Dueling Decades
Feb. 20, 2019

Dueling Decades - February 1989 vs February 1990

This week we most excellently go back to the ’80s & the ’90s for another round February's matchup has the “Mamalukes” (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) armed with 1989 take on the team of Beau Becraft & Mike Ranger, now known as After School Special wi

This week we most excellently go back to the ’80s & the ’90s for another round February's matchup has the “Mamalukes” (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) armed with 1989 take on the team of Beau Becraft & Mike Ranger, now known as After School Special with February of 1990 on their side! Judge Jon Cross is back once again to law down the law and passes judgment. Will the 1990’s team finally pull one out ending the winning streak of the 1980s? Listen, find out, play along at home and join us on Facebook for more great Dueling Decades action!


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Does it better greetings, Retro Warriors and welcome to another episode of dueling decades here on poop culture, the bodacious Retro Game Show where we make the eighties in ninetys fight it out as we debate these two dope decades. Let's take a look at the teems in the decades they will be fighting for first off, representing February of Nineteen. Ninety, it's a pleasure to be here mark. As always h. This is my handsome partner, Mike Ranger, we're representing February nineteen ninety and we have decided upon the permanent team name of the after School Special, Oh very nice and my teammate, who I will be representing February of Nineteen eightynine with that's right, of course, we're the Mamelukes and I'm sick. A my name is Rek sick man crush and has always here on dualing decades. We need someone to hold down Lawran order. Please rise. It's the honorable judge, John Gross. That's right! I am judge John Cross and, like everyone on the show, I too use o e day, which is why I like a nice drippy, Butt Hole. Let's play fat tonight, people you need the dryer yeah. You need Ip a day and then a head dry and then it's a whole thing. I attached to Dyson to my beday. Well, you know what they say here: Boday gone tomorrow, warhower all right. The rules of our game are quite simple. A coin flip will decide the team who goes first. The winning team will decide the topic of each round out of the five dueling decades: categories: movies, television, music, news and, of course, hot products. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points. A piece the JUDG's ruling will determine who wins each round in the team with the highest overall score after five rounds will be the victors. Gentlemen, let's play some dueling decades, Cordos Alrigty, yes, th the moment. Everyone waits for this Mon's Toyan CAS. Is this month's ten quietfark this Mont's cointoss? Is this blue reedition of damnation alleys? So teams? Will you tell me, do you want to get damned or do you want it in the alley? What is in, let's go to ask for the the call? Yes right, so you want it in the alley. Alright, let's see there, we go Andi'm. Sorry, you've all been damned. It's heads up, Oh yeah, a right mark. Do you want to start with television or do you wantto start w yeah, let's just al the television truth or Darmark? Do I have to joose a right w'll start with television and on February ninth nineteen, eighty nine. It was the erring of one of the all time. Great episodes of the popular American Sitcom cheers. The episode was entitled Goldend Boyed, and it marks the very first appearance of Kelly Gaines as Salmon Woodi a a recruited by Rebecca to ten bar and her corporate bigwig father's house wood. He encounters Kelly as he butts head with, as he buttheads with Kelly's boyfriend dash. In the end, though, what he does overcome and with his boyish charm, he wins over Kelly and steals her away from Nash. Much like onre would attempt to do only a few short seasons later. Jackie Swanson, who played Kelly, would go on to be a regular reoccurring character on the show until the very end and uh spoilers, Kelly and woody do get married and have two kids wait to ruin it. Man Y AV, spoilers, much Jeez, we'll be dropping a lot more spoilers today. I think there's another one. Coming up that celebrity couple name would be welly. Yes, them British Mowellioo boot ahtits, a more Kina really dig for that. One and the bizarre thing with February is you're not going to get very many shows beginning in February. However, there was the writers strike. Nineteen, an eighty eight which lasted forea hundred and fifty five days, its actually the longest gild strike on record and it ended in like August of e, but it pushed everything back. So I was fortunate enough to get a show that began February: Twenty eighth nineteen nd, eighty nine and it's the fictional tale of the Minnesota State whas the minisostate university. I think it is screaming eagles. The Football Team and Ther Zeni Coaching Staff led by none other than crag Te Nelson. You had Jerry Van Dyke on there and the guy. What's it name, Patrick Star or bill saerb npronounches figure, Baki Wehes Fugg is kneein, go bang. What shakkobake? I forgot well go with Patrick Star, but that show, of course, I'm talking about coach. It lasts for nine seasons on ABC Nelson and Vandyke. They both want Emmis for the work on the show, and if I'm listening like a top ten and ninety sitcoms, I'm honestly going for my top three's going to be Seinfeld friends and then coach. A third C. I think it's just like a super underrated, show yeah. You got this. It starts off with this H, like kind of crappy college football team. He takes hinto a bowin spoiler. They eventually win the national chehampionship in one season. They defend it and then the weird thing is about this show. I don't know if anybody else watches besides me towards the end he jumpd ship from college to the NFL, and he starts with Um the Orlando Breakers wer. The name of the team of the NFL, a some fake team, obviously, and what they tried to do in the last couple of seasons, is one season. They try to match it up with Monday night football and play it before Monday night, football, Bhat oes. Everybody knows one an Nigt football. The time started at nine o'clock, so it was perfect on the east coast, but on the West Coast Monday night football started at six. 'caus, nobody was fucking watching coach at five o'clock, so it was a huge like jump. The shark moment it was Kindo Weird, but coach February, twentyth, nineteen, eighty nine yeah, solid showman good pick, one of my favorite episodes and one of the I haven't, seen the whole series, but one episode always stood out. They went to Hawaii for a bull game and Coch's daughter met this surfer guy named Wyat, who blew out his ear drum. So he had no balance and the whole time they're celebrating after the big wind, you'll, just see, 'em run across screen and fall down and then get up and run across Sgreen all down at was fantastic ush a good show man, and actually they try to bring it back. Thinkin, like twenty thirteen, twenty fourteen somewhere round there- and I guess the pilot was total shit. They didn't the'll, probably do it again. Next year, then probyeah he'll come back again. Coach three got that coach pilot. Those guys Stole Alive Coach, three still coaching Gerre dike still like cat stilll, be alive, her yeah. No, he as older shit, then he's got to be dead. ECTY. Nelson he's got the oldest helding EPLAC, O ith dig randike. Oh, they g die on the show. They could be coach meets up with a cheery chimney, sweep from old London town and the two of them could go on wacky adventures together in the Midwest, but Gerry Vandeg's, really animated Y H, hat e fun of it thernic sweep, but no, they just drive around with Jerry van Dak's corpse in the trunk. No, they just they just play reggae music, the whole time so e had o go like a weekend of bunnies too. Oh coach, coach Burnie's all right. What do you guys have? Michael Wdold, you like to kick things off? I don't knowyou got o get some real gold over there. WELL ALL RIGHT I'LL! Take this one, then the same night that marks pick aired was the debt on CBS of the bradies. This is actually the completion of Atrilogy, more or less. If you want to take the television out of a Trillgey, a continuation of the original, I nineteen sixty nine to seventy four Sitcom, the Brady Bunch, focusing on its main characters as adults. The second, obviously such continuation after these short live nineteen. Eighty one sitcom the brady brides, aired on Friday nights failed in the ratings against the TGIF line up on ABC and was canceled after one month, six produced episodes the last six episodes airing March- ninth n nineteen. Ninety. So what we failed to realize here is that H we had lyrics sung by Florence Henderson in one of these episodes a few of them actually, so that alone, I think, merits the reward here. The nineties Taying, the lyrics were shit. I don't Knowi was really anticipating that lint H. here's an interesting thing, though I l original Henderson, said Shit on prime time, but sure that's what you think s still children, forty years or whatever yeah. That would work it's interesting, because the original was thirty minutes long. This was actually an hour long and featured far more serious plot lines. Give you the run down here. Some of the things they touched on Mike Brady began. A political career, bobby's, budting, car racing career ends abruptly in the first episode after an accident leaves him a parapligic as he recovers hold hold on. I will give up the round right now. If you tell me in those episodes, there was a walker, Texas, ranger crossover as Mikey Ai Walker told me, I'm a paraplegic Eh ththat's. Not all, though wait there's more e breaks up with his fiancee, to whom he became engaged in a very brady Christmas and begins dating the abusive daughter of Mike's Political rival. Just when you think, shit can't get worse, Gin and Phillip Unable to conceive children of their own, adopt a Korean girl named Patty stay at home, mother Marsha battles, alcoholism, while Waley loses yet another in a series of jobs, the latest being as Michaelcan apiing manager, yeah, Waley and Marsha, who, along with their two children, have been forced to move in with Mike and Carroll, eventually decide to open their own catering business to support their family and last, but not at least radiohost Sidndy Wat. A Lisp, for God's sake, begins a romance with her boss, a widower more than ten years or senior, who has two children now, despite all the downbeat tone of the overall themes of the show, the show did feature a laugh track at certain moments. Most awkwardly is when it's announced that bobby is a pair ofplece, but don't understand it probably a poor time, a poor time of thing on the production side, but that one kindof threw me for a loop yeah when occasionally bobby would fall out of his wheelchair. That's when they V itee was still all about the l. It would be another. Ten years before we deemed that laughing at cripples was in pc or whatever anyway. Were there any story, lines that WEREVOLVED AROUND COUSIN OLIVER? I think they killed him off in the Brady. Brides he's definitely touching. Oh He. He owns a bike shop, oh forgod's sake. His name is Robbie wrist, of course, he's a he's. A pettorist, the brady brides either sounds like some sort of Weid Mormon pon or it sounds like a sequel to a drack in the movie Fom, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three. It was based on that, though it was yeah dracular in the Brady brides, but they both suck EAHR allright. So that was the day now February. Ninth Nineteen. Ninety Mike I A on R hang on to your sogemn, I got some stuff on February fifth, nineteen ninety saw the return of one of Television's classic Game Shows Supermarket Sweep the original show broadcasted on ABC o Ou and nine htndre, and sixty five Ouan nineteen sixty seven and sa it's nineteen. Ninety Revival take place on the lifetime network of all places was DPAN on formout of the show, had three teams of two players and consisted of three segments. The question round the big sweep and the bonus sweep players would answer grocery related questions, as well as run up and down the aisles loading, their shopping carts with special items. Has It ever been one of your fantasies? You see a big, beautiful, supermarket and they say to you: Go ahead. Do what you've always wanted to do run wild grab everything you can get your hands on everything in this supermarket is yours and it's all free from Hollywood. Where dreams come true, it's the return, the one and only supermarket sweep. Are you ready to go shopping? You A so at's right? I've always wanted to be on that show, except for the running part buck that, but a lot of people don't realize is that in in the the sweep section like the time version, you would have to avoid GAYFIEDDI popping out of random miles and trying to get you. You know prevent you from getting through the maze you would throw banana peels at you yeah he d, just pop out and he'd, be like it's killer a they always wanted to do more of the supermarket stroll where you just casually walk down the ous. Take when you want. I mean, I suppose, in the nine Pie, catnmate two thousands, it's more appealing because supermarkets cand of grow to incorporate electronic goods and clothing and various other stuff back in the fifties and sixties what supermarkets are like. You can get some free beans like wwhat was in a supermarket thing. I mean I'm sure you know housewives loved it and everything back in the fifties, but yeah seems bizarre to me, but yea it to es week in the nineties. Did it have like t, vs and Shit in the aisles, or was it still just? You know bags of chips and stuff? No, it was pretty much. It looked just like the supermarket from that married with children episode. You know it's just yeah. It wasn't like a new fangled Bigu sugmarket with like stuff. You might actually want onto them. It was just basically like a small supermarket and it was just like. I thought it was just one big commercial for products because, like the way they would pick people out of the audience was like who's got. The can of foldiers come on down. Ter who's got the bag of rapsnacks. WHO's got the vagacil everybody just cowers away from e camera all right. What's the ruling what' The RULEID, so I wanted to ask: Is this? The first time certainly has been. I think in my tenure is judge, but is this the first time we've had years so close together? Yes, Ye it's interesting and it's exciting and it's different. I also wanted to clify something as well mock your episode of cheers. While you did go into the plot. was there anything particularly special about it? Was it of eist episode, O e last EPISODOF whater didn't? It was the first episode that had Kelly Gaines on it: okay, the first time she was introduced, and course she goes on to being a major character on the show Sho Chal Chalchal, Chalchau, okay. So it was the first introduction of Kelly Gaines First Kelly. First CA, FRIS Gaines Nono, and it was the h, the the introduction of coach Creat t Nelson's classic nine season siccom. It's such a shame, because I feel that the arter school specials really did such a great job, especially with the bow and the bradies, explaining all the intcaplot details Y. You almost won the day for your description alone. Sadly, with marks clarification that the chers episode was indeed asemenar One I do have to o n Hou, an nine hundred and eighty nine but Beau. I want to give you big thumbs up man for your description of the bradies. It sounded horrifying. Well, I tell you what I'd like to give you two thumbs up and I can but Bobby Brady can't no and if he tries he'll fall out of his chaircarflfull down is funny so sorry guys, but the the introluction of coach who can deny that, like you, say, one of the top five ninety sitcoms SI think a lot of people look at it a like an eighty show, but it really and that's what kindo sucks, because it you know it does bleed over, but it Soro. We sad before, like that kind of eighty seven and ninety four kind of periorily kind of it's, it's a blamacl et difficult to really pimpoint in the decades. I think you need to give a decade a good five years to kind of get going before you, you see all the quintessential stuff. I mean the nineties had some of that grun stuff. Erlyon, which kind of defines the flannels and the BAGGAGANS and sh the right office, but but really it's not ntil like ninety five. Ninety six, that you can really define the nineties for the terrible terrible decade that it was no bis at all Al right mark. Do you want to go h? You want to go with news here, going something else or are you goinnt go wit, WO'LL! Go News all right! Do you want me to start this sure go right ahead? This one might be a bos alley and it might be a little bit of a spoiler to bow as well and every other fan of this out there. So almost warning everybody right now. If you don't want to know what happened on February, tenth, nineteen, Eighty Nine, you should just skip forward a couple of minutes, but two thumbs up bows alley: Next, eept or body in an attempt to free their exhibitions from regulations that apply to boxing and other sports. It can cause serious injury, Linda mcman of the thn WWF. Now the WW participated in February nineteen, nine new jesy legislative hearing in an attempt to deregulate professional wrestling in New Jersey. So basically they wanted to be not looked at as a sport that way their fighters wouldn't have to be, or their performers wouldn't have to be licensed, or you know, go to the doctor to be cleared and shit like that so to push. The Deregulation Linda had to commit the ultimate wrestling sin, and this was done for the first time, an Admi that professional wrestling was fake. It was a show and everything was predetermined mm and, as a result of that, it actually did go on to pass that deregulation in New Jersey by a vote of thirty seven O one. You know once W W stated that they featured scripted sports entertainment with PREDETERMINDG outcomes. It was ruled in New Jersey that they had no authority to regulate. I mean it's interesting now 'cause. I never really knew this, but there'r still are states where it's regulated like New York and stuff they have to get. They have to pass and shit like that, but there are times and that's why you'll see people not on one card but they'll fight in another state, while they're banged up like maybe on a you know, a non televised show or whatever, because it's in a deregulated state yeah. I mean the major part of the story. Here, though, is she let the cat out of the bag? Spoilher Lindo Landalinda, still real to me, dim it so in huge Jersey they could. They could wrestle each other with stds. They didn't have to go to the doctor, ontactor anything a realy much they did comand at you with a HPE He's Gon to HAP yeah. They didn't have to get a licenced wellingene that soul certainly look sypholetic to me Ano physical examinations before an exhibition, so we're in thecannw Ersey just stick your diseased growing all over the other person's Faceang he's out for the count sounds good to me more deregulation in ridiculous sports. Please all right! Valentine's Day, nineteen, eighty nine. We saw the first of twenty four satellites that will make up the global positioning system put into orbit for the very first time: GPS, Revolutioni revolutionized navigation, both seeand on land, providing positional reports with unprecedented pinpointaccuracy. The GPS satellite system is keyed to many technologies that we currently have today. Besides, navigation g PS has had many applications in map making lands orbeing and the accurate telling of time yeah, even though it was developed and maintained by the U S Department of Defense. It has been widely available since nineteen ninety three without charge to anyone anywhere around the earth. So for the first time Valentine's Day, nine huteed and eighty nine, the GPS system first launched in the orbit. That's coin to be hard to be eat. Mother fugger. What rolld the Prime Star playing this look at that and that's an example of big government working for us. You know what I mean it like. We want small government you're, like what you're Goin ta ter on the satellites now come on now, ow you going to get to Duncan donuts or the city you're, not familiar with paper, a government people. At the same time, we have got to blame the global positioning system, with the fact that my oba driver still tries to pick me up three blocks over five throads up and theybe. Doing that t put the little pin on the thing, but no HEU still gets a rung Hossl, that's a good one. That's a fucking, really good one! I mean think about that. Now you can't even live without that 'cause most people came and read a damn paper map. If you tried buhells ran mcnalli, I mean think of any new technology. That's come out in the last twenty years that doesn't have GPS of some form built into it. I mean, if you don't, have DPS. How are you going to find John F Kennedy drive, that's right, which one all right. What do you guys have I'm going to get mine out of the way 'cause it's terrible compared to what Mike's got? Ah, in February of Nineteen, ninety no particular date but smoking, smoking is a Bando S, domestic flights of six hours or less. In February of Nineteen, ninety an initial ban was instated in April nineteen, eighty eight, the prohibited smoking on flights of two hours or less and by the year two thousand smoking was banned on all domestic and international flights. The verdict is still out on Vape, don't know if you can do that on a plane or not, but haven't you tose, you ca cigarettes, a band on flight MM? Well, THAT'S DEF! That's devastating! I don't know what difference it would make like I mentioned they started out April. Eighty eight prohibited smoking on flights of two hours or less. What fucking difference? Does it make you're still smoking in a plane, no matter the duration of they ent on a flight for six fuckiing hours and somebody lights up at six hours in one minute? How pissed off would you be uright? You focking, mother, Fucker, Yo went this whole time. That's a massive step, though, because when you think about it, you tell a smoker an avid smoker, all right, you're going to be locked in this metal tube with hundreds of other people. Oh sorry, you can't smoke for six hours, iritable as shit. That's a matter of national security at that park at at the six hour. I'm talking about it's, not one person lighting up. It's every fucking person that smokes on that plane. It's six! So actually six hours and one second yeah fuckin cigarette out and by six, oh one, the entire like impartment, you dilln'td smoke, the plane lands, they open the door domestic flights, six hours or less. Does that mean? If the flight is six and a half hours, you can smoke the whole flight, or does that just mean after six hours you can smoke 'cause to me to band on? U S domestic flights, six hours or less. It means if your flight time it's six hours orless. You can't smoke on that plane at all. But if your flight CIME is over six as if you're going from don't know New York to Hawaii or something, then you should be able to smoke right. It's just interesting that it woulthat makes more sese. That's how I thought it rather than rather than the t the that's going round being like it six. Oh One Liden, if you goty feel anyway, if everyone lights up just somebody just crack a window, not therean, interesting point, though, on smoking on planes, not that I'm gin to Avoca for it anymore, I someone who's eleven years, not been been a smoker but h. The air technically was cleaner on planes when there was smoking on them because they had to um refresh the air more frequently nowadays, because there isn't any toxins in the air except the persons that sending the next to you laughing loudly at Judge Judy or whatever the fuck they're watching Um. Nowadays they don't have to refresh the air so much so there's actually more chance of contamination than illness on planes than there was when there was smoking. How many people do you think purposely found like multiple stopflights or connecting flights just so they could make sure that they could have a cigarette on the plane like Sait Louis is two hours away from me. That would be like me flying to fucking New York just to make sure I could get a cigarette. While I was in air, not a bad idea, really wer Flin San Francisco, fine, he go to sint Louis. Why are you going to New York and then coming back stopping for dinner going to have a smoke? I got a carton of gpcs and I gotta get rid of him all right, good one whe Mike. What do you have? Oh well? Let me tell you on U: On February Eleventh Nineteen, Ninety, after twenty seven years of incarceration, Nelson Mandela was released from prison. The apart the anti aparthid activist later served as president in South African Rou in ninehteen ND. Ninety four t: Ninety nine becoming the country's first blackhead of state and regarded as an icon of democracy and social justice and later winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Following his release from prison, reporters asked Mister Mandella. What he plannd to do? First, he simply said I'd like to rent letha weapon too. You CANMATT IUNITY, I want to know, are they still too old for their shit? I A he said: Wow, that's a big story Mike. Oh, it's huge t wieles. They asked him what he said. I'm going to Gogeta. They fuck you at the drive throgh and then, of course, we all know he went on to star in Shasan redemption, which is just a marvelous ncitematicachievement rating. A He's really read really good in contradiction to popular belief. He did not die in prison, as most people still believe whatwas that movie that they said he was in or some shit what'. The Mandela Efect Lean on me because everyoe thanks, he die taks. He dies in prison. Ok Leo, he didn't die in prison. You see at the end he gets out of prison and goes down to pay wantanail. Whatever that place is Wen, Tom robins is poishing is b whatever, even though this sounds like a difficult round for you to judge it's probably a simple round for you to judge, because I think marks and mikes cancel each other out in my opinion, is that both monumental, I don't know how you can put one over the other right, but are you the judge, uh? What w like I omselfin e shoes 'cause. If so I'll go, I've got other stuff I could be doing. I could be whanging if the pictures of a Livin job, you know f. There were things I could be doing, but if now or nineteen, seventy eight, no, it doesn't matter. When I was going to put on that Christmas music, video that her and Jontevalde did when their face looks all melty, and then I was going to Wack Itto that, like I like fake puppet people, it does a weird thing anyway. I don't know where I'm going withthat rim. So what you're saying is the Nelson Mandella and the global positioning system just cancel each other out. So therefore, I should judge it based on smoking being banned on: U S domestic flights or Linda mcman, rel, revealing that wrestling is fake, so mandella smoking his first cigarette on a flight after go at lest Roslenda man, fake, wrestles, a GPS system in front of him playing law, that's at's, already a better story line than what's onwrone or on the bradies by the sound of it was a lost episode. I didn't know about the Brady show and all of a sudden I have to see this. It is really difficult. It is really really difficult this one in a weird way, even even considering them the two of them canceling it out an sure to some people wrestling being fake was a massive revelation in eighty nine Igot I ot I got but M. I was alive, smoking banned on: U S domestic flights or smoking, just the the slow, gradual attack on smoking. That starts in t the nineties and continues on up until present day that, for others H, you know, smoking was a way of life and h to have that removed from domestic flights that probably caused some outcry. Well, if they could stop coughing long enough to to outcry, but Oh Fuckit, I'm going to have to go with eighty nine 'cause. The combination, a combination of the global positioning system and the revelation that wrestling is fake was probably a one two punch, however, again guys, nineteen ninety. This is going to be such a touch: Tog Game, 'cause, N, nine hundred and ninety really good, showing guys really good attempt there. But Y Ow, if you St, if you stop someone on the street today and ask them if they have Google maps or ask them who knows Te, Mandellar is they're, probably going to know what Google maps is. Sadly, sadly I mean you know, I'm just saying Nelssen mandellar that probably not going to know who that was that now. is she the one that fought the good fight against the nurses, so I'm going to have to o I nd Nineteen N, nine uned and ighty nine agan guys I really don't want to, but I am I just have to, I feel so bad for the nineties each you know I would have been totally fine with you going the other direction because yeah, but I mean t the wrestling thing- has- has a massive cultural significance going forward, especially in this country and m. The the GPS thing is just it's unfathomable, in O, thosnd and eighteen twend and ninteen to nogt. Have that and and the fact that it was given away to the world for free is one of those it's one of those things where I actually really love that about some of these achievements that are made through government agencies, or you know, American funding or whatever. It is the fact that some of these things go on to support and enhance the world. I'm actually AFFENDOF hat some of the things we talk about on Thi show changed the world completely yeah I mean like parities. I mean exactly like it's just it's just incredible. I everyone ofter listening to this episode will at least go you tub the bradies 'cause. They just want to believe everything both said or they don't believe in. They want to check it's. It's real 'cause who couln't believe they wrote that show well either way. There's Goin to be a rating spike and there's going to be a reboot here in the next year, igt all B Wa a they fa off limbs, one of thems a crack addict. One of them revealed to be a racist midget. You know it's just going to consider a grin introducing BioNIC bobby deat he's robocop. He went on to become whiplash and ironman toothat'ss Robert Cop rperordy, Robbie wristcop, all right. It's a scores, tozero mark this one's tough for me, because I kind o want to go with hot products here, but I think it's probably wise if we do music or movies here, why don't we go with music? On February, sixth, nineteen? Eighty nine? We saw the legendary Bob dyllon release a collaborative album that fans have been waiting to hear for decades, although it was just another live Bob Dillanalbum, his backing band this time consisted of Bob Weir, Bret Midland Phil, Lash, billcroidsman, Mickeyhart and Jerr Garcia, oh, better known as thee grateful dead, Dillanan. The dead was recorded during the group's successful stadium tour and the album consists of seven of the more popular songs from that tour, which featured songs, written and sung by Dillon himself as the dead, providing a backup band, creating a fuller, sound, allowing more room and for ample experimentation on stage the album reached number thirty, seven on the billboard charts earning it. Gold certification that was all started February, Si t an nine hundred and eighty nine, with the release of Dylon an the dead right, big fans of it. I see everybody's rully, I'm Ho, I'm holding in my excitement, mentioning the grateful debt you know has to happen every episode as soon as I saw it. I was like mark here's yours. I didn't even ask him if you wanted it or not, itw's like here your take it now. He doesn't want to talk to this. We love you marn. No, I mean it's. It's a great album and people a for years had been wanting to see Genlanan the dead collaborate. The dead had always been big fans of dylon going back to the sixties. Of course they share the same musical spaces. Drug and the dead always covered dillon songs, so it was just a natural pairing for them finally to get together, and when you look at at the context of the eighties, this was really at the end of Bob Dilan's popularity. His last few albums were not very popular. They didn't like his eighties sound now. The grateful dead had just come out with touch of gray and that album- and that was their first big hit in the eighties, so it was kind of there at opposite ends of their career at the time. So it was a really interesting collaboration. I don't know if it was perfectly executed, but uh I'm glad it happened, ind a monumental album. I just remember, being really disappointed to find out that this wasn't the soundtrack to some amazings Onbefilm, where den Ren around in wastlanes of America am going to hit you with Magita loking ad Loe Sudins in the water they've Ol Gota. That would be amazing, you're, actually, thinking of dillan mcdirmo in the death that didn't come out for aother couple, anaabit longer, yeah, Wel, dlndill, an Thomas and the dead, it's just a really visible Trong Bulshman sconstanly sits in the corner mumbling about blackness and the disparity of the universe, and meanwhile Zon Bsy, his wife or something man that sounds that oly album. I'm GOINGNA follow s though February sevent, nineteen, nine, I'm also going to go with a live album of sorts. The third studio album from too live crew. It was really out as nasty as they want to be would go on to be double platinum in the largest of two live creis career. Obviously, and a small side note here, it was also the first southern rab album to go platin big ups to them. For that. But llet's look at the track listing for this album real quick. We had, of course, Meso Horney, which is the H, the single everybody new from that you had put her in the buck. Dick Almighty come on Babe, dirty nursery rhymes, breaking on down too live blues, and this wordt starts to get good. Iam bullshitting get loose now the fuck shop, personal favorite of mine. Yes, if you believe in having sex my seven bizos, yet the fuck out of my house, reggae joints, fraternity, record, Badazbitch, megamix, three and Polin and I'll say: If you've never heard this out go to spot IFI if it's even on there need to listen, okay for a multitude of reasons, all right, one being the lyrics and you have to keep mine. This is ninetee an eighty nine thirty years ago to this month and it's still a pretty damn bad album in twenty nineteen, when you think of whats the content of his Olbum and keep in mind this album an double platinum, okay, so listen to this verse from the Fuck Shop Right. If anybody wants to beat box in the background n feel free H, please come inside make yourself at home. I want to fuck 'cause my Dick's on bone, you little hoar behind closed doors. You would drink my come and nothing more now spread your wings and open for flight. Let me fill you up with something milky and white cause, I'm hoping to slay you rough and painful. You innocent bitch, don't be shameful break out the ice cubes in the hot water. This is the second half, not the second quarter, I'll fuck, you till you, sleep, you'll, sleep like a baby and in your dreams, you'll say I'm crazy in the Fuckshel sowemy uncle wrote almost something very similar in my birthday card this year. This wedding vows, I think, most of that, though, is taken out of context. If you haven't heard the Cat Stevens cover right, Arigh, I'm t I'm Nat F, th s, the second one. Obviously, if you never heard be so horny go listen to it for that h. The third reason is that this is the first album in history to be deemed legally obscene. Then Florida, governor, Bob Martinez and the Laprour County Sheriff Nicknovaro, and even Vice President Dan quayl. At the time they spiratded a campaign to have as nasty as they want to be outlawed and in nineteen ninety, a year after the alm drops and generate a a storm of controversy. The browar county judge deemed the record obscene and that gave devaral license to arrest the local record, store owners and employees if they sold the album. They also arrested Luther Campbell from two live prove after they perform some songs at a Hollywood nightclub. Obviously they were eventually acquitted of all charges, but you know this is most likely the reason tonay's musicians can make sexually explicit lyrics or just fucked up nerics in general and without fear of being prosecuted. Even that goes for podcast. Do I mean this is huge Havi there shouldn't be any OATERSHIP in the? U S anyway, they never. The wait. I mean ther has been, but ther. Never ther never was H. traditionally, historically, it's normally censored by money, so in other words, radios won't play our staff or cinemas. Wondn't show your movie or whatever it's normally deemed by capitalism rather than binancial uh sense of Groupo, whatever right and then back. Then I'm sure you guys all remember if you bought a CD or a tape or something and it had explicit lyrics it had that sticker right II on BOT CDs with that on it just 'cause, don't give you that clean shit. It got to a point where people were doing just enough to get the sticker label, because albums were selling more with the sticker right. Just the tip so then put in you know just Tey Sht once in a song just to get the sticker yeah, it's ridiculous, but that's mine February, seven Nineteyn nine, the release of as nasty as they want a be great album, great album. This is no ordinary subshot. This is firehouse up tired of overpriced lunches that under deliver on flavor head to firehouse ups, where for a limited time you can get a four ninety nine choice of choose from a medium smoke, Turkey, Virginia Honeyham or roast beef. Their custom made hot subs and a price ready made to make you smile just four. Ninety nine, only at firehouse sups enjoy more subs, save more lives, participating locations, plus tax on be time, offer peson migary for delivery. Only in Florida, though, right like in Florida, where just insanity reigns, do they go yeah, I know, but the lirrics tor their song is just too much. Maybe they thought I they get worse. You can. You can bunas naked wrestle and alligator, while you're also shitting out a baby, while I don't know in front of some bid in quartruplejecs, but if you say com or fuck, then you better watch out or whatever yeah totally Wi. I love this country. Hyat least they won Andeso know well, they would have to with freedom of speech. You'd have to all right. What do you guys have over to you, Mike on February, twelfth nine teen? Ninety MC hammer released the album. Please Hammer, don't hurt em featuring the hit single. You can't touch this. The album spent twenty one weeks on the billboard, two a hundred and peaked at number, one on the hip hop in arm beach. Arts. The album is widely thought to be one of the most pivotal in bringing hip hop to a wider audience and is the first hip hop album to reach diamond status when hammer later declared bankruptcy. Words spread that he would often be seen on the streets of okland singing. Have you seen her? Presumably referring to his former bank account, while children repeatedly pegged him with fists full of popcorn chicken and that's it for news, but oh it's music, music news that wo that works! The same all right! Gentlemen! Let me let me pain a picture here for you. Let me set the scene. The date is February. Twenty Second Nineteen, ninety across the spanned wings of the most majestic, Bald Eagle flying out of the gates of hell, a super group, the likes of which has never been seen before, is assembling that group, Damn Yankees they're self, titled Devue, Album, Damn Yankees released February, twenty second nineteen. Ninety Certified Double Platinum in the: U S featuring such chart, topping hits is high enough, come again and coming of age more coming than you can shake a stick out. The Band feture Tommy Shab Sticks, Tednujan, Jack Blades of Night Ranger and Marke Marker Michael Michael Cardaloni, who spent time with Ted Newgenjohn, fogarty and later Leonard, Skinnard comping of age at number, one on the: U S: mainstream rock tracks chart come again peaked at number. Five and high enough would reach number two. The former also made a prominal spot on the monster. Ballads commercial. I'm shocked that high enough was in a number one hit. Well, it made it high enough that is my TESI CIB in Yankees coming of age. was that popular ye already in a big song, yeah number one wow nero ono, she's Comingwayi. Don't even know that song off that album, I only know, can yo take me higher. You know for Littl, Manster, Ballad's, commercial, yeah, H, dude y. You know that' song. If you want me, if you heard it yeah go ahead, you GIVME P Tona he's stage, no, no, nothing BN sorhait she's coming in a age! No, I sound just like Hem I on Kno than you should start his right away. It's disappointing this Ram because normally, when I look at music made in the month that we're talking about or the year that we're talking about, there's normally at least three or four albums, where I'm just like what the Hell is, that a it's just some random thing Um. There really isn't anything like that. I mean nineteen. Ninety February, especially solid month for music of all different types of great albums, came out and nine hundred and eighty Nin less albums in that February of n ninetde and eighty nine, but still some classics. You've got Elvis costellos Spike, which, as one of his big releases, you've got mystery girl, which was released by Royalbusson postumously but featured all the crew from his black and white night, basically along with Bono and the edge writing one of his big hits, but he's working with Jefflyn and Tom, petty and the heartbreakers and t boned, Benette and George Harrison and all sorts of people, and that album, and that was huge, that that that did very well that there are no funny ones that I can really mention Havefrom, either months, which is very, very disappointing. So, let's just move straight over to the judge's ruling then on this well, just because I feel like every game, we should avewar them at least one round we're going to go with a after school, special and February of Nineteen. Ninety sorry marked to dash or dillon in the dead hopes, my friend Um and as as nasty as they want to be as pivotul as it was and as important as it was Um and a grandbad user was for all the t e the Um legal things. I can't say that it's an album that that now in twenty nineteen apart from US anyone's talking about, maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm wrong, but I I don't know, whereas I feel like MC hammercon touch. This is just forever. I think it's Fr. It's forever, a rock that America will wear around is neck and those big enormous trousers now willingly yeah. No, I kno, I didn't say well just saying in terms of pup culture relevance I think you may be the first person ever in history than I've heard refer to MC hammers pants as trousers strauses. Well, that's the proper word for them. BARASHOT trousers Teris, so trs yeah an and I think, while I'm not a fan of his music. His h trousers should at least be celebrated on an international scale and then Dan Yankees was just a really popular album. As you said, it was like platinum or something you said so Um. That was a big album as well, but really mcy Hammer takes this because I just feel like in terms of pop culture, relevance, Um h. He is up there and I also feel like at least the Damn Yankees self titled Debut Album at least was you know a popular ar big album? was there the DABU album Etcera etce? I don't need to justify myself to you guys, I'm the NE O caneed to man. I think that's, I think. That's that's! A solid choice like Ou. Look in the few of these together, it's a close month because it's basically the same thing. You had marks Ta, supergroup and yet Bowsa supergroup, which one was better, obviously look at damn he yankees. He did way better. You know as far as financial financially and you know, charts wise. So, unfortunately, the answer wasn't hammer and Damn Yankees that would have been a hellful supergroup. That would have been amazing, Han Angyo almos. In my mind here I likewhawhat, I'm surprised, Tet Nejan hasn't reworked. You can't touch this to be about his fucking guns. It's coming now, yeah, I'm sure it's coming of E. I I would only allow that if tonugent war, giant, camouflage, colowred trousers and danced about the stage like a pucking idiot, Doera good round fellows two to ga good round. Well done the specials all right, so that makes the score two to one and gives control back over too after school special, Oh Mike, where do we go from here? My friend, I think we got to go without product 'cause, it's our favorite round, Osh sure. Do you want to go first, you you go ahead and kick off the shit box of a category ARD I'll. Do that h? One thing on February Twelfth Nineteen! Ninety North America saw the release of one of the greatest video games of all time with supermario brothers. Three, the game went on to be the third best selling and he has game selling over seventeen million copies and has been rereleased several times across Nintendo's newer systems, the two dimensional side, scrolling platformor, improved and expanded on its original formula, introducing new power ups and mechanics the game had a short lived TV series and was featured in the Colt Classic Film starring, the Great Fred, savage nineuteen and eighty nine o the wizard. Despite popular belief, Mario, never touched peach's breast, but he did clean her pipes that was atleast on my tenth birthday. How about that wow? Did he clean your pipes, a cleans, my pipes, pullin spin off that'd, be Weirdi meant like in your bathroomhe's, a plumber Brouh there king, I watchd porn early. That's all I say I'm not saying Mario came round and performed pawn like lame. While I was ten, I'm saying I watched it, it was the eighties it was England. It was a different place. It was a difre. No Mario had a blike shop too, in plumbers, roamed wild, just molesting that they wanted to people went so uptight back then wel. He just disguised himself as a priest, and everyone turned to blind eye s all right. That was a good one. Baw, I'm going with a I'm going with a technicality here. This is a bit of a mixd between news and hot product. Here, Pera recalls: one hundred sixty million bottles of sparkling water after traces of benzene, which is a carsonegenor found in some of the abahotorodicts right. That's right, perite was discovered in North Carolina by countyng officials, who so prized the purity of perie that they used it as a standard and tests of other water supplies, so you're using sparkling water as the Endall beall of Purity, William Grigg, a spokesman for the food and Drug Administration, said his agency's Hazard Evaluation Board had collected samples ofperia and found no immediate risk to the public from the Benzine in the water. I was quoted as saying at these levels: There's no immediate hazard. The hazard would be that over many years, if you consumed about sixteen fluid ounces a day which fucking nobody does your lifetime risk of cancer might increase by one in a million which is just enough of a chance. For me, wow I'm going to go ahead and say that Ot last mart the point of hot products with that s like Noi Sas a technicality, it's a product, it's in the news, it counts, ionicertain benzine go cancer is very hot right. Now it shaper, I kill a disease Ih, I'm like so over it already, though, was so last year we SI EOTYEAH or wack. It's like ads. Nobody gains that anymore right. No, so like Nineteen Magic Johnson got rid of it right. Oh, is that like the Magic Eraser? Is that what that does he's got a magic Johnson if he hasn't, if he has a magic Johnson, then it must have got rid of ads. What happened? Mark Yom Begin. This one, you rapid, sounds good Gorehead, so stand by for something probably more exciting than bow's hot products. Maybe I don't know with me: I'm I'll make you understand it and I'll keep it quick and short 'cause. I know that's what John One's year I was going to say. Is it anything to do with the invention of remote controls just follie here I'm going to make this Shortang? We we used to have wire K sorvalentine's Day Valentine's Day February, fouroteenth, Aninete, N, eighty nine, the most popular file compression of all time, was released to the Public Doman. I'm sure we all know what a Zipfile is right. The late still catoted this gemp software before zip came around people would use the arc file compression back in the bbsds when zip rolled around it was the most popular compression out there. People Ere, Sharing Public Domin, their pirateed software, all by ZIP, which was vial compression, and I would bet even today, I'm sure you use zip at work to gepress files to send to somebody it's built into Osx and windows these days. So it's virtually everywhere and that's it zip. I use ZIP to keep my Dick in my pants. I don't know about you. We actually don't use T it, because it's one of the most common uses, common transportation methods of Viret House, especially ferzes officers, so o R, our email serverantually bans. U waps 'cause. They can be encoded with viruses really easily and even if the content looks legit, Thar can be a virus in th, apparently, according to. According to my security officer, O yo mean Thi e, it's relevant n, the city. After all these years, they're still concerned about it o I was gonna. I was going to make the joke and who cared zip, but that really loo, quick, Zip, usually isn't banned because most anti antivaris program, especially on email servers, can open the zip and scan the zipfile. If it's not passwr right and then let it go, I know he's pro he's just saying he da we la that's. Why t guys do Welie to everybody? We call everything a virus, and now that makes sit w. You know it take his two seconds and fix it. An we give you this huge, elaborate story on what we really didn't do but he's also the guy who's. Like now. Don't forget, don't use the same password for everything, diversify your passwords, Blah Blah, Blah Blah Blah and then every time I need a password for something that he manages. It's the same part offot, so yeah he's totally and that pass wher. It is the bradies Onder School, the question not pokhere's a capital eer somewhere there is there capitals on Brady accident. The clues in the paswed do come op all right, so I got sit for MI. What Dae you got mark all right. I got something that probably was zipped, maybe on March Twelfth Two Thousand and seven, this game made the list of the ten most important video games of all time, and it was this very list that was used when the library of Congress took up videogame preservation, and this was one of the Games they used called Sim city, which was developed by designer Oion, publish lie maxis. It was released on February second, nine teen and eighty nine and quickly became a huge financial success, selling one million copies by late nineteen. Ninety two! In the: U S alone, it was the ninth best selling computer game from one thousand nine hundred and ninety three N on Nineuteen D. Ninety Nine Sim ciny was critically acclaimed and received a significant amount of recognition. As of December nineteen. Ninety the game was reported to have won over twenty three awards for the next two decades. It would go on to continue to be recognized as one of the top Games and game franchises and twenty years later, in two thousand and nine, I gn named it one of the top twenty five PC games of all time, not all started: Mebruary, Secon, nine hutdred and eighty nine, with the release of Sim City, the real appeal of the game being that people just wanted to try and make the Little Sim people fuck and that's really until they adit that, like fuck plugin, that came, I think in ninety four ogain exactly when the pun plug had happened but like once that happened and a Little Sim characters could just get at it. That's what peopere like this is the greatest computer game ever, let's get that doggy style out on while we're at it wwasn't it always under the blankets, yeah Ye. That was always- and I think the funny thing about. I I think everyone had this game, like I think, probably pcs at a certain point, came with this game on it hike. It was one of those it was one of those things. It was everywere at a certain point, and now it's all like now, you can get like same APS and Sime Games on your phone and like there's still a sym there's like an updated Sim city kind of game right now, is'n Thein, the Lingig, Oh ont, or whatever yeah they're, still coming out with new new games. Every couple ante is that one way you can make the boobies jiggle? That's really all I a ure sure there is now the Sims is still wildly popular. I was surprised, yeah a lot of pope a atoon as well. Wasn't that, like a Carson, the Sims like wasn't that a TV show, I have no idea of a idea now that somebody heard that they'r next season next fall line up. No Copyright, John Cross right now, fuck you. I will send you a Sason to sis letter and then I will write on your review portion of a pogcus dissemination. I wo right ISO. If someone releases the sins cartoon on you tube I'll, just write in the comments I will piss on that. I would piss on this or Kelly Nat right, so judges ruling. Well, it's it's it's annoying right because th, the Zipfile I could have got away with being like whatever zipfiles and and giving it to the nineties. 'CAUSE SEPEMARIO brothers three was released on my birthday also on during decades. You get a special point. If you mentioned supermarrial brothers 'cause, it's like every other. Showy is a supermarria brother's event like Theang came out Um, and so I really wanted to do the nine to these guys. I really really did you know in cancer. That's evergreeing that that that just goes on and on that's culturally relevant, no matter what decade we're in, but once syou mentioned some city dude. That was it th. The round was on by eighty nine. You can't really be the cultural impact of Pica. It's really the start of human beings, kind of going Um a'm board with living in reality. Let's do equally boring shit in in like virtualeality or npixelaid sucrality. So you know, let's go buy groceries or let's go mow alone or let's go build. A house, and whatever I mean really Ted, is really more more osick than regular wife, boringery exactly 'cause, you cann't get a hand job from a nun yeah, but I don't really have to think about it right m. You know you can't you can't go down to a a parking lot behind a a stripbar and get some disease off a you know. Is it some city the on you can like make them mad by if you keep making them take showers, some shit like making Om ee the ban they get like pissed off in the Sims. You could like pause the game and remove all the doors and windows and put a plant in front of a fireplace and burn them alive. That's what's wrong with this generation! That's why we have so many problems as because the SIMS was released in like the early two, thousands and now we're paying we're paying the price for all those. You know arsenist children, but no so I mean yeah. You can't really beat it. Sadly, even though I even though like looking back in it, it was like a very tedious game. We were all very excited by it, so Um yeah guys, you went mamelukes son of a bitch. We gotto wrap it up with the movies round, all right. Let's move on to the movies round who who should start this round? I start alright, I February seventeenth, nineteen, eighty nine. We had this EPOC comedy that was released. It brought in around forty million dollars worldwide in the box office roughly about eighty three million dollars, an twenty nineteen, which is pretty good for a comedy h. The movie I speak of basically launched the career of Kiano Reeves, probably his biggest role to date. At that time he did have the night before, but I wouldn't say that th t like this is much bigger. Also longic Alex winter also started the funniest man ever to live George Carlin and, of course, Hi'm talking about bill and Ted's excellent adventure. Does anything else really need to be said about this movie? I'd say no 'cause, it's fucking loss and, and everybody knows it so Tita's excellent adventure, excellent party time he all right sohead over to my movies February, seventeenth, nine teen and eighty nine was the release of one of my all time: favorite comedies, it is the Tom Hanks masterpiece, the BERBS withan Alln, our supporting Hass, including Groop Tern, carry Fisher and Coreyfeldman. The film was shot completely insequence and was filmed during the Writers' strike, O o n nine utee and eighty eight, and for this reason alone Joe Dante, encouraged his actors to improvise many of the film's iconic sequences and little tidbit about that. The House next door to him Cory Feldman's House that he's painting through half the movie, that's actually the house that was the monster's house. It was filmed on the same lot. That's why you never see most of the house. Hey, no tan lines. Today, Hey Rickie, get this lamo out of your yard. Yeah. If you haven't learned the herbs you gotto check out the BERBS, it's just an absolute classic. It was the final movie of brother Theodore played such a great character in that movie. So check out the BERBS Jebruary, seventeenth, nine huteed and eighty nine bol. These are on prime right now for free, so ch. If you haven't seen hem either one of these it's a crime, it came with. The fame came the frame ts about a nine onthe tention scale, Ther Room N, my God. It's such a fucking, great movie, there's dead Oit's, just one of the greatest movies ever made top five hands down, and my favorite movies. All Time. toal well, wait until your here February no go ten. I I N you're takin away alright well on February twenty Thir nineteen. Ninety sa the release of Rokula the story of a vampire who hasn't scored in four hundred years and tonights of the night wow yeah. That's not my reotits going to be somegood now could not mention it. That was on February nine. Nineteen. Ninety everyone's favorite pony tail and Hollywood's manlies runner of Steven Sigal gave us hard to kill. Sagal plays efective Mason Storm, who is left in Acoma after assassination attempt kills his wife. He wakes up seven years later, with one thing. On his mind, revenge, the film went on to gross forty seven million at the. U S box office, that's right, boys and girls. The Star of above the law is back now. Steven Sigal is hard to kill and you could take that to the bank. I love that movie as well. I mean not as much. I love the Bos, but that movie, when he's being wheeled around the hospital in a semi comato state, looking like Sigal Jesus, I just I just never stopped smiling and it's my favorite. It looks like Bobby Brady yeahthat's, where the inspiration came from. They should speed that section up and put yakite sacks over it. I inthiwith hisljesus bad and she she frees a little kitten to his bedside to try and get him out of the coma Keli a brock. And can we talk about her staring at his cock and Y ys hopin he're, going to mention that Johnson right, while he's in Ahome, which a be far if my nurse is Kelly Le Bronkaat time in nineteen nd? Ninety have have a Pik COI o look touch it. If you like, just nudg, not jut slightly. I don't mind, I think she probably did yes, she probably did and what about the bit later, when he does acupuncture with Jotix, when he's got like the acupuncture things in but theywere, also like smoking with herbs in them and stuff, I mean Al Movie, s utterly Bong. He has ples like if you look at it this way when he dies or goes into the coma. The last thing he knows is that he fucks his wife and then they blow her away. Then he goes to Naacoma right. He wakes up from macoma go to find it in twelve hours he's banging CLELA BROAC. That's how Segar does it SEGAIS? Never one sandwich away from a a a good son well to be to be fair in demolition, man, John Spartan kind of does the same thing with Lenina Husley a yeah, but it wasn't real sex, EWA aimulated yeah true, but he thought you know. Exa Sigal would have known what to have done with the three shells. True Yeah, he would have B like I know all about the shells. 'cause they're an ancient Asian thing, a I learne about when I was in the CIAI somebody walks in he's, got one over his mouth shs Ho hopping lumps of ship Torg, the shelfrubbing two of them on his NIFFLN. It's a recovery technique Ason as right. That's what you're supposed to do with the shells? Ya, Owa! You got H, Steven Sego, also February Ni, nineteen. Ninety, the release of the story of a hard nosed cop who, as teamed up with a detective with multiple personality, to sort of to uncover a long lost Nazi sex tape featuring Hadol Fitler, which would jeopardize the political future of the German chancellor elect. It is loose cannon, starring Dan Akroy, Gen, Hackman and Dome Delaise and back when they actually had theme songs for movies. The theeme song for this one featured vocals by Katy Segal and Daan acroid loose cannons another one of my like. I know it's a bad film. I get it, but I I genuinely do like it and it's one of like the forgotten, buddy cop films. It's we it's where they kind of went. What buddy cut paring haven't we done and they went well someone who's mattively mentally unstable, but his mental and stability comes through in him doing pop culture voices and how about we? We caused an overweight past. His prime dawnauod up against Gene Hackman who'd, rather be anywhere else like when he wants the movie Gen Hackman just wants to be as far away from the film as possible. Cosarand Dom dalawe's, though in a rare, NONB RENALD supporting role. This was actually critically panned premuch unanimously a massive financial and box office flop, but here's something interesting I've found about this movie in May two thousand and thirteen Calgary police investigated after footage from the film was found in a landfill by a worker who mistook it for actual evidence of an actual murder. Tit was later noticed that acroid was in the frame and the police contactat his agent, who, after some searching, stated that it was the section from this movie and TMZ, reported that after the incident acrod was quoted as saying the movie should have been left in the landfill where it belongs. Man Ye h. He said that with heinsight. At the time he was like I get to do the sound track great eit in another style that was made hugely popular by African Americans that I'm just going to stragle over Antoit nline, just like I did with the blues brothers and the dragnet rap I mean come on that t at is true, and Oh Bob Tlark directed it, who of course, famously directed which movie that everyone watches every December twenty fifth in this country, pupmaster Neno he did at, but he also did a Christmas store. Bob Clocks trajectoryes a director it's completely insane, but apparently by Nineteen D. Ninety he needed a new pool, so he directed lose caddots. You guys really said that mascinating movie, that that I talked so much about it. A recent movie trivia night that a friend of mine brought me the VHS of it 'cause he's like. I can't believe you don't. I used to earng it in the UK, but he's like. I can't believe you don't have it in the? U S here here is a copy of the V S of loose cannons and H. we've been best friends ever since 'cause. It's it's just one of those films. It was one of those rentals t like there's a lot of people like VHS rentals. The BERBS was the same vi: The verbs and and loose cannons and m to some extent hard to kill but definitely lose cannons, and the BERBS wot two that when I was anywhere between like twelve to fifteen I'd rent them all the time and watch them just all the time they were. I mean billantenes. The two billentet films were obly massive, like they were cultural touchstones, but the BERBS and and h h lose cannons for me, were they were a little discoveries I made it was long before, like the cult of the berbs kind of became a thing, it was number one in B in the box office fror the month of February of eighty nine, so it did pretty well it diyeah when it came out but t everyone. If, by the time, people knew who to hanks was people were talking about big and splash way more than they would o smeller, but wan more than they were even talking about like money, pet and stuff, but like big and splash became his two films. It was really unless you grew up with the berbs or unless you kind of rented it from a rental store, not knowing like everyone who was in it or Jo Dante, or any of the thing, if you just rented it being like o okay, the burbs and then discovered it that th they're the people who, I think really hold it, hold it Erand H. that's how I discovered it. Don't you hate you hate Tom Cruise right. Do I hate Tum Chrus? I Like Action Tom Cruise when Tome Cruiz is earnest and serious. Perfect, an you'll love this, the berbs knocked rainman out of the top spot that it sat there for ten weeks and the BERBS goocked it out a on cause. Rat rrain ran not as good a movie as everyone remembers. Rayman was one of those movies. It' got a huge criticar acclaim. Everyone talked about it, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah when you watch it now piece of Shit. When you watch the verbs now it just keeps on giving every watch. Here's a beautiful reawakening of just whata. It's it's an utterly utterly utterly perfect film. From start to finish, the soundtrack is great, the oddly rated pg right yeah. It is Israei PJ Yeah Yeah Ye. Well, there's nothing really in it. I mean yeah, there's the skulls at the end. But there's no, like you know it's Ali Ism, O ter, Abence, there's no real bad, like sh, assumes the there's some nice shouts of Ms Romsfeld exactly but nothing all right. What are you got? Don't Ston on me Carol Cos the movies that we miss the movies that you miss there weren't many, but in n nine tded, Ighty, nine, whether certainly more than there were in nineteen. Ninety you missed major league. Of course. That would be another one of the big ones that came out, but I'm so glad you went with the BERBS. I thought you were going to go major league on Meion, going with the Berbs, just phenomenal choice, guys well done at Sleepwoy camp three teenage Wastland, probably the least great of all the Seepang camp official original sequels, but still a pretty good time. If you like, watching Bruce Springstean's sister just kill people indiscriminately. You have weekend at Beneys Um, you have the some people say: underrated, sequel to cronabogs fly starring everyone's favorite least humorous person on the planet, Eric Stoltz Umwhich. I wouldn't suggest we watching. You have American inja three blood hunt this time Steve James is back but not favorite, American Inja Dunakov. He does not come back to this particular sequel. That's about it! I think it's better Youe got future force with David Caradine Um. You've got to get smart again, Thot get smart original series, Sigal Movie Tom Selleck and her alibi, but they're really the key key movies from that Mon and then one thousand nine hundred and ninety February, probably th the biggest two that you guys didn't mention probably night breed and revenge at the Cemin cost in the movie Bu Night Breed AFEMNAQUITA. But from that there's the wonderful hair metal, H, action movie, alienator M About Evil Guy call who's about to be eexecuted on a distant spaceship that he manages to escape on a shuttle and make his way to some woods in America, tosome random woods where the alienator goes on, to kill everybody. There's nomuchelse flash back with H, KYFA, southern and Dennis Hopper, the well known racist, buddy, COP ghost film hearconditioy Wi, a hopkins plays a massive racist one. Otha mass ov raised only about five foot four, but he plays a racist who teams up with everyone's favorite African American act, Ot Denzal Washington, who is a ghost and together they have to I, don't know self crimes or something Um, that's about it! Um Yeah! That's about it! There's not many other movies from those two months, but still I have to say for February, which is normally a quiet month, because everyone is like you know, Nemember tesameof January, you normally got Yorosca. Contenders February is normally a quite months 'cause. The OSCAS are happening at that point. It's normally a lot of rerun. Films come out and Cinema S, a lot of OSCA hopefuls, go back into cinemas, to kind of get more recognition again. So considering that is the case in February, most years, pretty strong, showing on both eighty nine and inety. Eighty nine obviously has to take it, because the coe impact, the bulleted and also the BERBS, is huge, but guys nineties, hard to kill water classic, can't get can't get any better than Segal in hard to kill. It's just tremendous Um and loose cannan's, a personal favorite if you haven't seen it track it down somewhere, because it is worth one watch just to get halfway through the fill and be like what were they thinking, damns that was really cl, even though the score ended up being six to one. I don't feel like this is a six to one matchp, no, not at all. All the rounds were close. If I had to score it. If I could give like points rather than who on and who lost Um, then it would be, it would really be kind of like I would say four point: five to six, so eight N, eighty nine ti would have taken it, but ninety would have got like four point. Five points and Um. Ninety would have got six points. It's something to think about. Anyhow, all right, so the mamalukes pull out yet another victory, but stay June, maybe e after school's special with their new name will come back next time and win another one. If you miss the past episode check out dualing decades dotcom and also go overon Bacebook, where you can join our facebook group and peak behind the Beaty curtain as you join our private group as well. So until next time fellow poopers were going to be Jew, an peace, love lightened, a joy have a grateful week. Everybody and that's the only time, you'll hear about the mamalukes pulling out infirmarymedia. This is no ordinary subshop. This is firehouse ups, tired of overpriced lunches that under deliver on flavor head to firehouse sups, where for a limited time, you can get a for ninety nine choice of choose from a medium smoke, Turkey, Virginia Honeyham or roast beef. Their custom made hot subs and a price ready made to make you smile just four. 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