Dueling Decades
Sept. 26, 2018

Dueling Decades - September 1980 vs September 1990

Dueling Decades - September 1980 vs September 1990

Welcome to another episode of Dueling Decades! This week’s match up sees the return of “The Mamalukes” The Team of Rick Mancrush and Marc James as they defend September of 1980! Armed with September of 1990 for this episode is the team of “Beau J

Welcome to another episode of Dueling Decades! This week’s match up sees the return of “The Mamalukes” The Team of Rick Mancrush and Marc James as they defend September of 1980! Armed with September of 1990 for this episode is the team of “Beau Joe Nixon” made up of Beau Becraft and Joe Findlay from the Miscast Commentary Podcast. Judge Jon Cross is in rare form this week as he lays down his own brand of retro fanboy justice that you must hear to believe! Or dont! You be the only kid on your block that does not listen to Dueling Decades…C’mon, I dare you! Subscribe for more Dueling Decades action delivered to you! Now twice a month!

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You Love Yointeas Broadcasting, live on digital delay from the bio but day studios where water always does it better greetings, Retro Warriors and welcome to another episode of dueling decades here on poop culture. The game show that locks the eighties and the nineties inside of a steel cage. pokes some with a stick just to see what happens. Let's take a look at the teams and the decades they'll be fighting for. First off, it's the team of Bo Joe Nixon Hello, my name's bobe craft, I'm playing for team Bo, Joe Nexon, alongside my partner, Joe Finley, how Joe Hey everybody I'n Joe Finley from Bojo Nixon, I'm here to get revenge from the last time I lost and maybe find some love versus the team of the mamalutes. Yes, that's right, we're back, I'm back in the groove with the eighties again ricmacrust and were ready to roll here, and that's always here on dueling decades to hold down Lawr an order. It's the honorable judge, John Cross, I'm oin to judgeyou like rhinehold baby, all right, so the rules of the game are simple. A coin flip we'll decide which team goes. First, the winning team will decide the topic of each round out of the five dueling decades categories and those are movies, television, music, news and a hot product. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five being worth two points. Apiece. The judge ruling will determine who wins each round and the winning team and decade will be decided at the end, with the team with the highest overall score after five rounds, gentlemen, let's play some dueling decades, all right and before we get started, you guys are new to this game. Obviously this part of the poop culture podcast, but we've actually started a rssbd just for doing decades s. What we're going to do by weekly is we're going to have the game up and then we're going to have another episode come on we're not too sure wat. The other episode's going to be every month, though, but if you gover to our facebook, facebook, dotcom fordslash doing decades, you'll see all the information there and eventually the website will be up as well. So let's get going over to John Cross for the ceremonial toss off. You should know by now that when I toss off it's incredibly ceremonial, I wen rather requied robes and crown, however, rushing in here tonight to a cord a I grabbed. It didn't come out in September, eight n fourteen, but it is from the year of nineteen eighty. It is the airplane movie, So we've got heads will be the front of the airplane. Disk tals will be the back of the airplane disk. Gentlemen. Please call heads or tails. Is it Joe Bo going? First, that's ye go ahead, Joe. You can't near I'm going to call it. Okay, a'm Collin Tales all right and it's heads. Sorry, your head, I've already blown it Joe, you might as well just fuck and leave now mm, go seeing you guys Cim out of Hee all right so now that we know what teams are going first and who's playing the game, there's only one piece of the puzzle left to divulge and that or what the decades will be and the Mamelukes will be going up with September of nineteen. Eighty versus team bow Joe Nixon and they will take September of nineteen ninety this evening. I I just also think th that you should have like a little a jingle. That should just be like what the decades I don't nowust me Os. What do you think television yeah? Let's go television, let's start on television, all right I'LL! Let you start out with youres. FIRST 'CAUSE: I'm I'm curious all right. Well, as we know, the eighties is always packed with such good content. The eighties never lets us down, but you know what September proved to be the redheaded stepchild of all months of the nineteen eighties, and I really don't think the nineteen eighties had started yet in September of nineteen eighty, it was kind of left over from the Seventies. Well, they started in January. There was something boiling all towards the end of the nineteen seventies that really affected television, and that was the actor strike of Nineteen. Eighty and t severely affected television, as the networks had nothing left for programming that wasn't reruns, except for a few T. v shows like the one I've selected tonight and that is Shogun starring, Richard Chamberlain, Epic Television Mini Series that was on in September of nineteen eighty, so at the Golden Globes Shogun, cleaned house, winner for best performance by an actress and a television movie series best performance by an actor and a television series winner, Richard Chamberlain, as well as best television series overall and again, also ont, all the same awards at the prime time enmies. So that is my selection for TV, the epic Miniseries Shogan. Still to this day, if you look up any list of the greatest mini series in history, Shogan is always in the top ten and big things in the horizon for Richard Chamberlayn. After this getting picked up by Canon films to be in what series wasn't he Alan Coldomain y? He was allant quartermail and Quartermaine, the Indiana Jones writ with Shang Witharand, stoned God awful series, don't know if that was a stepping stone from Shogan or a step back knowas a Sharon stone. He just said. Definitely I step a so much as a stepback that was like a that was like a stumble, fall and crashed down into a well. I think it did get a sequel though, but it was Cannin, so everything kind of Sri Um all right so with mine like he said, I had to go digging and I dug deep for this one. So, on September, Twenty Seventh Nineteen Eighty on the Georgia championship wrestling television show fans were woud by the television debut of wrestling icons. The fabulous freebirds boes nod in his head mean street. U Sa! Yes, one of the Best Mikeworkers of Alltime, Michael Ha, delivered an epic Promo for the two and the other two free birds, rather were right. Next to hem, you had terrygordy and Buddy Roberts. This debutpawnd, the freebirds fifteen year, run twenty eight world championships in different fenerations, an election to the professional wrestling hall of fame and the WW Holl fame. I mean if you watch his very first promo that he cut here. It puts current wrestlers to shame, and this was their first on Air Promo and this guy killed it and then they had their match, but the one thing t at they were known for that still p takes place today with different tagteams. It's something that was called the freebird rule bows nodting his head again knows at I'm talking about Bost Tag. Teams are comprised of two people. Well, the free birds were comprised of three people, so they would entertainge what second person was on the tag team and what the the team was going to look like that night and the freebird rule has been utilized by caltless tag teams over the years. I think I found like a list of over fifty online and many different organizations have also used the same thing. I think it's actually used today in ww. I think the shield uses it am. I correct. The new day is actually the ones who brought back that rule being reinstated, all right and the the wyits use it don't believe they did. My last experience with it was like CR was xmash and crush for demalition. Yes, that was one that was on there as well, and how can you dislike wrestlers, who originally entered the ring to Leonard Skinnard's freebird? They also entered to Willy Nelson's Georgia, on my mind at some point: Yeah they did and it's it's amazing, because if you look at it, these guys brought that rock and roll presents to wrestling in the early eighties, thet kind of revolutionize, not only just a tag team resting portion, but regular ehdies wrestling as well as he saw it throughout the decade. Every time we talk about the eighties and wrestling, we always talk about the rock and wrestling err and how big that was. This was way before this started rock and wrestling before there was a rock and wrestling that's right and if you think back even before these guys, a lot of wrestlers didn't even come out to any music, and if they did, it was just like some. You know royalty free, Shit, rag time. You know nothing like no. Like freebird noiad watch wrestling, I would watch wrestling if all the wrestlers came out to ragtime. That would be entirely like ind, a wrestling ragtime wrestling and they all come out in big, thick tweed shorts and UH Jaunty hats. That would be my rest. You laugh, but didn't they try that not too long ago, BA with the vad villions yep that lasted a whole cup of tea, I'm so behind the Times I have to correct myself, I said Main Street. It was actually bad street us a I'm, a Shab Y S so, and- and he actually Michael Hayes- performed that song on his own quite terribly at the hall of fame ceremony by the way, all right. Well, he he's a little longin the tooth these days. So but those are our first two picks. So what do you guys got? Oky? Do you want to start us off? I'm going to defer to you joe the guest of honor this evening Aell I'm going to go ahead and wipe you guys out, not with any words but just a sound effect, yeah law and order started in September September, thirteenth of two T, nineteen. Ninety it was on for twenty years it tied gun smoke for the longest running, live action series of all time. I actually technically ranks higher, because the first six seasons of gun smoke were actually half hour episodes, whereas they've all been an hour on law and order. They've been nominated for two hundred and two awards in that twenty seasons. I just you name it like your Emisyour peabodies, your Golden Globes, all across the gamate you've seen every possible actor on that. I was just growing through the YMDB today and it was just megastar after megastar in even just single episodes and you've got people like jk Simmons, who are in forty five episodes, and you have obviously you'r Sam Waterson and your Chrisno. Then, Oh, my God, Anthony Entersat. No, I'm not going to say it. Oh my God, you said he anoy Anderson over the O yeah. I Fine Fight II dealt o burk there nowgod I'll, give you this character name, and you tell me who it is the best detective to ever be on law and order. Lenny Brusco. I know- and you know what his name is caping me right now, whut I do oh, my God he put baby in the corner. He put baby in a corner. I know that I know who he is. I just I just can't think of his name right now and I didn't reach cheery mother, fucking Orbar, that's the popcorn guy, I'm a Michael Ariate Guy Myself, Mike Amoria, see I actually and I knew Thi story too, of the fact that he like donated his eyes after he died and stuff like this. Like, I know everything about it. It's just his name completely escaped me now joe do they have Lawr in order in Canada? Oh we've got the best law and the best order now are. Are the police officers much nicer on your version of law and order? Are there more polite? Generally speaking, I don't know my favorite. My favorite, like dirty cop story, happened not too far from me. ARIGH 'cause. I live fairly close to the border. It was a couple of cops who were caught smuggling cheese over the border because it's cheaper oven. I know just there's dirty assholes. I hope they got would come into them. Cheese, mules, but yeah. It's you hear ridiculous stories, no different than anywhere else, just maybe not as frequent misgas commentarorealtime movie commentary pocast Pecra two best friends, since they were children, Ju inornmost, cricked eye. It's almost like it's trying to learn how to be an eye from the other higt, so he jus, like Jo Shadow, even Tald, brought you by park of the Covenant. Nine out of ten dermatologists said bocst right. So what was your pick again? I think I was saying something about the wrestling and the Freebir. Oh No ILAW and ordered the DET othere's that all right, Anywa Bel, what a e you you know. They also did Lara and order United Kingdom and it ran for eight seasons, but nobody has ever watched. It. There've actually been a bunch of different spin offs other than Svu and criminal intent they had in New York, or they had an l, a one New York ones, the obvious, the regular one, and then they had a true crime. One they've been spending that thing off forever. So much to the point where Svu is entering its twentieth season, ind looks to overtake the original law and orders the longest running show, which is sad because one stabler, lest left that show it just went to Shit. Yeah still on you've still got ice. Tea, stating the lucking obvious and everything en, while looking confused, that show is still gone. Sorry, you telling me the' stall. People out there trying to rape also also the fact that the opening blube of that show uses the words particularly heinous. I love that I couldtne at's my favorite bat, all right. I want to hear what bow has 'cause that that's just a man. Well, gentlemen, this is kind of an obscure pick. It's UH flying it a little bit under the radar kind of had to dig deep for this one, but a little little sitcom. That aired on NBC, beginning September, tenth of nineteen. Ninety, it stars a young stallion by the name of William Smith, better known by his stagename, is, will smith the fresh prince of Bell Air H. We all know that we all know it's about a a fine young stud who's sent to move with his wealthy aunt and uncle in their beller mansion. After getting to a fight in his hometown, his mom got scared. She said you're moving with your aunty and uncle and Bellair and UH. That's that's pretty much. The premise series ran for six seasons: thered, a hundred and forty eight episode lots of crossovers, including some with blossom. Some might remember that little a little diddy. How could you forget a tineless crossover with a Pattilabel saitcom out all night, which I think is h? Probably the pinnacle and television achievement. Many celebrity Cameos Oprah, Huh Hener Donald Trump, Chris Rockry, just pilban Don cheedle and rap super star. Heavy d appeared on the program at one point that was sinbad now you're thinking of that genial movie, but but a the clothes are all the same: The show's still in syndication tof. This Day, so it's a there's a lot of places you'll run into where people know every word to that beam song. Evidently, in some of the syndication they've cut, the intro teem song like the full version, and they just do the instrumental for like so many seconds. EAH, sometimes you'll see the extended. One too, though, there's an extra verse in it. Reall yeah, Oh yeah, and I know I know most of the lyrics tothat. When I meet those people. I publicly shun themthose. Two picks are amazing, and one thing I want to point out, like Mark Jus said I feel like we got the hangover from the seventies and you guys got the cocaine hang over, I'm on Horpan ID a give you one thing, though one thing that did err in September: Nineteen, Eighty Cosmos, the original Karl Sege mini series haired in and around Thatit's, something I heard of I heard of that UN. Nothing was going to win with television and that's why we went with television first I. But what does John have to it's interesting because the whole theory I have on decades and and what I think this is the earliest years that I have presided over as judge so far yeis there a decade is normally normally begins to become like iconic or identified with certain things about midway through, like the sementies bleed into the eighties at the beginning of the Eighties Fashions Music T v, various other stuff like if you wanct showgun. Now you look at it and you go oh, this was a seventies. T V show right that, doesn't you know and in the same way, that the eighties sought of bleed into the nineties for the first few years, especially when you look at like some of the you look at scream now, for example, or even some of the the Um late early nineties, horror movies, especially some of the sequels and things that came out. You'd swear. They were eighthese films, so there is that Bleed Cross oter thing. So it's interesting. It's almost like we're doing end of the seventies and be and end of the eighties this this week. So it will be interesting to see who comes out on top of course, in this particular televisual battle. I have to side with the Almighty nineties. Jobonexn, I'm afraid Laur in order M is a particular weak spot for me, love that show, as does my lady. She watches s for you all the time. In fact, I can always tell when she's Lik, O I'm GOINGTA G, go to bed early and just put something on, and I always know that within about ten minutes I'll hear the Dungdung o particularly hainous of the INTEROFSV, so my wife does the same thing: nothing like sleeping to sexual assault. Yeah, it's fantastic. I love it. 'cause thet don't come in and it doesn't matter what episode it's on or what season it's from. I can dive right in Arishkahagata is going to be wandeing round being all like holier than thou and H, you know clean clean cut as clean cut can be Um if you'll love, lucky you'll, have Christ Malony, actually being good and and raising the steaks M and you'll ave. I t, as I said, looking confused, statonably novious and then wondering so ye t, that's Thas for you, of course, but there is a low and order. Also a huge big fan, big micamariadi fan big Sam Walderson Fan so H. I gotto give it to the ninethese guys, but I have to say showgun. It was a good call. It's a great many series. People should check it out. I don't know how much it it holds up now, but it's sort of the red headed stepchild a little bit too Kung Food David carodines come hr but t, but Richard Chamberlain had his own thing going and h blessing for it. The other thing the wrestling thing Um. I can't speak to it personally, as you say, you gave it a good short man crush with the whole. It established rules and things like that. But ultimately I don't care and it's a first principal yeah, apart from the utterly irritating theme song and the really nonexistent premiss. Really it's Gonto be like what guy from the wrongside of the tracks comes to live with some pash people and what's the point of it, I don't really understand it. But, yes, it was very kind of like house gas with inbed right sort of Y. Ah, I gues so if from Philly got into a fight and got sent to their relatives, but cill not just be an empty like right, iw Ay, an a empty town fa most place dos that show even work in England, someone gets into a fight in Sussex and you got to move and don at you know it wouldn't be it wouldn't be Sussex insuffect. They might get fight over whether they're having earl gray or whether they're having slapsung Shuschong, but no in in England. It would be someone probably from either Mosside in Liverpool or manjest forget, which one it's in now. That sounds awful. Doesn't it but my side is particularly dangerous, but someone from Newcastle, someone from like a rough city of which there are plenty or Birmingham in England get sent o like the home counties, which is like Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex kind of the southern belt. They could get sent down there to the suburbs. That would work. Fifteen minutes away, I mean from Newcastle it's about eight hours away, but yeah. It would be like being O we like being sent from, I don't know Portland Maine down to down to New York. We go down to Phillyn. Now. Let us not forget. Also, though, in September of Nineteen, ninety was the premier of Coprock, which is of course, a crossover between livepd and glee. It was also the CA. It was also the cancellation of Coprock, so double WAMMI. For September nineteen. Ninety we got to move aot. We got to move wheae, you guys going and UH Jodo. You want to do movies I'll start us of 'cause. I, like yours, better Um e, going to start off we're GOINGTO H, hopefully poke et some soft spots here. With the Lake Great Carry Fisher, wrote Ad Seniaut biographical book called postcards from the edge which became a movie in September, Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety starring four Oscar winners. Two extra asconomenes got Merrill Streep Shirley mcuittn McLean, Gen Hackman, Richard dryfis Rob Riner, anet Benning, a Dentis, quat and alliver Platt were in it. It received two OSCE nominations got three Golden Gold Globe nominations both for best actress for Merrill Streep, and this tells very closely carry Fisher's life as an actress in recovery and how her mother, also a star in her own right, was not maybe the most supportive person and the toxic relationship between them and between her and show business in general. So it was quite an interesting one and it was a really good look into Kerry Fisher who, as a star wars, fan you loke to look inside of caryfs. If on given the opportunity, yes I'LL GIV I'll give a peek inside more catl too. If the upifter the opportunity comes up just like the God, Damn Sarlak, I know exactly where Bos going, because I'm sure we posted it today to the duing decades, basebook page, yes, little little gym called Howard the duck, no Um I'll Hav, no words against Howard, Tha, O a confantastic movie, I'm boing, a totally opposite D. only movie, that's ever made beasty Alabe hot, I'm just going to put that out there. I don't know about at een when they're, not talking about it. It's still kinda hot yeah len could make me want to Fucka Docor Liatomsin. Now wer Leotalisan, Nielia Thompson, anytime man, I don't judge, wait. I do judge, I do judge Tatwoa all right Bot. So where are you really going actually released on this day in Nineteen? Ninety: An American crime film directed by Martin Scorsasi, an adaptation of nineteen, eighty six nonfiction book, Wise Guy by Nicholas Peleggi or Palegi, or whatever some dud dng Nicholas Anyway, H, good, fellows, it'smitz, Poliguei's, brother, sure yeah. Why not the FIL narrates the rise and fall of mob associate Henry Hill and his friends in family, one Houan, nine hundred and fifty five to nineteen? Eighty, the film has a ninety six percent on rotten tomatoes: lots of critical acclaim in his review for the Chicago, sometimes Roger Ebert, that old Doch wrotequ. No finer film has ever been made about organized crime, not even the Godfather. In his review for the Chicago Tribune, Gean CISCOL said of all the performance Os. OUR FIRST RATE Peshe stands out, though his with his seemingly unscripted manner. Good fellows is easily one of the year's best films, film nominated for six Oscars Peshi, one for best supporting actor five Golden Globe nominations: Lots of other accolades achieved as well, so good fellows September, nineteenth nineteen. Ninety shocker see that one coming no one's ever seen that movie. Nobody all right. L, let's go before John gets into it. 'cause we'll give you your you'r base after you her all for 'cause. I know he gets into a movie. So definitely I'm ready. I'm ready! ORALREADY has so much wrong with this already. So I'm ready to go. Oh Man Mark: Do you want to go first with yours? Well, for my pick, I'm going to go with the nineteen eighty winter for best picture, and that is ordinary people September of nineteen eighty slim month for movies, but we locked out ordinary people, starring Donald Sutherland, Mary tollermore Judd, herschone best picture at the nineteen eighty one academy awards, and this film marked a directorial debut for Mr Robert Redford, who reportedly wanted tor direct. His entire career finally got the opportunity and took scale for his base, pay on this, which at the time was about fifty three thousand dollars, which is the director's Gild minimum wage. Basically, so this movie again it had on nineteen awards and was nominated for another fourteen as well. So that's where I had to go with ordinary people September of Nineteen, eighty directed by the one, and only Mr Robert Redford right and th didn't that that got best actor best supporting act. It won like four Oscars right, yeah it Wa. I didn't want to list them all, but yes, of course, in one best picture, best actor best, director, best writing and then at the Golden Globes best motion picture best director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best New Star Timothy Hutton, who also won the best actor for supporting role. I mean so again much like we see in every few years. You see a movie whether it's Titanacor, whatever that just cleans houses. This was one of those years, nineteen, eighty with ordinary people, all right and allright from mine. In a sneak peak on Friday September, Twelfth Nineteen nd eighty, we got to witness the best New York jets quarterback to ever live, and I'm not talking about Jon Namoth, I'm talking about the jets quarterback that saved the entire universe, not just a planet, not a state, not a game. The universe and I'm talking flashgordon fune thing about the sneak peak h. This can only happen in nineteen. Eighty was that they never mentioned what the movie is, the ads that were out in the newspapers, which I have a clipping for, say earthlings. I am Ming the merciless and I command you to attend a spectacular major studio, sneak preview tonight at eight PM. No Way, no way, you could do that, you know, and ever since the Internet, you cannot do that, and people got to see a gym. Because is a kid. I love this movie and I love it as an adult too, and that's not just because Sam Jones got to play in New York gets quarterback. It's just one of those guilty pleasure movies. It's good verse, evil. You know, then, on top of that T had mazing set design outrageous costumes, especially for nineteen eighty. The effects were good. They were ahead of their time. You know you had the flying Hawkman battle, which is epic, it's and if you've seen the movie three hundred, it's almost a rip off of the Hawkman Battle Yeah. You know the same like cartoon background, the same thing that he comes out of his mouth about going into battle. You know, and then, on top of that, how amazing is this movie? It has queen do the entire soundtrack and it's credited as Queen's night studio album. So how can you not think of Zayeah great movie? It doesn't take itself too seriously, H and again they had to her. I you know they didn't take themself seriously with Thad the hero of the film is The New York chets quarterback for GRINL, perfect throwback to the original thirties cartoon and since Bo brought up Roger Ebert, he actually gave this one a three out of four which, for him is outlandish for a movie like this also flashgordon and Ming's daughter in in the spacecraft, a very early version of poshion backs. I feel anyone else feel that I try not to think too much about that or no neither do I I hate. I hate them both. I just I have to throw this out there just because Lloyd Caffman is a poop culture. Hall of Famer, the movie mother's Day, was also Ralease, Eptember nineteent, nine. Eighty, I'm not submitting this one as one of our picks, but I have to throw it out there and out of the sixty three movies that Roger Eber gave as zero two. This was one of those movies Y, a it's just it's one of those. If you're into those exploitation movies revenge exploitation, you can watch it on Utu, oncroma's channel. I believe it's free so go over to there he's a cultural o famor I gotto throw that out there. It would be blasphemy if I didn't mention it. I I was going to mention T at, but yes, fantastic pick as well. Mother's Day also came out in nineteen eighty, the empire strikes back featur and carry fisher. Oh Man, I'd love to know more about her life. Oh yeah, Pascards from the E G N, nine tee and ninety go checking out that wasn't in September, though no, I know I'm just just reling, oh you're, muddying the water they're Jong already I' moving away from you, it's in of Reference Flashcordin of course, also stars future James, Bon Timothy Dawton, my one of my personal favorite, James Bondes of old thyme, my favorite James Bond of all time, hands down and Rian blessed as the aforementioned Hawkman. Who has that fantastic line? Who wants to look forever s just Incredet tell me that they didn't steal that shit in three hundred yeah. Of course they did dive he's aamazing. I lov briant blitter, who tolks like nherse he's incredible Brian Blessed is one of my favorites of old time. Flash go'd you like to be John Cross's, neighbor reasta. My neighbour has parties on a Friday, n Saturday night keems to me away, so I don't worry about it. M Plus. Everyone should be treated to my Brian Blessed and PR impressionately Spat Aneye, who wants to live for Hev. He's amazing he's also like a a national treasure in England, like Brian Blessed, is just the man, oh my goodness, okay, eighties and nineties movies. This is so hard. This is so difficult, his really an very, very difficult because toll MEO hardiis. Well, because I mean I I unadulteratedly Love- love, love, flashgordon. I really do love Flashgordon, but it'. It's really difficult to put it up against good fellows, I think in most people's minds now the second choices M fo for both teams- I you know- I mean yes, they won lots of Oscas and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah and carry fisher, and things like that. But postcoats fron the edge ordinary people honestly. Is anyone going back and watching those films? At any point? Ever probably not I mean some people might, but probably not not me anyway. So for me, it's all about good fellhows first as Flash Gorden, which makes it even harder um other other movies. You could avpear with flashgordon in the eighties, the exterminator, the wonderful James, glickenhouse movies, efluminator starring Robert Ginti, one of my favorite all time. Taxi driver ripoffs you've also got the fantastic Super Furz, which is a wonderful terance hill, earnest borgname movie that I suggest everyone go out and see. You also have blood beach, fantastic exploitation fill, but really, if you had paired it up with the exterminator in Flashgordon, then I I think I probably would have sided with the eighties. Let's just see quickly, then what the nineteen nineties also had in store for us. In September we had the exocist parody repossessed, starring, original Carsmember, Linda Blair and H, then slumming it Leslie, Nilson 'cause. He he done Nikegny done airplane, but now he's like. Oh what other ones can I do that are kind of ripping off those films repossessed? That was one slumberpotty massacre, three, which is an absolute classic, but really the one that you missed out on in nineteen ninety from September. Twenty first is don't tell her. It's me, the Steve Goodba, the Steve Guttenburg Mullett, biker movie, with one of the greatest front covers of all time and which starts up apparently with Guss, who is a fat cartoonist who recently won a battle against cancer, which is explaining his boldness, but is also lonely. Therefore, his caring sister tries to set him up with suitable women, but but to do so she must turn him into an irresistible man and apparently that's Steve Guttenberg. So I would strongly suggest everyone checked that out hey job before you go any further B we had. We had really close ties like this before, like yeas wher, the judge cand. Do it what if we just throw out the top ten, do you guys have your top ten of the MON top ten movies? I don't, but I could probably fun yeah. If you guys pull up yours I'll, read you our top ten d. they'll, read you their top ten uten from this month, like what we hang like at the time, yeah whatever box office. That's what Wen Mike was doing this. We had a couple that were super closhes. This is it's super difficult 'cause. I your good fellows, which IHE hugely respected, but or do I go flash Gordon, which I superlove other ones in the nineties very quickly, millers crossing and H, Jean Clvandam's death warrant, as well as soft call Pawn Flik Henry and June my favorite as well as hardware. Everyone forgot hardware, of course, that s that also softcore born wers, also smemphis bell came out at Pacific Heights. I have to say, though, overall, if I was going to go with one month versas the other month, it would probably be like if I could only live in September, F, nineteen ninty or September of nineteen eighty. It would probably be September of nineteen. Ninety just based on all the other films that came out because hes death weren't. Is that what it is just because of the accumulates of effect I'd get to see some soft corpown. I get to see some Chanclo van Dame. I get to see some Coen brothers at the top of their game. I get see good vallers I'd get to see Texas will id get to see hardware, I get to see Memphis Bell, spacific heigtes, it's t's, you know and there's also way more movies came out in September of Nineteen. Ninety then came out in September of nineteen eighty yeah, you know what that's the one difficult thing with September: Nineteen Eighty is there werea lass September Nineteen D, eighty releases, but I guess for whatever reason, probably because of the actor strike, they decided to do a lot of sneak peaks that month. So there were other movies that, like Flash, Gordon just flashed for a day and they didn't come out for a couple of months. I J turned my back Ome Flash Golden O here in my Aubif. You wd need to base it on the top ten t I this is what we got for top ten. This is midmonth September nineteen. Eighty we had smoky in the bandit too then now these are Llotop grosing empir strikes back Ito airplane at three Zanidu. For my bottle guard great flick if five octagon at six, the big brawl another good one with Jack Chan at seven dressed to kill, which I just watched last night, again great movie with mcane number, eight number: Nine promnight and ten catty shack, wow, so whatt Otaganas in Chuhnara Santagan, yes chuchnorseagun! That was in the top ten movies. Why somehow it grossed six most mid September, wow, the power of chuck, the power of Chuck and, of course, bicocade wearing a dress, killing people at Neu, Yok Boiler: Oh Yeh, sorry fuck! I just poile a Thot in the Rod, a Ma I do have the top ten year for September Nin. Ninety it was goodfellows number one postcards from the edge number two Pacific Heights number: three death, warnt number four, nero margin: Five funny about love, six hardware, seven millers crossing eight! I come in peace, nine and King of New York as tent Ght. Without further Adou, you got to m make a choiceor here. That's it! We need a judge's ruling, a one, an nine huteen nd. Ninety I ne Ou and nine hundred and ninety Gu. So sorry! So sorry, I'm gonna go nineteen. Ninety l started to celebrate and I reali are celebrating OI ASLI'm. So sorry and I'll explain why they're too pick an number one and number two in the top time to like that's, that's the closest I cald get like they pick two movies that were at the top den plus the rest of the top town were pretty solid, so God damn postguards from the edge. You can't beat that Rightso. Let's move on you guys, you guys get to pick again you're up two to zero alrighty Um. You want to try that hot items out yeah, let's O, let's go oat and burn that bridge gthen, an INTENDO UNDERSTA entertainment system was a video game, console popular yeah at the time and there was a popular franchise called Megaman and September nineteen. Ninety was the release of Megaman three, which is considered on some on a lot of lists. Anconsidered by it was an article in Igen as one of the best sequels that any s has ever produced. It was the introduction of characters that still live on to this day. Twenty megaman games later a Russian protoman. It was the invention of the megaman slide that didn't appear in the first two games and it so it changed the game play, and it was in a time when they could have just been lazy and put out a game similar to megaman one and two. They sought to improve on the franchise and it was a rousing success arousing it was well. I mean it really depends on how you heele about robots. There was some mention prior to the beginning of this recording of what my microphone looks like to you guys and mega man gives me a mega hard on all right, so Megama Megaman, two, three, no Maman, three, oh Magman, three yeah right, so the second one, third, one, third, second sequel, which are always good all right Bo. What are you got? Uh just for the record. I said: Let's burn this bridge because I absolutely fucking hate this category. Every time H, it's hard to find any specific h. You know, months and years when a particular product kind of dropped. So I had I had to choose just some random shit, because everything was either right before r right. After September of nineteen ninety, so I kind a went with the catalogue. The Christmas cataloge selections and popular at the time were ww F, Hasbro action figures. Now you can get just about H, any wrestler that you could dream of. They also had. You know wrestling rings that you could get. These are like huge collectors items now. I think they go for a pretty pretty decent chunk of money, but these were definitely one of the hot holiday items of Nineteen Ninety, so I chose that because it was either that or the invention of kid quisine or grafping calculators, which were apparently very huge. The Texas instruments ti eighty one. The OG was released in ninetteen ND. Ninety, so you get one man you get one, I'm just teling you, the other pool I had to chose oonoan im didn't come out with your grafand calculator, I'm going what the UWF has bro Action figures for Clos. I might have to call you up at a later day, 'cause that calculator talk was h. making me hard, I wante. I want you to talk. I kno planes this weekend. T emoke about the grafping Calculatori want to hear who else's hide. I hot item can write boobs upside down. I do oil wait baby all day, hey pillow poopers mark in the main Croas here, and we are ecited to once again B partner with Biobadan this time to tell you about the new slim, zero, the world's most innovative toilency. Now you can redefine your bathroom experience with the ultimate mathroom upgreen featuring an egiy in stall perience for yourself, why water does it better? The slim, zero toilets see, is e first non electric toilency to feature an nightlight bedayfunctionality, slow, closing lid and Moore, say goodbye to toil et paper and say alo to a cleaner, healthier poopercheck out the new slims zero. Today on Indi Gogo Inat Biobaday, dotcom Mancros. You want to start this one out, yeah sure Um. I know how John doesn't like when I rattle off about old technology, but telovsgrast oplayers listen, I love a good grafping calculator, but when mancrust get in on some minew tie of some like little technological advancement that, if we didn't have that, we wouldn't have toasteround Esterdi just goes on all right. Well, this one was too monumental to pass up. That said, I'll make it short and keep it Inin in Layman's terms, here, ht on September thirtieth, nineteen eighty, a publication was put out by digial equipment, corporation Intelan, Xerox, and that was titled, the Eath Internet, a local area network, datalink layer and physical layer specifications. So what does this document provide us with? You ask how's this for simple. You know that little cable at work that connects your computer to the wall and it Kindo looks a little bigger than a phone Jack. You know what I'm talking about yeah the same one that we've been using for the past thirty eight, some odd years. That is what you call Ethernet. I took over for some other technologies of prietary at the time, of course, they've adapted technology over the years to increase the band with requirements over the years and whatnot, but Ethernet September thirtieth, nineteen, eighty. Without it we would not have AFL THI technology that we had for the past thirty eight years. So it's a cable, then it it is actually the networking topography that went on, but I'm not going to go through all that it's too muchoforme just to make it easy. It comes atually been using for the past thirty eight years, all right, Athan that got it cable all right, and for my pick I am so excited. I get to talk about this one 'cause. This is something that, as a hut, product is something that I've always wanted and was never able to acquire. Although I have read it many times, and that is uncanny x, men number one, thirty seven and of course that is the very famous issue of the death of Gean grey. This issue is pivitle in the Marvel Universe and in the X men universe, because it is the first truly epic tale. Marvels editor and chief Jim shooter came out publicly and said that this is the biggest comic event in the last decade and, if you think of at the time, all the other characters that had been introduced at the time you had wolverine and all the other big x men characters, but no. This brought all of them together in the most epic story line and the way this ended it they killed off Jean Gray spoilers. She kills herself. That is the first time that a character had been killed off in panel since Bucky Barns, but that was later recond. So this is the first time they've really killed the character off on a panel, and it was a major beloved character if you're wondering if this is still relevant. Of course, marvel is coming out with the X men dark, Phoenix movie, which basically retaills this story, and that should be out in theaters an the next year. So just a check, then it's okay, I mean. Obviously, we've had computer games and computer characters n varios other stuff in this category previously. But it's OK to have comic books in this cat. Again we actually, we had more marvel versus DC. U Crossover Back, I'm O 't kn, like February or something so. It's all gone for it'Satsa, no, no ias just not trying to discount it, not 'cause, but I was just trying to check 'cause, I basically whit. This boils down tro this category. Anything you can purchase that came out that month. That was hot right, O 'cause I had O bi had a book in mind and I'm like. If it was a popular book, I always look out for Harry potters. I just haven't hit it et. We Ha Yeah. We had Stephen Kings, the stand, wow, okay! Well, unfortunately, you didn't go for that. If you want to pick it, you have to read the whole thing: Coveror covoard, those are the rules, so you got five minutes, go ahead for CETAIN micromachines go! You have to declare your allegiance to me and to me only by saying my life for you, my life for you over and over again Noy by already C your name Ino my arm. The way you asked Jes. Thank you. That's Whi to Youre J, O hn, though Yahi. I owe something to John stamos too, and I'm trying to cover a lot of bases at once. You can rt so before man crushes hair turns all white here. What's our ruling? Well, I don't think I can discount the Ethernet, even though you know it's really just a cable isure, it clearly is. It clearly is monumental in terms of the fact thor we're Alsat here now on the Internet. We all use at at work, Etcra, eteer et CEERA. U, the Internet is huge Um also, I I don't know much about either megaman or wrestling, so that falls down also if it was the original mega man. I think that would have been more important, but a Mega Mans sequel to me feels less important than like the Ethernet um in terms of death of Jean Gray sure fine whatever, but I think that it's got o listen for Peope for people who are very much into the xmen. I'm sure T was a monumental hot ticket item, but I'm Ginto go with their eighties purely based. Also because I feel like I was very meain to man crushed last time. He tried to do some bitor technology thing and I feel like making it up to him now 'cause at least the IIS something I've heard of before, and he didn't go into some sort of long Ram. I was on of remote control yeah. I was some made up saying no one had ever heard of so I'm Goingto Gooo, I'm giving it to you o Iving Yeu, the eighties M, although I yeah the wrestling has action figures. I I do actually have a friend who deals in rhetrotoys and yeah. Those are, those are big ticket items now, but h, he'se net wins every time guys eighties hes got to take one home today come on Eighta Oego, all right. I do like the way that you threw out the megaman three and try to sell it up. I I respect that lit Joam, orry it'sit was number three anway, but number one in our hearts. That's exactly how I would have thought it. Soan we'll always remain number one in my house mark d. You want to go music next, it doesn't make a difference, but you want to just go music sure fish up wit, news, Aright, we'll go music and you know what man crush I'll start us off on this one, because in nineteen eighty an album came out that I have a soft spot for- and I know someone else who is a regular here on dueling decades Mir Mike Ranger has a huge soft spot for, and that was the dew album by a wrapper by the name of Mister Curtis below who was the first wrapper to ever be signed to a major label and he released his debut album with the song, the braks in September of Nineteen. Eighty and, of course, that was a huge monumental success for Mister curtisbelow and for hip hop really because when you think about it, if the breakes and that album wasn't a success, then the record industry would never have taken a chance on other hip hopacs. So, and still to this day, they call t it's one of these top ten hip hop albums of all time and one of the most influential, as well as the different beats off the album have been sampled many many times throughout the years, so got to go with the staple of hip, hop the Godfather himself Mister Curtis below in his song, the breeks. That's for my pick for music. You can't deny that Guitar Hook, man and the steel drums and the bridge come on yeah. The song has got for a even for, like a hip, hop song early hip, hop. It's got such a funky like seventies, grove to he that, even if you don't like hip hop, you still liked this song and that's what was so important about it. Is it opened up a whole new audience to this style of music right good pick. I like right what you got mancrush Al Rightmy musical choice comes by the way of a band that featured a major star and basically got its name on accident allright. So, as the story goes on September twentieth, nineteen eighty we had the release of blizzard of Oz by Ozzi Osborne was actually supposed to be by the band blizzard of Oz. Apparently Lizard of Oz was supposed to be in a big font on the cover of the record, with Ozzi Osborne in a small fon. However, the record company completely flipped the two around and Ozzi Osbourne was bigger than blizzard of Oz, and because of that, you got the debt Solo. Album of Ozziosborne hea went on to sell roughly six million copies worldwide produced. Probably the most classics on from the album most notably, would be crazy train to this day. You know you can hear that all the time on the radio and it pretty much everysporting event. I was just at a jets game on Sunday and I probably counted ten times I heard I you know so it's a monumental song, the albmalso future superb stylings of Randy roads who, of course, died in a plan crash right after the second Azialum twenty five years old. The dude was a dnamo on the guitar. Still today, people credited him as a major influence and he was the one that told Ozzi in this thing: I'm not a big, I don't play guitar, but BOT. Maybe he could talk to his better, but he said that all metal songs at that point were played in Aande and he wanted to do something different and he was a major influence in that and th. They didn't do that. They did something different one little interesting thing: ijs throwng this out there after this oum came out and after their second album, which was t diary of a madman, came out in nineteen one Sharon Osborn, who was actually at the time was: I think it was his fiancee. Wasn't they weren't married? I forgot her. I think her last name was arden at the time she fired the drummer and the basis which really pissed off randy roads, and he was just about to quit the band prior to that tour. Well, when he died in that plain accident, which is a whole different story, which is a crazy story, he would never have been on that plane. If you quit the band, that's pretty nuts wel, it's nuts is his name is randy Rhodes. The the album has crazy train on it, but he died in a plain CRABADRIV which was flown by the bus driver. What or bust driver Yeah Yep. That's why you never let bus drivers, whoii coke, do that stor fucking craze! Listen! Everyone was high on coke, it was soat. Nineteen ight, Randy, roads, th Y. I don't know what they tested because, like the plane, exploded and t him and the the makeup artist went through the windshield of the plane and they crashed. I A tree split t in half, so I don't know what they they tested. But they said the only thing in his system was nicotine at the time. So he was pretty straight EDGEAS. It came, I guess, Um at least on that night. They probably found his liver hanging from a tree or something I don't know how they, especially in nineteen eighty. But as the story went I'll, just tell it real quick. Basically, this guy, I can't remember his name, but he was the torbus driver who had a plane license at one point and it came out after the crash- and he was in another accident years, befe like six years before that they killed people in that accident as well, and Ah he flown couple of people from the band and then rainy roads and the the makeup artist were on the next plane and they they took the trip with this guy and he was taking low. Like I don't know, just kindof trying to fly over the bus to scare the people in the bus and on the first pass. He did it no problem and he went to try it again and the wing clipped part of the bus and they skidded and crashed in a tree and that's everybody died. E, wouldn't fly by like in top Guni buy puzsn'n a tower Yep man, asshole move once you've once you've achieved at once. Don't go back and try and do exactly don't have fate, bet, Yotell and though his grave to just as worth it all right. So those are our two picks. What o? You guysgot all right Um. Do you want to lead us off this time? Yeah I'll start things off H, Rick. You mentioned that there's a a stadium, Ath stadium, anthem involved with your pick September, twenty first nineteen. Ninety, the twelfth studio album from ACDC the razors edge, is released considered a major comeback for the ban, largely thanks to that stadium. Atthem thunderstruck, which was on the album, also features are youready, which thunderstruck reach number five ore. You already hit number sixteen. I didn't hear that on Sunday by the way Butn are you renny or thunder strunor stroc well, either way. Isn't that a creed song? Are you ready, sure, yeah? Why not albumn multiplatinum five million copies sold reached the US top ten album reach number two won the US billboard, two hundred and number four in the UK a huge commercial success. They return the band of the popularity of its glory years at the late seventies and eighties. The albumhase been certified five times platinum, H in the U S there, you go the razors ACDC September, Twenty First Nineteen, ninety wow good back all right. That is a good pick. My Pen ot my favorite C C album, but it's a it's a solid album ontheless, I can't argue wit, Thunderstruck Man, Sorry Joke O. I is algoodbut of all the ACD ACDC albums. It's definitely the one that came out in September of nineteen ninety. You know I wasn't sure about that at first, but I think you're right. You dispute it. Now that I've said it so mine. I don't have a soft spot for this person as an artist nor as a Canadian, but I I recognize history. I recognize game this September. Eleventh of all days was the English singing debt in the? U S for Selindion, in the release of her album unison, it went platinum in the Ambian; no, it can also be. It can also be used as that as well. It was her first ever English, album ND. It was her first ever release in the. U S for obvious reasons, and it was produced by David Foster. He also composed on it and played piano on it. Randy Jackson of American idol and other fame also played on that album. Like I said, it went platinum in the US and it launched a rather gigantic career, which takes you everywhere from the titanic sound track too. You Know Shein Vegas and everything in between and B I don't know dog. I don't know dog O Gointa be ano for me. Dog All right over to the honorable John Cross. Well well. Well. Well! Well! Well, the Selin Dion Bombshell was, Dr Goodness, me, goodness me Joe, that is dangerous waters to Mein EA, bringing up Dion like that, just wantonly. I do feel ihan though 'cause. That's how I felt. Last week, when I had, or last month I had to do bax strey boys. There were plenty of other fantastic albums that came out n n nineteen. Ninety in September- let's not forget the cactors revisited by third base or Bomania by Betty Boo, was that what Popcos, the weasel or dear twenty three by the posies, come on, who asn't still bupping to that little? What about room to Rome by the water boys ca? That's a great song! It is right! No, but we in all seriousness, though I think we did sit. The overlook came out the same day as the Shery Vey. It's the soundtrack from twin peaks how they held. Do you overlook that? Anyway, I was Gonn H, the same day, Cherry Pie by warrant dropped too Shey P and Daves Stewat and the spiritual cowboys come on now. So many great albums release thand you had to go and drop tdearn on us, instant disqualification right ther. At least. If you were going to go Canadian, you could see what the tragicy hip were doing that week. They must have been doing something better than Dionne was doing but anyw, but probably not as important to Americans. 'cause Americans are like the tragically, who anyway Um the eighties, though my goodness September, nineteen, eighty. What stuff we had going on there, one of my favorite, David Bowy abms, comes out scary monsters and supercreeps such a great, fantastic album. You have Um Ongo Boyngo comes out with that. So y go go, N, go Bo, album comes out H, you have absolutely by madness another fucking grey, album the Jacksons whill hes triumph. It wasn't a triumph, but they hade realleased it anyway. It was like their sixteenth album. I think that was their last album right. That was itto. I think right yeah. It should have been the Wa in the cooling the gang was celebrating stevie wonder with hotter than July. Andy Gib released the greatest Hich who so Owok had enough it to be apretesmaybe. Maybe maybe that's a misspelling, maybe that's matte be greatest t fit hat. They just plan taother out tha, maybe, but I'm going to go with the eighties. In case you haven't realized, I'm Gointo go with the eighties, just because Curtis blow your right Um. What a a forefather H to that music and Blizzdoras, fantastic, album and, like you say, Um, begins ozzis Solo Path, Rowa too, which didn't bring up right in Dalyson. Indeed, m the ACD, album acdt album raises edge pretty good, pretty good and certainly, as you say, return to form from the R earlier work, but I'm sorry, Mr Token, Canadian, by th, dear man. What were you doing? I don't care how many awards she's won Aiga many millions of roums she sold get her off my planet soand. I gave an equally harsh whipping to the backstreet boys when that Oh ye Sur he devery di Um. I I don't bow to popularity here. I only bow to what I like so we're going to go with the nineteen eighties guys also kill a month September, nineteen eighty by all those albums except Andy, gibbs, all right and just to give a quick score update for the listeners here. What are we add? John? We are at two for two mm Ra mm, actually Yo hat three nineteen Ho we AV three. I was a two point round. That's a two point round, O we're around four, where this is it. This is the last round, but this is a good one, because then, sonlast month it was a bow and I had a landslide going on. We almost had the shutout going Ino that final round there wasn't much to play for all the beans are on this last one now, because either team can win. It three points two two point round. Whoever takes this takes it all. Where do you want to go with this one? How many choices? I I think we got to go with H News. Do you sure I' rather go on the news? YEAHLET'S UST? Do IT GORIGHSO? On September twenty third nineteen, eighty, a semipopular artist named Mr Robert or better known as Bob Marley held the show in Pittsburgh with his band the whalers and unfortunately, that concert proved to be Bob Marley's last public performance before his death, just after the performance Marley who was suffering from cancer that had spread to his brain collapsed and was taken to a hospital for the treatment. The rest of the tour was was obviously cancelled and Marley dies on May Eleventh Oanine, hutded and eighty one. But this marked his final performance. The concert has been released. H You can check out the CD in it's full recording. The interesting thing of that is, of course, the concert was recorded by Bob Marley's people as a direct soundboard patch, but the tape ran out right before git up stand up, which was his big final song. So his final song he ever sang in public was never on, was never recorded and held in the archives until it was discovered in the year two thousand by a taper who just showed up the show and had good quality reels of it. So it has been restored Ond on C D, and you can listen to barb marly's final performance from September of Nineteen. Eighty and I've never heard that. I definitely should go. I'm a big Fan, Abo more OA. I should go back and did he had his last alm actually came out n nineteen eighties? Well, didn't it yeah, and this was the I mean you could kind of call this- the final album, because it was the final live performance, but of course they released so many albums after his death right. You know such a pivotal performance in the the Hor in the storied career of Bob Marley. The last am had was that the one with three little birds o? Was it yeah? I think that was the nineteen eight em. I think I had three little brizle birds yeah. I think so it's been a while, since I've checked it out all right so uh, you know our new stories for this month, I think, are very impactful, but both are very unfortunate September. Twenty Fifth Nineteen, Eighty John Bottom, the backbone of rock powerhouse, lead Zapplin, was found dead at the age of thirty, two and supposedly John Bontam had consumed around forty shot of Votka. The night prior was found biinch afternoon at Jimmi page's house, which H poincidentally. He bought that same year. For Michael Cane, not house is a frigging castle Mansin, but by most accounts h he drank those shots during the night, which was a rehearsal and they put him I to bed after midnight, so forty shots and five to six hours, it's pretty crazy and they said they put him n the bed they laid hem on his side. Of course he died of Phyxiation, I'm sure he puked and choked on it. But we talked about last month it wasthe last month than the month before, or she came up for two months. I don't remember, but the death of Princess Diana and John Kindof put that into perspective. You know she was a princess and what did she really change and in this case and wouldould she change with her death. You know, but in this case his death- It's tragic, of course, just his death, but you're. Also talking about the demise of perhaps the greatest rock band of all time. argually bottom was t just the dude. They were smashingthe drums. He was the groove to all their songs, fast and slow. You know- and don't just take my word for it. Take the word of the bands, because in December theye released a statement wish it to be known that the loss of our dear friend and deep respect we have for his family, together with a deep sense of undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager have led us to decide. We could no longer continue as we are and they distbanded because of the death of John Bottam. So not only did John Bottom die but led Zepplin did as well joyes. So inconsiderate you know, broke up lead Zamplin. No one ever shouts a him. They all Shatow Yokaoo about the BETILS, but they ont haver TN for John Bonnane. So, just a selfishness of somethingit's way. Thirty, nine years before you see yeah shtnext yeah that it was major and I think a lot of people don't even realize that that, because there were albums that came out after you know, code came out in nineteen eighty two. So a lot of people think that there was another album, maybe with another drummer. Those were all bsides and other releases that they had with bottom. And then you know they they all went and did their own projects after that, and then, of course, when they got back together and did anything they had his son come in and and play drums, so that was it. I mean his death. That's the end of led Zeblin, a right over to John Cross for the final judgment. No, no, they haven't ta Mor deams. You know I as just about to rule in your favor and Gon, I'm trying to delay the inevitable here Como sitting over there. It's like, I would have gotten away with it to and weren't for you pesky kids, that was so much funni. If you could see BAU's face while he said it. Ao, wonderful, I work thatwell. You know I take my accus from Avagoda, as we all should right, Joe I'M G N, I'm going to fork it over to you for this. Kick this one off here: okay, Um! We go back to September eleventh, I wasn't obsessing or anything. It's just kind of the way it ended up being hold on one second, I' Y, Mike going out of control on Thi oaokay. I again now we got some some jifendly as m r going on here I'll come back to poop culture NPR. I take you back to to for September, Eleventh Nineteen. Ninety, it's another Bush on another September eleventh, has a televised speech where he warns the people of Iraq and this speech actually aired live in Iraq, uncensored, which was not a common thing for television in Iraq, warning the Iraqi armies to remove themselves from Kuwait or they would be removed by force. This is only a few days after Saddam Hussein called for all Arabs to rise up against the West, and this is the the early aggressions that led towards the Gulf War. So you know following this: There was a tape sent from Saddam Hussein to the: U S which was aired, and it was you ow for the regressions coming back and forth this way, and then we know how the Gulf War turned out and got its own sequel with its own Bush son and all that sort of thing. So this was the beginnings of all of that no B B, both those wars were accomplished. We we won. The mission was accomplished, t o wouldn't worry about. Thank you. We have a Britain, a Canadian who's, the Wi here, Britinthe Canadian, did Grat by going N. I don't think they did. Nine Eleventh, the British, sadly, in their way in both wars, followed you guys, validly into battle and I'll point out that they'reex, the UK's military is outstanding. Ter in Afghanistan, doing H, ing that Canadians are great ICO, hey guys, overheryou Donon of we brought some bandades in some Poo Teans, yeah n. You don't want to kill each other, what's Atabo yeah, but you should come over here con to e Orang. Just a O me we'll re get along. We've got some kids in the whole V, H, Justin, bievers, being horn. We have slin Deon, wrecking Canada. For me, Canada Ha Canada has the the franzy here of nickel. Banto maple leaves they have trailer Park Boys. They have kids in the whole, stop bringing up bebron beyond. They have Shatna you're, forgetting the best and most popular Canadian of all time. averal event. No, that is Mr Dave. Coulyer. Okay, go ked out, I'm more crushed than I thought. I'd be that you didn't name me: Obe You're, my second favorite Canadian, after Chris Tierico, that's Nottman, likebeating at Cris Penwa, doing great Oyou'll detus slightly below Michael J, Fox yeah. Well, in your defense, that's shaky you're, the only you're, only the second Canadian Bau nose. Besides Chris Gerico, you know Wha hwhen Bo goes out. He's like I can't be racist. I know a Canadian, not xenophobic o. What is your news? forthe record? I love Oenh. Let's see my news is false: Liter iterly, it was the rest of his life. He was the Laz all right September, Eighteenth nineteen. Ninety o the wheels are set in motion. It is chosen that Atlanta, Georgia will host one Hond, nine hundend and ninety six summer Olympics the centennial addition the Hundredth Summer Olympics. It was held July nineteenth, O August. Fourth, in Atlanta Record of a hundred and ninety seven nations um all ocurrent Io cmembernations, took part on the games fielding a total of ten thousand three hundred and eighteen athletes. Atlanta became the fifth American city to host the Olympic Games, the third to host the Summer Olympics Um. Let's see the Olympiads official themes, someon the heroes was written by John Williams, which became the third musical composition he made for the Olympics. The opening ceremony featured Selin Dion singing the power of the dream. The official theme song of the Gd Ninety six Olympics preparations, so you was so close and then you mentioned deon done. I told you we could skip them, no wait! I can make it worse. I can make it worse. Hang on. There's a bol such a satist. There is a bit from Jeff foxworthy about Atlanta being chosen to host the ninety six Olympics. That is just absolutely astounding. If you can find it, listen to it, enjoy it H, it's a little piece of my redneck path that I'll always cling to. What is it? What does he say its a cliff hanger? If you think that triple jump is hopping over three huddl t puddles a piss to get a beer, you might be a Rednow, I'm not going to say what it is. We need to get. We need to get foxworthy some streams little revenue this week, so I'm just going to task you with looking that up at some point this week, John Cross Dunton Ngot Jog Cross special victims unit. So let us look at this. Then we have celebrity deaths, verses the deaths of many in the Gulf War um there weren't very many debts in the the first Gulf world for at other, not on Irand, probably a few dants. On the other end, I would imagine the're Toche hthat would disagree, I'm with my Canadian brethren here that we do care about children from all over the world, not just our own and and didn't wish any HAV E th conflicts that we've had in the Middle East and then the other one is Atlanta. Georgia hosts the hundredth Olympics. That's a pretty that's a pretty big deal. I guess the Thele Hundredh Olympics. That's that's a a pretty monumental thing! Shame it was in Atlanta, Georgia really um no disrespect to anyone who might be from Atlanta Georgia, but please stay there. I never want to meet and kidding, but it is a horrible horrible place w. were you going to say jokessay? Do you think that Steve Harvey just accidentally introduced Atlanta as the think around that time starve was living on the streets of Atlanta, Steve Harvey's moustache was banging several women in the Atlanta Papelican area and he he owed them a favor Um. But you know Bob Mally, John Bonam Ledzapplin, the whalers that these are monumental figureheads the the pop culture icons they um, their music has influenced people the world over. But has has their deaths influenced people the world over? That's the thing like the new story is their deats. Now, obviously, you could argue that if they hadn't died, then they obviously would have gone on to make lots more music, but H is it? Is it better to what does it blaze out them freight away or whatever the the phrases but um like I it? If you think about it, I they were only twelve years deep. At that point, he was thirty two right but IMAGINELOO huck. Imagine if Paul, mcconney and Ringo Star had been gunned down. AFTO, let it be an Abbey road came out. You know we wouldn't have had any of that wings music from the eighties, which were a vign think about this ebusiness out there me n. let me let me throw this out and it's just the thought I just had had he not died, and I know We'ere assuming a lot here, but had he not died and their rock music which was dominant and they were you would you would say- and I think most would, that they were the biggest players in the game. At that point, would we have glamb rock to ruin? Well, no wouldn't say ruin, but maybe for musicians it ruined it. You know like did they want to DDRESS and make up and do all that that Shit in the eighties? Would we go that route, so you could say that his death? It really is monumental because you don't know where that Kuld have went and what that gave a slave overall, it does save lead Zepplin from going glamb. You are rebut, it does mean that o know we didn't have to hear the whalers go pop. You know that that would have been the way they would have gone. They would have done that. You know they they would have done some disco hits. Maybe they would have gone glad was Homero was eighty. It was nineeeeight they would have go, there was listen, Aba was still putting out music. Don't even get me started on this. We never got the LERSWETS. No, that don't count. They would have started using synthesizes Bob Marle Ha got a big old can of auiet. Yeahhe would have let his soul go. It would have been fantastic, I'm thirty, six years old, and this is the best I'm putting out. So maybe thirty two was the way to go right. Ihink. You got a point there, Joe Yeah. No, I mean it's it', it's very difficult because the show is the show was originally called poop culture, it's about poop culture, it's about pop culture rather and H. Marly and Bollam definitely high up there, but the initial rumblings of the Iraq conflict that in many ways continues today Um and the Olympics, not least of which the Hundredth Olympics. I I hate to do it, but then also wait. Can I also throw this out there? The Middle East has been at war for thousands of years. Iraq was attacking Kwait at the time. So what about the people in Kuwain? It's because of the people of Kuwait are big Selene, Deon fans. No, I'm just saying like if youwere going to say that h there was a lot of lives, tha that got lost in that war. They were alives that were being lost in Kuwait because of the Iraq Mo ot time. a life is a life. Os Lie. No, I listen'! Listen, I'm not debating that at all a'm, I'm talking about, if your, if you're Ni'm, not the MANINATAL, if your new story from September nineteen ninety is the first rumblings of the Iraq war in terms of America waiting into that conflict, rightly or wrongly, no judgements made and, to some extent the UH after moth of that and the continuation of that is still being felt today through a whole series of other things. That makes that new story important and monumental. Doesn't it it's irrelevant? What t' kind of led to that? I'm just saying what that new story then leads to what that speech that George Persenia gave then leads to that we're still living in today. If I look at it personally, it was certainly the first, even though I'd lived through the Falklands, not that that was particularly anything but UM. It was the first war that had any impact on me and I was aware of UH. You know front page news and, and people talking about it and following it and aware of who the president was for the first time- and just I don't know like it, was a that first, Iraqi conflict was a fairly big deal for all of us who was sort of coming of age in the nineties. I do have Desert Storm trading cards. If you want some there's something o Thi Suddey got very serious and I feel like justpicked the eighties to stop this. This no I'mjust Tryingto II'm, trying to Wai it it's a very difficult thing. 'sause a hortz cough would pick the eighties on one thing. On one hand, you have two pop culture icons who totally one hundred percent agree very important that they passed away in in terms of new stories, but the other two things you have. Even if you take I as ongoing conflict in the Middle East from thousands of years ago to to now, you have a stepping stone on that journey of conflict in the Middle East and you have the Olympics that had been at that point going on for a hundred years and still continuing today, I see which nobody watches, but it's still, but when it's in the states it's our time zone, so we more and more likely to watch hat it's true and when an when it's in Atlanta, when it's in in Atlanta, someone might get really drunk and moon someone or head, but someone, so you kno really were set off an explosion which happened at the nineteen nd. Eighty six a way a wite, I'm not going to win either way with T. no there's no way to win with this there's no way to win I've annoyed Atever, Ye, aprifitonn, O your by your votes, 'cause. Whenever you say now, we will bring back and be like rever that time tha. You said this: This is a lot, hits a lot on your shoulders. YOPUTTING! U Lot on! You can heat it. I WAN to lose right. LISTEN IF I didn't, I would not be trying. Okay have ou this mancrush. How about this earlier on the show we said that the early eighties are sort of like the end of the seventies, and we said that the early nineties are sort of a the end of the Eightinh and we always love it on this show when the Eighties Wen so technically, a Wen o, onethousand, nine, hutndred and ninety would be sort of a wining for the age for kissing your sister. It doesn't here it is yea you're, the judge Y. You pick, let's go down to John Cross for the final decision. Of course, the judge's final decision. 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Let's go. Nineteen eighty o Bob Malian combony, and I I tell you why I'll tell you why? I'm sorry guys I'll tell you why I'm looking down here at the notes that I make and and two things jumped out about the nineteen nineties, one George Bush seenear, the other one Atlanta, Georgia, I'm sorry Anselidian what the fuck, what the Fonk this whole time, sily Selindion sang the opening ceremony, bu no th or a I ta the whole time I didn't want to bring it up. I didn't want to say anything, but you know your biased for th Slen, don totally went overlooked until just that moment, plus I'm sorry. I had to end on a controversial level guys I couldn't. There was no way I could win right. I couldn't eit either one I was Gong t. So the only way I could get out of this is if I ended it on a Fuckit, hellmary bomshell. No one was seeing it coming twist at the end. So I'm sorry about that. Alright, you know Jon Cross dos. He can't win either way, but fortunately the audience you guys win when it always comes down to the eighties versus the nineties. But on this individual battle team eighties, the Mamelukes we squeaked Owt of victory or did we continue to the debate online had over to our facebook page and you can join the dueling decades group and talk about it there. I was Gong to Sayn. If you go talk about it on the Jewling decades, facebook page, I will come and tell you exactly why you're wrong and use lots of flowery British swearwards, and that is all the re. All the more reason why you should join the dueling decades, facebook group, because you get to interact not only with us but with John Cross and he'll- put you in your place just like he does to us. That's right and come watch a watch party with us. We've arealdy done three three different movies come by. Who knows one night we'll throw one on come watch this yeah I mean the dualing decades community. It's really growing to much more than the show, and we want to think all the listeners for continuing to support the show. But until next time fellow poopers we're going to send you out with a piece love lighting, a joy have a great week. Everybody Infirmarymedia