Dueling Decades
Jan. 9, 2019

Dueling Decades - Rental Roundtable

Dueling Decades - Rental Roundtable

Welcome back retro warriors, this week Rick Mancrush, Marc James, and Beau Becraft turn the content over to you, the listener. We announce our favorite fake movie titles and synopses you provided us in our Dueling Decades Facebook group based on our...

Welcome back retro warriors, this week Rick Mancrush, Marc James, and Beau Becraft turn the content over to you, the listener. We announce our favorite fake movie titles and synopses you provided us in our Dueling Decades Facebook group based on our phony VHS box pictures. Then, we unveil a six pack of brand new fake VHS covers. Hear what we think these movies are all about before we post them to the group. Find out what great movies we uncovered deep inside the Dueling Decades VHS Archives. All of the stars come out for this one as we examine movies that could have been from Hollywood’s greats and not so greats! We have aliens, cavemen, karate, mahogany, guns, and lots of gratuitous sex and violence, fun for the whole family! All this and so much more, on this great episode of Poop Culture!


Informay mediarruculture Oculser propfootculters people engag TAP Jeweli as the picxe o plan, but it dot for Im ran again apon that AP? U Tot the Power Gop Com fiht for what you love Y, an who com to Po e Pi Copa, tancrita Ba he o Boder Cop, would take grave ano, Bala himsick. I am PA e TN o come fight for what you love N Rondcasting from the biobedays studios, wear water! Does it better? This is your show of Ron Raunchyareverend Emprov. This is poop culture. This week we dive deep into the dueling decades VHS videovolt, with the best listener provided synopsisis from the dueling decades. Facebook group, plus we unveile some brand new fake VHS, covers as we talk about some great films that could have been. I am marked Jamesan with us this week. As usual, is our band of Retro Warriors my teammate from the Mamelukes rickmancrush in the nineties, Own Bubby Craft Gentlemen? Welcome to the deweling decades rental round table rental round table? Is that anywhere close to the back room? It it's way in the back o yeah. You got to go through the CURZOIT's behind behind the backroom wowteyeah. So if you follow our facebook page, the dueling decades page we've been putting out all this interesting ratro content and here in they dueling decades videovolt way. In the back to the left, I got a stack of EA jest tapes, but the weird thing is: is they don't have any titles on them or synopsises on the back? Yeah? Okay, I just make 'em in photo shop, but whatever we post photos of them in the Group- and you guys have been great and given us some titles and Synopsisis of these movies and it's fucking Hilarious, you guysav been doing a great job, so we wanted to go through a few of these tonight and just read off some of these great movie descriptions. You guys have been writing and I got a few surprises up my sleeve for Mer, bobe craft and Rickman crusher. We got some Bran New v S spaks, for both of you guys to go through. Tell me what you think they're about in the title of the movie Jesus Oy, six of them. I got six brand new ones that nobody has ever seen. Yet, let's start out with the ones that already been posted here so pick one of these out. Alright, we one of the ones I wanted to pick out. First, if you see the picture, it's got a picture of Steve Guttenberg in there and Alf and then bobby from back to the beachalong, with one of the baseball furies from the warriors. So this is one I had put together and just kind of grabbed everybody that was in a leather jacket and then one of the baseball furies. I grabbed bobby from back to the beach and Steve Goottenberg from Police Academy. I don't think a lot of people realized that WASD Steve Guttenberg. I didn't. I didn't pick that out until you just said it yeah it's from police academy when he goes under cover as one of the gang members. I believe I I he's got little dirt stash. You know seventies, dirt, porind stash it 's awesome, so you guys wrote some great comments and what you thought the name of the movie was and h what you thought it was about. So, let's just go around and what were you guys's favorite comments on this one H I had to start with. Robert Morgan AH dropped this one. He called this gangs of San Francisco with the world on the brink of war. Four of San Francisco's, toughest gangleaders joined forces to save humanity against a rising threat that call themselves the tizypops. So how many licks does it take for our heroes to get to the centre of this anarchy gangs of San Francisco? I think that was pretty that's the best tag line that has been read for years, so how many liks e Tafor our heros to get the Syou. You can even take the hero's part out. So it's just how many liks will it take to get to the center of this anarchy? Di' say it's called gangs of San Francisco, so this could be an interesting movie yeah. What I wm saying that was the same comment. I picked that one is a that's a five star comment in my boat Adt yeah. That was my pick as well and the other one I liked on this. One was h the title between the furies and the fuzzy. I thought that was a good cidl by Bo James Norto between the furies and the fuzzy and th a real, quick one that was in there clever, and it ties everything together. Gary's Savertnik, he said: Alf goes back to the beach to join the police, cademy pretty good way, talling that together vseen some shit eat some pussy. I think I actually want to see that one Nami Sirlin thorly so yeah when I put these things together, you know I'm really surprised in the comments we have not got. The title of the movie is Bad Photoshop, the movie, because, yes, okay, these are done quick and dirty, and I think that's the charm of them, the Raes, the rawness. Yes O baby. I, like it wraw all I speaking of RAW. They pick pick this next one out with a guy from raw rit. So this next one this one I kinda shoved everybody in that was the rock it was the rock right versus rocky, and then we got the rocket teer up in the corner and in the other corner you got rock Hudson and Kidrot, and Chris Rock is in there as well how many people actually got the rock hutson thin n e Ti be. I was like yeah like you, should throw rock huts in in there too n't got ooug espective and DJ Ad Rock Oman. I forgot that one GAM yeah see that's the thing when I try to put these together, I try to find, as many little references and stupid little Easter eggs to throw in there that some people miss so he missed Rocka doodle too. Oh, that would have been a good. I would have had it a nice Roger Rabbit element to this one yeah. Then we've been like rocky versus cocky. That could be. That could be up next. It could be all right. So what do you? What do you guys have I'll? Let Bogo? First, I'm going to have to go with another Robert Morgan special here who come and at age of stones in the streets of Lincoln Nebraska of all places, a secret underground club meant only for the best ventriloquest in the town offers fifty thousand dollars for the best at the best. Who has what it takes to rock your socks off. I mean O ventriloquist like fight club for Ventriloquist. It's like o a combination. You know that Jeff dunnam's Gong to have a cameon that well he he does all the voices- Oh God yeah. Maybe I take that back. I don't necessarily want to see that now. Ah, he dubbed E overdubbed. The whole thing Yeh now great comment, Robert, but terrible tremist from Mark S, all the voices ruined it. I think I'd rather get circumcised. Again I already got one. I forgot think tlittle off the top, I'm goint to go with Whit is this. Guy's named is Steven Guey, Stephen Guy, maybe a pride butcher in that, but this guy, he ha he's, had a really good string, and a couple of these were really good. This one's actually kindo long. Typically, if they're superlong, it's hard for me to keep up with this guise, was on point for the whole thing either he smokes a lot of wea he's super creative, though, and John Rambo has finally started to put the horrors of war behind him living in a nondescript, midwestern American city under an assumed name, to help us PTSD. He begins to work out and box at a local gym where he sparrs and mentors the younger guys, but he's haunted by one mission in particular his unit laid waste to an entire South Pacific island and one lone native boy glared at him from the beach as they retreated, and they were at of sight halfway around the world that little boy has grown into a fearsome SOMOIN Mori Mari Mory, Moworich Moripovich, Warrior hsdeveloped a cear reputation among the Asian fighting world he's also long been haunted by the nightmares of the American soldiers destroying his island home. Using these contacts, I'm not sure which contacts he tracks down. John Rambow and after beating most of his people, send senseless challenges him to a death match and a a legal cumita tournament. Anyhow, this whole thing goes on and on is really long, but basically what happens and t e'll break it down real quick, just like dark shadowy government, fucking secret, whatever Kabal is trying to kill everybody who knows about this island getting blown up so they go after the Rock and Rambo to kill them both 'cause of the last two that know about it, which forces these two mortal enemies to team up in, like a tango and cashway against the Kabal. It's s super long with this guy, but together. That actually sounds good, though, like I want to watch this right now, Y H, it's fucking lan like if go to the come. It's a facebook and again like reading people's comments. You know these are thoughts that are coming Roud of their brains, so they're, the English, isn't the best and you can't hit enter, which is a pain in the ball. But this is fucking. If you just read it once you'll get it where this guy's going n, it's really good. He names this one Rambo first blood part. Eighteen all rocks must roll Ni. Clearly, I I thought that was the best comment out of all of them. It's a good one. He did throw Kidrockin is like a sleezy musician turn CIA spy or something something along those lines, and it has more gratuitous sexscenes, Oh yeah best line and the whole thing Ou'reright. He said it's, the ultimate guy movie, more fighting more guns, more explosions, more jokes, more surprises, more platuous and more gratuitous sexsenes to amp up the test, ostr. What? If the movie just opens with a completely gratuitous secscene that ties in nowhere else to the film slketwo people having sex and a bar bathroom, and it just pans out from the bathroom and then the story begins, and it's not even a couple. That's like featured in the rest of the movie. It's just like a random just likea locals right to like completely random extras doing like fucking, triple exbor to open that movie. Have you ever seen the movie, the beast from the seventies yeah? He already got me with that one. I ain't fucking watching that again anush. It opens to horse sex. What good movie doesn't, though, on my right. It shows everything too: it's fucking I prefer to closes with the horsesack opening at Hatalittle, and that has nothing to do with the rest of the parking movie at all. No, it doesn't all right, thanks to everyone out there that really liked this one, with the rocks t some great comments on that one. So, let's move on to the next one, this one we were talking about putting Robert Logia in a film with Brian Denihy son, like all right, so I picked up Robert Loja, of course, from scarface, where he's got the big Seventye Sudon with the big high collars gold chain. Of course, I find the picture of Brian Denney from Rambo, where he's got the coat on with the big fur collars, so I needed a third person to go with the big collars and that, of course, led me to the late Great Bert. Reynolds soway threw all three of those guys in there, with their big seventies collars and put 'em in a warehouse and as I'm making the warehouse, I notice the the background windows of the warehouse was all squares. Much like the window from the apartment and friends, so I put in all the friends staring out at them and some of the comments from this were awesome. I'm glad everybody caught. I M an it's really hard to see that the friends were there, but you got Ta Zoom in Yeah. You gotta blow that one up am. I didn't even notice that in first run yeah wow, it's really up there. What d? What do you have? First Mark my favorite one out of all this. Somebody had pointed out that they're really looking at ugly naked Guy Brian Denney, is ugly naked guy. Apparently so the big mystery from friends has now been figured out. We know who ugly naked guy is. Apparently it's Brian Deny anythining out with Robert lojeand, Bert Reynolds in the warehouse or John Wayne Gasei. However, you want to look at Denny yeah, that's a good one. I was wondering why that person said that I guess you have to bull these pictures up. People yeah, there's some little hidden things every now and then in these. So all right, I went with a shorter one. This time Chris Brumback. He said the name of the movie is the search for the Stash, an old bean now without his iconic mask searches for the holy Grail, the h, the legendary stash. If you look at this picture, it's amazing because the Renald stash and the logousasher greet Dene is missing a stad and he's in the big Pan Jackets. That's a great fucking pick up on that it was yeah it definitely it the only other time I've seen that jacket ous was in first blood and then when Bain wored again, that's it that's right. When my moustache comes in, you have my permission to shave, although I think it's the same jacket, Dean Ambrose is currently wer. Im, not er. TRIPLEX might awar that Cot at one point two old Zander Cage Jeez, which one the first one. Oh that's right, ice Ce playedit, whe you got B. I went with something pretty short as well from our good Frendino peppers, who said the name of the film is Buck and it's about fucking Wen. I ate wogging, I think of PRI an Deni, so yeah good job. Do you know I mean know: Eloquence a young Robert Loga, also looking like Gen Hackman, that's a that's a snuff film! I want to see nobody said the word snuff in that one, which I was a little surprised about, or cocaine yeah, that Ha snuff and cocaine rit all over t and the bike shop M al right. What what re we going to for this next, one a so for the next one we are going over to the jungle. This is one we posted back on December. Twenty third, this photo has just got everything crammed into it. I got a big picture of the Predator, of course, with Gary Coleman 'cause that makes sense, and since they're, in a jungle, we got Brendon Frasier as George of the jungle, a Predator needed a spacy ally, so I put in one of the robots from batteries, a d incluted and then the one thing nobody picked out and I am shocked and that's going to be my selection for this one is the one thing. Nobody said it's the anti comment, if you zoomin in the background right above Gary Coleman's head, there is a gentleman there. Please have a seat exactly. Nobody picked out that that is Chris Hanson from to catch a predator. Once you come on in and have a seat, so you got Gary Coleman and Predator with the host of two catcher Predator. This is every Mo ever dreamt of and Brendon Frazer, but whatever this is what happens prior to a catchpretatorwh before they get the guide in the chair e. This is all the shit thet went on. This is when he's coming to the house. So you came to a twelve year, old's house, with a bag of loub and condoms, we're going to pill them up in time off, thrum hem off the roof. We were making pasta right then explain the puditor costume h. This isn't Segarny Weavers House W. We like costs play, that's all GYPMA. So what was your favorite Bau? The one that made me laugh the hardest was kind of another short one, Christopher Aramio said this: is the original guardians of the galaxy o a good one? The crises are on firewith, Christopher Freeland, for this one. He called this movie jungle follies Gary Coleman and Brendand Frazer Stars a pair of hikers entering a very dangerous Amazon forest. They notice footprints and start following them to a village where they meet Darwin Baits, a snuff film producer from England, but what the hikers didn't know was. Darwin is really an alien from another planet. So it's a rumble in the jungle and his heartwarming action flick that is fun for the whole family, also starring Michael Jackson and Elpatrick Har Nice good grammioo there, one of my favorite ne Patrick hairs, Carmios, really. I think the best part is that he wrote snufffilm and heartwarming action flick. That is fun for the whole family. In the same paragraph I just like that he wrote snuff, film and Nelpatrick Harris Together. It's a combination that we don't see often enough. In my opinion, you haven't seen lemony snickets. No, I pfere any close to that. It's got a snufffilm in it. It's I mean it was painful for me to watch. So that's pretty snuffy Ho wanted to make your own self snuff, film, Selpie snuff film, an Whar. You Got Oh whatwas, your selection. My selection was the one that nobody said. The fact that nobody picked out that Chris Hanson was there who said it. Nobody said it. That's the point. I was blown away that nobody said that other than that. The comment I had picked was the one you read but, like I say, eter all of us are going to pick most of the same comments, cop out, gobbout. No, that movie' sucked all Right Gad. What's the next one, you go we're going to go to our Christmas movie. This one was good yeah. I enjoyed this. Putting this one together and again it has something nobody noticed I got earnest from earnest saves Christmas on the Christmas tree there and we got Dan Acrot, of course, from trading places dressed up in Santa Claus kind of pointing the gun towards center screen and also towards Ernest's head and then on the bottom of the of the VA JS cover. You Got Macho man, Randy, savage and holkogen in the thoar that nobody noticed that it's Towhar the hands in the middle made the whole picture- Haz, Heyre, fucking holding in nobody pointed that out that it', someon, s's hands and the car. I just replaced the mega powers it it's classic. I just don't believe that Hogan can drive from that angle. Well, that's probably why they're crashing saying there you go ee's Yourside, all right, so what you go firstthis time, which one was your favorite, the Mega Powers Save Christmas by curtain, Anderson Seam as mine, that was yours, tos mine, too y, the megapowers save Christmas, Santa Dan Acrodis, kidnapped by a disgruntled Elf, Jim Varney, who is tired of playing second banana. It's up to the mega powers, WWF Randy, savage and Hok Hogen to wrestle their way to victory and save the holiday, get ready for high flying elbow and leg dropping adventure this holiday season, great the part, that's the best about his entire description is that he uses ww Yayeah. I got me too. I don't know why I just did. I was like Fuck Yeah Buck that eshe. Oddly enough, when I'm glad you pointed that out 'cause as I'm reading through the comments, that's what catches my eye, 'cause, it's in all caps and all of a sudden, you C wf you're like what that. But it's like time relevant too tag line to that is fucking bad as to get ready for highflying elbow and like dropping adventure, that's yeah! So that was my champion Com and I like it. These guys are fucking awesome. I think one of the best ones that you put up there so far was the one that had the body of Chuknoris and the head of savestalone and as soon as I saw the picture, I'm like there's no way those are stillone's legs, anr yeah that one had it was a all of the background from Avasian invasion, USA and then I just swapped out salone's head on top of Chuchnoris, and then we had Kellimeronian there from night of the coment 'cause. We did this on Kedley merony's birthday and then we had Schwarzenegger in there as well and KINDOF hovering over the capital building. That's in the poster for invasion. USA. I put these spaceship from Independence Day. That was a good one. This is no ordinary subshop. 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I'm just going to put some on the miniature ziplock bag and out with a picture butthe trick is don't get the Ziplot kind, get the the sandwich kind of fold over, like wit, sorry about that S, a lot of the good ones all right, so you guys did such a great job with those, and I had we had so much fun reading them. Thank you. Keep posting them we're going to keep putting up some of these movies, and speaking of we got six new ones to go through tonight that you guys are going to be able to be the first ones to comment on. Oh Wow, wat. The Hell is going on there courses where we're going it this this one's going to get US bannd off facebook goodman is Fredflinstone in the background fuck all right. So who do we got here? We got a movie with Dolf Lundron Redin Frazer, as the Cave Man from of coure from a Cino man with the shit all in his hair, which I hate that scene result dirty. disgussing wever he's caked in the mud before it takes the yeah, and then you got fred flinstone played by fucking Mr Goodman there and aterritactal yea apewee's playhouse good on you Bo. That is, that is Terry. The terribnod thatusly this so much worse. All right, so we got a picture of Heman who is clearly looks like he's mounting: Brentan praisevery, historic, pegging going on Thereyeah Buti'm, I'm not going to say that I'm going to say that he's riting him. This is a pet movie with some kind of pet, where they're taking a treck across the desert. It's like a sinbadish type flick yeah. I could see this like Lawrence of Arabia, yeah yeah, only Gayr loshit. What ae you go e you thinkng here, I think. Clearly the name of the film is bedrock and it's mostly a twist on classic Handa Barbarac characters, but a more erotic take where does link come in Linkevich Kamoski, yea te Lik. If it's come on my Batsky, you know, maybe he man will be nice enough to give Inzeno man and reach around at least he's going he's spitting on it. That's for sure, oddly enough, when I put this together, I didn't realize that it was going to look like that when I grabbed those two photos. I originally just grab te Himan Wango and an inse red onlinstone like a cuck in the background eerday I'm in a ptarodactiler watching it but they're not making eye contact right, they're like in the background just hanging out watching like two friends. They don't want to admit that they like it, but they both Kinda like right, terrdacto, looks really excited, though he looks happy about the whole ordeal you didn't finish. Did you so, of course we're going to post all of these, where you guys to put all your own comments in I'm, going to call this one? I HAVE THE POWER ORA ban. I don't know, though it's t's, it's close, Btween, Yo r, your title and boads title Kinda like both of them, so we'll have to see what everyone else comes up with when e. When this one hits the facebook page IG Yso here is the next Phony v a Jes cover. You guys tell me what you think this movie's about. Oh Man, clearly this is a budy cop film. It's got to be so. If you're, looking at the cover you get a the classicalletthe weapons set up, you got Rogermurta. You got rigs in there, but h something's, a little off there with Roger Murton. It's talking about the the F the Save Ferris Pin on his lapel there. No, Oh well, okay, you're talkn about MERTA. He looks like he he's on crank. Now, wellfirst of all, that's not Merto. I know it's Michael Winds, NNEWLETHEL weapon. We got Michael Windslow and Mel Gibson teaming up together in a buddy cop movie, and I'm glad you picked out the little Sav Ferris pen, that's one of the Little Easter eggs that I hid in this one. The other eastereg is if hes Zomin on the forehead of Michael Winslow on his he's wearing a karate bandana little little crane action going on in the Middle Ralph machio in his head. So what do we think? Michael winslow and Mel Gibson are going to be doing in a buddy cop, film, Mommi Ron, man, that's a tough one! Is that Nakatomy Plaza behind them? It is not. It is not one of the movie one of the covers. I did put Nakatomi Plaza in the background, but it was not this one bot. What do you think about? This is a lethal weapon prequel mm. This is his partner before Mar Merta. That's Agood profis. U, this is how we got to O Dardener Yeah is how we got fucked up. This is a detective windslow Karl Winslo, who also taught is a detective call winslow, who also taught him martial arts. That's how he knows how to do. The spin kicks anrise et, I'm going to say: CORL makes it out of this, but Murtol thinks he's dead and then, of course, he goes off and spins off into Tgif IRCAND. I ains a shit load of wait and really lets himself go like a piece of Shit, Reginald Wow, all right now, we've got into some deep, crazy, retro shit on this show, but the fact that we just speculated that LETHA weapon and family matters shared the same universe. That's my mind. belowing I'd watch just think of the re, the repercussions of the the befucking amazing, so, okay. This is where it's really going to get fucked up, ready Carl windslow, who teaches Murta Parati, who does he learn karate from miage? Of course, Miyagi S, a fucking crotty king is tied in with Letha weapon and family matter man. We tie it all together here on woop culture dueling decades, it's all about it, so join the faceboot group. You guys gotta get on this. There's just some some great comments. So I'm going to send you guys the next phony via Jest Cover, Oh way, wait. Th E name of this movie is lethal matters. Nice yealethal matters too. There never was a one, but it's just lethal matters. It's like Leonar Pardai, exactly but better right. It's because there's a at em they're, both lethal matters. It's part Svu also arpart, awe right, yeah, they're they're, not in fucking. What were they an the other one within narcotics? No, they were in like pomicide, I didn't even know the fuck they were in in Lethe Webbon 'cause. They kindo did a little of everything. Yeah there were just general detectives like they were just gental detectives just go work on this for a while. All right, those guys were in vice back then, whatever vice does they were invitcleveland Vice Gary Indiana Shboygen Vice See, and you know, for years, people have been knocking Hollywood, saying, there's no original ideas left. We got a ton of 'em we're going through all of these movies that could have been tonight the zool of Buny. I just saw a person. No, you didn't there'nobody there you're right Allig. So here is the next Fag va jest cover that you gues haven't seen. Yet all right. Where are these movies o? Okay, here yougo O right? So we got a picture of young John Ksack Jimmy King, who fucks Jimmy King Ame, King from ready to rumble all over Ali is rol. It's an American classic where she got acsaks, holding up Austin three, sixteen sine instead of a Jwbox, that's pretty clever! You got a ring behind them. Obviously this is a wrestling movie. It's got to be course I' be Gonto, throw that out there got to be some kind of wrestling movie, some underground na this can't be underground. This looks like maybe a movie about the Monday night wars yeah. What e you got bowyou're, the wrestling guy, maybe maybe John Kuzak- has to fight his way to a championship opportunity to win the girl of his dreams yeah. Maybe we could call it square getst, the No? No! No! That's not good! Queen of the Ring Oo. There we go queen of the Ring Wis Junk. This is twenty nineteen people like Queen of the ring, I suppose I mean Kusax- got to fight as way to the to the championship to get the girl of his dreams to say yes to marrying him and he's going to have to fight Oliver Platt Yep. Oh, he can kick the shit out of Oliven Plat. Oh, don't think so. Fast Yeah Jimmy King Greatest Wrestler of all time, Sak Kusax a hitman. So so maybe that's the showdown. We got John ksack to hitman versus Jimmy King. Maybe this is low. Fidelity e jus shoots them in the ring fat wrestling. He, Oh okay. He Po aw man, this fucking movie, all right he's a he's. A psychopath he's a huge fan of Jimmy King he's a fan in the crowd, cheering for the guy going against Jimmy King. Knowing that Jimmy King is going to call him to the ring to belittle him Bun, it turns out he's a psycho and he shoots Jimmy King in the ring man after stalking t'em for weeks. It's a dark movie. It's a dark dark comedy well much like most of Jongkusack's best work. You know always on the darker side. You could call this one down for the count there. We go biby craft down for the cow WLGSO. Let's move on to the next phony vajs cover see what you guys think this movie would be about the French. This is this: Is Black Gay porn which you don't o o? This is roke back strer some shot like that. So just arrived to the listeners. What you're seeing I' I wan I want to hear Bo's voice described yeah you got a guy's name, is what Zeus O got Zeus, looking at Misr, T's, Mohawk and MSR t staring down at Zeus's chest, but neither Mister de. Does he like it with that look or is that, like a disgusted, Lo heres? What I'm thinking this is a a sequel or a Prequel? To Ghost? That's exactly what I'm seeing these guys make pottery together for sure wow, two, the righteous brothers I I just I can't tell if that face on mister t is discussed or utter eroticism like he can't take, I'm God o that letter he looks pretty pretty turned on yeah by just the girth of Zeus's chess. The photoing question is actually from rocky three: It's where you have cluver layng and rocky face to face, but when I eliminated rocky and put in Tini Zoos Licster, I didn't change Mr t at all, but he just started pouting. He just all of a sudden looks like he's. pouting instead of pacing off against Rocky Zeus, looks like you've seen orgazmo before right. Oh theyr, like H, owas ow, queer, nothing like Hel. It doesn't look like the same. Pucke he's got the same expression on his face. I think UNICORDS are really kickass. I think to Peshmot is a sweet band. I thought noholds barred and Friday we're pretty bad ass right. So what's the name of this movie, we get tiny zoos, lister, Mister t. What do you think welmay be time for tea o time for tea, the ultimate showdown, teatime balls, deep in tea, I'm just going to go with Mahogany Mahaga dark wood, fuck a yeah- I I don't know both of these guys huge muscle, bound men both of the eighties, so I'd like to see them show down. Cluverland kicked I shit on of rocky for a little bit at least you'd. Think he'd be able to. You know, hold his zone against tinyse zoos lister. Are we still talking about Gayporn the way you're describing it? Maybe I don't know allrightyh where 's this next one so show the next one. So this next one is a movie that I absolutely want to see. I I just want to see. I don't know what it's about you guys tell me. All I know is by looking at this. I have to see this film. Oh Man, this looks like a barn burner. Rig Godthis is simple, is a really easy one, so she got a picture of a depressed dad. Obviously, and then you got tiffany Aberthesen and Goriham coryhim knocks up Tiffany Abertheson. Because of that, the DAD is sad. Why can't, I think of the DAD's name, O getting Martin Lady Martin, see pardon Steve. Martin is Tiffany Abertheson's Dad and now he knows he has to raise this fucking Bastardchild Cekoriham is obviously goin a die of a drug overnose, and he knows that he's goingto have to fuck and raise this kid there we go. I I want to see this movie. You know kind of what I was thinking is know, of course, Steve Martin's, the dad you're right on with that tiffany Anbertheson's, the daughter she doesn't get knocked up, but what I was thinking is Coryham is kind of like the asshole boyfriend who's, always trying to scheme his way into seeing her and sneak into the house and sneak around Os. Her Upright eox er up eknox her up in the end, but you don't want to give the ending away fucking spoilers. No, no! No, it happens in the beginning. The way we do that very beginning, sexeen they're, both eighteen to worry about it, sexin the beginning to find out within the first five minutes, she's pregnant and then they're, trying to hide it from Dad Dad finds out and and then the whole movie is He's plotting to kill Corihaim. He Hires Corey Feldman. To do it he's not in this picture. Maybe he hires screech powers to do it, because it looks like you're using the background to see by the bell there. Maybe oh that would have been a twist. It all happens at the Max t's where everything goes down. That's like the pin o go the opposite Roud here, I'm Gong to say that Koriham is Steve. Martin's, son, O and Steve Martin is retired and he's giving the business to his son. Who's always been kind of a fuck up, he's always out chasing tail and drugs, and then tiffany and Berthesen comes in as a gold, digger she's trying to uh she's trying to get the money in the business for herself and she's going to try to attempt to have him wacked by Corfeldman oohthat's, a good one or maybe Steve Martin and Cory father and son. Maybe she's fucking 'em both no. I got it. You guys are way off. So look coryhim just wants to get a car and a license. Rightan go an shows him how to drive, and then he has to go and get his car, but he can't he fails his tests and Tiffany Emberseson is sister who passes her test. We call it license. A drive. thikthat's been done before. No, no, that on was done with both cories we'd only need one for this Rae Steve, Martin Wa, Bener Coryfoldman. So yes he's the the broke alcoholic dad who doesn't even have a license. It shows them how to drive. That's what makes this movie interesting and she blows them in the front seat in the frontcyt, not the back. That's class now during his driving exetites, that's ow. He passes she os Ol se Ark there, so Heo Shese Mor to the instructor, Steve Martilos, Ste e Ortause is license to drive too or he has to go back and get his licence Steve, Martin'sgiving the test, and now he dumps Mercedes for Tiffany Everthesen who's, the way Bett her girlfriend who will blow t instructor test, giver, Whateve, the Fuck. You want to call ' m to make him pass. I like it rated hard, are hard. It's a hard R, it's an NC SEVENTO! Well, yet we said earlier: We wanted a movie that starts off with just a gratuitous sexscene out of nowhere just hard or who said sequels can't o who says you can't start a romantic comedy off of the come shot. You know how like, when Greece opens it's all animated, and then you get like the tube of grease that squirts onto the screen and it tip down and says great: Do you think that is we just change our it? That's how we open the movie live actualnl license to drive too, like it. Where we go anything left. We got one more left and this one we're Gong Ta, we're Gon t finish off the night with an animated feature, something a little more ass, kicking and bad ass. This was a little animated feature I put together, we'll see what you guys can come up with for this one oll. This is just a hentic creen cap. That's disgusting! Well, there's no question about it. This is Robert Cop Absolutelyo. All we got here is we got ou snake eyes from Gi Joe, and it looks like he's teaming up with Rubo cop and in the background we got the punisher and skeletor is kindo hanging out there too. So does robocop of a dildo in his hand, isnin shake whatis that it's a beat up, fucking gun. If it that's not his pistol, it it's his Gune, but it's kind of behind Um snake ICESS, head and they're, both the Sha same color of blue. So it looks like you even made the head of the shaft like glowing before a en's flay oirobocob's gun in his man, secretly a cock riit's, hard steel. It's definitely a war movie, I'm thinking! Maybe it's called blue on black hyou got the SKUL team of skeletor and punisher teaming up against the frigging bad asery of snake eyes and well rubocop. Of course. That's you know a natural pairing call it cyborgs in schools. They're, not there's not going to be a lot of dialogue in this one. No T tle, skeletor, kN snake eyes, don't talk. R Robo cop sounds like he's like half retarhe, like he's missing scansom re under arrest, punisher dully talks when you fucking, like peel it out of 'em. Otherwise he doesn't say a word. Bring me red foreman, yeah, there's not a lot of dialogue, so they didn't need Kevin Smith for this movie, all action, no dialogue. Maybe that's what we do. It's a silent movie somebody's got Ta Voice these guys, though, so I'm going to say it's all Jason Stat, who should not talk in anybod right. It's Dave, Coolie, dog, heas ruined it. You need three tough guys. You Need Uh fucking, recomle asy in it noactually. You ever noticed, like big guys, never have great voices for the tough guy. If you look at who plays us in those cartoons, they're, never big dudes, there's always like skinny as little dews, so Steve Shamy is the voice of the punisher yeah. I coan see that that would wor gellitor. I go to hear Buchemis skeletor I yea now that I s think you're right. I think I a Bushemi is skeletor. If you got Tommy Lee Jones as the punisher yeah, that would work as he n he's old, a shit and probably hat doesn't have enough power to speak anymore, SOEWHO's going to be Robocop, somebody that could breathe. So, let's just go with like J Berichel ther yea, shall you know terrifying? That would be. If you do that, the DJ quayls has to be. He doesn't talk, so he's got no lines in the whole. fucking show he's just we just take his word F. just take our word for it that he's there he breathes. He breathes really good, though, got a good set along Zimeright. We just get ven diesel to do it he's great at acting. They saying anything. Im Rot just give him three words to repeat the entire two hours. What is this movie about, though, seems like Ere's a lot O, obviously skele towards the bad guy, but I think in this scenario the way how it's dark there's got to be drugs involved, maybe like skeletors like a like a huge cope manufacture from he moves a lot of CBD, yeah enes illegally. It's gotto be something like completely trivial, like he's just reselling, sudafed that he doesn't no l like he no longer uses, and he just doesn't want it around so he's trying to sell it to people in town all right and then I I guess you gotta go with like the the punishers like interglactic Da, he gould call. He quit his job in vengeance. Now he's just working strictly drugs in space space drugs. It gets his mind off it, but he kept his uniforms. So everybody knows who the fuck he is right. Robocop went rogue somebody like reprogrammed his head and he's the muscle four skeletor. Oh so he's working w, so robocop's a bad guy. Now so he's like to Bolbafet for skeletor EXAC, I mean, if you look at this picture, it looks like he's Goingta hit Um. Why why do I keep forgetting his name? fucking, a called Night Shane? What the fuxes N, Lokin snake eys looks. Li He's in hit snake eyes over the head with his Dick, his Dick Gun thing that he has you just got cold cocked, but j Berchel as to say you just got cold cock. You imagine that voice coming out of such an intimidating, ok, supreroas, Robo Cop. That would be awesome. Hey I P put down your weapon. Okay, what does fucking snake eyes deal? What is he doing in this hole? Th same thing, he does in every fucking episode of Gi, Joe, exactly what he's fucking told 's ot of a bitch never gets to think for himself and he's the most bad ass of all the joes. I mean process of elimination he's the recipient of the drugs, so he's the other, I guess dealer or she's the Bilyer, whatever you want to call yeah, Oh shit. So basically, this is a punisher story. Y Ahoud, be s E. All three guys are bad the're, all bad guys, dealing drugs fighting out on the the streets of Intornia for a turf war. Some comic nerd is going to kill us for saying all this or he's going to come up with the best scenario possible for this film. He e well. Technically, they really couldn't do that because Attornia doesn't have drugs and Rookop can't have a cock on right. The prime directors won't allow that, Oh man right, so what basically, what it boils down to is you guys all need to go on to the dueling decades facebook page and I follow along there. You can join our private group where you can join it. On the conversation, that's like going behind the beads yeah go that's way. Ave joined the group, you' E H, you're behind the beads you're behind the beat occurrd. We cannot be held responsible for what you may see and Ordo behind the beaty curtain, right, hat's right, but come back and try the fish Iknow, nothing about the fish. So I guess that's where we'll end this episode right here, fellow Poopers, so go on to the deeling decades page. Let us know what you think about some of these crazy recro Va. JS covers for movies that could have been hit could have been great. I want to see them, so you can always check our past episodes out on itunes and on castbox and, of course, always on poop culture, otcom sountil. Next time, fellow poopers, we are going to bitg you, a piece, love lightened. A Joy, have a grateful, weak everyone, infirmary media