Dueling Decades
March 27, 2019

Dueling Decades - 1989 vs 1999 - Video Games

This week Marc and Beau square off for a #1 contender's match! The topic? How about some Video Games!Mancrush sits at 1-0, so someone thought he was qualified to carry the gavel this week, so perpare for Judge Mancrush! Since Beau sat out last week,...

This week Marc and Beau square off for a #1 contender's match! The topic? How about some Video Games!Mancrush sits at 1-0, so someone thought he was qualified to carry the gavel this week, so perpare for Judge Mancrush! Since Beau sat out last week, he got first dibs on a year and selected 1999! Fittingly, Marc decided to go back to the 80's and snagged 1989 for the challenge! There you have it, 1989 vs 1999 in Video Games! This episode could be really interesting! Beau's Back! Marc is looking to get off the snide! And Mancrush has a surprise!


Formay mediapeople in CAS top e Jewli ECAS, the pixin o play, but Ti tot O im, ran again pon that Cap ut tot the power bot come fiht for what you love Yourehco to pot the PA Copa Tancretas BA e Ote moter coup would take grave, an O, Baly Imtin iav Ma a TNO comefight for what you love an broadcasting from the biobaday studios, where water does it better reading retro warriors and welcome to another episode of dueling decades. The totally Awesome Retro Game Show where player one and player two take the eighties and nineties and try to one up each other, as we debate these two dope decades. On this episode of Our game, I Mark James. The AMIS hippy nightmare, try once again to pick up a victory in our singles division. As I prepare myself for a dueling decades, video games duel coming into this match, armed with nineteen. Eighty nine, as I take on this man, tats Bobee craft, or should I say, I'm Bob Craft and I'm representing nineteen. Ninety nine, the year that had some video games in it and I'm Gong to tell you what those video games are and let me introduce to o this special guest referee for this episode, the Walter Day of the Buday Judge Mancrush. Thank you. Thank you. I'm very excited to be behind the desk with the Gabbel. You know, I don't have one, I'm Gonto ask a lot of questions. Convince me a right in the rules of our game. Well, they're. Quite simple: a coin flippl teside, which team goes first, the winning competitor will decide the topic of each round out of the five dueling decades: categories: movies, television, music, news and hot products. Although tonight's action will all revolve around video games, so all of the categories have to be video game themes and the first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: apiece, the judge is ruling we'll determine who wins each round in the individual, with the highest overall score after five rounds will be the Victor Gentlemen. Let's play some dueling decades right just so happens that I have this old beer cap. Is it a red dog cap? Actually this looks like a modello especial 'cause. It still has the fill on the top O, no its. If it was red dog I'd tell you to put your thumb over the bottom, so it looks like Batman Eating Pussy, that's not going to happen w. If you look at the Red Dog Lo go upside down, it's bat man eating pussy all right! Well, now I have to Google this once you see you'll, never unsee it man you're, never going to find a red dog, so maseball just go into Google and andjus. So we're going to do a goldside. His heads backside of the CAP is tales. Bhut was aon last week. Let's hate Bo call allright I'm going to go with H, something everybody should always trive to get heads. Of course it had to go on the flucking floor. It is oh great now I gotta get up and move. Sadly it is taleswell what doe you do I so that means Mark has control the board, but before that happens just bar with me one minute, I'm glad Mik just Puckedui. It's a fucking trickle, threatma shit out of my ass Hyou, should see mark's face, we're, throwing out something nea we're noin, triple threat in this Mike's in Thi Shit and he's representing what Ikenineteen Ninety four o n- something that John Talks about all the time. Is this big Tenur discrepany? How things change a lot? You guys are pretty much five years different from one another like very much. We got a. We got a nice metal of the road guy. It's going to be interesting, so this is what we're going to do since H. Mark One, the coin: Oss we're coing to have a second coint toss right here, hm how about a coin purse. Since you one Paul heads or tails all right, I'm calling it tales heads. It is all right Mike you just jumped in and you get the fucking pil. I work I'm Gong to go with news all right. So, in April nineteen, ninety four MGM in Sak of America announced that they would jointly create video games and movies and television programs. Seg N MG MGM said that they would base their new products on original ideas, but also said they would develop games based on upcoming movie releases, though it never happened. Sagan MG M we're supposed to make a sonic to Hedgehog Moi, Ian Nine hutered and ninety four. It appears there were creative differences between SEG and MGM. An MGM dropped the project, but this November of two thousand and nineteen sonic will finally see the big screen but is being distributed by paramountain yeah big stuff, a deal a deal that never really happened. Oh Man, okay, so you have one new story. You have two. I have two all right go for it all right on. My second story is the Sega Channel Wins Popular Sciences, best of what's new award for N Nineteen. Ninety four, the Seco channel, was a cable subscription that allowed segagenesist owners to play a rotating library of games. Subscribers would purchase a SEGA channel adapter that would fit in the cartridge slot and your cable wire would attached to it. Players could download games on their system and would be eraced when powered off the service was fifteen dollars a month, plus a twenty five dollar activation fee at its peak, the service had over two hundred and fifty thousand subscribers. The service ALFOR also offered demos contests and cheet codes. The secod channel officially ended INE Anine hteen and ninety eight am short run. Do you guys remember that, though, that was like the Olest fucking o Haon, that's really cool. I didn't know about that. Two hundred and fifty thousand that's that's a pretty decent number Y actually for them, yeah a four, no whatre they doing they was this dial up B. Actually, the the technology actually forced a lot of cable companies to update their system, and we probably wouldn't have got a broadbed Internet as quickly as we did. If it wasn't for the Sachow, it's pretty interesting. I don't know all the technical details, it's it's above my peg grade, but it's interesting that started it. Ninety four, it seems like they were a little head on the curve, like maybe a little two ahead. Seg Is always a little to ahead. That's their biggest problem. Had the dream cast come out like a year later and had a DVD player probably would have lasted long in like three years, all right, all right, so we're going to mark since Yo came in second. On that flip. Right from my news, I went straight to the news source. I went to newspapers to find out what people were talking about for video games in on Oanine Hunerend and eighty nine, and I found a couple of great articles that really incapsuly what the video game industry was dealing with at the time this first one I found in the Messenger Inquirer that's out of Kentucky on Sunday's edition July, thirtieth, nine Huteen, N, Eighty Nine, the headline reads: Nintendo the Champ, but strong challengers emerge, and this was an Associated Press story that was picked up. I mean it really talks about how Nintendo, who came in N, O ninehundred and eighty six has gotten to the poin n Oand, nine hundred and eighty nine, where theire projections for the sales they're projecting near to three point: five billion dollars in sales in this year, and this article goes on and it really projects Nintendo as being the big heavy weight. But then on the article it talks about this other company ANEC and how they're going to be launching turbographics sixteen and how that's going to challenge and take out Nintendo and then they're also going to get rivals from another company called Sega. WHO has another product coming out soon, as well, so at fourshadows the possible contention that Nintendo was going to be facing. We all know how that turned out. I think terbographic sixteen didn't excel the way people thought it would, but this I think this article written by the Associated Press and has some really nice stats, and it really is a a nice for shadowing to what we saw in in the years to come. It says that Nintendo has forecast sales this year. At two point: six billion and that's up one thousand nine hundred and eighty eighth one point: seven, the entire industry n intender says, will profit three point: four billion this year compared with two point three billion last year, so we're really on the merge of a booming industry, one hosanine undred and eighty nine and Nintendo at the time was at the forefront, although facing competition, and they weren't just facing competition from competitors which rolls me into my second news story. They were facing competitors on the home front as well. Another article I have here this one's out of the Detroit freepress April. Fourth, Nineteen D: Eighty nine, the title of the article is the age of Nintendo. This one is written by Jerry Adler and I'm going to post this up on our duling decades website. So you guys can read the full article because it is an absolute gem. This guy has no clue about video games in the industry and he just totally trashes them I'll. Just give you a few samples of the how he opens. I love these article homes asastic. The nintendo entertainment system is an oblong plastic box that sits atop. The television set about the size of a Family Bible costing n its various versions from around eighty to a hundred and fifty dollars inside of it is madness, inside creatures swoop, down from inside the clouds and sending to a swift horrible death inside Mike Tyson stands a hundred and twenty eight pixels tall grinning, his wolfish street fighters grin and coks. His mighty fist at your head inside is a silicon chip that fulfils the vision of Blake to see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in your wild flower hold infinity in the palm of your hand, an internity in an hour. It is a Tory, but it is more than a toy. It is a whole new, medium, an immensely powerful agent for disseminating culture and the culture that its disseminating, of course, is pure junk. He says, and it just goes on as a a warning, and this article actually continues on its second page, where it gets Ebin juicier. Do you guys remember when they had people were were complaining of Nintendo Idis about how you get? You know basically Cartin the thumb yeah it talks about that and how there was a kid who played for four hours straight and went fucking crazy, and at least he wasn't whacking off yeah. You can get carpel tunnel from that too. Yeah pick your poison. He keeps talking about the Mario Brothers. Is these like a mute, Mustachei old men? It it's really bad and it's really fear mongering is what it comes out to about the video game industry, nothing incalculated! More than T e. The closing of this article Nintendo's success is predicated on its feel for what is distinctive about the American psyche. Says: Arthurpologist David Surrey of Peters College in New Jersey, aggression, xenaphobia competitiveness over cooperation, so much so that surry is studying how video games are helping Immigrants Assimila into American culture, okay, that yeah. So if that's not fear mongering, I don't know what T is. I cul just picture a bunch of immigrants running alongside e old black dude on a bicycle, just 'cause. They saw it mie I mean I can break the wall with my fish like Mario but yeah, so they warned you about how it's going to destroy your children. It's going to turn them into. You know crazed idiots, but there's one thing in this: I in this article that really Kindof spooked me out it says as nightfalls in America you can hear the crying rising of the dens of the family rooms, of a troubled nation, no Nintendo until you've done your work or not before school, or only an hour or night, or a common solution that children need sleep and they should only play on the weekends. This was wrintn Housan, nine hundred and eighty nine. I still had this argueent in my house daily, except it's xbox now and not Nintendo. That's the on Torybe thing about this, but that's what I got for news becraft. What O you got? Man, Oh for news! Well, it was hard for me to argue this one, because I remember specifically h you could rent this from my grocery store, which which is just bizarre in indsight but uh en some of the biggest news to come out of nineteen. Ninety nine. As far as video games are concerned and my kind of touched on this a little bit ago, the segot Dream Cast aised in North America on September Nin, nineteen, ninety nine be the company's final home video gaming system and his eighteen year run in the console market. Here's a breakdown of the dream, cast stats, sold nine point: Thirteen million units before being discontinued a very short time later and March, two thousand and one. So this thing had like a really a short shelf life. I guess, if you want to call it that h said it a hundred and ninety nine dollars that it's introductory price. So you look at that. Now, THAT'S PRETTY CHEAP! You know comparison to stuff like the PS four, the x box, wo and all that stuff Um. So, like Mike said, had this come out, maybe just a few months later had a D v D player and everything an it might have been a bit of a game changer but um. A lot of popular games, re release for this platform, crazy, taxi Um, one of my favorites- was ready to rumble boxing, and that was specifically because I would have been about eleven years old at the time of the release of this thing, and I thought it was just astounding that the women's boobs jiggled in the ring when they jumped, I think that's when it started actually gigling. No, I'm that serious, I think, that's when I it might have been actally that whole spright thing came to where they can jiggle the boobs. Now that's huge nineteen inety, nine okay, like you've kind O, touched on t a lot of people. Consider this console really ahead of its time because of the stuff like the graphics and you know, being a reasonable price point and everything, but shortly thereafter it would kind of meet its demise, because you had the announcement of playstation two you had Nintendo's game cube. You had Microsoft announcing the original xbox console, so they would all arrive pretty quickly after dream. Cast introduction to the the whole video game scene and two thousand and nine ig ind named the drink, has the eighth greatest video game, consil of all time, setting its innovations and software as driving forces behind it being one of the top tier consuls in the history of the industry. Ijian said the dream cast was the first console to incorporate a Bilton Modem for online play and while the networking lacked the polishing refinement of his successors, that was the first time users could seamlessly power on and play with users around the globe. So this, of course you know that's the way everybody plays video games now, there's really no non online element to any video games. So, on the same token, drinkcast really incorporated Um, ingame, audiochat and downloadable contents, so they really kindaf. You know like had it not been for the dream cast. Introducing the the online consul play, the INGAME videochat, the downloadable content way Bay, an nine hutered and ninety nine video gaming is. We know it might be a lot different today. Maybe not, we probably still would have had those advances, but I think dream casts certainly set the tone for that m. So that's why I'm going with the the launch of the Dream Cast in nineteen? Ninety nine, all right, slidthat's, pretty huge! I love the dream. Casts people knock it all the time, but the sports games on the dream cast were the best. There was nothing at that time that could come close to it. No, the two K Games in an virtu tennis, a lot of those are they still look really fucking, good or seaman. You ever play sman no, but I lost a few last night. If you know what I'm saying I do it's all over my rug, overbow. Okay, what's your what's your second new story? My Second News Story, O tat- was a tough one, not necessarily news Li guess it could be news. H, Pepsi actually released a video game in Moriteen. Ninety nine, a Pepsi Man, a Japanese exclusive release for the playstation developed by Pepsi, released in March N, nine Tuteen D, Ninety nine and Japan. So essentially this is Kinda. I guess that kind of equated to in a way like paper, boy, yeah, the Gu the whole set up to the game. Basically Pepsi Man is running. You have to avoid all these obstacles by jumping or kind of dodging them or getting out of the way like the ultimate goal of the game is to help Pepsi man deliver a nice cold, refreshing Pepsi to h. You know, people in different circumstances like you'd, have a a military guy in the desert, or something that obviously needed a pepsi, not water, because fuck that Um so like I it. I mean it's kind of self explanatory these type of games. If the player gets hit by an obstacle too many times, they got ta restart from the list checkpoint. Each stage ends with Pepsi man being chased by an object, including yes, a giant Pepsi can which defeats the entire premise of the game. In my eyes, um in between stages, though, there's like these interstitual H, video segment type things where they show video of an American man because wy would he be Japanese if it's a Japanese exclusive game, but he's sitting there drinking Pepsi, eating chips and pizza while he's watching television. So obviously, if this was a Japanese man, he would be being much more productive, Han just eating fucking chips and pizza and watching TV. So that was maybe not necessarily quite news, but something I thought news worthy was that Pepsi decided they were going to release a video game in Japan, because why not interesting and it actually has a it- has a lot to do with meams too. I remember reading an article about it a long time ago that they used the game to develop early means and all shit like that. So it's got. Some significance got some legs, but let's look at all of your picks. B'CAUSE. There's a lot of shit to go over here, real, quick, h Mike starting with yours, um. I already forgot the first one that you said wit, Sega, Amejm, ow, arer, that's trash, so well, we'll throw that one out the UH, the second one you had, though, about the the Sega Wonm Systema segathannel Sega Channel. That's pretty frigging huge. However, I'm Na Nock Yo, because- and I know this one for a fact- you missed the ratings that came n n, an nine tdred and ninety four, because of all like the moral combat shit that happened in ninety three that- and I remember this 'cause I was in high school. The uproar was monumental, like everyone was trying to like ban those games, ecause of the violence so the next year they came out with the rating system. I think it was like around the summertime in nineteen ninety four, and he did not mention that, so I got an Okyou on Yours, oh man, at mark. Your second story is, it is fucking scary, because that is still todat. No, no. You threw that out there because it was funny and like it's cool to find people that are wrong, that do reviews UN. I don't know how wrong that guy actually is I mean how many kids do you see these days that are just straight up like drones like just want to play? Video Games, don't go outside and all at hit, so that is fucking scary, but go on and read the full article, and I mean it. It really sets it up like it's going to rot your brain and yeah. I love those anytime. We can find a movie review where I think the last one we found was we e for breakfast club, somebody trashed it yeah molly, Ringwald, well, yeah, aside from her trashing it now somebody trashed it in February Igty, five and but your other story is, I think, is really huge because you're starting that competition and Segagenesis in my I was always an intendo kid, and that was only because my parents wouldn't buy me anything else, but they did buy me a terbographic sixteen, and that thing was it was cool, but at the same time like it, didn't have any games that you could find easily and it was expensive. All I remember was playing Bonk so, but the genesist I always wish I had, because the gameplay was better. I remember going to my buddy's house. Just to play is friging genesis. 'cause the games were better than the NDS in my eyes, so that's Kindo cool, 'cause you're starting to see that competition and that you know obviously through the nineties thatgoas on for a long time. So that's big and then Bo with yours. This is where it's tough, because you got the dream cast and, like you said that did kind of start. The whole online thing and obviously gaming wouldn't be like it is today. If we didn't start then, but it doesn't mean that that created it, but they were so ahead of their time on everything like Mike said. If they had just waited 'cause, I think it was two thousand a one. When the X box came out and Um Playsatian two, I think they came out in the same year right theyre, both o one and then game ce. Maybe O two was that Ol one also in a ballpark. It kind of played a roll in that. I'm sure that that's why they they ditched it. For: U Playstation too man. This is Tufgf. It's basically between Eighigh, eighty nine and ninety nine. I'm going t have to go with ninety nine on this one, just because of the whole online factor of it. Yeah I mean th t, that's pretty much it 'cause! That's all gaming is now so I'm trying to look at it from you know where things where mark. If yours is a little bit more specific about, maybe the genesis being release Inan nineteen, eighty nine- then I would have been all over it, but I don't know what that article said it sounded like it was coming out not out already so and then Mike Man. If you had the rating system combined, I think you would have taken the round, but you didn't throw it in there. So ninety nine gets a point, te bowering control of the board. Where re we go, I think I'm actually just goingto quit. Well, I'm ahead! THAT'S PRETTY GOOD! A pretty good shiling for me this week, I'm going to go with well, it's Hard Co. Are we doing hot products? Is that a thing, a o think for this one Arigh I'm going to go hot products for this Roul Right, Um, I'm going to start with a game released, fror Nintendo, sixty four April Twenty Sixh nineteen? Ninety nine, the first and a several series of this game Miss Franchise. I'm talking about Super Smash Brothers characters from a variety of other games. This is Kindo as far as I can tell one of the first games that really incorporates characters from other Games. Of course, Disney's got that whole kingdom hearts bullshit now, but kind of the same premise, but uh um, Zelda, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Pokimon, all kinds of different characters, kind of rolled into this one game where you kind of use all their special powers and you battle it out to see who's the best o the best and what not five million copies sold worldwide within two years of its release, which is pretty impressive. Like I said, there's been multiple sequels pinding, multiple generations of both systems and platforms Um. So this thing Kindo has grown to become a real jug ornot, like they're still making these games they're still incorporating all kinds of different characters from different UH. Now, if you want to call Hem, realms or Universas things like that, the most recent release being super smash brothers ultimate for Anintendo switch released in December of two thousand and eighteen. So we are talking Um really going on two decades now of this franchise and it's showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Super Smash Brothers. I remember that game. Well, what's the second? What are you parrying Yo with, though second hot product? I think I'm going to go with H, another one: that's really spanned multiple years, ND, multiple platforms, grandtheft auto two, which was released October, twenty Secon Nineteen D, Ninety nine sequel to the original title, obviously not a lot different um than the first one, which kindof gave it some knocks. As far as critics are concerned, Um released initially for playstation and PC shortly, followed by adaptations for both dream cast and gameboy color going back to it. I said mixed reviews about the game. A lot of people pointed out that it really wasn't a lot different, gameplaywise or visual, wise graphics, wise Um from the first game. But you know you still had a lot of people that remarked about the radio stations in the game which were always kind of one of the more interesting and enjoyable parts of it. Obviously, those have evolved overtime where they have license music. That's you know, legit artists and things throughout the years. Of course, I'd be followed by Grandtheft Otto three, which really kinda helped the franchise come into its own and is a little more based on what we know it as today, but H, that's. My second pick grant teft auto two October, twenty second nineteen, Ninety nine right, my God all right in a year that saw the release of street fightor two turbo and the arcade supermetroid Megamanex, dom to and donkey gon country, I'm choosing a game and a genre that I never ever play because the Internet told me so final fantasy sick, also known his final fantasy three was released in late n nineteen nd. Ninety four developed by square enox for the supernintendo widely considered one of the best video games of all time, Gamepro rated the game. Five out of five and GM, had four reviewers giveit nine out of ten. It's won several awards, one of the very best role playing games ever created. So H, that's what the Internet told me and I hope they're right. I Hate R P gs. I nevr I'm with you on that one, but I think everybody kindof knows final fancy, six! The PIC is it's huge, but now onto my second choice, which is whate, I'm really excited to talk about because again, in a year that saw segus, Daytona, USA arcade need for speed on the three do and moral combat too. On the Super Nintendo I wanted to choose a product that I actually collect, for that was a total fucking failure. November, twenty first nine teen ninet, four, the SEGA thirty two X ad on was released undo, the U S market, with a price point of o e hundred and fifty nine dollars and six titles available at launch. The second thirty twx had on was an ad on to the segogenecist, an the CEGACD, which was a great idea since the secossaturn was months away and would be more powerful. The thirty two X was thought to be a cheaper option for those who didn't want to pay for the more expensive Saturn there's only like forty games for the system, I own over half the library and most of the Games are horrible. The system claims to be three times more powerful than a three D O, which I believe, because if you have a genesist of thirty two ax in Asegotedi Segociti, it takes three individual power bricks to power, the fucking thing and nine box fans. Yeah SEG was only able to ship six hundred thousand units at launch and it was discontinued to do to poor sails. I actually remember going into cowdors and seeing them on clearance for like nine dollars wow, then you throw this pick out to win the round. Well, you know what honestly it's it's interesting, because it's a product, that's one of the it's one of the many reasons why Segis no longer in the hardware business. It's one of the reasons why people didn't go out and buy the EGA Aturan. It was a combination of the SEGASET, the second thirty twox, the Saturn, and by the time you got to the dream cast. Most people were just not going to take the fucking plunch they'd come out with way too much way too fast and most of the people buying Shild at the time we're fucking fourteen years old and they don't have disposable income to keep buying all this bullshit, so yeah thirty, two X, jug or not right. There yeah huge, I'm looking at Wonerie. Now. Why do you still collect it if it as such a piece of Shit? Just because it's is it hard to find these? No, it's just that the library's small. It's like something that I could possibly complete, whereas something like the s, the Nintendo libraries like over seven hundred gas. You know I'll, never complete that, especially with the way games are price. Now I mean I might never complete this thirty tox collection, the the most expensive Gameis like four hundred bucks, and I can't see myself spending that is it. What game is it? It's Spiterman Teluckshit, it's not o yeah yeah it. It's not good. Every time I think Spiderman, I think, is the one from Atori O that was all Horrib fucking traks Owall rimark when he got in eighty nine arght, so fom, my first o I'm going to go right back to the article I was talking about in my news section. Where remember how I said it mentioned that Sega was coming out. Well, it did mention that Sega was coming out and it actually does say that the it's been getting glowing, reviews and ret and orders from retailers are surpassing expectations. I didn't really want to give away one of my other picks: 'CAUSE Wegointo hot products and my first one of course is going to be the SEGAGENESIS at first Seca didn't have a North American sales and Marketing Organization. They were actually moving all their stuff through Tonka. So when they came to wanted to come to America, they tried to sell the genesis to Atari. Artari actually declined the project saying they thought the console was too expensive. So itari could have purchased the say agenesis at first, but they decided not to say, go decided to go it alone. They launched at first on August, fourteenth anine hundred and eighty nine in New York and in Los Angeles and of course, we all know the monumental success of the sagagenesis really driving gaming forward, and I found a qut from us. Gamers Jam, Jeremy Parish and he really sums us up perfectly. It says if the Atari generation introduced video games as a short lived seventies fad, then the nes generation established it into an enduring obsession for the young segagenesis began, pushing the medium towards something resembling its contemporary form. The system served as they key incubator from modern sports franchises, made consoles truly international. It created an online subscription service that foreshadowed playstation or by more than fifteen years, and played a key roll and enduring the vitality of the gaming industry by breaking into the UUS market and establishing a market in the UK and really that kind of sums it up. I know it touches upon l what might talkd about and really for shadows a little more in the future than what we're talking about, and that's just the initial launch of this product, but uh. That's my first hot product, the SAGAGENESIS and case you're wondering they sold thirty point: Seven: five million of these units were sold. The First Party units were sold in the uworldwide right. What's your second product, my second product, we're going to take a little time trip morboard 'cause in eighteen, eighty nine Nintendo was at the fore front of hand held gaming. They were a playing card company one hundred years later it changed the game, O'f handheld gaming, again, of course, with the Gameboy. It was first released on April, twenty rt nine hutdred and eighty nine in Japan, followed by the North American release. Three months later, the Gameboy received praise for its battery life durability and it quickly outsold the competition selling one million units in the United States within just a few weeks with its successor, the gameboy color. It sold an estimated one hundred and eighteen million units world wide, making it the third best selling console of all time. It's one of the most recognizable devices from the Nineteen d eighties, it's become a cultural icon. I had one, I know everyone else had one. So there we go the game boy, Ne Housand, nine hundred and eighty nine all right. Let's make this one quick, I'm going to give this one to eighty nine. It had two systems come out. Obviously we talked about sechojanisis before they were ahead of their time and they really pushed the envelope with everything else. So Yo got to give it that and then with Gameboy that just put the game in our hands. Instead of those cheap shit, little led game systems that we were playing, we actually got, even though it was a monochrome screen that Green Monicra, we still got some cool frigging games. It started out with Tetris, which was out for years, but it was amazing on a handheld, so that was huge. You had supermario land was another one that I played a lot, which is pretty cool. 'cause played pretty much just like the first game, so I think, with all t e the picure e out there, you guys have good stuff too bow your games are great, but yeah I've been have to go with eighty nine there all right. So I keep control of the board. I you don't keep control you get control. I get controlling Ford, get a point there. You go that much closer to victory, so you know what Fuckitman we're going to movies MM. Oh this'll, be interesting. Business is about ready to pick up right here. 'cause. My first movie is everyone's favorite back to the future part too. Not not the video game, ere actually talking about the movie back to the future too, not the crappy video game, because if you remember, when Marty travels back to the future and he goes and he finds gray sports almanack, if you look closely in that window, there's a copy of jaws for the Ns and Burger time for the nes and that's possibly the very first time in movie history that they suggested old games and computers may once become collectors items. And if that's not enough from the very same movie, was a Camio by the nes classic wild gunmen and that's very significant, not only in video games but also in movies, because if you think about it, that's the very first time a video game was ever used to set up a sequel. It really set up the entire cowboy theme that was coming up in the third installment. The third movie was trash. That's my first one is Nintendo invading the cinemas the large screen anyway, they could sticking in three cameos in the smashit back to the future too. Okay, it's a good one, Al Right. My second movie is I'm just going to tell you what it is: It's the wizard figure that a boy and his brother run away from home and hitch across the country with the help of a girl to compete in the ultimate video game championship in on Anine hundred and eighty nine, the wizard release December Fifteenth, starring, Fred, savage Christian slater, Jenni Lewis, bobridges Luke Edwards, and it was also Toby Maguire's film debt during nineuteen and eighty eight, a shortage of wrong chips actually delayed the production. A supermario brother's three intendo capitalized on this and said you know what, since we're delayed anyway we're going to promote it with the release of a movie that was the wizard. Basically, they made a one hundred and ten minute commercial for the Nintendo, all of its products and Supermario. This was just one level of the media Blizcreeg then Nintendo would do in all of American Culture Osand nine hundred and eighty nine, the worzard gross six million and video rentals. It's developed a cul following even in twenty sixteen on September, sixh packs West concluded with a supermario brother's three tournament in an exact replica, a video armogetting from the film Fred, savage Jenni, Lewis, Luke Edwards all make appearances at gaming competitions today, so the wizard there we have it. I knew that was coming up. I didn't know if there was eight or eighty nine, but I had a feeling that was eighty nine and, in this type of game, always major points when the movies about the game. Just like last episode were we had an album about the movie. This I mean perfect, perfect, Hik, all right Bo go ahead. All Right! I'm going to go an interesting route here with movies, because I have a a a game that was inspired by a movie and then a movie that was inspired by a game. So it's kind of an interesting twist here, I'm going to start off with Silent Hill H, Silent Hill. The game was released in January nineteen. Ninety nine, the movie, I believe, was released in two thousand six ish, but basically it was h. just siy Hill was kind of one of the very first. I guess you might call it Os there, ere, probably others before, but one that was really rooted in like horror and kind of suspense and stuff like that Um released in North America January thirty, first, nineteen, ninety nine and then you had the the film adaptation Um, which was released shit. What I do with that, oh yeah in April of two thousand and six so several years later, um largely but loosely kind of based on the game. So you've got elements incorporated from the Sequels Silent Hill, two seenly hill, three in Sightn, hell, four Yo main character in the movie, was actually replaced with a female photagonist, because the guy who a the guy who adapted it, thought that m. You know she had many qualities, typically perceived as as feminine the the addition o the original character. So that's my first choice, Silent Hill, which spawnd o movies several years later and then my second choice is actually the video game that was adapted from the film and that is Double O. Seven tomorrow never dies third person shooter stealth game based on the James Bondfilm wit the same name. This is the second appearance of Pierce. Brousen is James Bonn. Although the voice bond is provided by a a different voice, actor who was not Pierce Brousman, not obviously as good as golden eye, though nothing really will ever stand up to the test of time that that game the bar has set so yeah November. Sixteen nineteen, ninety nine is one than one was releed, so a video game inspired by a movie and a movie inspired by a video game. I had that video game. It was actually pretty good. I thought it was garbage Wi, which one Sila Hill or tomorrow an never dies. Tomorrow. Never does I'll get out of here. It's fucking TERROA, definitely no gold lines. Silenhill was one of those games that the graphics weren't the greatest, but at the time it was a scary game. emeergoing to my buddy Alex's house and we'd play it. Ye had like surrounds town we'd play with like the lights off and Shit, and you can hear like all the the monsters or what Zombis wereer the fuck. They were, which terrif you know in nineteen. Ninety nine. That was one of the first things you got so it's Kinda Cool Uh. I don't know about it. The movie coming out like seven years later, though, might take off nad kind of a technicality, but you know there's a Cora. You know in this game in this type of needs, genr the thing the way they're were doing it. You have to take some Libertye, sometimes so id art man, it's difficult all right off to Mike Mike what Yo got wow me man, Fuckin wow me. I will wait till you hear this on November. Fourth, nine hundred and ninety four evil meets its match when two brothers feel the power and live the legend and provide the ultimate kick in this fantastically horrible. Double Dragon. MIMMI and Jimmy Lee have made it to the big screen and earned one point: three million against a seven point. Five million dollar budget in the film two brothers have one half of a Chinese talesman and they have to keep the bad guys from getting it and taking over the world in the game. It's two brothers trying to get their girlfriend back and they fight through the city like the fucking warriors the movie sucks. But the video games have become such a big part of pop culture. You started to really see a transition from video games into TV and movies, and that's why you're getting cartoons like sonic, the Hedgehog supermarrerbrol is the movie and and the wizard ods O, but horrible horrible movie, Don't watch it. That's the one with Scott Wolf Right, yeah, anlisten Manos and Oh man, what a cast yeah! It's it's not good, but my second film is even worse. On November, on December twenty third nine hundred and ninety four street fighter, the movie was Relod in the. U S. storing John Claudvan dam is Colonel Guile. The film features your Favorite Street fighter characters doing everything, but what actually happens in the game? The movie should have been like blood sport, but instead you get a Saturday morning cartoon mix with Rambo. I think it's fucking awesome that Jon Clag was doing over ten grand worth of blow a week while filming this thing and the movies targeted at kids, who were fans of this like major fucking game, the film grossed over a hundred million worldwide, the movie sucks, but street fighter too was was just too fucking big had to get a movie and Raoul Julia was that was like his last movie. He wasn't what was the last movie? What was the last movie all right, so you had two shit movies, but at the same time you had two movies. There were video games. So that's when I was high class points right there mark you had one and the other one. What was the first one again? It was good too that to the future too ad aamios from Nintendo Games in it and one of which set up back to the future three which I fuck in hate ack. The future three is like rocky five like should not even be talked about, and the fact that we had to bring it up here. I got off the negate points for that 'cause such a fucking, Tur of a movie just kills the entire series. Why would you take it back to the fucking? Eighteen? Hundreds like anybody gives a shit like you know the reason they did that is 'cause you had wasn't. Ary steambircon looks really good in a long dress, fuck. Now it's. I think it's not wron, I don't think she's the reason the movie so really, I think she's the reason why that movie s what year did that come out like ninety one? It's a right, so it was before like Wyde Urpan, tombstone, Huh, hutrendsetters fucked that Um well, you did have the wizard, but that's the wizard's, a piece, a shit too. It's just a cold piece of shit, but I think the same could be said for the two that might drop to they're, both kind O, like colty bad movies, that you watch just because it's Kindo funny how bad they are so just because Mike had two of them, I'm going to have to go with ninety four, just because it's it's pushing in that direction where video games are now going into the movies. These video games are getting so big that they're, like just trying to print checks yeah, even though they're garbage movies, I'm going to have to go with ninety four, so w we have a three way. fucking tie going into the two point round. This is craziness. I don't even know what the fuck we're supposed to do. If we endin I a mound of blow ten thousand dollars worth all right Mike. You control the board. Two point round really doesn't matter at this point. Whatever two you got left go forit ar I'm going to go with TV right all right. So in September nineteen. Ninety four Megaman, the animated series began first run syndication in the US and ran for two seasons: an twenty seven episodes. The series was modeled after the popular video game series and follows doctor light and Megaman, as they battled Dcor Wyley and his evil robots. At one time it was the number one weekly syndicated children's show in the Nealson ratings. This is a much cooler mega man than we get in the captain n and the Gamemaster series it ran for two years. It would have went for a third season, but there was some some budget constraints. I think they were spending about three hundred thousand per episode, but Yeah Mega Man, the TV series and only lasted two seasons, almost been a terd all right. So what's your second one all right. My second one is remember: Mutand League football and Mut League hockey on the PSECHOGENESIST, well exactly well how about the animated series that ran from July? Second, Ninety four July letter- eny. Fourth, it Randal. Ninety six had a good ru, the show had two seasons and forty episodes. The premise of the show was, during a football game, an earthquake releases, toxic fumes, mutating the players into unsportsmen, like Mudens, an battle for the Mutant League Championship, the game's, actually pretty fucking cool. I don't remember this show at all, but thin sounds cool, though the premise of the game sounds cool, but it sounds like they just made a turn, and how could you make that that was a kid's cartoonim guessing right yeah? It's just not very interesting. The game's fucking awesome, but the when did that come out for not so mu. This was h, genesis, GA, okay, all right o some interesting picks there, nothing good, but interesting, O ourupe. I I loked out with television as far as ninety nine, an and video games are concerned and there's one particular show thats spawn two video games in nine Teen N, Ninety nine pretty close to one another, and that is South Park which has been around fourever one of those two games that I'm going with is December: Thirteenth, Nineteen, Ninety nine sothe release of South Park Raly, which essentially is Mariocart wit, South Park characters. The mayor of South Park has decided to stage a big rally series that's going to take place like through the town on the outskirts of town, that's kind of the premise byind the game, so you get, you know your favorite characters and you can do the whole bit. You said Mario Cart premise, essentially just try to destroy people. You have many portions. You got police cars, big, gay, awl, buggies jeeps, lots of other stuff, um characters who appeare in power up form: ICLUDE, Mister, Hanky, Saddam Hussein, the underpans nomes and h kitty. So you get um like a championship mo an arcade mode, multiplayer mode, so mostly negative reviews is most South Park. Games tend to have, but you know I guess it's. It ties in the television Ye and then the second game is South Park. Chefs Love Shack, which is a twd game, show style, party, video game, obviously based off the the television show. This was released October, thirty firt nineteen. Ninety nine scameplay involves playing many games and the ability to play against other players in a challenge for the most point. So it's essentially kindof like a trivuae game. It's, like you, don't know Jack H, invaded by South Park. If you remember those games which were pretty fantastic by the way Um cause, you get to be one of the four main characters on the show Eric Kinny Kyle Stan. So it switches between questions and little miny games like they're out the game with a a minigame ahead of every three questions. So you score points, obviously by answering questions, and you know your many game ranking and all that shit so mix mixed to negative reviews for this one too. It just must be like a South Park, video game thing, but there you go south park, chefs love, Shag and South Park, Ralley both released uh, not too distant from each other in nineteen. Ninety nine! Damn that must have been a big south park year to get two games. I think the show started in one nity, seven, ninety eight, so it was kind of like right at the fever. Pitch of you know like something new and exciting. As far as cartoons more more over like adult oriented cartoons too, that was kind of a that was a really big deal. It felt like when South Park came out all right and everyone at home needs to really realize it. When you go into specifics, like t vs and movies and music you're not going to get the best shit, you just gotto go with what makes the most sense and all four of the ones we've heard so far, sound pretty Shitty, but they're all T V related and video game realer all relevant. They are all relevant. They all make sense o this. This is tough right now it's either mark's Goinna like blow t out of the water, with some amazing cation. I gon or's, going to deliver two more s pieces of Shit and my decision is going to be fucking, atrocis, allright Wel, I n nine utded and eighty nine. We saw the debut of two television series that were directly videogame related. They debute on the Fox network, the first one Mike already mentioned, and that's captain and the Game Master Kevin. Keen a teenager from Northridge California is brought to another universe, known as video land, along with his dog, Duke to Deveat the evil villainess mother brain now. This was really the first time that an entire series was built around an entire brand of a company before it always had been other properties that were kind of on off. Much like my second entry, which is the supermario brother's super show which also debut n hoandnine hundred and eighty nine featuring Le Albano as Mario and Danny Wellsas Ligi. The pilot episode actually has Nicole Eggart in it she's fantastic in that, but the so supermar brother's supershow lasted sixty five episodes. I know I watched a ton of this when I was a kid and then immediately following it after this was captain nd the Gamemaster, my other pick, both of them had Monderan success. They E reruns, very, very heavy matter of fact. In the later Reeve runs they swapped out some of the sound track or some of the later music that was released once supermarior brothers, three came out, but yeah captain and the Gamemaster is supera brothers. The super show one ousand, nine hundred and eighty nine two things one any time mark makes a pick. He sucks that picks Dick Til loved it onit WASOM favorite. It was the best thing ever yeah I spent my days after school playing lost his virginity to it wasn't the best showever, but I actually did fucking watch the show if you didn't lose your virginity to watching Captain Leualbano, whether it was on supermoior brothers or in a ring. You didn't live your life correctly, that's right wearing rubber band Raca and it wasn't the well bannal. For me it was Hellbilly Jym absolutely, but he was actually there another story for another day anyway. I gointo make this eazy I'm going to go with eighty nine for the sheer fact that you had mario brothers in your the the South Park ones. I wish you had like South Park and something else the fact that Hou had two south parks and the shows or the games were KINDOF shitty. It doesn't really compete with Supermorio and then Mike Years were just even to your own admission. WHECRE IST not very go. SOI'M GONGTO have to go with eighty n Om mega man's a big deal, but, oh I forgot you did have mega man in there. I still have to go with marrior brothers. No! I well no, but marks got captain in and that's fucking just great all right, so it marks up at this point three to one to one. So two things can happen here. Somebody else can win this round and we have a tie which has never happened or markwins around and he just fucking obliterated you guys. So, let's see how this plays album mark. You have control of the board. Obviously, there's only one thing left in the second week in a row that you finished up with music, all right so fror, my first one we're going to doc tals for the Nintendo Entertainment Inthem, released September, Fourteenth Nineteen, eighty nine for an early game. This sound trek was monumental Nintenda Power Wilh List Ducktales is the thirteenth best Nintendo Entertainment System Game in two thousand and eight in the forty fourth game. All time out of it's two hundred and eighty five greatest games h crave: Director Mat Bolin of Ducktales called the music production, some of the best eight bit music. He has ever heard Polygon sites, the music from the moon theme as being the most famous piece of music from the title and calling it the most perfect piece of eght bit music ever written. The moon theme was used in the two thousand and seventeen animated series reboot, so it still lives on so the moon theme from Ducktals for the nes entertainment system that'Srigtecione just to clarifie. So this is not a sound track. This youre just talking about the theme song to the video game. It's the release of the game itself. It was released as a soundtrack matter of fact it was one of the first, not the first one of the first few soundtracks that were released from a game. That's how popular it was, but it's the release of the game, all the music on that the big standout being the moon theme and Hows Thatgo. Honestly, I can't Humm it, but I listen to it today. I never played duck tails, but I listened to the movtheum and I'm like, Oh, I know this. I've heard it before so. My second selection dates back to eighteen, sixty one Jesus Christ again when Russian poet, Nikolai Nekrovsky, when he wrote a poem name Koblinsky, which is the Russian translation for the word peddlers upon reading the poem one only needs to feel the building tempo and signature style to know why it was eventually transformed into a popular Russian tow tapping folk song aright. So now that's fast forward, one hundred and twenty eight years, ine toanine hundred and eighty nine Herzaku Tanaka remade, the song for the Nintendo Gameboy version of Tetris, released in November from there the type a theme firmly cemented itself as one of the most recognizable tracks in all of gaming history. Over the years the tetris type, a theme has been in numerous variations of the game, including, of course, the one bow mentioned. Super Smash Brothers, so the tetris type, a theme from one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. What does it sound like Dodo Dodo? Do Odo Dododododododododo do do yeah. If you go on you to, you can actually look up the poem. It's amazing. Proabl probably won't do that, but I'll. Thank you for doing the the tune. Like that extra points, if, if you sing it or do the tune, you'll get extra points st throwing that out there Oh shit yeah tell before the guy, you can actually sink and go it we'll. Let him go last Mike T M, the Double Dragon Soundtrack was released in ninety four and features coolios. I remember which I don't remember all right so Mike will not be wrapping coolio. No, no! That's my first pick that would it's honestly that sounds tracts horrible, but there really wasn't much A. I didn't want to pick like something you couldn't purchase, so I went with like movie soundtracks. The my next pick is the street fighter. Soundtrack was released on December Sixth Ninetden and ninety four by priority records featuring artists like MC Hammer, Lo Koj, farside, Naz ice cube and Craig Mac. The ALBUM PEAKED AD number one: Thirty, five Haor two hundred and number thirty, four on the RM bing hip hop jarts the album sold over five hundred thousand copies in the? U S and had its only single something kind of funky by Ralei Rao make it to number thirty nine on the hot rap singles, so yeah Thera some big names, though, for a game soundtrack, but it was a movie southtrack for a game. Yeah. Okay, it's a movie soundtrack, but yeah, it's a pretty hip hopcentric album I mean, and you have, I think, Raz casis on there. So that's a bit of a deep cut right there. Okay, you don't have any attracts from the first album you dropps. It's mostly garbage it's not even worth talking a o garbage the band or just garbage in general. No, no, no Jus, Colei Ha secesarly. I hassom thits terrible, mostly hip hop. You said Mike, you get extra points. If you drop a couple of bars, onot want the points. Okay, Boh wrap it up. This is this was a tough one. For me there was. There was a clear cut winner for me just because I had such a strong connection to this game, but I'm not going to start with that one I'm actually going to start with for music nineteen. Ninety nine H, one of the biggest juggernauts of a video game, was released November, twenty second nineteen, Ninety nine, and that is donkey Kong, sixty four, which was one of the Nintento sixty fours best selling games, twenty two million dollar marketing campaign budget that included a sixty second commercial plaged it over ten thousand movie theatrs during the holiday season. This was also on billboards and print over radio, all kinds of Shid, but one of the biggest things to come out of donkey Kong. Sixty four is the decy rap yeah. Do it give Hem a beat? I will offer an excerpt from the from the decay. Rapto O he's the leader of the bunch. You know him well he's, finally back to kick some tail his cocoanut gun, which means his dick can fire in spurts. If he shoots Yo, it's Gointo hurt, he's bigger, faster and stronger too he's the first member of the decay crew. Fresh walkers, told him. He has aids, pretty fantastic shit so like this is almost it's like Rick Roll, caliber Colt following the decay rappis like it's so bad. It's good like it's me morthy at this point and I'm surprised it's not being used to more means or anything like that. Like Perapa, the Rapabad right up there, yeah comprbos, probably in the same breath for sure so so bad, it's good yeah. You could probably go that round. I think that's fair, but the second pick that I'm going to go with for a couple of different reasons, not only because of it's soundtrack but the unlockable characters that were included in this franchise throughout its years. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Oh shit, yeah Ye, AH game, was released in nineteen. Ninety nine was the first in like a series I think the last one they made was two thousand and fifteen, but Tonyhawk announced last year and I think, actually released like a different new new era or something like that, but another one of those franchises that really had some some legs underneath it and th the soundtrack. I always remember like Kinda. I it introduced me to like Punk, music, Um and some different types of music that I really wasn't aware of before, but you had a soundtrack that included a superman by Goldfinger, which is like a standard for me now like. If I you KIF, I go anywhere, and somebody plays that song, I'm always impressed primis Jerry was a racecar driver included on there as well. Ye had stuff from suicidal tendencies dead, Kennedy's, but later on, as as the the game continued to grow and stuff you'd had these unlockable characters and a lot of these were actually musicians. So some of the unlockable characters that appeared throughout the Tonyox proscator franchise Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day, who else was in there? Well DARTMALL's, not a musician, but he made napapgearance in there Eddie the head, who is iron maidens mask ot, was an unlockable character, an the Tony Hawk franchise. Who else do we have grim ripper from guitar here, which of course, activision made that so there was, you know some cross over there. They were allowed to do that. Who Else di? We have judy nails another one from Quatar Hero MCA from the beasty boys was included in one of these games now, which one of them were introduced in the nineteen. Ninety nine game- I don't remember for sure going through the franchise, though, if anything, I would think it's Billy Joe, but it could be, it may not have been. It may not have been in the nineteen. Ninety nine version this may they may not have done it in in the first Tony Haks proscader, but throughout the the franchise history. He had a lot of these guys and a lot of the jackass characters too, for some reason, which I suppose tol how thay kin s O it with those guys which makes sense but yeah h. So that's what I'm going with at least t a soundtrack. I can. I can hang my head on that too, because Itd have really good soundtrack, but those are my picks. Tony Hacks proscate, that's Soud tracks from ninety nine, though right, yes, yeah, yeah. Ninety nine! What's the dead Kennedy Song, that's on that Soundtrack Police Druck! I tlink was WAE Wan n there fuck yeah, okay Um. I hate to do this Mike, but I'm gonna I'm going to have to eliminate in ninety four right now t I mean both your picks makes sense, but I think only one of them really stands up and the other one just sounds like. I don't even know who the fuck was on it. You don't even know it was on it, for was that Double Dragon welcoolio was on okay at Culeo Wens by tefault. You just made my point a I I I have to eliminate that one off the PAT, so ninety four cannot take thisce. It's going to be eighty nine. I ninety nine mark your both years kind of bored me I'll, be honest. The you couldn't do the th e first jingle for me and the second jingle from Tetris. I always put that fucking game on Mut when I played it on my Gameboy, so I'm in a half to go with. U Tony Hawk, I remember Ho back in and it was an amazing game. I never knew what the coinie that I game up. Her Aly House try yeah, it was fun like you just try to do tricks. Yo D, I didn't even care about score. I just tried to like do crazy ship, but it was KINDOF the same way that grand theft auto was. I never played that either. I just wanted to kill everyone and stil ha a then fuck bitches later on Um. How long can you last with five stars? Exactly that's exactly what I o? Who Cares about store same thing with Tony Hawk, so this is what I'm Gon ta ask you guys we're coming down right now. It's three to three. Tell me why your year should win over the other year and I'll make a decision on that? Oh Man, I'm going to go with franchise. Longevity alone, I mean you, look at Yo Loike, a Tonyox proscator, you debute in ninety nine. You go to two thousand and fifteen and now you're you're, just kind of rebooting the whole franchise, like that's Ongevity, and then you look at donkey cong who's been around since essentially the creation of video games. It seems like from you know, arcade based consoles all the way up to to platforms now, like Nintendo switch and all the nintendos properties and stuff like that. So I think just based on longevity, the franchise and staying power alone. Those are two really solid legs to stand on. Do you think that your dream cast like the online availability for the dream cast made? The other ones go in that direction? Also, oh we're so we're talking like H, all the picks combine yeah. I think so I mean that was obviously a catalyst for you know it was obviously kind of a testing ground for will this work, and is this the future of video games? Is this: What players want Um, you know so incorporating those features. The online game play the downloadable content, which is obviously massive. Now you have all these ad on expansion, packs that you can download from Ha playstation store or the you know the xbox store, whatever you want to call 'em Um. Obviously the online chat feature. I don't know anybody that doesn't online game and not really utilize the the chat feature. The voice chat feature. May Not be for everyone, but that's really where a lot of the you know just the enjoyment of playing you know like if I were to jump on with you four guys right now, we could talk while we're playing the game that adds a whole new element to game play a whole new fun factor to it as well e. are you meaning we could play games while we're sitting here doing this I mean we haven't done it before, but it's certainly not out of real of possibility. Thanks to the dream cast so yeah, I yeah, I think I think dream cast, maybe not the necessarily the grandfather, the end all ball or the you know pioneer of that, but certainly dipping the toe in the water and that abveously led to the the evolution of gaming. As we know it today, all right. What about eighty nine? Why Wu? Eighty nine take it over ninety nine Alri? Well, I'm going to turn this around and kind of use, some points that bow just brought up in some keywords: Pioneer and evolution. Nineteen. Eighty nine was a pinnacle year for Gaming, because the gaming industry from the seventies had had a tremendous decline and then, in the beginning of the eighties, eighty five eighty six started to come back and they were starting to see it build. So what o the video game industry do? What is Nintendo do? WHAT IS SEGA? Do they doubled down? They introduce new systems, the handheld market gets born and then, with the the release of the segagenesist launching video games into what we would see it become years down the line, and I don't think any of that wouldn't have ha would have happened if they didn't have the competition between the two kind of pushing each other forward. So that's why I think eighty nine, as far as video game, wise really pinicle year for the product, all right. I made my decision. I am going to go with nineteen and eighty nine. I coul win pery. Much put it where I was Kinnago H. I think what Bo was saying about the dream cast probably would have never happened. If Genesis hadn't taken off in eighty nine and then they you know they put out some bullshit in between, but like bike said they were always ahead of their time. So in eighty nine, the competition thing is big too, just like with we've, send it before, with W W and WCW. You take one out of the equation and the product goes to shit. So who knows if Nintendo would 'cause, they basically had a mini monopoly going on at the time. So who knows how that might have shaken out if, if they didn't, have the genesis to come up in tea, Unin so yeh? So I have to go with H. Nineteen, eighty nine pulling it out squeaker Holy Shit H. I can't believe I pulled that one out Ma'an when Mike Jumped into this. At the last minute I had a small anxiety tack. I didn't know what was going to happen. I thought I was fucked with a capital, Augh wow man, excellent game, guys thanks a lot for playning this one and for the listeners at home. If you're a big fan of dualing decades, we have some exciting news coming up in the next few months that we're going to let you in on and more content come in your way. Now, if you notice this was a match tonight in our singles division. Normally our matches in our course are in our tag: Team Division, where I'm teamed up with Mancrush and where the mamalukes and Mikeranger is teamed up, of course, with Bobee craft, and they are the of the after school special. So now we're doing, we have a singles division and we're going to have a single champion. I'm coming for the silver yeah he'scoming WOT, the silver col gold is a little too high calibr. For me, that's a little ambitious. I think it was a good job by you guys. It's tough with did a horrible jobe fucking forgot the brading thing. Well, at least I let you know about Im allright so to wrap it up. I am extremely excited that I finally have a win in the singles division coming soon, you're going to see a championship match and if you want to subscribe to our show, you can always head over to dueling decades, docom or subscribe anywhere. PODCASTS are found on itunes and, of course, on our good friends over at cassbox. So until next time, recho warriors we're going to bit you a piece, love lighting, a joy have a grateful day. Everybody Infirmay Media