Dueling Decades
May 15, 2019

Dueling Decades - May 1981 VS May 1991

Dueling Decades - May 1981 VS May 1991

This week on Dueling Decades, The Mamalukes (Nick Mancrush and March James) are back in action. They come armed with May of 1981 to go up against long time tag-team rivals The After School Special made up of Beau Becraft and Mike Ranger fighting with...

This week on Dueling Decades, The Mamalukes (Nick Mancrush and March James) are back in action. They come armed with May of 1981 to go up against long time tag-team rivals The After School Special made up of Beau Becraft and Mike Ranger fighting with May of 1991! It would not be a tag team battle without the right honorable Judge Jon Cross, he is back this week and ready to lay down the law for this duel over the month of May! Who wins this epic tag team battle? Listen, subscribe and play along at home! Then visit us at facebook.com/duelingdecades to join in on the debate!


Informarymediapeopl engage Jul an the pixe o PLA, but it tot for im ran again upon that cap. Ut Stot, the power gopcome fight for what you lovewho come to Poe pe COPI, an crita PA ete to Poe cap, would take a grave AO, Balla Hasick. I am mad. A Tano come fight for what you love, oineas broadcasting from the biobaday studios, where water does it better greetings, pals and gals children of all ages. Welcome back to another episode of dueling decades. The Adult Audio Retro Game Show where the Eighties and nineties do battel, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Let's take a look at this week's deelers and the decades they will be fighting for as we return to tag team action here on the show in the eighties corner, fighting with May of nineteen. Eighty one is the man that, along with myself, make up the team known the world over as the Mamelukes its the man crush hello, the only dwarf on the panel in this week. Our opponents are no strangers to us. It's the team that I's so ninetis. They reek of awesomeness coming armed with May of nineteen. Ninety one go ahead Mike. Oh I Mike Ranger representing, may onineteen. Ninety one I've been playing sonic the Hedgehog all day and I'm knee deep in sunships and as always here on doling decades, we need someone to serve as our retro referee, he's back lads and, ladies the Lord of Justice Himself, the right honorable judge, John Cross. That's right! I am the Lord by my t, SHIRT YOU NOBS! Can we get the other team name? Oh, were the after school special afthe school special GRP? It's been a long time for himwell. You change names. Sometimes you've been lots of different names thats, so people can forget that we lose all the Fucking T. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. A judges coinflip shall ecide, who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points, a piece: The winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds now jewellers get ready to talk to the hand as we play some oenes or right. Are we all ready for the flip? Today's flip, this month's flip, as over on the AFTERMOEDINA? It is sleezy. Spade of time. I have the VHS of Slowburn starring James Spader, with a very sleezy mustache and many driver. Do we want to go minnies or backeys? What are we thinking? Mamelukes? I must say he banged her in the Backe, so gotto go Bakh, let's go back, it is described as a sizzling thriller about the search and struggled to claim o fortune in stolen diamonds. So we are going back ease. Mamalokes is pick backies ARL right. Let see we're going to cassit right now. Ohespackeas the momolukes go first amark. What do ye say? We start with music yeah. We can start there. You want to start us off sure. Chirlet's begin this. So May, first, nineteen, eighty one we get the classic self titled DB, Album from Punks the adolescence team betained. Sixteen Gritty fast paste, Eightiese, hardcore, punk, songs and all of thirty seven minutes, and in that thirty seven minutes they bashed the government. They shit talk the cops, they talk about homeless, kids and they talk about their experiences living in Orange County. I seriously, though, if you're a fan of Punk, I know it doesn't sound like a huge album. This is a lost fear collection. This album is the definition of eightyes hardcore punk, it's an essential to any collection because real punk people collect you, know old punk, you don't listen, O Shu Don spotify, so you go out and buy it and you probably do, but these Goy they're unique, they're, talented. Obviously, it's controversial and I realize that most punk is only three cords, but I promise you that rickagne shreds on this album popular songs is Almeba. You might have heard of Um nobody well when you sing it like that and also has other gyms on there. There's kids of the black hole, which is awesome, h creatures, for example, is s another good one? It doesn't exactly have the Gaudy numbers that we would see from a pop album when we do this, but the adolescents were probably the first of that second wave of punp bands that were widely. U S distributed H, I think them, and maybe the dead Kennedies were probably the biggest of the time bfor that one thing because dead caddies had fresh fruit and roden vegetables and eighty, I think so. Those two bands kindof hit it off for the punk scene in nineteen and eighty one. This one was mayfirst nineteen. Eighty one, are you guys ready for my pick? You Ready, I'm ready you guys now waiting is the hardest part. Well so says Tom, petty as hard promises is released, his fourth studio album by Tom, petty and the heartbreakers may fifth, nineteen, eighty one giving us the single the waiting and being certified platinum in the United States in Canada. The album's release was delayed. However, while petty and MCA records had a dispute over the price of the album, the album was originally slated to be the next MCA release with the new list, price of nine dollars and ninety eight cents. The so called superstar pricing was a dollar more than the usual list of eight ninety eight Tan. He went to battle for his fans. He didn't want them to pay the extra dollar. He even went as far as to consider nondelivery of the album or just naming the album. Eight. Ninety eight, but eventually NCA decided against it. Ut during the recording of the album John Lennon, was actually scheduled to be in the same studio. At the same time, petty was petty, huge beetles fan lifelong fan very excited to meet John Lennon. Unfortunately, John Lennon never made that scheduled deportment as he was shot just a few days before so for the original pressing of the album, they paid tribute to John Lennon by etching. We Love You jl in the runout deadwax on the early. U S and Canadian pressings. So if you have a copy of that album or if you're in you know good will or whever, and you find a copy of Tom, petty and the heartbreakers hard promises. Take a look at the album etching if it's a first print you're going to see that should be to John Lennon. On there, so that's my pick for music mancrush. Can I just get a confirmation on where you are finding the May first release date for the Anala use: jisgards, don't use WICKAPLUGAS WICOPEDIA? No, I'm just not seeing a may release on any of the thing for albums. Traogs is the place to go okthe fair enough. I will double check of that. I just was double Chinnel, I'm glad you did because H, you'll see this comes up all the time when we do the research for the stuff. If you just do a quick google search, the dates are usually rounded off or they're, just right, the or they're just wrong, and then you go back and find I a newspaper or something you know that's the real date. So it's it's very interesting, though, because in April, if it is to be believed there was an album released by the exploited called punks not dead. So I guess the adolescence proves that Ma weeks later they did and then some it's a classic Aldman like. Even if you're, not a fan of PNAX, I would say: Go on there check out kids of the black hole. It's I like a Beti, but it's a five minutes oit'. So it's Punk, but it's like the antisis in antinthesis, othe, fuck, antithesis, O Yu, Yo right and it's five minutes in like thirty seconds or something like that. But it's a good song check that out Nice we'll do al right, ovut, two after schools, Special Mike. Would you like to do the honors or on May Twenty? Fourth of ninety one. We saw the guns and roses kick off. They use your allusion Tor. This was not only the band's longest tour, but one of t t e longest in music history with a hundred and ninety four shows and twenty seven countries. The tour was a promotional tour for the album's use your illusion. One and two. The two re marked a high point for the band's popularity, with over seven million fans attending the tours remembered for countless riots. Late starts and cancellations, as well as various ranch by the always well behaved axel rose when the user illusion tor finally ended in Benosaris on July sevententh and ninehuteen nd. Ninety three: it marked the last time slash performd with the band until two thousand and eleven. I guess nothing lasts forever and we both know hearts can change or with the was it in Missouri or no. It was in St Louis or something right where they had like that. Yeah got riot. It's like a Ryan. You kno that he just well that's why they yeah ridid right 'cause. He did one song and he was like fucked this and left and they went crazy or some shit yeah. He lost his temper. What a guy think h's got a little ot of hand, they're still rebuilding down in St Louis, actually becusemonumetal, so yeah. That's my Pi, the beginning of the useur allusion tour, all right Bobee craft over to you for your pick, we're going to go to the debut album from one of the biggest alternative acts of the nineties. Arguably released. May Twenty igt nineteen ninety one, the Daby record from the smashing Pumpkins Gish featured three single Siva Rhinoceros and Imone til the release of the offspring's. Ninety four records Smash Gish was actually the highest selling independently released record of all time, which is a pretty big feat considering they didn't have any major label backing. For that I mean not the most memorable smash an pumpkins album, but still pretty good out of the gate, effort reaching number six on the: U S, Billboard Heat Seeker's, album charred, didn't produce any top tin hits, but the album did go on to be certified platinum with sales over one million copies, so eight outy, eight yeah. Ninety one gish from the smashing pumpkins wow. It wasn't their best album, like you said, but you know there was a solid foundation there and you could tell that you know there was something there even from that early on album yeah- and here we are, you know, thirty years later, I'm pissing next to the lead singer and a fucking Yearnol, an Moscow Mills Missouri. He took a gash right next to hem talking to him, while you were pissing aswell right, nothing, awkward about that Tdo, you have the actual um sales numbers for the beginning of that 'cause. Obviously, it sold a million bight now, but it actually was rereleased later on which I think they factored that into the number. I think it was rereleased in two thousand and eleven, and I don't know if they count the rerelease with that or not well Wbut, in the what twentieth Anniversar. That would make sense. It's still that's a huge meat, though considering nineteen. Ninety one, there's really no Internet, there's no other way to write distribute so it's pretty B. It was actually I read that college radio stations where a lot of the reason that it it gained so much popularity or, I guess, really kind of lack tr, but it did gain popularte because of being an alternative. You Know College Radio, station Kindo hot hot play. Oh yeah, we had it in heavy rotation yeah. I remember when Siamese dream came out like t Y, they made it like. The band was around forever because everybody knew about them and it was probably because of that, so that's pretty cool so between the two nineteen eighty one, nineteen, ninety one, let's just have a quick glance over the maze of those particular years, not much happening n nineteen. Eighty one there's a few notable exceptions. I mean Theye's shut up and play a guitar. The FRANKZ Apera Album Grace Jones eleast night clubbing, I'm sure, is everyone's favorite. In fact, Fran Frankzampe also releases tentil town rebellion that month as well, so he has a busy month. But apart from that, not much thos raliases from you before the Echo and the Bunnyman M and John Michelle Jah everyone's favorite French keyboard player and player of the laser but nineunded an eighty one may really. I do think that the Mamelukes picked two of the most interesting albums and h. You know obviously one incredibly well known and then the other one sort of a very unique col album out of that month, not much else to play with, however, Ma nine tden nd. Ninety one, my goodness look at some of the stuff that came out. We had pot life by Banada Rama, not a day, goes by when I don't listen to that classic. We every we had wull summer yeah yea, it's just constant songs about Robert Denero that nobody wanted, and then you had or cystal maneuvers in the dark, with Ou ralbum sugar tax. That's one of my favorites. I just like the idea of an orchestra trying to tiptoe through her bedroom, quietly and Elvis Costello. But really, honestly, you have O J original gangster by ice tea, which is a great one. You have sailing the seas of cheese by PRIMIS, who doesn't love that ve spellbound by Pola Abdel. You have the unplugged album by Paul McCartney, there's tons coming out and, of course you have our two picks gish and the guns and roses use ar allusion tour Um. I I have to I have to after all of this listen, I'm a big fan of what the mamalukes picked, both punk and Tom Penty, but I'm oin a side, Ne Ouand, nine hundred and ninety one. I don't think you can really be. I mean use your illusion one and two and the tall that followed was really all. I remember anyone talking about that year in terms of music, I remember being in in early in high school. At that point and h, everyone just going on and on and on about guns and roses Adalsm. It was just such a a mammoth kind of double album and tore and everything at that point it was sort of very pop culture, elevant les, so about Gish and the smashing pumpkins. But I do feel like the smashing Pumpkins as well. Those bands that kind of defined the nineties- and you said this- was their debut album. So obviously, in terms of a band coming on the scene early in the decade and then going on too more or less throughout the decade kind of defineit in in its own way, then it's obviously an important debut. It went platinum, it sold a million copies, so I am going to side this round with the auter school special at nineteen. Ninety one see that no arguments here- that's that's tough one to beat all right after school special. You take control of the board. What category Arl we going to next mm? That's a doozy Mike! You got any suggestions here. I think we should go with hot products. Let's do it get it out of the God. Damn way or y you want to take, it sure got a hot product for a negative reason. This time may twenty Nin nineteen, Ninety one the Niland Corporation, just up the road for me and Rockford Illinois', recalling approximately five thousand eight hundred units of the Thomas, the tenk engine and friends, push along train and they thomas the tank engine and friend shape sorter pole toy after they failed to comply with the Federal Hazardous Substances, act, the gray, pegs on the side, rods and a red latch on the back of the engine door, separated from both the push along train and the shape order Poletoy, while the black hitches connecting two cars separated from the push along train. All of these pieces are small parts that could present potential choking or aspiration hazards for young children, and it marked a dark dark day for Shining Time station time period, so bad that you hau to start Witha, negativein froduct. Every time we tryed something new in the nineties. I see I can't wait Tora I ges I so on May thirty, first N, nine hundred and ninety one in Japan, Sega Partn Sega partner with IBM to release the Sega terror, drive an IBMPC compatible system with a integrated mega driver genesis for those of us in America. The system allowed for secagensis games to be played at the same time as the PC section was being used. The unit was Sega branded and had three different models which have purchased with the monitor that was sold separately would cost you a little over two thousand dollars. The product ended up failing. But if you look at sege's history, they have a track record for running with innovation and re, releasing products that are often ahead of their time, but his former SEG Mesecof America co Tom Kalinski, his said with products like the SEGCD that Saa had to make these jumps to figure out how to program for the future. The Genesis was the first sixteen bet system. The CECD was the second CDB CD BAS system. The SECO channel is years ahead of online gaming and the dream cast was the first system to bcome with a Builtin Modem. The SEGOPICO was a tablet like device release in ninety three, so you can look at the Secetara drive as like a precurs or o. What Microsoft is doing now with windows, so yeah wait. What are they doing with wint? It's lie. Well, right now, xbox live is being integrated with windows, so you K, Urces e game for your x box and gn play it on your PC claws. Play yes got it not cross play. That's people who show up to my apartment fron to address. Like me, AGR that'swhy, I'm growing the beard out. Man Go away. Lay Me alone. I let you bot my t shirt, in which case please: COM OA at Wingarpoana, Tha, osplay. Well, half the room comes dressed as judge on crosty Shir, the other half just comes in the regular like duty, Tshirt, and then it's a a game of swapping t shirts. All night. That's lie a CLA party but more comfortable ndirty lots of Nipples, not much else. It's still pretty gross 'cause, I'm sure they're hairy, yes, t confirmed confo all right, Markyou wa. To start this one out, 'cause, I'm even interested to see what you picked, because I don't even know all right. So let's go to hot products. May Nineteen nd eighty one you know sometimes on this show you got ta dig and you've really got Ta Dig so for my hut product. Just follow me on this. We're going to the May nineteen. Eighty one issue of Omni magazine, which is a science fiction in technology magazine, had a great h story on it from Ray Bradberry always contributing to on omne magazine. But if you dig a little bit deeper into the issue, you find that there was a gentleman who published his very first story in that very issue. A Mister, William Gibson published his very first story called Johnny nomonic in the omne May ninehuteed and eighty one issue I mean William Gibson. If youere familiar with science fiction, I mean he is credited as being one of the pioneers of the Science Fiction Movement. He basically created cyber punk. He coined the term cyber space, so only a few years later, but his whole career basically started, may nine uteen and eighty one as he publishes his first story, Johnny Nomonic in Omni magazine, which, if you're familiar with the title, it is what went on to inspire the nineteen ninety five Kiana Reevesville. That was an Algore that noono no I'll go o not in invent Cyber Space Soowe, and should we really be mentioning it as the inspiration ful, the cone res Film John, a face off? Do She Raer, acrument or p? Now I understand his that a debt O or it chos relevancy, because this is an eighty one and the movie they didn't. Even think of making that movie Til the mid nineties right, you know that almost starred valkilmer yeah, it would have been better. I don't know I mean if it's tobstone valcom a real real genius valcumashore. If it's backmanvel kilner, then no true that that was a good one mark allrig man crush what do e. You Go Al Right, Um, an ninetded and eighty one. He had Bob Gernsy Hays Nolle and Charles Gaines. They purchased a couple of Nell spot, double o seven markers and before you asked the Nell spot marker, I was actually a gun that was created by Charles Nelson and daisy daisy. That makes the air rifle in order to mark trees or stray cattle from a distance, and, of course, I'm talking about with paint now with bullets. That said, the next time, you're you're out playing paintball or something at least. You know why they're calling your gun a marker and you'll probably be the only one out there. That knows why and that's why, right there, but for Fans N, he movie Gocha the Nell spot. Double. Oh seven is the same thing that Aunthi Edwards is using in that and this one's for you, John Cross, in tough turf. James spader is also using NL spot double, oh seven. When he shoots what Di he shoot in the room again. Was it mice dartboarn? Wasn't it yeah? It was a picture on the wall yeah. It stopped UFF as the topboard in his apartment. At the beginning, Yeh EP for his parents' House. Rather se right 'cause he's still in high school anyways infact, you may have eighty one so that it's a paintball gunman. I is people again, so the Nell spot double or seven butt. It was used for those purposes. At that point, it was only made to mark trees and stray cattle. That's why they made that nail spot and then, like everything else, we eventually said to. We should shoot each other with exactly so that that was mae in n nineteen. Seventy two, but anyway may nineteen enghty one. So those three guys a I mentioned before they went out and they purchased the knell spot double o seven marker and then they subsequently tested it on its first human shelbe Ganes, which was tharls gains's son, who said it didn't hurt that bad and then, within a few days of this, these guys started playing people in the wood shooting each other, and then they went on to plan the first ever people match it would take place the next month. So it's not the first ever paintball gun, but it's it's the gun that would inspire the first itch: paintial, Ga yeah, it's not the hot product. Is People in Genera. That's what these guys created as a game, because at that point it was just used as an actual device to shoot trees. The? U S, forestery department paid Charles Nelson to come up with the whole idea for it. Basically, it was to shoot trees that were too far like across rivers or whatever and marked them like. If a tree was dying or whatever they'd mark ut, with a certain color of paint s that h t was se before this date. No one had ever used paintball game, paintwant guns recreationally so from here these guys crated leagues in it it went on and on today about three million active. U S, pantball players in the United States little do they know that podgy middle aged blasman would be eas t when Ho Reli Xeo such an interesting story. When I found it that I had O dig deep into this thing. But if you were to about ten years ago, the Peopal industry was actually twice the size, but because of like Airsoft Leagues and stuff, which is much cheaper to run it kind of split down the middle, but there's still three million people, plaing INS, one hundred and fifty million dollar industry, but an and also we keep killing each other with real guns s it oes an Owiglars Piart. They are right who needs paint pain is like a girl's game. That's just to loadit up with real bullets and have done with it. Well, just don't wear a mask yeah right. You re just up the Ante, the PEO, the reason nobody shoots. Anybody with paintballs there's no consequences wheever. I just I make a paint that never comes off. Nobody gets killed and there's a consequente and everyone's unique. We dont look like the seven train, beqeri L, I love a country, that'll ban, a kindereg and a lawn dot, but guns have at it anyway. So that's what we got! May Nineteen Eighty One allright look at that collection of heart products. Normally, I would say, are we saying hot products is normally the weakest round: Cretes IIT's the most interesting round. It's definitely the hardest to find things. Yeah, it's Asso the hardest to judge, I think in a way 'cause. I can't really bring a lot of my like perso. I don't buy a lot of like products in that regard. You tell me I didn't have the Thomas, the tank in friend Shapes Order Poltoy. No, I Eri O ng that it was the aster a lounge from smash mouth of toys. Yeah. I didn't have a lot of Thomas Te tank engine toys by the time I was in my teens. No, that wasn't a thing eowamo wateverybody had bow had one of those things when he was a little tyke. You said chew on it for hours sitting over there in the corner we had Ringo Stan erating. The TV show is what we had. We add Riggolstol, saying: Oh Look, Tomas is there with the front controling, so that was always fun these going to start talking. I don't suppose we're allowed to call Hem. If I control with Etman Wut can brin go star, really say anything that sounds Downer or depressing. Gota always puts an upspin on everything. Everything has a a slight positive tone to it, except in hard days night he kind of gets a bit mumbly and yfushing in the middle of a hordiday's night when they do the whole, like Lono, goes off by himselfth yeah. That was the drug starking. I don't know in ninety sixty four I mean maybe IMFENTIMENS, but they hadn't really got onto th y they'd taken a lot of speed in Germany, but they hadn't done Po. Yet I think that was coming up like rubber Sol. Here it was like the first paw Albu Yeah it's when they got good, that's why they met Dilan until I was Sayi, Oh man, you haven't done this. Yet ynow, okay, so let yeulet's TUTC JUG this round my guodness! This is difficult because H, obviously William Gibson tighten in twentieth and twenty Fivth Century Scifi getting his start in ARY magazine that'. I mean that's fascinating onto itself like that. Should win pointoss for being fascinating, that you were able to find that the the people gun, paintall and Sobvos a big deal. Do we know how soon after May, O nine utdred and eighty one? The first paintball game Atshe took place June the next month they planned the very next month? Okay, so they planned it inokay. They had twelve people, nine, nine others and, of course, them three, but not his son. I liked that the first person they shot was one of their sons. Yeah O yop come over. Here did thatthey had twelve people and forty seven injuries. I never got shot by a naill spot double of seven but like in Gocha. It didn't look like it hurt either. So maybe it was pretty weak compared to like the paitballs and the early two thousands, those fuckers stung. I have to say that I do like Mancrosh you trying to appeal to my movie loving by being like it appears if these two randdom movments and then the Tomas, the tank engine, recalled you to small pots and Sega, and I ib M jointd forces to create a SEGA PC. I have to say out of all four of them and Thi's always. I think this always seems to happen with Er Bronot. I I feel like the Sega and the IM IB M, like joining force, its Great Sagra PC, I feel like, especially where we are now Wi'r sort of the the x box in the playstation, both having you know, pcsize hard drives and, like you say, online capabilities and crossover potential with new microop, pcs and things I do feel like thats, that's very lipressiant and relevant and interesting. But coupled with the Tomof, the tank engine recall, I'm not sure if it think of like that, I washat were saved by that recall happening all the innocent child lives. I know I yeah, but I don't like children, so you know I'm not necessarily that interested in prese now I'm kidding ut lives that were lost because of it before the recall, but do I you know wild paintball and William Gibson a nowhere, ner, necessarily a as a world changing event as the SAG and IBM joining forces together. Ears do the two of them together. Counteract that that's my that's. My big dilemma right now is J. Let me let me ask Mike this: How many units did they sell of this monumental piece of technology? It's more! It's not so much that it's more looking at it as I first step on a road to somethg. Actually I I don't know how many units they sold, but it didn't. It didn't end up doing well, but that could be you know it's a little too early, it's a two thousand dollar unit. What do you mean it's it's too early like? Are you holding out that they may sell more soon? It's finally making its way to? U S to USOROR terms of first technological steps on the road to something considering where we all live right now: technology, wise, I'm, sorry y! I think I'm going to have to go on on Oand, nine hundred and ninety one again. I'm G. I have my own reason to t woldterms of pop culture and Technology Relevance. The say I know it's a bad choice. 'cause mark wow johnny a onic, but you see, I think that almost sided against you, because you mentioned Gotcha and Johnnye newmonic and Youre Saing, I'm like. Could I live without those two movies yeah but see you're, focusing on the Johnny Nemonic part, not that was the father of cyberpunk Bi very clearly stated put the put together. Paintball and William Gimson are both extraordinarily relevant things that would go throughout the eighties and nineties and on great, but in terms of taking that first step, Sega really makes it with this particular product and while this particular product may not have taken off, it leads us to where we are today and that's why I think it's it's the winner all right all right. Moving on after school special you're keeping control of the board, where are we going Mike? What do you think? Should we knock news out? I think we have to all right ill. Let you stack t this wel. Thank you, sir, because on May fourteenth nine teen. Ninety one. We saw the world's largest berrito weighing over eleven hundred pounds. That was your news Idi an not your hos product. No, that's actually just just a footnote, an an a fantastic month, because really on May first nineteen. Ninety one, no one Ryan through his seventh, no hitter, Ryn Semeth and final no hitter was three more than any other picher. Those who were there say was the most electrifying performance they had ever seen from hem going as far as to calling him untouchable the forty four year old, didn't think, he'd pitch a decent game that night and the Texas Ranger's staff say he walked into the stadium feeling very much his age. He ended up throwing eighty three of his hundred and twenty two pitches for strikes and only allowing two runners on who never got past Forst Pace Ryan himself. As quota as saying this was the most overpowering no hit Ervis career. How old was he then? Was He forty three or forty five? He was forty four he'Sforty four years old. He threw a Horty four or two pitch that retires in ninety three. Where does his record stat now do we know he's got the most, no hitters still still du He' he's a freak of nature. Nd He's Scice, okay, all right boby craft over to you for your news, offering all right! May, sixth, nineteen. Ninety one Time magazine unveils the thriving cult of greed and power, an eight page article and cover story that pulls back the curtain on the religion of cientology written by? U S, investigative journalist, Richard Bahard, takes a highly critical look at the religion. After previously publishing an article on Scientology and Forbes ar stated that he was investigated by attorneys and private investigators affiliated with the Church of Scientology topics. In this time, article include founder, Lron Hupbard. The development of the religion, its controversies throughout the years and much more many consider this peace and instance in which the doors of scientology were blown wide, open, giving the public a look behind the scenes of what many now consider a global hoax akin to a pyramid scheme. So this is kind of the catalist to the conduat to everybody kind, O. You know raising an eyebrow to the whole religion of scientology and now, of course, we've got this everywhere. There's all kinds of documentaries and series devoted to trying to you know uncover what it is that people see in this quote: Unquote: Religion and why it's grown to the size and heights it has. They have their own God, damned T v Channel Now. Do they really yeah the Scientology Channel O? I was. I was very disappointed at my home country when scientology tried to claim to be a religion in Germany of all places. Germany went noe. You are not a religion, you're, a cult, and you can certainly be here, but you can't claim to be a religionor claim any tax benefits being a religion. The UK went sure, come on in be a religion, take more tax, money off people and uh yeah, very sad and very angry at my home country, for that on't get your Cola for free, yeahit's, a load of old Colla, I'm not taking my religion from the same guy, who gave me battlfield earth fuck that I I watch that Learamini thing it's so confusing. There's like level interesting, though I did watch a couple of episodes of it too it' and it was kind of a similar story of you know, dem trying to uncover this stuff and researching, and then some dude like following them around trying to like figure out what they're doing and be like. No, you can't be here. You can't be like looking into the shit yeah there was. There was a fascinating one done by the BBC. I don't know when, possibly as I think it was as they became a religion in the UK, which I think happened about ten years ago now, and they did a first part of the documentary way. He was trying to be very like fair and balanced and asking both scientologists and people. Hhve left the church and people who have never heard about it like he was interviewing everybody and trying to be fair and done in an an an of course. They were being very effusive and and devisive and and then they did a follow up where he was like. Remember my documentary about scientology. This is what happened to me afterwards, like all the insane shit that they tried to pull on him and all the stuff that went on. It was absolutely crazy. Torrifying, it's ONU guarantee Wi'll, go capuright claim to block the video from scientology io of that I can see it. It's going to come. Fuck you cum cruise. If it's not ww andvincmacman giving US copyright claims, it'll be SCIENTELIGIC Olri mark. I forget what you even have rig I'll start us off here for our news. Only days after an epic run of shows at Madison Square Garden, with the commodores Bob Marley collapsed, while jogging in central park and later received a grim diagnosis that he had a cancerous growth from an old soccer injury on his big toe and it had metastisize and spread to Marley's, brain liver and lungs. Less than eight months later on May Eleventh Nineteen, eighty one Bob Marley, the Sol, an international face of reggae music died in a Miami Florida hospital. He was only thirty six years old. If I have to recount to you the accolades of Bob Marley, then you have more important things to do than listen to the show. So it's es. If, if we have to tell people who but Malli, is fuck off and stop listening, that's really what we should have just said right. It's amazing how many people you gotto tell that he died of cancer. A lot of people think he died of a drug overnose yeah. No, no heas K, answerd the tow from playing soccer right, yea catch of the to that grew from his toe through his entire body. Right, THAT'S SCARY! That's African, really! Scary! That's probably wha like while he was smoking part, that's probably what stopped him realizing that the cancer had just gone up his entire body H, you knowprobably just blinded him to the fact good for him. Well, who knows what they would have done, then, anyway, N Nineteen, eighty one ethey would have looked at it and Gong your entire body is cancer. Yor, sorry goodbye! I hear it smoke. This that's illegal Yahwell talk about going out in high all right! Well, I I got mine so Samines, any better aligh O May. First, nineteen and eighty five tenis grate an superstar at the time Billy Jeane King. She made a surprise admission that she had a lesbian love affair with a woman who was then suing her for lifetime support. Basically, a gold diggin Bach is what we would call it: Mefaiteam biligene King with her parents and then husband, Larry King, at her side, not that Larry King said she decided to make the announcement. WTHAT would have been a fun couple, though, so I decided to make the announcement because she's always been honest and wanted to speak from her heart. Her side, piece of the time Maryland, born net she filed for palimony suit and asked for the interest in kings, Malibu, beach, house and half the property the king had acquired during their relationship, which was in the early seventies, which happened to be during billy Jan King's peak 'cause. She was H, number one tests player in the world in the sixties and early seventies, but this this is a bomb shell. At the time. I'm pretty sure people knew that Billy Jean King was a lesbian, but she was married for nineteen years at the time of this announcement, and just they hey actually stayed together till eighty seven. If you were wondering and she started getting with her- doubles partner, Alana crast at the time, and actually, I think, she's still with Alena Class, today n well in two or Seventies. But if Ornie Billy Jean King's lawyer had read the small print, it was actually a Malibu beachhouse Bobby Sam Shehad. He had non here older Tan iuher lawyer said: Do not talk to the public about this. Do not gave up the tiny little replicus of you know, furniture milkshakes or whatever else that probby ha you'll never get a ack he'll, never get hem back they'ere original ninetee and eighty Malibu Beach House, probably so anyways. Regardless of the reasons behind the news. Goverance bilagking became the first lesbian sports figure to come out in public and frankly, there were three gay guys that came out prior to this, but none of them were prominent. Name is Boly Jkin, but none of them were lesbians, Takfur as well, but seriously. She was the first one to acknowledge her sexuality, so she did suffer pretty major financial blow. Afterwards. She ended up winning that suit, so Barnet got nothing, but she did lose millions of dollars in endorsements and she ended up playing tennis way longer past her prime and but you know at the same time she got into doubles because of that and lie W Anisa. When you say she got into doubles. I think we know what you mean yet coal be taken both ways sithering so stuck on the Larry King thing, man, that's an eighty Sitcom we missed out on. Can you imagine that, yes, at home with the Kings, yeah Wimblin, are you there? Wimbledon Itwouldave, be great o have been the Kings, Billy Jean Larry and Bernard and Jerry Loller? Oh yeah he's the next door. Neighbor, though, that nobody likes so hello, Darling, I'm home. Have you seen my suspenders okay, SE YO AP? Why is it my shoulders lookd like a Gogoil, shelders PASAIC you're next, so I'm ready to judge this round if everyone's ready to listen? Let's do it, I'm just going to announce it. I'm GOINGTO GO INM, one OAND, nine hundred and eighty one and the reason: Lesbians Next, no an AL seriousness, very difficult to decide, but Bob Marly's passing and Um Billyjene King First Lesbian in sports. I feel like that's a thing to celebrate. I mean oiously, Noe Ryan. That's another great sport story, obviously unbeaten to this day, which is fantastic, but I think a one two punch of Bob Malliand Lesbians. It hits me right in my sweet spot, so I'm going to go with that. Sorry, as it often does, as it often does, and the Mamelukes win, with Billy Jan King Dying and Bob Marley getting with some Lesbians r man crush you pickd the next category. Well, it doesn't matter eren't two point rounds. So let's just do this for John Cross. Let's go to television alreahdy, so here's mine il I'll begin this round off a bit of a backdrop on how my pick tr anspired and what came this whole thing. It's pretty interesting, B'cause, there's a lot of moving parts to this whole thing, so NB C ad, a variety show at the time in nineteen, eighty actually from seventy two three eighty one. It was called midnight special and it ran for nine years, and it was on Friday nights. It was a big show. They had like big musical acts like kiss was on share like big axe comedians, and it was all produced by Dick ebersal. At the same time, you had Saturday ight live that was going through a total rough patch. All the popular people from Saturday night live had left by nineteen and eighty and born Michael's was looking Im, take a year off as a hyatis from the show and just to regroup and Redo the whole thing and NB C Didn' want to take part of that. So Michael's left for paramount, as replacement they put in his co producer at the time which is JEN Domenian S, an l went to total shit. They Hadd, like a miscule budget, had terrible ratings. Some new cast member that was on there yelled fock during a live T v Event and itwas pretty easy to s like Domenian got chitcan in less than a year. So now this is where it gets interesting. So NBC wanted Dick Abersal to take over S and l which he did, but when he jumped ship S, ANL NBC decided to cancel midnight special because he was a driving force behind that show. So now there was nothing going on on Friday nights until May Fifteenth Nineteen, Eighty One may fifteenth nineteen eighty one n BC trots out the likes of John Candy Eugene Levy, rickmeranus Joe Flaerty and a slew other Canadians. That's because they added second city t V to replace midnight set special on Friday nights and it's super rare for a Canadian show to transverse to American television and be successful, but they did, but the show when they first took it on. It was called SETV network. Ninety because it was now ninety minutes long and a lot of people still think SCTV is actually better than us. Ou now for NB C, it went on to win two EMMIS and a couple of short years nominated fifteen times. So that's what it is. Sctd nice excellent one of my favorite shows yeah. I LOVE TO CE TV. I don't know the Canadian brand of humor mixed with the American brand of humor. I thought it was just a really good melting of the two cultures and it was different humor than you got on SNL. They always went for political, humor or stuff based off pop culture, where SC T v was more society bast and characters that were more relatable. So let me let me ask this: Does anybody know where SETV went in their last season? 'cause N B C couldn't fit them in anymore 'cause. They wanted to take on music videos to take on MTV, so they had to move them somewhere. They tried to move hom the Sunday nights, but it didn't work. They went a. They went to ihaval stage. They went to Cinemax, that's right, so that might be a trivia question on Triviani. Where did S SE TV line up in their wind up in their final sond? So there you have the answer. If you're listening and Dick Abersaul actually did have some good years at asand El to to t throw that out there, he was the one that pretty much brought on Eddie Murphy and had those big years at Eddie Murphy. He didn't have like the best run. Probaby wasn't as good as lowng Michael's, but he had a decent one and he stuck around m BC till like fucking. Is he still alive, Everso Yeah Pa from what you're? Talking about? I forget where he's most famous for 'cause, I hear his name mentioned all the time and like Varis, like he's huge, a think it might have been the M B C present for a while yeah he was, and he was the partner for the original X, F, L as well, Yep Yep and his his son was the one that did the AAF krajust completely fucked himself. You fuck the legacy where to go. Do there you go so why his NBC never put any of those s c t vs on Hulu, that's what they needed to have done. I mean, even if it was just the eighty one or eighty three run, that would still be worth watching. They did a best dof in eighty eight that went straight to D v DS. Maybe the rihes are still owned by Wasa Global Gool. Vis Global did the first ones N T N nineten seventy ix through to like nineteen eighty and then see them. They packd it up the rights back or something who knows yeah. Well, it's Wei 'cause. It kind of plays Um, Canadian television up until nineteen and eighty one on two different networks and then in sn, nine hundred and eihty one it splits between CBC and NBC in the US and then in its last year it split between Super Channel and CINEMAX. I don't want superchannels, it might be a painful thing. That's a Kineye to Canadian cable, deyepbut Um Yeah. Only really only kids in the hall and SETV are really the only two kind of Canadian shows. I can think of that have done that running on CBC and an American Channel, cocurrently and and Obviously Kitt and the hall started off an HBO and ended up on NBC. What about De Grassy did that run on the? U S, channels, yeah PBS. It did that's right. Yes, YEP BS, PBS, L, PBS Al Rigy Aright, but was it like? Was it running as like? It was running in the in in Canada, or did they just like pick it up lae, I think weware syndicated ewlike a has yeah yeah. It was so bad by the time it made in to American Remeber, watching it middle school, nd being like what the WHO worse, hats like that anyhow goadmark, what a e you, what a e you got all right! So may nineteen and eighty one not the greatest month for television Kinda hard to find stuff, but I did find something: that's a little trivial and kind of interesting. The stand up. Comedian appeared for the first time on the Johnny Carson Show and this guy his first time unnationally syndicated TV. This is how he starts out as set saying: Hey, wow good evening boy. This is exciting for me. I'm so excited to be here. This is a really big thrill and then he goes on to tell whether and fart jokes yeah, so not the greatest debut or was it. This was a comedian out of Masapiqua New York named Jerry Seinfeld performance. For the first time May, seventh, nineteen eighty one on the Johnny Carson show once h, jerry saw johnny at the end of the show. Givin the O K, symbol. Seinfeld then new his career in H, show business would take right off, as he was invited back over and over again to appear on the show and his career took off from there and it all started for Jerry Seinfeld telling Fart and weather jokes May: Seventh, nine Huteen and eighty one on the Johnny Carson Show Ard after school special over to you guys for your T v Offerings I'll. Kick this one off! May Third: Nine Teen. Ninety one CBS marks the final broadcast, a final episode of Dallas, the show debut Tan Nineteen and seventy eight lasted for fourteen seasons, a total of three hundred fifty seven episodes during its initial run. Of course, I think we've discussed this on the show before it was lateto revived by TNT an aired from O twosnd and twelve to twenty fourteen, not as successful. Obviously the Shelvis Bo, multiple specials and a spin off in Knox landing and the final episode of the series Garner. Thirty three million viewers and a twenty two household rating becoming the country's fourteenth most watched television series finalethe final episode of Dallas on CBS Maythird, nineteen. Ninety one solid Mike's Parents liked that pick. My brother watched it too, when he was watching Walker on May nineteenth nineteen. Ninety one on NBC aired Nightrider Two Thousand Househol FOTURNS is Michael Knight in the future, where handguns are band and law enforcement in his arm with non lethe weapons and the prison system uses chriogenic suspension and a bunch of other future stuff that ended up not happening despite solid Ratins, N BC did not move forward with the future series, which is probably for the best, because they didn't even use the original PONIAC. Instead, they customized the ninety one dodge stealth and it was red. Wasn't it red 'cause? All I remember about night ride in two thousand, as it was released as like a a Sola VHS, and I know whether they kind of bundled the pilot and a couple of other episodes together or something, but it was released, sort of like a TV movie in the UK on Va cest. That's all I remember. I had a red car on the front, not a black O. At least they didn't use a dodge dynasty that would have been hot well. They could use the Dodge Dallas, but then they would have ended the series New Yorkers all right. Let me just go ahead and judge this. Do we have any other facts about nightrit or two thousand? I kindof want to look it up quickly. It was shit eah it wasn't it Wa. It was no, it was no. It was no baywatched nights. I can tell you that much. They fought vampires on Bawatch Nights, an I had now. Solary O grimming greatest T v shows of old time and people just don't remember it Um, no okay. So it was a. It was just a film, they just made it as a film and never went to serce. And yes, the car was red um and it was just it was a TV movie, so it still fits for TV. But yes, it h. It went straight to t V, it had Jimmy Dewhan in it from from star track, so they really pulled out the big hitders and Mitch Pilegi, who would go on to to bathe iisles and even even Dragg, back Edward Mulhair as deven miles, sir, I did not realize that h. He came back, I knew hasslhop Ald come back, but I did not realize Mol. Her got in on Te sum of that. Not Rite O two thousand money good for him good. You harslong! No, it didn't last, but you know Lok. They tried it. They did something different and was good, yeah, literally very little nown about it, but anyway they've hidden everything, they've hritten, everything except Hauslhoff's, big silly fish, erns out, it's run by scientologies. So this isn't. This is another difficult one right: 'CAUSE C B: Screening, the Funal epsode of Dallas, thirty, three million people that is big but hesn't as big as the double punch of S C T V in Jerry Seinfeld. That's the question: That's the question that I peruse right now. Is it as big as t the one two punch of SC TV in Jerry Sifel? If I'm a hundred percent honest SCTV has not wal, while all of the actors have gone on to be pot culturally relevant do. ' I still feel like sedv is a cul show. I I'm not sure that many people know where candy and Levy and all those people came from. If I'm one hundrer percent on his wheel, no, but but what they did inject them into the American market by doing that 'cause if they stayed in Canada, who knows yeah, but that's okay, because this is a cold show so R. No, I understand I understand I'm just trying to look at it like to me, setv in Jerry, Seinfeld, being a comady ne. That's like two monumental things, but I have to try and be objective. That's all I'm trying to do. I'm just trying to look at it from a objective point of view, but, Oh God, it's make. It interesting lets stay with th the Mamelukes. Take this one sct V in Jerry, Seinfeld, two rouns each. It doesn't even matter cause. Now we go to the last round winter to go where that takes all all to play for in this last round. Well: movies, F, nineteen, eighty one or movies on ninetned. Ninety one take the gold. This is where it's fun for me, B'cause. I have no idea whare they picked. I don't look at what they do. So I really don't know what's going to happen here, I know what we have. I don't know what they have do y. do we want to defer, or should we just go technically Mike- could pull out niht writ or two thousand Agan for the movies. I hope you die INCORG NRTRY and throw it out there twice go on. Let's just slip, Michael Line in there. Somehow you know what man crush. I think you're right. I think we have to defer all right, let's Difer, to the nineties, to go first after school. Special, you guys are up, take it away Mike sure night, rider two thousand hi N that Shit Right on May twenty. Fourth, nineteen. Ninety one saw the release of backdraft in American movie, theaters directed by Ronhoward and Starrand, Curt Russell, William Baldwin, Don Donald, so Sotherland and Robert Deniro. The story follows Chicago fire fighters and a CERIAL orcinist. The film went onto gross over O hundred and fifty million worldwide was nominated for three Academy Awards praised for its special effects and even had an attraction at the Universal Studios. Hollywood that operated until two thousand and ten in this edge of your sea thriller. We we, we learned one thing about fire in an instant: it can create a hero or cover a secret. Did you know, there's a sequel out to that yeah? Did they come out yet it's this year? It came out this last week. I think she called a further back trav. Look at the timing on this. SOSUTHERLAND is in it backdraft too ELECTRAC Bugaloo. Is it straight to Vod or did it get released in the theaters? I think it's straight to ber day. I did not get a THEATRICR, it's all the same, cast still fighting fires. Well as something shows up in it. So that's got to be interesting and by interesting I mean not really, which Caldem was it not billy? It was no. I was Willin a as in Os Billy and he done age well, he did Naz on Aleck and it's not the crazy Christian one. So he was on Poop pulture with t it he's talking about Daniel. No, I took them o e, so leave him Os Steven Daniels, batasked Annie was in homicide. Life on the Strel Elisein ampires Mo he was it's just he's, not Stephen, who did a lot of soft col thrillers with Patsy Kenzit in the nineties, only to go on and become some mad right wing religious Ninis lead. You can't forget, fled Andie, had a three son with Jos, Charles True and Laura Flid boyl Y, a he's just in beeper's father in law. That's a ninety sentence. Right there, Stephen Bolwin had a Threesoij, chals and Lowrerflin boyl only in the ninety all right, uh boat. Ah, here's what I got released may seventeenth. Nineteen. Ninety one starring Bill Murray, Richard Dryfis, Julie, Haggardy, we're talking what about Bob, which is a child, was one of my favorite movies budget of thirty five million raking in a total of sixty three point: seven million. But if you add in the video rentals ninety two million dollars of a hall overall, would you say thirty? Five Million Dollar Budget Ye Holy? That's the nineties right there right! That's! THAT'S COKE MONEY! Thatas! My superhand oeman right! There Bill Murray's Coke budgetright! You got a pretty well liked movie. I love what about Bobby. You kine Mad Babys stabefour o'clock, baby stepp a far oclock. The interesting thing about this is uh evid. I didn't know this til. I was researching it, but Richard Drivis and billmurry evidently did not like each other, we're not fans of each other on that set, or I don't know if they've mended fensees since but many argue that that kindof made their onscreem chemistry really pop made anvent better. So the FABS Ar Gon Bob's never got see. I absolutely cannot stand that movie Ion. I Love Bill Murray. Don't get me wrong! Richard dryfis Fuck Ing Ruins that movie. For me, I can't stand hem in that movie. Well, it was supposed to be Woody Allen at one point: Was it really supposed to be Woodyan Yeah? I guess he was in consideration for that role at one point, great good job. They didn't do that who would have played the daughter, Ayoung Asian girl, probably one of one of the only other films I can think of prominent films that I can think of to start Julie, Haggoty from the airplane, Frenchise alooking good covered in Moss on the beach. He can't go its raining. He can war my flicker right next, let's go all right I'll strick this one off man crush all righ God. I read a former summer camp caretaker is horribly burned from a prink gone wrong. Is he lurks around an upstate New York summer camp bent on killing the teenagers responsible for his disfigurement in mask no in the burning released in theaters may eighth Anine Hutdre and eighty one. Now this film actually marks the very first mirromax film, as well as the film debut of Jason, Alexander and Holly Hunter, also stars. Leer, airs of Blood Sport and Iyes fame and Fisher Stevens, who contradictory to popular belief, is not a man from India who would have thought and did not Bild a talking, robot right, and it also started the one actor that Hollywood thought was every kid. In the nineteen eighties, the incomparable Brian Backer Tom Savini. It was one of his f x masterpieces as she really pushed the bounds of practical effects, making a little sideno to this. He turned down a role on another movie to work on this movie 'cause. He loved the script. So much the script for the burning- I don't know if you guys have ever seen this movie, it's a classic. I had never seen the full film and, but I do remember watching a video that I rented I swear. It was every week when I was a kid called scream grates with Tom Savini, and it showed how we did all these awesome effects. Some of the effects that he showed that blew me away was, from this movie called the burning I had never seen in any of my local vias stores, because of this show I was able to catch up at this great movie and being a Tom Sevini Fan. I'm glad I didn't miss this one rit man a crush over to you all right so again on this. This is where doing research actually makes sense on this, because I don't know i John might bring this up, but the movie I'm about to pick it has different release dates all over the Internet. So I had to go back to old newspapers. If you do a search on IMDB, it tells you April Thirtioth, eighty one. However, this was actually released on Friday May. First, nineteen, eighty one, the movie in question, made roughly twenty two million dollars in the box office. It's about sixty four million dollars in twenty nineteen on a one million dollar budget, which are pretty impressive numbers. That budget probably would have been a little higher if Tom Zavini actually took the job on this one but decided to do the burning. Instead, they did offer it to him. That being said, our two picksthyr they're perfect together, it's a snap shot of what was going on in nineteen eighty one, the moving we'r going to pick it's a horrose lasher pick just lege marks. There's a total overabundance o these films. For, like a few years, everyone was trying to cash in on the Genra, and there were a couple more horror, movies, oe release. Like every month there was like four or five horro movies, which you would definitely wouldn't get in twenty nineteen, and if I had a gun to my head, I'd go on record. I'd probably say that the period between seventy eight and EIG two is probably the most popular in that genre. Is that fairly acrid say John? What did you say? Seven teighty. Seventy eighte, eight two for horror, slasher flicks, like just cut out in masroofs yeah. I mean people tend to like push it, that early a lot of people say that slashes kind of start to overstay. Their welcome come like eighty three. I personally think there are still great slashes as late as like eighty six, so I'm alone in that, but I'm a big slash of fan so and it only dies down for a minute before they start rebooting it in the very early nineties year legs of scream- and I know what you do last summer and stuff. So it it doesn't it's not as they're. Not they don't disappear as much as people think, especially when you start counting the nightmare. An ELP street sequels, the Halloween sequels, the Friday sequels they go throughout the eighties raght just but that four year period it was that Po Infiatis, where they're trotting them out every single week and they're all M more or less they're allwhile working to a formula they're all different they're, not sequels or Rgtyeah all right. So let me get back to my pick: Ure, I'm picking this one. This is from the man crush upringing collection, which we've talked about before on the show, since it was one of the R ca disks that I frequent frequently digested from the ages of seven on up and that movie is Friday. The thirteenth part two, Oh, I was wondering if you were talking about frnth things, pot too or happy buthday to me. I was gelling Ay go with happy birthday to me at first, but the reason I went with this. This is the first feature for Jason, Vorys, 'cause, of course spoiler. It is if you watch the first one, it's his mom doing the kills. So now you get introduced Jason Bores, who goes on you know with killing spre and then he's with the franchise for eleven more movies. Although um in a new beginning, Roy Burns is the killer. So that's the only one moren he's, not the killher sides, the first and the Frenchens o the whole is twelve movies. They made roughly a half billion dollars. There's a body count of two hundred Jason Snag's about a hundred and fifty on his own and then, even though this is his first appearance, he still did get ten kills, which is his second only to the new beginning. I guess because he wasn't the killer of that one, but yeah Fria thireteenth part two and I think it's cool, because bark's got the burning which Sevini didn't take Fri hor teeth, part too. To do the running. Yeah Seveni doesn't come back to the Friday series until part fall where he was promised. He could kill Jason off good luck with that Sevini o one six or seven sequels later you kN W. He got one whole dead, franchise movie, Yeah Yeah I mean the fourth one is the fourth one's, probably the best of the ovance of teatose thebut. Yet the fact that in in May nine huneed and eighty one you get graduation day, happy birthday to me Friday, the thirteenth part, two dead and buried, and the burning and possession all come out in that month. That's insane. That is an insane line up of horror that is like. I would never be out of the theatr that would, I would just be, I would be you know, Um p, wee hermining, just sitting in the the Cema just just ecstatic. That is right. That is my sweet spot. That is right up my alley, a bit of slasher movies. However, gentlemen, the Mamalukes, I love that you pick slasher films, I'm a big fan of them. They are probably my favorite, a Horor Subgenra, the gus no escape from New York, WIS 'cause, it didn't come out, then it came out in September and we we actually covered that on an episode already. Is that true everywhere, I'm looking? I I had it doubled back again, but it was not out actually went back to the old newspapers. It was not out in May. They were talking about it huming out, but was not out yet that we, I don't understand why the dates are all over the place on the Internet. Well, I mean it may have been that if something like escaped from New York got like a l, a premere or a New York premiere slightly earlier Um, like very often those kind of movies. Do that and then 'cause back in the day movies didn't come out even in the eighties movies, didn't come out nationally, all on one day they kind of staggered them across. They didn't even do what they do now were they like an independent movie, Oll come out in L, A and New York and then see how it does and then maybe ill filter into othe territories. Very often, movies were still being carried from state to state to state statefor years igt and yeah you're I mean even IMDB, has the opening weekend in the USA as July. So me, my STAP Rongnemand, I'm wrong N th, aouthe movie Web is wrong on that, but so maybe they're wrong on the other ones as well. I don't know but Friday the thirteenth pot, two in the burning, my goodness and let's have a look at ma. Nine teen. Ninety one! Well again, as long as these dates are correct, we have a pleatarer, we have backdraft, we have felter Louise, we have on about Bob. We have soap dish in which a ion man convinces Whoopi Gulberg to Polish. His statue, that's a whole joke. No one else will get. You have Hutts and Hor Hudsond Hawk, which is by far the best pruce Wellis filmed to have ever been released, Afr after diehard and but my personal favorite from May on, Hounine hundred and ninety one, of course, it's everyone's favorite Bosworth Branbasworth in stone, colls, who doesn't love that Ay, who doesn't love a bit of Blndrong mullet yeah, and if you're going to have a biker gang, get Henrikson to be your villain. It's always good. What's the other guy, damn? What's the other guy in that movie, I'm sure you know his name, the other bad guy who plas like the crazy dude by the way it's directed by Cragor Baxley, who also made action, Jackson and H, also would go on to direct many of the eighteen episodes as well. The guy you are talking about the third lead and stone called is William Forsafor, Clok and dagger. Ye Who's still playing some great heavies to this day. Some great sleezy Havies, but you can't quite beat the buzzy's mullets, so you could have gone with the bars and head Iguana. He does in that movie. Definitely you have manikin on the move. That's the manikin sequel, the sequel. Everyone didn't ask for and still got wer. You Got Christie Swanson, yes, Iad you've got cuts. Three blood sacrifice 'cause. Apparently there was three of those movies. Has Anyone even seen Kirsewan? That's what I want to know. You've got the John Stamas hit born to ride, my goodness on on Ousand, nine hundred and ninety one. What a PLATHR OF OF RANDOM bemeve madness who doesn't love this Um, not much catulu mansion Um, based on an HB love, crofs story, of course, but outside of that Um, the hit man was chuknurs's release that month and a very weird Jeff Golblon Bob Hoskins's movie called the favor. The watch and the very big fish came out that month as welabut. Let's see does backdraut and hat about Bob Trunk too massive slashe, you know quint essential slashes, while the burning never really spawned a sequel. As such, it is a renowned slashe of the period it does have some prime sevenei. It is a shame that both frend, both films, Frida Thirteenth, is no toursy, the most edited of any slash of franchise. Almost all other slashes got away with far more blood ledting than the Friday. The thirteent series ever did 'cause the M Pa a for some reason just had it in for that franchise. If you watch other slashes of the day that they didn't care so much about you can lop heads off and have blood spurning out of arteries and fingernails and remove limbs and pool people in half and all the rest of it. No one bats an island, but in the Friday the thirteenth Jason just has to Nick someone with a machedy and the MP a were all over it. The burning also got many cuts, but when yoevantually finally seen the uncut version, it is a joy to behold, especially the renowned boat sequence, with the fingers being cut off with the sheavs h a trementtous. I just showed that to my wife right before Yo, W re recording those effects still hold up. After all, these Amer ar it amazing hands down hands th well, literally, FR hands down 'cause the fingers came of, but does it be back Rou for what about my God? This is a difficult one guys. This is a difficult one. This is a difficult one. It determined who wins this round Italk about got legs, man, Friay, thirtee, swell movies, Nono. True True, I so blackdroppe is not as good as everyone remembers. It I'm just going to go on and record. Despite the cast 'cause, the cast is incredible: backdraft is not a fun movie to watch it's just not a good movie to watch. Donald Sudernand is like the best thing. Everything else is awful. The cast is great but like in general, it's a very boring homoerotic, the people slapping each other on the back. There's no real. Like plot to it, you know what I mean: it's not H, they're trying to chase down someone o yeah. I watched it about a year ago and it was the first time I'd watched it since Oh Jee, since I was a kid and it doesn't hold up like it thats, it doesn't portray real fire fighting at all. It's so ver the to fictionalized. Also, if you were, if youwere going to say, let's Watch one Fi, a firefighter movie, this or Roxane you're going to watch rockane every every time, of course, yeah Um. So H, okay, I've talked myself ot a backdraft, but I do love what about Bob? I do love at of our Bob. I do love what Ofav of to help with I'm sorry guys, I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to go. Mama, Luke, Hon, nine hutdred and eighty one thee burning, frd thirteenth, put two an Mancruft so rightly pointed out. It does spoin several sequels, it invents Jason as the antagonist for the rest of the franchise. It is an awesomely good look with the bag over the head. He does kill a guy in a wheel. Chair, which is also definitely required in any good slash of film, has lead too yeah. The girl was into Hem. They were going to fuck Jason Borhy's, psychopath mass murderer, cock blocker, a Hackbacke indade and think it it's it's Morelevis before the franchise, more or less whe. I think the first four the franchise are pretty solid. Fr Five is the one where they really take a misstep. So I'm going to go sorry after school special. What about Bob? That's right in my sweet spot and if I could give you half a point I would but the burning and Friday thirteenth part two can't really beat that as a double bell, Guy, so nine tee an ighty one. Sorry for such t e long deliberation, but congratulations, thend Mamelukues, just I'll go in hit at the post. WOWTHAT was one of the Closer tag team battles we've ever had here on dueling decades. So when you said backdraft or w yeah, that was the first thing. You said right back, yeah TA was like Fucker in trouble. Yet you see weidly enough and- and I don't know whether I w uld- but I think, had you said Thulmon Louise and one about Bob. I almost would have gone for the nineties just because not because I'm a as big a fan of filmer Louis, but because I think culturally, it's hadlegs like culturally, it's it's more of a relevant movie. I think, but l throw at this point. You already give us the point, but yes y Yo, you want it, I'm not changing with Jason Vores. Like you talk about iconic, horror figures, we had e what 'd we call that that show down. We had like a Halloween showdown last October and Jason took it all the way to the finals, beating all the other horroicons before he ended up losing to Ash. Actually, no did he lose to Freddy Cruger. He lost thefreddy 'cause. It cad Te, Freddy versus at that was our first anual tournament of terror. Yeah and ash took it quite rightly, no doubt no it it's funny. Um Halloween Willal of the three big ones. Halloween will always be my favorite franchise, but only up until seven everything. After seven Fackan Suck Bulls, but everything, including the new one, the new one, terrible it's such a bad movie, don't believe the lies about that movie, but Halloween will always have a special place in my heart, 'cause Edonald pleasants, but I have watched probably the Friday. He thirteenth movies, more than any other Frenchase, and I covered them extensively for another partgast, the prefondo cinema pukcouse, where we watch all of them, including the remake and rated them, and talked about them and came up a tribute and everything else. So it it's a favorite of mine, I own all of them Multiple Times Ri. So once again, the Mamelukes pull out a victory, although this was one of the closest battels we've had here on our show so, like we've said before, pay attention to not only the current episodes but some of the back episodes we're going to be having a Tribia night soon and all the questions will be based on the episodes of dualing decades play along with us. You can win some prizes. That's right. We got some prizes from Tink docom, that's t oynk dotcom. If you go there and use a promocode decade, you'll get a percentage off and I'm not sure. If it's, I think it's ten percent off it's something to go. There check that Ot. What does toing sell? What does Ting do? No, they got a bunch of cool stuff. They sent us some things for prizes already they're all relevant to the eighties and nineties, so it'll be cool to package that stuff together with h some d, vs and stuff Al Right. So if you've missed any of our past episodes, you can always go over on our website. Dualing decades dotcom and listen to all the past episodes there. You can subscribe on Casbox and, of course, on I tunes and next week right here on duling decades or very own John Cross, it's going to be entering the competition as he faces off against a mystery opponent that has never competed on our show, so he's going to try his hand for the first time at our game against an unknown opponent. A by my t shut, you knowa right, dolers, we're GOINGTA end. This episode right here, thanks for listening to our show, we'll bid you a piece, love lighting, a joy, half a grateful week. Everybody Infirmary Meia