Dueling Decades
Aug. 3, 2018

Dueling Decades - May 1985 vs May 1995

Dueling Decades - May 1985 vs May 1995

This week the Dueling Decades is back with a vengeance! This time the team of Steve & Izzy from Everything I Learned From Movies Podcast form the Team “Six Demon Bag” to take on the undisputed and undefeated team of Marc and The Mancrush - The...

This week the Dueling Decades is back with a vengeance! This time the team of Steve & Izzy from Everything I Learned From Movies Podcast form the Team “Six Demon Bag” to take on the undisputed and undefeated team of Marc and The Mancrush - The Mamalukes!

For this battle we will slug it out over May of 1985 and May of 1995! Who will win? Back on the show to enforce the rule of law is Mike Ranger from The Video Rangers Podcast to once again serve as judge, jury and ultimately executioner! Find out what each team picks as there tops of each month using the patented poop five tier culture categories of Music, Movies, Hot Products, TV & News. You won't believe some of the picks in this epic battle for the ages. Once again controversy raises it's ugly head! This episode brought to you exclusively from friends of the program - time-junkies.com! Get your own surprise box of nostalgia from Time Junkies! Follow along on Twitter @poopculture to find out how you can win a totally awesome retro prize box from time-junkies.com based on who wins this episode 80’s or 90’s!


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And now prepare your earrols for penetration as we bring you another great boadcast from a book culture extended, universeartroculture, Ocalser, Cruoo, Cosert beaus. Shall we begun allrigt fellow poopers before we get. This episode started wanted to take a second to tell you about something, really cool that the man crushing myself stumbled upon. It's time DASH JUNKIES DOT COM. They are this really cool retra website. They sent us a package and we're going to open it here and go through it with you guys, dright before we start the shelf tright. These guys are really cool if they senus a box they're out of England and they still sent us stuff over they de ship to the United States. Obviously they shipped to the UK. Well, let's open this box to see what we got ecited. We got the eighties gift box here see right. Here we got a threeor two comics. In a magazine. We got femous monsters. If you one EIG four uceractually this is, he gives a mixture box his his is from June. Ninety two, oh wow. These things are so hard to come across too. I have no clue where he finds all this stuff. You try to find old books, old magazines from eighties and nineties, good luck and if you do they're in horrible condition this stuff. Here I mean I' looking at these cards that we he sent us in the in the box. We get a Rambo card. There, you go man, Crosh boomrocky, four card. Yeah ther is a good cardpack on Eteem Superman. I love that supermancard super girl, the invisible man back to the future. I want to frame that and I'm going to put that right here in the mancaves studio every day you get to see like I remember, buying these cards as a kid. Of course, I don't have them anymore 'cause. My parents give all my shift to good will. This is so cool that they sense all the stuff and they sent us another really cool thing here. Do you remember this right here is nobe hair, otse things the trolls CTROL, that's the troll, and it came with all this really cool candy got to love the Retro Candy. We ate it when we were kids. If you still have teeth, you can enjoy it now and look at this copy of risky business on Vhs, quite possibly the only good Tom Cruise movie, you only like him. 'cause of the underwearer Ah do check this out. We got two. Forty five got Tina Turner Yeah. This is pretty cool stuff and I loved it to have the original sleeves still on the forty fives. Those are superhard to find still and if you do they're ripped. These are not. These are in really good shape and thirs Casette whateis his night beat too yo can listen o this to get busy. I'm popping this in my truck 'cause. You know I still have a cassette stat plary mator, oh the're, two other comics. You got two thousand and a D and has judge dread in it. No somn so right there man, you do'n, see him like this yeah. I can't believe the condition of all this stuff that he sent to us. It's really good. It looks like it has been sitting in the box that we got it in since the eighties and nineties. Oh in a flying, glider slipped, the sucker right in here this was the highlight of my childhood- was going to the grocery store each week and picking out the best bulsel would glider Aohman you'd spend like twenty minutes, putting it together perfectly and then it ill fly for like two seconds and then break and then breaks, but O ea, you Coan, do it all over again, I am I'm gonna, I'm going to have some fun with this. I'm going to the roof now bet laid on fire and its Olt Shuld diping gas ye. The things we couldn't do is Hinan. Yeah, don't do that guy. But what you should do is go over to time, Dash Junkies dotcom. You know, don't send flowers or Kinki Langeret how about something personalized Ho about a gift. That's twenty or thirty! Forty years old from your childhood, give someone back their childhood and get plastic lps trading cards, comics magazines, books that you might have read in school when you were in elementary. All of these things can reunite you with your past, and you can give this to somebody as a gift. If you go over to Time Dash Junkies dotcom, it's only like thirty bucks, it's cheap just think about your time, trying to go out and find all this stuff. It's not worth it just buy it from time junkies and I got something speciall. You know e're going to do right here. Mork, whoever wins is battle. This duel, eighties or ninety. I've talked to time junkies and they're, going to give a free box to whatever decade went a man. That's going to be awesome 'cause if they get a box, a's good as we just got, but I'm going to take one up on that. We're not going to keep the BOT we'll give it away we'll give it away on our twitter. Oh, this is great yeah poop colture check it out, probably a day or two after the upisode drops we'll put a contest up on our titer and far away now, hopefully, it'll be in eighties box and we went but we'll see. Of course it's going to be in eighties box. We have never lost a duel of the decade. The mamalukes are undefeated, so statude in just a moment. We're going to start this episode of the duel of the decades pay attention on social media later, when this episode drops how you can win an eighties box or a nineties box, but it's got to be in eighties box 'cause. Once again the mamalukes will be undeveated, we don't lose, we never lose Weon't die. We multiply PEO encae to tap a DEWEL AF the Teca to make e complain Butbut Oeve in again on that cap. It stop the power BLOB COM, fight for Wat, Leoer TA, a ook Co to pop e PA Topan Hankretes Pan he o o Borde Cop, would take a grave, an O Balaim SI. I A mad a t, no come fight for what you love. Toliven a rondcasting live on digital delay, from a secret Dojo, located deep inside the use of the New York City source system. It's the poop culture pondcast this week. It's the return of the Duael of the decades may nine teen and eighty five versus may nineteen. Ninety five to keep the Lawr an order on tonight's retro runnegades back on the program. It's the honorable Mikgrainger. I M The law introducing the challengers from the everything I learne from movies podcast, it's Steve and Izzie the six demon bag and allow me to introduce our team, the undisputed the undefeated, the uncanny champions, the Mamelukes I of course, am Mark James Andjoining me as my teammat in partner in Slime Rick. What is going on Mancra, let's get it on. Let's do this: Let's do this for everybody at home we just went through the first power outageever on the poop colds, er pod gas in four years, so I'm ready to rock and roll no fucking monologue. Let's just get right to it, we're doing duela decades we got may of eighty five versus may ninety five. We got the law here, we're ready to rock for the rules. Real quick, first, three rounds. One Point: Each will have the law over there do the ceremonial vs tpe cover flip patnted and that will decide the first pick and then whoever wins that you select the first one and we just go from there. First Oun, first three H rounds or one point: each last two rounds or two points: each Ri, everybody ready to go. Let's do the the flip here Mike and let's have the challengers call it midit slip. Okay, oh first showheads entails yea we're going to do our ceremonial flip with the Usual River of death viajss, accompanied by a get Shorti Bjia. I will not tell that story again on how disappointed I was that Christmas morning, one two three eds: it is tales mamelukes, you have real l hate the ball, we'll take the ball right. Where do you want to go? First, meand crush just get it out of the way you woner with the how products you want to go music up to you, man, you decide. Let's go music, all right! You go first, all right! I would love to go first, because I cannot wait to talk about this one. It is one of my absolute favorite James Bond songs from Deranderan a view to a kill, released. May Sixth Nineteen, Eighty Five Anto this day. It remains the only James Bonthene Song to have reached number one on the billboard Ho. One hundred it also made number two on the UK singles chart go. I love the song. I listened to it again today after we spoke about it ito the ti it sounds just like. Oh, it's Beennot, L Reporingso in sorry. It's really good, though. If you list do it once it'll, stick in your head and the cool thing about that song is it's the only bond song to ever hit number one and the billboard, Chi Charts, think about it even up til like they had an Adell Song just a couple of years ago, now Shitm, I really hate to to down on my own teammate here, but that little tidbit of information that you gave. If you were paying fucking attention, I W it is the only James Bonsong to ever reach number one on the billboard h when I was reiterating your poit to drive theon home well, andnow, everybody knows: Did you guys know that it is the only James Bonsong to ever reach number one on the billboard hot one hundred? I found that out twice just Todayi IA, incredible fl fact about that movie. Up until recently, when Judech came on, it was the only bond movie to have in a canny award winning actor or actress in it. knohely Helleyberry was the next O hellyberry was after that right all right. I cannot wait to hear what your music selection is Mancrash, what a e you got all right, so this band's fifth studio Al yielded five hit singles which of course include money for nothing: Walk of life, brothers and arms, iabwon, two grammyes. It was nominated for Houm of the year dire straits, brothers in arms, legendary, album, absolutely legendary. It is superlegendary for a couple of different reasons. All right number one- and I didn't know this before this episode- I always loved the Al- never knew I thirty million album sold worldwide ten weeks in number one in the: U S, it was number one on the: U K, it was number one in Australia for thirty four weeks. How does that even happen? Number One 'cause they're isolated and I didn't have anything else. It's the twenty sixth best selling album of all time. t the other big thing from this. Album, though too, is they sold. One Million Compact disks and they were the first record, it's weird to say it like that. It's a first record album like what do you say, but the it was the first CD to sell one million copies and it was the first time ever tha the sails from the digital CD outmatched, the LP, which was on the album so and on top of that brothers in arms, is reported to be the world's first CD single. And if you look at it from this aspect, how huge this was they recorded most of this alm, an digital. When the record company saw that this album took off and sold a million copies on copack disk, which they were all luke warmon for years 'cause, it came out in nineteen eighty two and they just figured nobody would care they just listene to their cassettes and albums. They sawll the money that this made. So what did the record companies do? They went back and rereleased fucking everything going back to the dawn at time and seds like exploded. If you listen, this album the other cool thing about this albus it's made for studio and it's made for digital with all the instruments going on. You know you even listen to like the most popular song, obviously money for nothing, it's in the era of MTV and that's what it's all about and whanwas the last time you heard Faggot in the song. That's truly a d! I feel dirty hearing it now like when I' like. I just kindof skipped that one and don't say thatloud. I felt bad saying you right there. I didn't mean anything, but it it's in it's the lyrics. Ah, so we need our our two choices for music e inineteen nd. Eighty five. There was an incredible song: The top e charts from actually mid April until morial day weekend, Hey reached platinum and that song is Ewe, Dowa, no little Montel, Jordan, Aheljoran. Yes, now he's to come out, O ha can say asix. Eighty stoo it andmaybe the records that he made was good but Thenmadj. I think Paul was's name horrible Rendoti, yeah, incredible SOG always gets the booty shaken any party you're in doesn't matter White Black Hispatic, O, whatever everybody loves thiyep makes me want to reach from my forty and turn it up. Itis Igott, GEA, bblackruck Yo can nee yorsinse. We gotta cut a a couple of points for that 'cause. It did. It didn't come out in May of ninety five, but it was number one, all four or five weeks, all right. I'm going to make a judge's decision on that. I'm N, I'm going to say that counts. Oh all, right can we throw ot a couple of number ones from Uh may nineteen en five? I think I think that'd be a good idea, all right H, just O. even it out, I mean Shit, we maght as well Um. Don't you forget about me little song by simple mines. It was a little bit of a popular song for a while. I think there was a movie that came out with that right yeah. I think so. It was like a movie or something it was like. They were in high school yeah, Jugnoa, abateria or library, or something she has something about tdetention, maybe yeah. I could really really go for some breakfast right now or a little album called no jacket required, which was number one. Ah Phil Collins, it's one of his better albums, we'll just we'll keep it at that, we'll just holl jus drop too l yeah just two all right. Well, I guess we got to return fire with fire on in in May of ninety five. A little album by abanhol filter was released, O cilld short buts with a someone called him an nice shot. I A lot of people think it's about the suicide of Kirt Cobaine, but they would be broad turns out, is actually written about a senator, a Arba Wir who was convicted of bribery, churges, inineteen and eighty six and was expected to relieve a really long sentence and so professing his innocence. During a press conference, he shot himself at the point. Thirty five, seven magnum O shit he's getting the job done. H. I've seen that cliff. It was actually on faces of death on one of the volumes of that yeah. I seem to remember SOM in this artiglt. I seemed to remember hearing a it was life t V and they like didn't realize it was going to happen, so they didn't cut it. Oh, no, it was not cut. The camera was right on 'em the whole time. It's really disturbing highly recommend watching it, and so I feel like taking points away, takes pointaway from this poor man's passing swait, so you're saying the filter song takes away from it. No I'm saying if you took points away from our team, O id be disrespecting iself. It doesn't count. There's no sorrow, also released H in May. Ninety five peae laves pulse bobulans unplugged, which I'm not sure if that's a plus o alsois an excellent album. It's actually one. I hate to sae it, but it might be my favorite pink floy donbum. I know that's kind of blasphemous, but it's a double live album. One half of the the first half is some new songs and the greatest hits. Second, half is all of dark side of the moon and it's entirely live so it's benast fantastic think it was actually the pullsen s, girl, esthere's, a video of it, and I believe it's on Uto or you can go to Amazon and purchase it. There was a concert, video that came out with pulse the greatest concert: Video I've ever seen. The light shows amazing during Great Gig in the sky, an airplane actually comes down over the entire audience and crashes into the side of the stage yeah, it's really cool a little it more antries to tank Eur own team, its N Alpem Man. That's all we're just all appreciating good music and vicorious popculture things here. You can't bring up Ilter how MN I just love how they chose filter over pink floyd, then he's like. Oh, they played that song at my dad's futeral, but I'm not going to pick it I'm going to pick fucking felter. I I totally thought it was about Kir cobain and s. He was like no, no it's about that guy to kill themself on t V, so we were researching it last night it was like. Oh Shit, Ot is is has to come up because I'm sure there's people out there liking me th, better yeah. Well, Hey man, nice pick all right, the honorable Mike the law ranger, you guys really had me with with the Montell. I was very, very excited with where it was going to go and then you fucking gave me filter and I'v Beof O hop, but at the same time mark came up with e fucking bond song at I've. Never fucking herd of whyy totally Donot know that do you wait hold on DADS Han Ias' fiihave heard of it, but I goto care less about this S. it's Dorandaran, apparently, do you like listening to CDs or did you I prefer records simply because I like to do things as difficultly as possible h. So I'm going to award this round to Sixteamon bag whoawe're on the BORNATIN. You picked filter over dire straits. No! No! No! I C I picked h. This is how we do it over over. The bonsong IFIF mark had literally said any other answer. You gotto, so one t if mark would have skipped his turn all right. So that means you guys control the Board for hut products in M Y, nine hutded and ninety five. There was the North American release of a little game, counsule known as Sega stathhorn ACO heard of it. I was released in North America, an Manlevin what a all thirty two big gaming council. As far as I county units old, I saw everything problik nine to seventeen million on various things, so I'll go with twelve million unut old. That bad f course. Some of legery Games thatslike the hedgehog virtual fighe, all those capcob fighting games, one of my favorites Seco Rally Championship Little Gamin system came around for about yeah three years, all right, a great way to Chanke your own pick thanks. Well, my pack is still around something many of us enjoy on a daily basis: Joearlier Oday Animals I in May One tho, anine hundred and ighty five, the Blue Eminems were released. They replaced the Tan ones after America voted. We have blue nms, you DNT Ven, remember the Tani loved the Tan ones. I don't know why they got rid of them. Yeah they tasted like chocolate. I never paid attention to that. To be honest, yeah I re I remember when they did that, and it was absolutely ridiculous, because if you remember America got to vote on what yeller M anm and we couldn't decide democracy that was like the hardest decision. No one could decide were the choices blue in purple. Purple E can Eat Purple Candy, no, not chocolate noall, the other colors that they now have. Yep Democracy works. That's what I'm hearing! We can't even believe that cause there's rumors, that the H, the Hershey Candy Company was in Cohortz and kind of rigged. The the election course hershy interfered. Why didn't? They have blue from the Gego? I don't know t's like a standard, fucking color, it's one of the primary colors technical, its probably they didn't have the proper food colory. The judge needs tob nineties. cuse me all that order mark what the fuck is at Cahort Gorts, if you're in cohorte with somebody a cohord. That's when you're in college, a d you're in the same class with the same twenty people for four years, coots gords cahoots goots, it's Cooo, I say: Gohoo, I've, Alwaysi Owort, W, like w Li e WH. What what the Hell is? You Wole Wort, a group of people that you stick o rpl to replace the TAT ones blue one by fifty four percent. You could call into one eight hundred fun colors to place your Vode Cacali when the blue emanm one. It appeared on stage with BB, King and all of their commercials, yeah we're going to get rid of the Tan eminm and then have the blue one go on stage with BB kings. There you go DB. King Approves I get it. Who who would have h come out on stage with the Pinka, an m NK ink o Shea thingin eighty five, he was like ninety nine or something Sindia, laffer eah. That would have been cool and then purple. Of course, W've been prints osarly. I sorry the art ist formally known as Brin so would Michael Jackson have been the white eminhem right. He was the one they removed. He would have been the Tan oneguess what color the Cosby Minen was going to be color quoiluds again mark you, nowthe color of Qualos. No, a O, yellow, butthat's e theoit still want o tastit like curry, all right, so we went with the blue emanm and what was the other one? I forgot RESA S, Saturn Al Right. Okay, all right! Mark bt, I'll lead off go right ahead. I always wanted one of these being a BBS nerd when I was like you know, early teens, ten years old or whatever, and this was the: U S: Robotics, courier, twenty, four hundred bad modem and right around October of nineteen. Eighty four hay, which was the biggest Pran of the time they ad announced that they were putting out a twenty four hundred Bod Modem, which is double the speed of what was out currently then. Rather it was twelve hundred board and they were putting this thing out for eight N, ninety nine and then microcom jumped in the scene, and they were putting it out for nine. Ninety nine US re sat in the back and they were just like waited out. They waited till February to announce it and they came out at six ninety nine, which automatically launched them to the top of the market they launched it in about may of eighty five. This doubled the speed of the Internet, and I don't know if you guys were on the Internet back then not many people were they might have been on their their qe link or their copy serve or whatever, but for six. Ninety nine, what they were releasing this thing for that's sixteen hundred dollars an today's money, but it was twice the speed of that twelve hundred bod. You had to pay another sixty nine dollars to use a software for it, but it was extremely popular for people getting online at the time and when I was getting online in nineteen six, I had a shitty three hundred boad modem, and I remember one time we went on copy servinand. We were downloading me. My cousin were sitting there. No, it wasn't even porn. It was the the top like America's most wanted list and we were downloading the picture of the number one guy for like a black and white Shitty, fucking grey scale picture by the time it loaded they caught the fucking guy exactly it took like twenty five minutes to load this little fucking picture. I mean that was in eighty six I could have had the twenty four hundred bod and you know probably, would only take in like three minutes to get that photo. But this was huge at the time because people ere actually starting to come online. You know B BSS's, like I said, compyserv prodigy. All those things were coming on right at this time, so it was a big item that came out may of eighty five right. So for my item on May seventh, nineteen, Eighty Five, the Nike Company, filed a trademark for the wings logo that they used on the very first pair of a little pair of sneakers called Air Jordan's. The very first pair of Air Jordans did not have the Jumpman logo an had the Nike Swush logo and then the wings Loga, which was a basketball and t it had two wings kind of looks like the airborne logo. It was one of the top selling shoes of all time still is one of the most traded and sold shoes online in the aftermarket. So it's highly collectible and that's when it all started was on May seventh, nineteen and eighty five that's right and a couple of months prior to that. Of course, that was the year he was. He was draft in eighty four. He had that awesome rookie season in eighty five and Nike gave him a two million dollar sponsorship. Absolutely unheard of at that time. No, it was huge, completely changed the market of celebrity endorsements for rookie, yeah, Yehor rookie to Y, and of course, now we got like fifty five Air Jordan's later. However, how many months later was it that he moved aut his ankle wasout the rest of the year, probably wearing those snt Erger inty, six man, that's eighty Siv en eighty five O pobae took him. The Playon just making sure justhe actually wore these Air Jordan throughout the entire NBA season, even though they were banned. That's why the nickname for the air, Jordan ones are the band because they were banned by the NBA because of the color combinations of black and red. They didn't meet League specifications. So the Commissioner, David Stern, had banned them and was fining Michael Jordan, five thousand dollars per game that he wore them and because of all the Publicity Nike agreed to pay that for him and he wore them for all eighty two games of the season is they funnyistephon mar he nade his own shoes, yethe starer Sta. they were like nine, ninety nine weet back in nine huteen and eighty five. I mean five thousand dollars that was like half of the seasons, salary, rightthat's, a lot of douh right honorable Mikeranger for the decision. Well, first thing: I'm going to say to Sixtemin bags. If you're looking to win around you, don't start it off with the secosater M, I'm going to tell you why 'cause! I was there on launch day, and not only do I still own it, but it's sitting right in front of me with about forty games. It took me a good twenty years to figure out what the Good Games were. I wasandisappointed child four hundred dollars for that fucking thing. So what are the two good games? You know what's actually really good on the Seco Saturn, the rport of resianevil. That is actually a very good boarnd. I've rented the shit out of that, but I mean obviously virtual cop. The SECOSD aturn today is a fucking great system, but at the time man I was so disappointed, but it Hel it's to the test of time. You still have. I do Shal. I do, but t also has an Atari Twenty six hundred and a Nintendo etreos IA C Din a thirty two X, a couple of things: How many Air Jordans do you have in your Dou right now? You have them on your feet or not one not or tha I want, but Blu Manm is actually pretty fucking cool. I remem. I remember that but Hesegasaturn and the blue emanems can't you know, hold a candle to the Internet and Jordan'. So this round is goingthe Internet in N H. No, it's just it's just a modem! That's how you got online yeah! You know if you want to play global thermal nuclear war. This is haw you r talking do so. This round goes to the Mameluks r Mameluke's on the board. AAND. We have control of Said Board right last single point round. Last single point: Rou: Where do you want to go with this? One man crush whatever pick just pick one: Let's go movies? No, no, not that one! You said anyone all right. We won't be stoopid right now: okay, yeah it would it's a single point round. Yeah come on Mar Okay Wee gon to go with the strategy. I guess we had a strategy. We got to stick to the plan. PICK TAKE! Let's go to news mm: okay, 'cause on May seventeenth, nineteen, eighty five argerbly, the best basketball player to ever play the game was selected as the NB a's rookie of the year. We were just talking about him. That is Michael Jordan. He defeated a ceme. The dream alag want to become the working of the year. Not only did Jordan lead the Bulls in scoring rebounding assiz steels baldness, but he also brought them to their first playoff appearance in years and was third in the League. With Twenty eight points, a game went on to be not one of the the greatest basketball player of all time SAR Thebrun, but he was not the first selected in the draft that year. Third Yeah, he was third, so as Sam Darnold, I'm just saying, wow the comparisons already star Sam Donald to Michael Jordan, all right! Well, you know, Michael Jordan saved the Chicago buwls, maybe same donaldwill save the jets- hopefully, hopefully, Michael Jordan will save this round onto you all right May, twenty fourth n nineteen and eighty five. There was a little story about a company called Quantum computer services, a anybody heard of it. RINGSBILL Y H, nobody's heard of it. They opened their doors, may twenty fourth ND nineteen, eighty five quantom computer services or Quanum link or even qelink to those who ere familiar with the company. They were interested in networking commodore computers at the time remember. This was before the general public even had a sniff of what the Internet was. I know Mike was excited about it before talking about the Internet, but this is Kinda where this thing started n, where it's going SISCA be started and they they grew to a few hundred thousand subscribers fairly quickly. They offerd Chat, Games, shopping message boards and they also created this slogan. That was you've got mail, and you know, years later they had a habit of sending absurd amounts of cdroms to your house, and you know: Free Hours of Internet and network use this sound familiar. You could get up to fifteen hundred hours for free I've heard it's R, I'm glad. You know that 'cause H in nineutdred and eighty nine, a d they actually changed their name fromcquantum computer services to America Online and, of course, e America Online went on to have a thirty million subscriber base and if you think about it like this, what they did with their blanket marketing back in the day with the CDs really taking it back, they they were going to the future with their technology, but they're marketing they wheeled back to the sixties and seventies, and they just Gerrilla marketed this thing. They went out there and, like just carpet, bombed SDS to everybody and their mother to the point where they're paying like a dollar fifty percd they're spending about three hundred dollars per new signup and the company was making like a hundred billion dollars. You know and the fact that they were sending these CDs out. It was getting people to know what the Internet was. So you talk about the Internet and starting the Internet. No, the a AOL didn't do it, but without Ao, l in the nineties really catapulting the whole system and getting half of America Online. This is where it's Tarright theyere the first company to commercialize in market the Internet for commercial purposes, to a mass consumer audience. Your grandmother was on the Internet, becomin AOL, exactly CD ro there, the Colubia, the Internet yeahbut, they didn't charge, you a penny and they didn't charge you twenty dollars in shipping later either fuckers ut yeah. That's it may twenty fourh n nineteen, eighty five quantum computer services started open, ther doors exwolor, our news clips of N Nineuteren and eighty five on May Eleventh Ninetden N. Ninety five in New York City, more than one hundred and seventy countries decided to extend a nuclear nonpoliferation treaty and definitely and without condition. So No onew peer weapons use, Sende and the world is a safe plase for everybody right Noyou say since, though, but when was the last time a nuclear weapon was used prior to that, can we not ink this? Please don't want to be topical or anything but H. She, Jan North Koreas, stopping their shit come on. Just got a Goglenow, that's just my powers out! Well now we know why Mo te Drivin, also leader in M N N ie, tuten and Einehty five Tese on recent supermadodies of an assume in accortance with the initilenture treaty. Unfortunately, after Christopher Reeves is paralyzed from the NCKDAIN on Ma Twenty seven, after falling from his horse, happens Osiad a nickel Ey Ian intentn ruins it. I mean the thought that fucking superman is paralyzed, was absolutely crushing and then became one of the greatest like American disabilities civil rights leaders like in our history. He also created supermand for the quest for piece. No Cen Toms created that exactly he was in it and he took part of that d because he wa he tried to take care of nuclear weapons his way. But then the tree came around and nfinish the job. Well, there's actually a little known fat. It was nuclear man, nuclar man can we just talked to the couple of episodes ago about how bad the fight scenes in that movie were Pu Sheel, the moon or yea the staged punches, Oh God, it's so bad. So we got nuclear. No Nuclear and Christopher RSIS dead, they're not dead, but now er he was fill making movies afterwards. That thatl T v movie of her Rendo. Isn't that D? It's not that good either, but it's better. They crezy better th n. It should be being a TV movie. Also again he became one of the greatest e D, a advocates in our history. Is He better than the Internet? I mean, can you estwice? I mean he never gave me porn, but I feel, like America Online he's a big deal looking back on it, but I don't feel like this was a major article. At the time I don't feel like this sold papers. Now supermen can't walk. fucking took a O judge judge. We talked about this last time. You got to talk about overall pop culture, significance, yeah, but Americalt Iyou. I have to go back on the red B, the Red Bowl ruling red bowl verses, Oh yeah, whatever Dick had team we head last time, I don't remember last time I do a Lotas, it was basically what it came down to. Was You asked the question? Is it the immediate significance or the pop culture significance, and we ruled that it had to be the pop culture, significant, yes, but overtime? If we want to look o overall good done onto the world uh, you know Superman being paralyzed led to something very impactable to the human race. America Online just had like two sixteen year old, dudes jerking off to each other, 'cause ones, O twenty seven f fromwhat about a Welinsta Messenger on hat fifteen hundred hours, was' enough time to download four pictures. You know and fucking Michael Joran was a Shitty Baseballi wish. We didn't have space ner, H, Wek! You know what we're going to give this one to Sixdemon bag. I think the fixes in Markit's in it fixes eys ant nonsense, nobody's Goten the nine yearold Ri the way funfact punfact of a ninety five repivyear, two Hollo famers, Jason, Kidd and Gran Hill were rookie ofhe year in Ninehteen, Einety five. Oh Man, don't start that Margi start flating. DRAINIL SR he's already thinking. HIL AK CA spring up grandhell. I start to blush all right, so you guys take control of the board. Once again. Two points to one eewpoint and we are in the two point rounds. Yuus are creeping me, the fuck out and tell me thatlet's, go with television for two hundred Allax, let's see in nd nine hutded n Igehty, five on May Twentieth, Anine, Tden, andninety five was the final episode of a show that lasted fourteen years, starting Ed mcman called star search where basically so many careers in populture got their big break from Dave. Chapell DNIGOL Talea drew carry Brity Spears, Adam Sandler, Kevin James oold, on Branan spirit. Sored O is Nebro no, as on star search back in the early nineties, descins child, even guys like pit bull R, there it'soata AD Isin bad everybody was on star search and fun fact, not a lot of them on all the people that went like the end of the year of things. I was looking at over the years. The only one that really did anything was Christine Agilera. Everybody else is like ee heard there were the clay achins of star search, so it gave him gave him the motivation to continue and loan in on their skill to then conquer comedy singing whatever. Whatever reor pop culture, Gom triuble threats an we have star search to thank for that Y. AH, because that show was H, you know not that good they detarted to remake it years later is American. I had, I think they even brought it back for year or so with arsenial hall hosting, but it was just because of America io and then, just a few days after star search ended, our hearts were broken when the final episode of Full House aired full House Hullhouserono, one thusandnine hundred and eighty seven ninetee ninet five cut it mercy. I don't remember the final episode. whateveryone stopped watching it after season, three, no two ways: r about an autoroticus fiemation. What kill? What killefulhouse was it when Uncle Jessie got married yeah? Well, no, he had already been married 'cause. Then they end up having to the toys yeah Whi Izzl, that's how we're kilt, I I think it just like daudience had grown up. Man did not help. It was yet that the twins each wanted their own role and they couldn't split Michele into two at that point, and so they weren't going to do another season. They were busy making like Nikolodeon movies and that, but they could 'cause. She did play the Greek cousin in an episode it's shrill, so they could just went to college together. Perfect strangers, that's true! So the fight on Othe road is Michelle Rides again part two where Michelle suffers Amnesia and the rest of the game have to try and help her. By remembering her past sounds like a porn yeahit's. Also the name of her sex tape. Partan was way better yeah. I totally gave up after I think, once they got m uncle Jessie got married and they moved into the attic. The think sho was done and then Danny got married too my daughter's into the show she watches it every night, and I don't understand why every episodeshes, like Thatwaswas, really lame. Why do you watchs every night? That is how full house gets. You 'cause. I remember sitting there watching it like. I don't like this, but I'm watching it yeah. It's like the Faon Jersey Shore. People are watching. People are watching this. It's gotto be good. Eventually right, it's not knock yoursoc off, but it is like it's comfort, food. You just like it's your mom's meatlift it. Maybe I for some people's Gres meat, loff or the world for other people. It's like H, MMAD meat, loaf again, but you're going to keep eating it. It's not just because you don't want to see your Mon cry Y A did. Tha Too my dad kept waiting because he didn't want to see my mom cry either. Okay, I fin bodcast right s. We had full House and storcer yeah. Why don't you start B'cause? I love it. So may seventeenth S NDNINE teen. Eighty five, we had more than three hundred million viewers in eighty countries, tunein witness the deadly hit and run that killed bobby ewing and the season eight finale of they hid showed Dallas Seepopranoldsolook at look at Mike rager's face right now you had cast members real casmes, doing real tears as their buddy Patrick Duffy was on his deathbed in the show. Most would say that this death was also what killed Dallas at that point. In seeson nine the show fell from being a perennial number one nighttime soap opera to number seven. This work got interesting though they killed off Bobby Patrick Duffy was just looking for Greener pasturs in the movie business. He heard through the grape vine that he was going to be this big star. It didn't pan out. So the show goes to shit, Larry Hagman, the Guy Plas Jr. He hated everyone on the set producers Directoras everyone. They changed people over something needed to be done so in like in need jerk fashion. One year later, in the closing moments of Dallas's ninth season, finale, Pamela Ewing, wakes up to sound of running water. She walks into the bathroom where she saw her exhusband Bobby Ewing, the guy that just died by a hid and run taking a shower greet o with a smile and he's like Hey. What's going on like what's wrong de the Associated Press calls it the most famous shower scene, Sin Psycho and viewers were shocked here. Here's the thing that is crazy about the whole thing. So, a year later, the show went to Shit, so they bring him back it never helpe. They never got back to number one, but since they turned that into a dream, one long dream it essentially wiped out an entire year of continuity on the show and resurrected one actors that was killed in like a bombing it. It erased, PAM's, marriage to beck and it just killed the audience's whole faith in the show there were so many layers to the bobby ewing death on May seventeenth, nineteen, eighty five, but three hundred million people tuned in to see this very show and see him die and get hit by a car only come back one year later, taking a shower good pick, solid show. I see I couldn't find anything very good. I had to go with a replacement show. There was a show on May eleventh anine hutered and eighty five that ran and the time slought that was normally assigned to Saturday night live. It was a show that was produced by Dick Ebersau and h. He was in Coherte with the owner of the company Mter Vinsmacmann, when they premered their show Saturday night's main event. What was that it was one of the only times where you got to see holkhog and Russell on television. He only wrestled at the big events at the time then, and L Executive Producer, Dick Abersal had made a deal with wwfowner Vincemacman to produce the show Um. It had become a major success, taking wrestling to a whole new level. It helped introduce the Rock and wrustling era which debuted shortly after that it was a tremendous rating successfor NBC. Most notably, was the march fourteenth. Eighty seven show which drew eleven point: Six rating in that Timeslot, hat's insane yeah in that time, slup so may eleventh nineuteen and eighty five, the Debu of Saturday nights main event changed wrestling in sports entertainment for the rest of Eternity Heno exaggeration ad, I no intopal wrestling fashion, t soap operas yeah, exactly Fifax as soap operas in our day as the world turns had ther ten thousand Hepasto, I nine Huteen nd. Ninety five, that was a closeter. We actually had a pilot that started in May of Ninetee D. Eighty five as well called Gabby an the bears and in that pilot was hulk. Hogan. Can you imagine for a minute if Gabby Ind, the bears had been picked up in May of n Nineteen and eighty five and they made that into a show the landscape of wrestling? As we know it would have been completely obliterated busy o rest, hewouldhave, Beenetogetin TV, luckily Gabby and the bears did not get picked up and then we gi on Yor mom, but we did get the greatest champion of all time. In my opinion, leg drop and all to as- and you cannot forget, we did get thunder, Ind Paradise. We also got Mr Nanny in suburban command. I was crosinand. We got a really granny shitty sex ting too hat. Are You GOINTO DOH cock? Apparently your best Friendis wife Righton to the honorable Mike Ranger for the ruling all right six teem an bag. You guys had me with full House. You reeled me in you've lost me with Star Search Now Dallas. I remember I remember my parents racing home from my grandmother's house, because my father could not figure out how to set the timer to the VCR. Did he hit Bobby Hewing when estors go? I'm I'm not at liberty to o. It was just a dream and, to this day I'm still a whole COMANIACO, I'm going to award this one to the Mamalukes. That means it's coming down to the last round. I got to fiish up with movies. I love it when it comes down to this. This is this. Is the cooker right here, not no nine to one trashing of last month's team glad we could at least get on the board all right. So for the final round. I got this man crosier. Let me start this one out 'cause. I am going with one of the greatest comedies ever and that is nineteen. Eighty five fletch with Chevy JSE. It is still considered one of the greatest comedies ever they've been talking about remaking it for years they never have um it's every time that they talk about m remaking. It gets shelved time and time again, but the movie originally had brought had a budget of eight million dollars did not quite make that back opening weekend made just over seven million dollars over fifty million dollars gross and it's initial run but again has become a cult favorite in the years to pass. That's a hundred and seventeen million dollars in today's money todayis that huge yeah, it's a huge flick for a comedy. You know why 'cause Timmatheson, SCAMEO or George Wento, it's all about the ball bearings all about the ball, bearings all right, so GOIG with Flah. No, I'm not going with flesh. I love a a steak sandwich and uh another state N who's, the Cotaoe copet Um a John Cot, cocktosin Ceckoos, Oh shit. I love that movie all right, so the movie hat. I I love that I love flatch. I was Goin to pick that movie too it's hard for me, but the movie I'm going to select was released on May twenty seon nineteen nd. Eighty five and I hear a lot that I look like the star from this film UNC Eremy, no we're not too oothe other guy I'll, give you well. There might have been supporn here. There was thes slipe te like a broke broke in a little a little bit of worn, just ell, here's, here's an introduction to the mean character, born July sixth, N Ninehteen, a forty seven Bo Arizona of Indian and German descent. He joined the Army August, the Sixth Nineteen D, Sixty four accepted to the special forceos specialization in light weapons cross trained as a medic helicopter and language qualified fifty nine confirmed, kills two silver stars: Four Bronze Stars: Four Purple Hearts Distinguished Service Cross in the Meddale of honor. Do we have any guesses who this man is crandol? That's right. It is John. The J Rambo and the movie we're talking about is Rambo first blood park Q, which I better the greatest title ever. It's awesome, though 'ca according to the stats given by duchbag Marshall, Murdoch, Ranbo ad, fifty nine confirmed kills during his Vietnam pour which probably lasted a couple of years, and that said, Rambo kills. Seventy five people during the course of first blood part two which spans like thirty six hours, Wereis dropped in there. So basically in two days, most of which is like the last twenty four hours, Rambo kills more people than the entire time he was in Tem, O he's actually only posted in Vietnam. For like six weeks, I threen ten they transferred Im to like Hawaii, because he was just too efficient. That's how bad assthis Ky is, though you gotta give Hem csome some credit. John J, a Rambo was responsible for a total of four hundred, and forty five kills in four movies. He had two hundred and fifty four in Rambo hundred and fifteen in Rambo three, seventy five and first blood part two and just one in first blood, which SC showand, that'Shis fault, yeah, wl, no N, you otht to give it throurois. But do you know what he did to the budget in that? First Movie? Do you know how many body baks they were hey? He warned Hem. He said you', better order. The body bags yea, keep in mind too th. Another Rambo just got announced so he's out to take the record man h now he's going to Mexico, but you know what numbers were crazy everywhere and his kill counts. So, thanks to Rambo Wickie for hooking me up with the the stats on that 'cause, there was no way that I was going to count every single one of those but he's the most dangerous one man army in the history of film. The movie went on to make three hundred million dollars world wide, seven hundred and two million dollars worldwide in twend a eighteen. This is a huge movie and also think about the rrating dead pool made seven hundred and eighty three million dollars worldwide. So this is pretty damn close to what Deadpool mad a couple of years back. So this is a huge movie and it was nominated for an Osca for special effects. James Cameron, Co wrote the movases, so I mean just Cameron's name alone. Tied to anything is just about a guaranteed win and last thing: It's the first American film ever to appear in two thousand: U S THEATRS! So with Rambo five coming out. What you're saying is nothere is over no and he's in Itepin man how bad ass is she're going to be I'm waiting for Rambo six when Rambo is Goingto, go to space, no he's killing everybody in the retirement home. With that one, I want Ranbo six in space we had LEPERCON in space. We had Jason in Space Mbwhat Beidmachite pessencerios is geas thearee, liver, tes, an Mi Nin is Ri Thas, Fair Game Hav, a firm believer on that Thatste, Fr Bot, six Alisa, CAA police academy should have went to space. He Akin about man Yep, that's Whatrhavin, the France, a they should have been inthe fucking moon, citrols. Well, that's they were going to try to. You know, hitch a ride to the space station during the mission to Moscow, but we're going this is the last round. This decides it all. It doesn't matter that that's three points an two right now, whoever wins this frown takes it. So I think we need to drop our box offices for that month. If you guys have 'em, let me read your ours. This is our top ten for the end of the month. of May nineteen ighty five course Rambo First Blood Park, two is number one. We got a view to a kill, awesome bond movie, Brewster's millions, Beverly Hills, cop coat of silence, desperately seeking Susan witness one of my favorite Gatcha Police Academy too, and the secret of the sword rounding it out. Atten just recently watch brewster's millions again to liht what a fantastic movie that what a great concept reallygoos I came of them. It really hold when you're when you're forty years old and you're rewatching it do you try to figure out if he's breaking the rules through the movie, because that's what I was doing the other night, I o yeah how I would spend the money and how quick could I get rid of it? Lots of cocaine yeah? Why didn't he do drugs? That's a good point, but he couldn't n't destroy anything. They would leave him with value at the end O. that's. Why, like I never understood because in the beginning they said you can't buy a artwork and destroy it, but he bought that stamp and then used it. He di he did. That's not it wasn't desroyed. It was technically spent, but it's still table right. It's not destroying it because that's intended use. So if you would have bought like a bunch of coke and flushed that would be destro it Saleo I on it up his nose an if he went it up his nose drapped it out. Then flushed in perfectlyly should have got Mari and lost everything in the divorce. Vegas baby, it's possibleexe Wol for our movies for Anine hundren and Einety, five may twenty. Fourth, nineteen ninetyfive a little movie came out from a first time director, but he was a big star. His name was Melgibson at a nine point: nine million dollar opening weekend. Seventy five point: six million in America and two hundred and seven worlwide for his derectorial deb braveheart, which ended up winning best picture best director and I think three other wars, AF cantting, O Bot handed have pulled up, but h yeah basically took a guy who was oh. Is that othing an let te weapon movies and confirmed him as a major Hollywood player and director and then years later, therepasia o the Christ and then severe mental breakdown, but but still hates the Gerace Ar Bravehard incredible movie R, watching it as a fourteen year old for t fir a time I' just thinking wh one of the first times I I was so engrossed in a movie that it was just beautifully shut the score S. Amazing Ad, you cry when his penis got ripped off when he screamed up. OITHAT would't be the first thing that came Ito. My during that each year I was fourteen t at was young man not to Panis sommater longer than others. It's solid pick Solitcswul, be tough, a offer. My use Tek for opening on May nineteenth one housand, nine hundred and ninety five, two twenty two point: one million dollar opening a SIPL too movie, everybody loves Franchise Wall. You can't live without comes die hard with a vengeance, CE Willis and Sam Jackson, together again after poo worst one. Oh God, that's a turning point. If that friend, N Yeah we're a peak, you know yeah, that's what we're saying after that. It was all crawn but peaked with with a vengeance. I mean I mean seriously huns groover's brother Yeah Playe, my Jerny Irons, the poor man atertand seeking intention. Jer Irs is great t not in that movie. That's my les, don't know what you're talking about you cannot deny. I see it in your face. The best bit in the whole movie is with the Tecla Yeah. I was thinking the same thing where he's on o yeahlet' see, and then we were talking about the toptinyeah o just a month. The month a month I have two of hem written down for the Monh. I Know Casper also came out nmay twenty sext, actually a sity million dollar opening and it actually just edged out die hard with the vengeance for overall Rost from that year. I know I as surprised to a lot of kids. I always said traffer then also crimson tide on, May Twelfth Poors, Denzel, Washington, Gen Hackman of Superman porpane athe movie. I choose for Genagnet some French movie too, about connecting something yeah. That's Pretty Ironic 'cause, I'm I'm usually edging while watching Casper during the Crimson tideso. For me, the top to number one was casper. inly goes. TILLSEVERATEND is die hard with a vengeance. Number three is the Crimson tide and before braveheart number, five French kids number six forget Paris, number seven, a movie Neni ill forget John Benanik enras. They wit where he was able to download, like almost the entire Gig into his bra or number eight mad love number nine, a moving near dear to Steve's heart tails from theannumbern Mi family. What were your two picks? What were the two movies? You guys pect bravehard and die hard with a vengeance. Lk- and you said, Bravehart was the number four movie in that lawsout to Casper Wellsoyo adnt me a word yet. Will it become a cold mit afterwards, once people's side and of course it won best picture best e reer that oesades everything we actually won? Four special effects. Thank you was that Fer fletch no mam a first plot, part two man. Oh yes, yesall the squits. Look at all the spot, like th y. They burn his face. They blow up that dude with the the Arrow E bl ehandthe explosive errow yeah to kill his girlfriend or Y Y E you're. Both both you guys are making very solid arguments, and I got to be honest with you. I really like all of the films O on that you guys chose, but we need to. We need to settle this and I think I've come up with a pretty good way to to tend and I'm going to test your knowledge on your picks. What does Rambo want at the end of First Blood Parteau? He wants Murdoc at the end of the film they ask Grambo what he wants and he turns around, and he tells him exactly what he wants. I know earlier on. He wants to know. If they're going to win, can I blezsin you can steal the points? Is it that he wants to love his country ind his country to live their soldiers? Well, no, that yeahthatdoes happen too pretty close yeah, that's! Basically, the e movie ends with him saying that H he wants his country to the country to love them as much as he loved they love it. Obviously, obviously, I've reenacted this last scene way too many times Wheni' by myself, all right, no four sixtemon bag. Your question is Indiar with a vengeance. They they ask a very simple question that any patriotic American should know who was the twenty? First President of the United States, Chester, a Arthur, you are correct and the wind goes to the sixtyman bag ir alsort of an Gothe first time the mamelukes have ever tasted dome, Sacq, I'm eet, shocked because it all goes back to like three rounds ago were Mike tossed it to them for music, fucking Montalis SOS in my court. Hi Aitthis is my court and in my court you're vi how we do er you're, fine, you're, fine, J, I wouldn't, I wouldn't be Dao. I dusmuted can't even you're fineall right. He could talk again. Oh Man, I'm debating this one you're going to debate this one you're going to bring this under review. You can go, go right to the board. Take it up to the spring Quar utrall right, it's a final score. We we came down. It was four to three for the six seaman bag, the six seament back Eah, there's sothing like a good old, sick, seaman bag. Don't wtake Howor Hampesi Gus do get some pretty fine parting gifts. You get a lifetime supply of blooming them in six bags of seamen. Thank you guys for coming on the show and all dynasties come to an end. That's all I got to say you ato Le Backyou'll oo, plug this time. We adg chance do last day. Yelast time ego yo got Sho Againkdki. If I CASS everything I learnd from movies, we bady questionable movies and Basiy Washins. You don't have to havepass their lessons. Lessons on o you andurink great beer, a drink, great fear. We also have our mini episodes and some great interviews actually comin an yet past ones, about seven or eight great celebrities from spetold Forsein to Dana Gold to cat Catherine. Mary Stewart. Did you find all of this t if you would find a ILFM DOTPOT BN DOTCOM and our latest episode? We this one IING naction right Sek norof north CA, fil, Om an then coming out onfriday. We have a legendary character, actor respense of Star Wars of Madmax or the Rins prodicals of Nardia everything, and we gotta interview with him, and he tells us about his long. An incredible career thought you were going to see something else. That is what he calls Ish poop culture, DOTCOM noher question: I'm not good at questions right now. Jestercont test me on stuff. Now, Thanksa Lot, guys ware coming on the show and computing with us not for beating us, though you guys can fuck right offbut, but if you guys are looking for poop culture. Of course you can go over to www dotpoop culture, dot com or get a hold of us over on the tutor machine. We are adtpoop culture and poop culture bondcast over on facebook, where you can also join the poopers group all right. Well, I hope you guys enjoyd this episode as much as we did. Let us know what you think of it, thanks for turning into the duel of the decades. Until next time, fellow poopers we're going to bith you AP peace, love lighting, a joy have a great weak fellow poopers. What he just heard was t e bodcast and the BOOT concer extended universe from ogring codcast Madour Wan, O www, don booculter dotcom to women who hoped to evade the taking clock of time. Doctor Frederick Brandt was the most potent drug dealer in the world and the dealer dot high on his own supply from imperative, entertainment and the team behind broken hearts comes a new series that will challenge everything you know about fame fortune and the fear of growing old, I'm Justin Harmon, and this is the baron of Botoc to women who hoped to evade the taking clock of time. Doctor, Frederick Brandt was the most potent drug dealer in the world and the dealer dot high on his own supply from imperative, entertainment and the team behind broken hearts comes a new series that will challenge everything you know about fame fortune and the fear of growing old, I'm Justin Harmon- and this is the baron of botocs