Dueling Decades
May 13, 2020

Eddie Munster himself TV star Butch Patrick guest judges this frighteningly close fight between 1966, 1977, and 1982!

Eddie Munster himself TV star Butch Patrick guest judges this frighteningly close fight between 1966, 1977, and 1982!

Welcome back to another episode of Dueling Decades! For the first time, the mighty 80s goes to war with the 70s, and the 60s! In order to go back that deep, we needed someone with a great deal of expertise, and we snagged the right guy for the job!...

Welcome back to another episode of Dueling Decades! For the first time, the mighty 80s goes to war with the 70s, and the 60s! In order to go back that deep, we needed someone with a great deal of expertise, and we snagged the right guy for the job! This time around we brought in television star Butch Patrick of The Munsters! Eddie Munster himself steps behind the bench to adjudicate this wild "week experience" battle between 1966, 1977, and 1982! Butch is sharp as a tack, he's a literal encyclopedia of pop culture, and he's prepared to drop some knowledge on everyone. Marc drew May 8th through the 14th of 1966, Mancrush duels with the same week in 1977, and our third competitor this week is our pal Drew Zakmin who brings the best of May 9th through the 15th, 1982. There is so much packed into this episode! Butch shares lots of stories from the past, iconic performances, movies that lack explanation, lack of screens, a car developer to the stars, Butch's first concert with older women, douchebag record labels, a media mogul's first time, Cosby at Hugh's house, Rob Zombie's favorite show, wild coincidences, dudes on yachts, getting on MTV in the 80s, outrageous contracts, a new summer league emerges, not incestual lesbian sisters, a show comes to an end, another iconic show is canceled, Marc's weird album collection, Juice goes to college, and who partied in Butch's bus? That, and so much more! Do you agree with Butch's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard! Please don't forget to subscribe and review! Want to share some of your own 1980s & 1990s memories? Join the other thousands of people in our Facebook group and get more original nostalgic content every day! If you're into the 1960s & 1970s, join our new group! Links below: 








NFORMALYMEDIAPEOPLE Anga top Jeweli, GA, the PIXE Oplan, but dotfor Aranagain upon that Chapet, stop the power Gopcom fight for what you love, nwho com to P, P, copin, Tancrita, Etete potcup would take Grat Ato Bala Asick. I ampada Gno come figt for what you love INENAS roadcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the decades pannelfor supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. I am Markd James and welcome back to dueling decades. This week, duelers we bring you the weak experience, as I will be competing with may eighth, through the fourteenth of nineteen sixty six against these men. First off getting down with Ma eight through the fourteenth but of nineteen. Seventy seven say hello to Mancrush wits oplets do this in nineteen. Seventy seven shit is hard to find, but I got ta pick for every round. So, let's H, let's go! Let's do it also joining us on the panel this week is the host of the one headlight Ninties podcast. Please welcome back to the show dueling with eighty two, it's true Zaccman. What O Gus drew. I have made ninth to May Fifteenth of Nineteen Eighty two and uh, I'm pretty sure, I'm not going to win again so glad I'm glad to be here and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So this week's celebrity guest judge is a world traveled classic car enthusiast and T v icon, who is perhaps best known for his role as childwarewolf any munster on the sixties, television series, the monsters please welcome to the show, Judge Butch Patrin, the judge like th out of that the honorable buchattric where's your Gab. Let me go get my rode. Ladies and gentlemen. The following contests will be held under dueling decades rules. The JUDG's coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judgeis ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, all right duelers get ready for another monster episode of ines all right. Let's toss it right down to our special guest judge, butchpatrick for the official TASA DOE, he say monster or Munster Monster, monts O s right. So it's true and I for the s who goes first drew one. Don't you call in the air for the toss? Tails Tales, Tal, sale, sae, it is tales, Aright, drue Zacman. You take control of the board and get to select this week's first category. Where are we going first man? All Right? I I won something already, that's pretty quit while you're ahead. I know I as just about the SAM, maybe oousy SASRAP Taman call I I'm going to go with uhlet me. Do let me start with TV. I feel like that's probably my weakest category here so um I'll, tell you what guys tas one thing you might not like, and that is me when I'm angry well. They in fact made some other people mad on May twelfe, Anine, utnde and eighty two when they cancelled the incredible hulk td show so the show ran Om ounineteen. Seventy seven and n nine uteed and eighty two MA twele n nine teen and eighty two and h yeah I was a it- was a pretty cool show. I I remember watching reruns of that when I was younger and it was pretty awesome, you had two of our favorite leadhecharacters right. You had Dr Bruce Banner and the incredible Huk Bill, bixspy and Lufer Rigno teening up for that amazing show. I I watched it quite a bit. Um Th awesome, sound effects. You know when he would change into the whole. It was L K. The action sequences were awesome, just a fantastic show, but H, unfortunately, on May twelfth, Nineteen and eighty two the sad day, because they in fact cancelled the incredible whole T v show. I think they did okay. Afterwards, though, so I think the Holka and Marvel in general. I think they made out just line interesting interesting. What do you have mancrush for the T V round right so Um may fourteenth nineteen, seventy seven Stanley Cup, final, Boston, Garden, jocq Lamar course. Two goals and Montreal Canadians Edge the Boston bruins two to one, not four. Four games sweep now fucked ow. I'm not doing that again. I did hockey like two weeks ago- I'm not doing it again. No for Real May, twelve nineteen, seventy seven it! This was an odd week and I was prepared to get some good like seasone finales, but all I found were like repeats and debuts of two shows, one of which was about a bunch of crazy people in a mental hospital called mixed nuts. It only lasted. One episode totally would not have flown tonight. So that obviously, is not my pick, but then I found another debut that Thursday night at eleven thirty pm, you could take a trip inside one of the coolest places in the world, especially in nineteen. Seventy seven, because this was the premier episode of Playboy's Playmate Party. This is Tauten as a worldwide special at the time and if you think about it, there really wasn't much in the way of cable in nineteen. Seventy seven or people just couldn't afford it. So when you had the opportunity to watch playboy on TV, you were fucked toin. You know I mean realize this. You havethe seized the opportunity like five years later, because then he began the playboyd channel on its own. But let's get back to the show here, half been rout in the most recent playboy centerfolds from the last twelve months of nineteen, seventy seven into seventy six and he was going to name e nineteen. Seventy seven playboy plenty of the year which went on to be Patty Maguire and now only ID. She win that covered distinction, but she also Torne one twenty five thousand dollars and a brand new car. It was like being on fucking like wheel of fortune, a the Hodi. He Merri, I don't know who did she marry? Do you know Tahe cnters? Oh H, she did pretty well for herself. Then Heis, not a o, though this, but this party had some people on it. In this episode, yet James Kon Bill Cosby, hopefully 'rehopefully having himsel yeah, he was the par tender hands and off to Drankho. I remember ad Y, a very young Jay Leno doing his stand up at this. He had Dick Martin. He was the host and Arnold Schwarzenegger was also there amongst all these playmates. But that's what I went with it was the pleaboy planate party, Ay, Twelfth Nineteen, seventy seven, an eleven thirty PM. When do you have mark all right so from my television pick, I just want to preface this with once again reminding our audience dates and judges are picked way in advance for this show. So with that being said, may twelfth nineteen sixty six, I bring you an episode of a TV show, which also happens to be the finale of this TV show. This episode was called a visit from the teacher. This is the season finale series finale of the monsters, a that served. Yes, it was number seventy and he rants a school paper to his parents, about the life around the mongster home. His teacher in principal think that what he has written is the product of an overactife imagination. I can definitely relate to that. I'm not even going to go into detail on this pick 'cause, I'm going to toss it right down to our judge butchpaterick. What do you remember about this awesome episode? I remember that I was looking past the pages to go home yeah. These delvit shorts are getting a little too tight. If you know what I mean actually t e, we were kind of sad everybody knew it was coming. Batbad had been beating the beating the crap out of us in the ratings Freguin and ow Lewis were from New York. They were prepared to go home. The scripts were not too strong, they were feuding with the front office. Um everybody was pretty happy back. In the day two year series were very common two to three years: STARTREK Gilligans Island, a lot of popular shows had short runs. We did a lot of episodes per year. So, even though we didn't make the pinnacle mark an one hundred episodes to go into syndication, we did really well with only seventy, but what we did do instead of going into a third season, they had a very stritegic business, move in mind. They made a movie, the Monster Go home and the movie was thene in color, because that was the big rage. Everything was going from black and white Tocolor and they didn't know whether to go to a third season with the munsters because of the cost of going into color. So they canned the show, but they made a colored feature and that feature was released around the world to introduce all the other countries to the munsters. So they could then sell them. The package for the series this syndication package now an interesting thing that you early on when you were talking about the incredible hulk. You know the: U. Sixth, greeds of separation in Hollywood e Kevin Bacon thing it's funny, because I am good friends with Lu Ferigno and he was green. Eddy Munster was green and I did an episode of my favorite Martian and we all know who was on my Neber Marsin Bill Bexby. His first Tarr all comes around his first ARACIRCL Ratwalston, so m it was pretty funny. Bill was a very busy guy. He did like five series. He did the magician, he did MI, never marshand. He did the hulk. He did a couple of other ones: M, COURCHRO, Betty's, father, very busy guy and a hell of a nice man, man busy dude. He was a busy Diin, I mean. Obviously we we know where this is going to go, but we got ta, Give You the judgment of this round, which year takes it for the television round. Well, I can't say sixty six, but even though I think the TV W yeah, you know, I'm goingto go with sixty six and I'll. Tell you why it was a very pivotal year, because it was the transition yeare from black and light to color and the sixties was such a dominant decade for family values and and fun non be Nonbel, although the hulk was pretty unbelievable, but back in the sixties, they had shows, like Mr Ed, my favorite, Martian and bewitched, and I dream of genie and the monsters- and you know all these great shows that were there for just comedy's sake, so I'm goin to stay with the sixties and comedy as the winner of this particular round. That is so weird, though, that you got that 'cause. We pick these when I picked these dates. I picked these dates like two months beforeand yeah, which only confirmed to come on on like Thursday, so this isn't like planned. That's Oscone at all, just at his hand and Bence, and I happen to be Weri my mustes hat and that's why all right mark you have control of the board all right. So I take a one point: Lead and control the board, and you know what Mancrush we're going to keep the weirdness going. Let's go to the movies round. Ao Don't often do movies this early in the game, but you know what I got a good feeling about this one. So I went over to our good friends at newspapers, dotcom 'cause. Of course we always dig through actual newspapers to get all of our information here for the show. So I went to the quad city times and Davenport Iowa in a newspaper dated, may thirteenth nineteen sixty six and there's an article here written by Charles Whitbeck, and he writes the headline monsters make a color movie. Oddly enough, what Buch was just talking about? Munsters go home. This is an article about the filming of that movie, while they were onset filming. Of course, the movie didn't get released Ti later in that summer, but this goes on to talk about the production of the film and how it's going to be in color, and basically everything butch just told you. So that is my pick for the movies round. I found a news article about the production in making of this fill unbelievable, O, not an actual release date, but you came with the news story for it, which is right still a deep dig. It is and to make everything go full circle. This movie features the Dragula which we talked about last week. When I picked Robzombi monsters go home is actually rob, Zombi's, favorite movie, Ind the reason he wanted, the Dragula in the dragular video, which I told all you guys. Wasn't the drag you LO. It was just a regular monster's mobile because he couldn't get the dragon it because it was on tour now butch did you have the Dragula at that time and did you prevent Rob Zombe from getting itte funny thing that we're talking about this movie h, the Munster go home. Just came out on blue red unses. Go Yes, Drob Robin. I sat right before Christmas in a boot next to each arher. Doing live commentary just kindaf like we're doing now about the movie for ninety minutes, which was a real treat because I'm a big Robzombi Fan. I had met him about twenty years ago, but Um. So we did. The commentary had a good time. The the Munster coach, not the mobile, the muster coach was also Erin Munstergo home, but the Dragyouler, the one that they used. They Herman was driving t. So the original Draga had a canopy on it. When we went to the drag strip, this one, obviously Herman couldn't sit in Ip with the canopy, so they e canopy oftf and put a rollbar on it and they made the mustard home version and by I have a Musocots, and I have a drag it up with the monstergohom version as well. So No, I did not have it. I was too young, but H, but it is. It is a small world that Um, the Mosigohoe blue rages came out. Shout facory put it together. They used to, I guess: Rito records used to be the company as now holds shot factory, and I did it with Rob Zombi. So I'm really ad it's it's cool, it was. It was fun watching it with him. That is pretty him awesome. Well, you know what that is really els. Let me go next then, because, like mine will tie into that too, which is even more bizarre, so I'm eleven years later, Marmay thirteenth nineteen. Seventy seven- and let me just start by saying this mark mentioned a little bit before, but mostly like the Internet movie, O release dates for anything beyond nineteen. Eighty seems to be a bit wanky on the Internet itself MHM and I'm getting the feeling, because I like today or even like twenty years ago, there are far fewer screens available, and that said, I think a lot of these movies were somewhat regional releases. Then you know, maybe things would start out in a theater. You know on the West Coast and then, as movies would move out of the theater they would move in so like the dates are kindo all over the place. So I went to the L A times I found my movie that was released on Friday, the thirteenth May of seventy seven, and this is years before Christine or the raith. We get this movie in Nineteen, seventy seven, the feature jeams Rolin and a homicidal car, yes, theomicile vehicle was completely customize in nineteen. Seventy one linkin continental mark three, which was built by George Barris, the Sond guy that built the battlebile. The car butch knows very well the monster coach and I think he also built dragular as well. I mean is crazy. How that all tied together? We didn't talk to one another, but th. This movie, it begins off with this card, killing two people riding their bikes for utterly no reason, and then he goes and kills. He the car kills a hitchhiker for no reason, it's a pretty simple story: it's a car that kills people and spoiler alert. There appears to be no driver, upsed car- and it's just like you, don't know if it's supernatural or not just not sure, because they don't tell you they don't explain any of this, but the best description ive found on line in this movie and it really mades sense. It's jaws on wheels. SOMABECAUSE, you don't not you. You literally, don't know the weird thing about this movie, though it's not weird, but it it's a bad coincidence for them. It's literally two weeks away from Star Wars taking the world by storm. So when I drew n Ninteen Seventy seven I was like this is going to be a feastor famine. As far as movies go 'cause. Remember all those screens. I was just talking about a little bit earlier, guess what they were showing in two weeks and all of them were showing this every available screen was showing Star Wars. So this didn't have a big box office hall, but it was more of like your drivin classic and why not? It's the car like Whach, said before May Thirteenth, Nineteen, seventy seven and it's just nuts howthey all is tied together. If I, if I can tell you it was interesting um the monsters was a real popular show for a lot of reasons, but a big factor that we had going on were the George Barril carts Um. They were the cools. Hot Rides, I mean yeah. He had the cars that were on sunset strip, but they weren't like an everyday family vehicle. Like we like, like a lot of times when I go to cardivoships they'll, do it thenr come out and see the original Miniban, the Munster coach? You know you put nine L in Sener and w. What I used to really enjoy was whenever I would see a script and I would notice the Munster coach was going to be utilized. It meant two things number one we would be outside because they never fired that car inside the soundstage and number two I usually would be sitting up in the back in the best seat in the house. H cruising around the Munster coach was for a kid you're at home. Building the model and t actually be sitting in the real deal and getting to know George Barriss, and we were friends from that point on. I knew 'em until he passed away a few years ago. Um I used to really one of my one of my treats on Wednesday afternoon when I had a long lunch. A ninety minute lush was to go to the slockcard track to pick up my son car stuff. That was big in the sixties and then go by Georgia's shop to see what he was up to and while I used to do that, I would see Sundy and share picking up their mustangs. You See Albus checking out his CALAC or sonitsror getting his stuts and everybody in Hollywood of Bawho's who had to have a George Paris custom card. I mean it was just. It was just a status symbol, so yeah he was doing the custom Carson the TV show, but he was really in the fifties. He was doing the best chop, murks ever and then in the six days he started doing movie, Star cars and then the TV cars, so the guy was just way ahead of the curb. Oh, my God. He was like West Coast Customs wforty years before he ha an early Jesse James, but better so rgt story, yeahright til, it's fase just round up what do you? What do you have drew? Yeah mine doesn't Tieto anybody. Oh Tock Man, aswhy, eerin, Um, so right the other the other day right, my oldest daughter, nevwere, putting a puzzle together like was Maan and Maui puzzle and about halfway through. She looks at me a and she goes dad. What's what's life all about, and I was like Holy Jeez like what are you talking about, and you know with like with everything: That's like you kno. I wasn't expecting that to come from a six year old and you know with all that's going on now right. You know with Covin and everything else, and and and also I just had a big milestone birthdays I feel, like those thoughts, have been kind of like going through my head kind of a bit more of reace, and so luckily, then for me you know, since I have been given it, some thought I kind of had an answer prepared for her and and I think kind of what I drilled down to was. You Know Life's all about crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you and hearing the lamentations of their women and of course I am talking about coing in the barbarian which came out on May fourteenth nineteen. Eighty two. This is Arnold's first movie, so it he introduced us to the Rold O of Arnold Schwarzenegger. So H and Arnold himself said, Conan was, is biggest opportunity to establish h himself in the entertainment industry and establish himself he did, and for that I'm always going t e thankful for this movie and to Edward Summer and Edward R Presman, who wound up casting Arnold 'cause. They actually had tossed around Charles Bronson and Sylvetastalone, but I think if you uh it's, it's gotto be Arnold's. The guy has to jacked up out of his mind. He is Congan and UH perstally, I'm a huge Arnold Fan. I've seen ifnot all of his movies just about most of them, and I watch a lot of them with my dad. So Yo know, I'm always going to appreciate his movies. You know just great memories, Um and H. James Ord Jones is also in this movie and San Bergan. Oh yeah, Maxzon SIA had Rosu so um good movie good cast and had a budget of twenty million pulled in couldn't drall down the actual number, but it said between sixty nine to seventy nine million at the box office. So Conan the barbarian gave us the Great Arn Old Schwarzenegger. So that is my pick cool. Let's hear from our judge, Butch Patrick on who wins the movies Ra. I Tinyo Ave cote in I like it. I get inyonow Arnold broke in theyackhe. Did a documentary called Pumping Iron Yepthat? He was prominently displayed in and that pretty much Um, but CODAN was the first real role for him to establish himself. As a you know, cabeing Ihe, to carry a movie on his shoulders en then well and well. Chamberlayn did a really good job, which it was an interesting mix. It really was, it was well fought out, I'm sure it storyboarded really well, and it was a little bit like a comic book thing, but another thing was also like muscled beach. At the same time, P absentit I pre sort of like a semi cresort setting. I never thought of it that way, but that's like the best description ever in a film Wa, Santl Berdan wasn't quick Rakhel Welson one million BC, but she was pre, damn good, oh yeah, for sure. So, yes, iwill go with. I will go with the codent, all right, all right, trough, Zacmen! You pick up a point and take control of the board. What category are we going with net o I'm not getting shut out Sai? I that makes me happy h all right, so I'm going to go. I'm just switch over to news and I am going with Ma twelfth o nine uneed and eighty two, the? U S, FL forms. So people love football and New Orleans businessman, David Dixon figured people would like to watch a league that plays in the summer when the NFL and college football are in their offseas and t turns out, guess: WHATGUYS, there's baseball, so yeah saanyway. You know this league differed a bit from the n Fl that you know the teams didn't have a salary cap. They had kind of like their own rules, but teams could spend money and some of them spent mylike. It was going out of style and sure enough. It did in fact go out of style and one thing they did was to try to lure away some of the top college players going te nfl due to some of the crazy contracts, one of which was Herschal Walker. But while so the League actually ran from nineteen and eighty three ntil nineteen, eighty six and while it was short live, they certainly did not have a shortage of some star players or, I guess Tai. They had herselwalker bobby a bear: Jim Kelly, Reggie White, Steve Young Gary Zimmerman Dog Williams, they actually? U A Brian Cyp away from the Browns Marveleeve, coache, inthe, usfl and also Donald Trump. Forty fifth president was the owner of the New Jersey generals, oe thousandnine hundre and eighty four ND nineteen nd. Eighty five- and this was actually one thing. I Didn I'm a a big sports nerd, and this is one thing I did not know, which kind of blew my mind 'cause. I was a huge Dand Marino fan, growing up they actually in nineteed an eighty three. They actually D R tried to draft Dan Marino, the Los Angeles Express did but Merino, obviously decline wound up going into first round to the mabe dolphins in the actual nfelo drift, but the first overall picks in the league, where Dambarina in eighty three Mike Ruzer in eighty four by the Pittsburgh molers Jerry Rice, N, snineutdred and eighty five by the BIRMINGHAMS STI and see obviously like Marino declines, went to the NFL for the niners and T en Bie, I n nine utered and eighty six by the Orlandorani Gades, but they that never came to proition and hate one of the backo playing for the jets and N ASO AF. Those Mike resier was actually the only one who actually played in the USFL. So H, that's my pick for news may Twele ousand, nine hundred and eighty two, the USFL forms a right. So from my news story, we're going to head over to the San Francisco Examiner in a newspaper dated, may thirteenth nineteen sixty six, where I found an article that says Ucla Reaps Star harvest and we're going to continue on the trend that drew started. Talking about football 'cause. This article goes on to talk about the recruiting class for UCLA. No, I went through and I read the article, no real notable names in that that recruiting class for Ucla, but they do talk about the rival of UCLA USC. At the end, says Bruin's conference neighbor USC also made some prize catches in football, with junior college, all American o j Simpson of City College of San Francisco and Marvin Mottley of Long Beach, plus Mike Homgrin, a six four quarterback who directed Lincoln to the Top San Francisco Championship. So Mike Homgrin Loche, an a little nom player named O J Simpson signs with USC. Now also in the article it talks about Stanford drafting a highly touted quarterback by the name of Mr Oo, Hunki, okay, so jum Plunkin, again borderline hall of Famer. The debate on that one continues, but o j Simpson and Mike Homgrin sign with USC. That's what I have for the news round mancrush over to you all right. Well, at least I know I won't get shut out this game, so we gad a May thirteenh nineteen. Seventy seven little station called W RN W as a classic rock station in Briarcliff Mantor New York, and they took a chance and they put this guy on the air for the first time for his first commercial broadcast. This man is still on the radio today, I'm not even going to go too deep in hours. That's right, he's at his own T v show he's been on. Other People's TV shows he's Hais own book he's as a movie he's a self proclaimed King of all media, and let me just play you this short clip, oe Thounineteen, seventy seven. This was after they promoted him 'cause. He was such a diligent worker that they made him the program director at wrnw after like a couple of months, but listen to t him here and I'll sind to this clip mark sa You coun put it in, but just you guys can hear he sounds exactly like he does today am howwards during the program director of Westchester's rock station. You know it's really hard to describe what makes a radio station a success we hear rand w have narrowed it down to a very few special elements. Yeah sounds just like him. It'R re lazy. I mean real short forty three years later, this guy still the king of all media and that all began briar, cliff matter New York on wr N W may thirteenth nineteen. Seventy seven all right. Let's go down to judge butchpatrick. I was waiting because the first two were kind of weak and I wasn't sure what was going to happen. The USFL thing was kind of interesting stebium I remember was the highest paid quarterback every iated, like forty million dollars, yeah werlike on around years or something y over the top thing. Andr, not ses, like the happiest guy three years later he's out of there and he's you know, forty million dollars and Yo know back down when that's a hundred million aday but um I'm going to go with man crash with Howard sters, I'm going to tell you what Um number one Alewis grandpa monster was on the Howard. Storn show all the time in New York City, I really enjoy piate parks on the movie watching his his climb to fame and what he did and how he did it. I've been on his show several times he's a great guy happens. Te Love, Dhemonsters, huge Munstersfan him and Rob Zabi'll sit there all day long and try to play Mosterstributiv and O't smart, each other they uh they happen to really enjoy the show. I've been on the showe a couple of times. He is an amazing guy, he's nothing like the Persana that got him there. I mean he literally loves his guests, he's very polite, he's very Um, Um warm and he pops the swims and he becomes the Shok jock that go where he is the first time I did the show. I was listening to him on the radio going up there and he's just being brutal, and I like scared to go on the airlas Guy, the Roob, and he asked me a question. He Goes Hey, aw, catecarry drive and I go why he goes I'm just going to do a higrer commercial doo, relax and I'm not coming after you. So I looked over at Robin. I had never seen neither one of them. I only heard him on the air and I looked over t o Robin and she's in the booth over there and and I lookit back at him and I look her there and he lais he was Wi, he didn't know she was black. I go Howard and I oh my God, and so that was my. That was my first Howard ster Howardsternn experience was finding out Tha Robin was at Afra American, Oh, my God. Yer was that had to be like early eighty Os. This was like, Oh God, Grandpa's restaurant had just opened, so it must have been about nineteen, maybe mid eighties. Eighty three, eighty four, it was hilarious and then we're still friend. So you know he'll take my call and but he's a good guy and he's in an amazing talent and when he signed that serious contract who would have thought serious, Toud be successful. NHAVE to pay hem a hundred million dollars ye yeah and the did it again then they had to like did it again. I mean he he he proved himself to be very worthy and he turned into like such a Cot, like what does he record like three days a week now yeah? Well, you knowilpl something funny about these radio guys in Buffalo, there's a there's, a Changee called ninety seven rock and a friend of mine is onered up there and whenever I go to Buffalo I d go in so I go in the other day to go visit 'em and I go so where's Martin and they go yeah he's out the air I go where he goes from his living room in Florida. That's the amazing part man. If BAFALO does, that, that is the best like all thei stuffs prevail, a he failed on the buffalo winters to go into Florida, but didn't boter telling his listeners that's Oky. They don't need tonight, Uf all right, man crush. You Tie up the game at three apiece heading into the first two point round and you take control of theboard. What category are we going with next? All Right? I want to wrap up with hot products, so let's go music for the first two point round and we're going like everyone in my pick so far, butch his guest before I've even finished. Actually, no, no, this one. I don't even think I I need to beat around the Bush too much on it, but it's May fourteteenth nineteen, seventy seven! Oh, let's see like maybe you will. We got the releases band second album and it's less than two years removed from their successful, debut album. These ladies followed it up with arguably and their best, I would say, of Theres Sixteen Studio abums. This album includes the most popular song in their entire catalogue, and it was also the first song on this album eagles. No, it's not the eagles. I thought you were going, Ta Gei it, but I'm not going to be around the bush. My sister was a huge fan in his band, his heart, so I was, it was Har. I was very accustomed to hearing that killer Rif from the beginning of BARACUTA. Oh all the Tiry Amdi into E. Oh it's best, I mean, and it's it's so identifiable that there's over a hundred and sixty million pleas on spotify for this song to prove it it's their number one song. Obviously I mean they have other great songs as well, but this ones they use it all the time it's on all kinds of t, V, serieses and movies and stuff, but the album little queen. It did go on and be three times platinum and it featured two other singles. You had kick it out and little queen were on this one. But the story behind Baracuta is pretty crazy. If you don't know it for those a you that no heart N or don't know Heart Rather Nancy, Wilson and Anne Wilson or sisters after the debut came out, which is dream, Bon Annie it hit platinum and their first record label was mushroom records. They took out a full page ad in the trades they looked like it was ripped from from a tabloid and the top. I have a picture of it right here. It says the national informer and then it's as exclusive the heart breaking story, with a picture of the sister sitting back to back where the they must be like in tubetops or something but the way they cut this picture. It looks like they're, both populous, so underneath that it says harts Wilson's sisters confess it was only our first time so mushroom reccors uts. This thing out this scandalous ad thet makes it look like there are a couple like incestual lesbians, okay, on this thing and it it it completely pissed them off. So in spite of this ad, they happened to be playing a show in Detroit and a Detroit promoter asked Ann Wilson how her lover was doing, and initially she thought he was talking about her den boyfriend at he. Time was Michael Fisher, who was also in Hart, but then the promoter was like no, no I'm talking about your sister Nancy and she got so pissed off that she stormed out, went to her hotel room and she wrote Baracuda, which is a song that compared the music business to the fish wit's bucking wild, il I'll post. This picture on her facebook he spok otcom forward slash doing decades, we'll do it later in the week when the tepso comes out, YEA wildstuff mafour teeth little queen from heart, Sualywhool all right. So from my music pick may nineteen sixty six was an absolutely legendary month for music releases. On May, sixth, you had painted black by the rolling stones. May Sixteenth. We got pet sounds from the beachboys. Also on May Sixteenth, O Blonde on blond from Bob Dillon and of the month. We got paperback rider from the Beatles all these great albums and singles released in May. Oddly enough, I don't own any of them on vinyl, but I do own one album that was released in May of nineteen. Sixty six may Nin of nineteen sixty six. I give you the great album what now my love by herb albort and the Tiawanabrass I actually own is, and not only do I own it. Let me take it out of the sleeves here making great radio here. This is a inport bootleg from China on Cleartro Orange Vinyl, F, one thousnine Hunden, a d sixty six Herbalberton, the TIAWANABRASS. This album remained number one on the billbourn album charts for an astonishing nine weeks, actually the longest of any album released by her Balpertin the Tiaana brass. This album they'd stopped playing a lot of Mexican theme songs and went to a lot of more poppy Broadway Tunes Briscilla. One of the songs on this was actually a theme song for a TV game show called the facees familiar and so what's new another track off. The album also was a popular TV theme SOG. So that's what I got from my music selection thelegendary, her Balpertin, the Chiowana brass, asking you the question: Are you down with Tjb? You Know Me. I like how like the two weeks that surrounded you, hade ohucking, enormous historical albums, and you got that one in the middle. I love how this game works, but I own her balpert man matter of fact. I own two of them before before I forget this, I'm going to go back to to the to the seventies as well B. This one here was heralper. You know there's a lot to be said for that guy, because one of the most successful record companies in the planet anm records that s for Alfort. You know yeah and he is no dummy for a guy. Thay can blow a hord. He did pretty damn good for himself and he's still around and he's still and he's still doing. Good stuff m records was a great great regard: Company 'cause. It was run by a musician you O and he knew what rigt and he knew how to do it. So I give him credit for that. It was also a really nice compound, too really cool pligt now and I'm glad Youe brought that up, because the interesting thing you can see about this album covered. If you look it up what now my love by her Balburne Tiaana brass, he had a long running tradition of having beautiful women and on the COUNTYA cover. This was the last album to future a beautiful woman on the cover ye and it happens to be the wife of anm records partner, Gerry Moss. This is Sandramos on the Co, so you talk about the A and a n M being alpert. Remember the legendery cover with the girl in the whip cream. Yes, that's my favorite one and before I forget them e go then me go back. Let me go back to the seventies as well. You know you were talking about Barakuda, it's interesting, because the record business used to be so paola oriented and it was, and it was so scandalous- an there was so much crap going on. It was really difficult for musicians to control their own destinies. You know they were really like owned there, W s. It was almost like baseball before the free agency type of thing and one of the things I was always most proud of. I had little record cour career in seventy one and seventy two was a pop. You know it was a pop icon, replacing Bobby Sherman mentromedia records. The problem was, I couldn't sing and I told him that a frient I'd like to consider myself the original Munstrurmaniliso Milly had nothing on me. I was doing it long before him and then, when we did any in the monster, is I and ninehuteed nd? Eighty three Um, I actually UPD to a gear. I wrote the lyrics, but I taked the base an I fake singing, but we were the first unsigned act ever to be on MTV, so Pale was elive and well in nineteen eighty two, but yet we record a song and Beus our way up the tower of m TV and they aired whatever happened to Eddie without a record deal. So that's was kindof how the record R, referring back in the BARACUTA thing, with the crazy ownership of the the artist and getting away with all kinds of crap, so thought I throw that in before I forgot man, that's good stuff come in full circle, Al Right! I'm really interested to hear what our music expert Druzacmanhaz for the music round yeah. So I I ran into that same issue an I was on last month. I had April. I forget what week it was, but it was like mid April. Ninety four, like surrounding the week that I had I had smashed by the offspring, throwing copper from live, lived through this from a hole parklay fom blur not my week at all, and I had to go with Katy segals album. I'm like you got to be kidding me with this Hoarse Crik Anyway may fourteenth nineteen and eighty two, I'm going with a release from a small band called the clash. It was their fifth studio. Album called combat rock MHM peaked at number, seven in t e. u s spent just about sixty one weeks on the charts and that album cranked out the clashes, two most popular tunes, first of which is, should I stay or should I go which, as I ca, ro casba exactly and they're they're, both piplar and Spotifi, should a say or should I go? Let me see her carry thes seven has over four hundred thirty million plays on Spotifi and then, as you mentioned, their Buch rack. A casbal has over a hundred and forty eight million plays on the for mentioned spotify, and this is also the last clash album featuring theire classic line up. This went two times: Platinum, inth, U S and and the reason I were thes sobum and it was Du the so the clashes, influenceand legacy, rollingstone ranked them twenty eighth on their list of one hundred greatest artists of all time, while V, he one had them rank twenty second on the list of the same and they influence. Other bands such as ran, said no effects Green Day rise against even truckd from public enemy has credited the clash as an inspiration, namely the politically and socially conscious lyrics. An another element of influence was how the clash embraced their other styles of music, like Jamaica, music, which went on to inspired bands like bad brains, massive attack, sublime no doubt and one of my personal favorites, three eleven, so very influential bands and the clash combat rock me. fourteent nineteynd, eighty two allright, let's go down to Butchpatrick for the music round. Well, I I'm going to give you I'm going to give you the winner, but I'm always going to say a l a little bit o something else after that. This is easy psy for me and I'll. Tell you why rock in the CASBA combat rocket itself, that's the winter, the clash, but the reason why, for me was I loved when MTV came on the air? The videos were easy: they were they weren't overproduced, they weren't all CG. You could actually enjoy the music and they would intercut it with some cool little driving. You know the Arma deale running across the road and the sheet driving the Cadillac. That period of MTV, in my opinion, was the best the early the earlier years, where they could really do cool videos. You know M T V was only on about a year before it wasn't twenty four hours of music. It meant to you, know, commercials and tree promection stuff, and it it became mainstream really quickly. Unfortunately, but um hat. What it say is. I was Liki o Mike My elemate music story. If you're a music fan, you'll love this coental Hiot House, N Nineteen, seventy two sunset strip, that's where everybody was hang it was. It was the place to be if you were on he strip well at the Whiska Gogo, I'm flying back Brian Shigerman, who was a writer o Boringstone magazine who actually was the guy. That kind of they based the the movie almost famously, and he was the manager of the door, so e he'd be friended me and he invited me up to go to the Coentohio House and lowing the hold as werelieving we're going to go o see Ekin pop at the whiskey. I had never seen Igge Fox heard about him, never seen him well, O l, I had a sixty nine mor three Lincoln just liked the car you gotto drive irl kid rives around in a sixty nine mark, oyre like Oh, I do so. We we get downstairs. INGIS LIMO is nowhere than be pound, so I volunteer ing. He jumps in the back of my car and oft. We go tothekgogo with iggie and to Oh, my g craziest, two miles of my life. I wont say this by the time we got there. I knew everything about I. I went ind and saw the show and I couldn't believe it. I go this guy is an incredible piece of work. I don't understand it, but man is he good at what he does and that's why you keep up a that's? Why yekeep pop story EAS, like a Goodand, then he was gone for about five years- came back in seventy seven with BOI, helped him out to the album and he had cleaned himself up, but that was like his hay day where he was. He was dony in the back of my car that I wasn't too happy enough, but I mean that's that was by it was really F. Everybody should be like a rock star, even if you noan, no town everybody'd, be, should be shuttled around for a year with Aand r money from metromedia records all right so for a score up date. DRUE Zahman takes to lead three to one, but don't worry it's still anyone's game heading into the final two point round drew. Do you have control of the board? So you get to decide if you wantto go first or difer over to one of us I'll, just go I'll, kick it off so to H, hot products. I believe I had a little bit of it trn to find some kind of actual hot prive, but this product- I keed you not it, doesn't get more. It doesn't get any hotter than this product that I will tell you about right now and what's what's hotter than a bunch of well dressed musicians on a yacht singing about their love for America- and I am talking about Dransraeis Rio- that's right, may Tenth Nineteen D. Eighty two was a release of Rio and included smash single such as hungry, like the Wolf Savor Prayer and Rio, and this album personally has one of my favorite songs of theirs, the chauffeur which was also covered by the death tones and while both versions are great and flawless in their own right, I think personally, I, the death tones, absolutely nailed that cover, maybe even a little bit beter than you original, but both versions are flawless. The album went two times: Platinum, inthe. U S hungry like the wolf. Is the rains Orans most listen to Sogon Spotifi having over a hundred and sixty million streams. The album peaked at number six on the billboard. Two hundred and was on their chart for one hundred and twenty nine weeks, I'll tell you what guys, if that's, not a hot product, I don't know what is that's more of a music round. Goan Du and it was Hayou, couldn't find anything else. S whathapthat has nothing to do with that. I this was the hardest thing that actually had date come. We know the truth. I scoured the Internet for hours, we, you know early on NTV and that's one of those videos, the early Danann when it came on in the air, in sort of like killed the non pretty people that cound play music and you work pretty you weren't going to be on m TV and a lot other Porto people like Christopher Cross and a lot of other people. theother careers didn't do so well, 'cause they didn't. They worked pretty people and it's true MTV was a beautiful, the beautiful folks and the Simon Lebon and his brother were a pervy example of the the pretty videos ye all right. So I'll go next for the final round hut products we're going to go back to newspapers, com to the Raleigh Register in Beckley West Virginia on May Eleventh. Nineteen sixty six, where I find an article that talks about one of the biggest hot products and current crazes going and the headline reads by Lee. Roy Pope Merchants get a big profit from the Batman craze. The Batman television show may smell like a ripe corn or par boiled tripe to the critics, but to merchandizers at the wolwar store. It is the fragrant odor of green money that meant t shirts, capes, masks, hats and other soft goods bearing the Batman trademark will probably rack up in retail sales close to eighty million dollars this year. That would top the fifty million dollars from James Bond and if it lasts long enough, the Batman merchandise fever could approach sales of the Davy Crockett coonskin cap. The article goes on to talk about all the other hot products that are offered, such as H, puppets flashlights, pendants, bubble, gum trading cards, oh yeah, comic books, oil paint by number sets peroscopes even walkie talkies and, of course you can't be without Batman, peanut butter. That makes sense so yeah. That's my hut product, the surge in May of nineteen. Sixty six of Pat man products, you say parascoplike ears go like parent, like like pariscope parescope, like a peroscope with did Batman logo on it. Why not? I just want to don know, but you're going to be on a golf tournament. You can't see over the guy in front of you all right so mancrush over to you. What do you have for hut product all right? So I actually have a hot product that was released on a date and it came out not like mark's broad sense of batmaned products from an entire decade and drewpulling music. Again Teransran was hot for another. Album mine is music, but I went a different way, so I wanted to go outside the boxs. This one is mayg nineteen, seventy seven, all the typical items that we look for. I couldn't find for this week. You know like video games, comics whatever could not find them. So I thought about something that I've been looking forward to this summer and TAT's concerts and aside from baseball, I feel like concerts, are like a staple of summers in America, so I started to scour newspapers. Otcom again, like mark said before that's W at we always used, and I started looking for really popular summer tickets that were going on sale and I had a few options to choose from, but there was nothing that really seemed like a big enough concert and I had all but given up looking at this point and then I stumbled upon an article and thet was talking about a sold out, show up in Ethica New York that Sunday at eight pm a show that only costs roughly six dollars and fifty cents for a ticket which is about twenty eight dollars. Today, in Thousan and twenty picture paid twenty eight dollars to see your favorite band, I don't even think I paid twentyht bucks. That's amazed in the nineties that is insane twenty eight bucks is like parking Eh, exactly M. Let me get into this, though, but before a maximum capacity crowd, AF, roughly nine thousand fans inside Cornell's Barton Hall in their only upstate appearance that tour the grateful dead, came on stage and mixed tunes from their latest album terrapin station, and I know March laughing 'cause mark grateful dead fan and they went on. They did the rest of the contalog. They did a tribute from Mother's Day, doing mamatride it just it sounds like another. An scene sold out gratful dead show and that alone would have been a hot product, but let's dig a little bit deeper and that's what I did here. 'cause little did. I know 'cause, I'm not a huge grateful dead fan. If you were to ask a deadhead, what's their favorite dead concert of all time, most would tell you what Mark Corner Seventy seven cornel. Seventy seven- and I didn't talk to mark about this beforehand. This is well. I had no clue yeah. All these people, like they're, like Al Cornell, seventy seven best greful dead, show of all time. It had a fucking book written about it. It was just relisa in twenty seventeen called Cornell, seventy seven, the music, the myth and the magnificence of the grateful deads concert at Barton Hall by Peter conners in twenty seventeen, so that shit must be true to mark, explain the importance of this show and the whole like Miss Betty Canter Jackson and that whole thing yeah well see. The thing with this show is: it was musically so perfect, so spot on so well executed, but see with the grateful dead. All of the shows throughout history of the dead have all been recorded by fans or by people in the band ten. He canter one of the dead's, most loyal and best archivists had taped this show, but her tapes had been lost, so it was rare to find a recording of this such great show years and years later. Finally, those tapes resurfaced from of all things: a storage auction, and they found the master tape reels from Betty. This album has been remastered and rereleased, but you can go out and listen to it now. It is an absolutely stellar show you're a hundred percent riht on that man crush it's on spotified matter of fact. They release us in twenty seventeen, five l PS three CDs. It was remastered. The whole thing like mark said a matter of fact in twenty eleven it was put in the library, a congress, so pretty freaking huge, it's a hot. It's a hot ticket man, six! Fifty! You could have gotten that been part of this epic event, but that is my hot product. May Eighth, nineteen. Seventy seven partno has got your computers in front of you, yeah yeah, Google, Google Right now buch Patrick's grateful dead bus. Oh No! It's I bouht a grateful dead bus. I sixty five and a half gillibrothered bus about twenty years ago. It was used from sixty six T, eighty seven by the sound tex who basically drove it. It was called the ambulance. It was red, white and blue Y NF course. It was filled. The ceiling was covered with posters of the period it was it was. It was basically like walking back in time to hate ashbery in nineteen and sixtyin seven Um. I was selling my Rv at the time and I want to pick up the army trainer to look at my dad and this bus was on the cover had a San Francisco phone number, I'm in Los Angeles, so I figured t at about the hell turns out the guy from Frisco a driven it down Tho bellflower, which wis about six miles from where I was so. I went over and saw this bus gave him a hundred dollars. Don't sell this bus wented ten brand fort didn't have the money I was Trind to sell. My mote for HOM MOTOROM didn't sell, but I got I'd, give Hem a thousand dollars next week and I p another nine grand by the end of the month, and I only gratee di Tourbus for about seventeen years w this thing I had more fun, I had more fun and here's here's the sad part. It was a sound text, bus and with the bus. I got a briefcase that had jerigarcius personal log in it and the long book with all the signatures of all the people that had been anbeen offered on the bus, and I had a box of casette tapes that they had recorded. I concerts from about twelve years every concert I gave hem to a guy to go. have him digitized and I never got I back onoand. Then I want up son the bus, the engine below Om, I replaced the engine and I sold it to a museum up in th Illinois, Bolo Museum who then sold it to the guy from gas monkey and the gas monkey guy that sold it to a guy who's got a bar down in Dallas call strokers. So if you're ever in the Dallas area, you want to see my buss he's, turned it into an indoor VIP drinking um mar inside his building but um. It was such a cool experience because I was driving around in this bus. That was, it was like a time, coral for the Grat cul dent her year, een years it was, and people used to just come up to it and one time I one time I rented it out to a bunch of guys from Disney and I drew 'hem up and down t supset strip. I go so what do you think they go? Let me tell you something: I've been in this bus for about three hours and I haven't looked out the window. Once I've been just staring at the ceiling, imagining what was a went on in this bus and what it was as a Soultex Oni was woul happened as they would supply. They would ship all the the contraband in the bus when they wou get to the concert, the Hell's angels within unload the bus, get rid of the contramand set up security, carimeters and then the soundtakes Ta do thei thing and then, after the bustoms cleaned out, that would be the VIP partyarea soand. I ca and I N I named them. U, I I christened the best sugar Magnolia. I I put a PA. I had it. I had it inscribed called the Suger Bagnong, which is my favorite dead song and believe it or not. I've never been to a dead concert. Os'T, listen to the music in your bus, it's like you're N' get the be, and it was the most amazing come up ndeathat thing ooks. I saw the inside pictures too, with the allthe Houseis, almost orazing so anyway. Obviously the ants the winter is anrbabybut. Here's here's the only problem that we we just started doing this triple threat. This new form out of the show. Now we tied, drew an IARE tide. Oh okay, so we're tied at three apiece. How do you want to break this? Ti Dru shoot out. Bang, you D, I don't know. Ias thining, like NHL, shoot up o yeah EO out this. Let's S to a simple one: Everybody I'll pick the best first concert all right. 'cause I got one I was sure anyway, I said the par pretty damn high as the kid. Let's see what you guys did all right. You can go first trough yeah, so I we were talking about Christopher Cross M, so my first consont that I went to was t a beach boy's concert. We took my dad there for his birthday. It's probably mid nineties. I think it was and Um Chrisopher Cross was opening and at the time I didn't know who cristopher cross was so I see the name of I'm like wait. A minute is that Chris Cross, like the likea rat Os crosshe boy, I cannot have been more off yeah. This one doesn't jump. He just goes sailing yeah, Cristaso, Eres, a young like these, like two rappers Christopher Cross, is like this old, like middle aged, like white, dude and Watwas. Funny was. He was talking right before he's about this play the song sailing and he was like a lot of. You are probably in the crowds a night you're, probably here because of thes song, and then he started playing sailing and I'm like. Oh that's funny, and I'm like a little. While later I like started doing the math, and I was like sont of a bitch. Am I so? I might have found out the song that I may or may not have been conceived to that night, so it was potentially saily by Christopher Cross, so be the the beach boys were the headliner, though beach boys, all right, man crush. What was your first concert all right. Mine was Arrosmith the get a grip tour that was, I actually won th tickets on radio station and I wasn't old enough to get them. So my brother in law had to go and pick them up and he took me up. There was at Montag Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania, okay, both good Um. My First Concert- I was fourteen years old in wasn't even in high school yet and my Stepdad was a proball player and he was friends with Jerry West and this guy was playing thefor, Om, Jimmi, hendraps oshace and I got six tickets with senator seats, which were the seats that were abuv the tunnel when you walk out, so you had a little waitress that would come up and take your orders and sit. So me and my friend I'm fourteen he's thirteen. We got a bunch of girls from high school n to take us, so I got four girls. They were like seventeen eighteen years old to take these two tle wiper stampers becaus Te Hendrin ww, very nice, Sood Buchpatrick. You win this game. CONGRATU S Gongto be flak. He lives in Hawthorn, and so let's go with beach poice. True Zackman you in the game. Finally eer. I think that is ixmonths in the running. No, you I think I won once before, but it was that was like O. my first shows I'd been on and tha was like in the fall time. Oh M Ukgratulations here Hou go G. Thank you very much. I appreciate it no fin it was fun. A lot O lot lot of good memories, and sometimes, if you live along n enougheyou get to see a lot of stuff yeah. No SHAE! No memory is like spot O on. You saw Jimmy, that's Aweso. How me love to see men Hewahe was it was. It was like I sai t said, and my first I'll tell you that Os. My first date, I like to say t was Marylynd Munster. The first Maryland took me to go, see Mary poppins, it Robin's Chinese theatr. So I like to say, hovers date was with t e hot blond. Star Done Pretty Ie, he tu for man, pey Bu. Do you want to plug her show and all that stuff before you get out of here r? Well, you know Um two things number one. I got me coach to coast spilled with T K Koach like Munster, coach, two Koast, which is my utume channel. That follows my travels around the country. With my monster traveling road show. I have a thirty four foot trailer. When the car comes out. The entry is the where the car is in the front. Fourteen feet is a five puzzle: Two Room ascaperoom called them. Thirteen Thirteen Mockingbird Maze Um, I'm actually structured. It usually has four people going through. Now, I'm only putting two people through it for these social distancing, so I basically have a layout. So when I go on the road, I can actually set up shop and h fall within the medical and C D. Se p guidelines stay safe and all that kind of stuff and Um. I'm working on a couple of new things as well, but right now I'm going to be moving to Nashville, music city or Nash Vegas as it likes to be called these days and Um, I'm working with a getlman that was johnny cashs best friend and manager and Gunin Bill Miller from California opened up the Johnny Cash Museum and he's been buying up property. So we're going to open up a Munster, brick and mortar hantred attraction, m escaperoom and a place to shoot. A T V show called mccob theater out of there with national talent. Gestars. That's all is cre. That's! I was actually supposed to go there this month, but of course that's Ashvil Yep. Have you ever been there now? Well, I have when o kid, but not as e lelnow right now off the reschedule, maybe you'll be opened by then I hope so its not still go neck. Mitur you creck out he jouny cast museum. Definitely will dan't go S. thank you so much for coming on man, Tho Ong you want to Bi. Take care of in has great talking to you appreciate Im all right. Well, I'! Not No dolers we're going to end this episode right here, but don't worry if you've missed an episode, you can always had over to dueling decades dotcom, where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes. You can subscribe on spotify or wherever you get your podcast. Once again, I want to think the winterford tonight Mr Dru Zahman, who comes in here it n, nine uneen and eighty two and absolutely crushes it. Why don't you tell everybody? What's going on on the one headlike nineties, podcast yeah, we've been kind of a, I think, like a lot of people have been kind of busy, you know being shut down at home and slopping with two young kids been a little bit tricky to Uh Doyour job run, O daycare and h Lso tryed to round a pock. Yes, so I I things have Goen a little bit smoother, so we're uh starting to get some content out there and one thing e'm going to be when I th s this episodes coming on on what Thursday right Wednesday, okay. So yes, I Wen this episode airs. Then I will have we're doing a about. A month ago I did a like a Marchman this bracket about the best nineties, music, albums o're doing another one, but it's going to be about ninetys fads. So I'll have a the bracket out for people to sign up. It's free. Just you know, sign up to the PODCAST. That's Alli got to do and you'll be eligible for a prize at the end, which I am still trying to figure out, but we're doing nineties fads and well actually have an episode outs. It's if not tomorrow, it'll be out Wednesday, then and yeah and Eright. After that we have an episode on parole jam coming up so and I'm also trying to book my my oldest daughter, Abigail shes, she's, tough, to get a hold of too to come on the show, but rem. We might talk about Aladin, so we'll uh we'll have that episode up to. But that's what we have going on over there. Nice make sure Tho check those out dooelers. So until next time we're going to bid you a pieace, love. Lightand, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmarymedia