Dueling Decades
Jan. 23, 2019

Dueling Decades - January 1982 vs January 1991

This week Video Heads, we are back to the ’80s & the ’90s for another round of everyone's favorite new adult audio retro gameshow...Dueling Decades on Poop Culture. January’s matchup has the “Mamalukes” (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) with 1982 tak

This week Video Heads, we are back to the ’80s & the ’90s for another round of everyone's favorite new adult audio retro gameshow...Dueling Decades on Poop Culture. January’s matchup has the “Mamalukes” (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) with 1982 take on the team of Beau Becraft & Mike Ranger but what will they pick for a new name this week as they battle with January 1991 on their side! Judge Jon Cross is back once again to law down the law and pass judgment. Will the 1990’s team finally pull one out ending the winning streak of the 1980s? ! Listen, find out, play along at home and join us on Facebook for more great Dueling Decades action!


Infirmary, media Goculture, yeahculture groupcpeople, engage up Juwlin Deca, the basic a blame, but I Dutbo an Raega got fon that cap ot stotthe power got come fight for what you love. You Wo come to: Pote Pi, Cupina, Grenas, anhe e Loe, Ote, Co, Wu, Tak, Grat, a a balla, hem sick. I A E gncome fight for what you love yoprondcasting from the biobuday studios were water, does it better greetings, rethe warriors and welcome to another episode of dueling decades right here on poop culture, the Retro Game Show where we totally gag you with he spoon and give you the four one one at the same time as we make the S and s fight it out over these two dope decades. Let's take a look at the teams and the decades they will be fighting for representing January of N, Oa, Ninehunden and ninety one they lost last week. So this week they got a brand new name good evening. I'm boby craft and playing alongside me tonight is mice ranger of the video rangers podcast. We are simply known this week as whole foods without the W ijustthink and along with myself, representing January of one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, it's right. I'm rick man crush and we are the Mamalukes January on thousand nine hundred and eighty two. Let's do this, that's always here on duling decades. We need someone to keep us all in check. Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise. It's the honorable judge, John Gross. Yes, everyone please rise be erect, because, although it is as cold as a witch is tit, I'm going to be. Judging all of you like a mad hot bastard, I'm judge John Cross go leafs all right. The rules of our game are quite simple. A coin flip will decide which team goes. First, the winning team will decide the topic of each round out of the five dueling decades categories, those being movies, television, Music News and, of course, hot products. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points. Apiece the judge's ruling will be final and determined who wins each round in the winning team. We'll have the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, gentlemen, let's play some dueling decades, cointos all right, all right. So today's coin, for the purpose of tossing it about and seeing who goes first, is this loves the shape dog toy? I don't know why buitjust seemed like something I wanted to wave around on screen. Yes, this loves the shape dog toy. So do you want to have belly or do you want to have gogly? I an I ask myself that same thing. All the time loser POL foods pick one billy belly all right, let's see if you're going to go belly up or if you're going to go belly up belly crystal. If you see what I mean, let's see, go it's exciting: It's Betty Up, you've won the time they won the toss off again. Is it salad? It might as well be all right steam. Where do you guys want to start off this week, I'll defer to Mike? I started off last time all right, I'm going to go with news on January eventent, Oe thousand nine hundred and ninety one Operation Desert Storm began with a massive air strike, targeted, iraks military forces and infrastructure. The conflict initially started after Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, accusing Kuwait of overproducing oil costing Iraqat Iraq and estimated fourteen billion dollars. The goal of Operation Desert Storm was to force the withdrawal of Iraqi forces and restore Kuwait's government. The combat phase lids by Stormyn Norman on the ground and President George Bush on television lasted forty three days ending in victory for the United States and received unprecedented television coverage. Now the history books may tell you that it started over some oil, but I know a guy who says Saddam was clearly upset after the anoyd failed to believe bring his Dominos Pizza. In thirty minutes. I knew there had to be more t with than that man uck annoyed ruins everything to good job, that they didn't name it dessert storm, and then we would have had to have just fought them off with like upside downcake or but or something pudding. Pudding Ze Bill, Cosby, TAT, Thep, great eas on mlkd. Let's bring up Bill Cosby, the most poafricanamerican ICA, he's flinging, putting it and has curry, come over here and take a look at my snackpack and then let me Havp it o yours all right, all right and the other new story so insensitive serial killer, Ilean, warnos confesses to the murders of six men after being arrested for outstanding warrants on January nine, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one, a bulk of her stuff happened as far as like the sentencing and arraiment, and all that stuff happened in January. Ninety one January ixteenth. She confessed to all six murders. Obviously this spawne, the movie monster starring Sharlie's Theron, which chronicled the story of her from childhood to pretty much her murderous years in the trial and all that stuff. That was released. A No three earned her an academy award for best actress, but it all stemmed from a woman herself eyebrow Las Eilean Wernos man did they make her hideous for that movie. I have never seen a woman so attractive, look so hideous g that was kind of the point yeah. So S was I the only one who thought she was hote like that she looked uortais a fet and, what's crazy is as bad as they made Sharlie's Taron. Look in that movie. She still looks better than the real life arline warloaer, whatever the Heller name was. That was the name of my bus driver, Ip talking about Ileen warnosokayit's, a huge new story. How could you possibly get that name messed up and just to clarify whole foods? T the new story is this was the day that she was caught or admitted to doing it all. What was the now. This is just one of the days she blew the guy in the car. No, she was she was arrested on January night, but I'm going with January sixteenth. She convinced to all six Mer onpesses, all right, yeah, that's a little more of a significant date. Onc You come Deah, I'm just I'm making see. I make notes as a judge, so that I I know when we com is final sentencing yeah. My Final Senstin Yep, making notes, that's all figuring it out mark. Do you want to start this? One off sure man crush I'll start that off and we're going to go over to the desmoine register. WHO has an article who talks about Mr Mark Neil when he was seventeen years old him and his younger brother decided they needed a family pet. So his younger brother Brings Home Alive bat well that lasted about two weeks until the bat died. So you know, Mark Neel's, friends, all convinced him to take the Bak carcass, put it in side of a baggy and sneak it inside of his coat as they proceeded on the night of January twentieth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two to go see the prince of darkness himself, Mister Ozy, Osborne in Demoine Iowa with about five thousand other fans. And of course, at this point everybody knows the story. Neil tosses, the dead bat on the stage where Ozzy picks up the bat and bites the head off, as he always did in his acti, but with rubber bats or with props, even once even did with a live dove, but did not know that this was a bat that was once alive and was now deceased, immediately being rushed to the hospital Ozo received medical attention and shots for rabies. Rolling Stone magazine rank this in two thousand and four, as the number two all time rocks. Wild Es, miss and Ozzy Osborne himself in two thousand and one lamented that he will be plagued until his death. With questions about this bat, how did it taste asy? Why did you do it Ozy and then he says, and then they will dig me up and ask me again: Erhe should have been dug up at least ten times by now he shuld it's miraculous, Thatasjanuary Twentyt, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two one of the most infamouts days and aspress orn's great career. Maybe he's had it correct the whole time You'e just supposed to do do like copious amounts of drugs and bite. The heads off of live animals like bats and only be clear with your diction when you're singing, not speaking. Yes, that is amazing. I thought you were going to say this was voted by rollingstone number two in the stupidest moments in rockinowhat was number one here. The article doesn't say because, oh I thought only about probably Oz urinating on the AIMO that was prettythat was pretty stupid. Iwas looking for the Basemen, my bike is in the baseeall right, so my story comes out of the way of Mount Lebanon. Pennsylvania were all good things happen, so we began as a simple ninth grade prank to fool. His friends turns into something much more important in the grand scheme of things around early January, ninete Gh to then high school student, Richard Screnta developed the elk cloner virus, and you are probably asking yourself well. Why are you even telling me this well when it was found in late, Januay, nineteen and eighty two? It had the distinction of being the first home computer virus to be found in the wild, so this is the first virus ever and if you really look at a definition of a virus, this one attached to the bootloader which hadn't been done before there was another virus prior to that, and I think seventy one, but this is the first one that really spread, went as far as I believe it was Baltimore Maryland, where it infected a computer belonging scripe to his cousin, who was in the US Navy, so it actually spread pretty far, and what this thing would do is every fiftieth time you booted- and this was on an apple too, where you had to boot off of a disk. You would just get this little screen that would pop up and it had a poem and that Poem Red Elk cloner the program with personality you will get on all of your disks. It will infiltrate your chips. Yes, it's cloner, it will stick to you, lay glue, it will modify Ram to send in the cloner and that popped up every fiftye time you booted and again, first time ever a virus is fine found in e Wild January ne thousand nine hundred and eighty two, but but did this granter guy ever actually clone an elk he might have now it died of dysentery and then it was thrown on stage at an Nazy concert. I tri the right to head off the elt. This isn't a bat you want pase to get tho hole, els head in Themoh, that's a big ass thing to throw on a stage shut. She wants me to put an oak set in the mouth. Just do it tastes like a Stapshire, good, Jackin Hen, Allon mi O is anyhow. That's that's what I hadthe all right over to John Cross for the rule. Look at this look at this cacophany of interesting news stories just fascinating. Obviously, we have Desert Storm and Syrial killing confessing in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one th y. That seems pretty huge to me. Does it storm which, although we say? Oh yeah, the Americans want it and done it out of that. It's still sort of going on now, like it never really finished. They certainly never brought troops home in the traditional way. It would be like if there was still troops out in Vietnam, somehow fighting the via Kong. Even now, that's kind of what the whole Desert Storm thing became. I mean were us again famous enough to spawn a movie in which, as you said quite rightly, a a classic beauty became even more attractive but putting on a bad wig and giving a bit of the old Irish complexion, which I have to say turns me on every time and then in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two we've got the iconic rock moment of biting the head off a bat and there's complete and Otte fucking Artol, Richard Screnter, creating a computer virus. What why would you do that? Why would you want to be the person to ruin everybody's fun and computers from now on, because once you've done it, everyone else starts doing. I theyr like well. If he wants to clone an Autcom an to clone all these other badgers, and this this well ecause somebody else is lying around or this scallop or something like everyone's going to just start cloning, everything and ruining everyone's computers. But where do they stand? I nowadays in terms of monumental new stories. Hmm you'd have to you know in terms of having legs, the Ozzyosborne story has legs, and the Desert Storm story has legs. The computer virus thing kind of has legs as well, obviously, because there are still computer viruses, but I'm not sure that Richard Screnter is still want known, but I think I'm going to have to give it to one thousand nine hundred and ninety one whole foods wins just for the fact that doesn't stall, never really finished is still going on and as essentially affected all our lives. Since so by that you wouldn't say that computer viruses have affected our lives since thex and then listen. I said it's not that it's not substantial. It's just that, if you think of like the impact of something like a nine eleven right and even though obviously then became an Afghanistan thing and etc, etc. Initially they went out, they still went after Iraq like they still went off to Sadam. They still like. It was still that thing that vendetta, that Bush versus Sadam oil thing was still going on and still affecting us and affecting our security in our country and a the way things are still being done today, right with the wall and everything like it's kind of it s, it's the one conflict. It's like Vietnam was for the s and it's the one conflict that is permeated every corner of society. It's round one. I won't push it that much and we got hot shots. BARDEU thit's. This is the new modern era of warfare, computer viruses, for example. No, what happing I mean you know they might have toppled a CO company. They might have n what what are all Democrats think happened to the election yeah, but that wasn't a computer virus so much as it was just you know, endless and were hackingand stuff, yeah, impersonatos and hackers and social media users and influences and idiots who believe them and what's Mov on. What's we it's Ust Roundin, you know what I mean they give a plus for us, Sarac, O I get I get you I get. You T S, it's a long standing conflict, that's just right! RIGHD and although the Oosporn bacstory is like fun and there's great kind of rock mythology, it doesn't really. It does didn't affect anyone other than Posi. You know what I mean and it didn't. It doesn't hold the Weygh Yeah Yeah Mad Im in Bordal that you know what I mean if he starts hovering outside my window, like the child out of Salems, heoall right, whole foods in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one, you guys have control of the board where we go unbelievable Mike where you want to take a little John to buddy. Well, I think we should go to music, because that's horrible glet's do that Shit. I'll kick this one off. Then please do music release January Twenty Teie, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one doubt, which is the second album from Jesus Jones. The album itself reached number twenty five in the billboard, two hundred Shart. It also contained the single right here right now, which performed very well in the US. Actually O that's right. Reaching number one on the US alternative chart number two on the US billboard, hot one hundred number, seven on the US mainstream, rockyard, also E, say: Rockyard, mainstream Brockchart and scoring number seventeen on the US billboard hot one hundred a year in chart kind of a Jugor, not that Song Ats. The first time Jesus Jones and Jargenot has ever been said together, that's the name of their reunion to her next year. I believe that was the name of his third album all right, mic, Ranger Mike's got a mixtape or a compilation or something I can just see in hissize. That's a remixout makeout jam's volume for rarity's, album from ello Cool J; we're not that lucky. No! What I chose was a performance because on January twenty eventh, one thousand nine hundred nd ninety one super bowl. Twenty five had little sel right. The gloom of the Gulf War hung over the heads of many Americans and the fear of attack on this American tradition, grounded the good year blimp and nearly forced the game to be rescheduled. Despite the chaos surrounding the event, a young Whitney Houston stepped on the fifty yard line and gave us one of the most famous moments of her career. The Deva brought a worried nation together and with simply a song and troops across the globe tuned in s as if the performance was solely for them. Reporters later asked Miss Houston what she planned to do. Next, she replied I'd like to take a long hot bath. That's a coo for drugs or shit. I'd like to take a long hot Shet, which is code for Bobby Brown. That's her prerogative! You know I think I'll go soak for a while in the tub well, Mak Ma. May I just ask they ar just ask, though, would that not count as a significant TV moment and not as significant it might, but I would give I would give thim that it would might I would look. I looked at it both ways, because she ended up t like having to record that and like issue it as like a song right. It was released as a single and it was on the SOTS, which was kind of weird for Atuif, longstanding yeses of the rules mark and rick allow it then I will allow yeah, I think, there's a lot of things you can use in. You know different categor precedent for someone using a live performance in the music category. I don't, I think, might be the first one. Well look at that there we go that's exciting next man. Were they really that bad album, wise dude, it's fucking horrible? It was pretty atrocious. I was looking up like what was the number one video on MTV that week wet. I mean if I let you know that some some of these prs they could have had were this year's girl by Pitcacato five, that famous yeah exactl fibe, courageous by driving ancrying. What I like about Thatis that its riht they haven't even put like they haven't, put the G on that word. They don't put the G on crying and they don't even spell out and it's just driving and crying which that's genius. It is letter yeah that saved them an extra six buto completely. You could have gone for the specials singles collection, that's a pretty that's a pretty tight album does not sound tight at all. I listen. I like the specials, don't even come at the specials. Oh, I thought it was a special single collection. No, no like the spelection of singles for special, no, a collection of special singles by Special Peopl ohthere. We Laugh, okay on one thousand nine hundred and ninety one that would have just been called best of the retard and we would have had done with it. You have stepp in the arena by Gangstar yeah native son by Judy Bats that really wol. God want a Classclassic, I mean I thout. I'm final, I'm looking to I'm looking dot, listen, you're right, really, theres, there's very little whatsoever party mix and Mesopotamia a reissue with remixes by the B fifty twos. There was no jock jams, NOP, no jock jams, wow yeah, no glory Este Fan put out into the light, that's about it, which you know was. I was close with Ho, but no yeah you're right January, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one should be stricken from the musical redister forever pesent yeah, it's it's a pile of Shate, as they would say in my natives embarrassment. Frase all right, I'm going to start music o fear on this. One man crush whatever yeah Kay all right. This doesn't sound like it's Gon, Ta, Pizzaf, all right so January, t twenty nine one thousand nine hundred and eighty two picture this. The second album by the sounds of T s. She we Louis in the news, is really the album brought the band their very first top ten hit. Do you believe in love which remained on the billboard charge for thirty five weeks and peaked at number? Seven picture this also gave us the follow up, Hits Hope you love me, like you say you do and my favorite cut from that album working for Elivin January, twenty, nine one thousand nine hundred and eighty two. She we Lewis in the news, solid and now wheather have heard of him all right. I got released on January Nineteenth Ne Thousand Nine hundred n Ghto by epitaph records was the first full length album by legendary punk band bad religion, the name of the album. How could hell be any worse? The most notable song in the album is probably were only going to die. I mean if, if you guys are sublime fans, it was on forty ounces, O Freedom, which released in ninety two, which probably would have been a better album, both the ones a you guys picked. This is actually pretty cool. They originally only press sixthosand copies of Thi Saub, but its sold more than that up to twelvezand after the first year. But this is the really fucking cool part of this. Not only did they personally stuff all the albums by hand but to relieve the boredom of stuffing the albums, they sometimes slippe little notes in the sleeve or autograph some of the copies, and you were ask yourself: Why were these guys stuffing albums? Well, it just so happens that they started epitaph records for this album. If you know anything about pump, music epidaph is probably one of the biggest independent names in punk music. Over the years they've had Green Day weezer offspring rancod the circle jerks no ffx penny wise Belis goes on and on of who they had on that label, but epitaph all started because of how could hell be any worse and it was the debut album of bad religion. Wow NICEPB, it's double wammy yeah pump, music's, not a genre. I know a ton about so I'm glad I got you on my side to back us up on that one, but I also feel, though, that we completely missed a fantastic opportunity. If you remember when we were talking o one thousand nine hundred and ninety one, I mentioned that Mesopotamia by the B. Fifty twos was rereleased. That January a weird nine year later, rerelease because it was also originally released in January of one thousand nine hundred and eighty two Metupeta me about the B fity two, so you could have had the same album fighting against each ther itself. Sadly, we misse that opportunity so really think nobody wins or everybody e. We willin, because nobody pick othealin roof rust other abbums. You could have ha one housand, nine hundre and Eigey two Jay UA Ousnd, nine hundred and ighty. Two was wasn't tomorrow, wonderful by the waitresses. I think the resounding answer to that was no Ohall for a song by Robert Dickinson, mystical adventures by Jean Luke Ponty, one of my favorite John Loveter, a love Jehn Luponti. His work on Franks, Zappers apostrophe is phenomenal one of the best violin players. I've ever heard. I almost picked that album, thank God somewhere Ofer China, breay buffet, that was his. That was his controversial communist album wisch in one thousand. Nine hundred and eighty two really got Jimmy Buffet into some hot hot situation. So therefore, you had to kind of go back to his usual twangy annoying cocktail based ditties. So this was way before he got into the gangster EA yeah, no, definitely definitely but Jujut, just just before he got into the punk clog doncing. Oh yes, that was like four months before he got into the throat singing yes yeah. I know right. We you guys, need to stop because you're really going to convince somebody. I still prefer his Foco work as O pokin. It was okay hob, that's one of my favorite s, work with Jimmy Stir. It's also what it sounds like when I Scottishman is about to do something: Sexual I'm going to focker anyway, Itos one thousand nine hundred and ighty two next S, because Huy Lewis and the news is my sweet spot. That's where I live. I also like to kill hookahs with axes. It doesn't don't just stare at it eat it all right. Man Crush pick our next category. Where do you want to go man? This is the last single point round. Let's go with television, as that sounds great. You want to lead off with ourrs sure January, tenth, Ne Thousand Nine Hundren and eighty two we're going to talk about the NFC championship. Game played between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco Forty Ningers at candlestick park, with fifty eight seconds left in the game and the forty niners facing a third and three San Francisco tight end. Wight Clark made a leaping grab at the back of the end zone, completing a six yard touchdown from quarterback Joe Montana, enabling the forty niners to defeat the Dallas Cowboys Two theanty, eight to twenty seven, this catch or as it is known throughout history as duck catch, is the most memorable and replayed events. Ind National Football League history. The highlight's been played almost every broadcast since the game represented the end of the cowboys domination and the NFC conference. Since its inception in the GHT N S and began the dynasty of the forty niners that would go throughout e s, so the Catlese, that's the catch te catch, it's a little bit better than the cash. That depends. What part of the country you're from I'm, not a forty niners fan, so hit's duck catch true, so that's what we got January, tenth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two wants the catch. Sorry, the catch was when White Clark leaped in the back of the end zone. Li Te, boring, quack t no way. You haven't seen the highlight nohe's fucking with you mark, but let me just throw this out there that as far as dynasties go, if you think about it, that was probably the most likable of all the dyastes over the past. Thirty yeary, like I think, most people so Muc in ast all those guys they liked those guys they were likable bunch. I don't know if they really were, but it appeared so and then you know the Ns you had the cowboys came back and then you got the Patriots for the past fucking eighty years. So this is, that was really a likable dynasty, but the decatch all right. I'm going to read this one, a Batman here so on January Tfr, one thosandninehundred and eighty two Ted Turner decided to listen to the general public. For once, who are complaining about certain aspects of his new CNN cable network, which is less than two years old at the time, watchers of CNN generally felt that they needed to wait too long for a specific story to come on, just as an example, it wouldn't be oncommon for you to turn on CNN and catch, maybe like a half hour of Polish translated news before they would get on to more relevant news, so that would piss a lot of people off. So, in spite of all the extra time waiting CNN decided to take a page out of all news radio and develop a new channel called CNN. Two, as known now is headline news. Of course, this nuwcn n two would be patterned in updated thirty minute news segments throughout the day. So within a few short years, ten Turner shifted the Way News were digested for TV watches. If you think about this so like two to three years before this, when this didn't exist, all news came from three networks: it was either ABCMBC or CBS, and those news programs were basically scattered over like three or four times per day. So you were never seeing new news, so by creating a network like CNN, two people can get updated news whenever they turned on the television and they split it up where it was like seven minutes of major and National Major, national and international news, then they would have less important soft news, followed by like sports and then concluding weather. So this is like a pretty big deal. What about the people who wanted the Polish translated news? Then they can just continue to watch cn, but what's happened to that now I don't know it's probably pnn Polish News Network Right. You can just change your TV, so it reads it to you and Polish. You can it's not the same, though. Is it no probably no, but that I mean really, if you think about what he did over the course of those couple years, that just completely changed yeah revolutionize, how news is drudly ruined the news yeah? Well, it gave birth what we have now in the news culture we have in this country, where news isn't just news anymore: it's a form of entertainment, hit's, masserlly, awful and EI was aly. The start of that I was watching, it was so funny. I was on the plane coming back from San Francisco the other day and the woman in front of me on the chair had CNN on, like for hours on the way home and breaking news was up in the banner at the bottom half of the of the screen of CNN. For about two and a half hours straight, I'm like you, can't be breaking us for two and a half hours straight it'. Just it's just not possible, just stop it Berry. The kangaroo is giving bird o right to a human. It's a speak all right. So what do you guys have for news or Tem Weve got some great stuff TV TV? Don't just do news. LET'S DO TV! You got this Mike sure I can take this one on January. Third, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one blossom debute on NBC is a midseason replacement. The series consisted of a family abandoned by their mother and focused on the life of main character blossom, along with her friend six, a musician father, brother Joey played by joy, Lawrence and older brother. Tony, a recovering attic later turned paramedic, giving him ample access to needles. The series is one of the many sitcoms Sto featore, a single father like full house who's, the boss, different strokes and the Andy Griffith show the show ran for five seasons and a hundred and fourteen episodes whoa yeah great pick like I loved blossom, I'm not afraid to it. Oh Dod didn't who didn't that opening sequence when she's just dancing around doing nothing? It was such a great show. It really was and now OES on celebrity big brother which starts tonight. Is he on that wow hn? And if you have a future ebnasal intercourse like I do you know, blossom is really up there in the top five nasal female icons. Really I mean Jennavone always stole that show I mean we all know that she lways were great hats, yeah great hats. She really had a great haberdasher real stro, see hats. You know yeah depending on the day, and you know seein. The in the earlys was always a constant battle of who had nicer hats, blossom or Fornon blonds and week tweek you right and if blossom had joined for Non Blunte Woul, they have had monopoly on hats. They were three non bonds until B blossof like we're just missing that intangible. What do we do? We need somebody with a big nose. I know let's get a girl with the name. We can Y. isn't the actress who play blossom related to the character Max bialastock from the producers? Isn't that her name like O, isn't her name like Maxtealesto whats, my Mbialic Caes? I mean yeah yeah, it's to I couldn't pronounce it. I didn't want to write t. It sounds like a like technical name fora over the counter rug. It may cost sezurs do not take my embiliic if I already taking it, make cose swelling of the Groin and purpling of the head and neck all right so blossom. That's pretty solid pick what you got Bo meand there erethere ere a lot of decent television things happening in January, Ninety one, but I decided to go with the debut of talk soup on the e network January en one thousand nine hundred and ninety one hosted, of course, by the lovely Greg, caneer ajanuary Ne Housand, nine hundred and ne one aired until August, two thousand and two obviously earing. So like clips of the previous days daily, Talk shows like the Jerry Springer show stuff like that. They poked fun. Af basicallya lot of different talk shows, and there was there were some shows that were like. Don't use our shit on air so like Oprah Winfrey, she refused to allow them to show clips on their show and stuff, like that, O er, cundeeyeahthey're, trying to show up or Waxin or being on Tak sub and she's, like don't show that youand you get to toucouyour chairs talk. Soup was nominated for five daytime Emmy Awards, winning one an ninety five for outstitting special class program, ringes, the only e show to ever win an emy and, of course we had the spin off the soup, which aired from two thousand four to two housand and fifteen. With Joel mccale. There you go talk soup January e, One thousand nine hundred and ninety one debute on e maccal is just stolen. The format yet again for the mckal show on that's right, NETFLEX, instead of dam, what he should have done and stared in a mckails Navy we make, which would have just been much much bouter. I've been waiting for that for years with the with the corpse of Ernest bognine right and you're, forgetting about the other host John Henson, which was the downfall of Tok Su yeah, the PUPPA Guy Right. I he, the guy that says, please have a seat. No, no! That's Chris Hanson, you magine Tok Sut, an CATC O frend. He just walks in and like he's, got this little desc in a couch, and you want Tou come out in and have a sin. Another hilarious thing I'm going to tell this would be child rapist is yesterday on some Jerry, springer show and he's like. Can I leave yet no? Have A S touch? OPRS clay? I think we're missing the obvious thing here. Why isn't there a show like talk soup, where, instead of showing clips of talk, shows you're just introducing clips of to catch a Predator, but they have the the Bob Saggot sound effects from America's funniest home videos to and his voice ervers show called talk soup, which is just actors with the last name of Campbell, dressed up in cans interviewing each other. That sounds like a great animated series. That's going to be on right. After America's funniest home sex tapes, yeah watches he goes to insert an loses, his futing hitting his head on the floor. This caused him to go to the hospital to get six titches loohit's been over an hour and a half, and he still hasn't been able to find the G spt look at him, fumbling around in the Dork like an idiot, she's, already Al Asleep, and he hasn't even noticed Istat opro and yet again another video with a guy just getting hit in the nuts yeah. I also want to note that Sitcom version of the John Lifgo Vehicle Harry and the Henderson's aired beginning January thirteen. No, no actons, let's go in that, was let's go in it now. This is one of those cheap UPN store brand versiois, Tor brarold and the Hendersons Henry and the haraldsons. It wasn't so much big foot as it was just a very beaden gentleman with a pipe called Harold who just sat in the corner and occasionally we go ut thatwen when something funn well after the end of Harry and the Hendersons, where they let Harry go back in the wild, he just goes and finds another fucking family and moves in with them. It's like right Ho, the fuck you letting me go and it turns out there a bunch of child predators get saved by Chris Han, the pulln hub version Harry and the handersons, which is a whole whole other show altogether Harry and the Chris Hanson. How great would it be, instead of to catch a Predator with Chris Hanson walking out Harry walks out so that stupid smile on his face, pointing to like emails and stuff tha? They said to each other. What does he say? Foyeah be Azingworo gloob everywhere or you get a bunch of predators to go: Hunt Tig foot at it'sit's, Predator to catch a big foot. That's the name of the show, and it's just it's all people that Chris Hanson has caught the obvious name here is Harry and the Hansons Yeah Right, and then they go on to find Tin Tat. That punishment is to go, find bigfit, Wow God, where he molest Thom foraternity, all righ. Okay, we got to go to the ruling the ruling. Well, we have. What do we have? What do we have? What do we have here exactly? It was so long ago, when we were talking about this, that I almost don't care anymore, but it was Danas cowboys. Forty nine is some sport thing. He at some sport BA catch the ball during a football game. Whoever of such a thing, I'm just kidding, would have been any better. If he kicked a round ball intomy. No! No! It would be much better if it was ice hockey and it was the maple leafs. That's what it UBE. We Bete all right. Well, Ti jomy does kick gass just for the record Ted turne invents crap news was the second scory from one thousand nine hundred and eighty two and forever destroys the beauty of factual based information spreading and Hen, one thousand nine hundred and Einy one. We Hade blossom debuting, some of those great hats that we talked about and the talk soup Dabut, which, despite sounding like a really shitty premise for a show apparently still goes on today, so much so that mackall is still making a career out of it and that Twazzick Tosh, whatever his name is, did a version of it about the Internet. So it apparently it just it never ends this concept, and- and so I you know if it was purely on it is on me because I'm the judge, the winer is one thousand nine hundred and ninety one Wen was so formative for our generation. Really it taught us all about unpronounceable names, bad hats and Nostril fucking and then talk to, while not quite as iconic clearly has legs, because it's still walking around today being awful. Now I know what Rick is going to say: Rick Iis going to come in and say, but what about the news thing that Ted Turner didn the and he's kind of right he is going to write. The news thing is a I kindo. I am right, I'm a hundred percentight, but I just I just don't want to give it to Tetona Fuckin the news because fack it's it's still around and you have to think just because something is culturally significant doesn't mean it's good or bad. It's just significant in a way and if not complenegatively significant, that had a huge negative impact on the way that news is delivered. You know how everything is. Is Dish to US basically where they just put shit out now to just be the first ones WAT CNN at the time like twenty four, our news was: was that was it already going yeah? So CNN started eighteen months before this as twenty four hour news, but it wasn't like live news. Right was more. They had different news things. They talk about the news and you know rightits just kind of like it is now just a smaller scale. They put this one out just to be like the ESPN news of News, and then I just like tol e news. The trouble the trouble is, though, is that really want to give it in OA? If you think talk soup over something that changed, how we hear news Thatis, just blaste, you will be attached to that forever. Bring up like yeah, but that's a talk shit, but my real problem is: is that your second news item, while incredibly relevant for football fans? Possibly it's not like your Ted Turner Story- is huge right, but I feel like blossom and talk soup combined iy. Let me look. You think ozzy biting the bats head off is big for music right or as a new story, but it Bri give it to thermusic. But I'm just saying, like that's like an epic music thing, and you even said that in the last round it' something has legs, everybody knows it. This is a sports thing right, everybody knows it's very catch and I'm no Torisybias towards sports thin soit's really hard to o. just like dismiss it as I just caught the ball, an it's a big, but but he did just catch a boll. I mean he did. Ultimately, if he hadn't, we wouldn't be talking about it right now, yeah, but we have blossom bla. You know my ambiolic, whatever my name is the girl was in Beus. You know Cathita diabetic or whatever her name is she. You know she deserves to still be mentioned, even though no one does fuck. I really want to get up to ninety one, but you're right. The Ted Tenan news thing, it kind of is huge and it's kind of awful, but this is so difficult all right. Sometimes awful is good in this game, especially it's really. No! I'm sticking with my original DECI inone, Hosad, nine hundred and ninety one sorry guys taking of my original decieine thousand nine hundred and ninety one, I'm going forit all right. Sorry, Rigma, cruster, matc, Mark James. I get it. I understand it, I'm with you, but I just can't do it. He shouldn't be a Ployoh you're, not with me. Otherwise you would have given me the point. Fine, all right so heading into the later rounds, give us a score updatetwon s over the Eighttwo to one, but we're going to the two point rounds. Itsri point rounds all right. Whole Foods. You guys have control the board. Yet once again, where you going whet, do you think Mike? Should we should we go to movies or hot products? Well, it's! I think we usually save movies for last travs Ho products, all right, most two hot products, I'll start off here, oh the hot product. I am from Januar Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety one no specific new meracle date, but Gi Joe, a real American hero. Video game for Nintendo was released in January. Ninety one players take control of a team of three Gi Joes, each with their own specialty, the goal of game being to navigate through six stages on a mission to finally bring down. Cobra features missions that take part in the Amazon and Artica New York City and the final mission ends up at Cobra headquarters. Characters include Duke Snake Eyes, Captain Gridiron rock and Roll Blizzard and General Hawke Gij Real American hero, video game for Nintindo, first o Thi, Youre going to say the action figure, and I was like wait a minute. You have the S and he said video game, I'm not that dumb yeah first, I thought he' Sa Action figure and then I'm like nothin cartoon and I'm like no, not car. Oh the NES yeah. I was the third one. I was like what is my cab? Oh, let me tell you there rick, in January of one thousand nine hundred and ninety one general mills introduced a brand new snack for the Betty Crocker line called fruit by the foot, a staple of anys, kids lunchbox and a direct descendant to the fruroll up. It promised up to three feet of fun and in almost certain future of diabetic, obesity, fuck, duncaroos, gushers and bubble tape, fot after foot of colorful fun. What is a fuck Dunkaroo I've heard of that before is that some sort of new me down under it's big and Bodigas kind of like the DAB, but you do it with your genitals ohman. That's huge three feet three feet. I don't know if you guys saw this but nat stony that competitive eater recently did a challenge on youtube where he took fruit by the foot and he took like three hundred of them and he rolled it all up into one big roll, the size of attire and he fucking ate it and died went to a diabetic coma minutes later. Meanwhile, his dentists was stood next to him. GROING, yes, excellent, one more Fuyeah Eas, a dentist on retainer Heah right tansis. Like I make so much money, I don't need any other clients. You Magure his bowels. Look like weidly weidly. I've actually seen photographs the Internet yeah so for Mine, My hut product January, one ousand, nine hundred and eighty two finally get to talk about something I actually love. I love this book. It's amazing, it's a great comic. It is called Kitty's fairy tale written by Chris Clarmont and Dave Cockram, also known as UNCANDY XMEN number hondred. Fifty three generally considered an all time classic and sighted as one of the all time fame favorite issues as the x men team recover from their battle with the Hellfire club and repair the Mansion Colossus and Kitty put Iliana Colossus. His little sister to bed to help her go to sleep kitty tells her a story where the characters are modelled after the ex men. Pirate Kitty and Colossus met a wizard name Ezaviar and a curse prince named cyclops, who are on a quest to save cyclop's kingdom from a Zager's apprentice, Princess Jene, who has been consumed by darkness and transformed into the Dark Phoenix years later, because it was so popular. They actually included the ulternate reality in which the store take. The story takes place into cannon, calling at Earth Fifty three eleven. The issue also has a few cool pop culture references in it, the Peny fairies that Kitty talks about in the issue are named after Elf quest creators, Wendy and Richard Peney, and then, of course, Kitty Pride Wears an Elf quest shirt throughout the episode. Iliana has a fozzy bear, stuffed animal and it just really continues the really interesting tradition of including pop culture. References inside some of these comic books and the Biggie from this episode was the birth of Laky giant Purple Dragon that became famous and will be in the new x men movies that are coming out later on. She will name an actual Purple Dragon that she meets lockhead and becomes a xmen staple fan, favorite character for many years to come so x, men issued number one hundred and fifty three January, one housand nine hundred and eighty two all right. I'm going to keep mine short, so John can wake back up sees A. I was listening intently about the Lage purpleheaded, whatever it was, I knew exactly what he was on. The backe locky y man like mark, said this particular item I hold near and dear to my heart as it was technically. It was the first computer system that I owned or Y at least my family owned, although we didn't have it until five years later, when they upgraded the machine to the hunded and twenty eight Alass. Let's get back to one thousand nine hundred and eighty two computer electronics show basically Amere two months after commodores president Jack Trammel decided against using their newly design. Chipsets in the failing Arcade Market Jack asked his developers to put together a computer system that people could use at home and have it ready in time for CS in January, which was only six weeks away. DDEVELOPERS successfully put together the C sixty four, the Commodore C, Sixty four in less than two months and dazzled: The crowds at CS with its five hundred ninety five dollr price tag, which is only around thirtee hundred bucks today. So that's an amazing price for computer back then, but Commodore had the best graphics card best sound quality of that time. It literally beat the pants off of the Apple Im, all the stuff that was out at that point, the C sixty four didn't stop being produced until one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. So just imagine using your current laptop for twelve years and to this day it has sold more units than any computer before or after selling, roughly thirty million units in its lifetime. The Commodore C sixty four. I had one of those units I did, but my was the Lih Tota unit. Well, don't forget! It also helped launch the career of vlinal Richie, which is very important yeah. It did what the line ofmich in the Coloh I get it the commendor Liy come on now I thought he was in a commercial for it. I was like I did not see so rik just to clarify this was the first appearance of the Commado I wiz. This is where they released it in Jaat. They release that CS drop the five ninety five price tag on it, so it was kind of like they do with the Apple. They have like a big thing, and then someone comes out with a a rolenack on and talks about, the phone or whatever that that's that's kind of this. This was at CS, which they still have now right. It's like a convention or whatever it's like ot can rit it's rigt. It's huge this day. If for like electronic skeeks, every new thing that comes out goes to CEEES for Y and that's where the they broadcast. OIR weares, just like arcade wone up just had a bunch of stuff that they just dropped on CS. I got some new arcade boxes coming out N ar Kay Cabin Wat. What I like is that you you've picked a judge, a a a routine, Jo, every single show. Now, who knows so little about anything really, but it peoe must this in the show and be like how's this guy? What is this guy? Judging this guy doesn't know anything about anything that is thes quality in the charm of dueling decades. I find that bullshit, though John knows quite a bit spet like music in movies. Obviously you know those you got those down, but sometimes when we throw out new stories and you pull them out of your ass and you know what we're talking about yeah, I'm a little shocked that you know that stuff yeah, who else better to judge an American pop culture. Radio show the British judge now that then a British guy who's just like three feet of what what's going on, there sounds delightful. I would like a foot of food in my mouth right now from Betty Crocker foot, a Betty Cro, that's a weird thing to say in two thousand and Ninete, because Betty Crocker might have a foot of something to put in your me right. Let's make that happen right now, e Betty cruckers foot in my fruit I do was hey. You know, I'm a middle aged man and I'm okay with admitting it. There is nothing better than a three away with Betty Crocker, Seraly and MSS Baul and and a true story. This the little Tup aware sandwich container, because I two am a middle aged man and I take my pack. Lunch in to work has Betty Crocker written along the top of it. That is a red plastic. Betty CROCKEXEP JE's altered it. So it now says Betty Cocker Yeah. I do Yeah Bo just keep sending me hilarious. Photoshop Pictures Harry the big foot as Chris Hadson, it's a chaater, predator, that's absolute genius! That is funny. You got to put these on the website guys because these arehave to get these up on the dueling decades. Facebook page my wife, just texes me from the other room she can Cleani cleary, hear me shouting saying that she went to driving school with six from blossom. So that's another reason why blossom continues to live in both my heart and my head that IA sholera with genevanaway to if you know, WATM Ollusion, my wife also almost got into a fight with becky from Roseanne. So that's that's another. I believe t that's an exclusive fucking club right there, a right personality plus Ono one. Well, I'm really only telling you all this, because I'm trying to avoid having to make a judgment on what is probably the hardest one of the night just because it feels like all four things. Two individual people would be equally as important. The one that obviously stands out as like massive beyond the other three is the commodore sixty four. That was obviously a pivotal moment in home computers and one that still resonates today. But beyond that, the other three are very, very valid pop culture products. You know who doesn't Love Gi, Joe Video Games. You'd have to be a fool nut to and while you're playing those video games be sure to be shoving. Some fruity footlong snack into your garb three feet three feet. That's that reminds me of that. I don't know if you eve, like the kids in the hall sketch, where the chicken lady and the bearded lady Aroun, a strip show and the guys say, th the chicken lady goes. He fought a cow and the the bed if hitegoes two cows, two cows soanyway no, but that just reminds me because it s kids in the Holl is funny. Anyway, it's going to ight TNE, one thousand nine hundred and eigety two because F, the Commodore Sixty four but pleas, oe thousand nine hundred and ninety one and whole foods do not feel any less important. Your two products wer splendid for creating those products all right, so we're left with movies. Who would have thought straight, O two. I mean at this point score, doesn't matter because whoever wins this round ultimately winds. Oh, it's exciting TPAMA building here ondil EC, who and also I have to say, ninety one going with the rule that, like the best of a decade, is really from like eighty five to ninety five or seventy five, eighty five rigt ninety one, it could squeak at thee some possible movies that could come out in ninety one. I doubt it because Eihty two is like a classic year, but like ninety one, you never know you know enough in the decade that it could. It could just that's wait and see. I'm excited me too. All Right, rick man crash going into the final round of movies. We have control of the board. You want to start this one off yeah I'll start it off. Whe, not January twenty ne thousand nine hundred and eighty two get a movie aut of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. We don't get that much often on here, but it's a Hongkong movie that manges to get a seventy eight percent fresh on rotten tomatoes and catapults shoutlynn movies into the Chinese mainstream matter. Of fact, this is the first Hong Kong kongfu movie to ever be shot in mainland China. Oh An, I wonder if John Cross even knows what I'm talking about this point, but it's a debut of a certain person. Do you know who the lead character in this movie might be you? May You may have to give me just a couple Ookay, all right, so I'll, just stall drop it on you right here. So it's martial arts, Legend getly in his debut role, this Col classic that I'm speaking about is the Shaulin Temple? Okay, if you, if you T, know what I know what I was thinking, okay! Well, if you dig martial arts movies, this is a bad ass movie and you got to figure. This movie is released in eighty two. They started shooting this one in seventy nine. So there aren't many effects. The fight scenes are as AUTHENTICAS. You would imagine all right. jetly does not disappoint in this movie. Although he's young he's Badass he's fast when they started filming this movie, He was like sixteen years old, but he's no less. The martial artist th is now it's insane and I'm no expert on Chinese culture, but this movie supposedly grossed ten million. Was it Yenmen B, or they just call it RMB at the time, and just to put that perspective a ticket cost point one RMB all right. So it's likes like ten ten million beyonse albums. I know I', not on't, know how thei currency works, but supposedly his legend has it. Over fifty million Chinese folks saw this during its theatrical run in China, so this was a massive movie for over there and, of course, it has colt status over here. It's an amazing martial arts movie, the Shaulin Temple starring Getley, and you can watch it for Frei. It's actually it's on Youtube. If you want to look it up, allight and we'll head over to my movie and that's another movie, you can watch for free this one's on Amazon, prime and it's a movie that it was previously banned in the UK as part of the infamous video nasty list. During the H S, beginning in theaters January, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two select theaters across the country began showing the cinematic cult classic. Evil speak starring, clint toward as the outcast cadet named Stanley Cooper Smith, who frequently gets tormented by his mates and advisors of the Military Academy, upon finding a book, of course, of black masses that belong to the midevil Father Esteban. He uses hs onethousand, nine hundred and eighty two computer to cash spells conjur Satan Demon, hell pigs just to get revenge on all of his bullies. Clint Howard starring one of his first, if not his very first leading role, Richard Mall has a rare cameo in the movie, this of course, coming a few years before nightcourt. He actually play Father Estebon in the beginning of the film and, if you're still not sold on the greatness of evil speak and ton levay himself, the founder in high priests of the Church of Satan was said to be a great fan of this film and considered it to be well very satanic, so t one thousand nine hundred and eighty two evil speak. I wish Antolave had just gone on to do movierthe rest of his gr. I don't like this one, not satanic. I give this one three satons out of four. Of course. Now, of course, the the fucking vegans have taken Satan imade it something completely different and just ruin Satan for everybody. It's pretty fucking hard to ruin, Satan for people just saying man. Well, if San was a Vegan, that would be pretty bad. Can you imagine being in the after life, where he tells you he's a Vegan every five seconds right? Exactly and- and it depends on your opinion of Satan, like a lot of people like Yes, Sai Rock Satan Right, because we all assume that hell is far more exciting than heaven and we think how is where all the Rock and rollers going down tha of that? But if it's on your like moral compass, if it's on your line of what you like and what you don't like, heaven would be filled with all the great rock stub and Satan would be a Vegan cyclist sitting around telling everyone how he's saving the fucking planet. I Gano Hashtag Vegan cat fuck all right. What do you guys have for movies? I'm curious. Now we got some great stuff, some absolute bangers in the cinema we have, which is, I believe, what Roger Ebut used to say. If you guys take es it's a of absolute bangers in the cinema this week. Well, that's actually what Anto Laa said about that movie. It was you know, very satanic and generally banging yeat so to Satans yeah all right. I guess I'll go first. This film released on January eleventh on thousand nine hundred and ninety one made Jean Clad vandam a street fighter long before he took up the role as Colonel Gye, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four lion heart. The story of an ex French soldier who becomes a street fighter to make money for his brother's family kicked its way into theaters on a training budget of less than three million and went on to gross twenty four million at the US box office. But it's the memories and your little brothers minor concussion. That makes this film a videotape legend. I got one: That's not not too far off from just cinematic greatness, and that is January, eighteenth, Ne Thousand Nine hunded and ninety ones. White Fang starring Ethan Hawk Ow Yea, who also served as the film's narrator based on the novel by Jack London. Unfortunately, not the one by John Grosham tells the story of a young Klondik Gold prospector and his adventures with his Wolf Dog, who was portrayed by Academy Award Winner Jed as they searched to find gold in the nineteen century. Atd also started grizzly bear received fairly well by critics currently since at a sixty three percent on rotten tomatoes. Fourteen million budget, thirty four plus million and the US gross became the fourth highest earning film in France. Actually, I ninety one released in June ninety one on VHS and a little something we like to call laser disc, a sequel, White Fang to myth of the White Wolf was RELEASD N, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four and probably wasn't quite as good White Fang Jauwere, eight ene thousand nine hunded adniety fine, wow ithink. I missed that one I thought Bo was going to start going into remember when I had air bud some months ago. I had to really sell all that and the sequels. I thought you were going that route. God, if they made about six or seven White Fang sequels, we really be cooking ges. This want to be in the bag, all right, John Cross. It's funny is it because Ihad said one thousand nine hundred and eighty two is a great year for movies, and it is a great year for movies, but it's a great year for movies, but January itself, not a huge year. It's not not a huge month. Sorry for movies, as you look down normally. This is where I would say, but hang on guys. You could have said this this and this, but but really not very little of any note whatsoever. January First Madman, the infamous slasher film came out, which is the story of the killer of Madman Mars, but it's really just sort of Friday. The thirteen thind kind of sleepway camp kind of rip off you've got the wonderful, Roger Comman produced battle track, which is a great postworld, Mor three futuristic tale of collapse. Governments and bankrupt countries, as well as an enormous track, say: Budge. Noyou've also got Jackie, Chans Dragon Strike or Dragon Lord. That was another Marshal Arts movie. That came out. That year, but really honestly like no nothing, particularly funny and and and nothing particularly famous, came out that period of time. Well, the New York ripper as well, apparently January fist, nine ten. Eighty two was the day to release slasher films because the New York ripper, which, if people are not aware of it, is the Lucho Forte movie in which the killer quacks like Donald Duck and I'm not joking yep the whole time so that and madman came out on January first. So I would have loved that I would have gone to the cinema on well Ach Day and been like great I'll. Do a double feature of mad slasher films, but at's o. What was interesting about your pixes is first of all, Shallon Temple ICH which does come out in eighty two. But it's not if you look up like January now, Tayty two on any of these lists or whatever it's not it's, not one that comes up. It's one that you really have to dig for. So I applaud amplougy for that. Likewise, evil speak kind of a technicality was actually made at the end of the S, got its main releas one thousnnine hundred and ig one, but it is right. It did get its first US screening in January, O one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, so it does count. It had a limited release in California before going nationwide in February, one thouand ninehundred and eighty two and I'm a particular fan of this movie. I've actually interviewed Clint Howard, I interviewd Clint Howard at Christmas time. One of my Christmas episodes was a full hour and a half long episode with Clin Howard, and he is a fascinating and completely insane human being, which you would expect, because sea, because, since the age of two he has been raised in Hollywood, he has literally never had the normal existence. Like most actors have, you know mean wit, the Hio or something yeah. They went to high school, they bak groceries. They maybe did a wait waiting job whatever it is. He never did any of that. He literally like shot out the womb straight on to the set of his brothers show at doesn't. Doesn't he have a brother and show business to Yah, but right NHIS brother Runhad was on some show when he was like two years old and he got to play the Refonde Yeah Anegand, but Linhart White Fang, a say one thousand nine hundred and ninety one, certainly in January, a much better month for movies, but very surprise guys that you did not come up with probably the biggest hit of that month. Sleeping with the enemy, which is you know, erearly Julia Roberts, film cause Ar certainly one of the ones that kind of lodged her to start him and one that that sort of still talked about today, like it's one of those s thrillers that has kind of stuck around a bout. So but but nice mention of White Fang who doesn't like Eathan Hawk in the snowy wilderness with a dog, you could have gone for the giver FBI, Agent, Max Reed Witnesses, Dr Tetu Segowa, a researcher for the mysterious cronus corporation being murdered, and then Dr Segawe had stolen an alien device known as the Giva from Cronos. It goes on much in that vein. I believe. That's actually a live action remake of an anime. It is yes, it is indeed yeah O. No, no totally totally. You've got Willie Nelson in another pair of aces, three of a kind comes out on January. First, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one you've got bar essentials, which is exactly what you'd expect couple these for vacation on a tropical island and finds happiness and love just not with each other. It's not just the name of a Strip Club in Atlantic city. No, it's not no CASS, although what an excellent t, what an excellent Strip club class of newcom Hi part two subhumanoid melt down, that's another classic, Fone Thousand Nine hunded and ninety one, but yet really January a disappointing month. In both years, I have to say overall, I'm going to end up giving it to one thousad, nine hundred and eighty two simply because of the jetly debut of Shaulo Temple and also because of Clinton Howard, an evil speec. So I'm really just going to give it tonight de to because, because both movies were better like I thought I was Oa go the oe I was like. I was like he's building up to go to the DITEs right here. NO LISTEN! I am a huge. I didn't mention JCVD in Linhart, I'm a huge Junklo, Andam fan and Linhart is definitely a great movie. However, it's not one of the ones that is of his career. That has had legs in quite the same way that some of thes O. definitely not it's not like legoneer or anything right. You Know Lik or like the quest my personal aver, Yeah Wei. He plays Belgian clown and Roger More plays a pirate and they have to fight and ye another cume Tae, because there's just fucking tons of those flying around with what was his handler's name. Wasn't that the the Black Dude Tha played his handler? Was this Jeffrey? He had like a weird name that didn't fit him at all. A as las people always get blood. Sport and kickbox are confused for me, it's always kickboxer and lion heart. I always get those two confuse UC. How could you I don't know lighthearts in America? It is one of his Shelton leddage films, Sheldon Leddage, who did h quite a few of the early Chanclo Vandan films. Are you talking about Harrison page? Who plays the character? Joshua Joshua? That's the guy totally does not he's not a Joshua. No at all, it's the worst name. They get a big that dude good actor, though, but no I mean solid, solid, pick Lin in anyone, solid pix and honestly, if it had been down to et, say Shallon temple was just a martial auts movie that people kind of liked and evil speak was a horror movie that people kind of liked, and it was up against Whitefang and Lin hartn. Only one might have won, but Sharlon Temple Jetley debut. As you said, epic, Chinese, Film and EWILL speak it's kind of yeah. It was band in England. It was a video nasty for no reason at all, thirs, literally nothing in it. The requires it to be banned. It's practically a kids film at this point, there's a couple nude scenes in it that go on a little longer than they should and the for the time. There's some really great violent stuff. When the hell pigs come out and they like devour one of his bullies. I mean they're ripping out the gods and it's that d. It was so much better than what was it, not Red Dragon Hannibal with the pigs, so much better do better than bog if you're goingnt have hellpigs have it with Clin Howard, every time, yeah and because Clinton, Howis, hair, just in general, is Mageni, O scary looking and he is a scarylikan dude and yeah. It was one of those things where I was. I was interviewing him and he was on the other end of the line and he was just going on and on and on, and I had like about twelve fifteen questions for him and I think I got through two and we were actually meant to be going out for dinner and my wife Kep, coming up to the door and being like used till Alon, we kind of had I I'm still out, we clut out it it othin. I was like I was like muting my Mik Fro ging he's still talking, there's nothing I can do. You should hung up you like dude, I gotta go yeah. I gotna go, I'm just O now about enough about how you run star treck get over it. It's been forty five years. No, he was. He was at the time posting a lot of photos on his facebook page because he had become a snow globist. A collector and maker of Snow Globes, which culminated in the most horrific photo you've ever seen, and this is completely true- you put it on Facebook, Clin Howard spread eagle naked, like burt reynolds from the the famous playgirl shoot, but with a snow globe covering his private parts and so theion Ho was a fan of clinhoward. That year I got a real treat for Christmas wow. How big was the globe it was. It was IAND, it kind of just magnified everything yeah I did yeah. It was just you could just see, pus and know what I was. It was like a jungle, big Red Amazon, fucking, Snow Globe, there's no snow in the Abison, all right mark, Rab it Al Right. Well, in a complete Shockor, I thought the s team was going to pull this one out, but they lose this one in the mamalukes went again, so you guys going to change your name again next week. So all right, fellop poopers we're going to leave this one here. If you've missed any of our episodes, you can always go over on cast box or on itunes or on poop culture com and check out all of our past episodes also on Duling Decadescom, follow along all the action on our facebook, page facebookcom forward, dueling decades. So until next time, fellow boopers we're going to bid you a piece, love Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone by infermary media