Dueling Decades
Aug. 31, 2018

Dueling Decades - July 1981 vs December 1993

Dueling Decades -  July 1981 vs December 1993

Once again It's the return of everyone's favorite game show! Infirmary Media presents, Dueling Decades - July 1981 VS December 1993!

This week on the show The Team of Marc and the Mancrush reunite as the“The Mamalukes” to take on the deadly combo.

Once again It's the return of everyone's favorite game show! Infirmary Media presents, Dueling Decades - July 1981 VS December 1993!

This week on the show The Team of Marc and the Mancrush reunite as the“The Mamalukes” to take on the deadly combo of “Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man” made up of Beau Becraft and his partner Mike Ranger! Once again the Honorable Jon Cross creator and host of “The After Movie Diner “ presides over this retro rampage to deliver a verdict you will want to hear to believe! Hear the teams debate as they pick the best from their respective months using the Dueling Decades five categories. Movies, Television, Music, Hot Products and News! Play along at home and let know what your verdict was on Twitter, Facebook, by calling us at 914-505-7667 or you can just yell it down the street like Rocky!


Fermarimediahello Iam Jeff Sandwich, you might not know me billy anyone does except my mother and her cocker Spaniel Allen Hat. I have listened to every single movie padcast that has ever been made. I don't get out much and sometimes I have to make toilet in a bottle. What did he just say? Marjori, however, having completed this exhaustive research, it is my assertion that the after movie dine atpotcas, with its heady mix of comedy movie, Panter, Fand and passion, beards, music and Volumar size is in fact the greatest movie portcast available anywhere even Holland, fine, the after moving nine apart gast on blontok radio, Ijunes stitcher and after movie diner com, now where's that Bott argoculjure culterprofooculter people in Carin O tap a jol of the tecade to make Yo complain, but but Wonaran again, Ufon that cap o tot the power gop com fight for what you Leloen a a Wook Cup to pop e Pi, Copin Ankrete, Pan e o o Porde copup would take e grave, a o ball ISII. A Te Tno come fight for what you love. Oliven deay broadcasting live on digital delay from the infirmary media studios. It's the show you have helped make the number one show in the number two category, the poop culture pondcast this week. It's the return of the righteous revere game of Retro Recreation Dueling decades to hold down the MAHEM. It's your recho referee once again welcome the honorable John Cross and let's take a look at tonight's teems. First, let me introduce the challengers this week, the team that is made up of a man who is so large and in charge. If he joined the police force, he would be a cop and a half it's Bowbee craft and the returning retro wrapper himself. The man who framed M C Gusto Mister Mike Ranger, I ammark James, and let me introduce to you the other half of the once undefeated Mamelukes Thatre, totally bodageous Adrenalin Rushmr rick man crush. Do the gentleman hear in attendance tonight in the audience playing along at home, welcome to dueling decades wha right, good, show we'll see you guys later before we get started. We did throw a curve ball on this one and we announced it on the video rangers and I don't know if John Cross has even listened to that. So I will I'll drop it right here, because the nineties have taken such an ass whipping for this entire show, except for two episodes, one of which mark- and I did think nineteen ninety nine and then a couple of months ago, the highly contested loss that we have. Thanks to my granger, we've decided to shuffle things up just slightly so that whatever decade loses they get a random draw, so we've been doing month for month. So if you're coming TI s episode, expecting it to be July and we're U O N nine utered and eighty one versus July nineteen. Ninety one you'd be wrong. Now it's going to be the mamolukes with July Nineteen D, eighty one and what is your team name? We haven't really decided upon one, but a couple of seconds ago. I I think if Mike's okay with this will just go with Harley Davidson and the Marborou man yeah, that's a lot better than cool runnings, yeah. Okay, all right! So Harley Davidson an the Marboro man have December of n Nineteen D. Ninety three, so let me explain what goes on here since they lost they get a random month and year from the decade, instead of just getting what we did normally, whoever loses this one next month will also get a random choosing. It keeps things fresh, so we wanted to. You know, spice it up a little bit. That's where we're going and hopefully their month of December nineteen. Ninety three would be better than July, O Nineuteen, an ninety three or whatever the fuck t would have been. So, let's get the shit on. We got a July nineteen, eighty one versus March nineteen. Ninety three again, we have John Cross, as the honorable judge, from after movie diner, I'm already confused great. The plan is working already man, as the judge. We need you to do. thes ceremonial toss of something Mi Ranger would use a VHS tape. It really doesn't matter see you goes first, that's right! John! Do the ceremonial toss off? Okay, just one second, gentlemen, no Ihave gone here with me, my little Jason as it is Thursday to twelve going into Friday. The thirteenth Oh shit. I didn't even think about that. I have my little Jason Pup, vinal figure here, I'm going to throw it up the better over here and whether it comes face down or hockey moss down or not IL. Let you know so who's. Okay, LO LOZER's call lose, is call so e Temoberman Mike, I don't know which one ts is the marble man, Lat's God butts, but but butter Al Right, I'm throwing it up. Now, a sorry hucky mask up o all right, so we control the board get to Bie category mancrust. Where do you want to go with IIT? We discussed this before and I think we have to go with news yeah. I think you're right. Why don't you start us off what Ao you got for news July, Nineteen D, Eighty one JU, nine, teen, N, eighty one so on July, Twenty Seventh Nineteen Eigh one Bill Gates fully license the quick and dirty operating system, otherwise known as Cudos from a company called Seattle. Computer systems that Os would go on to what we know as Ms Doss, and not long before that July, twenty seventh IBM came to Microsoft in search of a sixteen bit operating system to run on its early PCSE. Eighty, eighty six at the time and at first micesoft figured there would be less risk to just license cdos instead of buying it, but then they saw how large the business potential would be with IBM and on July, twenty seventh hey decided to just pony up fifty thousand bucks and buy the exclusive rights to cdos, and you know what the rest F is history. A month later, they shipped out the newly branded Ms Doss, with these new ibmpcs and that's pretty much where it all started. FROR mixsoft. Let me throw this out there. This hadn't happened. You probably you would have known Gary Kildall CPM instead of Ms Dos and digital research would have been the household name instead of Microsoft, but unfortunately that's not how itr unfolded and there's there's like a whole story behind. Have you guys ever heard the thing about Gary killed all before I've heard bits and pieces of it and one I've heard, I'm not sure if it's a hundred percent accurate. So if you have the right information, fill me in man well see, that's that's the thing about this whole story with Gary killed all there's a lot a here say because they don't know, but basically long stories short killed. All was the programmer for CPM, which is a control program for microcomputers. What you called it, and coincidentally Bill Gates had originally sent IBM to speak to Gary First KAND IBM set up this meeting to meet Kildall and his wife who's. His partner to you know the license C pm for their computers and there's all kinds of stories after this transpired and that's where it gets kind of fuzzy. But apparently his wife wouldn't sign and nondisclosure agreement and Gary was like a pilot, an had a fucking plane shit at the time and he was late coming to the meeting. So ib m just fucking wall ND, they just walked out, and this is where it becomes weird because after that- and I mean it just makes sense. Gary Killdall became an alcoholic and then in nineteen nd. Ninety four he was at a biker bar got drunk fell, hid his head and died wow. So I mean it's: It's such a fucking like just downer, of a story there, but it's it couldve totally went the other way around. We wouldn't have known Mexosoft as we know it. We might a known. You know digital research instead, that's where it all started from Mexsof that they never did. Ms Doss, whatever computer, and I think a majority of us on this potcast right now recording are using windows ten and there was no MSDOSS. There would be o bow shaking his head windows, a window, seven every fucking, iteration of windows. It all stems from MMAS Dols, I'm on ninety five, and that was a fifty thousand dollar investment. What do you think they made back penny on the dollar? On that one? I don't know but Y, it almost seems like it. It took them to the top, obviously, but it kind of fucked over Rod Brock in Seattle, Computer Systems 'cause they sold this for fifty thousand dollars. anobviously tefucked over there Gary killed all at the same time, but it was a huge triumphant story and had movies made about it and shit like that so het there. It is, and it's interesting that instead of Gary killing all as his name would suggest s so ianied dth the stories from that. That's why I said it's Fluzzy, because a lot of people don't know what happened with the IBM meeting and people. Don't know what happened at the bar either 'cause. There's stories that he fell off a chair, there'r stories that, like he showed up at this biker bar wearing like Harley Davidson, she an't got his ass, kicked. There's, there's all kinds of Shit, also when Gary First and Gary killed all were in the same room together and someone said Gary First: Do you think they most o Ti all right? So what you got mark? That was my little story, allright. What I hade for this one I on July, seventh, nineteen eighty one Sandra Day, oconner was the first woman appointed to the: U S Supreme Court. She was a Republican who was nominated by Ronald Reagan and she served Twenty Four Years Round Breaking Supreme Court justice, not only when she was the first woman, but also she served on some landmark cases. She did oppose the Republican Call to overturn Roe Versus Wade. She also served as a deciding vote in the controversial Bush versus Gore case in two thousand, which ultimately decided the presidential election yeah. So just a little story of you know: Sandra Daoconner. First Women Supreme Court justice changed the course of history forever yeah, I ' it's just a little story and it it looks like bows, areready waving the white prager ther es showing a video of a guy getting buttfuck, which I think is like lady. Oh, she works out and keeping no. This is probably going to be the only story. That'll come out tonight, that'll be in our kids' history books and our grandkids' history books. This Sunday at' a POTIAC Silverdome. It's Sanraneo conter versus hole. Cokan for the world heavyweight Championshi live on paperr. I was just going to tell Boto stop playing my uncle's Instagram story: Sandra Da Conner, first woman Supreme Court justice that wraps up news over to Harley Davidson an the Marlborogh man. What da you guys got: Okay on December secon, nineteen, ninety three Colombian drug, Lord Pablo Escabar, was killed in a shootout. ESKABAR had gunshots to his legs, torso and ear, and people to this day speculate on who inflicted the final wound boom wthat's. What happened to his head? It was Yaeve wilkesmoot exactly. I saw the the footage of that. I think he'd try to jump from building the building. Didn't he oh, that guy was like a Gazelle and got shot and isn't there conspiracy theories surrounding his desk, saying that really wasn't him and he gote away and the he had body doubles kind o like how Hitler did no, but he is credited as the first person to invent free, running GTPAROR, escabar PABLAES Tebi had died today in a free running accent trying to Jum from one building to another. Well, he was actually working on that style of for a new delivery system. Ias Gona employ an smallal small children to jump from rooftop to roof top as a CILIVERY system. He was inspired by the game paper Boy Yoad to do some fucking, pure coke. First, you had to do a Lin of the good shit to get the to act like Sonica, fucking, headehog jump, ythe building. I coul totally make that Jo, you can't. If you're going to be children jumping from rooftop to rooftop, you have to sing a Jaunty Laton like you're in Marrin Popenza right, Pablo escipie played by Dick grandike. Now he still hasn't got the accent. Doan, like would have been a great escobar. He would have been great. He would have so light on his feet. I think you guys are totally wrong here. I think escabar would have been great in Mary, poppins fat fuck wouldn't fit down a chimney. He asked he would have been. He was the DECKPAN. Dikinwould have been a lot higher than Mary poppins yeah. It would't have been so. Let's go fly a Kinte, it would have been. Let's go just do some eopfo heroine, Mary Poppinswenav turned into train spotting real fast. He haven't been great to hear his accent, though Hwhat Dick Fandi TNO, Pazoeskema or Pobla Eskabart, trying to help Ike Y. Ah, let me pull up the archive. Hern Bau has a video of that. Don't you tablo esqebal trying to do t, I'm really curious. What does bow have this one? I actually just H. Kindof fell into my lap December thirty first nineteen. Ninety three, this was a pretty big story. Spona movie, like most things, do transgender person. Brandantina was murdered. The inspiration for the nineteen. Ninety nine major motion picture boys, don't cry which start, of course hilary swank. If I remember correctly, she wonan Oscar for that correct. Anyone. Remember that, but this was m. This was a huge story and this was obviously kind of the catalyst for. I guess I don't want to say like bringing trains gender into the mainstream, I mean it. Did IT BROUGHT ATTENTION TO TRANS GENDER PEOPLE? That was actually the movie angel that brought I'm ticking. A Michael with John Travolta is that the life story, the the biopick of Buck Angel. I thought it was. I thought it was ALBURT nobbs with glenclose. I thought that Wno you're thinking of what was the one with Duston Hoffman Totsey, O Thogh ye meant rainman. I do yeah Tom Cruise did look like a little bitch in that movie. Didn't the I thought you meant that one were Doston. Halfam played a native American. What was it called? Little Bita Tame art suck all right, Po, I'm sorry H so yeah that was, it was a big story, the the mom of Brainantina sued, the local sheriff's Department for failing to properly handle the case. They lost a rape kit that was taken at the hospital and also sued for failing to protect her in light of the threats made against her or him juns real life, Girlfriends Tho, the movie production company, actually for portraying her as called white trash and a skanky snake, which was my favorite place, Gol toy by the way that come with the slime pit, yeah mine never went down, he tairs run it never coul get you go down on way, ah so yeah. That was obviously a dark instance, but one that was certainly notable for sure December thirty. First N, nineteen ninetythree WSO. Let me get this right. Both of your news stories. ARE PEOPLE GETTING murdered? Well, you take the good you take the bat yeah important people r'urders. I got a better question bow up. What bathroom did you use? This was far before that hold tobackle the ouhouse apparently 'cause. She was white drash, remember well, which, in which case she didn't use in our house. She just got out of a pickup truck and edit on the road right by late model, GMC CR, extended C boy. If I had a nickel Fellis, I god just hold my wrist wife, all right. Let's toss it over to the judge John Cross for the verdict for this first round. I was just going to say: if Bo had a nickel, he could have given that toon in he ai his house. She probably wouldhave showed her tent. I on I want to see the nickel tids are not axed. I have to say I have to say my judging behavior right now is h. We it's too easy. This is just too easy. I'm sorry guys, while the death of people is all very interesting and obviously Praboeskabar well known character, and you know transdend a person's death that goes on to Doan Osca winning movie, it is w, it is fatating. It is interesting. It is certainly would be newsworthy on any other day, but it can't possibly beat obviously the invention of m DAS, or rather the creation of Ms Os and the first woman on the Supreme Court. It just it just cat the eighties have to have it again, I'm so sorry guys. I keep waiting for the nineties to do something interesting and they just keep faling every time. Boiler alert it's like that for the whole decade, it is except nineteen and ninety four there's some good movies, Ne Thosand, nine hundred and ninety four, but we're not there we're in ninety three and we're on the news, your newsminitire Paris enough, as I said Malthough, he didn't know he could bend that way. That's quite all right mark. Where do you want to go? Do you want to h jump over to? Let's do hot products hot products? That's a good one! I'll start this one O 'cause on July, Ninth Nintendo came out with a game called donkey, Kong and debut of a new character called Mario. I don't know if you guys, Arewho Maryo sounds Italian WAP, his name's Jumpman Jump Yeah. Well, Jumpman was the original name, but Dongican coming out on July, Nin introduced Mario, the first time he had to rescue anybody remembered the name of the princess he had to rescue Carl weathers l right now it was not carl weather. It was blossom. It was not blossom, it was pauline. It was not Princess Peach, as everyone thinks. 'cause later there was Princess Peach. This was pauline that was kidnapped by the the giant ape donkey Kong and what was really great and innovative about Donkey Cong. It was the first game that had cut scenes and also had each level had comp a completely different map, and that was new in the video game industry. This game also helped popularized United States arcades, which, as we know throughout the eighties and nineties, were a major thing for our youth. We pumped quarters into those things like CRA and we have to clarify that. That's that's not the actual, like video game that came out. That's the arcade game. As far as hot prolucts go t's, it's a hot product. You cannot purchase, but you coan waste your money in it pop in those quarters in and people did and then, of course, it had moved on to board games and video games and, of course it spurned off. Mario, are you guys, following that Billy Mitchell stuff at all now billy Mitchell's like the best docaalayer in the world, and he was recently caught cheating, so they took all of his records away that movie the King of Kong s all. Do you cheat docky? He well. He cheated because he used a anemulate anemulator instead of original hardware and that's a whole different scoring category, so they took away all of his scores and Wel. That's crazy that two of the nineteen eighties new stories a can ofpertne today what with a whole Supreme Court thing and then you're saying this guy with t e donkey cong scores. It's weird that where you know whatever we are thirty seven years later and it's still to Segeye keeps going absolutely you know everything comes around. If we don't understand our history, we will be doomed to repeat it good or mad, that to to to quote the late Grat Peter Cook, I've learntd from my mistakes and I'm sure I could repeat them exactly and that and that's what we do. We don't just take you in an NASTALGIC Journey Er. We're also trying to teach you to not repeat the same shit, don't go to a biker Bar, get fucking drunk in your Harley Davids N, so Wellso, what's interesting about the whole donkey Kong thing is one of my favorite underground. Little known, ponstars is conky Dan and it's a guy who just has like a big crick and his in know what happened to her. This is like a big Ben in it. I don't Knowwell, he got straightened Onvin the same one. He became straighty Dong, it just didn't sh. I don't even know where to go from there, but all right. So I like, like mark's product with something that you pumped coins in this, is a product that you actually purchased and you brought home to your house July, ntnineuteen and eighty one so over over the air television channels. If you guys don't know this or divided into two bands Aright, you got your VHF Band which comprises the channels two through thirteen, then you have your Uaf Band and if you grew up in the eighties like we did and you had thi if your parents were cheap or like didn't want to give you the good t V in your bedroom, you had the two knobs you had one knob from vs or Vhf, and you had one KNOB for UHF, which were channels fourteen three, eighty, three, so unjuly th nineteen, eighty one digital frequency, synthesis tuning was a thing this, where it got invented and they started selling televisions with these digital frequencie, since this tuning modules right on the front of them. So what does that mean? Yeah, I'm not a CECKIE, I'm not a Checki. Tell me what what the Hell Suc your fucking mass I coul tellyouay. Had He had two n. You had the two KNOBS. Now you no longer had the two KNOBS. Now you had regular pushbuttons on your television. So if you wanted something in you, a EF range you just punch in channel eighty three and it would just automatically go to that channel. Not Prior to this. If you wanted to go to channel eighty three on UHF, you got to use the top knob to go to USF. Then you had to use a secondary knob go to channel eighty three. Then you had to use the little tiny third knob adjust it, so the frequency would come inso. You can clear out the picture and it was like the vhold button or whatever, then the second part of this, because they came out with these things, and I have an ad for one right here. It's a it's a Soeny twenty six inch with remote control. They came out. They were selling ensale for eight. Ninety nine! That's twenty five hundred dollars today, but what's important about that is t ey said that it came with a remote control and remote controls have been around since the nineteen fifties, but these clickers, which most people called them because they clicked they were really just that they were clickers t ey often they only had like the onoff button, and maybe, if you were lucky, they had a channel up and down, and most of these were actually connected with a wire and if you didn't have one of that was connected with he wire they usaly like sonar sound and now they started using the infrared technology o. now, with the digital tuning on your television, you have companies like R, CA and Sony that are including these remotes that had more than ten buttons now some up to seventeen buttons. Where it had volume up and down you get punching channels, you didn't have to get up off the fucking couch anymore. This is where the shit all changed, and another thing that was huge about these televisions. T at were coming out now because of the addition of the frequency, since this tuting was that you had video, monitor, hookups and I'm sure Mie granger knows all about this. Now you can plug in your Bata and Vhs, because the older televisions you needed like this little Dongle, that had like these little member, the EUE connectors and you had to screw hem in those are get worse man they always broke exactly so that's gone now. These televisions are sands, that fucking, stupid, dongle everything's built in it's got a digital front to it. You had a fucking real, remote control and that's all because of digital frequency synthesis tuning and that got released with its products. On July, tenth, nine uneed an eighty one, no more screwdrivers to hook up yrlowarry AL it. I had a CALICO vision and that's how it hooked up with those little like Y, shaped, H, yellow pieces, and then you had the there was a band selector that was on the remember. It was like a switch o went up and down funny enough. The only game I owned on the CLEKA vision was donkey. Congo, that's automatic wincl. Well, you wouldn't have owned that if it didn't come out in the arcades first, an it became immensely popular. He made! U Sam. You know all right guys. We passed to you for December nineteen, ninety three, what a e you got hot products like, if you don't mind, I'm going to take the Leed on this one. Here you go right ahead there, Sir Nineteen. Ninety three nine original beany babies were launched. Its space legs, the frog squealer, the pig spot, the dog flash, the ORKA, which I wouldn't recommend doing at the beach splash, the whale, a chocolate, the Moose patting, the platypus Browning, the bear and pinchers the lobster which you can all find today, an good will for HIV N or in my mom's house, she sod on a gold mine man. It's worth twelve dollars. They would be worth a lot of money if his mum's Bani babies, weren't so heavily soiled. How else was she going to get him across the Board Ho Gad to get that Princess? DIANAALL right? It's a good collectible for the nineties. Well, the interesting thing is that they've been sihted as being the world's first Internet sensation. I thought that was the Emothwordsfir you're thinking o two girls, one cup K, my Bob o you'r mom at am too ievidently, evidently rickmancrush and or our brothers, who knew they shared. I beo tellig you, my my mom took this to the fucking umpteet level. She had she collected barbea dolls and beanie babies and she had glass cabinets that were filled to the top. Again, like I said there were absolutly. Nothing now depends on who you aners ago, she sold them all for, like I, don't know two hundred bucks and she had a lot pry, all of them. Well, if you find someone Bo that thinks they're worth a lot, you let me know- and I will clean out my good will and make some real money all right. War Heu can use them as a hackey sack. Well, a lot of people don't know this, but if you take beani babies- and you rub them across your eyebrows, that can help alleviate a lot of symptoms that people commonly experience and some more major Sodia do. Zipelisa clears up ex it's it's the beans, iutside of them. What the fucker you doing with those baby beat nothing tatswhy. You have no friends all right, Mi right on December enth, N Nineteen nd. Ninety three doom was released for the PC one of the most successful and iconic first Perton, first person shooters of all time originally released his shareware. The game went on to sell millions of copies and spawne sequels and no successful video game franchise would be complete without a shitty movie to Ccompany it, and we got that in two thousand, an five with the rock that is a fucking awful movie great game, though yeah the game was awesome. I remember playing after the nineties. That's a solid fucking pick dude! It's IT's tough! To get a good video game movie. I mean you get Double Dragon Street fighter. The movie mortal combat the movies are rightit's all right. Gusroshud y Shik from Billy Madison is supposed to be a fighter. No I'm serious like out of all of the Co. The video game movies, that's one of the better ones. That's sad yeah! THAT'S PRETTY STHATS PRETY! Listen Man! I'll watch that movie for nostalgiac purposes, but Supermario Roes, the Movieis, got nothing to do with thethat's a BA rip right there. It's like fucking, it's like ascape from New York, doesn't even have anything to do with donkey com. No, that was a deleted. SCING it's going to be in the PREKUILL 'cause. You know, that's where Mario go to start all comes full circle. Sure does Arigt John Cross with the judgment all right. He e is my judgment and I think this time around mainly because mancrush your description of the digital frequency synthesis thing just tutis melted, my brain it just I was, as you were talking you were going on about stuff and it was like two knobs this and something eiwas like this just sounds like penises. All I awe are going to get band with en thin. I I lost it. So I'm sorry now hold on wait. Oryou before you make a hasty judgment: Hey don't tk! Let me COO. Let me just throw this Oto, O or ot otime using your television, don't use your remote control and get up every time you want to Seec the channel. I, if you judge with them, I I'd Bet- I bet you're, going to use your remot. The other thing, if that had the other thing, that confused me wasn't about the invention of the remote. Was it about trying to access UF channels or whatever it is, which I don't even think we had in the UK. So I'm sorry, you haven't tity the wrong judge her for this stimefor. This thing, so I apologized for that. I was trying to weigh up in my head whether Mario or doom, you know obvousy Mari was a bigger character, but I I feel, like the nineties, have to at least look the Ninte's going to lose with everything else. Doesn't they just her? He just throwing it out again spoilers, but I'm just no. I just feel like I have to give it to the nineties mainly to penalize that explanation of whatever it was. You were trying to say so. IMII Aptoizi also because Um flashing, the war, so whatever the name of that Bein Wat is my favorite activity. When I'm down the showline, that's also what I call master bating. Sorry, that's feeding the pilgrim. Sorry yeah, it's it's what I callmastebating, if I'm doing it in public, otherwise it' SA have different names for it. I cu eow, depending on where I'm, where I'm at like is one on the bus, knowell you're, better off. You know doing that, then you know fucking a bunch of randoms 'cause. You know then you'll have some bean babies of your own right. Exactly exactly that's! That's a public announcement public service announcement, Thee, don't say that poop culture doesn't care aboutatins in our environment than might be going out there and having dangerous, unprotected sex. So I'm going to give in one tousand, nine hutdred and ninety three that I man Ust. Who cares about t any of it? Really I mean I'm going to go now a gift over the digital frequency, SYNTEC againgoodness. I think I took Adat during that part. Did I miss anything good? I was playing with his knobs. There was knobs and there was lengths and there was frequency. There was dongles. I mean I it just got. Really you lost me, a tonglast. Didn't you notice that, after a while I started reading the vomit ther all right, so Harley Davidson and the Marlborough Menthal Man, you guys have control of the board what you got mm well Mike? What do you think I don't know Um, you know I think music is going to be a great category yeah. Clearly, let's, let's just get that out of the way yeah I wilted to do that. First, okay, so, in December ninetden an ninety three, an album by a popular artist, Mary J Blige, was released called. What's the four one one remixes, it was a complete remix, album of her debut album and it's known for featuring the notorios big when 'cause. When you look up in the sky, you know it's a bird, it's a plane, but it's Mary J and I damn thing change and the one guy on the show who can rap. Doesn't shy. Spokan word what the House throw down some bars. Man, no he's wanted! No on this yow yeah, I'm leaving it that I got bug and larkhe hired all right. SO THAT'S IT! It's just a remixd album, not even like! So, just to clarify this is not the album. This is a remix al. This is a remail, the original album, but it's got bigy smell like a covers, but it's not big he's album. He just happened to be on. I yeah, but that's, like you know, soit's the introduction of biggie small, not really no he' he's been on other stuff, but his fow listen man. There wasn't a whole lot in December. Beingo M Puckinbrad walked past the studio and let one rip and it Hap. In the background. Let's be fair, maybe it is a big Dea, I'm not as well versed in hip hop music is micranger. Is it common or uncommon for a hip hop artist to appear on other artirts ou? Well, if you want no I've EARDTA, it is actually ther mor yeah, common yeah thatall right allright, so it's the Mary J bide's remixed out, yet listen just to Clarpo. This is why I don't do a nineties podcast all right. Well Ha! What is that, like his second or third time that he was on out? Maybe no he's on it a couple of times. I didn't. Do that kind of research? Thanks for Hia? U and but listen. The album peaked at number, seven on the billboard, hot one hundred pekd in seventh grade, so there's Soe a common ground there. Well, I'm sure Mr Bob Craftr is going to churt all around here and he's Gota going to have a really strong musical. Take no for December of ninety three, what he got absolute trash michaelwas right when he said that there wasn't a lot going on at the end of nineteen. Ninety three so obviously got the what's the four wo on remix album, which sure it's fine, an it's so funny. Every time you have to what it's Hor an do. It righ, like O, describe what it is. Oh, it's it's an album. It's like she and her friends are covering her own music. It's like appetite for destruction remastered it! It's just funny to hear you say it out loud, like you know the title of a Mary J Bludgdidn't, because I went to a birthday party and I bought somebody that album on cassette. Well, they can return it forever, all right so anyway, the only other notable like album to come out in December nineteen N. ninety three was the soundtrack to waines world too. So we're automatically over to right now, but why you didn't Goe with that way, better album than Mary J blidge Mi Yeah. But it's a compilation. You can't really. You can't count that, like there's too many artists, O so aerosmith gold nearing Robert Plant Gin, blossom's bad company, Ander, winterrt remixes, who yeah, but it had hits, but at the same time T it's a sound track. It almost shouldn't even count as an album, really trts, but you coald have a solid sountracker back. I think we did February. Eighty five was it a pretty and pink sound tras acly yeah we had the pretty Hav Trek Yeah. You can have a pretty iconic sound tri like the bodyguard. You could count. I mean, but you said the sequel like if it was waynes world right, 'cause that had Bohemian rhapsody on it, which is the only song in American history to ever be number one twice so many years apart and with the new movie coming out, I'm going to call it here. I bet that song reaches number one for a third time each time. Twenty years apart, it's incredible by Hase Dixie Yeah, Oh yeah, Hasy, dixie's version of. If you haven't heard, he see Dixie's version Bohemian raps and he g check it out on spotified by their album or listen to the episode with John Wheeler couple: F episodes, Backwno name the songs in that Albmo for Real, I'm, I'm not I'm not falking around Le Me. Look the subwens Werdi told you. I told Im the artist Ot, so obviously the the movie opened with Thene Iwm, just wondering like what no Wath, how to be as Wa wit, Signatureso they're, not winning. I mean we're approaching fucking T v NOPPO TO I cl Oro. We hav nineteen, eighty one whatid the albums of that anyone, not the greatest. We might have sare worse than them, so listen up. Here's your track listing for Wainsworld two sound Trak Louis Leuis by Robert Plant Dude, looks like a lady by Aero Smith F COURSE: Idiots summer by Gim, blossoms UH. I Love Rock and roll by Joan jet and the BLYCK cards, one of the worst tongs ever written spearet in the sky by Norman greenbomb out there by dinosaur junior Mary's house by Fournad blonds raid, our love by gold nearing can't get enough by bad company Frankinsteine by Edgar winner, which I believe opened the movie shut up and dance, which I believe was kind of an exclusive for Ara Smith. For that and then Y N C Abo, the village people. So the chart positions or position. I guess in the: U S the Billboard Two hundred at peaked at seventy eight, so it didn't perform well 'cause. Obviously, it's a fregging. It's a compilation, record Y. AH, all right such shit, Al right just trying to help you out. We don't need help. We know we suck give us the trophy. So I guess we're Gon to go music. MANCRUSH START US off. What do you got all right? This is now my ban that happened to shit can they're two founding members nite en a year before the releases OL taking the band from six members to four anybody, wind and fire yea allright, the Album Min question happens to be their best selling album. It was number one in the charge. For ten weeks it was billboard's top two hundred number one album ne thousand nine undred and eighty one with ten multiplatinum ou. Sixteen top thirty hits and global album sales exceeding eighty million units. This might be a man you've heard of this albums spurn four big hits, which included waiting for a girl like you urgent, if you like, the saxophone nightlife and my favorite of the alm jbox hero. That's the July. Second, nineteen one release of the album four Andr by foreigner, all the songs from for written and imposed by Mac Jones and Lu. Graham, did you hear that artists actually wrote and composed their own? What a concent? I don't believe it and they didn't remix it later and on top of the the alumwas produced by Muttlang Guy, you know he produced highway to Hell hardishiten at one time. Yeah factor and h happened to be the second best selling album ever is h back in black. He also did hysteria, which deaf Leopar ad an album that released this month. Also, these guys are still touring. They just finished their forties anniversary tour, an twenty seventeen. It's fucking come on yeah, but we don't like foreigners. This is American. We can keep 'em in other countries. We could listen to their music. I just don't come here, except for you you're. I I've been here ten years. I I think that counts to something yeah. You made you didn't live here through the ninetiets, though well he was smart. I mean I was R finding out Jesus Christ. Why would you want it? I got to live through grippop. Instead, you you might have gotten kicked out if you were walking around in Jenkos and beating all right Mar all right. So for mine it was hard to find a really another good album. I found this really bizarre album that was titled e Five Cfour P. Three. I don't know if you guys ever heard of that favorite fucking album my that my fiance that's going to be on our first Tine. This album also had a video game based on it and named after it. It was no. It was number one and the American billboard two hundred chart. It was this Ban's most successful studio, album and much like foreigner, which my partner, Ricg me and crush just chose. This band is also a member of the rock and Roll Hall of fame and the Band is journey. The album is escape it's one of the greatest American rock albums ever written. It was coproduced by Leonard Skinnard, technician, Kevin Ellison and one time Queen, engineer, Mikestone, who also engineered the album. Hence why the album sound so good had four billboard hit. One hundred singles don't stop believing WHO's crying. Now they still ride. In the song open arms which reached number two on the charge, it was certified nine times platinum and sold over twelve millions copies. After all of this time, journey still touring a a matter of fact, they just got off the road with forigner a few years ago. So these bands, not only did they have monumental albums n anine hundred and eighty one still relevant today, see Herry, no more steep pairy psyeotsman, very Joe Perry, all right h for the for an extra point. What is the name of the new lead singer of journey Tyler Perry he's been fucking everything I come see journey with Madia. I thought he stopped playing base for them a while, oh Thawas, randy, Jackson or nobodywhat's H, name, it's Arnelpineta, a Nel, Pineda, F, O they found on you tube, which fuck that's another crazy, fucking story. His voice is incredible: I'd love to go, see journey and maybe I'll go see them when they go on tour again with foreigner go see, Arnel Ponedo. Now I mean the only thing about forigner Lugram is not behind the Mike and he hasn't been for og Ebot. Both these bands. They don't have their lead singers. So so that's why they tore angother. You know they sthey equal one hold again. They surve fucking penetic in you, fucking bbut. You know the only thing bnow wait till after the jujudch on Cross wit, the Judalright with the judgment. Well looking at these four albums, the weird thing is the only one that I would probably myself put into a machine and listen to would probably be about four tracks off the wainswell too Olt um, but that's not really what's in contengion, is what I would listen to it's more seminal albums and looking ne ouanine hundred and ninet three De n, nine Hutden and ninety three and h July nine hundre and eighty one. I think you all forgot some classics right here from Dece N, Oan, nine hundred and Ninetythree, who can forget popsmer by the verve pipe that wasn't even their big album. If you take the verb pipe and you pop mear it across, and also the wonderfully named long before there were cell phones to be able to do this. The grateful deads, Dick Picks, Ol, volleywine or Dix picks Volluy Wiivan. I came at as well that Dick Vandyk's path- maybe technically not a real album Dix picks, are actually just live, shows that have been remakler to second. So it's essentially what our picks were: Hey man you're talking to a deadhead here, I'm going to call you on that O. Even though you are the judge, your honor, why one or the ates we have here and contention is a remix album. So apparently anything goes. That is a good point. That is a good point. T A unlike Mary, J blid. The grateful that actually played their instruments live right. Pretty sure on that yeah. I think so. Yeah that covered I'm not true. Sh She's, a very accomplished, exaer t a was the skin. She was Mike She's huge on the Jews, Hos shes Y, O she's, really great on the joce. I hat an amazing voice. You got to get on l, maybe you just have a British accent and all, but can you repeat that again what what instrument does she play? I said she's really good at the Jews. Hop is what I said. What the Hell is a Jews ar it fowne Al Round a OI mown that would be a mouthharp, no called I gimesor originally calld, O Je and I'm French Canadian and it's always been called t e. there's no Jews in con in Canada, oecept for Fre on Yeahit's too cory, they're, stid, riingrassy and drink. That's it that's about it and also if we go to July nine huteen eighty one um. I know that you were very excited about foreigner and journey, but I think that you forgot some cl. Oh W forye. It was just a hard choice as as in girls to chat an boys to Bou on fog ha e out. We had hiand dry from deaf leopard as well. Thenyeah yea, you had signals, calls and marches by mission of Burmer. These wonderful, you know shorttop in classics, Ith, thevandro, Hohoy, exclamation, point by little yeah, tixie chickens, a hanger and level forty twos self titled, Album Level Tor S Thatt. That was called no love for any rabbit. Oh Ol, Myles Davis is the man with the Horn and I think by this point, we've all got the home yeah, but that Miles Davis Obum, it's just a premix out yeah, so he was playing somebody's mouththat's Aska. Actually, so this this might be the hardest one that I have to adjudicate, but I think just because full by foreigner and escape by journey are actual albums by actual bands written recorded produce thead. They not complation albums they're, not remixd, albums their actual albums. I have to give it a course: one thousand nine hundrd and eighty one but, as I say earlier, as a sort of consolation price to that tit get you any point guys, but I would probably listen to the winswell two sandtrack before any of those other albums, but it doesn't matter o Nineteen D. Eighty one Wei us next now e Pan, O evot of the points N I've said this to mark. Like I think last year we talkied about this. forigner is like the eighties version of nickelback. No, you shut your mouthanetter yeah e, better s. It really is, I mean I come on not musically, but image, wise and successwise, and how they carried themselves and Tord and Bo shaking his head. Like shut up you fucking, Hippi Dumbashe, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. I all right call me out. Come I in Forr, I think four is probably their best album and the three outams before four it is their best album. By far I agree, four one one the remixs foreigner came out with four. Then they came out with one oe one, one of the re they remixed it. It's actually called four two bad boyremixall right mark all right, so we're going in three point rounds. T it really doesn't make a difference. What we choose were up two to one we might as well save movies for last again, so so John Kin Relish in the moviness of the whole thing yeah, let's go to t V. I suppose Yeah Grat yeah wait for this Onehang on. I gotto get some Lo breal quick. I put P I put mine on before. I said tough. No, you would think like your T. v would be better than our TV since we're July, where all the shows have ended and you guys are towards the midseason fanaly. You would think that no you'd be correct to assume htypically. You guys would be right July. Every time we get a Shit Y. let me start with mine 'cause. I ye your Genai, I'm just making a point here all right. You know every time we get a summer month we get fucked, except for this month. This month we might have pulled one out of our ASS mancrush. Take us there. I Don' O Waam John John's been like fucking me to the eighties today a he's giving us the points, but he hasn't given us the love. He was going to listen to four sogs from the fucking wanes world to soundtrack over his wedding. You know what you want: Lesten, how how day you wild Tal, I go a O. DO yourself an favorie anles! You pull out a Monu Mental TV episode. You might be digtat what we do. That's what we do here allright! So let me start this one off July: FTH, nine uneen and eighty one H. CH everybody knows the channel show time right, show time switched from being a part time broadcast to broadcasting twenty four hours seven days a week, and I knowitis I soud cool, but there's two reasons why this is fucking really important for nineteen one number one. This is the rise of cable totelevision. You know deregulation right around the corner and all the cable providers are itching to get their hands on good content to sell the markets around the world and, aside from the three local channels that were required to be carried, they also needed to fill the rest of the catalogue with different types of content. People never experienced an oncut movie before at all hours of the night and the market was just starting to break with Bata and VHS cable companies were desperate to get their hands on twenty four hour content. So, instead of show time only running for eight to ten hours a day, they decided to go all in go twenty four hours of content to rival HBO, which actually didn't go twenty four hours until December, O nineteen and eighty one so technically show time was the first ever oncut movie channel to go twenty four seven and the reason this is important for number two is without show time on Ho's heels for four decades cable, as we know it might have been total shit. Just hear me out for a second said: yedww. What did they have? They had WCWWW OT bought out O ww and went to Shit Ye h, you have yet you have seen they had pride pride got bought out by Yu c. You have seen one total shit. Four decades HBOAS had show time on their heels, with twenty four hour material, keeping them on their toes with e original content and all that kind of Shit. So imagine they weren't around anymore HBO bought them out. It would be garbage, so HB o probably has more to thank. It show time for being around for all these fucking years and Ti'm just going to throw this out there. B'cause people like to year of the numbers back in nineteen eighty one. This went for about ten dollars a month on top of your basic cable fee. There was about fifteen bucks that was twenty seven dollars and twenty eighteen just to get show time same thing went for Hbo and everything else, so it was kindof costly, but people were getting into it. There was like nineteen million households, they were getting cable and it was fucking astronomical and it took off like about at Hell just like it is today with the net flixes and the hooloos and everything else tha's. One important question that you didn't answer in that were that Tittis O. of course it's exactly what I was thinking. I need to know if there's twenty four, if there's twenty four ais, not Scmax, whichever we we knew grewing up, we had the the late nights Kinamax, but show time did all for that. It's on cut movie. So whatever came out, that's what you saw and that hadn't happened before this point. You had a a small window there, where you can rent from like nineteen, seventy, seven and nineteen eighty one Batemax was out VHS, very small scale at that point and you can wrench it, but that's the only way you got movies or if you went to the box office to see it. So this is it. This is where you started to really see full length movies in your own home and and teance took all the fucking time. So an all the guys were uncut as well. Tit was before the big circumcision way Y fucking circle. Bane man don't follow him for anything, looking terrible yeah. I guess I'll shoot over to my news and I'm going to start mine off by asking our great judge here, Mr John Cross. If he remembers where he was on July, twenty, ninth, nine Huteen and eighty one I would have been about one and a half years old. I was probably lying on the floor in nothing but a tiny tshirt and a small plastic policeman's helmet and I can guarantee. I know what was on the T v when you were watching that yeah. What was on the T v when you were laing on the floor on July, twenty ninth, nineteen and eighty one, oh you're, going to say that it's the OL wedding, correct the roral wedding, afd Prince Charles and Princess Diana, who was nineteen years old at the time, and she married an ugly old, Rich Guy, which you know sounds like a great American story. But it's a great British story. The duo were the first couple and they shared their kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Po, a palace in front of thirty five hundred guests and why this is in TV is because this is one of the largest television audiences at the time in history to watch a television event. At the time there was only three basic channels, so you didn't have people spreading out their viewership across multiple cable stations. So at the T, through a worldwide audience, it has been estimated that seven hundred and fifty million people real wide watch those nuptials and if anything proves that there was literally nothing to do before the Internet. En hundred and fifty million people were bored enough, yeah that the royal the snoozefest was something worth watching, but you know what it still it comes up today I mean look at the wedding. Just happened a couple of weeks ago, but that had twenty eight million people watch that shit in the United States in the United States Ha why Orno wh? What what I liked is that the two royal weddings that have happened since I've lived in the states. I have been literally asked by people with a straight face with no sense of irony. So were you going to the wedding and an why? Why d? Why would I be going to the wedding wellaren't you invited, like literally as if all sixty two million residents of the UK get invitedto these things and only thirty five hundred showup? I just now things thei major snow, but yeah there were more Americans, probably lining the parade route than there were h British people on that day, but I mean I'm all for I'm not an anti royalist, I'm all for bringing people together and you know- and it was all fun and Games there- was a nice choir and a mad that reverend got up and said a lot of stuff about love that made white people uncomfortable and I loved that I was, and that was watching. The arsholes of you know up tight British aristocracy pucker. While a Baptist Reverend went on that was joyous to me. I, like every single s. The best part of the whole thing was watching that I I hold on. I think the best part was the American that faked that he was British to get on all the news outlets and all him let him on like 'cause. He was an expert, a the De. It was from flucking Orange County New York yeah. No, but I missed a trick. I should have put on like a bow tie or a cravat or something or something and tried to get on like th GMA or today show was something in New York but likes I'm I'm a royal expert. I can talk very expertly about these people. That would have been amazing. I wouldhave, but I didn't do that 'cause. I have a life and a job and things to do necknext day next time. One of these H, imbred scrounges, get to I'm joking. I I've done no problem with the Rolg family at all. That's why I live in America. This is no ordinary subshop. This is firehouse ups, tired of overpriced lunches that under deliver on flavor head to firehouse sups, where for a limited time you can get a four ninety nine choice off choose from a medium smoke: Turkey, Virginia Honeyham or roast beef, theire custom made hot subs and a price ready made to make you smile just four. Ninety nine, only at firehouse sups enjoy more subs, save more lives, participating locations plus tax on the time offer prices be very for delivery. Allright, that's what we got for July. Nineteen. Eighty one right I'm going to defer to my granger: Oh start things off really laall o aspect of December. Ninety three talty about December. Ninety three on Saturday December, eleventh ABC Ren from the hours of eight to ten PM. Earnest Saves Christmas o when the movie came out this as t showing realthey showed Saturday so e like. If you had nothing to do the royal wedding on O N, nine uteen and ninety three, you could turn on ABC and you can watch earnest s co early for a fucking Christma. That's like everybody knows that you play the shitty movies like early Y. Nobody does jolly rounds pesers, forsanat. First Aso, you have to save Christmas. The full Christmashave time, for you know Sanda, to like make the deliveries again. HUCKING SPOILERS! Sorry, man! Is this: the One where he kidnaps he child. That's what happened! No! No! This is the one with the runaway and then say: N Away, O o Fin a new SANAIT's. That whole thing. You think it's going to be earnest, 'cause, he's so kind and young and Hart. But it's going to be somebody else that plays with Papa earnestand I runaway cadtyis C hat's an excellent choice. I thought so there's some other things, but you know I thought that one was appropriate, so there was no finale that you could have chosen. There was t honestly man. I looked through a couple of things. I mean. The only thing that was like actually worth talking about was that ABC at the time had started grace under fire and they also had Rosanne. So they were really trying to corner the white trash market R doing a great job. When he's not a hardmarket one, iehty three was all about the white trash it was. It was a good year for white trash, great yer yeah. All those people buying those marry Jbla Jobmsyfor, O ellor enonomy, was great trash begot. It's actually interesting. You say that Mork, because if you think about it, grace under fire is like a remix to Roseanne kind of is look at that wasn't atorious big in that one too no NHEWASTOSER, bathroom, Yajust too big IAYEAH hold on. If that's where Decembers, I got a Huorpa G. Actually, I have probably a a legitimate one. My can I kind of discuss this and I think te I' goinhave to all this one out to to help us ours. accidint went by on this one yeah. Ah, the only other notable thing was the Jon River show ended after a four year run so again, O your newagory is somebody dying. That's all we got Mer, death and December. No, I do I do have one. That's that's fairly legitimate CBS, which has been a broadcaster F. The NFL H for thirty eight years lost their rights to telecast National Football Conference. Games to Fox Fox won the rights to NFC Games by offering a then record one point: Fifty eight billion dollars to the NFL over the course of four years significantly more, an the previous two hundred and ninety million per year, CBS was willing to pay and it ruined football broadcasting forever. Well, until the X fl came along for a hot minute. Well that was NBC. They killed and once again, if you don't understand your history, you are doomed to repeat it, because what is coming back, the X fl, it will not be on NB C, though, Mark my words: nooter sals will not Tuh te X fl. How much you want to bet it's going to be on Fox causible. It all depends what happens with the contracts. Somebody's goittn pick it up H. Well, didn't the WW just sign a cadack with Fox they did yeah see so possibility. It's packaged deal all right over Tu John Cross for the judgment. When you got man all right, guys. Well, look! This is another hard one, okay, but I'm gonna I'm going to go through it all and then there's going to be a bum shell, okay, Soit's! First of all, it's going to be very hard to be twenty four hour todays, I'm just going to say that right after that, also, I think you you W now. Are you talking about the Princess Diana thing or th SOTITHAT's? What I thinking about the roal wedding cause? There was a ton of tets there that day, just stupid old white wizered chets. So you know the twenty four thing. The show time thing: the fact that they were the first premium cable channel to do that. The fact that it pushed HBO to do that. That is obviously big news. Um The roll wedding lesso. You know, seven hundred and fifty million people come on. That's that's nothing these days, wno! It is no! It's huge, I'm joking, it's huge and then, but it's it's difficult, because up against own is saving Christmas. I mean I really I'm not even kidding. I letlet me ask the panel this right. Would you rather watch Oky ttenit you'd have to watch all twenty four hours of show time so, no matter what they're, showing thoe's, not necessarily totes twenty four hours worth of show time, the entire Royal Wedding, Eri, Joan rivers dying, Ori, saving Christmas. So so we re how about we remix all of that together. Just like the Mery J, Pli Jobum, I heard it on show time and it's a movie where Ernest sames Princess Diana an Safon Citiana, while Jon rivers dies in the background and some co, folas, raper Fox or something I have to say so so I am Givin in thousand nine hundred and eighty one. However Bou Mike You could have won me over on this one, but you missed a very, very important debut that happened in N, Oan, nine hundred and ninety three in December, and that was the debut of the State on Mt Wow. I wanted Diskn Oty Bo. Yes, indeed, you miss the debyt of the state which, technically, if you're, going to put them next to like the comedy people that have come out of the state that are still working today that have made some of the largest comedy albums of the last twenty years. That gave John appetoee run for his money in terms of like blockbusters and comedy things and Netflex, specials and part casts, and goodness knows what else the states tentacles are far and wide, and that might have been enough to to pip ninety three ofr. It so I'm sorry about that, but you you could have done stae and that would have won it. Ut nine teen, eighty one, you take home the gold just because everyone loves twenty fratids see. I think everybody was earnest. You know what I mean Buri'i'm up there with the earnest love. I rally am and but let's be fair, the show time, as probably showed that at some point, so it's probably on right now, the they probably earnest saves everybody. He Sai e can throw this out. Here's here's in nineteen eighty one run down of showdown or show down the showtime all right. Here's a random day. We got cabaret the fog, ordinary people, elephant man, nine to five airport sluth. I'm not sure what that is. UTH is amazing. It Michael Cane, okay! Now I now know was no that wouldn't you airpoing, I would dbacocat and learn Solivia adansanted you to Fte top out the night you got to like you're a Livo new John, I'm sure. Oh definitely Yehoao Fuckina Anna Desa id Yo, going back to to Michael Cane. Did you guys ever realize if you say the phrase, my coca name, yeah, you're, actually saying Michael Cane in his own voice? Some people just want to watch the well burn all right. So once again, the eighties of one. It's the game is over right now, but we're going to play the extra round we have to otherwise John Wed kill himself tha. If we didn't do movies the Scor Rac, wil ready to killd my tob, it's four to one, but we're going into movies. I think this will get interesting and it might move it closer. Depending on what is N, I nd nine utered, an ninety three takin away. Mikeranger, you know considering ow, you know it's pretty much over and we've been blasted a little bit for discussing death a lot there there's when you look at the line up of what came out in December, O N Nineteen D. Ninety three: it's a shit loaded death! Oh I mean it's happin holiday, ight. First off wings, rorl too, that killed the franchise Fugan Shinler's list, ver now Eisn't that one hold y. You guys got to pick up. You gotta pick two movies. I want to know what you'R Picku he's kating there, what Dof you guys have to PIC sinchiller's list. You I'll tell yo I'll, tell you why I didn't picture inlar's list, because who wants to watch that again ido, I I own it once I en I watch it all the time I love tha movie ID, probably watch it every at least once a year, man more like dark, Janes, an I O. It's it's yourful piece of film making. It is a fantastic movie with a lot of great actors and Y. How high are you when you're watching those you knowwati've, never gotten high in watching Schinlers, Liss twent? Nineteen? That's going on the bucket list right there! Jesus Christ, that's terrible I'd, rather listen to the fucking t, V, knob Thi, it'sa, good old time. No, my my choice actually h! The movie I picked was uh movie star, Ind, Curt Russell Billpax, nexam Eliot Valkilmer. That was tombstone. Oh yeah, that's, but wicpon, an entire ESOFS MOSEPPING I'll, be you hucklebery? Yes, AGI IT Y! For that one! THAT'S THAT'S WH! That's my like! I'm not a big western Fan, but that movie I can watch a hundred times in a row and not have like I'll, never turn it off I'll watch the entire movie and it's all Bou valcumer and s great t at I just watched it on July. Fourth, it's it's incredible and they all grew their own mustaches, there's no fake moustaches in the movie. They N, that is all of their own Mertheythey. All did hit puberty, so not like a big nun can be no no, but when you see the Moustacheis in that movie, you're, like W, I mean it's just curt, russells alone, next to Sim eliits, it's enough to go who who in that movie, doesn't get enough props everybody talks about alkeme. You know: Sam Elli and Crrussel Fuckin, Michael Bean, his terey villain, eon, Li Bringo, yeah, fucking, awesome and and of course you have Charlt Heston uh, showing up in a little cameo in the middle of there, which is always fun, and we talking about Wainsror limthere was a rubbin and Robin pitchhim doing the top and tail narration such agre. That's a Grat fucking fleck that that's a that's why your best pick in the entire night, but I en tombstone it's a death that doesn't that one doesn't matter you knowbut, it has has a a it has a happy ending, it's triumphant. It is sad, it is liumphant. Just about felt belkilmer does a horrible horrible. Do you know what he still fucking wins to shootout, though he does he's fast mother, fucker. Even without Erculosis, okay, coral spit blood and drawn pistols fighting mcgrubary, I Gota S, you guys you led off with tombstone, that's not even the big dog, so what the fuckdoes bow have O so clear up: okay, Er Siren Stup, that was night ofor, the only other, so I'm gongto mention this one 'cause. This is one of my favorite films of All Time December: Twenty third grumpy old men, Jack Lemon Walter Matow, the Birjes Marrit of Kevin Polic, Darrel Derohanna, not a huge film. I pulled in about thirty five million dollars worth of profit. Seventy million h domestically. So I'm going to mention that one just 'cause, I love it, but the one I'm going to go with Um December twenty second Tom Hanks Denze Washington, Philadelpha animal, more deaf as the fucking sirens, coorithat's New York City for you, they're bringing Tom Hao the fucking Er yeah, sis movie was they could have won this one, but they didn't go for Ba Hov in second listen, I almost. I almost won with that one. Well that dog's dead now too. So it's just you know nobody on n start your points. Hey! Do us a favori round out the top people like to hear that Shit like? What's? Do you guys have the top ten movies of December Noum? I don't have it written out like that, but I can like go down at Um, so obviously Shinglo's list that did about ninety six million Beethoven. Second did about fifty two million wow, the real helic and brief. That actually did a lot. I don't know if that's accurate, though I thinkor a hundred million wordwide. Does that seem right? I On't know maybe O U Robers get thea. The BALAM Philadelphi did seventy seven million, but most of that was spent on Medicineyou got a nice little artsy film little bit of what's evening, eating Gilbert grape mhm. Remember that one yeah good one yeah Um, or that pretty much bet it wasn't age yeah, what's eat in Gilberts, ate Odecember. Thirty. First, you got Mania Cup three, Oh yeah, good wilethat is a good one. You've also got my personal favorite sister act, two back E, I' Alkan Red Right over that I sa Anon, that has roberts a dol and that's a good one. I mean I love a good layeah. We have a love, a good hip, hop none buteen! A too gave us the start of Lauren Hill and you had frank hay depressing movies, though in December of ninety three you a triple bill of Shider'slist, Philadelphia and fucking. In the name of the father, I mean, if that's not enough, to make everyone at Christmas time slit their wrists. I don't know whattripled oil of misery. Yes, the triple bill of misery brought to you by PROZAC. You know what was released on Christmas Day on nine Hutdrd and ninety three. Heaven and earth at Oliverstones, Vietnam Trilogy Anda G. Thank God. I thought you were going to say it was Ernest Saves Christ, and this goes to Vietnam. We've got some interesting ones. We've got American Yukuza was released with Vego Mortenson, the Remak of attack o the fifty foot woman with H, darral Hanna Israeli les terrifying on Five Foot. Six, A and Comon guys. You could have clearly aced it with the December sixteenth. Seventy five minute Classic Beach Babes from beyond come onwthat, Jim Wer. nors. Probably S go ahead and say: Yes, it probably isn't it's! It's ather him Oll that what's the other guy, whose name I've Ne Bergotten, who did attack o the fifty foot, centifold H, COMAIMOBYA! Oh I'm, going to KKICK MYSELF OT, not remembering his tankem, Oh yeah, the coon brothers sat a Ron Ro right, fron right. That's what I'm thinking of Um. What else do we have t thethere's? Not many other interesting things that come out. Godzilavesis Mecca, Godzilla, two tezilla versus Meccagonzilla, too came out on December eleventh. Oh, there was also a Robert Cop Rober God it was a rebo, a only came out in China, though I still want that toy so bad, so anybody has out there and you're listening to the show. If you ever see a Robert Cop Robo cop knock off action figure, get a hold of US yeah I'll, sed I'll, send you fuckin in cash yeah ick! Now you, gentlemen of fans of the Losa you're, a Pantlo oments yorfiends of the rum ofelosia rlusu. Had A movie come out with Scopbaccula, which is my old friend dog used to say. Once you go black you, you never go baccula Um, but he had a movie out called mercy mission. The rescue of flight, seven, seven one Starin, Ramelosia and Scot back. The remix Mary J BLOGH had a a small small cameo in that film as The mercy that we're trying to mission, probably Um but yeah that came out, as did the Michael Dudikoff Stephen Dorf, classec rescue me Ongus, you had so many to choose from me to Sabenaa. Dennis Larry was great and here's Little Lo, I'm gon to throw out some lowser trivia here before we take her love. Some MORCHAR CRIMMES ALO lose Trivia. Okay, what show and probably I won't give a year early, eighty show very popular first season. First couple of episodes, which show was Robert Loge, the bad guyon. Oh a sprise, bad guy. I know that one all right we'll see nobody else. Nobody else knows this. I don't know this one O kno hands down guys come on Mr Belverdere l right you're, your NA allrigt march is Ey correct. I any nobody else. I got no clothes for comfort, no health BWA. I watched it again. The other night Becausei hadn't seen it an years. It was magnum Pi. Okay, see I was thinking I the N, eighty one. So no he was a Truseau and it was one of the very first episodes. MAGNIPEYS COWER SA keen so four fucking away from everything, but that was nineteen. Eighty, the first episode came out was the pilot, Magnum's friend who's t e captain in the navy. fucking gets killed after some guys like kidnap him and punch 'im in the stomach, ifh drugs in the stomach and it burst, and he dies and there they're Vietnam like lieutenant or whatever islosia, and they have this background partform and he ends up being this drug lord, that kills off fucking his friend, whatever. Let's, let's getoe autobiographical, let's get it's Ony 'cause, it's poop culture. We have to get back to the the origins of Robert Luja, but let's see this mark what a e you got: Four Tocem O no July O fackin nineteen, eighty one which one do you want me to go with whatever one you fucking on again: 'cause, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter so allright. So on this, this movie came out on July, nineteenth nineen. Nineteen. Eighty one only had a budget of seven million dollars, although it growse ninety five million dollars in the United States- and you know it was nominated for four Academy Awards, two of those they won, and that was best supporting role, and that was John Gilgod, and then it also won best original song if anybody hasn't figured it out. Yet I am talking about the nineteen eighty one mega hit starring Dudleymoore Arthur mm Arthur's theame, yes, Arthar, one of the biggest movies of nineteen eighty one. There was only three other movies that were ahead of it in the box office for the entire year and in case anybody's wondering this movie was also included in the American Film Institute list of the top one hundred funniest American movies in the year. Two Thousand: That's my pick. That's Arthus saring deadly, more compiled by people who don't have much of a sense of humor correct Thar. It was good you trying to make the case for author that that was that was impressing. I tr I was actually like. I loved Darthurn, like growing up. I actually was bigger on Arthur too just 'cause. I was a little bit older in nineteen eight. When I came out, I was like ten and the whole scene with the IO l did anybody I ever see Arthur two or mi the only one, no I've seen Orthorto allright io saving my thoughts for the end, Aliza Mineli movie, Nto, the apartment and th the landlord's like it has io ill and they're like what is IOL. It's inton lighting it'sthe, just the oninol switch on the lakes as stupid as she ever, but I fucking still remember that this day, but another movie that didn't deserve a fucking reboot, because no movie deserves t e fucking rebe. If it's good leave it fuck alone, Arthris a fucking classic movie, and I was never aware that it won two Oscars. That's especially for a comedy. That's fucking enormous. So one hundred percent agree with you. It did not need to reboot the originals. Absolutely great no movie needs a reboat. I wholhot Theyyeah, it's fucking terrible, and there was news. This is I'll, throw this out there now, because it's a little bit relatable they're talking about there's going to be sequel to Robo Cop, coming out Robert Cop Robert Top and equal robit lojacop. As e should Beiton, they prought it back from the dead Metallimichael kidness. My boy, let me ask you guys this because at first when I first read the R initial news, it said reboot and I was like Howcan they're Gong to do it again- Fucke that but then afterwards they made it hat. It's going to be a sequel to the original series which, as everybody knows, that loved the Ovirgial Rubocop two and three was fucking abysmal. So where do you go? Is this going to be a USOTOO over again? So the story to about this new one is that it is an abandoned script by the original screenwriters for the first one. They were writing a sequel that never got made and that script is being taken slightly. We written and we workd and is going to be produced by the original screen writers of the first one directmoneal bloom camp, the Guy Behind district, nine and chappy and Lisium South Afican, director and thes one ofthe thing Um, but yeah anyway. I I have a feeling so tha. My I hate me makes hateree boots hat all that stuff fuccom I hateit and for some reason, in order to try and sell US remakes now, they've tried everything else: theyv tried, gaing them reimaginings and you know reducters and Redos and reboots and all their other things. Now. What they're doing is dredging people out who had something to do with the first one and go lookthere involved, theywere executive producing or something Um. You know, they're doing it with Halloween twenty eighteen, which the first tradee l like a Piezza ship. Also, if you're fan of that franchise, theres do ing Aing, Anser, Theyre Makin, O one he's dead, she's fushing te dead yeah if you're a fan of that franchise, stop after two she lives under the fucking Te Kicyo water. I like for no, if you're a fan of that franchise, H, stop after seven. That's what I say: Sitowshse E, Let meaone two and seven: You get the Jamele Curtis Lorri strode story, and it works perfectly with the Trili thing it does. First, one she's nave doesn't know. What's going on. Second, one she's kind of crazed and and uh doesn't realy like if you look at like alien one, two and three, if you look at Evil Dod one two and three like this is kind of the way I goes and by the third one, which is the seventh one. She's like kicking, ass and and and getting her own life back kind of thing and od she works. And then you have four five and six, which is the Nestrilogy and they count because Donald pleasance is still alive and if Donald Pleasante ise still alive the movies still count, they just do and then third one you have Tom Ackins and it's the bomb, even though Micraomiz Isnn in it's still a damn good movie. So I say all seven of those are worth something the moment they bring Michael Back and kill Lorystrode at eight and then fuck in have reality. T V come into it. That's that's! No! That's where the franchise ends and as for this new Halloween, I don't know what the Fuck Um you go through. All of that talking about all the halloweens. Not once do you mention the best holloween and that's Halloween three. I can see ens a wory tree. I said tiing three's good too an odmark. I mentioned Halloween three, I just said Tomaa. He Se I ta Y is and it but it's the bomb. I said it's awesome. I love it. Halloween three's, probably my third favorite it just should not have been named Halloween. That's the whole problem when I that was named anything else, Ito'd be a Col clasjust calld it Ohright, sl l. Let me reel this all in right now, 'cause You'e said, but sorry, the Roadboat Cup thing is a Piezza shed. I think they're just bringing out that original script as Ha red, Harrings, try and get film fans to like it. You'll never be the original robercop you'll, never be pet. Weller you'll never beat forhoven Rony MN. So let me let me real this back in you, Mentione Ackins, you mentioned Donald Pleasant's in July, tenth, Nineteen One were a few weeks at this point, removed from Superman too in raders o lost Ark. But so I did bring some serious contenders like he said we had Arthur and there's some other movies tha. I won't even mention right now, but my choice. It took in twenty five million dollars worldwide: Seventy one million dollars twend and eighteen, which is not a dynamo in the box office at all, but this carries cold classic status. John, do you know what movie I'm going with right here before you mentiond it? The only one from Ju y anine hundred and eighty one Weik hat ry ork man. We have to have the cur rustle head to head between thescape from New York and Tos allrigt. Well, you no W this is. This is going to be my pitch to this. This movie is the first ever modern era, anti hero movie to come to the Silverscreen and that- and he has the coolest fucking name of any character in any movie in the entire history of fucking movies, snake Pliskin, you can't, like you can't even fuckin like try t try to throw a name of me. You can't top sneak pliskin trustlike on a openy nail. You you can't beat it, but I would argue that Hansolo is also an Aiera. My oldest a was guy, I'm far more an a skape Guy, but Hansola wit SALENAN TAT as ot his rim. He is n Ot as Grimy as fuck as he does. He shoots. First, no he's not, but he still doesn't. He still doesn't wear his hero status like happily like he's not out and out trying to be a hero, he's still out from at's. True, it's true, but they so basically aet' throw the story out there. You get the story, it's a classic, John Carpeter, so the slowburn suspense. But it's an action flick. You now you have the president, which is donal pleasants. He gets sucked his air force, one goes down and he gets stuck bying it. You know he gets kidnapped and stuck in Manhattan, which is now it's like walld off version of the fucking Eigheen, hundreds, Australia. You know it's filled with criminals and derelics, and you know ever since WWhat's the line in the movie, like crime rose like four hundred percent, an nineteen, seven or SOM h e yeah. So to that that all had us- and he he yeah hhaei that and I all these fucking cars got earnest. fucking Burni is like the crazy fucking cab driver, which is perfectly cast for that Shit. Um, but, like you, got curt Russell in like the ultimate fucking anti herearoll, where they grab 'em and they fucking put a bomb in his body and say you have twenty four hours to save the president in New York City, where all these criminals are or your body will explode, then he has t he has to navigate the island of criminals, save the President and then get off the fucking island. It's it's a fucking, great movie. The problem with this movie and, like I said, Earlirad only made twenty five million dollars because a critic shit on this fucking movie from the Getko saying that it was slow and this and that and then you had all the fans of parpenter from the Halloween movies. They were expecting a fucking horror movie. They just trashed this year, but after it all came out t great fucking. It was also one of the first films. Where curt, I mean, everyone thinks I think now of cut Russell is a fairly kind of like action guy. No, he was never like a stalonor Willis even but he certainly had a string of lnggon as an stylefilms ray at Tanger in cash she over blee down. He had tombs Tav Torun Captain Roo forget that's Ot forgeting, the class said Captain Rok, but no this was, he was almost Han Solo. He was also onbut before this. He was basically known as like Disney's actor. He had been at Disney actor for a long long long time and he had only worked with copenort once before, which was on the Elvis miniseries. so He'd never done anything like snake pliskin before really he had never done it, and so he didn't mention to why everyone just Ma Watch that rep have it on GVD. I ess we watch, it does not hold up Watsoever, I'm sorry, Johave Um, no, I'm just saying so, like you know, and John Carpenter in general is G. despite making undoubtedly ten of the greatest movies of the decade, Wha was always shit upon by critics on every single tone. WSHUT upon by critics, you know what you forgot actually and he got shit on for that too. Being trouble. LITTL, China, big troubling China, when that comes after this yeah, but this was their second colliboration, first time, comressal being an action guy, it's seminal. For so many reasons, it's a fantastic film and how anyone would be able to escape New York in that short amount of time and not get lost in Adrin Babo's cleavage is just I mean. I know you have what have a Seari rea. I I body's Goin just sas a love Ian Understand. No, she wasn't carbener was still not Eberhell, but I believe th y. They met on this or the fog. The folk comes out before this right, the fog, so he yeah he banged her on set Hea Kno. So, okay, he wasn't with deberhell anymore. I think he was dating Babo, but I don't think they ever got married. But yeah you had like the cast in this is fucking phenomenal, everythebody's perfectly cast for the role leankleef, an Clif he's the fuck and there's you're anti hero right there from these Spaghetti westerns with fucking clinnestwood gets thrown in he's like this crooked, ass, cop and shit with his L Ke. You know his Shittyass, hair or whatever, but God yeah you've got ISY Hagan Hes YEP it. The dude behind the shaft soundtrack, shows up to play the duke with the funniest car chandelies. Ever whoever sticks Shandelis on the hood of the car. I don't know, but the duke pulls it off quit gon a condack again isomeone's going to bring that ship back come going on an and our history. We are doomed to repeat it before we'e running out of time here. So let me just throw these out real quick. Like I said earlier, we have a huge June which bleeds over. You know you had superman two in our top ten. You had raiders of Los Awork in our top ten victory, Arthur Um, fucking God, Shit, fucking empire strikes back wit, still tops in the box office and that came out in nineteen eighty. So that's what we had in the box office make a pick man. I know it's going to be tough it'. suffere me to pick these two I on know yeah so just quickly, some other notable S, N, housand, nine hunded and eighty one that you could have Ha d, but probably best you didn' was Cannibal. Farask came out um a little ospoitation movie with English actors in it. weitly called the survivor, which I own Um and under the Rainbow The hilarious comedy about starring Chery Chase and carry Fisher and isn't it about the like dwarf, who may have killed himselvs on the set of wizard of Oz, like it's a super wayn movie, but no. You were right to go with Curt Russell, but it does mean that I, as the judge, have to pick between two of the greatest cut russell movies ever made. Literally, it's such a difficult pick. Do you go with ICOLIC YOU WITH CLASSIC? Do you go with sevenol? You go ir the first Yo Gowith Te Skate from New York. Od you go for tombstone, which is just one of the most entertaining Westons ever made for norminal casts both films have phenomenal cast can be very, very difficult to pick, but I think because of the fact that you have John Cappentr at the helm, it has to be escaped from New York, but tombstone guys from ninety three. That was such a good pick, a that's playing right into my whalehouse, the other two movies Outhrrin Philadelphia, the absoy fine movies, but I'm sorry. It comes down to the battle of the rustles and, I think pliskin, just just edges wisbabeter a till a fantastic bag at A. I would kick his ass in real life too w what why Spos to stake? Plu, himwell Ye, nothing else say: Cliskin has automatial Wa, EO and no fucking contest. Butif Wyna was supersneiky and hit out in sameliont's mustache. He could wate out the twenty two hours and Saint Bliskin would blow up Danis Andrew, so there it is again that's two months in a row. It's six to one. I thought I actually thought you guys were going to take movies and this would be a four to three month, but man, six to one again, I have I have to go with yeah I mean look a Arthur and Philadelphia. It's it weres the were's, the debate there really it's. You know six or one a half dozen in the other and in terms, but it has to come down to the curt Russel and it's a very difficult pet 'cause. I love both of those movies daily, but the the presence of John Carpenter and Donald Pleasans, my favorite actor h just P, an if wehave to ti any salace in this at all in Nineteen D. Eighty one guys just to give us the win here we had the driveins. Not only do we have drivings, we had adult Drivin, you can go to a fucking adult drive in and see hot child in the city story, Georgina and Sharon all one night. I HAVE THE AD right here: WEO A O nd. Then you could drive home with your dashboard blazed and seen unable to be able to SI. Wa Im goes to a drive in to jerk off in your CAC for eight buck, an hour who can entertendtoit, they didn't have the Thet Wasa hole that was goiningours di. You need an entire movie marathon to get off Paul Rubens. I you get off once at the beginning, one and once at the end and the rest of the time. It's all about the plot, the characters and the Wadeley Brown early age. There Wa. There was a weird thing that I've never seen a a drive in movie theater before there. There is a second showing that has the superman spelt like soup. So I'm guessing that Neiter, the Spanish fly N in Kinky tricks. However, here's the cool thing about the driving movie Ho an nineteen eighty one, you coul view on your own private screen what the fuckdoes that mean whyt like they had. I know you had the private like speakers, so you could hear, but he tell me they had like a little. How? How did they have a TV monitor? Was it like the Oh? It was nine Tuteen and eighty one it's like when we went to the airport and you put a quarter in and you got to watch the little tiny, black and white T V in the chair. I don't know you guy, remember Thos, but that's kind, O cool 'cause. You can't do that anymore, but anyhow, let's close it up, it's fucking landside again we got a wind fror July nineteen, an eighty one we got him, have to mix it up again next month for the nineties, but mark closeit out all right. Fellow phoopers, thanks for tuning into this great episode of the Poop Culture Pondcast as we play everyone's new favorite game dueling decades. If you enjoy dueling decades, you now can follow us over on Instogram mancrush tell them where they can do that. Yeah go over to instrogram it's at dueling decades. You can also follow us on facebook forward. Slash duling decades. Follow us, like the Shit. Do all that it's Kindo cool every day. I put something out so check it out. There's a you know: movie things theres commercials, there's T V, I throw it all up there mark does too so just go over. There bow does too, maybe postsleepin now 'cause Yeu're talking about movies, he hates it, but take it away. I to got t hal talking to yeah, follow us all over on instrogram now, and you can follow us on Facebook, at Poop, culture, podcast and, of course, over on twinter at poop culture like to think the honorable John Cross for Surg, serving as the judge this week. You'll quite welcome make sure you go over and check out. His pondcast John Tell us where people canfind Ya, you can find me at after movie Diner Com, that, after movie diner Ot Com and if you are in New York and H, you are going to be anywhere near Brooklyn. New York in July and August come find me at the Crystal Lake Bar. I am going to be there if you can give me thirty seconds I'll, give you the dates. I believe it is Monday July. Twenty. Third, I think, and then August fifth and August nineteenth sies that soundd about right. I think something like that, so yeah come find me at the Crystal Lake Bar otherwise find meat after movie dinadoc con thanks. So much guys, it's been your privilege to have me here John. I also like to think the great wrapper, Mr Mike Rainger, thanks ar coming on the show. Oh thank you sohow everyone where they can listen to the video rangers pot gas. Well, you can just type it in where, on your podcast, listening ap of choice, CASPA hand next week we're going to be doing no retreat, no surrender, yeah, yeah gratfilm real excited about that been practicing training, montage yeah I've been doing H, push ups with only two fingers cock pusher. They only Nedu want to follow it up with pot too. That has Cinza Rothrock in it God. No, I hope not. Why not! It's awlesome pot, too, is better than pot won. No Way You got fucking R, J and por one and a fact I eatand Che does cockups in her man. You can never be cockups and, of course you can follow the poop culture pondcast. You can listen like and subscribe over on our website. Www Don poop culture, dotcom thanks for tuning in for another week of the fun fellow poopers we're going to bid you apece love lighting, O joy have a great week. Everyone Infrmaymedia