Dueling Decades
Nov. 7, 2018

Dueling Decades - Tournament of Terror recap & Rewatch, Remake and Return

Dueling Decades - Tournament of Terror recap & Rewatch, Remake and Return

On this week’s show, we bring you a recap of our epic Tournament of Terror and we dive back into some fine feature films with Remake, Rewatch, Return! Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft bring you through each round you voted for in our...

On this week’s show, we bring you a recap of our epic Tournament of Terror and we dive back into some fine feature films with Remake, Rewatch, Return! Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft bring you through each round you voted for in our “Tournament of Terror” on the Dueling Decades Facebook page! Who won and did things go as planned, or were there some shakeups in the mix? Did people really die in the Evil Dead house? Rick Mancrush breaks it all down for us death blow by death blow as we total up the body count and see if that equates to who you voted for in the end! Then we move onto movies of all genres, as Mike Ranger from the Video Rangers Podcast supplied us with some great topics to select three films that we will ultimately Remake, Rewatch or Return them!

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I ammark Jamesan with us, as always, are the other two offensive oradors, the original founder of flush, Rickman crush and a slice of miscellaneous midwestern, Manmeat bobe craft gentlemen. Welcome to the show o did o hear Mister James Good. To have you Mister Bell, as you were saying, the the doing decades, we just finished up the tournament of terror. Was it teurnamentof terror, terror, tournament to remecall it a tournament of terror, okay, Turna terror, and it's funny because we covered politics on Halloween. So why not cover the tournament of terror, which will come out probably the day after election day kind of sums up how we do things around here, but you guys kinda ready to go over. You know our own results of this election yeah. I think so I mean if you fallt, along on facebook Y, got to vote on the tournament of terror. What we did is we took the greatest villains of all time from horror and we matched them up against the greatest heroes from all time from horror, if you haven't done so already go over to facebook, et's facebook, dotcom, forsize, dueling decades. If you want to get in on the next poll 'cause, we already started that today that to be rock albums of the eighties versus rock albums of the nineties, so you have plenty of time to chime in on those so get in on that now go over to facebook, dotcom forward, slash doing decades and, like the page, join the group. It's growing to the point now we're almost at three thousand H. I think, like eleven hundred within the group itself. So a lot of people are voting on the stuff and it's getting more popular every week, so join in all right. So where did we begin here round? One was we had Michael Myers going aaint chucky the tall man from fantasm and, of course Hellrazor was fishing that one out. I think it was pretty much like a foregone conclusion that Michael Meyers was going to win this round. No matter what I don't know, man there's a lot of people that are Chucki fans and there's a lot of Hellraser frends out there. There was I I thought: Tha pinhead was going to do a little bit better than he did in this one yeah it was. It was a little bit off. MIGAMIRES did win. He took fifty two percent of the votes, so he went by a lot and then coming in second in this round was chucky. You K O. Let me throw out a little fact here: Chucki as six movies and forty five kills, which is pretty respectful, actually holds up to a lot of guys in this then coming in third was pinhead nine films. Thirty three plus kills and that's the thing with the kill counts, they're KINDOF, all over the place 'cause. I think people assume right. People were dead yeah, so it's it's Kindo hard to get an exact number but they're all around whetever number. I give you it's around that right and H. Lastly, coming in lasting at Roun was the Tallman who was in five movies, and I could not get an accurate count. First kills. I have a theory on that. I think it's because he didn't have any kills technically. He didn't lay hands on anybody. So you know, I know the balls did it and he commands the balls or whatever you know the guy's got great ball control, but he didn't physically kill anybody himself. So it's Kindof hard to do that, though, because I t saying like you know, Jason's knife accounts for all his murders. It doesn't 'cause. He used a lot of other things than the knife mm y. She then you you split it up with all his other shit. It's T I don't know like. There's no kill count for him, though out of everybody on all these lists, he's the only one no kill counts, all right, so I'm moving onto around two. We had Jason Vorhy's Norman Baites, the BLOB and Leprican Whar. Do you think that one Y, I know where I think it should have gone? I know there's a lot of leprokon fans out there. LEPRACON's got a ton of movies, Norman Baks depends. What version of Norman Bet are talking about. I went with the original. Some people prefer the T v version and the BLOB. That's a classic. If you can't vote for the Blob, that's just blasphemy, but I mean Jason's, the king, so yeah. Well, that's correct. Jason Actually took seventy two percent of the votes in this round. He fucking a killed it coming in second was Leprakan or Lubin. Whatever you want to call 'em you're writings, an seven films, fifty one kills Norman Baites four films and, of course, like marks, ou o the t v show, but we do go off of the eighties and nineties so that cuse it a little bit but total killwise. He had twenty three and then the Blob came in dead last one film, of course, a remake. Ninety eighty eight with what's the other dylon's name, it's not Mattelan Kevindillan Bob Kevin Dill. I COB Geez he's probaby in the original cico um, but the blobs accounts for thirty five kills in that movie. No love, though, that blew me away man. I thought the BLAB would get a lot more love. I thought he was going to get closer numbers to what bats and Leprikon got but yeahunfortunately. He did that all right, so we moved on to round three and all of these pretty much to this point are all for don conclusions. In my brain you got Freddi, then you had anni wilks mm and you had candyman and ghostface. Where do we think that ended up? I'm just going to say that misery is one of my all time. Favorite movies hands down. It is a cinematic masterpiece. Well then, maybe you can answer this question for me mm. How many kills did she actually have because in the movie they you know you kind of figure that she's a serial killer. You know she's killed a lot of people like when she worked at the hospital and all that, but is there ever any mention of how many people should kill? No, no just one, lady, that is on the movie. Ah Spoiler Fok, you've never seen misery just been bruened. Why said the ones she killed? It could be one. It could be twenty seven. I thought he said the one she killed. Well then, I just fucked it up. You just gave the spoiler. She came in Second H. Freddi took sixty five percent of the votes, Ani wilks came in second third, which surprised me was Candyman, who actually? This is surprising too, for cannyman spent three movies. He only has twenty two kills yeah that I thought his numbers would be way higher on that one and then last crazy. I thought this would be much higher ghost face from scream, but no love for ghostface. Everybody loves ghosts, face Killo. Instead, that's what I thought, but gost face four movies. Thirty one kills: Did they really make four scream movies? They did jeeze. I don't remember past the second one spoilers. Can you count that as all the same person? No Ye? That's what you just do it as the mask? Okay, it's just go's face cause yeah boiler same pert. If you haven't seen these fucking movies by now, people come on Gee, it started out. It was UH. She was one guy in the costume and then the third film it was like Rotty Piper or something underea. So I seriously don't even recall. I think it was a chick in one of Hem right. How awesome would it be if there was like a like a you know, notable villain like that that was never revealed who played it, but it was some like mega. Celebrity he's never found out Garedlido like John Travolta, AAll right so uh round. Four in the initial around here we had pennywise leatherface, I guess critter from crititors and Hadibelector, and where do you think that one went out leather face yeah? I I definitely thought leather face on this. One he's one of the classic Hollywood horr of villains of all time, but Hannibal lector is a very powerful character in his own right. But I I think we got surprised on this one. We did we, we hat blind. sigted pennywise was the winner by one boat M. Seeyour votes do count in this. One by one vote took thirty four percent of the votes. Of course, leatherface was the runner up. Four movies, thirty kills Hatibal electure came in third and surprisingly Hannibal electure. If you add his show to the mix he's been at five movies and his show hundred and forty four kills wow, sixty two of which came from the show. So I mean that was only pretty recent, so doesn't really count and then of course, critters. They killd a bunch of other fuckers. You EA those those violent Mercer Mayor Books. Now here's a question for you who ate more people the critters or Hannibal actor. Oh, according to this itd be hadible electore I mean a e hundred and forty four is more than everybody, except for Jason Wow. The CRETERS ate a lot of people in those movies they did but tha. I couldn't find account on that either. Then people just gave up a GOINTA watch past the first one- and I know there's like probably like three of those shitty movies and there's like a couple of cows in there and a dog and they they ate all kinds of stuff. They didn't care. What it was attire tie again like what you guys were saying, and I think that's a mistake that we did that I don't think we'll do again as we trid to split it up. You know we try to have these. You know the people that we thought would move on be in their own round, because it was only fair. You don't want to put like Freddie Jason, Michael and leatherface all ont round, but I say from here on out fuck it. Let's just do it because that's what happened in the hero rounds right, we got this new one, going up greatest rock albums of the eighties greatest rock albums of the nineties. Now for these I set up twenty five of the greatest from the eighties twenty five from the nineties. Then they were putting random order from there. So there's some match ups that you're going to see that people are going to be furious, that these albums all got in the same match up it's going to be great yeah I mean there's nothing. You can really do, though. I think that's the fairest way to do it, because the way we did it in the first one, it kind of played out how we not how we wanted it, but how we saw it. You now we'll change that, so it doesn't happen again so that that was the end of the the round of sixteen went onto the quarter. Fi we had Michael Myers and Jason. The matchup everybodys wanted to see forever and actually went to Michael Myers with sixty five percent of the vote. Do you agree with that? No, not at all. Do you think that had to do with the fact that the movie was out? Yes, absolutely the hype same with Pennywise Man, it's topical at the time more people are into the character, they'll survive longer, populaly I' say. If this was last year, when did it come out? was that last year or the year before he would have killed it? He wouldave just you know he lost coming up and ill woll over that next, but the next next qarter final was Freddie versus it. I thought this ould be much closer because of what you just said, but it wasn't H. Freddy took seventy five percent of the vote. Wow Yeah, that was a land flod and I thought after pennywise snuck in there you would have had a little bit more support, but yeah n Freddy, is the the master it ended after around one and surprisingly, pennywise only has nine kills. That's it! That's it is that just just on screen or does that count the book too? No, it does not count the book, I'm only doing movies. No Man, I'm not researching books, know I only listen to my. You can't have to read. Don't give me that I like to be read too: Do those kills all count? Ass Fool kills because there were children who no anything thoug should count is double yaall right. So then we go to the semifinals. We had FREDDI versus Michael- and I didn't mention this before Michael Myres, thirteen movies, a hundred and twenty plus kills. I had O Kinda estimate that one ho saw the last one. You know that you know the kill count is high, but I didn't count how many they were, but it's somewhere, O hundred and twenty plus Freddy. Only like forty two button Freddy took this one. Fifty four percent of the votes went to Freddy Yeah. Well, he is one of the grates of all time in horror, so I just didn't see it shaking out like that. I thought with that movie coming out, and actually it was out at this time n. We did this so thought. Maybe he would ride in, but no did not all right so onto the hero's side. I'll go quicker with these because there are really no stats at the heroes. Sorry, they whthow many legs were saved. Yeah ICANL that shit usually only one themselves round one. We had ash ash Williams. Of course we had Nata from they live. We had Tommy Jarvis and we had Helen Lyle from Kenyman, and where do you think this went oh easily Helen Mirin, Washerat it she's an Oscar winter grayboobs doesn't even matter o the the decade stacked Old Lady. It went to Ashcoma he's one of those characters that she's just the personification of cool and Badass. I think he personifies that better than anybody yeah. He killed it here, yeah, probably better than Freddy Crouger. I don't know: Have you seen Blankman with Damon Wylans, you got a fucking point there. Its is super here, though Yarit so raters yeah. That's true! I'm surprised. Nobody tried to throw one of those Hugermar 'cause a lot of people, listen people. If we didn't pick somebody you like just write it in the comments, don't say where so o this personormal wost yeah just just write it in. If we had enough right in votes, then whan everything meens to be contested, yeah, we'll put hem inother rounds come on. Oh, he won at sixty five percent of that vote, but round too again another landslid one. We had Nancy, of course, from Niran Elm Street mcreddy from the thing is it mcreddy or is it Mac Ready? I always thought it was: is Nidi but homcgreedy yeah, yeah you're right, I think that's! The way it's spelt does not look the way it's pronounced. Then we had Carolin Wat that poltergist and the BUB bub from day of the dead. One of my all time, aavorit, horror movies, who I was shocked, did not get more love in this one. He got one vote. Yeah N, I think that was fucking me. I think he was the only one in all these rounds ha got one vote, but that one was a landslide. Of course, Nancy Tosit took that sixty one percent. This is where it got tricky, and this is what I was talking about with you put mega powers together and crazy shit happens not even like just cream rises to the top, because here we go round three. We had van Hellsing Alice from residend, evil, riply from alien and then quit mark's favorite from Jaws Gointa need a bigger boat. I'm surprised he got any votes. I was a little shocked that he was on this, but he actually did get some love, even though he did he came and lash, but he got some love here, but you could tell the race was much tighter and riply only won with forty four percent of these votes. Wow. That's why? The next time we shift this around a cream rises to the top and then the last round here this is another Tuffe, but this one bugged me because I'll just tell you now: Laurie Strode Winsu, a fifty. Fifty two percent of the vote right, but you had laurie strode against buffy the vampire slayer. Now I know it's the movie version because we did movies. It was not a SEACEL GELLERM TV show Christ Swanson Yeah, so maybe that's why she didn't get as much love. But then you hat hell boy, Ola e!! are you trying to insinuate that the Christi Swanson Bumfy, the Vampire slayer, is less than the TV show? A lot of people would argue that you'd be surprised, of course, due to all the fans they're all about the fucking T v show wow, I I am definitely not on that fucking boat, I loved to shit out of the movie, could not get into the T. V show woulev like to have gotten into her pants, and maybe willows do. But TV show never appealed to me. Yeah, the the movie doesn't get all that much love an if you look it up. It's all for pretty much. The T v show and you know what, if you were put wilow up there from the T v show probably would have killed it. Huge followings, fucking, crazy, but lory strowe did win fifty two percent of the vote, and that's why I don't think people saw where this was going either, because when we match up the heroes against the villains, if you're GOIN t have fucking Louri strode gainst somebody other than Michael Myers, she's jus going to get fucking obliterated. Let's see, moving on quarter finals, Ash, verses, Nancy Ash Destroys Nancy. Seventy three percent of the vote next was riply versus lorry strod riply kills this one sixty seven percent of the vote. Then the semifinals came down to ash versus ripply and how did this go? I would have went we riply on this. One ash is really cool, he's a great character, good one liners, but riply is iconic, believe it or not, wwhat o. We believe it e're not who ended up taking that round. Makeand you're you're way off ashkill this sixty nine percent of the votes. You know how this is going, don't act, surprise. It took sixty nive percent of the votes. You talk about iconic. This is the iconic hero and he can fight the dead. He coun fight anybody. Of course she fights aliens, we didn't have an alien going into the final. So this is the perfect match up. I think the way it shook out with ash verses, Freddy Unbelievable. That's like the dream match up and going through this. Actually there was a comic written. It was two thousand and eight it was by wild storm and they actually they put out a comic book. It was ash, verse, Freddy and Jason O D. I remember they were talking about possibly doing this as a movie after the Freddy Versus Jason Movie came out, but of course, all the rights and bullshed everyone wanted a piece of the Pie. Of course it was never going to happen, so he he does pull it out in the comic book. He beats them both NIYP and a final compentation between the three horror movie, icons, Freddi Resurex, all of Jason's previous victims from frive thirteenth and makes them dead. ITES after Jason Turns on him, and then he turned the Vor he's home into the ELM street house, but ultimately, as sheuses, the Necronomikan, the coolest fucking name about anybook ever and he opens a portal like he always does he bashes Freddy, to the deadite world, and then I think he froze Jason Underneath Crystal Lake. So he does it with style. Just look over the numbers wise for movies. You know average there's been four evil dead movies. They averaged about domestic box office about eighteen million, a movie a then you look at Freddy and he's been in nine movies and they averaged forty million. So an box office numbers Freddy, is a clear champ and it was great to see all the debate on the facebut group when when these polls would go up- and some of the comments were great one of my favorite comments on this one out of the whole tournament- and it was a great observation. Somebody said that ash he definitely thought ash was going to beat Freddy, although he may lose another limb in the battle yeah. I could see that I thought that was a good call. Allright, so if you look at that, you kinda compare, they both had t v shows Ashburs as evil dead. Of course, just canceled this past April, after t e third season- and they finished it, which was nice part, O h reason I was canceled those they put it on stars, which nobody watches anyway, but Freddi also had a t V show. Do you remember Freddi's nightmares, yeah, sort of Jason too for a little while that's right, alway around for two seasons, but that's a cool show. If you checkd that out, it's got like a prequal episode in it. If I remember correctly, it's it's really low budget. The way it's set up, but it is what it is, estimata kill count for ash got one for Ash. Forty five, really it's pretty respectable yeah that doesn't count all the UNDEAD 'cause. They were. You K already dead right. Oh He, if you count all the ones he has from army and darkness, it's yeah hundred thousands yeah h. Then you look at Freddy he's got about forty two, but then again, he's got a lot more offscreen because he was a child killer. So you don't even know how many he has couple interesting things. Did you know that ash didn't even get his last name until army and darkness? The third movie? I never knew he had a last name until doing the research. For this I always thought he was just a hash yeah. His last name is Aunti. No, it's Williams. I thought it was the elbows it's slashy. This is actually kind o cool the cabin that they used for. Evil dead actually had two deaths in that cabin previously before the movie really yeah that you know that shit cabin in the woods that they fill originally well. Apparently, this little girl lived with her mother and her grandmother in that cabin. So I don't know what year this was. Maybe like the fifties or forties or some shit like that she went into her mother's room to sleep with her 'cause. She was cold, finds out her mother's dead died in her bed. Go gets up to go in her grandmother's room to wake her up. She's dead, Yeaho' Gon Na warm up cutdling up next to either one of them ooh and then part of the story go is when they were filming this that there wase some dude like wandering around around these cabins because it was filmed in the south. So people were like out hunting and Shit O, they didn't think anything of it, but then they asked odude like what are you doing here and I guess the woman that lived in that house th grew up as the little girl grew up every time it rained outside. She would leave the other formhouse that she had moved to when she grew up in and go looking in the woods for something and they were searching for because it was raining outside. So how fucking nuts is that it's freezy, Yeah Sam Ramie, said that they never they don't know if they ever found her or anything. But that's a crazy fucking story. Man Man, see when you're an indy film maker. You got TA sacrifice. If you can get a good deal on a location, you got to take it. Oh absolutely how how many people died here? OKAYI'LL, take it yeah, yeah sounds good cooking a discount. Well talk about budget, though some other shits they did in this movie that never happens anymore number one. They used real bullets in the shotgun when they were shooting in the woods and stuff 'cause. They couldn't afford any of the fage stuffs. They use a real one and this one you'll love. You know the part where ash is like kinda going crazy yeah, not where he's like laughing and hat just where he looks like out of sorts or whatever. Well, he weed real wheat. Why would you eat it? Well, I guess t somebody gave it to 'em h, you know n anedible or some shit and he ate it and that' o and they just filled it. They just went method acting a guy F, really high, pretty awesome, some Wer wild stuff, I'm down with that. As far as Nibern ELM street you know, West Cravan said it's loosely based on true stories that he read in newspapers about these people who did not want to go to sleep, theyw're, afraid of sleeping and then they actually died in their sleep yeah. I'm gongto pass on that. It's a hard pass for me. You guys, I'm not! I'm not not interested, I'm pretty busy this week, I'm not in fordying. In my sleep, I don't know about you, then actually the name Freddi cruger was named after West cravens childhood bully really yeah. I just took the name now, that's a way to get back at your fucking bully, wait till you're an adult rite, create a character that people will fear for the rest of your lives and then name it after that Pul I got the last laugh. Didn't I fuck her. What do you think they designed his face around if you were looking at Freddie Cruger's face? What's the first thing that comes to mind, Nashe elbows, wow, a drinks, coffeecake Yudon't, remember th, those little drakes, coffee, cakes that had like the Little Brown bits on the top no most faces. notround, though next time you look at his face, just remember that they design that around a pizza mm. Okay. My next gas was my nutsack. So now those lliver spoet, I shriveled, Mr James. It appears your nutsack has gote more liver spots. Are you you, following your steady diet, all right last three just give me a a truer false than these right. The original nightmare inelbe Street Freddy, was in the movie for only seven minutes. Oh I'm going to go with false in the original, I'm going to say true. That would be true. Ye had see in creen time. I knew he wasn't. I knew he wasn't in the film that long. I didn't know it was that Short, though it's pretty crazy. All right Freddie was in a rapsong with the fat boys. True false that one is true, t am the song is: Are you ready for Freddy Manwillsmith must have been pess, yeah 'cause. Remember they went through that lawsuit and Shit. All the cedings had had lati sticker on it. This ro ot part of nightmared Ol the street. Finally, was there a porn parody named a wet dream on ELM t street? Oh I'm certain. If there wasn't, there should be. The answer is true. There was it's been good guys. I'e got something to do I'll, see you later it's about a guy that h makes people orgasmin their sleep till they die. So it's a biography again. For me, it's going to be a hard pass. I don't believe that. Okay for me, guys it's going to be a soft we're talking cinemaxs at eleven o'clock, soft right, all right, so that's all! I got, of course, Ash did win. This took fifty nine percent of the vote home. So our grand champion, Ash Williams took the tournament of terror. Our first ever tournament on Heur, face boo pace or go check that out, like I said, we' got the eighties and nineties rock albums right now, get it yeah, that's going to be a good one. There's some great match! UPS, I've been jamming out to this music all day. I don't know about you guys, but since I've been making these match ups, so many good albuls and I know typically eighties- usually comes out over the nineties. Looking at some of these early match ups, maybe we're going to see the nineties prevail for the first time. I don't know it's up to you guys. So make sure you go on the duling decades facebook page and cast your vot you're, seeing a lot more nineties people joining now too so yeah, it's starting to starting to balance out Yep. Definitely evening out. This is no ormary subshop. This is firehouse ups, tired of overpriced lunches that under deliver on flavor head to firehouse up where, for a limited time, you can get a four ninety nine choice of choose from a medium smoke, Turkey, Virginia Honeyham or roast beef. Their custom made hot subs and a price ready made to make you smile just four. Ninety nine, only at firehouse sufs enjoy more subs, save more lives, participating locations plus tax on the time offul prices May Varrie for delivery. Definitely all right. So, let's get into some movies on the show before we've played a game called Mary Fuck Kill, which I'm sure everybodyis familiar with. We wanted to find a way to adapt this to popular movies, so we're going to play our version of it. We're going to call that remake rewatch or return, or you pick a movie that you want to see a remake of one, that you definitely would watch again or one that you're going to return. It's complete trash, just throw it out the most interesting thing about. All of this is hat. We didn't even get to pick our own fucking categories. That's right! Sorry! We got some help from from mikraisor over video rangers. POTCAST picked our categories for us all right. So I'm going to start this one out and what Mike Ranger gave me as my first category was blackploitation films corth. He did worse. He did wild card yeah. He knows. I love some black exploitation. We've talked about it several times so RSO. The three movies that I selected for this round were across a hundred and Tenth Street with Yafet Kodo, where you'd know from alien and living. Let die. That's a fantastic blackploitation film and then two thousand and Nines Black Dynamite that movie's everywhere. Now it's been streaming on Netflix and on prime, not sure if it's still available, but I would definitely go and pick that up. It's an Omage to classic blackploitation films and then the third one I picked was nineteen. Seventy threes classic Blackenstein, so remake Rewatch, a return cross, a hundred and tent street black Danamit or blackenstid M, which one which one stars Abe Vagoda is that black dynamite? No, no! He was black Donami Yeah Yeah! That's what I meant that that was just his nickname in the streets, slinging rock yeah. He picked it up and he was working at Good Burger. I would to be honest. I haven't seen any of these frigking movies, so I have no idea what to go with here. I'm goingto go with H. I go the rewatch black dynamite because it's obviously the most recent, which would be one way to hook me and so I'll just go th ewatchin. By that I mean watch I would remake what was the t was the first one that crossed what what thousand yards or something evermay can rename it hyo across a hundred and tenth street yeah. That H, I love the the guy that played Santa Claus and that Um, so Mi goitremake that one just in time for the holidays and then I'm going to return the other one dances with waltzs or whatever. That was black and Stin. o Dances was O hey. I didn't pick the categories, but I had to work with Hem. That's exactly what I picked remake across a hundred and tent street, I'm going to rewatch black dynamite all day, long and Blackenstein. Let's just forget all about that. One more does Rick Mancrus stand on these these. If BLACKENSTEIN is as bad as Blacula, then I say when remake that 'cause blaccular was horrible. I know P Some people out there re like what no it's terrible. I would return across whatever street Ross a hundred and ten stree yeah 'Caus, like it's the worst name for a movie ever you're, never going to remember that and then wwe return, rewatch Rewat yeah black dynamite, ere watch, it's a good one ye. So that's what I went with my three black exploitation movies right. I actually like across a hundred and Tenth Street. I can't push that movie enough. I really wish that they would remake it. I thought he said you wanted to return that one. No, no, no! I'm I'm remaking across a hundred and tent street all day long for years. I wish they would remake this movie. It's a great tal about two New York City. Cops Tho, go after some amateur crooks who try to rip off the mob. So you have the mob versus the crooks versus the cops fantastic, just reneamid across the street and like be so much better marketing wise. It probably would down the block all right, Bosefi Roue, wonder I got FROR MY CATEGORY TEEN COMEDY! Oh No! So my three picks- and this this was tough for me to decide which what I would do with these h, the breakfast club Farisbealer's Day off an American pie o that's a tough one. I'm just Gonto make it tougher here, because Mr Mike rainger gave me teen sex comedies MM. I had American pie in that, so I will rewatch the breakfast club. Oh Man, Il re ear I'll return faspeler's Day off, 'cause I've seen it three thousand times. I know that I'm kind of cheating there, but actually no, you know what I'll return to American pie, because that's one of my picks and then H. I will h remake Faris Peler's Day off, which is even that's even blasphemous, but I know they've talked about that in the past yeah, so I wouldn't watch it but wemake it Fuckin Mark All right Fr from mine. Ah Man, I'm going to remake the breakfast club, I was going to go that route, but here's a thing: what new actor would you want to see in any of those vucinrolls at least w Fars Buler? It's just one mother fucker! You got TA recast. You would have to do all unknown actors and do they even have saturdayd detentions anymore aor. How this would even work, maybe I'm just curious to say how they would fuck up a remait, no cell phones, the movie, I'm returning on this one shocker American Pie, not a huge fan of it. I love Ferispaler's Day off and I love the breakfast club. I just don't think American Pie holds a candle to either one of those. So I'm returning that one and H I'm going to Rewatch Fer speler all day I am in the exact same boat. I think I would reboot the breakfast club with the the stranger things. Kids Onot, really a idea. No I'm not doing that. Would I would remake the breakfast club I'd rewatch Parris Beler's Day off 'cause. I I do that countless times anyway, and despite its cultural significance, I would return American pie yeah. Definitely all right manchrust. What was your first category given to you by Myrin? Oh Man, here's an easy one that he gave me action movies, but it wasn't easy B'cause. It was hard to pick stuff. I picked three movies one base on relevance because it was just released thirty years ago yesterday and that's they live it as on e Lon, rotty, Piper Um, another one that just popped up today was actually the twenty fifth anniversary of a classic movie that went to Shit and that becop Dunson Chickson. I picked Robo Cop, the best of the trilogy and then lastly, I picked lethal weapon mm. What do you have? Um Andwell? You can't remake ROBOCO B'cause ey already tried for that shit and it was awful I'm going to go with reboot. They live, I'm an a rewatch Rebo Cup whatas, the other one Yo lect, the WEAPO, I'm I'm in o return. LETHA LEPAW! We, I was a big robocop fan as a kid loved Robok. I love watching Peter Willer, just get shot to shit by Red Foreman, an that opening, so just abslutly murdered him. I Sho you not! I just rewatched it two days ago still holds up fantastic movie. I'd buy that for a dollar, hey fellow poopers, thanks for listening. If you're enjoying our shell, you are going to love, that's gold would steev Hi! You may no CEEVE. If you are Seinfeld Fan as Jerry's annoying comedian friend, Kenny Bana, who coin the term. That's go on that gold steveis joined by cohost, Rich Johnson, to talk about everything, guys long, sports and sports bedding movies, comedy food and drink music and Morn five ds, a weetit'like having a conversation with your buddies in a bar, and it's a bar where famous guests oftan, show up check out that SCOL with Steve Heightner on apple and Google pod cast spotify or wherever you get your pongast today. So what I had on that one is h: I'm going to remake Robo coup you'R wrong, bow they canen! No, did you see that blasphemous piece of art? I did I calling it a piece of Artis Yeah itslike. What Wyou'e talk about taking a great cast, an th t, just shitting all over them, wen't see with some remixes. They change a little bit and that's okay. So I think, if we're going to remake Robo Cop we're going to go with Robert cump and I'm n remake robocop movie called Robert Cap, so you're making a parody close enough, wasn't brubbecop three apparody. I guess it's like sitnary Um, I'm gongto have to return. They live! Ah Man. I know that's going to be unpopular. I came here to kickash and tew bubble Gom, so that means I'm going to rewatch leave the weapon, probably for the seventy fifth time, but that's okay, because no one can get enough. A Danny Lover. Ind is sexy ass. Well, I'm going to take a page out of Boes Book. Then Iam going to return, leave the weapon, because I have seen it I a million times and just by you saying that I was like man. I really have seen that movie can't Venthe Mati what about loaded weapon with Amelioell? That's, oh I'd return that I would definitely rewatch Robocob, and this is kind of just as bad as returning. They live, remaking it without rotty Piper, but MMI think I would try to give that a shot, as you know, give it a reboot yeah. I could do it this time with Ronda rosy. I mean it's really it's topical. Now more than ever, you know when you think about Aa esolutely. You know people like living by their phones. You know like shit telling them what to do. You know so I think y. They could spin it a different way and still have they live. You know, I think, Thedo it like a the TV series now you know we talked about rebooting robot cop again. Why do we take j Barochell from the Roboa Cop reeboot and then just put him and they live as Rotty Piper's character? I would buy that for a dollar. The wind would blow that dude over athat's the point. Only if all the bad guys were Michael Sarah, that should be the netobond movie, the world's Wimpiest Fight Movie, Michael Sarah J Barechel, you can adyou can addid mclevan for actually he was awesome, ind kickas. So I think that would work that'd be funny. Shit, I'd watch it if it didn't take it so seriously or if it took itself so seriously, actually do what about lethe weapon redone with those two that would be Uckin a phenomenoyeah, but you know if they redo lethal weapon, they're going to put like Kevin hard in there and it's going to be like some of their. You know: Good Looking White, Dude, R or a fucking Wayne's brother, or something stupid like that. Give Me Kevin Hart and Steve Bucemi in a neakl, a Po about demon, weens and Shoam Scot nthat would never work close enough. Well ever were it's funny. 'cause Damon wages is leaving the show now yeah, I know sogs. They hired Seon, William Sct he's like cluck DIS dudes, I'm out of here I'm getting toold for they shit, I'm not going to make a movie with a guy who made a movie vwith a guy who fucked a pie, I'm a wane Damet. I like Shalwilliam Scott H, I mean he's the same fucking character and every single day het's a one trick, Opono Bote at least entertaining he an all right. So moving on to the next category that was handed down to me by Mike Ranger and that's mocumentaries, Oh man, he would he gave you the Fuckof deepcuts man he did. He gave me some keepcuts, so I had to match hem deep cut for deep cut on this one h boy, the three I picked out from this one was a bost two hundred street. No, it was no. The first one I picked out was bore at, of course, one pretty popular one and one of my all time, favorites CB, four one. I recently rediscovered, is electric apricot the quest for Festaru, which I don't know if you guys have seen that it was said, a public domain ID never heard of that Wata out in conjunction with R good friends over at Troma, and it was a movie that was put out by less Claypool of PRIMISS. It's basicly, a parody of the early nineties, H Hippi Culture. You know with the grateful dead and all the different festivals. It parodies all of that to a t lot of great cameos in that one. It's on prime right now check it out all right. Those are the three I picked electric Apercot C BFOR and Borat. For my category Mocumentaries, I am going Ta Return. The APRICAT MOV W at as it electric APICAT and return to ash APRICA doesn't seem too hard to return that never heard of it Um. They got plenty of copies, Wewatch, Borat and then remake subblock, four, but then again like I don't want Cavin hardnness too Kevin Heart. Doesn't have to be in every comedy God every time they need a funny black guy then get me Kevin Art and some stilts and it doesn't even have to be a traditionally a black actor. In the rule I mean you could remake three's company with Kevin Heart and it would be fantastic. I actually, I think his popularity has gone down quite a bit. I mean the dew was just in night. School was in the movies to like three days or something so yeah. I start an interview with a comic recently who was talking about Kevinheart, and his comment was once you start playing stadiums. It's only downhill from there. Oh H, hlook at Dane Cook Yeah with the fuck happen, Ahim nobod Rebo one of his special, and it's not like he needs the money. Can't we just return, Dane O cok, please I S. I thought he was funny. I will say employe of the month is, is a movie that I thoroughly ennor him and that's a Dane Cook movie. Honestly, I think Andy Dick! IS U T standout in that Mobe yeah? You might be. I like to stand up. I wasn't that fan of any of his movies, like all ROM coms tha he had, even though he did have sex with JESCA, Albu, H and Jessca Simpson. Oh Man, he had a rough rough go of it. While he was fam a Oy. All these coasstars are terrible. I can't believe that to bang them and Lisa Simpson, too God and Oh Jame, I'm sorry waiwhat was the last movie cause. I guess I'm remaking that Onewas it again se before I will see me for it. I did say: Okay, my bad all right, ged Bo. I think I'm going to fall in line with you, I'm on a remake CB for I've, never seen it. I'm Gonta Return Electric Bogaloo and I'm going to Rewatch Borad 'cause tha, my favorite movies of all time. Sadly, all right! Well, I'm remaking s BFOR. I love s before Fan tastic one of Chris Rocks Best Chris Rock Chris Eliott Chris Farley. All the Chrises are in that it's Fanti. I can't say enough about C before I think I've seen that movie probably more times than any othe othe movies. We've mentioned on the list excluding Robo Cop, so I'm remaking that except I want to do it as a total modern concept and have it be in the same universe. So now it's a new generation of upcoming hip hop stars that are canning their way to to fame in success. I think that could really parody. What's GOI going on in current modern music, I'm going to rewatch electric appricot over and over again the question was jus ro call it appricot apricont Apricot Africa could be Africando Africa, fuck funking, appricot, apracadatpra o. That was a great Steve Miller Song all day on that one and I'm returning Boret, I'm sorry that movie sucked o you Nowwa. I feel like to be wrong. The sooth is black milk Ervegen and hang like sleeve of wizard. Will this kill the GIPSIES Anderson? How can you think that movie is bad? He fuckidg shows a dude a picture of a Dude Dick in Polaroy. Okay, it's not that the movie's bad it just sucks. Now, like I now yeahoh yeah, that's why every watch see. For me. It got worse every time that I was forced to rewatch. It so it's not a huge boread fan. I don't think it's. The best work he's ever done as an actor. I I saw Bohemian rapsody last weekend and I can't help but wonder what that movie would have been like with him is Fredym. That's what he wanted right right, yeah a and I think at one point it was pretty much going to happen. Some reason it it didn't ther their visions didn't Mesh. I guess it's a shame. He really couldave. I mean that would have been an academy award for him hands down. Can'. You imagine get borack in. If ucking academy award playing Freddie Mercury, you ever see Bruno Er, the whole sea, where he's giving his dead boyfriendhead should get oter for that and the winter for best simulated, MECROPHILIAC Fallacio goes to sachaberr con. He the Golden Penis Award or some Shit. Don't they give the an way for for porn? Don't act like you don't know now come on. I marks thinking about R se. I just look e Golden Weeni or some shit like that. Anyhow, he gave me really fucked up one here. There was tough. I didn't know how to pick this shobborn nope. It was medical dramas, m yeah. I think he meant to give us to mark, but somehow he gave it to me and I went with the only three movies I could think of, and one is questionable. I have outbreak Philadelphia, Oh and fifty first states, it's medical said drama ish, I'm returning fifty firt states I'm getting that out of the way. First, so you're giving somebody AIDS again. Yes, yeah M ae, I'm going to give myself AIDS on that one 'cause I'll I'll rewatch that movie all Day Philadelphia is a fantastic movie. So I guess you guys know what I'm remaking pasta. Yes, GD cm, O shelts and cheese sit third night in a row. What what about you BO H? Let's Se, I'm definitely returning fifty first dates. I could really take or leave that movie. In most days it's going to believe Um. I wish I would have forgotten about that movie man, if you, if you reboot Philadelphia, that could give somebody a pretty good opportunity to win a some, some pretty good hardware like an Oscar again, I kindo thing a second time around they'd win it. I don't know he wanted the last time right tomhacks. He should have. He got aids o that role. So I mean he did well again Methodaritingyeah, I'm on a Reboo Philadelphia and then I'm gonna, I'm going to rewatch the what was the other one autbreak yeah. I don't know what that one is so I'll, really watch it you', Never Seena Owarak the monger. What is the role with me? If I tell you I haven't seen a movie, don't be shocked, it's actually it's! I wouldn't call it a shocker movie that he hadn't seen it in the medical drama realm. Yes, you have to see it. It goes along the lines of UH. What's the other one that came out maybe like ten years ago, O ye are, it was almost if you had, if you had basic cable in the late nineties, there's no way you didn't see out yeah. I was always on Wenid a old B Ustand Hoffman. We had farmers cable. No, what's the name of the one that came out like ten years ago, there was h roughly the same premises, albreak what the Fuck was NAM, that movie contagion Contagion Allrhso, like ten years ago, they basically remade outbreak with contagion. So where do I go? I wouldn't I'm in Ta Return, Philadelphia, 'cause, that's depressing! Is Fuck Yeah, but Bruce Springsseen, wait, which is thi song for that 'ause all in the streets of Philadelphia. All thinking of my head is city of ruin. OIT IS PHILADELPHIA. Wer adocataids from the dancer in the dark come on up fol the rise and right I'm in return. Philadelphia. I'm going to is pains me to do this, but I'm going to rewatch. Fifty first dates thats. What I' punish myself over here, because I have to remake albreak. I think autbreak is a an awesome movie, but it's dated now 'cause nobody's fucking around with monkeys anymore and speak for yourself. Bate bt, I'm not going to get anything Toha. I fuck around no Walki, everybody knows better. So I would redew outbreak with some other, like crazy, fucked up virus that you know like a bole or some shit. Shingles shicked Hawk spiles, Trush, sinus infection, our infections, peronis disease, fucking, everyone just started, googling, Perones, desease and then they're likeyou can do a prequel with like polio. Oh that would be a good one. It stars Tenny Roosevelt S, you're Protagona, all right wher. What do you guys have left all right? So for my final category that was handed down to me by Migranger. He gave me police comedy movies, so the three I selected were police academy, Beverly Hills, COP and the Niko. I knew you're going that last one MMWHAT. Have you got on that bow remake rewatch, a return, I'm in a remake police academy, I'm gonna, rewatch naked gun, 'cause, that's timeless and I'm goingto return, uh beverly ills, cop more of a Beverley hills. Ninjafan. I think it's Farley's opus easily Tamean, that's the one hois highest tol. I don't feel so bad now for saying that Boreit Ojust to rectify that I'm oin to rewatch BEVERILL's Cap I'll return, naked gun, I'm an aeroplane fan man, fugneg, again Um, and then I guess I'll remake. Please cad me. I think yeah that that's one of those movies that has to be remade, but you need to put together n insolble, Cah N. I just don't know who would be in that shit, that's exactly what I had and is returning the naked gun, rewatching Beverley, hills, cop and remaking police academy, and I do know who I want in my lead on that playing the role of Mahoni, who I want Jason Sadacas. Oh yeah, that's a good one! I think we talked about this before he needs. Other P, like I think, like ises on sorry, would be good in that Oh yeah, you know, having have the Indian guy that's little more topical than Ike Ge, Screech yeah weal about this a couple of years back and we had lushed out a whole remate for this with all new characters. So I'm down for a police academy, Remake Hanibal, Burris ohma Guy Kevin Hart. He takes Hihe Outof Scro; no, the Rock cannot be in it. No, the rocks and everything yeah so give Hem a break and Jack Black. That's right. He could take over for Bob Cat yeah. It Be Likil bade ded who the hell's going to be Thaas, going to be sound. AFFEX Guy Wel bring et back Michael winslow. Yeah he's still alive, just bring hem back yeah all right. He could be like the captain, sound guy. WHO WOULD YOU CASK for Commandant Lasard? I was going to say Leslie Nelson, but he said I is no longer with us. What, if you go with Jeff Bridges About Baubridges oveyeah that guy's some work? For God's sake I bored off in school. I don't know who who I'd older actors? Actually I would put Bruce Willis as something, but ever since th the Kevin Smithbook. I just see him in such a DEUCEBAG. It's so funny. You bring that up 'cause at the last minute. I changed my return from to the naked gun. I originally had cop out in there Yahancopperock that movie is horrible. Tracy Morgan has some awesome lines in that movie, though he makes that movie. He does and if you've heard some of the stories that Kevin Smith shared about the filming of that it's horrible, you know how Bruce Willhis complained about everything and Tracy Morgan just would always show up early, even though he was in pain because of his problems with his feet and yeah. Just it's a real. Let down to know that you know Brucefulthis is a walk and piece of ship yeah, but death becomes. Here was a great movie N. Not Death Wish O Defni, which was also the name of my razors cooter. By the way was death becomes her no death wish. Oh death wish. Okay, all right, sor back to Bau for his last round at is my last one. I I have two categories love to go through, so my second category is western movies, h fitting so I picked Um Tombstone, true grit classic and three Tindayuma the floor. Is Yours. I'm going to return three TENDO HUMOR! I don't know. I tried to watch it. I just could not get into that movie. It moved way too slow for me. I would agree, I'm rewatching tregrit. I love that movie and I might just follow it up with rooster cogburn tombstone. I guess you can remake that again that story's been done a thousand times. So why not? Do it one more time? You know it's only a matter of time they already rebooted tru grit. So I mean and three ten to Yuma, I think- was a reboot, the one with H, Christian, Bal and Russell Crow, and what's Nice about remaking Um Tombstone. Is You don't have to pay anybody for that story? That's history! That's public domain. So we make that as much as you want take all the liberties you want with it. That's right, twostole too, to INPAC all the good franchises go to space like Lefrakan, ohme or ungle, Mary Reppe H, I'm GOINTA return. Actually my picure exactly thes Ame as Yors thenothing change, I'm not a big fan of trugrit but, like you said, with Christabell flickit's way, slow tombstone! I love. I can watch it a million times but, like you said, it's easy enough to Redo it you're not going to ruin it B'cause, it's history! Well, you can ruin it, but it's IT'S UNANIMOUS! Then that's he exact same way. I'd go with it now. If Yo had onforgiven in there with tombstone ooh, that would have been ugly. That would have been a tough one I might have to return unforgiven on that one. I don't know it's hard, that's a hard one! It is a hard one. I go to in a Robo okay. Last category I got is legal drama: What Thou Fuck Soa few good men, Arin Brackovich and another Adam Sailor, curveball in Big Daddy? Oh, go h! I guess I'd return, Ari Brakovitch, not a big fan of hers, Big Teeth, I'd, Rewatch, big, daddy and then I'd remake. What was the other one? Few good men, you're good men, I'd remake that just to ruin it without Tom Cruise who yells you can't handle the truth in your rebood man. I don't know Tom Hardy Iwas likean Heart Mak itg into a comedy all right, so I am returning big daddy man. I can't do that because then all right, fuck, I'm going to return Aarin Brackovich remake big daddy. I really doesn't need iterremake, but why not? You can Redo it again. You know Qite, my own ass. You could do the same movie with thes same characters, but now he's taking care of his father. As a senior citizen wiping his ass, you could just do with the same characters and I even change it. Yeah go sunny. He still plays sunny the fucking boy, whatever his fucking name was Julian Frankenstein, except for the old guy, the old guy's dead, yeah Lesley Man's tits still look great. I still don't believe she worked at hoters, though yeah she was a fried Cook Yeah. She was not working the floor, no sh. She swept the floor though so just don't get rid of Robschneiter in that movie. Actually, the supporting cast in that movie is is topnotch. If you wile, YEA fucking Dante, who they made smart as a lawyer, did you just use, Rob Schneider and top notch in the same sentence? Come on? We dont like the delivery guy in that movie, there's something wrong with you. His teeth are made of wool this Colombo. He pretend to be stupid. Bu He really smarts attack. I guess that means I'm going to rewatch a few good men and of course I always rewatch that movie ecause a few good men is one of my favorite all time movies. It is the ARAND sorkan masterpiece. I said Arin Brackevich too high for the ship. I stop fucking with me all right over to you. Man Crush what ore you got all right. I got fantasy O and I went with again. I I'm not a big FANTASI movie person, so one of these might be questionable, but I got the Crow Aright, the highlander and cool as ice. You know that vinilis movie, where, alas, dancing with the turtles everyone thinks he's really cool Y H, it's fantasy. Exactly that's what I figure. That's real fucking, fantasy ain't that cool and he can't fuck and act andif. He did half the Shit he did in the movie. He'd be arrested or dead. Er can only be one man. There can only be one so I'm not going to remake highlander I'm going to return highlander, I'm not a fan of that movie. I know it's a shocker but ne I never could get into that franchise. Just I don't know too Scifi Christopher Lambert Sucksdick. I I don't know couldn't just get into it at all in the movie. No, if I could have Wa rited t en come on Jesus, he felt hes in the movie ogod, no bell, please. That was the sequel. Is that why they called it? The quickening t'sa much shorter movie, I'm Goin a remate cool as ice, because why the hell not wow lofty, have to do it with vanilla ice now same character, he's just flipping housing, that'sas cool as ice. He flips your house and he puts in a really nice ice machine in your fridge so and I'm going to Rewatch the crow it's been a while, since I've seen that one. I was not a fan of the crow when it first came out, but it's been about ten years since I've seen it so maybe I'll reall watch that one again see if it holds up. Ah So I'M gonna reboot the Crow 'cause. You know that's going to happen at some point anyway, as a matter of fact, I think it's in the process. I think they stopped it again. I think yeah, it's like on again off again or whater. 've been like that for years, so I'm going to reboat the crow I'm going to return cool is ice and I'm going to Rewatch highlander just for the the Queen Sound Trek Yeah. That probably was the only redeeming quality of that movie. That's a good point. I didn't think of that. All right shit. You guys threw some shit out there. That made me want to switch my picks up, I'm goin to rewatch cool as ice, because it's the best movie you could ever watch. If you're HIG, it's crazy, it's the past movie. You could watch if you're high. It's actually it's so bad that it's funny and you can watch it and find fucked up shit every time you watch it. It's ridiculous if you've never heard of it. It's probably on prime just look up cool as IC stars, Vanellie Asvanellice, the wrapper and it's amaz. Actually W. don't e watch the regular version. First Watch the rift tracks version much, but so fucking bad. When the guy can't even play himself in a movie. Oh, he plays himself all right, plase with himself Yegot, it's so bad. So I'd rewatch that I would return the highlander. I think you're right on that. It's been a long time since I watched it. I'd probably be bored on tyears now and I like Bosaid, try to remake the crow. The whole Franchiseis cursed man, Ranan Lee died. I think what the Hell's, the guy from the second one whos starn his name was like Vincent Cruiz or something his career died. Then Eddie Furlong was in it, his career died and then- and he will she sick from American Pi Tera. What the fuck is her last name Te Reed was in it. She her career died. She got bad breast in plants, it's just curse man, it's never going to happen, but I think it deserves a reb. I think they can reboot it. I don't like some of the casts that they've thrown around on previous years. When they've tried this. I think it really needs a whole new direction, probably more based on the comics. So I don't know. Maybe they can get it right. This time, yeah maybe get J parishell on there. So you could. You know I've always thought it was be really good at the crow that really like personifies Air Draven, the character. More so from the comic books. I'd say: The movie is Uh Kevin Hart Right. That's that's pretty much all Ik! I Oh h. He didt give me one extra one, real quick. He said teen sex comedies, but it's really close to Bos and I threw in that American Pie, revenge of the NERDS and Zapped No porkies Huh n, not the biggest porkies fan. I like meatballs, better than Borkies, but din't put that o the enough wool in there to knit US oit. You know, I think they should remake revenge of the NERDS. I've wanted a decent remate for that of that movie for years ever since I first heard that Fox had planned on remaking it, and luckily that got shit canned, because the casting and direction of that particular remake was atrocious. I'm going to return ZAP ECAUSE, I don't need a copy of it. 'cause. I have a copy over here on VHS, so I'm going to return that so ter yeah, I guess I'm Goingto have to fuck and rewatch. That movie aren't I I kind of screwed myself into that CSEI with American ye yeah, so yeah. Well, that worked out for me. Now didn't it over to you bo I'm goin Ta Return, Zapt, I'm going to reboot revenge of the NERDS T and I'm going to rewatch American Pie. That's probably the safer way to go. Tell he's such a child of the nineties can't help it. You know you H, you put H Chana Elizabeth Breasts in front of me and I'm captivated I don't Knowon, who hasn't fucked a fresh pie, Sha San Elizabeth or Heather Thomas. I got to go heather Thomas other Thomas, Oh Heather, tomis outer of the Wendy's owner. Oh Dave, Tommagiciayeah, Google image, heather, Tomis, Zhat, okay. Here we go great. I get a Boto of a girl getting tays thanks a lot. Okay, all right! Okay! Is that young Gesemrid. Is it the the Pink Pink Sweat Shirt Ha Wewer Gettng? What else was this lady in Oh Shewas, in a lot of things in the EIDGHTIES? I'm sure if you go to Mer skin, there's better pictures, but I would uh rewatch Zat. I would return American Pie and remake revenge of the nerds yeah, I'm down with that Aough Jeez. All these heather Thomas Picks. That's got me thinking, man. Why didn't? We include her in the eighties and nineties crushes that we just did on facebook as well. She would have been a great one to include in this. The world may never know she's kind of a deep cut, though yeah that was the sho. was she on the fall guy? I think she was on the fog Ey. She actually still looks pretty good to this day. Oh Yeah, how old is she now she's going Tao ben her sixties Fiftie? She is a sixty one. Yeah still he's Li a Bal guy for five years. Anyhow, let's close us up right, so I guess that's where we'll end this episode. Fellow poopers, I hope you enjoyed this one. If you missed an episode, though, don't worry, you can go back and check out all the episodes over on POOP CULTURE DOT com. If you have a comment, you just can't keep to yourself. Just give us a call: Nine one: Four: Five O five: seven six X, seven RMEMBER to please rate like and review all of our shows on cassbox and on eyetunes. So until next time fellow poopers were going to bid you a piece, love Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmary medianew year's resolutions are hard, but starting twenty twenty with the best entertainment during the accinity New Year. New Gigsale is easy. Now that simple, easy awesome, click call or visit us today, restrictions upply not available in all areas