Dueling Decades
June 5, 2019

Dueling Decades - The Week Experience June 1983 vs June 1997

Dueling Decades - The Week Experience June 1983 vs June 1997

Its June and a new month so it is time for a new Week Experience duel! Marc James armed with the first week of 1997 and takes on Mike Ranger with the first week of June 1983 for a change of pace! Will the 80’s still win or will Marc James pull out a...

Its June and a new month so it is time for a new Week Experience duel! Marc James armed with the first week of 1997 and takes on Mike Ranger with the first week of June 1983 for a change of pace! Will the 80’s still win or will Marc James pull out a victory for the 1990’s? Defending Dueling Decades Champion, Mancrush is in the house to help us judge this one. Could The Week Experience exclusive category of Sports be the difference in this one or will it prove to be just as useless as Hot Products is sometimes? Listen and play along at home and judge for yourself! Because after all, it's your history we just for it!

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FORMARYMEDIAPEOPL age, Tju cave the Pixe O plan, but tot fo Im ran again upon that cap. Ut, stop the power gopcome fight for what you love, who come to Poe Pecopi Tencrita, PA ETE te Poe cap would take a grave, an o Balla Asick iav pad a TNO comefit for what you love an broadcasting from the biobaday studios where water does it better? It's the adult, audioretro game show where the eighties and nineties do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to another episode of dualing decades. Let's take a look at this week's dolers. In the decades and weeks they will be fighting for in the weak experience first off going back in time and over to the nineteen eighties side in Duling with the first week of June nineteen. Eighty three I'm like ranger and I D. I did no research, I'm just going off a straight memory of what I remember Tron the first week of Jun, an nine hutered and eighty three. How old were you in the first week of June N, nine hundred and eighty three, probably eleven months, you're Gong, to know a lot in this week in the nineteen nineties corner? Is Myself Mark James? I am here battling with the first week of June nineteen, ninety seven and hat's, always here on our show. We need someone to ajudicate all of this awesomeness. Please rise for the defending dualing decades champion in this week's judge. Mangruge. Thank you. Thank you. I thought you were going to say defending you know what I'm talking about yeah theygyou're, GOING TO PALL HAMIN ME! No, I'm not going to appall him in you, I'm not that Jesus. That would be awesome if you did, but I'm curious to see what you guys come up with. I have no idea what went on in the first week of either one of your years, so it's going to be nice and it's going Ta be nice to see mark on the Ninetye side and Mike on the eighties side, were we're switching it up a little bit and actually like the direction. I think this'll be interesting this week all right. Ladies Ind German, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The JUDG's coinflip shout aside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music news and for the weak experience hut. Products is replaced with sports, a judges ruling we'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points. A piece in the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds now dolers, let's play some Joyn nows right. So let's do this coin toss year, just like the last time when I was judge, I have this Modello wispeciaw bottle cap. This shows you how often I clean the studio- it's probably been here since last summer, h. So what we'll do is the gold foiled top will be heads and the inside of the cap will be tals Mike since you never win it anything. Let's have you make the call ready? Let's go ahead, it's heads, it is Mike Ringer. You get first pick what category do you want to start off tonight's duel with I'm Gong to go with sports? I thought that is that's the worst thing I got so, let's start, let's start there. It's refreshing, though, to start with sports, I think so in nineteen eighty three roley fingers shaved his mustache. He never shaved as mustache men come on. You know that he waxed it plenty, though, in ninety seven and lots of chicks rode that shit. That was in eighty three all right. What you got my Irt, so listen. I got two picks. One of 'em is not very interesting, so I'm going to read that one first and get sget that one out of the way, because on June fourth, nine hunded n eighty three woman's tennis legend Chris Everett Beats Mimi Johokavich for her fifteenth Grand Slam. She ended up finishing her career with eighteen grand slams, one hundred and fifty seven singles and a Hundr and thirty two doubles titles. That's P, at's! Actually, a pretty amazing story. I know you don't think it's all that exciting. I don't really know anything about Dennis, but how many grand slams is the most ever for a female. have no idea. I don't know anything about tennis. All righ you shoul in between you should look that up. That could be big, that coan be a bigger story than you think, all right. What else you got? The next story is on June seventh, nineteen and eighty three wholl O fame pitcher Steve Carleton, became the new strikeout leader snapping, a record that stood since nineteen twenty seven, with a total of three thousand five hundred and twenty six strike outs. Carlton was in a battle with non Ryan and Gaylord Perry for a three year period between eighty two and eighty four, all three players would often rotate the leaderboard. In fact, during the eighty three season there were a total of fourteen lead changes. Carlton could not keep his his health up over the next few seasons and eventually was passed by Noone Ryan, Steve Carleton finished his career with four thousand one hundred and thirty six strike outs and his number four on the old time list. Noone rines number one with five thousand anty five sintred, it's crazy, it's five thousand, seven hundred and fourteen strike outs. He is ahead of everybody by like almost a thousand. That's almost more amazing than his. His strike outs is the fact that he started pitching it like sixty nine, yeah and retired in what like late niht. Ninety four, I think it was last year. Hout was nine or he was like forty five or it's like right around the time he gets into that flight with the venter. When we had her oheasked ever that's the first sports illustrated I ever bought was that cover? If you had that, if you the one you had that as your pick, you would automatically Wan Tera fucking flam dog yeah, that that's what I got a tennis story. I don't know anything about Tennyson O again it's a week. You only have a week to pick something. If that's the two biggest things you had that's what you had well what's interesting is I had it been five years lat. Four years later in nineteen eighty seven, I would have had the M B finals, but this particular year the NB, a finals ended on May thirtieth, so elthat's wh t that's. Why oncte you figure out that the Christ ever thing well marks Goin, because it could be a bigger story than you think. It is just because, like a final for one year as a final for one year, but if she has the Grand Slam record or is like second or some shit, that's a big deal. Well, she's considered a like a tennis legend. I just don't know any AOT tennis Yeh. She was one of the best. All right mark. Wowl me all right, so we're going to start off in the first week of June nineteen, Ninety Seven D, I'm so glad I get to represent June of ninety seven 'cause. I remember exactly what I was doing in June of ninety seven. I was graduating high school a time I have I'm very nostalgic about and have some fond memories, and there was a lot of stuff going on in the world of sports, and I remember these things. Nineteen. Ninety seven, the first week of June we saw the Stanley Cup finals, the Detroit redwings, absolutely mall the Philadelphia Flyers and sweep them in four games game. One was on. May Thirty. First Buk Games, two three and four with game: four wrapping up on June. Seventh, I remember that series, my buddy briae's, a huge flyers fan and he was fucking. Oh yeah flyers fans were were just absolutely crazy on this one and game. Four, the two to one win brought Detroit its eighth Stanley Cup in its first forty two seasons, Surj federoff led the wings scoring twenty points. So yeah, that's what I have the H Stanley Cup finalsom, Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety seven with the dominant Detroit Red Wings. For my first entry for my second one, we also going to go with another championship: e Nineteen, Ninety seven NB a finals. This saw the Chicago Bulls in the Utah Jazz, O Gae. One was on June, first of nineteen. Ninety seven, the fourth of June, had game two and game. Three was on June. Sixth, so that all encapcullates the first week with the Utah Jazz, not faring so well against the Chicago Bulls and game, one. The big memorable thing that happened was Scotty pipping, totally sychd out carmalone at the end of the game. With nine point two seconds left in the game, carm alone gets filed. He goes to he line, Scotty pipin walks up to hem and says just remember: the Mailman doesn't deliver on Sundays. Carl depps of the line missus both free throws the Bulls rebound the ball with seven point five seconds left. Of course they go to Michael Jordan, who hits a twenty footer at the Buzzer for the Bulls winning game. One is that the fade away like legs spread wide open to the side, buzzerbeater. Okay, I'm glad you brought that up, because that was against Cleveland in eighty nine ocapl always get these two shots confused against Utah and against Cleveland. They were very similar. He did the same fish pump and everything. I actually remember that Utah One more than the Cleveland one. Of course, ninety seven Onowell! No because it was it was ninety seven rather than eighty nine. I was I get. I was a little bit older. It was my the year I was graduating high school. I remember what was going on so yeah Chicago Bulls, Utah, Jazz, Nineteen, Ninety, seven n BA finals. Those are my two sports picks Weit. So is that the closure of the finals? Really? What we get is we get three games. We get Games UH. We get games, one two and three Gotcha all right, but yeah. The pinnacle game was in six, but that didn't fall within my week. That was the famous Blu game where Michael Jordan came down with the flu, but so I have to go with the the first three games. All right I'll, be completely honest here. I don't really care about three games in ha series so, like I'm, just KINDOF idegating that one a final for one year as a final for one year, but if she has the Grand Slam record here is like second or some shit. That's a big deal so is really comes down to Mike, Knowing that Chris Evert thing what's to deal with the crise everything. Where does she stand with Fifteen Grand Slam? Titles she's got eighteen that was her fifteenth okay. So what was the most ever, though, for a female that I don't. She had an incredible run, though she went like thirteen years of like Wen in a title. It was Fuerigo. Look it up for you most gradslans she's, a Fi, really who was thest all time, Margaret Smithcourt Rreally, no clueshe is yeah from back in the fucking day, like the fifties or some shit, then Serenea Williams, a twenty three Stefi graph. Twenty two Helen Wills Moody, another one from like fucking fourteen hundred o some shit at nineteen and then Martinad Avtalova and Christ. Teve are actually tied at eighteen, so that was a big deal, because the two of them were kind of neck and neck for a while all right. So that's got a little bit of legs to it. So you have that and then pair it up kind o with your your strike out leader, which didn't really hold that long. Well, it was. It was a thr. The interesting thing about that is that that race went on for like three years of three guys, basically rotating on and on. I mean the singular story. Isn't that interesting, but overall the whole battle is yeah. It's Kinda cool, it's kind like the the ninety eight homerun Derby. For pitching. I was just going to say that, but I wasn't old enough to really see if it was that monumental. You know in ninety eight it was everything was baseball. Was Everything baseball in eighty three to four and eighty five? Was it all about pitching and strike outs that I don't know you know as a kid I don't I mean I was growing up on the mets and they were just starting their amazing run in in eighty five and then, of course, in ene of the world. SEIES and EIGT be six. So it's a tough one, this one's a lot closer than you think God. This is a fucking hard one 'cause. I just, I think, marks three games. Don't really do it! For me, the Stanley Cup carries a little bit of weight. But again it's like. I said before about championships in the season. Twenty years later, nobody gives a ship if they had like ten in a row, and this was the tenth one I would say that would be kindof strong, so I'm actually Goinna side with eighty three just because of Chris Everett being such a dominant tennis force in eighty three, even though mite thought that was going to be the whole hogo piece of Shit, an picked that he had. That was actually a pretty solid pick. It's it's tough, because I have no. I know nothing about tennis, so I have no idea how big t the story. That actually is you don't know to like look any deeper into it. Allright well, I' Ng I'll, give you that one s you gotta! You got a FREEBIE ON THAT ONE 'CAUSE! You did not think you were going to get that round didnt. So I get to pick the next around is what you're telling me? Oh, that reads I get to go with my next worse round. You do you still control the board? You know that was interesting, though, because I think both of you were kind of close o how that would go. I think mark thought I was that strong either. No, I I didn't have a clue. I mean it's better than just having like some random game yeah, but it's a random finals. Game mean it is what it is. My personal thing with sports, though it's got to be something that carries, and I think his did carry a little bit longer than just a single year champion. Oh Yeah and the big picture of it rigt has had a lot more Le Right. Chris Everett definitely more legs all right, Michao Regon. So I think for my next one, I'm going to go with news. All right had a feeling you might be going there. I'm Gongto go with. I got one, that's like a little far fetched. I had to make it. You know seem a lot better than it actually t was. I on tell the judge that, well, you know fugging Y, you would have figured it out, yeah we'll go with that one we'll get that one out of the way. So an article published in the Daily News on June sixth, nineteen and eighty three titled Far Mark Reopens. The story covers the reopening of a farmers market in in Newark New Jersey just blocks from a factory where high levels of Lethol dioxen was discovered. This factory helped manufacturer Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, and the recent findings have obviously hurt the farmers market and the residents in the surrounding area. Now the story itself isn't exactly groundbreaking, but, as I was doing my research for for this episode, I kept coming across more more articles that were centered around like toxic waste or the effects of like nuclear impacts on the environment. I know where this is going, so what I discovered was that in the early eighties, there was definitely like a focus shifting on society and an environment and the bad effects of all the this, this toxic waste and all this, the Col, the Cold War and the the nuclear arms race and you're getting like you're, seeing in movies and you're, seeing it everywhere. So it's really more of a society feeling at the moment, yeah! That's where I'm going with. That is that all right Ho, I n nine nered and eighty four. What came out because of what you just said, toxic ovender there you go, that's where that's why I thought you're exactly and and basically every early trauma movie like in the eighties is basically a satire of these type of of topics. You get like you, R, your Ni school right next dor the freaking H, plan, stuff, yeah, exactly all right, so that was good. I like the direction you went, withthat thank Ya. OABOUT thes story itself might be a little Shitty, but I it was going somewhere again an Headi Liv. Thank you. I I'm a little high and I wasn't able to express myself as as eloquent some of you, but but my next story is fucking amazing allgbecause. It involves fire, plane and bathrooms. So on June, Secon, nine uteed and eighty three Air Canada flight. Seven. Ninety seven flying from Dallas to Montreal had an inflight fire that started in the bathroom. The plan made an emergency landing over Cincinnati, but less than ninety seconds after the doors were open, the interior of the plane flashed over and ignited the fire completely destroyed the aircraft killing twenty three of the remaining passengers. This sparked a massive investigation and eventually led to a complete overhaul and improve safety regulations for all flights that included smoke detectors in the bathrooms, fire extinguishers, fire blocking seats and passenger instructions of all fire exits. This last part is just a personal theory of mine. This may have been the plane that alanes Morset was talking about in her song. A O. Did that sound a lot better to you when you wrote it town Nli to o man, Yeah Ironic Eah, don't you think? Okay? So we had just to recap your round: a bunch of toxic waste going on next to a farmer's market, Youn Wen, killing the environment, killing the environment, and then you had that's actually a pretty big story, because even today they still tell you all the exits are. So is that how that's stemmed oh Y, yeah th? This flight is basically the reason we have the regulations and the safety precautions that we have today. All right, wowit's, very big deal right so both of my news stories quite a bit of I down there, so I'm not going to go into too much detail, because if you really want to know all the details, you can look at up yourself, but they're, two monumental stories. Nonetheless, and one of 'em, I believe, even creeps into urban legend territory. The first one June, second, nineteen. Ninety seven in Denver, Colorado, Timothy McVeigh, is convicted on fifteen counts of murder and conspiracy for his role in the nineteen ninety five Oklahoma City bombing, he was found guilty after the trial. He tried to commhis mother by saying think of it. This way, when I was in the army, you didn't see me for years. Thinking me that way. Now I don't think it's the same thing: either yeah not so much! It just shows you the fucking WACCO. My second news story is one that I remember in college in Ninety Eight hearing about this. It's one of these things where, like I don't know if this really happened, come to find out very true, and that is the story of Melissa Drexler, also known as the prom mom, who was nicknamed the Prom Mom, because on June sixth nineteen, ninety seven in Lacey Township New Jersey, she was a high school senior who gave birth in the rest room and left her baby dead in the trash. So she could return to her high school prom. I think I remember that Yeah Kinda. I do remember this yeah yeah, it's one of those stories. I'd always heard I'm like NAT's bullshit. You know no fucking way. This is real and it happened on June. Sixth, nine teen. Ninety seven and she was like hiding the pregnancy too right like nobody knew Yeyeah it. It's absolutely horrible and I don't want to go into too much detail on it. But it's it's crazy and I can't believe it actually happened. Man Way to come with two fucking really shitty good stories. I know it's like neither just somebody die. You have like the grotesque murders of innocent people, but at least in one of them it's you know his the final verdict in the trial. H, you know N, then, how long ago did he die? I think that would have been the only thing that were atopd. That story would be his death injection bate. In my opinion, yeah aright over to the judge, man crush. Where do you fall on this round? My friend allright this one's? Actually, I think the more I think about it. It's probably I'm in outtside bit the nineties on this one only because I think Mike's First Story. It's a lot of assumption. T' very creative, but I don't think ultimately, even if it was just leading the toxic avenger would be a bigger story than Timothy mxbay getting inhs final ro. You tell that to the four hundred long island students who that very same week staged us sit in at their local high school. I was going to go with that story. I will nobody likes Long Island. That's really Shitty! I think Mar bothmork stories have legs like even the second story. Everyone's heard that, and even if you haven't heard the story or nothe details, somebody said it before and you're, like o like mark, said, that's bullshit that didn't really happen, but it did and a lot of people do know that story whether they know it because of urban myth or because they know the actual story. Now, if you listen o the episode, you know the actual story, so I'm in Ot side with ninety seven on this one, one to one let'smove on togwash mark. You have the Bor all right final one point round man: Where do I want to go with this one, go to t V for my first pick, we are going to season to episode. Leven, which happens to be the very final episode of a television show called FRECAZOID put up by water brothers. This was a cartoon that a lot of people really didn't get into it the time, but has a huge call following now. The problem with it is warner brothers really wanted to market it to like the ANTIMANIAC crowd into a younger crowd, but really its skewed to kids, that were fourteen fifteen and sixteen. It had pop culture, jokes and references in it that were way above the heads of of the little kids, so it really they marketed it to the wrong audience, but pretty strong show. Nonetheless. My second series is an HBO show called Perversions of Science and on June seventh nineteen. Ninety seven, we saw the debut of not only the first episode, not only the second episode, but yes, the first three episodes of this T v show the perversions of science, which, if you've never heard of it, it was a spin off of tails from the cript, but it was kind of a more futuristic Scifi sexy version of it Wye. I sh you, not the intro segments instead of the crypkeeper, had a a sexy robot who looked like the girl from like the Pinbougt pimball machine and to start each clip. She would push a button on her nipple and my God, like a TV screen, would open up in her boob and then the camera would zoom into her breast. It was amazing, so yeah it's all these, like sexy, twisted tails that were all adapted from old fifties, comics much like H, tails from the Crypt, so yeah perversions of science. You can check out some of the episodes on you tube. It's never been released on DVD or blue ray very sout after AF collectors. In that fans of the series all right sounds good. Do you know the executive producer that was perversions of science or Free Casoid, UH perversions of science? I don't Richard Donner Superman, fame, that's right on realize hat all right, so Yo had two picks that a e very short, live Avshort, lived and shows that found an audience after the fact. So be that as it may, it is what it is: It'it's T v June, nineteen, ninety seven for the first week, yeah it's a small sampleside. You get what you get well June TV anywhere. It's reruns and right run right and season's over you're, not getting any DEBUTSI just missed all the endings. This is a tough spot for t V, so yeah. The only reason I got a DB was ecause. It was on HB at Thi time, Ke cables. You know they're on their own bucking schedule, allright like what you got make this one easy for me. Oh, I think I did well. You know I think time time made it easy for all of us here h. How high are you oh boy, ar it so arring for the first time on PBS June, six, nineteen and eighty three was a program that invited children to take a look. It's in a book Reading Rainbow Hosted by Lavare Burton was a half hour television series that encur encouraged children to read. It ran for twenty one seasons. A hundred and fifty five episodes receive twenty six MM awards. It's also the third longest running children's program on PBS BEHIND SESAME STREET in Mister Roger's, Neighborhood Butterfly in the sky. I can go twice as high reading rainbow and they just Bo. Didn't they just raise like money or whatever to bring that back. Guess they did so it's still around still pop culturly relevant. That's definitely that's a good one! Yeah! Well, don't get too excited, because my next one is is incredible. The Daytime Emmy Award for outstanding game show has been has been given since its inception n nineteen. Seventy four in houanine hundred and eighty three betty white became the first woman to win the award for her hosting duties on a show called just men, which is pretty interesting. Th She's, like the first woman to win this award for a show called Justman, but justman was an M B C game show with tomb female contestment two female contestants, with the object being to predict answers to questions opposed to a panel of celebrities. All who a e are men and you basically would win keys and hopefully that key would start a car ayeah betty white bettywhite becomes the first woman to ever win that award. I'm more excited about the fact that they coul win like a Chrysler, a baron or something yeah. That seems like a good idea until have you ever donegone to one of these like key starting things at a dealership now, but don't you get like hosed with taxes and shit like that when you wint a car, if you actually win, but I remember one day my father fucking woke me up at the crackodawn and drove me on down to the old dealership and we stood there with like three hundred people only to find out that fucking his key would didn't start any car wawst of a fucking Saturday. He must have been pissed. Oh Ha, warder is vurious all right, so Mike Has Reading Rainbow some Mike Winds. It's not fucking easy, I mean yeahbut. Just just reading rainbow have a robot who has a TV screen coming out of her left hit, dude, which I just sent you a gift to our chat, so you can check that out for yourself of the the INTRO or Perversion O. I see it and it's interesting, but it's not La Barber. It's not Levarburton, and it's not. You know it only lasted eleven episodes and it got canceled. I don't know if I got cancelled or if they just did eleven episodes, but it was over the next month it was over in July. I don't know. Maybe it was just like a short run thing, but I just looked it up while Mike was talking, and it actually only has two hundred and thirty three ratings on IMDV. So it's that forgotten about. I wanted to like look into that, because I completely forgotten about that that talls from the CRIP TA spin off yeah and then the other one freakioid may last ed two seasons which isn't that crazy for a cartoon, a lot of cartoons last that long and then they just syndicate- and you know repeat the shit out of it for ten years, but I think they missed the boat. They were a little. They were in the wrong sphere of ages so that you know it fizzled out and especially at being ninety seven thin just marketed to the totally wrong age group, and it even got to the point where once they realized the audience, they even contemplated moving it to prime time which I think would have saved the show, but they decided to just end the run instead. Well, that's where you started getting those late night shows. You know you had thesa early on it. Wasn't it was Eggy, but it wasn't his Edis like family guy, and then you know shit like that. So, but yeah I gotta go with Reading Rainbow Man as soon as he hl have reading ranbells like a fucking T v rounds, there's an easy one. Finally, all right, so we got it's two points to one. Nineteen and eighty three is in the lead mark you're you're, losing with the nineties. I don't know if it' the Nineti s what's going on. I don't know man, it's tough one, two point rounds, anything can happen, we still have movies and we have music, two big ones, all right. Let's do this! My well, my first pick is: Let's talk about the US music festival, which was a music festival founded by APPLECO, founder Steve, W ASNIAC Ay. His name is Wazna. I Don' know he wanted to encourage the people of the nineteen eighties to be more community oriented and to combine music with technology. The festival was held twice once on Labor Day nineuteen and eighty two, and the second show was Memorial Day Week: N N nine Huteen and eighty three nineteen d. eighty three s attendants was reported to six hundred and seventy thousand and somehow they still lost twelve million. What's interesting about this particular festival is that it's a four day festival starting on Saturday may twenty eighth with New Wave Day and then on May twenty ninth: They do heavy Metal Day and may thirtieth. They do rock day and you're. Seeing bands like the clash, one go boy and go moly Cro en Halland, Utoo David Boy, but the fourth day is country day and it's held weey later a week later on Saturday June. Fourth, Willy Nelson is there I mean thats Ole but interesting. I've never seen that done before yeah. Actually, it's funny that you bring this up because in December of twenty seventeen I believe we had Glenavini on our show and glended a documentary all about the US festival, which I was calling the? U S, festival at the time and our then network that we were on scolded me afterwards and made fun of me for calling it that, but I know better now. We also heard a great story that glentold US about Um Davidle wroth getting head from a Groupi in a car while he was like hanging out the window just like nonchalant getting head, Hey, what's up guys like Yo Ow, you guys want to come on in, like have some beers, the whole time he's just getting blown but yeah. If you go back and listen that episode, it's like an hour long him just telling us stories about that and why it took so long for that to actually get a documentary and these videos to be released, and it was all held up, a copyright and all crazy bullshit, but yeah wasneat lost a ton of money. But you know it is a big story, though, because that Kinda led to these big festivals for money, as opposed to, like you, know, Woodstock and shit. That was just a kindike, an accident like yea fucking b. What the flock, if you don't mind, let me also point out that you know he wa. The whole point of this was for Steve. WAZNEG wanted everybody to be more community oriented which plays into my earlier story that you didn't think was so interesting about US killing, nature and shit. So if you want to go back and Change Your Pick, man Oh think the two really hold up. I think he was just trying to get his dick wet and drop thirty million. I think the problem, an miht logic here is his opponent. Is The hippie? Not The judge now see. If I was judge you could, you could have played that to me, but you know I ga I gave you the troma points. I just didn't think it held up well sit on that for a couple of days was that the first US festival or the second ospest, it's the secondost festival, but in the second ot fesival they add the fourth day, which is the the Weegla Te Country Day. That's held a week later. So it's it's interesting from the perspective. Who Does a festival that way right now is documentary. Just if you go back it's about the first one, robirt Ao go aheadall ight. My second pick for six weeks, starting on May Twenty, eight O anine udred and eighty three, a single of off the flash dance soundtrack top the billboard charge and later on, an Academy Award for best original song. The song I'm talking about was performed by Cara, is flash dance. What a feeling the song inspired so many of us to take our passion and make it happen, a fabulous song for a fabulous eighties, film, so yeah that was the number one song. If you were listening to the radio between June first and June seventh di, you eat a lot of paintchips as e job. I doive under power lines, but UHALL right, that's a solid, solid jam got some legs to it might come on and you'd get into it. Can you give me you drop me Corus line for actual points here. I don't know if I'm limber enough to like really fuck in, I didn't ask it a dance man, long real wont, O a video too. I don't want to disappoint the people that are just tuning in nobody, watches Aur yutube anyway. Well See. I can't do it. Oh Man, that was it. That was sad. Well Thi. I can do it hes definitely Nonamania, I'm sorry, nowes! Definitely not WI. Is that the same song, no thos too d that that'sdifferent ongthat would have been a better song to have but th the other ones, not bad all right, so we had uh hs festival, secins festival, and then we had oh what a feeling it was. What a feeling you just want to feellike Mya, what a feeling or Hati felike. I think she should Havewan with a what a feeling yeah. What, if Ye t do I try to set you up there and I'm sorry man all right, anyhow mark what do you have for music all right for music? I am so torn on this one, sometimes in music. You just have to go with something that you can't believe that you're talking about this, because it's just y Yeah Yeah d. Here we go nineteen. Ninety seven, we get the debut album of days of the new SA Frin, a rol yeah, not my favorite, album, but days of thenew was a postgrunge staple in the La Ande. This album had three singles off it. touchpeal stand the downtown and shelf in the room. So if youre a days with a new fan, this is a huge album. It kindof started it all for them. It ended it at the same te, a was like crazy young. I remember like the Leadsyah, like fucking nineteen or some shit yeah, he was like Kenny Wayne Shepherd. His voice did not match who he want now, not at all. If you could explain to me what the Song Shelf in a room is about, I will give you a little edge, not not that kind of edge an edgin pose saw. I saw the Fuckin smoke coming, Ou your a e Wow, I'm noiday it a new fan, so I can't even I don't even know, Thi Al he creative. What would a song about a shelf and a room mean Chell, Sel, hair or rol a for me. I think it would be a song. Somebody would write sitting on the can and you're just sitting in your bathroom and you're like there shelf there, ican, fuck and write a song about this, while I'm sitting on this shitter in the room and that that was like their biggest log too. I've never looked it up. I don't know what the fuck it's about, but it's so sound. U Mok! Anyhow! God! Second, album is an album. I'm sure Mike is very familiar with on June third nineteen. Ninety seven Wotang forever is released the followup album from the Wutang clan. I was a double disk album. It has the the great triumph song on it. If you're a woo tank fan, this is a class, it didn't have all the big singles on it. But Y? U Kn, I think, for a true fan, a Vootang. This is definitely the album that you wanted to have in your collection was routang forever coming out June. Third, nineteen. Ninety seven yeah T at's a good one, triump gratw NSOMETHIG, I think goes off of that. Well triumph is the single off that, basically, everything else on it is not made for radio right had they had the balls to release another single off of that album. I think they should have won with dogshit featuring the old Jerny paster, because that's a fucking good one. No, that that album's amazing. I can, I remember, going to the store and buying that album the day came out. What's the song, where he's like I'Ma, I'm a I'm gong to take a h red, hot poker and to get real hot and stick it in your ass, like Yeh, so that is like that's like a an interlude of th of the first album, but it's not on that. It's not a snot on that. First, ARIGTI'M A soyeass hole, Shuin J, Maby Fucki great yeah. Well, let me just add this that wooting forever debut at number one on the billboard, two hundred with six hundred and twelve thousand copies sold in its first week. It was certified four times platinum, Tugen for a hiphop album that was huge. I mean Woutang was one of the first major hip hop acts to start selling in those types of numbers for a group of T, that's Likewootang that is not built on the right for to be a commer they're, not a commercial group at all. For them to put up those kind of numbers is well. They had to put up those kind of numbers because you gotto split that money like fifteen way, a no shitbut hiand, it's all pret Internet ship too, like yeah, I mean the Internet's around, but it's not like it is today. You know mother fuckers, on a O L Werand in they're, like Ookay Wheveyou, know you just that was some underground shit. That was really popular. No- and you know the thing about Wotang- is that Utang is like the great unifier people that aren't even hip hop fans like heavy metal dudes would tell you that they, like Wootang Utans, like a movement, it's so much more than it's like public enemy. Well, you know, wo Tang is for the children yougott. You got to thank the whole Earth for that. That's right. If we would have had this in the one point round, I don't think I would have pulled out days of the new the album I wanted to pull out just 'cause, I'm a personal fan of it is G. Three live in concert. That's Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Steve Vy. If you've never heard this album, it's onspot. If I, if you're a guitar fan, this is just an amazing piece of music josacrane comes out. He does three songs, including his hit summer song, Air Johnson comes out with three STV vy comes out with three and then all three guitar players come out and they rip out three tunes together, including Frank Zappers. My Guitar wants to kill your mom and Jimmie Hendrix's red house, so really cool album, but Marki had me honesty, Hav me at Wootang, so you could just stop yeah accss. You definitely got this round. You Got Wooan yt fucking days of the new, even though you don't like it. Like you said earlier a lot of this. You have to find an album. That's not monumental really, but something that's big enough that people will remember- and I think if you would have picked g three over that- and it would a Hurr, but I mean Wootang killed it p, tomark or mikes picks. If Mike had US festival the first one, maybe it wouldhave been a little bit more, but I don't think it's still what a one. I think that Wehang albums way bigger so no woo ootang is forever yeah for sure, and I I went to the nxt event on Sunron Saturday and I wore my rick flare woo shirt, which is in the shape of Rankang, so there you go and that one goes to ninety seven first week of June. Ninety seven is up now three points to two like Wen this round. He will take it it as going to be close coming down to movies. I'm sweating this one, I'm sweating this round. What you got Mar Anaconda, I don't have Anaconda. I wish I did my aunt ACCONTA, don't want none unless you've got bun son. I sum for my first film released June sixth nineteen. Ninety seven buddy starring Rene Rousau. This gointo be that kind of party. I'm in stick my Dick in the math but atis. This is a fact: Ba story about a Socialligting, her husband who live in a mansion with a brood of animals, including chimpanzes, who they raise like children, putting them in funny clothes, putting them in funny clothes diapers. I liked it better when Yo said clothes is sunny, clothes, funny, clothes, anleshitthe time you do back on Sesame Street, but you know all that fun ends when she takes the Championz and the gorillas to the Chicago world's fair and they get free and go ape shit on the crowd and she was never able to came the wild animal again go figure. So wait was this a comedy or a fucking driller? What is this? It was everything this is the weird part about this movie. This is a family comedy. They totally don't focus on the the fact that the animal got crazy in the end, it's mostly about her raising the animals like children and they they kill it at the end Oo Right, I I don't know I did not watch this movie. Nor will I at sounds fucking horrible. I can I'm really hoping at your second pick is better than the first one. But again, if you really want to push this stuff, you gotta think in ninety seven movies, like buddy, are the reason that we didn't get Nicolas Cage playing superman. That's true, Sad! Well, speaking of on June sixth, nineteen. Ninety seven we get the greatest movie from Nicolas Cage ever made the only one that he's done, that's worth of God damn and that's con air that was released and, of course, if you've never seen this movie, John Malkovich vig reins Dave, shapel, stve, Buchemi, Danni Traho. The list just goes on and on of fantastic actors and of course the legendary junkusackers in this and a very fine looking Monica Potter is that where you got wearing sandals with socks, no I've actually always worn socks and sandalsman. I just I saw it inconair and I I noticed it, but I had already wearing socks and sandals before then. So, I'd like to be able to say that's where I got socks and sandals from was Konair. I did see that one in the movies twice matter yeah. I love this movie, it it's fun. My biggest problem with the movie of course, is Nicholas Cage. His southern accent is the worst. He he reminds me of Lenny from mic and men. You don't like 'em in raising Arizona. No really, I like him in raising Arizona, but I didn't like him in this. Like I love the movie, the characters great just his performance of it get rid of the southern part, but then you don't get that moment where HEU's, just like put the bunny in the box, just missed an academy award on that one just oe been outside. It is a good moviean. I liked that movie a lot that whole Eroa had a really a bunch of those type of movies. You get like CON air. You get the rock shit like that and it's nice to see Jon Kesack playing an adult for once. Oh Yeah, yeah 'cause, you hadn't really seen John Kusack for a while. You know Yo kind of stepped out and then ce back with that. You've got that when does he do grosspoint blank Weo afte that Oh ob, two thousand, maybe or ninety nine somewhere around there actually cross point. Blank came out April, Eleventh Ninety Seven, Oh, no, shit, okay, so that Wa, that was his one of those movies. I thought that was later Al Right, yeah, no you're, thinking of high fidelity that was yeah you're right. I always get high fidelity and grosspoint blank confused myself, so they have nothing to do with one another, but they don't. They both have Jonk cewsack Wel, except for that coming from the high guy to correct us all right, sorry guss! So we got buddy the movie that nobody's heard of that actually made into the box office and CON air, which is an excellent pick. So basically it's conair against whatever Mike has, and what do you think I have genleman go AAD, take guesses, I'll, listen, Toai have no clue up, then t really total fucking myter am mand you're going to be so fulking excited. When I tell you all right on June third ND, nine hundred and eighty three Steve Martin broke our funny bone with a movie so funny you'll laugh your head off the man with two brains, Steve Martin plays docr Michael Hoffen, Forr Er, a a world renowned surgeon who falls in love with a talking brain. The film went on to gross over ten million at the. U S box office and became one of the most memorable VHS covers on our rental shelves. Yeah. It was a good one. Do you remember that one? It's not quite the jerk, but it's it's funny. I've actually never seen that one I've always wanted to, but I've never seen it one of the few Steve Martin Movies, I've missed yeah. I had options. I was going to go with psycho two but yeah. Well, you do get two picks yeah, but another pick came another choice, cat long. I I know what it is because I posted it today to the Fal. You know yeah. I noticed that no it it's not that it's is stole my fucking ton, but anyway she's soap, foxed also on June thir, nine teen and eighty three one of my go. Two movies when I just want something to watch while I'm ready to go to bed was released, bringing all our our fears of the Cold War to life and teaching us that when it comes to the game of war, the only win he move is not to play. I'm talking about the Amazing Film War Games, starring, Matthew, broader alishiti and Dabney Coleman. The story follows U Bright, but under achieving teenager who breaks into a military computer and sends the government to World War. Three panic: The film grow Sevente to mine. Seventy nine million against the twelve million dollar budget was nominated for three Oscars and saw a sequel in two thousand and six. You sould, probably should'. You probably shouldn't have brought up the sequel. You Do't, you don't like the fact that they made a sequel to Wor, sequet and know they made a sequel. It's I've, no yeah, it's but more games is fucking amazing. I love fucking organ. It's amazing yeah. It really is it's a fantorate movie, all right, so thi all comes down to the man with ywou brains is better than buddy a that's what that comes down to and then even if we were to say CONAIR and war games is I wash which I don't think in my brain. I'm going with war games, overcind air, but they're. Both Kinda, like you know, not really realistic, obviously an their fun movies to watch. But you know Someh. The interesting thing about war games is that people thought it was possible. Yeah, like Reagan was like saw that movie and looked at his guys was like an this happen. Yeah there was. There was a lat of scary shit in that movie. That could happen now. I think in nineteen. Eighty three probably could happen as well, not the way that they were putting it on with you know. The professor Falkin and all the other added story bullshit to it, but yeah it. It's a really fun movie, though, and if you can tell me the password to his high schools grade database right now, I will huerround whoever gets it it's a pencil. Oh, he got hit fucking right on hey an pencil I'vei've wasted my life, gentlemen, and I'm very proud of it, which movie is more far fetched war games or CON air. A CONAIR CONAR because got air because they wouldn'te never let 'em take that bunny on the plane. That's true, there's no way bubbagup was in jail. Well, there's no way. He couldave got that care scene on t on the plane either man that was more than twelve hohs. That's such a fun movie man! I really! I love Conair, that's a good movie, and why were they flying such a piece of Shit Yeah? It was like the worst plane ever Lek's take the worst of the worst and put them on the worst plane ever. I think they were hoping for that to crash is what happened, Y or didn't happen or didn't happen, that's what they wanted, but yea, no technically it did crash it did they didn't die, though no unfortunately crashed down on the Strip and took out a sign throughout the building. It was the hard rock man. Was it the hard Rog? I think he do at it takes off the the neck of the guitar on the hard rock all right. Man Crush. Give us your final ruling. Oh on this duel, it's fucking easy, I'm going with nineteeneigh three on this. One he's got two good movies. You have a good movie and utter trash. I mean I Y. I can't blame me 'cause, I'm looking back and I you know, I'm not digging deep in a research here but the stuff. That's on the surface, conaire buddy, I'm even shocked. If Buddy made ten million dollars 'cause. what you read sounds like rubbish yeah. It's only got a four point: six on IMDB and for a kid's movie, that's fucking, atrocious, the pillow book. I know what the fuck that is, but ninety seven something had to come out, maybe not that weak. But what came out in June at was the big movie o Eo you had Um trastic park is in ninety seven: The lost world. Ok, O that made a shit load. That's like the big there's got to be something else. Oh Man Mark Youere a week away from getting speed to cruise control. Oh God, I know, if only you had that, listen herer! This is the summer of ninety seven. I actually have this as one of my worst movie. We I had an articles up on poop culture back like way back in the day, it was like our worst summers of movies. We rated Hem and I believe ninety seven was my worst one. There's some decent movies. In the summer, blisten o the Shit Yo get ythe lost world drastic park. I mean it made a shift ton of money, but that's garbage. I don't like that movien here, it's terrible. You had speed to cruise control, which somehow made a hundred and fifty million dollars too, and that after the first sucking weekend in the box office, I don't know why people went well it's because of the The star power of the guy from show girls. You love that guy from show girls, man o the guy from Shevrl Sisn't, the first one he was in the second one. Was He oh that's right? He had the boat in the second one right, yea pot, O back. Then you had Bab man and Robin my best friend's wedding, which I guess chicks probably like, but then la you had men in black came out later in the summer, George O the jungle, which was a fucking tur contact, oh contact, what a awesome movie all the way up to the end when they ruin it ruined spawn, came out that summer. That is a bad summer for movies. There's some decent stuff. In there, though I mean Meaak, was a big deal. I A like that that was huge air bud, which one the first one oh wow. I wish I would have had that man that's monumental. First therbu Yo guys jurt fucking crazy. With that, have you ever seen an Airbud Movie, Oh yeah, of course, buddy see. I H. I have younger brothers who watched air bud movies. I actually wont around on Airbud Yeah. I know you DI. I can't believe then in I did that, oh, my God, all right s anyhow, so this is going to the eighties again Mikebike's taking it home Mike Actually got I V. I didn't win Shit, the fucking eighties, one hey! It all boils down to that sports round and you're you're crist Everett, fine, yeah, that I that's smoking great. I I thought for sure. The Steve Callston thing was just just huge. You just didn't, sell it well in no that one bigger it would have been, but I think you had a pretty decent round. This was a close one, though there was a couple rounds that spliti hairs. Well, let us know what you think about this Hene. You can get a hold of us over on facebook, dotcom forward slash dueling decades. You can also go over to dueling decades, dotcom, where you can listen to all of our past episodes as well as subscribe to us on CASS box and on itunes or wherever you get your pod Gast, but thinks were tuning into this weeks, episode of dualing decades and we will bid you a piece, love lighting. A joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmarymedia