Dueling Decades
Nov. 21, 2018

Dueling Decades - November 1987 vs November 1990

Dueling Decades - November 1987 vs November 1990

Welcome to another episode of Dueling Decades on Poop Culture! In this week’s matchup returning champions The Mamalukes (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) take on “Ninetalie Imbruglia” (Beau Becraft & James Jones of That Totally Awesome 90’s Podcast!

Welcome to another episode of Dueling Decades on Poop Culture! In this week’s matchup returning champions The Mamalukes (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) take on “Ninetalie Imbruglia” (Beau Becraft & James Jones of That Totally Awesome 90’s Podcast! ) in an all November battle 1987 vs 1990! Judge Jon Cross is back behind the bench this week and ready to deal out his brand of pop culture justice! Listen as the teams battle it out in our Five Dueling Decades Catagories (TV, Movies, Music, News, and Hot Products) Will we see the return of show favorites such as Sleazy James Spader, Pro Wrestling, marginal children's toys and of course Donald Trump? Only one way to find out Video Heads, tune in a listen for yourself to this new episode of Dueling Decades on Poop Culture!


Infirmary mediaaroculture CSERROECOTER Baus people in Cag AP, a Jewelin can the Pixin Oplan, but it dot o am ran again apon that cap. U Tot the Powegrop Com fite for what you love, who com to pop e Pe Copi Tencitas, Pan Eto, Boder Cop Woul, take grave an O, Baly hi sick. I am PA a Tano, come fight for what you love Yoin Eas. We are broadcasting from the biobaday studios wearwater. Does it better greetings, retrol warriors and welcome to another episode of dueling decades here on poop culture, the totally narly retro game show where we make the eighties and the nineties fight it out. As we debate these two dope decades. Let's take a look at the teams and the decades they will be fighting for first off representing November of nineteen. Ninety Balb craft and playing alongside me is James Jones of that totally awesome, nineties pod cast and h together we form nitily, Inbrulia and representing November nineteen. Eighty seven, that's right. I'm rick man crust and IAM playing with that souts terrible with fog, James and te oveloope. And what is this? Like? WHTARE, we on a four match, wind streak. I know we, no, maybe even five might be five months or o because we haven't lost since May nobody's going to beat the Momlukes seow goes and as always here on dueling decades, we need someone to hold down the law and order. So he's back. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's the honorable judge, John Cross. I am John Cross, I am John Cross. I am judge Reinhall Dashit, we're glad to have you back, though thanks eermasags, it's a pleasure to be back. I'm suitably unimpressed, I'm ready to argue with you a little bit yeah, let's Tik it out all right. Ladies and Gentlemen, the rules of our game are quite simple. A coin flip well decide the team that goes. First, the winning team will decide the topic of each rownd out of the five duelling decades categories, movies, T v, music, news and hot products. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: apiece the judge's ruling will determine who wins each rown in the team with the highest overall score. After all, five rounds will be the Victor Gentlemen: Let's play some Dualin decades. I John Cross with the ceremonial contos while he had something in. I do it's very very exciting for this. My first toss off since my honey manthat's Ho ti've been tossing off every day. SINC maning Michel Fafer in her versed picture falling in love. Again, the vs tape will be tonight's toincoss toincosts toiantos. Do you want to toss of on Michel Fifen's face or on the back of this BH has casetle? Is there not too much to ask for boat? Well, I Abot James Pick Ja s James, go ahead and call it not face Trat Right, I adooi Yor style go, it is face loard. You are falling in love again with Mishel thifa. All right. Where do you guys want to go? I'm going to defer to James He's th the guest of honor I'd start off with some music? Do you want to take the first subject? It's all you, man, ohthat crazy world release in November. Sixth, nineteen ninety by Scorpions is their eleventh album it's their only album to reach silver in the UK. Second, best album by the: U S: Behind they're, not tooany, for love at first stat reach number twenty one and a billboard, two hundred most notable Sigal was a wind of change which tops about their the end of their Cold War. Talking about hope. After all, the COM, communists run, governments are done. The single peak that number four in the US number two in the UK and it holds the Reckor for best selling single by German artists. Does anyone know the actual words to that Song, though Donny Park Follo, that's aquatch, gon to a donkey punch. You know it's funny. You pick that last September I went with a bunch of guys from the show and the former PCU and we went down to that show and when we first got there mega death opened and it was empty and then, when Scorpions came on, we were like no way that they're selling out the garden ecause we're an massscore garden. I Shit you not that entire place, not an empty seat and I'd, say probably more than fifty percent of the people did not speak English, including the people sitting around and O erasety seat, but there wasn't a dry seat either yeah, but for totally different reasons. Man Yeah totally incontinent Gemm an reason totally. If a guy next to US was Russian. We have a whole story about that from the episode back September last year, it almost got into a fight with Eric from the mockers 'cause. They were sitting next to each other flucking crazy anyhow, but what you got if you don't like these corpions Ou, get the fuck out of here, no all right, music from November nineteen. Ninety, my pick is H. unfortunately, five man acoustical jam by Tessla, not the inventor the band released November thirteenth, actually just yesterday, t's a live acoustic. Album that H, noted for so tesla was otherwise up to this point, pretty electric heavy H, so they swapped it out, like all good bands do when they want to jump the shark for Acoustic Guitars H, it's got pretty much all the hits are there, but the most notable inclusion on the album is a cover of the five man electrical band signs which h reach number two on the billboard, mainstream rock charts and UH is probably played more than the original by the five men electrical band. So there you Gor five man acoustical jam the live record from Tesla as a musician. You did not like this album 'cause t, at's AVIB, I'm getting I've, never been a huge Testla Fan. I mean I've got nothing against Hem I've. Just never really. I always don't get inotheir stuff tassle as like a like a broke Dick Er like if stepen tyler had a crooked crank that an you would have tessla. I did like that Al. I think it's a that's solid choice. You got signs the one ETHLA album. I really like it's the one I can tolerate. You know they put one out, like I don't know, probably ten years ago, that was actually pretty good. It was kind of a minor come back for him. I did. I seen them live a couple of years back when they opened for Deaf Leopard and they were pretty solid. I liked them, but uh. I think our picks are better. Yeah November was a dumpster fireinhe's, throwing in a towel already around one Oy Shit, all right mark. Do you want to lead off with Yousure I'll start this one all right from Y pick for music? I am going to pick a soundtrack that was released November. Sixth, nineteen, eighty seven- and that is a soundtrack from the major motion picture less than zero. Of course, that's the movie that is the Robert Downy junior classic wit, of course James Spaderin. It is well the whole soundtrack was put out by deaf jam. It was most of the tracks were produced by Rick Ruben. A lot of the hit songs that were on the album were songs that were recorded just for this soundtrack that were later put out by those artists on their own album. So the first time you got to hear a hasy shade of winner by the Bangals was on this album bring the noise public enemy was on this album, as well as going back to Kalli from Ello Koolje, so landmark album as far as soundtracks go from one thouand. Nine hundred and eighty seven hit film less than zero and a rendition of kisses uh rock and roll night weave on noison poison, covering kiss musically. It's about Evin, pretty much yeah, all right, I'm going to go with hold on yea. We look at making our selections oftentimes. We have to make some tough choices and we leave things out. We only get one choice, EAC, so we're responsible for selecting something with the most pop cultzur cloud. From that era I mean sh a couple of months ago. I think it was back in August. I had to pick the Baxtry boys for that reason, so this selection isn't that tough, but it does fall in the category that it keeps. You know it's relevant forever. Okay, so releast on November sixteenth, nineteen and eighty seven were given the debu album by Rick ouiowhenever. You need somebody. I was looking down the list of things that came out in November of Ninete an eighty seven and I was like oh good. We casttly release something that'll, be my joke. One then, and you guys hold on- and this t there's reasons why I picked this over other albums that were on there, because first off, depending on what list you look at, there's some inaccuracies in the list: Um and Wev. We came across that and we did the sortocells, but this one it definitely came out in November, Sixteenth Nineteen, seven it sold over fifteen million copies worldwide. It had six singles, which is huge, most notable together forever, which I'm sure John's a huge fan, a probably played his wedding and then the Song Andeon, forever yeah. This song will live on forever and Rick Roll History and that's never going to give you up. So, even if you don't know the song, you know the song, you know it's, the song is it. It was also a number one single and pretty much every country in nineteen, eighty seven. So this was a huge album at the time, LEK it or not- yeah, not since due by Hassle Hoff as a record just performs so well in multiple countries. But if you look at pop culture relevance I mean this is that song people still know. For that reason, my daughter's twelve years old and she loves that Song. I don't know why she actually likes it. She doesn't like it. Ironically. She actually likes all the kids, as they say these days that that song really slaps cund say that look. We all know about the horrors of weall know about the horrors of water boarding. It doesn't mean that we shoulrun out and engage in it wantonly m what this has got to be. Does anyone have any more statement? Sorry before I go ahead of main, do do you want us? If it's that close? Do you want us to throw out top singles or anything from that month or anything, or do you have a direction? No, I my mind is already blown. There was six singles on that Rick Athle AIC IOR. He released one song and then I don't know got tragically ill or something I 've. No idea like I, I literally just thought I mean Tok about one. It wondered to say that there was six singles off that album. I I had no idea he actually. If you go to his spotify, he's, got probably a dozen albums matter of fact. He just released one like a year. Absit, absolutely blows blows my mind. It means that the eighties ware so much worse than it felt, like L, stop all right, so aunty judge John Cross. Why? I am a really bad judge just quickly. Why I'm a really bad judge is that I've, you know. Obviously this show is about pot culture, Ra relevance that came out of the poop culture of pog cast. So it was all about sort of the relevance of the stuff and and the importance of this stuff overtime, and you know anyone who knows me knows that I give absolutely no credence whatsoever to the populace at large. I think most people are probably idiots and when they get together in groups they're even bigger fisivals of idiots. However, I need to put that aside to make my judg's ruling, which makes this show just so difficult for me to do. However, it also, I have to say th Liv the foot, however, however shut O trapprick. This is my time now. Could you get four more just fucking bizarre albums ran the ones I've been presented. With I mean sthere were so many others that you could have paied. Would you want us to throw a Dockin an you could have go saillike me now by Colmod you could have gone heavy far. You could have gone cloud nine by George Harrison, which was sort of his comeback, album SORTA and it w that was his last aom as well e looked tede tossed at wake in his last album. He did brainwashed after that. Just before he died, he alsoareally saw things, must possible, othe stuff on it, but m. It was H s. It was around the time that he was doing the travelling wilbreys with the other guys and it kind of Hit big cloud nines. You could have done that you could have anshares album. You could have done Madonna's album black Sabbath Ha lots of, but that black Sabbath it wasn't even it was with some. I don't even remember the guy's name, who's the lead singers, like the ast lead singer before they stopped yeah whil and then brought ozzy back and then Madonna's accompilation dance album. So I mean Youe got love, butas Te, a camer come on, who doesn't remember, Booglooiimagina s and then from the nineteen nineties. Um You've got Elton John's classic, who doesn't remember to be continued. Outon John's classic, album literally nobody you've got stick at lie by slaughter again, another band that was lost to the dumpfire of history. You've G lush put out the Rabamgala there's so many classics that come out that year, just sowever a social grace by psychonic walts I mean comeon. I put that on nightly, but considering I mean obviously I've heard of of Scorpions, but I'v I've never heard of fight man. What was it testler? Never never heard of them. Sorry they make ar now yeah, no at I'll, never ever ridet over before real renaissance. I'm going to call it just flat out going to call ine one thouand, nine hundre and eighty seven, but my reasoning is this: My reasoning is less than zero features, sleezy James Spader and whenever sleezy James spader comes up on to a list. I just have to plump for that one because he h he well. He he causes me to become ingorged through his sleaziness sohim being a lesson zera which, by the way, lessons ter such a depressing melancholy. Ai, boring film, really only livened up by sleezy James Sprader foling, Robin Downy Junior, to give head for crack, which is just one we've all been therewere explaining is to mark. Before we went on the show I was like I'm pretty sure he made him into a Prosei, but I'm not he sai. Pretty much makes him into ha mouthful. Mouthoffo, Bloawar hate does because of that. Just so I got to say robe down in junior and mouthhore for blow in the same sentence: H, nine utded, nd. Eighty seven wins it. However, I don't care forrekastly, not even in a MEM heavy ironic world in which we live, he can go Himan. He shoulder paths can go fuck himself, but lessons theere, a soundtrack, probably the best album out of the for tem we'll. Take it either way all right mark, I think, should we go to h news now, I'm pretty sure these one point rounds. Thits S do news. You want to start this one off man crush yeah, sure, alright, all right news, fror, nineteen and eighty seven November. Nineteen, seven there's new story right here. It's about a real hardcore girl fight, something everybody wants to hear. You got this tall leggy blonde named Barbi and she ends up kicking the living shit out of this pink haired rock star named Jim Sound like something that's you guys know where itis going no w, when your best news story has to do with some toys. You know it's been Aga yeah, I'm sure she doesn't need much introduction, but the twelve and a half inch teenage rock star named Jem Sang Her swan song in November of nineteen seven just a mere year after hasbrow introduced gem in the Holograms as an effort to derail the incumbent girl, dynassy that was held by Barbie at the time and when gem was made Matel and counter released a rock band by Barbie and that went off to sell record breaking sales over that course of twelve months. So because of that by the end of Nineteen, eight seven Hasbrogh had like nine million dollars surplus in gem dolls and they had to heavily discount them all to get them sold. So in spite of that, Hasbro pulls the plug on Jym. In November nineteen ND, eighty seven after one year took her off life, support. Huh, that's sat. I never knew that was the true story. Bo yeahand. Then they made a shitty movie in twenty. Was At twenty. Sixteen A it wasn't that long ago, yeah that was quite recently it was. It was twenty fifteen. Actually it W S, Oh man, it was that long ago, Holy Shit, so all she's does is failed, but she does have a cold foll, a redds that up as well who in twenty fifteen, set around and went what license? Can we dredge from the annals of history and Fart onto the screen? I knowed a gem in the holograms that everyone went. What what do we have already in stock that we own the rights to or what can we pick up for pennies on the dollar t? You know it is kind of sad because girls back ten, you really didn't have you had Barbie. You know maybe like my little pony, and so they threw gem into the equation. So they liked that ship for a year. Maybe some girls grasped that an they just said: Gash it sucks D. They just pulled it back and then they were left a Barbie in my little pony. They should have done my little mouth Holf the blow that would have scle oit was just ropper. downy junior go wato eating on I, saof white powder up is cave and a little bit of white creamy substance system. You did have a Congfu grip. There yeah one of these motions. He pressed a little button in his Aye. He bent over ith taall right mark. What do you have allrigt? Well for my new story, we're going to go to November, eighteenth N Ninetuteen, an eighty seven and that's what it was announced that Sony would purchase CB s music for two billion dollars. Originally they offered one point two five billion but CBS balked at that time and sat on the offer, so they upped it to two billion dollars and when all was said and done, CBS records the pioneer of the LP repository of all the great Broadway musical recordings from my fair lady to a chorus line, and it also happens to be the recording home of artists such as Michael Jackson, Barbara Strisann, billy, Joel, the boss, Bruce springsteen and Cindy lapper. All of these artists passed into Japanese hands and it was the very first time a Japanese jumbo acquisition of an American company had taken place and the transaction had made international headlines Cofounder in Chairman of Sony speaking about the company, and he had said that in twenty years from now the hardware innovations, the Um uh sex toys. It wasn't Sexi'm pretty sure that Yo said that in twenty years the innovations in the investments that Sony made into the Music Library would give its hardware innovations big step forward in the next twenty years to come. And of course he was a hundred percent right about that ecause. In the next twenty years, Sony used its music library to create products such as playstation and the walkmen and the C D man, so Sony purchasing when CB asked up a bunch of marvel movies, yeah bucked up a bunch of marvel movies, Sonovember, eighteenth, nineteen and eighty seven Sony purchases, the CBS Music Library for two billion dollars right, it's not as good as gym, but it's pretty it's pretty outrageous. What do you guys have for the nineties? I, like, I just want to say we're so close right now, November, eighty seven and nineteen or November. Ninety I feel like it is the eighties vers eighties. The Tail End Righti Yeah, you know it's, it's really close you and you could tell by the things that we're throwing out that things are really similar. It's not like when we have a ten year gap, and you can really tell the difference. I feel like a lot of this stuff is very close: Anto yougot, yet taking off somewhere what the hell was that I'm going to go first, just because I couldn't find much information about this, but evidently November of nineteen. Ninety, the earliest known portable digital cameras sold in the United States h shipped to its purchaser and that's the extent of the information I have so arto you ys a was a record o the castle. Her O not find any further information on that. So your news story is somebody bought something and it was shipped to them. Yeah. What its did CNN put this together. It was the inaugural shipping of a portable digital camera. No need for detail now: Fucking, I'm a cut and dry guy all right now. That is kind of big, though, if that's the first digital camera sold. You know, if he's like the first guy to get one yeah, then I see can see that's a that's a pretty big news: Who's, the Guy Jeff Jefferson. You say that Jefferson's were the firs iny, a a Jeff Allen. Jefferson. I don't know, of course, all right. Let's see James, better knocker sok off fit this now. I don't feel so bad about Jim I'm going to keep this Yord because I know how somebody feels about technology, so Bo went on and on and on Lihe B I ik O trangit out. You Know Me. The first known web page was written on November thirteenth t by Tin, burners Lee. It ran on the next computer at a European organization in nuclear research. So this is our first World Wide Web. As we know it now, www dott, whatever h the first web page, it was httt ww, Dott Pornu. Oh, I mean no, no, no! Last vewdjsathirteenth AF nineteen pages you may like, but yeah that forever revolutionize what we use every single fucking day now, Oroce siously. We know what website a what like do. We know what was written on it. It was a Lia, hellow e, reise PAG. I explain how to write a website and explaining what iperly, ah fucking nos ASE, so boring C I cant jus throat like Ot trow in most web page ever and onit is going to disgy. How I did this webbing, you ocking, I I'm go, I'm going TA throw this out there because I am in it and I have been for a long time. I've been on the Internet since ninety one- and I can tell you right now that the first web page ever that went live is the one that you're referencing, but that actually went live in August of ninety one and not November. It was first presented, it didn't, go, live yet well. Actually it did. It did go Li, it went live in August. Ninety one and it was a same exact story. Whe It was the European organization, nuclear research, Sern Um, and ran on a next computer, which is actually you know, Steve Jobs, but that was in August somebody CD. Somebody could fack check it. Are you talking ninety or ninety one 'cause we're talking ninety head? It was ninety one. If, if I'm C, somebody else can try to Fatjeck me, but I'm almost pauste or five websites that it kept saying November nignt Olone Witlrg, he always does this. Man Crush always just derails this with some technical govens nothis. Just what turns the show into a three hour affair instead of a two and a half, I know, Toam was alir. If you, if you Google, here you o from a business insider dcom, first website ever made August six. Nineteen. Ninety one here I'll H, throw the link for everybody featured a nude photo of Sally Field, taking a don through that rat in the chat there. So you can Jame h James. Do you have the five sides that you went to just because we want? We want this to be both listening and visual gold, so if we could just send each other a webblings about a boring website that was created by derds somewhere around the beginning of the decade of the nineties, I'm already tired IAS trying to keep Te Short. No, no. I know no James but honestly in all sources. That fact Checkis. If you could send us at least two links that corroborate your story versus Rikswan. That would be great hy just found another one from huff post. It also says nineteen, Ninety one, I'm just looking er, maybe there's you're picking ones from now. Have you got a website o Rome, Housan, nine htded and ninety that says that it was the firstled browser in nineteen November or nineteen ninety, while employed the browser was released outside of CERN in nineteen. Ninety one Ebosgi said as he rote it. I didn't say it was out there. You did say it was live. So that's that's what I was going off. Somebody did put up Inparty don work, which and meat spin dot com, no clue what that is. Let Me Cook on that. Awat John Decide. You Look you look at the Leks Yeah John. Let us know what you think about meat spin dog t you all new lemon party, obviousy onhave for nes either. So obviously ye there's always ones that are really bad. There's, usually one. That's terr plenty. Other Cold War, wasn't quite a Gein Gulf War. T this iunlike, the Alba Round, Mat Averan! This one. Is this as this tough and another way you may as well just give it to the eighties, because- and I have to say this nightly Beley or whatever your name is th. The two stories you came up with one was portable camera solt to someone possibly might have been might have been, but he didn't receive it. We don't know who it was. Definitely did he got te shit out of that camera, so fucky Amazon we were doing a two day, delivere and picking up c ODS Twenty ight twenty eight years before you be Joss, you've, fuckened, fasted and then the first known World Wide Web website was written, possibly and it was- and it was boring I wasn't like et, but it was R. maybe we don't know, but we do know it was very tedious. The website, whatever it was at least I e at least tell me that the first website that was ever written had like a picture of the guy who wrote it with like in with stupid, t Shi or something like be likeyeahat least at least like some kind of human interest, but no it just like wellisis a picture on it. Unfortunately, it's still fucking Lodo yeah. Well, you got to think in nineteen, ninety and nineteen. Ninety one you're using link links to to get on websites there were. There was no netscape navigator, no Internet explorer, so there weren't really that many images it was just link. So that's where you got was links was that that thing that made he like, fax machine noise that sang out that was ther was a moan. I was that onthing like that, I'm on ty intoat. I don't know how it were ECEP, I'm on the internect anywit til, the next jeweling decades, when reck man crush gives this gives us a description of how the Modem wa Anjon Taeshakun in his mouth. I Liv Onitran. Then fom one thousand nine hundrd and eighty seven we have JEM and who, who gives a fack VEHOA 'cause Gemane holograms. Really I only even learn about what that was when the movie came out and the movie looked so bad that I was like I'm not going near that nor whatever spun it off Um, but I think mark saves it with the Soly Purchasing C BS music for two two billion dollars only because he mentioned billy jol. The Japanese had tried so hard from Pearl Harbor onwods to get their hands on Billy Jole, and it was until November, nineteen and eighty seven that the Japanese finally swooped in it was like fuckit. We tried everything else, we're going to just buy him for two billion dollars, so well done Japan, you, finally prised Billy Jol away from the grip of America and the O o move Japan. Well only for that, and because of that, the mamalukues again take this round and w Awesomelet me throw out, though, that, like I said about JEM, that just means that you guys had an awesome news month. That just means there was no depressing crazy shit that went on in November. Nineteen Damn Right, a digital camera was shotto, so to that's the best yeah and then stick it on a website. If we F, we get a month like that, now that'd be fucking fantastic. Would you get oh some dude ship some shoes? I do long for the new cycle to simply be like, and this guy an ioa gon to pass. That would me fuck it amazing, rather than we think it was a cameet rather than this guy in Iowa got gun down. For I don't know anyway, this is no ordinary subshop. This is firehouse ups, tired of overpriced lunches that under deliver on flavor head to firehouse ups, where for a limited time you can get a four ninety nine choice of choose from a medium smoke, Turkey, Virginia Honeyham or roast beef. Their custom made hot subs and a price ready made to make you smile just four. Ninety nine, only at firehouse sups enjoy more subs, save more lives, participating locations plus tax. On the time offul prices May Arri for delivery, all right, H mark. Where do you want to go? We're still we're single points, so I'll uh? Let you pick this one all right. Let's see you want to go to electric avenue no, but we can go over to hot products yeah. We can do that now, all right and I'll start this one off in Nineteen D. Eighty six engineer, Scott stylinger. He was having trouble teaching his two young kids how to catch. So he came up with an interesting product that he developed his fist called the cuchball Yah. The product was patented in nine hundred and eighty seven and was available in time hitting stores for November nine teen and eighty seven. Initially the media made fun of the ball. TH Y T ey didn't quite get it. They compared it to a star Trek, troble, a PSYCHODELIC SEA Urchin. They were saying it was the pet rock of the eighties, but the sales they differed became one of the tops selling toys within two years of its release. Of course, the cushball is still around today, and so that's my pick is the invention of the cuchball in November nineteen and eighty seven, and if you notice, still have a coush ball here, and this is an original Kuchball that I had shortly after it came out. I can't say that this one's from exactly eighty seven might be a few years later, but MAGNA SH. It does tats. Why I'm wearing the red white and blue shirt and 'cause? I have the e red white and blue couch ball original man. Thank goodness he didn't color cordinate with his cochball. No, no, it's not would have been e red white and blue though we're just blue or ju Blu. Well, I didn't tell you what portions were read: whach portions were white and what portions were blue, so nobody wants to know the family show all right. This pick, you know. I know this is going to be something where you know mark pukes in his mouth a little bit, and perhaps any of this guys detractors out. There are not going to like it. However, if you just take it from what it is- and you allow yourself to set aside your personal views, it's a huge hot products: Okay November First Nineteenighy, seven journalists, Tony Schwartz Corote, and released a book with Donald Shrump, called the art of the deal. It was the number one best seller for New York Times for thirteen straight weeks. It actually did spend forty eight weeks on the list altogether, it's hard to pinpoint with this book how medy copies were actually sold because they didn't start really keeping track about the sales until two thousand and one and after so everything was kind of put together and th. I know trump did say in his election year: Twenty sixteen that it was the best selling businessbook of all time. However, that was debunked by an aalect analytics firm a couple of years ago during the ACTON basis. He lied about something. If, if you listen to the book, esetalls laterbly is not based entirely on fact. Come on now, and I think when you say since t terle what you mean, it was a huge release. You A it me and that's exactly what I did now, but and it's so based on every SERC, Cansol r. It really did according to this analyfics firm. They did the research, they went back t y. They looked at all the numbers and it's not a hundred percent accurate, but they did say that it was number five all time for business books just to give it some comparison. N, the number one selling book of all time in the business yer was del Carnegies how to win friends and influence people. Everybody knows that book selling fifteen million copies. So it's still a huge book, but all those statsaside. This book is partially responsible for making donalds trump a household name. You know, prior to this, you know this was just a rich kid who everybody not everybody like people knew about him, but he wasn't like the Cardasian type that you c today, just because you're rich you have t v shows and all that he didn't have that back then, but this book, when it hit, I remember a s, a kid going into JC Penney and there was a table set up. As you walked through the front door where the book was set up with a fucking board game th, it was corresponding to the book that went th and you don't see that for a book. So it's it was an enormous product for the time people were buying the shit like hotcakes and they wanted to learn who donnal SRUMP was and obviously at work 'cause. Now the due's, the president, whether you like 'em or not, it's a huge figgin product so have you ever met anyone who reads business books or Plays Board Games based on business books? 'cause I guarantee, if Youe at Thatpersoyou're, not friends with them. You've looked at them at a dinner party and gone an no fucking way. Man and I've actually I'll say this I' 've not read his book or Dal Carny Book, but I owne them both unaudible and somebody else read them to mdoes. Hes Book Start Get given millions of dollars by someone else and then fritter that away and somehow still make more money. Is that Howi even listen even to his detractors? If you listen to the book, it's not a bad book. It you wouldn't t it's a different donald trump, but it's the same donald trump. It's you have to listen to it. Yeah the guy who wrote the book Tony Schwarz. I S is a great author, he's he's always on the news now still constantly, not so much a big fan of of his former coworker now, but he's he's a credible journalist and he's a really good writer. So, but if you take it for what it is hot products of November of nineteen seven, that's a fucking hot product, Oh yeah! So that's what we yeahtopall and art of the deal o the comments I could make, but I ween't al right onto the next team gran by the cush O I'll. Take it away on this one SOI'm going buy technicality out here, Um in November twenty first nineteen, Ninety and Japan supermario world was released. It was one of two launch games for the Super Nintendo, which was the new system. At the time the other one was FCI ro it sold twenty million copies was the best selling Super Nintendo game went on to when game of the Year Tho Followi year was it's considered one of the best video games of all times. Still today, your run of the bill. Mario side, Scroller Git to the ENN, find the flag, but it added the feather power up thing that give you the Campe and you could fly and Bo across. It was also the first appearance of Yoshi and and Wilfrd Brimley as Joshi eating everything inside all the Oldmeal, the Yellow Turtle, the Cupos adiate. I don't know what power that was. It was like, like he parted and he killed enemies around Thehe en at the office every day. Yeah I mean that was a major part of my Cild. It's a solid pig yeah. That is, that was a great game. T really was well I'm going to stick along the same lines and go with another video game. There was at least in November November, ninth days of Thunder. The video game was no, I'm just kidding, it was reall es, but I'm not Callin ID, I'm actually going to go with mega man, three, which h has sold over a million copies worldwide, since it was released. Forty Eighth Best Selling Capcom Game Igand ranked at number sixteen and it's top a one hundred nes games of all time and Gamepreal ranked at is the third best eght bit video game of all time. Evidently, this guy I've never played this, but evidently it was one of the most difficult games for a lot of people. someboy somebody equated brain surgery to being easier than playing Megaman, throug or beating megamantery, but but that person was clearly wrong. was there another episode where a partner of Yours, I think it was Carlos throughout a megaman right? Wasn't it like Megaman five or something something like that end too it s when they invent a slide, move Gotwe, Aga we've everything had Mario and megaman show up on the show before masteryeah. How can you do an eighties and nineties show and they have them not be repeat: offended yeah, completely yeah they're, pretty constants in eighties and nineties, pop culture, they're, solid, Yep, solid, pick, guys, oh right, so t comes down to me again and H. I hard around this one because I feel like Um all four, despite my personal taste and preference, all four ar very relevant. The couseball seems to me, like the Kosball, is one of those inventions that I look at and I go first of all who the froct came up with that wine and tely like. Why is it still Aroudin whyis? It still a thing: 'cause you're right, you can go into like dollar stores anywhere and buy like a cushbol in it's insane that they're still they still exist, but to find out it was a guy who was having trouble teaching his children to catch like. If anything was the beginning of the downfall of human civilization, ucin Aso, which a tennis pool was too much for these kids. They were too wet. Even for a tennis ball, I hate to say lie when I was a kid. We had a teacher, not even a parent, but a fucking teacher would get a cricket. Bull, which is hatder than a baseball stand, is in a circle and then just spin round and log it at us without even telling Em, and this guy's, like I don't know how to play Cach with my children. This is a guy who should have been dragged down o the street and Feing with Sticks D, never allowed to Reprogatn Veru I never allowed to have children in the first place is really rapfor a kee. We so would you say, H, said Rop replicate yeah. This is the guy who never should never have been a Lationov, an his testacles removed. The moment he went, I think, Tevis Bulls are too hard. He should have just spent noe sorry to Jagon away from the human race just go away Um and then the DONL TRUNP bork out of the deal a very American phenomena. I think Um definitely the whole like looking up to and reading of business books and businessmen. I find it absolutely fascinating. Coming from a country where any kind of hierarchy, even in business, es, looked at as massively dubious and something to be avoided or riniculed, but not so here and and and bless America for that, because we wouldn't have so many of the wonderful things that we have in the world if it was and for people looking up a businessman the ar of the deal. However, Indolla trumped, you know putting my thing aside, I understand wh just what a pop culture moment that apparently still is madness. Thirty, one years later who the fuck would have predicted that even crazier, if you go to Audibale, which is the only place they get books by the way, we're not sponsored by them, but I ni get books, Om, mulable, an while. I co be botherd OAH S, it's fucking awesome, but if you go there, it's got like five thousand reviews like four thousand in change, is insane for Booker vews on AFA. I can't do audible, who the held just wants to sit there and listen to people talk Li commute I go. I go on a subway every single day, so I just throw it on when I run out of Munty Pattot I just throw on Oh, I see I gai'm that tie it. It took me a while to yes m yeah out of the deal I mean Ye, like I say, just the pogularity of some things blow my fucking mind and the popularity of some people just cano. I I couldn't explain it, give me scratch paper and a pen for a hundred years. I couldn't tell m and then over Ti November nineteen. Ninety two huge video games, huge video games, huge TN, but they got small hand yeah, very small ham. When I like bout on Te, trumpes he's the reverse, panda he's got like the white eyes and then the like dog grown orange everything else kind of like the raccoon from superma brothers through yeah. What great the thing that will always boggle my mind is that someone could look at anything so fucking fake and be like he speaks for me. That's what blows my mind. It's just it's all fake! Yet people are like. Oh, I love the fankness. I just don't get anyway. I really really want to give it to November nineteen eiety. I really do, however, Computer Games and Theyr huge and cultural impact in Mario in Megaman, which I've never heard of put from the show, but MMARIO I've heard of twice, but the cousboll and trump have to win it, and I tell you why they have to win it cousball and trunk wind, because thirty years later, they prove that I am just so moniumentally far away from the pulse. They just prove that I ti Womna ever understand humanity ever because thirty years later, thus they're not still going strong, they might as well represent humanity added. Well. What would you do if doll drump was giving like a fuckingd speech and had a coosh bowl in his ham, ucan expode? First of all, we're not sure that that isn't what lives on top of his head in the first place, 'cause he looks like a trible, I mean anyway Ei. The second thing is that it wouldn't surprise me if he suddenly ad a podium pulled up a bunch of couseballs wene children, ohoin AI, his fingers. He start fucking juggling with them all like this is this is Hillary, and just stat like punching on thit, would not fucking. Surprise Me Wwhat as Ho wit, the manufacturing of cuseball's back home to America. Oh Man, Um, where, where who who G, I don' a OINGI'm sure oversea th ithis is the other thing I love is the people a yea, bring manufacturing jobs back to America? You're like okay, yeah, bring jobs where people stand in factories for ten hours, hating themselves to the very core of their being, putting one thing and another thing and pushing it along to another person and before anyone says you're, a privileged white guy. I've done that job. I worked in a factory for a whole summer once and it is the Moja, by all intents and purposes, everyone hates what they do for eight hours, a dayer saing hours, eacfive hours. We don't need to bring cuse bools back to America to make a great again that Wat, I'm saying John's GOINGTA run for president he's gonna his platform is going to be sending jobs away. Yeah, so Americans need to work less. Listen. I imag the funny thing is that I'm I'm actually alforbringing jobs back to America. I'm just not sure the cushpall manufacturing is just what's Gongta, who doesn't want to work for Americush Pan Employe six P get your hands on some cough iemshlie. Actually, now is anyone ever made a bung out of a couse bowl? Could you and could you smoke oshgost? That's what I mean: KUSCUSHTHERE's no solid core to the inside of a cucball Markis trl part of dueling decades, where Mark Disex a Cuballo, but they they just move on to the next hour. Just love on this asent everything I low, the back humanity and yet they're still weedly popular thirty years later. You Wen sorry about that. Guy, you gotta, give a hand. I think we just saw John Change before Er eyes. 'cause he' picked something he did not like and he picked around anyway, we'll be grazing. I have to say if, if the other Peop, if the other team had um something other than two video games, if it was like Subemaria and then like one other thing, I should have gone with days of thunders. We shoulda oe days of thunder as if nothing else it gave us Unicoll, Kidman and Joh and Tomcruining each other's lives fore an t bit form and cocaine, massis a Maun of cocaine and Don Simpson. You all missed all right. Well, I think we should definitely go to t v next yeah mark and then well that way. John can fish up in his glory with movies and TAT works out. Fine, we should stay the the comments and opinions of judge. Joncrist do not represent the comments and opinions of Juling decades and or poop culture. Limited whtthese are John's thoughts. Whenever he comes out with we, we still we respect it and that's how the winer comes out. Thoughts from the John, I forgot what your t v choice was, but I think it was solid, so who's full Twen, an and twenty no sor. You want to start that out ahead, sure I'll start rigne off. I'm excited. It is something I get to talk about that I absolutely loved for TV, and this was took place on November, twenty Sixh nineteen, eighty seven, which happened to be Thanksgiving night, and this started a new tradition and as a tradition to be known as the Thanksgiving night tradition. This was the very first survivor series, WWF, R armer series, Bosh, crying and Sade. I'm sure. We've all seen this event if you're a fan of professional wrestling. This was major. It was the first big event that the WWF had done since wrestel Manig a three and they wanted to capitalize on a few things, one being the enormous success of the feud of Hokogen, an Andre, the giant. Also, they wanted to stick a little bit of a a jab at competitor wdw. That was also holding its starcade event. This same night and VINC mcman and the W F wanted to muscle and did muscle out the cable companies to carry their event over WC w. But in the main event we saw Andre the giant pinning bambambigilow to be the lone survivor and the in the winter other matches on that included. My favorite all time survivor series match the ten on ten tag: Team Elimination match, which featured at the time all of the great tag teams you had the British bulldogs in there demolition, the Bolshevek, the islanders, the Heart Foundation, Dino, Bravo and Greg Valentine, also on the card that night brutus beef cake, Jake Roberts, Jim Duggan, randy, savage and Ricky steamboat defeated the team of Harley Race Hercules, the Honkey Tonkman and the outlaw Ron Bass with the legendary Bobby Henin and Jimmy Hart in their corner. That's a frigging line up Thanksgiving night nineteen, eighty, seven, the start of a brand new tradition that H is still going on to this date. It's not on Thanksgiving anymore! Is it Bo h? It's actually coming up this Sunday. So it's it's a week before, but this was the very first one November, twenty sixth Andan nine Tden and eighty seven all right man chrush over to you all right. Normally, when we cover television, you know, it's typically about you know like mark, had an event or a t, v show or a new channel or a network or an episode, but never something like thisallright. It's s on November twenty second nineteen, eighty seven right around nine pm in Chicago a wgn channel nine sports cast was interrupted by a signal intrusion for twenty five seconds. A man appeared on the screen in a Maxhedrom mask and just stared blankly at the screen, and it's a creepioust twenty five seconds you ever see. However, then around eleven fifteen pm same night on a local PBS, affiliat alson, Chicago area, wttw and channel eleven, a similar signal intrusion took place an this time. The hacker hijacked his way into a doctor who episode that was arring at at eleven o'clock, and they were sound this time. So this time, Gat Max hedroom this guy in a mask humming the theme song to Nineteen sixtys cartoon called Clutch Cargo. Then he threw a Dildo at the vieo camera pord of a Pepsi Cam. Instead of a COE can which h at the time maxedrom was the spokesperson for coke. He then bent over pulled his pants down and got spanked by a French maid with a fly swater and the best part of the story is thirty. One years later it was international news and it's still an nonsolved mystery. I thought you were going to say, and the thing is thirty. One years later, that was me. Wait o the statue tof limitations over cannotconfirm nor deny the hacking was done by Rickmancrush. There's been a lot of speculation. He keeps howing on about what a technological wiz he was back in the later and well Jo to this out there I wouldave only been nine years old een, centmates it all more impressive there. There has been a lot of speculation over the years of you, K, ow different people, especially since the you know, redit came along. A lot of people have been thrown out on read who they thought. It was like people, they grew up around and Guysthey interacted with and UH. I think the last one as of a couple of years ago. They said that basically- and I think this makes the most sense an IT- was like an inside job. That was the only way that this was possible. There was people at the networks themselves that did this and you know conspired together, but again everyone kept their mouth shut 'cause. Nobody knows who did the shit and it's jus huge? It was. It was a big deal and it's still cool because nobody knows who the hell it was i's just trying to rap my head around creepy. That's I gotto. Look that up later Y H, look up if you go to Utub, just look up the Max headroom hack altogether. I think it's like, like maybe a little over two minutes with both clips together and it's Freaky Shit see I wish. Whoever did that had created the first of a website, then they would have put something really deep. ownit, like French maids Max headroom yeah, we could have figured some shit out there. Dildos slap in the ASS with a FY swater Eso. Quick. Tell me this. If the first website was in ninended D, Ninety one August, how quickly was the first pawnsight was that, like two days later, a day after actually with all technology things- and this is where I kind of differs- and maybe they were getting pushed by the porn industry but they're- usually the spearheads of everyth technology they're, the first ones that come out with everything it usually stems with them doing the research getting it all figured out and somebody else takes it and and runs with it, who knows yeah, probably the next day. Maybe before that- and we didn't know about it- theyre normally thrusting through whete, they must trya mushroom, tip, shaft, they're, very enthusiastic. I erwere the nineties GOI nineties, all right. Let's see we're on television right, MHM, all right, I'm going to go with the the debuts of some pretty key players in a Saturday night institution talking o course. Saturday night live in November of nineteen. Ninety, the debuts of Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock timmeatows, Julia Sweni and Rob Schneider all made their debuts as cast members on sn l in November of nineteen. Ninety, Oh good pick. Man! There's a lot of drugs right there and then you had the other six. Damn that's a good one. I'm going to go with maid for TV movie, Steden Kes! It aired on ABC November eighteen and the twentieth it had thirty thirty million beeres on its premiere. The plot was a bunch of dumk kids Wen toking around in a gutter. ONA clown tried to kill Hem Bucke that, U grew up thirty years later, went back tragdent again someone died and they finally killed. Em Spen asrsnotable child actors was Jonathan Brandi, who was Cevencana on en ie, O live and set greed; nineteen, Ninety Notable Actors Wash John Ritter, Anetlo tool and tin curry. It won the prime time immy award for outstanding to achievement and music composition for a many series or special. U Fun facts due to Atcs lack of time, wher their time commitment to this. They could dit everything of the novel Hen, but they left out. He he player that all the mail characters lost their virginity to beverly larnsh wow rector was upset. They left left that out. That would have been weird for ABC that had TGI Fridays fousand. Sucking Oon, I I think I think I would still be watching that many series of it today if everyone lost thatr virginity to Beverly Marsh, if that was just a f that was just some sort of glorious, mindless orgy in the middle of the the series or if they just replaced the end of the second episode with the Horrible Spider, Get rid of that and just have a spider of human bodies just interlocking and destroying bevily mas anyway, they were like trying to. It was child pornography. It would have been a better movie for him. No, I meant I benbevily once she growe up in the second episode, Oh ser, just to clarify just John Red, a hammering away. I don't know I've, no a low in the dark condom yeah. I don't know what I'm saying anymore, Eyou just advocated from child pornography. So well. He did clear that up. thoughting that I I was only half listening. I just heard a woman's name and thought a joke about gang bang would be appropriate again poop culture and jewelling decades as Longa, I'm so getting that email later. John we've liked having you on so it's been a fun run all right. Well, let's, let's look at this very quickly, then nine hutnded and eighty seven survivor event. Yet again, wrestling comes up on jeweling decades. It really is a reoccurring theme. I think we can have one more instance. where wrestling comes up and then e, then we write a rule that that can't be a thing anymore. I'm goingto be the first to break that rule. I think it's it's come up, probably more than towards them twice like a hundred times since I've been doing the show, but I think what I think what it's building to Bo is that you- and I just wrestle- that's rheally what I'm getting down to if Eo want to find a man, Wie broken back yeah, you C go right ahead. You hit yourself, look like the bigger man, John Croy. You keep your moustache I'll, put on a ski like Aratting, running pipe and we'll just go at it Um and by Adit I mean what I as tinking, about with the and of Butas way too old. For you, man, H, I'm up there to. I like them more, like SEGII spider age, whatever Thano. What was it um stock motion anyway and the other one was the MAX head remark which inag come across before, despite it not being like, I say, Thi silly, a worldwide story. It definitely had world wide reach 'cause. I was sort of aware of it and it's Uh yet chilling and bizarre and my feeling is there should just be a lot more of it. I just think that there should just be a lot more weirdoas being able to intercept television, and the fact that there isn is is really upsetting to me and then in nineteen. Ninety we have the classic series of Andl all those new cars members joining and Stephen King's it erring. I am going to actually go ahead and give this this time round to November nineteen. Ninety N and Il tell you why, because, if we're talking cultural significance, not only his an L, most of those casst members and H, everything more or less to do with it still incredibly culturalily relevant, but Stephen King's it for people who grew up in the eighties and early nineties, even though, when you look at it now that you know people might have issues with it and H, certainly the new movie, a lot of people preferred, I didn't, but a lot of people did um because of the effect of thing. There is just something there was something in the zith ghost about that Stephen King's miniseries. There isn't anyone. I know of our age group that didn't know Tim Curry's face as Pennywas and and how that made them feel you know and how I thought it was scarier Wasy varier than the new one was a new. What was all that thou could be. I'm a scary crown an like look at all my teeth. Stop It. Timmercury Tim Curry without makeup is scarier than the current movie. Car Wis makeup is even more frightening. Tim cury now o Ti Curry. That not speak ill owonderful, TEMC or Tempar, who I won't have bad word, sat about the mound of Jeller that he's become, but the it was so coltrary relevant to my generation and h still as today. As is s and L, I'm a big Fan. So there we go November. Nineteen, ninety, you Wen it. Although November nine hutdred and eighty seven, you guys put up one hell of a fight, it's a miracle, so Thanksgiving miracle, all right. So let's go dank final round movies Bo over to your team. You guys get to start this one off e Youentoy, the board alrigt James, I'm going to go to you man, you got a stronger place, I'm going to go with dances with wolves came out on November, ninth of Nineteen. Ninety the budget was twenty two million. It grows. Four hundred and twenty four point: Two million it was nominated for Twelve Academy Awards, a one seven with best picture director, adepted Creem play original score, film, editing, cinematography and sound. It was directed and started by kaving Possner, you don't know. The story of dances with wolves is a guy on ar sails miserably at suicide outcast themselves. Tosa, an Indian tribe, finds the only white girl in there. It runs away with her and gets a horse and dog shot. At the same time. It's essentially my biotchy spoilers jeeze come on man. Definitely not GOINGTO say that can't kill the dogs in the movies, kill people an kill. The dog is usually successful. On most televels, it's been preserved in the: U S: National Film Registry, huge acclaims for that movie. It's like, I said Te mark earlier. We were talking about this. He threw something out of me and he was like Blah Bah Blah one, a grammy and I'm like Yeh, so ID Milly, Vanili thintone to war doesn't really mean anything, but anyhow we're we're down to the wire here. So I'm throwing it all out head Bo. I had a tough time choosing one of these, because one of my personal favorites was in the mix, and that was misery with Kathy Bates and James Con, which is easily one of my favorite movies of all time. Other ones you had in November of nineteen ninety rocky five and three men and a little lady, which is Selic's best work as far as I'm concerned, but the one I'm going to go with release November, sixteenth and nineteen. Ninety H, stirring, mccoli, cokand, Jo Peshi, Daniel Stern John Herd, Catharine Ohera, talking about the cultural phenomenon known as home alone, eighteen million dollar budget earned four hundred and seventy six point: seven million at the box office after its box office run, it was the third highest grossing film of All time, behind only star wars and et it's a holiday classic and it's getting ready to they're they're gonna, pull it out of the old h time machine and start running. I pretty heavily here any minute. Now! No, I thought you said they were going to remake it again, O well, I', give it time, but mcoli cokin's, going to reprise this role now he's going to be the he's, a Wepband, its the money same character. But this is what happened. This ise he was traumatized as a child and as an adult hat, led to a life of crime ye. This is his parents left emwisis him now with heroine. That's what it's they should make that woh yeah mcculle Carkin should just do it on his own. Really we MTOTO IT and play either play repart or enact all the other parts with sock puppets that he's made from his own filthy heroine ridden sock. I would I I'd pay money to go, see thereit's the name in a basement, hering a stir, fucking crazy, like carving shit in the walls and screaming into the abyss. You've really thought you put a lot O ain it aright. So I guess that's over to us man crash with movies. You want me to start this one off God. Well! Well, I loved your picked with home alone. That's a great movie in the House in that movie is actually the exact same house that mark lives in it is not. I wish it was the hole alone house. Was the same house used in the movie that I pick the character neel page on that in this movie and of course, I'm talking about the movie that was released November, twenty fifth nineteen, eighty seven, it is also a holiday classic also by writer Director John Hughes. This is plans, trains and automobiles, starring, Steve Martin and John Candy, Michael mckeen, Kevin Bacon have cameos in it and also whoa joy Lawrence, a very young Jory Lawrence in it plane, strains and auomobiles people. Don't always go to that first, when they think of John Hughes's films. But for my dollar it's one of the movies. I grew up on seriously one of my all time, favorite funny movies. When you look at John Candy's performance in that movie, He does it all he's hilarious. He makes you hate him. You can't stand his character and by the end of the movie, you have sympathy for Hem. So he takes you on a full journey on that movie, with lots of laughs, pecked in plane, strains and automobiles November, twenty Fth Ou Anine hunered and eighty seven. I, like me, my wife Likes F. They gave they give you the swift kick in the nuts at the end of th. All they do when you, when you realize that his wife is d yeah and that wasn't supposed to be the original ending. Thank God, John Huhes change that the original ending was facandel. Follows him all the way home. So I mean that just wuntn't ruined it. Thank God. John hughs changed the ending but and cool little timet about that the cameo by Kevin Bacon. In that movie they actually say that that's the same character from she's having a baby and there's actually a sea where you can hear a conversation with of Kevin Bacon's character having it on a pay phone, that's in she's having a baby. So it's in the same he's acvually, Gointo, say: N, there's e Eeling, where you can hear someone having a baby right long, the street little know. In fact it's actually the same universe as fiday thirteeth with Kenen, and the sexscene ties together she's at her baby. But she said ancrazy Ralph s wants to tell a solder were oldyou're all going to die. All Right, so the movie that I have was based on a nineteen and eighty two Scifi novel that was written by Richard Bochkman. Anybody know who re you familiar with Richard Bachman's work. Yeah, I love taking care of business, is he was in Bockminton ovadrive owhat. He was in actually no Richard Bochman is Thi PSUDONYM for Stephen King. He actually released four books under the Richard Bahman Name. This is one of them, so yestic is a Stephen Kingbook that was made into a movie. Much like Bhut was saying with misery and that movie starred the biggest name of the Tom, possibly the biggest body at the time in Hollywood, and that was atfocinger. The movie I'm talking about is the running man, which also started my favorite game, show host of all time. Richard Dawson. The movie is supposed to take place in twend AD seventeen, which I love. I love when old movies or set in a time period that I lived in and obviously they got the whole dystopian thing wrong, but an an age where, like fake news and going viral tyative Paredid, I get it wrong. I didn't say: Whe were going, I said where we are W by a year. That's really all I want well. They they get some stuff right, though, because like if you, if you watch that movie, you know like all the stuff where Ben Richards like kills all the people in the crowd. It's all fake kills the people at the airport, it's all fake, but they put the stuff together and they show it on the news and everyone thinks he's a criminal and they put hem in this game show, and you know it. It really is kindo close to you know how modern society is today with all of our social media and everything. It's just fucking crazy. You don't know what to take. You don't have news days where somebody just bought a fucking camera and had o Ghip to 'em asn't happen. Have all these crazy fucking, weird stories? M Yeah, that's that's the movie I went with and like both said, and it was funny that he mentioned three men nd a little lady, three men in a baby actually came out in November. Nineteen seven as well was the original poetaries. Well, that's WH. I figue I gotta throw it out Bo an Bo took some liberty, so I'm going to take some liberties as well and that that did come out then. But that's where we are yeahno. My thing was going to be you guys all missed the trick of being able to have three men a little baby and three man, an lady as the same it's hard because mark and I kind of went back and forth. I was going to pick that one, but it's one of those movies. They made a lot of money, but a lot of people didn't like it, and a lot of people were detractors to saying, like Selic, should just stick to Tearangon Yoan. If you would have won because three men, a little lady, clearly sellex best work so over three men in the pape. Clearly also they go to England and ther opinion of how people live in England is fucking hilarious. If you've ever seen that movie, it is absolutely phenominal what they think of English people and just their myopic and ignorant view of the rest of the world. But what a wonderful set of films- I canot really full a single film really in this pack. It's just a just a delight, proving again that the the end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties were really where it's at Um. You know. Normally. This is where I would say, but wait a minute. You missed these classics and then list a bunch of stuff that you haven't heard of. Apart from really death stolker too, from one thousandnine hundred and eighty seven and H, I cadence starring Charlie sheene from one thousand nine hundred and ninety Mo other movie l's, just a bits os the va sound of the man kickback. You know the maybe Meridian from November tenth and nineteen. Ninety there arent many like N, nine uteen and Ninty and Ne, U Anine Hundrd and eighty seven in November. Some cake, ass movies came out in that time, including the German chain saw Maica from November Twenty Ninth N, nine hundred and ninety starring people with letters that don't exist in any other alphabet and and Wai too many consonants in their names. But I would check that one out the German chainsaw massacre 'cause, who doesn't love watching Germans, kill each other, but it's very difficult to pick between the two home alone, especially my goodness. What a cultural again bringing up another thing where I just don't get it plain strains and allor beals. Clearly a funnier movie, a better movie abetter written movie, a more Um movie that should have survived yet home alone. Still, I think, probably the better known of the two films Um and dances of wolves, again, not of all the kind of Kevin Costa starring vehicles. This was sort of what the onberfore waterwell. It was just sort of the one before it turned before he started doing like waterworld and the postman and shit like that. The Posta love the P, the Pe, the pers reeally Y, it s most men's, a great movie, the poston's, a great movie for the thirty seconds of Tom Petty's in it that's Abot itbbut. No. This was just sort of on the cusp of him becoming insufferable. Kevin coste became insufferable, went away, became old and grizzled and then came back again and is much more palatable. Now JF K's my nineties, costna movie, though, if I have to go for any of them, I go JFK every time with coster. I actually have it a viear on the shelf. It's back into the left, Yow, Nice, nice and homelon Shoul girate! Yes, do you ne? Do you need to go to the top ten? Is it? Is it 'cause I've already DISCOL AFIE ORA found out a way to Disqualif 'cause, normally home alone, wuld like just for its me, money making and sequels and and cultural and everything would would make nineteen ninety toclear winner. However, however Um having already had to succumb to trump once tonight, and give him a win home alone, too acer, cdonald trump and therefore wifes the homalone franchise. That's how you sink! Wal, Wa, Jim Curry, is in home alone too lot. Lik Forget Aouoi, know, but I already gave him I neider. Oh No, you just sunk it againthere's, any one. Rosnide movie was watching and it's the one he did was Jan Cloldvandam, where the in Hong Kong a for some reason, they're fashione designers- I don't understand it either, but that's really the only ruptiore Ida over you need to see at Nineteen Egety, seven ths and cocaine again. Thank you, yeah yeah. It came back. What's the name of that mov? What's the name of that movie, I just put out a trailer for that. Maybe like las one is it m knock knock off yet 'cause again they play fashion designers. Why? Who came up with that who went ou, Jon, Lovvandan, Robschleider, Hong Kong fashion designer it's like they put just words into a mixer and just well do next, but yes, that's the only way. I can sink home alone in order to let nineteen and eighty seven, when you know it's so difficult mancrush tell me, can I go with personal preference, ofbox office takings and long gevity Hyou know what like I kinda gave up with box office numbers, because over the long run it doesn't really matter. You know 'cause, there's, there's movies that make a shit ton of money like three men and a baby that nobody watches nobody ien e D, three hundred million dollars a yeah, so like Y, really can't go by that anymore. So that's why I don't even throw out the numbers anymore good, so I'm going to go o n, nine utered and eighty seven then 'cause clearing the betof films. But let me Explaine, let me explain: I gave it one tonight that tha whole night I've been wrestling with this whole popular versus my opinion thing, and I gave it earlier to something that was ruthlessly popular without being worth anything whatsever. So now, as we end on movies, which is my own personal love, I'm Gong to go with two great movies on hand: Nine htnded and eighty seven, as opposed to two good movies that ended up doing really way too much of the box office than you would expect, and I'm Gin to e o n, nine hndred and ighty. Seven. Sorry guys, Bau. I wanted to review, but just I guess I'm used to Ir. I think you have to look at it. Like that, though, because if you just look at numbers- and we did this early on so we're at fault for doing this as well- we'd- throw out the numbers and we'd say: Ah This what it is in twenty eighteen, you really can't do that, because there's movies that make a shit ton of money like dances with wolves, probably made like half a billion dollars, Rom Shit in the box office in nineteen ninety, but I would never watch it again. I'd watch it one time just to see what all the hubub was about and never rewatch it. You look at a movie like what I pick plain strains and automobiles cost thirty million dollars to make okay the gross forty nine million dollars. It barely made any money, it's one of the all time, great comedies, so I think you're right on that box office doesn't always give you the best representation of the product, anyou factor in rentals and right all that afterwards, which nobody really does. But those movies were, you know they were staples of the rental community. People went back and also not even just rentals, but they were played on HBO and Cinemax and show time over and over and over and over and nobody's watching a three hour, epic. You K W yeah. I mean like what both did with home alone and about a week it's going to be on t v every single day for the next two months at nausium. That's a monster Y. AH, that's a Mungin monsterm, but I ilimyou. I will give you one example and- and this is probably the best example 'cause they actually went head to head in the box office, one massively one and one massively failed, and yet I think, forty years later or thirty EA six years later, we consider one to definitely be better than the other, and that is John Carpenters. The thing and Steven Spellberg's et Sevenspielberg's et obvously massive at the box office, huge big eighty success junk up as the thing Stang got horrible numbers, horrible reviews, everyone hated it. I think that twenty eight thirty years later, whatever it's been thirty eight years later, Um John Carpet is the thing way more cultrary significant than e t way more caught in terms of movie making in terms of fan buoying in terms of culk movies. Being a thing now, it's it's it's way way way more important. You know look at the animetronic puppe net versus the special effects work in the thing Um, you know, hete looks well. He never had good luck. I mean looke at big trouble. Little China didn't really shitty in the box. As true look at d. look where that my favorite Tom Hangs pomable time the bubs Tafill oabsolutely youre in Sa Bamout, and now it's you know hugely popular. So I'm going to go with plain strains and AL automobiles and the running ran because they're just movies, I'm going to put in again they're just movies, I'm going to watch again all right! Well, dare you have it? The judgment has been delivered by Judge John Cross, the eighties. Take it yet, once again, nineteen and eighty seven ant us say thank you to all of our players this week and James Things are coming on and guesseing on. The show tell people where they can find your pod cast. You can find is that that Toso Ninis potcast Facbo switter we're on Spotifi Rod Course on out y tunes and all that stuff so anywhere. You find that Tohe, Oso, Niney, Packas you'll find us all right and judge John Cross. Where can people get more of the judge John Cross? If they want some, you can find judge John Cross, wherever, after movie and Dina, a found look up after movie Dina otcom such after movie diner on any social media networks and if you're thirsty, why don't you wrap your lips around a cool, cold, sweet, sweet boiling and I not spone as we bohoe Boy Thi's US Wy, Weir, O cas, we weyoung boy, no O and of course the rest of us here can be found at poop culture. 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