Dueling Decades
July 20, 2018

Dueling Decades - April 1987 vs April 1997

Dueling Decades - April 1987 vs April 1997

On this week’s program it’s Dueling Decades - April 1987 vs. April 1997! The undefeated Mamalukes (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) take on The Blue Barracudas made up of Carlos from The Be Kind and Rewind Podcast and new comer to the show Jimmy! What is..

On this week’s program it’s Dueling Decades - April 1987 vs. April 1997! The undefeated Mamalukes (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) take on The Blue Barracudas made up of Carlos from The Be Kind and Rewind Podcast and new comer to the show Jimmy! What is the Secret to the Mamalukes Success? Will they win again or will they taste defeat for the very first time?! To help judge this one we brought in The Honorable Mike Ranger of the Video Rangers Podcast! The two teams slug it out over our five Dueling Decades categories, TV, Movies, Music, News and Hot Products! What April do you think was better 1987 or 1997? Let us know!!


And now prepare your earholes for penetration as we bring you another great boadcast from a hooculture extended universetart boculture, oculser, footcaller, becaswelcome, doe, sweeds dixs to another instalment of the poop culture bodcast on this week, shelfellow poopers, it's time for another duel of the decades. I am Mark James Anjoining us, as always, is my partner in slime and teammate on the undefeated team, the mamaluks it's Rick Mancrush and the challengers, the Blue Barracudas, Carlos from the be kind and rewind podcast and Greenhorn and newcomer to the show I 's Jimmy and tonight's special gest judge from the video Rangers podcast. It's the honorable miceranger gentlemen. What is going on by DS? Oh Ois, so his mom just died a yeah sawl the tributes we're watching in Cino man the other day, and we were talking a little bit too much about polly shore and what happens is mom dies Ct. You can't do that. You can't do that now and now we've got two more deats coming our way. They come in three thanks, Gus, it's terrible think: We've killed a couple of other people along the Waywell at least now you know what to do on the next. The death pool O wwhen Brutus, the barber beef cake was on. We talked about George, the animal steel and he died like days later. That's what it was yeah. It was George, the animal steel. Are you guys, verbal vidoo dolls? I was Lik, I'm not going to anger. You guys said. Oh, I don't think there's anything to it. 'cause I've been talking about trump forever and we know how that work, though well trump, is he's a Hor crux, so you gotta need some of his hair yeah. Anyhow, let's get into the rules of this game. The people that have listened to these episodes before now, probably notice that we have five people on here and they're like what and the fuck is going on you're destroying it well listen. There were people that had a little bit of a problem with the fact that mark and I kept winning and they were saying that were manipulating the other team to take our picks. I thought that was the point of the game. Righthat was the point it it's Kinda like high school mock debate, you'd take whatever point you have, whether it's good or valid or whatever, and you sell at the best. You can you plead your case and I thought that's what wew're doing, but to play it fair. We've called on the Honorable Judge Mike Ranger and he's going to be the one deciding who wins each one of the five rounds and we're going to do it just like last time. First, three rounds Wer a point, each last two rounds or two points. Each team with the most points at the end, will rise victorious now like before we get started. You need to do the ceremonial coin tooss to see who goes first and please describe what you're using for a coin there. We are going to use the cover to a vhs entitled a river of death. It's a cannon picture, yeah and Um. What's great about it, is I got it at a flea market, but I didn't bother to check the tape when I got home. What I had was was was a nice fresh copy of getshorty man a eat when that happens, man Youre living on get Shorti, Switchero allright. So what's heads and whotstails we going front coveris heads, I think so, there's a head on it all right, excellent, so that I'm sure there's a head on the back too. There always is allright, since you guys are the visitors, call it in the Air GOFOR carsokay. Let's do this ready, ready one, two, three Tals, it is tales ruberacudes. You have the ball a right, all right, that's h! So do we get to pick the category as well? Yes, you do Jimmi. What are you thinking? What do you thinks Aur a strong point to start o? We don't want to go. We don't want to go off o the the superstrong. First S, one points we got a guy, that's been here before he knows. What's going on, nd fuck, they're learning the strategies now I think we can use big news. Do you think big news would be middle ground, good, middle ground? That's strong! We'll start with big news. I love it. Okay, so I'll I'll rock this one out here so for big news April Urth, nine Hutdren and ninety seven, we had t e pegasust rocket, carries the remains of twenty four people into Earth. Orvit in the first space burial thiss is Scifi Suff right, Hereis, a true Scifi AI. If this happened in ninety seven, I had no idea whose remains was it they didn't say, I'm sure some astronauts and maybe you know maybe apple executives who knows but hang out before it before you go too far. I just want to throw this out before I forget. You just said this happened and I had no idea, and neither did I so. How is this a big story? I mean you had you got Ta, think of the significance of it. Notnot the I would say the big, the biggest story, but okay, I'm worthy. Why Wul you do the biggestor. You know W at D, don't feel bad man. I do this like every time. I come on, Welli'm glad what you I'm glad we' Ousein this one as the first one. Then let me give them a baseline of whaut loss to this. There was a big flood in the midwest part of the United States that caused two million dollars in damage and that's what I was going to go with til. He brought on that. You could have viking funeral butt, ane pace but like to hear about it now and that this happened twenty one years ago. That's pretty awesome, that's h! The awesome factors up there. It's a cool story. I guess, when you think about it, it's space trash. We who got buried. I just asked. I Din't think I berybut the way they did. It is like some of they'll take a little bit of ash if there wouldn't be the full remains, and some of it would stay in the ship and whatever, like. I think, they'd have like an escapepot or something come down and it would like burn up with the escapepot come down. So technically you just your remains were just like flowt out into you, know. The clouds in in the earths atmosphere, based on my research I saw part of it was Jen Ronmarry was, was save for this excursion and for those you don't know who Jeane Rodmary. Is he invented star wars track or star Trek word SAR trek there? It is Sartrek the original series there's some more significance. II know like I wesaid big, but this is significant. Okay, all right, so you go with a significant factor over the top news factor: Ok, twenty bucks there. If we recover those ashes today and you open that canister up, there's a roach somewhere stuck in those ashs and cigarette rigtit's like half a pack of Pallmalls, Oh yeah, all right, so you have the th wh you. What's the name of the story? Yewat call the headline space: Viking, F, riht, space, Viking funeral. Now what is your second story? The biggest news item that I found was that was the first year of an Autora. It was in Ao Year of Inter League Baseball. It threw the purist for everybody's freaking out like before the opening of baseball that April. What are you going to the game? Why you doing this? Like? The whole point was for east versus West American leagers nationally to meet in the world series, and this opened up a wide, ranging field of options for not only the sport of baseball but for other sports tha come who would later adopt interlegue plan. That's a good, that's really good 'cause at the beginning. That was awesome. Actually, I think, for most of the country he was Shitty Mike as Metz Fans. It was probably cool for US 'cause. We got the subway series before the subway series. INNERLEAGUE play was was awesome for US 'cause. We had two teams like right across the street from each other, so I was that was pretty great 'cause. You had never seen that before and I imagine mosty ago in California it was rolly cool too, but if you had a team in Fuckin Milwaukee, it was like play were whoare we playing today yea you guys playing the royals, Oh cool. I think this is a his is a pretty big story: Man When They Integrated Baseball. I I think Yourte isegration of America's pasthanded, all of a sudden, the American and the National League are both sharing the same water cooler. So e still slow road yeah all right. So those are those are respectable. THAT'S A big story! THAT'S TA! Top! That's top news story. I I think that one definitely holds up. That's a pretty big one! H Mark! Do you want me to go first, or do you want to continue the ASS weaping I'll start? I don't mind all right. I I got a news note here and Aou Washington DC or nations capital that kind of affects all of us to this day, whether we realize it or not and as podcasters we kindo do realize it, and this was when the FCC or the Federal Communications Commission gave notice to broadcasters that they are going to expand their definition of the seven dirty words which traditionally have always been ship. pissed, fuck, Cun, cock, sucker, mother fucker in tits. Thank you Carlin. So the FC C is now saying it's those words plus a whole lot more any type of anuendos or anything that still may be considered dirty. They can nab you on that as well, and a lot of this backlash came about because of h complaints that were filed h from shock John Howard Stern, that's right. They weren't they weren't filed by him theywere filed about about him. That's what I meant to said. They were filed a Nowat Howard Stern. I don't know he probably filled them himself yeah, and this was like a huge story back then, because then he had the whole March downtown in New York City later on in the month against the FCC and again we're able to say whatever the fuck we want right now, so just because everyone just say whatever curseword you want right now. Cot took one fuck, mother, fucker, it's Shitty and Mike Ranger right. You didn't do one says the guy, who also didn't do one cock, sucker, Oh from the list. I like cumpound words, yeah, that's a good one, TIR's a little fun story that attaches to marks. While I was digging through and finding articles about this there's an article from Philadelphia where it's talking about how Howard Stern has now become second in their market. Behind John Debella of W MMR Ninety Three Point: Three and in the article they said, Jon Debella, don't care. He said he's not worried because stearns ratings are Goin to decrease. It's part of the normal flow of ratings. He'll be gone tomorrow that worked out 'cause, who the fuck is John Datebella Yeah OL Som of a bitch allright. So I'm GONTA switch to my story here, good one mark. I like that major story still plays with what we're doing today and really it is significant because this was in nineteen N. eighty seven. Now, if you remember in the later eighties, and in the nineties, you had the big store up with the PMR C and everything. This was the start of that movement. What the fuck was e pmrcy, the lthe parents, resource music council, where they were going to censor all of the Aber Gor Yeah Tiprsh JS Sipergorioyeah. Well, she was part of it. She wasn't the only one but hunt, absolutely thon. We had twiste his ter representing yeah. I be SIC inte stree Y, the umpahe music industry, that SRB SOTHIS was kind of the start of that censorship. In America or the Crackdownwell, they had the the parentil stickers. That's when we started getting those on the CD Yein, a explicit consents, yeah migt hear the word. Dipity do on your alm, all that stuff. It all stemmed from that story all started right there aright for AU second story. For decades there were basically three main channels that we had on television. We had CBS NBC and ABC, however, for grown assed kids like mark myself and even the honorable miceranger there's pretty much always been four major networks, and that's because on April fifth, nineteen and eighty seven, the Fox broadcasting network, expanded its programming into prime time for the first time ever, and that was the night that they promered married with children and the Tracy wollmen show adding Fox into this was like a huge mix. 'cause. Not only did it give everyone more stuff to watch, and now you had this foor channel line up, but it also diversified television. Well, the other networks still had like their cookie cutter shows that were on Fox was looking at revolutionize. The game th head of programming for Fox an h time was twenty. Nine years old, the company's president was thirty, nine years old, so they were really looking to be cutting edge and take over the younger market and, if you think about it without Fox, you could bet your ass that we wouldn't have half of the shows that we have today on any of the other networks, CBSAVCR M, B C and regardless of the ratings, they were actually pretty decent from the start. Being a new channel. Think about this for a second. Do you think it was a coincidence that Roseanne premiered on ABC in Nineteen Eighty Eight? That would have never happened if you didn't have married with children, because that was a B C's dew jerk reaction to putting a new show on the air that kind of coincided and then, of course, Le's not forget. Without Fox, we wouldn't have the simpsons family guy x files, nine O two one, oh party, O five, the seventies show living color cops house. Twenty four arrest of Development Party ofan every other, show that only lasted half O fucking season did iy hear party by or O got Jennifer Lov HEU in and FUC OAOL withut thisyeah and that Ih, if this was a reverse rap battle. This is the part where I'd be praising you for three SOLIV minutes with awesome. RHYMES SPAGHETTE, pagin that' be that'd, be Mike Ranger, but that's that's it. I mean I don't know what you guys got to say about Fox, but I think that's a huge ass story. Yeah them coming to one of one of the major networks. W Know E did theaversify like Yosa. The Tracy Ollmen show thats, where the simpsons got their start. They were one of the little cartoons just like little like a cut seeng cartoon and then I kind of dvelop from there and then of course, married with children. I love that show ou how Bundy you can't go wrong: ith, someel Bundy, but yeah. It's tough for me, the Dado Fox ment early mornings, viewings of small, wonder if you guys, remember small, wonder doddy! You already had the on the head. The emergence of the slobcom so for years, tor years it was all these stand up, comics Yo ould find toat. They could make family friendly, even though they weren't in realixe, like Bob Sacket became Pol House and Bill Cosby became a raper. Can you blame Fox on Bill Cosby, maybe hewas trying to get eggy? I don't know baby, maybe it's the sweaters, maybe the sweaters have a long term effect on somebody, Asbye, sweat t had opening day. You said April, sevent, nineteen and eighty seven, that was April Fifth April n nine ine seven. Like years later, we have th the bushes hating, the sinsons and then writing an apologtic letter to the simpsons after Marc Sincon writes a letter to Barbara Bush. W En Thot T was one of the most wholesome moments: N T V, political history and so much going on so there're solid stories. So the honorable Mikeranger give us a winner for round one. Well, you both both teams had very sound and convincing arguments, and while I do agree that Inner League baseball was a really big deal three years later, nobody gave a shit about it. So when I award the point to the Mamalukes, I remember what a big fucking deal married whath children was when it hit it changed TV forever yeah. It really did. Networks had to come up with counter programming with Fox. It was had never been done before. No, they, they took the concept of the classic TV family and just turned it upside down. Exact e did everything. Nobody else would do and they had no choice. If they didn't do that, they wouldn't have lasted right. They would have been divorce, fucking UPN, they would have been the Dumat Network there. It I, the lass of Ermon nowher before Fox, which was like fifty years prior or some shit like that it was, is Anour era who said: Do you Mont an Oor whas on Yo? That would be Rick Rick Personal Point for me: Yoget, a FIRC swee. You get two SA D, Two POYTS N. no all right mark, I think C. I think wee gotta go off. I don't want to do. I don't want to do that one. Yet. I know what you're thinking it it makes sense, but o want to do it yet 'cause. I think that's a Gimmy, okay, all right! So let's do sho movies. What's to movie, let you know what we should do, let's do movies. Let's, let's do it start it out I'll, bring it home all right. So what we're going to do now is we're going to take a trip back to April of nineteen and eighty seven to a movie that is so so underrated by a major star from the eighties. Mr Michael J Fox and of course I am talking about the Michael J Fox mega vessel, the secret of my success, one of my favorite Michael J, Fox movies. If not my favorite, I really think the role is tailor to his strengths and, if you're not familiar with the movie Michael J Fox, plays a young boy from Kansas who dreams big moving to New York City and becoming a Wall Street big WIG. So he finds out his uncle is a big wig at a Wall Street company. So he applies to that company gets in the mailroom and within a few months, ends up swindling his way to the top and purchasing the company, totally believable, of course, yeah as all eighties movies, yess and winning the love of the most charming girl that works at the firm. At the same time. So me, my initial confusion is I don't see where it fits in the back to the future saga, but I'm sure that's coming up soon, orwhat about the teen wolfs cannon. It's funny that you guys are bringing those up, because if you take out a really dark spin on secret of my success, it's actually bright lights, big city where he plays Jamie and just gets yeah pretty much. Oh, that's Yeaca, wellthat's, FO, Mu, Soo, febecates yeah, Oh God, man! That's a dark! fucking movie! I think that came out either the next year R, the year after that, that's a sleeper pick, but that was a big choice that mark just did. That movie took in sixty six million dollars it and I'm not ore dollars, tunty six million dollars it W S, a twelve million dollar budget really worldwide. It pulled in over one hundred and ten million dollars us a gross of course was sixty six off or twelve million, and eighty seven yeah and eighty seven dollars mind O in eight in the year nineteen eighty seven ig seven dollars rig nnineteen and eighty seven. You know what I'm talking about es you're, not a countic florinplation. How much is it Inton, O teen dollars, whatwas sixty sixty six million dollars domestically. This calculation brought you by no NA thouws. Everybody did well, it's no secret whil. I was a success hundred and fwonty five milliod dollar all right! So that's. If you look at the movies today, a hundred and forty five million dollars that brought in domestically that's a pretty big movie on a small budget, not a small budget but not size of twelve million. For then that was that was fairly decent, but again that that took in a lot wasn't the biggest. It was the biggest movie that month and it was top ten of the year right, so it it did pretty fregging well and the movie that I'm going to go with, for this was a movie that took in twenty eight million dollars. I nineteen seven, which is sixty two million dollars and twenty eighteen opening weekend it took in about eight million dollars. It was number one of the box office, which is nineteen million dollars in twentyd eighteen. So that's a fairly good opening, let's see if the Honorable Mike Ranger knows the movie I'm talking about here. I think it might have been something we were talking about this past weekend. It was a movie that was released on April third, nineteen H, seven and it's the movie that asks the question who think they can kill the brother of Badula. A little citizens on patrol he's got him before that's right that were the others ad Aiin Bass. Don't you ever touch my balls without asking? So that's right? It's a police! Caden me four citizens on patrol in this movie, Captain Harris's back. He was gone for two and three was not in it's Bahoni's last police academy. So you know this is the last good one David Spade made his first aveer appearance in a movie, and he looks exactly the fucking same as he does today. Like the one cool thing too, is during one of the scenes where David Span he's supposed to be like a skate punk that gets recruited into the citizens on patrol of skateboarding. It's actually Tony Hawk playing his skateboarding double and Tonyhawk. In eighty seven was like Michael Jordan. In eighty seven, he was like the Michael Jordan of skateboarding. This dude one first place and everything that he entered. He was huge he's still enormous today, Tinga skateboarding, first, an POPs up Tony Hawk, but the movie itself, man Ad Great Characters, my feverite character bobcactgoldweight, said had the best scenes in the fucking movie. He does his opening and that isn't great when Ho walks in that library, Yeah O win a O. I meeting Dod, I angr man. We covered that in episode of forty something Oh Jeso, no, the scen. I love with him. There's two of 'em. One is where he's holding what the Hell is. The ME, the the top guy, the old commodot. What's his name, Lorard Igsard, the Soni fish he's told this he's trying to eat it and the SAR turns around and he's like just kissing Ey I tus fish. He looks like you and he throws them back in the bowl or when his mickey mouse watched eyes, nd he's like Kil miin yeah. It really is one of Bob Cat's best films, if not his best picture. I don't know man Ho to Tro there's. No, how Ri? I don't know if you ever saw the Moxsi show of the movie from Carton nowork that was he follin Bob Cat. Oh he's he's amazing, like everything that he does usual awesome writer too, and a great director yeah not from something you would expect. No, I know the movie that you love. What's the name that that flick, think it's God blastd America, is that what he ame of the movie. It was it's something along thes line. It thik I's Bo Glori right with enzall Washington. I thinkwouldtake glory with Bob Cat Goldwy it'd. Be Amazing. He's like the general that leads all theax roops into battle, winerabout their pavor his best one. She lows list O Kn, W O be CTE. Ima, Oh Shit, all right! So our movies secret of my success, Pleice Cate me four! All Right! Do you myou want to go first with our movies. Just you know. These are the movies that didn't make the podium. The e lead us into what did get the gold and silver metal for us here. So moosing to these two movies are Romey and Michelle's high school reunion, eight heads in a duffl bag gross point: Blank Chaseing Amy, which brought Kevin smithins in the mainstream before he decided to go back down below into the lower dex, which jaand saw on Bob strikes back. My movie pick for this challenge is the voice vehicle Annaconda, a documentary about the family troubles between John Boy and Angelana Joli and owase. There wow wow Anna Conda, it's a big one, was' it Ju for Lopusn Ho Bet Your asshes in that ice, oand, Wilson, wow wow, who casted that somebody who got a raise for sure yeah. I saw that in the fucking driving and it was double featured with down pariscope ohniy down pears, Gotelsea, Kelsey Gran Mone work for that one yeah little interesting tidbit here I'll, throw out Anaconda and the secret of my success share the same writers, O Dtr Suth that err aneconoy made wha like hund hundred and thirty six million. I think on a forty five million dollar budget, which is pretty solid, didn't re, that' wow, that's a pretty big big time. Pe for ninety seven, this is like kind of the CGI was really coming: Thr they're, putting it to the task there with the with the snake. It made a lot, but that movie was a huge piece of Sh. They all went to go see is, though, matter of fact I actually have here in the mancave studios. I actually have my original movie tickets. I believe from Anaconda. When I went to go SA, I from ninety seven. I think istill Ha thow much. I do that's pretty awesome, I think for me. For me it was the first instance can c Gibe used to commedic effect like how they digitally insied, O Oen. Will send like jarger banks and yeah? You can do it, what they didn't really put Owen Wilson inside a snake: Oh fuck, no HD, many more shitty movies, Youe ruin the God damne film for me, Hashtag Spoilers, yeah, Hey' supposed to start the show with that. I'm so sorry, thanks Jimmy Je Anniconda had Um. What's Eric Stolswho Washey, this is Goin to tie into Eur backo future theme. He was in back to the future and then he was and then Michael D Fox came in. Oh my God, our movies are like there's like six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Right now, Holy Shit Yeah. I did you ever see any footage of that they were releasing the EA it' o you too, it's on o ad ray he's, not bad, but I could see the studio wanted like a funny actor, so he he was going to take in a more serious tone and Michael Jae box was just way more playful with it. So the tone of the movie that you get now and that's like this family friendly Scifi action adventure film that it's totally would hve changed into nation. If arestols had done it, it probably would have done. Okay would have made its money back, but it wouldn't be the main stay. The national treasure that it is yeah is as cool to see the same scenes shot like the final scens you see, and then you see him basically like kind of running around the downtown area and some of the diner stuff theyve shot and an could ave see the camergroup for getting like nearly if not the exact same camer in England, because you can. You can literally like if digital insertion Wasas a thing back in those days. That's that's what you could have done. It's just like Adobi premiered at Michael Fox for arxtols all right. So that's moneywise good pick. I think it's a questionable quality movie, but but it definitely it definitely was a spectacle because its like a salway Wa with the CGD everything they hyped it up. They, the trailers were coole like they showed all the finished CGI for those trailers. So, like you really got people hyped up, so it may have not been n quality for Surt. Definitely not in that case, but the hype. It definitely got a lot of people 'cause. I remember me a bunch of my friends and I we want to go see it, even though we thought even afterwards, we thought it was dumb, but it's a guilty. It's a great guilty pleasure. It's not a COK classic, it's not a good movie. It's not bad movies, its a guilty pleasure. It's a great! You know just kind of popcorn movie, it's not good! When a movie like that is not a cold classic cals. You think you would think that movie would be a POL Cla. I had assumed it was a col classic, ASE Rif tracks made fun of it and they were able to acquire the rights really cheaply, wtax being the modera diversion of Mystery Science Theatre, three thousand and my favarite line from when they mocked it. was there carrying Arit stollsand there like no, it's okay, we'll take you out of this movie. It was just a fance, hasing INEI bet he wishes. Somebody did carry him out of that movie. He's Iki BNONT sobsubicious all right. Now, I'm really curious. What's the other choice, so the other choisays a another? I would say a disaster type movie. This is one in the middle of the nineties disaster movies. We got an onslaught, we got the original ones. We got the two furs, the ones that were competing for the same premiss. Basically, we picked one of the two and this battle and the one we picked was the awesome Tommy Lee Jones Lid Volcano, oh Shud', went doctas well, theythey, come out the same T, they come out yeah, the speak was not aol. UNFORTU would couldnot go with good old, Pierce Brosen, but we ha older actor. Who definitely was trying to an action movie when he couldn't he shouldn't have been doing it, but the movie hunter and Pancio idonchiill do an action weas. Twenty years later it grows o hundred and twenty two million on a ninety million dollar budget. So it made think I make mind you well and had the slowest action scenes of all time, W H with Lov chasing it, but I just remember it being having Los Angeles being like more of a character than anything 'cause they're just running around you know, different plays of tarpits they're going around different DIPALYA had a different place and it was a complete rip off of earthquake yeah just a different catastrophe, and this is like timily Jones. What I use like Doin? U S, marshals and stuff like that, so he was still like in his reign of doing quality movies and still y. Ah, he wanted to go more action for whatever reason, so this is kind o what their middle ground was he's like. Oh, I don't have to really run fast cool Odo. It so have to run at all head on yeah and so M and Doncheedl, of course, being in the movie Kinda. He was. He was more of a the control room guy but and more f. The I'm Gonto Take Tommy Ly Jones's job when h when he dies here, but I like his line boom. Looking for this, like that was hilarious to me, sounds it yeah. So if Olcaa and of course its, like I said, Dantes peak was the the competitor, I think they, I think volcano- maybe got more attention. Dante's peak, which is kind o. It was good, but I don't think I got as much attention as volcano did just in they beat it. It's like cannon, it's the first one that comes out and ty get everything yeah, so Thi's volcano was the was the other movie all right, Mike Ranger, the honorable Mikeranger? What is the verdict for round two? This is a really tough one 'cause. If I have to pick like there's two movies on here that I like and there's two that are just Kinda and I'm trying to see which one might have been the bigger deal. 'cause on one hand, you've got Michael jfox on his upswing, Youve you're, continuing the Police Academy series, Steve Gootenbergis, fucking, huge thrig right about Ow, the G Aniconda launches Jennifer Lopaz's career somewhat. This is like her w money train like right around this time. Right Ash, Yeah Volcano Kinda was a big deal even though it kindof sucked well y a I'm being nice. I'm Gongto give it to the Blue Baracutas. Oh theabilier, qualize theyill. Take it sympathy points right. So that's one point apiece that gives you guys control of the board. Do you want to try hot news again? I feel like this time. If we sold it right, we could really sell that and take us his story. UTAK Mulligan, on the on the hot news. T we're so on at one point, is that we I ever Staln the one point: What do the think about the product, the hot product 'cause? I think the other two we have are are pretty solid. Aho Product come from the N, sixty four, the game of the Console Tha, I feel had the best star wars games and this one, the x wing versus Ti fighter game just like Rogue Squadron, the podracer this like this one tis up there as well. You had to get to place x when you to play his tyefetter. I think UNLOCKD, the the millinnium balcon like this one, was the shit when it came due like most like just getting down just space battles. You know, I know we had Rogeswuadron, you can play in hop and everything, but this one forin sixty four they're stepping up the graphics. This is big time for a star wars, fans this. I think we maybe were getting teases of the fance of menace coming out soon. So the hype was starting to build back up because between you know, the last Aa Return aget and you know up to the Panto menace you knowwas kind of slowing down and guards Su Star Wars, products at least ta popularity, but they're starting to get an UPTIK. Once the people knew that George Lucas was pinning the PHANTOMENAC little did. We know we didn't know about jargeor at that point, but we were definitely pumped so we had. We would yet people we wouldn't. We wouldn't have beenice pup, but weere definitely people. I know a lot of friends who had this game getting down on some x wing and tifighter igh right see so w. what's the what's? The second prodoct, so Carlos I'm actually since you've saved our TEAN. So far, I'm going to let you go ahead and and continue this momentum go ahead. D, go ahead and drop our bomb Dude Bey Buddy. That was the B, the INSECY foris. What I had, I don't know what o we talk about it. He so you guys remember the mpty one in the MP two and then we moved on to the MP three a etrilogy of of music files, and I Carlos. If I wanted to play this in the nighte wha. What could I do other than cry? I had a cry right, although if I went to I, I really wanted to whip e Lama's ass, I would go ahead and download. That's right! That's right! That's right! Oh, went out wewent out wintan is that when winamp came out April, ninety seven, my dudes wow man, I thought I was out long for that got to get your skins. Oh man remember dolloding, those and visualizations and Y W, and you would listen to obviously the default mpthra going a man get your Taco bell dog on. If you wanted, I don't even know how people found music in those days before an afster like you would just put something into a Searchn d. You put it n, you would put yourstelf in the hot botor lyceos find your song wait. Forty minutes to download it hope. Your mom didn't pick up the phone. While you were down inhe song got 'em from the news groups. Oh Yeah, you pulled your stuff off newsgroups, you went to IRC, you downloaded stuff off VI c, that's where you got your music from or you just grabbed your CD. You ripped it and you Tradet with your friends and that's kind of how you built your library but yeah. That's a solid pick. I remember using winamp and yes, marke is correct. That is n nineteen ND. Ninety seven thing I remember switching over 'cause before that. I forgot tat any of the program that I used, but it was terrible and he used to crash in the middle of all my songs windows, Media Player. No, I ot OS Media Player. I had something else. I just can't think of the damn name of it. Oni Actually SONAC was pretty awesome. I wish thahe could last ID longer than it did, but we AP is solid. So I'm glad that H, you guys get two good products now yeah, so I feel like we got o. We have a two PRODUCCS oer here: weget go H, SOLAD PROS ALL RIGHT MARK! You want me to start this round. Yeah go right ahead when you're looking for products, especially back in the eighties, it's hard to kind of figure out when products launched 'cause unless you're dealing with a major piece of technology or like a fucking, cabbage patch kid it's sometimes it's pretty hard to figure out the exact dates of the release, but it's possible and a lot of times. I use newspapers Otcom to find all my information out so I'll give them a little spot. But this item Ed here was something that every kid wanted in nineteen eighty seven and since their parents were not going to drop thousands of dollars on a Sony Camquarter. I nineteen Egh, seven, which was probably like two or three thousand dollars myself. As a nine year old kid wanted the Fisher Price Pxel, two thousand, which you can pick up for a hundred and fifty bucks, which is about three hundred and fifty dollars today. But with this you could record eleven minutes of black and white video onto a ninety minute, audiocasete tape, and it came with the the RF cable. This is like precomposites, you had the stupid RF box, O the switcher, and then you could play it on the T. v. It had a built in microphone for audio. It ran on six double a batteries. You could bring it around. It was portable for the first time for an extra fifty bucks. You could even get like the little watchman's style TV monitor, so you could review while Youe recorded and this little badass recorder recorded at fifteen frames per second, and it had an awesome resolution of one twenty by ninety. That's Gameboy, printer stuff man. I S pretty amazing, but you can record five and a half minutes per side of the cassette tape. The sound on it was utter dog shit because you actually hear the cassette rolling as it's pulling through the Mike, but it was pretty cool. Nonetheless, kids didn't have this option before then, so for Nineteen, seven, the first article that I could find talking about it in stores was April Fifth and through the holiday season. Everybody wanted. One of these, like I said before it started a hundred and seventy five bucks o the holiday season they lowered to about a hundred and fifty my parents Wen. I wanted one of these. They didn't pick it up till the next year when they dropped t to ninety nine dollars and mine never worked, and I had to return it the child world. I was really upset but aame, sad yeah, it S. it's a really cool fucking thing, though, because to this day I mean you think about it. We didn'twell- I don't know if you guys were old enough, but back then we really didn't have anything that we can record video on and our parents weren't going to pay for these things. If you want to make a movie. This is the only way you were going to do it and that was with t e Fisher Price Pxel. Two thousand shors must have been terrible in those days at one, ninety versus eighty, two picels or whatever WTHAT NETLEX resolution Jesus. It wasn't good resolution, but when you're a kid I mean look at the sets that we have like picture sets. Then ''ll come out great and then you have like. What's the easy bake oven, you wouldn't eat that shit either, but it was fun to make stuff on and there was the same thing with this product. I remember this product. Absolutely. It was the one toy that I wanted so fucking bad and never got I w. It was, and it was only around for a couple of years Um that I remember it and h t it was so hard to get hold of. They would sell like hut, cakes, you couldn't get a hold of them until everybody realized that they didn't work in second or third year and they were gone yeah. But but it's cool you cal, pull them up on you Tue. You can see people still use hem, Tay hipsers. All over got these things. They pull him out, Yeah Sai a aoular. They came back or quite a few years ago. They had in the movie with maybe bike can help me out of this, that jke Gyllenhall and h the chick that played cat woman. What the wholes, her name hat just said: Theholi Bever, no, not the old, Laver N, either athe way, ad half away. I Tri a cit, hear the cit right as tr t. Her and J Ilanhall are lying in bed and she's, actually filming him with a Pxl two thousand n. That movie, then love love in other things or something in the name of the movie is. I think I have it hm nice t's a little omage to the pick pxl two thousand. This is no ordinary subshot. This is firehouse upstired of overpriced lunches that under deliver on flavor head to firehouse ups, where for a limited time you can get a four ninety nine choice off choose from a medium smoke: Turkey, Virginia Honeyham or roast beef. Their custom made hot subs and a price ready made to make you smile just four. Ninety nine, only at firehouse sups enjoy more subs, save more lives, participating locations plus tax. On the time offul prices make Varry for delivery. It's great parn, Art d. You get that crazy, eddies yeah. I definitely a crazy iddy ore, thewiz all right. So for my product I got a little product. You guys may have heard of called Red Bowl Os ever drink redbolt. What so? I'm read right from the Red Bull website, because you K Ow, you got to back your fax up n Osanine hundred and eighty seven on April. First redbull energy drink was sold for the very first time in its home market. In Australia it was not only the launch of a completely new product. In fact it was the birth of a totally new product category. Now, today, red bull is available. An a hundred and seventy one countries, and around sixty eight billion cans of redboll have been consumed so far so and that all happened starting April first, nine hutdred and eighty seven. It started in Australia. I guess for a place where you're dehydrated constantly at first it doesn't make sense to me, but that is like the coffee capital of the Pacific Rim. So, okay, big, I iin community too, so yeah red. I think, redbull's a pretty big deal. You've heard it work, sixty percent of the time, a hundred percent of the time, yeah th he the initial genesis of a fortune. Five hundred company. Can you imagine the motor oil of that shit was in nineteen and eighty seven O, my God. It was'to regulations on any of the OPSET, those drinks, ten o Aleghedra, a hundred percent of peder in water. They you know they peed in a couple of 'em. Well, it's Torene. It's bullpess yeah, it's terrible! It seems like fucking battery ACID W we've bought sixty eight billion cans of it since nineteen and eighty seven, so that's my product red bull, I would say that's kind of popular Yeah Sa. I saw one or two advertisements during these the big game. So I think I no all of the big games. They flollow Matdegun the Big Foo, the bigger football game when the squadrons were doing the sport, the honorpold Mike Ranger, I'm trying to look at it from the perspective of was it big immediately or 'cause. Obviously, Redballis is fucking huge now, but in eighty seven we were drinking jolt so and in Searge, yeahwhat surge. That's t E. Ninety I most got to look at the overall pop culture. Yeah, you think just pe, I guess oergoing immediate impact or we're going overall 'cause, that's another thing: All jectiits got its Chave Heo, all yeah, it's going to be. Overall, you got to take into consideration, I think both yeah. Well, then, her I'll put the MIAR CALN o right here, you selected Fox before because I' married with children. That was not big right off the bet that was big within its first year, an not as big as it was like over the course of eleven years. Well then, by that logic, I guess I should have chosen secret of my success. An polace Ga em, beforedeniedcause WENWENAPP was a pretty big fucking deal the n sixty four was terrible. Oh God, I'm Gong to give this one to the Mamalukes red below WHOA. I did not see if I hurred back oi, guess she a bred, bulder iddles preaded. Now, if Alama's bite, no, that one was really close, though Oi. I feel I feel good about our last two, all right, so we're in contwe're in control of the board. Again Man Crosh. Where are we going to point round right? So, let's see a two point round, I think we're two point around we just let's do it: Television, television, all right, flip, a coin who wants to go first me or you H, I'll go first, I guess go roundthat was a boring, vhs stape flip all right for my television selection, I'm going to take some liberties here and I'm going to do a combination selection, I'm obviously going to go with married with children being that it was April. Fifth, Nineteen Eighty Sevens Premiere, but I'm also going to need to drop twenty one jump street into the mix which launched April Twelfth Nineteen, eighty seven, which is a Sunday by the way, a day before my ninth birthday, it was really hard to choose between one or the other 'cause. I liked both shows so much, but everyone knows both shows itit's, not even like it's just a cold following these were major shows and they're still played in syndication. To This Day, twenty one jump street even turned two movie addaptations and they're. Both fucking hilarious married, the children, was on for eleven seasons, that's like in sheer's territory, and then twenty one jump street was around for five seasons and it' burned off the two movies. It introduced the world to Johnny Depp and, of course, thet gave us Booker Nickle TV series, that's the important piece right there. So for my TV selection, we are also going to stick with the brand new and fledgling Fox network and they had a show men on there that we mentioned earlier Carlos. You brought this up. The Tracy Oman show, but on April nineteenth, a nine uteen and eighty seven Tracy Allmon wasn't the star. It was a a new cast of characters that were introduced called the simpsons that debuted for the very first time on network television, N April, nineteenth nine uneed and eighty seven yeah, so they developed a short shorts that were inserted into the Tracyalmon show and I believe they had a little. I think they had like forty five or fifty of those and then after a while they, of course the simpsons became its own television show, and you know over the years, is done pretty good. It has won thirty two prime time EMMI awards in four different categories and has been nominated for seventy eight awards in nine different categories and has gone on to be one of the largest television franchises ever with merchandising and spin offs with movies cartoons. The intype video games, the entire Simpsons Universe, thirty seasons all started, yeah thirty seasons all started April, Nineteenth Nineteen D. Eighty seven was there wikepedia article called Hawto Bet, Jimmi and Carlos is that where you ehes always wins man, that's not true. ORNORNINETIES and we wantin a landslide Wey, always win in my heart. It's a tough one. I ea I I'm not biased, though we were going to go back to back with this one before I'm glad we waited, but I I figured you guys knew this was coming with e drop of Fox yea. I was like, oh no, I don't. I had an Anla, but I n't I didn't like it. They got ninety seven though, and we're on T V now. So I'm a little worried though they could still up. There were some pretty big shows in nineteen. Ninety seven do they have to premier ninety seven in April they don't they don't have they don't have the premier here's the deal and we got lucky here because 'cause they were blasport yeah, the last four episodes that we did o this. We did January February march and Ou April. You don't get a lot of premiers in those months like last time. We did this. My choice was the Ateam with Boy George, it just happened to be the episode I mean you take Whatt's given to you here you just you gotto. Do the research a thin comes up, so, let's see what they gotwho. You went first last time so I'll Iraq. This one out. I went first Ann Third, last time s true oi'll jopinto this one so yeah so come in t ne and nine unded an inety seven year right, ters, some pretty epic events happening here. Cultural shifting events with this particular one Um, we're going to the Ellen degenere, show the puppy the puppy episode where Ellen reveals, as she is Alesbian shifting the whole paradime of how people perceive gay people in in TV. An pop culture is how gay people dance. Gay People have puppies whatwhyr you. Why have people been hiding this from me? That's wmy favorite thing about that up is in the mysical secret for years. Yes, and they revealed it on this episode, along with the fact that Ellen Raisi Os Lesbian, so yeah, I it all kinds of like she had threats before she was going to do this or she's going to lose. You know, fans and advertisers, but she still did it and even after the fact, her show grew and a sh. Her populator group Tha the show itself, wasn't that great, but eactitself you know actually kept. You know pr it propelled her. You know her staying up acting eventually now you know, she's got the Llen show you know everyday middle aged W. Women are watching that show she's a new OPRA. To add to your point, Carlo s like this is a time Disney had jest spogt ABC like this is what this is, who we want to be the pase of on nowwork. This is gont this. How you're going to end your season and Lucky Youl I mean it was. It was very unfortunate that Ellen couldn't find any more work with Disney afterwards m. She definitely didn't start anany hit movies with any hit rolls afterwards, but she she put everything she had on the line and it it tore down barriers, allright well, I'll give it. That is a large moment in television history, and it's funny he said she's the new oper 'cause she actually interviews with Oprah playing portraying atherapist thi is like right around the time she did. That movie like was it Mr Wrong or some show Ike tha, yeah, yeah, that' titolt, make sense to me. Now I get it yeah. Doesn't it so speaking of subverting the audiencets exitations and living it flipping them right on their head? If you guys are familiar with jeopardy and wheel of fortune, you often associate t jeopardy with Alextrebec and wheel of fortune with Patsayjack and Vana whiteen. On April Fools Day of this year, Paten Alex switched places for the first and only time in their history. They they switched place. Yes at Sadec, hoste jeopardy and Alexrabec hosted wheel of fortune. WHEAL offortune was then played by Patsay, Jack and Vanal white and also, I think, the head of the Boy Scot Organization. At the time I want to say, if I'm remembering C correctly ECAUSE, I was a huge boy, scaled geek, and so it was like super. It was just super awesome to see these 'cause the'rethey're entirely different, shows win entirely different tones in in Di entirely different styles, so for pets, theyd iked, to bring kind of the gaminess to the Intelligencia of the day and Eneralestrabeck to be uboring, onoright and wow. You know he left Mustache Moustache, haires oon a passage aklittle stand right. There he's Li Dam at your back. You know you left Moustache hairs on Van Awhite, Oh yeah, oh vana still has the same job Aman. Turning those things making triple digits at triple. It is jeeze chicks, made millions. We've talked about this in a past episode. Oh yeah, we had a lingkfe conversation. It just dawned on me one day, and so I googled it and she had made like over twenty million dollars in her career for touching letters and walking ten feet, cause it be fair sheused to have to spin them manuallyyeah. She has to find that corner. Raby Fair. She did get a lot of that money when she took her clothes off. She didn't get that much R. I can not erify that, but I don't have anything to dispute it and you have to ente this this night. This is ninety seven. This is like these show. Both these shows they're, like you know, Superhay Day, like people wag. These aren't these just the afternoon. They're like show prime time for these shows so not in Edays, either roty by Kingworld r talking about Ellen, and I already forgot Jimmie's pick versus married with children, twenty one jump street and the simpsons. You know I'm gonna, I'm going to settle this writ out. Yeah a moderator. The Ellen thing is a big fucking deal. It's it's a big deal, wh n, when she, when she comes out of the out of closes on T V and it did O it's Ou- know a lot of ways: pretty much changed our how our society is made up and how we operate and we started inteurleague baseball. Then yeah anthing cause that elen comes out in the week later. W Y Have Inter League baseball dogs and cats living together. It's a big it's a big deal, but if I had to choose between a rerun of Ellen tell in the world she's a carpet muncer Bob Rooney being stuck in a fucking wall, I gotta go with the Mamalukes Marrid with children, Av the simpsons and twenty one jump street or just quality programing Al Right. Well, you know what that means. I mean as te Ko at this point: Yeah Yeah Yeah, but let's play let's play round five for fun. I didn't want to do that, but it was just such a fucking Landflod and that's really the luck of the draw, because when we picked the years we don't look to see it's like. We pick eighty seven, ninety seven, but we don't look ahead of time to see you know what was in those years and then we decide who was going to get what years and you know it. It really is the luck of the draw. If you, if you do your research, it's just that's incredible! Lik! You got like the fucking front line of the eighty six bears. Thatthat was a close one, though t had me sweating when he said the Ellen one. I was like Fok, that's a grelounser that that really was. That was a that's a huge deal. I mean she was on the cover of T v Guide because of that t because of her show, but just because of her we've been very kind to Len Sitcom Amazed E, only one joke seam of it. They thought she was skippy from chaws and charge e s thought she was Andy from family ties. Okay, all right! So we're left with one thing: We're left with music h. You know what we'll let you guys go. First, my pick: six million album selling eponymous debut album of third eyedline by third eye bline, which featured the huge hit semi charmed life, which I am more than happy to describe to you guys since I amtol in this competition. It also featured that Slong about jumping off a ledge that I don't fee like looking at the title up to right now and jumper jump Ank you here. It is thank you first, which is also featured in about every ninetys Sitcom or you know, or real world episode, Yeah exactly it's fucking horrible. I I'm sorry, I cannot fucking stand this band or these songs they're horrible. I had to take my wife who was then my girlfriend wanted to see them and we saw them in smashmouth. I wanted. I God I Wande fucking Stab my ears with like ID Screwdra. You can't I hat hem, you can't argue six million copies and that Al that guy I heard was legendary. Just like sland Pussy, athe BG, be singer, he's really going that hos third eye gotline for sure plimedia ISTHEST! That's what it is. It's not all the way blind its just crussa over and eats the cream. That's what it is Soyes, so yeah mine is whatever it is. The equivalent of staying after the game is of bringing us home yeah yeah. We Se rally cap right here, Um Yesh, this nineteen. Ninety seven April Fifteenth- This is Um Trio, O young young fellows that came out of nowhere. andbtdefintely rocked ti an because IER Hearo, the song at basically every middle school dance. At this point in time, in my life was a handsons Umbabwhobitwas, their successful Davu single one of the most successful dv singles of all time number one and twenty seven countries and has been featured on basically every now. That's what I call music since Yousai it's release, I it was the puppy episode of one hit, wonders yeah. I think there's actually somewhere in writing that no matter what version of now tat ICO the Binbobhas to be on the Vdo like two thousand and forty six oon Bob Track one ere just because that song is so bad. This worked flawlessly. I worked at a company like it was about six or seven years ago, and they were taking donations and not many people were donating. I fout what it was for, but they were c. You know there was a collection. Nobody was donating, so they came up with this thing. Whoever did this as a fucking genius, every like just a random point of the day, Bob would start playing out of your phone speakers m. that's awesome and he would not stop playing it until he got a donat like if somebody donated in like two seconds. He would stop playing it so until he got that first donation, he would just keep playing it once every day. Isn't that extortion Oyshi, they did pretty wellthasay that they retired to a house, and that came an island shortly or after e h never saw that guy again, just come back e only accept the cash rightwhat. Were we donating to again aallright mark? What are you got all right? I have a an album that came out in April seventh of nineteen eighty seven DJ Jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince called rock the house, the Freshho, the fresh print who the fuck is the fersh Prince Wa Rellyam, the fresh prince just happens to be the giant mega huge movie star that we know by the name of Will Smith and that Netlex guy on bright tes that guy okay yeah. This is the very start of his long career. This is where it all started. If it wasn't for this album rock the house which I did own, I had the casette of this album and I I have to say it. I rocked, rocked this House I did. I was I wasn't a big fan of rocks house. I did have parents just don't understand on Cosette single. I had that as well. A I think, that's where they really kindof took off. What was the other song that they had? Would I bear on my street or S Rin, my street yeah Dimeri, my street yeah was girls Sayig. Nothing but trouble. was that Ti yeah, that's wrong. This House is O. I believe it is girls, Ain'G, nothing but trouble and guys ain't nothing but trouble and H, just one of those days s a precursor to h, scrubs right there, but this is where it all started for Will Smith Rock this ouse DJ Jozzi Jeff and the fresh prince, and I'm not going to H, make this last too much longer ad. This is the first C D that my mom ever bought. For me and that's a white snake white snake came out on April seventh, nineteen, eighty seven and the album sold eight million copies in the United States eight times platinum, five times, platinum in Canada, Pattnum in New Zealand, platinum in the UK and gold. All these other fucking places nobody cares about, but of course, had still the night. Is this love Gimmy? All your love and the song? Everybody knows tawny, gotine on your hood of your car. Here I go again: That's what we got the fantastic album starte to finish: Oh yeah cover osreference by bowling for soup ind, the songin nineteen. Eighty five is that on isn't I thinking the right thing? I'm sorry there's lot of references in that Song Yeah. You lost me at bowling for soup. Really you didn't know that song. No! What Oh dude you actually liked that song itwas like a shit ton of references in IIT's, ready player, one of songs, Dude Y, no you're like hey just detrub as many populs, or references a ong as possible, an they're like all right. No, I wo O her coy nice and They'e ain my birthday, but yeah. That's that's what I got. I'm not gointo drag this out. Whitesnake Shitton albm sails. Everybody knows the songs. Everybody knows the image of the chick on the hood and we saw her at Rhode, island Camican. She was not looking too hot. I think she was in a wheelchair. Ohwhich was kindo weird. The wheelshaire should be a CA. She should be like a ot o od of a car God, I hope, she's. Ok, I hope she's Oky, but h yeah. Apparently she wasn't doing too hot. We saw her all right. Well, not that it matters much. Let's go over to microranger the perduct on this round again again, another another tough around here, but the problem is like with Thirdeye blond and Hanson. Is that they're kind of one hit wonders too and yo n a one yeah? I know they. You know what I mean. BAS basically had the same song: Oh Yeah, you could. You could have put Bob on third eed lines album and nobody would have ntoticed right right. 'CAUSE STINKS: I'm not going to do it because Itwulbe Ttur, exactly you get it stuck in your head and it's the same thing with Umbab that both of those songs wo'T. Well, they bold us in the sames what if there was a remix of the two of those songs together- Oh God, Dawin my head right now and Al Mine, Mi head's, going to blow up like the fucking guy for these ganners and just a minute. Oh Man, you know when it comes down to it. I just have to keep traveling down the only road I've ever known and I goingto give it to the MOM alogth agree day. Oh okay, we get I mine. We con get itdied Nice Yep. When I had all these together, it's the Mamaluke's, nine. Ninety even was not great to fuck. I don't know why, but I thought ninety seven was going to be such a bitter. What was the final score? Nine to one when I saw all we had to play with, I was like. Oh, this is a guaranteed sweep Yu n b seed me o fantastically overestimatidg my ability to sell nineteen. Ninety seven, you know what you gotta, you gotta use, what you get whatever's thereis there and you guys just didn't, have it got to sell it got to find it, and if it's not there, sometimes you got to make it up. I tried that and we lost that tail. There'll be no baking stuff up Mike Rangers there to check the facts. He is the law he's all right. So, unfortunately, that's what we're going to end the fund for this episode, fellow Poopers, but don't worry, we're going to be back next week with an all new episode of the poop culture. POD CAST CHECK US out on www don poop culture. Do Com want to say thank you to our special guests this week, Carlos from the be kind in rewind podcast. Please download the episodes subscribe. Carlos tell us about your current episode. What's been going on man, I just release an episode. Today we did a throwback to the best and, worse, a video game accessories. So go check that out. We got a great list. We had a bunch of shot out so people who are a listeners so yeah, I'm excited for that, and I ges some pretty special, celebrity or N aestatic celebrity interviews coming up here pretty soon and, of course, the honorable Mikeranger from the video Rangers Bodgast Mike. What can people expect on the current episode of the Video Rangers? Next Tuesday, we will be putting out episodes sixty nine, which will be Tom, sellock starring, an Mister Baseball love that movie offering free mustache rides for all the ladies one episode, sixty no that's right, sixty nine dudes and, of course I want to say a big thank you to our special guests Jimmy for coming in and joining the pondcast, and you know joining in on the madness for this week. Thi was a lot of fun. Thank you! So much so until next time, fellow poopers, we bid you apiece love lighting. A joy have a terrific week, everyone. What he just heard, was a poncast, an the BOO concer, extended universe from ore. 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