Dueling Decades
June 12, 2019

Dueling Decades - 1988 vs 1994 - Cartoons

Dueling Decades - 1988 vs 1994 - Cartoons

This week fellow Duelers, Sean Ellis from Saturday Mourning Cartoons makes is Dueling Decades debut in a Cartoons battle vs the mighty Marc James! Carlos from the Be Kind and Rewind Podcast hands out the judgement on this one and he has come ready to...

This week fellow Duelers, Sean Ellis from Saturday Mourning Cartoons makes is Dueling Decades debut in a Cartoons battle vs the mighty Marc James! Carlos from the Be Kind and Rewind Podcast hands out the judgement on this one and he has come ready to lay down the animated law! Current champion Mancrush joins us on commentary for this important matchup! Marc James comes into this deul armed with the cartoons of 1994! Will he be able to out wit and out play the cartoon expertise of Sean and 1988? Listen and find out for yourself then join in on all the fun at facebook.com/duelingdecades!


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Welcome back to another episode of dueling decades. Let's take a look at disweek's doelers and the decades they will be fighting for. First, off dueling with cartoons, nineteen, Ninety four: it's me myself Mark James. I took an ass whipping last week and I'm back for more. It was close in this week in the eighties corner, making his dueling decades debt with cartoons. Nineteen and eighty eight. It's shone the host of the Saturday morning, cartoon's podcast, hey as gone everyone thanks hare having meond. This is great, as always, here on dueling decades, we need someone to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. Please rise for our judge this week. Back with a vengeance, it's Carlos from the B cind and rewind Bodga greetings. Gentlemen, appreciate your having Meon here, I'm here to pass judgment and not lose so I'm excited. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dualing decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, Music News and, of course, hot products. A judges rilling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points apiece in the winning decades, shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds now deellers get your bowler cereal and your pop tart's ready it's time to play. Doan ows all right over to judge Carlos for the official toss off all right. We have our chap stick here, so we're going to go label as heads bar code as tails Sean. What are you going to pick? I'm going to Pak Barkoait all right D, give it a flip. We have Bar Code Oo. Rookie gets to go first, Oh man, all right, I'm interested in doing hot products alrighty, so I had two picks for for hot products. Now, for the first one go go with me on a little journey, because I feel that this is something that was essential for anybody who was growing up in the eighties, and this is something that inspired a lot of the ideas that would then be possibly adapted into this format. I'm talking about video games, just in general, O nineten and eighty eight. We had a lot of games that would be adapted to cartoons and a lot of cartoons that would eventually be adapted into video games games that came out. I N Nineteen, a d eighty eight just in general, double dragon adapted to a cartoon, Cassylvania, eventually adapted t a cartoon Gogle. Thirteen ghostbusters Rambo Super Mario, two Superman who framed Roger Rabbit and Zelda two. So a lot of things that kind of cross pollinated in terms of being in video games as well as also cartoons. So a lot of points of crossover that we had, but really my ultimate hod products, pick that we had for this was teenage mutand interternal toys. Now you might be saying to yourself, Eshan Mijo turtles came out in December of eighty seven yeah. They did but playmates the producers of those toys insisted that the company actually make the cartoon series first, because they weren't willing to actually place a bet on a short lived comic book series to put all that money. So when they initiated development they had Jerry Sahs, who was doing all the advertisement work and they had a creative team that included Maricami Wolf. Swenson, who actually did Alvan in the chipmunks- and this was headed by a ward, winning animator, Fried Wolf and playmates. In fact, playmates was so involved in the production of these toys that this they a served as an associate producer and contributing writer. So all of those phrases that you heard like heroes and a half Shell and turtle power- those came from playmates when they were helping to produce these toys, and this is the classic four turtles that we had April meal splinter and BBOB Rocksteady, a foot soldier and shredder. But the crazy thing is that they didn't stop there. In fact, during eighty eight, the even released entire series of vehicles, so the rocket skateboard or the cheapskate, the turtle, blimp and, of course, the vehicle that they all drove around in the party wagon, and I think the thing that I always loved about all of these toys that I think was so fun about this era of cartoons and kind of toy merchandise, was that they had pizza points that were on the rivers side of the package that you could clip yeah and that you could redeem for viajest tapes. They had posters everything so these original teenage turtles. They ended up lasting for around ten years like for that initial run that they have, and they had just so many toys that started off n nine tnred and eighty eight and built that legacy plus they're going to feature everything for teenage Mutnto turtles on the third season of toys that made us too damn wow either sean has a really stacked hand or he wanted to start with the Gusto from round one which Weha rn. Yet you know honestly, though, from like the past five years, I feel like I've been building in Montase working out to get ready for this particular episode. So I'm just over the lingeted by to me in the first place, Seans the guy at the party that walks in the door and immediately whips his dick out it into the mashed potatoes, Tamn man. I'm I'm blown away to see what the second pig is. If that's the first pick. Oh, the first pick was just the cross pollination for the the video games. Oh okay, yeah D, You have one in particular, you want to go with Probably Double Dragon. Double Dragon really kind of hit that note of you know they. They had a video game that the the impetus for everything that took place was a guy punching, a woman in the stomach and then kidnapping her. You know to adapt that then n from a video game into then a cartoon. They obviously took a lot of changes in directions, especially like the idea of like as they would touch swords, or they would kind of come together as brothers, creating that dragon, and so I think that that was probably one of the the craziest cartoons that I've watched recently that just really kind of had that anchor in that tie to a specific video game because they just took so many artistic liberties in terms of actually evolving and changing it and making it way more kid friendly. All right mark, I'm pretty I'm saying you lost this round. I haven't even heard of Hem Hav, I'm Noven. Judging this, by the way I nickmaand crushed them on the show, I'm just o fly on the wall with this one. I just want to see what these guys have, but band. That's o! Well, we'll go to my first pick: Let's see nineteen ninety four, you know so n n, nine hutdred and ninety four. There were two big products that were huge globally and I'm going to start with the first one and that was huge over in Japan. That's NEON GENESIS AVANGELON! Now everyone who's a huge fan of that sevres like well OOO. Everybody knows that that came out in February of ninety five. Well, not necessarily actually neon genesis. Avangelon got it start in the February issue of shonanace that came out in December nineteen. Ninety four: that's what kicked off this entire franchise now here in the United States, it Kinda has a cult following it's not as big as a lot of other things, but it's very, very significant avangelan had a significant influence on Japanese culture and in the eighties and nineties, Annima and Manga really took a nose dive. This was huge in bringing it back and if you look at sales figures, I in nine tded n ninety four neon Genesis, yvangelan started to this date. It is brought in sixteen point three billion dollars. It is a worldwide huge franchise. Just to put that in comparison, I'm going to go to my second pick. He starts off with Ninja Turtles. I think we're going to see a theme developing here on this episode with my Pik Nineteen. Ninety four hot products, the biggest selling thing, the merchandising for a little known movie, that Disney put out called the lion. King, Nice toys ar US had more than two hundred Lin king related products. Jungle Displays Legos, I mean you name it action figures. Metel spokeswoman, Dona gibs says that the toy giant manufacturer projects worldwide revenue from its Disney products to reach four hundred million n anine hundred and ninety four alone. That's up from three hundred and thirty million. Last year, the merchandising market took a huge jump when lying Jin came out and, to put that in perspective, that's thirteen point. Eight billion lifetime for the lying King Franchise, neon genesis of Angelon. Sixteen point three billion for the franchise and we know how big the LNG king is so that's where I'm going to start it off with hut products, the genesis of neon genesis of Angelon and all the shit sold from Lion King, Oh God, I just want to throw this out there before callus makes any picks on this one. I'm glad that Colos is the judge on this and I'm glad that on infirmary were actually very, very lucky to have a bunch of people to have a nostalgia background, because when it comes Tho Cartoo, I don't know as much and that first pick you just said. I didn't even know what a fucking language you were speaking. So, Oh, my God, that's not at all you're killing me you're, killing, so iam glad that I'm just watching this one. I'm glad that Carlos is here. I'm glad that you're here so take it away. Man. What do you have all right? These are some interesting picks here, so starting off with eighty eight Shan. You know your priks o the the video games, the the crossover, the movie crossover so, like you said, like working ith, he double dragon and t we have like ow CANNSYLVANIAA stuff. Now you know, I think it's got some significance for sure, but the bigger one definitely was the tmnt toys, because I definitely remember having all all the toys you know to see constant release of a new Hawaiian Ijaturtle or the Caribbean, injur turtle or Detectad Inter Turtle so like they knew what they ere doing so they're, just pumping out these toys so yeah they were everywhere how I still look for certain action figures of the Tman t. So I know that definitely was a huge phenomenon still to this day, so that one was a pretty big one but mark you know he has a pretty good arguments. I mean I'm with the NIC neon genesis of Angelon. Honestly, no idea but shil draw sums up: Lik S, Ofsno II'm, not an Animaguy yeah, I'm just not an Anema Guy, but the Colt following I mean the numbers he threu outmark. You know that those are pretty staggering number sixteen billion. Overall. That's hat's, pretty significant. That's I mean at's, I would say more than e Coltbowling, but since I don't know maybe yeah you're right this I ole following in the United States yeah in Japan. It's a phenomenon. It's the biggest thing, Istothin way of lifethere ith sixtee point three billion: it's been rebooted now like three separate times. I would actually like a to for a comparison. Se, if I don't know Shan, if you know this, do you know what the lifetime sales figures of teenage bi inustals are 'cause. That would really o Ye say something somethinghowhow much ID mark say: Hes, sixteen billion three billion. You said sixteen point three. Sixteen point: Three billion for neon genesis of Angelon Lin King at thirteen point, six, okay, so teenage met. NTURTLS was sixteen point four. He has no Avo idea, Saysri'm just trying to PRICIS rate you out of the want dor. You HAV ME write it down toils right now that the emprise too I I really wish you had that 'cause, I'm looking for it and it's it's not very easy to find that. I think the challenge is just because Nicec they've, just they've redone, so many different iterations of it to to to take a look at just that one particular product line is really hard because it's you know it's panned now what like three decades well and I think the rights has changed hands a few times right, so you're talking about different people that own the rights to different aspects of exactly that's enormous. Here, though, like t I mean it had bood movies and which are fucking terrible, but we had the reboot movies. The toys have been out forever, even like when they didn't have the movies out. The toys were still around. Kids still knew what teenage being initurals Werewell Itwell. Let me talk about the lanking real, quick, so yeah you Sai, the lanking has thirteen point, six billion, which is huge because they were like in happy mial toys like you saw them everywhere, like you said they got the the huge Batman. You know marketing trip treatment, but my ony argument against that was like lanking was a phenomenon, but the toys really didn't like have that La Long, lasting effect like the e injer Turtles D, like people were still sought after for team and T, but that number that thirteen point six billion. I is still significant Forsu a lot of Sumba plushes, yeah yeah, so just because I didn't buy symbols doesn't mean they weren't being bought as basically, I guess what it comes down to. I was more into Timid T. so, honestly, you know Shan. You started out hot, but market came in strong with the numbers with the Neon genices enlightened me with the cop phenomenon going on and with the numbers backing line king. I think I hade to give this one Tho Mark, oh pact. I actually that's why I was leaning as well. If I was M just because I'm paring that what is it called again, what is it called? The anemi thing neon Genesis, O Varjelon. It sounds awesome, but it's way too many words for me, but like that compared to double there, I think or double tear touble Erag. Ias Double, dare I think, we'd have a whole different relative Fran. Maybe I'm I'm kind o washing out, tease, meninsturles and Lion King and I'm putting those two together and that number is staggering yeah, even I o know they dotwanti sold that much. I didn't realize it sold that much either and then I looked up t e the numbers and I couldn't believe it. That's that's crazy and I only recognized it from yeah. The the happy meal merchandise stuff like that not buying it fromt you ow, Disney stores and stuff like that. Yeah it was over here. Well earned mark well earned all right. Well, yeah. Take it down one point, all right, so the next category, let's go to news: Let's go to cartoon news: I'D! Do It all right, I'm going to start off with the creation of cartoon network studios started in October, Twenty First Nineteen, Ninety four and what cartoon network studios was really responsible for was creating original content for cartoon network. They started off with doing wat a cartoon and then had to spin off of that called dexters laboratory and, of course, Johnny Bravol powerpuff girls. It all started with the creation in Burbank California, October, twenty first nineteen. Ninety four of Cartoon Network Studios. My second pick: I'M GONGTO GO back a couple of episodes. Do you remember when we had an episode? We talked about how we don't always like to pull out a death for news unless it's significant- and we made this argument that Bob Marley was kind of worth it yeah. I got another situation like that February. Sixth, nineteen. Ninety four, we lost Jack Kirby Jack Kirby is an American comic book artist and is the greatest comic book artist of all time. His artwork has been incredibly influential throughout all forms of media director. James Camerad even said that Jack Kirby inspired the look of all of his alien films that he sat down and he looked at all of his favorite comics and the artwork of Jack Kirby. Inspired him to create all of aliens ind the looks an fields, Jack Kirby would work alongside Stanley and create some of the most iconic comic book characters of all time. His notable works include Captain America X, men, fantastic for thor, the Avenger's Ironman Holk Black Panther o how all of these characters look today thanks to Jack Kirby and unfortunately, we lost them in ninety four damnmarkdes came out with therrelevance fucking hammer hand right there, a pretty solid ones, Jack Kirby's, huge. You know if you're a Comic Book Fan Losing Jack Kirby is the equivalent of losing John Lennon. If you're a music fan, that's what I got for news and that on a somber note over Yshan, what do you got man? No, I I'm in a C or creation of a studio with the other creation of another studio that happened in N, N ninetee and eighty eight with another studio that happen in nineteen. An eighty eight right in the Hark Hollywood. There were a couple people by the name of John Craig Falucy and Bob Camp, who happened to be getting together to create the animation studio, Sponko Lomco. That would then end up creating as weall know, ren and stimpy. For The Sunday morning, Nicktune's block the og, along with dug and rug rats that they would create, but they would also create a lot of other notable com videos and worked, such as the best animated short for borks. I miss you music, video that ended up winning an anniaward, a lot of stuff that they had. That was there and even just Bob Camp in general. You have to think about just sort of the the notoriety that he has in terms of you know the impact that he made Spongebob Square Pants thundercats held the gringestole Christmas Gi, Joe, the grim adventures of billy and Mandy. So many cartoons such an imaginative, creative team to to come out and really kind of as an underdog to come out swinging with a cartoon like Ren and stimpy. That was so weird so off the wall and so sporadic in terms of its arring that it points in time. Even nickelodeon itself is like. I don't know that we'd really want to air this right now. This might be too weird, even for kids to to really get behind, and so I feel that Spumko just kind of being a part of that phenomena of those nictunes of that original Nick Tunes era and the people who were involved in it is just one of those things that I know that I will definitely always remember. You know seeing that SPUMCO logo at the end of any run and stimpy kind of always brings me back nice, it's a great pick but fourcotneity's sake and to have this in there, because Mike totally did not do this on the last episodes, I'm throwing it on you right now, I'll give you an extra point, even though I'm not judging this. If you sing happy happy joy, Joyy, Oh man, well, it definitely starts out with a you know. Him like screaming at hitself, saying likehey, everybody hey everybody hyeah! You know what I can't or just do, the chorus just to the cors. Oh just tha, happy happy, happy, joy, joy, happy, happy, joy, joy, happy happyjay and I just have to be smashing a hammer into my head, the entire time as I wear that helmet. That is the least happy happy joy, joys, Ihave, never heard that was like the qualuds version of HAPP itis creepy. Whenever you sit down and actually think about. What's in that song and just the visual behind it, it's it's the opposite of the name. How about I want to be a monkey? I actually don't know that one either. I want to be Om Mocaboao I want to be Yomunky. He could be a monkey to smy too. Favorite are always the classics, Log and Shave any act. Log is great stare into my nipples of the future. You got to clench tenaciously to his butty matter of fact, in high school I I had a friend of mine who was a really good artist. I had him come over and paint an entire wall of my room as a mural of Rennin stimpy playing basketball. MP was dunking. The basketball, as the hoop was shattering, he was wearing a Shaquillon Yeel Jersey, wren was underneath wearing a Denis Robman San Antonio Spurs Jersey, and I had this all painted on my wall. It was really cool. Do you have a picture of this wa? I ean Ting wish I had a picture of it, but when we moved out of the House my fucking parents painted over the mural it'stough yeah herrible. Well, let me let me jump in with my my second. My second pick for for news January January, tenth on a on a little show called the the Tracy Olman show. This has come up before yeah over a yearly own show. Wellwe had the nineteenth short of the simpsons that actually premered on the Tracy Olmon show, and this was notable for one main reason, because this is a character that we all know, and we all love and is mean to out the ass all the time GRANDPA. This introduces Abraham Jebadia Abe Simpson, the second into this etual episode in a short that was entitled Grandpa and the kids, which is essentially grandpa sitting in the room in Springfield in their their actual living room and homer kind of coaxing, all the kids to come in and sit around and kind of, listen to him, and it's just it's your first introduction to this character. You know on January, tenth nineteen ND. Eighty eight on the Tracy Olmon show, and I just think that you know in terms of new and noteworthy for something that would then end up. Creating one of the longest running television shows that we have being the simpsons. You know kind of kick off and introduce such an iconic character that we have so my two picgs Spumko in the introduction on the Tracy Olman show of Ramha Simpson wow nice. What did you have again mark? I totally forgot now: Jack Kirby Dying, Oh yeah, Jack, Fawk, God Dan and the creation of cartoon network studios mark just gave us a misery Jane. I H that Yan all right over to judge Carlose for the ruling for the second round. Yeah again guys aren't making this easy, but so mar starting up with yours. You know the creation of cartoon networks, definitely huge 'cause cartoon network 's, still relevant, still pumping out, shows memorable shows you know, they're pomping out their classics. Like you talk about the powerpuff girls and some of these other ones, a enn had my fairshare of caroon network, so the creation of that is definitely significant. Jack Kirby, like you, said among most comic WK fans, that's like huge nunsung hero because he didn't get the quite the credit he deserved when it came to. You know when it came to the creation of some of the characters, but I don't I don't know if it had the commercial overall global significance, but definitely have the significance within like the fan base of comics. For sure. Just to reiterate, I just want to get it right. 'cause. I know. There's GOINGTA be a lot of fanboys on the Internet, who're going to be screaming about this one. What my pick was was the creation of Cartoon Network Studios Cartoon Network itself. The TV channel itself launched in ninety two, but this was the animation studio where they created all the original program. Oray. Okay, my bamy corrected redacted, but going going over to the Cretia Spunko, you know rening snimpy. Definitely a significant show that I enjoyed watching. You know one of those mom and dad wouldn't let you watch YEU had to sneak it in he talked about sponge. I square plants was that part of them as well. Bob Bob Camp Oke was one of the creators behind the SPUMCO studios yeah, I ha other uge phenomenal show phenomenon. You know it was a great show Ann. It was a phenomenon as well. So I think you know e Critian spuno definitely had pretty solid impact and then the Tracy Ollman show. I remember watching that show. I remember you know watching her and other stuff B T I do remember th. The big reference was, the simpsons got their start on this and it is a very you know, crude raw short of of the sympsons, but it is a simpsancs and is the creation of them and ther the longest running animated, show or show of all time. At this point, so I think I think, with those to combine. I think they're Gong ta ha they're going to have to take the point on this one wow Nio right, yeah, that's Orlov. I know this was e. another one point right, Yep, there's another one point round: Yeah that was tight. Now. Let me ask you guys this Yo you're two points in right now. Do you think what you have left y? You pick things in the right order: 'cause, that's a big part of this game. If you don't pick it in the right order and you screw up what you put in front, you can really like just ruin your just from the beginning on you'll ruin the entire gamut of your picks. Do you think that's happening o? You think you guys are like on pace. No Man, I'm good, I'M READY TO GO! Oh damn this Io, I I feel for Carlos Iis, going to be hard 'cause last week was hard for me and this one just listening. The picks are a lot closer yeah. I I'm I'm having a tough time, so I mean o Guy Ng a great job. Allri shone over to you. Where are we going to go for around three? Let's go to: Let's do music, all right! You I'd be remisse. If I didn't, if I didn't mention, and at least didn't say that in on thousand nine hundred and eighty eight Meazaki and studio Gibli released my neighbor Totero, obviously just a very important film, but one of the things that we really don't get enough opportunity to talk about is Joe Hisashi, who was actually working on the soundtrack for my neighbor Totero. If you were to draw a comparison, I guess you would say that Miizaki and and Hisashi in Japan or sort of like the United States, I Steven Spielberg and John Williams in terms of what they had he. He thought she worked on number of different movies that they had for studio, Gibley, creating just really innocent, inspiring magical music, all the time that really kind of created the environment, and the surrounding that you had when you were a part of these movies and if you always ever wondered like. Why am I suddenly kind of like tearing up at this moment in this movie like? Why is this getting to me? It's. He saw she with sort of with this music. With this background that really leads to a lot of e, the critical and universal acclaim that they have for all of these movies. In I, nineteen and eighty eight, it just happened to be my neighbor Totero. Now, for my second pick, I'm going to need some help on this. Can I get? Can I get a little bit of an interactive portion on this and if, if I throw this out and say higgays C N, can you help me complete this Becausei'm going for AU cartoon theme Song Right now, and I think that this is culturally relevant because I don't think there's anybody that I can say the following phrase to who won't complete this. So here we go Denver. The last dinosaur Danper, the last dine as sore y. You lost me yeah he's my friend in a whole lot more Carlos croded, perfect, bullshit. Carlis only knows this because he fucking lives in Denver Man. It is our the long in the city. In my defense with cartoons, I grew up on the man crush three, which was Friday, thirteenth, Greece and airplane on R CA disks, starting at the age of five. My parents got me started early on that they were you MI H might want to call them degenerates for doing that, but I did not get into anything other than like Gi. Joe Transformers, like you know, Gilbot 'cause, that's what they bought me. You know Heman and stuff like that. So when you guys ware throwing these things out there, I might not know gladiatedor films, no don T, no one of those things, I'm glad that at least one person and there's no there's no shame behind that. I'm glad thet Carlos at least new and was able to complete this. I think that it's relevant and it's interesting to know, because American of French animated series that they had that came out during this time. This was in that late eighties. All the way up until I guess ninety three, when Gurassic part came out sort of kid dinosaur, craze that they had and for me I I kinda hit a sweet spot for me any time I'd go to a museum any time I got a book. I always wanted to be a paliontologist dinosaurs were a huge thing and so being able to see that as a dinosaur on a skateboard Ho, just inevitably did kick flips into my heart and I loved him, and so you know seeing Denver in in sort of a place like this. I feel like it's very challenging, to kind of say that line out to somebody who grew up with a lot of those dinocrazy cartoons that you had in the late eighties without them completely transporting them back. When you say that line and have them completed, did you ever want to be William Cat and baby? That's important, I d n't, I don't think so correct answer. Nobody wants to be William Cat and baby. Nobody Wilm Katt didn't want to be wilimed, capin, Biby, AO, so yeah myzpix, my neighbor totro soundtrack and the Denver. The last dinosaur seemed song from Denver the last Ni, which premered n Nineteen D. Eighty eight itself, too wow all right. I also have a soundtrack and a theme song. So let me start off with the theme song in Nineteen D. Ninety four: we had a animated cartoon series Premiere that still B This Day is huge and that was called Spiderman. The animated series people love this show still to this day, credited as one of the greatest. If not the greatest, there is some argue which series is better people perfor, some some of the the later ones, but a lot of people preferd, the ninety four one of which was the better Spiterman, show well e nineteen. Ninety four one had one of the most rockand theme songs ever and that's because it was done by none oner, then Joe Parry from Arrowsmith. It was just a rock and upbeat tune and the vocals for it sounded like computer generated talking over it, nice little guitar rift to it at the time. You Know Fox had that X, men series that had come out a few years before that had an upbeat tempo, so it kind of seemed like a theme to go to these rock based cartoon intros s. They got Joe Perry from Erro Smith to lay down the tracks with this one. It actually was a couple of years afterwards, but I wish when you first said it. I thought your going to say: Remone Spiderman no see, and that's the thing with this one. John semper junior originally wanted to use the theme song from the Sixty Seven Spiderman series. Mmbut the rights weren't available for it, so they had to write a whole new song and they brought in Joe Perry the lyrics for this one were really creative, Spiderman Spiderman, radioactive Spiderman, Spiderman, Spiderman, radioactive Spiderman, spider, blood D or blood, radioactive spider, blood, spider, blood, spider, blood, radialactive, spider, blood, spider, blood, spider, blood, radioactive spider, blood and repeat: What do you think e when he cash that shack? I Otin IM. What do Yo think he's? He said man, I really. I really earn this pacheck. You know much cok I get by with this. No Man he walked and he's like I'll. Tell you what Ma'am we can make this song as long and it's laborate as you want. You get six words and I don't even know if it's his voice on it, because it's like a computer generated voice yeah, it's like they use a vocoder, the entire time 'cause. It's like Speon, Moen oover again, that was better than your happy happy joy. Joy by the we way do do happy, happy joy, joy in the Spiderman, robotic voice s obe and I'm going to be laughing all the way AAy. His wel as you get Sixwereo Fuck, I'm going to lose this round now all right. So let's go to my second one and get this piece of shit out of the way, because at nineteen ninety four we got the sound track for the major motion picture, the lying king and, of course, that had the classic circle of life. I can't just wait to be king, be prepared it. The list just goes on and on for this one Eltin, John of course, was brought in everybody's on this whoopy Goulbirg Cheechmarin. They brought the whole cast Roman Atkinson James Arl Jones. If I have to tell you how relevant the Lin King is, you have other things to do than be listening to this show as sad as that is because I absolutely despise the Lin king, but I know how relevant it is, and it's important to our culture over to you, Carlos what e you got for the ruling on this one, Al Righty, so Shan jumping into yours for H, the score soundtrack, my neig, my neighbor Totero Hishashi. You made it sound like a wonderful score. I've never heard anything any word. You said in that entire sentence, but it sounded beautiful, I mean that's. That's the mark of a of a good composer is that you have no idea that they're even there and you just you, feel feelings you pay to the great picture, but have no nothing to nothing to compare to there, but H, Denver. The last in or Soer, though I do, because I have sung that theme song over and over in my life too many times without anybody getting the reference. So I feel your pain N. Oh man, nobody knows Oky, it's like your, don't come song. I don't even know how the song goes. I can't sing IT B T it's like his eavior mcdaniel yeias. Just goingto say I don't have a song. I just ficure Xado mcdaniel. Well, mark you made it easy to e sparder man. I Love Spiderman. I them Song Joe Perry. You know when you see credits for that I mean ibeit's a little offputting but Joe Peryas Joperiand Aerospwa, just as awesome at that point in time when the Spideman animy sears comes out, wasn't the best theme song, but it's definitely up there. The LN king, like you, said the relevancy, is huge about to release the the new movie here. Pretty soon the lanking sound Trak as much you don't like it, I loved it. That was my jam. I was rocking that cassette. I was getting he C D. I was singin. I still sing be prepared randomly throughout some days a circle of life. Everyone still tries to do the the beginning, Thi Elton John Part, that he does so perfectly so, and it's got Ann Broadway show. So it's had cultural significance for a long time and still continue at this point. So weighing that Spidman Lin king versus dinner last Disaur in my neighbor toto, I gotta give this one to mark Al Riady. So do we go TV or do we go movies for the next round? You know, let's just go to movies start off the two point rounds here to point here right so for my first one I don't even have to talk about this much because we've talked about it all night, ninetneen nd, ninety fouris, the Lion King by Disney, Oh man, a dead horse being a dead lion. You know what, if you look at ninety four, an animation: That's how big the lying king was. It was nineteen ninety four animation. It was everywhere the gross in the United States, three hundred and twelve million dollars worldwide gross just to come here, short of a billion dollars just for the movie itself, not counting the merchandising. So it speaks for itself, the liing King. My second is a movie that a lot of people just either a huge fan of it or you're. Just not and that's nineteen. Ninety Fouris, the page master starring mccallie calking, Oh wow, a cowardly boy who buries himself in ancient statistics, enters a library to escape a storm only to be transformed into an animated illustration. By the page master. He has to work through obstacles from classic books to return to real life. Is this like a porn parody? Oh No! It could be, though, what you said it was mccaulay Cockin, as o call the Calkin o Ho said: Cyes have a Colli cocking Cot, all the Gawkin Cola, Cockrin, there's an l. There come on he's in it and, of course, Christopher Lloyd, Patrick Stewart, egg, Bageley Junior, who was in everything in the eighties and nineties, the legendary Voice of Frank Welcer, who is the voice of all cartoons, really Leonard, Nemoy and, of course, Whoopi Golberg. Who did every animated movie? I N Nineteen, Ninety Four! So there you have it there's my movies rounds, the Lion King and the page master mm all right. So what do you have all right? Let's get into it. I ' so tired of hearing Lin King, a Oh Trusley, no one's more tired of it than me. Oh Man, 'cause. My first thing was the lion: Ca Sauto, a bitch. No, I wanta want to go back to middle of July N on nine hundred and eighty eight and talk about a a movie that is weirdly enough. It set in this year in thousend AD nineteen in the Distopian version of twousend and nineteen. You might be trying to figure out what I'm talking about. I'm talking about a Cura Thi re talking about the movie, a Cura. If you're not familiar DISTOPI in O thousand and Nineteen, it tells the story of Cherrocanada he's the leader of a local gang of bikers, whose childhood friend Tetsuo acquires incredible telechoetic abilities after a motorcycle accident, eventually threatening the entire military complex amid chaos and a rebellion throughout all of the sprawling metropolis of Neotokyo. A curate is widely regarded as one of the greatest animated movies of all time, and it prompted the increase in popularity for Annima in the United States, and so this is really something that it. It gave viewers the opportunity to see what Japanese animation was all about it. It enabled them to see this and really kind of understand this in a in a New Light. Where suddenly they're saying you know, this is an adult cartoon like these. These visuals are incredible. Casuhiro Amoto, who, who directed this is considered a time had listed. This is one of its top five animate DVDs, a Kira Made Time magazine, watch Annama. I think that that's that's relevant enough, and it's really just one of the landmark animaes just in tha whole cyber punk genre yeah. It's pretty remarkable that you were able to pick this because Akira N neon genesis of Angelon are really responsible for the rebirth of animate fror. What we have today, yeah for sure, which is light when you brought it up. I was so excited it's one of my favorite series. It's just so weird that they both fall on the two years. We have heyjustingly just to drive that home. The first anemy that ever saw was the Cira it as when I was a sophomore one, Oan, nine undred and ninety four, and I got somebody gave me that and like Sygon Moon or some shit, something dracular Vampi forgot at o fuck, the other wamire hundred D, Yes, API hundred, but acer was awesome, and I remember seeing it was like incredible movie so yeah, and that was ninety four. So that's a really good point you made yeah, you know, I! I think that it's it's relevant and it's so important because you know nominally did you know not only was it to break through in terms of just animation just in general, but it really brought it into the light of adult animation inproving to a global audience that it's not just for kids and it's also culturally relevant 'cause. We're still fucking talking about it today. In fact, they have a live action version of a Cura which is scheduled to come out in twseantad twenty one, and so I I mean I think it's one of those things that you can't watch a cura without thinking that you wanted, that that incredibly cool capsule leather jacket and to get on the back of that motorcycle and go fight a rival, clown gang in the middle of MEOTOKYO. So I'm going to go with my first one as being a CIRA and I'm NSO go with something. That's a little bit of blended like a page master, mint, a see your page master and I'm an a Rasa who framed Roger Rabbit, O n yeah directed by Roberts Someccus, and let's get into numbers budget of fifty million dollars. It brought in three hundred and twenty nine million dollars. If you're not familiar with Roger Rabbit, I think I think Markou probably said probably best about lyinking. You got other problems than listen to this pad cast I' fucking Ta Watch go watch this immediately. Tetin Hollywood in the nineteen forties, where parching characters and people live side by side. You have detective Eddy, valiant WHO's, a private detective and he's got to exonerate Roger Rabbit Ttune, who has been accused of murdering a wealthy businessman. Thi's got Bob Hoskin in it. It's got Charles Fleisher, Az, robber, rabbit and Benny. The Cab Cathleen Turner is the Voice of Jessica, Rabbit and you've got mel blank who voiced bugs bunny daffy duck porky pig tweedy. You have an incredible cast of cartoon voice actors that are in this movie that has been unrivalled in anything else and knew that we've been talking about a lion king. Just with Disney this was a Wald Disney purchase like they released this under tombstone pictures. You know, just it's been hailed, as you know, just an incredible achievement. It won three Academy Awards, which is just incredible. I think that this show, just in terms of thinking about the idea of impact and longevity this R, this movie, has inspired an entire decades after it of female cause players posing as Jeska rabbit to the point where you almost have to ask yourself: If you're, a cozplayer and you've got an instagram and you haven't posted a picture of you trying to do a cazplay as Jessica Rabbit. Are you really a cosplayer? The sad thing with that is that can be really good or really bad. It can be. You know I'll answer. My own question say: Even if you haven't tried it, it's fine you're, still a cauzeplayer, but you're right. I mean, I think that it's it's one of those incredible things that, like that iconic look of the long red hair purple, shimmering dress. You know it's just incredible to to see this. This was reviewed so well that Ebert for Chicago sometimes gave this four to four stars saying that the type of word of mouth that money can't buy. This movie is not only great entertainment, but it's a breakthrough and craftsmanship, and so for my TOPIX. I've got a Cura and of gots who framed Roger Rabbit, solid, all right Carlos over to you, for the judgment mark starting off strong with linking keeping the the theme going. Cultra phenomenon like we talked about three hundred ND twelve million. You said that was u s and then how much almost overall, almost a billion yeah. It was just a cub here, shy of a billion yeah, huge, huge thing and, of course, still still very relevant, but then the pagemaster, which is a you know, an underraded, Chrisopher, Lloyd, AD mccolikoken movie. I enjoyed it. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Chisopher Loy this last week, an a denver comagon. I got the huverboard signed by him NA yeah. He asked me e's like so which one was one of your favors he's like actually KINDOF. I liked you in page master and that kind of lit him up 'cause. He people never mentione that o ever wow, but the mage master was pretty solid with mccoli coken. I think this was like post home a right after home alone, so I I but not too many people know about it. It s more kind of a a cot classic or underreaded, but Jean getting into Acura. I'm not a big anima band, but I know about I cure. I know what this is all about: they're doing a reboot. I think what like Leos companies doing like a reboot or he might even be in it. I don't know, but it's coming back, it's relevant enough that they know that the American audience wants to see it and, like I said, I'm not a big Animat, but I know what this is. I've heard this so much. I know the bike that you're talking about the iconic bike, er, seeing in ready player, wiles likehey. I know that bike. I know that I got that reference as Captain Mericko would say so yeah. I I think a curas definitely go a really solid culture phenomenon, that's continuing and then you get into who franed Roger Rabbit. I totally forgot. This came out this year, of course, fell in love with Roger Rabbit, just because of the an the animated and the live version. Interaction the Chrisomal Loyd, like you, talked about in both movies back to back mill, block tats huge, I mean th, the man with the million voices we've heard throughout our whole childhood and then the collection of all the animated characters. 'cause we got like Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse Together, Daffy Duck and Donald Duck, so it was so awesome to see them put together and, like you said, it was successful on top of that Robers emecas from back to the future three hundred and twenty nine million. So just for the Cultur relevance of Acura and whofrane writer rabbits, you know just it's colture phenomenon through our generation, it's just a little bit more than the pagemaster I gotto give this one to shot. Yeahit was Hofrane Rod. I had market then, once she came out who frane brought rabbit, it was that at as really big, that's one of the first cartoons that really got that big. That was for adults and kids like there's a lot of jokes just for adults in that movie. I think that you know, I think I you can go back now and rewatch it and still enjoy that as an adult or you can show it to your kids and there're just a lot of that stuff just going over their head MHM. So it has definite staying power. So solid pick, we'reat three two shon right now, so it comes down to the television round son. Do you want to start off or do you want to Difer Yeahi I'll? Kick it off? You know again, I I think the whole idea and really kind of what I'm looking at for a lot of these cartoons, because I'm going to go with two dedicated cartoons that premered in nine tnded and eighty eight, and when I I say, premiered, not just premered but like really just kind of continued to push franchises forward for everything that they have. So, just going into this, I'm just thinking about the impact and e longevity that each one of these had just in our own cultural, Zite, Ghist that we have that's out there, and so first one Garfield and friends, Garfield and friends, premiered in n nine teend, an eighty eight I'd be remissif. I didn't say that you know we had somebody who we recently reviewed this episode on our Pod cast Saturday morning, cartoons and we had a call and listener who recommended this saying that you know this was a staple of his childhood in his Saturday mornings. The Guy was saying that he's thirty five years old now and he still collects all sorts of memorabilia from formass to comic books, to coffee, mugs. Everything, and I mean it's even relevant enough- that on net flicks, the show with Tim Robins, I think you should leave. They have an entire sketch about being in Jim Davis's house and potentially purchasing all the Garfield Memorabilia. That's there it's pawn multiple movies from that point forward and it's all been inspired. You know really by the Conic Strip from Jim Davis and so on CBS Saturday morning. This premiere September, sevententh anine teen ND, Eighty Eight, it ran until ninety four. It Changed Hands Multiple Times, it's notable because almost every season that it changed hands to different production companies, they changed the theme song to kind of put their own little fingerprint on it, and you know it focused a lot on nermal Odie John. This even had the individual segment for the Anne Friend's portion, which was called U S, acres, which Jim Davis was drawing concurrently during that time, not to mention all the live action movies that we've gotten with Garfield, and so I feel like this was one of those things that brought the comic strip into the living room on Saturday mornings for kids to watch and really got them excited about. You know collecting all that different Memorabelia has made an impact for for multiple decades for everybody who watched Garfieldan friends who wins in a fight, Garfield or heathcliff, he's cliff Mani'm going to say, hea'thcliff EAN, he's tri he's much scrappier, I feel like Garfielld, would just back down an heart. Eway yeah, definitely all right what you got for your second pick. Second Pick for this: I'm going to go it's a transformer's cartoon that they had that came out during that time. This is a very weird cartoon called transformers, supergod master force if you're not familiar with the whole transformers franchise that they have in general. You know the whole war on cybertron coming to the planed Earth disepticons, you know autobots t epic good, Verse Evil. At some point there were multiple series that they had that premiered throughout the eighties and very early nineties, that kind of had a continuation of some of the efforts that they had that were going on. Cybertran Supergod masterforce is bananas because it poses the idea what if there were transformers that were actually just human, so think about, like a human being, that could turn into a transformer. Is this probably you know one of the most noteworthy transformers cartoons that's out there, absolutely not, but for anybody who's ever watched, anything transformers, related who's ever gone down that rabbid hole of understanding. Wath been a multi hundreds of billion dollar franchise in terms of not only toys, video games movies that we have everything that's out there. This is one of those continuations where, if you are a fan- and if you love transformers- and you see a particular character in supergod master force, you're going to be excited about this- I mean it is such an off the wall, Banana's cartoone, to watch and realize that this is actually Cannin in terms of what they have. Four transformers. Tha Transformers can just turn into people and integrate into our society, like they were your your brother sister, a member of your family and so again for something just going in terms of longgevity and and interest. I feel like this is one of those rare hidden gems. That's a part of a much bigger, bigger story that we have for transformers in general and just has really kind of spawned and created. You know this. This multi billion dollar franchise that we've had that's gone on for decades and decades. God I wish cannon films would have bought the rights to that. Yes, yeah and the Lady Out, Oh my God that would have been amazing. It would have been a total shit show, but we'd still be watching it ri o easily. So for my two PIKS FOR FOR TELEVISION MN to go with transformers, supergod, master, forust and garfieled and friends, wow solid picks, I can't argue with Garfield and friends: It's one of my fav all time, favorite cartoons and I have a nine year old. Now I got him hooked on it. It's one of his favorite cartoon, so Nice Nice hard to argue with that. But you know what let's go to my two PIX nineteen. Ninety four saw the debt of two Pretty Popular Cartoon Series September, tenth, nineteen. Ninety four. We saw the debt of the tick if you're not familiar with the TEC, the tickets and animated series that was adapted from a very small comic book series very similar to the affromentioned teenage inja turtles, both New England based cartoon creations. The tick was rebooted in two thousand and one and is again rebooted in two thousand and sixteen on Amazon. They did three original seasons and it's just one of those animated cartoons that was done for adults and done for kids. That has gonered a huge calt. Following has a lastting legacy. Two today I'll say I'm a huge fan of the tech I ie. I didn't watch it when it was on Fox on Saturday mornings, and I had to jump back into it later it it's definitely a good one. It's so weird, I think that's how most people watch the tick when it was on those original three seasons. Nobody watched it N, not enough, not enough. It got more popular once people watched it more and more and more 'cause. It's one of those shows that's just so quotable, and we see that now I mean things get so launched into our lexicon from cartoons J. Do you find yourself just in weird situations, just screaming spoon so fror? My second selection, I was so stoke that I get to talk about this show it's not often that you get to pick something on this show that it just falls on the right, perfect date, and it's just something you really love, so we're going to go to April Fifteenth Nineteen. Ninety four and we saw the very first episode of Space Ghost Coast to coast. If you're not familiar with this show, it is a masterpiece. It's a re doing of the old space ghost cartoon where they took these animation cells. reded them put new voice over and then they had gests come on and it became a pseudomock talk show where space ghost was the host of the talk show you had Zorac as the bandleader brack would show up every now and then the first episode they had the Bi Jizon and Susan powder, Bob Denver was on in the first season, along with Ashley Judd, Bobcat Gold Weit and the remones appeared on the fifth episode. You also had Scooby du Wiralyankevitch Lee, merry weather earth, a kit, Adam West. It was pop culture in the nineties. So for that fact alone it's one of my favorite animated cartoons, space Gost Coastto coast dabuing in N, thousandnine hundred and ninety four healthy. It's interesting, 'cause mark it's it's for the second cartoon. It was something that came out, but I honestly don't think that space gost coastacoast was appreciated during the time that it was actually release like I feel like once, adults, swim and and cartoon network kind of like pushed it and included it as a part of like it's late night. Then it gained popularity as well or at least then people were beginning to watch it more and more. It went on for it so long. The last thing legacy. If space goose, I mean they have eleven seasons, they loss all the specials. They had alb comedy albums everything space goast coast. The coast was huge. I even argue that space goes coast to coast is bigger than the original space ghost cartoon. I would agree yeah. So there we go the tick and space gost coast Te Coast, Hoanine hutdred and ninety four over to judge Carlos for the final verdict. All rights we're here to close it out so jumping in the Shans picks, Gar, fild and friends. Huge pick. I two am a huge fan of Garpield hate, Mondays, love, Mesmozana, all that good stuff thmovies were you. I didn't really get into. It is more of a NOSTAGIA fiel, but it's definitely like you said the comics, the books ereading the books in th and Grade School, so it definitely has and the memorabilia that TEP Hutin, the Garpul of telephone everybody remembers that so et just Ha. They definitely had that pop culture m phenomenon to it transformers the Super God make master fors that one I think I tuned out at that point. Humans turned into transformers towns great. I might have to check this out but yeah. I I agree. I think cannon should have got this and had shuck nors and WOULDAV got man Ajesse the body Ventur, yeah or Van Damn to get in on it. So I could definitely see that happening, but I didn't see it so I think it has a little bit less culture. Cultural significance, but still transformers is a huge brand, nonetheless mark the tick. Definitely it was one of those shows. I didn't watch at the time, but it took me few years to get into it appreciated all the different versions, the animated and the Amazon series, the reboots that we've gotten, and so it's it's a cold bollowing for sure, but it's starting to get that more commercial, commercial appreciation and then getting over to your space goest another one that I remember as a young kid. Turning it on seeing the space TAT GOES M Ke! I don't want to watch this. I want to watch. You know anything else at that point, but it took me a little couple of years to appreciate it. You know go back and start appreciating like well, you named up all the celebrities that were on there yeah, that's where it really plays in and e didn't know. As a kid I didn't know that space goes was an original series that theyere kindof spoofing or odewing yeah, the first time that that came on and you're and through, and you go to cartoon network and you're like ah space, GOS old ham Ar cand h you'r like wait. Why is he talking to Denzil Washington? Why is Denzel on this cartoon? You know Jose talking to Tom Yo ork a regaro. Is this seeny's no sense, but it was on so much that I it was on for a reason because yeah it was a popular show for a certain demographic, but it grew as time went on and yes, it's getting it's appreciation now, which are you see? Space goes reference on Cartono, Osheim or on you go to any tshirt shop. The there's at least some sort of cartoon network O pace go, show shirt. So what that said with that cultr significance, I'ml, I'm leaning over toward mark on this one. I think I'm at hand on the two pointer on this one befor the TI and there we go transformers. Jus Didn't quite have that significance. I avenged last week's lost es. He does four to three Sha yo put up a graduationce there. I was worried about this one seanman. You are a cartoon expert I lucked out and was able to get the nineties on this one. No, I mean you know. I've been doing this show for five years, so I feel like I've fucked up and I've squaed I'just, taking around a cartoon Shit and e get the DV. You had some tough topics to go gain, so I I hel hand it t you you made this heartman, I wouldn't say like I do agree with Carlos. It was very close and I think most of the rounds actually all around. I think whave went the same way as him, except maybe that first round, if you have the numbers for tea me, an inteturtles that could change. That's the only thing I was missing. I made my decision 'cause. I did find one stat that they sold. It was a billion dollars between eighty eight and like ninety one or something like that. So God only knows how much they made up to twenty nineteen yeah extrapolate that over three decades, yeah 'cause. I know how huge it is is but like when mark was providing the salad numbers that that's really yeah yeah drives the the argument right there he did yeah. I don't always get into the hardcore numbers when they're that huge and they stick out that much and push on you weren't doing yourself any favors by talking up space goes terath and you gotta, you gotta talk it down. I've learned that you gotta, you got a Minotoly all right jewellers. If you've missed ae past episode, you can always go back on duling decades dotcom. You can listen to all the past episodes there subscribe on Castbox ubscribe on Itunes, and then you can join the conversation yourself cruise on over to face book dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, and you can also join our private group there as well. So I want to think our guests for this week, Carlos our judge, Carlos telp people, where they can listen to your show man, all PODCASTAP spotify. I heart radio, itunes, all that good stuff, every Thursday shows are being released so fina on social media at BCAN, rewind, all right, fresh met tell people where they can listen to your show. 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