Dueling Decades
July 6, 2018

Dueling Decades - March 1989 vs March 1999

Dueling Decades - March 1989 vs March 1999

It’s time for a blast from the past on this week’s episode of The Poop Culture Podcast. On this very episode it's the Dueling Decades III ! This time the Mamalukes comprised of Rick Mancrush & Marc James put their undefeated record to the test! Up...

It’s time for a blast from the past on this week’s episode of The Poop Culture Podcast. On this very episode it's the Dueling Decades III ! This time the Mamalukes comprised of Rick Mancrush & Marc James put their undefeated record to the test! Up against the team of Hasselhoff's Heros -
Shawbag6 and Joe Findlay Host of the Miscast Commentary Podcast, and they take the 1980’s for a change of pace. Will the best of March 1989 have the fire power to topple the champs and March of 1999?
First off, Joe wants to apply for the 4th co-host job here on the show. So of course we give him the good ‘ole Poop Culture interview! We touch on Rush, God, #TeamPoutine, Cannon Films and Mr. Excitement himself, John Cusack. Then we get right to the action with 1989 vs 1999. Who will win? Will we see another controversial ending? Listen in to this great episode of the Poop Culture Podcast to find out! Our show this week is brought to you by our friends at Boss Bidet and Sudio!


And now prepare your earholes for penetration as we bring you another great bodcast from a Boop Cultur, extended universe, two pieces Howam I supposed to clean all this up with two piecesthere is goful ban. Does this ever happen to you now, there's a better way with Bossbadenloeda makes washing your rear, easy, effective and affordable without compromising any of the design. Their bedins are a modern luxury attachment, unlike other companies, aesthetics and appearance of their products are a priority, and what I like about Bosspedan is that quality in customers satisfaction is also a top standard and they offer a sixty day guarantee and a lifetime warranty so go check out. The future of hygiene, Overat Bospaday, dotcomoculture, Ocalser, ofecuterbeaus, reeding, stepes Dix in doorks. Welcome back to the show that puts the dump in dumpster fire, the poop culture podgast. This week we are broadcasting live on digital delay from the nineteen. Ninety ciber cafe to bring you another duel of the decades. I am Ark James and with US tonight is my partner in Sim in teammate once again for tonight's Dol, Mr Rickmancrush and tonight will be putting our undefeated streak on the line against the recro stylings of Shanbag six and his hired gun for the week introducing Joe Finley from the miscast commentary Podgast, gentlemen. What is crack Alackin welcome to the show I just Wan. You just wanted to throw that one in there. I wanted to do it in the middle, but I thought he'd get mad. He didn't one. Take a holy Shit. Yeah Thot was pretty AESSIN. Pro Skills Rig. His balls dropped. Solden was going to happen at some point this time next year, Saturday night live we what happens in e's, going to be the new announcer? Oh Cering, Chino, Fay Rono. I never announce current people, it doesn't matter what Mike Mier o the Frig is on that show anymore. They still have people on that. Remember: Kenin from Kena and Kel hes still o Ho on it and he's on that Yoever ywelcome to good burger home with a goodburger. Can I take your order? Yeah. Their last season was actually one of the best seasons they've had in the last twenty years. Yea T said: That's horribly sad. Whenever anything really good political goes on, they end up well yeah. They did really well wit, Thep with the political, especially when they were having the guests on doing trump. Those ones were really funny and Hilaryes were pretty good too a it doesn't look like they're going to end any time soon they get so much material to work with and the whole cast is committed to keep writing it. So tell me that somebody saw the the fake Donald Trump tweat from today, no Nay International Women's Day send nods. I was going to say to to you guys, but I had to save her for tonight. I love it I'll, be sure that it was fake. I it probably wasn't bgrab her by the PO v F grabmer by the Pussy said Nets. His would have been happy International Women's Day. You broads are the best dames in the world where's. My stewardess Americans have the best to Eri. We need to get more women from Nice countries like Norway, Don' e WOM in front. You know those Shet Hole, countries, O l, let's move into what we're doing here said: Joes come on and like a couple of weeks ago, en we had mike from recasting catch, we are still looking for a fourth Mike we've been talking to joe a little bit, and I don't know if joe got to listen to the episode with Mygaa Didy. I didn't hear with Mike no all right, so this is going to be a complete shock to you nice. So what were we going to do just to see how you fit in, and so the audience can kinda see what you're all about we've put together a little quick interview and these answers don't have to be. You know you don't have to sit there and think about 'em for four days. You can just throw off the thing. You know the first thing onf, he top of your head will probably work F. I live on the top of an we'll. Tell you if it's bad a all right so well, we'll kick it off with H something easy! You know this no right or wrong answer here. If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why I would be a rhinocerus, because when you see me running at you, I want you to be like Oh shit, I better move instead of like Oh yeah, your food wait, so you want to be endangered and poached. Ideally, Owouldn't want that. You know a ve like British rock festivals. In my name, Tsave the Joe There Coul be the loan Riarh Runot, I say an Yo finding out people eating my dried nose, like you know, get their erections harder and stuff like that, all right and mark do you have you have something you want to drop on? Ehi Can Tso many questions. Where do I go with this whet? Do I start with all right? Well, one of the first things out of the gate is h. You are Canadian. Is that true? I am very Canadian and I am a quarter Canadian. I just got my shipmen of H, Tim Horton's, coffee in the mail, the other day sweet. I need you to settle a debate, that's been raging in my family for years, and it really depends on what part of Canada you're from OK one of my favorite foods in the world. Is this concoction of French rise with a gravy on it with cheese, CIRDS Hellsiya, depending on where you're from it can be pronounced three different ways: either wuld thin, Poutin or Butine, who the helse has pooten other than trump? I have no fucking clue, but I was actually told that that is how it was pronounced by Brandon from the red on you pod cast just the other day and I'm going to put them on blast because Oh y never heard of it as poting. Will he get teported over? They don't know they might yeah. There's not a lot of things that make us mad, but Jeez B, t yeah, no, I'm poting, I'm Tim Putin all the way ia I allow, for I I'm tolerant to those who are French, Canadian who say put in that makes sense to me. But if you have somebody who's being all kind of like pretentious about it and coming to me, it's like I'm having a Putina he's like Oh you, meen put in I'm like no you're an asshole shut up Pootin, I didn't hear any other pronunciation other than puts in until I was an adult. Most of my family is French speaking so well. That makes sense. Those guys are such retards. Loppy, head retired too. Tarred again. I don't even know if this is the color that you have in Canada, but you can correct me if I'm wrong, what do you do at yellow light at first? I thought you asked. I don't know if Thi's is a color you have in Canada, it's like what have you guys holding back collars from us, we're holding hem, onwhat the guy S, yellow or amber easy shit by law, you're supposed to stop Itno yeahby? What do you do? Y Yellow I mean I I see if I'm going to get t boned by a large truck, otherwise continue moving, so you're speeding up to beat the red EYSAC. Well, I'm I'm usually in a case of I've, convinced myself that I can't stop in time. So I'm never speeding up to get it. I'm like the ones where I could probably have stopped, I'm just like Nope nope. No, I can't stop or I'll be in the intersection. Yes, that's. I always do the same thing because you have to plant the story in your head: Ye H, ecause. If you get pulled over by a cop, you got to believe the Fuckoh. Actually you got to be like hey man. Look. I was going down the road. I took my eye off the road for a second and I it was too late. If I would have stopped it, Ulav be in the middle of the intersection, so I just figured it was safer and then a hook or dunk jumped in my truck either that or rolld down your rin windows and scream like a fucking like a madman and see what happens you get shy if you get through the intersection and the blue lights come on you quickly, pull over run out of the car and start screaming bees be. Thank you. Chris Farley for the Best Oi ever it is and it works I'll tell you I'm pretty positive. If you try that you're getting shut, your go PA H, probably now, that's probably not a great idea. They might just be shying to shoot the bees, but they'll still get you lt by something see. Maybe the eighties and nineties were much better time. Maybe we were on to something with these retoro episodes? Oh Hella, you can definitely get away with it in the EAHIES and I agree a lot less shootings, no t we just didn't, hear Abeutoh. Well, they were Nrobo Cups. Detroit was real everywhere we didn't have the internet or facebook all right. So, let's, let's move on. Let S let's keep moving. Let's keep moving all right I'LL! Ask You a question, then maple dip or Boston Cream Oo, I'm not much of a cream filed guy or a jelly filled guy or anything like that. So I'll go mape them not that we care not thi aything wrong with you. Stick whenever you wife might not like that to Yo a guy who likes to be filled with the cream. That's that's! Your own business, it comes out as a powder form. It's not creamy. O Oner makes its own sauce. Now we're going to get a little bit more difficult. You you come from a podcast that focuses around movies, so we're going to check your movie knowledge here and I want to know what is your favorite Robert Lojemovie, going over to the top wow deep C with Elosia? It's usually never over the top, like he's he's not too InFocus, but when you get 'em, you get like concentrated Logia that doesn't sound good either. That's like a creamed thin. All these cream field answers allright for added points. What production company created over the top? Oh, that was Cannin Yeah Holy Wow, he's blowing him out of the Water Sa mckinces are not hard. Maybe Jo will understand what we were talking about the other night for years. I've been watching cannon films and I love Cannon Films. It's good cheesy fun. He theressome of my favorite films are cannon and there's something that's always been off by them and I haven't been able to figure it out until just the other night, whether it's breaking Red Dawn, blood, sport, Delta Force, doesn't matter all of the clothes for everybody during any scene is all neat impressed. There are no wrinkles if you're fighting in the jungle, your Camos are neat, not a wrinkle, not a stain. Do you know why Mama Son Thogh, why you know Wyhi, don't owpulling that one out for military back in the day they ha starch and fucking iron, all their cammies, so all their Camo shit was basically like straight as a board. So what about breaking wher? They Hav hat Griek, and you had these kids, some of Hem living on the streets, the other ones were living in their mother's garage. They spend half the day spinning around on the floor, but their clothes is clean, not a wrinkle, not no dirt on it. Nothing dear closs is clean man and if you watch breaking, if you look in the background, you find an unknown Jean Claudvan Dan. Yes, yes, that's right. My favorite cameol of all time one of my favorite gifts, Tatactaly totlong and DLF Lungerin, in a view to a kill before he learned English yeah. He couldn't speak a word as far as I know, yeah or Benicil Delturo and licensed to kill. Oh Yeah. Where was he anlicensed? The Ki Remember thatierhe was the first guy to get eaten by a shark ohewas. It was henchman number one like the ones with Timo Te Dolton. I liked a lie and a lot of people bash those movies. But anyhow, let's move on. We gotta. We O keep this rolling B'cause. We got ou eighties. First Nineties, coming up all right, I'm going to list three rock and roll bands. Okay, you got to pick one allright Zeppelin the dead rush, the at rock and role bands h see this one feels biased, but ECD. Not only is one of the bands Canadian, they are I'm going to put it out. They are my favorite of the three, but not only are they Canadian but neil part is from Saint Catharine's, where I am from Soyeah so I', I'm all about rush. Wow can't do it. Man, I'm with you, I like rush Zeppelin and Rushian Getty Lee baby. I love the music it's just as soon as the vocals kick in. I'm done Y A hat's. How do you not like Getty Legl? I just don't like the style music's a awesome. I just stop just stop. Getnile was also on the bobadug McKenzie album comaas. I'm I'm way too overcanadianing this and I apologize. That's that's fine. We need a little international flavor. Okay. So I'm going to ask this question. We asked like this and he got it incorrect and I'm bringing it back. Who are the only two skiers to ski the K Twelve successfully successfully? Well, I got to tell you I'm going to get this question wrong. I wouldn't even have the first guess now. What if we give you one of the two? If we give you one, do you think you could name the other one if they were attached to them like if it was Ang and Yang? The Siamese twins, perhaps yeah, but maybe one name will help art give him one egagement gan't give it from one give hem one. Well, shall e give him the easier name or the hard arter name, give him the harder name: Okay and the first person to ski the K. Twelve successfully was Roy stallen. Yet that doesn't nowl me at all wow yeah, I don't know can't say that skiing was ever was ever my t, man, okay, O, give him another hit. Okay, so the other person to ski this on one ski Nolo was none other than Lane Myer in a movie called beteroff dead. Can you name the actor that played the lead character in bederal, really skill et? Oh, my God, the pressure the fresh was crushing me. I used up all my energy on Robert Logia. It must not be a popelar movie. You know north of the border N. I guess I've seen it. I just don't remember it that well give him another movie that he's in give Hem one one more an grosspoint blank. Then Canadians Mi, Ho Gross Plin, Planwat, J, Jon, Kseck Hack, ok, okay, sweet! I thought you were going to blaze that one I thought for sure you were' getting o w winter sports. Aren't my bag yeah. When we were up at Rhode, island Camican, we saut in on the JUNKKUSAC, pianel and wow, there is nobody more exciting early in the morning than Jin Ke back. He just screams interested to be here, 'm really happy to be herutike. You so much Tok, you so much for. I think we have a recorded to yea. If you ever Lak Sleep I'll Hook, you up sie Annansela, oureall right, let's just Brenk it down to the last question most difficult. What about proof culture makes you want to be a cohost of the poop culture potguest. I first answer was that you were somebody who was actually willing to talk to other people. It was I like because a lot of the PT Gasts, you know Yak back and forth, and all that kind of thing, but I only noticed the small handful that would actually really engage with people in a way that wasn't just like Oh yeah, yeah yeah. So, and that was what got me with you guys, and then I did review you guys. A while ago I was like Oh going to give him Melissa and I did that and then I listend to some more episodes when, when I got news about this episode and I enjoyed the episodes, so I was like okay, so there you go all right, that's cool! It is always a plus when they listen to the episodes and like them yeah, that's huge, huge or when you want to be a cohoast and you talk yeah, that's good too! I don't know, I don't think Kelly rippa likes that, but she dores so many other things well, I'm sure, namely naked she's too small she's too small. For me, that's nice to hear, though, because I think we do like to h to engage back and forth with other podcast quite a bit and I'm not on ot think markis either. where, if you ask us a question, I think we'll go into detail. If you ask a real good question, if you just come to us and say hey, how do you get sponsors and you're on a episode too? Then I'm just going to tell you like just keep doing your episodes and don't worry about having smalcuet listeners but like yeah Gett. Listen, you no ou have o worry about your own episode too, and you're doing this to get sponsors you're not doing this for the right reason and you're sure. As going to reelect that IM still don't get me wrong, I would have sold out in a heart beat we do oh ABS, fucking, lotly, you're talking to the guy who's done commercials for two different bday companies and a porn company. In the last couple of months, slee Yeah I've taken he shit and jerked off on commercials. Owell, you can get those two things down. At the same time, I don't see a problem with multidasking ack o both out t's Kindo. Like a Blumpkin yeah, I was going a say: it's a DIY plumpkin. I saw that on property brothers, all rigt go it's time to get to it, the duel of the decades. I've been excited for this all week, but we've decided to do things a little different this week. You know man crushing myself the team of the Mamelukes. We are undefeated to a now in this game. Three, you know if you caunt all the other games. That would just be one more game: WECON AL on e'll take when I can fucking dinoon, so we decided to flip things around this week, we're going to flip the SCRIP. The mamaloos are going to take the nineties and Shawbag and Jo are going to take the eighties. So now, let's reveal what years we're going to be doing, and man crush explained the rules of the game once again, all right, so we decided to flip things around thanks for bringing that up, because we had been kicking so much ass with the eighties. We wanted to see if it was us or if it was the decade 'cause. We really don't know like. Maybe we're that convincing, maybe the decade just is not that good compared to the the eighties we'll find out right here. This episode we're again we're keeping with the month. So it's both March, it's Goin to be March on nineteen and ninety nine, which market myself are going to be doing and then Joand Ben, whose team name is what now hoseloff Heros Hassle Hall Heros. I supported one hundred percent they're they're, going to be tackling march of Nineteen D. Eighty Nine D- You haven't noticed already we just like to go ten years apart. We haven't really split it up yet with years in the middle and done like eighty five versus ninety three or anything like that, I just makes it easy, but eventually we're going to run out of month well that ten year gap really is a a nice flip flo ten years really isn't a lot of time when you're talking culture yeah, it's rand. When you actually think about the fact that even Yorguy's year is almost twenty years ago, it really makes me feel like an old son of a betch yeall. This stuff makes me feel old and the one thing that I like now during the nineties, which I found pretty interesting D- I said this to mark today we did the eighties I like to use an a free plug fror them. I like to use newspapers, DOTCOM and I go back and I just will pick the month and I'll go. You Know Day, one through day, thirty or whatever it is, and in the eighties newspapers were like fifty sixty pages here tons of content. When we did nineteen. Ninety nine newspapers had like eleven pages twenty pages. I thine God like it's, really starting to move away so you're starting to see that so, but w're we're kind of right at the top. So let me just hit on the rules right here, so we're going to go through five rounds. We got movies, we got music, we got TV, we got hot products and we got news the first three rounds or point each the last two rounds or two points: each and there's a little strategy here, we're going to do a little coin, flip now to figure out who goes first and then you can keep it or Defur, like you guys did last week. Well, because I'm flipping, you guys, have to call it. Okay Rig all right. Still, NTR T can call it in the air heads ets. It is Ow, we'll go first that was anticlamactic. That was really fast. There was no flipping, no, I flipped it. It hit the desk and I caught it. Did you have a seizure when you threw that Soun you tripped yeah? I probably did right out of my chair all right. So we're GOINGTA start this thing out mark. Do you want to just go? Let's throw H, let's just go music all right! We can go, get this out of the way. I why don't you start us off right, so here's my music. I just want to preface our picks for music by saying that I went through every album of nine teen. Ninety nine. There were a hundred and seven pages of about thirty albums on each PA. It was a shit time wow and there re a lot of fantastic allens drop, N, Houan, nine Hune N. ninety nine, some amazing singles tons of new gohners of music popped up, most of them sucked and most of them didn't last longer than a couple of years and they flamed out and theywere gone perfect examplewoud, be somebody like limp biscuit they're not still going chocolate star if they are still going. Nobody knows about it. Nobody cares exactly that that whole genre stuff, just it came in with a bang and left with a whimper. You know, but ultimately I'm hoping that March nineteeneighty nine was equally as Shitty as March nineteen, ninety nine. Otherwise you know we might just be conceding music right years. anyways. I went with the March twenty third ninetee. Ninety nine release of the Wisconsin Death trip by static x and they were a self described, evil discos what they called it, but another another name that they called it and you guys were both in broadcasting. So I'm sure you remember this from the late nineties, every band was a new something and you rmember the Enu. They use that for fucking every ye at Ora, Lu, disco, new fucking ro like do they even use that anymore? No, they better not be. No, I well, it wouldn't be new. It also clogs up the ITUNES genres. Hir was terrible back then, but this album had some really catchy songs on it like push it. I don't know if you guys were familiar with the Almon. All E co Pushit like that, an they had blood for days. Um, I'm with stupid, was on that which is probably my favorite song of that album. It's an album, a you could throw on, and you can listen to the entire thing from the first long to the end y. You can listen do what whether you're working out or maybe you're, just like you want to smash somebody's faceind, but it's the type of album where every song sounds exactly the same. So you don't, even if they didn't have that little two second space in between songs. You would just think it was like a forty five minute song, but the album did get certified platinum in two thousand and one- and I don't know if you guys know this, but the lead singer Wen static ye looked like the the slim Jim Guy. His hair just went straight up, yeah yeah. He died a couple of years ago. I believe it was maybe an overdose. I don't know, remember it's either that or ironic autorotic aphyxiation got electric utid hat was my album. It did go platinum. So that's a little bit. It's ot a terrible piece of shit. No, that's! If your album goes platinum, that's I think. That's respectable Jeez Yeah! You did. Okay, get all right. It's not an accident right! You know it's not like you're. You know you're struggling to make it you're doing. Okay, if you're all thing goes, platinum, you've sold a few. What did you? What did you pick? I'm interested in seeing all rigt you so Welo? With my pick, I G T I got to go out and say this first, because I know we're going to get shit because people are going to be like you forgot this, and you forgot this well, there's a reason: I'm not going to talk about fucking share or Kenny Jesney. You fucking talk about Hem, I'm not going. She we couldn't picsure anyway share was not the month release. We couldn't p well, it was top of the charts. It was like the number one hit at that ton. Right: Si tibreaker stuff right, fuck that music. There was so much of that music out at the time whether t the boy bands, ninety eight degrees and Saink Back Street- I'm not talking about it on this show. If you want to talk about, you just did go right ahead, so I went with Red Voodoo by Sami Hagar and the Wabaridas, which gave us the smash hit Mastakila, which translates to more to Kia to clamas, which is what Sami Hagar wanted you to buy of his Cabawabo Tikila, which the album, not only did it, have a great hit for Sammy Hagard that he still plays in concert today, still a fan favorite, but it was also like a living commercial for his own Tokila line. Yep. Let me let me just preface this one thing, if you guys t' Say, was seven days earlier, you're extremely lucky, because the Marshall Mathers LP released February, twenty third yeah of nineteen, that would have been a big one yeah, so you locked out, I would tend to agree well, let's see what you guys have for music 'cause, we're basically conceding the Rokay. I think I should start this one off 'cause. Yours is more the knockout punch R. You got it okay, so I'm going to take you down a little hip, hop road here at a band called de la Sol, with three feet high in rising that came out Ly March. Third, it's spin magazines number seven, all time, O of their top one hundred albums rolling stone. It made the TI ther top five hundred albums of all time. Even was a channel for in England, did their own little pole and it made the top one hundred albums of all time there, too, so very influential considered by many. So nobody bought him e exactly yeah when they raite an Olbum that high, then nobody buys them that BIS it right E. I don't know one fucking person that owns a Joe Walsh record, sneely dance. You changed my life, but not like enough to purchase stuff. That sounds like a pretty high acclene h. The ALBAM has pretty high atales. I ee heard of it yeah it it was. It was a high one up there and like reading into it and stuff like that, it was just it made lists of just entertainments like this is what happened in the year. Typ thing it was one of the big moments, not the biggest, though I've heard of Da la soul. I didn't know they had an album. That was that influential! That's pretty amazing. So what's the knockout punch, I'm I'm really allright, so the knockout punch was released on March, twenty first nineuteen and eighty nine. It had two singles that month. The first was the single of the namesake of the album like a prayer. By Madonna, it went quadruple platinum, it sold fifteen million worldwide. It had the songs, like a prayer, express yourself cherish, Oh father, Dear Jessie, and keep it together. How does like a prayer? Go I'll fuck? You, you sing it. So this was actually her fir. Fourth Studio Album and she was pretty under fire because that, like a prayer, video had burning, crosses and Remeo. She was making out with a black dude who was considered a saint in the video and there's a lot of therew's a lot of controversial shit going on in that video yeah, which would be nothing to know which yeah, which would be a fucking Fart in the wind today, but it was also invoted. The number one most groundbreaking, video of all time in two thousand, was voted that in two thousand and five. If she put out the video today, she would be called courageous. Yes, an nineteen. Ninety nine had passed by the time two thousand and five came around, so I I'm pretty sure that theres a one too right there. I will totally concede music to you guys from the moment I went through the albums. I the only reason I dug through every single albmums, because everyone I picked out there was march was not that good. I mean Kenny. Chesney did come out that month and we could have thrown hem in there, but neither neither of US ere a fan and we KINDOF figure we're gon to lose anyway. So we're like fucking, Esami Hagar didn't win the lifetime skin Jieveman award. That's true! Yeah TAT's vrey! True! If, if you guys were able to get eminm, that would have been a good fight again, thatwol it huge yeah. I mean that that kicked off his career. That's like! If h you guys came out with like like a virgin. You know that would have been pretty epic yeah. She was nothing like convergion at this point. No, I don't think she was I'm pretty sure, she's a wind tunnel by that point. Well, it's like that whole argument. At the beginning of reservoir dogs, when they're debating what the meaning of like a virgin really is about. Gra, you get Ta Bark all day, Little Doggi youoall right, so you guys are up one zero. You get to pick it. YOU HAVE THE BOWL joeil! Let you choose this one, all right? U Maybe get the hot items py with me, Igh, let's Deo, that one the hottest Christmas toy from eighty eight and for several years before that was then intendo entertainment system, as we all know, we're not going to say the NES as the hot item for this. Despite the fact that was still the number one toy selling at that point, but I'm going to name a game that was released in March ne Ou, nine hundred and eighty nine, which was Ninja Gidin, O lsts as number seventeen on ign for the altime Best Nintendo Entertainment System Games, and it is just anybody who played any s back in the day. That's just one of the most memorable games. You can still in your mind's eye. You can picture him doing those flips and jumping off the wall back and forth, and I'm doing that with my hand and nobody can see it, but you guys, but it's but t t it's meaningful, that's a solid frigging game yeah and it was the best of the Ninja Games of the time there were several other Ninja Games. None of them were as good well n Inje Giden was, I always saw, was Aninjagaden. I don't know it depends where I did em no. I did too until the wizard came out and since the wizard was essentially a big Nintendo commercial and they ronnounced it n Enja Guidan and it was actually dedued from pirates of the Caribbean and he was the guy who called Si Jerry Seinfeld phony and he goes minjok Gu den Hi and it was very racist, quite accurate whatitwhat if you were watching a recording and that commercial came on and you paused it at Ninja. And then your mom came in the room and hit play by accident and it said gay den it might be. We had a nottoo dissimilar situation. I remember when I was sick, like like. I was a kid and my mom came in shes like how a you do and I'm ooka reading my game, magazines whichis, what my my game magazine and she and she stops and sheas like what and I'm. Like my game magazines, hand, she goes ohpants on either Itis so funny you bring this up t at. I had. The same thing happened to me just this evening. Right before we started to record, I was getting my son ready in his room. He wanted to watch a movie, so I asked him what movie he wanted to watch. He looks at me he's like. Oh, I want to watch the peanits movie it and I start laughing. Did he want to watch the pianist he wanted to watch the penuts movie, but he didn't the team in Panut. Oh man that could have went around yeah when you're a year old wants to watch the peanis movie, some, never talkt'ere or the pianists, even that with throw up some red which pint of movie. Are you looking for I'll go on Pornhub, we'll find you a category yo in Asians little one. It was so Jumpli in. Don't you mean casions? Well, ideally, soyou. You guys started out good, that's a good one! It so yo got aninja guide allright, so the second one were also actually sticking with video games. This was quite an influential RPG that came out. It's still actually being produced by saying God. They have numerous games that have followed it, but this was the sequel to the original fantasy star. fanacy start two came out in March, O N Nineteen and eighty nine to critical claim this game was selling for sixty nine ninety nine backthem. That is like a hundred and thirty dollars nowadays. So I it came with like the whole map of the dungeons, this that and the other thing forty plus hours, which was unheard of back then yeah. It was one of the longest games yeah. I people loved it. This was a segagenesis game. They have ported this. This thing to nuberous different consoles, never mind consoles. You can get on your fucking phone. Now I mean I ca t I don't have the exact numbers of how many sold, but I guess it was a very hard sat oftter game and you can actually buy it now. It's like on Ebay for buying now for like a hundred bucks, so they probably didn't sell many copies. Then it was very influential something OES ly nch RPG it. So it did sell a lot of copies, but it's very hard to get the actual hard copies sold back then because they didn't keep track of it as a publishing company back then. No, that's no YEET ECAUSE! I had the numbers for Lordfor leg'm telling you right now. The legend is elde was different. If you look up, if you try to look a horse, mine was different than yours. I'm telling YOU RIGHT DUDE! I I challenge you to look up fantasy star too and find it for. I honestly, never even heard of fanacy start too I'. In be honest with you OKA NR. I never heard of it in you, Guidin Tat, heard of Yeah I've heard of finasy start. I can tell you that it was a ground breaking game and th. It was ten years ahead of its time, but if I ever fucking played it, hell no looks boring as shit. It was. It was like the original final fantasy. It felt the same. Like I said, boring is shit, Al Ben's, getting hot, it's getting hot. Just you guys, don't like the same shit. I do it's fun. You don't have to like the stuff, there'r stuff that we've had these things. I didn't like. I know, but you you deferred off, of Ch Kenny Chesney, because of that yeah just based on were working away. We weren't going to win that one. If, if I thought it was going to be close, betcer ass, I would have fucking threw out Kenny Chesney ad, been like oh he's, the best country guy ever right, yes, sing. A Song Y. His hat game is when I know we're not going to win anyway, I'm not just not gonna. You know tout some piecof shit you're not going to sell your soul, Hey I you know. I know you guys hate that Shit, but I've seen him in concer, actuy 've, I've heard their concerts are fun. I've been to country, fest is so country. Fest up here is massive. I basically you go tailgate for hours at Yolett and then you go inside shipface hammered and watch a bunch of people fight. It's pretty thoughmenal hemusiit's, like a free US C match yea a igt mark. How strong is yours? Do you want to go first or second I' Gointo, say mine's fairly strong? It is a video game. I will give you that much. Oh Jesus Gr just go with it, go it three in a row with he video game Jeez, you guys had Ninjiiden and final fantasy star from space game for whatever the hell it was. He I have a game now, it's not the first in this franchise, but it was a huge title for Nintendo, possibly- and I we might have mentioned it on the show before I'm not sure one of the largest franchises in Nintendo history with the release. A pokimon snap, Pokibon snap was that on end, sixty four that was yeah. That was like probably one of the worst games that they ever created. If you read the reviews, no, it said that when it came out jude you took pictures of fucking Pokimon. What do you Doin Pokimongo? Did it use the rumble pack? Yes or no? I would be confused if the rumble pack would actually work with it. What were you supposed to d like you're, trying to take a picture and a Gust O wind hits? You ideano? I think I think the rumble packwork, depending on where you were looking Yit, would rumble if you were close to a Poki, mine and Bushe. I don't know it's basically, the predecessor to Pokimongo, correct and most of the other things that they developed, which, which is gigantic St Pokimango, was more of altered reality and catching shit like youould, actually see the pokamon catch it and use it to fight things. Yeah, Pokimon, snaps, just a safari that never existed. This is twenty years the elder of Pokimango, I mean Ol, not twenty 'cause Pokiman go was like what two years ago we came outto years ago, eat o years ago. I mean that's ahead of its time. T sound. It was way ahead of its time, because if you take a look at the the three D rendering on the game- and it was such a graphics, heavy game- and it was kind of it- was set up as like a first person, shooters, really what it was just putting Pokim on in that three Te Environment is something that they they've always stayed with. Since then, you know a lot of the POKIMON products now have the same, look and feel well played to throw pokemon against Ben Yeah. Come okay, ith the after sucking its dip last morth. He has to hat nowray if that son. That game sounds just as bad as like connectimals, where all you do is pet animals with your flucking connect. But where do I get that game? Also known of T E, lonely, kids, the also known as parents don't want to get you get you a pet. So we're going to give you this virtual piece of Shit, stop choking it Joe, hey everyone! It's mark, Janes, Enrick Mancrush from the poop culture podcast. 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If you were dealing coke, sure, wellsepper Ben, he was pretty young. I think everybody had a beeper around that point. I had a beep her up until ninth grade until Niht G, okay, so yeah right around this time. So I remember aroundninete Nin. I was in ninth grade and ninety nine okay iare so perfect. This goes right into my store in nineteen. Ninety eight, when I got my first cell phone, I had a wopping like sixty minutes of free call time a month. One was fucking gigantic. It was the it was a Zacboris Motorola. I was embarrassed to take it out in public, so I just sat in my car all the time and then I had it for one year. I remember I signed a one year contract and then I upgraded to and that's what my Ho product is, the Nokia thirty two ten, Oh my God, Aka the brick. This is the phone that everybody and their mother at one point or another. That was my first phone. That was my first fone pretty much everybody. W O was dropped, Marceigheenth N, nineteen and ninety nine, and this is a fascinating sta on this phonene. It's the fourth best selling cellphone of all time, it's old, a hundred and sixty million units and h. This is interesting too. There is out of the top ten of these topselling cellphones NOKAIA has seven of the slots in the top ten, including one and two three was the ifone six and six plus was the razor, because everybody wanted that gigantic screen at the time wo. No, not it was not on the top ten, I'm shockd TAT's, a Motorolla modorl did not make top then, but this phone is actually number three of all time, but many people and you guys just proved it any time you bring up the noke thirty two ten, it's like. Oh, I had that phone. It was my first cellphone with that alone. ABSOINGII, actually up to about four or five years ago, still had his. That is not a joke. I actually still have mine instorage. Oh my God, I had the internal antenna, I'm surprised there isn't hipsters hat. I've found a way I'll start using those again because they are i'sure there's a way man. The best thing I ever saw was somebody built an ephone case and all it was was like six of those phones taped around an iphone thats fooking fantastic. I just remember that, like you could drop it, you could smash it. You could throw it an like. The battery would fall off, but the fucking thing would still work. It was like wink of cellphones yeah. The battery would last a gazillion years, and I still remember this: It had fourteen fifty MH and today, like we culdn, get a couple of hours out of our ethey has rained so quick, but this phone was awesome. It was like one of the first phones, Thi store an amazing two hundred and fifty phone numbers, and it it roughly costs about two hundred dollars in nineteen. Ninety, nine! It's about three hundred dollars today, so it's kind of steep for a basement level phone these days, but I found an ad when I was going through the papers. It was a circuit city, AD, Sircie, nineteen, ninety nine, where you could sign up for two years. You had your activation waved. It was a hundred dollars for this phone. They discounted a hundred dollars, and you got thirty minutes calling Oy Waidi O you have three nights and weekends. What would I do with the other? Tony Yeah? Oh my God, if I killed Te Leser, my ringtone on that phone was a middyfile of curt angl's theme song you so Li Thats Thas, I a just lik. You know where I was at at that time. In my life it was a dark place. It was a deep dark place. It's true! It's Trueoh, yeah, Damn true! It's so we're one one now so we're we got it back, Markn Christ. What do you wanttod? What do you want to do? One one N, just let's do top news yeah, let's go for news, actually we're still on a single point round: EES UPLIFTING news here! Y? U Know 're we're big movie fans here on the poop culture, podcast and unfortunately, March of Ninetnen D. Ninety nine changed the film industry tremendously, with the passing of Stanley Kubrick, one of the great directors of all time, um changed how movies were made and looked at an his with his passing change, the movie industry completely. SO THAT'S WHYT! I got TA throw out. There is my biggest news story in pomp culture, the passing of Stanley Cooper story, I'm going to follow that up with another passing March. Nineteen. Ninety nine took another one, the man that wants it in fifty six consecutive baseball games. Joe, would you know wher. This guy is you're from Canada. You guys have the Blue Jays yeah. We got the BI S, Seou M, you might know this, I'm trying to think see. I instantly I was thinking because Ricki Henderson played, but that was stolen basis, stuff, that wasn't it Consecutiv he's still alive, which is Gan well IHE's do to but H um. I honestly don't remember now all right, so this man hit en fifty six consecutive baseball games. It's a record thatill probably never be broken. There's a lot of people have had big streaks, never come close to fifty six games. Robin venture had a long run and college Bastat don't count esnel O, but this is a baseball legend. Joe Demagio died at his home on March eighth, an nine huteen and ninety nine following complications from lung cancer. He died at eighty four. Obviously he was a Hallof famer he's seen by many, as you know, the best center fielder of all time highest slugging percentage of all time. Three MBP awards made it made it to ten world series and one nine that tena he was bredy before Brady ohe's fucking beyond Bradi. Because of this he also neiled Marilyn anrose Hehad. Well, it's radyaskright there. You know ith the model, like that's an exclusive fucking club or anything. You know I know F K. The thing that's cool about Joe de Magio, though, is in the middle of his career. Like the peak of his career, he left baseball and took three seasons off to serve in the UNITEDARMY air forces, which is no longer around, and he did that for three years. He he actually became a sargeant. He had like some bullshit job. He was like a pe instructor or something, but the shear fact that he left baseball heas a bun fuel specialist. No H, no I'm dead sers. He was a PE instructor. Was He really yeah? That's what that doesn't. Surprise me at all yeah I mean if Joe Demagois, your P instructor that'll, lift morale, pretty well fucking war, but then yeah. He came back after three years off and continued his fucking toured streak. So those are our new stories for Marchan. I such a bleak er, where the best news was people T it was a bleak ear but th the interesting thing. We found was with the passing of both of those people in their own respective categories, definitely top five, all time or definitely topten, most likely top five in their respective categories, all time, so both icons in their own field. Absolutely I agree with that. Yeah! I don't t can't disagree at all all right. You want to start us off on this one sure sure so, Um on March twenty fourth, an nine Tuen, an eighty nine. We had the Exxon vades oil snow in the Prince, William Sound of Alaska, so this dropped ten point, eight million gallons leaking over numerous days into the sound, and this this was a worldwide news story. Everybody knew about it. This guyas obviously huge issues for the habitat of natural animals and we lost ten point: eight million gallons of fucking oil Um. So I mean everybody knows that story. everyody's heard this story. We know that that that was a just a fucking ridiculous amount of oil to lose Um, and I mean it was it fucked up it foked up nature for a long time. It's no deep water horizon othe, couldn't G it s. That was years later, though, that was like twenty ten: Wasn't it yeah? It was H, wyears back but yeah. Thankfully we learned from that and we fixed oil spells from that point. Thank God. That's never happened before, but I totally agree with you. It's a tragic event. You know it had such a huge impact on our environment and because of that, I will never ever forget what dishso baskets oil out of my dishes, because OFM watching all these footage of them, you know scrubbing the birds on the do and I was just going to say that's what I used to get it off my dot right. You know, I mean if it gets it off the fucking ducks. It's Goingno, get it off. My it's Goingno get rid w. We get to my oiver dove, it's Pom Olive Right, PA yeah, the culd believe they used Palm Olive Yeah. They might have had to come use that commercial again when o fucking deepwater herric and oil. It was like the same thing but like O, we're GOINGTA use a fucking, better camera shawbag uses the pom Alf on his four skin. I do you know it's really hard to stretch back at the end of the day and it's lemon Scentedi d drop a little bit of Vanilon afterward, so it's after these ys awesome, okay, so I'm gonna, I'm Goin to take it in a different direction. Definitely a pioneering direction as a man named Tim Burners Lee, who was a scientist at sern and in March of nineteen nd. Eighty nine he published a paper within like internal discern was called information management proposal. It was the birth of the World Wide Web. that was t e. The invention of the World Wide Web was D, Who's actually never heard of it w a. What is this. It was actually around before. That was that I could debate that one because it was actually around in the early Seventies. Well, thou the Internet was around the the connection of computers is the Internet. The World Wide Web was awayt was a more simplified way to get the information from computer to computer and share the Information Yeh sorry his paper was, it was really only meant for the company was to how to get all of the papers and stuff from each other. Instead of storting one central spot, they could actually literally pull it from each other's computers using this software and then they made it public in ninety three and that's when the Internet, as we know it began to exist igoutdoor it Maye t's, the way you're wording it, because I was actually on the Internet round. Nineteen. Ninety, like I, I started out with Keelink in nineteen, eighty six, I'm an IT. So I started out with celink in nineteen six when I was eight years old and then we moved to Um copy serve, and then we went to the Internet like eighty nine nineties, we we had the web and it was called. We used um the program. It was called Lynx, so we can go we'd, see web pages, which were all text based at that point. I was on that. So I don't know. Maybe it's just the way at Tyoyu're wording. It yeah. I think I know what Heis talking about if you've seen th the last final season of am C's Halton Cetchfire a lot of what they're developing in in that series, even though they have the Internet and theyre using it and thriving off of it. Is this World Wide Web prtygpt product were a mass indexing of of sihts hat s more like a search engine yeah? No, it's isn't it where the www came from. Yes, that was the start, but if you actually look at his proposal, I'm actually looking at it as where talking the abstract is it's the management of general information in this for their purposes. It was about ex accelerators and xexperiments at sern, and then it's actually just a large drawing, which is a web of all of ther, different P bits of information and how sour stories a drawtat. So your stor, your story is basically just the drawing NOI anludes, the drawing it's a fucking icertation it was. It was th. It was the publishing of this dissertation, which was the concept of the web. As we know, Aighso Joe Damangie dies and you bring a memo all right, that's kind llright. What else you get I'm sorry. How are we all talking right now? She was sure I was around before your your memo. Youeaenoier ye H, if I they have they'd, have our kind of bullshit pod cast back in the eighties than if that were true, all right. So it's a way of the web to make it better. It sounds like not just the: U S like the discovery of the Internet. Iwas esting in the eighties, by the way was UH was local access. T V shows remo andand mix, tapes to your girlfriend, Rwaynsburl a hump up the volume with Christian later you know make a pirate radio station on your in your local coldsack allright. So we have the end of two legends: Stanley, Kubrick and Jo damajio versus the Internet, memo and Vogers of the Exxon Valdes xanald. That was an APAN. That's wody t that's a big St, not that the Internet's. You know not big, but this is just a kind of a reorgani organizing of the Internet. It's not like it's not like. They built the Walmart, they just rearrange the inside a decided to call it wall right. Wow, I don't know, was that I N' liipublished in in like New England Science Journal and everything right yeah. It was all it was all over. This was that was a big fucking deal in the science community. That's what it was you had if yo ID of Ben stop making it like you iin heard about hi sit o. It was et. I read that to was published in that it was huge wh how the fuck would I rer Ave read it. I wouldn't'n like fucking five. I was still playing with Lincoln logs. I that was it. Was this and good nightmoon were my two pieces of reading materiaally, you didn't have Arin the train of journals, go thetepen. I can concede this round yeah. I think th. The vades was a kind of an important thing and that did change policy for well the rest of time. So yeah that was prtil. Twenty ten until the next big event yeah well, the they always just say the last one doesn't count right. Yeah there'll never be another one. Well, until the next one and then we'll say, we're sorry pay a bunch of money until the next one all right, so you guys are up two to one Barin Ork, all right. What are you thinking? I think we should go with TV yeah, I'm down with that all right, I'll leave this one off. If you don't mind, I don't debuting on h March Shit. I can't remember the date on Marchshit is that before after the thirteenth, that's Marc, twenty sixth, I have they so debuting. On March, twenty sixth nineteen and eighty nine was the show that we knew that lasted four years in quantum leap, oh solid show, so I I mean this is a show now that would probably endd up on CIFI and never be watched by anybody. But I this made it onto a a big network, NBC t last. It did last five full seasons. The first episode was aired in two Parts D. It was actually six months apart. If I remember right, Um and anthan birth, the actual show where he was you know stuck in his experiment and he kept jumping body to body and having to do these different things and dead, and he had that the observer who was like his artificial intelligence or whatever thet, was helping him out um it was. It was interesting. It was an interesting show. I I personally 've only seen a few episodes but um, but it was. It was on for a long time and forty years is a long crime, four Ye, okay, how long that's like average, it's like a good average showthey Torna down ride stuff, like that. At that time I mean Y, like Sitcoms, we're lasting like crazy, your cheers and your cosbies and stuff like that. But something like something like a Scipi in that period of time, just before, like next generation, an that nothing really stood a chance if it wasn't star Trek Yeah, especially on fucking major network. AH, in America S TAKAMERCA Merica, all right, okay ar going to go. Second, we take you to the young and fledgling fux network on March eleventh right, and we it's not the simpsons. It was a little bit later. Unfortunately, but I was like Oh man, whis is going but ay Fox the A got, scared eahwell, you CA, O expar, Mall Wani, ar because nineteen eighty nine was a huge year for td. It was a grand a big year for Fox TV especiall. This show can be considered or it can be argued that it is the birth of Reality Television and starts with the popular inner circle song bad boys. We got cops, debuing, O Fark, cots on that. That's got some staying power Y, AH Seriousday. How many seasons are there of cops that currently it's still going yeah? It's t it is still on the air. We we air at at my work we still AI. His is like unsolved mysteries it s just never stops. No! THAT'S ALL MYSTERYS TN! What belames mew hatthat show is when the world comes to an end in a few short months or whatever- and you know civilizations- discover our ruins later. Wree really should be preserving our episodes of COPS 'cause. That really shows our society is what it really is. That show has been on for twenty years and I tougt about was stupid. As Shit, we haven't learned a God, Damn thing: Well, it's because usually the people who are getting busted, don'ton t vs or they did own them. Then they did so much meth that they took them apart really quickly and as to ask so stealing ore TV shoull. We watch one no time to EES, but yeah I mean, as far as you know it it was one of its early flagship shows. It was again like I said it is one of the first ever reality shows quote unqute and it's and it's staying power beats everything I mean, and you have things like live PD coming out today, which I mean anybody. If you describe live PD to somebody. The first thing they'll say is: Oh copsis live now yeah, that's so, okay, yeah. I still think we got this right here right, but I once you when you Wan, Mwl Don'ct, you se im I'll, knock 'em down all right. So back in the Hay Day of wrestling- and I know we grew up in the golden age of the eighties with wrestling, but in my opinion, the late nineties and early two thousands were the absolute best for the WWF. They were juggernauts at the time. theywere they were, they went public with stocks. They bought the WCW. They were so big that they ruined the wrestling industry for years to co, because when they bought out WCW, they became so large that they there was no more competition. They just killed it. They just got lazy, but in this time period in March, O Nineteen D. Ninety nine. This is where the pinnacle started, and it's it's pretty sad when you're so good that you kill your own industry. But this is where that achievement started, and I was with Russelmania fifteen. This started all the shit off, because the main event of this ye had stone cold versus the Rock and these two randshit, and not even just those two mankind was the special guest referee. In that she had the three top wrestling guys in that match. Then you had the hell on the cell with undertaker and Bossman, which is always played. You had shen, came out and wrestled xpok N that, and that was like an awesome, MOUs and Craz hoviestly. They just brought Shan back because you know Shit fucking work back then, why not bring hem back? Oh, when heart was still alive in this shit and when heart fal in that, but again it it was one of those things. Then again you had Kan versus triple. He Ho still wrestles. You had all BOT dogs. What's that I am not a Noet, I love Whenyo. Had I get character, you had all the big dogs in this thing. This is where, like stone, cold in The rock just carried the Organization for years they had back and forth, one guy went and faced the other guy went heel and vice versa. Then you had the rise and the anti hero, and then you had the rise of stone, cold versus the establishment with you know, mcman being his boss and everybody got behind that and then all you had was fucking stunners and steveweisers man, but it all began with this wrestle. MANYOR HR wrestle me fifteen more iractor. Remember that one very well at was a fucking great Wrestlelmania Ihad, these all the time back then yeah. I fell iut a wrestling a few years later, I think around restlelmedia twenty was about when I stopped and yeah that was definitely a a powerful wrestlemedia, especially when you watch back some of the old ones and you're like Oh, I can't name half of the people on the card, a like Wrestemania Wat. You even go through and there's people you know, but only vaguely, and then you've got a big star and then all a bunch of Fag people again, Oh Wendy, rictor great and the get back to somebody you know but yeah that one was one where it was literally like. If you go through it, I think totere is of everybody. has a champion t one one or not: it's all guys that had extended like intercontinentalty like Jeff Jerett, the Godfather friging road dog and X, pork, gold, dust, um, cen, Sham rocknold, Dos Oi forgot, wo, miis, remember that Guy Hewas in Jan mals yet, and they call you wit, a big show that reminds me of He's like Valvas when he had his ahfinally figured it ous Yo! That's that's! Where we're going to start off what you got mark we got for March eight, you know I I had a hard time. I really couldn't find much. I had to go with T E, a frigging TV news interview. Well, fortunately, the one I found was on ABC and done by Barbara Walters and was only seen by seventy four million people, and it is the second most watch television interview of all time, and, of course this is when Barbara Walters did a sit down interview with Monica Lewinsky Hatwas Gono Devil in a blue dress herself. She knew that was coming too. She was holding the cigar in Er Vagana the whole time. Seventy four. Seventy four million people watches that's superbowl numbers. If I'm NOTC that's better than that's better than superbowl numbers, that regular was Jo he's a t v Guy, that's tr! It's the truth! That was a that was a large one, but it was one of those trainwreck style things. It's like you get those from time to time where it's like nobody out of respect for yourself. You shouldn't be watching it, but everybody is like Ba Ao. Remember like that. I wanted to watch that back then, because to me I was just turning twenty one at the time I didn't care about it anymore, 'cause. It was already like a three year old, storeright yeah, you know, but it was huge and the IT dominate. It was huge. I yeah. I remember everybody talked about it. Well because I mean our present fucking Wlli too maturenly still in office, and he was still in officgng that he wentverheted proceedings or before or before its just j Jf k had the good sense to drown to drought. Oh Joe, you can just shut the fuck on you have true Doug. You Ain't got nothing to complain about: Oh Yeah, no, I'm not defending one one's, not good 'cause. Another is bad all right, so that's those are or two that was tough ee. I, the Lewinsky one just size wise, is really big, but wrestling only matters to wrestling fans, so copsanly Com atters to people who want to want to Wa Watch White Tressin, O it's pretty much the same demographic. It's a show, that's literally the same thing. Every time stays on the air for twenty years and helps start a network. That's you know one of the Big Five Buto. Seventy four million people watch cops and Ma more than seventy foor million peopl on over time over the time, but not in March. Nineteen. Ninety nine remember that, on the ING I do so I I won't. I wouldn't argue that yeah, the Lewinsky thing is the biggest of the four s just weather yeah. She mead haags leave her alone. They were Cubans. I I mean. Obviously, that is the biggest the biggest T v thing out of all of these m yeah, because mainly because we can talk about it now and recall facts like we're doing namme one episode of Cops in twenty years. Shirtless to hun down the street right gets Tak every episode of got, but if you sing the first three notes of bad boys, tell me somebody who doesn't know what I'm talking about what you gone O do. I thought you were talking about, will Smith and Martin Loreah, but my eight year old gets that reference. He knows that song good, album too, get that it as one of one of the first Seidis I ever bought as that Inner Circle Oem and not because of cops th. I I heard the song sweat a like a day camp and I liked it. So whoever would have thought that we would have used TV shows about cos. Arresting people to sell hip hop music kind of interesting in it, worke wt, the F. I think I think you got to go with us with this wind because I don't think you guys are giving Restlemeano fifteen enough credit, because you said before it only mattere to wrestling people, but in that time period there were people that weren't wrestling people that watch rest. My wife yeah, who never watched wrestling in her entire life, watched it religiously, like it, was a soap opera for like four years 'cause. It was a soap opera. It was that it was the best it was the male soap op. In the hard o Monday night IDRs we got to watch people beat their shit out of each other, even t ou they weren't and then catapulted the rock to where he is that's b. That is the big one. If, if any argument wins me over, it's t the one that brings the rock into the forefront, knowing where he is now. Ah, oh he's he's the biggest action guy. What was what was the movie where he was in with San William Scott, where he had to go? Get Him in the jungle, the run down the run Ya. There's a scene in the rundown ecase they're in a bar and he's going to get Jong, William Scott and he passes ornol O walking out and he says, have fun. It was kind of like I passe off yeah, because Schwarzenegger was never going to be in another action movie at that point and that he's been how many sents ye after being governor they're, Gofen, O B, o a lot of billanded Omer. So so that that's it I mean it. It's. If is Wain el of your regular viewers of people that never wanted to watch wrestling to becoming wrestling fans and then y you developed the rock into what he is today T it is true. Anyhow, we got to pick a winter here we gotto get hrit the OO. I got to Gite Ou yeah, I'm going to I niln to you guys, Tor, all right, so we're up three to two going into the final round. So there's only one thing left more movies. There was a movie that came out in March of nineteen. Ninety nine that really pulled together, legendary actors and directors from different genres into creating something new that we really hadn't seen before, and that was when the Director Herald Raymos, you might knowhim, is egone from ghostbunsters got together with a an actor. You may know by the name of mser Robert Denero and Mr Billy Crystal did a few good movies and they came out with a great movie called analyze. This that's what I'm going to throw out there from my movie, not the best movie for Robert Deniro or billy crystal but solid because of what it did for the careers of some of the players involved with it. Now at the time Robert Deneer really not known for doing comedy. This was one of his first major comedy films and since then, he's kind of transitioned to his career into doing a lot of comedies, not saying that he's particularly good at them, but he does enjoy it now, and this is one of the first simes fantastic and dirty GRANDP. He was he hs gotten better over the years. I wasn't a huge Daaro heat. The parents meet the Fokers, although e Com- I wasn't a huge Denaro comedy fan at first but uh. I appreciate it now more, like o go back watch analyze. This he's really good net and crystal's fantastic and just about everything he's ever done. So, ok, right and then I'm goingto go with a movie that came out. I freshly turned twenty one, and I remember going to this bar. It was called on the run. It was right outside of our movie theater and the mall, and I always used to take my fake, I d, But I I just turned twenty one and I went to the bar and we sat in there. We drank waiting for the show to start and we got slashed. I went into this movie and I was so confused. I was like what is going on the entire movie, So then you know I go back a second time to see this movie. That was my contribution to their four hundred and sixty three million dollars that they took in world wide in N, Ninetnen, N, Ninety nine and that movie, which turned into one of my favorite kiano reeves movies, was the Matrix and that was released March. Thirty first in Nineteen, Ninety nine knew that was coming e H. I didn't even need to look it up. I knew it was march. I knew I knew yeah. I knew exactly what you were saying the moment you started talking it's. It was one of those movies tha that I, like I said I was. I think I was 'cause I was drunk. I was like what the fuck it was blowing my fucking mind, but then I went back and saw it the second time completely soberd and I was like Holy Shit. This is amazing and, like I said, the movie went on to it, made four hundred and sixty three million dollars in the box office. That's seven hundred million dollars and twenty eighteen, that's right up there with your biggest movies that we have coming out twenty eight million dollars and it's opening weekend. It's forty. Two million dollars today huge in terms of like rental and homesales- I own I own- every copy of you know all three of them and when four Oscars, which you don't see happening, especially for a Scifi film, which included best special effects, we have to go through if this is Tih at the end of the day, and we have to go through the rest of the month. We have a solid month, but this is just a really good movie that came hell. This is like a Mike Tyson's punch out upper cut right off the bad now. Do you think it would have beenlly salid as solid of a franchise if they would have originally gone with, Will Smith? who was their first choice, but now it had to be cantaries, because cianoris is so confused all the time anyway, that it worked out perfectly to be Nio because neo didn't know what the fuck was going on, so y you're kind of right B. He didn't have to act, he just he was just Hims. He was you know, going teds yeah won I'm a hundred percent on board as much. I do enjoy me Sowell Smith, but yeah. I don't think that a person who omotes wo would have helped the movie in any way. I think he would have overdone it. I think anybody I think it had to be underdone. I think doing it would be overdoing it. I no. You know what I mean Allo, that white all right, so we're coming at you guys with analyze this and the matrix alrighty Um. I am going with a Ne Nine hutndred and eighty nine Morgan, Freeman movie called Leen on me. This movie was based off the Ogo life of Joe Lewis, Co Clack, big Joe Yep Joea Lol arder place for the Blue J ALSOC. I nevero. There was also a movie called coach Carter. You might be thinking of that n Yo Parden ATS. I I put the baseball bat from Joe Clark together with Joe and I got Joe Garter. So this is Um. This movie was pretty well received. It did make thirty one million in the box office Um, which leads to about n fifty eight million nowadays Um it. It's definitely got really good imdb writings. Honestly, I've never seen this fucking film, but yeah dude, it's good. It's it's one, Os to he's a principal in Newark, yeah Y H, use to cals he crazy tro. Now they called he hatman. He was like an elementary teacher and he was known for like his strict Shit and they brought him in and yeah. I read the honey story about Joe Clark, though he ended up getting fired for having a stripped contest in the school at least aalwys Luckndwhat was alleged yeah. Look it up. That's fantastic good for him, allegedly, let's make a seek Wene f US movieg now anyway, so yeah. So this is. This is the one that I'm I'm going with. Is the Morgan Freeman lead lean on me? I'm going to go for something not quite as flashy and high budget as the Matrix, but it was very important movie for youth for its time and still today, I'm going with heathers. Oh great movie, It was a great movie. It was a film independent Spirit Award winner for a best first feature for Micael Layman and Daniel Waters. It is entertainment, weekly, 's, number, five, all time best. Teen movie and it is currently in the process of being remade AOTHAWHO's automaticl you fuck and lose reier came over. We don't Nope it's about the movie, not about the fact that theyainit later yeah, no, but the fact that people give shit about it still to this point where they want to do something now see something interesting happened to me with heathers. Is I never watched it Whenev? We lost his Reno. I never watched it when I was a kid I saw for the first time a few years ago, watching that movie as an adult now is completely different. That movie has was light years ahead of its time. So I'll give you yeah I'll. Give you prompts that's a movie that should be coming out now might is all the school murders? No, no absolutely I mean that's it's topical yeah. I mean that's. What's Haling in our country, I don't know about what happens up there in Canada, W ith you. We have some very stern words for each other, sometiese you're, very light abby people here e. no, what we can we mot Loeitlers, yes, and we punish each other, mostly with gravy and cheese. But yeah I mean that's yeah, that's the one. For me it was a it's one of those ones that you know when you think back on the the formative movies. You think about your breakfast clubs. You think about your heathers. You know, and it led to things like you know that you know it te got things like mea girls, and you know things that people ourate, who are our age twenty years from now, we'll look back and go. Oh look at this, and then people can tell them well that actually started off with other Eh, but it didn't have billy crystal it. It may I don't know I didn't. I didn't see the entire IMDB Castlis e was the fourth heather. Yes, I don't know, I think this you know, maybe the first slam dunk, I think, bodaboy's got you guys. I Heather Heatherhas got a colt following so that's got points to it. Um, I think, with lean on me, I think it's a better movie than most people do so that's going to knock it down an Atch, so I think we got. I mean the Matrix iolizs, I would say because of the Matrix alone. I would. I would argue that H that heathers may have beaten analyze this, but I would say that the Matrix beats both of them yeah analyze. This did get analyzed that they did get ofll out of it. Yea there was no xample, the heathers ycause everybody a AD equal. No, in all honesty, I the size indestruction that the Matrix did to this whole contest. Um is I mean, there's no, no choice between the two that movie made enough that Kiono reevs could have fucking rounedin the money from just the first two weekends, an I did it it I don't know. Did he is that whyhe', like ATIBAC Ocao, the weirdest actor? If you look at his career, he'll go thro. He'll, have Li e. These big moments like he had bill and Teds, and what else came out around billinteds. There was another movie point: onpretty Much Wat was that movie he had with like Sandra Bullock, where they were like putting the letters in the mail and she was getting it like. Three years later, O W was Yehthe Lake House Soli, the Lakee Gos, the Lake House, Oho Yeah 'cause. I remember he walks in front of a bus. Well, the anyhow e. If you fast forward ten years, then you got this. Guy Has the Matrix. Then you fast forward another ten years. This guy's got John Wick series. It's like I, like John Wick Thouh, I lock in the fantastic phone. If Youn the Matrix Yor the first matrix was fantastic. If you look at Kiana reeves career, it unfortunately takes the path of a lot of people. In Hollywood, where you gotta do the movie to pay the bills, pull ab dual video, you know you gotta do the movie to pay the bills. You Got Ta New, the movie to win the award, so you can get the other movies that you really want to do. So you know you gotta. You can tell th some of those movies that he's there's no way he would have been interested in them. No, but he pet tri. He tried like he he did'T sh. You know he did Shakespeare in theatre. I participation tropy Yeah Yeah. He he did. If you look at like biography things of him, he did m. It was right. I think it was just after the Matrix he did like mcbeth on stage and early in his career earlier n his career. When he's much younger, he had things like Dracula and he had things like dangerous liaisons like he was put in. That kind of Shakespeariand, like you know, for lack of a better term that kind of Shakespeare ind, like old English kind of roll hit, he' his accent was a Besmo and all that stuff, but he kept getting the Rolls Y. Ah I love John W. You know what he is: a real life, John Wick. No, have you ever seen, hem on the range I'm othe fucking Rill, O oh yeah, Goo, Google, him he is like he's like a real life: John Wick Yeah. I love John Wick, the one Konares movie, I'm waiting for to come out and hasn't happened. I want to see a buddy cop movie with Keana Reeves and Owen Wilson, where the whole movie is just like them go out: Wow whoa, wow, wow wow. When I was in college a Guy. I know he made a smashcut of all the Kiana Reeves woesn and then we were just like okay, that's great! You go put it next to everybody. Else's smash, cut of Kiniano, reeds, won Whoa, all right Wein, this one ywe atulations guys it was a good year. We ended up working so five to two kind of a landslide yeah, but it comes down to e the funnel round. Again I had some other little like tidmit things like my backups and stuff, like that too I had for TV. I had the guy from the Buffalo Saberes getting his throat slit on live T v, Oh yeah, so that h also yeah, that was Clinto Marchuck in March. Twenty second, a can happened again too. Of course there ane end during the hockey news. Oh I nobody's further away from hockey than me. I actually stumbled across it than I brought it up to a friend of mine and he's, like you didn't know that I almost doubled down on a on Madonna 'cause Madona had the Pepsi commercial that debute on the cosby show. Did you just say you were going down on Madonna? No, I said double down, in other words, she's taking wiother Shit's, actually the pepsikan Inter Virgina, and that was the whole commercial. The long way, the long Wa well, it is the choice of the new generation, and then she opened it. It's it's always interesting. When we go through these things and you see all kinds of different stuff, when we did our music, the albums were shit and for the the game we got to come up with Alans, but if we had to go to our singles yeah, it was incredible. We had no scrubs from T, LC was out and agengls were fantastic too, and but we had eminm, I mean that's like the very first thing, then you had: U. I am the NAS album came out. You had Brittey spears hit me, maybe one more time, Wat, Er Baby. One ore time fuck she called it back. Then then you had the whackas Shair Song. I mean just crazy shit. Even the Googo dolls. We had Millyvenili, we had a guns and roses I'll treat you guy I'll trase you a milly Vinnili for a Rickie Martin live in Levida Loga, Oh yeah! No, I'm I'm keeping my faband Fathan Rob Toh one's dead, so you only got. I think you only got robbd, I'm still I'm keeping hem anyway. So that means the mamaluks undefeated yet again, so for an no overall on games here on poop culture. So that's where we're going to end this episode, we're going to take our title and run away so until next time fellow poopers make sure you go over to poop Culntr dotcom and check out all of the great shows on the poop culture extended universe and why you're at it hey you're, going to be on the Internet anyway, so go and check out Joe Show miscass commentary. Yeahit is a excellent show. I I must say it comes from it. 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