Dueling Decades
March 6, 2019

Dueling Decades - Wrestling Special 1988 vs 1998

Oh-My-God! Its a total slobberknocker of an episode of everyone's favorite adult audio retro gameshow...Dueling Decades! For the first time ever our teams compete with one theme and one entire year! Welcome to the Dueling Decades Wrestling Special!...

Oh-My-God! Its a total slobberknocker of an episode of everyone's favorite adult audio retro gameshow...Dueling Decades! For the first time ever our teams compete with one theme and one entire year! Welcome to the Dueling Decades Wrestling Special!
In this corner fighting for 1988, we have the team of Jon Cross and Mike Ranger better known as Ashley Judd Half Nelson! And in the other corner representing 1998, is their opponents the defending Dueling Decades Champions of the worlddddd! The Mamalukes - Rick Mancrush and Marc James. The special guest referee for this bought will be none other than the bruiser of brewskis, the 37th wonder of the word Beau Becraft! Hear our two teams fight it out over what year was the greatest year for the world of professional wrestling. Join in and visit us on Facebook and at Dueling Decades.com


NFORMARY mediaoculture oculsercrufootculter people, incag Topa, Jeweli cans, the pixix O plan, but it dot fo a ran again apon that cap? U Tot the power, GOP COM Fihe for what you Lov Nwho Co to Pocke pe COPI, Tenceta, PA e Ote, Botecop WHUC, take grat a o Bali, him sick. I am PA Tano comefit for what you love. Nwe are broadcasting from the biobada studios, wear water. Does it better greetings, dudes and devas in welcome to a special sloberknocker of an episode of dueling decades, the totally narly awesome, Retro Game Show where we always train, say our prayers and take our vitamins on this week's game. Our two teams will battle it out over the square circle as we dive deep into the world of professional wrestling, as our teams will tackle an entire year for the very first time on our show. Let's take a look at those teams. In the decades they will be fighting for first off representing nineteen. Eighty eight. Yes, it's me it's an interesting twist or turn or whatever you want to call it. I'm going to be your heel for this evening, rather than your judge. It's John Cross and I'll be playing with the excellent team. Ashlley jog, Half Nelson, my Cok conspirator is or my tag teammate sorry to keep il wrestling. Is My g, I'm Mike Granger and I used to watch wrestling like twenty years ago. Perfect and I know nothing about wrestling, so this is going to be great al right and, along with myself, representing nineteen. Ninety Eight, oh yeah, Bro, that's right! It's the Mabelukes, all righ Gu hear on duling decades. We need someone to hold down Lawr and order so as a special added attraction, our special guest referee for the evening, Mr Boby craft, O ye thenight. I hold your feet in my hands for the first time. In a long time, I get to decide the feet of the eighties in the nineties yeah and before we begin our game. I wanted to take a moment to think our growing community of fans of the show mancrush once you take it from here. Yeah, that's right! Everybody on facebook that Sht is blowing up. If you haven't already joined the group joined the group, one of the things we just put out. We just changed our logo. We wanted to make our logo come to life, and we think we did that now and it actually has a mascot in the middle now, and these people are trying to name him from our group and there's a pole up so go over to facebook, dotcom foward, slash doing decades, and if you just go to community you'll, see the group there join it get your vote in tells how much you love the show which you don't like, which John will hint all those Yahand e negativity about the show and cut that shit down, and it's prime also Veron in the facebook group to go over to our jeweling decade store and by my te shirt you areselve. I want to see my car to Ra away on in your nipples. We do have merch we're doing a wrestling episode, so itis a perfect opportunity to bring up merchandise, and we do have quite a bit of shirts. I think we have like twelve or thirteen different design. A and a lot of people have been asking about the new design. It's on its way, it'll be up in the store shortly. That's right, ASS! I smucking House helds we'll do it in Ain good time. Do Yourself all right? Gentlemen? Now the rules of our game are quite simple. A coin flip we'll decide the team that goes. First, the winning Gean will decide the topic of each round out of the five dueling decades categories. Although tonight all of the categories will be wrestling: fiend, those categories being movies, television, music, news and, of course, hot products. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points. Apiece the judge's rulin will determine who wins each round in the team, with the highest overall score after five rounds will be the victor, but more importantly than that, everybody knows that dueling decades it's Bouty bouty and Rowdy Rowdy, and if you weint down with that, we got two words for Yo O. I now all right, gentlemen: Over to Bulbee Craft Foll, the coin toss. What do you guys Wantta? What do you guys want to toss this week? I'M OUT OF SALAD? You get salad with not a Saad a never find the winter that way and how quickly can you make it to Brooklyn as long as I don't get? No sleep till there all rightlet's plit this. Sixteen foot, Er Stanley tape measure this week, all right. It's so login, Yellow Nice all right now who wants what here we're going to go at the St we're going to go t the logoside his heads to clip on as tails all right, John Gras, you always do the flip, so why don't you call it this week? This is exciting, it's exciting! Being on the other side of the desk. So to speak, I'm going to go tales. I want to see that clpointing skywords all right. This is UH. I should probably do this on the Flor. I don't Havt to sit me in the ball, so here we go wait way la I wantit to hit you in the Bulls, so it is tals. Well, we are silver sideup, which is the greatest nickelback album ever made by mine, we're already on our way chief we're already doing it. It's already a wind. Let's revensoting, that's o idrae count right there, all right. Where do you guys start mie? Why do you think should we starp without weakess, still STORP with USR strongest? What do you want to do m? Let's go with the weakest all right. What do you reckon the weakes? This think I don't know mean. I think the music, the music music's got to be the weakest roll. This stuff allightrun in you, start up there with your music round. Okay, this is pretty t pretty incredible, so you know Hod hold on to your turn, buggles. On March, twenty seventh nineteen and eighty eight at the historic Atlantic City Convention Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, gladas, night sings America, the beautiful at Rusemania four, the performance was in fact steller. However glad his knight herself didn't much care for pro wrestling when asked how she felt about being at Russalmenia, she said Qu, it's the pips yeah glad it's quite a quite upon moster wow back the other day, so that was Gladyeah, glad it's not Lao snow and the guys are starting strong, Welat'like Whati to listen. Wait till you've heard mine honestly. This is going to be the greatest music round. You've ever heard this one actually is a bit of tricky, but please stick with me till I've finished, while three years earlier in nineteen and eighty five WF did dabble in album, producing and released the wrestling album in general, where music and wrestling collides is in the individual, wrestlers theme or entry songs. Now, just in case Syou thought hulkhogan being a big old. Racist was the first brush with picotry that has casually and barely plagued the world of professional wrestling. Then you're, probably not on this potcast, but just to put it in contaxt back in nineteen and eighty eight proving that people from South Carolina have always had an interesting relationship with the truth. Large birdy wrestler one man gang decided to announce that, despite being very much a Caucasian from, as I said South Carolina that he was really African and called Akim, the African dream. This led to the controversial cheme and slick theme, a weird blend of Sal funkan rap. That would be catchy if it wasn't so generic and well a bit shit anyway. That's all that we've got and say it's an entry theme, it's debut in nineteen and eighty eight and it's controversial. So I figured that's gotto be worth something right. It was a good, a thou. I was ot a keene fan, so you can't go wrong with he keen the Africa. Could you be N that Kem fan you mode your on Ha am for the BA. I I really do. I do he's a personal role model of mind. No, I always liked to Kem- and I I thought years later when I realized that the gimmock itself was kind of a rib on dusty, 'cause dusty roads, the American dream. It was kind of just a way of poking funt at him. I even liked the character more at that point, all right to it to each their own, but soll around there fellows sant honestly t to be honest Oo. There were a lot of classic entry themes, nok in Ab n, nine hutered and eighty eight. Most of them didn't start N, nine hutdred and eighty eight most of them were already going. You know once they got hulks was already going and u dusty roads wit another like quality entry theme was going. So I tried to pick one that started an eighty eight and, as I said, had a little bit of a a news story, controversy to definitely good fines. She e Shite Pic all Right II had glass on you. If it had been nineed N ighty five, I would have had the whole wrestling album to play with and you guys would have been sunk Mike you're right. I forgot all about yours. A Ran, ther's, big performance, guys people are still talking about it. They are glad it's night come on. Who Can? Who can be glad as night? Exactly that was the one at the UNRA just and timberlake ripped off the thing of her boob right right yeah, I was going to say who coan Bek Ba this night, except you know, mava staples, Orreta, Franklin, Janat, Jackson, anyway, start carrn. Anyhow, all right, H! Mark you want to start this one out all right. I will start this one out and released October. Twenty seventh nineteen. Ninety eight EC W extreme music, the album, unlike wcwn WWF. At the time all the songs on the ECW Abum, were performed by actual big name musicians and consisted of previously released metal songs in covers of metal classics done by metal, ruyalty themselves and originals by the legendary Harry Slash who served as the inhouse musician for ECW. The Band kilgor contributes a solid version of Panteras, classic walk, Bruce Dickinson of iron maiden sings a soaring randition of the Scorpions, the zoo other major standouts from the album or a pair of metallica covers motorheads cover of enter Sandman and Phantom Lord, which was Mike Auson's theeme. That's performed this time by anthrax, the thisalbum featured the hunk sand, man on the cover, and there was actually wrestler introse to each track in the lighter notes. So that's EC extreme music, the album October, twenty seventh nineteen. Ninety eight, you know, what's amazing about that pick- is the fact that EW en out of business are notorious for losing money all the time towards the late nineties. I think in ninety eights, just I kind of started that slop start to go downhill, startd to get a little faster in ninety ninety thousand, but this had to contribute to that quite a bit because Thos as for all those Namyeah, that's that's. I think they did it in conjunction with some some raccord labels, so t there was some assistance there, but wow being able to pull down. You know, let me Bruce Dickenson anthrax, I mean just tha the talent alone. Also on this album you had white Zombi, it's just a WHO's who of metal at that time, but also a lot a lot of those guys had I mean Lemean people had not been doing stuff since the eighties right, really yeah, but it was. But I know what o wre saing there were, the Rock I mean these guys were icons, Suw and the they were covering other other icons. So it was CW. was that the one with all the Ligkt Bob Wire and bloodletting? You know you do no wrestling. Well, that's the one! I re! That's t that's the rest thing I remember seeing was old e, violent stuff e C. W is fucking great yeah, all right H, shifting a little bit kind of the same deal released December, nineteen nineteen. Ninety eight, this album actually went platinum, selling over a million copies 'd, even reach top ten on the billboard. Two hundred and the album that I speak up is none other t, an the WWF, the music volume three by Jim Johnston, not exactly the name that you know, Mark Ha brought up with all the people. An his his lbu Jim Johnson did plenty of songs throughout the nineties or early two. Thousands to my knowledge, this is the best selling wwf album of all time and went through all the other albums, and there are some missing sales figures there. So I'm assuming that they didn't sell that. Well, that's why they didn't put it Um and also one thing here. You know the rocks smell when I'm cooking right right. The Rock actually dropped that line at rustlminior fourteen for the first time and his te music changed in May of ninety eight to open with. Do you smell with the rock is cooking, you know and that's it stayed Um, but that was on this album between that and the glass shattering with stone cold. That's probably the two signatures that were instant crowd, pops to any like house show it didn't even matter. You heard that first two seconds and that place blew up, but this thing had everybody's walk out of music on it undertaker edge, xpok, Dude, love, keen the rock even fucking Gangro was on it. Kencham rock this one was crazy. The oddities were on it 'cause. They were in Wf for like two seconds H, DX was on it. Sables Music newage outlaws, of course, Valvinus and then the whole thing finishes up with stone cold, and I just looked this up the other day. Do you guys remember the DX Song Yeah? It was like a fake rage against the machine. Yeah make against the machine. Bake against Ei just happened to look it up and that dude actually died. A couple of years ago, at the age of forty nine wow yeah, the guy that during wrestlig Anio fourteen he actually triple ae props him up on his shoulders. Yeah, it's came out an insaying alive. It was pretty cool yeah. Anyhow, that's what I got. It is WWF. The music volume three round, one is done: that's music over to the Special Guest Refaree Miser Bob Craft. This is a LICO. This is a really tough call, because the eighties, you obviously have some really pinicle moments. You're talking Gla ast night, who is one of the you know most illustrious performers in the history of Motown? Certainly in pop music in general, Wrestle Madia Four! Then you have the wrestling album. I actually watched a short documentary on this. The other day, You'ere talking people like Rick Daringer, largely this entire album was produced by H, Cindy loppers producer at the time. Cindy Lopper, of course, had a lot of ties, towwf back in the day, which is just fucking bizarre to begin with H, but to come off that album is Rick Darringer's real American, which is whole cogens steamsong, it's ynonymous with wholecogan racism. Aside, you hear that that Little Guitar Rif that's whole cogen. The crowd goes wild H, so man, the eighties, the eighties I'm leaning heavily towards. But then you have h the ECW extreme music, which ECW as kind of known for just having shitty covers or sound alikes, because they couldn't afford the copyrights to the the actual songs, themselvs WCW do the same thing: Um Anthrax, motorhead, Bruce Tickets and those are all obviously huge, H, centerd, corner stones of the the metal genre and everything, but then ww, F, The music volume three that was a tit's album h, Jim Johnson, is pretty much like God. As far as wrestling teams or Concerne's created some of the best wrestling teams of all time. That was one of the actual first CDs that I ever owned, which I think says horrible amount about me as a person, probably the one that has the most scratches on it to this day, because I still have it somewhere in this house Um and that's tough. I think. Ultimately, my decision is going to have to lie with H. Eighty eight here, though, with gladist night and the wrestling album, is to no hold on hold on okay pick the wrestling alm pointot. Sorry, I might have conhere s tat, Toyeah, Becauseshe IES. Eighty five, I said in Abyand I pull itrivri by the JUG whyping. My picforeity egt was the. I came the dream theme. He came the Dream Lean. I could have gone for the whole Kokan theme which he was still using an eighty eight, but I wanted to go with something that debut en eighty eight. Well, the onus things I apologize for torpedaing, my own team, but in the honor of Fantas, an Wano but gladas night is you know, is Ot osight. You know, no, I'm sorry yeah th the wrestling album, which was as far as I, the first musical album put out by wfwas. Eighty five, no, I went sorry mwell. Then I brought it up I in in reference to not as the whole choice. I'm gonna, I'M G I'm going to flip on this one. Then I'm an NA awarder to the nineties, even though the ECW extrem music thing wasn't uh that pivotul the the WW f. The music thing is, I mean it reached top ton on the Billboard Char. I don't think there's been any wrestling related h musical event. That's that's actually en scor that four was number five on the Charer's another governent. I had four as well as a matter f what they don ha whole the whole anthology, which is again says horrible amount about who I am as a person. I think five actually did the best on the billboards. If I remember Fr e a Harbr, never fy the way that included a song about Pi by the rock which was fucking, atrocious, yeah. However, however Boug, I would like to point out that growing up, I always got points for being honest. Ijus Wana I wantta work on a a non competitive sympathy. Point doesn't Conco mine was controversially racist. My theme as Wellall Right. Your point has been deducted ois, Rasin Oer, the nineties. That's the final Liling Lake Wiras Al Right Manchrus. We have control of the board. What category do you want to go with? I know this is early, but we have to probably do it now. Let's go movies o all right, we'l get ta help come on. We want get hav points for movies, Yousay that strategys all bout O fucger. You know it went in the Shit II'll, let you start with your jugernaut all right while having a blast at their favorite amusement park, Mega Mountain, the Ninger brothers, witness the kidnapping of TV Action Super Star Dave Dragon played by none other than Hol Kogen by the evil, lothor Zar played by Jim Varney and his kid hating love Medusa played by Lannie Anderson when Medusa's henchman surround the park and demand ten million from the parkowners. The nen just strike back with vengeance join rocky col in Tumtom for Roller Coaster, ride of fun action and comedy in three inches high noon at Mega Mountain released October, tenth, nineteen. Ninety eight now who is in that movie from the wrestling world how Cokan Ou said Oh did yo I did't. I miss that there's nobody listening in this Apliside, I'm just checking in Han. We all away hello, yeah hokogen plays Dave Dragon. I got iithe three inces to save Ma such a good movie. I don't know why. I didn't know that, because, when you're, making a threeninches sequel instead of just having Holl cok and play himself, give him a name like Dave Dragon cause that really just it's, because a lerformance of asdav dragon was so compelling. Mancrust didn't even realize that that was wholl, coken right, T ey. Just such he just completely got immersed in the character. It's such a Shitty name and bad CASSMOL. When you think about it, Ke number one: he has no martial art skills. He can barely wrestle, let alone do any martial arts, so the name of the draen. Does it really roll he's with three ninches yeah like it should have been done, the Dragon Wilson playing the guy. He just wasn't well known enough, despite being an actual martial artes. Let me ask you Bo what is the Um? What number sequel is this? It's Goit to be the third of Fall Singlin, and this is the third one righ Righ Ri, that's where it gets good, really Pinsas fother a serious franchise. It doesn't get good until three ninches five, that's rgwer! That's what he finds out. WHO's been eating. All his good in plenty big reveal from the previews two cliff hangers the years goon'. Really let the story develop. You got to get t e endeboys too, and o getting the Jung. Jim Barn and Lannie Anderson. Also in this mil o mean those are Mok mock how wis the bottom of the barrel, when you were scraping at the Finena. Oh it was, it was murky and this was the best I could find so honestly, I mean whole Cogan's career as kind of been marred by sex taped controversies. What we don't know is that you know there could be a lannie Anderson and earnest P, Worl and Holecogan threesome sex tape out there that well, we'll never see it'll, never be on earth, but it could exist, and that gives me lankorness. We never saw the Santa with muscles hulcogen and Clin Howa sex state. That would have been that wouldhaven. That also would be a rollercoastto, wride, AF, fun action and comedy all right anyhow. Moving on to November six nineteen, Ninety eight- quite possibly this could be the last funny movie of Adam Sandler's career that was released on that date and that's water boy. He might have one other one. Maybe big daddy was, after that I mean it's kind of a TSS anger management with Jack Nichoson I's funny only for Jack Necoso, but it's Imad, Adam Sandler, being funny in the movie. When was Adam sandda funny in e movie, you know what he had his time: oanot hom I Baan I wasad overboard, mainly, but you know what this movie it brought in a hundred and eighty five million dollars worldwide, which is close to thre hundred million dollars and twent ad nineteen. So that's Jouger, not numbers for a comedy like insane numbers. They only spent twenty million on it. He made that shit ton of money. Everyone knows Adam sanlor water boy, but has his tie into wrestling you're asking youself right. Do you recall the scene where Bobby Buchet is watching pro wrestling and bobby's favorite wrestler starts giving an interview on the TV and that wrestler Ka Captain Insino was played by none other than Paul White, also known as it's so Berr, which is the worst, the music of all time for a big Ey. But if you remember this scene bobby offers his services as a professional water boy to Captain Insano and Captain Ncino and the Guy Interview. Hem KINDOF, find it a little bit endearing, so Ye Bobby's age and he's guessing that he's like eleven or twelve, and then they find out that he's thirty one and inso when the interviewers they like look at each other and they start laughing and- and then he says at the end, he's like everybody watching bobby is a virgin and that's KINDOF, how it ad, but that whole scene, and then he mentions them earlier in the film he didn't, carry any ill will towards captain and CNO later on. He he didn't bring that back up, that he made fun of him, but he still loved them. He was his favorite wrestler, but that's. What I had is the water boy. Captain in Cano shows no mercy, so one scene in an Adam sat in the movie. Then I'm just I'm just making sure we're aware of thatthat's fucking, that's a huge movie. I mean it's, it's no three inchesacton par woer. The fuckeris called no, but he's not a pipotal plot poin, either like in Crain inces, this Al Come. This is tesea where he got his shit together and Fagin like took off it's allright we're going to win this anyway, mine, all right all right. What I've got here is a movie so mysterious. It's official release. Date is just January nineuteen and eighty eight rotty piper stars in a film of some kind, called Hell, comes to frogtown. Piper Plays Sam hell, a fertile man in an unferitile world, a post, apocalyptic atomic fallout future with a society of mutated frog. People. Personally, I feel the movie is an interesting view. An to the world of human sex trafficking highlightof. The film is a Piper wearing a device that will shock his genitals and will explode if he fails his mission. The film will will not incredible had enough of following despon a sequel in ninety three and a spin off in ninety six, neither featuring any returning members of the original cast and release directly to home video. So this weekend, kids go out and rent the film where Rowdy Rotty Pipers Dick had to save the human race. Is it Robert's Dar in this you'l? Like me, O frog, town, Um, there's a Dar ind that I don't think ro Calhoun is in it. I believe Robert Logia has a very large starring role. Oh Fuck, if Roberlo you gotto, take the so yeah hell comes to frokdown all right. I like it believe Robert Zda is in the sequel, help Comot a Frok town too, or return to frogtown got it. I oricl but Rowdy Roddy paper, I mean probably the most in terms of wrestlers, who would go on to make movies, who weren't the rock or John Sina, but specifically, who want herock, probably the most illustrious movie career up until the Rock and and certainly the the benchmark for for a successful film starring wrestlers up until that point, and in n thonine hundred and eighty eight, he had a double wammy. There was the eforementionn hell comes to Frocktown, which is a bee movie, delight well worth watching sort of an escape escape from New York, but instead of a thing round his wrist that's going to kill him in twenty four hours. It's a thing round his dick, which is just fantastic. However, the one two punch, a Rowdy Piper in thousand nine hundred and eighty eight doesn't get any better than John Carpenters. They live Rowdy Roddy Piper plays John Nada, a bomullated Blue Collar Gen, who finds a pair of ray bands that lets him see who actually voted for Reagan in his various attempts to get others to put these damn glasses on. He gets a bottle broken over his head, shoved owt, a plateglass window kick down a hill, has a seven minute fight in an alley way with Keith David and get shot at by a corporate capitalist military looking to keep their alien riganomic secret choir. But they didn't count on Roddy growdy ruddy paper he's come here to chew, bubble, Gum and kick ous and he's all out of bubble gum. Not only is it a fantastic movie with a terrific central conceit and a damn cool carpet, a soundtrack, but it has gained in popularity and become iconic over the years from street art to Internet A it's now, basically, a mean for anyone with even a passing left is port politics. The film opened on November ourth ninehundred and eighty eight and and Debi did at number one at the North American box office grossing four point: Eight million during its opening week end and stayed in the top ten for two weeks. This movie is so good that by rights, not only should it win us the round, but the whole damn game, and not just this episode, but basically a whole year's worth of episode. Thet literally, isn't a betorror you a litle, crazy ancrat now outside. If they live, I'm a big Fan of the Rock, but he has not made a movie that comes close to the importance and the genius and the Awesomeness or coolness of they live just you wait till they reboot it that's coming soon. I bet. Well, you know what they can't. REBOOT is meg. Falser is actually hot in that movie and what they can't reburs her eyes. Her eyes are literally only exists within her head and nowhere else now, she's just frightening Fuck Betty Davis's eyes, MEG OS e, I tem Madasong and ot tat Kim carns y h. You Go Ri Oan AG come a just just give 'em the round. Thishes is such a Slan. I mean this is this is really going to be an no brainer, though I will say I probably hold the record in Scotland County Missouri for the most rents from the library of the three ninjes movie series. Once I don't particularly remember the third installment high noon on fun, top mountain or whatever the Fuckit W. obviously an all starcast I mean you've got Lonnie Anderson. She broke away from uh from Bert Reynolds long enough to get a little piece of hole, Cogan and Ernest P athe water boy. You know we all had our our time with that. It was funny at one point. Maybe when we were ten but yeah they live alone is enough to warrant giving this round to the eighties for sure. Yes, yes, and a hold game to us just give the whole game to us. They live is back. What's more interesting, though, is hell comes to, frogtown was developed before Alex Jones was a popular figure in U Internet, so that's actually gointhe. Fourth Sequels Alex Jones is sent to save the world frogtown more of he from from the development of gay frogs. As long as this Dick still gets shocked, I don't care in fact: Can we ono how exten is strapped down and just subjected to eletrecution? That would be he's forced to watch three Ninjas thatsounds. Like a good paper view, I haven't seen that three aninest sequel and I feel myself bereft now that I need to go. I need to go, find it and fill a three inches treequal part of my. I would like to know how many people actually saw that threeinches, I probabl N, Jim Vanny's family and that was about ethat- was probably about it. They're like no more earnest movies he's like no. I've got a big time movie with the Ninjas and the Hul hoke and they're like were ninjas big in the eighties. He was like shut up. I made more silly rubber places, one fact when they dug up all the Ettari tapes, they actually found a bunch of e Jescopies of three ninches high top mountain. Wherever the bug it's called Ye, Jim lartis bones, terrible all right. Where do you guys go AIG MI? What do you want to do? Next? Chief, I don't know man. What do you think our next? Well, I think, as we've got, we've got, I think, T V and news we're in with a with a good chance O. I think we should leave those for the two pointes. Okay thnthink. We go hot product, necks, it's o other weakest. One sounds good, okay d! You want to take the way I'll go ahead. 'cause yours is considerably better than my own, a right so for hot product. Again there with me o this onealh and I want to say again, I know nothing about wrestling, but a hot product- Um Thee. U There was basically one hot prodruct, N, Ou, n nine hundre and eighty eight and Mike's going to tell you about that one. So, the other one that I found was women's wrestling magazines. There was women of wrestling and the glow magazine both made their debut n nineteen. Eighty eight, apart from their existence, theyr debut date in a few magazine, covers. I can literally find nothing else about either of these magazines online whatsoever. However, along with the original glow TV series and the rise of female wrestlers in the WWF at the time, the publication of female driven wrestling magazines represents a pivotal, an important step in the timeline of a quality for women. Wrestlers and remember in this climate of nee jerk reactions and Cathotic, idiotic politics. If you don't give us a point for this roundbow you're, a terrible sexist, you could tell the asn't watch wrestling by saying that 'cause this totally didn't happen till like this year. The pressure is on no, no, no it it loo. Look it up. The women are wrestling and glow wrestling magazines- oh yeah. It was around, but I actually remember both of those magazines and non any that, but we've come full circle. 'CAUSE obviuly globing on Teflex, EXCETR Etcetra, but we've also got a movie in the cinema right now, which is about the rise of a very important female wrestler age, fighting with a family sor the other week. It's actually very good ad. He poller from Fuck and LAC Obr an there was also something to do with the in n invention of a remote control that wasn't on O. Just remember this is about thelow magazine that he went on record os saying he couldn't find shit about. I could know I could find you wer covers that are available n Ebay. I likes a raising there for sale. notering is around the corner. Also wom women of wrestling was also released in on Unine hutdred and eighty eight and is still going now as a successful website, but I couldn't find anything about the magazine anyway. Might Take it, take it away with th the propahoo an e same, and I hate watching people drown. I Wan to hear more about what mark was doing with these magazines, all right, so n, N Nineteen N. Eighty eight saw the fifth series of l Jaenn's wrestling. Superstars figures continue to bring both joy and pain to America's children. The toy line was quite popular among America's youth. However, the fifth series was the last to be widely distributed with the six series only being distributed in Canada before l Jann closed his toy line and cancelled the superstars line and El Janne went on to making some of the worst fucking video games of all time. Here's some figures that came out with the nineteen eighty eight series, the adorable Adrian Adonnis, Bambambigolo, ax demolition hack, saw Jim dugin with to bifor hockey, Tonk man with guitar, Hokogen, red or white shirt with the title: The luscious Johnny Valliant, one man gang referee, blue or white shirt, a rickmartel slick with the hat ted dbiasi te and Tito Santana. That's right boys and girls with wrestling superstars. It's like having a real match right in your own home man, if only he went with the eighty six or eigh eighty five or eighty six series, those had the like killer, no yeah! That's when you' got like the real big release, but I mean the cool thing about this is a lot of these were collectible 'cause. It was like th towards the end of the run. Eighty nine. We is that the black, the Black Uh, what do you call it like back? That's Backin that Ri in that's the last series. Those are wordsome fucking, a yeah got those yeah and those were basically all rereleases. I think in that series you only getting about five new figures. Yeah, I think it's, the the big boss man's worth like fucking, five grand or some crazy shit like newin yeah, that's more than the actual big bossman was worth Ray. Trailer was a sant the fifth series, algentoys incredibly important, ancredibly, very successful so successful. They never did another full man o on of the toys again noththeyr. Those rubber guys were fucking. Awesome though I I had a bunch of them. I had the ring theastel cage for it, yeah that blue cag excellent. We win this round as well, Miel, actually Amos all the good ones, though that came out the year prior, an n eighty five and eighty six ee, only rubbers and wrestling in the eighties that I ever mattered there. There was a referee in a blue or white shirt. Vince mcman came out, I think W. No, he was eighty nine. Also th, but you remember, there was even e minuge wrestling magazines now did Wedi. We talk about Thnow Relese, the figures where you could stick your thumb in ther ass. No, but l, Jn D, Ros, H, yeah! No, these are the great one and I've I've got a junk yard dog just somewhere in my parents backyard. It's there. I bury them. I just don't know where Ta Ek Pottom, not the figure just Noa, an actual jokeyard dog at's. Sad. Do you know that guy died in a car wreck? Really? Ah Man Yeah. I never knew that until like couple of DA like a couple of weeks ago or something yeah, I guess where the car ended up. Junkyard DK. I saw that one com- it's in my experience, yard. He already said that thats the way he married the evidence, I'l Shit, Mi ad, I notice at horrible all right all right. What a e you got, monolukes all right, whet 're, GOING HOT PRODUCTS H! Do you want me to start this? One out yeah go right ahead: allright released on July, fourteenth nine teen. Ninety eight a claim entertainments W A war zone OCASIONT and intento sixty four tena, sixty four copy actually came out in August, but the other one July fourteenth. There was also a Gameboy one, which was terrible. W sothing came out before everything else in June um, but if HEU didn't realize that the game was actually named after the second hour of raw as wrestling fans, probably no ral was two hours AF. The time you had tyour first hour, that was TVPG and then, of course, Hey went to TV fourteen n the second hour, so they named the video game. After that, initially it was going to be called like ww AF game or some tr, a lamaianyhow Um. The game was it's credit as being the the best wrestling game ever to be released at the time Um it utilized three fighting graphics kind, O like Teckin H. I you are familiar with that game and I never been done before in wrestling games up to that point. So no were shitty like td arcade style wrestling. There were real video promos in this from wrestlers and, if you've never seen it before going O ut and find I'm at Johnsono videopro the Sobaz Gass, so badhe or incrediblr Um, but one of the other things that they had that really hadn't been done at that point in a wrestling game was the? U, the creation mode where you got to create your own wrestler, Give Hem moves name him give hem his thee music. All that Shit Cage matches round. Here you had career mode. You had Jim Ross and vence commentating a ringside. There are weapons matches extreme matches. They've really tried to do everything in this cheme, but could you make them have sex yeah whelet? They would proably, look like it, especially with the Gameboy version, where the guy just kept rolling on the ground. That's all I'm looking for in a in a creative game is, if I'm creating my own Sim or wrestler or whatever is is, can I make it do dirty movements, if not it's a terrible game and they shouldn't win the round Bowt, it's the eye of the beholder on that one. You know. Maybe you would see it that way, but anyhow, WWF war zone Yoa bringing wrestling into three d for the first time, and it was also a good seller for a while too that year um it was number one for a couple of months. I don't know if its stayed number one throughout the whole year. There's really not many figures on the sales for this all right. In my pick, I never actually played the game that man crush had because I never had that system. I had the Nintendo sixty four, so I played that version and I played this game, which was ranked o the number six wrestling game of all time released October: Twenty Six nineteen, Ninety Eight, which was the Monday after the infamous Halloween havoc, that is the game, W C wnwo revenge for the Nintendo sixty four. I revenge gained critical praise in tremendous commercial success. According one Osnd, nine hutedred and ninety nine article by ign, revenge was the best selling wrestling game more than intendo sixty four consul at the time and it sold over one point: eight million copies you had Diamond Dallas, page Chris Gericho Ray mysterio, junior Golberg, Raven, the giant hulkogen sting breadheart, Mochoman, randy, savage Halland Nash, Rotty, Piper Glacier and, of course, the disco inferno. The revenge grappling system is what really sold this game. It revolutionized the system and for the first time, thq introduced actual arenas into the game such as Monday, night, dro, starcade bash at the beach sold down superbrawl and, of course, the Halloween havoc, which was the night after this was the night before this was released where hoghogen fought the ultimate warrior and if you haven't seen that Mach just you have to so that's a w cwnwol revenge for the NENTENDO. Sixty four game. I rented the shipfuck out of I can tell you that that's quite an I fok wow all right mm and that's tough 'cause. I can remember I remember war zone being like cutting EDG as far as graphics Mi. I think this was the first. It was this one or ww attitude was the first game to really incorporate entrances and entrance thems. That was, and that was wwnwl revenge. It was the first one that had entrances and entrance ramps right, yeah that was the first one thinin e in war zone, but only in career mode right right right. I remember Warzon being just such a pain in the ass to play, though, and it couldhave been because I was still you know, developing my brain and motor skills. At that point, the one cool thing the war zone did have is: when you were in a lockup, you can actually hit a button and get all the moves drop down. So you could see what the combinations were O. I forgot it had been done before, but you know what none of these things had. None of these had the gorgeous. Ladies of Raand. You know what had the gorgeous ladies of wrestling, that would be glow magazine, weteyi E, a Sol glowmagazig to differ Jean Cross mplease wwnwl revenge for the NENTENDO. Sixty four had the most gorgeous lady of wrestling all th time. In the game- and that was Miss Elizabeth- I thought you were going to say may young yeah, but we also know that nobody played anything on the end. Sixty four except golden that was anyone played on the NI. I don't know they had that really good star wars, game, no, it didn't o Ooon CD, like staff Fox or something on the end. Sixty four there was like hawkson space. That was, I remember that, but Goldn Nigt was all I ever played on the Nsmoi hard gold, and I is still the best game that has ever been like their best James Bongan. That's ever been made. They've literally never been able to beat tere. Oh and again women's wrestling magazine They Wen on the top shelf. They weren't covered up in plastic. You can literally purchase them and look at women in Wrestling Gub. All Day, all night, I'm GOINTO BE DA EEN. Wengami give John's team zero points. This is a tough game. This far because there's always at least one thing from each decade that that really strikes accord with me and that I find that would be really pivotal to to culture. In general, UM, obviously they're still making wrestling games things like that and there's no arguing. You know that these are two kind of the the PILOTAL Games. As far as where they've come today and and KINDOF being, you know, foundation pouring for wrestling games as we know them today, but cultural significance, the ljn figures were huge upon thei release, now they're, even bigger, because they're rare to find they're hard to find most of them that are out there still beat up, beat to shit. But the interesting thing is the young bucks who are kind of at the the forefront of this big independent movement. As far as professional wrestling is going, have brought back ljn figures they're about to release the young bucks, Lj n figure. So now they're Um, you know almost you know three decades later they're coming back into significance, an back into prominence, so I'm going to have to award it to actually judg half Nelson the eighties for this Rod. What horse we're getting fucking, Railroadin, oeregain, fucking, railroad, an mikes coming out a third generation fucking rubber figures and taking around John's fucking, throwing out. God knows what fucking horrible you live, im staving K, Fav this whole time, fucky boat! Listen! This wo! This show would be nothing if there wasn't like a a fight aspect. If there wasn't like a burgeoning wrestling, taggting royal rumble about to happening all rigt. You guys have control of the board yet once again can't fuck and believe it Hyour ategory never go with the computer game. When you can go w WICUC, your mouth John Cross had a failed light of toys. It's getting o all right to me, young again. All right shall we like. Shall we do news or TV? What do you want to do? M It doesn't matter where you go it does. I mean T V is definitely our strongest new to play rounds. Now you want to do news, we'll go with the news. Okay, just so everybody's aware, the score is currently two to one in favor of Ashley Juddhalf, Nelson Se. I now move onto the two point rounds, cruss just siding to be on the other side of the bench, a right. In November, nineteen N, Eighty Eight JYM crocket promotion sells to turn or broadcasting. Essentially, creating the WCW, crock and promotions at the time was a legendary promotion in the territory days and the biggest competitor to mcmanswwf, but was never able to expand to the national market like mcman's promotion and eventually sold the company Totur to broadcasting. After battling years of financial decline, dusty roads would later comment. You know we was just living that American dream ut, we don't com ran out of money and that's news: That's Te e broadcasting, picking up e c body right; well, it's Jym crocked promotions having to sell and to turn er broadcasting, and then that led bbcw. That was a huge thing that that Alhad Catra, AA, cushions and and fantastic and everyone loved it right. It was a big big big story. Well actuay! I I don't know if everybody necessarily loved R young imight shovel down M, getting to finish well. No, it's just it's it's a little bit of controversy, not true a lot of old school wrestling fans. Don't really like the WWF story line and they'd much prefer what was going on during the when everything was a territory while talking about old school wrestling. That very neatly ties into my new story from one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight. I did say that when we were going to do a wrestling episode and as I said like, I grew up in the UK. So therefore, while there was w FN, WWe on cable or actually satellite, first and then cable later Um. When I was growing up, it was all about a show about U K, wrestlers, and I did say that when I came on the show that I would do at least one of the the choices would be a UK story. So this is a UK news story and it is actually huge. AMPIVOTAL and you'll see why so itv a terrestral channel in the UK stops televising British wrestling in thousand nine hundred and eighty eight after thirty three years effectively starting the death rattle of the popularity of the sport and the UK and the careers of icons and of the sport. In the U K like giant Haystacks and big daddy, British wrestling had been hugely popular sport and entertainment for around a hundred years. At that point, and it was first televised in nineteen. Fifty five very often twice a week at its peak American ratling, as I said earlier, made it start on British satellite T V and as payper view events and continues now on premium cable channels and British resters. Once the UK stoped televising Britisrussing in nineteen, eighty eight began travelling with hugely successful life shows, which were initially very successful, finally actually dwindled and ended in ninety three. Ninety four, however, as of two thousand and eighteen thirty years later, ITV has announced a new ten episode series of world of sport wrestling, which was the name of the old show and also as the we Tris to push into international territories and are hosting more and more events than the UK. There looks to be a clash of networks with ww trying to control the UK public's wrestling intake versus ITV's world of sport, wrestling with Pluckey, mostly bearded, truly British rustlers holding their own and putting on a show thirty one years after the initial TV run ended. But the big news story was that a guy called Greg Dyke came in to control ITV T v at the time and went no more wrestling, even though it was hugely popular and stopped televised British wrestling, ine, oanine hundred and eighty eight after thirty three years. So that is a big new story but, as I said, it has come back around and in two thousand and eighteen thirty years later, they reawakened a ghost and British wrestling is back on t v again where it belongs. I gotta ree, find it listen. I said I would do a British story. I think that's a pretty good fun. I have to say, come on now pretty pivotul. I know it's not WF and it was not ww Byou didn't mention you should have mentioned nxt Ou Cani, but an Nextein UK is a completely separate thing. I just run by the WW which, which r the hows I don't know. I watch that story AD. If you look at there's actually a huge amount of new stories about this, because it's thirty years since the world of sport wrestling went off the air and is now coming back on the air and with ww doing a lot more stuff in the UK right now and trying to get other Um. U Klive events and other things televised there' There litrally is right now a class where you've got traditional British wrestling, which is being televised wit, the WWe that saying no. We want like full control over international territories and we don't want these competing shows and so on and so forth. So it it was a PIVITL show for thirty three years between the fifties and eighties, and it's come back and it's as relevant today, because it's actually giving British view is something that they've always wanted, but is now competing with the American cable Bahimo Itit. I think it's actually a genuinely fascinating stary yeah allright Oer, the Mamalukes. Are you wanting to start this one off man? Crusho? Do you want to take it? You mean it doesn't make Adev. You could start all right. My new story happened on November Fifteenth Nineteen, Ninety Eight, and it was one of the largest paper views of all of nineteen. Ninety eight. It happened at the Keel Center in Sint Louis Missouri, and it was survivor series Ninetden and ninety eight put on by the WWF, and it was good for four four hundred and seventy eight thousand buys making it the most bont survivor series ever at the time. It was the only survivor series to a feature, no elimination matches, and it was the first tournament held by the WWF for the WWF championship in over ten years, the last time being rustle Mani, a four in n tousand, nine hundred and eighty eight at the mere age of twenty six years of age. Dwaine, the Rock Johnson reached the very pinnacle of the wrestling universe. He would go on to have his very first titale rain with him in Micfoli, swapping alignments in a double turn in a rehash of what we saw with the Montreal screw job with. Ultimately, the rock defeating mankind by submission in turning heel, a lading himself with Vincemacmann the following evening. ONRA mcman declared the rock to be the corporate champion and this helped set up the epic rock and Austin feud and that really helped propel the company forward for the next decade and that all started at survivor series. Nineteen and eighty eight, when the rock on his first world title not to mention the first African American champion and professional wrestling in a very very long time. I Din' even think about that. EAH I mean Ron. Simmons was the first and WCW and we really hadn't seen a African American world heavyweight champion in a predominant role since dwain the Rock Johnson. He was really the first one that they said. This is our guy. He really took that company to where it is now along with Austin and mankind. Undertaker that motion really just started was that that survivorsors s since Syou said that I might as well just jump right in here, because it ties and yours pretty heavily march. Twenty Ninth Nineteen Ninty eigh t it was wrestling Yor. Fourteen we're stone called Steve, austen defeats Seaun, Michael The harpray kid to become the world heavyway champion for the first time, and if someone had to go back and really pinpoint like a landmark anvent to ladnge the attitude era, you would have to think of Russaming your fourteen. This is probably where it begins. You got auten winning the belt. Pete Ro is getting a tombstoned in the ring. The Rock Drop Thong. Many you kno this. I didn't notice this until I did the research this, the rock actually dropped smell. What I'm cooking for the first time ever in a it, was an interview with Jennifer flowers, remember the Jennifer Flowers and Clinton thing yeah and then, like I said earlier, that went on th y. They turned that into o. You smell it. The rock his cooking came hi team song and Itwas fucking catch phrase, and all that Shit that started right there and house this frattitude because of the MONTRERAL screw job. The undertaker was actually prepared to kick the Shit Aof showin Michael's, if he'd pulled that again against Austin, but obviously that never happened. Ou K, W HBK laid downstole cold, probably the best worker of all time, passing the torch to argue arguabbly, the best champion of all time, and that happened at Rustlemini fourteen and there was huge lead up to this. You had Mike Tyson was the special enforcher for the match and he was with degeneration x for like a couple of weeks and then, of course, the referee gets knocked out and seres a spoiler. He jumps into the ring. Does a quick three Coun. He ends up, knocking out showing Michael's after the match and then takes the Austin three. Sixteen Jersey or shirt rather than often gave to him, and if this doesn't really give you a pinpoint of passing the torch- and this was something that Ceaun Michael did not want to happen. He was actually mad about it afterwards, but Tyson took that shirt, the Austin three sixteen shirt and as he was knocked out in the ring laid it over his face as, like, you know, like Ca Relyeah, and he was like pissed off about that yeah I mean there. It is and then an interesting fact that you know have friends that are going to be like all the rocks better than Autin, but I mean it can go either way, but Austin's shortest tital reign was fifty five days that's longer than six of the rocks eight rains, which is pretty crazy t. They were so Ho incretible yeah, anyhow rusamenia fourteen in stone, calld beating, show on Michael's wet title for the first time hm HM. Well, obviously, if you take a look at the eighties eighty, eight Jim crocket selling, to turn a broadcasting system- that's like IU, said the catalyst for becomingw that really marks the end of the territories which had kind of become uh. You know just that was commonplace back. Then you had guys that would go to one territory. They would skip over to work. Another territory tofend a belt from the other territory. Ou know it was kind of the wild west as a lot of people referred to it in the wrestling industry Um, you know, so you have a crocket selling the Turner Tocrww. That really kind of is the nail and the coffin of the territories. As we previously knew Hem and it's interesting how all this eightyes stuff is kind of really coming back around now now you have all these prominent independent promotions that could be kind of consider the territories with the innerwoven. You know guys that'll cross over from one territory to the other. So it's interesting how that kind of as all wormed its way back. You know thirty years later, but you look at the nineties. This is a really big turning point for the professional wrestling industry. You have the birth of the attitude here. You have the you know, ww kind of getting getting its legs underneath t and they nite the the Monday night wars around this particular time. Ninety seven, Ninety Eigh, ninety nine really cut of pivotal times for professional wrestling in the mainstream and working its way into culture, and everything like that. You have Steve, austen, Shon, Michael's, arguably two of the biggest stars of the entire industry, altogether Bressel Madio fourteen survivor series: You know the Rock a twenty six becoming one of the youngest champions in history. Like mark said one of the first African American h champions as well or one of them. You know after Ron, Simon's WCW, I'm going to have to hand it to the Mamalukes the nineties on this one. Just because h nineties was such a pivotal and memorable time and one that fans really looked back on with a lot of adration for sure, I'm going to put that down to the fact that Britain is no longer relevant and o. You know here's a really cool store cold fact. They came up in Ne Thsan, nine hundred and ninety eight. They sold twelve million dollars in tshirts just of stone, cold, slow Tuesday. For me that stole called three. Sixteen shirt is the number one selling wrestling merchandise ide of all time, yeah, here's an article from Forbes from twenty seventeen. It was a list of the top twenty shirts from O thwusand ad seventeen, and it was all like you know, relevant guys that are around today number one in that entire list was stone called Steve Austen, which makes no sense to me because it's horrible to be in a place and see a dude with the same shirt as you go with a rare guy like that's. Why I go Eddie and the cruises too, not even addy and the cruising one heas just d here to run that wrist, no yeah. I Don' e Satin a McDonalds, look up from my chicken nuggets and see some other Dick bag wearing my shirt. I have to fight him yeah. He doesn't Wanto run that wrist, but he does want to run through the fire yeah. I definitely Wan yeah with two stone cold shirts. Can you throw beers to each other and fucking mack 'em and like start chugging, Hem together or what I don't know w te matter, you could watch a really bad straight to blue ray movie. He walks around the woods with Gary Daniels for what seems like forever. I don't care w. He was Gari was a Briish ramashaatist and I I just don't know why he never took off in movies. He did he did. He did a really really really good. One called the package with which was directed by Jessie Johnson who's gone on to work, a lot with Scott Atkins and it features Um a British martial, argis, cal Downschel Ave, who sadly passed away, but who was in it man too leic Yep and H, which was probably his biggest movie, but shalary had done a bunch outside of that and him Shalavi and Dolfh Lungrin in the package. It's it's a bit of a like rare one on on dv D, but it's actually it's actually a pretty decent, like drama action movie worth watching, wow they're, pretty terrible. That's nothing like the movie. The package. I saw no CA, O, not o anything like that. Other sleveausten memorable work is, of course mallion dollar mannfiction, withsteven Sigar yeah, that's Terrm, yeah, wher they're, both prison waams, who go like yeah locked in over the weekend with a bunch of onruly prisoners. What will happen and will siga eat the entigotressao watching that one terrible and the whole movie's really dark? So it's hard to see what the fuck is going on and that's probably just a cover up sigs like the fact that the marketing department sat around and was like so way, they're, both in prison and Eastar Steven Sigal and Stoco Stevasad. It's got to be maximum conviction. That's that's gon to be the Tybro, it's absolutely fantastic, an a convicon for workinglyt yeabut. They also have the steely resolve needed to sort out the problem. Cort. They are men of maximum conviction. It's got like a double it's so layin. Anyway, let's move in the weird iere two action stars that can't run yeah two ANCETAS loocan barely move not at all one one, because he spent the nineties literally consuming every beef product he came across and the other guy, because he's fucging three hundred percent muscle, not sure who her. That was the other thing. I wasn't sure who he was Talkin Om, Aon, a second one, one one that will admit he's bald and the other one. That won't admit, he's bold and wears a weave that looks like the Foor Map from an Austin maxie Ne Hoand, nine undred and eighty seven great, don't bring hb kin to this man. SIGAR's widows peak has been coloring itself in for like the last ten hours, or I got that Sam Donaldson Haircut H, his widows peak and his hair currently is like hulg Hogan's beard, N N, N, nine teen and ninety eight definitelyah or Janet Jackson's pubes. In Two thousand N Aour Move O television, Wenaa Texas, 'cause we mentioned EEARLIA, but whatever I thought we were back on the bald thing. I bet she's got a big Old Bush. All right, you want me to start out, T V go for it all right. I actually pulled this with this one up and watched it last night released January thirty, first, nineteen. Ninety eight, an an episode, titled Crusader. This was the sixteenth episode of Season Six of Texas Walker, ranger featuring W Hollofamer Roddy Piper, who plays cody the crusade or Conway, who also happens to be a professional wrestler hands down. I watches last night: Hands Down Piper is the best to act her on this entire upsod of Texas, Walkin Ranger, ever even Chuckno. He kills everybody and he's also pretty jacked at the time, which is crazy. Actually, no, it's not that crazy, because he was wrestling in WCW at the in the late nineties, against like hogain and the Nwo, and all that Shit and wast. He was like the commissioner or something WC w at the time, also right the greatest part of this episode. Not only does he show off his ringskills as a wrestler and actually he he does it incredible on this, like he, he looks like he's getting punch like better than I've ever seen him, but he dies basically twice in the ring and he has like some kind of brain anurism and he falls off the top turm buckle and they take hem. The hospital h doctor tells him that he has a fuck of brain anarism, so he of course, what does he do? After his his wife and his ex wife and his son get kidnapped, he beats the guys up and gets them back, but then he gets offered five hundred thousand dollars to wrestle again and, of course, his house is going into forecloseres who needs the money and he wants to Leavi to his child. So who tells ha promoter to put the check into his kid's name? Winter lose he's getting this five hundred grand he fights the same guy in a rematch and his pinfall is he actually has an anursm in his brain as he knocked his guy out and his fucking lifeless body just falls on top of the dude and he gets the three cow for the wind and at this time everyone's like is this fucking do dead like what the fuck so he's lying in bed? At the end of the episode and his kids at the bedside everyone's crying, and I was like there's no way t they could fucking end this with his dude dying. He he doesn't disappoint. He opens his eyes says he loves his KID. You don't know if he dies like a week later, but for the moment he is living, but there I is because Rowdy's mullet will save him every tim eas, whatever Ad Hea ever say he was very Nevahika. He had the internal Mala. He had the memory of the mullet, he had the th, the embodiment of the mullet and that that saved them well, the extended scene doesn't show, but actually, once Piper comes back too a walker comes into the room and informs everybody that Piper has aids. Walker does not disappoint in this episodeno thereis, a scene where they're rescuing his son and from the bad guys, and he flies up in a helicopter he's in the back. You know just like a regular movie, how there's one like a gunner in the back well fucking walkers, the gunner. He pulls out his revolver from the helicopter and shoot adude in the fucking throat, I'm likeway from Helacon. This show make it past one season Afas. He stole that move from Christopher Walkan who, in the fantastic James, clickenhouse masterpiece, mccpain fires a hand pistol in the passenger seat of a jet through a close window without breaking the glass and shoots down another jet about. I don't know a hundred feet in mid air away from them. That's that's how good I can see that happening, yeah through a closed window with no shatow Gaheyan. No little bonus rice, an we coilalay, something that I was sorry to o Nos a lightand slighpt bonus. He does play the bagpipes. He actually did play the bagpipes, it's something he learned growing up in Canada, 'cause you had that Scottish heritage in Canada, so and because it helps ward away, coyotes and Bads and things it does yeah. I just get a shit out of Hem. It's such a like pointless scene, I'll, tell you how the show lasted. People like my brother, who would sit in their bedroom, smoking cigarettes and their mother's robe watching hours upon hours of Walker, Texas, ranger, the worst fucking thing to hit humanity since! Well, I don't know, though, was which was worse. Walker or renegade renagain come renegade. Don't you come with Johnny sixkillers very upset? If you do that, relerentahsmas is an American icon. Let's not have a Glamos come on now he was on a show called like finding models or some shit where he was like forcing people to get like facial reonstruction. Now I Rugli you're late five ut TECA walk aranger having six seasons, but does anyone know that, according to Jim, the GIMPLUCI SICOM had eight seasons? I season that's a BC, they fouht Apasan for Buckin and wasn't that showd Jagg that nobody watched on for like henthat's 'cause that chicken bat jugs? That's why she made me want to fucking Jack Off Ifyou didn't go there. I was going to go there whae you from Pittsburgh, COMONL rigt Lis as O wark. We spent way too much time on Texas walking rang that's phyy how we stayed on the Airslitt Long, probably all right, so we're going to go over to an episode of Raw is war April, thirteenth. Nineteen. Ninety eight line from the Cors State Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania was sixteen thousand two hundred and tirty seven ww F fans in the House and advertised Steve auston versus Mr mcman made event was enough to finally beat WCW nitro in the ratings for the very first time in nearly two years, with fans really getting sick of the stale, W C W booking at the time case in point being the WCW natural main event from that very night featured sting and Kevin Nash for the WCW World, Hav you weight title and did just endit up in another Nwo Runnin, like it always did. The mainevent for this night was a major turning point in the Monday night wars for the WWF, an the start of the epic Austin and mcman storyline it all ev also revealed for the very first time that mmcman was totally fucking jacked under his under his suit jacket. We didn't know that he takes it off. He comes out to the ring in his typical mcman Strut and shows off his guns for the first time. This episode also set up the Austin andude love match for unforgiven. The next pay per view, and a few shortly weeks later, WWF would taunt wcws declining ratings by sending none other than DX to drive a jeep up to the parking lot where night ro was held so April, thirteenth, Nineteen, Ninety Eight Pinnacle episode of Monday night raw and it's where they beat WCW for the first time in two years. Ndone of the other things about this. The whole change of the guard right here from ninety seven and ninety eight you're talking about like house, shows that would never go sold out. They'd, say they'd go to like Pittsburg for five nights. They would sell out four nights which they never d. They don't even do that now. I know the game has changed a lot since then, but they never did that just from one year to the other. You know their attendants went up. Eighty one percent from Ninetyn, seven and ninety eight, the average being six thousand and then going to eleven thousand one year. The fucking ratings up forty five percent from a two point: Oh Ninety, seven to over four to five to even six in ninety eight, which is Ibot, geing cedible, all right. So that's television, all right Mike! Do you want to go first or shall I go? First? Do you think yours is stronger on mine? IS SRONGER I'L I'LL GO IGT? On February, fifth, nineteen, an eighty eight, the wwfar, the very first episode of the main event: a spin off of Saturday nights made event and aired on Fridays during primetime the event usually featured the WWF's biggest stars and aired a total of five shows between nine huteen nd Eihty, eight Nand nineten and ninety one. The first episode is significant because it's the first time pro wrestling had been on prime time broadcast television. In thirty years. It said a company record for viewership, with over thirty million people tuning in was the lead into Rusamania four and saw a rematch between the unstoppable force and the immovable object. Hokogan Anadre, the giant for the title the match resulted in a total screwjob Hogan's shoulder was clearly off the mat. The title went to Andre who then sold it to the million million dollar men. The company then made the title up for grabs and set up a tournament for Restelmania Four. So there you have a folks, a monumental event for a monumental year and sports entertainment wasn't on wasn't Andrey the giant like champion for a record like forty eight seconds or something you know the things you can't make Andrea to the giant the champion who's going to beat Hem right, you know. Well, that's the whole point he's the champion of a hot yeah, the big shel, I rate. So too. Not only do we get e the Daby of one show, but do you know what else they buewd in Ne Oand? Nine hundred and eighty eight, not British wrestling, not wrestlingexacking! God Ran Ellingsolt, Oh okay, I see how it is just wait. Ti La Jockao on Nex Al Right, the WWF dbuts royal rumble for the first time I n nine uteen and eighty eight royal rumble became a hugely popular annual event. The first one took place on January, twenty fourth nineuteen and eighty eight at the cops coloseum in Hamilton. Ontario and like the subsequent royal rumble events, this event was not shown on paper view and was instead a television special shown on the USA network. The royl rumble has been held in January every year, since an is one of the big four events for the wwe. In this first event, one man gang held the record for the most eliminations in a single rumble and the most eliminations overall, with six brethart was the first ever entrant in a royal rumble match, and he held a record for longevity time. Lasting twenty five minutes and forty two seconds and Jim dugin would go on to win this first, ever historic royal rumble from January nineteen. Eighty eight that is an epic TV moment, ind the world of res. I always wondered: Do you think they wanted haxal Jim Dugin to win the royl rumble itwas, that like accident yeah? Wasn't it like an accident and they just h swept that under the rug I too late to change it. Now. Sh Y now got this inbred, mother Fucker, representing a company BTHAT's. That's that's pretty huge right. The first ever royal rumble. That's pretty good right. That's that's: It's better than pen last story, Asit's better than th the fifteenth episode in the six season, O the Sixti see sixty dollar Gan starsee, the shit str er, ohman, o. What I the one thing I did find looking into t. There was a TV show that only ran for one year in Canada, that featured a guy who was a teacher by day and a wrestler. By night. I almost went with that hill. I saw a raw rumble. I don't Know Im starting to second guess your decision there for yexactly go for the com, some of the stuff. You come up with doing the research for these episodes, one of the most staggering statistics. I came up with now n, an nine utdred and ninety eight. They did some statistical studies on wrestling and UH. They surveyed it and for one hundred hours of viewing how many crotch gestures do you think that they captured in one hundred hours of viewing of ww F wrestling in Nineon? Lord, it's Gotto be on triple digits. It's got to be like ten hundred hours like sixtee hundred and fifty eight sixteen ifyeight on o money. Wow Nos his stuff mark sent that to me a couple of days ago. Yeah I mean that's just sixteen hundred and fifty eight cronch gestures in a hundred hours. I di You know the one thing I didn't agree with, though it said that there was only o e hundred and fifty seven middle fingers. I think that number that is low, because you're figuring that's two. Each time Austin did it and if you look at the crowd, yeah they're they're everywhere. So that's that's wrestling a wrestling fans just hated each other in ninety eight. I was flipping each other on Atin return. We had the debut of the main event and the dabut o world rumble come on ti tough to to be come ono. This is a tough to to beat. Obviously Walker, Texas Ranger holds a very soft spot in the heart of duling decades and the pculture properties. An talk about neading, smelling salt to well you when you partner, chuck, nors and H Wilford Brimley with Rotty Piper, that's obviously a very strong formula for success that would rival bath salts or smelling salts Um. You know you got Piper dying twice in the episode. Essentially, then Walker tells him he's got aids and he's still living. I'm a brimly type of fan that norish Narus is one of the most tedious people to ever be put on Screel Oras Piperis. Actually, my poormy porno name Nars Pike, Norris Piper grivly Piper is mine. So that's I will say this episode, there's barely any chuknors interaction, tft that I yeah t they seriously like pushed him out of the epet. He has such a small part. Well, we all forget, of course, about the spin off, which was Piper Texas Ranger. That's amazing, pipers! As got you on Ranger Cody Crusadeor, the Texomnye police, the northern terracoriesn of Vicon Cycha whill Piper plays the bagpipes and brimly shoots things with a bow and arrow. My goodness, coming in twent a ND nineteen to Netflix Y anthe Diabeta we're all waiting withrt is we watch Wilfr Bridley die in our streaming device of choice. Se You got Walker Texas, Ranger, H, you've got the the Austin versus mcmanfewd. That really kind of you know gets its stride going first time in a couple of years that H, you know. In the Monday night wars the WWF pulls ahead of WCW and then you go back to the eighties, the main event dbing for the first time in thirty years on broadcast television. That seems like a pretty significant event and then you're, giving away hogen versus Andre on on broadcast network television, not even saving it for pay per view. Not only that you're also giving away the royal rumble, which makes its debut on regular television, not even pay per view. That's an event! That's still held to this dayes considered one of what they call the big four paper views outside of Russelmania survivor series and UH. Oh, that was not a paper. No, the first royl rumble was on USA Netwell. I did mention that AAs, the network T v DEBT WNT TOA terview the very next year, so it's definitely a strong year for broadcast television. Not even pay perview. So H, Iam going to have to give this just based on longevity here again to Ashley Judd, Half Nelson O. Yes, Mike, we did told Yiu, we could do it well see. What you did know is. I just ran the screwjob on mark by putting in Texas to doing toke screw job well, I did not see that coming a day that well live in infamy yeah seriously there. There was a lot of things. I was trying to have fun with it by throwing that out there 'cause. How many times are you going to say the same thing about aftten? How many times are you going to get a pivotal Walker, Texas Ranger moment in a Duling Aso? That's amaz, that's fantastic! That's that's better than all the mentions of Mariocoe Adi! That might actually top the time that boy George was on the eighteen yeah. I don't know it does pretty special. It's not special, but not in a way that you want to remember rigit's special in the way where George peppard looked at him, oddly for their entire episode with a sense of Aes and bewilderment which, in its own way it's kind of beautiful. But at the same time I don't want that from my Animal Smith. You know what I mean they did win over the crowd, though at the Oter, with that final version of Comi F. But, but you know, pet pat he's not happy unless he's doing a horrible racial stereotype of some kind, while in heaven crack makeup good match up, though I I knew that one was going to be close. That's that's tough and it's one of those things where everything that you guys did in eighty eght and not that you guys did it everything you brought up in eighty eight, definitely led to where we were in ninety. You know all that stuff, because there were dark years in between that where, just like, I said with those ninety seven numbers before that was only one year difference from what we're talking about. But if you look at ninety six and ninety five, a they were terrible. Real hi was really kind of a transitional time. He stawl a lot of the old timers kindof holding down the Ford, and you look at ninetyeight WCW the year started out great. You had the the birth of Goldburg and his whole dramatic undefeated streak run, but towards the second half of the year you had pay per view matches with Dennis Rodman Carmalone Jayleno, Heaven Green some of the biggest matches they were putting on Nitro just to try to win a few ratings over raw here and there, and then the paper views were kind of Gimmicky throwway matches, and it just they did not farewell. Ja laler should have become a serious wrestler, the Canadian Tuxedo, with a great akground or the chin, or the whiny voice, the Fatin or something A. I I think we're missing the obvious tag: team of Jay, Leno and sergeant slaughter, yeah, verses, Dal Len. She ant ion the give her the double chane versus David Letterman and some pizza guy who he picked up on the way over or his no he's inturn that he picked up and biff Henderson. That's right! Well again, thank you, guys o playing the game this week and thank you guys for listening to the show. If you guys like what you hear please subscribe on Itunes and on CAS box, you can always check us out, of course, and our facebook group will recontinue the conversation and you guys can join in as well go to Uto m you tolie vis'cause. We just started that, and nobody really knows about it. 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Well until next time, fellow boopers we're going to bid you a piece, love, Lightin, a joy, and if you don't like that, we got two OTS for Yojoe Inray Media