Dueling Decades
June 23, 2018

Dueling Decades - Feb 1986 vs Feb 1996

Dueling Decades - Feb 1986 vs Feb 1996

It's that time of the month, Fellow Poopers! Time to go back to the 1990’s Cyber Cafe for totally awesome Dueling Decades! Featuring special guest for this episode, Carlos from the Be Kind and Rewind Podcast! Carlos will be teaming up with Shawbag6 to..

It's that time of the month, Fellow Poopers! Time to go back to the 1990’s Cyber Cafe for totally awesome Dueling Decades! Featuring special guest for this episode, Carlos from the Be Kind and Rewind Podcast! Carlos will be teaming up with Shawbag6 to take February of 1996 into battle against February 1986 - wielded by Rick Mancrush and Marc James. We slug it out over five categories, News, Music, Movies, TV and Hot Products! Right out of the gate the shenanigans begin with this one and they don't let up until the dramatic finish! Stay tuned to find out how YOU can help determine this week's winner! You are not going to miss a single second of this slammin’ retro episode! Have a better pick? Got a comment? Give us a shout on the Poop Line - 914-505-7667! This episode brought to you by our friends at Valt.io and Camsoda.com


And now prepare your earholes for penetration as we bring you another great broadcast, Froma Oo Culture extended universe. We live in a world with too many accounts too many passwords and not enough time to remember which one belongs to what luckily there's bauld vault is the visualized approach to passwords store all your passwords behind one truly random master password using photos instead of words, ind numbers, with the ability to store your passwords across all your devices. Vault is making passwords painless right now when you visit vdot io, slash, PCEU you'll, be entere Toin, a one hundred dollar visa gift card download valv and enable the backup and sing feature and receive an additional five enturies. That's valt dot, IO SLASHPCEU vault make passwords painless art, uculture, Oculser, proefootbalser beasranine students and do dance welcome to get another wrench ro edition of the Boop Culture Pondcast, so sit back and relax as we take you on another radical wrench Roa journey coming to you live and irect from thnd nineteen. Ninety CIBER Campeai. Where tonight you will hear another duel of the decades tonight's match up: Pitts the team of Rick Mancrush and myself Mark James Taking February of Nineteen D. Eighty six up against the February of Nineteen Ninety sixteam of Shabang, six in Carlos from the beecind and rewine pond gast good evening, my lewd crudes in Narly dudes welcome to the Teradome was I and here we are again w what I w Ho the mines commercial. I ever heard B Yeah T at's Ho. I had to bring it back thedicle of the nineties that that had so many different spinoffs into merchandising and other areas of pop culture. Well, now they've done it again with dely dilly it's getting annoying. Now, though it is, it is, but they did find a way to make it genuine pop culture. My My dad came over tonight. While I was getting that deer and Hewas like Oh, he got some daily dilly in there I was like wow. It's a fucking bud light juscrab one. So what are we doing tonight? So, what's the name of your team? I know last last time I forgot what you guys went by you guys, wear the Mo ye lost, so you're the losers system. No, you guys were the mamaloops and you know I had a different teammate. Yes, yed Bo ad bow bow lost his beardnya yeah that was trantoday th, the flying saucer of that beard craft. So I don't know I don't know Carlos. What do you think you want to go with a some sort of nineties movie thing? Let's go with Benan Losu's excellent adventure, ohwshit fom, it's a long team name. You can just call us excellent ex the Excelen, excellent adventures, the exe or the bog or the brologush journeys, God, I'm so confused pick a fucking NAMEE, guys assoles! Thank you allright there. It is so we have the assholes Hov Ben, an Cora. You can just sell us. He black sheep, Lkat PAGO. There we go arigt. We got the black sheep against the mamalukes. We gotta stick with it. We want to know no. We are not on to know. We've used this name before we are actually too a now but you're wan to know in this game. We're want to know in this game, but using the Mamaluke's Monicor. We are tooiow, so we're back to just continue with the supremacy of the eighties over the nineties, and I think it's going to happen again tonight. Yo can think I don't know. No until we end, I guess I'm confident, I'm confident going in. We did the cointoss before this and you guys won, but for whatever reason you deferred to us like we're playing in the NFL in the superbowl, the wind just wasn't right: It works against you to like not go first well, I am a Patriot Fan and we always defer to the second half so wo. I am a patros fan and we always deferred to the second half a to food, an Sicemer we're going to do that. allright. We might have our success. You don't know now there's some strategy involved here. I think well at least they're trying to employ some strategy because in tonight's game the first three rounds are going to be worth one point: each in the final two rounds will be worth two points each so maybe they're thinking is by not going first they're going to be able to try to pick up some extra points in the later rounds, but those points might not even be there, so we will sitalso winter. Take it's winter. Take round. Remember that, there's a wer on the table on the first three right. You guys may never get to go. I Hey! You know you can go ahead and try to run the table. Good Luck, all right! So Hey gentlemen's agreement! Right now we have to be a hundred percent honest with this game. 'cause we don't have a judge. It's like. We did last time if you're going to give the nods the other side, give it the other side and will do the same yeah I mean the only time we disagreed. Last time was the news and twitter took it for us o I mean what are we going to do and I know that you, you do lobby your twitters lobby, my twitters twinter, I posted poll, the twitter. Do you want me to do? He got Russian Bots, a new twitter? Yes, it was actually. It was fairly close last light close at the beginning, and then you guys ran away with it. We Ra, I wouldn't even say we ran away. I think we we were about ten percent ahead or something like that and bow conceded. At that point we still had another like twelve hours left on the POL and yes butwen Bulcon neeted. I that's what the last time I looked at it 'cause he conceded. So I figure we did end up winning there's that orcase. Well, let's get to tonight's game. So we got five categories tonight: movies, TV, music, news and hunt products. Whenever team currently has the turn they get to pick the topic for that round, so man crushd wer up first, where are we starting this off Um? I say we start with news. It's a one point round: Let's just get hem out of the way: Oi'll go first AL right go for you know, February ninehuteen and eighty six. There was a incredible story on in California. I I got a Poop, you got. I got a Poo, the great pass you for my news story. I just grabbed the poop news story that happened to be from February of Ninehteen, and eighty six MM fancy Wer d. He got allright, so there was a zoo keeper in Grat Ben Kansas named Mike Brown, who was praised as a hero because, as he was feeding the one hundred and twenty five pound black leopard from the zoo, the leopard jumped seven feet straight up into the air out of its cage. He pounced on top of it and held it down until others could come. He received massofe injuries, including his head, was like torn open. I think that's like a medical term or something rape in that'sa, serious horr, ove. Definitely in the books right and at the end of this article, it actually says uh that you know when the Leopard jumped seven feet straight up and landed on the top of the Cage Brown pounced on the animal in scream for help period, the animal was shot to death period and of Article hrombe yeah. It was very much like Harombe, but this time it wasn't a little boy. It was actually a heroic zoo keeper not played by Kevin James that save the day by pouncing on a leoard. So I'm going to bring some poop news into it and the other little tidbit was just this thing that the H, you only get one mark. Well, it's news. As I's a group, I brought a Bo news story and the other part of the news story is that it doesn't work like that. You gotta you got one you're, making up new rules more one, Al Youhav, one buddy yea, the best one is the pouncing the best one: it's either the pouncing or the fact that the United States, after thirty seven years, finally signed a treaty outlaring. Oh, what was it? Oh genicide? We finally decided genicide is not a great idea and we're not going to do anymore genicide in Nineteen D. Eighty six, a eighty sit flow. They decided Ding, no, no more geneside. We can't have anymore of that. THAT'S NOT RIGHT! I was in this world for two years had I had a chance of genoside for two years, while I lived at's, true its Tu, I was too just to be fair. The jury. Please strike that from the record, we're going with the POUN rules and COTNEWITY's sake. We got one story, a piece, so is that that's where we're going so we had the the heroic zoo keeper yeah hero who saved an entire zoo park. He saved everybody as if thatthing got lose. Everybody died. Another interesting note about that story is that the Leopard was purchased by a local high school key club for eight hundred and fifty dollars live yeah. They had purchased it at six months old sixteen years ago, and so they had this thing forever and one day it decides. I'm getting the fuck out of here and this heroic zoo keeper says ohna. No, no, no and jumps on top of Hem holds them down the cat's scratching the shit out of Hem cutting the back of his head, but he saved everybody. So that's the important part of the story way cooler than Herombe all right. Alright, that's tee our first story and mine: I'm going to go with a huge new story: February ninete six and this actually lasted for two months or so, and this is Haley's coment rightthere there was talk of the comet was all over pop culture, not only in February but also in January, but I actually passed by earth on February night. So it's a February story, but for those are too young to remember, like you guys, Haley's comet is a comet. Obviously, hes coma came back around no, it didn't hold on. It only goes by Earth every seventy six years, so weare not going to see it again until twenty sixty one, they can still track it, but it has not come by earth and the last time it came by was February Nin Nineteenih. Six. Without being said, everyone was prived ask mark. We were little kids at this point. Iasjewas talking about it, everybod science class was all about hally's comet and, of course we had the challengeof the n the month before, so that Kinda took away from it a little bit, but I think for us for me in particular, in my school they try to focus more around Helley's comet to get our minds offer the whole challenger thing that happened: Yeah, that's what they did in our school as well yeah. So it was huge for kids who were in elementary school, so everyone's primed, you know to get this short glimpse of the comet. There were herleys comit parties. I remember people had set up. It was all over the news there Wer countdownes thing: Do you guys remember how much talk there was for the lunareclips over the summer? Well, the talk for this was ten times the magnitude of the LITERAC. Now did everyone didn't they even have religious cults, Overhil O on it? People were e committing, like you, know, mass suicide suppor when it was coming over and things like that. Well, this had been going on for ions literally. The first confirmed, citing of Haley's comment, was in two forty BC, so everyone's ready February, ninth, Ninety six people are peering out their windows for what's built up at this point, to be like the most amazing thing, we've ever seen in our lives. What happens? It was cloudy all day. Well, not even a fact, thatas cloudy, it was the worst sighting of Halley's comet on record a total disappointment supposedly was the dimmest that Halley's coment has ever been o well and we were just we fokd O and it's not like you could say: Oh I'll catch it next time, 'cause like I said before it only happens once every seventy six years, so there's a pretty good chance that will be dead Bhy the time it comes around. Actually you know what I'll be eighty three, so I I have a small chance maybe could happen, but my question about that is: if it only comes by wh what every once every seventy six years you said, yep if it's t a dimmest on record, I mean Jeez, you don't have to go too far back before there was no photographic evidence. Tuat'swhat, I'm saying L Ke. What evidence are they comparing this to if it was two forty BC or whatever the last time it came through back in the day, which was two forty BC and and h the other seventy six years after that, the way that people took the records down. Not only did they draw this thing, but they went on record to saying that it lasted for sometimes hours sometimes dinoral see it for, and we were able to see it for like thirty seconds of crap right and actually what they're saying is the one that's going to pass by us in twenty sixty one 'cause. Now we have this technology. We actually know that it's going to be way better than the one that was in eighty sixsh. By that time, we're going to be like riding beside it, trying to jump on it he's coin I who wants to pay to be ont Haley's comment exactly well in eighty six. We didn't have that, but there were like Hailey's comet lunchboxes. I remember they were selling h like glasses, that you could wear. There were like light up t shirts, where it had the comet and then the lights lighting up. You know it was everywhere for literal literally about two months and it was just a colossal fail. EJST, like for the Lunarli same situation, a I knew people who were driving like across t e country or multiple states to go to like just aviewing area, and then it would be cloudy. You know I felt bad orom, don't get me wrong, but at the same time, like I'm, a white DRIB. All that way. U What's really cool about. Halley's coment, though, is you guys know Bark Twain Right, Yeam? Well, I know Hemis, you know his friends call M Samuel. Plummans, you mean Jes, you mean John Ton, Tilor Thomas Martwains from coma iwere, talking real mark tween, so mark Twain was born in Eighteen, thirty five and he was actually born during Helley's comet and then in nineteen. Oh nine. He was writing his autobiography and he told the writer and I qut it's come again again next year. This is in nineteen o nine comein again next year and I expect to go out with it and it will be the greatest disappointment to my life if I don't go out with hally's Cobet elguess what he died. The day after the brightest day of Halley's coment in nineteen, ten wow now i's this natural cause Itas just one of those like okay. This is last day this isn't happening. I gotta like fall off this like Goina Fall Ou; no, it was yeah as far as natural causes go. He had some disease or whatever I n'even, remember what he died of, but he didn't kill himself or anything m just to make the prophecy come through. That's t e way to fuck and go out man when it feels like you've wielded the power of the cosmos. Yeah, your life is complete. You can go now, I'm done, but yeah. That's pretty cool, though I thought, but that's my new story, Haley's comet, the utter disappointment that was, it was a disappointment, but an earth shattering news story. I mean that was something that the entire planet was talking about. Right, big story just turned out to be Shit Y, which is a story all itself correct. So what do you guys have? Ogofirst? Then? I? U So for February Ne Thouan, nine hundred and ninety six t's, a big news over having this thing. Like really Kindo, like I remember thinking, really hard about this one, even as a kid being like this is strange and mysterious, but this was the day or the month that Daniel Green is convicted of James Jordan's murder. The father of Michael Jordan's, Dad Father, Michael Jordan, who has murdered hi, was like who the fuck is James Soryeahas. As a kid I tell Jordan's foll is how we dow this is how we killd M J's Tad yeah. I ever hear that as Akid I was like man like that's that's a strange coincidence but yeah. I guess that happens within growing up and hearing like you know, Jordan Hadlock, all these gambling deads and, like kind of you know it maybe kind of had the wrong the wrong enemies, and things like that. So there's always ther' like conspiracy theories that, like you know it couldhave been like you know some Hitman, as opposed to just some random people that did this so yeah. It was one of those new stories that for me, of course, being a bouls fan and being a Michael Jordan Fan. I was like o man, I feel so bad for Jomens for michelothes is is crazy and then, as you get older, you know, I've heard all the stories of Michael Jordan kind of being basically a huge assle, and then here he has these gambling debts or just O, like you, said, the wrong enemies back in the day, so lie theres his possibility. I'm ot, saying yes or no, but thereis definitely a possibility that someody's theories could be somewhat true, so yeah February, Nineteen, ninety six as when it all went down o. So this is the date that he got killed, or this is the date that the guy, the guy was convicted. Th. The murder was convicted, so the story's a little smaller. It's not the actual death, not the actual death. It's a conviction, yeah! I do remember the the pictures that came out of the. I think it was like a red lexis or something it ut down in a ditch like a siway kind of a situation yeah. I remember those. I do remember that, but I'm going to take points off from that, because it's not the actual death all right. It is a conviction. It's decent come on. What's the bigger Soway Sho, you say what, as I important, O j running away or O J's trial. What Mor time the O J Fuckingwell, you wouldn't say, O J running way, you would say o j when driving away an what got rested like the day. You know within days after that murder, but again that's totally different story. It's Neven the same one there as there's a whole different chaine of events that went out with the O J story. With this one it was like the guy I killed and nothing happened and they caught the guy and then convicted Hem. It's not like he was in a car chase and shit. I'm pretty sure that that is a bigger story than a fucking escaped cat, beating some fucking Gin Oly, but is it a bigger story than Haley's comet? No, all right! I I'm not disagreeing with that, but I still have my story. RIGT S, no get of one point worthy is the question I'm on our neutral scale, right now on a neutral scale, H February: First: U S Congress signed in the Communications Decency Act, which is the first notable attempt to regulate pornographic material on the internet. It was actually specifically set into motion to make sure that children ages, you know below eighteen, they couldn't share pornographic pictures, videos, Blah Blah Blah over the Internet without being prosecuted. So this was signed on the first and passed by the: U S Congress and then Bill Clinton signed it into motion February eighth. This was quite a big story back then I it has. Thankfully it's something that is needed in the: U S, because there's a bunch of sick mother fuckers out there. That was a really big story and a lot to talk about that surrounding it going up into it, because it was actually section five of another bill that was there for on the Congress floor for about eight months, it's a big story, but I grew up and I was on the Internet in Ninetiex. I was on the Internet in ninety thrents and I don't ever remember hearing anything about that story. So yeah, it's big news. I don't think it was a big news store and I don't think it was really effective. I guess in retrospect I don't. I don't think the bill had the desired effect that they were hoping 'cause. I think technology changed things so much over the years to where we are now big tet, it's almost irrelevant what so you're going to go, find kittybourn. It's a lot easier to find. Now. If somebody really wanted to find kitty porn, you could easily find it now where then it was probably harder to access, so they thought they were going to be able to shut it out completely yeah that didn't happen. There's still scumbags will find a way that is true, but you're not talking about t they weren't talking about blocking it. They were talking about persecuting people that had is and to not do which is still a big deal, because it's still happy Ye. Nowadays, you couldn't block it yeah, so it's still hi. It's not the fact of trying to block it I's trying to make it so these peopleill go to jail for it right. The way you read it, though I took it as people under the age of eighteen couldn't share their own picte. No, no! No! No! No nude pictures like lewd pictures of any party iy. I was misunderstood on Childe ornergraph, like s we're just talking about banning childborn. Well, it took them Ro, ninetee. Ninety six, the band Chowborn, that's fomly, Batterne on the Internet. SES do this that ta bad as the Genocide Man Jeez. So I think what it comes down to I'm going to give you your story over Mark Story, yeah that over a zookeeper, it's probably saved more lives. I'll give you that I don't know if either story is bigger than Halliy's commits, though okay, but our boll stories combined bigger than mark. What do you mean like told Ar Tories or bigger at as right? If, if we had aagat on one big story versus one little story, and we had two relatively medium stories? Were equal I've been to great Ben Kansas and it is tiny, a shit, but how was there a zoo what that means? Oh thiss is onkeeper, I don't know man. I think this is a world wide story. That's got a count for something in like page six of like most newspapers. It was in newspaper for two solid months. If there was in newspapers around the world, it was in the you know: the newspapers in Taiwan in the newspapers an in Newgelli in France nd are we still talking about Hailey's comment or the zoo keeper okeeper got that was press, skeep, Havin, l, everytime, Yohar, little story, the cat just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger, but to my store's argument it has an ongoing conspiracy going with it. That's all I can say right, but you also di you didn't deliver the murder, though you delivered the Kevin Shit, a sothat's, a o o lot O conjure up. That's it's! I I mad the cards that I I understand wee exactly I mean you gotta pick what you get picked. Our Moth was light other than that. Usually we did for music. Last month an we went to a third story to bringin e name. So how about that? How about mark has his third story that he already has prepared? You guys bring another story and wwll go from there. Tiebreaker come down Al Ight. I got one all right go for it! Oh No! No! No! You guys! Start you've already heard my third story that you know after thirty seven years, finally woke the fuck up and band genicide thanks Ronald Reagan, yeah, if you think genicide's a great idea. No, I M my favorite thing to do on a Saturday night yeah, but again how big was that? How was that? Like a a huge story that sat in the front page for a long time? That's probably larger than the story that you delivered Ho how big was genicide? Oh wait! Let me ask my Jewkish relatives. Oh wait. Sorry! I can't they're dead. He's also got to think Internet in Nineteen N. Eighty six we're talking about a very small segment of the population that was on the Internet, we're not talking Internet in twenty eighteen. Now, genicide large section of the population well used to be a large population. Jesus crman bring it bring it find o something that can top genacide and we'll give you the round. I can bring you something that was really big in the United States right February, twenty. Fourth: Cuba actually downed to to: U S planes. It was all over the place because we were still worried about them. What was all over the place, the story or the plane, the story, the story was everybod avolunter. We were worried about Cuba in Nineteen S. Yo, don't remember that no H W we worried oub. I was CIN missecrist''s part Du. Are you sure Cuba even had planes that they could put in the sky in ninety six chesus Christ? They have cars from the fifties. Man You think they have fucking epitht. Six, that's what the cars are. The planes are, sixteens are tha old cars, Szilins Shabag Phillis in tell us about these down planes, gimme specific sa two: U S. civilian planes were shot down over Cuba. It was February twenty fourth, nineteen. Ninety six, they were smaller smaller planes that actually we they had four people on board and President Clinton and the United States coastguard. They actually sent them out to get them. I they sent Mill Clinton, not to get Bolln UPO Clinton, but he he was flying the heloicopter Thi story's Fucky, going all over the place, man, the? U S, coost cart did go out to get them, but Clinton said I condemned this action with the strongest possible terms. The two planes with four people on board were twin engine sessness and they were shot down by h the army, whatever it was army military, whatever it is of Cuba. So it was a big deal that was attacking. U S, Civiians Wow. So what Di we do about that yeah did they cross into their territory? Doesn't say that? Well, if it was over Cuba, usually over, would imply in Cuban territory if you're over Cuba- you usually you know above it, so that would be in there. If you're Ingar, Isin, O water you're an international waters, a yatially delivered that story to make it sound like they shot down two of our fucking fighter, Nigt and then tha tri. Then you degressed it to two fuckingcessates with four PLAE: Have a choice ID rest, their souls, but that's like two chivets crashing on a highway you're going ta come attack, the banning of genicide with the killing of two people: Four Four Osou Jesus Christ. For sorry it was microgeniside Jesus Christ. I rogenaside thiet. The micromachines got to come in and cut a p Sa about that she did oh yeah. He is, he wasn't in nineteen and eighty six Michael Jen. Sad all right come on. You'll! Never give me your aunt as Wi. Honestly, you guys Wen. That's all right! We'll take one point: Al Right: Let's go to the next one: Television, television yeah! Let's, let's knock out these bad boys here all right: Let's do some television allright! So for my pict guys, I am going to go with the NBC blockbuster Thursday night line up with the cosby show, family ties cheers and I'm Goin to pick an episode of the Cosby show that got a thirty five point. Two rating it was huge. Was it the rapeetit that was not the rape episode member, I just said the music and T v were crossing over like crazy. This is the episode where Denise gets into a car accident and rearends a limousine that is has none other than stevie wonder inside who ends up inviting the entire family, of course, to the recording studio who is not driving? No, he was not driving and definitely he didn't see it coming. And so, of course, all the hoxitables would get to record a song with Stevie. Wonder epic moment in the Cosby show history and again you get to see crossovers between music and TV and music. Maybe this team will come up again later in the night, we'll see so that's mine how much curry was consumed on that episode, all of it cosby sweater it's or cosby sweater. So that's my pick. Cosby show episode crossover with the legendary Hallo Famer, Mr Stevie wonder excellent, excellent pick and I'm gonna Cross over here and go off the same theme as mark and as whack as it sounds. This is a pretty big deal for the a team and for boy, George, what you have snow so ateam brings on a musician whose last three albums all went platinum at this point. So even though it sounds Wack, this guy was huge at this point. He had a new album that was inout that March. So for Boy George, this was a chance to put out one of his new songs on a T. v show pride or releasing the album and ABM was from luxury to heartache, which actually ended up going silver. It's a pretty epic T, v Episode, Thugh, considering eighteen and boy George and their fans are not even in the same universe as one another, exactly it's when you watch it. It's bizarre, but- and this is a couple of things on here that have probably never been done before on the show it depicks. Just that you would anything you would figure that the eighteen would be in some Hodung backwoodstown they're at a country bar and face sets up this thing where this guy from a band who they couldn't really get. So they end up getting boy George. Instead Owboy George, they have boy George go on the stage of course. He goes out to the crowd, the crowd, hates him. They're, throwing shit at him, they're booing him, and then he goes on to play the entire God. Thank you, woman song from the new album, I'm talking about the entire fucking song, like the two or three minute version. F. Yes, the entire thing is ase half oits in the bar and the other half is Montag of the ATM doing their thing. In the background, all right S O wait, it doesn't stop there. Now the bar loves boy, George they're clapping form. So what does Boyr George Do? He plays a second full sog, my God, on the episode in front of these country, bumpkins now they're rocking out to boy George, like they expected him all along. So it was the last time. Let me just ask you: when was the last time you saw pop artist, come on a Sitcom, any TV Sitcom, let alone an action show and play one full song. Oh Weit, two full songs hold on. Let me preface by saying boy: George Kicks in the door. 'cause Murdoch couldn't pick the lock like he's. The fucking boss saves the day comes back on stage plays another fucking full song with Camacameleon Right, O, my God. Three fucking whole songs of one APSODE of eighteen. That tops my story right there, because Stevie wonder only got one song and that was with fucking Rudy and the rest of the hoxtables yeah yeah. These were. It was just him and the culture club full songs, fantastic pick top that three fucking songs yeah, that's mone of t top episodes of the Ateam, because whoever would have thought of putting mister t and Boy George together, they're total opposites, but pe loidia together they suldav Hadin a sex video together wh. No, they should have done e video to geokay. Think what ended up happening is is the the God thank you woman. They used the footage from eighteen for the video. I think, if I remember for okay, that's what happened with that. Wow aigt, that EBE wonder culture club a team. What do you guys got for the World of TV? Go for I'll start this one, so nineteen, ninety six debute the television series Vach one story, tellers in the very first episodes- was not other than sting devie. Wonder no boy, George, Sir Raymond Douglas Davies of the Kings hm ill come on really e Te Yeah. I thiugh you're going to blow me away with somebody. You come out with the Kings. I cannot say I'm familiar with his body of work before or a you guys, don't know the king. I know the Kings. I thought you were going to blow me away and be like. Oh aerowsmith was on the first episot now didn't you now pick this gentleman last week as your base player. No, I chose his baseplay OHHIS basally. It wasn't a base player that Ad. Yes, it was a baslayer. Hey was a Basse player that died. This is the lead sing. Oh this L, Singer, okay, I got yg HRI. So the last episode, unfortunately, was in twenty fifteen, but they're still in production and they're still actually keeping 'em going from what I'm understanding M. Just just a couple of names to drop they've had sting Phil, Collins, Ringo, star Rem, deaf, leopard, stone, temple, pilots, Bruce Springstein, Pearl Jam, Jz Zzitop and you didn't even say my favorite. My favorite was the the Dave Matthews of story, tellers Yep, and I actually wasn't that featuring somebody else didn't they have somebody else on. It was Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. There we go timahead I mean that show is still that sho was on at least nineteen years. If not I, if I mean they still HAV plans to go as from what I was reading, a great show it Gretchow I like that pick. I do I I enjoy that's one of the few things on MTV or vh, one that I used to really enjoy watching O it's a very similar set up to Mt v's, Onplo yeah because they sit there. They play the songs, they tell the stories about the songs, it's a small crowd and you really get to be close to the actual star Yeah. Now they haven't had an episode in over three years. Oh No. They cancelled that alone time ago, Ad Sher and killed all that's sad, but regardless it was, it was on for nineteen years wow, it's a pretty long run for a a show on either vh one or M T v. The Noe shows don't last more than five or six seasons. So right. So what you got Carlos well, I didn't have a debut, but I had a ending of a show, but wasn't quite the full ending. But as a kid to me, it kindof hit hard. Those were fans of the mighty Morfrom Power Rangers. This is when the mighty morphin part of it came to an end and before they were moving onto one of the nineteen twenty different interations of power rangers. But this is when the first three seasons were over. You know this en you know as a kid. This is for me, and I feel like most of the generation who love powerinje. This is when they got into it. The first three seasons so manimorphan like this is the first one that they had saving or Saban. However, wo want to say it had first brought the Pi footage from Japan over, so they could use that and redub over. So we can have you know our kids show to watch and then once they realize how popular it was like all right. Well, we have other shows, and we can create other stuff on top of this, so they were just like we're gon to we're going to bring this one to an en and for for three whole seasons. You know we were justlike ennamored with his detoys t, the movies, the the tthe t v show itself everything. It was like star. Wars like it was plastered on. You know: Towels disshop Shit like that. It was like everything it was on everything. So to have that change. It was like a huge thing, especially for marketing, and of course it was like when h it transformers killed all the optimis prime, like they wanted to get new toys in the line up. They wanted to reset and keep going 'cause you now how popular it was. So it was a huge deal because, like I said as a fan for me as a kid, I was st like Buck. So after this there was no more power rangers. They were still power rangers, but they they weren't mighty morphind. They were like Zeo Alien Power Rangers. They were just like every like couple of seasons. They were changed to a different type of powerrangern for many seasons continued on, but this it itinued on an different iteraton yeah, but this part of it, which was like the most popular, I would say among most Poweran your fans. Did you lose character? You lost all the characters, didn't you you did for the most Br. I think one guy one or two people t like Tommy, the Green Ranger. The White Ranger forget what he was at the end. He I wat. He like basically went through all like like until now he s lik say he was like. I don't know what he was Ben was like what he was. He was white ranw hease, a Green Ranger. First, with the Dragon's or dod go, and then he became the white ranger and then, of course, he went through all different types of one, so it yeah it was. It was a big change, big ship, because only one or two characters came out of like the F, the six six or seven characters we had been introduced and everything, so it was a big shift and for me I was like almost in middle school, so I was pretty much too cool too cool for school. At that point, wouldn't came to poweraneurse God, I'm done! I'm done at this point so but but I I think it was a big, a big turning point for a lot of kids, my ages, because you know we had grown up the last couple of years m. You know with that most popular inneriteration of this. You know now who's been it's been on t V for like what twenty years over twenty years at this point y know so ow it's been around yeah. What was the original release date like nineteen, ninety two or something it was ninety three yeah. Ninety three was the original date and I was in mail elementary school, so I was like Oh yeah get. I had to get up at six o'clock in the morning and watched hi Shit a little little tid bit of a fact, Kimberley Joe Johnson, the Pink Ranger lovezadal graduated from my high school really. I know I actually know wher brother he's a bouncer at one of our local bars wow. How much older is she than than we are H, she's, my two years older than my brother, so she graduated in nineteen. Eighty nine and you haven't used that contact, so we can book her Os guest on the show. Yet it would't never happen all right. Since you you guys brought a b. You bought a a debut and anender that really wasn't anunder, but it WASN'n endal. It warns the ending of the original series, which is a big deal, because a lot of people lost their favorite character. Exacu H, it was the end of like the most pinnacled chapter of Ateoxact, Wou, O Yeaheah. All right, I will. I will concede to Telegion, Oh definite, to ninety six on this one as big as cosby show an ateam where 'cause power rangers was like Power Jost like star wars, and it was huge for a few years, but I was going to say eighteen with three songs is pretty fucking epic, though I did not know that that happened a I never knew that somebody sang three full fucking songs. I wondere F boy. George was like a secret fan, he's like a gotto get on this show. He had a big thing for Fach, I'm pretty sure of it. So we we snagged the point. We sangda point on that one. You guys snag a point, an control of the board. What's the next category, then what do you want to do? I think we should go with movies, okay, Nall right all right. So I'll start unless you'd like to Sir no go for it. Sorry, so I'm torn between two movies here, but I'm going to go with the one that I think everybody was has at least seen. It is one of the most twisted fucking movies you'll ever see released in the UK in Ireland in February of Nineteen. Ninety six was train spotting o epic, film, Thatagood, P, opic Wun, thay, APIC acoltful, it's a Cazeo hole following it is genuinely, but this is one of those movies that people can still watch now, O This Day and be like how the fuck did they do that much drugs? Well, they JUTA siqlet to it yeah yeah wow. I didn't even realize it was last year that they did a sequel, Mhm Yeah Oy Shit, but it was based off in AE original book. It does have a pretty good rating all over the place. It was before. U and Mgregor h really got into his role olv roles in in bigger films. He was kind of unknown at that point yeah. It was really the start of you in McGregor's career iwaslaunching. Absolutely so that's my pick. I do what about Boondoch Saints, mcgreger yeah, I think trainspotting was before A. I think. Bundock saints was nineteen. Ninety eight MHM, Oh yeah. I think it was ninety eight Eah you're right, I'm almost certain yeah. I think you're right, yeah, yeah yeah you're right. I think it was int good pit good pick Carlos. What do you got man all right? Well, this one. I know you guys have seen and a lot of people listening have probably seen February sixteenth ne T, anine hundred N inety six is classic Happy Gilmore with the Adam Sandler, never seen it yeah. The price is wrong. Bitch Y ipieces of Shit, like you for breakfast, you eat pieces of ship for breakfast, O epic film, Forty One million dollars at the box office O on twelve billion, which isn't like crazy numbers, but for an s anol movie, that's pretty good numbers, that's enough to say hey! This is success, and this is of course, in ninety six, we're in the peak D, VD era. So was IT DPDS in ninety six? Yet we're still now Cha e sopiae? So, but still this is the market was C r. It was still booming, so this you know, went crazy on the the vhs market, of course, dv D sals as well. So this one and of course all any boy from the age of a Yo now eleven to whatever age, quotes this with their friends day, ind and day out. So I feel this movie has an everlasting effect, even though Adam Sayler has beard off the path a little bit recently I feel thethese are. These are the prime ones we always will go back to when we say. Oh, I, like Adam San, about really love. You know Happy Gill, more billy, madely, hatas, yeah, we'll shart naming these first three off so and happy gimore. I think of the first view he put out stands out the most, even though I am a little b t more favor to Billy Madison, but happy Gomor, still like or back to back, like he knocked it out of the park. I IAM totally with you on that. I love Happy Gilmore, but Billy Madison a little bit better hm te better. It's no bullet to the head. Wai! No! was that what as called, was it bulleted ahead, which one? What's your? What are you talking about you? You laugh, you don't even know hpaabut. It was the movie with him and Demon Wanes. Oh, no, no, no bulletproof, yeah proof for the Fras both to the head was withso long a likeers ago. I think I was IR. Tlikeere was no fucking Stolon, I walik. No, it definitely was not sto the lone movie. They Shu DOE mov, together salone Sandy Asom, so Ye Happy Gilmore, I think Apygo were, would be a good standout. Adam Sandler also created happy Madison Productions February twenty seventh, two weeks, Ouy that was released. Terrific jury jury. I Ike I mean we're going with the movies, but I'm just saying there was a DOCTI. Othen came out of that movie. Here we go gut my Loub my tissues here. Alright. Now what sit are we going to use today? Oh Sh? Is that recording? Well Hey fellow poopers? It's Mark Janes here from the Popular Whoop Culture Podka the next time, you're feeling the GROOVE head on over to Cam Soda dotcom. It's tide's digital strip, club Campolta, has thousands of amateur girls next door and all the hunters porn stars today, including Ganny Daniels, pory, black and brandy, love G, there's, twenty four seven access to shows right from your computer, your phone, even your tablet, there's no subscription o rebuilding and the best part is it's totally free to try. They even give you free tokens just head on over to Cam Soda dotcom, backslash Podcast, that's Cam, so da dotcom, slash, podcast, all rg man crush start us off. What do we got movies? All Right, I'm going with movie that I played during Shlockand off back in October. For those that aren't aware, slock and all T was a horror movie marathon that we held at the PCU headquarters and it was fucking awesome Ben was there. I was so he might remember this flick. This was released on February twenty first nineteen, eighty six and it's burned off a few inferior remakes Michael Bay, remade it no seven. It was a load of Dogshit. They had a sequel to e that came out in two thousand andthree with the original character. I'm going to go with the Rucer Hower Se Thomas Howel joints the hitcher. It was a good movie right Y, a so tjist tookin about six million dollars, and eighty six that equates to about thirteen million dollars today was is pretty respectable for a horror movie, especially in nineteen six. That said it was it had a pretty good following it was a great rental and it was always on HBO, GROWG, yeah, wel movies, great, it gets right to it. I mean right. Meat and potatoes, howl picks up rucker hower and the movieis off the the races man it it's as brutal as it gets for a thriller. I wouldn't really call it a horror, but even though that's what it's categorized as, but it doesn't beat around the Bush it just it gets right to it. The writer Eric Read: He actually lived in New York and he was commuting. He was moving to Austin Texas and during his trip driving across country, he did the same thing as they did in the movie, which is uh see. Thomas Howell has a a driveaway car, which was big in the eighties, where you could pick up a car from somebody and use it to drive it wherever destination was going to and it's Kindof like you were using it to move, and while he was driving the the door song Ra riters, the storm came on fucking crate on it, inspired him to write the movie because he thought what better song to to begin a movie on with somebody driving across country and a killer chasing him. So that's how it kind of spurned off and just speaking of HBO, like I said before, it was on Ehpo all the time. It was actually released by HBO Pictures Because Fox had rejected it and just about every other movie production company out there rejected it because of two brutal scenes in the movie, one I'm not going to spoil, because I'm want you to go see the movie one. I will give away, though there's one portion where there's a finger that gets cut off and it's on a hamburger, the original scene. It's actually supposed to be an eyeball ooh, that's on that hamburger, but they ad they made him pull that and he pulled that, but the other scene that I'm talking about is even more brutal and that's still in the movie it'll shock you if you've never seen it. I it was definitely good. I remember watching it y when I was young ECAUSE, it was constantly on HBO. I was worsing a big trouble in little China. The like, I said it did make see, did have the sequel, See Thomas Owls and the sequel came out no three and then Michael Bay, remateit with entirely different actors. Of course, Chan Shit up put some robots in there and explosions, and it was a fucking piece of crap was e Thomas. How in the original yes sethomas owll was the original he's mean Carl. He was in the first end, the second, so he just spoiled it for everyone who hasn't seen the fersone. No, maybe it's. I don't know how I missd that for me watching so much HBO growing up missd The sucking grat movie. It's worth your time, yeah I'm going to have to w. What did you say? The numbers were on yours: it took in six million dollars in the box office in eighty six. So that's thirteen million dollars today is that just domestic yeah now's this one of those like underground horror, movies that, like git shown at a bunch of Lake, you know like no, this s reners. This was worldwide big noticeis. A worldwier is eight Hundre, eight hundred a theatre release 'cause. I don't watch very many horror movies S. that's why I'm like out of the loop on Rocker Howarn, see Thomas Hawl at the time we're major stars- and this is pecally ses, Thomas awll yeah coming. He had a string of movie Red Dawn and he was pretty hot commodity in the EIHTIES one of Mark's, favorite movies Soulman, I love Sulman. have it on dv D, not as good as Reddo. How he goes out and read dawn is one of my favorite death scenes of ALD time R. He just backs himself up into the rocks. He's got the two R pgs one in both hands. You know 'cause, you know you can hold by her and get nothing right. If you know he was firing out some planes, but I mean you're going to launch an r you're going to hold an R pg one in each Han and fire hem off, like it', fucking, airsauns you're, also against a rock which back last area was not secure. It wouldhave turne would have fucking worched Hem, Dad soall right. So for my pick again we're seeing the theme of music and movies and T v All entertwining, because my movie much like Rick Man Crushes, was inspired by a song. This was inspired by the psychodelic Fur Song Pretty and pink 'cause. Of course, the movie pretty and pink written by John Hughes came out in Ni in February of Ninehuteen an eighty six pinnacle movie of the Eighties One of Johnn Hugh's, most beloved films, of course, starring Molly, Ringwald Harry Deanstan, John Krier, James Spader and andypots, not to mention Andrew McCarthy. In one of his best performances and h. This movie was just so epic it really. Unlike some of his other movies, I thought pretty and pink dove more into current. U S. Pop Culture Um even had a Camio by Duezelzapa in the movie, who was actually dating molly ringwold at the time so they're trying to work in different cultural references. Ino, the movie h. The budget was ausually, nine million dollars and he box office N, Ousan, nine hundred and eighty six was forty point: four million dollars O that's a big fucking, moe, hes or yeah. You know it's still still a huge hit. They still play it on t v. all the time and H to this day considered one of the greatest films of the nineteen eighties, pretty and pink, and that kicked off that whole huge streak. IT DID T didn't kick it off, but it was in the midst of it. You know you had breakfast club and Yhad. This eery Haners ay off was ju t same year, there's nineteen eighty six as well excellent, excellent Al Right. So, let's get down to the brass tax here, all right, so pretty and pink is definitely the biggest movie out of all them. I have to say that I'd agree with that train spotting in the: U S grow. Sixteen million dollars in the box office happy Gilmore grossed about forty one million, so they were both pretty damn popular. I wouldn't say: Train spotting was that popular though I don't know, if that even had a theatrical release all over the nation, now train Potin got bigger, it didn't jely it tra wating re low, bigger until July. It was released overseas to a huge acclaim in February. That's like one of them art, sea movies. That's like a cans Movi right when train spotting got big. It's when it hit the home video rental market, Luling lurks and a lot of other movies that came out in the early nineties. They exploded once they hit video rental. Sores. Happy Gilmore, I think, is almost on par with pretty wing pretty and Pan they're bot. That's what I was about to say: Pretty Close Cause, causpretty and pink is memorable for sure. 'cause John Hughes makes it memorable those movies themselves with the emotions and, like you said, the commentary on things make them memorable, but AARE people quoting them like they are happy Gil more like your friends and like you, Wanoo tolake. Anybody, let's make it easy. L T me did the last time. Let's take it to the box office for February of your year. Okay, let's UST, do it like we did it last time, we're both pretty even Keel right now, it's too hard for either side to pick. So, let's just look at the movies that came out in your month and year and the movies that came out in our monthen year right so February. Eighty six, this is what we got. We had fx that came out and I'm just going to read the ones that were big. We had Hata and our sisters, which is a big movie tookin forty million bucks, which is one of the biggest movies in the year actually Deltaforce, which was probably Cannon's best movie ever Ah prob production quality, wise, probably was yeah. quicksilver, Kevin Bacon came out that month, kaving Bacon on a bike on a bite and a messenger, fucking Bacon, and you had Paul Radriguez in that movie. So it was a good flick. You had wild cats, Goldie Hawn, another big big film with th Woody Harrelson was in then we moved down a little bit more in the month and we had nine and a half weeks with Mickey rwork another big film, and we also had one of Mark's favorites. We had house Tats acrcame out at the end of the molume cat front of the program, Wam cat, a d, ' a I missing a movie here. They came out thatjust about. Does it that wraps us up, I think rih. So we had black sheep, which had a huge opening weekend like I was saying, before almost ten point: six million, then we had broken Arrow, which actually led the box offices for two weeks, starting with opening weekend. It's a piece of Chideo. It is a piece of shit. It was it made fifteen point, five million dollars a first weekend and eleven point: Seven, the next it was a pretty big movie. There 's nothing else, Oswo for people e. The funny thing about this is, I was going to says John Travilta went on to face off and then Christiman slater went on to an uncredited, an uncredited piece in like a Astin powers, itwas hard rain before after broken arrow. That's a good question. I have no idea because he had that was where they were trying to bring him back and it just did not work and it Chrustias letters had like a thousand chances in the love interest of Christians later in broken Arrow is the exact same love interest that he shared and pump up the volume which was an even better movie than broke en Arrow all right? So what Al? What other movies? I? There was the movie beautiful girls which came out ninety six, it's about a bar. It is Um. There's also were the exe executive decision, executive decision Romo all way too in the Bronx we hade the never ending story, three humble in the Bronx. That was the American release of that 'cause. That was actually out before the right oversad Donguker. We also have gullivers travels project, LF whatyeh. It was a movie about Alf or that's not good, almost ten years after Alf Yep, that is about it, I would say so. The Ming ones were a goies travels black sheep, happy, Gilmore, train spotting and rumbling the Bronx executive decision, Brokean Brokenero Yalthough the has made money a few of those are pieces. They are AI. I mean woul, Indo, Wai, amalrnpiezeof, Shit, theyare, playing on t and t tbs over and over and over they are p. A lot of t'em are pieces of ship, but when you look at just black sheep and happy Gilmore in the same months, that's th t's. I don't know if black SEOP blackseep wasn't as good. As you know, I had a little tribu on that that they wrote that scriptinjust a few days because Chris Parley's commitment contract was going to end and if they didn't have a script that they were going to sue thei writers. So that's when they came up with the script for for a black sheep and they did't, even really they didn't do any like rerites. Basically, they came out with the same movie as Tommy Boy, fucking, say: Movie EXAC Right. So if we, if we want to go even further blackshee brought in thirty two million total I's that Yu're, I'm not worth bigest, he ower going numbers well, if you guys want to like Abrodan Airou broken airokayit was like a hundred and eighty million yeah broken air was huge in the bog. A hundred and Hou all right I'LL GE I'll give you guys movies, because we, I don't think uh, even with conversion, yeah the'we're, still not going to top broken arrow. I mean it was a complete piece of shit, but I brough s so much money in the box office. It did it did it Li e. It was such a bad movie. I couldn't choose it: it had nfo hol et ir Helly Long, that's Righ, O di Oron fucking did osure. So you guys win movies, yeah, even converted our biggest one's. Only doing ninety million tit's. True all right. So you guys pick the next category wee got two more to go all right. So this is our first two point round right: Yep, Yep right so Carloss I picked the last one t's. It's your call. My phone sit'slet's rock out music you'V got it released albums in nineteen. Ninety Sixh February February, Thirteenth Tupok released his fourth studio, album of all eyes on me to five hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of revenue in the first week. Um they didn't release many singles off of it right away, so his big single actually came in the summer, but that album dropped on February thirteenth, along with a couple of other big albums right around it. As for Bilwhat, just one hous wone Ou, I wasn't going to say any other al N, but I was going to say m. This CD is very well known for a lot of songs, but specifically California love. How do you want? It are the two big ones that I remember, and there was a couple of other ones where he collaborated with R, with rdray and a couple of others, but yeah it' sold five hundred and sixty six thousand copies the first week, wow man, you guys, you better, be bringing it Carlos all right. I think I am so for February, Thirteenth, N, nine Huteen and ninety six. This was another iconic. We're keeping in e hip hop range another iconic with this trio. Everyone was singing this part. Ladies Guys. Every time I heard the song on cassette, I'm going with the foogies. The score came out that olp in nineteen ninty six in February so- and you know, t of course had the killing me softly. Radionot, no woman, no cry her cover of that, like some true classics that still get played in clubs on Olsco hip hop classic like radio stations all over the place. So this album definitely is all time classic and ironically enough, it released the same day s thexact same day, oky thirteenth, yeah, yeah. So too iconic the exact same day albums in one day, all right e see. If we can top that man crash Hig Ben, we did it all right I'll go first on this one. So for this one, I'm going to go with a movie soundtrack that came out in February of nineuteen and eighty six. This film soundtrack has been rated as one of the best ind modern cinema history. It even features a rerecorded version of the song by the psychodenic furs, which gives it the namesake. Yes, that's right, I am doubling down. We are going with a soundtrack for the movie pretty and pink, which in itself is amazing, because the title track off of that the big hit, if, if you leave by omd orchestral maneuvers in the dark, wasn't originally supposed to be the song for that, but because John Hughes changed the original ending of the movie, they needed a new song that fit the news theme. So, at the last minute, O m d wrote this song and recorded it, and it was a huge hit. It was one of three singles off this movie soundtrack that was released pretty and pink soundtrack. It's got Suzann Vega, inexcess, the PSYCODELIC firs new order, O md. Of course, the Smiths Heanni Hutton hitters, who was I mean Janny Hunton, was a huge pinnacle American singer Song Runter, who was best known for his time with three dog nights, so a lot of great at the time staples in eighties, rock and roll, and they stuffed them all in this album and it really reflected what we were hearing on the radio at the time, because this wasn't just a sound track to a movie. It was the sound track of what was being played on the radio at the time, so pinnaccles soundjrack of the eighties, pretty inpink, that's my pick, man crush or I, with my music, pick gon to go with something by a pretty recognizable band. Hopefully you guys ill know them. This album was the band's third studio album. However, this is the first album that was released on a major label. ND, it's Wat probably began to make them a household name, at least in the the metal, genre metal fans and stuff around that period. Tisis my favorite album of the band. Sadly, it's their last album with their amazing basis, O was killed in a Torbus accient and the man I'm referring to is the guy that I drafted in my deceased legends band the ghosts last week that man's cliff Burton and the album was master of puppets and the band was Metallica and that alm is six times platinum selling. Over six million copies. It's really yeah a lot of people say it's the greatest metallica album ever over the black album, not a bad song. The entire albattery master o puppets the thing that should not be welcome home sanitarium, disposable, Hereos, Lepormassia, Oryon, damaging every single song on this album is like metal royalty. I think there's only two or three tracks on the album that are not on their our greatest hits album, probably thr. This is my favorite album of the man. Yeah Iam now upset that you got to pick this one 'cause. Now I have to vote for you on that one because it'sactly, my favorite metalliccalbum, it's not my favorite metallica album, but it's definitely one of my favorite albums to listen to, especially if you want to get pumped up and won, get Pumpuk up a do something working out or you know, do some sport or something like that. This album was I I just remember like back in the DA like man, the bass is really low on this and then the comp find out they. This is the cliff. was you know after cliff, what was it in Santarium or those albums s when they're turning the base down on what's his face on her kind yeah? But with this one I was like. Oh Man, Clipi knows what he's doing. He plays that Bas, like like a actual likesolo on a guitar the way he fucking ripped it out. Oh my God like battery. Oh, my God, you just want to kill somebody every time you hear that's on it's such an incredible, my actual favorite metalic album was ride the lightning. It's also great. I liked it because it tended to be a little more melodic and I thought that was kindof cool from such a heavy band, but then master o puppets was just pure aggression and yeah fantastic, album, fantastic pick. We we got this Roundi'm com, everybody knows METALLICA. Now I mean then metallic it was like you'd see people with metallicashirts. You know back in the late eighties and it wasn't that upper Eshelon band just yet once actually, once a black album came out is when you know they hit MTV and ev yeah everything like exploded, I actually didn't like them after the Sam, but everything prior thumbs up yeah. I agree. I agree yeah me too, all right. So who wins this round? I mean my vote's on Thetalca, just 'cause Yeah Si a really we took this one. I mean pretty and pink soundtrack yeah. Okay, maybe I don't Tike it Outoi. Don't think that out does two boks two parssold, so many copies- and I understand that you guys are- are favoring the eighties metallica and I do too, but twopox album was massive. It was, it was a walking Aset. I don't hear bincouting it because you don't love that Oltsomuch, it's true se Wat they say, went platinum just in just like four hours or something like that. Did it go six times platinum, ud it sold over ten million copies. How many copies did master I mean tpock is to pock is pretty iconic too Tupak versus metalica. This is as well I mean as of January, twenty fourteen. It sold ten million total copes Wel, it's a big alum dude in it, and I understand and don't get me wrong. I Fuck in love Montalica, but we're going. We have to. We can't go by the genes, we love, we have to go by the actual numbers we have to go with by actually how well it was received and how much it's sold. It's a good. It's a good argument and Topok I mean t pag is just as influential too now is metallica. Is You know, people still reference, Topak use him as a an influence to get into music and other things. So all lies on me and that's only ow and that's like. If for people who weren't Raprat fans, they knew a ll lies on me, we're going to the note of about just about thirteen million copies, so four million five hundred and seventy eight and seven million seven hundred and fifty thousand yeah about thirteen million copies mashere puppets. It's not a blackalum black album was close to forty million, but how much was allwas on me? He said ten, then I mean you got. It was ten million, then all is on me sold master O puppits beaten by four million albums in ten years earlier, and those numbers are kind of skewed because the music market there was more more kids, I think, buying music in the in the mid nineties and ther were in the Miiel. For Sir everything was cassette right, just mobpulay IAS run se te errors alone. You know that market had grown so much I mean technically, it would be three against one. So that's fine! You guys take this round all right. So what does that make the score? Now it's three to two we're going to win this next round: Yeah, whoever wins the next round! Wincs all right. I feel confident in this Nex an we only have one category left and that's that's lot. Products hot products of nineteen. Eighty six man crash start us off. Take US home man take us hone all right. I got the family computer disc system AK THE FAMIKAN disk system in Japan, how's that wow no, the NACCOM diever go by another name. Some people might know better, so nintendo release the Famakan disc system, a system. There was ahead of its time and that system was released with the following games, and this is going to lead me to my hot product: Baseball Gulf, Majong, soccer, supermario, brothers, tennis and drumroll. please. It was also the release date for the legend of Zelda th. Naturally, roughly roughly a year later, Nandendo released it to the carches that we know, but it was the first tital game to be included on cartridge with the internal battery. So you could save the game h. That was huge that revolutionized gaming, not only the style of game, play the ability to save like that change. The way that games would be made forever we're talking about the cartridge game, but the actual game itself is influential. When y talk about Gameplay, it's pawned, even though it's not really an R PG, it's spawn the entire RBG market. At it point it is an Rpig it's you know it was the actual ners of the original action, R bgs that we know now. So it's sold. You know like six and a half million copies, and this is back then, and the game had sequels prequals Spin Offs, it's one of the most popular games of all time, and that's my what's hot item for February Nineteyn, six ohthat's, huge and matter of fact that was the exact same hut item. I had no s yeah, but you know what thank God. I came with backup and I came with a lot of backup and unfortunately, though, my back up is all is three and three four inches tall, but there's a lot of us didn't and that no, it is not my Dick. It's close, though we are talking about the little product that you guys may have owned one or two of called Gi Joes. They were huge in February of nineteen, eighty six WAI W W did they debut, they did not debut, but they were at their pinnacle in nine teen and eighty six because they had just come out would season five series, five and series, six, which included a huge turning point in the GI, Jo Franchise, because series six, a series: Five N, nine teen and eighty six is when they started coming out with a lot of the action figures M that supported the newer series and the changes that we saw in the GI, Jo Franchise. When they came out with the movie. You know we had Zandar and Zarana and that's when monkey wrench came out in some of the dreadknots and then you had other great characters like thrasher and Oh yeah, sergeant slaughter, all yeah, not to mention Seppentor, two ith, the biggest Gi joes that were ever released. Dor meinebender was in series five as well so gi, Jo all the iconic figures we can think of were coming out at this time, so gi, joes February, O nine uteen and eighty six, I tik it. I I have my favorite shared Gi. Jos. had him in the in the Bat Tub you know they was were great to have on the what whatver you doing with the Joes in the Bat Tub. May you gotta have t e the water fights with their boats and stuff like that right, Mi, not the only one who did stuff like that. Come op no come I I I took them all apart and made a new one. That's exactly what I did. I had a giant plastic tub filled with about a hundred joes all in piecos psychopaths. It's the same thing you do with masters at the universe too. I Never! I never fucked him in M my masters E universe, guys 'cause. I don't know how the hell you' Get t e because it wasn't a rubber band. The GIJOS were easy ecause. It was a little black rubber band in a hook. So you can like puthe dants on everything just with that mix and match everything, Yep yeah, all right. So what are you guys got? I have the release of one of a series of parts of a comic. I think you guys might remember this, because it was one of the only crossovers that was this big and it was DC versus marvel issue. Four, I mean nowadays it's worth twenty bucks just for a fucked up Gobby, but no, it sold number one for the first two weeks in February. That's my big, my big piece. It's a Sol hundreds of thousands of copies from what I was reading and it was really the plot is kind of stupid. Not Going Ta Lie Marvel an DC wake up as a live senten people, God so to speak over their their respective realms and h. They P their own people against each other. So you actually had marvel fighting DC straight up. So it's it was a big crossover for them. Who did the writing in the artwork for that series? fucing. Remember great research theyve been cracked to your well UILTIA researchers. There only the best ear on the Poopady ather. The author was Ron Mars, okay, ronmars and he's very well known for Batman, DC, vers Marvelle, of course, green lanterns silver surfer and which blade nice, no Wedgin as El live, but it's pretty close, but no cigar, pretty big. I would say February twenty seventh F nineteen. Ninety six was the release of Pokimon gred and blue never heard of them. What did you say? I was Pol Poker Poke Monsters, I'm pretty sure that this is on the same level as rick. I don't come on Pokimon and Lege. Are You fucking kidding me? It's bond. Not only t V shows numerous movies. They have had way more gains in the ELDA series. WHILEZELA is more iconic pokim on his no an he just made my case ell. You just soak him on and Ma many more money in them guaranteed. They had a failed cartoon. The pokimon his head, numerous pent off enemies, movies and rat wol see. I think, if that doesn't sum up what these episodes are. Reall really all about is that after all of this, it boils down to legend of Zelda versus Pokimon. I think I think we take that yeah. Take that to a pole we have to. We have to what was the bigger franchise, Zelda or Pocemon it's Hue, but it it also depends on what we're looking at too 'cause. I didn't play. Pokamon like I didn't know anything about it. I played Zelva but POKIMON's fucking huge. It is and a lot of people play Pokamon that never got an esult. It's a different style of gameplay similar but Alik ortern base gameplay yeah. So it's just seeing that I, I regret not looking deeper, because DC versus marvel was pretty big, but not even at half as close as big as the release of the original Pokingmons, the AIRPO as Lerdy Salad. Are you sure, that's the original Pokimon Yeah February, twenty, seventh nineteen, Ninety six, red and blue red was released. Sorry Blue Wasn't released until October, so red and green were released February. Twenty six, twenty seven nineteen. Ninety six fuck! I can't speak yeah, it's the original release. Allrigh, I say E. Take t that' Pol you gotto say that those franchises are both fucking massive. They are ey're pretty close because both of them have become the staples of Nintendo. Of course, with you know, the fucking brothers, Mario Luuiji, but Pokimon Zelda and Mario, are like the three franchises that hold that company together so and they both were huge, but in different decades. So I think it's really only fitting that we'd bring it down to pokamon versus Zelda. What was your choice again? Mark Mine? Oh it was, you know, just natgg joes. You know no one ever had those ore played with those, but nobody ever bought a fucking DC versus Marvel fucking on teco, my other H, other one was sege. SATERM C D game system came out in February. Ninety six, Oh wow, man, good thing. You cidnt go that Ro yeah exactly I didn't have selddid'Tta a POK emon either. How did you not pick pokimon before you pick fucking? I opic search. I honestly did not even think to search video games because I had gotten into comic books and there was two comic books that were selling like crazy, then, and it was DC versus marvel and spawn and spawn was so big in nineteen. Ninety six that it was selling over two hundred units sending over two hundred units just to comic book shops like on average, to every comic bookshop 'cause everybody back. Then, when image came out, everyone was trying to buy up all the number ones, thinking that the comics were going to make a bounce back yeah. But this was an hour all wer talk worddude like this. What wajst saying Intonero was EMANS, CAA yeah. That's why image made it so big is because of the people that put it on everyone knew it was going to be a success, so they all wanted to buy those number ones which wey boosted sales and then people like, oh well, I migh as well read this too and they realized spawn and a lot of these other titles were really well written and kind of hobby audiet nd Nastic H, that was the RELEASEO spawn. Forty four and forty five was that month, where he escapes from Heaven, with the help of Angela and he's hunted by the new, a one tiffany and he murders that bitch see. I would have gone with that over marvell versus DC, although Marvoro vishis DC sold way more sold way more but quality. I don't. I don't know, though, like a hundred thousand doesn't seem like all that much 'cause and that's ninety six you're talking about after the death of Superman. After, like the whole venom thing true, so you have y Morvel a DC were really kindof struggling at this point. Werethis is about with the time when marve was H, having some bankruptcy problems, selling off every POBLEM, yeah they're selling up ever grasping at straws, trying to find something to bring them out of the basement or yeah when they do a comic with DC together, allright fellow poopers. Unfortunately, that has to end our fund for this episode, but it all depends on you, man, so head over to twitter vote on this pole. Who Wins this round? Is there going to be Shabag? Six in Carlos of the BCIND and rewine podcast, or is it going to be the home team bof the Mamaluks Rick Man Crushin Myself, Mark James, which was bigger the legend of Zelda or Pocamon? It's all up to you. You guys decide but head over to www. Do poop culture dotcom to check out all the other grade shows on the poop culture extended universe. So until next time, fellow poopers, we bid you a piece, love lighting, a joy have a great night. Everybody and remember. 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