Dueling Decades
Aug. 17, 2018

Dueling Decades - June 1988 vs June 1998

Dueling Decades -  June 1988 vs June 1998

It's the return of everyone's favorite guilty pleasure game show, Dueling Decades - June 1988 vs June 1998!!!

This week we shuffle up the teams a bit and the result you will have to hear - to believe. This one was a battle for the ages, literally!...

It's the return of everyone's favorite guilty pleasure game show, Dueling Decades - June 1988 vs June 1998!!!

This week we shuffle up the teams a bit and the result you will have to hear - to believe. This one was a battle for the ages, literally! Rick Mancrush forms the Mega Powers with new teammate Mike Ranger and take on Beau Becraft and Nate from The Selling Out Podcast and they come up with one of the best team names we have had thus far on the show!

The Honorable Jon Cross dawns the gavel and wig to hold order for this one! What were the top moments from June of 88 & 98? What were your favorite memories of that time? Listen as our two teams of time fighters slug it out using the patented Poop Culture Pentagon of Contention Categories! Of course those are - Movies, Television, Music, Hot Products and News. Did you agree with the outcome or do you call shenanigans!

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In a May, it awords the immortal, King of Cush, Mark James Greetings, pousand gals and welcome back into the stalls for another episode of the critically acclaimed poop culture, podcast filling in for Mark James who, as out of commission and under the weather this week, I am the bruiser of Bristol himself buby craft and with me this week is always the facilitator of feces himself Mister Rick, mancrush and joining us as guest host. For this weeks, episode is a man who always knows the price for flight from the video Rangers podcast Mike Ranger, and also joining as this week. One half of the host duo for the latest show to join the poop culture extended universe from selling out. Please welcome to the crapsting couch Nekorzinsky good evening. Gentlemen, how are you you missed one? You missed the honorable. I wanted to leave that one to you, okay, allright, so there's a whole story to this and we'll we'll get to that right here, we'll make it quick. So we have the honorable John Cross from the after movie diner on the show with us as the judge today, and it's not because Mike screwed up last months duel the decades 'cause after the show. As everybody knows, he broke her on tefeated streak by giving the nineties the wind. However, after Mike listened back to the episode, sends me a message: What did you say like? I was ashamed of myself then, as soon as the honorable John Cross came on the show, what did John Crossay, he said, you're a bitch, I said, yeah, I said you're you're, Shitty judge you GI, Shitty, Judge Ho that didn't go too well. I was listening to that episode and I was like you're out of order. It was EA, it was not good, but you will redeeme yourself tonight or maybe I'll just punish you ansighed on the other team. No, don't do that. Don't do that. So this is where we're going. Unfortunately, Mark James is under the weather. He's got some problems going on physically and he was going to try to make this show and he was just in too much pain to do it so, unfortunately, mark here's a shot out, but we're going to switch teams up a little bit and it's going to be Mikeranger n myself as the megapowers verses, Bobe craft and Nates as Helen Murins undergarments. That is correct, all right and wer without further ado. Let me just go over the rules: Real Quick, so basically duel decades, this duel of decades- and the judge has no idea about these years. Yet so he's in the dark we're doing today June nineteen and eighty eight versus June nineteen. Ninety eight and it's going to be five rounds. We got movies music, T V, top news and hot products fir three rounds or a point. Apiece last two rounds or two points, a piece and after last weeks to backle or last months, tobaccle what we decided to do as if it happens to come down to the last round and John Cross, can h pick one side of the other, we're going to take it to a twinterpole that sound, fair, that's fine, that's Fi! I was going to make you perform various disgusting activities for me on the web cap. Potopol sounds much much better. Bu Your Car Wer, my how it rolls we'll see ou rol. Maybe we go that route um before we get started Mike. Can you do the honorable well you're, not honorable anymore you're, just my grandaughthe, the VHS cassette cover flip with the heads are tailed. Asyou goes first, what a you got back there. You got northern exposure on vhs first season, O I've only got the a second. What a e you got on lezure disk lacense a drive. I think today we'll go with the whole cogen classic no holds bar M Yeah right NA since you're new MM. You get to call the flip in the air. Obviously, the front of the box with Holdcogan with his arms up his heads tails, would be the back of the box all right. When am I calling I'm going to call, don't a call tails Al Right. Do it Myg, that's right, so we take the board first. What do you think we should go with Mike? We got to go pretty go with our our worst cateworth. All right. You pick one I'll. Let you H do the honors they're all pretty bad? Let's, AH, why not start out with let's start out with hot products, yeah all right in a year that produced great toys like the baby, Gros, the Pewee Hermandoll, the Barbie power wheel, corvette, perhaps the greatest of them all. Was the footnote the floor keyboard that you can play with your feet that you saw hem big only this is a five foot, miniature version that didn't work for Shit and me and my brother's hated it did you guys, play heart, an soul, or did you try? No, apparently I'm supposed to be able to play country songs that was in the advertising? Well, I was thinking like. Did you get the accompanying videotape that had Robert loje walking you through how to play different standards? I didn't, but it did come with with a Mike and a speaker, so I can be my own music video. You would definitely learn more if Robert Lojo was like motivationally screaming at you. That would definitely work. I would definitely learn more music. That way you would need Losur from over the top, though not so much lozure from big 'cause. He was too nice of a Guy Al Lusur from armed and dangerous all right or scarface. He was slimy Antgarfan s that oneall right. So that's what we're starting with this one in in in that's nineteen. Eighty eight big keyboard Otmorten, my a product, probably the best side scrolling, beat hem up game of all time. In my opinion, nd that would be double dragin. The North American release for this game was June of nineteen. Eighty eight everybody had a copy, this game, it retailed for thirty nine. Ninety nine, a a time which is eighty five dollars and twenty eighteen. So it's a little pricey, but even people that didn't have video game systems. They still had double dragging because they played it in the arcade and it even had like a movie adeptation with Scott Wolf and Mark Damascus was in that shit came out years later and I roner Hattrick, I think as well. Robert Patrick was also in that and you're correct, so see the judge is already kind of agreeing but uh in nineten and eighty eight, you know children of all ages were trying to help the Lee brothers to find. U, I don't even know which one's girlfriend was kidnaped, but one of their girlfriends was beaten kidnapped. So you know you're you're, walking down the street and you got to navigate through like a savage entrage of like chicks, with whips, punk rockers with knives or like thugs and baseball bats. There was huge muscle heads that looked like Robert Frank trying to kick your ass. I don't know, I think, and that's probably where professional restrs got the idea to throw garbage cans of people. I think it all started with Double Dragon, so it was pretty significant pop culturally, not just for the video game, but for a professional wrestling. What wdud you say about that, though I I don't know, I don't know ye or is o find a product that dropped in June of nineteen. Ninety eight Ike ohteln age I feel like I need to go back to seers before they close and rummage through the Arkipe see if I can fond a catalog laing around there somewhere, that's got some of the hot products of June. Eighty Eight! It's it's tough there and there were a lot of products and one of the things you come across a lot of the times is you're off a a couple of weeks like we just missed having photoshop was just released, a therere first, two hundred copies of Photoshopon, that which would have been enormous, and we missed that. But those are the two procks that we had to go for for June, nineteen and eighty eight. So what do you have Helen Murr, I'm going to defer to mate first well, I was having the same issue trying to find specifically June. The closest I could find that was a culturally relevant Um item was a was the ferby which ended up getting really popular eyes towards Christmas. Obviously, with all the the Um chaos that you saw an the with the that was like the first one, I could remember of of people being trampled and killed, and I don't know if it was that or the picklmeelmo but h but th. That's that's what I'm going for as the FURBE. I I I wish. I could tell you specifically, but when I looked up June, onine hteen and ninety eight, that was what popped up I. So I'm sticking with that. As my story, I'm sticking to it jams. I will say that's a good one. Faa Herby's, a big deal, hairless ferbey didn't sell as well, though I don't know it was an aesthetic thing or you know, yeah Ists, not as cuddly. I don't know t' it', it's Kinda creepy, it's like a hairless cat. It reminds me of something soft and cutdely, but something about it. Just creeps me out man I donknow, but yeah. I didn't even know there were herelessburbis. Is that just something you don't know, get get on and look that shit up? It's terrifying Jesus owhat! Do you have any of the numbers for that 'cause e they're, probably fucking staggering Um. I unfortunately like I said I was having so much trouble. Youre talking numbers as far as sales, yeah, L Ke. How much of that even retail for do you have the Furbi M, I'm sorry not off hand, man we're going to get them unpreparedness, drugested doc! Remember when everybody thouht that their Ferbes were going to be like retirement money, yeah and theywere buying iany babies over now, it's crazy! What state the Corse? It's crazy! The BEANI babies dead, but Ferbes didn't and boglins tried to make a comeback, which was my personal favorite alarn, and they did greatly, but I don't think boglins are worth anything either right. Okay, just just quickly as a little aside here, I know I' probably already got the point dock but ferbis originally retailed for about thirty five dollars upon release, but they sold so well that by the time Christmas rolled around the demand drove the resell price up over a hundred dollars and sometimes as high as several hundred dollars so supply and demand. Folks and then obviously the supply ran out to to the point where people were willing to kill each other over thes, some pretty despicable things in a kmart, restroom, yeah Manwyeah all right. So what what do you have? Bou? That's that's a an I rean io the same problem, it's hard to find specific products that ere released by date so goaead and knock the point off if you got to, but these are some of the most popular toys from at least nineteen. Ninety I at least a year th, the one that I saw that kind of stood out. Oh you're, dropping the entire NI YOUE HAPP in the entire year. I'm trying to I okay, I Google June ninety eight, and this is what came up so I don't know if it's accurate or not, but I'm goingto go with the UM t, the NICKELODEON AMFM CD blast box, which at least you had one shit one to well. You know I had this snoug and a lot of other kids that I knew had this. This was like the thing when I was. I would have been ten years old in nineteen and ninety eight, so every kid that I knew had this thing. So of course I had to have one in order to be. You know not just a fat kid, but also a cool fat, kid CD player, amfm, Stereo, receiver, two forin speakers. So this thing really put out some wolf led track display cutting edge stuff, Stereo headphone Jack, so you could listen to quality. They volume limit safety features so mom and dad didn't have to listen to your your shitty music at unreasonable levels. They're a governor on Antana fold away, handle it also came with Oh Mya way hand. There's more billy maze. It came with a free gaculator. You guys remember Gak Yeah Yeah, so it was, it was gack with a calculator and it duel power calculator with eight digit LCD displayind, a pair of blast, pads doluck stereo headphones with a justable green slime headbands, which is just peak nickelodeoniss in the nineties. You all have answer retail price, one hundred and twenty nine dollars which for back then is that seems kind of pricey no yeah for fucking, regular boombox by SOMEYEA. I would call it a Censon and called a day. Here's my honorable mention, though Bash and brawl wrestlers twenty onch. Twenty one inch tall saw figures, all the like the wwnwo guys they say th. They were like the Bashan Buddies. They were, like you know: WW, F, ED, Bashan Buddies. These were the Bashand Brell wrestes. So these were the WCW I I definitely would have led with that. God Doam it. I know I mean strike out etery well off to a pretty pretty typical start. On my end, I I don't know that Ol seeward John its Olo Wolit. I have to say, gentlemen: It's a very difficult choice: Um, none of them completely leap out O me and I obviously have to also take intoout the cultural significance of such things. Also, the guys have got a wonderful name with Hellen Maren's undergarments a she is, of course, from my Fairi native land. However, I have to and I'm a terrible joke. ECAUSE I've already forgotten the eighties guys team named, but it doesn't matter the mega powers, so the mega powers are going to take it, but they're going to take it only because I've seen her rise in Arcade Games. There's like barcades are cropping up everywhere. These days, their sides scrolling beatemup games are still hugely popular. When I look at the ten great side, scrolling arcade beat em ups online. I can tell you that the double dragon comes third and in fact the one that was my personal favorite back when I used to play games, although I used to play it on a console T, an arcade golden axe, ninenee and eighty nine yeah. That was that was number two on the list and the number one was final fight, but double dragon. Plus You got the Robert Patrick starring movie and, like I say, r cake games an now a e huge collector item, whereas no one gives a shit about Ferbes. So I'm going to go with MECA power. Sorry how Wan to go wit, the Magapassin herbys. Let me down again man. If I had a nickall sweet when you said Ferby, I was like Fcar e go um all right, so we control the Board Mike. Do you want to go to news? I thinkuyah. I got a hot whole lot of good yeah, some crazy fulking, stuff, yeah AAll right June, fourteenth a small wildfire starts in Montana Yeah. No, no! I mean that happened, but that's not it H. Really. What happened was a NASA scientist. James Henson testifies to the Senate that global warming man made global warming has begun so wow e news. That is pretty solid. The News I are always tough, because they're always shit that are way out of our sphere onmine. I might need to bring some shit up 'cause. It's not like pop culture shit where I just fucking spit it, and also twenty years later, we're still debating that. And can anyone like believe that twenty years later was still debating global ellthat's? Thr? ORS? Is Thirty years later right? No now Yo'rdating myself! I think this was the start of modern liberalism. T'sright here Tuand. Eighty eight, that's the EE started Li with WHO has to us for the vast sums of money that scientists get paid to lie to us. I guess all right so mine's, it's pretty close to the same thing June: Thirteenth, nineteen. Eighty Eight! For the first time, a federal court finds a cigarette company liable in the death of a smoker and they order them to pay four hundred thousand dollars an damages to be paid to the witer widower of the deceased rose cippolini. This is like a landmark defeat for the tobacco industry, because for forty years they had hundreds of thousands of cases and they destroyed everybody, because their pockets are so deep that they would. You know people would take them to court and they would just run them out of court and they would always win so the judgment. It happened in Newark, New Jersey and it was against the Ligi Group, which makes like parliaments or some shit like somelegaates een, fucking heard of ORLIITS. I don't know- maybe I 'm making that up, but they they also sued, like the other big guys too, but they God let go probably 'cause. They had more money, but the the six member jury they. It was unanimous. They ruled for for Legat that they breached the warranty, which was expressed in the advertisements before nineteen sixty six. That said that the cigarettes were safe and w. what's interesting about this case that I found and that's the reason I did it was. It went to appeals court for four fucking years, because their pockets were so deep and they kept sending it back to court and eventually they had to give that four hundred thousand dollars back to Lega Group. They reversed the whole thing, however, because this was the first time that this happened. This really raised awareness about cigarettes and how you know cigarettes are bad and the cigarette companies are hiding all this shit about the cigarettes. And since that point- and this is where I got to bring some shit up- they went through thousands of different lawsuits and, let's see in two thousand Philip Morris had to pay fifty one point: five million dollars to a California smoker that had inoperable lung cancer, so that all stemmed from that and then in two thousand and six there was a class action lawsuit in Florida, the Florida Supreme Court were seven hundred thousand smokers in their families sued the smoking companies, however, because there were so many what happened was a rule that I think it ended up being like eight thousand smokers that they picked out of e seven hundred thousand. They said those eight thousand smokers were allowed to individually sue the tobacco companies and by Twenty Fifteen, like companies like R J reynolds they had to, like. You know, file all this different shit and h. The jury like ruled against them and they had to pay out like three hundred million dollars to these eight thousand smokers. So it all stemmed from this one case because before that it was just a landslide, so it's a pretty big deal, and that was I mean it's not fancy news. It's not funny news, but that's some real deal, shit that went on in June of eighty eight, absolutely yeah, I'm going with the Wildfar Wel man allright off to Helen Mirin in her undergarments. What do you think Bo you had I'll go? First, I got one: That's UH completely out of my comfort zone sports in the news June, Fourteenth e Chicago Bulls when there's sixt nb a title in eight years, defeating the Utah Jazz Eighty, seven, eighty six and game six. This is also notable because I watchd space GM last night, but also Michael Jordan's last game as a bowl. So there's sports back to you NA right, yeah M, I'M IT'S FUNNY! I thought about bringing that one up too, but I'm equally Um uninterested or uninformed in sports, but Um. So, to end this, on a on another, really high happy note Um, my story has to do with Um James Bird junior died June, seventh, nineteen. Ninety eight- he was an African American man who was murdered by three white supremacests, and they said this ti be happen. I feel a good story in nineteen, Ninety yeah so um on June, seventh, Seaun allenberry Lawrence Russell Brewer and John William King. All all these guys have the typical three name: southern sort of white spremases thing going on Um they Um. They dragged this man behind a pickup truck along an asphalt road. The reason this is an important story other than the obvious loss of a life is that Um, it ended up being um a big factor in m. This hate crimes, Prevention Act. It was called the Matthew Shepherd and James Bird Junior hate crimes, prevention, acts which wasn't passed until October, twenty second, two thousand and nine by Barack Obama. But this was a big, a factor in that being passed, but Um yeah. This poor man was killed by a but a couple, asshold white supremacist from Texas and M. But, as a result, the laws were changed and Um. You know. Hopefully things I've moved in a positive direction as a result, but yeah so not to bring the room down but um, but I guess oate positive, ending you're, saying that you're bringing the room down, but that's presuming that none of us are white. Supremiseo yeah. I guess I don't know the room. LISOFOR least the first addition of windows. Ninety eight at the end of June, I Nineteen D, Ninety Eight, absolutely the worst operating on ut. It had painti the last like thirty years. Actually no M was probably worse than ninety eight, but good one. I remember that story that was a fucked up story. Remember wher. That happened, but man way to pull the heartstrings of John Trisit's an Olberdy, a cold ground. I have to say only this time it's a difficult round, because I feel that at least three of the stories are still relevant. Th Two ROM, one thousand nine hundred and ine n nine UN and eight ight they'are still both relevant and the obviously the hate crime story is still very relevant, sadly, is still going on. However, not being a sports guy, th one, no, that's not tru. I like Ice Hockey and I like baseball but not being a Chicago balls, Michael Jordan Guy. Although I have seen space jam more than once, I'm not sure how like relevant. That story still is today Um, but it's very difficult 'cause. I kind of don't want to just always be nineteen eighties. The HOLEWASU see that of e trick, it's an Atcher and they had the wildfire story. So that was, I was legitimately lit. You guys had the window story, so I suppose that N Ipin the other way it's very difficult guys. I would. I would love to give it to Hellen Meran, but I'm sorry, I'm going to have to go with the megapowers again and woming and cigarette companies being taken down. That is still. They are that's just big stories, it's just very, very big stories and its still relevant today. So I gotto give it to you guys the Magapas again, I'm so sorry all right! Well, John, it's been a pleasure having you will see O te guy. I deliber. I O pretted hard over that because you know we're still quedly again. Twenty years later, still dealing with white supremist like what the fuck someone F, these guys are sweater and a nice cosy book and Tomeem to go fuck off. I don't know Eo SA thatthat is o relevant, but Shugago Chicago bullsman. I'm I'm coming up. Nothing is that is that an English thing like to to politely, tell someone. I've never been politely told to Fuck Off, like here's there's a sweater, but they SAS for Jumir. They don't say I don't know I mean we've tried punching them, we've tried Igting and we we you know, killed them in wars. You know, we've told them it's wrong, we've shouted at them. We protest. Like I don't know. I look, I'm all for punching NACIES in the face. Th kicking them in the Growiin n setting fie to the ISEHOLE, whatever no, I thought have we tried giving them some cake and saying shut up. Oh you know what I mean like. I don't know it's time to coddle them. It's got to be ice cream cake for them. 'CAUSE, most of them don't have teeth, somebody that can suk oug a stroll humidity gets up. I don't know. You've just got to be very, very pathetic and sad to want to all march together, because you think I don't know it's just very weird. Ah, it's fucking ridiculous Mike. I GUESS WE GO T V here to zero. The pressure is Kindo, so we'll just fucking. What? Let's UST? Do It d you wh? You want me to go. First, uh, I'm trying to think I'm trying to remember what years what I al anybody who was a fan of wrestling in the eighties specifically the fuf, will remember the brother love show. This egment was similar to the Piper's pit and debut on June nineteenth in nineuteen and eighty eight during an airing of the wrestling challenge, which was their B show tewe mostly watched WF SUPERSOURC, the segment featured a boasting preacher who preached to the World Word of love, Anda Loe you and his fucking red face, paint or like sprayed on an were usually hated. Like all the good wrestlers th like polkogen Ormachaman, a d he loved Ted Dbiasi, so wait so when did if he came in then maybe bonows is then, when did the UNTE other love brought in the undertaker initially, so everybody ocio Calbera is as the undertaker's manager or whatever is actually brother loved Tha brouht in Aletic, and I wanted to say that was nineteen Eigy, nine, I'm googling nineteen. Ninety he was the manager of the undertaker fom, one Thousan, nine hutdred and nine T, O n nineued D Ninty one. His real name was Bruce Pritchard, yes and he's got a great pod cast by the way. You know something sounds strange about hearing a British accent: Talkinglunjust doesn't compute alr, that's a that's a fucking, solid one and tha again when you're going back looking for these specific dates, I didn't even come across that and the tough part and just to tell the audience now that it's June, your Showis, have ended. So it's not like we can give you any finales, toand thing. They're done all the shows ended in May we're dealing with the weird summer. Shit, maybe like America's most wanted. We eeven pitched around like having an episode about that horse. I fucked all big for that. Ye O e ship by accident all right. Let's see how this one goes 'cause. This is sports related and it's June, twenty Sevenh nineteen. Eighty eight. We have the heavyweight tital fight that at the time it was built as a fight of the century, but that's not really too much. What I'm talking about there there's multiple points in this story and it begins off with the payper view, buys and t the fight is Mike Tyson versus Michael spinks and that sold seven hundred thousand pay per view. I don't know whetyou call 'em like views or whatever the fuck. They were thirty five dollars apiece, which is about seventy five dollars in twenty eighteen. So that is almost what you would pay for, like the May weather fight these days. So that's pretty pretty standard t. The fight was between an undefeated Michael Sphinx and undefeated Mike Tyson. It would go on to make twenty five million dollars roughly fifty four million dollars and twenty eighteen, just in paper, view sales and up to this point this is the largest paperview boxing event in history in the history of television. Everyone used to remember this is nineteen. Ninety eight or nineteen, eight, eight rather so. Seven hundred thousand bus is incredible because not every household had cable and just for comparison's sake, the highest paper view ever for the WWE 'cause. I know a lot of people associate wrestling with paper viewwas in twenty twelve for Resselmenia twenty eight and that sold one point, two million bys all right, and that was twenty. Four years later, W everybody and their mother had cable and WWF at the time they didn't even top seven hundred thousand buys until nineteen nd eighty nine when they did wrustleine five, which of course was that where the megapowers fought w, what do you mean fougt against each other, yeah yeah 'cause, before that? You know two months after the they were together e brother Love, ing, that's where they were at summer, slam right and that's how and we missed that that kind of fucking. Here, that's what always happens, but aside from like the Gaudy numbers of the pay per view, the fight did still take place. Obviously you had to fight between two undefeated fighters. Like I said, Ealier Yo had a twenty one year old Mike Tyson, who was the WBC WBA, the IBF heavy wait champion, verse the more experience and also ondefeated gold, metal boxer, Michael Spinks, who was also the ring and the lineal champion, and it was. It was buil as the fight if the century at the time and they build it as a once infrall fight theye would decide who the actual real champ was 'cause. Even though Mike Tyson was like larger in t life of the time, if you looked at who he tought, he did fight a lot Tometicans at one point. So the negotiations FIS fight, took a long time and was all set and done. Mie Tyson knocked the Fuck Aut hif spinx in ninety one seconds in the first round, and of course he won and he wont the other two belts which aren't really huge belts being the ring in the Lineal Championship, but I'm not so sure how often this is disgusting. This might be the biggest portion of this whole thing. It's the truth and maybe we're breaking it here on the poop culture pod cast 'cause. I don't know how many people talk about this, but this is Tyson's last big win of his career. He went on to bea Frank Bruno and call truth Williams, an the next two fights who were basically tomato cano this point and then the next figt who s going to fight another tomato can, which is James, busterd Douglas, who actually ended up. who was on the undercard of the fight that we just talked about ends up? Knocking out Mike Tyson- and that was pretty much I forplacng because then he went to jail and you know then he had fights against the Vanher Holyfield and shit like that and lost hem, both Pi his ear off. So there's a lot of things about this fight that made it really culturally relevant and that's what I got for June. Nineteen, eighty for Helen Mirr, you mind if I adversed I'm glad, because I I was hoping I'd, get to do this ting, because I couldn't really find much else significant. I noticed that on June sixth, nine tnded and ninety eight, the premier of sex in the city which went on to become a huge cultural milestone or whatever let see, sent and filmed in New York City based on one and nine hundred N. ninety seven book by the same name, the show follows the lives of a group of four women, three in their mid thirties and one in her forties who, despite their different natures and ever changing sex lives, remain inseparable and convide confide in each other. It was starring a Sarah Jessica, Parker, Kimcatraw, Christen Davis and Cynthia Nixon and M yeah it's upon two movies, Um, it uh it. It ran from ninety eight until two thousand and four and yeah it was. It was a pretty big deal um for a certain demographic. I guess not so much for me, but I definitely dated a few girls who loved this movie and yeah. I don't know if that's what I got bolic. I was going to go with that, but I mean I this whole time I was just thinking like isn't: Isn't sex in the city, just kindof like dirty golden girls, was not as good. I was going to say a if the golden girs ow well written. You like the actors performing apart. It's funny and I'd much rather have sex with any of them living right. EAD, no questions. He Arte, nome about as bell as hed, be arthor crack op on a cold one son Ck just lie there I'll do all the word got that fucking monotoed voice, Michael, I always fel yeah. Betty White was probably the the hottest of that crew and they always sold it as Rumccleniham yeah. What the hell she she whent when she first went up for the role she went up for the roll that Rumclanha N playsyeah. That was what she inisually went up for, but they found her much funnier and like the ditzyrole, but she went up for the kind of Um sort of sexy. You know sluttish one and it's funny because she sort of tried to do the kind of Old Lady, but is happen to talk about sex kind of roll sort of ever since really and all thet other kind of Sitcom Star for film Rols andshe supposed new. Yes, she has, but I'm not going to I'm not O. I right now. 'cause we've got a punk cotter, a coll, otherwise I'd just be off. I woulust be off quite literally pictures of Heleno the wmen ishez. Now I just have images of the two of them. Oh jut, all right, betty, waite now t doesn't matter me. I I think I think they both know what to do with their peirls. If you know what I'm saying aight there there wasn't, there wasn't really a lot else, a debuted in June of nineteen ninety eight- that is worth noting, but there are some shows that ended some some pretty decent runs in June of nineteen. Ninety eight and those include Horaldo, which ended June twelfth also ending June twenty Sixh step by step, which was H, Suzanne Samers, Patrick Dufpyz. I remember that being Petty Gochio, the most important show that ended in June of nineteen. Ninety Eight on June twentieth, Billni, the Science Guy said: Farewell H, how did you not mention Sachamichel Yeah kickboxer, two, three and four yeah? Oh yeah, with thefeet the best kt, I believe in an episode AF slip by step, even kick through a sodar machine mm. Well, who hasn't been there before, though, that happens to me at least twice a year. Man I' beat the shit out of Hertipia machine. One time we watched kickboxer three, where he I think he was off to South America and he's wearing a pair of Zubas, and I'm watching this with with my wife and he's chasing a little kid to still his wallet and he must not have been wearing underwear. Twelve inches long and Thas he's running. All you see is is fucking pants, just like doin like this me and my wife are both like. I can't look at anything but that, like Wat, the fuck man get the totopoilerr get hem little more air flow. It propels them forward with each thrust all right, so you had the death of like three different Joes Heraldo Bina, the science guy and step by step. Three cancellations equals one DA, I think, Y. U Kno, not a strong one by any means oft Tou, John Gr right then this one I it all depends on who you are so whether this is tricky or not, but I have to say so. Looking at the D, nineteen and eighty eight first while brother love is certainly a character that came back and reoccurred and in fact, just appeared recently at the the Um. Was it twenty fifth anniversary of raw or whatever t that just happened M it? I don't feel like that character is up there with a lot of the ones that just regular folks know whether you're interwrestling or not. For example, the undertaker to me seems a way more kind of famous character than than brother love and the boxing one I just I could never ever support anything. My Tyson was involved in I've, no idea how Mike Tyson has gone through the life that he's had and come out. The other side of this like motivational speaker who does cameos in hangover movies, and everyone is perfectly all right with when he's like a convlicted, violent rapist and, like I don't understand it completely baffles my brain as to how he gets away with that. However, also forgetting my own personal politics involved in nineteen. Ninety eight, I feel like whether, although I don't think anybody on the panel particularly M, think since there's a rcultural significant for them. I feel like sex in the city. That is a huge like that is a huge pop culture moment, whether we like to admit it or not, m, not a particular fan in the series. I I genuinely find, even though it's about four women that they pol the sex gendo politics in it is awful. The two movies are horribly sexist and badly made. However, it is a huge cortural thing. People still say you know, women around the office will still refer to each other as the names of the characters and talk about it and d. It was just on Um t V, the other day 'cause. I guess it's coming up. Either the anniversary s just happened, T it was coming up on the anniversary Um, so it's still being talked about. So that's got to be a huge thing in its favor and h Bill Ni, the Sciene Sky, I feel, like you know again, came back on Netflix Hugely Cultural Signivicante, especially in the Internet age. It ties into the whole global warming thing that was in the news and things. I think this is the round where I have to give the point to Helen Merrin's undergarments. So then there is your first point, o the dayguys and Thankou. So much for that historical lesson about television, N, hes carry bradshaw ill, never say that that is a. That is a victory point that I am ashamed of, but will take. Well that's what I say: It's like a backhanded complimentaiond I'll, give it to you guys by for show that we all wish didn't exist or have the cultural signagats that it does pobby he needs hiss man he's also dead yeah. Well, he looks at us he's in my room. I now the brains looking down on the poop culture podgaster right now, you boter, you guys are you're taking this one you're calling all right so we're going into round four here. So we're in the two point rounds. What W ERE t? What are the remaining categories? I'm sorry! We have left music and movies you mind if I hit music Bo or you go right ahead. My friend, all right, so in Um June thirty, one and nine hundred and ninety eight, the debut album from system of a down, came out M. I'm not particularly a huge fan, but this album has a a place in my heart Um on our podcast Dave Ind, my podcast, the selling out show we talk about Um about our wild younger years. Quite a bit and UM system of a down factored in. My Band back in the nineties was able to M, go on tour opening for m talk about nineties, incubus and system of a down, and we were the third act. You Know Um Opening Act on that tour and UH. So at the time system of Adown, wasn't anybody yet they they m they, the album, hadn't, even dropped. Yet when we went on toarwd them, so it was kind of a an interesting show to see. I I I kind a got sick of them after the first album, but um, but it was a you know, pretty Um consequential release. It was Um kind of an avant guard, new metal sort of sound with operatic vocals strange time. Signature changes. There was a mix of like humor anger, political frustration, blended in with the fronetic rifts and Um. You know it was. It was unique for the time Um they took that new metal sound that Um. That was a little kind of one note and took that I don't know m made it a little interesting compared to some of the other acts that just sounded like corn, rip, offs or M in in the limp biscuit time period of it was. It was a little bit of a breath of fresh air um, but um yeah, so so that one like I said, I had a special place in my heart, even though I'm not a big fan of the man Um ther guitarist, particularly Darron, was a real hasshole. When we were touring with them, cocky rock star attitude when they they didn't even have a debut album at the time when we toured with them, but uh but anyway. So that's where I'm going with system of Adam first debut self, Tightala June thirtieth. That's my story I'Ms. What did that happen on? It would then have spiders on it. Um, the first one had spiders it had Um Shat, my Po, well wit, you olyhav exactly sugar n sugar. Thank you, Thae isj yeah, the other single sugar, was the big one, yeah yeah. As a matter of fact, I don't think spiders was on that when I think Spouti as on the next one but er was fios, was on that one as well. Oh, it was okay, thanks hm little hole from the God, all right, new metal, all right, I'm going to go in the complete opposite direction of new metal. This is, I would say this is actually kind of relevant right now, since you have weezer topping the charts with a a toto cover h June nineteen. Ninety eight jump jiveand whale a cover from Louis Prima by the Bryan setzer orchestra on their album, the dirty Bugi this song, if I remember correctly, was pretty ubiquitous for quite a while it was you couldn't go anywhere without somebody playing that or hearing it or talking about it. It actually got the the band of grammy a year later in nineteen. Ninety nine, for I think it was like a best pop with vocal or something like that interesting fun fact in a Kevin Bacon, six degrees of separation. I Know Louis Prima's, son, Louis Prima Junior, who who's a guitar player, is my guitar players brother. So there's like, like our degrees yeah, so I've hung out and eaten dinner with Louis Prima junior and all that fun stuff did some shots with him. Be a prima junior is better than primadonna. I suppose. Yes, always I preferred stray cuts, tothe BRI or that album had that outmed somrb, some good stuff on it. I think, if I remember I, but we had some honorable mentions from June of ninety eight two hol hold on to him hold on okay, I heap those for a tie. I just in case Oh damn it, but I want to blow the load now wait. We can do Ali if, if n, if it's Um like, if it's too t tough for you to pick right, then what we normally do is we'll draw the lighting round. You know people that were in the chart got it of that month. That might not necessarily been released that month, boas trying to push it SOE'm going to stop him jury striked that from the record quitus interrupt us. So we have system of a down and the Brian Sets Orcstra. Okay Higgiys Mark James here, and I wanted to talk to you about a problem that pleagues us all and that's you know nothing turns off your partner more than a condom that smells like sour rubber glide has eliminated the unpleasant odor with their clean formula, which is also nontoic and certified Vegan. So the only meat she eats is yours, then you're. In luck, my friend glad condoms are made for men and love by women because they are nontoxic and do not cause irritation. The only thing you want rougheng up your woman's Poon is you in Guids, mide condoms come in three sizes: slimfit tight ultra standard, which is made for most men in Naxi Youn, that's, but the utic ones wearing the right condom, size matters when it comes to pleasure and performance for both partners, so check out lide condoms that gl y de at Glide America Dodcom Mike You WANTTO, kick this out. Everybody that anybody that's a fan of hip hop knows that n nineteen and inety eight nineteen, eighty eight is a pivotle year for for the genre and year as a whole is fucking insane but June. In particular, you get an album that spent about forty two weeks on the billboard. Two hundred and produce tracks, like don't believe the hype, bring the noise e night of the living baseheads rebel without a pause, and I'm talking about public enemies. It takes a nation and millions to hold us back. This album is fucking incredible. It's perhaps one of the most important albums of the decade public enemy. What's so incredible about them is they're not just a ban. They're a fucking movement they're, a fucking tshirt they're in John Connor fucking, wears it in terminator too they're a tea shirt, yeah they're, also pefor health performance on that show with Qorky was like one n Lifelam was on yeah. He does a great h cover of a public enemy song should go see it. Oh Man, I got looked out up it's on Youtube. It's phenomenal. I remember the episode where he drew a map yeah, not to mention P, you g t you got CHUCTI and flavorflave, who is perhaps the coolest fucking Du to really just say a couple words: the ultimate hyp, the fucking he's the best type man that fucking clock is cool every now and then I just Kindof Wantta W. I just want to wear one ul Weig down on the neck Ali. Think after a while be cool, though to be like you know, in the supermarket, like grabbing fucking apples and shit with big fucking clock, knpeople come ou to her. What time oes it tell them. I don't know it's three o'clock, bwut, don't believe the HIGHAB boy, the original little John. I saw him at Arena football game once he was high as block an Y. my buddy pat brother arrested him in New York City for being high an cransnand look at all our celebrity encounters. We got going on in this round. This is great good shit, allright. So H, that's a fucking amazing pick that mighe just drop. I Eve give Mike Props for that. Absolutely I'm going to go with a band and I threw the picture up there, so you guys can see what they looked like it's in the the zoom chat there. If you want to click on that, you want to look at it, but this is an album that was released June, twenty fourh n nineteen and eighty eight called power metal, and that was by the band Pantera and this alt right yer. It isn't going to win any sales wards at all, but it's superinfluential and the heavy metal genre, and this is why the band released three prior albums with a different lead singer and there was metal magic projects in the jungle, and I am the knight and all three of those albums were fucking, lamb, rock albums, and that's that picture t I just posted these guys came out teased hair tights make up on. There were the whole glamd package, but this is the album power metal where they feature Phil and Selmo on lead vocals. For the first time he makes his first appearance. He replaced the original sigitary glaze. A another really significant part of this lm the lake great guitar's Dime Bag Darrell, was going by the Monacor of Diamond Darrell at the time and switched that shit when they went full on metal, but you know believe it or not. This is a really important album though painterrar goes on to be one of the most popular, probably the most well. In my opinion, one of the most influential heavy metal bands of all time, especially in the nineties, they hadn't decided if they hadn't decided like months before this Aum came out that they were going to make this shift from Blam the heavy metal. There would be no anselmo, and if there was no ay INSELMO, there would be no cowboys from Hell and if there was no cowboys from hell, honestly pantara would have probably faded out with warrant poison and the rest of the other clammans in the eighties. That's what I got. I got Pantera Power Metal, I think th, the Diamond Darrol Monicor, followed him up until I think through vulgar display of power. I think he changed it around the barbiond driven time M Hou. From from what I remember yeah, he was Diamond Darrel I arded listening was he related to Diamond Dave 'cause? He had a killer restaurant back in the day and Divein Dallas beage diamond brothers, hape a eway from ten dust and diamond El someone sai a dimon diamond. That was my next jerk EBE, but that's that's where we're at so we got the public enemy painterror Wolwell hard to beat those are some heavy hitters, indade h. This is this is I was Rout Sen, ciificant round, it's not really difficult, a saay one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, the system of Adan debut Um, not really big on my rade, I'm afraid and I'm not sure whose right, arbit and and then the other thing is a song that comes off the back of trying to capitalize on the swing boom from the movie swingers fro Ne Thousand Nine hundred and Ninety six Um. So you know, and the Louis Prema version is just better, and so I g go nineteen. Eighty eight are going to go w the megapowers. You guys sold it. I don't really need to go into it again, um. While I can't name while I can't claim that any of the four abums or songs are ones that I necessarily listen to, I even as a very white mimeclass English gentleman, such as myself, even I'm aware of public enemy and their relevance and everything else also, I like the fact that it ties in it's so weird how like the t, v episodes, the music, the new stories and everything there's, there's themes coming through and the whole sort of public enemy against white supremacy and all that I's sort of a theme running through the show stat to noting knee as well and in terms of Pantera, my Oldr College Roommate Mat would never forgive me if I didn't at least say yes, N, Thuand, nine hndred and eighty eight, so mega POWs Wen that one guy's. So sorry about that button, N, nine hutded and ninety eight. What were you doing with music seriing come on now, not much of ASEPARAT were phoning it in to music. I I be tough, so I I'll throw it out here now that h we did. We won at this point. ECAUSE thisis four points to one. However, we're going to play this sucker out because I'm yeah I'm curious 'cause one of the things we do. We do these duel. En decades we have a gentlemen's agreement, beforeand the only people that know the dates on the teams that are involved and we don't look at the other teams. I find it interesting to to find out about the shit during the episode itself, so I don't know what movies you guys are going to throw out have some ideas on late nineties stuff, but I don't know where you're coming from so it's I just want to hear it also. I have to say if you had me on as a judge and didn't do the movie round. I like that, the one thing I've been sating here waiting for I mean I have some other cultural touchstones, but I'm the movie Guy Do the movie brown God, Damn it Boh, you wanna Wy sure the one that stood at the most tof me from June June, fifth n nine Huneen Andninety, eight, the Truman show with Jim Carrey, which was kind of for me. At that point it was kind of a mindfuck of a movie to watch Um. You know ith. The big reveal that he finally understands that he's essentially living in this bubble more or less, and that his his entire life as a television show that I mean that h. That stuck with me for sure. That's that's always been I'm not going to say it's one of my favorite films, because I'm not a huge film buff guy, but I will always remember the premise of that film and just you know as it takes, you seem to see and as you slowly see, Jim Carrey unraveled, the the you know the the notion that he's part of something that he's not fully aware of and hes. He continues to make that discovery and t you know when they, they open the door and they show the the soundstage or whatever thatis filmed on just h that that always stuck with me. I thought that was a really cool movie and it still is obviously you know Y, what's really relevant about that is that's us today, rigthat's fucking Iwas, going to say that we'R now we're voluntarly doing it to ourselves on he snap chars ly, and we don't know it and none of us Wu an know it. You knoww, that's what we're doing and look at the preliferation of reality. T V, it's still going on people are still watching it. It's still as fake as ever. You know in Ninehteen and eighty eight you had the real world and you had did when did Ozzi's show come on. That's the two hearly thousands, maybe yeah, two thousand, an three. So really all you had was you know real world at that point. Maybe road rule load rules, and now it's Li everywhere. You know every every channel for a while there for like a good ten years, we had shit tons of reality, T V, because the writers couldn't fucking make anything to put ontoimand. I don't know what you guys have seein or what you watch and I don't want to do. Rail the whole thing but you're, aware of a film called shock treatment from nine unered and eighty one, which is sort of the unofficial sequel to Rocky Harro Picture, show yeah, I'm. Actually I got a copy behind me right now. Oh okay, yeah sho, Crimini, it's for normal Igo really like. I don't know that it's better than rocky, but I really like it Um. But what completely mind blowing about that is. How not only does it predict reality? TV. Not only is it definitely like a Proto Truman show, but it's about, like you said it's about seven or eight years before that concept really exists Um, so it just kind o sees the future. It's kind of mad. If you haven't seen it track it down I'll shut up. Now, that's a good pick, though it's it's like Truman, Showis, not a big numbers movie, probably, but I think as far as relevancy, I think it definitely now that's a good pook, yeah yeah it's well respected. I I always love that movie. I I would definitely that was the top contended for my pick but um, but since you took them- and I will H, I will go with um on June nineteenth ne Thousan, nine hundred and ninety eight, the first m movie of the ex files was released. Um the film takes place between seasons, five and six of the popular television series, and it's based upon the series, extra tre, Texstri, terrestrial mythology and Um. I wasn't an extreme follower of the xpalas, always respected it and enjoyed the episodes I saw but um. I went into the movie Um figuring. If I don't necessarily know exactly what's going on chronologically in the movie I'll at least drop some acid, so I can enjoy it. So I went to that movie and had a I had my own wonderful experience watching it ied tat movie e Yeah. I it was, it was entertaining. I you didn't take ae like fire in the sky. Did you? No? I think that came. I was a little young for assid at that point. I think it was only like thirteen when that came up, but uh um yeah M, but the x piles movie was. It was entertaining for me anyway at the time but um, but it you know it. It B had a box office take of hundred and eighty nine point: two million Um. It was hundred and twenty one minutes long trying to put in a few stats here who specks but um yeh staring David Decofany Julian Anderson Um. You know playing ther their popular roles as Fox moulder and Dana scully from the TV show and yeah like I said I enjoyed it, but I was underaththe influence of a head ful of acids. I don't know if I've seen it since, but um but anyway. So that's my Du. I was so excited when this movies, I was a huge x files fan. Xpel was one of those shows where the wheels fell off towards the end of the nineties like getting in the nineties. The story lines were so much better and it was almost like they were running out of stuff and they were fighting over contract dollars and they brought in like Robert Patrick and Dav d company left for a little bit and it got all diluted and then that movie came out and they tried to like save it with that movie and the movie was solid and if Y, if you didn't watch anything else and You d just watched the movie, you probably could get away with it, and I think that's that's another solid pick. I mean that that's those are the type of movies I was thinking for ninetee and ninety eight ther're, nothing like crazy, good, but good enough. Johnw. What's your take on the movies, the ninety eight yeah? That's those two picks are solid picks. I haven't gone through it. I Ne Huand, nine hundred and ninety eight months by month, but H, yeah, they they're two very solipicks and, like you say, the trumen shows is still relevant and technically the xpiles are still relevant ecause. The show just came back on Fox. Was it last year yeah. It was on this Yhea and they've done it they've done one this year as well, right so yeah, so the still kicking our still pop culturally relevant M. I can't say that either of those movies I I put in too frequently, but they are, you knows solid, picks, I'm going to while you guys D, Ne Ne Thouand, nine hundred and eighty eight talk up. I just double check the other movies that came out in nineutered and ighty eight just to see. If there were otherthat I would have picked. Actually I'm already seeing one Yun, Juneay Jea, I would argue, I would keep the Truman show iy think that's very relevant but June. Ninety eight, I would argue that out of sight the George clely and Jennifer Onalaon my list Stephen Sawgt, about movie, although probably not as pop culturally relevant. So I guess why you went for the Xpors, but as a movie, muff Um out of sight kind of rekick started clud his career after he did from dustelldor which everyone loved. Then he did a whole bunch of movies that nobody liked then hed it out of sight again and out of sight, also kicks him off as a a director and a producer and make stepen so kind of pop culturally relevant, because up until the kind of been doing indi movies Um, it gives Jennifer Lupoz the best performance of her career, so that movie, certainly as a movie Fan, I'm more likely to put out of say in over the other two and some Gloi and some Jalo Sibubindine. But I can totally understand whye. You went for the twouden and, of course you forgot Lorenzo Lamus in kickboxer or back to, even as it was also called so come on. How did you? How did you forget that cultural touchtone, because it didn't have Sashan, I right exactly Alright Mike? Do you WANTTA? You want to kick it off? I don't know which one you went with. We hade solid months, IUD like to take everybody back to a time June. Nineteen. Eighty eight, when Eddie Murphy was still funny H, and this came out with a movie called coming to America, which was a huge comedy. Probably the only reason peowll still give hem a shot. Everybody fucking loves that movie, you know just the Royal Penis is clean. It is really a worse on. Yes, yes fuck! You too see so this week, I'm on lettuce next week I'll be on Fris and that's n big pot, comein tastefe s that O so Yeahsexan texual chocolate. They got the Ping Nack. We got the Big Mick Y, don't Dois an eighty four years old. That's I love that fucking movie and that's one of the movies that you can watch a hundred times and it's funny every time an you can re movie great movie Lo that movie and there was a lot of other choices there that I thought were pretty. You know classics that may have been one o. It may have been the first where Eddie Murphy was playing all those roles, an and Arcenio as well before they started doing all the colum yea and all that t stuff. You know great great pick. What did that? So? What did that bring in that? Probably Bein? Quite a bit, I think it's total gross was UH hundred and twenty eight million a little over that that's a good hole for backton. That's Domesti, that's domestic too! It's crazy man, there's there's some pretty big movies that come out t the same Mo. Let me I'll spit mine out and then we'll we'll read him to John See Wi John Wan av pick your of course. I got to go with this movie. ECAUSE, there's no way than a movie with Robert Logia. He cever lose anything on the show. So that's why we're going to win this round and that movie is bing movie that took in a hundred and fifty two million dollars world wide nineteen. Eighty eight three hundred and twenty five million dollars and twenty eighteen is a huge fucking hall for a comedy that' at I I gotta go with this movie. You know, aside from Robert Lojia. It also semi to Tom Hangs, is a major actor in Hollywood, and you know big. I it's just a massive fucking movie for those who have been living under Iraq for the last thirty years. This is a story of what, if what, if you were a child that wakes up one day and you wake up as an adult, because you talkd to what, as his name is Oltar Yeah, Sultar, N, Zultar, yeah ill tell you he he did a PR. He did fucking pretty well for himself considering he went from thirteen to thirty. You know he got a job as a fucking executive toy company. He becomes buds with losia. He I'm assuming, and I think everyone pretty much assumes that he had sex with Elizabeth Pero or at least felter up. You know you would never have that in a twenty eighteen movie. No, it is pretty incredible. He got that far, even though he was missing two numbers off his social security. It's so true it sotawakes up in the morning with a Mandik and not on him. It was actually several Ma that would make the movie a whole lot darker if he woke up as an addl and he was holding a severed man deck. Like that's how he became an adult like he was like waiting to all adults, go round chopping, other people's gentitals off and he becomes a serial killer. Have you not seen a two te like? What did you wish for man wish the reason we bring up Loju so much and the reason I said it before. I don't know if you guys are aware of this in our first thirty episodes, which I'm sure e horrible, because of the first thirty episodes of any POD caser total psret want your mouth. My first T asiit amazing yeahwell. You believe what Youwatat the end of every episode whenever we had a guest come on. We would surprise them when our final question would be. What is your favorit Mober Losa movie and it was in blood. It was amazing how we shocked most people. So John. This is a two parter. I'm gonna, I'm going to ask you what your favorite Robert Loja movie, is and then after you're done with that I'll reacd o the list of the top movies from June. Eighty eight- and let me know what you would have picked okay. Well, I have a list up, so that's fine. We can do that, but the Robert Loads, your question, it's really difficult man because, like you say, the man is a legend. We've already mentioned over the top here, Wata Film. What a film? U FOR ME! It has to be between and and dangerous the John Candy Magrian t Eugene Levy Film and over the top over the top, probably peiks it because it features and Sylvesta stalone just tearing the arms off jackets he's just sayig. What are you doing with that jacket with sleeves how there that jacket, Hav sleeves? Why you wi see come up? This is America, I'm gonna, tear tha sleeves off that jacket and make you do pushups against the front bumper of my truck. So that's! It's amazing over the top is just just a phenomenal film, but I would also urge people if they haven't seen it to track down the. I think a lessn known, candy vehicle, but no an no lesser, a film for it, and that is the wonderful armed and dangerous. But yeah I got to go over. The top manner is probably a populous choice, but come on. How can we not and then, of course you have still learned driving into loser's house and you have fliping the cap and ah it's just it's so good. It's all good to switch man. It's a switch! Yes Al Right, t June. Eighty eight. What would you pick for Juni? Well, I mean this is what you find when you look at the eighties I mean just in June eighty eight alone, almost every I'm looking through there isn't really a bad movie amongst it. You've got big funny farm, big business, Poda Gos, three okay, Thare 's, the bad movie Poli Gostrinia, the presidio, which is it's not a bad movie, but it's just one that didn't like nobody watches it anymore. Bulduram, the great outdoors red heat come on, but the ballusy the lesson I believe, Bu, I'm a Gimbelushi Fan, I'm I'm a fight for Gim, Blushi, Tithe Day da Coa, but Bellushi and Schwarzenegger Colcanum. It's amazing. You have a waxwork which H is a fun B movie horror and then to round out the month a one two punch of who framed Roger Rabbit and coming to America come on what what a weekend in the cinema that would be, and not you mentioned judes yeah, John Cryer right the thing about dutes and I agree with everything you said the fucking Mo it was tough. I didn't I wanted to pick cuframed Roger Rabbit, but I was like I love bigs I gotta pick. Tr Dut is one of those movies that I still think to this day. Mi. You can correct me from wrong. There's not a digital copy. T dudes out, oh no hieleager is now hobby theyre. Ah, I think I want to say Shell factor Y put it out. I got a double Chackshat, but I followed them on my instramand. I remember them posting something about it. Yeah, but it's hard to find. Even if you want to viajust copy you JS gotta, you cul find it. You just got to pay for it and that's the Shitty Partson does who the hell wants to pay twenty dollars for a Fuckin v s yeah with Alic 'cause yeah, every every new FORMASI'm sure you know like every new formaut we lose about. Fifty percent of the content know that's why I'm sitting in a room full of junk right now E. I ie that there's a store. Nar Me that is some that I've recently discovered that now sells vh s uh for like fifty cents for a dollar or something like that, and I go in there about once every three months and just rating come out with tenviajest Im, and I I I was a big collector back when vs was V and then ovouy moved on to D v D and Blue Ray, but sometimes you find that stuff on vs and you're. Just like man, I don't even know what this movie is. I found this movie, it's not particularly great, but it's it's Adam West fighting demons from hell and it's called Maxim. Zul Spell Xul and he wears like a a three piece. Suit carries a broadsword and a mace and fights demons from Hel. That I mean that's, you know you only find that Shiton e Ateramiv at Bat, a M. I mean it's one of those movies where the pitch and the cover and the name ar so much cooler than actually what happens when you watch the movie, but still the fact that there's a movie out there called Maxim: Zo, the futures, Adam West Pindingd, fighting demons from Hell I'll, take that over anything yeah. But when you go through N, when you go through Ju, nine unered and Ninety Eight, I'm sorry guys it. It doesn't even compare to June n nine hutndred and eighty eight and that's the trouble webut. I will say that both your picks of the Truman show and Xpars at least, have the benefit of being hat still very culturally relevant. And if June nineteen an eighty eight wasn't so strong, then you guys would have had it but H. I I'm sorry guys are got to give in to the mega POWs again on this one 'cause I mean funny farm is such a great movie, an Bullam, great outdoors, candy and Acroin. Ah So g, that's that's! That's all right! Gohn I'LL! Just go fuck myself! Listen! You Go givin the nineties, so it's already a disadvantage. It really stcedecklest tes like it's. Almost this almost would be a better thing if you were doing seventies and eighties, because, especially when the movies are concerned, because then you would have to kind of pick um like popular culture and modern, like sensibilities, verses, sort of genuinely kind of great cinema Um. You know W H with the sort of movie brats and Ms Cosasiand Speelberg and people lake that kind of coming up, whereas the nineties is just there's some amazing movies in the night. Hes Don't get e wrong, but it's also wash with garbage ramines awful deat, coar, O ae got. The comedies are just fucking, terrible, with the exception of you, know, clerks and a couple of other things, but right right, right, no e exception, the indie ones, but I just did an episode in my show, while probably a few months back, but I I I wanted to make sure my theory was correct, but I had this theory that Egty's comedies were great, obviously, and then ninetyes comedies were shit and TI picked. I think it was happy Gilmore, the first Astin powers and what was the third one? Oh Ace venture 'cause, I tried to think like they were three comedies that everyone loved in the nineties. Like everyone watched the hell out of him. They made a ton of money. They made each of their leading actors stars and Y. They were huge and I, but I seem remember that it was funny in the nineties, but it's no longer funny, and I I went back and watched all three movies and weedly, and I didn't expect this to happen, but the only one that I still enjoyed and had any kind of jokes in it that held up was Austin powers. The other two I was just Lik- I get it, but at the same time Li it just doesn't age. Well, yeah! No! It's like an Nintendo, sixty four game, rightno golden eye on the end, sixty four s a Ma and it's still the best James Harter, Ta Liv- is Oty. Amazing game, unfortunately, does not look very good. Today, Oh, it looks like Dogshit yeah no, but the GAE ALA is still good. Oh yeah, it's one of my top favorite games all time all right. Another duel the decades is down the dumper. As we conclude another episode of the Poop Culture Podcast, a big thank you to Mikeranger of the video Rangers potcast Ne Gorzinski of selling out in the honorable John Cross for judging tonight's competition nate. 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How do we get into your digital pennies? Oh well, you start. First by NDZIPPING, my pants ype in video range podcast you'll, pretty much find US wherever you can get Internet and uh yeah. We h an make fun of really bad movies from the mom and pop video rental storeaig, fantastic whith, that on bealf of Rickman crush I and Bulbie craft in for Mark James this week, reminding you it's only love if she's down for a hot coolier. What he just heard was the PODCASTLWWW Doboo Cultur dotcom