the thing just hat you could cram in as much music as humanly possible into it and then to go from there. We talk, but we've talked about one of our favorite, but one of my favorite bonds and then to go to arguably the worst bond of all time with the biggest song. Oh my God, that's so hard and now You'ogo again you're going into it Wello you're, you're, saying Roger Mooris, the Worsno Undovil, the movie Vieu to a kill is the worst bond. Movi Oho, okay O or I loveas ie treate a minute. He was like a billion years old. Then that movie came out d. It was just yeah, he was decisions and Grace Jones was in it. I mean like how many things, although Dolf lunger and you can find him in the background. If you're puking around watching tha'cause, he was dating Grace Joand, paying anything to see what that looke like just too justoshyance going at each other. It would have looked like restl Nadia. I don't know what kind of Wrestlemania you're watching man but don't know. I always have a weird wish list at the end when the bag of powers exploded. In my mind, it was different. Asonowlas go over to the ninety five side and that Patman forever soundtrack was jgantak. It is, I, I think, still on a list of just like powerful wlike Um like powerfully iconic ones, especially between a kiss from a rose. I don't even know that a lot of people that song has transcended being a part of the movie that people like a lot of people, probably don't even know that that's part of a soundtrack anymore hold me through me. Kiss me kill me, of course, and Bono an the edge. Also, of course, did they wrote goldenized theme as Wellwwere, just on top of all that, but wowwow, it's like my head and my heart are pulling me into totally different directions. I I need you guys. I need each of you to say something negative above the other guy's picks to try and sway me to you. I I'll say this: My songs original to what they were on kiss from arose. rerelease from ninety four o all right well see my hut products were actually toys that people wanted. They were. Actually you know there were license. There were quality, they weren't the equivalent of knockoffs, so okay way to bring up around you on to around later yeah. But I I just want it that bad. You know, O Gota can watch that that that's solid one point. You know I really earnd that if you would'v, if, if yo like, I said you kicked your own self and the nuts 'cause, if you would have held on of that and left that for the end you woere to kill he I'm I'm Tryin, not solid. I was worried about that. One yeah, your powerr you'R fucking power rainger, you know, but I had American Inja. Those are toys that couldn't even be sold. Nowadays you had aninjestars see I was really. I was really worried. I was thinking Star Wars, Frambo, all all the merchandising. For that and I'm like oh well, they did have it, but it didn't come out to the right see I wasn't sure so. I was worried all right. I've made my decision, I'm I'm not going to lie to you either way. I was like whoever I go with I'm still going to be mad at myself, I'm Goin to be. I can't believe you didn't pick the other one UM. Okay, I think two very important things here. One is that I'm I say now: I'm go in Itut n nineteen ND, eighty five! U The number one is having a Bo like knowing how knowing so many iconic bond themes and that being the number, the only number one, the only one to come across when there's more famous people out there singing songs and especially nowadays, when it's maybe even a little bit easier, it may have been a little bit easier to market a song like the fact that even casino royales didn't maybe get a higher ranking with Chris Cornell. Who did an amazing job on that one? I was astounded when I found out adells never went number one. So that is a gigantic thing and then I think that the fact that the movie itself of Berrigardy's last dragon was brought to you by such an icon in music tips. The scales- I thought you were going to Saye my grandmother. She did bring me well, there Yo go well. You should think like thank her all over the place, because yeah I mean it's. That movie is high, so tied in with music. No shame on the other side with the mortal combat soundtrack is an outstanding thing, but again, at the very same, I can only knee it's really kind of like the score, a technoscore where, like one thing, you kind of remember, I can remember the order in which you hear the guy say the name Lecano K, but that's all I have from that and then and UPI the badman forever, and I think that that little twist of the ninety four rerelease on top of the fact that so many of the songs weren't actually in the movie, are what Tippe the scales towards eighty five so congratulans for eighty five but holy crap was that close wow. I totally missed the fact that you said the eighty five I as like wow for for once man Chris, doesn't care that he's fucking one this one, no reaction, you just missing it. I know what again, if, if you switched it, if you took, I don't even know what round I would have S, I would have slided in her B'cause. I Don' emember what you had, but if you would have made that a two pointer, you would ave one yeah bi, I I will 'cause that's such a Lancslay, but I will tell you guys, though I mean you guys, did a fantastic job onon some of those rounds, picking some stuff and digging in and finding some things. Obviously, the movies, an the music really came for it is just like Pat, like those were superpower choices coming at each other. I knew I didn't stand a chance with movies, so we always usually save movies 'cause, that's the strongest round for the end, but I knew I had to to whip it out early, not that it matters 'cause, it's still two point round, but for its Rama's sake it actually played out really well, Oh so good guys, yeah fucking excellent, and I just want to give thanks to Brian Moreno from from our group on facebook. This was actually his idea to do an action movie Genra and it was tough. It was tough finding the stuff, and especially things like Movi or TV, trying to find an action movie on television that was original or whatever is not very easy. Less. You have the? U S SA Network, think of the Family Yeah Ah, and the eighties shouldn't have they wer putting runing out like that. You Got fucking hassle off. Well, congratulations to Rick Mancrash and thank you to Joe Finley for being the judge for this episode. My pleasure mancrush pulling out the very first one on one victory we've ever had here on duling decades. Now, if you've missed an episode, you can always subscribe to our shows and dueling decades com. You can subscribe on Casbox and also on itunes. Please leave US alike and a review as well. We greatly appreciate it also go over to our facebook. Dotcom forward, slash dueling decades join our group, and then you can join the private group and that's Kindof, like you know, peeking behind the beaded curtain yeah, you could say whatever y. If you want to go in there, if you have ideas for anything, throw it at US o, occasionally we'll throw something out and just ask hey, give us some ideas and if we like it, we'll just run with it like we did today. So we're going to wrap up this episode here. So until next time we were Gbid you, a piece, love Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infermary media