Dueling Decades
March 17, 2021

Former gum merchant Scott Schiaffo returns for the worst of March 1976, 1983 & 1994!

Former gum merchant Scott Schiaffo returns for the worst of March 1976, 1983 & 1994!

It's that time of the week again! Your three favorite decades are back to battle for supremacy, in this week's "worst of" March duel! For this worst of episode, we went straight to the gum merchant himself, Scott Schiaffo to judge this tomfoolery! As it turns out Scott's a pretty positive thinking guy. So deciding which decade was the pits was really difficult for him to do! Don't you worry though, Scott still swings that gavel, and picks the biggest loser. First up, Joe Findlay does what he does best, and brings the very worst of March 1976. Marc James drew the big straw this week and delivers his worst findings of March 1983. And rounding out this week's turd trifecta, Mancrush counters with some serious trash from March of 1994.


Scott is fantastic, he does such a great job deliberating all his picks, and his perspective on things is top-notch. If you ever see him at a convention, we totally recommend stopping by and saying hello (and take a picture of course)! In this episode, you may hear about unfortunate typos, traditions broken, vicious dogs attack me in sleepless nights of summer, the prequel to Mike and Molly, there's no gas at a sheep station, whoa this show sucks, Mark Wahlberg diss tracks, missing persons, the mysterious case of Tammy Lynn Leppert, what thirty million dollars of blow gets you, Howard Stern's tax returns cause a stir, a movie so bad a veteran director never worked again, drunk dudes, Findlay bringing the sadness, little clowns and ladder matches, what genetic engineering sounds like, Ace of Bass needs to make a comeback, the perils of addiction, a musician's unfortunate demise, and a whole lot more!


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Podcast New York up doing decades. His is wax piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the AIS, Beeni babies or crack babies, really Bena, BOA or Madon? Maybe Bricty? Maybe Whitney. Do you like new little o new wave, Dave Rue or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the vatol begins duling decades. Let's see who wins: OAS broadcasting from the Pondcast New York Studios, it's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to doing decades. I am Mark James in this week. Webring you a worst of March duel as I'll be representing the worst of March, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three alongside the other deellers and the decades they will be fighting for first off with the S and all that is bad and a bag of chips say hello to Mancrush. What's up it's Mancrush, I have March fone thousand nine hundred and ninety four in the incredibly average march of ninety four, like worst of, is going to be hard to come by. Also joining us on the panel and bringing the spirit of seventy six welcome back to the show the media King of the north, Joe Finley, that is the nicest thing I've ever been called. I've got Marc One thousand nine hundred and seventy six, and it is clearly the worst one, because I wasn't there. I was there for the S S and, as always, here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness and continuing our recent series of repeat judges on the show he's our favorite cancer merchant and yours too, all rise for actor, author composer and now to time, Judge Scott Shiafo than you yeaafraid to be back boys than you for coming how you got it Liddies and gentlemen. The following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judges rolen will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. Remember deelers, to review the show, listen subscribe and play along at home, it's time for more doins yeah. Let's go right down to our guests, Judge Scotchiafo for the coin toss this week, it'll be between myself and Joe Finley. You know what Joe You have the honors to call it this week, all right! Well, if we're going for the worst we're going for the back end. So I'm calling tales. Okay, boys! Here we go. It's probably going to be loud. Think you broke some, it's HADS AHALL RIGHT! That means I win the coin toss and I have control the board and I get to select our very first category. You know what gentlemen, let's go over to the television round to start things off tonight. My television selection was originally going to be a major movie release with ryononeal starring in it and the Director of secret of my success Herbert Ross Directing, but he quit the project and they decided to make it a TV mini series. Instead, it aired over four nights march, twenty seven through the thirtieth of Ne Thoan, nine teen and eighty three, and it's a show that all of our moms watched and they loved it and for the life of us. We still cannot figure out why the winner of four Golden Globes and another eleven other awards. I give you the story of a Catholic priest in the Australian outback during the EN s in the beautiful granddaughter of a vast sheep station owner, as they stand powerless before God's will tormented by desire. How far are they willing to go in the name of love in the thorn birds, H, man, God, I'm so brain that I knewjustyou say a sheep station fuck is that I actually had to look up what a sheep station was. It's basically like a sheep hurder you own, like a big field where you keep all the sheep. It's like a gas station rigs. I cut he nine twenty sheep to Clasgow, so this show is so long and boring newspapers across the country printed a cutout character and plot godline for you to follow along over the four nights, Richard Chamberlayn stars in this ten hour mini series about a priest who just wants to tap that ass. I giveou the thornbirds on ABC. Oh man, it sounds amazing. You know what that's what I love about. The worst of episodes I' like I've heard the name. I've never knew what it is about and it just comes out at a normal. Now I know what a sheep station is: inuse hat all the time, all right, Joe Fenley over to you. What did you bring for the television round? Well, I don't know if I can match up to a sheep station. There are no sheep stations in my show, but this one's a crazy one, because it was developed by Norman Leaer and in this time, especially in the S, it's hard to say, Norman Lear and worst in the same category. But this time you had no choice. It's based on a Saturday morning, Comic Strip and it was starring James Coco, maybe best known as as a listle Malan's grandfather and WHO's. The boss and generaldne brooks the show wis just about an overweight couple who loved each other very much and were very overweight. Together, they owned a Deli station in Slez Deli station sheep station in the in the lobby of an office building, and the show was really just about these two fat people loving each other and it was filled with fat, jokes and it led to the following review. The time may have arrived from the Norman leader factory to close down and take a serious stock of its product, and they called this a hastily concocted product which aired NBC Wednesdays. At nine thirty. It was filled with all the usual tropes of the wacky neighbors and all this stuff and all that sort of thing. But it was mainly just centered around a couple of fat people being fat, and that was Norman, lears baby and that's what I give you is the dumplings onethousand nine hundred and seventy six version of Mike and Molly. It was coll, be duck, it really was actually what was funny was when I was researching it. The first thing was like people who searchd this also searched Mike and Molly, and I was like: Oh he thats Shat's, just it's it's it's so incorrect too, like you know, with the political incorrectness to quall it that he ever get away with that now tat' shaming, it's baccaming, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six a did, give us shit all right. Man Crush. What did you bring for the television round all right? So, let's go march, four, ten one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. So one of the producers are forern producers of the TV hit series Roseanne Bruce Helford. He decided that sitcoms ere featuring kids that just weren't representive kids in the S, so he felt that all the kids were stuck in this like leave it to beaver era. You know which I don't really get when you think about it when you think about the shows, are on the s Wen, fresh prints, blossom and all that, because his is an MBC show, but he thought that all these TV stereotypes for kids were growing stale. So apparently he went to a bunch of schools in St Louis Area and he did some research on what kids were really like and after allegedly interviewing three hundred six graders. He felt like that. He had enough amunition to put together this new sicom called someone like me and it's a show that will give a real depiction of kids in the s and like Joe did you know people and we di this a lot where people bring bad reviews. I did the opposite on a worstof episode and I brought a good review of this show from the Arizona Daily Star, and it says someone like me can fill avoid it NBC and be a huge hit. It says the the Cosby kids are long gone blossom has outgrown or girlishness, and although the seasons of the good life and the mommis introduced a few new kids to the NBC schedule, it's a it's largely a network without a prime time, juvenile headliner. I love how they didn't mention fresh PRINCI Ellair at all, I mean he's not juvenile, but athally is, and it goes on to say that makes it an open field for Gabby Hoffan starve. Someone like me premiering at Aght, thirty, on Channel Four, the twelve year old hopman plays eleven year old girl, Gabby Stepjack, the daughter of a middle class snt Louis baby, boomers, Jen and Steven Stepjack, which is played by Paticia Heaton and Anthony Tyler Quinn, and it just goes on and on just sucking. The teat of this show when it was all said and done. Someone like me an aired, only five episodes and hasn't been heard from again since April twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, like I said before it started, Patricia Heaton, of course, of everyone, loves, Raymond's, fame and drew carry. Was One of the writers on this other than that? It's horrible? I watched the first episode and it was bad. I try to watch the second episode and I couldn't make it through worst of all the show it took, and this is why I picked it. It took blossoms Monday night time slot and moved her to Saturdays Wow wow. That must have been the death call yeah. It really was because it moved her for six weeks and if you think about it like there's no Interte one thousand nine hundred and ninety four yeah, I'm sure they put ads up on this n. You know NBC, but if you didn't see that you would think that blossom was just gone for six weeks because then in May, after they canceld this show they brought blossom back to Monday night at Eigt, thirty and then, of course, blossomonly lasted one more year, their fifth season. They went into a complete, it was a dive and it didn't even hit a tent on the share and then they got canceled. After that. I don't know if that anything do with someone like me and this whole time placement, but that's again, NBC bad idea, mid Cesar replacement, let's, let's move blossom, show about a girl about a kid in the s which is fairly accurate and put on another show about kids in the Ni like what stupid, I remember when they ws when they were struggling for air meeting to keep a show alive. I remember you know tonight on a very special blossom like that was Thad Lit Hook. It get dark Y, AH, yeah aready know o a very special blossom. They deal with Blah Blah Blah. Well, that's what was good about that show, though, because it went back and forth. It was a SICKCOM, but it did deal with some serious stuff, as did fresh prints, so for e NBC to say that they didn't have a show that really depicted a kid in the S. it's just yeah kind of puzzling yeah. You know- and you know you had a lot of other networks popping up at that time too, like Fox at that time, Fox became a contender and then in the earlie mid telats Fox was right up there with the major networks in a lot of ways with their series. You know so yes, so someone like me, that's what I got fror my pick. I'm sure everybody forgot it by now. I don't remember it at all, and I should you know I, but then again my radar was not up at that time for a lot of television overall and a lot of those years. I wasn't watching TV. The TV was watching me in terms of I was probably either so flashed on something that you know TV was washing over me and I liked wings. I love the wings great show, but my head was really into film, but now wow I mean I know what I'm going with. I don't know if we want to bet it around or just get right to it. I know when I'm cicking, where you gof, I mean. For me, this is a tough round because the other two I've never saw and clearly joes could never happen in two thousand and twenty one yeah. It's gonna be tough for you, which is weird because there'se, so many more fat people are they holding auditions. This is my audition right here. You guys a e video tape in this right man, so yeah. I know where I'm going it's. I guess it's obvious, especially me being I can't help it. I'm I try to. I do try to be sensitive, politically andcorrect, yet not lose a sense of humor, because that's something that's really a hard line to walk, but you know- and I fought the battle of the bulge as a child and into my teens, and it was no joke, so I loved hit Mike and Molly can deal with it, but not name the show. Something like you know, the jubstars or whatever that so I got a you know, then shame on no as pushing it too far. I think you know we, so I would go with that thorn birds, I know, was really embraced by certain age group promably, but I don't know that was based on something quite literate that was very successful. I think soiwas based on the book yeah, you know so and the other thing I never got a chance to see at all all five weeks it was on TV yeah. The best part about that show was when I was trying to find reviews for it, and this is kind of like a telltale sign to their production. Wasn't even done yet so they didn't send anybody any advanced reviews copies of this. So nobody even got to review it that first week, so it was kind of just like. Oh, this sounds great and then, like a week later, I found other ones were like yeah this this. So this stit terrible tinkit up the room, all right Joe. You won that round. You pick up a point and you take control o the Board. Where are we going next? All Right? Well, I'm Goingno go I'm going to get my quote fingers up for this one we're going to go for hot products, man all right, so I was reading the Detroit Free Press and maybe this is a sign of the Times. Maybe this is a sign of the place, but it was just a very weird ad that I've never seen before ind just kind of blew my mind and I'm like stop everything I'm stopping looking now. This is this. Is it for me, the AD says: Protect Yourself, your family, your property, the world's finest train dogs, that's right! The King, nine command dog attack dogs for sale. In Detroit, my God they were selling Doberman pinchers German shepherds. They would also provide dog training for your dog if you already had a dog, but it didn't know how to kill on command, so you could call them up and basically turn your pet into a weapon. So that's my that's mine for was in March first issue of the Detroit Free Press. Was the Canine Command dog? That's a first, then they immediately flipped the dogs to fight each other, and then they did that in the backyard yeah which it' horrific ohill send you guys the clipping for we o posted it's hilarious. You know I wrote and released a book called vicious dogs attack me and sleep was like yeah summer, so I know a thing or two about vicious dogs, although they're metaphorical dogs- but oh that's, CR, all right guys. My hut product is a copy of Time Magazine, publish March Twenty Irst, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three and it features Chrysler's Leeiacoca on the cover, and why is that a worst of hot product? You may ask well for the answer: We're going to go over to the billings gazette out of billings Montana March tw, twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred and eighty three were the Associated Press rits time. Typo helps boost sals about two hundred new stand copies of the March Twenty fint issue of Time Magazine mad turn out to be a collectors at him because of what the magazines publicity manager calls a human era, despite its large proofreading staff. The magazine printed about two hundred thousand copies of a cover that has a typographical error on it. Forty thousand copies were destroyed and a newcover created at a cost of more than one hundred thousand dollars. The air contained is in the fold down flap in the top right hand, corner of the magazine cover it reads: A new plan of arms for Contol, leaving out the R in control the type O may have urged sales, though the article was noting that one man bought up the remaiting two copies of the issue at the drug store and said he couldn't find any other copies in any other stores. The man who declined to give his name said that he hopes most of the bluper issues that other people bought. They just read Hem and throw them away, making them more valuable for him to sell later on. As a collectors issue, if you happen to be interested in picking one of these up, you can go on Ebay right now and pick it up for five hundred Bucks Whoa, damn t' a lot better than the the billy ripkin fuck face. Car only goes for like sixdollars yeah, so the antodate. This is the only era ever on the cover of Time magazine. They lift out the R an control, so the product is the magazine, not that tot the Lei Coco thing whatever. That was right. What Leiacocas on the cover of the magazine, not thinking, I don't think that had anything to do with Dhelourian did it? No? No all right, man crush. What do you have all right? So, let's Go March Twentytet, one thousand nine hundred and ninety for we'regoing to talk about payper view for a minute. Maybe this is the same thing now we talked about phones or long distance or nine hundred numbers o the last time, yeah on eight hundred hot dat, this one's pay per view. Well, my resvidial money went to Hune eight hundred hotdate. Well, let's see if it went to pay perview as well, because I vividly remember, like most kids, probably remember as well begging our parents for whichever, like wrestling payper view, is coming up and unlike these days where there's a fucking payper view every damn month back in the lat S, they were spaced out. Well, the buildup for certain events was that of Legend back then. So now I didn't get all the pay per views, but there was one particular event that my friends and I would get together every year to watch every march or April one of my friends or myself, and by that I mean, of course my parents or their parents or we'd use. The black box, of course, would purchase wwfs annual wrestling extravaganza wrestlell mania, starting with rustlell media. Three, we started in my frient Brent's house, and that tradition went all the way up to this show, and that is until Ne Housndninehundred and ninety four I mean by this point, were tenth grade and the WWF was starting to lose its lustere a little bit and when you look at I mean you cun, just look at the pay per view buys from wresle mania WWF. They still did pretty well this year they did four hunded. Twenty thousand buys whoever this was actually down from four hundred and thirty thsand buys the year prior and the years following was dark territory, one thusand, nine hundred and ninety five dropp to three hundred. Ninety thousand. Ninety: Six: a drop to two hundred N. ninety thousand in ninety seven DROPPD, two hundred thirty seven thousand. So you can say that this is like the beginning of that dark era. In the WWF, I mean just by comparison. If you look at the first year that the attitude ar really blew up, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight Dhat Rustell Madi did seven hundred and thirtyhousand buys so I mean almost DOUB, more than double tripled. quadroupled, almost from nnty seven to ninety eight, but I mean Yo, look at the span of four years in the mids. Vince was probably like losing his mind at this point, but for you guys that are scoring this one at home, this wis wrestlel, Menia ten and which, by all means this is the tent anniversary of Resslemenia. It should have been the biggest event on earth. You would think, and out of the ten matches on this card, there's only two great matches and the rest are like pretty terrible, in my opinion, of course, the event kicks off yet Oen Hartvorst breadheart, which is fantastic. It's a twenty minute, epic. I would take that one and, of course the other match you had is WWF. Second time ever doing a ladder match and you get a Razor Mon, an show on Michael's. It's completely epic. But if you look at the rest of the card, it's just super lame. The entire thing and another reasoni'll go through the card, real quick, but this is randy. Savage's final WWF match and it's against crush in a false count, and I remember that I e it's just terrible. I mean that's and then, of course he went back to commentating and he didn't even make it to the end of the year and then he was got went to WCW, but I mean to see him go out like that and that's his last match in WWF. I grew up. He was one of my favorite wrestlers to see that it was just completely shitty, but look at this car real, quick, yea HD. Besides that, first match and ye had Bam, Bam, bigalow and Luna Vakan against Donk, the clown and dink the clown and a mixd tag. Lunavashan yeah you'll get hammered for that one. I was trying really hard, not to say anything she's still terrible. You had, of course, like O said before Randy Savage feeted crush. That was a Best T. two out of three falls. I believe a Lodga blaze against Lolyani, Kai Women'swwf championship match boring men on a mission. Remember them Mabel andmob against the quidbackers which Joe is big fan of, and then you had yokazuna defeating lex Luger in the boringest match ever, which is ended in disqualification for the title, then you had earthquake defeating Adam Bom in thirty five seconds, which is the eighth match in this card. Thirty five second match, then you had, of course the latter match was Nife and then bread Hart comes back to beat Yokazuna. So you got a double helping of Brett and Yogazuno just what everybody wanted. Ut of course, Brett walks wey it the title, but I don't. I don't think it's saved WWFR that point and they did it way too late. So I know some people, you know they think this is a decent one. In my opinion, it's not. I mean it's two good matches on a Rustlel mania card. I don't know what do you think mark alot of people consider this one of the better wrestlemanias but yeah? I see that a lot, I'm kind of with you. I think it's got some of the better wrestle Manya matches on it, but as an overall, no, not even close one. Cavat Ronda Shir was there. She was e special guest and Bert. Reynolds, of course, was there, but yeah when, when Rondesher being at ringside is more exciting than fifty percent of your matches. You got a problem. Yeah, that's a problem! Thatis, that's! Okay with me, though, all right, let's turn it over to our judge, Scott Chiafo for the ruling on the hot products round. I hope I'm not becoming so predictable and obvious, but I think I could get behind the wrestling only because chances are the wave was changing. As far as like you had said in the generational kind of way, there's an Eban flow to that industry. You call an industry, might sound Jaja, but I don't mean it by that I mean you know it's entertainment, like anything else, plus it's sports and entertainment, but they aved in a way that a lot of it might have been out of their hands. So as far as it really being a bad product, it might have been a case of timing, and I know a lot of those people were. You know still not necessarily at the end of their game per se, and I could get beyond the magazine thing. It's pretty cool, pretty Wacky, God hes any you know it ID ended up, creating a product that was something everybody was searching for, which is kind of cool in its own weird way, but the attack dogs, man. I can't go with that. ICAn't, you know, that's got Ta, go it just has to go. It just has to go. It's just wrong, OT, a lot of levels. For me y. that's just me, you know I love animals, it's just so I'm not surprised it was Detroit and I love you guys in Michigan, Kina Buloof wackies in Michigan, a lot of great music, but a lot of wackines man. It's the water that was advertised where that was in the Detroit free press, which I picked that newspaper specifically because we used it a lot in the last episode I was in, and I thought that was funny fantastic. All Right Joe. Will you pick up another point. You keep control the board hending into our final one point round. Wait did joe in that or did wrestlel Menia win that no Joe Wan Na no, Oh Joe, is isn't the shittiest okay, Goyou Ong, with Sowe're going Withai can't get behind. This is the game. I was born to play baby all right, let's go ahead and go to the movies is goin good. Okay. So, just like I had Norman Ler, you know being synonymous with success. At this time I've got a movie with Eliot Gulde, Diane, Kayton and Paul Sarvino. Golden Diane Keaton were like at their hottest at this point, but I give you the movie that came out on March Twe, one thousand nine hundred and nine seventy six. I will I will for now, and the description of the movie is as follows: The marriage of Lesson, Katy Bingham, is in big trouble, they've already split up once and now they're giving it one more try, but the bedroom of their New York apartment is not a happy place. Let's find her too cold. Kati finds him too fast. That's actually in the techno. This movie just got pounded in the by the critics Roger Ebert. I gave the film One Star and wrote: The film moves at a leaden pace, interrupted only by its dead halts and the actors standing around looking appauled at themselves. After being forced to recite dialogue like I still love that hard nosed little dumpling, dumpling again a he said, there will be worst movies this year, but probably nonso stupefying, a Richard Eater of the New York Times said it's a stae, oe thousand nine hundred a d fits pound cake of a movie that should make people happy that they don't make movies like that anymore. John Pim of the monthly film bulletin wrote relentless flow of Innuendo, wise cracks and an attempted tone of sexual sophistication and Eliott Gould himself said that the movie was not fully realized and he only did it so he could work with Dian Katon, who directed very good question Norman Panama, directed this movie and, as goes with all worst movies. This was his final film as a director Wa his first in only now, don't tell me it was not. Is he had a lot of films and he did not die or retire after this? He just stopped directing movies okay wow. So I give you I will. I will for now sounds like his career Mazin. If I can't remember the title, there's a problem: efrom movies, O that era s, but okay, guys for my movies pick. This is the film where a conservative politician has to Rush Down Tho Florida to see one of his children to avoid political scandal. No, it's not the bird cage, it's the movie where some nerdy college students go down to Fort Lauderdale on spring break and stay at a shady motel. No, it's not revenge on the nerds to. Ah, this is the movie that came out long before those good movies. My worst stuff is one thousand ninehunded ND. Eighty threes spring break in lieu of actually building up story and plot. In this film we probably get one of the longest belly flop contest scenes put to film, including one from the top of a palm tree. Mind you, we get a wet tshirt contest, a his and hers wet tshirt contest, and if that does not wet your whistle just wait for the awkward scenes of four men sharing a bathroom at the same time and watching two other guys, you just met, get laid in the same room, a reviewer from the Philadelphia daily new said a CD SEX TS. That's vulgar, but not funny. The next time filmmaker Shan S, Cunningham, director of Friday, the thirteenth and now spring break, decides to uncorse it new more on screen. I hope he closes the door behindjim. Now, if you're wondering what the Fuck I just said, I don't even know. I checked it five times the prince says uncorsit new more was that an is that an actor's name? No, it's just a nonsensical word because he couldn't write. Take a shit in the newspaper, so it would normally read the next time filmmaker Shawn, as Cunningham Director of Front of the thirteenth and now spring breaks decides to take a shit on screen. I hope he closes the door behind him. Ahand then Malcolm Johnson, from the Hartford current. He wrote within the first fifteen minutes or so one begins to wish that Cunningham would see fit to let loose the same homicidal maniac that he let loose in frether the Thirteenh upon spring break and who can't forget the words of the Great Roger Ebert, who said there's another thing seriously wrong with Spring break. It doesn't know that the girls are people to ah and despite how horribly awesomely bad, the movie is. The real tragedy here is actress. Tammy Lynn, leopard, who played a female boxer in the movie during one of the bar scenes. She disappeared shortly after the film's release and is yet to be found. She is believed to be the victim of a serial killer. You'll also recognize her from scarface in the very beginning of a chain saucscene when Mann e's in the car and he gets distracted by a girl. That's her, oh my gosh, so release just in time for spring break. I give you Spring Break March: Twenty Fith, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three, a personal favorite of dueling decades, judge and contestant. Mr Mice Ranger. Is this the one with the cover the guys chasing the girl this one on the cover? It's actually a shot of jammy Lynn, Lepard, the woman who went missing her torso in hips and the characters are miniaturize crawling up her thighs and planning a flag. I need to. Did you give us any more of the cast? Did you give any other cast names? I did not give any other cash names, because you probably wouldn't recognize them other there ar few of the nonspeaking roles for some of the females. Who would go long go on to be playng, more playboy playmates, Oh and speaking of this movie happens to be the debut of Jeff Garlan. Speaking of playboy playmates. You know wow a funny guy. Yes, Oh Bo, okay, all right man crush. What did you bring for the movies round? All Right? So let's go marchthirtieth Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety four is a Wednesday, so they even gave this one a couple extra days in the box office. But let me tell you march of ninety four: absolutely wasn't terrible for movies. It was it a jug or not? No, but it wasn't terrible, I would consider the month pretty average for movies a few good sequels release this month, but since the month itself was very average like picking the worst of this month was more difficult than usual. I didn't want to go and pick shitty kids movie here, because honestly, I feel, like all kids movies are Shitty, so instead I went with a movie I didn't remember at all and when I did a little digging- and I saw this movie had a thirty million dollar budget, you'd figure I'd, remember it and I don't and on the surface this sounds like it would be. A pretty good movie, as I mentioned before, had a thirty million dollar budget. So it's pretty damn good for a comedy. The movie was directed by the same guy who did rain man and good morning, Vietnam, which is Bary Levinson. So again that that's good! You look at the cash at Christian slater and Jopeshi. That's good too! Then you look at the box office numbers again to set a thirty million dollar budget for this crime c comedy by Barry Levinson, Joe Peshi and Christian slader. It brought in a wopping three point: eight million dollars worldwide. That's not even seven million dollars in two thousand and twenty one. There were no special effects. There was nothing crazy in this movie. I watch it last night like where did this thirty million dollar budget go to ecause O blow yeah? Maybe I mean t there is a Harrison Ford Cameo during the credits, but I doubt that all went towards Harrison Ford and it certainly wasn't for marketing, because I don't remember Shit about this me. I don remember seeing anything about this movie. I looked at the cover ITD vaguely familiar. Maybe I saw it just putting stuff together for u social media stuff, but I don't know- and this is blasphamous I realize that- but for once I actually agree with Tiscolan Eberd on this one yeah I do they didn't like it. Peshe plays an unemployed actor named Jimmi Alto, who never actually acts in anything. So, throughout the entire movie, I'm just wondering how he has money to live, let alone like drive a car or let alone pay for his face to be on the bench in Burbank, trying to get people to hire him. I'm like where's, this money come from this dude. They say in the movie that he never had. One role like where is his money come from. He had one job during the movie as a waiter and he gets fired within like twenty minutes. Spoiler he's like the guy from the room, yeah like where the fucks his money come from, and then then you had Christian slater, who kind of plays like his partner in crime. who also does it work, and he clearly is not all there in the head. I don't know like if you like movies is start out good, because I think this one did start out really good and they could, if they went in the direction that they were going in the beginning before Barry Levinson, just kind of ruined it by shoehorning a like g rated vigilanty story in the movie. It would have been good, but they didn't do that they won't they change directions, but if you like, all that by all meens give this one a shot, it's Jimmy Hollywood is the name of this one yeah. I know the film, I know that's fun, Oh you seen it. I know the film it's one of thes on honestly, it's one of those that's like on my watch list, because I wondered how it got by me because that cast I love Levison and that cast and that era and movies about actors an movies I love. So how did that got by me? I don't know so, there's a lot of reasons why I you know you're, you would probably dig it because there's a lot of like historical, like La Hollywood, yeah acting stuff in it yeah and if they kept the course on that it would have been a good movie, because I was captivated the first like twenty five minutes. I was into it and then they start this secondary storyline, where his car stereo gets stolen and they become like vigilanhes called the SOS and it just kind of loses its lust. I was like what I: Why did you do that if you didn't do it, it would have been a good movie because Joe peshy actually is great in it and listen. Those actors. Are you know if it's if it's a if the director makes some hear Nothn now I'm going to save everything, because I love movies and I love these people and that's not what this is about, but I think probably, if you have a couple of bad decisions in a week script, you know I don't know that sounds like you should be a sleeper yeah. That's when I saw e the CAST I was like. I got Ta Watch I rented this last night, don't own it so ige. Once again, I spent three and ninety nine to rent a movie oentit Wer this this one I did on Vod. I think I got it off a prime. It was theninety nine, I'm prime all right. Well, I commend you for paying for your films, because I know that's not happening as much anymore with God. Dude like pirate. You know what I totally I get that and like twenty years ago. I think, like anybody else, I was ripping movies and- and you know just within the past, like twenty years, it's all about buying movies and Givin back because that's whatit's all about like. If you just take everything you're not going to get anything else, you know it's it. It's on a geek. I love Jechnology, I'm not going to sit here and say I haven't ripped and I got it. You know I walk a tightrope with this reality because I'm part of the business and I'm also a giant fan who, like just loves, to fill up his black hall with as many movies an and records as I can at any. You know, and I don't have an endless pudget for those things and it's crazy once things become too easy how hard it is to flip the switch back to getting itto the mindset of I'm supposed to be paying for this, but I don't want to take us off in a whole another place because you know en it comes to movies and music and whatever I just no SA say. What's on your mind, man, that's you're. The judgin is hard. I meant just before we got on tonight. I saw a instagram post by doyle from the misfits who you know. He takes a really hard stance against dreaming and it's we can undo technology. You can go back to the S and s when, if somebody pirated something there was a couple of levels of what they had to go through machinacians to get that piraty copy. Now everybody has the technology to have a perfect digital copy without paying for it. It's crazy. I don't know how we undo this. I don't think you can. There's got to be a new way, but lot of it's in the merchandising. A lot of it's in the convention reality a lot of it's in different revenue streams, but maybe it's all going to change wit. Have you have you guys seen this nft thing? That's going on now with like nft Art Yeah? They don't want to try that yeah yeah. I don't want to try to explain it because I'll sound like an idiobecause, I don't know all about it, but it's basically based on the same thing as like bit. Coin is okay yeah. You know like it's using the same algorithms and stuff. It's very odd to me, though, that people are p like somebody just bought a painting. It's a JPEG. Somebody bought a JPEG of forgot e, the guy's name, the artist, but it was sixty nine million dollars, somebody paid for it, but ' it's got like a digital signature on it and it can't be like reproduced and all this that's going to come down the line where everything is on the same thing I mean that's a really conofpensive desktop wallpaper right there, Yeaho Shit and Ito Diffrent websites, Bot that Wong the Wootang record. That was like a one off digital at some MADIAC. What Martin's Screley yeah the Duch Bag, Yeah Martin Scrarley, the guy who like made the aids medicine like and then took it away, I prisit or whatever, and somehow the WOUTAN got caught up in that. But you know this is a difficult subject, and this is a tough category round for me, because you know because I because I dig so many of the people involved in Joe's and mancrushes choices. I can't Nuk Hem the fact that that poor woman went missing it is on to Goddamn. Cover is horrible, so I got to go thumbs down on that. One and GA agree with it and it's not the movies full. It's got bad Mojo R. It's got some bad Juju to it. OTHAT is wild. I never heard that story before yeah 's a terrible story. You know I actually didn't realize that the guy that did spring break did Friday thiryeah. I didn't yeah, I mean listen, you know like people, they get something big under their belt. I kind of know a little little bit about this. You get something in your resume that really shouts out success and brand, and then you get offer to do something that you think is great. On paper and all of a sudden I is a big snaky tird. It's not always easy to decier that at the time have you ever been part of that is that whar you're, alluding to wis that you scotthankfully. I never was sin a place where I personally was in such demand that somebody threw a big amount of dollars at me to be involved in a project that really stunk on ice. I did stinkers for very little money. No, it depends if film and independent music made it too easy for us to do things that we're passion projects that still excuse me ended up with the same fate whether there was lot of money involved or whether there wasn't so I don't want to Poop on anybody's parade. If that's makein excuse me making any sense, no, I get yeah. I think that's a good point, though, that you made like the movie that I selected Jimmi Hollywood. If they got actors ther, were you know, synonymous in the independent scene, think that movie would have done really well like to spend thirty million dollars on a movie. Obviously that had a go towards Joe Peshi and Christian slader, that thirty million bucks- and you said Te Cu Harrison for it as acamio yeah, it's a Camio, it's during the credits so like Iven. If you stuck around that long to see that cameo andit's Livinson yeah, it's kind of wasted like I just think that they could have done this so much cheaper and maybe marketed a little bit better hit'll change the story around a little bit. It would have been great if they stuck with the way it was for first, twenty five minutes before it got weird yeah. I don't know Ma he's, got such a awesome career overall whoam. I the question yeah. I know I know that I mean talk about levison diner he's just got a string of really wno. What happene? With that you know. I mean early s early, O mids. I think there were a lot of movies about making movies and they didn't all connect. A lot of them did it is a movie called mistress. I might have been ranton about this last time I don't know, but it's a movie from that era that almost nobody has seen, but it's a movie about making movies with Dhe Niro and Robert Wool and a handful of other really great people and it's very little scene. But if you see it Ir's No way, you don't like it if you're part of that world, you know, but that said, I think a lot of films were films about films and a lot of people that go to the movies want to be entertained or they want to be tetilated and they're, not in the business. So it's not like we're GOINGNA, there's not going to be giant box office, that's going to be a niche thing and if the movie sucks that it's really a news thing yeah, so I don't know this could have went straight to video and done a right yeah and to bring it all full circle. One of the reviews I saw about the movie I selected spring break said it's only real purpose has an ulterior motive and that's just to get people to sit in the theater and consume soda, which will intern Roth Eir teeth. Wow, O one thousand nine hundred and eighty three right yeah. It's all about the concession stand all right jewelers. So I pick up a point in that round, but unfortunately I am still trailing Jo as we head into our first two point round and that's going to be the news round. So we'll summarize an article by Stepen, a Marquez of the Sint Petersburg Times March, sixteenth n thousand nine hundred and eighty three, where the headline reads: Go easy on him says victim no says judge having served prison time himself. Paul Ligden could sympathize with Joseph de pre, so lyden asked the judge Tuesday to go easy on Depris, even though depris help push liden out of a second floor balcony cracking his skull. Now that I'm back to normal, I would ask the judge to be lenient. On Him. Liden told the judge right after the jury took a mere thirty minutes to convict DEPRI. Then the judge imposed the maximum fifteen year sentence, calling the crimes one of the most senseless ever to come before him. The defense and prosecuting attorneys both agreed the crime was senseless and both asked the jury to send Aprita jail. Where they differed, though, was on the charge with the state arguing that this was beyond negligence, and it was intentional in that stupidity. It's not a defense and dumbness. That's not a defense either! So you're, probably asking what thatell happened. Well during a party at a second floor apartment Liden said he passed out on a living room couch a third dude named Harris who earlier pleaded guilty and received only a five year, prn prison sentence for his part and all this well, he was at a party with dupri when Harris said. I don't like that. Motherfucker and then another party Goer said well, if you don't like Hem, throw hem off the balcony, so Harris grabbed the unconscious liden's legs and to pregrabbed his arms. They carried hem up to the balcony and pushed them over the railing. Then they turned to each other smiled and walked back into the party. Ligden testified that he remembers nothing about the incident the Party and he doesn't know either of his assailants, and he said he was kind of angry because dupre he got a tougher sentence than Harris. You know I thought in the end. He said I just thought the guy got a raw deal. I just got out of prison myself two days before that happened on a marijuana judge, so the guy gets out of prison. Two days later goes to a party gets thrown off, a balcony gets hi, Skul, cracked thit's. Why you don't Drink Sisco man? I don't even know where to go with that one. That's so the dod hat got his head. Cracked Open had just gotten out of Jail Yep, and we don't really know why he talked, I guess len you see, because he could see the plate of jail and he wasn't that badly. Hert right Yahe only got his skull. Cracked Open, you know yeah. Unfortunately, it's not victim the victim. It's not really. The victims place to prescribe the penance trust Te. Judicial pistem, which is, we know, is top notch of course, of course, all right, Joe Finley. Let's turn it over to you. What do you have for the news round? Hey? We all know that bad news is my specialty and I am going to bring it this week sit around sit down. My friends. Let's talk about Karon, an Quenlin that she was a twenty one year old, who went into a persistent vegetative state after she stopped breathing for fifteen minutes two times after mixing alcohol, IC tranquillizers, so she's in this coma. Her father wants to take her off Er ventilator. He did E, doesn't want her being kept alive by any artificial means. The hospital refuses to do it because the police threaten to arrest them for murder. If they do that, he is not the legal guardian. The courts appointed a guardian because she was not a minor, so the courts appointed his separate guardian. So he hired a theological lawyer to sue to become the legal guardian of his own daughter and lost. He had to sue again. He lost again. He appealed. He went to the State Supreme Court and finally won the right in the New Jersey State Supreme Court to shut off this girls ventilator. So it was actually a pioneering case in the right to die forum of Justice. But after all that time it was quite some time going through lawsuits and his family. Her family was finally going to have some closure and peace until they take her off the ventilator and she doesn't die yeah. I remember I remember top. She lived for another eleven years in a persistent, persistent vegetative state. They did not want to go through everything again with removing her feeding tube, which would have been the final Straw. She eventually died on her own osorry nine years after not eleven. She died of pneumonia in that in that coma, so the just the unfortunate thing. Obviously, the whole thing is sad and unfortunate, but the idea to go through all of that to let your daughter go in peace and then she does not go in peace. She stays for almost another decade. That appeal case was March: Thirty fint One thousand nine hundred and seventy six, and that was just a really really sad situation. Really. I remember that I remember it pretty. Well, actually, it's horrible Itby, some bisantennial year, you guys well, I'm so much older than you guys, I'm Oldo Shit, I'm o his dirt, I'm Al this dirt. I was adult for all of these things. I'm glad somebody remembers all right. Man Crush, let's hear what you have for the worst of news round all right. Well, I'm not going to bring any violence or any sadness like Joe. I'm Goinna go with other news, it's just not good March twenty Te, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four- and I honestly I forgot all about this- and this was the talk of the town N, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, an Scott you being in New Jersey. I'm sure you knew all about this back in the s everyone knew who Howard Stern was, and if yeah, if you were by a radio in the morning chances were, you were listening to Howard Sern. I had a friend of mine whose brother was a cop in our local police department, and I remember him telling us that if you were going to commit a crime to do it for the four hours that Howard was broadcasting on k rock because for those four hours the cops in our city, they were parked. They had like a map of ware service of Karock came in and the cops would park there for all four hours, so they can listen to the entire show. That's not my new story, that's just a tidmit on this is how deep it was back. Then it people listening to Howard every morning like religiously, but here's a story. This is out of the Daily News and it's titled. U sterns Burnin to be gove radio, bad boy, Howard, stern insently became the best known challenger to Mary. Okomo, of course, is the the father of notorious Duch bag. Andrew Quomo, when he announced plans on Tuesday to run for governor sterns platform, is as follows: Past Ta Death Penalty Get road crews to work only at night and stagger highway tolls to prevent traffic jams. Once all three of these goals are achieved, stern promised he will resign and turn New York over to the as yet on named Lieutenant Governor. He said, and I quote, I'm going to win stern told the roughly three million listeners of his nationally syndicated show I'm going to be the next governor of New York. That's quote at the very least his name. Recognition is miles ahead of the current crop of GOP challengers, Richard Rosenbom, George Tacki, and Bill Green, certain hopes to run on the libertarian ticket and he said, wait until the inauguration it'll be wild. That's quote from him and FYI. There was a Daily News Collin poll week after he announced and stern support on that pole. Ten to one in support of Howard, stern stern would go on to win the Libertarian Party's nomination on April twenty third one thousand nine hundred and ninety four Tok, like two thirds. While those votes. However, once stern refuse to file any of the financial disclosures which are required by the law, he ended up dropping out of the race in August frne thousand nine hundred and ninety four Howard t go on to file a lawsuit against the state in New York, and he argued that the financial disclosures violated his right to privacy and freedom of association sounds familiar. Huh Man that thats fucking M is nut here, I'm seaving at Tis when that when that suit was denied, he withdrew from the race and George Potaki dethroned Marioquomos, and that was it would have been quomo's. Fourth runit governor, just think of what would have been with Howard Stern as governor. Well, he only wanted three things. I think it all stemmed because he was pissed from city in traffic. So that's how it like started. Those three things would have taken a long time to accomplish yeah I mean he would have been in there for like ten, not he would have quit. He would not tand there's no way that he would have been able to do that. Radio show and been the governor. No you wouldn't I it wouldn't have worked. I don't know. Jesse VENTURRA was late for work, all the time, he'sthe the King of all media for a reason, and there was truly Madia for him during those years late s early s, he was hewas like the Elvis of radio, but for the whole shock thing, there's good and bad to it, because if you remember the movie, the Fisher King, Yep yeah, there's a shop jock in that that talks about something pretty hatous and then somebody who doesn't have all their Marbeles follows through with it it's a horrible story in heartbreaking and some say that was sort of based on or Pitot it stern. But and I I dig Howard, I was never a o know. I was never a hardcore Howard Guy, but I done a lot of what he did and I didn't stay that connected to it in those years, because probably I didn't really get my political and Tena up until I became an old, salty man kind of keep my eye a little bit and now you can't help it because politics is the new championship, wrestling yeayeahit's like pickaside or you know, whatever n tingers like actions yeah. I don't take it at all Y, but it's pretty ironic that stern, I'm forgetting completely. That stern was in the same pickle that forty five ended up in, which is show your taxes or shut your mouth and, and he just bailed, he said fuck it well. You know, you know stern belled, but what happened to the other boy is still. I don't know. I just tota hotbutton topic. Man Watch the space I now we're going for whatever you feel like is the worst whatever, whatever one tickles you the worst or you could just pick my. I just don't want to hear man Croach ever talk about a bad tickle, OFA speaking o Quoma, it's hard, it's really hard! That's what she said. Yeah Istarve that one up to you on a plate, there's so much! I mean this. Is I mean you know, I'm the hyper sensitive dude and it's sometimes it's good, and sometimes it's not so good, but the things that are behind even the story. Yeah on the surface, it looks like idiots got drunk and through a guy out the window, who was also an idiot and they all get. What they deserve, but there's there's a lot more to that, because addiction is a miserable horrible thing that makes people do ridiculous, horrible things and it's hard to get on a soapbox with that. For me, because I was one of those people and I thank God, I never hurt anybody directly other than myself, but that happens with a diction and blackout drinking. So that's a terrible story, but I don't know where to go with that and the quinolent things another almost there's shades of that in there. That's just a heartbreaking story all around, but I don't know the thing with Stern. Is I'm Goinna go with that because yeastill in the game, I just everybody, got away a little. Remember he's unscathed from that story. The other two stories es a lot of our people. A lot of people are suffering in ways. They might not even know they're suffering yeah I mean people probably would have suffered if Howard ser was the governor. I funny I'm thinking about the outcome. More than anything else I mean the people in the in mark and Joe Stories. There's a humanity thing there that it's. I don't know it's horrible, but some of that had to come out twith thestern thing. I think. Obviously nobody learned a lesson for Stern. It's it's never going to stop. I mean you. I just saw on the news yesterday, Megan markels thinking of running democratic ticket, like what like it's never going to end, is never get it. It's people have too much power now it', social media and everything else. You can be at absolute. Nobody and you have an audience in front of you. You know that you bring up a really good point that I don't think anybody's really talking about in this way, but our political system, the country, is a experiment and it seemed to be going well for quite a while, but I think we took a fucking terrifying turn and I don't know how we get the ship right again. To be honest with you, I I'm just an Actirg musician and you know I always used to say. I hope that better minds than mine will prevail. THAT'S A WOIFU! I don't have any idea now. I do. I think sterns should running him yeah all right jewellers. Well, you know what just like a good porno man crush comes from behind and he ties up this game with Joe Heading into the final music round, Woa thitis going to be aright for EI. We say I come from on Jo from behind Jesus there's. Only one reason I do this show man all right, Weni shot all right. So, let's go! Actually you know what I'm going to defer. I won that round. I'm going to defer Joe you get to start off the music round all right. Well, I'm going to take you to March nine on thousand nine hundred and seventy six and I'm going to take you to the first day of the North American tour of the WHO, at the Boston, Garden, Keith Moon, passes out two songs in and the show gets canceledthem. Not It's it's not done from there, but that's the very first day of their North American touras. He passes out, they cancel they postponed e, the show he passed out over his drum kit and they had to reschedule- and they pulled them out in a previous time when he passed out on his drum kit, because this is not a first, but in a previous time he had they literally just called somebody up there. Like does anybody know how to play the drums, an know, our songs and if somebody from the audience came up and finished the show there're some big shoes to fill now they didy Ay. They did Reh schedule The show and make good on the show they did reschedule. This show yeah and the next day so he's up and at him again he just tries to. He tries to destroy his entire hotel room. He had cut himself so bad he passed out and he was bleeding out in his hotel room was found by Bill Carbishley. Their manager took him to the hospital and yelled him he's like I'm going to get the doctor to get you nice and fit so so you're back within two days, because I want to break your fucking jaw, you fuck this band around so many times and I'm not having it anymore. The doctors said that he've he had not gotten there in time and intervened. Moon would have definitely bled to death. They suggested that adultery and Roger doltry and Pete and whistle had discussed firing him. At this point. They didn't believe he was going to be able to make it through the remainder of the tour he did, but he was up right afterwards. He was hospitalized again that was on August eighth, so wewere a little beyond now, but he had just gone in for exhaustion and they were concerned now that he wasn't going to make it to the Canadian leg of the tour. They finished the that Tor up October, twenty first in Toronto, but he never played again. That was his final tour, the he played for the band recording, but he was so drunkand. He had gained so much weight and they refused to tour unless he quit drinking, which he didn't. He ended up dying September of that not of Sim Si Mon, the no not of seventy six. This is the following year when they've released that album en they, when they didn't tour again, but either way I was just going back to March nift there, which is kind of the whole thing, is the very first day of the tour is the beginning of the end for Keith Moon in the WHO September, seven Oe thousand nine hundred and seventy eight yeahs when he died. Okay. So there was a gap period between the Ro Ri e Use, T. Seventy eight twenhe died, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, that's tough, okay, let's, let's hear them out because and that's why they probably didn't use them in that new bill and Ted's movie, as that like when they picked the drummer. For that movie, I was like Oh it's going to be heath, Moon or- and I think we talked about this wit. Somebody like months ago- and these are the reasons why they didn't Grasein- for that Moie yeah, all right, so I'll get my pick out of the way here, because you know largely I'm out of this game. THAT'S NOT TRUE! If you win this round, you win the game. You got one point yeah. I guess that's true he's not coming into this with Ha confitent Scott. Just to ignore him not so much not so much all right, guys well hop the pond over to the Guardian, London, England, for an album, unfortunately released on March. Fourth Ne Thousand Nine hundred and eighty three orchestral maneuvers in the dark dazzle ships in which a well known, electronics, band tryng to break away from the formua that has made them successful, gallantly attempt new in experimental things and it ends up in a horrible mess. OMD are best known for exquisite electronic ballads like Jon of Ark, but they have now left the pretty tinkling to their miseryside. Colleagues as much of the new album tackles a bleak new world of robotics and genetic engineering, munch of the album consists of long over dub bursts of radio signals and noises and they're not used with subtlety, but merely stuck in there for an alienating effect. So there's a call from radio, Prague, electronic beeps and a squeal and even a montage of time checks and against this there are robot like songs like the ABC auto industry or genetic engineering. So I give you omd orchestral maneuvers in the dark, with their fourth album dazzle ships released march. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three don't bother checking it out. I don't know you know what I makes me think I just finished the BC boys book. Finally, Oh yeah, which it's a great book, it's huge it like. I, of course I don't read it's audio, so it's like fourteen hours long, but there's a lot of chapters where they're talking about like all these weird noises and stuff that they put in music. That is amazing. Now, going back and listening to these songs and knowing how they did it like Adam Yock, was just amazing, with some of the stuff that he came up with Oh yeah, Zappa was famous for doing stuff like that he would use unconventional items to create music from, but orchestral maneuvers in the dark doing it. Ah, no thanks who wrote the BST's book it was done by well, it's just the two of them. I mean Adam Eaga. Of course he ma get it together. It's not a it's Autobio, it's not a bio yeah, it's! I know they have the two of them. They have the film with Pike Jones. Their documentary yehidal was based on the book yeah. So if you like the film, which is only like two hours long, this is the rest of it like. This is all the meat and potatoes that they didn't put into that yeah and there's there's a lot of chap the only thing I didn't like about it and I know we're getting off track, but whatever people like this, some of the chapters therare every Chapteris, pretty much read by somebody else, whether it's an actor another musician, a lot of people from the New York area, some I couldn't get into it because of their voice and how they read it. But could I could conteim the contents really good, though like so, if you're a huge BC voice fan, go back and listen to it and then listen to the albums again and you'll. Just have this background of these songs and how they did it and it just makes it ten times better. So when you were reading about that band, that's what I was thinking about like all these crazy ways that they were sampling, music and just making music the bizarrist fashions that you would ever think about. So sometimes it works out. In your case, it ti not so much H'. All right. Man Crush it's over to you to wrap up this game. What is your pick for the music round? All Right? This is for all the marbles. Whoever takes Tis round takes a game. Let's go to March twenty second one thousand nine hundred and Ninehty Four. This music selection right here is mine. Blowing. Let me tell you that four years earlier, fom one thousand Nie, Hune N Ousand, nine hundred and ninety- this artist released his debut album and people are talking about this. Guy, like he was the next coming of Elvis actually heard that quite a bit like not that the music styling was the same, but he was taking over the scene. He was a new Elvis. There was hype on top of Hipe for this guy. His debut spent sixteen weeks on top of the billboard two hundred sixteen weeks and at at the time it was the fastest selling hip hop album of all time. I think that number was something like six million album sales and three and a half months when it was all said and done that album went seven times platinum in the US sold over fifteen million copies worldwide, and it was number twenty on the US billboard. Two hundred for the entire decade of the NIS ROM n thousand nine hndred N, an ninety nine. So I'm not exactly sure when it was. But I had that particular album that I just talked about on another episode a while back and if it was last year, r whatever. If you want to go back after I'm done so from obscurity at the beginning, one thousand nine hundred and ninety to a household name, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. Everyone was clamoring for this dude within six months of that album's, Reles, onethousand, nine hundred and ninety his label. They rushed out a live album. He dated Madonna. He had his own doll. He had nike deals, Coke deals. He got a principal cameo and song in teenage beating Injo Charles Movie Aright. I know who we're talking about now. Then then he got his own movie by the E D, One thousand nine hundred and ninety one- and I think his debut album was released in like September, one thousand nine hundred and ninety and his debut movie came out in October, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. So all that shit that I just said all that occurred in a thirteen a fourteen month span. So we're talking about exposure out the ASS. This guy was everywhere. So then he tours for like two plus years: Asia, Europe, Russia, South America, basically anywhere but the United States. Then, on March Twenty Te, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four vanilla, I steppd back into the spotlight and release despat the smash. It follow up, album, mind, blowing and that's kind of the truth. He did. He really did step back into anything, but he did release an album that album would go on to sell less than fifty tousand copies. The albumsode did so terribly that his label Tho Time spk records would drop him entirely. This dunt, like he came back just picur everybody pictures vanell ice, the big hair dancing. This dude came back with dreadlocks and he was like doing distracks and like wrapping about weed. I remember this yeah. He basically was trying to go gangster yeah yeah, it was just. It was just odd. The video was nuts man. It was like him like blowing hits into the camera yeah yeah it was. There was two videos from that one and we'll get to that. But I mean, if you listen to it, it's pretty: it's not bad. It's pretty one of the mill s hip hop, and that being said, I watched the grammies last night with my wife and kid that album would fit right in right now with what people are listening to rereleaseo seriously. If Ace of Bass was releasing an album right now, they would be killing it at the grands, because half the stuff that I listened to last night I was like this is like I feel like I'm listening to middle of the road. Ninety stuff- and these are all like huge hits. But if you're in the mood for like distracts about like Mark Walberg and lots of lyrics about weed, go and check out mindblowing by Vanell ice- and I think the you were talking about- was it the roll om up videos? Yes Yeah? That was one of the singles from that yeah. I remember specifically now that you bring it up man, I used to sit and watch the box and wait for that video all the time. It's bizarre. It's Bizarreo land. He even really dance in those videos. Either he's just kind of like hanging out with a bunch of Peyeah he's just kind of just like leaning, and you know doing trying to do like the gangster lene, but yeah it's bad. The backlash on him was severe. I mean I lived through all that I was an adult. My band was almost signed to SBK at that time. So I'm all aware of US PK records and the other artists on it. He was a novelty yeah I mean at best. Originally he seemed like something really cool and they used the queen. You know to use the queen. Sample was cool kind of, but it went down hill fast and he just kind of looked almost. I don't want to say silly, but it was he just wasn't plausible and then, when they try to wrifle them back as a gangster, it didn't work out well for him, but he went on and he the guy n. You know, I know some of his story and he sojoured on and he reinvented himself Surethan once so. I give him props for that. Since you know about SPK, though, because I heard rumors that, because it was a supposedly, it was like an autobiography that came out about his life. This is like probably like ninety hundred and ninety two, they put it out and they were they put all this bullshit that we knew in high school. Like O, he grew up in like Miami and went to all the worst schools and drive by shooting and they supposedly it was SPK that put together that biography, that was all bullshit and then he like came back and was like none of that's true and that's kind of where the disconnect with I don't know. This is what growing up this is kind of what I remember and it was like kind of a disconnect between his his listeners and the record company, and that kind of you know got him kicked off Spk, of course, that album helped. But did you ever hear anything about that? That's interesting because I the way I remember it. I was thinking that he can. You know it dropped and it was a novelty. Let's you know it's a novelty. This wasn't you know, there's some really great hip hop already by that year. No matter what skin color you were, you know I say that now because back then there was a talk about thisconnect. There was a line in the sand too, about what color your skin was 'n. If you were allowed to wrap and then were talking about the beasties and the doors they blew open and then they reinvent themselves, but he came off like a novelty act and I thought he was discredited in a lot of ways for similar reasons. I don't know if he grew up in poverty and I don't know how true any of that was. But I do know that he reinvented himself a number of times since then, and anybody who stays in the entertainment business for many decades and can carve a living out of it on some level earns my respect. Definitely, even though I might not have him, you know it might not be one of my favorite artists per se with this category now and the people that were mentioned I'll probably have to go with mark. Oh, I counted myself out on this one. You know wow ifwe're, going see it's hard for me to go with bad, what's bad and why it's bad. I mean I grew up with Thewho and there's a lot of flot to what happened with moon and it's a very sensitive area for me, as well as, if you're, a true fan of the band and of Moon, and you understand what happened with him and the Swan Song Albu wit. Moon is one of the whose best albums and their whole time with him is probably their best work, not unlike mcteler with the stones. So I don't discount anything because of addiction, no matter how horrible it was. I mean the guy ran over his own chauffeur yeah. You know, I mean it's horrible, but it's sad. It's Herrifically, sad and addiction sucks and the people that suffer from it. They S A lot of people go down with them, but it's it's hard to it's hard to find a place where you could saddle them with responsibility long enough to get their shit right, so nobody else gets hurt. So I can't count that one out you can't kapt that one and Manel I she certainly not one of my favorite people, but I respect a lot of what he's done over the years just to reinvent himselves. Reality, TV helped him reinvent himself, so good for him. It was like flipping houses and Shit Right, ohnb musically come on man, they blew the they blew us away with. I think they just blew if you leave his a great song. Man Come on that ruled the charts and that ruled the theater with Prettyant Pink Yeah Yeah, O that pretty a pik record was blasting out everybody's car in those years, mine included and I loved everything. I Love S: Music S, music, eighty stuff, NS grunge. I cut off in the twosands because I just I'm alled now I don't know what the fuck's up anymore, but, like I watch the grammys and you know my gallop pal who's, a phenomenal singer. Songwriter in I own right, we were just lost man. You know Jo was really good, though, did you like that band? The black POMAS I dog them, I think a tha. They were really good. I was all about that, but a lot of h emails got my respect. She I missed the the very beginning, so I might have missed them. You know they played their own instruments and then they switched off, and I thought that was cool, but you know I'm just lost with where it's at now, but Oh md took a stab at trying to all these people, with the exception of the WHO who were sitting on a problem that at that time nobody knew much about or there's a lot of ignorance, surroundhing, alcoholism and drug addiction in the S AF people were starting to pay a terrible price for substance abuse by the end of the S, and it wasn't a joke anymore. That's a sad story, but oh I'm dvnel ice. Some of their biggest crimes is just as artists trying to take a different try to take a different approach to their art and it going over like a lead balloon which happens and then again some people get to come back from that. I don't think O nd really did. Although now they're, probably you know things come back over time and I have a fon spot for their records that were you know, big hits at and during their big hit Eihtei I don't hold the tanker against them. It E I SAI o hold it against them. He was one of the first people to TNOT was o the first, but he seemed to be like one of the first to capitalize on sampling and not really have cread as an artist, and you know dollar signs everywhere, like Im, Sur Hammer and then like yea, you later vanish, you know that's funny, because if we would have went to a tiebreaker, my tyebreaker also fo, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four mark. This is one of your favorite songs of all time. It was MC hammer's album the funky head hunter with the song pumps and a bumups and a bom. I like the girls wit, the pumps in the bump, great track, which is also as a flop, but not as bad a flop as the vinlies. Well, I think the lesson to be learned here with Vanilla ice. An OLMD is, if you're, going to sample things, queens good to sample, call sign from Radio Prague, not so much sothatat works, though, but if you ask Vanilla ice he', if you ask Panilla ice, he didn't sample queen he's like I saw the interview he goes now because there's his Dundan Indeidin dendendand and mine is Tundan, dented it entin Tinandinden, like he just added like an extra. No, I remember thathere's no way, there's like there's no way to for him to that was not going to hold any water that whole thing and its oncn. It's. You Know It's John Dep, yeah and you know it's kind of cool and that track roved. You gotto be full of Shit. If you say you didn't kind of dig it. Oh yeah played the CIT got overplayed and he did start coming off is really just a novelty and shallow, and then we don't know if te reinvention was sincere. I don't know if you grew up in poverty. I don't know how much of that supposed to matter. I love we all in my era- love Bob Dyllan, but he made up a lot of his own mythology and whan. He got found out. Nobody went after him with a fucking meek lever and then he ha these down years, but youimagine. If some of those guys were in this time era like this decade, how badly o like would their careers have even went ot like you know, once those stories come out and you hit social media you're done. Can you imagine some of those we might not ha e ever gotten a second album or anything else? I don't know man Keith Moon probably could have made some really great ticktock videos, a Scott anything you want to plug before you. You Go, oh boy. Well, I thank you for that opportunity and let me think this through there's no conventions coming up for me. Just yet. Certainly no win person can conventions. My buddies, Marilyn, gigliate and Brian O' Hallaran just got back from Florida yesterday to the first in person convention that they had done in a while. I'm curious to see how that went, but you know other than finding me on the web. SCOTCHAPPCOM SCOTCH YE APO in any of these social medias come hang out, interact with me a lot of the films I've worked on over last year and all throughout my career they're all available on all different platforms. Thank you all for patronizing when you do and the book is well, thank you for patronizing that, and I just feel like I'm extremely blessed to have the grass froots career I have and the people in my life that I do have. So. Thank you all for that and you guys are really hilarious. I really enjoy being on this show it's a great time. You have some of the coolest guests a lot of the cats. I know wher I'de been in conventions with so I enjoy following you on social media. You know guys follow me back when you can and thanks for havving me on tonigh thankslots got when stuff opens back up. Hopefully we can hang out sometime yeah. Hopefully we're going to be a gon together somewhere down the road yeah, hopefully ththey're opunting back up, but thanks to getting brother in love it you got it okay, so I'm going to be out all IGH, because I'm losing my voice, all right, dicagain man thankb all right deelers! Well, unfortunately, we're going to have to end this episode right here, but if you've missed an episode, don't worry, you can always head backover to Duling decadescom or you can subscribe to the show on Itunes, spotify everywhere podcasts are available, while you're on those interwebs also float over and subscribe to. Mr Joe Finleys show miscas commentary yeah. I know thanks guys. We've got a lot of fun movies coming up. We just did a marathon of different recordings. We' got some really good nineies and then we're hitting back with a bunch of awesome. adies hit so yeah come check us out there awesome while you're on the INTERWEBS. You can also go over to facebookcom forward juweling decades, where you can join our private group and over there you can share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time jewelers were going to bid you a piece, love Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone ICAST NEW YORKYO BE HEARD

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