Dueling Decades
May 29, 2019

Dueling Decades - The Week Experience - May 1986 vs May 1996

Dueling Decades - The Week Experience - May 1986 vs May 1996

This week on our show we have our first Dueling Decades championship match! Mancrush lays the title on the line against Carlos from the Be Kind and Rewind Podcast in a Week Experience matchup! The champion Mancrush comes into this duel with the final...

This week on our show we have our first Dueling Decades championship match! Mancrush lays the title on the line against Carlos from the Be Kind and Rewind Podcast in a Week Experience matchup! The champion Mancrush comes into this duel with the final week of May 1986 as he tries to defend his title opposing the picks of Carlos and the final week of May 1996! Marc James serves as the judge for this matchup and the one and only Mike Ranger joins us on commentary to help decipher this week’s picks! Was the last week of May weak? Listen to our picks and judge for yourself then join us on facebook.com/duelingdecades to continue the debate!


NFIRMARYMEDIAPE Ugan the pixe o play, but toto a ran again upon that cap. Ut Top te power, GOP COM FIHT, for what you love, who com to Poe pe copitencritat pae te Boe Cap, would take grave at O Balahamsic. I A mad, a TNO comefigt for what you love eas broadcasting from the biobaday studios, wear water! Does it better? It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the Eighties and nineties do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome to dueling decades. Let's meet this weeks dolers in the decades they will be fighting for as they prepare to compete in the weak experience. First off the Challenger representing the final week of May nineteen. Ninety six inhaling from the mile high city Ye. What's going on Carlos here from the B kind of rewine pot gas thinks for having me on Fellos. Thank you for come and fighting with the final week of May nineteen. Eighty six. He is the often disputed, but yet undefeated dueling decades champion Mancrush. That's right! I got Ay twenty fourth through thirty, first nineteen, an eighty six and I'm just noticing. Now that Carlos looks like he wasn't even born in the nineties, do you look like you're like eighteen years old? I know like a vampire, I got the the baby face. I got the Kiano blood on. I cannot lose this when I was nineteen, I I couldn't get over the fact I did't I couldn't look older, but now you know I'll take it, but I'm here for w like I was telling you I I I'm Ofer on these matches. If you guys probably have been keeping tally. So I'm ready to claim one of these jeeze BII did not realize you didn't have a wind coming into this ever yeah. I've always come close and thenit's always the final round. It just kindo gets me man all right. Hopefully this isn't the first. I hope I'm hoping Por. I you almost agreed with IAS. Like Oh yeah, and this week I Mark James Get the shot to judge this special spring sloberknocker and joining me here. Oncommentary for this episode is the legendary Mike Ranger, hello, everyone I'm Mike Granger, and I'm just here to watch so weird. He just likes to watch. They think about that he's a PODCASK CAU JO stand over there. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules and is for the Dueling Decade Championship. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music news and for the weak experience hot products has been replaced with sports. The judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece in the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, dulers, let's be excellent to each other and play some Jo ees do thist's coin flat, Ma'am all right. So for the coin chots this week I have a bootleg audiocasette from one thouanine NTEEEN. Eighty six of a band called Blues Band. This is the very first recording of the band that would become blues traveler that I saw for the first time in nineteen. Ninety six IK. We go ahead and change the the coin toss to be officially called the toss off. We could the official Tosso I like that a I eall toss off all rightasess. So since Carlos is the visitor and the challenger, we will let him call it. Do you want side a or side B, the beesides are always the best, so I'm Goin Bee side all right, we're flipping it. It is b all right lands on the be side starting off with a little lack. Hopefully goes all the way all right. What category would you like to start off with for the one point roups for the one point round Um, I think Wento jump into news so for the first news that I got is going to be starting in May onine TNEEN ND inety. Six, we get world no tobacco day. So it's going to be observed around the world. Every may is an intended to encourage a twenty four hour period of absience from all forms of tobacco consumption around the glope so to further intend intended to draw attention to wichspread prevalence of tobacco use and the negative effects current leading to more than seven million deats each year, including eight hundred and ninety thousand, which are the result of nonsmokers being exposed os second hand smoke. So I think that's that's a pretty worthy day for everyone to for twenty four hours. You know we could do without and I haven't heard them. You know promote it like you know on any new size, but I'm sure some people may be tak in. So I think the no tobacco day is pretty solid. What Day is that? What does that fall on May thirty? First, Oh man, Le The last last day, yeah out a curiosity was that Monday, O Tuesday? Oh, I don't know what day that felt. I think it started like on a Sunday yeah. I can't see somebody doing that on Monday, no, like shootings at work, they' be I'm GOINGTO. Take my p Daof it never mind. I can give up smoke ing tobacco for one day, well, just vape. Instead, exactly t's got this haunfortunately like the day before everybody was watching like falling down a Atha. Cheeseburger doesn't look the same. What you got for your other story, man, so fror, my other one. We get the NASA scs seventy seven space shuttle. The mission was returning from a ten day mission out into Ann orbit came down the Kenndy's Base Center. It was on May twenty ninth. When it came back a wil at WAL was out there. They had multiple experiments going on, but one of the cooler ones they had as they had a Cocacola Fountain Dispenser. Officially, a fluid generic biopressing apparatus was developed for use on the shattle as a test bed to determine if carbonated beverages can be produced from separately, stewared, carbon dioxide, water and flavored syrrups, and determine if at the resulting fluris can be made available for consumption without bubble, nucleation and resulting foam formation, while in space I I have three words I knew out of that, but I think somebody e Aan, you lost me as the first one, but at least they I think, they're, basically saying you can you can drink, you can drink cocolin space, ah good that'll come in handy yeah. You know wor when, when vergins art sending all of us, you know tourists out to the space. I think that's going to come in Handy wellsiply, we're drinking something better than Coke Yeah, of course soda at that Im. But this was nineteen. Ninety six, some Hasto, you know goouse your coke as a mixer, it's going to sock. If you get up there, don't have a mixer, a you can't drink any coke. Well, the real researchsc keep the liquor in you know in the the fluid of the of the coke, so yeah there's another research they need to do but yeah NASA stas. Seventy seven space shuttle Right, Oh and by the way that was a Friday- that those mascifts started that on that wasn't Fra. That was a Saturday wow. It was a Friday, that's rough and the week with no cigarettes yeah they didn't go well, fucking, assoles! No wonder it never went over all right. Man Crush what Ha e you got for your news offerings all right again, so I had may twenty fourth to the thirty first of nineteen, eighty six and I'm sure Markhel, remember this one Mike, you might have just missed it you're a couple of years younger than as Carlas youprobably weren't, even born yet you're like fourteen ANI CL. This was a massive deal at the time, especially if you were in elementary school in Nineteen. Six like we were, I spent seven years in elementary school and that wasn't because I was stupid. It was just because amaybe by kindergarten, it was a kindergarten through sixth grade. At the time, so during those seven years I only remember like five things: the Challenger exploding there was this weird balloon thing that we did where we put these secret messages and balloons and let them off basically like liter and got away with it. I remember getting my picture in the paper for making a paper Miche King Tutt. I remember puking all over Adam Gomez, in sixth grade during class. It's pretty owesome. Do we all know Adam Gomez, I feel like we do poor bastard till this day. Last time I saw him, he still brings it up, but number five on. May Twenty Fi nineteen. Eighty six. I also remember this hands across America and I clearly remember skipping it. It was on a Sunday 'cause. I know micael probably ask our principal was to meet at the park an the school and my parents were like hell. No we're not doing that shit, but Mar twent n nineteen, six, approximately six to seven million other people held hands across the United States from New York to California. The event lasted fifteen minutes where you had to hold somebody's sweaty palm for fifteen minutes. They raised nearly thirty five million dollars, and this is the weird part. This though- and I just noticed this after expenses and quote onquote operating costs- The event raised: Fifteen million dollars there was donated to the homeless, to Fight Hunger so that extra twenty million dollars all went to operating costs. Think about how handy that would have come in for the food for homeless. People now welcome to the world of five: Oh one C threes, but each big city along the route had like celebrities and attendance. I got a whole list here. If you guys want to hear him I'll, tell Yo, but I'm not going to go throughthem hall, there was a lot. The funny thing was, though they basically they had this lie. They went through the center of the country N. Like I said before, I went from New York to California, so they base they basically asked out all of New England who were pissed and, like the mid, the North Midwest in the south were completely asked out of Tus. They didn't get to do it and again that extra twenty million would have come in handy, but it was a huge deal this hands across America. How did they go across the Mississippi? Well, they didn't actually hold hands all theway. I guess the way that they put it was with all the people they had once they stretched it. It would have made it all the way across. I was Ookay, so they didn't really do hands across America. It was just a bunch of people in groups holding hands right, but there were they had it like strategically set up where you know there would be a line of people in like certain cities ogather would it would connect but yeah. Obviously there was a full stretch. All the way across theere Goin be somether would be y soundd geographically. That would be fucking awesome. We should try that now yeah. They should Redo it and not take fucking twenty million dollars for operating Coss. Absolutely all right. What da you got for your second story, all right. So watch like the first story, Basicthir's a sign of the eighties, even though everything was flashy and bigger is better. In the eighties, we did have some really cool charitable events like hands across America, so my second story just appens to be another massive charitable event that also occurred on May twenty fifth nineteen and eighty six, and it probably would have been a much better idea if they had coordinated to get different dates, but instead they occurred at the exact same time m. So with this one, Bob Gelledoff, of course, of live aid and band ad fame. He put on another fundraisor for Africa, and this time it was titled Sport Aid, Other Prominent neds. We were associated with this sport aid were cris long and John Anderson, the two dudes with the most generic names possible. They were also the other creators long with Bob Gueldoff. But you ask me what a sport aid it was actually bigger worldwide and more profitable than hands across America. Around twenty million runners in seventy six countries ran a ten cha, the sceme exact time n. In order to get into the event, you had to get donations and sponsors for the race and they were able to raise close to forty million dollars for live aid in UNISEF, which is pretty impressive, considering Ike Geldoff rese close to a e hundred and thirty million during live aide, not even a year prior, but here's the kicker. This whole thing and ther is a reason why I put both stories together. The organization was actually planning to exceed a hundred million dollars in donations worldwide, however, the biggest country in the world was holding hands across America simultaneously and the United States portion of sport aid was basically deemed a failure, especially since they had like this huge ceremony in front of the: U N in New York City, they had four thousand runners in New York City, but the other locations in the United States have far or less just by C comparison's sake. Barcelona had fifty thousand runners turn up. Oh you O say whet you will about Bob Geldoff. This dude raised serious money for Afica over twenty million dollars for Bandy. That's like the do. They know it's Christmas Times. Allright hundred and thirty million dollars for live aid and another forty million dollars or sportaig. So that's like two hundred million dollars in three years. It's fucking crazy! W! Do you remember during live the whole portion where it was like recorded live? They were like giving addresses and he was like. Don't worry about. The fucking addresses just send the money in we noi that dude. It was all because he took a trip to to Africa and saw the Famin an that was going on and started this whole shit sure he probably wanted to just become like some famous rock star, like Bono and shit, that became you know Panus, that kind of stuff but git a great job all right. So before I give my ruling we'll go over to micranger, I got to be honest with you: man, I'm a little fucking high. WHAT OUR PEXAM RIGHT! What did we have? We had sport aid, which I don't fucking remember, but the um the hands across America. I I was in preschool when that happened, and I remember US doing Um. The only reason I remember this is 'cause. We did like the traces of our hands and we like cut em out and hung them up. Yes, yes, Tha, that's the only thing I really remember about it, but obviously that was a be deal and then call is weeer. pinks again, I really am stone. I had world note Tobacco Day and NASA Estia space shuttle see the cool thing about the no tobacco day. If, like you really think about it, the mid mid nineties is really when the Anti Tobacco movement kind of started, like that's really, where you get it, where it's starting to become more of a trend like where do you remember like growing up like you would just be in like a fucking, Pondarosa and the guy? Next to you was in the nonsmoking section, you know like a half wall. SEC is smoke coming over the top people smoked on planes. You know like that, stopped it, but half glass SMI non smoking was like three feet: separated yeah. You know every car came with a lighter Ma. I just had this conversation the other day. You know what I really miss smokers windows and cars. Little corner windows, an the fron, those were awesome. I wish they'd start bringing those back in cars. I think old whenolsebille still probably made up up until like two thousand and ten, I'm pretty sure they were great all right. So, Carlo you had World Tobacco Day and the space shuttle, which especially boils down to Space Soda Spe Soda. You invested all this money just to see if we could drink soda in space yeah it worked out. So that's going up against hands across America and sport aid, so I mean World Tobacco Day. That's you know a charitable event trying to get people to stop using tobacco decreases. The cancer rate in our country very good thing: hands across America, great effort as well. So those two I'm gona cancel those each other out. So then that really comes down to saving lives in Africa or Space Soda. You know you're thirsty a TAT before, though without space, so I ain't going to have anything to mix my whisky with, but those people in Africa don't even have clean, fucking water, so mancrush you get this round. Where are we going next? Oh Man, Um. Let's go movies, I know John, would be a little disappointed that we're hitting up movies so early. Nobody makes it interesting. You must have zero faith in your movie, blisten Wen. We do these weak episodes and we spell week weak sometimes because it is what it is y. Ah, you don't get the luxury of seeing thirty days worth of movie releases. Instead, we have this small microcosm of the month and in some weeks it's it's hard to choose. I'm not sure what Calis his month look like yet, but this happened on the last week episode, which was in the beginning of May the end of May it's kind of like an inbetween spot for movies, because you have your few early summer releases, which are in early May first week of May, and then it tails off until July, so don't be shocked by these picks. We didn't purposely pull off for mediaocrity compared to our normal ee. Honestly, though, I think it makes them more of a challenge to find these things. We Bask in the glory of mediocrity. I'm like really excited about this. What E, what he got H, such a billdog man, I'm hard all right, so specking of challenges, the movie space camp had a sneak preview on May thirtieth, one Ousan, nine hundred and eighty six peacecamp. It was kind of a box office flop. It only took in ten million dollars about twenty three million dollars in twenty nineteen on an eighteen million dollar budget, the film starred, Leathomson, Kate, Capshir, Kelly Preson and a young youen. How did pen say it? How did he say it now? It's like fucking me up because he like butchered his name so bad and was so confident about it. It WASI Yoa, wins H, Jesus or the next joke, or if you want to look at it that way, I actually I've really enjoyed this movie as a kid, and this is one of those movies that was always on hb o like every other weekend in the late eighties. This was always on and if you can get over the plot holes, it's a fun movie for the family and Shit like if you like, eighties movies. You should just ignore plot holes, anyways yeah, honestly, pretty much be better to do that. Uch, a good moove you'll Li Hap flicity uh. Now, since this wasn't a Juggermo Jugornot by any means, but it's a perfect example of what was hot in nineteen and eighty six. Like I mentioned earlier. I hope you caught that that I said it was a challenge because who remembers all the space hype of Challenger in it. Six like leading up to the horrific day on January, twenty eighth every school kid was getting outer space like jammed down their throats for months, leading up to that. That's like all we heard about, and then even after Challenger exploded like I think we became more enamored with space and Nassa. But then, let's not forget that it was also the year that we got Haley's. Commet hat was thrown down our throats. You know it was everywhere, and then you just look at the things that we had for space in eighty six. Everyone was pushing it, but we got the challengefer exploding. We had like the worst totally shiny view of Haley's comet, and then we had the flop of space camp. In the I say, it's a flop, bund there's a flop in the box office. I think it. The movie has legs, it's a fun movie, It's a fun movie and when it first came out after seeing it all of us wanted to go to space camp yeah, especially after double there. Oh M, they kept a that was the prize. They kept touting that everybody had that one kid in their school who did go to space camp, but no one was really friends with them. So no one really got the true experience. o You just kind of you just knew it happened, but jus it Jus Lnei had all the kids that lied about going exactly. It was a rumor. There was really no space. Cam O pace camp with the frigging Hebrew camp and then went to band camp fucking Lyar that kid got beat up outside whyis itwhy te lot. You went to summer camp 'cause, your parents are divorced and you had nowhere to go stayed with your grandmother all summer. Your parents sucked that's like the same kid that came to school and told everybody they had a pair of Jordans, but he couldn't wear them because his mom said they were too expensive yeahea and a lot of kids like that. Everyone had Jordan, they just couldn't wear them for some reason, weird all right so onto my second bik again, I bring this up every time. But if you do your research online, you get wrong dates for movies. Even I MDB on this one had released in August of eighty six, but newspapers tcom saved US again 'cause. I went- and I found actual ads for this on- May thirtieth, nineteeny six, and I'm actually very surprised that I was able to find this one in so many movie theaters in nineteen six. Now it wasn't like a full nationwide release, but it was in a lot of movie theaters, a lot of drivings may thirtieth nineteen six. We got the release of the cold classic Michael Loved this one hands of steel. I didn't love it as much as I thought. I'm Sorr I'm trying to think of what one that actually is. Let me explain me Thaink, you Oky all right, so the tag line for this movie was thirty percent human. Seventy percent robot one hundred percent lethal. Who would want to go see that wow? That sounds compelling it's actually. If it sounds like something you want to see, and you haven't seen it it's on Amazon, prime right now for free. So you can go watch that this was actually done by an Italian production company thet went by and they had the name of Vendetta del Fotoro, which was their name, and then it was also called atomic sideword, and then it was also called fist of steel, and then it was also called returnd of the Terminator I'll, throw this out there for you, you got a Sibourg, you got fighting, you got an obligatory eighty strip club scene and to top it off, you have multiple arm wrestling matches. So if you're into like eighties drive in sleeves, this movie is like right up your alley and lots of sweaty dudes man, so they stole lely Weddy over the top in this movie. Yes, they picked from. It really sounds like a mashup of over the top in arena it yet a little bit not all the way with arena, but some pieces, but in all seriousness- and this is the reason I picked this one- This is the type of movie that would flood the video store for like the next decade, yeah. Oh, I actually had to steal it's the definition of straight to video. That's why I was like shocked that it had such a showing in theaters across the country like many straights to viduo movies lie. You guys mentioned they sampled from everyone they took from terminate or bladed blade runner. It was a little bit but, most importantly like I said before they ripped from over the top, but they ripped from the idea of over the topic because over the top came out in nineteen seven, so they wanted to beat 'em to the punch. Oh well, will they there you go. I might maybe this will help you out. This was actually a lightning video release when it went to ve all well now, you're talking, no that actually I've actually never seen this. I just looked at the cover the cover kind of looks familiar, but it's it's on Amazon Yeah! It's on Amazon, you, you coand check it out, for that is going on the watchlers same here I mean the cover looks familiar, but it's not one that I ever remember seeing so it's basically, this chick has a bar that absolutely nothing goes on during the day at the bar says guy. I won't give Ou Qite much of thes story, but hes get one of the bar. He hangs out with her most of the day at night. All these, like truckers and stuff, stop by getting the arm wrestling matches and then he beats them in the arm wrestling match. So they hate him and then other like bad guys are after 'em, it's fucking, it's eighties man. It's eighties straight to video that actually made it to the movie theater to go check that one out hands of steel may thirtieth. Nineteen ND, eighty six, all right Carlos over to you for your movie selections, Uray! So may twenty! Fourth Nineteen. Ninety six, we got the comedy, Co Colt Classic. I guess you could call it spyhart with Leslie Nilson Um. This was the introduct. The introduction had weirdow, which is a parody opunder, the James Bond Thunderball, which I always liked. You know going back to Youtup to watch that one it was written by Jason, Friedberg and Aron Selzer. They would go on to wriht and direct future parity movies. Like date, movie eboc movie meet the spartans disaster movie and Starving Games, so apparently all those harmovioities I tho H. I I knew date movie, an epic movie. I N August met the sparts, but the other two they lost me there, but the movie you know Kindof got generally negative reviews, but a lot of people praised Lezie Milson's acting in humor most found the script ind the story, little disappointing. It only gross twenty six million against o eighteen million dollar budgets. So No, not abo box off IC, jug or not. It opened number three against mission impossible and twister, which I mean. That's those are two tough ones: Ta go up against O yeah, just a little bit over twenty six million but t s. it's got about eight percent o rottand tomatoes, but you know, of course, didn't slow Les Ssen down. He went on to do like Mr Magu and wrongly accuse wrongfully, accuse t e scary movies, three and four so until itws death in two thousand and ten, which was always one of t, one of the ones that hit you a little harder than others, but but yeah so spy hard, all right, good tack. I I liked spyhard yeah, it wasn't terrible it. It was the middle groundit say I went to go, see it in the movie theater. As a matter of fact, I still have my movie stub from the the original showing of spyharden. Ninety six nice. I don't know why I kept that I have a a stash of old movie stubs and I know there's a spy hard one in there somewhere. It's one of those I kept all my ticket Stef, I'm going to do something special with these and then just one day. I just threw him in the trash. I guess US ha hundreds a I'm going to do something great with these. It can be on a wall and then bucket gone, so the next one I had was the Charlie Sheen driven movie called the arrival came out in May thirty. First, nineteen, ninety six. So this is like Pek coke up, Charlie Sheen. You know he's already done Major League, I'M NOT S! I can't remember Major Le Tos come out yet, but this is a pretty interesting movie space s. An American Mexican science fiction, horror. It was Guy David Twahi was the director. He did t the ridictrulogy and written for like waterworld and the fugitive and alien three so had Charle shooing and then ronsilver. who was like the asshole politician from timecop. Do you guys remember that when he gets gets thrown into himself, O always sl yeah he's always the Dick and then the character actor which yr Richard Ship is in it as well h? So basically, what it is is he's a radio atrashings, a radio astronomer who discovers evidence of N, intelligent alien life and quickly get thrown to the middle of this conspiracy between the place that he works and like going on the government and he gets fired, and he starts of course, uncovering things on his own. Then he ends up. You know finding out theret's like there's alien bases on earth and like crazy, shits going down and the movie was actually pretty good and it got go. Sixty four percent on rotten tomatoes, critics and fans actually did like it, and it only made fourteen million dollars on twenty five million dollar budget, and the main reason basically is because the marketing campaign for Independence Day, which is coming out the next month, was getting so hyped up that it just took oper the marketing for the arrival. So I remember watching this on h B, a lot just kind of always intrigued wondering why it wasn't like a bigger hit, because I was like you know: Tr She's, not terrible in this. The movie, the CEZYEY, is not bad the concept. It's it's got a lot of twists and conspiracies and Kindo kindo opens your mind about. You know thinking about what could actually happen, what the government is doing. So I think it's a pretty good movie and, like I said, the critics and a lot of people did like it. It's just it wint against independence, day and threally. What's the the downfall and that's it's usually the shippy bing in Hollywood, it's a timing. If it's bad timing, it just it doesn't work out so whoas, the rearly state of Independence Day. Wasn't it July, like third, fourth or fifth or whatever Y, so it was like I yhad month away still but th, but the marketing like they were just like the the marketing was going crazy with it. So you were saying that people were holding on to their money for an entire mot, cerainly Ma'n. This is hey. This is this is on multiple articles. Er, like yeah independence. They was getting getting th. You know people's attention, apparently IAVE, never even heard of the. When you said that movie I was like. I thought you were talking about the shit that came out like a couple of years ago and it always does get um. You know the one with Um. What's her face, amy Ad Yeah, yeah yeah, that's, I was like o you're fucking way off. I like TV Seitan. No! No! This is that's a rival. This is the arrival. So th t S. it's Kindo like the ice Ca Ento the dendenehat. They were trying to recruit all the fans of the arrival and trick themi exactly e'like we're going to get that that th that fan group into this so temographicalothall right. Let's judge this movies round. This is a tough one. This one's a lot closer than you think. Do you want any other Infarma you want to know like the top ten movies of the month. Will anything help you make a decision? An I I don't know man, I think see you can look at Hem. Two ways here like you've got see the thing with Spyhart is I think, by that time, in Leslie Neilson's career he had become so synonymous with the parody that I was getting sick of it. I don't know about anybody else at that point 'cause. He had done like how many naked gun movies draculaded in loving it he's in repossessed es he every movie he does for the most part. You almost know what the plot's going to be the arrival I or I've never een heard of that came out Twendy Sixteen Yeah Ari. I think I know I think I know how I'm going to have to judge this one spyheart I saw in the thetres, so that gets major major points. 'cause. I actually paid money to see this one space camp. I always caught on t V on cable, don't know if I ever rented that now hands of steel, I'm very disappointed. That's not a movie about a robotics Siboard, Raberto Duran. It's close! It's close, it's close and the arrival. I remember that movie, seeing it in the video stores. All the time. I'd read the back of the box. Look at the photo and put it down and put it down. It did not catch my interest, unlike the description mancrush gave me of hands of steel. I am going to go watch this, so I gotta give this round to the eighties who hands of fucking steel baby go watch. I sit on Avison, prime plug plug plug. Another thing I didn't mention is the fact that Lea Thompson's in space camp huge bonus points just for that e gimme bonus points for digging that one, because if you look around the Internet, what they actually post that was released that week, you won't get good answers like shits all over the place movie Web actually listed Um Focwat. What's the name of that movie, I'm going blank right now the Curt Russells cky movie dactor. I told you about this. No, no! No! No! They didn't have backdrafts coming out in nineteen. Eighty escape from New York overboard out now: fucking Christ, the John Carpenter flick the thing now, O Hou and Nineten Igh, six big trouble, ND wittle turn big trouble, ill, China, I fucking Jesus, I'm I'm not even high- and I couldn't remember that, but largely movie Web listed that is released the week that I had and that's totally incorrect couldn't find in any newspaper movie Web is almost always wrong. Oh God, it's awful how bad that is! NBUT I did find this was a sneak peak release because they were trying to get eyes on this movie. They wanted people to see this movie so yeas camp. I mean that was a big movie when we were kids. I remember everybody talking about that and everybody asked their parents, O begged their parents, to go to space camp after seeing that movie only to be let down to find out that once you get therelea Thomsonis, not really there all right. What's the next category over to the champion Mancrush, let's go with television, just 'cause. I don't know what Carlos has so kind of hoping that this was one of his two pointers. I don't know, but after nine seasons and two hundred and forty four episodes the love boat finally docked for the final time I just h just had a sigh Ma, twenty fourt, nine hutdred and eighty six ABC decided to pull a plug on the ship and its crew. Love Boat was a perennial top twenty Sitcom for ABC season. Five was actually its most watch. It was number five in the ratings that year, which is, I think, nineteen eighty, but they had lots of years in the beginning, too, where there was top ten before sputtering out close nineteen six. The interesting thing here, though, is the show it ended with a final episode on May Twenty. Fourth, however, the show went to syndication and four more episodes actually aired in the fall of n nineteen. Eighty six as like hour long like kind of specials, I think they did four of them. However, after that this should get me the round right here. UPN Did a spin off Ne Housan, nine hundred and eighty eight e ninetded N. ninety eight call the love boat, the next wave and somehow they convinced Robert Urick, that it was a good idea and th. They had that and also Youl you'll see these characters. You ow they make Camyo appearances all the time, I'm sure you've seen Isaac pop up and sitcoms or on commercials over the past. Like thirty years, I see Hem all the time, and I do remember he had a sexid vice column in fhm magazine back in the day, wow tudos too old Isaac. But if you're not familiar with love boat, it's basically a show about hooking up on with single chicks on a cruise ship and the everybody that works on the ship is like trying to get you to hook up with people. That's pretty much a loveboat is so it's in the show lyrics come aboard it really. I Jack Jon Was Jack Jones as a mother focker with that Firtheon it was exciting and new love Bo so we'll be taking and the you know what the best part of loveboat is the best thing in the world that loveboat gave us was summer. Rental fucking tepart in Sommaete, with John Candy, has to sit. You SINGIN, the song with fucking Apin scully Os the best with his damn plastic cast. The lovebode promise is something for everyone soon, we'll be making another run. Seethe only thing I remember about the loveboat was Isaac and Charo. That's about it. Charle was not quite a bit charnois. All she was Al was loveboat and Hollywood squares Yep. That's all I remember her from and a Shitoaer like variety shows in seven Yeahs, like the Carol Burnett Show Yeah. She was on the loveboat Hollywood squares and, unfortunately, not my lap that escalated quickly. This is the year we make morning, sizzle not fizzle. Let's do McDonalds, let's start biscuit buttering and sausage sizzling. Let's do eggs and all our favorites. Let's get brewing and premium roast sipping. Let's make a resolution to wake up. Breakfast right now, get a sausage biscuit with egg for just two dollars in any size. Om a cafe. Premi am roast coffee for a bx hprice's epercicipation Maybury cannot be combilin any other offer or Combe meal all right. Well, this nexk shell has a chicken it that you'd, probably Wan your lap. Oddly enough with this show, this was a a mid season, replacement, N, N, nine teen and eighty two. So if you look this up, it's got a strange debutdy. That's why I had to go back and look this up, but it was their D debut date was March thirteenth for the show which is really rare, and it's especially it's rare, for he show that lasted five seasons. It lasted four on ABC before it was dumped in nine Teen D. Eighty five, but then CBS picked it up for the final season, and I I find it always interesting when that happens, when one network drops and another one picks, it up kind o like Brooklyn, nine, nine, where Fox yea an NB C picked up up. Sometimes he can get better. Sometimes it just squanders in this case it squandered and they ended it. That's it, though, it didn't really go too far in this particular case, because on Bay, twentygth, nineteen, six, the William Shatner heatherlocklier classic police drama, Tj Hooker came to a clothe after five seasons and ninety one episodes t j, Hooker rode off into the sunset, probably became an alcoholic. The cool thing about the series, though, is I think you got to see William Shatner as something other than Captain Kirk Yeahyou know we saw hem in like lots of commercials. He had lots of Camios over the years, but ye never really saw him as anything, but Captain Kirk. Until this point I mean there were a couple like Hoki rollsyea like barbary coast and things like that, but mostly it was kirk or Camios, and I don't think actually you didn't get anything to like twenty years late RMEMBER. He was on Bostond legal right, so this was like his other role that he had when you think of Willam Shatner, his two defining roles, pretty much star Trak and TJ hooker yeah. This was the show where everybody realized. I don't really like William Shatner ID of En Aski Hey. He was a. He was a tough cop man. He was a lieutenant that saw his spoiler and saw his h partner, get shot in the first episode and then stops being a lieutenant. It becomes like a beat cop and trains. These rookie cops. I can't remember the other Dud's name who was Costar with Hem. I could picture his face, but I can't remember his name. She looked it up, but yeah. It's not a terrible show, but, like it's a cold show, people know TJ hooker, of course, because Te Shatr and locklier all right. I'm interested to hear this one Carlos. What a e you got for TV final week of May nineteen. Ninety six man! This was a tough one. I'll tell you that, so there wasn't much going on in the last week of May nineteen. Ninety six! So what I could come up with was Beverley hills. Nine, oh two on O had a two part back to back. Episode Aired on May Twenty Th r Nineteen D. Ninety six, so the premise of the episode apparently is: There is a birthday party that has planned aboard a boat where the most nineteen ninety six band ever is playing. The googoo dolls was going to perform her a full grown man's birthday party. What man would watch Johnni, resnick and like normal there's, a love triangle and an FBI and agent involved as some investigation. These are all sideplots to what the birthday party, the birthday party is the main focus, but the FBI, agent and the Love Triangle. Those are just the B sea plots who's the birthday party, for I think it was for Chris. I was going to put names out, but you know W T. I didn't even care that much like I was just going to put the most basic premisse of this episode. That sounds like David would't, like that, it's got to be dilins. Yeah Dylon was part of the love triangle, so that was, he was probably doing heroin in the bath. Of course, so yeah may twenty third nineteen, ninety six they had for whatever reason this was a two part episode that was aired on the same night. Why couldn't they just make this onefull hour on that shore? They just did two thirty minute episode Du. That's like the most nineties thing ever that whole thing. That is just that's. That's a box thing right that! That's us such only that's what you think of when you think of the nineties back to back thirty minute episodes Fox ye. No there's I just something like that: Like fucking, googoe dolls, being on an episode of Nowto One othe Y, ah yeahit's, very, very ninety six, and so I'm sure they thes Sing Iris over and over 'cause. That's pretty much the only song! Anybody knows at that point about them, and so that was the first thing. The second one doesn't get any better. So that was the host of e t John Tesch. His final day was on May Thirtieith n Nineteen D. Ninety six, and for those you don't know, John Tesh's, I don't either. I don't think anybody does no he's an excellent physician. I mean I don't know who he was. I just remember: It's the same. The same do with the Stash: What's his name for the longest time, ohmario Lopez until Mario came, but it was that one guy, the with the Hornsdash but yeah. Apparently yes, I read about you, know John Tashi's and musical careerhs got other other talents that he had done before. He was a host, but yeah helives his last day. He was there for about a decade or so Howro a couple of years actually and then out, nine Huteen and ninety six may thirtieth, and that was the highlight of the last week of May nineteen. Ninety six. So this is this is awesome. You know, what's amazing about nine or two o. Now after they left high school, it was a Shicho yeah literally it was j t like all these side, Plota you're saying before that, basically defined Ni y once they left high school yeah. But if they didn't leave high school would would Brian Austin Green drop an album yeah. It's true yeah only you wouldhait up for the third time on one of these episodes, because people need to remember man. IREMEMBER P, keep him in the David Silver we're going to go to Mike's House someday and he's going to have the frame like platinum record of Brian Austin, green's rap album. It sided by him in David', babyface, Gallican autograph poster do Mike With all my love, Roit's, a soggy dream come true and Isall right, let's get to the ruling on this one, but before we do Mike, you got any comments on this round. I obviously y you've got like man crushes picks you you've got you've, got t j hook or ending and h what was the other show Mo love bow the lovothe Lov boot I mean there're, two big big shows coming coming to a clothe, but that nine, oh two on o thing. It's just like it's just so fuckin nineties it it's just like. I. I feel like in a lot of ways that maybe like is it's just a repr representation of the decade. Yeah, that's just cool! It's not a good thing. No W! There's a lot of not so many good things about the nineties, not a good thing at all. I mean the point of the show is eighties or Ninetis like you, don't want to pick something. That's complete garbage some people like it. I had a friend who had brandand Taircut, I'm not saying it was a t like I said. I think it was a good show until they left high school and t en it was just like what are we doing see. I liked the later years, better man, one stiffany and Berthesan, showed up. Oh the eye. Candy was better, but the show itself is Bomma man like actually funny when we were looking through old, vjs tapes of my wife's. I found one that said on the label. Nine. Oh Two, one, oh episode, whatever dillon drinks, that's what it says: that's like every ofis, wow thatl, really narrowed it down doing drinks and Loseshis car its dad's pissed do even have fucking parents, I don't know they or a hotel didn there or something do his dad was in Fuckin prison. Oh that's right, yeah and then his dad got out of prison and that's how he met the Naxxema check and hooked up with her and spoilers she gets shot by in a mob hit. That's on a nine, oh two, one O, which is not the first shooting debth on that. So not at all. No do you remember the first one. It involved David Silver. Was He defending Dona's honor? I mean you guys are very knowledgeable for this shitty show in the early years. You know what the most horrible horrific episode worst thing that ever happened on the show was when you know the episode with Plagiarism Bran, he was pissed. I don't remember that one well, his friend Steve Stole One of his papers. You know brand, it was a a big journalism guy. You know he was crushed. I only know this 'cause, I watched one all day marathon, hat's the only just to answer my own question. It was actually David, silver's best M and who shot himself trying to spin the gun on his hand and killed himself in front of David. Do you not remember this Oan y littlearkhy best friend before David got cool? He had. I can't remember what the fucking Kid's name was like Ryan or some shit. He always wore a hat. He had like blonde hair and H fucking oft himself by accident, trying to show David that he had a gun. He could spin it on his finger, never happened. The T J hooker did that happen, a t, J, Hooker Yeah. We kill bad guys, brow you spin it around and cocaine come out the end, all right. Let's get to a ruling. We we GOTTO, move this on all right h. This is a tough one. This one is neck and neck. For me, I never watched the love boat. I just couldn't get into that. Show, never watch T J hooker either did watch non or Twoano, so I'm really im leaning, really leaning to the nineties on. I still owe you a punch in the fucking mouth there's another one. My Fist is getting warm. If but h I'll tell you something, though I was a hundred percent on the nineties side on this one. Until you told me, you didn't know who the fuck John Tash was Carlos. You have a ninety steem pod gas, but you don't know who John Tesh was when I saw the face. I remembered him, but I just don't know much about him. John Tesh was the voice of pop culture with marry heart on entertainment tonight, see I didn't watch I didn't watch entertainment tonight. That was man. I was watching nickelode non, I n nine Hutden and ninety six wow. So for that fact alone and the fact that those two other shows did come to an end and that's KINDOF big, I hate to do it, but mancrush you take this round again, Sha just log out now. How do we? What end is? What's going on all right? MANC you take a three nouting lead in this match up. What's the next category going to be okay? Now at this point, I guess it doesn't matter it's just what I want to finish on. Let's go to sports right sighted over this one right start us off with sports may thirtieth, nineteen and eighty six at these stampede corral young man by the name of Owen Harts, made his professional wrestling debut intacte match with Bruce Hart against Scott and Gama tickets. For this event were only six bucks. What a deal wow, as we all know like Oan Harrd, he died hat horrific death nearly ten years after his debut that actually happened, Ma Twenty t, N Nineteen, ninety nine at the over the edge pay per view. Obviously it's sad on all levels like almost like a really talented wrestler that never got to step into his brother's shoes. He had like some awesome matches over the years you hear all kinds of progessors say that they inspired them to become wrestlers themselves. His viewed with his brother in ninety four, where he did the whole was that the black that was blackheart right, where he was like the bad heart heasyeah yeah. So it was like ninety fourish that was awesome and matter of fact, if he just kept going with that whole black heart thing, which was awesome, he was awesomeas a heel, he might have never died if they never switched in T. I stupid blue blazer, which I never really liked to begin with. I thought it was goofy. You know, unfortunately, that's that led to these chain of events and what's even more sad about the whole thing, is the fact that he's not in the WW hall theme. Yeah there's been talks for years about that, but the family doesn't want to put him in it's actually his wife, it's his wife, andwhy, Martha she's, been in oddswith ww, which he can understand since he died. But even bret has been on record saying that she's holding back his legacy R, not you know allowing him to just be inducted, and even I think it was last year when I watched the hall of Fame Induction Mark. Henry basically gave most of his speech to talk about putting Owen in the hall of fame, because I guess they were like riding partners and shit like that and they were really close, but this is a guy that he was a. u S. W A world. Have you ent champion two time intercontinental champion four time tag: Team Champion, botosn, WWF? Of course the stampede British Commonwealth mimid a heavyweight champion in a one time I wgp junior heavyweight champion and it was kind o cool. I found that in a newspaper I found the the adoll post this. We release this episode, Il I'll, throw it on or Incigarem or our baseball 'cause, it's kind, a cool. I had five bouts at night Yhad a ladder match with thirty five hundred dollars to spend it above a twenty foot ladder with two guys: I've never heard of Honkey Tonk Hwain. You had bad news allen going against strangler to Sallo ye had a battle of the giants and then actually Crispin Wa was also on this card. An e Tagi match well Honkey Tonk Wain that could be Roy Wayne Ferris, also known as the Honky Tonk Man. It doesn't look like Hi'm from the picture. Oh there's a picture yeah I a a picture. That's maybe it is it's black and white S it's hard to make out. It could be a young yeah. You know what maybe it is in young? Is he black or white the paper's black and white there's not much detail in the face man Gocha all right, so anyhow, like moving on, I thought that was a good one t. It was fun to find that one. I was always stand up R. Well, actually, I was Pang a predor too, but I was also a pan of Onhart in the nineties. The next one may thirtieth nineteen six seam day. We get the much anticipated dbt of a the son of an all time, great baseball player. He was drafted, the yearprior and the Pittsburgh pirates could not wait to get this guy called up to the main roster and he would be the cornerstone of the franchise for the next seven seasons and the man I'm talking about here is Berry bonds. You know, I think it's a travesty in my opinion, that this guy is not in the whole fame. He ended his group. Seven hundred and sixty two home runs most evher. He had seventy three and one season an two thousand and one he won the mvy piece. Seven Times it's a complete force that he's not in I mean seriously the entire nineties, everybody and their mother was taking steroids. No, he was he he things like you can tell when he started. You could see it in his body and he was good anyway. Yeah he's he's one of those guys that was just good anyway. Yeah he didn't need the steroids. He could have made it to the hollow fame without the sterroids EA. One of those things that there's multiple things here, number one. You talk about a guy that is bred for greatness, he's, a son of bobby bonds, he's a cousin of Reggie Jackson and his Godfather's Willie Maze what fucking steroids you need. He was great and I actually got to. I went to a mtgame where Um against the pirates, and I got to see him in a Pirat uniform and it was awesome. Oh Wow, yeah awesome and you know, like everyone, talks about the home run record. Here's a record that steroids won't help. Hem with the guy was walked two thousand five hundred and fifty eight times one season. He was walk two hundred and thirty two times, there's not an active player in the major leagues. That's even a thousand walks from that record. It's never going to get be broken and that's not even just all like intentional walks. This guy, I have a stats in front of me. He barely struck out it's crazy. The highest strike outs set in in a year was his rookie season at one or two, and it just went down. I mean he had years. Fifty four fifty one, forty one and two thousand and four but Li e- that doesn't even happen anymore, to put that into some kind of respect. That is it only strike out like would you say forty one, forty one time, forty one, the guy played almost every fucking day. Think about. I love how many of bats that season was three hundred and seventy three a pass. Fo Dude for that's such a low number man, that's Crey! REDIBLE! You even look at like his like mid nineties years. The guy averaged forty home runs over forty home runks like every year, except for the one year he hit seventy three. He really should be ing, listen, my whole thing with the steroids thing, and I I won't make this take too long. The biggest the pinnacle event of Baseball in the past twenty years was to Sowsa Mguirrase, and that was all fucking steroids to save baseball. That's the exactly that SA baseball has been anything like that, since so who cares? If these guys did it ECAUSENOBODY Vrin it right? Everybody was doing it. So we just know when we look at the record books that particular era- everyone was juiced yeah you just you just take that in consideration and there was exciting baseball and I was it was much watch baseball. It was. It was an Erra where people were watching other P. Other teams play yea. You know again that doesn't happen in baseball. That happens in almost every other sport, but baseball Y, who watches other teams play unless you're in, like New York or Chicago California, where you have multiple teams in your state, the hell has time to watch other exactly it's totally different yeah. It's it's really. It's stupid the whole thing just let these guys in the dam hall fame Ono it's enough already, but those are my two ygot, the debut of Barry Bonds, and then we have the debut of Onhoot Ariht Carlos over to you for sports. Alright, let's see here so may, twenty, seventh and Nineteen Ninety six, we had the Chicago Buls, eliminating the Orlando Magic and the Eastern Conference finals in a four o gentleman. Sweet Michael Jordan finished with forty five points: Denvis Rodman grabbed himself. The worm got himself fourteen rebounds and Scotty pippin AD himself aght a SIS. This was Jordan'she second season coming back from retirement and H and Shaquill was in his fourth year a he finished with twenty eight points and the Bulls went on to beat the Seattle supersonic with Gary Peyton, Sam Perkins and Natemo Millon to win the fifth championship title with Jordan. Peop many people speculate since shack had been maybe had I his attention, divided, 'cause, they're, doing promotions for his his cot classic Kasam that was being released just a month later for that summer summer, release that was sinbad that wasn't Syu you on't knowthe joke, never o are't, really thinking about it. He's like. What's that really souside wait? I saw the pictures so yes th. That was the the speculation, but you know it Wa. Just the H. The Bulls were a better team. Sha was, of course, a young Gen, but still on his way to to dominance, but uh yeah, I mean Jordan coming back from baseball second season EI. Forty five points I mean, I think we they got one more championship after that for their six, the magic were coming up, strong, they hadn't gotten hard away. Yet I think that was the next year, but they're still holding strongs to they had Chaq for like at least the last three years or three or four years, all right. What Ha e you got for your second, so the second one was the Colorado Avalanche and eliminate Detroit Red Wings on May Twenty Anine Hutden and inety six to n Ninetteen D, Ninety six Danley Cup. So this was the first playoff between the two teams and games. Six became famous in the history. I guess between these teams, because at Fourteen, oh seven of the first period Detroit forward Chris Draper was down along the Hafboards and then at center ice and T in Colorado forward. CLADLEMEU checked him checked his head from behind into the edge of the bench sent draper to the hospital. He had a broken jaw, shadered cheek ororbitl bone, which required surgery and stitches, and he did not return to play until the middle of you know the next season. Basically so, while Blamiu was a says, a five minute major penalty and a game misconduct matched penalty for the hit, the avalanche went on to win for one and and competed e. The upset, so this hit on draper you know, was a catalyst for the Detroit Colo Colorado rivalry. That apparently, is still heated to this dat. Oh yeah, so yeah, that's Rwhat, tipped it off yeah. I remember watching that Colorado game. Ninety six was a fantastic year for sports that whole hockey rivalry. You Know We talked about the pinnacle of baseball being popular during the steroid era. I think that was the height of hockey is when we had that that big rivalry and and then the bulls beating the Orlando Magic. I watched that entire series, of course, because I was a huge Orlando Magic Fan, but Carlos you were wrong. Anthony Hardaway actually came in in the ninety three ninety four season, not the ninety six, ninety seven season, so they hpenny that Serie. Oh, that's right! That's right! That's when they had penny an horace grant. Nickanderson shaquilonill Anthony Hardway, my favorite all time basketball line up right. There was the ninety six Orlando Magic T, Deti rock the little pennies for sure, Oh yeah, so we're going to look at that versus what mancrush had for sports hey one. One thing like I was incorrect when I was reading this before it actually was six hundred and seventeen at bats, and only forty one strike out ordy one. You know the reason I said three. Seventy three is ecause. He had two hundred and thirty two walks that year, so that araces those at bats- and he gets played appearances at three. Seventy three crazs ridiculous Harry. So Mike Ranger. What a e you got for him put on this round. I mean on one hand, Y E you're, getting the debut of like to major like two icons within, like their perspective, their individual sports M, and then I mean Yoyou're getting like just basically like Um, two teams advancing in the playoffs with the Bul. You know the thing with the bulls is t therit's during their second three pet right. It's there onther ways but um. I remember that magic team, though yeah that was like the year where I thought. Maybe they might be able to do something M as far as like the hockey thing, I don't re, I wasn't really watching hockey at the time I was playing it. I definitely had like Nh l, Ninety five on my genesis, but I don't know like I think I think that these are too huge debuts and it's Kindo hard to not think about that. That's why I didn't go that route when I picked this this round this this go through and I notice, when you guys did it at the beginning of May. I want to try to find something that transcended the years instead of just finding something that we wouldn't remember. I had a Stanley Cup end in my week, but I didn't pick that because nobody fucking remembers, he won, is Danly Cup in nineteen six, but we all remember, Barry Bonds, no one hard, so it just trumped a single series. So, but at that point, even though they're hollow famers, that was just their debut, they hadn't really accomplished anything ther were just two shmows I starting o top 'cause. You fucked this up the last time when you took a flucking like weird owls third squandering album. There wasn't even a big album over his first ever performance. This is when they start. This is ye. These are like monumental dates. All rightpipe pipe down. Man Crush all your yea. You get me nervous here. You got the debut of Owen, art and Berry bonds. You know I I just don't think, there's anything, that's just going to top that I gotta go with the eighties again I hate to do it. I saw in Mark's Ey. I saw the glimmer in your eye that you were like I'm going to keep this close. I really I've really wanted to give it to Carlos, because it's not often we get to talk about Chaquiloniol, the Orlando Magic and specifically, that ninety six roster team, then I loved so much. But you got the fact wrong. Then Anthony Hardaway was on the team. Much like you fucked up the John Tesh thing. So man crush you went again come ot. You can't give me a roud because he me white things are still better than that. You would have won the round anyway. The Anthony Hardaway thing is just a little salt and the wound. You know. I think, though, had if it had been the Bulls on the rise to the the first time. Like the first time they were going nto the tra. If it was twenty three Jordan and not forty five Jordan, this would have been a little bit different. Even though I'm an Orlando Fan that bulls team was huge. The hockey thing was huge. Just because I grew up in New England hockey was huge. Then I had a lot of hockey, friends and family, so we watched a lot of hockey and I remember it was very popular at that time. So that was big for me personally, I don't think it was as monumental as berrybonds debuting oroin heart. So I gotta go there. Sorry, what's the score of this one, ' a goose egg! Oh that's just fucking mean man couldn't get a fucking pity round uh she! Well we got one more left. We got one more left. We have not had a shutout since we've been doing this game, I'm feeling pretty good about my musics long. We going to get a shut out in our very first ever titled Defence- I don't know ninety six is a great year for music. It really is o man. I don't know the way this game's going. I don't think it matters e everyting around counts. That's right! I trust me. I lose every week Mike Te Washington generals all right mancrush! Do you want to start off this round or do you want to Difer I'll? Just start it off like? What's Theppoinen Tis, all right, so for my first picking, music, Um Yeah, I'm going to go with something that usually doesn't indicate a very solid selection because it's a sound track, but even with this being a soundtrack, it still ended up selling five million copies going five times platum in the process, which is not really something that you get from a soundtrack too often. But in this case you do so may twenty fourth anineteen and eighty six. We got that highly anticipated release of Stephen King's maximum overdrive soundtrack, and why was this highly anticipated, because the entire soundtrack was the author's favorite band? That's right. It was ECDC international rock superstars, but even more over than that, they really hadn't had a commercial success for like five years. At this point, 'cause you had in between there, you had flicked a switch and fly on the wall which actually both white platinum. But if you listen to those albums before it's like ACDC on auto pilot if', nothing inspiring like there's, no songs that you want to like play on repeat or anything like that yeah. It's not seventy four jailbreak! THAT'S FOR SURE! It's! It's not good st! So people were like really. They wanted something big to come out from ACDC and they did it perfectly with his ou because they had the the feature track. who made who and then t only originals were on there were who made who and then there was two instrumentals Ye had tcas and Dt, and actually D T was supposed to have lyrics, but they didn't have enough time to put it out. So it just came out as an instrumental and theywere, actually both really cool, but on top of that was the compilation of their hits. You had shook me all night, long on theire hells bells for those about the rocks. They did it right. They put songs together. People wanted to wanted to see or Onte to see, anted to hear and a movie that people wanted to see. But this is my big thing about the soundtrack. We really have to face t a music on this one, because if this album wasn't connected to this movie, imagine watching maximum over drive without this soundtrack in it twould be just picture like the typical, like eighties, filler music. It would just not be the same as o kind of want someone to do that. On youto. Now man jump out all the music and just put in like Generian Erics stock eighties. It wasn't like a great movie to begin with it's fun to watch, but it's fun, because you had all these ACDC songs hat really like spruced up all the scenes, and if you took that out, that movie would just be. I don't want to call it trash; it just would be some par. It would be in like a straight to video movie, but think of like all the things you could replace it with like now, I'm thinking like fucking maximum over drive and like Wam sounds like a great idea. Let's do it. I think I'm going to work on that. I'm going to renew a scene like the Goblin truck is like on the rampage that or the soda cans or whatever Mana Yeah, Oh yeah Ou, to be great that whole long intro with the soda cans and the bridge, like all of a sudden. You just hear like one go boy and go science, Wewere SOI'M GIN to do that. Tsounds great fucking, amazing, put it on a website. Let me move on to my second pick: they're, actually believe it or not like as far as releases go, there wasn't a lot during this week, so I dug a little bit deeper. May Twenty four nine teen six and I picked this one for a couple of reasons this was one of them- is how I found it and then now defunct ton cord hotel, ind, Kaiymisha Lake New York. The monkeys kicked off their twentieth anniversary reunion, Tor. Actually it's you laugh, but this was actually one of the top grossing tours of nineteen six. That's not why I'm laughing I yeah! I didn't know if it was that or it was on of the Concord Hotel, but actually they didn't really start the tour. Then they started a May thirtieth in Atlantic city that', the actual kick off to the TOR. They actually practiced for a week doing their full sets at the concord, hotel and Kimicia Lague. I guess they were figuring. We coul warm up here and fuck up and nobody's going to be here because that's like really down like Oh that's the end nobody's going to the cat skill sen, the s there. So I thought that was hilarious, Um but eside from the concord, the TOR. It was originally booked at a bunch of smaller venues for about a month and then the crowd started to get bigger and bigger, and ticket sals became astronomical. They became hard to find tickets to the show, so they started to book the ban in like large stadiums and ampitheatres, and they did this for seven months straight and over a hundred cities as a long time for a guy for well. It was actually three of the guys because Um Mike Nesmith didn't tort them. He had like prior business engagements or whatever, so it was only Mickey Dolens, Davy Jones and Peter Tork, but these guys a they broke up in nineteen. Seventy one and for these guys, Coul get together and have like such a monumental tour. And the really cool thing is then, a month later, and I actually had this Ou and they released then and now the best of the monkeys. But I came out in June, but it was basically they did it, because this tour started out and people were starting to go to the tour and get excited about it. And then they made a video for this that they played on m TV all the time that year, for U that was then this is now was the name of the song that they had on Mtd and because of that, it led to seven of the nine monkeys altuns to make appearances in the billboard top two hundred and by the end of eighty six rhyal records sold more than two million copies of monkeys' albums and and that best of the Almth I was talking about before it actually hit the top twenty in the billboads. You know hat and people say they monkey around. They do I this whole thing started too, and this is really cool, and this is a sign of the times in the edies because, like I said, the the show was cancelled in sixty eight, the band broke up in seventy one, but then in February of Nineteenn, six MTV ran a a marathon that they called pleasant valley. Sunday, there was all monkeys, episodes and TNAT just remember, watching ther and reignited the popularity and shit went crazy man, power, O cable, that's fucking, eighties, right there. That's that's! So true man th there was a monkey's renaissance in the eighties H. I remember that's the first time I saw the show JS right around then yeah, Mae Yeah. I I used to watch tha, the nick at night or Nickelodeon, monkeys, reruns, all the time matter of fact. The tour that you're talking about the twentieth anniversary tour, my sister's very first concert she went to wow was that was that monkey's show that's some shit hat. Is I ar got Harlos God out? What do y all right? Carlos? What are you got from music, nine teen? Ninety six last week of May Zo may Thousan, Eightnine Hutden and ninety six. We get slayers undisputed attitude, their seventh studio album and this album's a little bit different from the previous ones. This one that consists almost entirely of covers of punk rock and hardcore punk, songs, Um and also two Goo, two original songs, but mainly covers they're all from bants, like minor threat, Dr No, the stuges Berbu. So a lot of their work that apparently, you know made what slar what they were a lot of influence, so they wanted to do covers of those those songs. It was recorded at capital studios in L, a with producer Dave Sardy, while Raynon blood producer, Rick Reuben, who worked with BC Boys, oh pempers, METALC, everybody basically served as executive producer. It was recorded just a couple of weeks and it was largely brainchild of the guitars Karry King, which is if anyone who knows hurriking is that guys learally insane. So this is the brainchild of him, then I his then you gotto check it out, but it peaked at number. Thirty, four in the billboards, the Ito, two hundred, which is pretty sweet for you, know a cover of punk rock and hardcore punk songs in the mid nineties, and the reviews were pretty positive about it. P Paul Cott of all music comment that undisputed attitude, while not perfect, is a fitting tribute to the bands that inspired slayer to break from the traditional metal bolt. That was, may twenty eight an nine Hutden nd. Ninety six, if they were a number thirty four on the billboard that might be their highest art is so it might be. Yeah. That's crazy! Me Like metal like that you're not really going to see him, not not at all so yeah, not a lot of radio play NA layer so that that's pretty astonishing. What's your second, Oh Ra, so on May twenty fifth, nine hundred and ninety six lead singer of sublime bradly knole dyes of heroine, O a heroine overdose. So this was a big one in the music world he was born and he was born and raised in lawbeach. They had started the band down there and and in the area and sublime had alread order, released forty ounces of freedom and Robin Hood and those have been you know already. People were getting a good fan based with that one and T en, while right before they release the the self title album. You know he he dies wit overdoze, but then the self taam comes out and that's where all like the classics are on. You know, get like Garden Grove. What I got Sainteria I mean you just name it like all those songs or are great, and it's is it's just a tragedy that you know I mean he. I don't know what the age was. I N look it up and see what I think it was Twentis yeah he was pretty young and so you know sublime k o they took a short break, but you know, of course they they continue to to tour with sublimer Rome or whatever version there at this point, and they release a lot of other songs that they've had that he recorded with them. But you know there's only so many, so they gotta pace themselves on that, but yeah that was pretty historic day. May Twenty Fifth Nineteen inety six when he died of a heroine overdose. Literally two months before they're iconic, album comes out he's actually twenty eight just oneeig, O wow and Chris says it was mad twenty fifth, but I mean either way it's in your weak Mi cranger any comments from you. Well, I was Ijus a shame that he just couldn't see the future too. Bady didn't have a crystal ball it. It it's hard to like not look at like that you're right AZDC on the maximum over drive o. That was that was huge. That probably does save that movie. It's probably not as memorable. You know without tha. That's, like you know, that's one of the things people think about when they think about that movie is that acdcis on the sounare and the Goblin truck and the Goblin d? Well, yeah, you know what I mean: Nobody Remembers: amilst O yeah, just the annoying waitress girl wer. They was it the voice of th Bart Simpson. I AIT is yes, yeah too yeah newly Wa, you the newlyeds a they look, te look like brother and sister like the same ban person man. This is it's a tough one man it is. It really is a tough one UH. You know I go back and I look at that. Soundtrack from maximum movel drive absolutely loved that movie growing up great soundtrack to it kind of wish that there would have been more original songs, new songs, but I understand that Thi kindaf went with the greatest t: Kinda rejuvenated the enthusiasm for ACDC at the time and then that twentieth anniversary, monkeys, Tor yeah, like I said that was my sister's very first concert, and I I remember the monkeys like Mike said they were everywhere at that time, but the show had been cancelled. The band had broken up. So if there was any great revival in the in the eighties, it was definitely the monkeys of all weird things: Yeah you've got a whole death and rebirththing going yeah exactly and then you know we look at slayer. Well, that's all about death as well and then h sublime. I think we were talking about this before recorded that you know. Sometimes we don't always go with death, but sometimes we do because they're that impactful and the brodly knole death was huge. I remember three specific deaths from high school Kir, Co'Baine Bradley Knole, Jerry, Garcia, really remembered Bradley Nole Yeah. A lot of people were sublime fans where I grew up, and that was a big deal weere they big sublime fans of like there were a big robin the hood fans, Forty Ounte of freedom. I mean a lot of people had forty ounces of freedom, like I love sublime, but, like honestly me looking at it, I don't think it was as big a news thing at the time, just because what I got just came out and that's kind of what sparked what I got, because people were like. Oh well, that leads singers dead and then the the people bought the album 'cause. It was like kind of this thing about it. You know they they kindo got popular because of the music people had never heard before. I didn't know that there was like, especially where I I was in New York. A lot of my friends didn't really know it so like it's just it's surprising for me. T well therere a west coast ban Ol yeah, but we were both on the East Coast Soit's. It was even further east coast than I was even further east coast. Alright Li great white, north man, but it it was a big deal. I'm not thinking anything wif. I yeah it's really a hard round, because the monkeys and the slayer thing I'm going to cancel those out. I've seen slayering concert. One of the only two bands that I've ever walked out on early was slayer and the monkeys. I didn't see them. My sister did so really it it's Kinda going to come down to maximum overdryve versus sublime bradly nold dying t's such a hard one. For me you know I really want to give it to Bradley Knolle just because well he died, and I can't let Carlos die on this episode, so I gotto give it to Carlos in the nineties I'll. Take it so close I'll sa I'll. Take the non jouseg. I appreciate a good Sir Thid time that I've come down to the last round and did not get the go. You didn't get the final, the final walls. I didn't think it was going to go that way. I was I I was expecting a button there. It looked like you were about to put a butt in there. I was waiting for it when you said slayer. I thought I Hada, but then I was thinking in the back of my head. He's saving the better one for the second thing and when you said Brightley no, I was like fuck. Even in the back of my head, a yeah, I saw a slawering concert and they had slip, not open for them and if you've ever seen slipnot I mean it's a huge show, there's like nine guys on the stage. It's it's everything. It's it's frigging amazing. They pull back to an even bigger stage for when slayer comes out and there's three guys on this massive stage. It was so boring, it was horrible, see I actually liked sleior love and they just they just stand there. They don't do anything. That's not really fair, though, because you don't really like that type of music I've Seen Hem in concert, I paid money. I O see them. I like them. They justth T ey, didn't do my thing, I think theyre. Maybe you sell hem on a bad night 'cause, usually they they were recording a live DVD yeahall right. Well, you were just in Giveem. He chance I sa Yeah. I don't know it was off night yeah anyway, mancrush defends his title here on dueling decades, who knows who the next competitor's going to be, but if you've missed an episode, you can always go back on duling decades, docom, where you can subscribe to our show on casbox on Itunes, andless, all the past episodes and check out our group over facebook dot com forward, slash dueling decades over there. You can join our private group peak behind the curtain joining the conversation. Let us know what you think about these episodes. Am I full of Shit wher, my ruling's horrible? Yes, Youthinand, look out for TRIVIANITES YEAH! That's coming soon. We got some really great things in the work, so pay attention to our facebook group. Until next time, fellow deelers we're going to bid you a piece, love Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmary Meia