Dueling Decades
May 8, 2019

Dueling Decades - The Week Experience - May 1987 vs May 1993

Dueling Decades - The Week Experience - May 1987 vs May 1993

We kick-off the Month of May with The Week Experience singles duel between Beau Becraft and Marc James as they do battle with the first week of May 1987 vs the first week of May 1993! Will Beau Becraft finally be able to pick up a victory in the...

We kick-off the Month of May with The Week Experience singles duel between Beau Becraft and Marc James as they do battle with the first week of May 1987 vs the first week of May 1993! Will Beau Becraft finally be able to pick up a victory in the Dueling Decades singles division? Listen, as we dial down the picks to what was available in just a single week. Will the picks be awesome or just awesomely bad? Only one man can decide the outcome of this epic retro battle and that is the judge for this battle, Nick Mancrush! Stay tuned until the end of the episode as we break some exciting news about an upcoming episode!


INFORMARYMEDIA PEOPL UL CAS the pixe O plan, but it tot for im ran again upon that cap, ut top the power GOPCOM fight for what you love: Yon, Hcome, topoe, PA copeencritate, PA et to Poe, CP wild, Take Gray, a o, Baly Itin. I A PA, a Tano comefit for what you love, yointeas broadcasting from the bioba day, studios wear water. Does it better greetings and welcome back to another like totally bitch an episode of dueling decades, the adult audio retro game show were the eighties and ninetys slug it out, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Let's take a look at this week's doelers and the decades they will be fighting for as we bring to you, the weak experience may anine hundred and eighty seven verse may nineteen. Ninety three duling out of the nineties corner still looking for his first dueling decades, victory with a record of o en two. It is Bo b craft. That's right! I've already got the white flag right on the flag poll getting ready to raise that before the end of the episode. But yes may nineteen. Ninety three, the first week, hofe made nine teen nd. Ninety three, a lot of things happen C. I wouldn't call hem great by any means, but by God we're going t give it a run for its money here and tonight he will be going against me Mark James. I will be here tonight laying the smack down on bobe craft with the first week of May nineteen. Eighty seven o Tho can be good, very grandular grandular, just like my facewash gragular right down to the week. I like it and has always here on dueling decades. We need someone to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So let me introduce to you tonight the judge, who is also the undefeated dueling decades champion of the Wa Nick Man cruge. I kind of feel like Um. You remember when, like stone cold would be the referee in a like some match and he was the CH. That's what I feel like right now. She guys are some infor, some shit. I'm ost started out with this, for you guys, instead of a coin flip rip Peter Mayu, I got my little CIBAC AL her topicall right. I thought you got a new dog to decide who goes first, I want to see who has the best Cubaka impression, I'm already out so it looks like mark. You Start I've, never done a Cuba come on. You can't do this. I can't do what Chibaka I've never done. o e Marksoud, like he's dying, come on Bo y, ah you're, the man of a thousandases Wat. He Ole, Shul Agon, yes, Gos are not ating the snews oe Erpick a number between one and ten Maro, seven Bo four! Oh, that's it right on the money. All Right Bo goes. First mm all right, ladies and gentlemen. The following contests will be held under dualing decades rules. The judges coinflips shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories movies, T v, Music News and for the weak experience hut, products will be replaced with sports H. my favorite Heli Lewis Album it judges ruling we'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: apiece the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds. Okay, jewellers, let's make like a tree and play some doeos h all right. Let's do this all right! I think I'm going to start with movies. I feel like I got an O K shot here with movies from H. First Week in Mae Nineteen nd. Ninety three PIC number one is going to be Dave, released, May sevent N Nineteen D. Ninety three, an American political comedy, Staran Kevin Klein, segorny weaver, also peatering ving Rans, Charles Growden, from Te Betoven series, which we all know in love, so dearly and been Kingsley. The film goes to show you there's good money in parks to being an impersonator debuing it to number two with the box office, jumping to number one in its second week, making over sixty three million dollars from a twenty eight million dollar budget. This begs the question: Who Uh? Is there anybody out there that looks like our current president? They could impersonate the current president. There's got to be somebody n Robert Redford could pull that off. No not now no yout think so you didn't see him in the winter soldier he's like he's like eighty wellso's, the president, true serone doesn't do a half bad job. That's true! That's true! I did not know that Dave made that much money. I didn't know that that many people saw Dave. I didn't either, but evidently it was a big blockbuster yeah that that's big money for comedy, remember, t two debut and then Jumpin a number one and week number two sixty three million. I know you got one better. I do okay, I do released actually the same day and the the reason it was number two at the box office, it's first weekend dragon the Bruce Lea Story. Of course, the H film tribute to Legendary Martial Artists and actor Bruce Lee starring Jason Scotley, which ironically, had no relation lawren holly in there Robert Wagner as well dedicated the Le Sun Brandon, who died five weeks earliyr, while performing in his final film, the Crow Philm, obviously like I said, debut number one earning a box office, total of sixty three and a half million. This is where it's interesting like more interesting than day, sixty three and a Halfa million box office hall, Fourteen Million Dollar Budget, so it it it ran laughing all the way to the bank compared to Dave Wow. I had no clue that that movie made that much money ha even heard about it until it came out on home video wow. I remember that Yeah Thi's the thing it seemed like they played it on like a MC and R ACM or whatever you wanted to call it in like tbs back in the day. That was the only reason I knew that film existed. I I remember that one going to the movies. I was a big branonleaf fan at the time. Interesting story, real quick. When h the day I rented what was the name of his movie before he died, his a big movie there, I'm having a Oh rapid fire. I was watching rapid fire and rented rabid fire. It ended and I turned on the news, as the thing was rewinding and the new story of him getting killed. Was that day right after I finish watching it holy ship? That's where this all started man every time we talk about somebody on this show. Well, something happened. Luckily, he's old, I can't do anything worse to him. He's already dead. No, but that's what the curse started. Man, it all started when I rented rapid fire and then powers booth died like thirty years later. No, it wasn't even thirty years. He died like last year or something right. Two years ago, yeah right after I finished watching Red Doo Al Right. Let's just stop all right right, so I got yours. You Got Dave and the Bruce Lea Story. Ragon the Brusan Drag Okay Dragon, the Bruce Lea story, the autobiography of my penis, it's very long title dragon at least the title's long. That makes one of us. Oh, I get it all right, gentlemen. For my offerings. We got a pair of sequels that were both released, may first, nine Huneren and eighty seven, the first being on a remote, Caribbean island, where Army Ranger Joe Armstrong investigates the disappearance of several Marines, which leads him to the lion, a supercriminal who is kidnapped. A local scientist and mass produced an army of Mutinn Inja warriors in American inje, two, the confrontation, even though the original American inja had a huge budget and was a huge success for cannon golden and Globas slashed the budget to the sequel to just three hundred and fifty thousand dollars hold on and th. What's a huge butt of hitten can on a million to three hundred and fifty thous, I guess a tripled it. The film grossed four million at the box office, but it found its true calling on the home video market, as dipshit kids like us, would all rent it over and over because we loved any film that has a kill count of eighty seven yeah. It was more deadly than the first one. It was way more deadly. It wasn't as good as the first one. I don't think in my heart, at least in my second entry, not only reunited the gruesome Tusum of George Ramiro and Tom Zavini, but it also saw them once again teaming up with the master of aura the pride of Lisbon Mayne, Mister, Stephen King. Of course, I'm talking about creep show too. The film is made up of three short films and an animated tale. That's told in between the segments, the first story being old chief wooden head, and then we move on to the fan favorite the raft in the third tale being a classic twilight zone story telling with a little gruesome twist. At the end, there called the hitchiker. The film grows: Fourteen Million Dollars at the box office, I n nineteen ND eighty seven off of a three point: five million dollar budget, but much like American INJITU. The film did not reach its full potential until it hit the VHS rental market May, first, nineteen and eighty seven we got a pair of sequels American injatwo in creep, show to okay, I'm not going to make this one take forever. I'm DEF I'm going to go with eighty seven, it's a slam Dung for me creep. Show too, like mark said it was one of those movies that got bigger as it time went on matter of fact, just like two years ago, they rereleased it with you know special especial edition. I remember who' Di it. I have it upstairs. I can't remember who the hell rereleased it, but all the stories on that thing are great. Even the hitchhiker one is my least favorite, but the the Indian one is great. The raft is amazing, just when you think the guy gets away he's like I beat you and the big black tar we haright. It came out fregging thirty two years ago. I think we're okay yeah it's available for streaming. I think it's up on prime right now, ochecki definitely worth worth a watch as far as Dave goes. It's probably my least favorite of the four that we got in here, anything with politics. Just I actually forgot all about Dave until you brought it up. I do like to dragon the Bruceli Story. It's a little slow, but it's if you're a fan of martial art. You like that movie, but just the two movies that you have together there in eighty seven. I just can'. Imagine actually, if it's closer than you, would think, because it's American injure two all kind of movies are Shlocky, but that Syria, after the first one started to get really locky American injitwo, was the beginning of the downfall, Yoaacanon and then once h. what's his face Um Fuc, I can't even think of anything today. What's his name H, Dudaka doia cough once Dudakou left it was just ascrap, but you didn't say that one. So I won't knock you on it. So I'm having to go with eighty seven for this one, but I will say it is much harder to pick these being so granulars just being in that weak time frameand. You Guys Aren't picking the best of the best of the month and JI in the week. So it is I I can only imagine whether the reces picks are going to go yeah. You gotta pick the the best of what's available, yeah all right, so we're still in the one point round. When don't we head over to music right from my first century, I have the cure: nine hutered nd, eighty seven, the cure, released, the musically eclectic double op. Kiss me kiss me kiss me. It reached number six in the UK top tens in several other countries and it was the band's first entry in the: U S top forty at number: Thirty: Five, where it was certified as platinum, reflecting the band's, rising mainstream popularity. The bands third single just like heaven, was the ban's most successful single to date being their first single to hit the billboard top forty. The album produced three other singles as well. My second entry were also going to stay with UK bands and everybody's favorite band out of Glasgow. Scotland, Deacon Blue S, Guys Big Deacon Blue Fan. I haven't had my decon blue in a long time. I, like Cateline, the Scottish pop rock band, Deacon Blue, also released their dw, album, may first, nine teen and eighty five entitled Raintown h little side, Nok Deacon Blue got their name Fr. One thousand nine hundred and seventy eight steely Dan Song Deacon Blues Ringtown was their first album. They went on to some sort of success, I'm assuming I've never heard of deacon blue, but there was like no good albums released the first week of a if we would have Wen t two more weeks out man. We would have had mally crewgirls girls, girls, grateful dead in the dark, but we don' Ifo Bo. We don't so you gotta take what you get and you get mother, fucking Deacon Blo in Te Cure, O blue ey. The Cure is, are good. Pick though yeah. Can You ACC stron, where I let Bogo just give me the chorus to just like heaven. I don't know it. I've never heard it. I've never listened to a cure song. Really. No, I'm a man Bau for extra points. Do the C I can't runs. I can't remember it Friday, I'm in love. That's the one! Everybody knows. Oh, that's, secure, yeah Themlo, you know love Song, Yeah Cesla, no, no, the one that three eleven covered years later. Oh okay, yeah s! You don't know that. Okay Ol, it's a grateful dead song. No, it's not! No! I know the song. I've heard it I'm just not overly familiar with I've heard it in movies, and you know the cure's life in a northern town. Don't know that all right, what do you have n Ne Tousan, nine hundred and eighty three, if you cut Yoush, if you come out w t the cure show, I will lose my mind: Uh Music, the first week in May nineteen. Ninety three I'll start with may fourth, nineteen ND. Ninety, three, the release of down with the King, the sixth studio, album from the legendary hip hop group, run DMC. H, though it wasn't really notable didn't produce a lot of massive hits or anything. It did Peik at number, one on the: U S, billboard top R and B and hip hop albums chart the title track. Would reach number one on the? U S Raptard and it got pretty favorable critic reviews, but many would argue it's it's kind of a forgetable intry in the whole rundmc catalogue. I'd agree with that. Well, wait! There's more! Okay! So like right! Now, that's better than Deacon Jones Decon Gludor, whoever better than both all right. Well, this one's GOINGTO knock Marc. Both out of the Water May, fourth, nineteen, ninety three, the same date live or Selen alive from American Tohoto pop singer, Selina recorded during a free concert of the memorial coliseum and Corpus Christi, Texas and February of ninety three. This led to her winning a grammy for the best Mexican American album of the thirty six annual grammy wards, making ar the first to Hant a musician. To achieve that accolade, the record also earned her the comparison of being the Mexican equivalent to Madonna, which is pretty high praise for that time. I would think three singles from the altmall simultaneously in the top five positions on the hot Latin tracks chart it's hard to get like one single into the top Ihve, let alone five simultaneously. That's pretty impressive, no matter what chart it's on, I would think so down with the king by RUNDMC and live from Selena wow good pick. Salina was huge man. She had some pretty crazy fans, ow boy ICOMO, still too soon. All these years later, God you can't mess with Selinas H, I'm goingto have to go with nineteen. Ninety three on thist's, it's being around the Bush too much here if mark, would have sung the Corus to just like heaven. I might have given hem a little bit extra push but like coming out deek and Blue Bu. I guess this is the most honestest game ever is because it's really black and white there's really no grey here. You guys are killing it and killing the other team for whatever. So, let's just let's move on for music, ' ause, that's a pretty sad musical month, tnot going to get much better here, gentle! Let's! Let's forget deacon blue 'ecause, this whole round blue. Who did he blow she needed the money or he did I bobby graft. You have control of the board henging into the third round. Where are we going man, I'm going to go to news Mark James? I got a couple of what I consider tod be pretty relevant stories, pretty strong stories to tha bear with me 'cause. These are kind of lengthy may fifth. Nineteen. Ninety three h occurs the murders of three boys in West Memphis Arkansas, which would later lead to the arrest and conviction of three men who will go on to become known as the West Memphis, three Damien ekls of the three men sentenced to death Jesse, Miss Kelly junior was sentenced a life imprisonment plus two twenty year sentences. However, that works and Jason Baldwan was sentenced. A life imprisonment as well during the trial prosecutors asserted that the children were killed as part of a satanic ritual. Multiple documentaries have covered the case, and many celebrities and musicians have held fundraisers raised awareness and tried to spread the belief that the the three men indicted for the crimes are innocent. Well, it worked to an extent after new evidence was brought to Lihe years later in twenty eleven after weeks of negotiations and a bunch of other legal jargon and proceedings and stuff like that, the West Memphis three were released from prison as part of a plea deal in which defendants plead guilty, while still asserting their actual innocence. In cases where defendants canceed that H prosecutors have sufficient evidence to secure conviction. So it's it's. A whole weird thing, but eventually they did get out of prison, so a judge would later sentenced them to time served a total of eighteen years and seventy eight days they were incarcerated. They were each given a suspended imposition of sentence for ten years, so if they reoffend, they can be set back in prison for twenty one years, but this has always been um kind of an interesting story in the music scene. That I follow like Pearl Jam is a big proponent, for you know, freeing the west Memphis three bands like the Dixie, chicks and all those others, one of the guys actually involved in this co wrote a song on Pearl GM selftitled. Album called army reserves. So it's actually it's just a really weird fascinating case. If you ever have time to just kind of sit down and research, it's really interesting wow and it's pon five fucking movies did it get five movies, five movies yeah, most recently the documentaries. I know for sure on that devils, not, I believe, was H. that's what I call my butthole allright, so they o go mayfifth. Ninety three, the murders of the boys that would eventually spon the legend of the West Memphis three now no particular date on the next story, but may ninety three mark the second month in the Midwest in which they continued to experience, record flooding and what's referred to, is the great flood of ninety three flooding occurs along the Mississippi I Missouri rivers and their tributtaries until October nineteen, ninety three. So this is a big half the year the Midwest was was flooding or flooded, making this among the most costly and devastating floods that ever occur in the United States, and it's kind of happening here again right now as we speak, but we are not yet to fifteen billion dollars in damages, as they were then, which equates to about twenty six to thirty billion. Today, shees affecting nearly three hundred and twenty thousand square miles, at least thirty two lives were officially lost to the numbers estimated to be closer to fifty in total and here's a fun fact driving it home. For me, right here in Quinc, Illinois, local twenty three year old, miscreant named James Scott, was convicted for intentionally causing a catastrophe and sentenced to ten years to life in prison after a jury found him guilty of tampering with the levy by removing sand bags, causing catastrophic flood related events in which a barge actually at one point, was sucked through the lockand dam and impact at a gas station in what we call West Quincey, which is just across the river in in Missouri, and causing a massive explosion and fire. So literally, the water was on fire. There's, there's actually video this all around the the Internet up ye search for it, but what an Asshole y? Ah, this guyill be eligible for parole in four years, after also serving an additional consecutive ten year sentence for burglear. So we're talking this kid had a rapsheet by the time he was even in his twenties M and during the flood area, residencs would have to drive as far as eighty miles just to get across the river, whereas it would take me right now, except one of the bridges s close, but it would take me probably ten minutes to get to the Missouri side from where I live. Bu Anyway, the guy claimed he did it because he wanted to strand his wife on the other side of the river. So he could party longer all right, don't know if that's ever been confirmed or not, but that is the that s, the loer behind it, but yeah still an assole still an Ashol Asle, but there you go. May Ninety three, the second month of the Great Flood of ninety three here in the Midwest Ra couple, O hohum stories there nothing too funny yeah you wait to the barn burners. I I mean not that they were't bad. They weret bad stories. Thit was just theyr very downnote stories, so, let's, hopefully you could pick it up. That's the news brother, all right! So, for my first news story, we had a a Supreme Court ruling on May Fifth Nineteen. Eighty seven, the Supreme Court ruled that judges and juries deciding whether sexually explicit material is legally obscene. They must assess the social value of the material from the standpoint of a reasonable person rather than applying community standards. Basically, what that means yea break that down. If it's not obscene to people in New York City, it's not obscene to people in Quinc Illinois, you can't take in the local community standards. It has to be a broadstandard of a reasonable person, so that was one of the Supreme Court rulings. The second one th t we had was allowing women must be allowed into rotary clubs. So that's my first news story was a double Deuce of Supreme Court rulings. Thank God. We finally got some competition, an Bingo Thursdays and the first week of May. Nineteen and eighty seven will always be remembered for one news story and it happens to be a news story that made it into a movie in twenty eighteen starring, huge Jackman. The movie is called the front runner. It is about Mister Gary Hart, who, according to Time magazine, was the front runner for the nineteen nd. Eighty eight presidential election and he had to Behe, was the front runner for the nineteen nd. Eighty eight presidential election, according t t time magazine until he was forced to drop out of the race after the Miami herold revealed that the married man had been spending nights with another woman Dona Rice, a twenty nine year old model, Hey Mamma, he turns out, he was Drinking Olympia, Dukakis's diodorine. So, on the on the May. First, the Herald investigative reporter Jim McGee had stake Douthart's townhouse and saw him, leaving shortly after nine pm, with a women on May third, eighty seven, the story appeared and the in the Herald with photographic evidence of them together and then on. The eight Colorado senator had to resign from the race he's made the statement. I've made some mistakes, he said: Maybe big mistakes, but not bad mistakes. So it's a horrible story, but it's really poignant today, because this was the first time that the media really got involved in a political election when it came to sexual scandals and it comes to find out. This was all fabrigated by his political opponent. thes story came out twenty years later, though, it really changed how the media covered politics and it took out a candidate because of it wow. That's some shit right. There I mean part of the thing is like who gives a shit. I mean if the guy is cheating on his wife. We had a president. There was like fingerbanging, chicks and H Wa i Sinalacus with SA, not even with his finger with a fucking cigar. He poby smoked it too. Well, the thing with Gary Hart is a lot of. This was a set up. You might remember hearing about the whole monkey business thing. He had gone on a boat cruise with a colleague of his and the boat was called monkey business and there was a girl on board come to find out. It was a set up and they told her to sit on his lap. So pictures could get taken and wow if you're interested in the story check out the huge Jackman movie that came out n twenty eighteen about it, rouged performage m one hundred percent that he was framed. That's not just like Youre, so that's your opinion. No! No! No. I believe that. That's the T, the story that I've always heard. I've heard it on the news. You look, it up see the movie for yourself. Let me ask you: This is Garyheart Democrat. He was Oso, of course, Mark's gonna side with that soat's Ias Gine, a wode that you may e me ask us in the movie. Is He set up? No in the movie here was a Republican nowas he set up in the movie. Was it was the whole thing a sham in the movie? I haven't they don't Li anyose alrigh I haven't seen, haven't had a chance to see at it. Just came out twenty eight didn't you just say it was an incredible performance by him, though it was. You read all that read all the the reviews and his performance was put down the shovel yeah I' digging deaer nown, the air. Oh, it's going deep, all right! So, let's, let's just let's go to the ruling here. Please do we Gott. Let me let me try to put them together, so we got this huge. What was it like? A flood? There was three hundred and twenty three effected: Three Hundred and twenty thousand swar mile in the Midwest over the course of like six months and twenty billion dollars in damage or whatever you said. How much was it h, fifteen billion back then it equates to between twenty six and thirty billion dollars worth of damage. Today, that's a major catastrophe that and then you paird, that up with the West Memphis three, which is obviously you know that has legs it's been going on forever Mar you brought the the Gary Hart thing that did come back to life with a movie and then your other story was. I was fucking confused and then the Rotary Club Um Supreme coroom man, whatever they rule on a bunch of bullshit yeah, but this one is important. 'cause it's about sexually explicit material, so playboy magazine Porn, all of that stuff was trying to be outlawed in certain communities around the country. This was a law that helped fight against that. So we can have shows like this and say obscene things or we want to watch skin amax in Kansas weekend. You just went from you were talking about sex, and then you threw us in there well fish. I mean he's kind of run, ING through a Common Gon. Here obscenity doesn't always have to be nudity in tits. It could be US saying Fuckatshe, but you did say sex didn't you. I did say sex, yeah, sexis, part of the obscenity. When it comes to pornography, I would think righ, Okay Horn without sax. It's not my favorite see. I think with that. If you had the story about Larry Flint going against it, then I think it would have been larger the one that larger than a supreme cors. Well, the thing is, I don't think I think her wasn th there was more to it than just yours, I'm gong, to have to go with ninety three on this he's he's got this huge flood, which is monumental internwil shit catastrophe like especially in the Midwest Um. I'm sure that, like ruind farming and fucking crops for Fucking Ages, Oh yeah and then of course, the West memphistoryis a huge story. What's the deal with that? No is it proven or like how many people believe that they did it and didn't do it like? Is it more people believe they it's kind of like Split Decision? I think there's you know probably like fifty fifty like people, some fifty percent, think they did do it. Fifty percent, don't it's just B, there's been a strange amount of like public support for them. You know, as far as like them being innocentor Tha Wer the thought process of them being in, like I said, Pearl Jam and like the Dixie, chicks and all these other. You know notable artists have been supporting like free, the West, memphis three and all that stuff for quite a while. Isn't it weird when bands get involved and things like this, like you're a band, you play a guitar, you sing that would be like US trying to get into a Oh yeahthey're, they're, good man. Let 'em go. They didn't kill that eight year old. What do I know? I've been on the road a lot and you know I've been thinking. I've been on the tour bus and I've really had a lot of time to pogether an investigative, journalistic approaches and H, yeah I'me Gon- to have to go with ninety three on this one, so that puts Bowat two market way. I'm going to two point rounds, though, so this is what it's like to be on the winningside, the first in the single point rounds. It really doesn't matter mm mm, but you are in the lead. So, let's, let's move on from there whereare you going. Oh, my goodness. I think I'm GOIN TA head over to television to May first of nineteen, ninety three coming to an ID after two seasons and seventy eight episodes. It's goof troop WHA, that's rigce! You guys! You said it. It's granular, not a lot to choose from here. Is this Goofy Yeah Goo? It's it pretty much chronicles the the relationship between single father, Goofi and his son, Max, which the whole time I was researching. This makes me like goofy. Had S me think, like Yeah D D D, Did he have six with a human or like a human dog hybrid somebody fucked this dog, to create this whole series? It's just bizarre, but anyway the show will show that on show. I guess not that I know of that might be a bonus episode that didn't quite make it to hair, but the show lived on after its end from the small screen, with two film adeptations that were pretty successful, actually including a goofy movie in nineteen nd. Ninety five and an extremely goofy movie, five years later in the year, two thousand so gooftroop coming to an Endoma fors, ninety three after two seasons and seventy eight episodes that, if anything, needs a prequel. That does because it would explain a lot, probably yeah, I'm sure it's out there on like red tube or something like that, the Goofy movieis pretty damn good. I enjoyed the goofy movie. I cul watch that again, they've got the whole subplot with H. There's there's like a prince type artist. H T is kind of the subplot of the whole movieis KINDOF sertainoon pankey Max was a bad ass character. I wish they Disney would have developed Max a lot more yeah. He never did reach peberty. Did He? No, maybe when need a sequel Wi. Just Max Shame, shame shame just so. People know like seventy eight episodes on a cartoon, even though it's only two seasons. That's actually not bad. Pretty good is dretch woul, no look at like you know, yeah, I guess even thundercats and Li. They didn't last that long, they just two or three seasons and they just repeated the hell out of it. No, that's really not that bad, no, not at all all right, so we're going to bump up a few days here to May Fifth Nineteen. Ninety three also marking the end of another very successful, show five seasons and ninety seven episodes of quantum leap as it reaches its Finalle the show debut March. I nineteen and eighty nine really kind of feature who's who far as eightes television is concerned, at least behind the scenes you got Donald P Bellasario, who thankfully brought us things like Magna, Pi Ncis and for all of us H, early dinnereaters, Jag theme song from the Etheme Soong Virtual, so Mike Post Yo also did the law and order series theme an Ypd blue. The ROCKFORD Files Hill Street blues goes on on and on and on and a starring role in narration from none other than America sweetheartd himself, Scott Backyla, the finale despite otherwise lack luster ratings, was viewed by thirteen million American households, which I believe, even by today's standards, is pretty astounding. Did you mention den Stockwell in that I didn't mention denstck? Well, I figure it'Scot back itill be good enough to really kind of run the game it here. SCAPACULA mkulab, O yeah loved that show in two thousand a four two thousand and seven. The show is voted. Number fifteen and number nineteen respectively on T v guides top Colt shows ever lists. The show, throughout its run, did receive multiple award nominations, including several winds for emmis and Golden Globes mayfith. Ninety three quantum leap after five seasons and ninety seven episodes reaches it's in an it's syndicated for everfoever, so good one good one. There UPATSOLEGER, not bad! That raises your rank this round mark. What do you have? I eighty seven had t have something all right: Gentlemen, so may seventh, nineteen and eighty seven we're going to watch a little bit of NBC for the Thursday night line up and first we're going to go to the season. Finale of the fifth season of the popular television show that I don't know if you guys ve ever heard of this one, it's called cheers. The CHINEL episode was called. I do a de written by Glen, close no written by Glendon, lest Charles and directed by James Boroughs. Of course, it originally aired on May seventh, nineteen and eighty seven. The episode would mark the end of the five year on and off Romance of San Melone and Diane Chambers, as Selleylong was set to leave the show, at the end of the season, to put out great cinematic classics such as Hello, again and tr, neverly hills and money Pitt. Well, that was that was before she left Owell. She got the inclination that she could do it Yeahin the episode we finally see Diane, giving into San's constant proposals. However, afther ceremony Diane receives a phone call at the bar saying that the publishers want to put out her unfinished book. She ends up leaving Sam at the altar and at the end, H, Sam says, to where you know have a good life. She gets all upset. Well, don't say that I'm goingto be gone for a few months and I'll be back. It's no big deal as she walks up the stairs lights go down in the Bar Sam says under his breath, have a good life and shelylong was Exi. The show- and I mean she eventually came back for the series, finale and stuff like that b. So that was our first show. Our second show airing the very same night may sevent. Eighty seven, the twenty fifth episode of the Third Season of the Cosby, show Ne Martin Landmark episode. It would give us just the taste of what was to come the following September with the dw of a show called a different world, so we got an episode entitled Hillman as the Cosby family travel to visit Denise, as she first arrives at college, Genes's, dorm, room and roommate are a little bit different than they were in the in the spin off show a different world, but that's when we first got a taste of that it was in May now different world didn't come outntil September, so this was quite a ways before with the show hilman. So let's not focus on the cosby part of that it's all about denise. Even if it was, I mean you ge Li w e. You talked about this last showed a couple epicodes ago. You really can't discount the show for what it was. So I'm not. I wouldn't do that. Allright, looking at Bospicks the GOOP troop, I'm not gon, I can't it doesn, it just doesn't hold water. So that's going to make you lose the round, because if I go it's two to one, I love form. I love Quanum leap, but I think he's just got such pivotal moments in both shows if he would have just said that was a season Faliley of cheers season five and they didn't do anything special. I probably would have given it to you, but the fact that Diane left there was such a big turnround new character. Coming in as a new Li, you know it's just it's a big deal and then the cosby thing you know you spin off to a different world and thatl lasts for like five seasons and had a pretty good run of its own. So that's a pretty monumental SOM going have to go with eighty seven on this one mm mm just like that. It slips out of my fingers Bo Likei've, been here before, making your Wa in the world. Tobe thinks everything you've got, taking a break, fromayour worries, yea sure W hopaot all right. So that brings us to sports, which is a category E's really never done on this year. SBECAUSE we're going so granuale with the weak experience here just doing one week, we're swapping out hot products with sports right and the only reason we did that is it's really hard to find a product yeah that came out in that week. So we didn't want you to have like you know some weird product. Well, it actually worked against us a little bit because, instead of getting a weird product, we got weird ASS news and fucking deacon flu. It sure did right so we'll start off wath sports and we'll start off with the nineteen. Eighty seven Kentucky Jerby was the one hundred and thirteenth running of the Kentucky Derby. It took place on May second, Nineteen D. Eighty seven Christmacaren aboard Ali Shiba winds in two minutes in three seconds. Alishiba was far from the favorite at the race, with only eight to one odds, the odds, favorite demons begone came in dead lash as he pulled up lame during the race, but was able to walk into the ambulance under his own power and the Derby Alishiba and his jockey Christmcaran were nearly knocked to the ground during the race by a horse named bet twice, Alisheba did recover from the collision and won the Derby. Then he came back to win again at the pregnast stakes when he attempted to become Americans racings twelfth triple crown winter and then at the Belmo Alishiba raced without aspecial medication that the horse normally took to clear up some blockade. She had in his throats, which was against New York racings and, of course he lost that race and who did he lose to debt twice, who won by fourteen linkhs the same horse that almost took him out in the Kentucky Derby? Actually remember that it was have yo been go and watch the race on you too. It is amazing. I try to watch the CONCECTOR gurmy every year. There's nothing amazing about Horse Ractic at all. It is because Alishiba in this race comes back on that last quarter mile he was in twelvth place and that last quarter mile just comes up all the way, even though, and then he almost gets tripped up. It's just you know horse racing, you just just glued to it. I've Ay the Horse and Hotto Trot that came back from behind to IAL IGUES. Well, let's get something a little more interesting may Secon, nineteen and eighty seven we're going to the Cow Palace San Francisco, California, for superclash too, a super crofs superclash too, from the A W, a the American Wrestling Association. This was a stacked card in front of two thousand eight hundred people crazy at the COWPALACEYP, which holds sixteen thousand people. You can watch this event on the WW network. Right now. I checked it out earlier empty seats everywhere. TATS, like the last the next te live, show I went to why, like all right, Giv me give us the line up all right, so the line up it opens up with you guys, remember: General Adnon, MHM, okay. This was back before when he was Shikadnon. He went against a buck. Zum Pole, never heard of 'em sounds like a shitty gi, Jo ripoff character, Dj Perison wrustled Super Ninga. If you haven't seen the Superninga match, you gotta check it out because it's on the WW network and if you look on superninishands he's, got swastickes on the back of both of his mists yeah. How about that yeah? That's O Weird! We e rowing starosticas or were t yeah did they think they were throwing stars. I don't know but they're blatantly swasticous. They are big white, blocky SPASTICAS and it's creepy. Is this all over the internet or is I this is something that Mark James came up with whenhe watched it on the W O? This is something I came up with about five thirty tonight when I was watching on the network and I'm like what the fuck does, that N Inja Hav swaticas on his hand. How much did you partake at five thirty when you watched it nothing at five, thirty Jeez you'R an hour and ten minutes late, I'm going to say that they weren'n spos. I don't know about that. Come on I'gin going as right. Now, curiosity that would be all over the Internet is: Is it all over the Internet? If not, then I go to the WW network right now go to Awa. Eighty seven may second, it's the second match in Super Ininje. You can't miss it he's got daggers on his forearms swasocas on his vists. That's probably my favorite moly crew, album to be honest, okay. I I I agree with Mark I'm looking at a picture right now, yeah. I was just about to send it to the the group today. Those are Def nos. Maybe this is like an educational thing like he didn't know what the hell he was putting on and thought it was a symbol for a Chinese star, but that's Filyswaiga. Okay, the the gentleman who played the character of superningia was Shunsi Tannaco who, as a Japanese wrestler, so the Japanese had no clue but swasti ause we're old, O notiantat. I just found a tweet from a landstorm from twenty Sixon. That's where I found the picture and he wrote not sure why the superningais a Nazi Awa superclass to thank you, see, Mark James, not fucking, crazy, wohoh hold on here's, no clarification from SOMOA Joe from Samoa, Jo. It says it's actually a Buddhist symbol. He worked a small town in Japan and you found them everywhere. Interesting, yes, that technically, that is true, but this is nineteen and eighty seven people should ave fuckand known better thatjust weird. He did follow off again and said. That being said, superninge isn't Japanese. So that's a pretty bone headed move all right. So go on with your second story: good stuff, there lright, so Sherry Martel, defeated Medusa, but the big match on here was curt. Henning defeated Nick Bach Winkle to win the A W A world heavyweight championship, his first Heavyou Weight Championship, title run. He held it for over a year and then finally dropped it and then left to go up north to New York. To the WWF. We allsaw the midnight rockers Marty, Ganetti and Sean Michaels Andree Stevens in a six man, tag match to feet, Bunnywolf, dougsubbers and Kevin Kelly and then Jimmy Snucca and Russ Francis. Yes, the NF LS Russ, Francis from the New England Patriots, defeated the terrorists that are known as superininj Brian knobs and the mercenary, which is Ron Fuller. I could see why that card only had two thousand people. You Got Shan Michael's on it: Curt Henting, Nick Bac, whunkle, Sherry Martel, Jimmy Snoka, General Adnon and a Dubid fucking swaticus on his Han. I would say those were all midcard guys at that timandpoint yeah at that at that pointthat was Awa. Well, that's why I'm saying it's. I could see why there was two thousand people there, but it really kind of marked a turning point in w Ay, because Nipbok lo I mean he was a champ for a long time and then with henning having that title for a year it was kind of like th the new guard coming in and then Elot of every promotion had done this at the time and this as e when aw a did it Kinda give the young kids a push for a while. It's actually it's weird did Vince have like some kind of territory deal with them, because a lot of those guys were in the ww for the time. Ah and henning was in the WWF and then left to go back to the AWA. I think it was a little more loose beck that it wasn't. Quite you know your my soul property, and you can't go here her here. Do this and that and it's kind of getting a little bit like like, I saw Adam Col at a hardly race wrestling academy, show earlier this year. So I mean it might be: Kinda loosening the rains a little bit all right, good stuff, so you had a whwas that starcade too now sh. I wish it was a starcase too lash pog wild. What was your First Story Again Sea Biscuit Ayeah. It was the the Kentucky Jerackierbo Aalishiba Yeah Alishidi, the AH REDINALISHID Yocross t finish line in Kentucky all right Bo. Let's see this, this is it. Whoever wins. This round wins everything so eseright! Well, gentlemen: We had back to the blue ground state, may first, nineteen, ninety three, the one hundred and Nineteenth Kentucky therebe Jockey Jerry Bailey, crosses the finish line: Oboard the sea hero which would become the first of two victories for Bailey and his kenducky Derby career the next following a top grindstone N, nine uteen and ninety six other equestrian participants, ind this prestigious of inecluded, personal hope, Kissing Chris Rag time rebel, Dixieland, heat, Rockamondo and toss of the coin, who are all also, coincidentally, my favorite nxt colops Ct. Let's do this 'cause there's no way I could decide between the two of those Boa. Just read me. His names they're pretty damn original mark. Do you have the names from yours? If you need amit pull a your fellow participants, I do Al. It go. Have Ali Shiba that wice at Midler Avis copy, Cripto, Clarance, Temper Hill, Gulch Leo Castelli, Candi's gold, Conquese, the Ros on the line, no more flowers, Kapote and demons be gone. I wouldn't Waam these ull more time with Bos. I just want hemside by sad. This isn't all of 'em, but the ones that I'v found the most interesting personal hope Kissing Chris Rag time rebel, Dixie, land, heat, Rockamondo and toss of the coin, among others. Okay, I got them in here now. Boat. Your horse, of course, won the Kentucky Derby. What was the time in your race that your horse won? Not The fuck. If I know I was kind a scramble at this point, there wasn't much going on at sports in the first week of May. Ninety three, you could just just google it real quick you can like just put in him. E'll see I see where mark's going with US help. If I can spell Tyi in Kentucky deb and pro he's trying to pull out all he dops here ecause, he probably has it in front of Hem already all right. So he's setting you up. Oh, I don't know his stye okay et'. I O my time all right, Jerry, Bailey and Shero crossing the finish line, getting first place in the one hundred and Nineteenth Kentucky Derby. With a time of two minutes and two seconds Ali Shiba at two, oh three palll get back fire not'cse. I was going to give you the names now that Youe brought that up. That actually makes more sense. Yeah I at to go with the raice time. It's only fair, all right, okay, all right! So, let's see what the second story is. The second sports I've got. May Eighth. Ninety three lenux Lewis Faces Tony Tucker and what was built as Star spangle glory boxing event for the WBC heavyweight championship held Wat, the Thomas and Maxinor an Paradise Nevada contest Wen a full twelve rounds with Lewis tofeeding tucker by a unanimous decision. Let me ask you: was the title vacated at this point? Was this the first time the let em one estaand Lennox Lewis was the number one contender for the title? Okay, so then he kept it for how long after that, I don't remember how long he kept it forever. He had it for a bit yeah. He hat it for quite a while. He was amazing for a while soon as he started growing his hair out you' noticed that e longer his hair got the longer. He kept the gold. He was scary when he had dreads. Oh, it was freaky. Maybe that's what it was. It was intimidation Fang. All those guys are massive, though ell. Is it yeah, H, WBC, heavy weight champion? Okay, so right here, I'm looking at five, eight anine teed and eighty three. He lost that to Oliver McCall in ninety four, so he had it for a couple of years and actually the guy's only lost twice in his entire career. That actually makes two of US wee got some common ground. Here I ma Ol Lenux lose all right. I'm this is actually pretty easy. I don't know why I made you pull that up? U, if I'm going, if I'm giving you the Horse, you're ready upon and then I'm going to say that this is more monumental and more memorable than super W at was it t called again super clush too I'm going to have to go nine teen and ninety three on this one. Oh Man on I odd, Oh, doesn't even know how to how to react. Well, it's Prett good I'll, see you guys later. I guess what do I do now now? If mark would have just sung the damn chorus to the cirl know the song. I cannot listen to a cure album. I don't think I could handle it. They G. They got a couple of good tracks, a couple of good tracks. I couldn't listen to a whole album yeah, it's a little down yeah Jesus Christ, I'm on enough any depressance as it is. I wouldn't listen to that with your light off all right. There, OS boby cris with his first aangles victory. Yes, 's speechless Olk Andi dropped to a record of one and two here in the singles division on Dulung decades e s youre both time yeah, both of on I just, I guess I think the academy I think the listeners H my family, all right. Thank you. It's an honor act like you've been there before Bogh play me off, mark all right, so for the next match up duelers we're going to have the mamalukes back in action. That's me in Nickmancrush we're going to be goming up against the team of the after school special. Of course, that's Mike and both with some tag. Team Action, John Cross is coming back to lay the smack down, as the judge so stay tune. For that episode, that's going to be on our next duealing decades. Episode more exciting news pay attention to some of the upcoming in our past episodes because we're going to be having a Triviani and if you know the answers to the questions, you can win some great prizes ariht. So, if you've missed any of the episodes, you can always go back on dueling decades. Otcom, where you can hear all the past episodes that way when we do our trivianight coming up, you can compete all right all right. So until next time jewelers were going to bid you a peace, love light in a joy half a grateful week. Everyone will see you next time. Infirmay mediathis is the year we make morning, sizzle not fizzle. Let's do McDonald's, let's start biscuit buttering and sausage sizzling. Let's do eggs and all our favorites. Let's get brewing and premium roast sipping. Let's make a resolution to wake up. Breakfast right now, get a sausage biscuit with egg for just two dollars in any size. In a cafe, Premiam roast coffee for a box, theprises anpercicipation maybery cannot be combilin any other offer or combl meal. This is the year we make morning, sizzle not fizzle. Let's do McDonalds, let's start biscuit buttering and sausage sizzling. Let's do eggs and all our favorites. Let's get brewing and premium roast sipping. Let's make a resolution to wake up. Breakfast right now, get a sausage biscuit with egg for just two dollars in any size on a cafe: Preemi am Rost coffee for a box. theprices anpercicpation maybery cannot be combilin any other offer or COMBL MEAL