Dueling Decades
Oct. 10, 2018

Dueling Decades - The Infamous Gaming Legend Billy Mitchell

Dueling Decades - The Infamous Gaming Legend Billy Mitchell

This week we welcome the infamous gaming legend, arcade icon, and the King of Kong to the show! Billy Mitchell joins Rick Mancrush, Marc James & Beau Becraft for an expansion to our Dueling Decades series! Billy walks us through the history of the...

This week we welcome the infamous gaming legend, arcade icon, and the King of Kong to the show! Billy Mitchell joins Rick Mancrush, Marc James & Beau Becraft for an expansion to our Dueling Decades series! Billy walks us through the history of the Arcade in America and his very first memories of what it felt like when Pac Man fever really hit! What goes in to achieving the perfect score? Billy recounts the tale of that epic 1992 photo of 18 of the worlds greatest arcade game players but why are there only 16 in the photo? Find out the unbelievable tale of what happened to the other two guys when Billy Mitchell fills us in on perhaps a few shenanigans in Iowa! Listen to a gaming legend break down play by play his record breaking gameplay and just how we became the King of Kong! Billy helps to clear up a few myths about him, his many accomplishments and is luxurious hair!

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First, the man who told those kids to dump a red slush on Anthony Micaelhall's head, it's Rickman crush and he may not always wear brown his head, but boy when he does it's bodaceous welcome buby craft. We could not think of a better way to kick off this new addition to the duelling decades franchise, then to bring in a real champion of the eighties and the nineties. This gentleman was the first person to reach the killscreen of Donkey Kong in N nine teen. Ninety nine he was proclaimed the video game player of the century. He was also selected as one of the ten most influential gamers of all time. A multitime record, holder and record breaker renowned the world over. Please welcome the legendary Billy Mitchell to the program. Thank you very much. I precate it very much. I appreciate the introduction it was. It was mostly true the gentlemen thing to me, Curlo, but other than that. I think you got it real close the one, the one thing that comes up all the time- and I see it, come up in different places, and you know it's. One person says that this person gave it to you, the other one. SAIS MTV gave it to you. Where did the MONACOR video game player the century? Actually come from a video game player? The Century I was in Japan at the Tokyo Game Show I was flown there by masia Akamoda. It was h September, O Nineteen, ninety nine. He is considered he passed away a couple of years ago, he's considered t a godfather of video games. He was the founder in Teo of Namco H. His influence in the industry stretched far beyond that. Of course, he was probably B person who was instrumental in creating Jama, Japanese, amusement machine, manufacture and association, which is basically the Association of videogame designers of manufacturers, anything and everything that's in Japan, that is, video games and there on stage it the Tokhyo game, show with the list of accolades that went back to as far as nineteen. Eighty two reently is the perfect pack man in July of ninety nine. He ground me the video game player it the century. It was H, it was ridiculously flattering that he did that and the fact of the matter is it was his prediction that the perfect squarn Packman, which, through the Grat Agud just ran around the world and got a ridiculous amount of attention more than I could have ever imagined. Le said that that was was a rebirth in classic gaming O resurgence in interest, and it was C it was described very much like the way you have a car, and after a few years a car just becomes a car. But after twenty years there's a renewed interest, a car becomes a classic and it s sought after again by the public. That's what he said. What happened with Classic Gaming and sure enough? He was correct, absolutely yeah ye a big time and billy again, thanks for coming on agreeing to be on the show you now discuss games and your illusterious gaming career. We really do appreciate that that said, you are on poop culture and there are some questions that need to be answered, and obviously your champion and you put long amounts of time into crushing a game like Donkey Kong. Let's just say your two thousand points away from breaking the world record, but you got a piss really bad. What do you do? Hmwell the power that gets you so good at a video game is mind over matter and when you really really gotta go you'd be shocked at how good you are at mind. overmate has that ever happened did that ever occur, where you were that close and you were like, Oh God, not now ye. Well, it's funny, because I've said recently that the fact of the matter is when you got to go and you're in the middle of the game. It may even work to your advantage because you're so ancy and you're so in tune to your body's needs that you Taye better attention and there's no chance of you. Relaxing Tor yeah yeah, like if you're tired, maybe it helps wake you up. Yeah everything is running through your body and your your own point. What's the longest you ever stood on the cabinet M in October of nineteen eighty two, knowing that life magazine was imminent a month away and not wanting to be outdone. Anybody a charity called toys for tots is put on by the: U S, marines, maybe all over on. Certainly in south Florida, I gained some sponsors in people who sponsored me for how many hours I could play cenepede. I played forty seven hours on a single quarter and I got twenty five million points, unbelievable a S. so, okay, you had to go to the Batron at some point, ern forty seven hour. Well, yes, you have to go to the bathroom, but first of all you're a lot better when you're seventeen and taking care of yourself and you're, you could go faster at seventeen than you can', a you know, forty seven trine back o the MATEPA. You build up. You fuilld up the men, you need. You have a full rack of men and you run like a Banchy to the Batto, not formly n back clean hands, not glean hands. It really doesn't matter, and you get back to your game when you still have some men left and then you begin to build your men again so that exactly whand those guys who played many many hours. I guess the the longest number of verified hours, a guy, played eighty three hours e playd Cubert wow. It's ridiculous. I can't do anything for eighty three hours. That's just amazing. It's mind overmadder right there, but seriously though you're known for a lot of things: Docky Kong Packman, his Packman Burnar, thimes and Santa Pela. He just said be're, also known for having this lion's manedude you're, like the Brunette version of Darrel Hall. Man Like what's the deal with the magnificent hair, when did that start? Well? First of all, I appreciate the fact that you notice we'll start there and remember. I can't see you so I'm going to go out on a limb here, but when I do panel discussions when I talk to people when I have a question that comes from a guy or from the wife of a guy, it's usually a guy who's pholically challenged, and I don't know I don't know if that fits you at all. It doesn't y here's pretty long, not as not as Nice as yours, but it's pretty long. The truth is, I actually didn't start growing. My hair until I was like thirty. I was not a rebellious teenager or anything, and I don't really have a reason why I did. But when I did, I started getting comment on it and I mean people. Some people tease me some people praise me but Kinda like everybody knew, and I promised myself that when I reached forty years old, I was going to get a real haircut and Um. I liked I lie. I Um. I knew the situation is completely out of hand when I go to the airport one time and I go up to the TSA and I didn't have my license where I would normally have it. I had my Sici and the Tazgu took my ticket and he said: Hey Billy Howr, you doing and I looked at him. I go, you know me he goes Oh, he goes. I know you well Becoese. I recognize you and I thought I don't want to have to carry I d. So I'm not going to get a haircut. That's yeah! I mean it's pretty awesome. You can go pretty much anywhere like as far as video games go at least, and everyone can probably pick you out of her crowd, no problem. They know if that's Billyn metchelso I make sa yet to be honest, it it happens. It happens to me every every single day. It doesn't happen six days a week. It happened every single day and no, I don't get tired of it, and I promised myself that I would never ever ever unappreciate it. I've never ever said no to a photograph O selvy an autograph, a question Hio a handshake 'cause. I never wanted to be tat. Guy That Hollywood guy, I always wanted to you, know, be myself and maintain them personality and fun that I've always had so I've. So far, I've been able to do that. So No, I actually don't get tired of it. I have fun with it. Every time that's awesome, M 'cause I was. I was going to ask you this. You know when people see Billy Mitchell, the King of Kong, you know, are they seeing the real deal Billy Mitchell? Where is it just a character that you plae? Is? I just a CAFAB, but it really sounds like there are two different people that you see playing the game and then you seem like a real stand up guy on the size. Is that KINDOF how it is? Well, yes, to be honest, I throughout my life I I mean I was always at the park. I volunteered I coached um you I I was the parent who drove my kids to and from school I dropped them off. I picked them up um when you're the father, Yo're tropping your kid off and he's in first grade the teacher grab you because you're the guy and usually the knife and says you got a CARV, the Punkins, and so I had a very normal, even flattering normal life, Um, the fun and humor and sarcasm that I have. That is really a part of me. I don't have like serious nature to me. Everything is achievable everything you can overcome. Everything is fun, but in all actuality, when I play the part of me, I just take it and I just push it to the extreme Um, we'll walk into the hotel here that we are- and I I'll say, to try foruse I'll, say what to the counter. Tellamenee te M, WII and just sel Ameno Billy Maein they'll take care of it, and so he walks up the counter, and he says I am Triedforse Billy Mitchell sent me in I'm supposed to set up the Internet. She Goes Oh, no problem and she sets it up. Well, the truth is, I set him up at th fall like all the head of time and I made ha rain. I don't tell him that I just let him think that he's in Ao iperior position to me, I'm going to try that next time my wife and I go on vacation yeah, it's easy to just push itto the extreme, and you know that's, but the truth is I you now I don't have an unkind nature at all and um not at all, and I enjoy shocking people. I enjoy meeting people who walk up and they go excuse me. I don't want to bother you and I say what do you think I'm here for I thin for every person that comes up and wants their picture takein with me, and you don't want to take a picture. Is that what you're telling me? No? No, that's! Not what I'm saying I go and get over here and take a pincture. So yet I I have a lot of fun. I do it's gratyou mention your kids. Do they have the same affinity in the same expertise in the realm of video gaming that their father has well, my daughters would play for a little while get bored and run off and do something else: mmy, son, absolute extreme, Um, extreme player, extremely umis to say, occupied his time, an understatement, but he worked hard. He worked ridiculously hard in sports. He was offered many many scholarships. Of course he chose one, and there were so many times that I was Gong to take video games away from Hem, I mean through high school. There was times when I would wake up after midnight two and three and four in the morning and I'd find him plain, and there were so many times. I was shoangry and I was going to take it and I never did because he always had one over on me. He had a four point: Nine Grad point average I wa. What was I going to do telling me's doing something wrong and exactly? Why? Is it not a five point now yeah, I never did take it and at times I thought I should have ban. I guess I'm glad I didn't because he's in a place and an opportunity in a in a world that I I would have never imagined myself in or even that I could help him get to so Um and if you can imagine, I certainly never had the maturity that he had when he le when he was leaving. He said that he said when I go. He said I can't bring these with me. He said I have to leave him here and he left him at home as much of a passion or obsession he had for them. He recognized you know reality and he couldn't take that passion or that whatever you want to call it with him to college he had to, he had to leave it home and move onto the next face. That's still cool he' he's moving on to something bigger and better, however w when he comes home when he comes home, then he's visiting I hardly ever see. I me UTPLAYS Games, poin Brosi, guess it stilgets them a little bit it's in the blood. What does he play for Games? Surely not the same games that you enjoy? Oh no now he recently started playing donkey Gong. But if we put that aside, I'm hardcore hardcore X, box Um, I yeah h he'll play t fortnight Um, but I mean whatever everybody was obsessed with it: the time whether it was Calla, duty or or coner or anything, that's what he would play and Um he played online and he's upstairs and he's in his room and things go right and he's laughing he's lapping. So loud I can hear him downstairs. You know things go wrong and he's dropping all kinds of bombs. WAKING THE HOUSE UP UM! So it was, it was one extree another. I have no idea where he where he gained that passion, but he got I just moving onto the game stuff, real quick. You know, as you may know, doing decades, we focus on t e Nineteen D, eighties and nineteen nineties, but you've been gaming since the seventies and we've heard you discuss this before you know you have a pinball player background from the Seventies. However Wat we want takes back N, thosand, nine uteen and eighty billie walks into the arcade. You look left and you look right. What do you see? Well, what happened was, for example, as a kid I was playing a pinball and it was evil caneval, and it was the first tinball that I electronic involve that I dedicated time to not the old standard, rouhhouse ones right and I remember playing it and playin it and as pinball advanced in advance and the Games became different and different. I kept Itin aggravated thinking and why did they have to keep changing in changing and so again it's nineteen eighty and te ISG urgs the late seventies, doing atthe. Eighty and there's this game space indators I mean it's: Okay and thenthere's this game afterward and it's kind of annoying. You cand hardly control the ship and really it was all annoying because I wanted to play pinball cause. That's what I was good at and that's what I could beat everybody at and I like playing what I could win at, but less and less and less competition. Unless attention was coming to pinball and it was all going over to video games and there's this big yellow game in the center of the arcade everybody's standing around, I doN'ta I just you can tell I don't embrace change very much. I tend to stick to my own ways through the years and so I walked over and I thought in all the competitions on video games and I like competition, so I went over and I couldn't get to that big yellow thing in the middle of the room where so I managed to get over the donkey bon and I started playing and playing and plaing and playing and having my obsessive nature and, as I'm flaying, the scores going higher and higher tidn't hired anybody in the arcade, then I'm driving around to other arcades. Looking for high schores or F people who could play, I found myself driving all over the state, and so finally I asked this guy I sais Um. I I mean I had called Nintendo. I called Ha Distributor, I'm trying to find out where it is. They have contests where they have high scores, whats the world record and nobody had an answer and I asked Tagay. It was funny. I did finally get those answers, but I went to the guy at the arcade and I said, tohim my go hey, who do they have contests on this game? An EGO's contest on that game SAR he goes, they don't have any concests on that game and I go why not he goes. Why would they have contests in that game? And I we have a contest on Trong. He Goes Wol, that's 'cause of the movie and I says well yeah, but why wouldn't Sheu have a contest on his cape? He goes. Oh, that game popular donkey carn. He goes, but it's not like Pak men and I go mean it's not like Hackman. It's, don't he calm nd. He goes yeah donkey, Kong's popular but nothing's like Packman. So I looked at him and I go oh really right I'll, just get the war record, I'm pack into that'll take care of that. So that was my inproduction of paction. So people always asked me about my first interaction or encountered with video games or, let's say Wi, Akman and I'd say. Actually it was kind of hosstile. You know it really was and Um. I was annoyed that there wasn't an organization. I was worried. Tha. I was annoyed that there wasn't an organized competition and I mean there is for any other sport. There is fo Bowlig, nobody ever says she, let's drive down the road and go bowling. Nobody ever say that bolden exists because of leaves and organizations and an effort put together. So that's what I always wanted for video games, and since we talked about the year two thousand and Masianacamoda and his prediction that Batagini would have a resurgeon. It was at that point that I took on the position for the dominant position that I took on was to become an ambassador or an advocate for a competitive gaming, and that's what occupied the majority of my time and in e gaming world sense en because to sit there and just simply beat and pound on a game or numbers to go a little higher and a little higher was less rewarding than actally, putting together Wer, helping together organization and enthusiasm for competitive gaming, because the gamers and what it takes to achieve the amount of time attention and everything goes into. It is equivalent to most any sport. So why not give them that name order recognition, as my thought that perfectly seguays into my next question, you know back in the eighties video you in you might find it hard to believe. I can kind of read your mind thand. I know your questions that are coming, so I'm I'm helping you out here, okay, and so you know back do et, but you know how I know that, how do you do that onbilly Mitchell oke going all right billy. So if you know what I'm going to ask, you can perfectly answer this. You know back then, in the eighties it was very much a social activity going to the arcades playing games with your friends and then home consules came in in the nineties and it Kinda. It seems like to me at least then it became a sport for more for loaners. Now, with the rise of mmos, an online gaming in places like twitch like this. Do you think it's once again becoming a spectator sport only virtually yeah? I think it goes. It went in to different phases, for example, as you said, in the nineteen eighties. Okay, video games were great. They were awesome, go to the early eighties. They they truly were awesome, but what made games so awesome was the arcades you wanted to be there. I mean any one of us can turn on a radio. Okay, so we're we're twenty years old. You can turn on o radio and that's great okay. Any one of us can make a drink or eat some food and that's grate, but that doesn't compare when you put those worlds together has a twenty year old R. Excuse me twenty one year old and you walk into the nightclub and you meet your friends. It takes on a whole nother meeting. Well, games were great, but games were never really that fun when you played them in a doctor's office or in a seven eleven g. When you wer in the Arcade and you interacted with people- and you could show case, you could neet friends, you cand learn with your friends. You could push forward. You know Torto tree projects together, and that was awesome in his social aspect. was truly great, really really great? The arcades were such a phenomenon in the nineteen eighties. You can look at very, very well documented that the movie industry in the music industry took a significant financial hit because of the attention t at went into arcade, therefore, away from them and thats such an interesting thing is the asthetics of an arcade and you've probably been in hundreds of not thousands of arcades across the country, so for our younger listeners who haven't had the experience of an archade paint the picture, the smells the fields. Wou Know What were the foods? The snacks described the ultimate arcade experience. Ok, for example, since you're asking me I happen to have lived in south Florida where there was the world's largest arcade. There were over a thousand Games um at one point I remember we were there when there was pacman and Missbackman and junior packman and all those derivatives of Packman there were almost a hundred of them in one arcade. I remember when punchout came out, they had punch outs and they were lined up and there were thirteen of Hem blind up in a row and when I thought that's insane Lookat at it thirteen I came back the next day and it was eighteen of U Erow Jeez. You could stand at one end of the arcade and looked to the far end, and it was so big you couldn't you could see, but you couldn't make out what the game at the far end of the arcade was well. Anybody who's ever been to a concert being in that arcade was very much like being a concert when you walk through the arcade. You know, if you're the person who has a problem with the bumping N in touchies, you know then you're in the wrong place, because you couldn't walk through without brushing people on all four sides and people brushing you it was elbowed. Abl T was absolutely a fire track. Hon Youwo was kin who Oky and you went through there, and you know I. If you were very prude about yourself. It was definitely not the place you wanted to be. You buy the same coken he wiked out for the pervert because they could have hands all over the place. Itwo'd be like a concert, you wouldn't even know it Ando God everybody was moving and you would get game to game now. You're sitting there and you're playing a game and every game has tound, every game is turned up and you could just as easily have a conversation with he person. Next to you as you would, if you were at a Ronk councert, I mean it was really loud and you'd. Think about that. How could you ever possibly have any fun or enjoyment in that atmosphere? Yet that's where everybody wanted to be, and so the arcades were like that. If somebody smelled you knew it 'cause Inwere, tmposed Tou, you know, if Um, if somebody stilled something that still got shared with many people again, it was like being at a concert. Now you could be in smaller arcades, quieter atmospheres, and that is true and supposedly that's a better atmosphere. But for some reason you just didn't enjoy that atmosphere as much and you go back to the more hostile, the more dirty or the more smelling ones. You know Um people always say you know, if you're, when you're in a restaurant and you or in your you're, in a bar and you're sitting there and you're eating at the bar and if it's kind, O dirty or kind of Smelly, you'r kind of not quite right is probably just the place. You want to be ats like that scene and rocky. You know he doesn't rock. He doesn't train in the nicest to gyms. You know he trhanges in the dirty and Grungy Gym or outside on the Wilderness. You got to do that with the arcade. You got to go back, yeah, you're, absolutely right and, and what was funny about it was you would be there and you play in such a loud obnoxious, overwhelming atmosphere and somehow, at least for me, you could take and create total radarlock on what you were doing so now, even today, I'll be with somebody and will go to a barcade and the lights are flashing. 'cause. There's people dancing and lights are flashing and Music Flaring anthere's people everywhere and I sit and I got total rated arlock and if we're streaming, someone will say: Oh No, this is horrible. Nobody can enjoy this dream, 'cause of the noise and all that I go hom O, I didn't know it. Ois e used to stream because I got used to plaing in that atmosphere and maybe that challenge was something that was good 'cause. It made Yiu focus harder, maybe right, so that was like your home turf back then, and before we get too far away from this, I just run O rewind a little bit K in nine ten and eighty two, like you mentioned before you Menton before, just as we started well, you were talking about the atmosphere of the arcades in he eighties yeah and I think we went when we went into the nineties and eeven a little past it the atmosphere. Excuse me, a video games was yes, she sat at home and you played and you kind of played by yourself. It was most antisocial, anti, arcade and least enjoyable moment you would possibly have, and so maybe to answer your question is, it came is now in the world of switch and many other things. You sit there and you play, and you play a new stream with people all over the world you play against them. Maybe that's good, maybe that's sociar to the arcades in some ways than we were in the nineties, um in a lot of ways. It's much furteraon ide ad ever works yeah at the end of the day, you're still sitting in your room playing with yourself and hey pillowpoopers mark in the main Croash here, and we are ecited to once again be partner with bi opending this time to tell you about the new slim, zero, the world's most innovative toilency. Now you can redefine your bathroom experience with the ultimate Mathrem upgrem featuring an Edi wyin Stong eperience for yourself, why water does it better? The slim zero toiletse is the first non electric Cilecy to feature an nightlight bedayfunctionality, a slow, closing lid and Moore say goodbye to toil e paper and say alo to a cleaner healthercheck out the new slim zero today on Indigogo INA biobaday dot can now you can use premotood oop culture for ten percent off your order. Let's get back to a time where it was physical, where you guys were alltogether, and I want to go back to that nineteen. Eighty two, the second time Time magazine put out a piece in it too, was when they invited all you guys out there, and you guys did that article. He took the picture, and that was just like the craziest time ecause. It was so new at that time. Do you remember what led to that times article being put together at that time? Yeah Um Life magazine? What happened was I had made contact Um Ofwith, the scoreboard. I had made contact with Walter Daid and I had made contact again back then imagine how obnoxious it tounds. I was making long distance phone calls a talked out. A Fir probaly cost you like ninety dollars, e H, I tellit I go yes, somebody would call the phone would ring in the kitchen, I somebody would answer and he elped me upstairs and I had to come down and talk to him in the kitchen. He looked at me like why. The last thing I want to tell you is my daughter, said to me the other day, she's laughing. She was dad. I went to Mississippi and I go yeah where her friend is and she calls me and she go Gati'm on this phone yeah. She Goi pick it up, and I take this thing in a circle and et goes se talking about a roting phone and I started laughing like you and she goes have you ever seen? One of these never like I don't know like it's something newer but anyway, so I had gotten in contact with different players and having met different people on the phone verbally and now it was the first gathering it was coming and to give an idea without lying, I'm sure paranoia is the right word: I'm getting ready to go there and I'm paranoid to the Point Gee. I think I should take this CENUP preed game and I should put this record under my belt, so I go there kind of a little more qualified. Actually I actually went there wondering or nervous or Um, not completely comfedent, that I was good enough for that. I could sit in, and so I was there and I'm e were guys from Canada and California Se Hes Far West in Montana, Kansasyeah there was Kansas. O was Chicago, there was North Carolina, so we all gathered there and we would play and when you, when you would play- and somebody was watching you suddenly- you were nurses because they're watching you and how good are they and now they're watching you and you'd rather watch somebody play than have them watch you right and so that went on for about a day. But there was this particular guid that I had to play donkey gone that I just knew that he wasn't as good as me. I just new it. This was the Steve Sanders. Yeah it was sanders okay and so what happens is um I mean I couldn't have drawn a better picture. It's Saturday night, it's the highlight of the weekend: The cameras of Life Magazineare there there's a video crew there, who's filming things, just historically afor Walter and there's what you consider the best video game players and he says to me, I'm I said I had him cornered. He had to play, and so I says we'll come on we'll play. I I go actually I go. Let's not switch off that Brak Cencintration, you go first and he says okay and he played and I'm sorry one thing about game players whenever something goes wrong. It's always the fault of the joystick or the button or somebody leath on me. Don't stare at me. I On't Chg. You know, O ler got my eyes, so I said I did, I said everything's. Alright, everything checked, TA, joy, yeah, everything's, fine, fine, everything's, fine, and so he played and he played donkey go and he got o hundred and ninety thousand and just to be fair. At that time. Anybody who got a hundred and ninety thousand in a game on Donkeypon it any arcade in the world would be the center of attention. Every single eye in the arcade would be on you. The game had been out less not more than a year and without a doubt you would be absolutely the focus in the arcade and he got a hundred and ninety thousand and there were some people that really looked closely and paid attention to him. And U so now he was done and I I could. I can vividly remember the thoughts tone through my mind, but I'll skep them for minute, and I sat down and I put a quarter. N E got a hundred and ninety thousand points in his game and he stood there and he watched me and he never stepped from my side on my first man alone, I got eight hundred and forty nine thousand cents, God every single gain in the arcade was silent. Every single person was silent and when I realized then I looked over my shoulder. Every single one of those players were standing behind, trying to get their space into the screen and th, and the two different cameras in the room were focused on the screen, and it was that point I mean they just I'm a person who believes in good fortune and believe me. I have been dealt a good fortune in my life, but I was there amongst those guys with those cameras and that opportunity and with that opportunity, the situation that fell my way and it did. That is what, without a doubt, forever put me in the competitive nature: The competitive fever of the gaming world. Without a doubt that that is the moment in the game and again in front of the cameras of life magazine in front of you know the birth of East ports and what is considered to be the group of the best players in the world that is. That is absolutely for sure. May I say something for a second yeah go for m how old were Yo? I was. I was seventeen seventy sen years old. Well, take this subject: Big Consideration Before I've Owa used the bottom oatquake at Seventeen, eight hundred tive thousand first man, and no one can ever dispute that because Mane didn't exist right right right right, that's h! It's a really superimpressive. What was your score when you finished that Game Ohl, I finished with Um eight seventy four because we hit the killscreen, and that was the first time anybody had ver gotten to the kill screen and, of course nobody in the room knew what that was like and everybodys staring and looking at each other funny and Um. So it was that killscreen that, and again there were people. There was one person who claimed he had gotten higher than that and the question was well how'd you get higher than that with the killscreen Um. Well, I got there in my first man, so it didn't have a kill, scree, and I said Oh ok, I mean I knew otherwise, but I'm a kind natured guy, so I played and played and played and played nd eventually got there, and I got there Oun my first guy in the kill screen and then he said Ah well, I I think you just had a different kind of machine than I had, and I said Oh okay and the pressure built up for about. I wouldn't say six months, I would say a little less than six months and then he wrote a letter to me to everybody who was there Um at light magazine along with Walter, and he just wrote a letter of apology and he said he was sorry that he never did give those scores that he said he got and he said he felt like he cheated me out of my place in history which he didn't, because when I did it there and I did it in front of the cameras- and I did it live, and I did it in front of the people- and I did it with that passion and fever- that we talk about the arcades gave everyone ou know, that's truly what was worth something when you read about a score. That's on a piece of paper, that's in in a magazine that just doesn't have the same passion so me, and I are actually friends today and I don't hold any Il- will towards him. He was a. He was a teenage Funkin. You know he did what he wanted to do that fuelled you to that score. That night cas you Hel on Er yeah. If I, if I knew I was as good as he was, and if I knew he was that much of a stocker, I might not have pushed so hard, so yeah right, true and you had all those nerves. Everything was running through you now one of the interestings that things I've read on the Internet, you know over the years Sunday November, seventh, nineteen, eighty two, the sixteen of you guys. Sixteen is what I'm saying, but you guys took this photo at eight o'clock in the morning, and there were eight see where this is going. Buhe said: okay, what happened to those two guys? What did you G now? I kind o know what you guys did Saturday night, you were playing this game, but what else happened? Why didn't they make it to the potion? Well, what happened was there was a guy from Montana now, the guy from Mantana? If you look at the full photo he's not in the foll photo, but he's in one of the individual photos down below and the guy from Alberta he's not in an individual photo and he's not n the big photo, he was a complete zero. But I know it happened to him because we were there and we're in a hotel room, and you know we were just doing nothing tor doing what teenagers do and they come busting and banging into the room stumbling and you know laughing and giggling and drinking and having all kinds of fun. Silly time and UH. I remember one guy. Well, I, like your show, so I I can remember some of the humor that they said 'cause. I have an ofulre memory and Um. You know come in a second time and we're trying to sleep and he goes. I can smell public hair all over the place. Haven't ad e. What D he e each time he walks in the room. Um He's a little he's had a little more and more fun, and so now it's the morningtime in Walter's pace, ing back and forth. He thought his daughter was in the delivery room given birth or something he's pacing back and forth. He ecoes, I can't believe it. I can't believe it and I go what he goes. He goes you're kidding me and Huh. He goes. This is some kind of sick joke. He goes. These guys drove all away here, all ower a year. He goes two days to drive. He goes you're not going to make the photo and I go. I don't I don't even know the guy's names I go. I don't know, I guess not. I go, he goes well. Where are they and I go? I don't know he goes well. Did you see him last night and I go yeah? They stop by a couple of times. El Know what he're doing, and so they went all theway there, and I talk about this historical moment. I talk about the birth of East ports, life magazine the first gathering of competitive game players. You know I talk about the time I had and you know the first killscreen and I mean these guys had to they were there at the doorstep of history and they didn't step in the door. I mean I mean I've, I've cross past with each one of Hem. Once since then I mean I, I almost don't know what to say when I 'cause the subject always comes up o know who say: Hey Ho o say they say: Hey hey how you doing I go better than you ar you. So I mean you know: 'cause, you gotta, you gotta have tick skin to hang around 'cause. We, you know, we have a rough sense of humor. Yo, know thereare any plans to recreate the photo again in the future. Well, it's funny. You say that, because each year that we have an event here in Otoma we have recreated a photo ight, and this year I haven't heard anything about it. But each year that we created there are some people that are always here always like me, like Walter, normally joll, west Um, there's other players that will come. You know every few years or they'll skip a year, some that have been here just one time and um the last serious gathering we had where most of the players were. There was in two thousand a five and some guys are lost and they want to be lost. One Guy h changed his name wow. He came a professor awake for he's, not there anymore. U, he was a guy who, basically I don't know Ho I skeletons in his claset e. He doesn't want to have that history. There was another guy who went to prison for eighteen years and he doesn't want to be found because he doesn't want anyone telling his story, but there was one guy. In particular, it was just a plain old, normal guy. Believe me when he talked he was full of sugar Um. I mean bun anything he said wow. You know, you didn't really know what the name he was sweet and he could never ever ever be found. Ever we had professional guis from companies from movies from private investigators who were trying to track down different guys, and this one guy could not be found. We were saying Gee, the guy went to Hawaii and he must have drowned. I mean he just he's nowhere at all. Ever this is one of the originally Willian you're talking about yeah. He was the guy in the far back in the center, with blonde curly hair, and then one day, a year ago, Walter was in Boston. He was at a newspaper and this particular newspaper had interviewed Walter many many times you walk in there and you put your name in their in their computer and it pulls up every article that you've ever been mentioned it, and so he looks through the articles and he finds the article with this one guy, an ame dog, and it mentions him and any article that mentioned Walter that mentioned Doug mentioned at dug, gave birth to or his wife. He had a daughter N me say that way and she had she had an extremely unique name. One you I've never heard before. Truly unique and Walter said wow, he put that name in facebook and one person came up and the name matched the name t would be his daughters. He called tha daughter, the daughter, said: Oh Yeah, my dad, Oh yeah, my dad, Oh over here yeah. He lives not too far. Oh here's, his number and Walter Tried and did get 'im, and I tried and yeah almost a year ago, O he picked up home and so the one guy, the last guy that we never could find we finally did find, is Um. In addition, one guy that was in the photo, the first, the first of all of us fanslly he passed away. U To, I guess nature's still going to take its course eventually on all of us, yeah, of course, now the guy that you guys found he didn't want. He was not interested, I guess in being part of a photooh. No, he was he said. When we go to California, he would come out to an event. He was very friendly. He called back. I had wanted him to be here last November N. We were here and he called it. The last minute said he'd like to, but he couldn't. He said he'd stay in touch and I guess we're goingto be out in his area in March and hopefully he's going to come. See US nd to be on is Um. No bands are GOINGTO play and nobody's on a line up for the guy or nothing. It's just neat to say hi to a guy who was with us when we turned a page in history, of course, really need and Ididt nee that about any one of 'em and even the guy who went to jail, I mean I'd, say Ido, I hope the best for Emo. I hope his situation is turn better and you know I hope his family's better and it's just kindo neat to say hi to the people who ere there when you, when you turned the corner in history, Don lookd like a fool. This fall yep up your sure game with mart call o the freshest most Bi Chirt you'll find browse an entire selection featuring eighties and ninetys pop culture, designs, Ro, Germyn, Mister, Beldi and more and for the latest and greatest keep a tab on our new arrival section, whatever you're looking for you'R kind, it amost ot at TAT, SM yrx, Dod, Nat use Cold Poop for twenty percent off your purchase, Mork God hat t's, flash foward a little bit just because of h time, con strengths and stuff. But let's talk about Pacman and what led to that perfect scone, Ou and nine undred, an ninety nine. You were talking about earlier, well: N, nine teen and eighty three eating anhe's waiting, Pussan forsh. I think the word is out that were here in this lobby of the hotel an streaming and we have friendly that came to sit and watch Gro Nice. What happened? The it was nineteen N, eighty three, the end of nineteen, a D, eighty three and me, and a friend of Mine Chris, had taken accman machine and Um really really went through an analyzation process on points, because we wanted to determine what a perfect score was. We knew the game would come to an end. We knew the game would ha e would run out of memory. We knew that would be on the board two fifty six and we had been to it. We had played to it, but it's really a strange anominaly what happens and how would you calculate Um what a perfect spore was, so we eventually did it. We mapped it out Um, we gained a hundred percent understanding of it and he shared that fact. With Walter Day we shared it with him. We told him about it m, he understood it well, and it was just a secret tiy CHEP and I would say, between the three of us, but Walter didn't know what we said. He didn't know how it translated. We just did the secret and, as we say, the close of the golden age of video games, we say that it came to a close, I n, nine Huteen and eighty six right Ho waren't any more contest to speak of Um things were moving towards the whole home games. There was no resurgence that eventually came after twenty years, and so things just went quiet it it's a period in time that we often prefered to as the dark ages and every once in a while. Somebody would contact Walter and say something like yeah. I got there's many points on pack manner. I can do this or I can do that, and Walter would put him on the phone with me and I'd, say: Okay and I'd ask Hem a handful of questions that they had no answer to. It was just a crash and burn. I would wish him toad luck and sent hem on the way. Sometimes they would tell the truth and then I would help hem and I'd I'd help him, because I knew what point to start at to help them and then I you know I'd help. Hem, you know achieve hiher scores and things like that for one day in nineteen, ND, iehty, nine a call comes in and once again a call comes into Walter and then Walter called us it's a couple of guys in Canada. The guys in Canada say: Oh Yeah, we can do a perfect spore yeah. We know what we know all about it, and so Walter Calls Me and says I have these guys who say Owabe inceed, and would you talk to h m, and I said yes sure and I actually got my friend Chris on the phone and I again I got a vavid memory. Yeah Chris Walter's got a couple of guys on the phone here. So if you got a minute I will call Hem and e just blow hem out of the water. That was my work lowm out of the wall. He said: Yeah, okay, so there's five of us on the phone ne Walter Intwo guys in Canada, and my friend Chris and I said so um the guys that played a lot yeah they've been playing Stetalysin, nine teen and eighty nine. I go oh late, bloomer yeah! I go okay and I go um. I says: Okay, I go well, I go. Let me ask Yo a few questions and I asked them a half a dozen questions that nobody in the World Hos the answer to. Nobody is not any book or anywhere and there are no website to speak of yet, and I fired a half a dozen questions at him and he fire the answers back at me exactly as I would have answered them. Fires on yeah for a moment of silence. I said the Walter I said: Yeah. Okay, these guys are for real yeah. This is real, and so me and my friend Chris, as I said to my go, we sat on our hands all this time. He daisee great. We got a secret and we never went in any manner in any public place and executed it and now johnny come lately are going to come along and be this in the punch and he's funny. He says: Johnny Come Lately's, I says yeah, he says you mean Canadians come lately, that's what he says Oso. So at that point there was this race for the perfect pack. Man- and I mean I hadn't played say any degree to speak of Um in more than twelve years. Let me ask you a question real quick on that. Why did you wait sixteen years to even try it well well, just flat out because Number One is laziness, but most of all a couple of times Walter brought it up a couple of times and I said to Whem, I go oldme she's going to get up there and play a perfect game for the hack of it. I says I specifically remember saying to Hem Mi go. Why don't you go set something up like in the hard rock cafe in London or something I'll do it there? I did. I said that, and but really that was an excuse, and I should not have made that excuse and Um so and again, because competitive gaming had come to a close and that same fever or passion. That is what ignited US and made us want to go to these events that we would travel around the country for they weren't happening. So it was just a different mindset in nineteen and eighty six. I looked at myself and I said Jeeze I'm not going to sit here and play video games forever. I gotta you know I gotta be have a real life and real responsibility. An I took at passion and obsessions that I had developed video games and I steered him in a career oriented way, and so I began to get other priorities. That's or right. Okay, and it's not it's not until you think you're going to lose something that it makes you o actuall won, go right, yeah yeah! So then it was the race for the perfect score wol in all reality Um. I tell people that in the world of pacmen there's about a half a dozen players that are here, okay, but there's two of us they're here and so we began his race for the perfect Hackman and right away. There was an event Um in New Hampshire. I went there and my Canadian friends, it wasn't a friend then, but is now um was there and I'm playing, and I hadn't hardly played for twelve years and I couldn't believe I'm beyond a million points, and I said this is unreal. I'm going to do this. I haven't even had a chance to practice and I was it I maybe it was one point: seven million and suddenly I died and I was so angry and so upset 'cause. I died away that I I never did before of Hit, and so he um I just got up from the game and walked away. Iu was so mad. Everybody was watching. Well then he, my nemesis, stepped up to the machine and started playing and his plan and his plan and his plan and I'm getting M. Nobody knows it, but I'm getting visibly more upset at myself as time done. His scores going up and eased two million points and I walked away. I resigned myself to the fact that all these years, ar sitting on my hands in Nonn Im lately but yeah right. So I remember vividly again his games here and all eyes are on his game and I'm around playing a game on the opposite side to him, and I remember specifically out playing agame Bagmen and I'm just so annoyed and suddenly I heard that most beautiful sound in the World Wa ono up Yo, O packed meand died. Suddenly I shut up inattention. I raced around there and I come over completely casual it out and I look and I go and he turns around an he looks at me and he goes. I can't believe that he goes. That's never happened to Mbe before I go wow yeah. So that is what happened to me. You know I just I just try not to let out my satisfaction that he had suffered the same fate as me, but something different happened. He got up there and he played his game to the end. So he played his game to the end, but he died one time and what that means in the world of perfect Packman. I became ninety points, short nine Dots Oran. He did it and he did it before. I did it. Okay, and that was the end, and so we shook hands and we said goodbye and the next time I went I played now, I'm slaying, and this is no joke. I'm playing! Oh I'm sorry, I practiced in the morning and I practd he practice. At night I sent out a little pressrly saying that I was born back there and I was going to achieve a perfect score and the thing is everyone's laughing Um media people- a Tellin me. Well, that's never been done before I said. I know it's never bed up before, because I told you I'm never going to do it and you thalk about Cocki Gy says well, he goes, you know you could lose and I I could lose, but I go uput not this time he goes. Some people are bat against you. I says that anything. You want. Don't bet your life, I mean, but I I built up that level of arrogance, because I felt that ptthe pressure on me to do it. What most people don't know is I announced I was going there announced. I was doing it of course, and I was doing it at the busiest Darcade, the largest darcade in the world on the busiest weekend, but what I didn't tell people was: I bought the plane ticket there ID never bought a retururn ticket 'cause. I didn't know how long it would take 'cause. I wasn't coming home until I did it. I mean I wouldve n Li ruin, iwern Beng, going to stay there for weeks and yeah yeah. If I had to, but the funny thing is babrute. You know he pointed at the wall, the differenceis he hit it over the wall. If he had struck out, he'd have been just a laughing stock e Hun't have been a joke. He didn't get to stay at the plate for three weeks, though, and keep trying yeah. Well, that's why I say I I kept that part of secret, but so I'm there and I'm playing. I got there on July first and course that Canada, day and Um Iji got there at night and July. Second, I'm playing I'm playing, I'm playing and everything seems good right off the bad, everything's good and I'm playing, and I met a million two hundred thousand, I'm beyond the so called threshold which is like about three hundred and fifty to where now it's the same repetitive extreme difficulty thing and you just can't make a mistake over and over and I'm playing- and I says to myself- I go manthiswould be awesome. This would be awesome and suddenly this little kid kicks a cord and UNPLUGG the machine. Annit goes blank jumped up ineear screaming and later. When I had to talk about it to the media. I said the Little Kid ran away, saying I did it. I did it little kid wearing a Canadian shirt, that's the truthwell, but the truth is that's not the truth. You had me going there. Billy come on man yeah, but what was funny was the guy who owned the place, WHOs, the nicest Guy You'ud ever meet. He learned R that I was there and he came to say hi to me and I mean I jumped up in the air and I'm I mean I growled like a bar and when I did about seconds later he comes round the corner. He Taday Ily, the guy is um in his early seventies and he put his hand out, and I put my hand on. I struck his hand and I go ot Ani mean that's a Hallowoi freedom told her what happened and he was startled and he wanted to help me and I go no. No, no, it was an accident, AI and Um. I said good bye to him or he said good bye to me and should I gather my breath should I gather my wits and D no right here right now. I put another token in the machine goinato line out and Um. Of course I failed right now I mean I wouldn't go to the bathroom. I wouldn't take a break. I wouldn't get a glass of water saidoh. It became a fight within myself for the entire day and I never did it. I never finished. I went back I go to leave. I go to get something to eat, nothing's open they roll te sidewalks up. There's nothing eat nothing. I colacked at a hotel. I just fell asleep so IAGGRN. I wake up it's like six in the morning and I'm ready and I'm ready to go and I go to the arcade and I go to the SNACKBAR and SNACKBAR's not open and I go. Oh wthe arcade opens attend Bu. The snakfar opens at Eleven, Oh Okail G, it pthin later. If I go to the pacman machine and I start playing at it and I start playing and playing so the old story that I win two days without food in order to get the record it's true, but I it's not true for the reasons you would think it's true just a t bindit up that way with me and my anger. Boeras funny was I', go to the game and I start playing and they had taken the game and they had put it in a more secure area and they had it roped off and nobody could get too close to the game or too close to me and nobody could get anywhere near the plug and they had a a floor. Walker, a good guy by the name of Tom, he's like an Xmarine and he was assigned to the area and Um. He was there and I mean they rolled out the red carpet. For me, I I can't sut enough kindness for what they did, but it was there that I started playing and when I started playing thing started going my way right away, and I got pass that threshold of about three hundred and fifty thousand, which is twenty boards and I'm starting board twenty one and it's the same repetitive thing after twenty one, every boar sang worheadit, a difficult Um, not not easy at all spoilers. But what's funny is I said to myself. I sais man can I do two hundred and thirty five of these boards and get to the end without making a mistake and I'm playing, and I got just almost to two point: nine million when I made my first badturn first bad jurn and there's chaos on the board on there's cap everywhere and I'm somehow I survive the chaos and I finished a bore. I go oh okay. Next, for who I come apart again and there's chaos and somehow I survived it um again in the third bord I come apart. There's chaos everywhere and M, I'm careful and I', and I'm careful and I'm stretta and somehow I survive it, and I said to myself: I said: Wow, I'm losing it here, I'm losing it in to blow it and that went on until over two million points, at which time I started coaching myself in advance. In other words, I said Um, I started the board and I said bottom right. I just sat it out loud just like that talking to himself bottom right and I go to the bottom right and when I reache the bottom right, I say left EST Channel D, I'm going to the leftest channel when I reached that I sais topast channel. So I was coaching myself say four or five seconds in advance of everything I was supposed to do talking ow loud as if I had a coach with it yeah and so from to from about two point: one million all the way to three point: three million. I never made a bad turn and Um. You know again the busiest Arcad in the world on the busiest weekend Thas they have bhe fourth of July weekend and Um. It was a. It was an incredible thing. I remember putting it I remember, being on the slip screen, putting it in Te, hiding spot and calling my friend Chris. He says hello, an I go yeah, I a fun spot. I said I'm in the hiding spot on the splitscreen with a perfect score pieces no way- and I says okay here and I pointed to a kid who's beyond the ropes 'cause, it was crowd control. I pointed at her I wene like this. He steppes over the roast my hand on the phone. I just talk to this guy and my friend talks to this kid who I don't know who he is to this day and he asks some questions that nobody knows the answer to he goes. He said what does he screen? Look like he goes well. It looks okay on one side, but the other side looks like like it's broken o I so o my friend goes well, what's his score right now, my friend knows right to the pennywit sorwald be, and he goes well. The schoore in the middle says nine Ninenine Ninenine zero at one says three hundred twenty six thousand six hundred and the kid goes. Okay, the kid hands me back the phone I go low. He goes wow. You really are doing that. Aren't you Soso Um, so I played and again people in the crowd. We ere coming forwar, they hadn't seen the SPLITSCREEN and they were seeing it and once I get there, it's relatively safe and I could show people stuff and talk, and there were reporters a couple of them h from Boston and Um. It was extremely satisfying, and so I'd finally finish and I finally close out the final guy of final points and doint it on my first guide, which is what you have to do for a perfect score. Well, then, I have my friends on the phone and I'm walking and I walk out of the arcade and it's like something out of a movie. I walked down the hill across the street. I had meetn in a couple of days into a barbeque place and sit down there. Lady comes up and I pointet what I want on the menu and she brings it, and she really had the food in her hand, walking towards me when my phone finally went dead, so my friends were gone, I could put the phone down, it was dead and I finally got to eat, and that was a you know. That was the best meal you ever had the day of the perfect Pacmam. The thing that lives on is I'll, cal I'll, send somebody in email like the guy in Canada. I'd sent him an email and sayin high about something or something that's going on, and you might say, okay good, to talk to you. You know until tomorrow you might put like Ou knowlike dat or something I don't remember. I beat Hem by nine dots. I thataaaa I thought. Even to this day I just dig it Intos 'cause, it's the humor. We have you got to have to have tick skin the hangaround, oh absolutely like in that story. You're just saying you know, I really think you're on to something I think everyone who's listening needs to understand that when you're going for a number like that, when you're going for a record, there is nothing that beats. It then, having a crowd there to watch you and to verify it, not only for Authoi office. In author I don't know Hatanducation Ihot the authentication. I never could say that word. Th was not only for that, but, like you said it gives you that Adrentalin and the hype that you're playing there for a live crowd right. You know we we have a little bit of humor amongst us because again there began. There was two of us in the: U S and two of US tere two in Canada, the other two guys kind of fell off. The Vine I mean they just did they just didn't, have the same passion or interest, but both of those guys didn't del well under pressure, and they didn't and they'll tell you that they didn't and the two of US thiy did deal well under pressure did UM. You know I say: There's a half a dozen players here, two of us that as here that's sure, that's based on knowledge in it is and the ability to play, but it's also the ability to adapt to the atmosphere Um that friend of mine from Canada. You know he he did do perworhe did after me. He did it. You know its reasonably easy. You know, as I thought he would and um O know. I give him all the accollade in the world, it's just besides his level of skill beside my level of skill, what some people possess and some don't we're, certainly not the only ones to do, but the ability to focus and not have everything in that area, bother you but even be able to draw from energy of it. I guess it's similar to. Why do they talk about a whole field advantage? Why do they say that somebody has an advantage if they're fighting in their Howln town, Rigta absolovly that they get from me? People Tor, supporting right and yeah, there's absolutely nothing better than watching. Somebody like you just said so. If people want to watch billy Mitchell now, where can people go to watch you well Um, much to my protest for real. My son Um set up out a twitch channel. It's billy underscore Mitchell, and I say that because I've said for years, as I indicated to n nine utdred and eighty six adu that you know I had to find a direction for myself and then in the year after the year, two thousand coming back from Japan. I I thought my energy went fest into pushing and promoting and creating something that would live on forever. Meating Um, you know being an ambassador to competitive gaming, an so that's what I really enjoyed, but my son. No Dad play no, no, no and he's homefome. He was home at a time in the summer, andhe Wan a laptop wat everything needed he set up the channel. He did everything and to be on is I mean I started playing because he was pushy, but he said come on. I want to play too. I said he recently started playing Donye come and but we were playing together and its father and son, and it's something that I I mean I really like just like I liked. When we went you know we ran together and we played football together as he was growing and it was a strategy and Bonnen passion and his score was going higher. So it's something that I was interacting with him. That made me enjoy what I didn't want to do. I mean I didn't want to do it. Had he not come home fo the summer, there's no chance IWOULD. I is none, but he did come home and he did set it up. He did push it. He does want a done. He does enjoy it, it's something that we do together D, we're very close already and it makes us even closer. So I guess I'll continue to do it well. Lo on behold, he call somebody t we know and the donkey cong machine shows up holding call somebody we know and miss pacman machine shows up Um. Lo Na behold, he says, he's got more stuff come and I have no idea what he's got coming, but what we are doing is we're putting together strategies that Um will allow us to take things from sponsors people. We know people who lo give to us and allow us to give those back to the people who are watching people who are following people who are viewing and Um what I mean is o. let me try to give ou an example. If somebody like you guys, you have your list of followers orviewers and if they come to the page and if they um it'like on a link, it's not set up yet so relax. They go on there and they just pay the postage whatever prize or whatever gift. We have be wrapped up in Centralm for free, again, miister postage and so with all the different people that we know in the industry, along with our own resources, we'd be sending stuff out to the community that sort of creates a Um following or group of people that have likable hobbies and unflicable interest and know we'll be able to share with that it's kind of unique I actually for the first time. I think it's actually going to work. I had my doubts before, but no, I actually think it's going Ta work in. I think he's a he's, a sharp kid. What could I say he's he's sharper than I could have imagined that I would ever be now, there's obviously not anywhere that we can't find you. So where do your travels? Take you next well, wait. People know the twitch walls. Oh well, trawors doesn't pay attention. He didn't hear me say that it's billy, underspor Omay, do say a no Ooka Yeh, you Dan, okay, Yo ouble, checkond allright. So do you remember the name of the show he? No? No? Okay, okay! Well, it's funny! You mention that, because, on the weekend of the nineteen twentieth of this month, Um I have a an inquirer and opportunity to go to Texas, Oregon California, Chicago andbrace yourself, Paris M. Well, Paris was actually Paris was actually a food show Lalah what it is where my son goes to school in parents week, and so I'm going to go to parent's week and when I go to parents week. That always brings me close to richy knuckles arcade, which is in Danville New Jersey and two weekends. From now that should be his grand opening, an the fact that he's a friend of mine and he's having a grand opening Um. What we find on doing is doing the parents week at my son's college and then driving down and spending the weekended rogie knuckles, arcade and tenvill New Jersey. So I know that sounds kind of boring. So after that Thi Te playd Florida in Orlando, the weekend of o November twelvte and there's a Comaton, I the Tampa area, uh December fifteenth Um. These are things that are playing the things that pop up in between happen all the time I know somewhere and there I'll be going to Chicago for sure in in L, a for sure one hundred percent those don't have firm, a yet Um and just to show you how things are expanding the week end of the Tenth I nomember when I go to Olando Ritchie, my friend and partner, and to camg off he's going to be going to Australia because the Australian came off is the week end of the tenth and, if all goes well next year in August will be doing the coma off tit'll be the first European cong off and L I'll, be there for sure we, but that Congoff should be in England. Again. That's should be the second weekend of August of next year. Now, before you leave a Tumar are youe going to have one of the the world famous canteen sandwiches. Oh, come on, give me a break. How do you know about that? I'm I'm a midwestern boy. I grew up around Atoma okay. So what happened? Was We drove into town here and as we're driving into town? We got to get to the you know where the museum is Y, we gotta get. Everything is 'cause, we gotto get set up for you for eight o'clock and so wefirst of all he's reading the thing- and it says nine o'clock and then later on, he realized E'll, wait! THAT'S MIAMI TIME! Oh no way we got to be set up at eight o'clock and we're driving. He goes. I got my laptop. I got everything we're set up in five minutes and I go yeah yeah we're driving in the car and Jo West who was with us says the canteens closes at seven and I put it in and according to the GPS, we're going to be there ten minutes os seven. So we pulled into the canteen and we opened it up and we went in and we both had a couple of candeenes already al ready so and the ladies. Her have kindo come to know us and I I promised the One lady that we'd go back because one of Hem is, you know very fond of US Tan. What we do she'll be there tomorrow, so yeah we'll be there again tomorrow, we'll have a canteene. Actually Wel Homeo put it on your tab. Okay, yeah. The interesting thing about the canteen is it's. Actually the restaurant in Rosenne is modeled after the CANTINALI luncheon Atomiwa Yeah. The thing is they call it the canteene in the alley, because, as progress came as buildings got knocked down as as Um progression came to the air whate there is they um the historical people tought hard that they were not allowed to knock the canteen down. So it really is in an alley underneath tha garage, it's crazy, but it is H- and I was shocked this time. I went there because they now take credit cards. If you can imagine this was the first time I remember going that they took credit cards Upgrad it's kind net. They actually just got digital film at the cinema ther in Atomo too. Yet to give people an idea of how backwards it is you walk in you sit down. You tell the lady what you want she's, making the food right there. She makes it in her hands and she hands it to you. Okay, M Uhe. You Hee, you e!! you go up to the register, there's some other lady to register and she says what you have and he says. Well, I had two canteens, one with cheese: UM had a milkshake and and Asoda. She rings it up. She tells you how much and you pay they don't write anything down. They assume you're, telling the truth say: Good Midwestern, charm, yeah, that's midwestern, charm! That's a good word for it and UH IT's real here! It's it's really neat S. IT'S REALLY COOL! You can still do at least a certain amount of business. You can do it on your word. It's the way life used to be. I mean, like you, go back in the time machine to some degree all right. Well, unfortunately, we've reached our kill screen here on duling decades. I once again want to think the legendary Billy Mitchell for coming on the show and talking with us thanks, Alot Bille. Remember you reach the killscreen and we reachd perfection. At's, remember: You can always tune into more deeling decades on the poop culture pondcast, you can check it out on www don poop culture dot com. You can also subscribe to us on e tunes and on cast box. You Gon a comment that you just can't keep to yourself. You know you can always give us ha calm, nine ne four five: Oh Five, seven six IX, seven leave us a message en Damabe. If it's good enough, we'll play it on the show or maybe if it's bad enough, but until next time you guys can have a piece, love lighting, a joy thanks alot for Billy Mitchell. Once again for coming on the show we'll see you next time. N Warning this product contains nicotine, nicotine is an addictive chemical VEO has arrived. The modern take on nicotine ATL BRING NICOTINE COUCES mador everywhere: You'R Hadwhen you're on a business trip or Buddys trip, visiting your paver spots or crossing another city off your pucket list. 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