Dueling Decades
March 4, 2020

From free speech to The Fall Guy, it's another fantastic February retro journey! 1987 vs 1998

From free speech to The Fall Guy, it's another fantastic February retro journey! 1987 vs 1998

Dueling Decades returns once again with the Week Experience! This time around we focus on February 22nd to the 28th! Mancrush tries to avenge a recent loss with the best picks of the week for February 1998. He takes on the best in the midwest, Mr....

Dueling Decades returns once again with the Week Experience! This time around we focus on February 22nd to the 28th! Mancrush tries to avenge a recent loss with the best picks of the week for February 1998. He takes on the best in the midwest, Mr. Beau Becraft and February of 1987! We brought in Drew Zakmin from the One Headlight 90’s Podcast to try to make sense of this almost too close to call duel! 

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Infirmarymediapeope Nga Juli egans, the PIXE Oplan, but it dotor am ran again upon that cap. Ut, stop the power, GOP COM fight for what you love, who com to Po e pecope encrita PAE to Po e CP, Wich, Tak Grae, a o Bala Himsik. I am mad, a TNO comefigt for what you love an roadcasting from the infirmary media studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the eighties and nineties battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let's take a look at this week's duelers. In the decades they will be fighting for in the weak experience. First off. He took a devastating loss last week, but just like Dennis Rodman he's looking to rebound it's mancrush. What is up, I have February twenty second through the twentyeighth N, nine Hutden and ninety eight, and we are ready to rip some Shit Up. We like me myself and I I don't know where the fuckwe came from, but that's what I got off to you mark and his opponent is not only named after a nineteen eighties character from days of our lives. He looks like one: Please welcome buby craft yeah, hello, friends, good to be back h this time I have also February twenty. Second, through the Twenty Eighth Butt. I have nineteen, eighty seven and as always here on the show, we need someone to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So this week we brought back the nineties Gurer of grooves from the one headlight nineties, potcasts, say hello, to judge Dru Zacman eguys. How are you I'm happy to be here? Judging which means I cannot actually lose this week. So that makes me very happy valid new role. Judges can lose this en cani to hell. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall deside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decade shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, it's too hot to handle and too cold to hold it's more ton, Tanas ride. Let's toss it right over to judge Dru Zacman for the official toss off. I will toss it off. I suppose give me a second. I have to recharge a bit but Um, so this toss off here I have something very special. This is a great avasid that we're going to use for our toss off. I lost my virginity to this actually twice, so I'm very it's very fond for me giving and receipt e Anal iit whatever you wanted to be gentleman on o the dog once in the butt, but this is probably one of the the best supergroups that nobody really talks about. I mean you had Kenny g, the guy from living color. You have Vinilla Sa to Mustache and George Michael. I am talking about my favorite siper group. Color me bad. Is that what you said while you were losing your virginity as well? No, I said I sai I'm doing it all for love. Also said I wanted to sank. You Up, and I also said I ador leamore 'cause. That's what these guys do, apparently, so we have heads heads will be the front of the CD tals will be the back, which is, as you can see, t e lovely track listing t's, a big faught it'sit's, much more easier to read baby who's. Calling this! Oh you got it well, I think. There's there's no question about it. If you're talking Kenny G you're talking tales every time, nobody, nobody pulled more than him ipoles as a tight, asper n you're going to Kendy JSTAL. It is in fact tales. Yes, all right, Bobee craft, you have control of the board. What category would you like to select? First, I think I am going to go. Oh goodness, let's go, let's go by way of just pure shit. Going on here. Go! I love when it's like that. For the first pick WELLIT'S COD television, I guess for Crist's sake, oh Geezgood, N February, twenty fifth, nineteen, eighty seven frank, better known as Old Brown eyes. SONATRA would make his final credited television appearance opposite the man who would take his place as the penultimate cultural sex ICONOI'm, talking, of course, about Tom Seleck during a guest appearance on Magnum Pi, Sonatra Playe, a retired policeman who teams up at Tom Solike to find his granddaughter's murderer. Obviously we knew this would eventually span a big screen adaptation reboot that was released now long ago, starring a chaining, tatome and Jona Hill in those roles, but there we go February, twenty fifth nineteen. Eighty, seventy last credited television, appearance from franc, Sonatra on Magnum Pi, was that the last season of Magnum? I couldn't tell you, I think it it's it's burning out anid. I would think it's gotta be especially wit, Senadra there was't joly, hell in channing, Tao, wasn'that, twenty one jump street yeah, I'm just being Y nohust being an ass clown. Oh hers, like wait a minute in this this particular round, or this particular episode, I'm already fucking, losing I judging Damn Y, a think about thinking about channing, tatum and Jona Hill starring in in just not not a reboted series, a reboted episode of Magnum Pi I'd watch. It ilove twenty ones ATC on people need to start doing. They need to reboot episodes, not whole series, not whole movies. Just episodes reboot the Ateam with Boy George on it and have boy George now, with a new cast I'd, be dowbn. For that sorry, what's your second pick, the second one, even better, just going to continue blazing down this incredible path of picks following a nine year run on the small screen VAABC, the love boat comes to an end. On February, twenty seventh n nineteen nd eighty seven one day before my lovely wife's birthday executive produced by television, Legend airand spelling the show is a massive success. Early on, though ratings continue to sink for lack of a better term until the show's cancellation obviously produced a number of sequel, spin, offs and crossovers, including made for TV specials, and I'm willing to bed awfully produced porn parody floating around the Internet somewhere. But there we go the end of the love boat February, twenty seventh nineteen eighty seven, the lep is a really fine place where we can get together, wait a minute, boat baby. I remember the love boat. Had the tin roof front bout a the longest time. I had no idea what the fuck they said. All right. Man Crush over to you for the television round. All right, let me drop some fucking amazing television, FO, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight an't. Getting I banged February. Twenty eight nineteen inty eight. I hardly get to pick any T V or movies from Disney, but in this case I thought it was interesting and frankly I had nothing else to pick t s the weak experience. Tol goes and for this weak experience. Let's talk about some teenage summer camp and fortunately I am not talking about Friday or Thir Teenth, I'm talking about teenage summer camp reality, television, the show itself. It must have been done in the summer of ninety seven, but this was Disney's version of the real world for tweens old onto your hats, we're about to watch the campers at Camp Wasi Yata in Maine. Hopefully, drunos is being a nineties kid yea! You get to watch these tweens leaving home for the first time, so get ready for some drama. You Got Young love being homesick, being the littlelest kid at Camp, overcoming your fears of swimming and, of course, hating. All your bunk meats in the Disney reality series bug juice. It doesn't come in a jar one. The reason I picke this, like aside from real world and road rules, this as actually the next like reality show in that vein. You know 'cause, it predates Anna Nicole and the osbournes coming out. Ninety eight, the Popular Disney Reality Show ran for three seasons and ended in two thousand and one the best thing that they did for the show is they found the camp first and they found kids, who were already signed up to go to this camp instead of putting an ad out like who wants to go to camp and be ont a Disney show this summer. So all these kids were signed up, they'd been to the camp previously and then once they got there, they got talking to them and all that Shit. So it's pretty authentic, unlike a lot of reality, shows like back. We had poop culture, we had judg on from big brother and he told us all the behind the scene shit and I don't think that happened here, but it was so popular in fact that, on their twentieth anniversary, they brought this back in twenty eighteen for another run at Camp Waziyata W. I hope I'm saying that right e now, but it's in main and the name of this show bug juice February, twenty eighth, nineteen, Ninety eight and what a just horrible, but also ear worm, theme song that was. Oh, you actually watch tha show yeah Bugjeis man, I told you it doesn't come in to jar. Bug Juice comes from who you are well here's another one that I'm sure that you watch because February twenty Thir nineteen inghty eight, I feel like this is the definition of nineties baby. I was a nineties kid, but thes show was a little to young for me, even though it began in nineteen ninety and it lasted for seven seasons and eighty one episodes on Fox. It wasn't my bag, so I'm sure that somebody like Bau being in his age group. How old are you Owbow, thirty one I'll be thirtyt two deasll. You Definitely Watch this. The show centered around little bobby generic ihowyo Wa Trat, how we manned El and how we actually said he hahazardly created the voice of Bobby Generic after choking on a cake. That's fucking talent, right there. It's generic, whatever Ghe's generic et, was a story about a boy with a crazy imagination, and he spends most of his time in his imaginary home and Bobby Land. Where apparently he's a bad mother Fucker, but in real life he's just a little shithead. I Never Watch this. I don't know bow seems to know it and like it, I did have a following and it also had a game on the supernintendo. So what could Ho say? And how could you not like a show that had polly shore voiceing one of the characters? polly like y? U Think about polyshorhe polly is as nineties as Apple Pie as American yeah. It is what Itis my second pick: Bobby's whorld. It comes to an end on February, twenty third N, nine hteen and Ninety Eight d. That was the first time I cut myself to feel again. That's when you started wearing a rubber band on your wrist. It was a Slapman, you jackassed all right. Let's see what judge Drew Zachman has to say about the television round yeah. This is some Um, some good picks in there. So first of Ane, I think how we said it was cake. It probably was something else that he was choking on Um. I remember that Showhoug that one that one I actually watch H, not by ninetee ninety eight, but probably like when it first came out so early nineties, I'd probably watched it then, but the the bug juice. I don't remember that, but I do uh. I do remember there was Thir's one summer camp. I used to go t and I used to love going to it. So I I have fond memories of summer camp, but I don't know about a Disney summer camp, so I picks over there. Man Crush No. As for you, Misr, B Craft Magnapi, probably one of the best mustaches h this side of Don Matdingley. So I'm a big fan of that that show was fantastic and then love boat. Ending do you know? Do you know how many seasons love boat was on for Ba? I honestly can't remember I want to say it was nine, but th it was a while yeah it had a pretty good run at Tal. I I had loveboat on a pick a while back, so I'm surprised that it came up again, but I think I had it on the ending one too and it just like Bo said it kind of fizzled, like I think the peak was like seasoned three. She really waned, yeah yeah and then it just kindo like tanked and tanked Antak. It was the slowest boat sinking in history, yeah really yeah so th. This is. This is actually a tough one year, so love Magnipi, I'm a mustach loveboat ending. I I probably watche like a handful of episodes when I was a kid, but what really makes me appreciate. Love Bot was the fact that it was reference in Astmensura. So I think that's some bonus points right there. As for Bobby's rll, I ges. I watched that when I was akin a little bit, buggae uice, not so much. I also reality t V. I if you started, I don't think it. I think. Probably UH real world is probably credited them for that Shit but know Bo. I think I might have to give you this one buddy on on the strength of Magnu Pi. I gotto disagree with. You drew to give it to bow on an episode of Magnum Bi El Love Boat. Ending too, I think that's a, I think. That's a big one! No mention of Franks and Otra at all drew come on. That was his selling point. You do't even mention in it who does ' love. Whole Brown, eyes, ithin thats Blue Eyes, but I I purposely put bred knives fon there. Nobody, nobody overshadows Tom sellks mustash. I don't care who you are all right: Buby craft, you jump out to an early lead wow. What category would you like to go with? I EXEC, I think I'm just going to hang it up here, gentlemen, this is probably my best performance to date on the program. What do I want to go next? Yer, let's go with H, let'Sgo with news t's, see February twenty second nineteen nd, eighty seven uh, marking the death of pop culture, icon and leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. I'm talking, of course, about Bud doire. No sorry that was a month prior talking about Ady Warhall, who died of Cardiacarythme at the age of fifty. Eight really thought this dude Diedat a much older age, but he h obviously had a very significant cultural impact and I'm sure your local Hoidi toity mothers club probably has a lot of Andy warhaul inspired purchases and whatnot, but in two thousand and two this is the kind of cloud that that warhall had the: U S: Postal Service issued an eighteen cents stamp commemorating warhall. That's actually? U Pretty incredible deal when you consider a now stamps or fifty five cents, but you can get posted John deman thanks to stamps dotcom, that's right, stamp, dotcom, hikand, Male, it's two thousand and twenty. Why bother waiting in line tot the post office right now? You can try stamp dot com for four weeks to see if it's for you they're, so confident. You'll, like it they'll, also throw in five dollars worth of free postage for you to use during that four week, trial period just had the stamp totcom and clickd and get started button to sign up and get started now. We're not getting paid for this anyway. Andy warhall rest in piece February, twenty second, nineteen and eighty seven ucking free ploy. Where do you think you are I'm a spokesman for stamps, dotcom, Maile, tsone DA se? You got bills. I got bills seriously. What was the last time you put something in the mailbox h probably a week ago. Really I sometimes, I still send like physical bills for Tosan bales physical bills for life bail, a voice overwork, like some people, aren't h. Some people in the Midwest are Sol Antiquata they're like can you send me an envoice yeah sure so, ao, probably more often than Mofax- that, if you can't get a hold of me, just leave a message on my beeper. So anyway, yes, Andy Warhall, he's dead, also February, twenty fur, nine uteen and eighty seven, my next newspiece from this particular particular era, Kream aduljabar famous actor, became the first NBA player to ever reachd. Thirty. Six thousand career points scoring four points in the final two minutes and rout to a one, ten one hundred Lakers victory of the Bulls in Chicago Uh February, twenty fourth nd nineteen, Eighty, seven, thirty six thousand career points. That's a I mean that's almost as much as I've done in my career ot, not bad ot of fucking boyit's, not bad at all. Was He more of a compiler, no pilot, Roger M. Dad said you hang around the basket too much, I'm not playg enough defence. Ud drag him up and down the court. A igh man crush it's over to you for the news round. All right, I don't have any deaths, so that's good, but I do have actually. I think this is a great story February, Twenty Fifth, nineteen, ninety- and this is a real sign of the times, because at the time nobody really knew what the law was. You know so this this is e. I'm just goingto read you the story. Judge rules, Virginia Professionals May Surf Porn on network Ell Ya. He strikes down the law against state workers accessing explicit content at work. I won't go through this whole thing, but look it's nineteen. Ninety eight people have slow Internet at home, but you have fasten emen a wher. You want to see porn juest where they're looking for por a netscape navigator, that's where exactly they're, using some netscape they're logging into their Ay. Well, whatever the fuck they're doing they're messenger and they're doing it on their were computers. I thought this was kind o crazy, because, certainly by now, they've probably overturned this or added something, and I don't even know in human resources that you can't look at Moren at work. How many desperate husbands are like honey? We get n more of than a olcds in the mail, but I thought that was a crazy fucking story that thiss actually flew sertain keyword, N Rate Nineteen. Ninety eight man, you could fit a lot of jpegs on a floppy disk. You know, and if you had to do it at work, you could do it al like five minutes were at home. It would take you, like you said you didn't, have high speed Internet, so it would take it like three hours to download all those s ninete and ninety eight man, Zip Diskpro, Oh yeah, you could top a zip disk in there get like a hundred megs of Shit. It's probably quicker than burning a CD at work, but I figured wall as on Porn. I might as well stay there 'cause T it was all over the news for a way like stories all over the place so February, Twenty Se on Nineuteen N. Ninety, eight, here's, a sewrd that says wet porn, could rid of porn shops and the entire story is just going on and on about how porns stores are bad for the community and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. But this is the best part. Now in twenty twenty we could say that it's true, it's as porn could be. The New Internet. Cash cow porn has become a big business, some say the biggest business on the web. The EUROSCAN index, a site that wants to become the Yahoo of adult site reportedly has more than thirty thousand sites indexed with a backlog of thousands, more there's, even an adult chamber of Commerce, which represents the business interests of the purveyors of porn. The chamber promotes Internet filtering software as a way Tosheen of respectability to Internet, smart merchants. That's what it says in the story can't make the shut up. The porn business has been leading the way in electronic commerce, and some Internet, alas, say porn is the top business on the Internet. Although no one has any real numbers to support that statement, I would say that that's true, even today I mean do we find it ironic that this is all mandated and regulated by a Chamber of Commerce, an Adult Chamber of Commerce which would acron Im to acock it's a hard job to get. How do you get like alike? What are like? What ar the prerequisites its like get? Hired there a Yani you like the Internet, you hire T, they show you a picture and they say. Does this offend you and if you say no, you got the job. I love how they had to put this in this story. These are the ways that it says that it can get stores to close, because people would be getting their porn online, so they had to bullet these points. Consumers enjoy considerable privacy on computer networks and can easily avoid the potential embarrassment of walking into adult store to acquire said pornography. That's the first one, no shit. Second, one consumers have the ability to download only the images they find arousing and they put that they find dot Dat Dat arousing previously a consumer had to purchase an entire magazine or video in order to gain access to a few desired depictions. Let me ask you a question: When you were looking at a porn magazine growing up. Did you give a fuck? What was in that magazine as long as it wasn't somebody shitting on somebody else? Did it really matter now how many guys were like all this is just despicable? I I disgusted with Mysey two pages in this entire magazine. I would fucking peat my crankwhat. I can't return it. Did you see last month's issue a swank way too many ads, wait, there's more fear of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases has helped pornographers to successfully market modern sex Datatat as SAFE DAA TOT alternatives dangerous too real sex. What does that have to do with the Internet Porn? Is that one like like Cybersex? Perhaps uh, you were looking, that's good. That's O, like Simolitnmen yeah, exactly the last one. They have new and highly advanced computer technologies are quickly being absorbed into the mainstream, permitting and ever expanding audience to gain access to digitized pornography. Oh have they ever and unfortunately that's how we got enti and everything else c you mat like. I couldn't even tell you well, I could, if I write it down, but if you go to like pon hub or something and you look at the categories on the, I would guess, they'd be on the left hand, side 'cause, that's where most places put their categories right. I right, I think my friend said that's where they are close enough. That's that's what I've heard, but if you read through all those categories, I'm pretty sure it never ends like. Even if you scoll down to the bottom, I think there's like a click for more yeah and by the time you get to the end of that. They've actually started adding new categories. So this this article is correct. Bravo, they were looking ahead at twenty twenty, but there it is my two stories. You can look at porn at work if you're in Virginia and you work for the government. Apparently I don't know if you still can you might want to look that up first and Webporn could rid of pornshops and that the h porn is an internet cash cow. Good old government born it's better. If it's at work, all right judge Drew Zacmen, let's Tey Youre ruling for the news round as Mos tricky I mean who doesn't like born right anybody else. I mean I'm just asking in general, but Um so funny Stori, so so that porn at work. That was strictly in Virginia right. Four Government Ju Yeah Virginia, so I I actually intrestintly enough. I actually worked at this one company in Heitztown New Jersey. We were actually upgrading people's computers for the WITE TUK, so it was kind of like office space and we actually knew a guy who did get fired for looking at porn at work. He actually worked like the latershifs. I think he worked like a twelve to eight shift. So like come like seven o'clock at night, like there was like nobody there Um. I guess he felt he was able to maybe take care of a couple of extra things before he went home. So he got canned. So apparently you can't look at that at certain companies in Histon New Jersey, so that's wher, the other one yeah I mean say a o about poor. I mean it is like a massive business. I mean they were calling this stuff back in ninety eight and I think they were spot on. I also love the phrase purveyor of Porn. I feel like that's a fantastic name for something I don't know what yet but I'll. Try the old pop try to use that throughout my my life from here on now, so good picks theire man crush. As for you, Mister B crafts, Andy Warhall, he's about fifty eight. You said right. Yes, exceptionally, I thought he was. You know like much older te Fiftyyeah, I M A N. He was definitely uh e EA hiinterational. He was. He was into many things, yeah now just the ground CRA and then Koreena, Doljabar, thirty, six, first, first player ever to Gei thirty, six thousand points, first actor as well. First actor. To also get thirty see thousand points he actually still has th the record. He hs the most points, all time for any NB a player. I think overall he's at like thirty, eight thousand. What what it H, Jordan finish that he was like, so I think it was Koreen. It was. I think, Malone was second lebronze up there labron'Z! Third, I think, and then it was Kobe and then it was Jordan but Jordan's that low huh yeah, but I mean Korean titl Jabar- did play for a long time. I think he played longer than Jordan ye like forty. Two years I think he played t it seemed like it. He also led the League in Goggles. So I think there's extra bonus points for that. Oh boy, you went all in on porn. There didn't you man crush. I did I figured if I was DU or one I might as well do both yeah you might as well it'sninety eight and new, it's the wild west. I feel like I'm going to go porn here. E can't argue then, but I mean think I'm going based on the fact that it is like a ridiculous business like I don't even know how much money is is involved in that, but it's a shit ton, I'm sure O absolut and end also. I just think it's insane that you could actually look look at it at work, like that's Insade, so I feel like do imagine how your is Tik, O cant out of that story, body' just like blatantly looking appon it whas. They can god Dame Chirley, get over here and look at this, something probably something probably had to happen in order for them to be like you know what we we don't have any ruling on this. We have to make a ruling on this because fucking Stanley over there loking rubbing one out in a corner looking at whatever he was back in nineteen nine ont een. Here's according to the search history that between the hours of eight am and nine am. Mr Hudson, you were looking at Clamcam dotcom for at least thirty minutes. What a scat lover now see the law says you can look! You just can't touch theysa anything about H. You know they didn't have touchscreens back then. So I guess I worked out t between the hours of eight o'clock and eight. Oh four, sir. All Right, the game is tied up with Mancrush, picking up a point in the news round and taking control of the board mancrush. What category are we going to go with? Next? Let's go music fuck, it music round February, twenty four T, nine hutdred and ninety eight here's debut album. That was entirely selfproduced. The album went on to have three separate singles. I don't know what other type of singles you would have, but including I m free and the most popular Meat Virginia. I don't know why they came out in that order, but they did. I am Free Meat Virginia, it's not a sentence. It's actually three songs Meat Virginia actually peaked at number. Twenty on the billboard hot one hundred the album also went on to be certified platinum by the year two thousand, so it was not a bad investment. consideing. The Band train spent around twenty thousand dollars of their own money on their own self. Titled Album Pretty Good, not train's biggest album, but it is their debut and it definitely lead the groundwork for their two thousand and one follow up drops of Jupiter, which is actually the band's most popular album. You know like not during the late ninetietoo often I don't really get an impression for the sales figures, although it's it's really starting to show itself in ninety eight with you know, file sharing becoming extremely popular. At this point 'cause. I honestly believe that an album like this one would have garnered like two or three million sales if it was like four or five years, older ou kN having it covered a lot of the eighties. For the last, like two years in the show, I would say that there are some really dumb fucking albums that went like certified three to four times platinum that don't even hold a candle to this album. So I would h venture to say in Nineteen Ninety eight a lot of people were downloading instead of buying, and then I'm sure it was a slippery slope there afterwards. But my second album Kinda puts a wretch into my argument here, but fevur or twece. Second, Nineteen Ihty, eight and here's the seven thousand from Musician D. it's it's kind! It's a new venture from what W we're usually accustomed to from her this time around. She would focus the alm around dance and Electronica music and I'm sure you've heard remixes thes songs, I'm sure they're playing them at Raves, while kids were running around with passfires and their mouths rolling on e, the album would go on to be nominated for six gramy awards and would take home four best pop album best recording package. I don't know what that is best dance, recording and best short form: Music Video. She just barely lost out an album of the year. This was also the first time this musician won a Granmi ever even though she'd been hugely successful for the past fifteen plus years. This point the alum peake di number to and the billboard two hundred, but it would be almost number one in every other country. Ya would also have actually the album. It was the largest first week of sals ever for an album by a female artist and when it was all set and done the album sold over sixteen million copies worldwide and housed five singles. This is Madonna's Ray of light, so this one did have some sales compared to the other one, but even so, I think in the US it was. It had like four to five million in sales. Most of that was like worldwide, obviously she's a big hit everywhere, so those numbers might have spiked. If this album came out in the eighties o early nineties, but there it is a madonnal ray of light and train train a right, bobe craft. Let's hear what you got for the music round boy am I about to show you up: Mancrush G Whiz, hlet's, see February twenty third nineteen, eighty seven tam talking about the aponymous debt studio, album by Jodie Wadley. That's right! She had already found success as part of Shalimar, but the impact of this Alblamater, a cultural style icon, which is exactly what you want, is a musical artist success culminated and her winning a grammy ward for best newardst in Nineteen D. Eighty eight against fellow artists, breakfast club, cutting crew, terence Trentyarbi and swingout sister, two of those about the only promient out of the bunch. The album produced three top tin singles on the: U S, billboard hot one hundred some kind of lover. Looking for a new love and don't you want me, it's actually sold more than two million copies in the? U S and four million copies worldwide the DB album from Jodie Watley she no Nicki free. I suppose it's I mean I it it could be worse. I mean that that performed fairly well, for all intents and purposes, I guess, but definitely in comparison to the the picks that you had nowhere near is Relevan. So let's keep on going down that path hold every time you hear Shalimore. Do you think of the Chpel show'cause? I do. I always think of three dog night. Ias Close to Shabala, GSH, alamarsia e stretch bow but yeah a digginman close enough h. So pick number two came out the same day. Actually it's called the world, won't, listen, a compilation album by the Smith's and being that was a compilation. Album didn't far too bad reach number two on the UK albums chart staying on the chart for fifteen weeks. The title reflects morsys frustration. Imagine that h with the fact that mainstream radio and record bius byers, still weren't paying attention to the band, has the albm included many non album cuts and single version. Iver mains, a fan, favorite music press was critical, but h got even worse because most critics labelled the album inessential. But again I is a compilation album. Oh Man, that's worse than saying your album sucks. Well know! That's a nice way of Taying! It's just pure garbage that nobody wants it. But the sails were a fluke know they have all those greatest hits albums Heocan by where it's like the essential Leonard Skinnard nessential. This Mith Yeaut a kickin. It's just how soon, as now on ten tracks just spread out over an hour and the radio in it Al Right. So I guess that means we gotto head ing it over to judge Dru Zacman for his ruling on this Museumrish Drudy, I'm GOINGTO judicate all over this bk Rigt, so yeah train. I I think that's I didn't know that that was Um. I I remember the album I didn't realize they siouslying. They just produced that all by themselves: Huh Yeah! That's pretty that's pretty bad as actually Um. I I like the guy. I F forget his name: Pat Manahen Train Mister Traan, Mr Mister train, Patmanahan, he's Hehe seems like a pretty cool dude. I've actually seen him on EKE E S, P, n a handful times he's a big San Francisco. Baseball Fan. H, loves the giants so at drops. The JUPINTER was obviously a huge album as well, and then he had ray of light. I remember I remember both of Hese albums Um, that en was trigging huge uh and the Noverd bow you have Jodie Watley I like Jody Wallyama, Ety Watley Fan was looking for. Some real love was that one of her singles sure Ivego looking for a new love, Oh new love, okay and then the Smith's. I think I actually used the smiths a couple of weeks ago for a pick is murder is what I went with Um. I don't know I feel like I have to go with man crush on this one. I think I mean a dw album from train who went on to you. Then uh, you know, crush it with their next one, and then I mean any time you have K, O Madonna, album coming out. That's kind of fricking big compared to an album that was inessential. SMITA E mark can only be higher from there. I don't even know, but like the thing with this album that made it so big. I it's completely different from what she did in the past. You know like she compleyy changed it up. She I think she went into the studio from what I read with baby face again, who did her her previous album and she ended up firing those guys and going a completely different direction. You know, while they were recording this, that's a big deal. Even if you're, not a Madonna Fan, that's yeah, that's big! If you're changing your sound and you still sell sixteen million copies e doing something right and when four gram is out of that, it's Kindo it's a little similar to you too, because you know they ha. They kindo had their sound right from the eighties and even oonbaby kind of continued that sound and then was it. Ninety three that came out with Um Zeropa, which was t, started getting a little bit different, but then pop was you know, definitely different, which came out. That was probably what ninety seven I think that came out so kind of a similar story there, where they decided to go more DANCI, as opposed to they're kind of like they're traditional sounds: when did their best song ever come out. Lemon O edge that woul no th the edge did a numb O it Wa. No, who sang lemon was that fucking bon that as that that was Booel soas great good Pi. I was funny too, with the Smith's their previous album. It wasn't ther previous one. It was maybe like two before it th that meat is murder, album everything I read and research about that they wer saying that album is like one of the albums you must listen to before you die. That was essential. It's funny. They go from that too. The World Wot Lissen, but tey all right, so mayn crush win's. This round, by running a train on Madonna, again picks up a point, as we had into the two point rounds. What category we going with next itwas, only two left which will make this interesting: Let's go, let's go hop. Products Fuck it alright. To begin this one February, twenty second N, nine uteen and ninety eight, a controversial, no fat ingredient, said to hit the market proctor and gamble spent over five hundred million dollars and thirty years of research to discover this miracle ingredient that will make snacks and other foods fat free, not just fat free but also zero calories, eurograms of cholesterol. Now you could pick up fat free, free tolayitias like wow, deritos, wow, ruffles and Wowlaz, potato ships or cornships. How American is that n? You could stuff your face and not feel any guilt after devouring, an entire bag of cool ranch deritos, it wasn't guilt that you were going to feel. Was Your insides falling outter AOL? It's the IT'S! The invention of the hottest thing to hit the markets, an slice, bread, it's Illustra Lestra- was a cooking oil designed to keep snacks tasty while eliminating fat and cutting calories by a third. That's said like, like both just mentioned there Ilusta, they ignited a war of words, tween proctor and gamble, and the Center for Science in the public interest, which is a Watshin DC based avace sea group that branded Illustra onsafe. Well, the F dea. They mandated these companies to add a warning to all goods with illustria and the ingredients. An that warning states. This product contains Illustra illustre may cause ob, dominal cramping and lose stools and then in France says anal leakage, although they did end up removing that warning in two thousand and three, but in nineteen ninety eight and this S, what makes us a hot product they still matged four hundred million dollars in sales based on Llestra products. Some folks, just like the way it feels yeah get if you're still looki for some loose stool. You can find some in the the prinles lights. They still have a lester in the ingredients, but yeah. That's my first one there Illustra, I'm glad that came up. It's got a very illustrious track record yeah. I was a big fan of those chips. I never got the the loose stools. I just thought they tasted tarit from yeah from what I read today. Basically it's it didn't happen everybody, but I think, since you can eat an entire bag without feeling any gilt we're Americans sa, we just ate the entire bag. Otisthose wow cool ranch, teretos R, wherever the fuck it had to be, and it would upset your stomach. Well, if you ade a entire bag of regular delete, an arly, the same thing would probably happen so, but basically what happened with he is. Not only did you remove the umwanted fast from the food, but it negated the body's ability to absorb all the ESSENTIAV itemins so and that's now why we also have stool hardeners. In addition to softener, you eat a lot olester based products. I buy a school hard and I like to take one of each and let hem fight it out, really see what hapen you just curl up in the fedal position and cry until yourv bowels are voided or just rock hard sounds like a great Wednesday night to me. Well, F D, a they've kept Llustra as a legal food a this day. They leave the health implications in the hands of the individual customers. So if you find it go, for it mark says it's: Okay, AI! What ae you got for your second pick, all right again in Februay, twenty second nineteen, Ninety eight and going into ninet ne N, nine uneed and ninety eight, like a majority of the world, was still utilizing motems to get on the Internet. We had DSL, we had ISDN, they were a more common option at this point. Ninety eight, but everyone at this point was dying for faster Internet. The web was taking off, like no other, like I said before, porn is running rampant and a lot of us were still stuck on dial up so in nineteen. Ninety seven, the Broadba Internet, started to become a thing and it seemed to me picking up it's almost like today how people talk about like five g. all we heard about back then was Broadbann or cable Internet, but you didn't really have it. It was coming, but not many people had it so o e hundred and six thousand people n an nine hutdred and ninety seven had cable Internet just to give you a number but the companies they were just starting to expand their services and by comparison in ninety seven there was a hundred and six thousand and twesnd a nineteen ther were well over a hundred million people in the United States alone that had broadband, cable, all right so lone behold February, twenty second nineteen inety eight. I found an ad for cocks at home, broad bad, I know do they deliver starting at twsant and nine. Ninety five. The thing was, you also had to pay for the Internet motem in most cases, which is another couple hundred bucks so to get people like into this to show them how fast it was- and I remember them doing this- they were actually setting up avents in public places where you can go to the location and you can test, drive the Internet, and then this ad, that I found I'll show it to you guys if you want they set it up at Saint Andrew's, Episcopal Church, where they had cocks at home at the Episcopal Church. In order to give people a try, now you can get cocks at Church. You think e ouded up porn like if you went in there to try it out. You're like flet's, see wit' wll if they left a clergy, touch those computers for sure what happens when we put cocks in the rectory. I hate when there's cocks in my rectory, the people from Cox at home showed up and theywere like what the fuck is this now we ordered anyhow, but this is when they kicked off their service for their cocks at home, Rodman and in twsenty nineteen by comparison Coxhad well over five million broadband subscribers. That's not too bad at's, not like the biggest company in the United States, but it's but its cokol ten. Well, I mean at the time Cox was huge, but they were you left your cocks away from home. At the time you had a pay to get them inside your house they're. Not that big anymore, though I think they've had a little bit of shrinkage over the years. I'm sure they did. I mean that's what happens when you get older, yeah yeah, that's what I had. We had allestra and loose stool and toxit home coxs and pope yeah. Both ends covered a good job thanksright over to you boby craft, all right UH. Let's see hot products, Jebruary nineteen ND. Eighty seven: Let's go with February twenty fifth, the home release of big trouble in Little China, which was not contrary to popular belief or Ron Jermy Film, I'm talking, of course about the Curt Russell vehicle directed by John Carpenter. The home video release came after the film's moderately successful run at the box office throughout the ladder half of nineteen, an eighty six during which it grossed over eleven million dollars. Here's the cultural significance of the film, though it it brought out a video game, spon, a video game, comic book series, Final Figure, series board game and a card game. Now it's pretty much kind of accult classic, so you go the big trouble and little China Vhs, really I'm sure they had that. Probably on Batamax too, I would ga I eighty seven. You know actually, when you say this, and I know like people popoo it 'cause, it's a vh s release, but in this case the aftermarket release is bigger than the silver screen Crach Utteraly, because it died in the box office, horrible death, where people were like us just not good, and as soon as it hit vhs went off. The cock cake there's so many movies like that you're not going to spend eight bucks to go see at the theater, but you'll spend a dollar D. ninety five to rent it. You know, I never understood why this movie didn't do well in the theater, though it's I think it was amazing. It was a marketing thing. It looked too cartoonig, maybe I don't know, but once people watched it and they realized how quality of a film int really was. I don't know so. Many VHS is VHS movies that h hit that after market, like that good pick all right. What da e you got for your second pick go a little out of the box here, uh, let's see introduced into productin on Osand nine hundred and eighty seven, mostly known as the cupdepoon talking about the front wheel, drive two door: Chevy Baretta, designing the same design studios the Camero on the corvette. So you knew that this thing, like was seit to be just an absolute unit from the get go they're like we're on to something here with this. With this Baretta, this muscle car enjoyed a nine year run before it was discontinued in n nineteen. Ninety six no word on. If Uh Robert Blake had anything to do with that or not, but the Chevy Baretta introduced inta production. Did you call the Baretta a muscle car? Yes, I did because it was all right down to judge, drew Zacmen for the ruling for our first two point round, all right, so big trouble little Cina that movieis fantastic. It's! It's wonderful, H, Chevy, Baretta, allsoe, wonderful, total pantydropper! If you have one of those e money straight up money, it was almost as good as he poniac Fiero, almost as good as that truck from Fallguy Dru O. Nothing is that good! Is that truck, damn it Um and then Americra? So you have a y? U G YOU! Basically, your your ht product was a PROUC that makes you poot your pants. It was a different kind, O hot to be fair. Mark said it didn't. So that's that's never made me poop my pants and I don't know anybody that it did so there's a thing. So they they worked on it. Wast Micros Yeu said was for Thir year years. That's insane. They spent thirty years worth of research and five hundred million dollars back then, yes, probably close to what probatly close to a billion. Now right, it's gotto be wait'cause, you gotto think that's over thirty years they spent five hundred million. Oh thayeah hat's millions of dollars they spend on that good points. They spend billions of dollars and thirty years with a research or you could just say, Hey, Hey America, don't eat the whole bag like that's all you got to do it's America, man like h how man Y, how man Y, how many years of Researe I take to put a thing in it says: just don't eat the whole thing. Yea! You Pop! You can't stop he's right. I will say dritos. I cannot have threeders in the house 'cause. That does become a problem with me, but there's e thing too, like I feel like like, wouldn't I feel like salt content, there's got to be like loads of sodium in in all those thips like it's, like that's, probably going to be doing more harm than some of the fat content anyway, Tbb they'd be what four hundred million dollars worth of sales, and that was what you saying that was the first year, Lo that he et was just in ninety eight and most of they started shipping in February, but the other companies 'cause they also had Oleen was the other baset as the same thing Yeh. But you know they slapped that name on it and those came out over the summer, so you're talking like no even a full year and they made that much money. That's crazy, herm, I not right and then a broad band, Internet, noas Cox, O Coxs at home. Sorry get your port laster see how the two the two picks kind of coincide to Galiem. I don't know Um. This is a tricky one year. You could probably download big trouble little China, if you have cocks at home, but then you're not going to beable to watch it because Yot can be running back and forth to the Jon after Eitin Yor Chipye. They keep pausing. These ships are great, but we're going to have to watch this movie. Some other time got some slippage. Righif, you Ha. If you have a date right, you bring her back to your place or if you have cocks at home, then do you throw on big trouble a little China Brucas analsis yer? How did you even get her back to your house? CHEVYBARETTA MM? I think Thats, Sig Towerm, gentlemen. I think how would you lobe your Anal Westra? I O Thi is Goin Orgo, but can you just hand me that empty bag, please? I feel I feel like I have to go with. I have to go Beau here 'cause, I feel like I R. I really do like big trouble. Loutlo, China, man. I thought that would be my saving grace. I love that movie. It is in fact a classic the Chevy Bareta Panny Dropper, that's Wal, I'm going to say also, I feel like the damage Ollustroden. I feel like that. Actually, I feel, like that's, that's whyo Ko wa there. After reading it xgoing into this, I thought that it was a really bad thing, but after doing the research on it, it really wasn't. It was more hearsay than anything else and I think that's what killed the whole illestrial movement, because I'm sure, with all the substitute like sugars and shit wheat now they're just as bad, they are absolutely, although all the big sugars are terrible y. Ah, I I just Camet Aroun y head, I aroun the fact. That's been thirty years, thirty fucking years and B, billions of dollars researching when they could just say just don't eat the whole fucking thing I don't understand at I mean it's not even relevant to this entire conversation, but you guys mentioned the truck from Falgey, didn't know what it was had to look it up, and now I'm just fucking enamored, with this truck like Righto. Have this truck right right now, Google Image Heather Thomas Falgaeytell me, which you would rather okay. Here we go Survey Sans, Oh my can. I have both, I think, there's The plarster there's her oad they'r supposed to her standing in front of the truck Dr as it you that did not bring that up. Wow Yeah, oh man, I forgot who made that pick gus. I think I'm hitting puberty all over again. Well, I was like five years old at the time. I I remember the truck I had the truck when I was a kid. I had like little hot wheels and I think I had a bigger one this, as w remember to when you guys are listening to this m. This episode, you can judge the episode, send us your judgments over to our facebook, facebook, dotcom Fort Las doing decades. Actually, somebody that sent that in was shocked, think it was DJ. Hitdell was shocked that you didn't bring up Heather, Thomas, I'm sorry, Hou was stunned by that he's more my age. So that's that's, probably why I was five she's bringing some stuff up for me right now, my God. It's Bos ready to go I's between her and the truck e'll, be using some cocks at home, Loin ot Lookin at Ho different kind of de. So we got going all over here boys. I just got a message from Bo that says: I'm soaked ill write, so bul bee craft jumps out to a lead. Will mancrush taste AFEET two weeks in a row we'll find out wenwe head over to the movies round Bobee craft? Do you want to go first or do you want to defer? I think I need a towel first and foremost, but H. I I think I'm going to be selfish hare. I think I'm going to go. First, Al Rightal right some movies February nineteen, eighty seven uh we're going to start off with February twenty seventh developed by West Craven, a Bruce Waggner, the third installment in this series, I'm talking about a nightmare on elmstree three drea warriors, which features Patrichharat. Of course, bobby England is Freddy Kruger Film's budget. Five million dollars made a profit of forty four point. Eight million dollars, which is unreal film, was met with mostly positive reception nominated for several, not Oscar awards, but they're Saturn awords, including best torror film, Best Make Up, which I feel like is kind of a no brainer and h Robert England, for best supporting actor. It was actually praised mostly for its production values. A lot of people cited the memorable dream sequences as high points or memorable points of the movie, So not bad nightmare. On ULM street three Dream Warriors February, t twenty, seven n nineteen and eighty seven: can you mention Dockin at all? DALKING? Yes, I can this really isn't a visual element, so, basically, when two men are really interested more Oh dockin into the fire all right, what do you got for your second pick? Bough second pick another John hughs joint making its way into the culture the same day on February, twenty seventh, and that is some kind of wonderful. The Romantic team comedy Startinglea Thompson, dreamboat erec Stoltz and Mary steart masterson. Here's The synopsis, which is enough to make any white trash person, go to the movie theater in the Beretta Blue Collar mechanic. You'l never hear that in a movie synopsis moving forward, and probably after this blue caller mechanic, Keith Nelson and his Tom Boyish friend, watts played by Mary Stewart masterson, who has been subjected to rumors that she is a lesbian aspired to improve their social standing cell. Of course, in Classic Eighties Rom Com fashion, with Keith, asked out the most popular and attractive growin school. A Mando Jones played by Leathompson Watch realizes her feelings, for him are much deeper and there ensues all the comical and romantic madness of some kind of wonderful. This movie received mixed reviews. Majority were largely favorable. It's kind o hard to knock a John huges film, but it scored eighteen and a half million dollars at the box office. No information what the budget was. I would imagine it was probably fairly minimal. So I'm guessing his probably holding a pretty decent chunk of money. A right man crush what you got for movies man, all right February, twenty, seventh, nine utered ND. Ninety eight. We get the controversial documentary that starred up quite the commotion towards the end of the nineties, and it's really still something that people debate about to this day. Neflix even had their own documentary style movie about this that Dey Baut a few years back. The movie was set to debut wit, the Sundance Film fessival, but courtly love and her team of lawyers at the movie shunned from the festival. That said, the debut ended up taking place at the Rocxi in Hollywood. On the evening of February twenty seventh nineteen, an ninety eight. Apparently she tried to get the viewing to be stopped at the rocks as well, but the rocks he told her to shove it bill banning the owner of the rocks. He said because of all the controversy surrounding the film the film has become bigger than life on its own. It's not just about curtain courtney anymore. It's about free speech. In spite of that, it's covered by the first amendment. Love's attorneys, on the other hand, were saying that the movie is nothing but false and defamitory speculation about love's involvement in CR, cobain's, N Nineteen D. Ninety four death: This is a documentary, of course, if you haven't figured t out, pert and courtny and if you've never seen it, it makes you think and as the newer documentary on Netflix does the same thing reordless it's it's actually it's funny, though, that she tried to stop this moving being that Shehad just finished being the free speech advocate for her movie, the people versus Larry Flint that just was released in ninety seven, so the movies director Nick Broomfield, he spliced in footage of courtey love being honored by the Aclu for her progressive position on free speech. fucking hypocrite. You guys think she was involved in that yeah. I don't know. Theres was a lot there that Ashe couldhave been, but I don't know man, it's it's tough to say there really is you got Ta Watch both if you watch did you watch one on Eflix? I have not yet yeah watched the one anephle it's fucking Erie Bet you watch that one and you watch the documentary. There's some sketchy shit. She did. I wonl't even go into it. No spoilers here but go watch the two and make up your own mind, but I don't I mean, like I feel like so so curt, actually did a lot o helped her out quite a bit. I think he helped her like find. I think he helped him whole fine. A was like a producer or somebody to help them with their their one album. So I felt like he had like a big hand in that from what I recall. So part of me is like. Why would she you know do something to get rid of someone whowas? You know definitely helping her row other than I mean. Obviously he like overshadows her. Just 'cause he's a frigging legend, but I don't know it's it's crazy, thereis, eple stuff there that can sway. You either way yeah, there's a lot of stuff in the documentary you got Ta Watch. I won't even touch on it here but check that out. But the reason I put that one in there is for the First Amendment. I love the fact that bill banning said Fuck, you werplaying, the movie. First admend meant free speech the movie's getting played so remember that anyhow, second one also February twenty, seventh nine hutered andninety, eight here's a great movie. It doesn't get talked about a lot matter of fact. We put up a CIFI set, a movie sat on our facebook page for people to choose one of the six and we put the movie on there and the very first person. The comment said: Dark City, Great Movithree, explanation, points, three fucking explanation points. That means it's really good. So, thanks to Gereny all for dropping that comment, he probably doesn't even listen to the show, but there you go man. The movie is indeed Dark City and, if you've never seen it, this is no shit. The Matrix before the Matrix came out. I watched it again last night and it still holds up its fantastic movie check it out the movie one acamp like bow said it won the Saturn Award, which is the Academy of Science, Fiction, N, pantasy and horror. Bh didn't know for best science fiction, film, Oanine, hutered, N, Ninety eight and in two thousand nd nine. They won another Saturn Award for the best DVD special adition release in science fiction. You got some great performances in this one by Rufa, Soell, keefor, Southerland, Jennifer, Conley and William hurt. The movie went on to make twenty seven million dollars. If E box office around forty three million dollars in thusand and twenty and it was directed by Alex Proas- is the same. Dude did the crow and it really has tat, seemed gritty feel to it if you've never seen it if that'll sell yo on. I O check that out and if you're going to watch this, I would say pick up the director's cut. It's definitely worth the extra fifteen minutes of footage and again, if you like the Matrix, this is the matrix with a darker twistod, but that's whet. They got curtain courtney in dark city all right. Well, I guess that only leaves one thing and that's to go down to judge Druw Zacman for the final ruling on this game. Oh boy, these are, these are definitely u. This is a tough one here. This is a a photo finish so Bo. So you had n right Om Straight. Three did you say the budget was five million and it might where he only worn. It made forty almost torty five yeah, that's pretty frigging alls, almost forty million dollars. I mean any of those movies sore fantastic Um, but then he had some kind of wonderful wojohn or by Johnis yea t latoms. On Etolson there and hi had a box office of what eighteen million you said, H, yeah, somewhere Aroun, Ho kind and a half, and then man cose. She had the cur courtny documentary and then Dark City Ho, Oh boy, Um, so yeah I mean an the whole currein icortiny thing. That's still up for debate, I mean I know you called that out man I crash as far as they have another one on net flaxs Thach. I definitely need to check out Um, but the fact that it's still kind of like opend ended n. This wis, the first I guess doncymenory to properly draw you know some some light on it. That's a big thing: Dark City, Rufa, soul, right he's in that right he's the May character T I I fuckind love Rifusol he's he's John Murdoch, the movie. I have seen that then yeah Rupasoolis, fucking fantastic. I Love Rufus and I think my nowse three though that is a good flick, but I feel like of all the John EW's movies, this one's, not one of my favorites. A lot of people say that I love John His. I am pretty much love like every John hughs movie, curly Su. That's the Ohey h s kind of forget those too sweep under the carpet. Oh dear, don't forget the First Amendment I I W. I will never forget Hash tack, Never Forget M Yeah. I think it's funny, though, that courtny tried to stop it. You know I like, wouldn't that just like just like driving more attention to it but TNO one ever said she was smart. So I think I got to go manacross here. I'm sorry, Bel shouldn't happen. So sorry, it's the First Amendment, Hey look! I I got the FOL I truck out of this, so I'm not going to consider this a complete loss, an used Beretta. If you H, if you had any other John Hewe's movie, I feel like that one's going to you, but that's so'me, kind of wonderful. I think I feel like that kind of Yeah Yeah, both stores the truck away in the Spang Bank, not Heather Tom E. it's it could go eithe way at this point. Let's be onit toss up to the toss off, it's a great truck. It don't forget: Dark City Darksy, it's one of those movies. You Could Still Watch in twenty twenty and it's still solid, because it's it's kind of a retropiece. I don't know what year it's supposed to be because it's just night through the whole movie. So it's t s. You can watch it whenever and like with a lot of scifi movies, the they get old. This one didn't when I watched it last night, I still loved it. AWESOML man crush redeems himself, picks up a victory on this. One drew Zacman thanks lot for judging this one tell everybody. What's going on on the one headlike nineties, bodcast we talk about the nineties in Illestra we having yeah and Illustra Um, nchev and chevybarettas cocks at home yeah, but Yeh. We we just like a little bit ago. We wrapped up one. It wonders we're actually getting into now. Some specific bands are going to be doing we're going to like recapping some bands like Pearl Jam offspring. There an be the first two ones we talk about. ND eventually will get into. I think you, two in Metallica, so just kind of recapping, some of the bands Wi'll be creating kind of like our favorite top fifteen playlists of those bans, N Wi'll, be putting them out on spot offive for people to listen to and enjoy, and T en. After that, I think we're going to be digging into some little bit more beeisome, butthead and than mighty ducks. So that's what we got coming up over there all right! Well, man crunch win's, this one so head on over to dueling decades, dotcom, where you can subscribe to all of our episodes on CAS box. You can subscribe to them on Itunes and after you subscribe, listen to the show, of course, and then drop us. A review. We'd really appreciate that, and while you're on the interwebs you can head on over to fixebook dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can join our private group and post some of your own Retro Memories as well. So until next time dewellers were going to bid Yeu a piece, love Lightin, a joy have a greatful week. Everyone infermeemedia