Dueling Decades
Dec. 19, 2018

Dueling Decades - December 1983 vs December 1992

This week Video Heads, we head back to the 80’s & the 90’s for another round of everyone's favorite new adult audio retro gameshow...Dueling Decades on Poop Culture. December’s matchup sees the “Mamalukes” (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) arm thems

This week Video Heads, we head back to the 80’s & the 90’s for another round of everyone's favorite new adult audio retro gameshow...Dueling Decades on Poop Culture. December’s matchup sees the “Mamalukes” (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) arm themselves with 1983 to take on “Jason Priestley’s Cock” (Beau Becraft & Mike Ranger) and December of 1992! Judge Jon Cross is in full force for this one, ready to law down the law and pass his own unique brand of nostalgic justice! Is it a December to remember for the 90’s team or will the ’80s serve them up a large lump of coal! Listen, play along at home and join us on Facebook for more great Dueling Decades action!


Informay mediaaropulture OCULTERPROFOCUTER PEOPLE IN CARE to stop Ta Jewelin, a the Pixin a plan, but it got on Im ran again upon that CAPU got the power gop com fight for what you love, your Newho Co to pot e Pi, Copi ancritas Ba he to pore cop wild, take grave a O, Bala Itin. I am made a TNO come fight for what you love, Orin, AAs rondcasting from the biobaday studios, wear water. Does it better welcome videoheads to another episode of dueling decades here on poop culture, the Rad rincheous Retchroa game show where we make the eighties and nineties fight it out as we debate these two dope decades. Let's take a look at the teams and the decades they will be fighting for. First off representing December of nineteen. Ninety two teyll be craft fighting alongside micranger hello. What di we decide on the team name. Are we going Jason Presley's cock, I believe, is what we're going with this week. That's my favorite one and my partner, who I will be representing December of nineteen. Eighty three with that's right. I'm Rickma and crust and IILL be partnering up with Morganes and we are the mamalupes and, as always, here on doling decades, we need someone to hold down the law and order so put your hands together for the honorable judge, John Cross. Yes, it's your very own ginger senter, coming at you and this Christmas special edition December jewelling decades judge Jun, cross high everybody, hello, hipping, his shirt and four or two teams here tonight in the audience playing along at home. The rules of our game are quite simple. A coin flip well decide the team who goes first, the winning team will decide the topic of each round out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, T v, Music News and, of course, hot products. The first three rounds are worth one point apiece with rounds. Four in five worth two points, a piece the judge's rulin will determine, who wins each rown and the team and decade with the highest overall score after five rounds will be the Victor Gentlemen: Let's play some dueling decades, ceremonial Cointas, all right and the ceremonial cointoss this month. Is this dollator centerface made out of tinsel that still has a tagger on it? Look at that right there. So this week's choice is, do you want to be the Santo face, or do you want to be the wireframe at the back of his skull pik? Who doesn't I want it on the face Mike wants it on the face all over the face who doesn'tright, let's see what happens, we're going to throw this ous in the ECE ourselves a moustache ride. It landed on the face. ORMAL tescor get W OOKAYRIH UST sounds like some Larry David' Shit that was going on a skull is fracing up. So I'm sorry Mike you did not win us. Jasons Priesley's cock remains ary toss is tie all right mark. Where do you want to start? I think probably news yeah, that's what I was thinking all right, oncet, you lay it onus and I couldn't wait to talk about news 'cause. We finally get to talk about something here on doling decades that we don't get to talk about often enough and that's the NBA in the nineteen eighties, because on December thirteenth, nineteen, eighty three with both teems entering the game on a three game losing streak: Nine thousand six hundred and fifty five fans in attendance at mcnichols Zarena in Denver Colorado. They got a chance to see the Detroit Pistons Defeat, the Denver Nuggets by a score of one hundred and eighty six to one hundred and eighty four in a triple over time, barn burner the highest scoring game in the history of the National Basketball Association, Daa Thomas led the way for the Detroit Pistons with forty seven points with Keki Vander way chipping in fifty one bor. The Denver Nuggets Alex English, also finishing the game with forty seven points. All and all six players from each team scored in double figures. The two teams shot at combined a hundred and forty two for two hundred and fifty one from the field smashing all previous records all and all it's a record that still stands to this very day. After over forty five thousand NB a games played since the historic day. It was broken December, thirteenth, nineteen and eighty three. No, it makes that even a bigger accomplishment as the fact there, Wa n, nine teen and eighty three, where they played defence yeah fouled hard like I could believe if that was a twenty eighteen score that would fly, but the fact that that's still a record and is from nineten. Eighty three is amazing, good one. I was looking back at it and you look at all the other games that are close to it, that it bea n. There were games in the fifties and sixties and to get anything in the last there's nothing in the top twenty in the last ten years in the last twenty years, I think there was only two entries, so those are records that still stand and it's up from a time where people play much more defense, like you said than they do today. Yeah they hit you with a fucking elbow yeah that was bill. Fucking laand beer on that Pistons teen yeah, that's some crazy shit, yeah YEU had a double double in that game. He had double figures and rebounds. How do you get double figures in rebounds? With that many points on the board herd, he came twice too cheat codes all right, so I'm Goin to switch years here we're going to move away from sports. Yes, we we don't cover sports enough, though, so it is refreshing to hear that December. Nineteen. Eighty three paramount pictures: They took a bold gamble at the time: vjs'mbadi copies of newly released movies, we're selling for seventy nine. Ninety five. So, in terms of twenty eighteen, that's about two hundred dollars picture, paying two hundred dollars for a movie these days, IG! That's what people were doing back then, and V JS, like people were getting them in their houses. Like you know it, it was really popular item of time, but instead of going with this status quo, paramount pictures decided they were going to sell the newly released raiders at the lost Ark at thirty nine. Ninety five at the time, this as an enormous gamble because of the price to replicate these movies and distribute them on VHS ETE was a huge underdaking, but paramout figured that their break even point would have been about selling about a hundred and eighty thousand copies at the price of thirty nine, eighty five and that's what they were gunning for just to break even just to get into the market. However, they ended up selling half a million copies ofres of the lost Ark and they just followed the seame formula again with flash dance and just paid off for paramount, and then all the other studios started to follow a suit and then before you knew it, the prices of owning video started to come down dramatically, and obviously we see were let us do today. But if we had to pay those mouths back, then nobody would ever purchase them, but not only did they start like a trend in the industry of lowering these prices, but consumers also started to buy videos as gifts an since th December. It became one of the best selling gifts of the holiday season was to buy a movie for thirty nine. Ninety five and it's a planet. A lot of the video game sales were going on at the time which nineteen three started to tank. So that's the story for Esebr nineteen, three, it's paramount's big gamble with th Mraders, F, the lost Ark Al Right, throw it over to Jason, Priestley's, big cock. It's no bag, Jay cack, it's just his cock. There was no word about how large it was Okayi'm, not going to say how. I know that then we'll just go ow get you just made a ponographic. It's T's, a children's show an I point out one one, quick thing: We we put half the the video up for the last episode and somebody did report US for language. Ooh people I'l just Gotto, throw this out there. Now, if you don't like the language and fuck and listen, they reported us on facebook for language. Yes, is that a thing now I mean I can't show my penits, but I can say Panis Right, apparently that they got offended. That's a textbook term. Yeah Shl tell us the fuck off. If you don't like the Tuckin Mating, qlas anyhow, back to Jason, preses Cock, all right Bo who's, holding the cock near you, I'm going to go with you first Mike I'll. Take Your esteemd lead here, okay, well, on December, ninth ninehteen. Ninety two: This royal couple prove that love and marriage do not always go together like a horse and carriage when Briton's Prince Charles and Princess Diana released thi statement announcing their separation. After eleven years of marriage, the New York Times called in an unhappy ending to a storybook marriage gone badly wrong. The couple did not originally plan TA divorce, but in Augus of n nineteen. Ninety six, they finally did Princess Diana, was killed in the car crash in Paris. Just one year later, while making a midnight run to the store trying to find crystal Pepsi die in like Nineten Ninety eight or something she's still dead, it only matters. What happens in ninety? Two, that's e!! you can't call a princess die anymore. It's princes dead, it's past tence. I made the part about the crystal Pepsi up though she she have a fellow Brit amongst us. Let's have a little respect here, gentlemen, Nonno Noffuck, those scrouges. We already know his point of view on this. It actually is interesting that that's come up now for the third time this. This two mother falcters have come up about their wedding and now they're divorce. Thank God! It's over now! It's it's, because the only news that ever comes out of England that actually finally makes it to the: U S: Is Royal Family Bullship. It's like the only thing you guys ever report on. I mean wehaving, this big fight with Europe right now and, like literally it's just fucking royal families have fucking kids. That's all I ever see on the news: Hey Ma'an. We got our own fucking problems, we're trying to make America gread again. We we move on. Let me know when that happens. What do you get this one was kind of everywhere, maybe not necessarily this particular point of the story, but on December second, nineteen. Ninety two Amy Fisher was sentenced to five to fifteen years in prison after being found guilty of shooting and wounding Mary Joe Bodafuko Zuba sailswhat's. She served. Seventy years was granted Pearl on. May Ninety nine. After the Supreme Court Judge IRA wexner vacated her guilty plea and shortened her senses. Since a shortened er she's only half a person, Jesus Christ, I'm having a stroke over here, so she gets out of prison shortly after she becomes a columist for the long island press and, like all good, fair type stories in the Ninetyes, she had a short stint as a porn star. I've seen it just like John Wayne Bobit, but hers was wasn't Heras like an amateur shot. I think she did more than just one. I remember the Amet, like her boyfriend put one out did a little research, this afteryear he did more than one pornography, video or she took more than one shot. Probably probably both, I guess, trying to cover my basis here now. Tha Marry Jo, that was only one show right. She took most of her shots from old, Joey Old Joey, all right over to judge John Cross for the verdict for the first round. All right. Let's just recap these new stories. There was something about sport which I didn't understand, but I did appreciate the names I thought the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nugget sounds very silly and twee. I enjoyed that motion moimmensely, something about the highest scoring game in the history of the NB, a nothing about Keki Vandawak, something about men in very, very small shots, throwing their balls about they're, very small short, sorry, throwing their balls around and and then the exciting news that V s went nown abrice and we were finally able to collect VHF Um, which is it's fantastics, a fantasic, but the news, and then we have prince chales in Diana separate and Amy Amy Fisher. The Long Island and chest Queen was sentenced. Um F for not saying wait a minute. Your name is Budafuko. Ok, that's just I sa that for a second but a w, the butter fuck. What now this is difficult to pick, because you've got two stories. I couldn't give a shit about and then you've got Amy Fisher slashpawn, which is at least interesting 'cause. It involves tints at some point and you have vhs paramound pictures raise the lost ar raising lowering the price of vs, which is tits. Well, I'm surprised at the first VHS that was released. Um at a lower cost was not a ponographic viacess. One would assume Paun being at the forefront of most technological advances. It would have been some sort of pornographic effort it wasn't. It was raised the last dark Um, I'm going to go with December. Eighty three, simply because I think that those two new stories probably had more impact on the world as a whole over the course of the next thirty five years, then either of the other two. Yes, but my story had an impact on someone's whole yeah true and it also created another whole in someone or multiple. If it's, if it's any, if it's any consolation- and I know it isn't- It was a tight type contest between Amy Fishes Ow, you seeme Fisher, I see yeah, those two don't belong in the seep sense. She was a minor at the time and we all know from the laut show how I feel about minus. That's not, I feel like they should stay down the fucking mind where they belong. Children clowing themselves out of minds trying to be part of normal society, get back down there and take me my call n tr trying to make America great again with all this call everywhere. Santa Cross is violent. Yes, the Ginger Santaclosis here to bring perturbation and despair wherever he goes, so I'm sorry, Jason, preetey's cocker would have loved you giving you a good rubbing. The mamalukes. Take it this first round all right mark. I think we got to go to music. You want to go music allright. Why don't? You start us off this round all right on December? Third, nineteen, eighty three just a week after wrapping up their selffinanced three weeks, studio session to time, Grammy Award Winning medalband slayer released their debut album show no mercy. This entire album was done on the backone of lead, Singer, tomerahis savings account and they borrowed some money from carry king's father and they literally banged this entire almount. In three weeks in the rest of history, metal, blade records signed them up. The album was a huge success. They sold forty thousand copies worldwide. No, it doesn't sound like a lot, but when you compare this to medalblad records, average selling five thousand copies a month of all their ats together and slayer was only known viatore, which his only done pretty much locally in California at the time and word of mouth you know in this band they went on to release twelve stuiobums over the next thirty plus years. They just finally finished out in twenty eighteen with their final tour. They sold millions of albums over that span, they're one of the most influential metal mands of all time, and they made a huge impact on the mainstream metal and they've never had any radio play and obviously little help from MTV. So it was a pretty monumental. Album I's good pick can't go wrong with slayer man, ucin Slyer, Raining Block, Flier Shave, any of you else. Besides me scene, slayer in concert the one Yang hippy here and I cean slayer yeah. That's it's a well, you can't anymore, but if you have it's an event, I've seen the movie SLEA, but I've not seen actual slayer concert much more violent than the movies layer. Probably so surely, and a lot more ha a lot more air. So for my pick here December fifth, Anine hutded and eighty three is the original release date for the fifth studio, album by German heavy metal band, except entitled balls to the wall and carrying the title track of the same name: Attaining Gold Certification in the United States, although it never scored another hit ball to the wall, instantly became a hard rock anthrem for the band and it remains popular to this day. Some of the albums success, though, can n no doubt be attributed to the publicity that it gained from the controversy that broke out upon its American release due to the records title and front cover being deemed by some is homeorotic with lyrics and songs titles, including Bolls, to the wall. Of course. London, Leather Boys, love child and head over heels. I theteist, Wolf Hoffman was dismissive of that controversy, an an interview with metal gear magazine. He said, we've always been interested in politics and human rights, and things like that. So all of our lyrics, we hade in those days and well to the end, actually we're dealing with human rights, for instance, and in reality it's what balls to the wall means one day. The tortured will stand up and kick some butt, so not actually about gay sex. But you know about the oppressed rising up again, I don't see how people co Confuse those they just you know there're, actually, radio stations that are banning the song currently because it promotes testicular massicism. If you ever seen the cover my sister owned this growing up and when mark brought this to me, I go oh yeah and I know the cover, because if you look at it it s dude in like leather chaps, they're like leather underwear and he's holding a ball in his hand. But when I was a kid, it looked like a cockhead. If you S and it's black and white, so it just looks like a hand holding the Dick and then saying D. I was like how can they? But then I eventually figured out that it was just a ball. They knew what they were doing. The wey thing is all the song titles on this. Album are also the same names as the chapter titles in my biography, thatlove, the Chile, London weather boys, I'm still looking forward to guardian of the night, which is what I'm going to be in the future. That's going to be like my vigil, antename N, I'm oin to end with winter dreams. Before I die in the snow of scary, I cannot wait to read the chapter about the wedding that just happened. That one, of course, is entitled Balls to The Wall Boll to the wall. Yes followed, wadely by London, Leather Boys, but that's justthat's, just some of the people who ga crash my party all right off to the nineties Mike so I went with the DT solo album by doctor dray titled, The chronic was released on December, Fifteenth Anineuteen and ninety two on death roll records peaking at number three on the billboard. Two hundred this multiplatinum record features three singles, including a nothing, but a g thing also features the talents of the one and only snoop, Doggi dog. This album created the sound on, is g funk and is considered. One of the best produced hip hop albums of all time. Perfection is certainly perfective and that's why Bo- and I are here to let hem understand, never heard of that wow. That's a hard one to argue with that's Endoctorin until Doctor Dree did you say he was with Ed Lover Right. I could have said that I' pretty high reckoned wol great pick Mike. You really can't argue with that, even though it was basically just parliament funcadelic's greatest hits Remix, but you know 's complaining yeah, but Dr Dre he has headphones snoopdog like wrote the whole album but Yeh, which is Funny Mark 'cause, N N Nineutneed and eighty two there was George Clinton album released so as there was cynoge Ol like fucking coincidence. Oh my God, I gotta hear what Bulls got if that's what they start with, I'm not a huge fan. I went through a phase with these guys, like I think everybody does but December fourteen nineteen. Ninety two, a compilation album of previously unreleased tracks, NERVADA's incesticide, is released. The albmum includes tracks from four different drummers, which is kind of interesting because they were all recorded during different incarnations of the band, so you've got four different gemmers on one album received generally positive reviews. Five hundred thousand copies and its first two weeks were sold and it went on to become certified platinum. This was released kind of at the peak of NERVANA's popularity and a lot of people at least th. The record heads didn't want them to release it because they thought it would be a little too much nirvana all at once, and I didn't realize until later in life that that is much indeed a real thing, really what like think about it, never mind in sesticide and then OTC more rape me on it in Eutero, in Udro ere like fucking back to back to back mhm and then right after that they had the unplugged. Yes, ire was a lot one good thing: they hurried up and got all those Albu. Maybe that's why they did it wow! That's a solid pick na I had both of these albums. I had the chronic I had. INSEI still have the chronic. I still Yor a family has been diagnosed with the chronic you may be entittled. I had chronic incesticide, but there's a cream fors. It's really not that funny, but it's a good job. You're old stone, isn't a topal dream cream with a good sense of history. That's okay, his joke's not topical, either! All Right! Let's move on to the ruling for this round right. So the ruling for this round is a sad one for me, because I'm gonna I'm just going to come out and say it it's going to December! Ninety two: it's sad for me because Um as anyone who knows me deeply and personally knows I'm a huge lover of German metal music, especially because the members of the band have names like won Hoffman and he dot Tars, who doesn't love that, but unfortunately balls to the wall. One of my favorite alberm titles cannot cannot win this round, which is the same. I know that somewhere, the Drumme for accept o Ne Thousand Nine hundred and inet four ne and nine hundred and n Ive Staffon Schwarzman is crying into his sourcrout. I seundred ninety two and I also just have to say as well what is it with December? Not Alon of music released in December apparently recember. Eighty three pretty shitty descember. Ninety two slightly more, I almost didn't give it tonight to two 'cause the verve EP came out while the I don't think it's a huge thing over here in the U K that fucking bit of sweet fucking symphony played endlessly just endlessly forever o. That record, though, was it no, but it's still enough to hate the entie, bad o life. Think of that song. Without thinking of Sera, Michelle Gellers milmnise, what a bean well there we go then, and I was actually surprised that Jason Preses Cock did not go with Alahandro fernandezs self title debut. That was my backup pick honestly. That was your back up pig and obvousy disco rick in the Wolf Pack, one of my favorite albums back from healt. Nobody even knew they had got o got hur inthe Woll SA. It was a spur of the moment trip, but there we go Jason's PR, Jason, Priesley's cock, I'm going to just cut your tip and give you this music round shit. It's your go guys and buy my fucking Teshit. You believe, wait till we get the Jason Priestly's cocktea shirt up in the snorth big picture of Bow's bold head with Suntan Lotion, squirting out the to little bit of whiped cream cream freesh. You guys control the Board Mike. Where do you want to go from here, product, yeah, yeah? Let's get that the fuck out of the way all right, my hot product, from this year's mighty Max, which is the boy's answer to polly pocket? It was a hot celler around Christmas time in ninety two, it's pot, a television series, gateboys gavboys, something to play with that was also pine sized O, so therer gave boys. Let me let me start this summer. ICASE K boys. Is This E fucking pocket pussy? What are you talking about? All right, lesflight was a huge Christmas summer. Man. I can't wait. Ti Nigto play a junior, no, so mighty Max. You all know what a polly pocket is right. It's like a little miniature plastic figurine and she came in like different little Nota Vagina, nonofalse advertising right Thereso, it's anyway polly pocket. Please don't fuck it. I think that was Beter Itwasleiwedon't fuckitwice for your daughter, you winowanyhowte lawsuits all right so anyway, mighty Max the boys version answered. O polly pocket span a television series and gave boys something to play with outside of their newly discovered manhood. They began manufacturing these in the UK by Bluebird Toys in the: U S and Canada, they were distributed by er, ine toy and Mattel. They came in place. It's called doom zones and horror heads which are sex toys for freaky people. The doom zone is often off limits, CAn'tell, I'm looking mighty Max. I think I remember these wow. How did they fuckand get away with this shit? All I gotta say is Christmas. Ninety two is shitty one of the good sho. No, I hate hot products, it's a Gar in the haystack scenario. Every time bike has needle in the eye and here's my cranger with bag of glass. That was just on the other day, all right. In December of Nineteen, ninety two Pepsi launched this clear alternative to traditional co colinationwide with Crystal Pepsi promising the world that they'd never seen a taste like this, the drink initially sold well, but after a run of confusing marketing and a complete lack of original Pepsi Flavor, the Soda was canceled after one year. In other words, Crystal Pepsi was not the clear choice of a new generation. It also killed Princess Diana so that, as so, two strikes seven years, lat no shits inaing marketing their Taglon was you've, never seen a flavor like this fuck. Do you see a flavor or taste if there's any time to bring it back it's now, because your tag line can simply be healthier than crystal myth and Crisp. The tagline, just simply, should have been. The Marketing Department did a lot of blow that shared Thatan Attackim. We laid off the marketing department. What fuck know what's funny about it? Like the guy who invent, I think, L Pepsi, it's slightly more appetizing than quaffing your own jeers islightly crystal Pepsi, it's water for White Trash, oh fuck, all right bar! You want to start this or you an to Startyeah I'll start this one off, we'll just get it right out of the way my hut product was one of the biggest, if not the biggest selling Christmas item of nineteen nd. Eighty, three, a d! Well, we can almost say of all time that is the cabbage patch dolls. The dolls were the creation of Exzavier Roberts, a Georgia artist. They were sold by Toy Company for about twenty five dollars apiece and to satisfy the demand. Production was increased significantly, but many store owners across the countries were telling disappointed folks everywhere that shoppers were more than likely not going to have enough to meet the demand. Before Christmas time and Ben An advertisement from December nine teen andeighty three, there was even a four dealership who offered to knock off five hundred blocks off the price of a brand new truck. If you brought in a brand new cabbage patch kid with the papers and they would donate that to a needy child, the demand was so high. People were riding everywhere at stores. It was really one of the first enstances of the Black Friday madness that we saw because of a product the manager out of a North Syracuse service merchandise reported one morning. He counted over fifty people, some as far away as Virginia a near riot happened at a hills department store in Charleston West Virginia when five thousand people fought for the stores. One hundred and twenty dolls. Five people were injured, Aut, Os Zars in Wilksbury Pennsylvania, the store manager even armed himself, with a baseball that so people everywhere were trying to get these dolls. In a letter to the editor published December, ninth a victim described her participation at what she called the Cabbage Patch massacre at the hills store in the pencan mall. As the key appeared to unlock the door between us to get the unclaimed treasure, I feeled myself being suffocated by the pressure of the aggressive hands of the people running only to escape the rushing title wave behind me charging not for the dolls, but my safety. I was suddenly pushed to the floor with my shoes flying in different directions. While I was lying on the floor being trampled calling for help fearing for my life, I arose barefooted and bleeding from the knees and badly bruised at the hands of a cabbage patch doll and by New Year's Day. KALICO had made and sold more than three million cabbage patch dolls over the short holiday season, and they still managed to go into business. I know I don't get it. You create a product that people will mam each other for funk, enoug. You know why they were so popular right, because Thei tagling was all right. You can fuck it that was their Taglinyou coan find I pottypocket plas going a fuck at, but the cabbage patched on em like goon and go on. Rub You TEC, Oi. If you Haveo and then te the Oer two things, I love about the thing that you, the story, you just told. The first thing was that the fourth car company were like yeah. We have all this money, we could give needy children. I don't know food clothes, a roof over the head. Now, Fucka heck a doll. Can you reman, I, like some hungry Orphen, that's being sold for sex in Detroit somewhere, and some guy from the Fort Company comes up and just goes. Here's a cabbage PATC show you're. Like I don't know o you have any. Do you have any bread or water just this cold kid, here's a forein escort merry Christmas or something its too bad see. I was always a bigger fan of melon patch kids 'cause. They were abandoned. I ever understood the, but if, if you ever want to look at a human stupidity on mass look no further than nineteed and ightthree and the cabbage patch doll massacae, it doesn't end there doesn't in ther, Jonmancrosh, Tak it away. I N nineten eighty two hasbro actually revolutionized the toy industry by reissuing Gi, Jo, I'm pretty sure everyone's aware in the sixties. They came out there twelve inch dolls and then they reissued them by ripping off Kenner and the stal wars figures and they rereleased them at three point: Seven: Five inches: they basically stole the entire design, except for the fact that they added five more points of articulation so th the arms can move round and shit. So you can make it look like your your guys were jerking off and stuff like that. You couldn't do that with starwart figures come ohthat's where I'm getting at so in nineteen and eighty three. This was the second year of Gi Joe, but it was actually bigger than the first year because they added two more points of articulation and they call that the battle arms, swivel grip. They rereleased the entire first line, a d they added, probably over a dozen new characters, including Solo characters and people. Tha are attached to vehicles and they also came out with you know: Various vehicles, artillery drones, jets, gliders helicopters and, of course, their first police set. So there you have it Gijo a real American hero. It was probably the one toy that I loved the most as a kid. We had a giant like a plastic tub and we disassembled all of our Gi Jos. we probably had a hundred put together me and my friend and we had all these pieces. You put all the head, an one pile you put all the left, arms in one pile and then you just start making brand new gos. It was the ragest thing ever 'cause they're all connected by a rubber ban. Yeah and then I went to my mother's friends and I took their skin off and I started to make lamp shave and I made things out of their bones and in JS a where he yea, we dissected all of our Gi Joes and put them in this big plastic tub the following year we ate human children. It was a much better Christmas. It Asi get ahead of ourselvs, that's in nineteen. Eighty five orbetter Nownis the year of Edgin so over to John Cross for the verdict: Don't fuck it Ydon't fuck, Midy Max? U, Oh okay! You can fuck him a little bit T it's funny the two things from ninety two mighty maxand crystal Pepsi. You know I saylet's not forget the nineties, but but everyone did. Everyone has forgotten these products. No like these are two products that have literally been relegated to the Wastpin of history. No, I still have my mighty Max. They did bring crystal Ba Pepsi back this summer. I know, but did anyone was, did anyone ca? I bought a two bottles. Youe wo, two bottes Oky, how many bottles of regular Pepsi did you buy none, ohlike APSE, I like coke dog. I don't I don't like Pete, I like car Um, but yes, Pepsi Mighty Max. No one remembers it it's very hard to give December ninety two, the award because, as I said, these things just faded into into the into history, however, cabbage patch dolls and Gi Joe I've heard of both of those I've never knowingly held either of them, but I've I' I'm aware of what they are and jolly good thing too. We didn't have Gi Jos. in England, I'm sure we had something like SAS jf or something thet wouldhave bee like an English version, and he would have had you know, bendable knee so that he could sit on a chair and drink tea, while people of a lower rank were shot in the face or something like that. Probably you know the officer class, a fighting action figure who sits in a tent on a hillside while the privates get massacred r trampled by horses or shot by the Germans. I'm sure that was probably something that kids in in the UK played with in the early eighties and cabbage patch dolls. I'm sure we had them, I'm sure we had them in the UK, but H, not really my thing, as you can imagine, by by n nine hutered and eighty three. I was three years old, so I was already into reading. You know, kko God and H, trying to German metal lyric renomildose out of my sister's mcana s, so I'm afraid guys. I would love to give the nineties another one, but I'm giving it to December. Eighty three and the mabalukes ot around allright man crush. We got two categories left whyt dont, you choose man, you know what ceremoniously. I think we have to go with movies. Last 'cause, there's only two rounds left Ustgo with television. First, a boll two point rounds, I'll, throw it to you for the first television pick, desemper all right, 'cause and it started off early in the month on December. Second, O nine huneed and eighty three were the worlds of television and music collided as Michael Jackson's. Music. Video for thriller is broadcast for the very first time. Thriller is still the most often repeated and famous music video of all he time and for a music video that came o o an nine utdre and eighty three. It still has over a half a billion views on outube directed by John Landis, who also directed the Blues Brothers. An American Warwolf in London. Thrillers contributions to pop culture have had lasting impact, such as the Zombi, dance and Michael Jackson's famous Red Jacket. The Library of Congress described it as the most famous music video of all time and in two thousand and nine it became the first music video inducted into the national film registry as a culturally significant or historically aesthetically significant work of art, Michael Jacksons, Thriller Video Cemented M TV's position as a major cultural force. It helpd disassemble racial barriers for black artists, irevolutionized, video, music production, popularized, the making of documentaries, an drove rental sales for va, jest tapes for the entire eighties. The music video director Brian Grant credited thriller as the turning point when the music videos became a popular industry, not all started the second of the month December nineteen and eighty three, that was the first one, was like fourteen minutes long or some Shitri yeah. It's fourteen minutes long, that's how they originally got away with it, because m TV didn't want to put up the money for a third music video they've, always paid for only two perabum and the record company didn't want to do it, so they got the funding half from show time and half from MTV. They made a making of documentary about the fourteen minute. Video and that's how they got the funding for it B'cause it was a short film and not a music video. They released the making OFAN the music video on on Vhs, as you said, t like right shot to the number one list on lots and lots of ver chest both rental and purchased lists. At the time it was H, huge insane they originally debuted on MTV and on show time for the making of how. However, it does indirectly Le to the music video, if ore never going to give you up by Rickassy. So it's not all plain sailing great, so it gets extra points for that. No No lastpoint all right. So this one is a first for doing decades December thirty, first, nineteen three during the last commercial break before ninetnden and eighty four, it's the famous Distopian apple n Nineteen D, Eighty four commercial, which was directed by Ridley Scott. It was shown in select television markets and although this commercial was made to appear during the superbowl in nineteen eighty four in January, of course, the creators wanted considered for award N, hosand, Nineuneren and eighty three. So the only way to do this was to play at n nineteen three, so they waitedto that last commercial break before the end of the year and they played the commercial, the commercial which, just about everybody, has seen this at some point in their lives. But the amazing thing is: it's only been played live twice, and this was the first time. Second time, of course, was during subol eighteen advertising age is named it the N, nineteen and eighties commercial of the decade and is also seen as the most influential commercials of all time and advertising of all time. A good story from Fred Golberg wrote a book couple of years ago. He was a former AD executive for apple and he said that the the nineteen eighty four ad it was sent to a market research testing company, and they said that it would be the least effective commercial that the firm had ever made up to that point. So if you look at Asi, which is the marketing research, it's based on a forty three point. Scale system that predicts how effective a commercial would be. You know a persuading people to buy the product. Well, this commercial was was rated at a five at a forty three ow and just to give that some perspective, the average score that they woule test was a twenty nine. So by all hettens of purposes, they should not have run this video. There were board members for apple that were furious, that they were even doing this. That they'd spent a million dollars on this n. He thought it was a waste of money not to play it, but they told him they couldn't sell the spot, so they ran the ad and then within three months they sold o e hundred and fifty five million dollars worth of macindoshes and the product wasn't even out yet just think about that, like it's absurd, how many they sold. Now. This was a twenty four hundred dollar computer. There was release in nineteen- I four that's five thousand over five thousand dollars and twenty eighteen o picture paying that in the computer and how many people ere buying this based on an ad that was made with this chick that comes in and throws a hammer in a screem which is like big brother. It didn't even show the product in the ad, but like the miraculous thing about this entire ad after it was played, it was played again the next day on countless news outlets, so they got millions and millions of dollars of free advertising because it was getting replayed over and over and over and again and then actually started. All these big ads are in the superbowl as well 'cause once they saw them do it. It started to become a thing that you were going to have these giant ads, O the superbowl CAS prior to that, I think the only one that did it was master lock and that was like in the seventies and they actually outsold, which they were trying to do anyway. The I DM PC junior at the time they they sold more units than that did over the course of nineteen. Eighty four, so here was a huge, huge thing minumental in terms of advertising. The first time we ever talk about it, television, commercial, but this one should be talkn about, but no indication in that commercial. Whether Apple thought you should fuck it or not. There was no indication you could take that one pretty loosely was it. It was like quite Litera, like a white tight costume. Do you remember this commercial and then she split out the hammer three times and throws it the television and explodes it yeah. It was loosely based on the film metropolis really showing that Desotopian future. I think in the eighties they thought that would connect with the youth market at the time, and we part of the point of the video it was that she was breaking down IBM, which was on big board. Even though theyave denied this Tuthandail for years. You could take it like that that IBM was controlling the market. They were this dystopian society and she was breaking down the wall by throwing the hammer and they were going to take over. So it's Kindo wa. It is kindof what happened all right over to you guys what a e you got all right. Are you fellows ready to get dangerous cause on December, Twelfth Ouan, nine hundren and ninety two, this staple of the Disney afternoon line up called dark wing duck and it its run after ninety one episodes, the show's premise consisted of a duck superhero named Darkwingduck and his Sidekick Launch Pad mccloud and was the first of the Disney afternoon line up to be more action than adventure. The show's popularity led to toys, comics and Video Games Bo, and I are quite dangerous ourselves. 'cause nineties, kids have guts and Jason Preeses Cock, apparently oner plenty of that. I had a tough call here for television because we had a a great show ending, but the debut of one, that's just how it became canceled as just beyond me, so I'm going to go with that one December. First, nineteen. Ninety two marked the debut of the Jackie Thomas Show: Oh really nice, created by Tom Arnold Roseanne Barr, who was then TNIS, wife, Igo the shows start old Tom, Arnold Martin, mole, Paul, fig Michael Butman and some other folks, one season. Eighteen episodes it was. It was essentially a shittier network version of the Larry Sander show with the whole show within a show Bot up selling it up so much. Oh Man. This is just a work of classic American television. If I have ever seen one O em how it became canceled, it's just it's beyond me. I don't know why they haven't released it on Fourk, Ultra High Deff Blue Ray. You know. If I could get the show all season on on digital, I would be there in a heartbeat Bo. I just got one question for Yo mmwt. The fuck is Jackie. Thomas Welljackie Thomas is a well he's. A meatworker, slash, standup comedian and he's he's starting a show. He's got a podcast. What besmy Hans thing he's writing a book and he's also Super Inte Yoga. Sorry, I missed that one Jack Omachel. I must have been sick that mub the nineties a decade so shitty that someone went Tomanald signed me up. WE SH T to John Cross for the ruling. I mean this is just insulting to ask me to Rula Tis I mean all all my cuts to say was thriller and we should have just ended it there. It just kind of all, I said, is a MONUA mental event on both T v, video and across the board. I it is the perfect combination of movie making eighties excess Michael Jackson at the peak of his musical powers. It's it's phenomenal, a big fan of that as a horror Geek. It's just like. It was just one of those things that, when you found out that you know this kid from motown and then like his bikamand like the King of pop and everything and then suddenly he's also into you, know s John Landetell at he went up and he was like Hi Jan. Could you could you make me a WELLOLF and Jomwas Lik? Sure, okay, Michael but like he had all this like weird groovy stuff, and I love that it's like when I found out that vindeze was into dungeons and dragons you're like yeah. They have a soul. You know it's great, so it's not like that at all. It's not like that at all, but it's sort of similar anyway and as for the dystobian Apple Video, I mean we're all living in that future. Now we're all looking fora a tightly white, clad woman to come through a fucking hammer at the whole lot of it. Sadly, people don't vote for women, and so that's not going to happen, but still a monumental thing, as I was just told by Mancrash 'cause, a parent dog cring duck and Jackie Thomer, some sorry guys, you've got it. You've got to bring more than that so're gonna. If you're, Goin, TA offroad the thriller and to win around you tell me Tom Arnold is below Michael Jackson. darkling dunk was great. It was an important cartoon. It touched a lot of children and so did Michael Jawi. Dogwing duck touched a lot of children. Why was it ever on television? What is it like, the Catholic Priest of Disney n? I Don' so anyway, I and as yeah as for Tom monold, I mean Y. Ah how anyone was interested in Roseanne is Fuckin. Anathemen am attractor. They were also interested in her pig farming husband anyway. It is what it is, I'm sorry guys. Eighty three thake it away and win shockher buy my fucking T. Shits did not see that one coming Al Right, so I guess there's only one category left so mancrush. Where do you want to go with this one? I guess we're going with movies. Are you sure we could go with movies? Let me just throw it out there. We already won spoilers. Well, I finished the episode. First, we men it's four to one if we only go to fort, but let's do this en oun there for Comon it's the only round. I really like will know anything about it's like the nineties go first. Maybe they got something good. I do. I have an AEP, my Sleev here that I'm pretty pretty excited about all right. Let's hear it ninety's first, this one didn't come out: Til Til the tail end of December nineteen, ninety two, but it was a little vehicle that was directed by George Miller on Nineteen Ninety two American drama. It also starred the fantastic Nicnalti and Susan Serandon, and that is Lorenzo's oil nono. He wel I'm kidding I'm actually going to go with h December, eleventh nineteen. Ninety two, the M up at Christmas Carol, which is, of course the muppets, take on a Christmas carol featuring muppets Michael Cain. The film was directed by Brian Henson. This was his directorial debut. This was the first mupet film to be produced following the death of Jim Hinson in nineteen. Ninety, a modest box office success not a large effect during its theatrica release, 'cause it went up against homalone two and another Disney film. Alatin Dey' receive favorable reviews for the most part from critics budget of twelve million and raked in a box office hall of Twenty Seven Point: Two million not entirely sure how it uh measured up to Lorenza's oil, but I would guess, probably felt jist just a hair short slightly less depressing than the rend to you know. It depends on how you feel about geese. There, O m up at Christmas Carol. I like it, that's the first mentioned for a December show. That is the first mention of Christmas right. Well, no, we talk about the toys but like this is the first actual mention of Christmas. Yeah Hesmo Sex Tois are always it warms, my hot mottic Christmas cow, such a great foam, but can you fuck it e Lo Com at fuck piggy before that movie, because in the movie they have a bunch of pigfro children, O progus Friggs, one of them turned out to be disabled, which is what happens when you mix reinteran an especie seronicall too disabled Ilit's, like the Prequel to the island of Dor Moro. Maybe nanny was docor moral, maybe a Bitchis wild all right Mike Ranger. What a e you got? A few good men was released on December, eleventh nineteen. Ninety two featuring an all star cast, including Tom Cruize D, Mis, more Kevin Pola, Kaversutherland, Kevin Bacon and the man who ordered the code, Red Stepe, Beauchemi, the Great Jag Nicholson. The legal drama went on to gross well over two hundred million at the box office and was nominated for Four Academy Awards. It's okay, guys we lost and we can totally handle the truth. That's hard to argue with a few good men is one of my all time: favorite movies, it's the erensorcan masterpiece. It's a good one! Unless y? U, unless you're N A dentist in which case they can't handle the tooth or if you hire a detector 'cause, they can't handle the slouth or you're in the mall, and you want to take a passport photo, but you can't handle the booth sh, just Jon Tross, some fight. When he's done. Reading the jokes off the pospible, six ECAN getther, all right man, Cross d, You want to start off movies for us, or should I H, Yeah Mits? Well, a Rightso released on December NIN, N. nineteen ND eighty three: we have a movie that took in twenty one million dollars the box off ic about fifty million dollars and twend a eighteen. So it's not entirely terrible for a horror movie, but that's not why this movie is special. The part that makes his movie special is that you had an exclusive collaboration of two of the most renown horronames in the world, then, and now it's based on our novel written by Stephen King and it was directed by the Prince of darkness himself, John Carpenter. So if you haven't figured this one out yet it's Christine h kind of a movie that I always liked growing up. It's a steeple of Eight. Like late night HBO, you had the the Plymouth fery, which is a bad ascillaor um when it comes to like eighty S, teen, anx movies. I'd have to put this up on. Like a Bestdov list, you got the DWEEBE dud they get to car gets popular, gets the Hocir gets evil in the process. It sounds like heavenly kid, but it's not stomonic it pretty much checks off all the boxes, but there's actually a couple of bizarre things about this movie transpired that r they just blew my mind. I was doing the research for it, so John Carpenter took this movie only at a sheer desperation, because the thing was such a huge, critical and financial flop. How insane is that the thing was a flop. Actually I went no, it went up against et and everyone wanted friendly cudly aliens who wanted to phone home. Nobody wanted like the truth, which is that alien's going to come inside our body and Tara, gonsat literally, and he actually lost the job, the fire starter, which would have been his first Stephen King Adeptation, but he got fired before it even started because of the thing. So that is pretty insane I thought and then the other thing was anybody wanted to guess who was actually cast is Arny before they picked that H D, we be dude from the Billy Jen movies. Louis Anderson NOP MM, I'm Arnold Ronsin, Pichnot Gochnot. Do you think John Tross? I actually don't know the answer to this Wa Aokay um give a guess IMMENIA. Lest of us. It was originally supposed to go to Kevin Bacon. OHOKAYC took the role, but then he dropped out because he got the lead in pulose that lig mistake, Bacon, Tamo Ha. He ireer killer right there, but tha. My pick was Christie. He could have had an unblemished record, but he had to go and be in at fucking dance movie, our guys all close it out d. You know we talk a lot about remakes and how we don't like them here on the show. A Lot Fuck remakes Ho bear with me on this one December: Ninth N, nine hutdred and eighty three. We saw the release of a new film from director Brian Do Pama, as he teamed with writer Oliver Stone to create probably the greatest remak of all time, the cinematic classic scarface sarring. How but CI now Michelle Fier, F Mari Abraham and the Great Robert Looert Logia, if Murry Abraham M in two thousand and ten VHS vh one rated the movie as it's number five and its list of one hundred greatest movies of all time, as well as scar face and the character of Tony Montana, appearing on several of Afi's top movie lifts of all time. scarfface features two hundred and seven uses of the F word, which is Fok in case. You don't know which wurns out to be about every one point, two one seconds of the film at the time of its release. It was the movie that had the most F bombs in it, Roger Ebert, rated it four out of four stars: Ind His nineteen ND, eighty three review and then later added it to his greatest movies, Lof Ald time the movie has given us many iconic pulculture references such as the famous line, say hello to my little friend and the infamous chain sauce scene. That was actually based on a real life incident in the Miami drug scene. So you can't go wrong with that that scarfface, the Brian Dopama Tonymontana alltime classic one of my favorite films of all time. In my top ten, I prefer the Brian Dentihy version. If we'r splitting hairs here it was a little slower paced, but Rian Denna. He does a better accent, though it doesn't bit a Cuban accent ther than ow Tas Awell. He didt. He didn't actually play Oppuccino's part. He played Robert Logezpar, it doesn't matter. I haven't seen it. He auditiond from a shell fifer's part butthins got weird Dena. He an address always worth the price of admission, an a clowncostume. Well, they already had the dresses made for Michelle Fifer and Dena. He was just knocking Offi into that. No E got about one denty leg: Riin TOA dress. We got TA, Stop 'cause, I am just erect. As came rackall got got an erector set going on. I just still wanted Brian Deny and Robert Losa to Peir up in cross dressing, cops Prian, nhe and Obet Lusia have to infiltrate an underground lesbian ring or something, and it's just the two of them uncomfortably wearing dresses ty like Sfat sa work. I think we know our next cover have been checking out the Duvan decades page over on facebook. We've been having all these weird movies pop up that we've been finding but th the titles. The V S boxes, don't have the names of the movies on it so check out our facebook page, and maybe you can help us come up with some titles for these movies and what they're about 'cause we don't have the back cover. I no just av the front cover it's the weirdest fucking thing. I don't know how we found all these tames wait until we see a cross dressing cop and a half. Is that one wit is that one with a child or with a midget like its? What a want is O, but child hidge is one yea. It was tinleges for Peter Tingleges, first pom M anyway. Let's look at what else at's do my pain Di. Let's look! What else came out in December, Ou, nine htned and eighty three that they could have picked and didn'tpick you've got the the awesome and immortal BMX bandits that gave us ur the then gingerhead Niccoll Kidman back when she looked like a human woman as opposed to some sort of ANAREXIC Prang mantus with a a mad dye job, which is what she looks like today. Back when she looked like a human woman, she was riding around on a BMX in Australia as part of the BMXBANDITS. You also could have had the mister t and bill mastarring DC cab. If You'e ever wanted to see Gary Busey so high on fucking cocaine, he caled Emer, a single God dan thing and miser t wandering around the movie being like why the fuckers Bild my hair, you see a cab, you could what you could also pick a gay whack, its atually, a Chinese film, but seems to be, and it spelt Gai Wk but looks like a gay whack ou can see. A Gay Wac then check that out from December nineteen e Southtrack is done by Acceptan. It is Sondtrack HCO, kifims and also you could check out scalps a silly group of college. SCIENE students go on a dig around an Indian burial, ground, Luch, Ucka, Houseo, wer corually oe than EG gets possessed by the evil stir thef black claw of courshe must thereforeslaughter all of his friends and that scalps that one or his Christmas movie in December make it so like a nickelodeon prize commercial ts, Gat around the TV ton a month with your family and watch scalps, gay whack Um talking about Al Pacino from N, Onine hutnded and ninety two. You could have also picked Hua assent of a woman which is Evr everyone's favorite cisodonnal movie. Only because ther aren't any other good ones. You've got forever young, which is a Melgibson time, traveling film chaplain. Of course you got Lorenzo's oil. The only thing I know about Lorenzo's oil is that decades later, when Assimon peg and Nic Frost were making a Halian Road Rip Movie Paul, they thought it was funny to have a charectthe agent who was called Lawrence oil or something. So I don't know, that's that's a very weak tenuous link, but there we go. What else could we have had um mupe Christmas carry said that Janigson Hoffe? What else did we have? We didn't have much coming out in ninety two. That's worth o wait a minute. We did have Amy Fisher. My story, which was it claims it's unrated, but then the video cover shows are fifteen certificates. So I'm not really sure about that t nothatthey describe it, it's unrated in the! U S, maybe it's waited in the? U Ks of fifteen. It was the directors cut the sensation, true story, EEN, their fatal attraction left Mary, Jo Bofuco paralyzed for life and made Amy Fisher, America's most infamous teenager. It doesn't say who played her it stars, Ed Sharon, Marinaro or something an asnoelpack. I neeran show me a put of Hoo that wasn't amazing. He has range. We've got an action movie, starring Antony Edwards called Delta Heat. There is really nothing else to laugh at F, M, Ome, thousanine, hutndred and ninety two, that's how shitty the nineties were. They couldn't have even come up with some movies that we could laugh at eighteen years later, whatever it is: F hunded, ninetys, O cool as ice ceame out yeah. Oh, we did have nemesis come out, which is a pretty good action movie, but that Yeah Shitti Ninety two fuck ninety two, except that I think ninety two winds thit round. So I'm saying Fuck Ninety two, but I think I'm going to give in Thos nd nine undred N. Ninety two 'cause a few good men in mupins Christmas Carol, not the not the Christine. Obviously a huge junk carpente fan goes that saying John Cape, a number one director and the thing is probably the greatest remake of all time. Sorry do not scoffish Um, but I think I gointo give it to a few good men im up its Christmas cow, just probably because out of the four movies thereare, probably movies I've watched way more. You can't not watch a few good men 'cause. It is literally on every other T v Channel on all at all times. I think youuld probably tune into a TV channel in Thailand at three Am and Jackne Ond be shouting it s, something to do with scientology right, yeah, probably Um, but, and it also gave the World Kevin Pollock we're still trying to decide whether that's a good thing or not, but mup it's Christmas cowl. I watch it every year. It's probably in my top fourl Christmas movies of Ald time and h. The eighties were already one. So, let's give it to the night at just fish, shits and giggles her for the boy consolation prize, guys good GAM, surprise. It was a good game and ended up close four to three at the end, with the Mameluke still taking this one. So let us know what you guys think about this one get a hold of us on facebook on social media. Let's start the debate here was it the nineties? Could they have snuck out a victory or you know was John Cross right like he always is in the eighties winds. I'm always always right. I'm always right! You can't debate my bis. Weson ser, try M T shirt. You MO YOU LAZY! BUMS! Go over to the dueling decades H, tea public store, where you can pick up, of course, the drawn cross tshirt and some ofo, some of our other other ones of other good deling decades designs on there to I coul pick up, no L, ultimately support duing decades in any way possible and by any shirt. But if you buy John Crosher take a picture of yourself in the John Crosher prefarably somewhere amazing like on the top of a lader or something and postit in the Jeweing decades, facebut group, then you will win a prize of something I'll still decide what it is. But I will I will personally mail you something or record you something it's just John Cross showing up at your door staring Atnot, saying anything and then walking away being like where's. The fucking supper come on. Get my Turkey Pot Pie, an the oven, binch just get a giant box, fill with Boilan soda bottle cat yeah, but they're my bottle tap and a postgot that just says: You're welcome and a bat, a MACs of scouts, all right, video heads we're going to end this episode of dueling decades. Right here, so, if you got a comment or something just get a hold of us like, I said where you can be part of the action here on duling decades. So until next time Vineo heads were going to bidge you, a peace, love lightined, a joy have a great week. Everybody Infrmaymedia