Dueling Decades
Oct. 17, 2018

Dueling Decades October 1984 vs October 1994 w/Wheeler Walker Jr!

Dueling Decades October 1984  vs October 1994 w/Wheeler Walker Jr!

Welcome to another episode of Dueling Decades on Poop Culture! In this week’s matchup returning champions The Mamalukes (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) take on The Paul Allen Parsons Project (Beau Becraft & Mike Ranger) in an all October battle 1984 vs...

Welcome to another episode of Dueling Decades on Poop Culture! In this week’s matchup returning champions The Mamalukes (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) take on The Paul Allen Parsons Project (Beau Becraft & Mike Ranger) in an all October battle 1984 vs 1994! This week with special guest celebrity judge Wheeler Walker Jr.! Wheeler tells us how it was being on tour with Kid Rock and then shares a great story about the one and only Vanilla Ice! Find out when and how you can get a copy of Wheeler Walker Jr.’s New Album “WWIII” available everywhere November 30th! and as a Poop Culture & Dueling Decades exclusive hear Wheeler’s new “hit” single I Like Smoking Pot (A Lot) on this episode! Who will the new judge choose? Will another episode of Dueling Decades have controversy? All of these answers and many more inside this great episode of Dueling Decades on Poop Culture!

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This is everyone's new favorite game show the show where you play along at home, while Retro Warriors Debate the Eighties and the nineties welcome two dueling decades. Let's take a look at the teams and the decades they will be fighting for first off representing October of nineteen. Eighty four: I guess that would be me: That's Rickmancrus and Mark James I'll get his name right this time, we're mamalukes we're representing October nineteen, eighty four so bring it by the fogess go and the team that will battle with October of nineteen. Ninety four by their side a Bobee craft and my partner is micranger from the video Rangers podcast and we are team, Paul Allan, Parson's project O my God, and as always here on the show. We need a judge to preside over these proceedings. However, the Honorabe John Cross is out this week as he consummates his nuptials. So tonight our special gas judge needs no introduction, but you're going to get one anyway. He is the man who is on the tip of the tongues of all of country music. His third album ww three is available Friday November thirtieth fresh off tour with kidrock this summer, and I may be the first man in history ever to say these very words. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Honorable Wheeler Walker Junior, thank you Gasforhav me. I don't quite know what I'm doing, but I'm looking forward to it. We don't either so actually works out, good, hey before he get started man. I wanted to ask you last time we had John, it was like thit was may or jude. It was right before you went on that tour. So how was that toer? It was great man, it was cold. You know like when I you know when you ride a song like Fuckyou Bitch. You know you're you're, always in your head, we're expecting to play it in front of amphitheaters or twenty thousand people, and I and- and it was good t for that dream to come. True, you know, although I will say Buckin Buffalo New York sucks and I ain't going back. Oh, why wow you can't drop. You can't drop that. Why wh? What did they do? It wasn't nothing to do with the crowd. Justtho G, the city was fucking Shit. You know whatever you ever. You ever been on a clucking bus with five sweaty assholes from Nashville to fucking Buffalo New York. No, it's been a hot minute, it's on my bucket list, but some I've been thinking about for a while yeah. If that one suckd you gotta every time we have somebody on the show, especially T it's been on tour o whatever we always ask him this question and they always lie to us or they give us some bullshit answer. I don't think you'll do that to tell us one fucked up story from the tour like whether people are getting like fucked in the crowd, like whatever I don't, even know what happened, but you wan, Ta Tour Kit rocks o some shit out Abben. What can I tell you? One crazy one I was walking our last show was last week in Westpalm beach. I walk into the stage with my guitar, the Band's already playing, and I walk out after the ban first plan. So I'm all my I'm walking to the stage and I see fucking vanilla ice back there and I stop I go. I need a fucking picture right now. The A I mean the audience is cheering for me. I'm the band SIS already playing the first notes and I'm looking to get a fucking. You can't walk. I O o IC Youre, not goingto picture. You know he now so and I didn't even know I mean I didn't know what he the Buk. He was doing there. I think he had no buddy. He was on the crew or something so Um, I'm tucking. Ten years old again I looked and then he's watching t the show from stage left and then I fuckan poiint hem out to e to the audience, and so they freaked out. You know, I don't know if that's the crazy story you're looking for, but I never thought I would be in a position where II looked to my left and and Veni watching me play. Did you want to call hem out on stage Yeah Weli? I was in West Palm Beach, it wsa already kind of a shit hole. You know I go so ma, it's a crazy crowd and I go I'm like ten feet away from fucking Odo ice right now and then, of course, he has to leave because everyone cunst lookand, can see him. You Know Uh. Well, here's the other thing about the tour that right before you, you went on it and you you mentioned this, that you were a little lukewarm about the whole Branley Gilbert thing. How D I go. Can I just say I hate. I know it makes me look bad because I'm such an Ashole, but he was the nicest sucking dude I mean I l Literaly, don't know if I've ever met anybody, N, Nison and Yo like him, yeah him and his crew ere fucking, Grat yeah, I mean he calls up to go, grab a drink some time, I'm there lat's. Actually I'd rather hear you say that than have a miserable time for whatever, like two months or whatever, while you're doing that. So that's good! That's a good thing! Yeah Great Dude did I talk shit about him before I don't know that did you were you were kind of. You were on theinferent yeah. Now how that was going to go. That's the thing I mean. I don't like you know, like I'm sure fucking, you know, I'm sure Dane and Shay are nice guys, but you know you wouldn't go Antar with them either exactly, but this guy at Leashas, more like we had similar AULUMESD and stuff. So it was cool. No, that's a good thing man, so you got ww three is coming out soon and from already what I've heard I'm super excited. I've only heard two songs and every time I have I I put this on in my car and it sticks in my head all day. So I hate you for this, but h I smoke pot. A lot is like one of those songs. You can't get out of your fihead, no matter what I'm doing. People keep telling me that, and I guess that's what makes a hit song. Although I guess I I should have taken the line out about the sucking Dick and I'LD be I'd. Have a fucking ID be ariona Grande right now. You know yeah that that parts Tucking Hilarious, it's Oway by the way Um. You know my songs have said that about wher. If I took out the sucking Dixine I' mole EAHXACTA, no, it's the one part where you say I like smoking home alone or something like that and, like I get stuck in my don't even tell me what it is right now, because if you do it see it stuck Omad 'cause, I know I like TAT wrong. I like getting stoned alone, yeah Yoar, mother, Fucker 'cause. Now the entire time we're doing this. All I'm GONTA play back in my head is that what are the other songs are on that on the CD, though you're Aron in mine? I why? No, I write ruin your let's see it opens up t's, it's ww three! It's the name of my son. I just got married and Um. My son is reall walk through the third wsww. The everyone thinks I's about world wartread, which it kind of is because putting this a dirty country, itmount is kindo like goon to war. So I'm calling it world war tree, but it's it's a love! Olum to my wife and my son, my first love record. We got a song called save some tity milk. For me about my son. We got another love. We got a B Love Ballad to my son, called all the pussy. You will sway Um and that's obviously that's a that's a tier jerker hat. I think about hering thinking out thinkig. If I' Eno, Getoer, Eswan Pussi, just kindo gets me emotional and I 'm tying to what else is on there. Um a rich silm bitch. Now that I'm there's a song on there now that I'm making the cash and we got a song called, I guess you would called a drinking song called I sucked another Dick last night Um and what else we got. We got um UM. Oh the news singles Col fucky with the lights on H. it's that's what I you know. That's someone asks me for a quote for the, so it's crazy, my Publici peol working for me. They aske me for quote, and I give him crazy quotes and they people just accepted Wut. My quote for that Song to the publication who ran it was Um. When you really love someone, you want to see it going in and h that that's kind mean I couldn't havesaid it any simpler. You know I like it. It's going to be a legitimate banger. Then Oh yeah yeah I mean it. It's liter literally it is woul. You say this is your answer. This is H. Kinda, like your sailors, guy to Earth. You know what I said T at I said I actually told Sturgol that 'cause I thought. Maybe I thought maybe I was gottn worried for a minute that he um would maybe think I was Kinda. You know making fun of him or something which is quite the opposite. Um I mean I. I love that record and I love him and he's been a good friend of mine through all this, and so I l, I gave him an early. You know warning. I was doing it out unto my son Um just let him know that it had nothing. You know he yeah. He understood he's not the first guy to have his son, but as far as I know, but it just it Ma, it made a he got it and he was like he joked about like I should start going after him. You know trolling him on the Internet and ship, but I think even deletis to it her. So I don't think it really works. I think it'd be more offensive. If you made the record about his son instead of yours actual, I did make that one an I had to throw it out. Co. It just didn't really whatever stem from that that John Wheeler thing tat, Tis again, th the Guy John Wheeler, that was on her show he wanted to. Like start some shit with you, Oh yeah, I think, can I tell you, I think I know what it was wonce. I looked hem up and they weren't that awful and I was like yeah. It's not really worth my t. You know I like shitting on this people, Oli, horible and Oh that's good then, and he was actually like. You know like there was I kinda G. I got what he was doing. It didn't bother me so I was like I don't have time to fucking telling me Soe Yea hetarn Yo to good Wei'm, glad that he'll sleep better at night, knowing that yeah and Grad Buddy on that one man who's on a mision to seeve the state of country music, to get there we'll have to go through W W three: the new album drim country, music, superstar, whealer Walker, je Uor, featuring the sinkles save some titdy milk for Mei, like smoking pot, a lot smokingnkeep your hands off as woman and get them on ww. Three, the new album from Wheeler Walker junior available November thirtieth preorder now and check out exclusive bundles that Wheeler Walker Junior dotcom, all right guys. The rules of our game are simple. A coin flip we'll decide what team goes. First, the winning team will decide the topic of each round out of the five dueling decades categories. Those are movies, T v, Music News and, of course, hot product. The first three rounds are worth one point apiece with rounds. Four and five worth two points. Apiece, the judge's ruling will be final and will determine who wins each round. The winning team and decade will be the team with the highest overall score. After five rounds. Gentlemen, let's play some in ten days, ovet a micrranger who's going to do thes ceremonial cointos for us tonight. What we have here mark is a VHS box. It is the my pet monster monster, cookie mix up episode. That's a viume three released on high top video, only the best who's going to call it Mark Ed! You call all right. I will call in the air all right, one two, I call tales and it is heads Shocker shocken did you turn your hand un? I picked it up awkwardly all right, we'll believe you ISO, you guys go first, you controll the board right Bot. Do you want to pick first or Dfer to you Mike? Oh okay, W H, let'stalk this out? What's our worst topic, most of them, let's go with et's, go television, yeah, 's, casthat's, just dogshit yeah, it's terrible oky! So on October, thirtieth n nineteen. Ninety four on Fox, the simpsons, aired one of their classic Tree House of Horror Entries. It was tree house a far apart. Five was the sixth episode of the fifth season. Those episodes uually consist of three segments. This one was the shining time and punishment and nightmare cafeteria. This is regarded as one of the best episodes of the series, and I finish: Twenty seventh in the ratings for the week with a about eleven million household viewings wow, you guys Dugyeah, so there's tree houseol horrors episodes these are rare in the simpsons rwell. They basically air them. It's like once a season and how anoswe're in high twenties thirties. Now I don't know so, there's like thirty others of these. I think, there's at least twenty seven. They didn't do it. The first season wh this one is rated as the most popular of all of them, or one of Prettynyeah out of the twenty seven out of the Sortaga SEASOS. Most people have this episode in their top ten of episodes of the whole series nice mm yeah. I can't wait to hear it. Bolet me tell you about this duzzy I picked up. It was evidently a good good time for cartoons October, twenty nine. Ninety four nickelodeon debut a real monsters which had a a pretty talented voice, acting cast when it boils down to it, because you had recurring characters from Tim, Curry and Jim Ballushi nominated for a daytime mmy award for outstanding achievement, animation, four seasons. Fifty two episodes went until December sixth of nineteen. Ninety seven h pretty much critically acclaimed at a pretty good fan base. But that's what I got for Dog Shit, television, N October, Ninety Fouv h that reminds me of the one month I had to do an ATM episode with Loyd George and I do ijge. No, yet we have to do our two and then you can go ahead and El just I was listening. I just want to Mae Sre. You didn't hear me plush tot we did. That was actually I thought that was 'cause Mike's pick SUCKD WASECAUSE! I had IHAD T that needed to go inall right. Well, thisis! My second guess all right mark. Do you want to start or you want me to start I'll start this one out? I guess all right, because you know I get to finally talk about. One of my favorite T v shows from the eighties. You know the eighties was such a great time for science fiction, and one of the heights of this was the TV Series v. This T v shows second t V. Mini Series Of v ended in May, while it was still afteh height of its popularity, but on October, twenty sixth, nine teen and eighty four. We got the episodes dliberation day from the new TV series for V and it bring back all the fan, favorite characters and major players in the series, such as Jane Batter, who plays Diana Mark Singer of course, Fan Favorite Robert England that are known as retdy Kruger. One of the Cilites of the series spoilers was Diana going on war crimes trials from the previous series and then being shot as she goes to trial, echoing the shooting of Leeharvioswald, one of the most popular science fiction series to date. If you go to any SCIFI Comican, any type of con today always be people there. You always run into hem still extremely popular matter of fact. They tried to bring back the series a few years ago. Unfortunately, it failed because this original series, so popular still so v the TV series from October nineteen and eighty four so Marka Mark Pix v and my picksucks. They don't do your your pickin any cons, though we do see that we have seen them in all these couners. I A ow up when they advertise Marc Singer, it's like Mark Singer, V and then bease master and as it should be all right, so mine's a little bit more light. hearted. My pick is a sitcom from year on CBS October, third, nineteen eighty four thes show lasted for five seasons. It's still played in syndication a matter of fact. If you go on your guide, I guarantee you'll find Charles in charge somewhere on the list. Of course, Scotbeo start as Charles and, like the interesting thing about the show, is I did the research on this. Do you realize that they never said what Charles's last name is through five seasons in charge, but you know that his best friend's name is Buddy Limba. He also never said he what he was in charge of m. It wthat's the other fucking weird thing, so I watched rewatched a couple of episodes just because I didn't quite get it. I watched it as a kid, but the premise show is a college. Kid Works is like kind of like a live in nanny, which is probably like the worst fucking idea of all time. The parents are always away the dad's in the navy deployed and he has like two hot, like teenage daughters with this, like young college kit and they're. Trusting him to run the house geniuses. A better name for the show would have been how not to fuck hot Jean Girls. We don't know we don't we don't know that didn't happen it. It did get a little dicy in the news this past year about this show, but I don't think that anything ever came to that. I think it was just a back and forth between him and Nicolegerwell. Not Every show can be designing women Marky. Look you lk! You didn't see that. I don't remember this enlightened me PLO yeah. She she said that they had sex durin the show and they had like a relationship and all this other he denied I well. She he said she had sex with them after the show had been cancelled, yeah. She was eighteen when lot of coincence right when she was of age, they hads thy weighed all that time. Well, that's that's what's weird and it could be taken a different way because th the show was actually canceled after the first season and that's the the crazy thing about the show. Is it's one of those that's called a first run, synticated comedy, so it picked up again in syndication with new episodes, and it's probably one of the most popular you know. Syndication first runs that are out there. You know you had like Moma's family was another one, webster silver spoons or whatever. So, who knows we? She talk about the first cancellation or well sh, wantan she's done. Ninety she's done radio winterviews, where Sheis laughing and joking about this. This is all like before she came out on Dr Phil's show ready to yeah you can you could watch it on you too they'll reboot it and run with that. Maybe they can. They can just h start it again and call it Charles got charged just followed that whole story line Yei I like how, after it got cancelled the first time they come back with a second family who buys the House and apparently Charles, comes with it, and he got like like a nicer house, I, like a sublet and then wasn't like the grandfather in charge of the fan. I don't know jus everything ndjust trying to remake happy days. The fucking phonsie actually did chores itskind of a Peremi. I don't think he did so. I don't think he did a lot of things, but CEORES wasn't one. Let's go over to judge wheelerwalker junior. We will give us the verdict for round one Um as say that I love the simpsons and I don't give two fucks Bout Gym Boluchi. So that answer a question Ahi like all this charls. I, like the eightys, shows what I'm trying to se all right right, sweet a so eighties takes the round. We take the round mark demins. We have control of it. Where do you want to go? Go with something shitty Ing Something Shitty? Well, I don't think we have anything shitting go it's something! That's just not as good as a two pointer play. Lik Old on gets Chittier than net. Well, usually, the first two rounds are usually garbage rounds because people are trying to get they're only one point and the last two rouns or two points. Okay, go people try to hold out by the way by my naw record, ww tr preorder it an there's, nobodys still listening, that's impossible right, we hope so any on still listening. preorder, my new LMW w three comes Oun November. Thirty, that's breaking news here on deeling decades, so you know what let's go with news all right: allright. On October, Sixteenth Nineteen, eighty four, the world experienced the wrestling prowess of Michael Hickin bottom at first time. No, nobody looks that excited bu wrestling from midsouth wrestling hiccan bottom sufferr to defeat and is first ever match, whoever that would begin a career that spans thirty plus years, an induction in the pro wrestling hall fame, the Wwe Hall of fame, a couple dozen championships and across bounder degeneration x across I widely considered the best wrestler of all time, or at least one of I'm talking about the wrestling debut of the Hartbre kid himself. SEAWN MICHAELS and I just want to emphasize the overall relevance and coincidence here, because of course, John Michaels just came back for the forty fifth time to the WW and restarted degeneration eno longer the sweet, Chin Music. It's now kind of just sweet chest, musicin hanget up that high, but he's a great wrestler, though that was his first ever Bo one of the all time grades top ten. All Time on my list, definitely right what AE YOU got Al Right! Well, you know HBK, definitely a classic in the ring, but for my pick, I'm going to go with the original first broadcast of American movie classics: The Television Network debute October, first of nineteen. Eighty four, as a premium cable channel that originally focused on classics movies, but now, of course, AMC has blossomes into the mega conglomerate that it is in it's inapproximately. Ninety four million households, ocase you're, wondering that's eighty one point: five percent or half of the household has listened to wheelerwalker junior's. First, album interest. AMC has spawned great shows like breaking bad madmen in the walking dead. It all started October, first ninehuneren and eighty four, when American movie classics Peret the Airwaves Ice All right over to you guys, Baw and Mike Whatdo. You guys got for news October, sixteenth actor, Rau, Julia suffers a stroke after being taken to the hospital for intense abdominal pain. On my birthday October, twentieth HEU fell into a coma, was put on life support before ultimately dying on October. Twenty fourth noted for his roles as Gomas Adams and the two Adams family movies, or at leasetd in Ninetyn, one and ninety three, as well as his role as Mbison in ninety fours, blockbuster smash it street fighter. That's why he died yeah. Not only did it kill his career man. That was the biggest new story. That month was Raoul Julia Dying October. Ninety four was yeah. I got A. I got a big story, Mike's about to blow your load Mi, who else had a stroke put on your fucking seat belts here Wego on October fifth, the NBA shortens the three point distance to a uniform twenty two feet in an effort to allow offensive players to score more points and games. Michael Jordan subsequently sets career highs in the three point. Attempts and converted three point field goals. Nearly doubling previous statistics, an I don't know which one's better that', Ninety four nineteen, ninety four all right and all seriouslnoserious now um. Imagine if Larry Bird was like around for most of that. Oh manwe G etroyed. It hewould have been scoring like forty points to guts, incredible yea, that guy hit shots, Fhrough, half courts, k be like stuff curry now o come on, he's got in Steff, curry he's a little bitch guys always hurt. Let's go over to the judge, Wenthe Walker Junior. What a e you got on the news category! who takes this one eighties or ninety? I think step curry's better than Larry Bird. I think he can dribble around Hem, but he's not tough. Thou H, like he's, always hurt. Twell I mean Yoe. Are we NA get an a argument? Tha stuff, OCURGE, no good! I don't o that he's no good, but war we'R, comparing him a Larr, burds Larry Legendman he's a Las Allegou, no doubt, but I think stuff corris better, but I like that that gets me back to liking. The three point things: Let's give Im to the nineties: Kids: Oh Wow, loothink it interesting. I do not know what to do with myself: Hey Pillow poopers mark in the main Croast here, and we are recited to once again B partner with Bi Obedin this time to tell you about the new slim, zero, the world's most innovative toilency. Now you can redefine your bathroom experience with the ultimate mathroom upgreen featuring an ediy in stal sperience. For Yourself, why water does it better? The slim zero toilets see? Is he first non electric colicy to feature an nightlight tedayfunctionality, a slow, closing lid and more say goodbye to toil et paper and say ello to a cleaner, healthier check out the new slim zero? Today, on Indigogo in at biobaday DOT COM, no, you can use premopode oop culture for ten percent off your order. All right, you guys go back you guts, to got control of the board, all right, H, Osee, what I'm thinking there, Sir micots get hot products out of the way; 'cause that's my least favorite category overhain. We were talking about that today, absolute dumpster fire, so I'm gong to go with power. Rangers action figures H. They became really popular in ninety three, but they actually caused a severe action figure shortage that first holiday season. So the manufacturer, out of eleven additional factories in ninety four to produce more of these toys by ten times, still not enough to make the demand for these mighty morphan action figures, although many parents believe stores were purposefully, keeping supplies low to inflate temand bandies director of marketing at the time said: Qu Demand was completely unpredictable power. Ranger sils reached one billion dollars by the next year. In Nineteen D. Ninety five wow power rangers action figures. It's impressive that was series want. Yes, I was in ninety four was their first ever set of toys. Yeah! That's what I was wondering I thought they came out a little bit before that was like in ninety two but yeah. I think it came out in ninety three, but the demand was like so high. They were like the popular toy of ninety four right. I I remember people couldn't get a hold of them when they did finally hit the stores. So that's crazy, all right Mike. What are you got? Oh, let me tell you more um well October, Eighteenth Osan, nine hundred and ninety four sonic and knuckles was released for the psychogenesist. It was the direct sequel to sonic three, which introduced the character of Knuchles. It featured a lock on technology that allowed players to attach a second cartridge which would unlock special levels and characters for sonic three Ansonic, two, the Genesis version went on to sell one point: Two: four million copies in the United States and the popularity of nuckles led to him getting his own game. Sonic? U nuckles, chaotics on the Sega thirty two X, which was a smash, hit Yeah Sega. Thirty, two X, I mean people are still playing that today. Is this better than t e Megaman threepick came up last monalet me tell you somehn of that Maka ad three pig met you guys were sleeping on that it did invent the the slide and that's a huge in themegaman games. There's like twenty something negaman Games and he did not bring that up. He probably should have brought up the slide. No, I still don't think it would have won, but it was lit. We had, I I'm the judge and it would not have N he's going to go back and rejudge last months, Arig Man Rsh, where do the Mama Lukes want to go first on this one? Well, we we have to go with out products, I know, but do you want to go? Oh yeah, yeah, okay, Ye, alright! So in October nineteen, eighty four a pioneer changed: The game by debuting, the world's first CR C D player, the CDX one drastically improved upon the previous sound quality. Of course, thit came from cassettes gave people the you know. One Button Clicks O if you're listening to ww three, you can click through to get to the next song that you really like, but you're. Never going to change has song B'cause on that alum you're going Ta, listen to the whole fucking thing anyway, yeah. I was trying to get that feature taken off, but it papa wouldn't do it they shouldn't. It should be of just forty five minutes straight, like you should just Sayeah wa I want to do. I want do the almums one track, but then I got management with stupid ideas about how you can't do so. Lo Ti what do they know? TSSTUPID exactly I mean the book they booked me on this whatas thatoh yeah, O at'str. When some you lose theme, I guess and then it it also came out with a stable play. As people know, yea had those earlyon CD players went in the car. If you were driving down a bumpy road, the fucking thing would just skip all the time. So I'm glad I had one. I had one of those cucking things: enerst yeah, it was just like it was like it was like putting up. It was like playing driving around with e pucking record at was fucking terror, and then they got worse as they put more discs in it. Like the single disks were okay, then they made it into like a six disc and those just sucked balls for like ten years. But this original one for pioneer was the shit, the CDX one ninete e four October. What a you Goi nice pick man I now, I think everybody as had a CD player in their car at one point or another, I' still got one. My two thousand, an four TESABR saywhat. I had. I had a tape, a TD player with a Um tapeplayer conveter. You know what I'm talking about Eah Yep Likepe, the dactor that looked like a tape that would go in the cassette thing. That's a fucking old ion! Oh Yeah! I still got a cassette tape player on Mi pick up wheeler. How old are you I'm forty all right? You're, a SEAME ages, yeah! I have the same fucking bullshit, my car yeah. Usually I e go these pod cast and these kids are, like you know talking about how, like you know, they c they were born the year. The Simpsons came out n all that Shit, so it's good to be with people at least around my c we'r we're all old parts. Well we're not even that old. I don't think forty's, not that old anymore, forties forties, the new eighteen yeah I mean their body starts to break down, but, like I still feel young, no, my I still got I mean l. You should see me fucking naked again, Dowahav yeah! I he got he ot favormark. If we're Gonto, iwer Yo, do all those stories. I sang about no song all right, well, CONV Ou're, going to twist my arm. I so hope your product seguays out of that there's just no suckway for this one, there's just noone. What is it because, on October first, nineteen, eighty four, an author by the name of Tom Clancy, publishes his very first novel entitled the Hunt For Red October. This book obviously went on to spawn a fantastic movie due to an extensive marketing campaign by the Naval Institute press, which this was going to be their first published, work and fiction. The books originally sold. Forty five thousand copies doesn't sound like a huge number, and it wasn't at first until it got in the hands of President Ronald Reagan, who read the book and publicly endorsed it. Then it was snatched up into paperback rights sold over four point: Three million copies national best seller. I didn't even know that made people read Yeah Yeah what the Hell's a book that was fucking eigything and, of course it introduced the character of Jack Ryan, which, if you have Amazon prime of course, is still relevant today. They're starting the re, the series all over again, but this is where it originally started: The hunt for Red October October, first, nine teen and eighty four good one. I fuck. I would never read that, but no acan movie, although you could get anaudio book of it, which is a I that's fine, yeah, it's probably like thirty hours. Long though his time shs watched t a movie an hour and a half you're in your ound yeah, actually that's a longer movie. I think that wone's, like two hours, that's seancannery, fucking net Flexian, chill you can get Tom Clancy and a blow job at the same time and listen toww, three ight low job from Tom Clency, unfortunately do have to wake up to ansness Yeah Yeah II, like I like the W en I liked the eighty shit ie that CD player in the car so give it to them. Yeah you smoking, wait there, but a couple of people niy that, what's going on now, Okaycooli' tell you what I'd give you guys that a ward, just 'cause nick found a way not to put me to sleep with this technological rants I've I've brought them down a lot because of H, John Cross. Ever since that remote thing, man yeah, I had to pull over when I was listening to tha all right. So what do we have left? We have movies left for a two point round and what else music and music all right? It's a big one. Whatever one D you want to go with, let's go with movies yeah that makes sense lit round. Five. We'll have wheeler, do H, music with us, so let me start with movies. 'cause mine's not going to be as quite as good as yours is alriady all right. So here's a movie that Mike Ranger and I we went to see it Hudson horror. Last year we held hands also available on Amazon, prime for free. So if you've never seen this class IC hit over to prime and you coul still watch it, but o October fifth, nineteen, eighty four, the movie savage streets was released and we're not talking about a cinematic dynamo. This is the hardcore Colt Flick, storing, rick, jeames's girl, toy, Linda Blair, basic revenge, Plot Linda Blair's death sister is beaten, raped and her best friends killed and, of course, she goes out and revenge on all these dudes and Tho really go out with Rick James Yeah DDE. She matter of fact. Not only did was she getting tapd by Rick James or during this movie matter of fact, but he actually, you know the song cold blooded. That's about Linda Blair, no, what so Super Freak! I think that's, I think that's prior to her, but I think that's what he's local her, but he didn't burn her with a crack pite. Actually, that's they split up because she said- and she was on drugs toow at the time, but she said that he was on so many drugs that the relationship was really toxic and they split up or whatever. But his side of the story is much worse. He said H in the book that she had an abortion without telling him O yeah. You gotta Tell Your Y Y Y, your significant other about tha yeah, that's like it just made him lose his mind. So maybe that's why he died. Maybe that's why you know he went crazy on the drugs. I I like that's what I liked the old days when people br broke up, because one was on drugs and the other was on too many drugs nok his one with sober yeah. It was literally Rick James's, Bitch Yeah. So That's my my movie Dynamo for October of Nineteen. Eighty four ait well mine is not quite as good as that. Dynamo on October, twenty sixth and nine Hutden and eighty four, a film was released that was Hanned by critics despite earning seventy eight point: three million dollars at the box office and as now beloved by millions the world over and has spawned one of the largest Si fi franchises of the last three decades, spawting four sequels, a TV series and, of course, there's a fifth of coming film. I give you James Camerons, the Terminator starring. Arnold Schwarzenegger came out of He lheters October, Twenty Sixth Nineteen D. Eighty four, I thought you were going to say Airbud all those sequels yeah, no there's more Airbud sequels than there are that I think there was nine and originally they wanted o j Simpson to play the role terminator, but I didn't think he could be taken seriously as a cold blooded killer, thru fat MN. That is fucking rough t thing that mark said was absolutely true and we went through were doing the research for this. We found a guy that completely trashed. This movie is a review and he called it a dramatically silly film. He said it was also an irresponsible film that depicted senseless violence. One scene was so suggestive of the McDonald's Masscre in Sanisdro. California. Do you remember that wheeler you put us on ht, he might be toking as toe as I was asleep: No, no, no yeah Youremember the movie or the murder Y. You remember that whole 'cause hot many people remember that McDonald's mascer thing, but I saw a documentar on it's o w 'm curious now tell me about it all right. So it was like. I think it was nineteen. Eighty two or eighty three, some de just fucking, opened up on McDonalds and killed twenty people and wounded sixteen you don't hear about it much at all anymore, but there's a fucked up documentary. You can watch about it. How do I get? How? How do I get the dog? I think it's on prime, all right cool I'll go back! Crimer, Neplik I'll, go back to sleep in Arcle, all right, cool, ill Le Me. So this guy says that the movie was not entertaining then he goes on to fuck it up towards the end of their view and calls the movie The exterminator instead of the terminator like a Fuckead, did he wo? Did he really Baite that scene from that anthing? No, absolutely! No. I don't think he did this n we'retalking about James Cameron. I mean he's these are violent movies, but he's Pretty Disney. As far as you know, action movies go another interesting Little Jidbit, which I didn't even know, but in doing the research for this, did you know the Terminator as the only character that's listed in the AFIS one hundred heroes in villains as both a hero and a vilain? He was a hero in germinator too, but the villain in this one, the original Terminator temaor too, better agree that that goes and roses in it. tooand young Eddie, Furlong, poor eady for long yeah definty I like to better as well. I have to agree with you guys there, but it did start. The Franchise Waiit You'r you're telling me terminator one with a four Terminator two hold on o keeping e right down. Is that a SCIFI question Igo ahead I', not O wit, that I I'm seling it down enough go all right. You guys. I got tit here with ninety fourhead, all right, I'm going to go with October, fourteenth. Ninety four written and directed by Quiton Terantino pulp fiction was released. Starting John Travolta, Samuel Jackson, Umatherman ving rains, pruce Willis budget of eight million dollars. It made two hundred and thirteen point: nine million at the box office, one of the best original screen playoscar Golden Glove for best creen play nominated for numerous other awards, and twenty thirteen pot fiction was selected for preservation in the United States, national film registery by the Library of Congress as a culturally, historically or asthetically significant film, huge Ma that that's a great thn. It's a girthy film lot of weight on it very poignant on different area show desk yeah good movie to smoke pot too a lot. It's O bad mother fucker. I, like I, like smoking, Hartlot. Where would you find that? Why would I findallright like what what do you have well on October, nine, tenth and nine uneed and ninety four Kevin Smiths dBW gave a whole new meeting to the number thirty seven with clerks fuck in a row H, this movie was made for just under twenty. Eight thousand dollars went on to gross over three million only playing in about fifty theaters. It became a bigger hit when I went to video gaving, the reputation of the most stolen videotape from rental stores, spawn the whole vewasky universe, as well as the iconic characters, J and Silent Bob. It's clerksman, yeah, SH, fucking, all shouln really say too much about that. No that's! I E an you guy shit all over fucking, eighty four, but I still love savage streets, though that's a good movie wellt' give it to the judge. Maybe he's got a sauce of Hocko for retins girlfriend, say something yeah. I love that Rik Jane Story. I think movies of the Eighties Orbure, the movie t nineties, but you picked two movies- made sheep that made a lot of money which is kindo how I made my tucking billions. So I I M I related to that tols pad them and be the Winter Yeah Tha's. I can't werk tid up now right how you guys are up by one point. Three tecom comes down to the final round, which is music. Whoever wins this one takes it because it really doesn't matter with the scores at this oint. I think it's three to two, but whoever wins will get the most so to music makes sense. We got wheelers the judge, guys what you got for music, all right, Mikeaell lead off with this one. 'cause you've got a the power play to yeah. We we had a. We had a good run, yeah, not fary sefrat. My pick for music in October of n nineteen. Ninety four releast October, eleventh y Fifteenth Studio, Album from country legend, John Anderson, titled Country Till I die H, produce the hit singles bend it until it breaks Mississippi Moon and the title track, which respectvly picked a number three number fifteen and thirty five on the country. Singles Charts, also included new version of his nineteen N. eighty three signature hits swinging and it cover the Georgia satellites soon and keep your hands to yourself, uh fifteenth oubum. I mean that that that had John Anderson drilla more coach than black and decker for sure. So that's my pic country till I die John Anderson October eleven nineteen Nineo, the WHEELHOUSE yeahexactly you're playing to the Audin that smart wh. What is my cat? Let me tell you they're rick, because on October Third N Nineteen, Ninety four, the cranberries released their albumn, no need to argue with a single that really got into your head. Zambi reached number one in multiple country, Wenhe nos here tome man, it gets worse. This is an album. That's been certified seven times platinum it just it just keep. You lingers eyeah, it's an album that dreams are made of. Like we y did thee ihave a feeling this is going to come down to one to one or which one he hates less. I O' know what kind of I brings up the cranberries on a fucking Monday night Mancros. You want to start Erseff from me, yeah I might as well. You know what like wheeler. You just said that comment, so you know a lot of times on these episodes. We have to do things and make ourselves feel fucking disgusting, and I'm just going to do that right here and especially with you, judging it makes even worse. But two months ago I had the unfortunate duty of discussing the batery boy's debut album with my pick, which is August in ninety seven. This time around, I get something that's fairly close, although I would say that this at least one dude from this group is waymore, fucking Talenttoday, the fuckers and e backer boys. You could also say that this ban was responsible for the boy band Craz in the late eighties. So I don't know. Maybe this is potentially bad or it could be good. I don't know, but the album that UM presenting you s released October, twenty third nineteen. Eighty four HEOB went on to sell over ten million cobies worldwide. It's burned off such singles, such as wake me up before you go, go harless, whisper everything she wants freedom. I don't hate this. Okay, all right cool three of those went to be number one on the: U S, billboard top one hundred so wam right, we're talking about WAM, yeah, all right cool! I don't hate that going. You can't deny a good sax hook. It's it's tough, though like when you have to do these when you don't like the band as much, but this is the type of thing that you'll listen to in your car and then, when you come up to the Stopligt, you turn the volume way down. o Youre like Youon'twant, a good Wam sun in y dont. Think you change it though it's pretty it's IT'S C! It's getce! It it well. Some of 'em are like some of them are really fucking catchy, but here's a Iras, attribiae question for you guys. Obviously, you guys know the one guy's name in the group: What's the other guy's name, uh, George Michael, what's the other guy's Dad lether Gu was Michael George, he might as well. Like you don't know what his name is. I figured youwould be the only person that M. I thought it was Gary Colmar. Unfortunately, his name was Andrew Rigley. Oh, I knew that yeah rolls off your tongue. You know an o Sai. What happened ATPOR bastard after they split up but yeah, that's my pick is WAM. Make it big. Andrew rigially is in a four George one he might go. He may be playing thote acts oe place Ho Coud, PLAC symthesizing, oh even wore skin flute. All right mark you finish, Tus up with the last music pick last picked for this entire episode. I'm going to start my pick off before I do. You know I want to address bobe craft. You know, we've done a lot of these duling decades. Episodes never has a country album been picked. How dare you play to the judge on that one? Since we have Wheeler Walker- junior hey, if you don't like swinger, you get to fuck out right. Well, that being said, I think it's despicable. No should we get a fight? I pick, though, is going to be the very first album by the judge. I Noh me, which was released October, Fifteenth Nineteen, eighty four and, of course includes three number. One singles the title track: Girls Night Out love is alive, stayed on the top of the charts, all the way in o thousand nine uteen and eighty five ending George Street. I can ask you CASK, you guys Ta Tribo, question Winona and actually jeter sisters right with the same mom right but different, Dad whose dad was better looking Welli know as easily, which sister's better look in well. Obviously, I'm just joking: it's got Ta be acshlly right. I you know what like sometimes it's opposite man, I always looked at just the judgs, not Mer jog hold on et's 's. Think about that for a second like. Have you ever seen an ugly kid like their parents are usually attractive? I don't know I I see that a lot. I don't know where it's Aye plead op, but I find actually Drud a lot better. Looking than Wiona am I wrong? Oh yeah, no you're right Ashley's at E H, you're right on El, maybe not so much now, but definitely in the late nineties, ashlly JS Wer was t at o GAM i'Malso, a Naomi Pan too. Yeah can't go wrong with meome Campbell Oman Cambl. I ast I'm own backwards, so the song. Why not me and the album earn the judge th song of the year in and nine hundred and eighty five at the award ceremonies the same year. They began their domination of the country music scene. Of course they were the top vocal duet year after year, all the way up until the nineties, and it all started with this album. Why not me by the judge in October, fifteenth, nine hutered and eighty four, so there we have it all of the pics are now in it all resides down to Mer, rheeler Walker, junior for the final verdist all right here we go start with my new record. It's called ww three preorder it now from Ly. Seven. Ninety nine digitally and more than that physically and I gotta go with I hate to say it because I don't really like you too, that much, but no actually you're cool. Don't look like a fool. This fall step up your shirt game with smirks home with the freshest most dove shirts you'll find browse an entire selection featuring eighties and nineties. Pop Culture, designs, Rongermy, Mister, belding and more and for the latest and greatest keep a tab on our new arrival section, whatever you're looking for you'll find it at smart dot net, that's SM, yrx, dot, net use code, Poop for twenty percent off your purchase, Smirk Tot Nati, like I like the combination of Wam and the judge together. I like that. It's a good. It's a good double bill, so you guys win that music metter in the eighties and the nineties. I just have to admit it. NOYOU SRI! So once again, Jim Eightie's takes it here on jewelling decades, ITW's tough to h for me to hear that fight, but it was also kind of fun to watch lie. I Mare just nonchalantly like throw his bow under the bus and then just pulls out the same flucking Tenif you haven't heard John Anderson's cover of Atlantic city. You haven't lived, no gianterson school man, I sound personal. I just don't like it an much I get it. I don't like myself that much I wheeler thanks again for coming on man. It was awesome and tell everybody where to go to get ww three now I'vebeen plugging at my website, itunes, Amazon, Fux spofy. They can suck my Dick Um, don't stream at Man fucking by that sh y. You know these treaming companies, you know they're going to melt and you're not going to have any fucking music left. So you Gotto, have I tellad a ownness shit man. I tell everybody that Mike an Hutlans Wen um, you know spot offies bought by fucking Disney and they fucking go under or whatever it is. When husneed put te sides to quit all you're, meaning just fucking's going to disappear in an hour, my God tit's. True, we've been saying this for years. Look Behind Mike Right! Now, Lok look at his collection. You need to have a physical collection. Like I like what you said there. You never hear a star SA exactly. Well, you don't h, you don't. You know, M my record collection, a ing fucking vanish at the eye. CLOUB breaks, you know exactly like you need to have it. You know. I don't want to go to the genius bar and tell them to give me Al my music back yeah and if the, if the power goes out, you can still watch savage streets and Ey man. That's what it's right. I mean. I don't know how you do without power, but still I make to say Internet and I flucked it. OP 'cause, I'm HIG. Now Mike's House runs off a generator, so hes Oay, Oh yeah, I pedal on a bike wheel. Let me ask you last time: Yo you couldn't play for US 'cause, you like remember when you told us, you probably do this fuck off or something like that. Do you have your guitar? Can you play? I I I don't, have it right here with me and also fuck all, but but I give you the permission to play a little bit. I like smoking pot most potums, we get in trouble, but I own my masters, unlike most of these other cussy bucking country AC, so um go ahead and play it now Y. Nobody Tu sue you except me, and I ain't going to do it. Fuck yeah, all right cool. We will definitely play it. We'll play it right here. Some people smoke and some people smoke. Friends, Omepeople snorcomeriggies Ballsingtranmdon't give me wrongmistherincomes from abounoininomy family, preverthem, Deite and San Erlyroan of mislotion myliinsome people like him, some like the ING Lumaroonnenibrigineiso, my Sonin nowbrother iliothat's, another so Doyou Likeonin Sto. They Benwei Orresur them gumming there and Shamo r from Amhis Lotion, Liannoaaorsr man, dot an Sham Mometaryno is lotwell thanks, gogeiving for coming on. Dude than what have you got planned you got, you have more shows yeah yeah we're doing um we got. When will this come out, this'll be out if it's this ones, Tay all be in Cleveland and UH, all over Michigan to Detroit Flint grand rapids and then we're doing a bunch of west coast tates Ino the year recuarly shows La Santaana, Sandiego, Phoenix N, then come back to some reguale shows Nashville Chicago Milwaukee, not coming to New York at all CAS O. I went to buffalo it gon, that's Not New York. We don't count that Milwaukee originally pronounced milliwaqe, it's Algonquin for the goodland thanks Allis Cooper, you come back to New York. You could take a ride in ricks new CAMPI. It's a fucking! You guys could smoke a lot of pot in that thing, a rightall right. So unfortunately, that's where we're going to have to end you all right. So, unfortunately, that's where we're going to have to end the Fund for this week on dueling decades, as once again the mamalukes myself and Mr Rickmancrosh oure victorious beating the team of Buby craft and Mikeranger, I want to think Wheeler Walker Junior, very much for coming on the show being the Gash judge, and you know help in the eighties get to the wind on this one. You know we, the eighties, need to pick up more winds. We just don't win enough, that's true! He did get her way around in the middle there. where I was like Whoa. This might go really weird. You know. If you missed an episode of dueling decades, don't worry, you can go back and check it out either an poop culture, dot com. You can check it out, of course, on poop culture or you can listen to it on its own RSSBE, just search for dualing decades or you. You can go to www d doling decades tcom, but we had a Shitty web designer. So the page is like half up and half down. So, who knows what you'll see, but you can go there if you want, and if you got a comment you just can't keep to yourself, give us a call on the poopline. That's nine one, four: Five! Oh five, seven six six seven got a suggestion. What years we should be doing next on dueling decades, give us a call, let us know about it all right! So until next time Rechyo Warriors, we are going to bid ju a pce love lighting. A joy have a grateful week. Everyone infirmary media. This is no ordinary subshop. This is firehouse ups, tired of over priced lunches that under deliver on flavor head to firehouse sups, where for a limited time you can get a four ninety nine choice of choose from a medium smoke, Turkey, Virginia Honeyham or roast beef. Their custom made hot subs and a price ready made to make you smile just four. Ninety nine, only at firehouse sups enjoy more subs, save more lives, participating locations, plus Tax Onte time offer prices Ma very for delivery.

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