Dueling Decades
June 9, 2018

Dueling Decades - Jan 1984 vs Jan 1994

Dueling Decades -  Jan 1984 vs Jan 1994

This week the Poop Culture crew put it all on the line in their new segment - Dueling Decades! Beau Becraft from the Beaucephus Broadcast joins us once again for another asstastic episode and joins up with Shawbag6 to take on the team of Marc and The...

This week the Poop Culture crew put it all on the line in their new segment - Dueling Decades! Beau Becraft from the Beaucephus Broadcast joins us once again for another asstastic episode and joins up with Shawbag6 to take on the team of Marc and The Mancrush in a battle pitting January of 1984 vs January of 1994! You won't believe what the guys wager on this contest and find out how you can help pick a winner! Each time fire out its “Best Of…” for January of their year in 1 of 5 categories Movies, Music, TV, News, and Hot Products! The King of “Poop” Michael Jackson vs The Meat Puppets, who the hell picked this one anyway? We only want to know one thing? Where is the Beef? For some reason Mancrush thinks only HIS cabbage patch kid was named Xavier. You'll have to listen in to get all the details! Brought to you this week by Bio Bidet and Valt.io!


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This is the one time to sang dive right in and get your hands dirty should not apply visit biobaday now at biobaday dot com back into the sanctified soiled stalls of the poop culture podcast. Now it may be the start of twenty eighteen, but tonight we battle in out in a wretch ROA show down for the ages, so set your flux capacitors to stun, as we Pi January, nine uteen and eighty four up against January of nineteen. Ninety four, I am Mark James, the mongaloid half brother of Kevin James and joining US tonight is my partner in Slie, Mr Rickmancrush. Also on the DAS. This week is the treacherous tag team of taints shop, bag, six and Bowbot seafist B Craft Gentlemen. Welcome to the program. What is new in the PCEU good evening mark good evening? Mister Bo just wanted to say thanks to everybody that t put the rotes in on twitter and let us know that you wanted more retro stuff. So forty five percent of the people said more eightys, Utopi Island and ninety ciber cafe, and everything else was pretty even so. We're GOINGTO start mixing and matching and putting stuff together with the retro and we're going to start that today, ramark right and that's really. What we decided to do is we're going to mix up the red trest so we're doing eighties and nineties- and you know, what's the best way to do that, then they pit them against each other in a fight for the death fellow poopers have spoken and they want more retrocontent. So, in this episode we're going to have our first duel of the decades moments ago, we predetermined that team, Blumpkin Spice, comprise t of Shabag, six and Bobee craft will take January of nineteen. Ninety four up against the mamaluks myself and Mr Rickmancrush, and we're going to take January of ninehuteen and eighty four. So let's go over to Rickman, crush down at ringside to explain tonight's rules all right, so basically we're going to have five different rounds here. Normally we do our throwback episodes. We kind of bounce all over the place. This time we're going to narrow everything down into five individual categories, we're going to have a movie's category, we're going to have a TV category, we're going to have a music category, we're going to have a general news category and then we're going to have a hot product from both those errars and the way it's going to work is both teams are going to go each guy's going to have a pick if we're doing movies each one of us will get a movie and then the other two will go and they'll have a movie. Does that make sense, absolutely all right, it'scain of Aright, so we flipped the coin backstage moments ago and we predetermined that team, Blumkin spice gets to go first. fucking millennials go always got to go first, Oh, I know they're going to wine and bitch about it. If we didn't let hem go anyway. N K S, you guys pick a category pick category and Blopun. That's not a category UNFORTGED AGA! Oh! No! I just wanted to blet. You know that you're coallright, so first category H, BOI'll, let you take it Dificableideo, ditch it onto somebody else. All Right, I'm going to go with music, that's probably my strong suit. You think that's good said. Good. We Col da Yeah H, let's see probably the most relevant for me- would be the release of Alison Chans jaraflies album, which debute in the? U S at number, one on the billboard, two hundred becoming the first of her ep to do so this. This was a game changer. For me, it was initially the UM unplugged album that kind of changed my life, but jarflies was good Um. You have singles no excuses. I stay away, which is probably my favorite Alice Song. Don't follow in the instrumental whale an wasp which I did a light routine to in college, a light Ro a light routine as that, like ballet, it was like it was like a theater class, so I had to like you get this like Manican head or you get like one of those like wooden posable figure, art doll things. You sit an a table and then you do a light, show around it like that evokes the mood of the song or whatever. So I chose that song naturally dress up your wood doll. Did I I now? No, I think, think ateal. I think I just put a Nighti on it. Where did you get said? Nigty? It was college. There was a lot of stuff going on then lot of Expei. I had access to a lot of things. Big Deal, allrigt, that's a good! That's a really good choice, though, to begin this whole thing off with, I think so. Solid ours is still better and actually before we go any d course before we go any deeper. I think we should wager something on this. I got a ball of Dryer Lun sitting on my table here, some emty Resas rappers. What are you guys thinking for a wager? I I do notice. We all have some facial here knock about last episode. You know the beards are going bybby in twenty eighteen, which is horseshit yeah. We got to get the deal insideburns coming back, yeah that that's a good one allright, so I yeah your a so it's down to bow. I let's say only one of the team has to shave. Are you fucking, botty garden me right now, Shoa ucan sweep man 'cause, I can see you crying you're Radan received Disqualificaton 's got enough. He's got enough to make a difference. Okay, fie Y H, it's a little stubbly we'll go with that. Olosing team at one person has to shave their face. What about balls I'll shade my balls? Will you show his pictures I'll? Show you all the pictures. You want boy. Why Yo want to hell you the picture? We we need proof. How do you know what's going to be him, he's just going to go to his hi heart driving cab, one of the Genera pictures of Shaven Bowls? It's a shutter stok nutect, Nono, Nutactgoto, jokes on you, because my chin is a pair of balls. Loser rocks O pedostache for at least a day. It's got to be a pedowstach O fuck. I start my new job man. I can't have a Panto STASHIF. I new job at least a day. What about to walk around with that Sh lose her dies, their hair jet ASS black? Well, my hair's already black. So that means you have to Bleach Oo. You have to get fronted- Oh yeah, Oh God, all right now we're going crazywer, saving, O Spie and fron tips. That's another five years away, fora! IBEFORE! It comes back. That's like a twenty twenty three thing: Yeah, it's let's go with the losing team has to shave their face. Both people are just one I'd be down. We Talkin Baby Shave or shave it down la onto hersemble. Yours is so obnoxiously long right now. I would feel bad if you shaved it hotally off. So maybe it's trimming. I can poke myself on the eye with this yeah. That thing is see how about you have to do. metrosexual. Like you K W, you have to look at tating. You have to braid it for a day, I'm not like, like I'm, not opposed to like a white trash, goat tea and some big old sideburns. Yes, all right Y, so you're going to shave right down the middle and just leave right. Yore done it. I have done it h. So there's a lot riding on this game. Right O. I I say we go beard for beard. I don't have a beard, though I only have a goate. Well, that's what I have. I Have Goatte that I've been growing out for Jeez for almost a few years. At this point, ITII will put it on the line. If B craft wants to match me o you'r talking babyface did I have the worst complex. I dropped a college class because they told me I was going to have to shave apiece out no thanks and, of course, I dropped it after I shaved for the class. It was a theater makeup class, so I shaved and then I was like fuck this droppd the class. I would not make you shave all the way down to Babyface, I'm not that cruel, wait. What if I fly out there and you shave me I'll, take a red eye for that experience. Now we really need to win that. That's a whole. Another discussion we're going to have off of there, but you know I'd, let you keep a beard, but you got to shave your beard, so you look like Logan Oo. I've done the Tony Stark ihave done that not as Nice, but I've done it. It's a Partin the S. well, we got to pick one. We got to pick one her. So what are you going to do w? Where will you go I'll, trirm it down to pretty much just a little overstubble? I go that foardly Sh Whoa, that oh man I'll feel bad. If we win alrightor like an hour I'll feel cod, it's negative six right now, you're fucking me over. If you win all right so there it is so the winner gets to keep their facial hair or a loser has to shave it right. Well, the major part like he's, got to shave a MA portion like I'm going to Keet Hof as to go right. I will get rid of the goat, but I'm keeping the soul patch job thist took me over ear. She just no! You should just take. Don't keep this otle patch man, God to keep the soul Bak I'd rather see you with a mustache you're, a Zapra Fan. Why don't you have a Musta? You should you should just have a moustache. I should but fat guys and moustaches. Now we're back to the fucking Hill Y. Look Wite, O Dow Kepvin James Yeah, you gotta, Watch ot cause. He definitely carries a camera with him too Al Right. So it's it's settled then. So loser shave all right, so Benou'Rup, th music, is the category. So the m music alm I have is too high to die by the meat puppets which released January twenty ffth, n nineteen. Ninety four, it was actually produced by the Buddhle, surfers Guitaris Paul Leary O. I I don't remember too much from this album. To be perfectly honest. There are great couple of great songs off of it, though backwater's great great sag, that's a really good one. I mean that was definitely one of the albums. I listened to back in a day and it was. It was definitely a chark talker. It's back NR, Aner, N G Mark I'll. Let you let you start this one when you're talking about music and you're talking about the eighties there's only one name and that's the King of Pop Michael Jackson and in January of Nineteen. Eighty four, Michael Jackson, if you recall this, was in the famous incident where he burned his scalp during the filming of a Pepsi Commercial, which is about the same time that he also released the title track from his album thriller as the LP's final single one of the greatest albums and songs of all time in Pop music history whatwas the date that that single was Reles Mart Fuck, I don't Goonn and we got to have the proof. If there's air on the line, it was released on January, twenty third, nine tneed and eighty four okay and four days later, was it when he kep holof burned 'em up now we drink. Seven up is that when that happened, so all right, that's Dan! That's that's good! Uh! I'm going to go one OANINE hundred and eighty four W ICH is the sixth studio album by hardrock band known as Ban Halen ND. It happened to be the last album that David Lee Roth was on and it was released January. Ninth Nineteen, eighty four it sold over ten million copies rolling stone, actually listed it as number eighty one on the top one hundred graest albums of the eighties of course, number one on the billboard hot one hundred that year jump it number one and then, of course we had Panama and my personal favorite hot for teacher. But you know, what's crazy. Howper teacher is such a great punking song and that only hit number fifty six really on the top on the billboard. Hotone hundred my favorite tid bit about hunt for teacher, and I huge Van Halin Fan, I've seen thim in concert N, anine hundred and eighty four one of my favorite albums, one of the greatest rock albums of all time in Endi van Halen, one of the greatest guitarists of all time. But you know what he can't do it's fucking dance. You Watch the hut for teacher video closely when they're all in sink dancing. He is out of step the entire routine with everybody. Everybody else got in Sanse, except for Eddi, and he can't dance can't do it in never looked. I never lookd cause Dave was too busy doing, jumping splits and sh ao you're. Looking at TA yeah, everybody was looking at Dave back then I was a bigger Hagar Fan than David Lyrow, but great album either way, so we're pitting. I guess we just got to go thriller Michael Jackson's, thriller, The song and Van Hellin Nineteen, eighty four against the meat puppets and Alis and jeans. I I think we win ye yeah yeah T's. That's tough Van Allen! Does it alone. That was tough just to go against, not a huge fan, but it's hard to compete with Michael Jackson and that's probably the longest thing of our jarty for mot, be aout he'll flyin from here. Don't Ono necessarilywere we're going to see how this goes well, since we won that round, so we'll we'll take it over for the next one, there's some other interesting tidbits for music in January. Ninety four, if you want 'em yeah absolutely what Ho January Nineteenth Brian Adams becomes the first major Western Music Star to performin Vietnam. Since the end of the Vietnam warmhm Ta got EA INE, Yeah January Eighth Faith Hill released her first single wild one yea, the bige p. moving on January, Fifteenth Harry Nilson died of a heart attack, everybodyas talking at me, which is in every road trip Montos and every lidy yeah. It really is good call on that one and then the last thing I have- and it's probably not been touched since, nor will it be January thirtieth your penis Rocke. It has been a while January thirtieth, the Rock and country Sunday at superbowl, twenty seven yeah superbltwenty, seven Clint Black Whiknowna Jug Travis trittand Tanny Tucker formed at the half time show and then the fucking juds got together at the end of it. That's pretty good gaty four just go over the top albums. We had, of course, Thriller Number One. This is a list from January twenty eighth of that month. So it's a little bit later in the month to kindof encompass the whole MOU month. Bood we had Lino Richie e number, two with canclow down. Of course, like we just picked Van Hell in nineteen. Eighty four was coming in at number three then Ben's, favorite culture, club hollowed by the numbers that was four topsellers for ninety four, which we actually forgot to say, was a doggy style by Snoop Doggie dog in January of nineteen four January Nineteen D, eigh, that's what it says: that's a fantastic album start to finish. I think the production quality in that album was actually better than it was on. Draday you' love me lemondopistyle. I Sa Yeah, it's that toptemlist. She sent me. So it's then number three was Pearl Jam with verses number, six bad out a hell too Badyin tehealth meat, loaf, words and music by Jimsteinmon and our greatest hits by Tom Tumpety and the heartbreakers and get a Gby aerosmith wow. That's a really good month too, that is excellent mchet and you guys went with ouse and teens in the meat puppets. I went with what was nearin here to my Lod or toot wit, Herlief, not with what was yeah. Now I nowi o I'm going to make you feel like shit. What else is new? You just picked alison chains over Tom, petty. Well, you can't wait as a gratihit so and we know how much of a Tom Petty Fan you are. I love Tom Loved Lov all right, so, where o you want to go mark where d o You want to to start this, let's go over to the old boob tube. You know. I think we got to go to the T V eighties and nineties. Television was a staple in popular culture. So let's go there eighties and nineties T V and I'm going to start it off with the way N, nine teen and eighty four started off, and that was with NBC. Launching a brand new TV show called nightcourt January. Fourth, nine uteen, an eighty four nightcourt hit the air on NBC and it was history from then on out. One of the greatest sitcoms in American television ran for nine seasons. Starring Harry Anderson, John Larriquett, Richard Mall, Marky Post Marshal Warfield. It stole the hearts of many a fans of the poop culture podcast. I am sure now do you think it started in January B'cause. They thought it wasn't going to last very long 'cause. You don't see that too often right unless it's like a mid seasone replacement. I don't know right what they were really thinking with that, but it worked. Yeah, obviously lasted nine seasons like now. If you look at T v, like Fox start shows in January, like you have x files coming back next month for another short run, it's usually what you get you get theme short run shows, but that's pretty incredible that that show came on in January and lasted for nine seasons and no big show yeah and that first season they didn't do like a half season like six episodes. They ran all the way until the end of May, with new episodes of that first season of nightcourt they did thirteen episodes right off the BACKP got damp, that's kindt word! Well, I couldn't I couldn't match you up with shows because obviously January 's tough. So I went commercials January nineteen four, two iconic commercials that started in January nineteen, four first of which, thirty four years ago this month, Wendy's aired where's the beef oners whereis, the beef t', the the commercial with the three decrepit old. Ladies, that are looking at a small, Patty and they're like it's a Ben inutes S, te Bav. She even had the had a board game to this. There was a game. There was a board, that's how you know a commercial s really lad it. When there's a board game for it. It was a terrible board game, but nonetheless I did have it and actually I saw it on Ebay. Somebody was selling it just recently for, like fifty bucks, Wow, I'm sure my Ho probably gave it a good will like they gave all my other Shit r. The exact same one yeahyeahbyitprobably still has your name written on the back of it fuckers and th. The other commercial was actually a commercial. Tha was directed by Ridley Scott. Does anybody know what it is? Did an alien come out of a Pepsi can on to Michael Jackson's face? No, IT'S T S. it's cleling up er, it was. It was the nineteen eighty four commercial there was the apple Macintosh. That's right out. Yep came out during the superbowl, which was what subull eighteen. At The Times it was January. T twenty second nineteen. Eighty four: they spent about a million dollars on this commercial which at the time was fucking Inscene, but it was like this distopian future and this guy talking in a screen and some chick who, I think she was in Olympian right, the one that like land down the middle and she broke the screen and all that crap, but that was a huge commercial time very iconic commercials. So that's what I had no shows mark kindof stole the show on that Wewere with commercials. What do you guys e? I don't know it. It's going to be hard to compete with the fucking eighties. They had all you guys have a whole decade of popularity to gain on listen to the Millennia. I can cryn already they're ready cryng. I do have one it's going to lean onto the Scifi side of our audience, which is probably who knows babble on five: Oh Colas Cesti, you R, twenty six, nineteen. Ninety four, alongside a week later, the cosby mysteries o Jesus wait. Is it Babylon five yeah? Not Even Babylon? Nine! Wasn't her batteline nine? No, I don't know no, it wasn't a babbyl on six either. I jus start trek deep space, nine babble on Fivewas, oh deep space night. That's something yeah, Babylon! Five had that really good team song! No SHABEC! Do you even realize? What's at stake here, Bobee craft's beard is at steak. I pull out nightcore and you pull out the cosby mysteries taking the Havo that they moed in January F. Nineteen. Ninety four: We Have Viper Temmy Shop, starring, Joane, fucking, river Rowanda and babble on five ind, the cosby mysteries man, the COSPI Mytit, was where he left his roof. I just saw it right here. Is that two shows, or is that one show is? Is there a show called Babylon? Five, the cosy, Historyno tscotantly inpice runysee watch me eat this curry, okay, so Allri, no fuck fuck me, which one are you going with, which one o you pick. I can't go with any of it why they always talk. No, they don't or you gotta Ga to go wit, something I have one. You Pick Meon ater. I have as bad l on five okay, okay righ. Now I have got one that that really was kind of it feels like it was swept under the rug kind of forgotten about, but I remember when this came out: The critic Yeah Animated Series, Debt January, twenty sixth on ABC featuring the voice of John Lovettz as main character, J Sherman, Yeah Love The crr. He had a lot of other notable voice actors, Christine Cabinon N Acy, Cartwright Rea Parlman was in there Cafsuzi who did a lot of work on rug, rats, Tresmcneil, who was on future Rama a lot of good stuff, but it basically, I guess it would kind of be. What's the Gen Shallott, the Movie Review Guy Itwas Kindof, like a her of that in a way, so you got a New York film critic voiced by John lovettzs. Do you remember his catch phrase? Gosh? No, it stinks. I WUL SAYIT' Siti Rinloo! That's how our catch phrase! That's what I'm going to go with 'cause. I remember that I was cancelled after two seasons. There's like thirty thirty two episodes overall. For me, that's a strong pick. That was a show that was ten years way ahead of it's done. We do have a lot of T V that is in its first season. That was good, though the x files was in its first season Bill Nih, the science guy was in his first season late night with Colonel O''Brien's first season, there's a lot of really good t V that started ninety three into ninety four and a lot of these shows were in therearly on stages of catching fire, so to speak. Well, the the competition, though, is January verse, Januate, O Fuckie. Oh, I feel confident. Yeemin with you know two of the greatest ad campaigns of all time and then I don'itight an nightcore sad TV shows not fucking ad campaigns. No, we said we said TM yeah stipulations. Oh Man, they're getting bitter already THATI witis you! I I think you guys got to give us that the critic, that's a strong one, I'm noting a CI! I Cam critic. THAT'S A great pick! I love that show it's the only time John Lovetts hasn't needed a punch in the face he's only tolerable and animated form. No, no! No! No, no he's really good in the wedding singers, Jimmy Moore, okay, Yeah Bat. Can he move and SHK like this says Jimmy Marr, saying it ain't, no sucking my crotch and that's where John Lovett's comfort, Zonis he's only tolerable and five minute increment. That's why he was so great on SNL and then he just does cameos 'cause. That's you can only tolerate luvets in five minute increments he's losing his mind and am raping all the benefits. There was one other thing I wanted to bring up. I have it in my my note. Sayg on I mean Gotto login to should be younger one note more yeah. It is but forgot my fucking pass word again: no'll, lock yourself out. I just did CGOD. I told you before vault that I ows or sponsor you haven't. I phoned use ZHE AP and put all your passwords on there and then you won't lose your God. Damn Password, yeah I'Gi'm Goin to have to because I'm getting old now- and I forget all these passwords- I can't keep track of my email. I got my spotifid a one, no em. I got passwords for everything. I've had it, I m downloading vault Ayou know what man crush. Why don't we do this? All of our listeners that download it at volt Donao backs last poop they're, going to get two months of synchronization for free just from listening to the Poopcultare bodcast. That's a great idea and I'll have to pass that through with print from vault, but I think he'll do it. I think e'll. Do it to yeah, go to a vault that IO backlash poop and it's V, a l t vault, and if you go there we'll make sure that they give you guys two free months hopefully doesn't smack our peepes for saying that. But we'll do that and listen we're we're going to have a little internal PCU competition. Here all the shows have voult on there. We all w all have this great sponsor and everyone has their own backs. Last whatever and you're Goingta go there get the AP. You know right now: it's only in IOS s if you have an eyphone put it on there, if not go to the bottom. They're, going to realyae strayandroid, put your name on the mailing list and find out what it's going to be check that out and if we lose, which we don't want to do. We have this weal of misfortune that we came up with as the entire PCU and everyone's got their own little punishment. That's on this wheel and they're all pretty flucked up and we don't want to lose and you guys don't want us to lose 'cause. You don't want us to be doing the podcast in an Australian accent or some dumb shit. You might want to see Mark Wax's leg. I don't know that might be a good one, but well see if they're not going to see it they're going to hear it, but that migh be worse. Yeah O, I'm not surer, so don't make us come in last, go to vault at Io, backsized poop and help us win this thing and get your two months for free to be nice, guys, causewe'll. Let you guys go for round three. You guys started out round Threeh at's your choice, shap bag. What do you want to go with Allright whyl? Don't we go with H trending? What is it the trending toys or Trennin things that were being bought thene? There would be a hot product so Christmas that year we had the biggest product being bought. WAS THE POWER RANGERS FIGURES? So that's that's. Definitely, nineteen ninehty three. When power angine was first starting out, they had they had that everyone of the figures was selling pretty big back then. So that is one of the big figures from back fom Ne Onine, uteen and ninety four so December. Ninety three they were selling like crazy for Christmas right. Do we give him that di? We give him the the ninety three. I guess we have to right have to Chrisas into Januine Thng withmine. Of course, the hottest product we're not going yet mark we're not going Yo op you just you keep at of the sin of fucking Segway, but no we'll both still got to go. A SS Hawk Pony his beard is on the Line E. All right. I too went to the the Christmas cataloge, the JCPENNY. Ninety three catalogue- shopptill Free One, eight hundred twotwo, two sixty one sixty one supernintendo games were a hot item Christmas of ninety three going into ninety. Four here is um one of the pages from the pennies catalogue. I'm going to re you some of these Games here for the SUPERININTENDO, entertainment system, item, J street fight or two Turbo Star Fox that man returns. The Terminator WWF Royal Rumble. That was a great game. Super Fucking Mariocart, not a huge Mariocar Fan. Oh my God. Supermar cart was the best. Here's, the here's, the real thing here, the crazy thing, streetfighter two price tag as seventy four: Ninety nine for a flucking Nintendo game back then the cheapest one they have in this in this list is home loane too, for thirty nine. Ninety nine, which is essentially the h. You know the the new reles sh, the SHOR bames, that are made by like Tim Buck, too developer or whate. You KNO, like kids in the Philippines that are putting video games together. I O light bright beads es, always the worst Thad, just no rivery stupid all. It was basically just the Ed Itari game that they just slapped new graphics on and they ame for Robert Cop theyav, like yeah, like, like Beyou rate toys that are from other countries, the robot cop is just Robert Cah. I os E that video the other day of the Turkih Rainbow Yeh an see that I's so fucking good. I rubbert cop all right so we're going power, Rangers action figures, Topernitono Games, that's strong and its games. Okay, Ey yeah, I think we might have a continualor right- might be staying home this winter. After all, things are looking up good stuff, I'm sorry bout! I now do you want he to go first, I I want to go. Go at first on this one, because I just gotto get this one out, because you know I don't know how we're going to compete with them on this one. I don't know I got them O with. Was this fucking stupid doll called the cabbage patch kid because Christmas on ninetneed and eighty three, which of course was only a week later, was January, nineteen and eighty four and I'm pretty sure they were still popular. A week later, because that Christmas is when the cabbage patch riots first started, I mean the products go back. The product goes back all the way: Tho N, nine hten and seventy eight. But this is when the marketing push and people really started to catch on and the cabbage patch craze started you ever have one I did have. I had one too, my P. I don't know why my parents walt when I still remember his name, and it was Ezaviar. They were all Ezavior, it was Izavar Roberts. Was it in a wheelchair? Oh was it. I didn't know that I destroyed his face. I did the same thing. It wasn't in a whilchair, okay or I, you guys remember the the Nintendo game pro wrestling. Okay and one of the characters was star man and he was like the most bad ass lucalebre and he had a big starfish on his face and Hes pink right right, Dat's, the guy. So I made a mask for my cabbage patch kid and then hook a permanent black marker and made a big black star on it. Well, they just bled through right one the face that was the end of that mine sat in the closet. For years until garbage bell, kids came out and the I drew all over the face and like remember, the heads were like hollow and I smashed the top and his whole forehead was pushed in. My mom was so mad. I'm so surprised, that's not a thing now. You know 'cause. We see all kinds of art projects for Geeks. When you go on Esy, you know. If you want to buy a a walking dead lamp you can so I don't know why people haven't started, taking vintage cabbage patch, kids, turning them into garbage Pale kids, statues thatwould be amazing. That would be amazing or he could just buy a garbage pill. Kids Stat! You know you could, but it wouldn't be as cool as you know, a custom waybut we didn't have hem back that all they had was the cards there w there were no figurines for garbage pail. Kids, that's right that you came out with the fucking jug or not. What's yours nick e's bout, three million of those fucking in nineteen and eighty- I don't know if mine's is popular, they launched January twenty fourth and nineteen, eighty four and it was t the apple Macintosh fuck you yeah, they uh. The whole arrival of the macintos wasn't really a surprise. They'd been talking about it for two years and they had hoped to ship the the first set of these macintoshes in nineteen. Eighty two it took over two years for them to to come out with the whole marketing scheme and putting all this stuff together and a lot of people. Don't even realize this 'cause, a lot of people think it's apple and Microsoft, always butted heads, but in the beginning the only one that really created software for the apple was Ma. Micoft Microsoft didn't even come out with a graphical interface, one hundred percent until windows. Ninety five there was an earlier one that they had release. I N Nineteen and eighty five, but it was a piece of shit. Nobody used everybot used Doss, so this was a really revolutionary machine to kind of catapult to what we're using today, ecause everything's, based on gooes and Shit. It was two thousand four hundred and ninety five dollars which at the time was supposedly being put out to be affordable. Equivalent of that today would be five thousand eight hundred and seventy eigh hour oot. So just imagine how fucking expensive these things were to own, but at the same time you can compare it to like the first generation iphone. They came out ten years ago. Now they came out two thousand and seven. This apple macidot was at Mega Hurtz and the first generation iphone was four hundred and twelve Megar, so the prossing speed and the smeed on the phone was that much better than this machine that was release in n nineteen. Eighty four: what's the processing speed on the I wach, probably still faster than ack, there was no hard disk on this came with a three and a half inch floppy. Do you guys remember those th, the hard floppies I on right? Now I think Bo was just saying he has one rig now, but yeah it's. It was just this little computer that came out WELP so moving O. Are you guys win fuck you're aready up three to nothing? We can't even fuckang come back well I'll. Tell you what we'll be fair, guys: L E, no N, no o! THAT'S A fucking meeting! NO WAIT! I I'll listen here. Ishall have two categories left, let's say, and maybe this is something we can do from. You know this. This point going forward to make this. Even so, if somebody goes up three, nothing there's still chance. Let's say the first three rounds or a point, each round, four and five or two point okayh that sounds Nice. That's like yea! When you go up five to noting. No, that makes sense. That's like in jeopardy. When you go to double jeopardy, the points are doubled. I understand what adds a little strategy to the game too, because then you pick what you know you can win towards the end. You try to push this off. You get more point, yeah sure, whatever keeps us on my face, so that makes that makes sense or up three n nothing, but you guy still have a chance to win four to three, but you have to win both Roudi'm gonna. Just I'm gonna herly GOINGTA. Send you guys a photo real quick of what this could potentially end up doing to society. You look like a really young ban, Margera, okay, I'll, take that I'll. Take that I was a big Bam fan back in the day. That was all about him. His president turned out to be a bigger asshole. I don't think you could get any bigg, Ruban ASS, probably not rig mark. We have two choices where we can go and do we take the YWANTTO. Just go movies. Get this over with show aheadwhat the fuck. Does that mean get this overwayl? It means it's not the strongest month for movies Snot, the fucking strongest year for us either in movies. We shall see. Let us tell you about the dozies we got at the box office. Alright, do you want me to start mark, or do you want to start yours? Mabe is a little bit better than my don't k. You have to go direct, a video. Only! No, why don't you START USSOFF mancrush? What O you GALLIHT ALIHT SA? I shall begin movies of January nineteen, four, I'm in a prefaces again by saying this was not a very strong month for movies. We just missed out on some really big movies December of eighty three we had scar face, for instance, it came out been said that, though we're in the even classear January nineteen four I had to come up with something classier than scarface. I was only six years old nineteen for, however, even at this age my parents were degenerates. I saw porkies in the movies, I saw Gremlins police academies, our parents. They still took me a shit that I shouldn't see, and I saw this movie all the time in the video rental store, but I had no idea theatrical run and that's January, Thirteenth Angel, starring Donna Wilkes. Now before you go what the fuck is angel. Let me just tell you what it's about Donna Wilkes, who plays a fifteen year old in the movie, is actually twenty. Four years old, when this came out, but she did look fifteen thiswhat the movie's about. I hang with it. It's a fifteen year old, named molly she's top of her class, but nobody suspects that this model student citizen is earning her money at night as what OK, prostitute, that's right, she's, a provetute who goes by the name of Angel on Sunset Boulevard, fine years old at fifteen years old, the top of her class in a private school she's making ends meat by fucking on the streets. But that's not where this ends. Okay, Ju t hear me out two of her friends ar slain by a NECROFILIAC cereal CAWA. Yes, they get killed by a man who fucks dead people, and then she ends up being like an eye witness to the whole crime. So then the killers kinda like after her trying to kill her the important thing is Eightis, was about this. Eighty sleeve, like that huts on horror that we just went to. We had movies like savage streets and whatnot that came out around then, but these movies actually were in the theater in January. Eighty four, but then I looked at it afterwards and it almost like it stopped like January. Eighty four was the cut off. An Angel was like one of these last slees movies that went through a theatrical release. I'm just gonto throw this out there, because it's not the strongest month. So I wanted to kind of prove my point. The movie made seventeen million four hundred and eighty thousand five hundred and sixty four dollars. Nineteen four sets the equivalent of forty one million dollars today. So that's a decent, pretty decent release for what seems like a pretty shitty movie about a a guy that fucks dead people and high school girl that turns into a hooker at night, I'm going with Angel. That sounds like every episode of forensic files. Where do you think they got n Mi Lright? So, for my pick you know I'm Gong to go with a movie that stars Glen, close and Ted Dancing. Okay, ten o tell me it's a sex tape. There's a lot of sexin sittinginormal sex. Is there any sex, that's normal, with Ted Dancing, besides extremely handsome sex or guy. So from Y pick, I'm going with a film that Stars Academy, Award, Nomini, Glenclose and Ted Dancing winner of multiple emmies and Golden Globes in this movie has a little bit to do with sex, because this is a psychological drama about a family that has been tormented by incest. You guys are Fokd. The movie in which I speak about is something about Amelia, which was the ABC television movie of the week in January of Nineteen. Eighty four starring Ted Dancin glenclose and the premise of course, is Ted Dancing, fux's daughter, which goes to prove that in the eighties ten dance and fucked everybody there, it is boys you got to beat out a NECROPHELIAC and an incestral father, okay, an ABC movie of the week. I think we can stretch this one out. That's what Ted said right so boi. Let you lead this one. I leve the last. Oh gladly. We Tell You, gentlemen, met film that came out in January, O Nineteen D. Ninety four, this movie was heralded as a vehicle for the career of one young Christopher Elliot the premise: Eric macter amouth, finishing school, graduate mistakenly winds up on an ill fated fishing boat and faces the wrath of a crew that consues thim bad luck. It is cabin boy. These pipes are clean. That's the same thing. Te dancind said: that'SI'm GOINGTO, yell that every time y orgasm from here and out wewill wait O ao. If there was a way to h to hold them to that, it would almost be worth changing h. So cabin boy also H, startd, Andy, ricter and erector had a role in there, but the biggest camioof the film and he was credited as Earl Hawford. One David Letterman, MHM, wo Yo know that O t was cabin boy with just talk: Showo more or less yeah and Chris Eliot with Gayleno in it too. I don't want to see Jay Lenno act in anything just because there's no there's no effects or makeup team in the world that could make him not look or sound like Jay Leno. Ever you never saw him in the movie with Pat Marita want karate kid just going to say there is a clip, and I wish I could remember who the celebrity Jay Leno was interviewing and he was Jay. Leno was giving this actor the business about his achoteear and the celebrity all of a sudden, stopped him and said: Hey you want to bring up that piece of shit you did with thatand. I wish I could remember who a Lestoi O can remember what it is. Yeah, if you can remember who it is hit its up over on twitter at Poop, culture and Ri. It's a solid pick, cabin boy, that's about the only collision course by the way is the name of the H, Jalenogicolt colision course. Man. This hinges on back Sixi shoulders. Here, don't you let me down this is this is a tough one 'cause I have two ooh and I've I've, one that I know will hit home for for Rickman crush, but youve got to go for the wind man. I have to go for the win Um, so I am going with our classic from Kid. An Play House party three was released and J, we Wik for the wind and you went with House Party Thrin. He is, and that is all fucking its strategy. 'CAUSE Shabag knows that Mark James has a major soft spot for the House party. Franchi howstrorty s wasn't good. The Pajama Jammi am. Is I telling you we're still going to wint out of this one this? This actually had not only Christopher Red n Christopher play Christopher Martin playing kitten Reed, it had Bernie Mac and it had TLC in it as well, and this was one of the ones that you know it was the stupid nineties or early nineties humor. That was great people love these series and honestly I mean I know that you don't like it Rickd, but most people do and they can sit down, watch it and laugh, not bow. If you look at his face hold on, though hold on, though, if you add to the starpower there's, not only burnie Mac and all the members of t lc, you also had rolls from Cris Tucker. You had Gilbert Godfried, you had, that was his movie Dap and Eddie Griffin Right now. This is the one where a kid gets. Marri the Bachelor Party Bernie Mac, has one of my favorite movie quotes of all time in that movie and you know they're all giving kid shit and burning maxs, like you know what he's like just be yourself: Boy He's like: If people don't like it and you're being yourself shold, we bring up IMDB rating for House party three. No, should we bring up the IMDV rating for Angel? I I haven't even looked at it yet, but let's compare andthe winter will take the round, no as the higher rating agel or House forty three. What about something something about Amelia? You know not looking ouaway. That's a guarantee! T T that I as sevenery. Well, it has no rotten tomato score. Unfortunately, rotten tomatoes wasn't invented, Thatsn't mean you can't have something on there. All right, so angel had a five point. Four, I'm sorry five point: Six rigt! Oh, no! No! NO MOLLY! Former weys there two different ratings, because that's the show wheth David borning is no there's o nineteen. Eighty four and an avenging angel, a former B B, prostitute. Okay, it's yeah, five point: Six shes Te Fih, that's a five point: Six okayt! So there's an avenging angel. So that's like a Singal. There is a sequel. There is two sequels to angel. What yessh she formed a whole team in high school angels back and she's fucking harder than ever all right and how's part Yo had a four point: two I I would give it to us, but I'm being a little biased. I Know Mor Marke oler movie, so that favors, you guys. I guess I gotto give it to them, because I was party three over an ABC movie. I know WHA. We do have to give it to them because technically we cheated because that's the ABC movie of the week and it's not a boxlimis. It's still a movie, it's still a movie, but but it was about bocks we're to having technicalities here so we'll give them that 'cause. They both picked stuff that was in theatrical released mov. I don't Wat your fucking pity points, so the movie I was going to say that you might have you might have liked better was deathwish by I didn't know they made a fifth death wish. Yeathat was a loat he proposed to his girlfriend at dinner and she was assaulted by somebody that she was going to be testifying against and he permanently disfigured his face and he goes on another killing spre killing twelve people erout the movie. I have an idea. I have an idea here since our mov, since the months weren't that strong do you guys have a list of the top ten movies for that month. Yeah. I have a box office list, okay, so let's, let's do that I'll, read you our top ten in January and then you do the same. So this is what we got so top ten box office les, though not top ten, so they didn't come out in Jane, Hey didn't come out January. This is the top money making films tha were still in the box office in January of nineteen four one we have terms of endearment too. We have dirty Harry. It's sudden sudden impact three scarface, four one of more favorite movies Yentel have we got Silkwood, which was up for granny or Notagran, really best original soundtrack, Silkwod Peter Satera, then we had to finish is out. I te only uncommon, Valor H, six, two of a kind. I don't even remember what that was to be or not to be. I think it was a woody Allan Movie Gorky Park, which I saw a lot written on. I don't think I've ever ee seen that movie and ten was Christine. I've never seen it either yeah. It was such a shit movie for months. I don't know why you even brought it into this, because it's basically just giving around to them w Wa se was the top ten. was that year were given O that anyway, O n Ninetnen. Ninety four top ten number one was MSS. Deltfire o you no th, that's what I was going to pick tar ORSO, but it wasn't released. Number two is the Pelican brief another good one and number three is Tombstone: Oh wow top grossing. We like that right there. I didn't want to pick top grossing because it was supposed to be released that month yeah, so you guys get movies, you guys, and then we get en. WE HAVE SISTER AC two. I DON RENTAL SCO a couple of other ones, but it does get to the point where there's wane. Wainsworld too, was also in their guys Bayer little o Newprinir noalitleyellow different ifferent. Why would you take a pill? It's Rainedit looks fun is new perty even around anymore. I don't think so. Yeah people arerowing third IBL. I remember Oh holy Shit. It still is around. Do they still go by little yellow different Um? No, all right, so you guys have moved back into the game. Fuck at took log enough. Jesus Christ wap three points to two: We move into the final round for another two points, so we see who wins this based on this last round h, you guys won that round s you get to go on the final. It's news. I think we have. You guys, beat in one no new story on one new story alone, because it was so big. Nancy cerragan was clubbed in the knee on orders from Tonia harding. It was all over the news. It was such a big deal, everybody knew about it, Tona could never beat Nancy and she knew it, and so they had her clubbed in the knee Nancy. Had some really big horse teeth still does and for the people that don't know they were figure. sketers ban left that part of the story didn't need to those people. Those people who know about this story know that there were figures O. I thought one was a decent story. I thought one was just a whiny bitch and the other one. Have you seen her porn video? It's like fucking melted candle. They melt that Ath Thi at of a candle. She looks like a melted candle she's, not holding up too well right. Maybe I just haven't been with enough women to know what a fucking melted, candle, woman, shes, Ey, old, tin, O theg Sahe, trying to say it was like a Chinese finker n Ou to explain this to. We need to break it down, barty style. A you know. What's fascinating, though, is that of all the people they pick to play: Tanya harding and the bipick Margo Robbie and she's terrifyingly close to looking like the real deal back in the day. Have you seen th big lifesize, a poster of a Yseder Ye h? Oh my God, that's fucking, free right, except the fact that she looks like a Bi Shedidn't. She doesn'n Te orn video, Edoo, smellyjanke candle. It's a scruce tree! Actually, it's new car, it's a Crisler, a Bary! I don't see Tulabarons, Freddy I'm the number one sun. I onlay see Mone Prom Um. I think this is going to lock it down now. This isn't the actual catalyst to where, where this is, but it is the fallout, I guess kind of the the end of the story, the the kind of rap up, I suppose, January Twenty First Larrena Bob. It is found not guilty by reason of insanity on charges of mutilating, her husband, John Wayne Bobit. What did she do? She cut his Dick off man? Well, you know we had to stipulate that they were figure skaters, so we had to SA. She got his dickoff. You know the Panis chopper that lady it's okay, he had an extension put in and became a Pornstar, I'm sure he's doing fine yesh, I was going to say, there's a tie in there so apparently January. Ninety four was the time to make the news and then become a porn star later in life, ranking penis, Frankana, thin, Rokin, cock or frank impee. I know something like that. I I don't know, I think I've seen it is penis. Well. I saw that too. He saw t fly out the window if Fuckang miss it. If you're watching the porn that he's in he like what didn't she like, throw it outside a D, She threw it out the window of her car yeah T T S, she cut it off and kept it with her driving down the street realizeg that she had the Dick still with her, threw it out and they found it intact and were able to reattach it. I think it was Dana carvy did it special years ago s shortly after that whole episode and was talking about well. How did she like unlock her car door? Was She like holding the Da Ole Boll while she fumbled Fer Er keys and opened the door to Lov a typical mom trying to get in the house after the grocery store? It was in her mouth she'd put it put it in her bottom wip like a piece of chall that was Holdin it there Arih mark. What do you think these these exploitation news stories going to beat what we have? I O 'T. I think my top both of these. How strong is yours? I don't think it's as strong as yours, so you go ahead. No! No, then! Let me go a second just sell the shit out of yours, the one I have it's, it's not even that good! It's only something that stopped down playing. It required a supreme court ruling and h. What was that then Udif it stopped down playing it. We know that you're down playing it, so mine only required a supreme for ruling that you know only change the entire popular culture landscape forever and that was in j January seventeenth. The Supreme Court ruled five to four that it's Oky for the use of home vcrs, to tape programs for later viewing, and that does not violate federal copyright laws. It's spawned an entire industry, homecopit man, I cfinally legally record Robert Cop. You know what you could do with that when once that happened, mark wwhat was the date that that happened on that was generally ce, okay, excellent. So on January, twenty third nineteen and eighty four, you could legally record this story. I wanted to leave this one for last, so it hurts bow even more because he's going to have to agree with this onjanuary twenty Thir ninetee, four one of the most important wrestling matches of all time took place, and that was when Holkogan beat the Iron Sheek to win the belt of the WWF, which he had until n nineteen. Eighty eight Weire a second, isn't that a t V thing? Not! I have a new story. No, it's a news story. O It could be orsh. Morts could be a lot of stuff. It's a Fucki ne storyman. It actually is a news story, because at the time, although this was televised M, it was not common to find professional wrestling on TV in the New York market because this event was held at the legendary Madison Square. But if you, if you knew somebody with VCR, they get recorded for you. cand play it later, but the in the interesting thing about this was uh. Hogan had returned, he was in the WWF and he had left because he filmed part and rocky three as thunderlips and Vipicmann was like Benaz shape about it. She end up, leaving the WWF going to the Awa, and then he came back in December. Eighty three after Bob Backlan had lost the bell to the Iron Sheek and before that, like Freddie, blashe was Hogan's manager. When he came back, baclind Kindof took him under his wing because H, I think backler was getting beat up by the the wild SOMOINS. I think it was and Hokogen like, ran out and saved him, and then he said he changes ways and all his shit. So he kind of like slidified himself as a face in the organization and then a month later, backlan was actually supposed to fight the sheek for the belt again and he was quote unquote, injured and H. Hogan stepped in on the bout which only lasted about six minutes and Hogan was the very first person ever to escape the camel clutch. Yes, he was hit the leg, drop and win, and the other interesting thing about this s. He didn't lose. That belt. Like I said earlier until nineteen nd eighty eight, he had six rains as wwf champion his longest rein. was that span right there, which was fourteen hundred and seventy four days, but he had it for a total of two thousand one hundred and eighty five days. If you can all six together and that's second behind Oly Bruno San Marqino, so that that was huge, I'm going to hang up and let you vote it actually is huge it. It really is and Speakin a LARANA bobit. I never seen th. I never seen the GALKER video, but I heard yee all right. So those are our two stories. Let's be real here we have a missing Dick and a beaten figure. Skater D, that was a massive youre, not going to be ondeding our stories, there's no fucking way, there's oway walking away, fucking, Larena, bob it and then co get the biggest professional wrestler of all. No, no, no, no! No! No! No! I love wrestling, but a fucking Dick! That's making the news like world Ey t's ever DA yeah come on you're, not going to beat that there's no way literally you're not going to beat a severed. Nick Nancy cerragan story was fucking huge. It was all over everywhere. It was front page everything. It was all over the news. Every night it was a fucking mess. You were like six years old. What do you know about being on the new was a pan. I let me just say hokogen. First of all, his Dick Wa, you won the heavyweight championship, multiple time right. Anyone like what like a hundred million dollars from gauker. I think we're going to have to bring this te twitter. I I don't think so sure the horses there's no way you're. Out of your fucking mind, the biggest wrestling champion of all time wins the belt for the first time. Oh, no, no, the bigger story was when Hogan Body slammed Ondra. Well, that would never happen if he didn't win the belt ago. A tentyp ejon Te to you are not going to beat a severed cock and an Olympic disaster story. There's no way. Okay, we're talking about figure skating that nobody gives a flying fuck about now. Maybe if you combine your two stories and we club Nancy Kerrigan wit Cowa Bobe, snever Po, that would be a bigger store. I think you guys are on drugs right now. I think you'Rei der O Sai. I S! I don't want to Lbo saying that, because he doesn't want to lose his beard. I'd have nothing Tooo, but I really, I honestly think that you're wrong in this one mark story was like snory revolutionized, fucking media, okay, her decades, you have like marginal stories that took place in a month or a couple f weeks and they went away and nobody cared about these. These were lasting stories that lasted years and years N. fourteen thirteen years later, we're still talking about Larina Bob t and we still know what he did 'cause you wrought it up. 'cause nobody gives a shit and Nancy Carrian. We still know what happened to her and we still knew she was a figure skater who cares without my Supreme Court ruling? There would be? No? U Too, I don' to answer me. This question bow. If Hogan didn't win that Bell, I won't even say the WW as it is now, but, let's say in a Tayday the golden age of wrestling. Would the golden age of wrestling ever have happened with iron? SHEEK is the face of wrestling? Definitely okay! You have you have an anti American character that automatically draws heat everyone hates hem of they could have built t e program on that. Here's, the interesting thing when we brought up Nacy, Kerrigan and Tanya harding mark immediately goes why, without being provoked, that means cultural, relativity suck. My Dick, our stores are bigger. You guys lost you're, just fucking hanging out by a straw, alright. So this I this is going a twitter I'll post it up on twitter. The score as it stands right now is three points for the Mamelukes two points for the millenials or Blumpkin Duke come on. Was it Bloan tnice some blunken spices? This is dash whatever the fuck. Your name is Lumkin spice, Julia throberts and the stories that the twitter pole will be about. We have Nancy Carrian, Tanya, harding, Lorana, bob it versus whole Cogan, winning the belt and legally recording in your own home, a Supreme Court ruling, no you're building your argument on a fucking Supreme Court ruling. You wouldn't be watching video as it is today. I don't watch video. I don't know what you're talking about you wouldn't have you to you, wouldn't be able to s just watch netflex. I don't watch that. I don't use you to the fucking video that you showed us before with some chicks, sucking dildo with an Apricadofuxehavwich. You have a grap fruit, great roup. He was a Graner Sir. It was a great fruit. The people decided that we needed to do more retro episodes, so it only makes sense to let them decide the fate of this one, all right, fellow poopers, that's where we're going to end this one, so you guys decide long on the twinner. You decide the fate of the facial hair. Am I going to have to shave off my facial hair overis, Mr Bob Craft Gonto have to trim down the Narley beard. It's up to you guys, really you Lo waithow long. How long have you been growing that fore just people now over a year ad fact, I've been growing mine for about thes same time and look how much longer bowses thanyea look at it. Everyone and that's not the first ONI menhard fellow poopers. So in the meantime, headover to www dont poop culture. Do Com check out all of the shows on the PCEU until next time. Peace, love, light and joy have a great beday everyone. What he just heard was the poncast and the BOOT concer extended universe, fom, ogring, codcast, makeor, Wa, www, dot, bo culter, dotcom